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<Project Name> Project

RUP Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

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C = Consulting Pl
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r oj oft AN tat ssu isk los se an bje hys es UP est est se
Role Name P S G S I R G U C O P D R T T U Individual Name
Analyst Worker Set
Business-Process Analyst
Business Designer
Business-Model Reviewer
Requirements Reviewer C C C
System Analyst C C C
Use-Case Specifier R
User-Interface Designer R

Developer Worker Set

Architect C C C C R R C
Architect Reviewer C C
Capsule Designer
Code Reviewer
Database Designer C C R C
Design Reviewer
Designer C C C
Implementer C C C C
Integrator C C C

Tester Worker Set

Test Designer
Tester C C C

Manager Worker Set

Change Control Manager

Rational Unified Process Roles and <Project Name> Project

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Responsibilities Matrix 09/08/2009
Configuration Manager
Deployment Manager
Process Engineer
Project Manager R R R R R C
Project Reviewer C C C

Additional Worker Set

Any Worker
Course Developer
Graphic Artist
System Administrator
Technical Writer
Tool Specialist

Rational Unified Process Roles and <Project Name> Project

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Responsibilities Matrix 09/08/2009
The RUP Roles and Responsiblities Matrix helps project participants to clearly understand the role
they are expected to perform and the artifacts associated with that role. Along the top, or
horizontal axis, is a list of all the artifacts that the project will produce during the project lifecycle.
These artifacts will have been defined prior to the start of the project and will be documented in the
Development Case. Along the left vertical axis is a list of defined roles required for a project.
Not all projects require every role. On the far right side of the matrix are the
names of each individual who will be performing these roles. In some cases there may be more
than one name for a particular role (e.g. Implementer).

Each artifact is assigned one role/ individual who is Responsible (R) for the delivery of the artifact.
Each artifact can also have a number of other roles who are involved or Consulted (C) in is
creation. It is important to have only one role responsible for the creation of an artifact so there is
accountability for its delivery, however, there can be a number of individuals consulted in its
creation. To determine who is responsible for an artifact look up and down each column (looking
across the rows will show how many artifacts a specific role is responsible for creating).

The R&R Matrix can be hyperlinked to definitions of each artifact and examples of the processes
for the creation of the artifact. The R&R Matrix is intended to be a lightweight mechanism to
faciltate the understanding of project roles within a project and to act as a easy reference for
project participants and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

Larger projects might require separate R&R matrices for each phase of the project (Inception,
Elaboration, Construction, Transition).

This matrix is intended to act as an example only.

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