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Hints and Tips Colour Guide British Infantry

By Michael Farnworth March 2008

Commandos - North West Europe (Normandy, etc)

Artizan figures painted by ic! "arn#orth

$tem (eret Commando He%met He%met Co2er 6eather 7er!in 4niform (ac!pac! (ac!pac! straps Webbing < =ouches Webbing (2ariant) Webbing (2ariant) An!%ets @ )aiters (oots - 9o%diers Notes

Co%our )reen *ar! )reen 3ha!i )reen (ro#n 3ha!i 3ha!i )reen (eige 9and (eige =a%e )reen (eige (%ac!

&a%%e'o ode% Co%our *eep )reen +,-.+, /ussian )reen +,-0.1, (ronze )reen +,-0.+ /ussian 4niform +,-.51 ahogany (ro#n +,-018, "%at (ro#n +,-.01 49 "ie%d *rab +,-.+:, Eng%ish 4niform +,-.5;, "%at Earth +,-.0: /ussian 4niform +,-.51 )erman Camo (eige +,-05; $ra>i 9and +,-0;., *ar! 9and +,-01+ )erman Camo (eige +,-05; *ec! Tan +,-.;5, =aste% )reen +,-00? )erman Camo (eige +,-05; (%ac! +,-.?,

(ritish uniforms #ere consistent o2er a%% branches of the army- Commandos, infantry, arti%%ery and many Common#ea%th forces engaged in Europe had on%y s%ight 2ariations of insignia and beret- A fe# specia%ists units a%so recei2ed camouf%aged 'ac!ets and trousers3ha!i c%oth #as most%y a bro#n shade and re%ati2e%y co%ourfast- &a%%e'o Eng%ish uniform +,-.5; is 2ery dar! and bro#n, "%at Earth +,-.01 or 49 "ie%d *rab +,-.+: are %ighter tonesWebbing, an!%ets and ammunition pouches #ere issued in 9and and )reen shades- They #ere made from #ere cotton can2as and faded rapid%y- $n theory, green is correct for the %ate #ar period in Europe but so%diers #ere issued #ith both co%ours- )reen ammunition pouches #ere sometimes #orn #ith sand co%oured #ebbing and 2ice 2ersa(ritish made 2ehic%es and meta% items #ere dar! green (/ef%ecti2e )reen)- American made 2ehic%es #ere o%i2e green drab (49 *ar! )reen +,-0.:)-

Hints & Tips - Paining 28mm Armies Copyright Mick Farnworth - October 2007

Insignia Commandos #ore the commando badge on the shou%der- $t can be simu%ated by painting a b%ac! circ%e and adding t#o 2ertica% and horizonta% stro!es in red to form A- The unit badge #as a cur2ed shape at the top of the shou%der- "or commandos, this had a red symbo% and #hite teBt-

"urther /eading (oo!s

General Andre# o%%oC The Ar ed Forces of !orld !ar 2 (6itt%e, (ro#n and Company) This boo! is a 2ery usefu% o2er2ie# of uniforms and insignia- There are 5?, co%our dra#ings and ;,, photographs #hich co2er e2ery nation in2o%2ed in WW5- The origina% ;.0; 2ersion is a %arge format boo!- There is an A? reprint that does not inc%ude the Eastern frontChris cNabC 20th Century Military "nifor s# $00 "nifor s fro Around the !orld ()range (oo!s =6C) This boo! is simi%ar in sty%e to Andre# o%%oDs boo! and has many of the same i%%ustrations%s&rey boo!s are a%so 2ery good but there are se2era% #hich touch the sub'ect, so it is difficu%t to recommend one itemBritain artin (ray%eyC The !orld !ar II To y# British Ar y "nifor s 'uro&ean Theatre ()$)*+, -The Cro#ood =ress 6td) A 2ery usefu% boo! #ith co%our photographs sho#ing origina% uniforms and e>uipment7ean (oucheryC ()++*+, British .oldier# Fro /*/ay to 0*/ay# 1t2 ( (Histoire < Co%%ections) 7ean (oucheryC ()++*+, British .oldier# Fro /*/ay to 0*/ay# 1t2 2 (Histoire < Co%%ections) Ta!en together these t#o boo!s are 2ery comprehensi2e- =art ; co2ers uniforms- =art 5 co2ers 2ehic%es and #eapons- (oth are i%%ustrated #ith diagrams and co%our photographs sho#ing origina% uniforms and e>uipment

Hints & Tips - Paining 28mm Armies Copyright Mick Farnworth - October 2007