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Group #6.4


Risk Severity Before Treatment Before Consequence Treatment Risk Treatment Plan Ability to Influence

Risk Severity After Treatment Cost Impact Schedule High (Million Impact - High Consequence After Treatment USD) (Months)



Risk Description


Action Plan



Risk that damage to heritage occurs during life of the project.


Reduce Likelihood of Occurrence


(1) Adequate archival research mapping with route selection via GIS & remote sensing. (2) Preserving cultural perpetuity by involving local indigenous community. (3) Allow for adequate approval period. (4) PreDamage Mitigation planning (less expensive) . (5) Creation of awareness regarding the importance of preserving community identity & maintain & developing heritage tourism. (6) Quality control, trend reporting and cost benefit analysis for heritage sites. D Unlikely 2



1-5m depending on extent of damage.

1-6 months.

*Categories: 1-Freeway Capital Expenditure; Freeway Operating Expenditure; 3-Project Schedule; 4-Safety of Project and Personnel; 5-Impact on Local Community

Potential Bussiness Risks

Tailoring the business strategies (PEPS) towards achieving sustainability Inability to identify a rational estimate of the project cost thereby resulting in overruns in time and cost which is often associated with significant project failure. This is a potential threat to securing adequate capital cost and finance Potential risks that the materials used in construction of the roads are of inferior quality or not available thereby posing severe issues such as noise retention. Unfavourable weather conditions such as flood, storm etc can drastically increase the cost and time of construction Community issues / Preserving cultural heritage structures are neglected and compromised thus delaying the process of land acquisition
Potential Project Risks

Estimation of the traffic volume to be supported by the Hume Freeway Appropriate correlation between supplier and logistics. Unavailability of competent skill essential in attaining the respective project objective. This may cause a major jump in cost and time Longer duration of the approval process than intended resulting in the critical path of the project Not adhering to strict quality assurance procedures and initiating appropriate trend reporting

Other Potential Risks

ROAD RAGE-DRIVER FATIQUE: Insufficient / Badly positioned road furniture such as poor lighting, road signs, compounded with adverse weather conditions can result in higher chances of fatal accidents. WATER RETENTION-DISRUPTION OF NEARBY SETTLEMENTS & VITAL ECONOMIC RESOURCES: Poorly constructed freeways (inappropriate cut/fill) can severely affect the drainage. NEGLECTING THE PRESERVATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE STRUCTURES DUE TO LAND ACQUISITION TRAFFIC CONGESTION AWARENESS

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