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Climate Conditions and Exhaust Gas Bypass

Extreme ambient conditions As mentioned in Chapter 1, the engine power gures are valid for tropical conditions at sea level: 45 C air at 1,000 mbar and 32 C seawater, whereas the reference fuel consumption is given at ISO conditions: 25 C air at 1,000 mbar and 25 C charge air coolant temperature. Marine diesel engines are, however, exposed to greatly varying climatic temperatures winter and summer in arctic as well as tropical areas. These variations cause changes of the scavenge air pressure, the maximum combustion pressure, the exhaust gas amount and temperatures as well as the specic fuel oil consumption. For further information about the possible countermeasures, please refer to our publication titled: Inuence of Ambient Temperature Conditions The publication is available at under Products Marine Engines & Systems Low Speed Technical Papers. Arctic running condition
Bypass flange

Please note that if an exhaust gas bypass is applied, the turbocharger size and specication has to be determined by other means than stated in this Chapter.

Emergency Running Condition

Exhaust gas receiver with total bypass ange and blank counterange Option: 4 60 119 Bypass of the total amount of exhaust gas round the turbocharger is only used for emergency running in the event of turbocharger failure on engines, see Fig. 3.02.01. This enables the engine to run at a higher load with only one turbocharger under emergency conditions. The engines exhaust gas receiver will in this case be tted with a bypass ange of approximately the same diameter as the inlet pipe to the turbocharger. The emergency pipe is yards supply.

For air inlet temperatures below 10 C the precautions to be taken depend very much on the operating prole of the vessel. The following alternative is one of the possible countermeasures. The selection of countermeasures, however, must be evaluated in each individual case. Exhaust gas receiver with variable bypass Option: 4 60 118 Compensation for low ambient temperature can be obtained by using exhaust gas bypass system. This arrangement ensures that only part of the exhaust gas goes via the turbine of the turbocharger, thus supplying less energy to the compressor which, in turn, reduces the air supply to the engine.

Exhaust receiver

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Fig. 3.02.01: Total bypass of exhaust for emergency running

MAN B&W 80-26MC/MC-C/ME/ME-C/ME-B/-GI engines

MAN Diesel

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