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Year 3 Grammar- Plurals

MOST words MOST words that end in ch, sh, s, x, z MOST words that end in a consonant and y MOST words that end in f or fe MOST words that end in o SOME words that end in o

+s + es y ies f/fe ves +s + es
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bag bags bookbooks foxfoxes busbuses babybabies flyflies leafleaves halfhalves kangarookangaroos pianopianos potatopotatoes heroheroes

Year 3 GrammarCommon and Proper Nouns

Common Nouns = name a person, a place or a thing Proper Nouns = special word (name) we use for a person, a place or a thing

Common Nouns
man, boy woman, girl country, town

Proper Nouns
Yulleh Leela Malaysia, Kuantan

company shop, restaurant

month, day book, film

Proton, Adidas Pavilion, McDonalds

March, Thursday Cinderella, Shrek

* Remember we always use apital etters for proper nouns!

Charlotte Lewis

Year 3 Grammar- Pronouns

We use when we talk about people or things!

Subject Pronouns
I you he she

Object Pronouns
me you him her

it we
you they

it us
you them

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There are

Year 3 GrammarDemonstrative Pronouns

and !

demonstrative pronouns

t *A
person or object that is



person or object that is


* More than one person or object that



* More than one person or object that



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Year 3 GrammarPossessive Pronouns

There are
possessive pronouns , Possessive pronouns tell us owns something. and !

This ice cream is

This box is

That book is

That car is

That ball is
Charlotte Lewis

This house is

Year 3 Grammar- Verbs

Verbs are words! We use verbs to describe

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Year 3 GrammarSimple Present Tense

We use the simple present tense to describe I brush my teeth. We go to school. Sharks live in the sea.
* Look at the table below. Sometimes you must add

Subject He

Verb eats

Subject I/ You

Verb eat

She It

eats eats

We They

eat eat

Using the table, try making sentences with different verbs

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Year 3 GrammarSimple Past Tense

We use the We add , or for actions that happened in the to make the simple past tense. !

dance - danced live - lived

look - looked open - opened

try - tried study studied

The Four Rules Regular verbs ending in silent e Regular verbs ending in vowel + y
Regular verbs ending in consonant All other regular verbs
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d add ed + y add ied add ed


Year 3 GrammarSimple Past Tense

of the most common irregular verbs
be- was/were buy brought begin began bring brought buy bought come came do did get- got give gave go went have had hear heard keep kept know knew put put read read run ran say said see saw sell sold send sent speak spoke stand- stood swim swam teach taught take took tell- told think- thought

drink drank
eat - ate feel - felt

leave left
make made meet - met

sing sang
sit sat sleep slept

wear wore write wrote

Charlotte Lewis

Year 3 GrammarConjunctions

We use AND to join two parts of a sentence

I like bananas. I like apples. ffnd I like bananas AND apples.

We use OR to show a choice

Do you like bananas? Do you like apples? Do you like bananas OR apples?

We use BUT to show the a contrast

I like bananas. I dont like apples. I like bananas BUT I dont like apples.
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Year 3 GrammarPrepositions
Prepositions tell us a person, place, animal or thing is

The mouse is The mouse is the box. the box. The mouse is The mouse is the box. the box.

Some more prepositions!

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Year 3 GrammarAdjectives
are great! We use , a or a to describe a , an

What does it look ff like?

What does it feel like?

Charlotte Lewis

What does it sound like?

Year 3 GrammarArticles
We use

a before a noun that start with a consonant

a banana a unicorn

or a consonant sound

We use

an before a noun that starts with a vowel

an umbrella an hour


or vowel sound

We use

the when speaking/ writing about a specific


Are you going to the party? The book is on the table.

need articles! Make sure you use them

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Year 3 GrammarDeclarative Sentences

are used a lot in English writing and speaking! give us information! ff do not need a reply from the reader/ listener!

Kuala Lumpur is a city.

It is healthy to eat fruit.

Charlotte Lewis

I like playing football.