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The Youth to Business forum seminar that was held on 26 October 2013 was a very informative and enlightening session by various speakers that were very proficient in their key business areas. Sir, I am thankful to you for awarding me the opportunity to be present and to learn from the experiences of these like-minded business people.

Firstly Dr. Atul Sharma explained about how he made an idea into a business model and
the various tools and techniques he employed to successfully market that plan. He has been actively working as a social entrepreneur and he is contributing to the society by creating awareness, detection and treating hepatitis C. Previously been working in Glaxo Smith Kline and then taking up his own business he did something that a lot of people are reluctant to and would not take risk with such high stakes. I learned from him that how to seek opportunities and filter out the good ones from the worthless opportunities.

Along with Dr. Atul was Mr. Harman Singh who is a successful entrepreneur and is
better known as the CEO of authorGEN Technologies. He talked about the importance of social innovation in entrepreneurship. He shared light on the need to innovate when a person wants to become a social entrepreneur. His session made me more informed about how I need to prepare myself if I need to make a change in the society and become a social entrepreneur. What kind of innovations do I need to think about, what kind of problems are feasible and how do I need to structure my solutions for the existing problems.


was an interactive session by Ms. Vibha Adlakha, she is a much experienced professional at a very young age. She is currently employed by LinkedIn and she explained that how LinkedIn can be used as a very effective tool for socializing with

other like-minded people, similar professionals and how to get assistance, guidance and support from them for my entrepreneurial venture. She introduced us to the very idea of LinkedIn that how it works, how it moreover benefits and how is it different from social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. She presented her ideas in a very informative manner and I learned about maximizing my opportunities with these online resources. I further learnt that what information is to be shared online, what information is to be disclosed in what networking portals. How should I be staying professional on LinkedIn, personal on Facebook and opinionated on twitter. The main essence of her presentation was that how should I build myself as a brand on LinkedIn and how should I explore opportunities to market myself as a brand online. Today having an online searchability is very crucial as there are more than 238 million profiles on LinkedIn as of today. Every other second, two new people join the LinkedIn platform.

After having the consolidated idea of how to build myself as a brand and use online
resources to my benefit, I was greeted by Mr. Swarup Vijh who is presently the director of strategic partnerships at Pearson's books Limited. He talked about redefining the education system in India. What the current state of the Indian education system is right now, that results into the gross enrollment ratio of 18.5%. There are 650 universities and 33,000 colleges presently in India that comprise of the entire Indian education system. He convinced me that I should not worry about making mistakes, and I should be calculating problem definitions were studying the industry statistics. A business model is to be prepared by looking for innovation, issues of sustainability, adaptation of business model with time, and as an entrepreneur a constant lookout for the changes around in the environment is needed. I may have to be working with people in teams and learn how to interact with new people. I have to list my challenges that I'll be facing along the way. Some of the most frequently occurring challenges that budding entrepreneurs face are expansion, excellence, inclusion, equity and the regulatory environment. He also emphasized on ethical leadership giving tips such as one should not form a predefined opinion about people, involve many people in decision-making, one should note that people and build them, one should give freedom to people and not always bind them under certain constraints, I learned that I should be imbibing the company's DNA that is the values, principles and ethics of the company. I should try to identify my passion and then try to build a career that is in line with my passion so that I enjoy and love the work that I do. That would be a justice to my own work and to myself. I should build a pleasing and amicable personality and be ready to talk and converse with people and moreover be ready to take the stage.


next session was taken by Mr. Amit Hans who taught about the nuances of corporate entrepreneurship, as he himself was an entrepreneur. Through his way of binding the audience and his communication I was easily able to understand that he is an effortless and genuine speaker. I understood the values of Human Resource Management and how to effectively communicate with the employees for maintaining good human resource. How to assess people as good employees and deem them credible for their efforts. How the motivation plays an important part in the organization and how do people respond to various forms of motivation. What are the

needs of the people and how can a manager satisfy them for the benefit of the organization.

Then came our loved and respected sir, thats you! Sir I learnt from your teachings that
what is the want and need in the society and the various factors that help to establish the demand of a product in the society. How the markets and products should be brought to sync with one another so that they complement each other. How do people buy things according to their needs and wants? People think about the degree of necessity of a thing and how much does it impact them rather than thinking about the environment and society as a whole too. How marketing impacts product sales and the way people purchase products and how need is to be created for a particular product. Thank-you Sir for this seminar once again! Rahul Rai MBA Regular (501304039) October 29, 2013