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Senarai Syarikat-syarikat Yahudi.

Jewish Businesses.
The following companies/corporations are either jewish owned or
sympathetic to jewish interests. I have compiled a list of jewish businesses
in the US and UK. Many of these were freely available from arabic websites
who are also boycotting the jews.


Air South, 404-559-9207

American Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
El Al
Northwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways

Goldman-Sachs Investment bank
Lehman Brothers Investment bank
Salomon Brothers Investment Bank
Dorset Chamber of Commerce
The Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce

3-Com Corporation
America Online
Applied Software
Applied Materials
Atlanta Computer Source
Compaq Corporation
Compusa Inc
Computer City Supercenter
Computer Mart
Dell Computer Corporation
Geeks to Go
Lotus Software
Marketing for America Online
Office Depot
Oracle Corporation (software company)
Packard Bell Electronics
Pentium Processors
PC Warehouse
Veritas Software Company

Business and Marketing

Knight/Trimark Group
Marketing for America Online
Michael Steinhardt

Clothing and Accessories

Banana Republic
Benetton & Kappa
Calvin Klein
Delta Galil
Delta Textiles
Donna Karan
Estee Lauder
Hugo Boss
Kenneth Cole Productions
Old Navy stores
Ralph Lauren
Timberland Co.


Isael Diamond Institute, The

Tankel Ltd, H.W. (Scotland)

Baker & Duguid (Covent Garden) Ltd
Bickel Flowers Ltd
Connaught Flowers Ltd
Crystal Import Sales Ltd
David Ingamells Ltd
Dial a Basket
Douthwaite Florists' Sundries Ltd
Euroflower Import/Export Company
Fields of Israel Ltd
Flach, Joseph & Sons Ltd
Florimex Ltd
Geest Plc
Ginsberg Flowers
Henry Scott & Sons Ltd
HM Customs and Excise
Impex Creative Crafts Ltd
J. Collingridge Ltd
Louis Konyn & Sons Ltd.
Mack Birmingham
Midland Flower Company Ltd
Peacock Designs
Prem Ltd
Redbridge Produce Marketing Ltd
R. K. E. Cubley
Rodgen the Florists Ltd
Sunnora Ltd.,
Uk Importers of Cut Flowers
Vered Flowers Import Ltd.

Foodstuff and Superstores

Agrexco Ltd (see Carmel)

Asda Stores Ltd
Balley Total Fitness
Baskin & Robbins (founded by GAY JEWS)
Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Holdings
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Bell Carpet Galleries
Bijar Oriental Rugs Incorporated
Bumblebee Natural Foods
Burger King
Carmel Produce of Israel
Century Antique Rugs
Cohen Brothers Butchers
Eden Springs Ltd. Mineral water
Elite Halva
Europa Foods Limited
DeBeers Diamond Syndicate
Dunkin' Donuts
Future Floors
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
Harts the Grocer (see Europa)
HM Customs and Excise
Home Depot
Jaffa Oranges
Kraft Group, The
Marks and Spencer
McDonald's Restaurants
Safeway Stores PLC
Sainsbury's and J. Sainsbury PLC
Sara Lee (see also Radox)
Somerfield Stores Limited
Starbucks Coffee Stores
TESCO Stores Limited (British grocery chain)
Your Carpet Place
Zacky Farms

Local Automotive DEALERS (not necessarily the auto companies


Automotive Purchasing Solutions, Inc.

Capital Cadillac
Carriage House Imports
Central Auto Sales
Chris BMW
Chris Volvo
Curry Honda,
Dyer & Dyer Volvo
Ferrari of Atlanta
Frank Jackson Lincoln Mercury
Global Imports BMW
Hennessy Land Rover
Hennessy Lexus
Honda Carland
Hub Ford
Jasper Jeep
Jim Ellis Audi of Marietta
Jim Ellis of Atlanta
Macon Motorcars - BMW
Mareitta Toyota
Nally Acura
Peachtree Nissan
Pugmire Lincoln Mercury
Roswell Infiniti of North Atlanta
Roswell Mazda
Roswell Sales and Leasing
Media and Communications

Daily Telegraph
Disney and the American Broadcasting Company
Global Television
Metro Goldwyn Mayer motion picture studio
National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Newsweek (see also Washington Post)
NY Daily News & U.S. News and World Report & Atlantic Monthly
NY Times
Paramount motion picture studio
Public Relations
Random House Books
Washington Post and Newsweek


Apax Partners & Co

Body parts (generalized, not a company)
Co-Operative Group (CWS) Ltd, The
Disney Israel
Estee Lauder
Early Learning Centre
Ecstasy - Pills
Flowers and Plants, UK Importers
Gaia House
Israel-Britain Business Council
Johnson and Johnson
Kimberley Clarke
Land Rover
Michael Steinhardt (misc)
Ready Mixed Concrete UK Ltd
Sara Lee
Scotland Yard

Discovery Toys Incorporated
Hobby Store Hobby Shop
Kidz Wurld
Toys R Us
Younique Creations

Detailed Boycott List

There are three kinds of goods or services which appear on various
boycott lists:
1) settlement products marked "Made in Israel" (such as the items to be
found on the shelves of department stores, Selfridges and Harrods: Achva
Halva from Barkan Industrial Zone on the West Bank, Ahava toiletries from
Mitsepe Shalem, West Bank; Beigal and Beigal pretzels from Barkan IZ,
West Bank; and Yarden Wines from Katzrin, Golan Heights).

2) general exports marked "Made in Israel " (examples: Carmel foodstuffs;

Co-op own brand and other tinned fruit, flowers, organic herbs, fruit and

3) goods and services which are manufactured or supplied by companies

who invest heavily in Israel. (Examples: America OnLine, Intel, Disney,
Johnson and Johnson, Kimberley Clarke, the Kraft Group)

If you are organising picketing please write to the store or company asking
them for their current buying policy and giving them notice that you intend
to picket their premises.

The following list is not comprehensive: it has been assembled from lots of
other lists which themselves can never be absolutely up-to-date. However
the items and companies listed form a basis for choosing where to focus
our attention.
You are invited to do your own research and send details of products,
importers, or retailers etc. for inclusion. (Email us at ????????????)
3-Com Corporation: Eric Benhamou is the jewish CEO and founder of this
company whose most famous product is the Palm Pilot.

Apax Partners & Co sponsored Israel’s 50th birthday celebration.

Arms : (see
< for details of Arms Embargo
Since the General Armistice Agreements were signed in 1949, Israel has
maintained an aggressive policy of military attacks across the Armistice
Demarcation Lines, repeatedly invading territories of neighbouring Arab
States. Israel has constantly harassed UN observers and other personnel
stationed along the Armistice Demarcation Lines: it assassinated the first
UN Mediator and his military aide; it has detained some truce observers; it
has militarily occupied and illegally searched the HQ of UN personnel; and
it has boycotted meetings of the Mixed Armistice Commissions.
Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons, the
only country in the ME that refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation
treaty and bars international inspections from its sites.
Under Article 2 of the Euro-Israel Association Agreement (which calls for
respect for human rights), the European Union has the right to invoke
sanctions to protect Palestinians from violence.
Lockheed Martin has reached agreement with the government of Israel to
supply its air force with more than 52 additional F-16 fighters for around
$2 billion between 2006 and 2009. LM are in AWE Aldermaston
Management Consortium so can be pressured through AWE.
America OnLine 30% of investment portfolio in Israel
Asda Stores Ltd (Stocks Israeli Produce)
Paul Mason, Chief Executive officer
Great Wilson Street,
Leeds LS11 5AD telephone 0113 243 5435 fax 0113 241 8666

Applied Materials: The CEO and founder of this company is Jewish. For
those of you who might not be aware, this is one of the most important
high-tech firms in Silicon Valley. He is a native Israeli and has major
investments in Israel. Maydan and his wife Dalia (who taught physics) are
also major benefactors of the Northern California Jewish community.
AT&T - Israeli power electronics company Bezel is a partner with AT&T and
part of the Concert Organisation of which BT is also a part. AT&T host the
Israeli Defence Force website.
Avis sponsored 50th anniversary celebration at Wembley Stadium
Barclays - sponsored the 50th anniversary celebration at Wembley
Baskin & Robbins: Burton Baskin was with Irving Robbins.. they both
found this company.
Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Holdings
10 Charter Place, High Street, Egham Surrey, TW9EA
01784 439900
Enquiries were referred on to their PR firm PR Revolver: 020 7251 5599
Background: New Yorkers for a Just Middle East Peace (NYJMEP) wrote to
Perry Odak, former Ben and Jerry CEO about an article published in the
June 8, 1998 edition of the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz. According to the
article, "the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream company yesterday [i.e. June 7,
1998] concluded an agreement with the Mei Eden [Eden Springs] mineral
water company, to use only Mei Eden in its sorbet products."
Their concern was based upon the fact that the Eden Springs company is
located in Katzrin in the Golan Heights. "The fact that the agreement is
apparently with a major spring water company adds insult to injury: Israel
is notorious for its expropriation of water resources, including from the
Golan Heights, at the expense of the occupied Arab population."
The NYJMEP letter can be viewed in full at a website thoughtfully provided
by a pro-Israeli "Veto the Boycott" group at
Perry Odak has since resigned and B&J have sold most of their shares to
Unilever. Ben & Jerry still try to maintain their reputation for ethical
trading. But gestures such as giving money to the Mumia Campaign are
history. The Israeli licensee ended up cancelling its contract with the water
company. But we have written to Ben and Jerry to invite them to provide
us with up-to-date information about their supplies. Their email address
Israel allots 85% of the water resources in the occupied territories for
Israelis and the remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the
territories. In Hebron 85% of the water is given to about 500 settlers,
while 15% must be divided among Hebron’s 120,000 Palestinians.
Ben and Jerry have not answered our recent request for up-to-date
information about where the water comes from for their sorbets.
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were the
founders of this ice cream company.. they were Jewish..
Benetton & Kappa
see website for
BICOM - British Israel Communications and Research Centre, Cavendish
Formerly known as British-Israel Public Affairs Centre. Reported annual
budget of £400,000 to spend on e-mailing and faxing the news media.
Britech - The Britech Foundation Limited
Commercial body set up to foster hi-tech trade between Britain and Israel.
Offers lucrative incentives to firms to invest in Israel.
HQ located in the UK at
Wyvols Court, Swallowfield
Reading, Berkshire, RG7 1WY
Tel: 118 988 0275 Fax 118 988 0375

Bloomberg: Michael Bloomberg is the founder and principal owner of

Bloomberg Financial Markets, which has recently branched into radio and
Body parts
A recent BBC Panorama exposed the trade in organs, rich Israelis buying
kidneys from poor countries.
British Embassy in Tel Aviv website describes the British Embassy in Israel
as a resource for helping "increase Britain’s market share in Israel" and as
providing help for Israeli business to penetrate the British market. See
Bumblebee Natural Foods
30 Brecknock Road, London N7 ODD
Organic food and health shop and delivery service. Stocks fresh veg, herbs
and Tivall products from Israel
Burger King
In August 99, BK cancelled the right of Rikamor Ltd, its independent
franchisee in Israel to operate a BK food court counter at ‘’Ma’aleh
Adumim" in the West Bank, accusing Rikamor of misrepresentation. The
franchise owner has kept the restaurant open and continues to sell trade
marked BK menu items. BK is part of Diageo whose other brands include
Pillsbury Haagen Dazs, Johnnie Walker and J&B whiskies, Smirnoff,
Gordon’s gin, Baileys cream liquor and Guinness. BK has 46 outlets in
Israel and about 90 in various Arab countries.
The American Anti-Defamation League has tried to use US anti-boycott
regulations against the American-Arab groups who co-ordinated the
successful BK boycott.
Calvin Klein
Carmel - produce of Israel (Agrexco Ltd) avocados, dates, salad
vegetables, herbs, wine
"A company known for having one of the world’s most up-to-date export
logistic facilities, Agrexco ships all products via temperature controlled
Jumbo Jets or Sea Containers to transport the goods all over the world,
where they are sold under Israel’s famous ‘Carmel’ label."
From an item provided by Gush Shalom Billboard entitled: "Something you
can do about bulldozers"
A campaign is under way to get the Caterpillar Company to condemn the
illegal use of bulldozers it supplied. Such an action may have an effect.
The Caterpillar Company is interested in conveying a "sensitive" image and
is involved in "saving the rainforests".
Head spokesperson for Caterpillar and responsible for social responsibility
is Benjamin Cordani who can be written to at
CBS: William Paley, a Jewish, is the founder.

Chambers of Commerce
Dorset Chamber of Commerce has sent a delegation to Israel.
The Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce organised a Trade Partners UK
sponsored trade mission to Israel (Tel Aviv), from 10 \14 September 2001
to push " Market Opportunities in Israel". Specifically: IT & Electronics
Environment, Telecommunications Financial Services
Aerospace Paper & Packaging, Pharmaceuticals Recreation/Leisure,
Chemicals Transport
Education, Healthcare, Engineering Creative & Media
5 nights accommodation at the Yamit Park Plaza Hotel Please contact
Carmen Alcina Gallardo
Tel 01482 324976 Fax 01482 213962
other Contacts: <mailto
Chanel: Pierre Wertheimer was Coco Chanel's partner in the perfume
manufacturing part of the business. Wertheimer's grandsons, Alain and
Gerard, now control both the fashion and perfume wing of Chanel.
Compaq Corporation: Ben Rosen, the CEO and founder of Compaq
Computers, is Jewish.
The Co-operative Group (CWS) Ltd
New Century House
Manchester M60 4ES <
Freephone 0800 0686 727 MINICOM 0800 0686 717
From the Co-op’s website:
"There is growing awareness of the exploitation of workers in developing
countries. Ethical Trading (or Sound Sourcing) is a way of tackling this
problem in the context of everyday grocery products. Unlike Fairtrade,
Ethical Trading primarily directs its efforts at improving the conditions of
employees, rather than independent and marginalised growers, and it
works with employers to ensure basic human and labour rights, develop
safe and decent working conditions, and improve general standards of
Values: "In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe
in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring
for others."
Despite the above, Israeli products can be found on Co-op shelves,
including Carmel mangoes and own brand tinned grapefruit.

Cullens (see Europa)

Daily Telegraph - sponsored the 50th anniversary celebration at Wembley

Stadium. Proprietor, Conrad Black regularly disciplines journalists who
criticise Israel.
Danone - trades in Israel under name Strauss Dairy - bottled water
biscuits and food
Delta Galil
Israeli clothing manufacturer whose biggest customer is M&S, whom they
supply with underwear, socks, baby clothes and "leisure wear".
"A unique ten-year association with Marks & Spencer means that Delta
underwear covers Britain’s bottoms from Inverness to Falmouth." - Jewish
Chronicle 26 June 2001
They also supply: The GAP and designer labels Donna Karan, Ralph
Lauren, Playtex, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss.
Their London office is at:
Delta Textiles (London) Ltd,
39 Queensland Road, N7
Telephone 020 7316 7200
fax 020 7316 7276
Dell Computer Corporation: Michael S. Dell, who is a major benefactor of
the Austin Jewish community, is the CEO of this company.
"Israel is the world’s largest exporter of precious stones" - International
Jerusalem Post
July 20, 2001
The Israeli diamond industry was started in the 30s and according to the
Jerusalem Post (ibid) "helped build the young state’s economy." Ramat
Gan, just outside Tel Aviv, is home to the biggest diamond exchange on
the globe. Israel exports 2.5 million carats of diamonds every year. The
raw gems are claimed to originate in South Africa and India and are
polished and set in Israel in a business which makes up a huge one-third
of Israel’s total exports. European diamond traders beef up the guest-list
at Israel’s beach hotels.
De Beers control the world market in uncut diamonds and decide the
international price.
African human rights groups have called for "conflict diamond"
campaigners to direct their energy into helping diamond producing African
states to establish diamond processing and cutting factories locally, which
would greatly assist African economies.
The following is from:
Movement Against Conflict Diamonds Strengthening (ibid) by Julia M.
"In an emergency meeting, the Board of Directors of the Israel Diamond
Exchange decided Sunday to revoke the membership of any diamantaire
who knowingly trades in conflict diamonds benefiting rebel movements in
Angola, Sierra Leone and the Congo. Once expelled from the exchange, a
diamantaire is automatically expelled from all 23 diamond exchanges
around the world."
"Shmuel Schnitzer, president of the Israel Diamond Exchange, issued a call
to the heads of all diamond exchanges to adopt this decision to bring a
halt to the trade of conflict diamonds. Schnitzer urged the industry to
trade only diamonds originating from official government sources. The
board said its position concurs with that of World Federation of Diamond
Bourses President Itzhak Forem, whose group will meet in July and issue
an official decision.
"The Israel Diamond Exchange's decision is a follow-up to its agreement to
join the United Nations and human rights groups in the struggle against
the illegal uses of diamonds. ..."
The hypocrisy of the Israeli Diamond Institute in condemning the purchase
of "conflict diamonds" is revealed in a statement issued by Moshe
Schnitzer, Chairman of the Institute:
"This is a matter of conscience, and our standpoint is clear: there is no
place in Israel for diamonds paid for in human suffering and death."
"Fine Words from the Israel Diamond Industry, But What are they really
doing?", British group, Global Witness, asked in a press release dated 24th
March, 2000:
"The recent admission by Ran Cohen, Israel's Minister of Trade and
Industry, that conflict diamonds are causes of human suffering around the
world is a belated admission of Israel's failure to constructively tackle the
issue of conflict diamonds. This is at a stage when other key elements of
the diamond industry have finally responded to severe criticisms and are
actively searching for some potential solutions. It is to be welcomed that
the government of Israel will 'investigate ways in which Israel can help
fight the war against illicit diamond buying.
"Global Witness would like to know how the Israeli government and
diamond industry intends to 'investigate' ways in which to help. 'Will the
government of Israel and the Israel Diamond Institute publicly state what
controls and measures they intend to put in place to ensure that conflict
diamonds will no longer enter into Israel, thus protecting the long term
future of the Israeli diamond industry," said Alex Yearsley of Global

Disney Israel paid Disney 1.8 million dollars towards building models of
the Holy Land which depicts Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Walt Disney Publicity Department, Queen Charlotte Street, London W6 9PE

phone 0208 222 1000.

Dunkin' Donuts: The founder, William Rosenberg (known as "Bill")

Early Learning Centre

(toys, including Israeli maps and flags)
"While I was looking around Early Learning Centre I found lots of small
music instruments made in Israel like jingle bells etc. these products most
probably made in kibbutz on Palestinian occupied land. Could you please
write a letter of complaint to the company and ask them not to support
Israel until they solve the Palestinian problem and stop murdering
Customer Services Or Mike France Managing Director
Early Learning Centre, South Marston Park, Swindon SN3 4TJ
Ecstasy - Pills stamped with the Star of David have flooded the European
drug market and helped finance "Israeli real estate", according to a report
in the Guardian. Crime groups which specialise in recreational drugs have
mushroomed in the Israeli military service. Guardian 21st August 2001
El Al is not just an airline it IS Israel
Elite Halva sweets, coffee
Estee Lauder
The Chairman of Estee Lauder International, Ronald Lauder, is a Zionist
working with the land-grabbing Jewish National Fund, opposing the right of
return for Palestinians.
Europa Foods Limited
Europa House, Northolt Ind. Estate, Rowdell Road, Northolt, Middlesex UB
5 5QR
phone: 0208 845 1255
fax: 0208 842 1353
Chain of food and wine outlets which trades under various faschia
including Cullens, Hampstead Food Hall, Olivers and Harts the Grocer.
Stocks much Israeli produce, including Yarden, herbs and vegetables.
Finance - see also, Israel-Britain Business Council
The financial sector must come under close scrutiny both at the level of
inter-governmental arrangements and dealings on the London Stock
Exchange. During the 2001 British general election, while total silence was
maintained on the subject of Israel’s spiralling aggression, the Labour
Party took out a full page advertisement in the "Jewish Chronicle" listing
"Labour’s achievements":
"Trade between Britain and Israel has grown incredibly by 20 per cent,
while there have been 34 official trade missions to Israel from the UK since
1997. The unique BRITECH agreement signed by Trade Secretary Stephen
Byers means there is now a £15.5 million joint fund to encourage co-
operation between British and Israeli hi-tech industries in research and
development for their own benefit."
The same issue of the Jewish Chronicle (May 18th 2001) reported:
"Britain is to allocate £1 million to promote trade, investment and joint
projects with Israel, the British ambassador to Israel, Francis Cornish, told
the Israel-Britain Business Council in Jerusalem this week...
"More than 60 Lloyds brokers and underwriters as well as 30 UK insurance
company representatives attended the Lloyds market insurance conference
in Tel Aviv....meanwhile, seven British companies, representing the
insurance, mobile telecommunications and construction industries, were
among participants in a Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry trade
mission to Israel over the course of the week."
For those who want to study the Israeli finance sector in detail, "The
International Jerusalem Post" carries financial and hi-tech news from
Israel, on sale in the UK (£1.50) or visit
"Flowers remain the highest value crop at $188m, with vegetables valued
at $161m."
The Grocer (ibid)
"With three hundred sunny days a year, Israel has become the source of
new pot plants, propagation material and flower bulbs.." Agrexco wesite - Besides Agrexco, Israeli
exporters of flowers include: Bickel Flowers Ltd, Fields of Israel Ltd and
Ginsberg Flowers.
Maybe we should switch to silk flowers.....

UK Importers of Flowers and Plants

251 Flower Market, New Covent Garden, London, SW8 5NA
Tel: (0207)720-6831 Fax: (0207)978-2341
Caledonian House, 98 The Centre, Feltham, Middx, TW13 4BH
Tel: (0208)844-0050 Fax: (0208)890-7473
Donisthorpe Street, Leeds, LSlO 1NS
Tel: (0113)245-0894 Telex:: 556121
Fax: (0113)246-5566
281 Flower Market, New Covent Garden Market, London, SW8 5NB
Tel: (0207)720-6961 Fax: (0207)498-0383
8 Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, Cambs, PE2 7HU
Tel: (01733)371-221 Telex: 329257 JFSONS G Fax: (01733)361-323
lmpex House, Atlas Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 OTY
Tel: (0208)900-0999 Telex: 62433 Fax (900-1101)
Peacock Warehouse, 25\27 Bickerton Road, London, N19 5JT
Tel: (0207)281-6106 Fax: (0207)561-1173
Tolworth Tower, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL
Tel: 0208-3901133, Fax: 0208-3909406, E-Mail:
S. Robert Allen Ltd., 282. Flower Market. New Covent Garden. London.
SW8 5NL.
TEL: 0207 720 9432 FAX: 0207 627 8029
J. Collingridge Ltd., 218\223, Flower Market, New Covent Garden Market,
London,SW8 5ND.
TEL: 0207 720 6911 FAX: 0207 498 0757
Connaught Flowers Ltd., 55A, Church Street. Staines. Middx.. TW18 4EN.
TEL: 01784 469777 FAX: 01784 465545
Crystal Import Sales Ltd., Caledonian House, 98 The Centre, Feltham,
Middx.. TW13 4BH.
TEL: 0208 844 0050 FAX: 0208 890 7473
R. K. E. Cubley, 17 St. Georges Mount. New Brighton. Wirral, L45 OLQ.
TEL: 0151 639 6985 FAX: 0151 236 1076
Euro/Euroflower Import/Export, 281. Flower Market. New Covent Garden
Market. London, SW8 5NB.
TEL: 0207 720 6961 FAX: 0207 498 0393
Florimex Ltd., Florimex House. Clayton Road, Hayes, Middx.. UB3 1AX.
TEL: 0208 569 2348 FAX: 0208 569 2145
Geest PLC., West Marsh Road, Spalding, Lincs.. PE11 2AL.
TEL: 01775 761111 FAX: 01775 710846
David Ingamells Ltd., 290\294, New Covent Garden Market,. London, SWI
TEL: 0207 720 9393 FAX: 0207 738 8770
Louis Konyn & Sons Ltd., D104\107. New Covent Garden Market,
London,SW5 5LL.
TEL: 0207 720 8644 FAX: 0207 720 1730
Mack Birmingham, Wholesale Markets Precinct, Pershore Street,
Birmingham, B5 6UN.
TEL: 0121 622 4111 FAX: 0121 622 1674
Midland Flower Company Ltd., 39 40. Wholesale Market. Pershore Street.
Birmingham, B5 6UN. TEL: 0121 622 1970 FAX: 0121 622 1004
Rodgen the Florists Ltd., Princess Road, Manchester, M20 8LT.
TEL: 0161 881 6321 FAX: 0161 862 9270
Henry Scott & Sons Ltd., 18 20. St. James's Market, Bradford, Yorkshire,
BD4 7PQ.
TEL: 01274 728821 FAX: 01274 307791
Sunnora Ltd., 17, High Street, Chobham, Surrey. GU24 8AD.
TEL/FAX: 0276 856980 0276 857505
Vered Flowers Import Ltd., 23. Tillingbourne Gardens, Finchley. London.
N3 3JJ.
TEL: 0208 349 4944 FAX: 0208 349 2437
Dial a Basket, 3 Stoneybank, Stoneclough, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1SA
Contact: Sarah Morris Tel: 01204 705957 Fax: 01204 705957
Prem Ltd, P.O.Box 101, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0BU
Contact: James Osborn Tel: 0208-289 2260 Fax: 0208-7775100

Gaia House, West Ogwell, Devon TQ12 6EN (Buddhist Retreats) - Gaia
House newsletter advertises retreats in "the raw beauty of the Negev." A
disappointed visitor to Gaia has pointed out to them that the traditional
inhabitants’ semi-nomadic lifestyle has been all but destroyed. They are
confined to arid reserves or soulless towns, quaintly portrayed for the
purposes of tourism, their calls for human rights consistently rejected.
"Bedouin settlements in the Negev, no matter how large, are treated as
illegal. Fruit, olive trees and crops planted by Bedouin in ancestral land are
regularly uprooted. Goats and sheep grazing..confiscated..houses aid, mainly from overseas, is readily available for
the new kibbutzim and moshavim in the Negev, but there are no similar
funds available to the Negev Bedouin."
Gap and Old Navy stores: Donald Fisher, a Jewish, is the founder of Gap,
which also owns Banana Republic.
Global Television: Canada's largest private national television network's
founder and president, Israel (Izzy) Asper is..a three letter word that
rhymes with spew, obviously.
GUESS: The three brothers of the Marciano family, who founded this
company, are Jewish. Maurice is CEO. Paul is Chief Operating officer, and
Armand is Exec. V.P. The Guess Foundation supports Jewish and secular
charities.(Toss out GUESS from your favorites!!)
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream: This company was founded by a Polish, Jew
immigrant by the name of Reuben Mattus.
Harts the Grocer: see Europa
Hasbro: It is one of the two largest games and toy manufacturers in the
world. It is best known by its products "Mr. Potato Head" and "GI Joe". The
Hassenfeld family are the founders and owners of this company.

HM Customs and Excise

HM Customs and Excise should be implementing EU-Israel Association
regulations. Their phone number for "complaints and suggestions" is 020
8929 6730 - fax 020 8929 6788. Their address for complaints is Dorset
House, Stamford Street, London SE1 9PY. They also have a special
confidential helpline for reporting fraud on 0800 59 5000. Of course,
complaints should not be only be about the goods sold at Selfridges and
Harrods, but ALL settlement products which are on sale in Britain,
including masses of flowers, herbs, organic fruit and veg. The local
authority for Selfridges is Westminster. Their trading standards service is
on 020 7641 1111.

Home Depot Bernie Marcus has given away a good chunk of his Home
Depot fortune. Marcus has focused considerable energy on donating to
jewish causes including donating $15 million to the Atlanta Jewish
Federation for a capital campaign.
HSBC expanded its services to institutional clients in Israel by becoming a
"market-maker", dealing in ten Israeli shares listed on the US Nasdaq
exchange. The bank opened a branch in Tel Aviv in March 2001 focusing
on investment and private and corporate banking.
(source: "Banking on Israel" - Jewish Chronicle 7 Sept 2001)
Intel announced plans to set up a 1.6 billion dollar chip plant in Israel.
The CEO, Andrew Grove, of this largest computer chip maker in the world
is Jewish.
To sign a letter asking Intel Corporation to dis-invest from Israel go to:


The Israeli business community evidently had great plans for cashing in on
the "peace dividend" after Palestinian resistance had been completely
crushed by the Oslo process.
From their self-promoting website: <
[One of the more bizarre business entries is for Beni Tal - an Israeli
security company which has projects throughout the world, including
"military and civil weapon training". They have proudly posted a picture of
their body-guards "securing the Late P.M. Yitzhak Rabin.".
"Israel has one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economies in the
industrialised world. In 1996:
Economic growth rose to 4.4% - The GDP rose to $95 billion - Income per
capita was about $16,750 -
The inflation rate fell to 10.6% - The unemployment rate fell to 6.7% -
Israel's economy is based on a highly skilled work-force, well-developed
science and high-tech-based industries and a sophisticated financial
infrastructure. Its growth is widely predicted to be sustainable at a level of
about 6% a year until at least the end of the century. This growth is being
driven by three factors: the successful integration of about 750,000 highly
qualified immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Israel's position at the
cutting edge of science and high-tech, and the peace process. Israel has
free-trade agreements with the European Union, the United States and
EFTA. It is now rapidly expanding economic contacts with other Middle
East states, from North Africa to the Gulf, as well as with the nations of
Asia, including Japan, China, India, South Korea and Vietnam, which had
been closed to Israel until recently."
"The Israel-Britain Business Council is an ambitious initiative, undertaken
to expand trade and economic co-operation between Britain and Israel.
"Established in 1995, joint Councils were created in both countries under
the co- chairmanship of Sir Richard Greenbury, Chairman of Marks and
Spencer and Dan Propper, Chairman of the Osem Group of Companies.
"The Council in each country is made up of 8-10 executives who are of the
highest calibre in both the corporations they represent and their individual
Objectives of IBBC The prime objective of the IBBC is to accelerate the
growth of the two- way trade between Israel and Britain . The Councils
have established working groups who have identified six major sectors to
focus their activities on finance, health Care, education, high tech and
R&D, infrastructure and tourism. The High Tech Working Group, chaired by
Mr Edgar Miller, has members from industry and research interests in both
Israel and the UK The joint working groups have developed their own
plans for initiatives and a series of missions, seminars, conferences and
one to one business meetings have been designed to facilitate the aims
and objectives of the Council. Two Executives have been seconded by two
companies to the project under the Government's Export Promotion
initiative. Brian Cohen, ex Marks and Spencer has been appointed as
Director General, with the role of co-ordinating the working group plans,
and David Sharp, GEC/Marconi, to the High Tech working group. Council
Members Sir Richard Greenbury, Chairman, Marks & Spencer Sir Martin
Jacomb, Chairman, Prudential Corp Michael Lester, Vice Chairman, GEC
Lord Sterling, Chairman, P & O Lord Young, Chairman, Young Associates
Sir Trevor Chinn, Chairman, Lex Service David Lewis, Chairman, Lewis
Trust Group Richard Giordano, Chairman, British Gas Andrew Stone, joint
managing director of Marks & Spencer, is adviser to the British Delegation
Lord Stone of Blackheath, British Director-General, IBBC
Considerable success was achieved in 1996 when the Council supported an
Education Seminar in Tel Aviv, a visit by Robin Cook, a Finance Conference
in London and Edinburgh and an inward R&D mission.
"In January of 1997, in conjunction with BOTGI, the IBBC led a major
British Delegation to Israel's first international Telecommunications
Exhibition. Other 1997 activities included a joint visit to Israel for the four
major UK pharmaceutical companies to pursue joint ventures, a mission to
the UK of 18 Israeli Technological Incubator Companies, a seminar on the
National Health Service in Israel, an Insurance Conference and an Invest
in Britain Conference."


Tel: 972-3-5442999, 972-51-444544
Fax 972-3-5462459
E-mail: <

"Crown Jewels" Imported diamonds are used in the manufacture of dental

appliances such as drills - ask your dentist.

Israel gets $2.76 billion as US Senate passes foreign aid bill

< : "The United States Senate
overwhelmingly passed a $15.6 billion bill for foreign aid on Wednesday,
including $2.76 billion in assistance for Israel, more than any other
country. Egypt was second, and will receive a total of
$1.955 billion. U.S. law-makers said the move would give the Bush
administration a tool to help fight terrorism through diplomacy.
"At the request of Secretary of State Colin Powell, senators dropped an
amendment to require the White House to report on the Palestine
Liberation Organization's compliance with its commitment to renounce
terrorism and
violence. Powell said that requirement could have hampered efforts to
forge an international alliance against terrorism..
"The bill, which had stalled for several weeks in a partisan dispute over
judicial nominations, cleared the Democratic-led Senate 96-2 without
significant amendments. It was written well before the Sept. 11 attacks on
Washington and New York, but language was added to bar aid to countries
that harbour or help finance individuals or organizations responsible for
the hijacked airline strikes that killed some 5,000 people."

To sign Al-Awda's petition to terminate US aid to Israel go to:

Jaffa oranges
Johnson and Johnson
Kenneth Cole Productions: The famous shoe designer Kenneth Cole, whose
company has expanded into accessories, including handbags, is Jewish.
(So, please do not purchase from this company either.)
Kimberley Clarke
Knight/Trimark Group: For those who follow marketing and business etc.,
they should be aware that Kenneth D. Pasternak is the President, Chief
Executive Officer and Director of this largest OTC market maker on Wall
Street..and, he is Jewish.
Kraft Group, the
LandRover part of Ford Motors group specimen letter on website
Lotus Software: The founder, Mitchell Kapor, is Jewish, obviously.
Marketing for America Online: Jan Brandt is the President of Marketing for
America Online and is a very successful businesswoman who has made
this company the #1 online service in America. (Businessmen, you are
kindly requested to be careful when dealing in NOT co-
operate with this company anymore!)
Marks and Spencer stocks produce from Israel
CEO Luke Vandervelde
phone 0207 935 4422
Head office: Leadenhall Court, 1 Leadenhall Street, London EC31LS
The Islamic Human Rights Commission pioneered the M&S boycott with its
careful research into historical zionist links - available on their website at
The out-moded clothing side of this company is sinking of its own accord,
despite recent make-overs, but its food retailing is flourishing. M&S were
the first to introduce Israeli avocados to Britain and specially-bred
crustacea from Israel fill the stomach-churning M&S "prawn with mayo"
sandwiches. Consumers who care about their physical as well as ethical
health should note that most food from Israel is irradiated to lengthen
shelf, not human, life. M&S has a long history of involvement with the
State of Israel, dating back to its founders’ support for the Balfour
Morrison Supermarkets
phone 01274 494166
fax COE: Sir K.D. Morrison 01274 362 305
Hillmore House,
Thornton Road
Bradford WYB D8 9AX
Mattel: The co-founder of Mattel, which produced Barbie and Ken, was
Ruth Handler who was a Jew.
Michael Steinhardt, a well-known Wall Street financier, is a co-founder of
Operation Birthright, an organization whose goal is to provide every Jewish
youth from 15 through 26 with a free trip to Israel.
Microsoft Bill and Melinda Gates, who are already filthy rich, donate all
new profits to Israel and other nonwhite based charities. Most people hate
this company already for all the crashing and illegal operation error
messages etc.. Steve Ballmer, who was president of Microsoft, and
recently made head is Jewish. (In fact, he even went to a Hebrew School)
Motorola considering setting up billion dollar chip plant in Israel.
Connected with Israel through their President, who sits on the Israel
Britain Business Council High Tech Working Party.
McDonalds target of an e-rumour in Sept. 2001 which they hurriedly
denied, not wishing to catch the kind of fall-out which BK had to deal with
after their misadventure.
Neiman-Marcus: Stanley Marcus founded this company..he is still alive
Nestle - invests in Osem
NY Daily News & U.S. News and World Report & Atlantic Monthly: Mortimer
Zuckerman is a Canadian Jew. He is the owner and Chief Editor of U.S.
News and World Report and Atlantic Monthly, also owns NY Daily News.
NY Times: The Sulzberger Family took over this company since 1896 and
they are the owners to date.
Old Navy See: Gap and Old Navy stores
Oracle Corporation: It is one of the largest software companies in the
world and has made Larry Ellison, the CEO and founder a very wealthy
Osem snacks, soups, nuts - Israeli partner of Nestle
Packard Bell Electronics: CEO and President, Beny Alagem is Jewish.
Pentium Processors are made by Intel (see Intel)
Public Relations "The Israeli Army could soon be using yellow and purple
rifles to differentiate between weapons using rubber bullets and those
using live ammunition, if two US public relations firms have their way" -
Jewish Chronicle (Danielle Haas)
Foreign Ministry officials said they were considering hiring a British firm.
Radox - part of Sara Lee
Ralph Lauren: He is a famous clothing designer who was born Ralph
Random House Books: The founder, Bennett Cerf, is best known as one of
the permanent panelists on the TV show "What's My Line?", though.
Ready Mixed Concrete UK Ltd
head office address
RMC House,
High Street,
Telephone 01932 568833 Fax 01932 568933
Local depots all over UK - see your local telephone directory -
Kings Cross, London N.1. 020 76078881 Sales Office 020 77363300
Readymix (Israel) Ltd is a subsidiary of the English company, producing
asphalt, lime, marble and building blocks used in settlement construction.
Peter L. Young of the RMC Group was honoured by the "State of Israel" on
its 50th birthday for services rendered..
Revlon: The founder and long-term President of Revlon Corporation is
Charles Revson. Chas. Revson Foundation is a major donor to Jewish
charities. To top it off, the head of Revlon, Ronald Perelman is also Jewish.
(Ladies, who cannot live without makeup are kindly requested NEVER to
purchase from this company again, at least!!)
Safeway Stores PLC Stocks Israeli produce
Head Office,
6 Millington Road
Middlesex UB3 4AY
0208 848 8744
Chief Executive: Carlos Criado Perez

SainsBury's, and J. Sainsbury PLC

The founder of this American-style superstore opened initially in Britain
was a Jewish man by the name of Alfred Sainsbury. He became one of the
richest men of his nation and a member of the House of Lords.

Stamford House,
Stamford Street,
London SE1 9LL
020 7695 6000
Chief Executive: Sir Peter Davis
Stocks give-away zionist paper Jewish News
Yarden products and Carmel wines: SANTINA oranges: JAFFA grapefruit
Sweet peppers: Avocados: plus
HALVA snacks
TELMA soups
OLIVIA pesto
GILBOA olives
SPRING fruit juice
400 Oxford Street,
London W1A 1AB
Chief Executive: Vittoria Radice <>
CAABU’s press statement emphasises: "Both Harrods and Selfridges are in
effect assisting illegal settlement expansion through subsidising the settler
economy. Whilst settlement trade flourishes, Israel continues to strangle
the Palestinian economy by denying it free access to the outside world."
Sara Lee - company behind Radox, Douwe Egberts etc
see <>
Scotland Yard
Assistant Commissioner David Geness, head of special operations sent his
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Barbara Wilding to meet senior officials
from Shin Bet, Israel’s counter intelligence and internal security service.
Siemens as in the case of Volkswagen this company was implicated in the
use of slave labour during the Nazi era and now invests heavily in Israel.
Somerfield Stores Limited
Whitchurch Lane
Bristol BS14 OTJ
011 79 359 359
Fax 011 7 978 0629
Chief Executive: Alan Smith
stocks Israeli produce (check shelves)
H.W. Tankel (Scotland) Ltd. "a family run business specialising in the
import of diamonds from Antwerp in Belgium and Tel Aviv in Israel".
"We consider ourselves to be Scotland's leading diamond merchant and
the trade would consider us to be one of the United Kingdoms' most
important diamond companies.
We are members of the British Jewellers Association.
As diamond merchants we carry a wide range of loose diamonds in
different qualities and sizes. Diamond Markets in Antwerp and Tel Aviv are
visited every month.
We also stock emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
We have our own workshop in Birmingham, where we manufacture most
of our finished pieces including rings, earrings and pendants. As well as
producing a comprehensive range of diamond jewellery, we also supply
emerald & diamond, ruby & diamond and sapphire & diamond rings."
Tesco Stores Limited
Founder was jewish Jack Cohen.

Tesco House
Delamare Road,
Waltham Cross EN8 9SL
01992 632222
fax 01992 644962
customer service manager, Linda Kelly, <mailto>
foodstuffs and wine. Stocks give-away zionist paper Jewish News.
Made deal with Israeli software company, Point of Sale, for worldwide
computer links.
Offers the chance to win a holiday in Eilat as part of a Pesach promotion.
Tourism - see text of a leaflet which is being used successfully at El Al
pickets by the London Branch of PSC. The Israeli Tourist Board takes out
one-page advertisements in the Jewish Chronicle to try to entice Jewish
people to holiday in the sun as a matter of "solidarity."
Volkswagen plans to invest 210 million dollars in a Dead Sea Works
Magnesium metal Plant.
Timberland Co.: Jeffrey B. Swartz is the CEO/President of this company.
He is Orthodox, carries prayer books on planes, uses religious beliefs to
guide business decisions and company policy, and often consults with his
rabbi. (And, no one will dare call him a fundamentalist or extremist..)
Time-Warner: Gerald Levin, president of Time-Warner, is Jewish. Now, he
is second in charge of the merged AOL/Time-Warner behemoth.
Toys R Us: Charles Lazarus (jew) was the founder of this company which
pioneered the warehouse to concept.
Trimark See: Knight/Trimark Group
Veritas Software Company: Mark Leslie is the Chief Executive Officer and
President of this leading information storage software company.It is one of
the fastest growing companies.
Washington Post and Newsweek: The owner of 1st & founder of 2nd,
Eugene Meyer is Jewish. He is also the father of current owner (it's all
biased, anyway)
Zacky Farms: Zacky Farms is the second largest seller of poultry products
in California and one of the largest sellers in the United States. The wife of
one of the brothers who began this company (namely Bob) is Lillian
Zacky.. she is Jewish.

A List of Lesser Known jewish companies can be found here:

US Based companies who invest in Israel

ADC - Purchased Teledata for $200m(9/98)

Adkit Inc - Wholly owned subsidiary in Israel

Advanced Medical Systems - Wholly owned subsidiary in Israel

A.G. Associates (CA) - Has subsidiary in Israel, A.G. Israel (semic equip)

Agra Co Ltd - Wholly owned subsidiary Agar Technologies Ltd

AirSep Corporation (Buffalo,NY) - Has a rep in Israel, Medox Ltd., POB

15082, Ashdod, Dr. Evgeny Tiomkin, Tel. 08-856-5682, Fax. 856-3450

A.L. Laboratories - 19% ownership of Perio Products

Paul Allen - Invested $20m in in CommTouch via the investment company

Vulcan Ventures & Go2Net, both of which he controls.

Ambient - Merged with Ordacard (smart card security firms). Ordacard is

located in the Caesarea Or Akiva Ind Zone

AMCI International (UT) - Buys e commerce unit of OSCM - One Stop.Com

Inc for $5m and 60% of US co’s shares (11/99)

America On Line (AOL)- Purchased 100% of Ubique Ltd. in Rehovot in

1993 for $14.5m. Purchased Mirabilis for $287m (5/98)

American Aviation Ltd - 25% interest in American Aviation Ltd Israel

American Intl Group - Joint Venture (JV) with Aurec to form insurance
company in Israel, 06.05.96 Invests $40m in Orion Capital Fund (5/99)

American Natl Can Co - 33% ownership of Lagin Box & Can Co Ltd
American Partners - Invested $370 million in a new tourism project on the
Israeli-Jordanian border between Eilat and Aqaba, via a joint company
called "The Peace Company," which Is setting up a large hotel and
entertainment center, to be called the Grand Oasis. (9/98)

Amiable Technologies (PA) - Merged with Scanvec (2/99)

Ampal American Israel Corp - Bought 1/3 of the shared networks

operation of Motorola for $120 million (11/97)
Analog Devices - Opened R&D Center in Herzliya (1/97)
A.P. Acquisition Inc (TX) - 13% ownership of Meromit Metal
Apax Partners - Raised $50 million for the new Apax Israel II Fund
Applied Materials (CA) - 100% of Opal Technologies $175m(12/96). 100%
of Orbot Instrumentation $110m(12/96)
Total of both of above $285m
Arison Investments - Acquired 30% stake in EuroCom Communications for
$203million (7/97)
Exercised an option to acquire an additional 19% of Eurocom
communications (1/99)
Purchases for NIS 3b for 34.5% stake in Bank Hapoalim (7/97) With Teva,
Len Abramson and Prof Bernard Goldwasser established $20m biomedical
fund (9/97) Buys an additional share in 9/98.
Owns 50% of Nirlat Ltd. Owns 100% of Orbond Ltd.
Astronautics Corp of America(WI) - Wholly owned subsidiary Astronautics
CA Ltd
AT&T Communications Inc - JV with Barak for internet hookups, several
million dollars (8/98)
AT&T Investment Mgt Corp - Invested $15m in Kardan Technology
Ventures (8/97)
Athena Venture Partners LP - 21% interest in Gambit Computers
Atochem North America Inc - Wholly owned subsidiary Safe Pack Services
A&W Root Beer - Planning 5 frnachise operations in Israel (Gvanim)
BAAN - Setup venture capital fund to invest in Israel (1998) Purchased
50% of start-up TopTier for $50m
Purchased Aventus Logistics for $15m
Backweb - Invested in Backweb Israel Ltd
Baltimore Spices - Has subsidiary in Israel, wholly owned.
Bankers Trust - BT Alex Brown $20m investment in ABS Giza Israel Fund
Bankers Trust - Investing in Israeli real estate (2/98)
Barnwell Industries Inc - 100% ownership of Barnwell Israel Ltd
Baxter Travenol Laboratories Inc
Bay Network (CA) - 100% of Armon Networking (12/96) $33m
Ben & Jerry's - Franchise Operation
Berlitz - Will make Israel their regional hub for the area
Bindview Development - Acquired Netect, a developer of software security
products for communications networks, for $35m (2/99)
BioRad (CA) - Has R&D Facility in Israel
Biotechnology General Corp - 100% ownership of Biotechnology General
Blockbuster Video - Franchise Operation
BMC Software (Houston,TX) - Purch New Dimension for $650m (3/99)
Boeing - Invested $10m in RADA, to buy 42% of RADA. Invested $13m in
Jerusalem Venture Partners (6/99)
Boston Scientific - Purchased 25% of Medinol (1995)
Boston Systematics Ltd (MA) - 40% ownership of Boston Systematics Ltd
Brink's Incorporated(CT) - 70% ownership of Brinks Israel Ltd
Burger King - Franchise Operation (Rikamor Ltd). Opened 4 new branches
12/96, total now 26 with 50 planned
Burson Marsteller PR
C.A. Computer Associates - 100% ownership of C.A. Computer Assoc
Israel. Appointed special rep in Israel to sniff out Israeli startups Acquired
Security-7 for $19m (6/99)
Cable Systems (AZ) - Subsidiary purchased Cvalim for $55m (4/98)
Cadence (CA) - Investment in Israel (Software)
Callware Technologies (UT) - Purchased SoftTalk Communications (1996)
now called CallWare.
Caltex Petroleum (TX) - Invested $50m in local gas distribution (9/97)
Capital Group Companies (CGL) - Purchased 5.6% of Bank Leumi (3/99)
Purchased 10% of Sapiens for $20m (6/99)
Cardtools Systems Corp (CA) - 100% ownership of Cardtools Systems
Cargill (MN) - Bought 10% share of Contren Grain Facility at Ashdod
Carnegie International - Purchased Netgong for $200-300 million (5/99)
Carol Austin Corp - 15% ownership of Orbotech
Carrier Corp - Purchased 26% of Tadiran Appliances for $17.5m (3/97)
CBIS (Cincinnati Bell) - Purchased 20% stake in Wiztec Solutions of
Herzliya for $11m (8/97)
Cede Corp - 48% ownership of BVR Technologies
Chase Manhattan Corp Bank(NY) - Will work through Tamir-Fishman Co
Chasm Group (CA) - Has chosen HK Catalyst as its Israeli affiliate (12/98)
Chip Express Corp (CA) - Owns 100% of Quick Technologies Ltd
Chipcom Corp (MA) - Owns 100% of Chipcom Ltd
Chromalloy Gas Turbine Co (TX) - Owns 100% of TorboChrom Ltd
Cisco Systems Ltd (CA) - Established a development center in Netanya
(4/97) Acquired Class Data Systems of Ranana for $50m (5/98)
Citibank (NY) - Begins offering full banking services in Israel (6/00)
Clinical Data Inc - 17% ownership of Novachem
CNET (San Francisco, CA) - Purchased 4.25% of Hypernix for $2.64m
(8/99). Invested $11m in for 5% stake (11/99)
Coca-Cola Company - Franchise Operation
Coldwell Banker Real Estate - Opens Israel Office (6/99) with TA’s Zerf &
Compaq Computer Corp(TX) - Invested $3m in Kardan Venture
Comverse Technology (NY) - Owns 99% of Efrat Future Technology
Conceptland Partners Ltd - 100% ownership of Conceptland Ltd
Condor Pacific Industries - 70% ownership of Condor Pacific Ltd
Conexant - Recently spun-off from Rockwell International, invested $10m
in 1999 in its Israeli development centers in Herzliya and Carmiel for the
development of high?speed modems. The new technologies - which work
10 times as fast as presently existing modems - will facilitate the
transmission of "heavier" files on the Internet, such as video and audio.
Consist International Inc (NY) - Owns 100% of Consist Israel Software Co
Control Data Corp
Convergys Info Management Group - Purchased all public shares of WizTec
Ltd (3/99)
Courier Network Inc (NY) - Owns 95% of Courier Network Israel Ltd
Cowen - $75m VC fund with Dovrat Schrem & Travelers - Polaris 2 (7/96)
Crescendo Ventures - Invested in Ensemble Communications’ 2 nd private
placement of a total of $13.1m(1/99)
Culligan - JV with Khaled Qutob, 10/28/95 West Bank
Cylink (Sunnyvale, CA) - Purchased Algorithmic Tech for $83m (9/97)
Daily Jeans Inc - Owns 100% of JGS Ltd
Dale Electronics Inc (NE) - Owns 100% of Dale Israel Electronic Inc
Dalia Ferscher - Owns 18% of 4th Dimension Software Ltd. Owns 50% of
Einav Systems
Daniel Abrahams - Owns 25% of the Jerusalem Report
Data General Corp (MA) - Owns 100% of Data General Technologies.
Opens Representative Office in Tel Aviv (7/99)
Davidson Aluminum & Metal(NY) - Owns 100% of Davidson Aluminum
Days Inn of America - Franchise Operation
Deloitte and Touche
Delux Laboratories (CA) - Invested $10m in a regional laboratory (11/99)
Deutsch Company Inc(CA) - Owns 80% of Deutsch Dagan Ltd
DIA Tech Inc - Owns 100% of DIA Tech Diagnostics Ltd
Digital Equipment Co (DEC)(MA) - Owns 100% of Digital Equipment Israel.
Owns 100% of DECSYS.
Owns 100% of Negev Software Industries
Domino's Pizza Intl - Franchise Operation (Omni Food Brands Ltd)
Donna Karan Company - Franchise Operation (Boom Fashion Products
Marketing Ltd)
Dow Chemicals - Inv $750,000 in Asheklon Technological Industries, the
local incubator (2/98). With other will invest in 6 hi-tech incubators in
D.S.S.I. Inc(NJ) - Owns 100% of Decision Systems Israel
DSP Communications (CA) - R&D Subsidiary in Israel
DSP Group Inc (CA) - R&D Subsidiary in Israel. Owns 100% of DSP Group
Israel Ltd
Dun & Bradstreet Corp (NY) - Owns 100% of Dun & Bradstreet Intl (Israel)
Eastman Kodak (NY) - See Picture Vision. $2.5m investment in Eucalyptus
Ventures (9/98)
E.C.C. Ltd. (NY) - Owns 100% of I.C.C. (Israel)Chemicals
E.M.K. Investments Ltd. - 50% of PB Projects Insulation
EDO Corp - Owns 100% of Edo Operations (Israel)
EFI Corp (IN) - Owns 100% of EFI Israel
Elf Atochem NA (PA) - Owns 100% of Safepack Products Ltd
Elocot Inc (MD) - Owns 50% of Eliana Ltd
Empire Trust - Owns 45% of Jerusalem Pencils Ltd
A Epstein & Sons Intl (IL) - Wholly owned subsidiary in Israel
E*TRADE Group (CA) - Entered in licensing agreement with Jerusalem
Global to provide branded on line investing service to individual investors
Eucalyptus Ventures (CA) - Raised $34m for investment in hi-tech
companies. Intends to raise an additional $16m
Excalibur Inc (NY) - Owns 99% of Excalibur (Israel) Ltd.
Fairchild Inc - Owns 40% of Teuza VC Fund
FEI Inc (NY) - Owns 5% of TFL Time & Frequency
Fibronics Intl Inc (MA) - Owns 100% of Fibronics Ltd
Fidelity Medical Inc(NY) - Owns 100% of Fidelity Medical Israel
Fingermatrix (NY) - Signed JV agreement with Team Computers and
Systems and Imagestore Systems Ltd to develop applications for border
security and to integrate fingerprint ID technology for an unnamed Eastern
European country
Fleishman-Hillard Public Rel - JV with Dotan Communications (10/96)
Fonar Corp (NY) - Owns 65% of Fonar Ltd
Forstmann Little Co - Owns 80% of General Instrument Data
Foxboro - Purchased 51% of Elbit-ATI (12/96)
Franklin Templeton Group (CA) - Purchased 5.3% of Formula Systmes for
NIS 55m (6/99)
Frantz Medical Dev Ltd (NY) - Owns 80% of Franztech Ltd
Freeborn Corp - Owns 11% of Israel Maritime Bank Ltd
Fritz Comnpanies Inc (CA) - Owns 25% of Fritz Company Israel Ltd
Galaxy Aerospace (Pritzker) - JV with Israel Aircraft to produce business
jets (2/97)
GaSonics (CA) - Semic equip subsidiary in Israel. Set up a research and
development center in Israel (3/98). The center will engage in the
development of software, hardware and technologies for the company's
future products. The company also expects to start manufacturing its
products in Israel in 2 years.
GE Capital Services - $10m investment in ABS Giza Israel Fund (11/97).
Invested $10m in the Israeli car leasing company Albar in exchange for
26% of its shares (10/98).
Gelman Sciences Inc (M I) - Owns 100% of Gelman Science Technology
General Electric - Invests in part of $10m Precise offering (8/99)
General Electric Medical Systems - JV with Elscint to (ELGEMS) engineer
and manufacture nuclear medical imaging products (7/97). Purchased Elbit
Medical Imaging's ultrasound
division, Diasonics Vingmed, for $230m (2/98) Opened “Center of
Excellence” (2/99)
General Electric Information Services - With Discount Investment
Corporation announced the establishment of a joint company to provide
electronic trade services, known as EDI, with an investment of $2.5 million
General Instrument Corp - Owns 25% of Phasecom (Israel) Ltd
General Microwave Corp (NY) - Owns 100% of General Microwave Israel
General Motors
General Nutrition - To open 15 local stores in Israel (4/97)
Genesis Partners - Invested $3.5m in Agentics Ltd with Japan’s
Genzyme (Massachusetts) - Genzyme Ltd. subsidiary (7/96)
Geotek Industries Inc (NJ) - Owns 60% of PST. Owns 100% of Oram
Electric Industries Ltd. Owns 100% of Patlex Ind Ltd Owns 92% of Reshef
Technologies Ltd
Goldman Sachs - Purchases 9.5% of Israel Discount Bank for NIS280m
(12/97). Purchased 3.6% of Bank HaPoalim for $130m (6/98) Purchased
0.38% of Bank HaPoalim for $13m (7/98). Purchased 2% of Bank
HaPoalim for $59.1m (4/99)
Gould Computer (NC) - Owns 100% of Gould Electronics
Graphnet Inc (NJ) - Owns 100% of Graphnet Israel Ltd
Greenfield Industries - Purchased Hanita Metalworks Ltd (Koor) for $35m
(4/97) Industries from Koor (1/97)
Groban Supply Co (IL) - Owns 50% of Hydrolit Israel Ltd
Guard Quality - Owns 100% of Ben & Jerry's Israel Ltd
Guardian Industries
Haagen Dazs Holding Inc - Franchise Operation (Omni Food Brands Ltd)
Hambrecht & Quist (CA) - Partnership with Tamir Fishman
Harmonic Light Waves (CA) - Subsidiary in Israel (wireless comm)
Harris Adacom Corp (TX) - Owns 54% of Adacom Technologies Ltd. Owns
90% of ACE 400 Communications Ltd. Owns part of Masof Ltd.
Hasbro Inc - JV with Jerusalem Pencil Co
Healthco Intl Inc (MA) - Owns 99% of Healthco Ltd
Heiman Bros - Owns 100% of Pridecraft Ltd
Heinz - Purchases 51% of Remedia (7/99)
HeliOss Communications (MA) - Has Helicomm Communications Systems,
wholly owned subsidiary
Hertz Corp - Franchise Operation (Kesher Rentacar)
Hertz Technologies (NY) - Hertz Computers Israel (merged with Zodiac
Technologies in Israel 4/97)
Hewlett Packard (CA) - R&D Center in Israel. Owns Computation &
Measurement Ltd $19m (6/98)
Hilton International Co - Franchise Operation (Tel Aviv Hilton)
Holenberg - Owns 36% of 4th Dimension Software Ltd
Holiday Inn Worldwide - Franchise Operation (Africa Israel Investments
Holland & Knight (FL) - First US law firm to open office in Israel using
Haim Samet, Steinmetz, Haring & Co (6/99)
Home Products (Chicago) - Merged with ZAG (9/97)
Howard Johnson's Hotels - Built first hotel at the Dead Sea (7/98) now has
additional properties in Israel throughout the country
Hyatt Intl Corp - Franchise Operation (Hyatt Regency Jerusalem Hotel)
I.B.D.A. - Owns 26% of Technoplast
IBI (with Merrill Lynch) - Purchased 10% of Mashov marketing's Walla!
Communications for $2m (5/99)
IBM (Lotus) - Purchased Ubique from America On Line (5/98) - Owns
100% of Softel. Owns 100% of IBM Israel Ltd
IDEO (Palo Alto, CA) - Industrial design and product development
company established an office in Israel (4/98)
I-Link (UT) - Setup ViaNet Tech in Ramat Hasharon as an R&D subsidiary
Imation Corp (3M) - JV with Scitex Corp to integrate realist print engine
developed by Scitex's Iris Graphics
Informix - Purchased 19.58% of Comsoft Technologies(1997)
Inserch - $50m investment with Avner & Delek to search for oil off the
coast of Israel (9/96)
Integral International - Owns 100% of Eltek Ltd
Intel Corp (CA) - Fab facility in Jerusalem - $1.6b new facility in Kiryat Gat
now open Design Center in Haifa. 5% holding in RADVision for $1m
(4/97). Acquired Shani. Invested in RADGuard (5/98). Owns 100% of Intel
Israel (1974) Ltd. Inaugurated $20m development campus in Haifa(1998).
Invested in TelesciCOM of Holon (4/99) no amount given. Acqires DSP for
$1.6b (10/99)
International Paper Inc - Owns 11% of Scitex Ltd
International Telecomm - Owns 100% of ITTI Ltd
ISD(Information Storage Devices) - Acquired COMPACTSPEECH product
line from National Semiconductor Israel for $5m (10/97). ISD will invest
several million dollars annually in R&D in Israel.
I-Sight Inc (NY) - Owns 99% of I-Sight Inc
Israel Investment Co - Owns 99% of Israel Tractors & Equip Co
Isratech Ltd (NY) - Owns 100% of Satec Ltd
James River Corp - Franchise Operation (Ducart Packaging Industries Ltd)
Janney Montgomery Scott (PA) - Strategic Alliance with Israel Discount
Bank Capital Markets (6/99)
Johnson & Johnson - Opened office in Israel near Shfayim. Took-over
Biosense, a Haifa-based producer of
medical equipment for stock worth estimated $400 million in J&J shares in
total (9/97). Invested with Polaris & Omega in an Israel VC fund to assist
medical startups
Kemp Industries Inc (NJ) - Owns 100% of Kemp Israel Ltd
Kenny Rogers Roasters - Franchise Operation (Roasters Israel Ltd)
Kentucky Fried Chicken Corp - Franchise Operation (Clal Trading Ltd)
Kimberly Clark Corp - 49.9% interest in Hogla (6/96) through America-
Israel PaperMills $49.9m
KLA (CA) - Mfg subsidiary in Israel, semic equip. Owns 100% of KLA
Instruments Israal Ltd.
KPMG - Joined with Somekh Chaikan in Israel (9/98)
Robert Kraft - New investment of $40m in Carmel Container Systems
(7/97) new Ceasaria plant.
Kulicke & Soffa Industries - Owns 100% of Kulicke & Soffa Israel Ltd
Landseas Corp (CT) - Owns 100% of Landseas (Israel) Ltd
Ronald Lauder - 80% of Jerusalem Capital Studios (12/96) $15.6m.
Purchased Ron Shmueli's Catering Co for $5m
Lehmann Brothers - Bought 2% of Bank Leumi for $52 m (4/98). Bought
1.45% of Bank Leumi, completing a purchase of four percent of the bank,
$34.1 million for its stake (3/99)
Purchased 4.5% of Leader Investments for $2m (4/99). Purchased 8% of
Nice Systems for $38.7m(12/99)
Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products (MA) - Purchased 24.5% of Accent for
$4m (7/98)
Levit & Morrows - Owns 54% of Taro Vit Industries
Liberty Electronics (NY) - Owns 25% of Kamtech Systems Ltd
Eli Lilly & Co (Indianapolis) - Opened Tel Aviv office for clinical trials &
marketing (4/97)
LivePicture - Acquired Oliver Software (10/97)
Lockwood Greene (GA) - JV with Ludan Engineering to form Ludan
Lockwood Greene (LLG) (7/98)
L'Oreal - Purchased 35.5% of Interbeauty (12/96) $9m
LSI Logic (CA) - R&D Center in Israel semic
Lucent - Invested $6 million in Israeli company WaveAccess in exchange
for control of 20%. WaveAccess specializes in digital, wireless technology
for Internet access, and urban and regional networks (6/98). Purchased
80% of WaveAccess for $50 m (11/98)
Lucent Microelectronics Grp - Invested $10m for 10% of Chip Express
Corp (5/98)
Lucent Technologies - Purchased Lannet for $117m(7/98)
MacAndrews & Forbes (NY) - Owns 100% of Revlon Israel Ltd
MacDermid Inc (CT) - Owns 100% of MacDermid Israel Ltd
M/A-Com Inc (MA) - Owns Iscom Israel Communications
Madge Networking (CA) - Acquired Lannet
Man & Hafetz Development(MA) - Owns 84% of American Gypsum Ltd
Manhattan Bagel (NJ) - Franchise Operation, 15 stores planned (7/98)
Manpower Inc (WI) - Owns 100% of Manpower Israel Ltd
Marriott Hotels - Franchise operations beginning 7/98
Mast Holding Inc (Limited) - Owns 53% of Middle East Metal Ltd
Mast Industries (MA) - Owns 44% of Macpell Industries
McDonalds Corp - Franchise Operation (McDonalds Israel)
MCI - Bezeq International and MCI announced on 3 Feb 98 joint $40
million investment to set up and operate the world's most advanced
automated teller machine system.
Medical Science Partners - With others, including Dow, has invested in 6
hi-tech incubators in Israel.
Medscape - Purchased 12% of SoftWatch for $3m.
Erwin Meltzer - Owns 28% of Rogosin Enterprises Ltd
Memorex Telex Corp(TX) - Owns 100% of Memorex Telex (Israel) Ltd
Mennen Medical Inc (NY) - Owns 100% of Mennen Medical Ltd
Merck - Opened subsidiary in Israel (6/97). Has been selling through
Assia-Reisl (Teva)
Mercury Interactive (CA) - Investor in Hambricht & Quist. Owns 100% of
Merucry Interactive (Israel)
Acquired Conduct Ltd (12/99)
Meridien International - Owns 73% of Rafa Laboratories Ltd
Merrill Lynch - Purchases 12.5% interest in Bezek (7/97) for $250m (with
IBI). Purchased 10% of Mashov marketing's Walla! Communications for
$2m (5/99)
MetaInfo (Seattle) - Merger with Checkpoint Software Technologies (Ramat
Gan) in a deal worth $27.5m (4/98), MetaInfo now a wholly owned
subsidiary of Checkpoint.
Micet Corp - Owns 100% of Microkim Ltd
Microsoft Corp (WA) - Owns 100% of Microsoft Israel Ltd in Haifa.
Purchased Panorama Systems (10/96)$18m
Invested $7.5m in Orion venture capital fund. (5/98)
Miltope Corp (NY) - Owns Milper Ltd
Modern Video Film Ltd - Owns 60% of Modern Plast Ltd
Monster Cable Products Inc (CA) - Owns 100% of Monster Cable Products
Morgan Stanley - Purch 1.8% of Koor Group (3/97) - Owns 5% of
Motorola - Owns Motorola Israel Ltd. Owns Motorola-Tadiran Cellular.
Founded fund for investment in local tech cos (1998)
Multi Commercial Bank (NY) - Part of the Safdie Group opened office in Isr
NBA - Franchise Operation (Elite Ltd, Lodzia Rotex Textile Ltd, Modan
Industries Ltd., Palphot Ltd., Paradise Mattresses Ltd.)
National Education Corp - 100% of Edunetics (12/96) $12m
National Semiconductor (CA) - Design subsidiary in Israel. Owns 100% of
National Semiconductors Ltd
Nations Bank/Montgomery Securities - Owns a part of Mediagate (9/98)
Negotiator Pro Co - Opened Israel subsidiary Mediation & Negotiation Ltd
Netmanage Inc (CA) - 2 subsidiaries in Israel
Newbury Ventures (CA) - VC Fund in Israel
Harry Newton/Conmputer Tech Expo - Owns a part of Mediagate (9/98)
Newtronix Systems Inc - Owns 50% of Eastronics Ltd
Nippon Industries Inc (NY) - Owns 25% of Efal Chemical Industries
Nostrom Establishment - Owns 62% of Bond America Israel Blade
North Hills Electronics (NY) - Owns 100% of North Hills Israel Ltd
Numar Corp (PA) - Owns 100% of Numalog Ltd
Octel Communications (CA) - Acquisition of Allegro
Opal Inc (CA) - Owns 100% of Opal Technologies Ltd
Optomic Technologies Corp - Owns 100% of Optomic Technologies Ltd
Oracle (CA) - Reported ready to buyout ISG (12/98)
Oram Corp - Owns 6% of Arit Technologies Ltd
OSCM-One Stop - Purchased Brown Systems, Hod Hasharon (7/99)
Overseas Public Util Gas (NY) - Owns 53% of American Israeli Gas Corp
Paper Board Mills - Owns American Paper Industries Ltd
Parametric Tech Corp (MA) - Owns 100% of Parametric
Parexel Intl Corp - Purchased 100% of Lansal Clinical Pharmaceutics
Parsons Corp - IDE Technologies Ltd (Ra'anana) $200 million JV to build
world's first vertical water treatment plant in CA.
Pepsico - Franchise Operation (Clal Trading Ltd., Elite Ltd., Tempo Beer
Industries. Ltd.). Purchases 50% of Elite Food Products, a subsidiary of
Elite Industries (11/98).
Purchased 50% of Elite Food for $10 million (2/99)
Picture Vision (VA) - Has Israel R&D Center. Now 51% owned by Eastman
Pharmos Corp - Owns 100% of Pharmos Ltd
Phillip Bros Chem (NJ) - Owns 100% of Koffolk Ltd
Pizza Hut Inc - Franchise Operation (Pizza Hut Israel). Will invest $4.5m in
1999 in new facilities
Planet Hollywood- Opened restaurant in Tel Aviv (4/96), as well as in Eilat
Platinum - Acquired Memco for $500 million (8/98)
Porta Inc (NY) - Owns 100% of North Hills Israel Ltd
Porter Novelli International - JV with Gitam/BBDO in Public Relations
Preagitzer Industries (OR) - Acquired Oranit, PCB Design Center (4/98)
Pratt & Whitney - JV w/Wertheimer Group's Blades Technology. Conducting
negotiations for the acquisition of Beit Shemesh Engines. Beit Shemesh
Engines, which went public in 1997, is traded at a $24 million value, and is
controlled by Ormat. (10/98)
Invested $100-150m additional in Blades Technology for the construction
of a new plant in the Bar Lev Industrial Pk (8/99)
Praxair - 50.01% of Maxima (12/96) $12.9m
Price Waterhouse - Opens Price Waterhouse Israel (8/97). Launches $50m
local investment fund (1/99)
Primerica Corp Ltd (NY) - Owns 100% of Commercial Credit Service
Prudential Securities - JV with YLR Capital Markets (IDB Group & Israel
Corp) to establish $50 m equity fund 07.05.96
Purotec Intl Inc (NY) - Owns 99% of Purotec Lt
QualComm (San Diego) - Has design center in Israel
Racom - JV with Tadiran opens factory for producing wireless
communication systems in Omer (2/98).
Raddison Hotels Intl - Franchise Operation (Moriah Hotels)
Ralston Purina Co- Franchise Operation (CTS Ltd)
Raychem Corporation (CA) - Owns 100% of Rachem Ltd
Ready Systems Corp (CA) - Owns 100% of Ready Systems Israel Ltd
Remax Integrity Realtors - Franchise Operation (Impact Development)
Republic Natl Bank - 100% of Bank Mizrachi NY ($28m) 1/97
Reserve Corp - Owns 98% of Global Plastic Industries
Robert Half Intl (NY) - Owns 100% of Rober Half Israel Ltd
Robertson Stephens (CA) - Investment in Evergreen VC
Robomatix Ltd (NJ) - Owns 100% of Robomatix Ltd
Rockwell International - Setup semiconductor systems division(6/96)
Rogosin Enterprises Ltd (NY) - Owns 100% of Rogosin Enterprises Ltd
Rosh Intelligent Systems (MA) - Owns 100% of Rosh Intelligent Systems
Rospatch Inc - Owns 25% of Atir Ltd
Royal Crown Cola Co - Franchise Operation (Jafori Tabori Ltd)
RSL (Ronald Lauder Group) - Purchases 51% of Delta Three(12/97)
SafeScience (MA) - Partnered with Migal Galilee Tech Center (5/98)
Safra National Bank (NY) - Purchased United Mizrahi Bank and Trust Co for
$30m (10/96)
SanDisk (CA) - Flash Memory subsidiary in Israel
Sapiens USA (CA) - Owns 100% of Software Craftsmen (Israel) Ltd
Sara Lee - 25% interest in Delta Galil. JV with Nilit for production of POY
yarns (9/96)
Owns 100% of Sara Lee International
Savyon Diagnostics (NY) - Owns 100% of Savyon Diagnostics Ltd
SBP Nederland NV (NY) - Owns 50% of Aurec Ltd
Scientific Components Ltd - Owns 80% of Rav On Electronics
J E Seagram Corp (NY) - Owns 100% of International Distillers
Seattle - Invested $370 million in a new tourism project on the Israeli-
Jordanian border between Eilat and Aqaba, via a joint company called "The
Peace Company," which will set up a large hotel and entertainment center,
to be called the Grand Oasis. (9/98)
Segnatron Inc (NJ) - Owns 17% of Segnatron Israel Ltd
Shamrock Holdings (CA) - Owns 40% of Cable Systems Media. Invested
money in First Access (9/98)
Purchased $5m shares in Paradigm Geophysical (4/99)
Sheraton Management (MA) - Owns Cosmopolitan Hotel Ltd
Shileich Corp - Owns 25% of Narex Middle East Ltd
Sigma-Aldrich Corp (MO) - Owns 100% of Makor Chemicals Ltd
Sild Unit Parts Co Inc (NJ) - Owns 100% of Sealco Thermo Electronics
Silicon Graphics Inc - Local R&D Center to open in Herzliya(12/99)
Silvaco Intl Inc (CA) - Owns 100% of Silvaco Israel Ltd
Simoden Enterprises Ltd (MI) - Owns 85% of Simoden Ltd
Slant/Fin Corp (NY) - Owns 100% of Salnt Fin-Hidron Ltd
Smith Barney - Opened Tel Aviv office 6/96. Decided to expand Israel
operations (6/97)
Solectron (CA) - Opens office in Israel (6/98)
Soros Group - Increased investment in El-Rov Israel Ltd from 16% to 23%
(4/97). Quantum Emerging and Dolphin were the two VC funds that
participated in this acquisition. Reduced stake to 12% (6/99). Increased
investment in Indigo with P.C. Chatterjee by $8.9 million (6/97)
Sotheby's Holdings Inc (NY) - Owns 100% of Sotheby's Israel Ltd
Sportmart Inc - Franchise Operation (Sportmart Israel)
Stafford Capital (PA) - $100m Israeli Real estate Investment (9/97)
Standard Textile (OH) - 50% ownership of Arad Towels Ltd
Stanley Works (CT) - Bought 90% of ZAG for $117m in cash (5/98)
Steinhardt Company - Owns 10% of Idan Software Industries ISIL
Stewart Information Services Corporation - Purch minority interest in
Israel's first private mortgage insurance company, Ezer Mortgages
Holdings (6/98)
Subway - Franchise Operation
Sudbury Systems Inc (MA) - Owns 100% of Sudbury Systems
Sunburst Communications Inc - Owns 3% of Logal Software Inc
SunDisk (CA) - Opened design center in Israel (12/96)
Sun Guard Data Systems(PA) - Purch Oshap Technologies for $210m
Sun Microsystems - Opened Sun Microsystems Israel (7/96). Purchased a
$6m interest in Precise Connectivity (6/99)
Superior Telecom - Bought 51% of Zion Cables United Works for NIS 90m
Taco Bell - Franchise Operation (Clal Trading)
Talos Intl Inc - Owns 100% of Mada Printing Systems
Tandem Computers - Opens R&D Center in Haifa with $1.5m
TBWA - Purchased 25% of Yehoshua and Partners advertising (1/98)
TBWA is part of Omicron Group
Tech Export (MA) - Owns 30% of Ligad Technical Data Ltd
Teledyne Analytical Instr - Franchise Operation (International Process
Controls Co Ltd)
Teradyne (Boston) - Purchased 20% of TEM in Givat Shaul (12/96) part of
Terayon(CA) - Acquires Telegate (10/99) Acquires Radwiz for $64m
Texas Instruments - Acquired Butterfly for $50m (1/99). Purchased Libit
for $260m (6/99). Invested in Surf Communications (9/99)
Thames Holding Inc. - Owns 42% of Carmel Forge
J Walter Thompson - Acquired 50% of Tamir Cohen Advertising for
3Com Corporation (CA) - Owns 3Com Israel (formerly Nice Systems)
(1994). R&D Divisions in Israel, NMD (Rehovot) & NCD (Herzliya Pituach).
Intends to invest close to $300m in Israel by 1999 according to CEO Eric
Benhamou in addition to the $100m already invested in Israel (2/97).
Invested $5m in Orion Fund (12/98). Acquired 10% of Swan, Israeli
Startup, for $1m (11/98). Purchased 7-10% of Jerusalem-based Silicon
Value for approximately $4m (8/99)
3M Corp (MN) - Purchased 4.5% of BATM for $10m (6/99)
Tower Records - Franchise Operation
Tower Semiconductor - New $1b investment in Israel (7/97)
Toys R Us - Franchise Operation
Michael Trachtenberg - Owns 20% of Rogosin Enterprises
Tracor Aerospace Inc(TX) - Owns 100% of Rokor Ltd subsidiary in
Jerusalem. (now Tracor is owned by GEC/UK)
Trans Pacific Resources (NY) - Owns 100% of Haifa Chemicals Ltd
Travelers Group - $75m VC fund with Dovrat Schrem & Cowen - Polaris 2
Trinity Venture Fund - Invested in Ensemble Communications’ 2 nd private
placement of a total of $13.1m(1/99)
Trufot Inc (NY) - Owns 49% of Promedico Ltd
Unicycle Trading Co - Owns 9% of Logal Software Ltd
Unisys - Opened marketing operations in Tel Aviv under the name Unisys
Computers Ltd. (8/99)
US BankCorp/Piper Jaffray - JV with Nessuah Zannex Ltd, Ramat Gan
US Robotics - Purchased Scorpio Communications Ltd 8/96 ($72m)
Unisys - Opens representative office in Tel Aviv (8/99)
United Guaranty (NC) - Acquired 80% of Ezer Mortgage Services (4/98)
United Intl Holding - Owns 49% of Tevel Israel International
United Technologies Inc (CT) - Owns 16% of Rada Electronic Industries.
Owns 40% of Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd
Unterberg Tobin - Invested $1m in RadGuard
UPS - Sets up new $50m VC fund
US Software Mgt Co - Purchased Netect for $35m (2/99)
Vanity Fair - VF Corp - Franchise Operation (Delta Galil Industries)
Venda 4 (VMA) - Owns 4% of Gambit Computers Comm
VentureOne - Established Research Center for Israeli Venture Capital
Market (9/98)
Victor Carter (CA) - Owns 3% of Teva Pharmaceuticals
Vishay Intertechnology(PA) - Owns 90% of Vishay Israel Ltd
Vision Sciences Inc - Opened Vision Sciences Ltd Israel (10/98)
Walden VC Fund (CA) - VC Fund in Israel
Warner Communications - Franchise Operation (Hed Arzi Ltd)
West Point Pepperell Inc - Franchise Operation (Zilberberg Yehuda Ltd - Nili
Weyerhauser Co - Owns 50% of Tri-Wall Containers
Wind River Systems(CA) - Investment in Emultek (1/98)
Witco Corp (NY) - Owns 60% of Witco Ltd
World Courier Metro Svcs - Franchise Operation
WorldWideWeb Networx - Invested $18m in JenCom Digital Technologies
WSI (CA) Semiconductors - Owns 100% of WSI Israel /Design center
Xsirius Superconductivity - Owns 100% of Xsirius Superconductivity
Zoran Corp (CA) - 2 subsidiaries in Israel. Owns 99% of Zoran
Microelectronics Ltd

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