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Chaitanya Varma Danduprolu

8-1-7, Tatagudi Center Bhadrachalam-507111

Email: Objective #ee$ing %or acceptance into a %ine in&titution to obtain M.#. in Electrical Engineering and gain more $no'ledge in the %ield 'hile doing out&tanding re&earch in ()#* technologie&. Professional Skills Hardware descriptive Lan ua es Mobile#: 091-95739 !93"

#imulation o% digital circuit& in (E+*),-. .igital de&ign u&ing (/.)

!mbedded Systems tools"

Microcontroller 0rogramming: .e1eloped 1ariou& application& u&ing *ntel- 0 12

3tmel-34ME-3 5)35 and Microchip-0*5 167 "2 0*5 1676! .

#imulation #o%t'are: 3(+#tudio2 Microchip *.E2 0roteu& lite.

Pro rammin Lan ua es"

(i&ual 8a&ic: .e1eloped an inde9 ba&ed data retrie1al &y&tem. 52 5# and data &tructure&.
!D# $ools" Model&im %ork !&perience Dr' Paul (aj !n ineerin )ab 3&&i&tant Colle e )Dec *+,*- till now.

5oordinated .igital circuit& :()#*; lab and 5ommunication lab. .e1eloped (/.) and (erilog code %or ba&ic gate&2 %lip-%lop& and %re<uency

5oordinated the pro=ect& o% the %inal year &tudent&.

%orkshops and /nterns //$-0hara pur (obotryst workshop )Sept1*+,,.

.e1eloped a line %ollo'ing robot 'ith 3tmel 34ME-3 ).

/n-plant $rainin at #ll /ndia (adio )2une1*+,,.

>ndergone training on 8roadca&t &y&tem& at &tudio tran&mitting center and

learned 1ariou& %unction& o% ?#tudio to 4ran&mitter lin$@. /ntern at /$C- Paper Specialty and Paperboards Division the importance o% tuning 0*. in control &y&tem&. )3ay1*+,,.

#tudied 1ariou& application& o% control &y&tem& in paper indu&trie& and learned ,btained hand&-on e9perience in tuning 0*. %or the reduction o% 1ariation& in
ba&i& 'eight2 moi&ture and caliper o% paper.

!ducation and Certifications !mbedded Systems Certification 0roli%ic 4raining *n&titute2 /yderabad2 *ndia )*+,*.

Aor$ed on Microcontroller-*5 communication protocol& li$e *!52 53B and #0*. .e1eloped a prototype o% (ending Machine 'ith 0*5 microcontroller&. .e1eloped ba&ic application on 3+M 7 proce&&or. )earned 1ariou& &cheduling algorithm& in +4,# programming. .e1eloped program& %or 0*51 &erie& 0*52 and de&igned ba&ic robot&. )*++7-*+,*.

4achelor Of $echnolo y in !C! - Percenta e" 56'75)8P#"9':. .r. 0aul +a= Engineering 5ollege2 8hadrachalam2 *ndia 5our&e'or$: *. .igital *5 application&. **. (ery )arge #cale *ntegrated 5ircuit&. ***. )inear *5 application&. *(. 3nalog 5ommunication&. (. .igital 5ommunication&. (*. ,ptical communication&. (**. ,perating #y&tem&. (***. .i&crete Mathematic&.

3cademic 0ro=ect&: *. Mar& E9ploration +o1er 0rototype **. .e&igned a prototype o% Mar& E9ploration +o1er that can auto na1igate and tran&mit 1ital in%ormation &uch a& humidity2 temperature to the ho&t computer. ***. Multi agent ba&ed real time &ecurity robot. 4hi& *EEE prototype i& capable o% %inding deleteriou& ga&e& li$e co !2 methane and al&o detect& the harm%ul temperature li$e that in a coal mine.

0re&ented paper-pre&entation& on Banotechnology2 ,ptical computing C #pin


E&tabli&hed a &tudent club committee in the 5ollege.

*. *nitiated and de1eloped a &ocial C &tudy group club ?0>)#E@. **. 3l&o &er1ed a& editor o% 0>)#E monthly club magaEine.

Aon a 7ir&t 0riEe in 5ollege 4able 4enni& 5ompetition.