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Nowadays, Malayan Banking Berhad, Maybank become is one of

the largest bank and financial group located in Malaysia.
Maybank operates a full range of consumer banking,
business and corporate banking and private banking
services through a network of more than 374 branch offices
and more than 2500 ATM machines in Malaysia.
Malayan Banking Berhad, Maybank was established in 1960s
by Khoo Teck Puat.
Before Khoo Teck Puat set up Maybank, he was holding
position of senior executive in Overseas Chinese Banking
Corporation (OCBC).
Maybank was recognized the potential of this new market
and instituted a rapid growth phase through the 1960s and
In 1964, Maybank established Mayban Trustees Bhd(MTB)
in order to provide a range of trustee product and services.
In 1973, Maybank was established its own investment banking
subsidiary which called Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad.
In 1975, Aseambankers Malaysia Berhad expanded the business
range by establish a joint venture which called Kota Discount
Berhad. Kota Discount Berhad was in partnership with a group
of investors from Kuala Lumpur.
Afterwards, Kota Discount Berhad was changed to Maybank
Discount Berhad in 1989 due to Maybank acquired majority

Firstly, one of the services introduced by Maybank is included the
credit cards service.
Credit cards of Maybank in Malaysia can be divided into 18
different versions like Maybank Classic, Maybank Gold,
Maybank Platinum, Maybank Islamic Ikhwan, Visa
Platinum, Pertronas Maybank Visa, PETRONAS
Maybankard Platinum Visa, Maybankard Visa Wave,
Maybankard Visa Flex and so on.
Secondly, Maybank also introduced Maybank Share Trading
This service allows customers to purchase shares quoted
on Bursa Malaysia using their own funds or via a Share Margin
Financing scheme.
In Maybank Share Trading service, Maybank carry out
Straight-through processing system.
This system help customer’s save time and their privacy of
customers can be ensured.
Besides that, Maybank introduced Air TravelCare services.
This service brings indemnify to customers while they
travel by fligh
Comprehensive coverage of Air TravelCare services are
includes luggage delay or cancellation of trips, accidents,
serious illnesses and serious injuries.
Besides that customers also can activate the coverage as
early as 6 hours before departure, this can help the
customers no need to rush to activate before they travel.
Maybank had use many different computing facilities in their
organization in order to make their management more
systematic or produce some convenient to their customers.
The computing facilities used by Maybank are divided into 2
categories which are hardware and software.


There are several type of hardware were introduced or used by

Maybank since it established.
One of the hardware that we all know is the “Kawanku Cash
Deposit Machine” (CDM).
CDM is a self-service terminal that lets customers make
deposits and payment transactions by cash.
CDM also provide the cash payment to credit card and
term loan accounts service, cash deposit to third party
accounts service and customers are able to check their
balance of their own account.
For office workers, CDM was very useful for them because the
service hours of CDM are from 6am until 12 midnight.
Therefore, office workers no need to rush to bank after they
finish work.
Besides that, the hardware used by maybank also included the
Kawanku ATM service that lets you perform self-serve
banking transactions
The ATM machines are provide many functions, such as
chequebook and statement request, fast cash
withdrawal/cash withdrawal, funds transfer between own
accounts and funds transfer to third party accounts and
so on.
The software that the company used is automated teller machine
management software
The software helps Maybank manage and reduce cash levels
throughout the cash replenishment process, reporting for
individual ATMs within a network, automatically tracking
transactions and also monitoring and forecasting cash
demands while establishing and maintaining customer-
specific historical data.
Maybank also used Microsoft software in their company, for
example Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visio Professional.
Maybank used the Microsoft Office software package to
prepare Gantt chart, estimation of cost, project
monitoring and monitor project progress and used
Microsoft Visio Professional software to software is used
to create UML diagrams such as use case diagrams and
sequence diagramsfor system representation.
In 2007, Maybank and Microsoft Malaysia have signed an
enterprise subscription agreement that will further
enhance cost efficiency in the adoption of a common
software toolset for Maybank's desktop applications as well as
promote greater communication among employees and