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Master of Business Administration Online

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The University of Northwestern Ohio prepares students for careers and productive citizenship that encompass the business, professional, corporate, and technological communities by providing quality education and training in response to the needs and aspirations of our constituents. We continually strive to provide the highest quality education and teaching excellence by enhancing research to constantly improve their curriculum and departmental status. UNOH is one of the most affordable private universities in Ohio and our students receive over $440,000 in scholarships each year.

Our 100% Online Master of Business Administration fuses the values of UNOHs academic tradition with a
The Graduate College proudly structures the MBA as a Our students can learn at a steady pace by taking either one or two courses per quarter, while enjoying time off between each term. The Master of Business Administration courses are designed to help working professionals catapult existing careers to new heights or to pursue higher levels of new employment

progressive MBA A thats both convenient and affordable? Thats UNOH!

University of Northwestern Ohio is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ( UNOH is approved to offer masters degrees by the Ohio State Board of Education.

management, and more.

18 Months. 48 Credit Hours. A New Future.

UNOHs 100% online MBA can be obtained in as little as 18 months. Courses are structured so students can enroll in two courses each quarter with a one week break in-between sessions. We have adapted our course schedule to improve the outcomes

Core Course Descriptions

MBA501 Introduction to Graduate Writing This course is designed to provide students with graduate skills they will need in many of the other MBA courses. This course will focus on critical writing issues for graduate-level students. Emphasis will be placed on addressing writing techniques and the APA writing style. Co-requisite: MBA502. MBA502 Introduction to Graduate Studies This course is designed to provide students with graduate skills they will need in many of the other MBA courses. This course will focus on critical issues for graduate-level students. Emphasis will be placed on orienting students to UNOH and addressing informational technology resources, critical analyticalthinking, and case analysis methodology. MBA600 Marketing Management This course examines the role of the marketing function for both consumer and business markets. Relevant theory and practice are discussed in relation to principles, analysis, and planning for developing and implementing marketing strategies. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA610 Human Resources Management This course examines the policies and regulations affecting human resources issues. Emphasis will be on analysis of the management of human resources from legal, organizational and practical viewpoints. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA620 Accounting for Managers Students are introduced to methods of utilizing accounting theories and techniques to real-world case studies. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. concepts are discussed in the context of internal management needs. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA630 Production & Operations Management This course presents design, planning, and control for effective supply chain and process control. Learners apply the techniques and principles to effectively manage market leadership, organizational growth, and innovation. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA690 Management Capstone This course is designed to be a capstone course for the MBA program. Students will have the chance to analyze, synthesize and evaluate theories, terms and concepts discussed in other MBA courses through the use of cases and real-life situations. This course is designed to be an information application course. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA640 Quantitative Analysis for Management Probability, decision theory, and forecasting are studied to make objective business decisions in the face of uncertainty. Business models are developed and linear programming is studied to make the most effective use of a business organizations resources. Inventory control, project management, and queuing business organizations. Microsoft EXCEL software is used throughout the course. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA650 Leadership In this course students acquire knowledge of and apply effective leadership practices as they work to understand their own personal leadership style. Students will also compare and contrast other common leadership styles. Students will analyze their own leadership strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, students will be assessing their organizations framework for leadership. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA660 Management Information Systems In this course students are introduced to the processes necessary to align the organizations information systems to create a competitive strategy. Students will examine the processes and factors involved in the successful application of information technology to support the organizations strategy. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA670 Finance for Managers a wide range of management decisions, including: assessing the

Class Code Description Credits

MBA 501 MBA 502 MBA 600 MBA 610 MBA 620 MBA 630 MBA 640 MBA 650 MBA 660 MBA 670 MBA 690

Introduction to Graduate Writing Introduction to Graduate Studies Marketing Management Human Resources Management Accounting for Managers Production and Operations Management Quantitative Analysis for Management Leadership Management Information Systems Finance for Managers Management Capstone Total Credit Hours Required

2 credit hrs. 2 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 40

(Students will be scheduled for two of the elective courses below.)
Class Code Description Credits

MBA 540 MBA 560 MBA 580 MBA 625 MBA 680

Learning Organizations Legal and Ethical Environment of Business Global Business Issues and Strategies Accounting Theory Managerial Economics Total Credit Hours Required

4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 8

Elective Course Descriptions

MBA540 Learning Organizations In this course students acquire knowledge of how organizational learning occurs at the individual, team, and system levels. Systems thinking is analyzed and applied to a variety of organizational processes and situations. The class includes brief lectures, assigned readings with prepared class discussions, exercises, and discussion of the results of the simulation to demonstrate systems thinking competency. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA560 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business This course examines the legal and ethical environments that organizations and managers face and how these environments impact business. Course topics include privacy and technology, government regulation in the workplace, valuing diversity, environmental protection, marketing legalities, product liability, and intellectual property. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA580 Global Business Issues and Strategies This course will investigate the major themes in international business today. The main emphasis will be on the four major subject areas of global business issues and strategies which include management, economics, political science and strategy. This course will provide a truly global perspective by exposing the student to cultural diversity for both the practitioner and the scholar. Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA625 Accounting Theory Presentation of standard setting and accounting theory information about economic entities to investors and creditors who do not control these business entities, but do have a Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance. MBA680 Managerial Economics This course applies economic theory and methods to business and administrative decision-making and tells managers how decisions should be analyzed to achieve organizational objectives forces affect organizations and describes the economic consequences of managerial behavior. Special attention is paid to the Pre-requisite: MBA Program Acceptance.

*UNOH includes textbooks in its tuition an estimated $2,000 per year savings for full-time students.

Applying to University of Northwestern Ohios Online MBA Program

Candidates for the online Master of Business Administration program will have:

Online tutoring is available 24/7, including tutorials and discussion boards.

Obtained a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited university A 3.0 GPA in undergraduate work will grant the student unconditional acceptance A 2.5 -2.99 GPA in undergraduate work will grant the student conditional acceptance Additionally, candidates must: Complete a telephone interview with the Director of the MBA Program Submit a personal statement: In approximately 250-500 words, explain why you are pursuing an MBA and how your organizational and time management skills, creativity, and educational/ work experience will contribute to your success in the program
Full-time online MBA students will take two courses per quarter, or eight quarter credit hours per term.Part-time online MBA students will take one course per quarter, or four quarter credit hours per term. UNOH accepts international students to the online MBA program.

Tuition & Financial Aid

At UNOH, students can earn a 100% online MBA affordably and in as little as 18 months. UNOH online MBA cost-per-credit hour: $550 Number of credit hours to receive an MBA: 48 Total tuition of UNOHs online MBA: $26,400 Additional cost of textbooks: $0* Additional quarterly fee: $130 One-time Remote Proctor Pro purchase: $170**

**Students can purchase the Remote Proctor Pro online at Remote Proctor Pro is required for two of UNOHs online Master of Business Administration courses.

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