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nose. 9 Our blood is made up of red and white blood a kidneys b lungs c braces d cells . before you go and it's 10  Can we please go inside? I have a(n) worse in spring when all the owers are blooming. a appetite b allergy c temperature d remedy on an open wound because it 11  You shouldn't put will stick to the skin. a gauze b gown c cream d nutrient such as herbal tea with lemon and 12  A natural honey can really do wonders for a sore throat. a solution b cure c injection d remedy 13  You cant buy this medicine unless your doctor has for you. lled a a preparation b condition c prescription d sensation 14  The vet had to his leg. a depend b comment c keep d operate on my dog Rex when he broke

Choose the correct answers.
1 Quick! I need a tissue. Ive got a a crooked b broken c runny d blocked

2  You should spend at least 10 minutes jogging. a warming up b working out c passing out d growing up 3  Once you get the injection, you'll be and won't catch it. a lling b essential c immune d allergic

to the disease

from a condition that is easily curable, so 4  Your son please do not worry. a benets b suffers c recovers d resists of eating healthy food! Give me a 5  Im so hamburger! a full b unwell c ill d sick

food, we would 6  If people stopped eating so much be a much healthier and tter society. a poisonous b processed c physical d plentiful 7  Did you know that you can get ____ from certain vegetables? It isnt only in meat. a minerals b bre c protein d carbohydrates again, start by cutting down on 8  If you want to get all the chocolate you eat. a obese b fat c t d shape
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. I really need to do some exercise and start 15  Im eating healthily. a in bad shape b under the weather c up and about d in agony 16  Some people are allergic to can't eat cheese or yoghurt. a crunchy b sugary c dairy d daily products so they

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17  Frank always eating on TV. a lays b loses c lls d misses

his appetite when he sees people

Joes temperature again. We need 19  Its time to to make sure we keep him cool. a look b get c take d catch with a bad cold, she had to stay at 20  When Liza home for a week. a came down b came round c got over d fell to

a balanced diet instead of 18  You should opt always eating junk food. a for b from c of d off

(___ / 20 marks)

Gr ammar
Choose the correct answers.
1 'I wish I so fond of sweets.' 'Don't worry about it now. Have a biscuit! a weren't b am not c didn't d don't it the local food while they were in 8  Not once Thailand. a they ate b did they eat c they did eat d did eat watching so much TV!' 'I wish you 'Oh, Mum. I only watch it in the evenings!' a will stop b would to stop c should stop d would stop an overweight person in this gym. Rarely a you do see b you don't see c do you see d dont you see 'What did the doctor say?' my salt intake or else !' 'She said I had better  a to reduce b reduce c be reducing d reducing It's high time he a start b starts c started d starting thinking about his health.

2  No sooner had she started her morning run began to pour. a than b when c then d what 3 I'd rather a we play b I play c to play d play

9 10 11 12 13

football than watch it in the stadium.

waking up early to go jogging in the 4  I am slowly mornings. a getting used to b used to c get used to d get used 5 6 7 he had worn a warmer jacket in the snow.' ' 'He wouldn't have that terrible cough now.' a I wish b I only wish c If only d I wish only a b c d so heavy; I feel terrible. Have I never been Never have I been I have never be Never I have been meat.

'Shall I make hamburgers for dinner this evening?' a nice big salad.' 'No, I a would rather you make b would rather you made c would rather you making d am rather you make he eats mostly

My dad prefers vegetables a from b than c rather d to

14  Not only does he never exercise, fried foods! a though b instead c however d but

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15 16 17

I wish I that crazy diet last week. a didn't start b hadn't started c wasn't starting d weren't starting 'Which do you like better, apples or oranges?' oranges.' 'I a would prefer b would rather c prefer d preferred such long hours?' 'Is Frank 'Yes, he's been doing it for years.' a use to working b used to work c used to working d getting used to work

18  Tommy prefers taking vitamins good for him! a eating b to eating c to eat d rather than eat

food that is

19  you like to make an appointment, please take my card. a Would b Shall c Should d Will 20 a b c d healthier food, she wouldn't be so ill now. If had eaten Has she eaten Would she eat Had she eaten

(___ / 20 marks)

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