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1. How valuable is the tradition of promotion from within and how disruptive will it be to deviate from the tradition? What are the advantages and risks of promoting from within in this situation? It is highly valuable for a company to have a tradition of promoting its employees from within since it can be a win-win situation wherein not only does the company save time and money but also strengthen the whole management. However, planning to deviate from the said tradition might bring negative effects such as having the possibility to develop jealousy among other employees when promoted, confusion and not being able to cope up with the changes in the working environment. First, when supervisors and management at all levels are encouraged to be on the lookout for company employees who offer exceptional potential, promotion from within can be seamless and have little or no cost at all. Second, it is likely to have an employee who is already familiar with the company policies, written and unwritten. Next, an employee would certainly get motivated to do works that will bring positive results to the company and to him as well are some of the advantages when applied in the situation. There would also be risks like eventually making the employee synergy down that is often the foundation for success.

2. As head of HR, how are you going to handle the problem of the incumbent production manager, Analisa Rafol, considering she rose from the ranks because of exceptional performance record? Although failing in the position assigned, Id still consider Analisa Rafol to be a part of the company because of the exceptional performance record she has. Despite being an ineffective production manager, the skills Analisa used to have in her earlier position will help rise the company in the latter part. Moreover, assigning someone who has greater potential to take over Rafols position would be a better solution.

3. If the company decided to recruit from outside, what are the best external recruiting sources for finding a new production manager? Being an important management staff, it is a need for the company to recruit the most suitable person who has a great experience in managing the production well. I suggest utilizing the Private Employment Agencies method that can serve as an excellent source of qualified applicants and the Executive Search Firms (head-hunters) method which direct their efforts toward finding high-level managerial and professional talent for organizations through raiding or luring employees away from other organizations.