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STATE OF MAINE COURT Cumberland, ss.


I&OR MALEN O, Pla(nt()) ..

LORI ,ANDRA,AN, De)endant

NO5 COMES De)endant, Lor( ,andra6an, pro se, and t6(s Court, 7ursuant to statute, namel8 %1!A M.R.S. 2 %3$4, )or a mod()(9at(on o) t6e 96(ld su77ort and .(s(tat(on terms 9onta(ned (n t6e Court*s De9(s(on and Order (ssued b8 t6(s Court dated Februar8 %, 0"%% :6erea)ter, t6e ;De9(s(on<'. As =rounds )or t6(s mot(on, De)endant alle=es: %' 5(t6 res7e9t to 96(ld su77ort, t6ere 6as been a mater(al 96an=e o) 9(r9umstan9es s(n9e t6e De9(s(on >as (ssued: t6e De9(s(on*s 96(ld su77ort terms are e?7l(9(tl8 7red(9ated on De)endant*s ne> em7lo8ment at a @ob %

7a8(n= A%"$,""" annuall8B as o) Februar8 %", 6o>, De)endant*s em7lo8ment 6as been term(nated and s6e (s no> >(t6 an (n9omeB and 0' 5(t6 res7e9t to .(s(tat(on, t6ere 6as been a mater(al 96an=e o) 9(r9umstan9es s(n9e t6e De9(s(on >as (ssued: t6e De9(s(on*s .(s(tat(on terms are 7red(9ated on t6e assum7t(on t6at De)endant (s relo9at(n= to 5as6(n=ton, D.C. )or 6er ne> @obB as o) no>, s(n9e De)endant (s unem7lo8ed, s6e >(ll rema(n (n Ma(ne. A99ord(n=l8, De)endant 7ra8s t6(s Court )or a re9al9ulat(on o) 96(ld su77ort based on 6er 9urrent (n9ome, >6(96 (s no> Cero, and )or a mod()(9at(on o) .(s(tat(on terms based on De)endant*s 9ont(nu(n= res(den9e (n Ma(ne and, t6ere)ore, 6er =reater a.a(lab(l(t8 )or .(s(tat(on. De)endant also ur=es t6at M(la*s best (nterest >(ll be ser.ed b8 an arran=ement t6at d(.(des M(la*s t(me eDuall8 bet>een 6er 7arents >(t6 M(la sta8(n= >(t6 Pla(nt()) )rom t6e )(rst t6rou=6 t6e )()teent6 o) ea96 mont6 and sta8(n= >(t6 De)endant )rom t6e )()teent6 to t6e t6(rt8Et6(rt8!)(st o) ea96 mont6. T6(s re)le9ts a 9om7rom(se bet>een Pla(nt())*s >(s6es )or more t(me >(t6 M(la, on t6e one 6and, and on t6e ot6er t6e stab(l(t8 t6at De)endant bel( (s (n M(la*s best (nterest, and >6(96 >ould ar=ue (n )a.or o) a77ro?(mat(n= t6e t(me >(t6 6er 7arents M(la en@o8ed be)ore t6e De9(s(on, >6en s6e s7ent t6e bulF o) 6er t(me >(t6 De)endant. Modification of Child Support. T6e C6(ld Su77ort 5orFs6eet atta96ed to t6e De9(s(on s7e9()(es t6at De)endant*s annual (n9ome (s A%"$,""". T6(s >as based on De)endant*s test(mon8 on Ganuar8 %H, 0"%% t6at s6e 6ad @ust been 6(red )or a @ob (n 5as6(n=ton, D.C. 7a8(n= t6at salar8. T6e Court a9Fno>led=ed t6at De)endant 6as no ot6er sour9e o) (n9ome.

Un)ortunatel8, De)endant lost 6er ne> @ob as o) Februar8 %", 0"%%. Atta96ed 6ereto as E?6(b(t ;A< (s a 9o78 o) t6e term(nat(on letter )rom De)endant*s em7lo8er, dated Februar8 %", 0"%%, stat(n= t6at 6er @ob (s term(nated as o) Februar8 %" be9ause ;)und(n= )or 8our 9urrent 7os(t(on (s s96eduled to end, e))e9t(.e (mmed(atel8< due a )reeCe o) =o.ernment )unds. It s6ould be stressed t6at t6(s term(nat(on, as 9learl8 s6o>n b8 t6e letter, (s (n.oluntar8 as )ar as De)endant (s 9on9erned and 6as not6(n= > to do >(t6 an8 a9t or om(ss(on on De)endant*s 7artB (nstead, (t re)le9ts an un)oreseen ;re9entl8 announ9ed sus7ens(on o) AED*s ab(l(t8 to obta(n ne> =o.ernment )und(n= and t6e 9orres7ond(n= e))e9t . . . on AED*s 9urrent and 7ro@e9ted >orF.< :E?6(b(t ;A.<' T6e s(=n()(9an9e o) t6(s ne> and un)oreseen de.elo7ment 6ardl8 needs em76as(s. Clearl8, De)endant no> 6as no (n9ome and 9annot 7oss(bl8 meet t6e 96(ld su77ort reDu(rements (m7osed b8 t6e De9(s(on, >6(96 assumes an annual salar8 o) A%"$,""". Clearl8, t6e 96(ld su77ort )(=ures 9onta(ned (n t6e De9(s(on must be re9al9ulated >(t6 De)endant*s 9urrent (n9ome I at 7resent, not6(n= I (n m(nd. T6e same =oes )or t6e De9(s(on*s allo9at(on to De)endant o) #"J o) all un(nsured med(9al and dental e?7enses )or M(la (n e?9ess o) A0$"."". 5(t6out (n9ome, De)endant ob.(ousl8 does not earn #"J o) t6e 7arents* total (n9ome. F(nall8, De)endant ar=ues belo> )or a mod()(9at(on o) .(s(tat(on t(me so t6at M(la s7ends 6er t(me eDuall8 >(t6 bot6 7arents s7l(tt(n= t6e mont6 (n 6al) e.enl8 allo>s M(la a sol(d blo9F o) t(me >(t6 ea96 7arent and m(n(m(Ces trans)ers to onl8 one a mont6. T6(s >(ll alter t6e 7ro7ort(on o) e?7enses s6ouldered b8 ea96 7arent as 7art o) M(la*s 9areB t6ere)ore (t, too, s6ould be 9ons(dered (n t6e Court*s re9al9ulat(on o) 96(ld su77ort to t6e e?tent su96 mod()(9at(on (s =ranted K

b8 t6e Court. A99ord(n=l8, De)endant 7ra8s t6e Court )or a ne> 9al9ulat(on o) 96(ld su77ort 9ons(stent >(t6 9urrent 9(r9umstan9es. Modification of Visitation. T6e De9(s(on stresses t6at ;M(la*s .(s(ts >(t6 t6e De)endant ou=6t to be )reDuent and 7lent()ul.< :E?6(b(t ;A,< 7. $.' ,o>, t6e Court allo9ated onl8 t6ree >eeFends a mont6 )or su96 .(s(tat(on, ob.(ousl8 on t6e assum7t(on Is6ared b8 all 7art(es unt(l no> I t6at De)endant >ould be l(.(n= (n 5as6(n=ton, D.C. (n order to rema(n em7lo8ed at 6er ne> @ob. ,o>, no> t6at t6(s @ob does not e?(st, and be9ause o) t6e 7aramount (m7ortan9e o) M(la to De)endant, De)endant (ntends to rema(n at 6er 9urrent res(den9e (n Ma(ne. T6(s ob.(ousl8 amounts to a dramat(9 :and un)oreseen' 96an=e o) 9(r9umstan9es >(t6 an eDuall8 ob.(ous e))e9t on t6e 7ro7er .(s(tat(on t(me. /e)ore t6e De9(s(on, M(la*s 7r(mar8 res(den9e >as >(t6 De)endant. T6e De9(s(on allo9ates t6e =reat ma@or(t8 o) 7arent(n= t(me to Pla(nt()). De)endant 7ro7oses a s(m7le 9om7rom(se. To ensure 7art(9(7at(on b8 bot6 7arents (n M(la*s l()e, and to =(.e as mu96 stab(l(t8 as 7oss(ble to M(la I >6o unt(l no> 6as s7ent most o) 6er t(me >(t6 De)endant I De)endant 7ro7oses t6at t6e 7art(es d(.(de 7arent(n= t(me eDuall8 >(t6 t>o >eeFs 7er mont6, (n a sol(d blo9F o) t(me, allo9ated to ea96 7arent. T6(s =(.es Pla(nt()) t6e add(t(onal t(me >(t6 M(la 6e 6as been seeF(n=, 8et a77ro?(mates as mu96 as 7oss(ble t6e arran=ement 7re.(ousl8 en@o8ed b8 M(la, t6us =(.(n= 6er add(t(onal stab(l(t8. T6(s, De)endant bel(, M(la*s best (nterests. T6(s 9on9lus(on (s buttressed b8 %1!A M.R.S. 2 %3$K:K', >6(96 e?7l(9(tl8 sets )ort6 )a9tors to be 9ons(dered (n determ(n(n= t6e 96(ld*s best (n (nterest (n an8 9ustod8E.(s(tat(on order. Subse9t(on :/' :;t6e relat(ons6(7 o) t6e 96(ld >(t6 t6e 96(ld*s 7arents<', subse9t(on :E' :;t6e stab(l(t8 o) an8 7ro7osed l(.(n= arran=ements )or t6e 96(ld<' and subse9t(on :&' :;t6e 96(ld*s H

ad@ustment to t6e 96(ld*s 7resent 6ome, s96ool and 9ommun(t8<' all m(l(tate (n )a.or o) =(.(n= M(la more t(me >(t6 De)endant t6an 9urrentl8 7ro.(ded )or (n t6e De9(s(on. And, s(n9e t6e str(9tures o) t6e De9(s(on >ere based on t6e assum7t(on o) De)endant l(.(n= 6undreds o) m(les a>a8, t6ere (s no reasonable =rounds to o77ose t6e 96an=e sou=6t b8 De)endant 6ere(n. T6e .a9at(on 7lans set )ort6 (n t6e De9(s(on are des(=ned essent(all8 to be e.en!6anded, and t6ere)ore need not 96an=e. 5,EREFORE, De)endant 7ra8s t6e Court to =rant t6(s mot(on, 7ursuant to %1!A M.R.S. 2 %3$4, mod()8(n= bot6 t6e 96(ld su77ort and .(s(tat(on 7ro.(s(ons o) t6e De9(s(on and Order dated Februar8 %, 0"%%.

Dated at Sorrento, t6(s %$t6 da8 o) Februar8, 0"%%. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LORI ,ANDRA,AN De)endant pro se 0"4!#%0!"%1%