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101 D&D Quest Ideas News spreads that a dragon was slain while away from his cave, a search for its unguarded hoard is underway A thief has stolen a power item from a lich and then joins the party for protection A wizard/collector wants a live troll to study Rat catchers are going missing under the city and a plague is spreading in their absence A local caster has summoned a creature that they cannot contain and it is destroying the area A charismatic charlatan claims (and has proof) to be the cousin/brother/son of one of the PCs A wandering merchant trades a pc for their magic item for a fake he claims is more powerful Shipments from a nearby mine have stopped, when the PCs investigate they find the miners crazed and covered with red welts apparently from exposure to a new element they uncovered A white dragon is driving monsters from the north into the southern lands A planar rift has formed and outsiders are seeping through A powerful noble/wizard is hosting a masquerade ball where the guests are polymorphed into monster as their costume, but an actual monster attends to kill the noble/wizard A sorcerer has died of old age, strange things are creeping out of his tower as his spells, and dweomers break down A map has been found that leads to parts of an artifact that once reassembled, will summon a fiendish kraken The dead are rising as zombies one hour after their death Slavers are capturing peasants and merchants on the highway and selling them to mindflayers A shop/traveling merchant sells pets/familiars that are actually polymorphed people The PCs are sent to find a hermit that lives on the moving island, a zircon/dragon turtle A traveling circus/faire comes to town and completely vanishes in the morning with several children An Ur priest cult is killing all the divine casters in the area Water drawn from a certain well is animating into water elementals/mephitis An evil druid has taken up residence in the sewers and is waging a guerilla war on civilization Anyone who reads a cursed book, brought into town by an adventuring party, dies after reading it A killer is leaving rare flowers in the mouths of his victims A member of a planar cartographic society offers the PCs membership into the elite group if they can complete a scavenger hunt that leads them across several planes in one day A mysterious helmed/hooded/masked figure has forged an impressive army by bringing tribes of kobolds, goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins under one banner. The leader is actually a cleric disheartened by the lack of faith and respect of his flock and means to increase belief and prayer for his deity by leading an army of wolves against his flock

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The owner of a failing inn claims to have the entrance to a mysterious dungeon in his cellar hoping that the ruse will draw business from adventurers A pack of displacer beasts/displacer beast lord are preying on farm animals and famers alike Two rival gangs are actually devils and demons fighting a Blood War battle on the city streets The daughter/apprentice of a caster that polymorphed himself into a golden cup and placed himself in the hoard of a green dragon in an attempt to learn more about dragons, but it has been weeks and he has not come home contacts the PCs Reports that a gold dragon is ravaging the countryside turn out to be true. The dragon, sick with a rare disease, has gone mad and must be stopped Grave robbers working for a necromancer are running out of graves and start looking for easy prey A red dragon demanding tributes from a village is actually an especially greedy copper dragon A killer is released from prison and the father of one of his victims stages a similar murder in the hopes of framing him A traveling holy man is selling relics that disappear in the morning The new judge is in fact a devil hoping to harvest souls for not guilty verdicts A logging camped is being haunted by the ghost of a treant/forest haunt and his dryad followers A band of fey have been stealing wine from a rural tavern A good and helpful aranea has been captured and tried for murder while the true culprit is a drider that resides close by A college that teaches science over magic opens and arcane casters start going missing Drug related deaths lead the PCs to an evil alchemist The PCs are hired to retrieve a meteor, but find it is being worshipped by a tribe of goblins/orcs/lizardmen etc Several woman in the area are pregnant under strange circumstances, an incubus is to blame An artifact is needed to avert a major catastrophe; its last known owner was Levistus the arch devil trapped within a glacier The PCs must find a rare herb only known to grow within Gith monasteries The PCs visit a strange village where all the people are simulacrums, an ancient wizards mark is seen everywhere The PCs are sent to a distant land to find an NPC that it turns out has been dead for 20 years The PCs must help an conflicted Erinyes to the Cradle of Creation (phb2) to be reborn into a non-evil body A map leading to the legendary Shield of Prator has been found, it states that the shield is in the cave of a dracolich. The map was sent by the dracolichs minions in the hopes of freeing their master who is sealed magically into his cave A local orphanage is actually run by a demonic cultist that sacrifices the weak children and raises the strong ones to be followers


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A powerful artifact that will allow teleportation through the layers of the abyss/hells has been uncovered and a race to claim it has begun. The PCs must beat the groups of devils and demons that see the artifact as a powerful tool to end the Blood War An overmatched Marut seeks assistance with a powerful lich/vampire/mummy Rumors of The most powerful sword lead the PCs to an evil, intelligent, dancing sword that can animate other weapons to fight for it The PCs are sent to a battlefield to retrieve a family heirloom from a missing soldier where a necromancer and his corpse collector golem are raising the fallen as undead A cult of Tiamat have discovered a spell that ages living creatures and they are trying to use it on dragon eggs to raise powerful allies The PCs are sent to deal with a raiding ogre that turns out to be a gnome illusionist The PCs are looking for an arrow used to slay a dragon a hundred years earlier, but when they pull the arrow from the dragons skeleton, it animates and attacks The PCs need the help/information of a treant that will only add them if they agree to be shrunk down to clear out an infestation of insects that invaded his roots The PCs are invited to a Three Dragon Ante tourney, either as guards, VIPs, or to play A lawful good lich (Monsters of Faerun) seeks the PCs to protect him from a zealous paladin on a quest to rid the world of undead Thieves have plundered a tomb and until his golden burial mask is returned, a ghost/ghast/specter will continue to kill innocent people A group of fire giants has taken up residence in an inactive volcano, their activity threatens to awaken the volcano and cause widespread devastation A grandmotherly, if slightly senile, NPC asks the players to rid her attic of rats. The rats are in fact a group of thieves trying to open a magical doorway left by the wizard that previously owned the home A monster seen roaming close to town is actually a cursed person and not evil The PCs find a genie in a bottle, but the genie agrees to help/grant wishes/serve only after the players travel to the City of Brass and save someone the genie cares about The PCs find a wounded angel that is being hunted by powerful outsiders A newly discovered dungeon is actually a complex trap to harvest souls/magic/life energy The PCs must break an innocent man from a complex magical prison Murders attributed to a small girl are being done by her doll, a slaymate (libris motris) An ancient beholder has gone mad and his destroying the Underdark, driving monsters to the surface A gnome settlement has been overrun by Drow displacing hundreds of citizens A mad wizard has been selling potions that have poisonous/odd effects Mind flayers are draining people of their quintessence in hopes of using the substance to return to the far realm from which aberrations came A spelljammer has crashed in a remote forest/jungle and the inhabitants seek materials to repair their helm A foreign diplomat seeks the partys monk to protect him on a mission to a country/city where magic and weapons are not allowed


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The tarrasque is wreaking havoc on the countryside and the party (lvl 10ish) must slow it down until the champions (20th) can arrive, but the tarrasque is actually a simulacrum (cr 10) sent by an outsider/caster/etc and not the real thing Cultist seek a tablet that depicts a ritual that will summon a Fist of Spite (BoVD) The party must save an NPC from the stomach demiplane of Dalmosh (MM5) The guild master of the coopers guild wants to discredit the owner of a local winery with whom he has had an argument by poisoning his barrels A local sage/astronomer is convinced that a massive meteor is going to strike the kingdom/city/town The normally-inert gargoyles atop the temple/castle/mansion has have animated and started attacking people that approach the building A group of bulettes are keeping anyone from entering or leaving the city/town/inn A doppelganger/changeling serial killer claims the identity of their most recent victim for one week before killing again A gnome settlement has been overrun by fiendish duergar led by a demon PCs seek out a powerful dwarven, smith that traded his soul to Asmodeus for unearthly crafting abilities. Before the smith will help the PCs they must reclaim his soul from the arch devil The players find/are sent to a city that that reflects the entire multiverse scaled down with a neutral inn in the center run by a power caster The PCs search for a legendary library that when found, has no books only the corpses of long-dead sages and librarian clerics that use speak with dead to obtain the knowledge The PCs need a party member/NPC raised from the dead but the only cleric powerful enough to do so has recently been turned by a vampire he was hunting The PCs find/buy/are given a strange bag of holding that has a small pocket dimension inside it where a frightened caster hides. He/she created the bag to hide in and saw that it ended up in the PCs hands to keep it safe The PCs seek an answer/information from a forgotten bard. When they find him, he is a ghost and he will only help them if they give him peace by finishing his final poem/song/movement A chaotic good horselord (CAd) has lead all the horses in the region/city/town away into the hills to freedom The huntsman of a local lord/mayor has kidnapped the NPCs daughter, and only a highly trained tracker can follow the trail and find the girl An aged and grizzled warrior is going town to town offering his magic sword/shield/armor to any fighter that can best him in honorable combat After returning from a diplomatic journey, the noble/diplomat/prince/queen is acting strangely. The PCs are asked to look into it only to find that the NPC is a doppelganger/changeling/simulacrum/charmed/possessed A pair of ethereal filchers are stealing all the curative magic in the area/city/town The answer/riddle/name/code that the PCs require is etched onto the helm of a massive golem that paces a deadly dungeon


Monthly full moon attacks are blamed on a good lycan, and are actually being carried out by a pack of Moon Rats (MM2) 97. Summoned Thoqqua threaten to compromise the structural integrity of the city/town/inn/dungeon/ as they melt tunnels through the ground below 98. Centaur knights (phb2) are running any humanoid from their forest 99. The PCs are sought by the patrons of a desert land where a despotic temple of cleric charges impossibly high rates for fresh water to people not of their faith 100. A temple has hired a large number of bards for a festival where music is to be played from sun up until sundown, the only problem is that no one recalls the obscure holiday because it is a ruse to mask the sound of tomb robbers breaking into sealed vaults below the church 101. A xenophobic elvish lord has begun to arrest non-elves after his daughter eloped with a human 1. Another 101 D&D Quest Ideas 2. Many of you may remember the post we did several months back entitled, 101 D&D Quests Ideas, it has been one of the most popular articles on the blog and one of the most searched terms by readers using search engines like google to find us (in fact if you google, D&D Quest Ideas B3 is the second hit- woot!). So we turned out another 101 quests ideas usable for any fantasy-themed RPG, but written with D&D and Pathfinder in mind. Enjoy! (And a big thank you to Dave R. and Adam A. for submitting quest ideas) 1. A minotaur was victimized by a wizard, and now he will hire you to lead him through his own labyrinth to his treasures. 2. A painter has been using magic to easily duplicate own paintings to sell as originals. But a fowl art critic with a penchant for theatrics is on to him and has sworn to reveal the secret unless he is permitted to marry the artists only daughter. The artist hires you to 3. eliminate the critic who knows too much. 3. The sun set 26 hours ago. The world is in panic. The Drow are invading, and only the heroes can stop them. 4. A madman who thinks he is a prophet is slaughtering the livestock of the local farmers in the hopes that it will bring forth Ibanirox, the Night Eater, a long forgotten (and made up) deity of immense power. The farmers offer the group 20 goldor three cows per adventurer. 5. A theatre director hires the party to keep his lead actor (who is marked for death by a crime syndicate) alive long enough to perform in front of a powerful monarch. The assassins attempt to make his death scene a real one. 6. A tribe of kobolds has taken up residence in the sewers and have been hunting dogs and cats as food. 7. The pcs are sent after a powerful artifact/weapon that will make their patron unstoppable. 8. The pcs are hired by a Gensai sorceress to recover her mephit familiar from an enemy. 9. A mysterious stranger tips the PCs off to an assassination plot, even giving them detailed plans stolen from the assassin. After the attempt the pcs are implicate and the detailed plans found on their person or in their room. 10. Mind flayers are performing perverse rituals on local orc tribes and granting them psionic abilities. The party must find and destroy them before psionic orcs destroy the kingdom.

11. Ancient prophecies predict that a star will fall at a precise location on a certain day. Whoever is first to grasp the star will receive a wish. Various dark factions camp and await the coming of the star, intent on making their wish. 12. A devil/caster/demon/warlock has set a fire using hell fire and it can only be quenched by the waters from a spring in Celestia 13. A Devil prince coerces you to sabotage the wedding of one of his political rivals. 14. A besieged city holds a tournament to mock their enemies. The King asks you to sneak into the city and win the tournament to demoralize them. 15. A wizard believes he has discovered the location of the wreckage of a legendary battleship, but so has his rival. You must recover the arcane weaponry from the wreck before the opposing team does. 16. You are hired to perform a filibuster in the legislative body of a monstrous nation. It proves dangerous. 17. An ancient and complex prison facility for extraplanar criminals is malfunctioning. The party must repair it as a group of imps attempt to use the facility against them. 18. The party is sent to investigate the disappearance of a missionary cleric in a vast and dark jungle. Investigation reveals that the cleric has instead been converted by the demon-worshiping jungle people and now mobilizes them against his former mission. 19. Gnolls have dug up the severed head of a lich in the desert, and it has promised them great power if they reunite him with his body. 20. A band of Drow (or similarly evil humanoids) comes to town claiming to be not evil and seeking asylum. 21. ghostly dryads haunt the grove where their tree was destroyed and they can only be put to rest if the grove is replanted. 22. A werewolf, seemingly immune to wolfsbane and silver terrorizes a village. He is in fact a barghest. 23. A ruined tower is in fact a colossal animated object. 24. A yeth hound poses as a wounded blink dog. 25. The pcs seek an item buried within a grove sacred to a centaur tribe. 26. A delver tunneling under the city is causing earthquakes. 27. The characters are sent to a primitive island to retrieve an item/find a treasure/seek an npc. The island is filled with dinosaurs, near-humanoids, and dire animals. As the pcs explore the island they begin to devolve as do their animal companions, mounts,familiars, etc. 28. The mayor, sheriff, high priest, have been replaced by doppelgangers. 29. A white dragon is freezing ships and carrying them off to his glacial home. 30. A major port is now home to spawning dragon turtles. 31. Dryads have taken loggers hostage. 32. All news and shipments from a dwarven stronghold have stopped, the king frees a Duergar attack. 33. Ettercaps have poisoned village children and carried them off, the pcs know they have a limited window in which to rescue the children before they are eaten (as ettercaps like to let their dinner hang and liquefy before eating).

34. Hippogriffs, run off their mountain roosts by a red dragon, have begun devouring cattle. 35. All the townspeople in a village have contracted lycanthropy and become were-moose at the full moon. The group must discover that the alchemist upstream of the villages water supply has been experimenting with dangerous chemicals to turn his beloved pet 4. albino moose, Alabaster, into a sentient best friend. 36. The pcs break a law in an unjust and evil land while doing something good, but are latter pursued by a zelekhut for their actions. 37. The elementals that power a dwarven forge have broken free and must be captured without harming them. 38. A thief tells the party about a dragon graveyard that contains the treasure of a dozen hoards, but is haunted by ghostly-dragon guardians. 39. The pcs require the help of a lillend, but she refuses unless the partys bard can impress her with his musical abilities. 40. Ice mephits have frozen the towns well. 41. Merfolk are waylaying ships from traveling over a sacred coral reef. 42. A gelatinous cube, used to eat waste, has escaped the sewer and must be lured back down. 43. Drunken satyrs have carried off a number of women from the village. 44. Will o the Wisps are luring people to their swamp. 45. All the animals in the village have collected on a hill nearby and refused to come down. 46. A splinter cult of Drow are kidnapping townspeople and sacrificing them to a powerful aranea sorceress, they worship as an avatar of Loth. 47. The pcs hired by a local politician that fears he will be poisoned at an upcoming banquet. 48. Thieves have stolen dragon eggs and put the entire town in jeopardy as the angry mother wreaks havoc. 49. The haunted forest is actually filled with awakened creatures. 50. A mages guild seeks thieves to steal an artifact that will hamper the use of magic. They plan to use it do control all magic in the city. 51. A stray cat taken in by the pcs is the familiar of an enemy spell-caster. 52. Mongrelmen living under the city are demanding citizenship and full rights. 53. The local wizards college wants to hire the pcs to capture some new familiars. 54. A con artist posing as a priest is fleecing peasants. 55. The pcs must stop an angry mob from attacking a peaceful tribe of orcs. 56. A glacier has been discovered with an enormous, nightmarish creature inside and the ice is beginning to melt. 57. The pcs are asked to serve as guardian to a young noble whose parents have been killed. 58. The pcs must smuggle a message into a besieged city. 59. A dying dragon holds a contest to give away pieces from its hoard. 60. Lizardman-half-Mindflayers are being spotted in the marshes outside town. 61. A vigilante is killing evil criminals in town. The party is hired to capture him, while the people view him as a hero and champion of good despite his methods. 62. Something has driven all the game from the kings hunting grounds. 63. Prisoners are being sold to mindflayers.

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Marble carved from a newfound quarry is animating. The prison has been taken over by the prisoners. When the well goes dry, the villagers discover a glowing portal to Sigil. A wizard/engineer wants help capturing elementals to power airships. A wizard polymorphed into a chimera is attacking caravans. The pcs must acquire an artifact from the hoard of a fiendish-black dragon that resides in the swamps of Othrys on the plane of Carceri. People are disappearing and paintings of the missing are showing up in the inn/temple/manor. Fiendish weasels are terrorizing a farmers chicken coop. The family is on the edge of hunger and ruin. A group of wild elves hire the pcs to escort their clan to a new home in the Beastlands. Something is causing the dead to rise from the local cemetery. After a dark omen all cure spells function as inflict spells. Wererats are stealing children and infecting them with lycanthropy. After a Drow priestess is hanged, women in the city begin giving birth to spiders. The pcs encounter a strange man on the road how casts a spell on them/gives them a potion, shortly after they arrive in town to see (with their arcane sight) that half the town are actually changelings. A farmer finds a possessed tablet in his field and begins going on a killing rampage. The citys most powerful adventurers return from questing in a temple of Tharzidun. A child has been bitten by a rare spider, and the only antidote requires some of the spiders venom. A vampiric bard is dining on the finest artists in town. A pc learns that his family lost a powerful legacy item to a dragon. The item is still in the dragons hoard. The party is left to raise a brood of silver dragon wyrmlings after their mother is slain. A child is possessed by a demon and must be exorcised. The pcs are shipwrecked and must build a raft to escape. A child in the slums is spouting doomsday prophecies and is gathering a large following. The pcs are drugged and forced into naval service by a violent press-gang. The partys warriors are invited to participate in the alabaster cup (Com. Warrior). The party is approached by an npc that claims to have detailed evidence of an assassination plot. The npc even shows them plans that he stole from the assassin. After the attempt is made, the pcs are framed and they detailed evidence is found in their room at the inn. An awaken golem is creating an army of warforged to wipe the lands free of living beings. A barbarian horde threatens to invade unless someone can defeat their leader in single combat. The new mayor of a rural village is a Rakshasa. A massive egg has appeared in the village square and cracks are forming. Each night eerie organ music can be heard from the ruin manor on the hill; in the morning, a townsperson is missing. Lightning continues to strike the same gravestone every night for the last week.

96. A wizard, pretending to be goodly, hires the pcs to retrieve his stolen spell book from a rival. 97. Cultists have obtained a scroll of Crushing Fist of Spite (BoVD) and intend on releasing it on the countryside. 98. A party members soul has been purchased/stolen/bartered for, by Asmodeus and the party must debate the Devil lord to get it back. 99. A gnoll army sweeps from the north, their leader wields what appears to be the Triple Flail of Yeenoghu, Demon Prince of Gnolls. 100. A Cauldron of Zombie Spewing (BoVD) has been unearthed in an ancient ruin by clerics of Neurull. 101. A mad cleric has resurrected the stuffed monster in the partys favorite inn.