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Ten proofs against Six Million Jews murdered in ‘the Holocaust’

The final end of the Myth Six million murdered Jews in a "Holocaust" is a Talmudic topic, a Jewish religious metaphor for disaster,distributed for centuries, without any concrete base. The IMT at Nuremberg in 1945, re-enacted this number taken as 'evidence' two bad "hearsay witnesses", whom supposed "spokesman" Eichmann called "phantasts". There was and is no justification for this now by historians called ‘symbolic’ number. The religious character of it is confirmed by the current political and dogmatic Stalinist fixation and the rather inquisitorial persecution of critics in many Western countries. All this suffices to speak of this fixed quota as a religious myth. However, to deal for good with this Talmudic mantra, I give Ten concrete proofs of the fallacy of this obligatory imposed and far too high number. Not because a lower number is less gruesome or sad, but simply because historical truth deserves primacy above myths. The next ten concrete proofs showing each in itself the impossibility of this Holocaust Number: 1. The actual number of Jews under German regime never exceeded 4.5 million. 2. Jewish-stated numbers of Jews in the World before and after the War. 3. Demographic impossibility phenomenon: number of Jews before and after the War. 4. Jews emigrated and taking refuge to the Soviet Union. 5. An empirical-statistical approach. 6. Number of Jews who applied for survivor pensions. 7. Retro calculation survivors 1945, based on the number of living survivors in 2004. 8. Unproven "gas chambers" and "mass gassings”. 9. Lack of remains, mass graves and ash quantities make ‘Six Million’ implausible. 10. Ratio of Jews killed in camps/elsewhere. The complexity of the matter is significant because of the many factors affecting any given number, from the definition who is Jewish, the mobility of Jews themselves, border changes before, during and after the War, to political motives behind presented numbers, etc. Not being sure whether all sources and quantities are correct,certain is however, that numbers without sources ("Six Million") are incorrect ! I apologize for some inevitable complex figures, but truth about the Holocaust is only to be found in the details.

1. The actual number of Jews under the German regime never exceeded 4.5 million
The number of Jews under German administration can be deduced from pre-war Jewish population statistics, the Wannsee Protokoll, the Korherr Report from the Wartime German Office of Statistics and research, and by serious demographers as Prof. W.N. Sanning (Sanning, Walter N., The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry.Institute for Historical Review. 1989. ISBN 0-939484-11-0. German translation: Die Auflösung des osteuropäische Judentum. 1983. © Grabert-Verlag, Tübingen. ISBN 3-87847-06-02.), dr. C. Nordling (The Jewish Establishment under Nazi-Threat and Domination, 1938-1945. 1990. The Journal of Historical Review, Vol. 10, no. 2, p. 195, ISSN 0195-6752), Prof. F. Hankins, (How Many Jews Were Eliminated by the Nazis?1983. The Journal of Historical Review, 1990. Vol. 4, no. 1, p. 61. ISSN 0195-6752), as well as surveys, studies and statements by other independent experts. Jewish population statistics indicate at the beginning of the War (1939) around 9 million European Jews: 8,861,800, 8,939,608 (American Jewish Congress (figure) and 9.3 million. This also included Jews in the European part of Russia (3,020,143) and Ukraine. Historian Yehuda Bauer of the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel too spoke of nine million Jews in Europe (A History of the Holocaust, New York: Franklin Watts, 1982, ISBN 0531-098621). This makes 9 million Jews in Europe in 1939 a fair assumption.

Zionist.4%) due to Jewish emigration and high excess mortality. Three years later. Belarus and Ukraine less than 1 million Jews were present during the German advance of 1941. Far from all European Jews came under German rule. p. Prof. American and Polish sources leave no doubt that after the German occupation. in 1942.000 Jews. Luxembourg and France under German hegemony.911 Jews.550. flight and other causes according to Sanning’s Jewish sources there were in Germany 164. Of these. where according to Jewish statements were 466.000 in Czechoslovakia and about 10.3 million lower number can be derived out of the following facts: 1. Between 1931 and 1939 the number of Jews in Poland reduced with 480. Sanning shows that late 1939 in the German annexed part of Poland. in Austria 191. 3.900 Jews. 39 ff). Of the original Jewish population there were large numbers (Sanning 1. An earlier war phase brought Norway. 2.408. Ukraine and part of European Russia came under German rule.956.607. Hundreds of thousands fled to Soviet territory right away (among them the late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin). notwithstanding indications that many managed to escape or were killed by local militias and retreating Soviets. but 2. The Netherlands.000 to 1. then belonging to Poland. In Germany 1939 were in 240.830 and in Danzig 10. according to the AJC a total of 3. as Holocaust resources usually mention. total 479. We reckon all 252. West German. The factual number of Jews under German administration in 1941 became by that 1.000) deliberately or otherwise transferred Eastward by the Soviets.900 less (!).026.266. With the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.448. 255.236. Belgium. including Jews in parts of Ukraine and Belarus. so theoretically 1. Lithuania. 50.000 Jews.359. Denmark. in Czechoslovakia 356. 1. This totals the number of Jews under German regime at 2.900 (15. Estonia.Poland was recorded before its division.000 Jews came under German administration (Sanning.686. while the Germans also expelled large groups of Jews over the border.000.000 were in Soviet-occupied Poland. being 757.900. After the invasion of the Soviet Union ("Barbarossa") according to Sanning 80% of all Jews in the Russian front .000 remained under German government.703. Eastern Poland.113. only 757.000.000. to 2. In Eastern Poland.633.448. which reduced the factual number of Jews under German government in 1942 nearly 320.113.907 Jews from the Baltic States. caused by emigration. Belarus. the factual number of Jews under German occupation were not 3.555.000 in Danzig.000 in Austria.356. This makes the number of Jews under German rule inclusive occupied half of Poland 1. Latvia. This 2.

5 million Jews were under German administration the Nazis couldn’t have 'Six Million' Jews killed. whose numbers of Jewish victims one can be sure of not to be ‘antisemitic’. Jewish-stated numbers of Jews in the World before and after the War An approach based on the total number of Jews in the world neither comes near to 'Six Million' murdered Jews. so those never came into contact with German troops.000 expatriate Polish Jews since 1931. 2.319. According to information from Vitebsk.091 During the war: American Jewish Congress Council of Synagogues 1939 15.748. Nevertheless. there were only a few Jews when the Germans arrived.630.000 World Almanac 1940 (p. Holocaust Handbook Series. p.630 .633 World Almanac 1938 (p. The 'standardwork' by Wolfgang Benz. according to Sanning’s Jewish sources total 1. 748): 15. " By shifting of the front deeper into Russian areas with many Jews. Zionist propagandist and secretary of the Jewish AntiFascist Committees in Moscow.666. featuring information from the American Jewish Committee and the Statistical Bureau of the Jewish Synagogue Council of America. Belarus.836. Theses & Dissertations Press.368. USA. errors and ‘mistakes’. 748): 15.000 National Council of Churches USA 1930: 15.192. ISBN 0-9679856-2-5.763. Chicago. p. although Sanning was not mentioned in it and none of his detailed figures was overturned.A Comparison. Riga and other cities occupied by the fascists.089 After the war: World Almanac 1947: (p.000 World Almanac 1936 (p. 849): 15.359 World Almanac 1942 (p. is not surprisingly ‘5. 181. The book appeared in 1991.494. "killed by the Nazis” and conceals 700. there was the Stalin Ukase of "scorched earth": significant groups fled further Eastward and many Jews were inclined in the Moscow-organized partisan army. It is self-evident that if no more than 4. Benz's book is full of double counting. It shows "Six Million murdered Jews" as false propaganda. PO Box 257768. 510): 15. false assumptions. Benz and WN Sanning .600.2 to 6 million murdered Jews’. 727): 15. eight years after Sanning.003. Before the war: World Almanac 1929 (p.400 Jews. In a sublime comparison of Sanning's work with Benz by revisionist Germar Rudolf. 129): 15. plus Vichy France) and Korherr Report (50% of 9.259 World Almanac 1948: (p. Bulgaria. W. wrote (Sanning. director of the German Office for Combating Anti-Semitism. the Benz 'book is rightfully refuted as fraudulent. Yugoslavia. For those interested:Holocaust Victims: A Statistical Analysis. minus non-occupied Europe) the number of 4. downloads of this and other revisionist works on Free_Downloads_from_VHO ). but according to Sanning was less than 1 million.600. The remaining number of Jews effectively under German rule varies by source. even these too high estimations of the Nazi Wannsee Protokoll (3.500 under 'A'.After the invasion of the Soviet Union ("Barbarossa") according to Sanning 80% of all Jews in the Russian front theatre were evacuated by the Soviets.688.047.5 million Jews under Nazi rule in Europe was not reached. Romania and Hungary. Adding up all other countries under German rule (Greece. The Growing Critique of 'Truth' and 'Holocaust'. (Published in: Dissecting the Holocaust. so he called all 1939 Jews who in 1946 were not registered at their hometowns. the overall number of Jews under German regime derived from the American Jewish Committee and the Statistical Bureau of the Jewish Synagogue Council of Americatotals 4. We assess the numbers of Jews in the world again on the basis of unsuspected Jewish sources: the World Almanac. Thus a large part of the Polish and Baltic Jews was absorbed by the USSR. 114): "The evacuation saved the vast majority of Jews from Ukraine. 849): 15. barely 4 million. Lithuania and Latvia.753. because he considered Nazi sources (Wannsee Protokoll andKorherr Report ) being (too) inaccurate and unreliable. Professor Sanning used Jewish sources only. IL 60625. In December 1942 Soviet Communist David Bergelson.

000 more than before the war! So. which is why after 1947 drastically reduced numbers of Jews appeared on paper. one may take as a fact 15. the subsequent millions lower in 1947 must be supported by evidence. 1948 the Jewish owned New York Times. Even if one argues that the numbers of Jews shortly after the war were impure or wrong. Not only the numbers of post-war Jews were presented much lower.7 million Holocaust murdered” nowadays parroted by official historians.259 Jews Worldwide. but the Talmudic numerus fixus. the number of Jews in 1939 was 15. 1983: 16. On February 22. slavishly accepted by the kin of Holocaust Court historians. not accompanied by a shred of proof. now there were on paper 5. following the lowest number.7 million Jews around the world shortly before the War.643.271 Jews more as in 1940! The number of the Council of Synagogues too is 163. This was understood by the proponents of the Talmudic number either.000. The manipulation of numbers of Jews in the world and Europe clearly is a post-war phenomenon.763.850.4 or 5. with a slight decline during the War.259 Jews. demonstrably worthless work of Benz appeared. it is of course impossible that there were more Jews in 1948 than in 1940.820. dubbed the "Six Million Story "a pure fabrication.000. 1996. the New York Jewish paper Aufbau from December 24.688.659 lower than the previous statement: 1939: 15. the Almanac promptly gave higher numbers of pre-war Jews too: in 1946 for 1939 still 15. With 6 million Jews murdered after the war.630 higher than that of 1939! According to the World Almanac of 1947. it results in 16.421. That never happened. World Almanac. What next? Simple.600.259 Jews could have been counted then.627. The first differing post-war assignment came in the Almanac of 1949." Authoritative experts after the War clearly not believed that 6 million Jews disappeared. This was 4. no more than 10.421. Of course with no substantiation or reference other than in those days circulating astronomic death numbers for the camps. Whoever wants to give any credence to Jewish postwar figures about numbers of Jews in the world. 2001: 13. Encyclopedia Britannica's 1955 Book of the Year 11.450 (All. at the same time higher numbers of pre-war Jews were presented. the same sources reported 444. the numbers of Jews before and during the war. Then the Jewish World population was set forth for 1947 as 11.000. an example of Jewish Mathematics resulting in '6 million'.288.259 1947: 11. Therefore.376. gave the Jewish population of Palestine as 600-700. The postwar manipulation shows that not WW II led to "Six Million Jews murdered”.300. the fraudulent.210 Jews! Almost 1 million (954. News & World Report.000.630 As shown.600 Difference: 4. synagogue member or not). Jewish statements from 1948 show nothing of 6 million murdered Jews." Not surprising thus.659 But.288.951) more before the war! Added to the 'new' lower number of post-war Jews.117.080. in 1949 for 1939 16. World Almanac & Book of Facts. This also proves the falsity of the propaganda of 'Six Million'. Nearly 600. in 1947. Demographic impossibility phenomenon: number of Jews before and after the War . The chaos and arbitrariness of post-war numbers of Jews in the world is shown by the following: Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951: 15. 1989: 18. one has to explain what the causes were and why this was not indicated. U.000.610 Jews 'disappeared'! This is the origin of the "5. Only 46 years later. Immediately after the War. in 1991. even 4. And even if the numbers of Jews shortly after the war were wrong.World Almanac 1948: (p. If between 1939/1940 and 1947 six million Jews were murdered. are mostly congruent and stable.200. 646: 14. World Almanac & Book of Facts. surely has a lot to explain.688. p.259.659 less doesn’t make Six Million. 849): 15.688.

the 1996 edition of Funk & Wagnall. was 1. It is based on numbers from The World Almanac and Book of Facts. but it is nevertheless clear that recovery rates as pretended by Jewish figures. If we deduct the normal pre-war mortality rate from the decline during the War. 646. To demonstrate the inconsistency of Jewish population ‘information’. Then from 1947 to 1964 a continuation of the normal pre-war decline level and after 1964 a stable growth of about 700.65 million. . 748 and 441. the scaling of both diagrams differs a little. p. Such an incredible increase in births until 1964 with abrupt stabilization at a moderate growth level isimpossible. caused by the War. comparatively a graph from theNetherlands Central Bureau of Statistics about the development of the Dutch population over the previous century. and shows the numbers of Jews in the World from 1928 to 2000. as well as an impossible discrepancy in relation to the reality of today. nor those of the Jewish Holocaust-Version are true. The truth is.9 million less). Looking at the blue line (= the Jewish Holocaust-Version) one sees an incredible phenomenon: during the war a steep drop of over 4 million (‘the Holocaust’). Jews emigrated and taking refuge to the Soviet Union. the reduction in the number of Jews in the World showed by the yellow line. never happened. that neither the post-war numbers of Jewish organizations. 4.000). It depicts an impossible post-war demographic development. This shows that even a massive increase in the number of births in the post-war years 1945-'55 of 20-25% (the Dutch call this ‘the Baby Boom’) is hardly visible in the population diagram! Of course. The yellow line indicates the steadily decreasing number of Jews until 1941 (mortality surplus in 12 years 500. followed by a steep increase until 1964 and from then growth at a stabilizing rate. Not six million. and a sharp fall during 1941-1947 (in 6 years 1. published in New York World Telegram pages 727. the Encyclopedia Britannica 1955.000 in 35 years.This diagram shows the impossibility of the magical 'Six Million' at first glance. Such a 'catch-up’ effect and abrupt stabilization cannot be true and therefore is not true. 849.

000) and non-occupied Western Europe (over100. Sanning's number seems however more likely.and post-war Jewish emigration reduced the number of Jews possibly killed in the War with more than 2. etc. . or one-on-one comparisons.1 million Jews were thus saved for productive labour in the hinterland. After the partition of Poland in 1939.692 Jews from the General Government in Poland to Russian "Ostgebiet" (Graf. pro-Zionist and Western sources. killing their cattle and retreat into the hinterland of Russia.550. Furthermore.000 Jews fled to Soviet-annexed Eastern Poland (Feiling Foster wrote: '2. Sanning based this figures on Allied.Poland. omissions. especially the Jews. January 13. letting livestock. Evidence for mass emigration include: (a) the testimony of U. Those who couldn’t leave were housed in camps as Bergen-Belsen and in southern France like Vittel.. . . This is consistent with the revisionist number of Jews killed (11. 3. Under Secretary of State Breckinridge Long before a Congressional Commission in 1943. 1954. . All sources are of limited reliability and even if one eliminates errors.] "Solzjenitzyn confirms multiple proofs. confirms this preferential treatment of Jews in his book The Wolf of the Kremlin (1987).4 million. September 25. He maintained that this massacre has been purposely kept secret so not to embarrass the Soviet Union.548.5 million survivors. . After the German attack on the Soviet Union in '41 again approximately 1 million Polish Jews were deported Eastward by the Soviets.5 million) and non-Jews in occupied Europe (almost 1 million) brings the actual number of Jews under German rule at 4.000). duplication. Zionist. Hoax or Holocaust. Even during the war. blz. declared before the US Congress that during the Second World War. (c)increase in the number of Jews in Latin America (almost 200. German historian Erich Kern. J. . etc. as to work for him as slaves. "a number of Jewish sources stated that. The Nazis also transported 1. even if this figure is a bit too high: "In any case. Aschenauer wrote in Krieg ohne Grenzen: [.000). emigration of Jews with visas for Palestine. but also Canada.000 illegal Jewish refugees were allowed in the U. researching Rabbi Schultz's startling statement. Sanning calculated that the number of Jews in those areas only for that reason decreased by 969.Before the War till 1942 there was huge emigration of Jews from Germany. stating that approximately 580." (See: Deutsche Wochenzeitung.). nephew of the notorious Soviet Jewish mass murderer Lazar Kaganovitch. 231). but the order they received was to burn down their homes.000. Australia. continued as much as possible. p. . after the war (1948-1970) another 1. Table 14. Czechoslovakia. The massive movement from Jews out of the German sphere of influence demonstrates the impossibility of "Six Million Jews murdered. An empirical-statistical approach The approach of the actual number of Jews killed during the War is – as we have already seen – very complex.449. the largest group in the area." Rabbi Benjamin Schultz.000 Jews on Soviet territory disappeared without a trace. The number of European Jews in 1933 (9.000 Jews emigrated from Europe to destinations as the United States. 5. p.S. Hundreds of thousands of Jews never came in concentration camps.517 million). it is certain that about twice as many Jews were done to death in territory controlled by Soviet Russia than in that controlled by the Germans.. the Soviet deported Jews (2. the Soviet leadership immediately after the start of the war gave priority orders to evacuate the Jews in the western border provinces with thousands of wagons and carts. U.390. Stalin ordered the evacuation of all persons from the border areas..5 million (2. food supplies and other goods to Hitler. chairman of the Jewish League (Die Welt. Stalin did not like the Jews. 2 million’). Israel.. the emigrated Jews before and during the war (1. South America. the Baltic States and .especially . Austria. Pre. It was better the Jews moved to the hinterland and left nothing to Hitler. Aaargh. 1967). etc. 206): "At the insistence of Lazar Kaganovitch. 84. South American countries." Stuart Kahan.000).S. let alone being killed. reported). Historian Dr. concludes that.000 (Sanning. 1 to 1. (b) mass emigration of Jews selected by Zionists to Palestine (almost 300.S.1 million). it remains almost impossible to draw definite conclusions. according to Sanning 1.5 million) and a number of 3 to 4..

With such huge numbers of applications from Jewish survivors.gestellt worden sind. survivors. September 1985 Sehr geehrter Herr Laska. On the other hand. His outcomes are backed by . Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu claims for 5 million Holocaust survivors the 'right' of compensation from Germany . The salient agreement between these varying research methodologies confirms the overall accuracy of Sanning's results. there is an astonishing agreement between them (Jewish Casualties During World War II.) next to Nordling’s percentual results. 108 10..amongst others . If one takes both studies apart. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Im Auftrag Oldenburg Beglaubigt Stempel Unterschrift Angestellte The huge number of 'at least 6-7 million' applications for survivor. The Holocaust Historiography Project) barely differing by category. September 1985 VI A4-01478-L 4/85 Herrn Werner Laska Betr. so single applications sometimes concerned several people. applications often were made by a householder. Carl C. Hinzuzurechnen sind außerdem alle Anträge. insgesamt wird man wohl von mindestens 6 bis 7 Millionen Anträgen ausgehen können. a "Six Million Holocaust" is of course impossible.almost impossible to draw definite conclusions. certainty dead.benefits were only those requested fromIsrael. die im Rahmen sonstiger Wiedergutmachungsregelungen beispielsweise nach den Entschädigungsgesetzen der einzelnen Bundesländer . Januar 1985 übersenden. . Darin finden Sie auf Seite 2 (rot kenntlich gemacht)auch Hinweise auf die Zahl der bis zum 1. Also that many survivors never submitted applications. emigrated.000. factually implying all known facts.. if one places Sanning's numerical results for the various categories of Jews (natural mortality. etc. September 1985 darf ich Ihnen zur Ergänzung einen Abdruck der Wiedergutmachungsübersicht nach dem Stande vom 1. See Sanning's study as an archaeological field research. Januar 1985 gestellten Anträge. Allein nach dem Bundesentschädigungsgesetz und dem Bundesrückerstattungsgesetz sind es zusammen weit über 5 Millionen. This raises the question: how many survivor benefits were actually be paid? The German government remains in spasmodic silence about this. Not all applications were to be accepted and duplicate and false claims must be considered. The reply of the Ministry: the total per January 1st 1985 was at least 6-7. hier: Leistungen an Israel Bezug:Ihr Schreiben vom 4. Sanning's and Nordling's methods differ significantly. or one-on-one comparisons. However. like those of Nordling. auf Ihr Schreiben vom 4.000 applications! Der Bundesminister der Finanzen 5300 Bonn 1 Graurheindorferstr. You can guess why. Nordling. 6. such as Jews behind the Iron Curtain. This statistician analyzed the events of Jews during World War II on a different basis.scientific research of revisionist Dr. Scientific agreement thus confirms the validity of the revisionist method and therefore the inaccuracy of the number "six million Jews murdered by the Nazis. namely on a limited number of survivors. so only pertaining to Jews. for whom the rules did not nevertheless by far the most scientifically sound and reliable.. it is difficult to draw comparative conclusions.:Wiedergutmachung nationalsozialistischen Unrechts. Number of German Jews who applied for survivor pensions Following a copy of a letter from a German who September 1985 asked the German Ministry of Finance how many people made applications via Israel for survivor pensions because of the Wiedergutmachungsregelung. compared to Nordling’s scientifically-statistical random probing. Sanning’s study – neither free of inaccuracies .5 million. It is certainly no exaggeration – as many believe – that this was at least 4 to 4.

the number of survivors in 1945 may be taken several millionshigher. the tomb of Tutankhamen. Indeed. etc. tens of thousands of corpses of the Eisenhower Rheinwiesenlager. no trace of it can forensically be proved. On the contrary! Forensic investigations has given full proof that in the alleged ‘gas-chambers’ never mass-gassings could have been taken place. the number of Jewish survivors in 1945 was in any case more than 3 million.5 / 75th of has died with a number of 16. With such large numbers of survivors in 1945 and less than 4. This too ignores the fact that average life expectancy in 1945 was not 75 but 67 years and for Eastern Europe even 57 years. with an average life expectancy of 75 years. 5 x 687. Thousand year old graves and ashes are found by archaeologists.900 from occupied Europe. Statistician Dr. if this is taken into account. the grave of the murdered Czar and his family. This again proves the falsity of the propaganda of 'Six Million'. which is 75/16. As everyone knows. Retro calculation of survivors 1945 based on the number of living survivors in 2004. Where are the hundreds of mass graves with thousands Jewish corpses. This also proves the falsity of the propaganda of 'Six Million'.. were buried. the thousands mass graves with hundreds of Jewish corpses or the ten thousand mass graves with hundreds Jewish corpses? Virtually nothing thereof in concreto is found.000 Jews are ‘gassed’ there. Not a shred of concrete evidence for "gas chambers".127. As traceless disappearance of millions of people is impossible and mass gassings are out of the question because of that. Numerous studies were conducted with advanced radar systems. while it is intensively searched for.900 =3. It proves once more the falsity of the number of 'Six Million'. with all those 'witnesses'.092 million Holocaust Survivors were alive (New York Times. Not even one 'gassed' corpse or part thereof. Nothing. in 2004. Neither of 3 million "gassed" Jews. this number as "slightly more than 3 million". In the Czech Republic and Yugoslavia mass graves containing hundreds of bodies of Germans and others were discovered.impossible. 8. while current forensic techniques makes it easy to establish such. April 21. there are in the remotest way no corresponding quantities found of human remains (ashes. corpses. Mathematically. of which is told that 850. Nordling earlier calculated on figures from the Israeli Survivors Organization AMCHA 1997. not a shred of forensic evidence for "mass gassings. 2005).5 / 75th survivors in 2004. 58. If survivors in '45 were of all ages. mass graves and ash quantities makes ‘Six Million’ implausible. then 58. including places like Treblinka. 9. 1. 58. including 687. 7. etc. Because of that. An Israeli government report argues that early 2004. No "gas chambers = no Six Million and No Six Million = no "gas chambers". In . it’s up to the reader to determine the possibility of either the 'Final Solution' and 'Six Million Jews being destroyed ". also makes ‘Six Million murdered Jews’ impossible. taking into account a standard deviation of 15% and maximization of uncertain factors.5 million Jews ever under Nazi control in Europe. but hardly any from Jews. very remarkably.000 surviving Jews in 1945 in Europe. Lack of remains. dig up again and burned to ashes. etc. as simple as that.1% of it) in and around "extermination camps” or mass graves.5 years later. 6 million murdered Jews are for that reason alone impossible. 5 to 6 million survivors in 1945 is more than just possible.5 years later. The only mass graves found are of the Soviet Massacre at Katyn and those of ethnic Germans murdered after the War and those localized in Belarus and Ukraine of thousands of NKVD victims.) of Six Million people (or even only 0. Unproven "gas chambers" and "mass gassings" The fact that no forensic evidence nor traces of 'gas chambers' in which 3 million or more Jews (could) have been killed exists. and the fact that many Jews in 2004 were assimilated and/or no longer interested to be counted as Jewish.

outside those camps more than 5. let alone substantial mass graves or ashes. Nevertheless.000 corpses each (most were buried first according to the JHV). An assumption ad absurdum. tens of thousands of corpses of the Eisenhower Rheinwiesenlager. go not above 400. This implicates that except all German concentration camps. The Red Cross affiliation ITS (International Trading Service) possesses 17 million records with more than 40 million documents from almost all Nazi prisoners and forced laborers during the war.) As long as convincing traces are not to be found.000 people perished in camps during the whole war leaked out. but it rejects to give essential details thereof. no grave. with 100 corpses each. which are equivalent to 300 mass graves for 10. murder methods and the most gruesome personal details. 3 Million gassed corpses. only the opposite (no ground surface disturbances) is forensically demonstrated (Krege.. millions of teeth were blowing in the wind into a miraculousNowhere. Sobibor. etc. . Even on the few acres where they stated millions of people were killed (Auschwitz. Only of "Six Million" Jewish corpses after 65 years little or nothing is found. 10.murdered Czar and his family.) nobody succeeded in the past 65 years to show any forensic truth of it.5 million Jews were murdered. Again: evidence for the falsity of the propaganda of 'Six Million'. Treblinka. Belzec. And although they bring us all the crimescenes. etc. In other words. they ask us to believe that tens of thousands of tons of human ashes and remains. et al. there is no ground for "6 million murdered Jews’. It is for Holocaust-proponents to indicate where the remains of six millions murdered Jews are to be found. So far they have given no sensible explanation for that phenomenon too.000 corpses each or 30. or 3.000 mass graves. Chelmno. Ratio of Jews killed in camps/elsewhere Post-war reports of the neutral International Red Cross concerning the number of perished during the war in all German concentration camps. None of it.000 mass graves with 1. etc.000. the number of less than 400. no ash-depot or no crime scene from history or sooner or later it was exposed and forensically described. Jews and others. dates.

170. . Unless one wants to end on a stake. In that case. Majdanek. not plausible by any forensic evidence or indication.000. In spite of these tremendous reductions since 1946. 60. Of course not: "6 Million minus 5 Million = 6 million". Sobibor. . there have been over 3 million Jews murdered outside the camps.000. the religious Numerus fixus of '6 million’ never changed. what if the "official" numbers of Jews murdered in the Holocaust “extermination camps” are correct: then nearly 3 million Jews were "killed" there (Auschwitz 1. . A totally unrealistic number indeed.000. other camps also two million less nearly.436).And imagine . Belzec 483.1 million.000. other camps 221. is and for at least Six Million years to come. shall be the ‘truth’ for every soul on Earth to believe in. . The inaccuracy and religious origin of "Six Million" is also demonstrated by the fact that since 1946 the number of "murdered” Jews in Auschwitz and other 'death camps' officially lowered millions down: Auschwitz 3 million less. 6 Million was. Treblinka 870. this isHolocaust 'Arithmetic' you know.

000 (6%) returned.000 German POW's at Stalingrad. as for all other groups in this war. The actual number killed in the war/missing is much lower than 6 million. 10%).5 million Jews killed and missing is. emigration figures that makes it impossible. that's much. For those. Those who nevertheless think they can refute one or more of it with relevant facts. deported to camps in Poland (ca. Because 'Six Million' is a religious mantra. I presentednot one. of which after a few years in Russian camps less than 6. there are opponents who never give up to refute and/or discredit the simplest truths about ‘the Holocaust’. As we all know. Only 44 (= 7%) of them came back seven months later ! A similar low survival rate showed the approximately 100. The first concerns 602 medical tested men between 20 and 50 years from the little town Putten in the Netherlands. Of course. Of course there are more than ten. many. because there is no evidence for it. only counterevidence. But 1. I limit myself here to give only two examples. apart from the infamous persecution of Jews. Again. . even Holocaustbelievers can no longer "deny" this fact. because the crux is not even included: for those 6 million there is and never was any evidence! No Six Million Jews under German rule. So it’s finally over with the 'Six Million' number. Unless one wants to end on a stake. probably twice this figure. Thereby. one is not enough. no demographic or other evidence for Six Million Jews less after the war. and because of a multitude of hard facts. but ten proves of the same.. mainly caused by the same circumstances as exists for countless other groups.for every soul on Earth to believe in. All this means – be it separately or cumulative – that Six Million Jews murdered is plainly IMPOSSIBLE. Objective calculations do not exceed 1. Too much to be quadrupled without a reason and without proof. since each one of them alone makes ‘Six Million’ impossible.. two and a half million Jews drained to the Soviet Union. But. please remember. hardened German soldiers. which 7 months before the end of the war were deported to labor camps in Germany. children. because it recognizes that no evidence for that number exists and that they are in no position to rebut the revisionist evidence or to give some factual basis for their ‘Six Million’ myth.5 million survivors applied for pensions. the answer why so many Jews were missing after the war is relatively simple. becomes in this light much less surprising than at first glance. As in the Western world social blackmail and legal prosecution against any form of criticism of this mythical number reigns. sick. Kaganowitz deported millions of Jews to the Goelags. much too much indeed. There are still people who. more than 3 million survivors in 1945. are more than welcome to do so. etc. one may call this a very evil myth too. etc. many persons disappeared for different reasons. etc. Each of these ten proofs shows the irrelevance of the 'Six Million' number. meaning it’s completely bankrupt. One and a half million missed Jews. no ash quantities or mass graves. of course. ======= So. The extremely low survival rate of Jewish women. at least 4. Ten Proofs against the number of 'six million'. faced with the overwhelming evidence against the indoctrinated number. it is perfectly clear and without any doubt a Myth.5 million. elderly. this too confirms the falsity of the number of 'Six Million' murdered Jews. Oh yes. no forensic evidence for ‘gas-chambers. etc. saying: "And where did those six million Jews go?" A ludicrous comment. a demographic impossibility phenomenon in post-war numbers of Jews.