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Week 1 Student Introduction form

Teacher expectations
Goals Students set goals
Overview of internet What can you do with the internet? What do you want to learn? -Show movie schedule,
cdnow, maps, INS, Superpages on screen and talk about what you can do
Internet Explorer Tour Open IE, show buttons and discuss function. Vocab- home, refresh, search, favorites,
address, status, back, forward
Mouse practice
mousing vocabulary worksheet, print certificates
email signup write down name, password, print page with email address
Using your Yahoo email Send the teacher an email, How to use Yahoo email, compose a letter,
Send students an email with Send each student email, have them retrieve and read, delete email. Teacher sends each
class agenda student and email with the following class agenda listed. 1) read this email > 2) in address
type: Look for something interesting. 3) review page 10
of Internet basics 1 worksheet > 4) Finish Internet basics 1 worksheet pages 11-15
Internet basics 1 Pages 1-8
ESL Around The World Community Resources, prepare for interview using Lessons 1-3
Assessment Do Assessment interviews individually with students
Week 2 Open email for class agenda
Basic email Send email, open mail, reply
Internet basics 1 Review pages
Internet basics 2 Search, pages
set up address book
ESL Around the World Community resource chart
Week 3 Open email for class agenda 1) Open Internet explorer and go to Type the name of a newspaper in
your country. See if you can find an online version of that newspaper. 2) Internet basics 2
worksheet on Searching for information. Review page 8. Cover pages 9-12. 3) Email.
Attach a picture or document to an email.
Search for newspaper
Int basics 2 Review
Address book
Open email for class agenda 1) email our State Senator, use worksheet 1) find the website for your bank if you have one
2) fill in information for online banking OR 3) find the website for one your utilities
companies: electricity, gas, telephone, 4) can you pay your bill online? What do you need
to do it? 5) Internet radio; Windows Media Player 6) Email write a letter and attach it to
review New contact in address book, send a letter
Assessment Community resource chart; USCIS
Week 4 Open class agenda 1. Review movies enter your zip code
Email: Reply, delete
Assessment Community resource chart; Capistrano Adult School, or other CUSD school
Week 5 Open email for class agenda 1), do english demo 2)go to Send yourself
first then someone in > the class an e-card. > 3)Review skills > 4) Favorites
Hallmark send a card 3. Click on the link below. Send an e-card to someone.
Email attachment pictures
CASAS test
Competition First one to find specific sites; city of SJC, President of US, Capo Adult school,
Email attachment Word document
Assessment Community resource chart; El Camino Clinic,
Week 6 1. Check out the English language activities
2. Shopping and comparing prices on the internet
3. Airline travel and buying tickets on the internet
4. Email practice
5. Casas test?
Internet banking or bill pay
Assessment Repsond to email
“Hello Client, We would like to meet with you on Thursday ,April 7 at 1:30 PM at the
Bank of Capistrano. The address is 1122 Camino Capistrano. This meeting is in regard to a
recent error we made in your favor on your savings account. You will be meeting with the
Director of Customer relations Ms. Jenifer Lopez. Please confirm that you can be at this
meeting by replying to this email.”
Internet Service at home Find an ISP—Cox, earthlink, AOL, Juno, Allvantage
Compare prices and services
Assessment Community resource chart; Capistrano Family resource center,
Week 7 1. Class Review
2. Do your taxes on the Internet

Take pictures Put in student photos folder

Write a letter, attach to Attach a photo
Assessment Community resource chart; El Camino Clinic,
Complete “community resource chart”; turn in
Week 8 Internet Radio Win media player, download music, find lyrics,
Certificate of completion
Class evaluation