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Western Digital End User License Agreement IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: This End User License Agreement (Agreement)

is a legal contract between you, either as an individual or a single entity (you), and estern !igital Technologies, "nc# ( !T), governing your use o$ the !T so$tware and related online or electronic documentation (such so$tware and the documentation collectively re$erred to herein as the %o$tware)# YOU AGREE TO E OUND Y T!E TERM" OF T!I" AGREEMENT# INCLUDING WE"TERN DIGITAL$" PRI%ACY POLICY INCORPORATED !EREIN &"EE "ECTION '(# Y IN"TALLING# ACTI%ATING# COPYING OR OT!ERWI"E U"ING T!E "OFTWARE) IF YOU DO NOT AGREE# DO NOT IN"TALL# ACTI%ATE# COPY, OR U"E T!E "OFTWARE) This Agreement may be amended $rom time to time by notices &osted on !T's website (www#wdc#com(com&any(legal() and you agree that by such notices you are given the o&&ortunity to review any amendments to this Agreement and you agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement i$ you continue to use the %o$tware a$ter such modi$ication is &osted# )# LICEN"E GRANT

The %o$tware is licensed to you and not sold# %ub*ect to the terms o$ this Agreement, !T hereby grants you a &ersonal, non+e,clusive, non+trans$erable (sub*ect to %ection )-), non+ sublicensable, and revocable license to use the %o$tware $or your &ersonal or internal &ur&oses solely in connection with your use o$ !T hardware, and to ma.e a reasonable number o$ co&ies o$ the %o$tware $or your &ersonal or internal bac.u& &ur&oses $or such use# -# RE"ER%ATION OF RIG!T"

/ou ac.nowledge that the %o$tware is &rotected by co&yrights and other intellectual &ro&erty and &ro&rietary rights# !T and its third &arty licensors (Licensors) reserve all such rights with res&ect to the %o$tware, e,ce&t $or the license e,&ressly granted to you in %ection )# E,ce&t $or such e,&ress license, no right, title, interest or license in or to the %o$tware, whether by im&lication, esto&&el or otherwise, is granted, assigned or trans$erred to you# /ou agree not to ta.e any action that inter$eres, in any manner, with !T or its Licensors' rights with res&ect to the %o$tware# "n addition, title, ownershi& rights and intellectual &ro&erty rights in and to any content accessed through the %o$tware is the &ro&erty o$ the a&&licable content owner and may be &rotected by a&&licable co&yright or other law# This Agreement gives you no rights to such content# /our use o$ the %o$tware may allow you to download and use Third+0arty so$tware and(or lin. to third+&arty content accessed through the %o$tware (such so$tware and content collectively, Third+0arty 1ontent)# /ou also ac.nowledge that all Third+0arty 1ontent is the &ro&erty o$ the a&&licable Third+0arty 1ontent owners and may be &rotected by a&&licable co&yright and other intellectual &ro&erty rights# 2either this Agreement nor your use o$ the %o$tware to access Third+ 0arty 1ontent gives you any rights to such Third+0arty 1ontent# /ou may not use any Third+ 0arty 1ontent in any manner that has not been authori3ed by the a&&licable service &rovider (%ervice 0rovider) or content owner# "t is your res&onsibility to ensure that your use o$ the

%o$tware to access, re&roduce, dis&lay or otherwise use Third+0arty 1ontent does not in$ringe any third+&arty intellectual &ro&erty rights# /ou ac.nowledge that you may be re4uired to enter into a se&arate agreement with a %ervice 0rovider or content owner, or com&ly with a %ervice 0rovider's terms or conditions o$ use in order to access or have the right to access certain Third+ 0arty 1ontent# 5# RE"TRICTION"

/ou ac.nowledge and agree that you will not: (a) re&roduce the %o$tware, e,ce&t as e,&ressly &ermitted under %ection )6 (b) modi$y, ada&t, translate or create any derivative wor.s o$ the %o$tware6 (c) attem&t to circumvent or disable the %o$tware or any technology $eatures or measures in the %o$tware by any means or in any manner6 (d) attem&t to decom&ile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise attem&t to derive the source code $or the %o$tware6 (e) distribute, encumber, sell, rent, lease, sublicense, or otherwise trans$er, &ublish or disclose the %o$tware to any third &arty (e,ce&t as &ermitted under %ection )-)6 ($) remove or alter any trademar., logo, co&yright or other &ro&rietary notices, legends, symbols or labels in or on the %o$tware or used in connection with the %o$tware6 or (g) use the %o$tware in any manner to aid in the violation o$ any third &arty "ntellectual 0ro&erty, including but not limited to another's co&yrights, trade secrets, and &atents# "n some instances, the %o$tware may o&erate with non+ !T storage devices# /ou ac.nowledge and agree that !T no re&resentations or warranties with res&ect to the 4uality or ca&ability o$ any such storage device# /ou ac.nowledge that !T may o$$er su&&ort $or some non+ !T storage devices and not others6 !T no guarantees that the %o$tware is, will be, or will remain com&atible with any such non+ !T storage device# 7# UPDATE"* NON-PER"ONALLY-IDENTIFYA LE INFORMATION

/ou ac.nowledge that !T has no obligation to &rovide you with any su&&ort $or U&dates (as de$ined below) to the %o$tware# 8owever, !T may, $rom time to time, issue u&dated versions o$ the %o$tware and the %o$tware may automatically connect to !T or third+&arty servers via the "nternet to chec. $or available u&dates to the %o$tware, such as bug $i,es, &atches, u&grades, enhanced $unctions, &lug+ins and new versions (collectively, U&dates) and may either ()) automatically electronically u&date the version o$ the %o$tware that you are using on your com&uter or (-) give you the o&tion o$ downloading it# 9y installing the %o$tware and not disabling any automated chec. $or U&dates, i$ a&&licable, you hereby agree to automatically re4uest and receive U&dates $rom !T or third+&arty servers# /ou consent to such automatic u&grading, and agree that the terms and conditions o$ this Agreement will a&&ly to all such U&dates# The %o$tware may contain automatic communications $eatures which relay certain non+ &ersonally+identi$iable in$ormation to !T in connection with the o&eration o$ the %o$tware# This in$ormation may include your %o$tware settings and what version o$ the %o$tware you are using# !T may use this in$ormation $or research &ur&oses including statistical analysis o$ aggregate customer behavior# /ou $urther ac.nowledge that !T is not res&onsible $or, nor any re&resentations or warranties with res&ect to, any in$ormation (including &ersonally identi$iable in$ormation) you may share with a %ervice 0rovider or content owner# %a$

o$ the in$ormation you &rovide to the %ervice 0rovider or content owner is the res&onsibility o$ such %ervice 0rovider or content owner# :or more in$ormation on the use o$ collected in$ormation, &lease read the !T 0rivacy 0olicy at htt&:((www#wd#com(en(com&any(cor&oratein$o(&rivacy#as&,# /ou agree to the terms o$ the !T 0rivacy 0olicy, which are e,&ressly incor&orated herein by re$erence# ;# REGI"TRATION INFORMATION

As &art o$ any &roduct registration &rocess, !T may re4uest registration+related in$ormation, including your name and e+mail address# 9y &roviding this in$ormation, you consent to its collection and use by !T to &rovide non+&romotional communications regarding the &roduct &urchased with the %o$tware (the 0roduct), including notices o$ availability o$ any $ree U&dates, notices o$ 0roduct recalls or notices regarding sa$ety concerns# /ou will also have the o&&ortunity to o&t+in to receive &romotional e+mails and materials $rom !T and its business &artners# 9y choosing the o&t+in o&tion, you give your consent to receive such &romotional materials $rom !T and its business &artners until you e,ercise your o&tion to unsubscribe $rom such communications# !T will not, at any time, share your registration in$ormation with third &arties unless (a) s&eci$ically authori3ed by you, (b) as re4uired by law or court order, (c) to third+&arties &roviding related services $or !T under a&&ro&riate obligations o$ con$identiality, (d) in connection with a legal &rocess or (e) to an ac4uirer o$ all or substantially all o$ the stoc. or assets o$ !T or o$ the !T division to which this Agreement relates# <# DI"CLAIMER OF WARRANTY

T8E %=:T A>E "% 0>=?"!E! T= /=U A% "% "T8=UT A>>A2T/ =: A2/ @"2!# T= T8E AAB"AUA EBTE2T 0E>A"TTE! 9/ A00L"1A9LE LA , !T A2! "T% L"1E2%=>% !"%1LA"A ALL A>>A2T"E%, EB0>E%% => "A0L"E!, "21LU!"2C, "T8=UT L"A"TAT"=2, A2/ "A0L"E! A>>A2T"E% =: AE>18A2TA9"L"T/, :"T2E%% :=> A 0A>T"1ULA> 0U>0=%E A2! 2=2+"2:>"2CEAE2T =: T8">! 0A>T/ "2TELLE1TUAL 0>=0E>T/ >"C8T% => LA1@ =: ?">U%E%# !T !=E% 2=T A>>A2T T8AT T8E L"1E2%E! %=:T A>E "LL AEET /=U> >EDU">EAE2T% => 9E E>>=> :>EE# :=> 0U>0=%E% =: 1LA>"T/, !T !=E% 2=T AA@E A2/ >E0>E%E2TAT"=2% A9=UT A2! !"%1LA"A% ALL A>>A2T"E% "T8 >E%0E1T T= A2/ T8">! 0A>T/ 1=2TE2T => T8E A1T"=2% => =A"%%"=2% =: A %E>?"1E 0>=?"!E> => 1=2TE2T = 2E># T8E E2T">E >"%@ A>"%"2C =UT =: T8E U%E => 0E>:=>AA21E =: T8E %=:T A>E >EAA"2% "T8 /=U# /=U U2!E>%TA2! A2! AC>EE T8AT A2/ %=:T A>E, AATE>"AL => !ATA != 2L=A!E! => =T8E> "%E =9TA"2E! T8>=UC8 T8E U%E =: T8E %=:T A>E "% !=2E AT /=U> = 2 !"%1>ET"=2 A2! >"%@ A2! T8AT /=U "LL 9E %=LEL/ >E%0=2%"9LE :=> A2/ !AAACE T= /=U> 1=A0UTE>, %/%TEA => 2ET =>@, "21LU!"2C A2/ L=%% => 1=>>U0T"=2 =: !ATA# E# LIMITATION ON LIA ILITY

T= T8E AAB"AUA EBTE2T 0E>A"TTE! 9/ A00L"1A9LE LA , "2 2= E?E2T "LL !T => "T% L"1E2%=>% 9E L"A9LE :=> A2/ 1=2%EDUE2T"AL, "21"!E2TAL, "2!">E1T, %0E1"AL, 0U2"T"?E, => =T8E> !AAACE% 8AT%=E?E> ("21LU!"2C, "T8=UT L"A"TAT"=2, !AAACE% :=> L=%% =: 9U%"2E%% 0>=:"T%, 9U%"2E%% 5

"2TE>>U0T"=2, L=%% =: !ATA, 1=A0UTE> %/%TEA :A"LU>E, AAL:U21T"=2 => =T8E> 0E1U2"A>/ L=%%) A>"%"2C =UT =: T8"% AC>EEAE2T => T8E U%E =: => "2A9"L"T/ T= U%E T8E %=:T A>E, E?E2 ": !T 8A% 9EE2 A!?"%E! =: T8E 0=%%"9"L"T/ =: %U18 !AAACE%# 9E1AU%E %=AE %TATE%(FU>"%!"1T"=2% != 2=T ALL= T8E EB1LU%"=2 => L"A"TAT"=2 =: L"A9"L"T/ :=> 1=2%EDUE2T"AL => "21"!E2TAL !AAACE%, T8E A9=?E L"A"TAT"=2 AA/ 2=T A00L/ T= /=U# "2 2= E?E2T "LL !T'% T=TAL L"A9"L"T/ T= /=U :=> ALL !AAACE% "2 1=22E1T"=2 "T8 T8E %=:T A>E EB1EE! G-;# T8E :=>EC="2C L"A"TAT"=2%, EB1LU%"=2% A2! !"%1LA"AE>% "LL A00L/ T= T8E AAB"AUA EBTE2T 0E>A"TTE! 9/ A00L"1A9LE LA , E?E2 ": A2/ >EAE!/ :A"L% "T% E%%E2T"AL 0U>0=%E# !T "% 2=T >E%0=2%"9LE => L"A9LE :=> A2/ "2:E1T"=2% => 1=2TAA"2AT"=2 =: /=U> %/%TEA, !AAACE T= /=U> %/%TEA, => !ELA/%, "2A11U>A1"E%, E>>=>% => =A"%%"=2% A>"%"2C =UT =: /=U> U%E =: T8E %=:T A>E# T8E %=:T A>E "% 2=T "2TE2!E! :=> U%E "2 T8E =0E>AT"=2 =: 2U1LEA> :A1"L"T"E%, A">1>A:T 2A?"CAT"=2 => 1=AAU2"1AT"=2% %/%TEA% => A"> T>A::"1 1=2T>=L AA18"2E% => A2/ =T8E> AA18"2E% "2 8"18 1A%E T8E :A"LU>E =: T8E %=:T A>E 1=UL! LEA! T= !EAT8, 0E>%=2AL "2FU>/ => %E?E>E 08/%"1AL => E2?">=2AE2TAL !AAACE# H# U)") GO%ERNMENT RE"TRICTED RIG!T"

The %o$tware is &rovided with restricted rights# Use, du&lication, or disclosure by the Covernment is sub*ect to restrictions as set $orth in sub&aragra&h (b)(5)(i) o$ The >ights in Technical !ata and 1om&uter %o$tware clause o$ !:A>% -;-#--E+ EI)5 or sub&aragra&hs (c)()) and (-) o$ the 1ommercial 1om&uter %o$tware+>estricted >ights at 7H 1:> ;-#--E+)J, as a&&licable# Aanu$acturer is estern !igital Technologies, "nc#, 55;; Aichelson !rive, %uite )II, "rvine, 1A J-<)-# J# E+PORT RE"TRICTION"

!T no re&resentation that the %o$tware is a&&ro&riate $or use in your country o$ use# /ou ac.nowledge that none o$ the %o$tware or underlying in$ormation or technology may be downloaded or otherwise e,&orted or re+e,&orted into (or to a national or resident o$) any countries sub*ect to U#%# trade embargo, currently the countries on the U#%# trade embargo list are "ran, 1uba, %yria, 2orth @orea, and %udan6 or anyone on the U#%# Treasury !e&artment's list o$ %&ecially !esignated 2ationals or the U#%# 1ommerce !e&artmentKs Table o$ !enial =rders# 9y using the %o$tware, you are agreeing to the $oregoing, and are re&resenting and warranting that you are not located in or under the control o$ a national or resident o$ any such country or on any such list# )I# INDEMNITY

/ou hereby agree to indemni$y, de$end and hold !T and its Licensors harmless $rom and against any and all liabilities, damages, claims, $ines and e,&enses (including reasonable attorneys' $ees and costs) arising out o$ any breach o$ this Agreement by you# ))# TERMINATION

ithout &re*udice to any other !T rights, this Agreement will terminate automatically without notice i$ you $ail to com&ly with your obligations under this Agreement# U&on termination, you must immediately cease all use o$ the %o$tware and destroy all co&ies o$ the %o$tware# "n addition to any other remedy available to !T, you agree that !T may see. immediate in*unctive relie$ in the event o$ a breach o$ this Agreement by you# )-# TRAN"FER

/ou may not assign or otherwise trans$er, by o&eration o$ law or otherwise, this Agreement or the %o$tware# 2otwithstanding the $oregoing, you may &ermanently trans$er all your rights under this Agreement to a buyer o$ the !T hardware with which this %o$tware was bundled, &rovided (a) such buyer agrees to assume all o$ your obligations under this Agreement, and (b) you trans$er all co&ies o$ the %o$tware to such buyer and cease all use o$ the %o$tware# This Agreement will be binding u&on and will inure to the bene$it o$ the &arties, their successors and assigns# )5# OPEN "OURCE "OFTWARE

The %o$tware licensed hereunder may include =&en %ource so$tware (com&uter so$tware that is distributed under a licensing arrangement, which &rovides that the com&uter code can be shared, viewed, and modi$ied by the &ublic)# The >estrictions o$ %ection 5 o$ this Agreement only a&&ly to any such =&en %ource so$tware when and to the e,tent that they do not con$lict with any terms o$ the =&en %ource so$tware's res&ective license(s)# )7# MI"CELLANEOU"

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the &arties concerning the sub*ect matter hereo$ and su&ersedes all &rior or contem&oraneous oral or written understandings# This Agreement will be governed by the laws o$ the %tate o$ 1ali$ornia, without regard to con$licts o$ law &rovisions, and you consent to the e,clusive *urisdiction o$ the state and $ederal courts sitting in the %tate o$ 1ali$ornia# This Agreement will not be governed by the United 2ations 1onvention on 1ontracts $or the "nternational %ale o$ Coods# "$ any &rovision o$ this Agreement should be held invalid or unen$orceable by a court o$ com&etent *urisdiction, such &rovision will be modi$ied to the e,tent necessary to render it en$orceable without losing its intent or severed $rom this Agreement i$ no such modi$ication is &ossible, and other &rovisions o$ this Agreement will remain in $ull $orce and e$$ect# A waiver by either &arty o$ any term or condition o$ this Agreement or any breach thereo$, in any one instance, will not waive such term or condition or any subse4uent breach thereo$# The &rovisions o$ this Agreement that re4uire or contem&late &er$ormance a$ter the termination o$ this Agreement will be en$orceable notwithstanding such termination# 2either &arty will be in de$ault or be liable $or any delay, $ailure in &er$ormance (e,ce&ting the obligation to &ay), or interru&tion o$ service resulting directly or indirectly $rom any cause beyond its reasonable control# "$ any dis&ute arises under this Agreement, the

&revailing &arty will be reimbursed by the other &arty $or any and all legal $ees and costs associated therewith# 7IEH+EI;I--+AI< Aay -I)5