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Hey everybody GA question IBPS po 2013 19/10/13 Complete list of 40 questions 1. Chairman of US Federal Reserve Janet Yellen 2.

. SLR full form Statutory Liquidity Ratio 3. National Award in Best Entertaining Movie Category Vicky Donor 4. What is the Maximum Home loan limit to a person in metropolitan city? 5. Interest Rate for Export 6. Current bank rate 9.00 % 7. About SARFAESI act Secularization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act,2002 related with NPA 8. Micro industry(service) set up cost limit 9. Where is national institute of sports Patiala 10. Inventor of mouse who died recently Douglas Engelbert 11.Which among below a microprocessor manufacturing company (Option- Intel, Microsoft etc) 12. Name of tablet made by Microsoft Surface 13. Term associated with cricket 14.Who keeps all credit information of persons CIBIL 15. Two question from union budget 16. Basic Saving Bank Deposit Scheme (BSBDA) For elderly People and Student Living Outside their Native Home- Maximum Limit in the Account Per Month- Answer IS 25000 RS and 10000 can be transacted at once. 17. About Aam Admi Bima Yojana 18. MICR full form Magnetic ink character recognition 19. Author of book The lowland Jhumpa Lahri 20. Australian PM Tony Abbot 21. Main Focus Of RaghuRam Rajan Comitte- Comes Under Planning Commission and Financial sector Reforms 22. Target fiscal deficit of govt in FY 2013-14 4.8% 23. Who among following are major applicant in new banking license. (Option: Tata Sons, Mahindra etc) 24. Which of the following not considered as proof of identity while opening account in bank (options-passport,electricity bill,adhar card,pan card,driving license) 25. Who is not an MP (Option -Amitabh Bachchan , Dharmendra,etc) 26. Pan Card essential for how much money transaction 27. Branch On Wheels scheme by which bank ICICI 28. EU 28th Member Croatia 29. Britain PM David Cameron 30. CCTV Full Form Closed-circuit television 31. NPA Category 32. Tagore Award for cultural harmony Zubin Mehta 33. About MNREGA 100 Days 34. INS Sindhurakshak Made by Russia 35. Hummingbird Alogorithm deveoloped by Google 36. Corporate Debt Limit- 25bn $ 37. Limit of Micro Enterprise as per MSME act 2006- 25 lakh 38. Largest Producer of Gold China

39. RBI Rajbhasha awards PNB 40. Roshni Scheme Roshni for Naxalite-affected areas, placement linked skill development scheme.


The present article is PIN 2013. Dealing from Jan2013 upto 13th Oct2013. Mainly keeping IBPS PO/MT/Clerk, UPSCs CAPF-CDS-IFOS and other upcoming State PCS, PSU, SSC exams in mind. For optimum results: copy paste this data in MS word (or separate excel spreadsheets or onenote), then keep updating these tables from magazines and newspapers until you get selected in your dream job . Otherwise firefighting style of preparation e.g. once IBPS is over Ill not prepare current affairs until I get some interview call letter/ some other exam notification=#epicfail. If there are any additions, corrections, do post them in comments. By the way RAS Prelim exam halltickets have been uploaded click me (Sarkari servers always slow so try during non-office hours.)

[PIN] Indian Politics, Constitutional, Statutory, Bureaucrats

PM CJI CAG CEC CVC CIC UPSC Attorney General Solicitor General Ofcourse everyone knows: Mohan. But in Jun 2013, He took oath as Rajya Sabha MP from Assam (five times in a row). P.Sathashivam replaced Altamas Kabir. Shashikant Sharma replaced Vinod Rai. And Vinod Rai became UN Audit panel Chief. V. S. Sampath replaced SY Qureshi Pradeep Kumar Deepak Sandhu. First lady CIC, replaced Satyanand Mishra.She served in Indian information services. Chairman DP Aggarwal. Been on this post since 2008. Hope he retires soon.Ex.CBI director AP Singh became new member. Goolam Vahanvati Mohan ParasaranResigned: Rohinton Nariman, for difference with law minister. Law Minister Ashwini Kumar also resigned for vetting a CBI report on its coal block investigations thus cycle of Karma is complete. 1st Anglo Indian MP (Rajya Sabha) to vote in Presidential Elections (of Pranab).Note that Anglo-Indian nominated MPs cannot vote in Presidential elections. But Derek is not nominated he is elected from West Bengal as Rajya Sabha MP.The two nominated Anglo Indian MPs in 15th LS areDr. Charles Dias (Kerala) and Mrs.Ingrid Mcleod (Chhattisgarh). T.K. vishwanathan. Lok sabha secretary, recently retired . Now became advisor to the president of india on constitutional matters. This is the newly created post.Selection by collegium of speaker,leader of house and leader of

Derek OBrian

Advisor to President

opposition. Delhi LT.Governor Gujarat lokayukta CM Tripura CM Nagaland NDDB Najib Jung replaced Tejinder Khanna. Justice R.A Mehta .Refused to accept the job . Manik Sarkar Neiphiu Rio Amrita Patel, National dairy Development board. Been in news for she wants to resign.

National commissions
Human rights Justice KG Balkrishnan Women Mamta Sharma Minorities Wajahat Habibullah the former CIC SC P.L. Punia ST Rameshwar Uraon, OBC Justice Vangala Eswariah replaced Justice M.N.Rao Children Kushal Singh

Service Chiefs
Navy Admiral Devendra Joshi replaced Nirmal Verma Airforce Air Marshal N.A.K. Browne replaced Pradeep Vasant Naik Gen. Bikram Singh. He replaced VK Singh, who remains in news for controversy Army related to Destabilizing JK government

Security/Space/Strategic related
ISRO Atomic Energy commission CRPF BSF CBI IB K. Radhakrishnan Ratan Kumar Sinha DG Dilip Trivedi First woman special DG in CRPF=Aruna Bahuguna Subhash Joshi Ranjit Sinha S.A. Ibrahim. (First Muslim chief of IB)- Important for ACIO interview. Sharad kumar Founder:B.Raman,Dead.Current chief: Alok Joshi. New Chief Avinash Chander

NIA RAW DRDO National Disaster Response Krishna Chaudhari Force Senior security advisor in home K. Vijaykumar.For anti-Naxal operations. ministry

Foreign Affairs Sujatha Singh (IFS). She is the third woman foreign Secretary of India. Home Anil Goswami Defense R.K.Mathur. Finance Rajiv Takru

High Commissioner to Pakistan TCA Raghavan. Indias permanent representative to UN Asoke Kumar Mukerji. He replaced Hardeep Singh. To USA S. Jaishankar To China Ashok K Kantha

Education/Arts related
UGC News Broadcasting standards authority Lalit Kala Academy Ved Prakash replaced Yogendra yadav, who was removed for his joining AAP. Justice RV Ravindran

Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty Leela Samson. Was in controversy after she said 90 per cent of Sangeet Natak Academy Censor board members are uneducated and an embarrassment. IGNOU Vice M.Aslam Chancellor

Committees Commissions Task forces

7th Pay Commission Adi Godrej Arvind Mayaram Bimal Jalan To revise salary of 80 lakh workers and pensioners. Its recommendations will be effective from January 2016.6th PC was formed in 2006. Corporate governance FDI relaxation to Define FDI and FII

To scrutinize application for New Bank Licenses Revamping power sector BK Chaturvedi Restructuring of centrally sponsored schemes Chindu GoM for CBI autonomy Cyrus Mistry, Advisory group for electricity sector. For power ministry Anil Ambani Dr. Saroj Illegal sand mining by MoEF To review the rate revisions of newspaper advertisements. By Ministry of JS Mathur information and broadcasting Justice Bilal Functioning of Haj Committee Nazaki

Justice BN SriKrisha

Telengana Financial sector legislative reform commission: to get the need of unifying SEBI, IRDA, PPFRDA and FMC into a single regulator

Justice DK Jain 20th Law commission of India Delhi Gangrape.Dead. was a part of the nine-judge bench in 1994 which gave the landmark verdict in the S R Bommai case relating to proclamation of Presidents Rule under Article 356 of the Constitution in Karnataka. Justice JS Presidential rule can be invoked only after parliament approval.Chief Justice Verma of India,he was also a former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission. and the 1st Chairperson of News Broadcasting Standards Authority. IPL Spot fixing. Formed by SC Justice Mukul Walmart Lobbying, by Corporate Min. Mudgal Justice RC Gandhi Justice Santosh Hegde Justice Usha Mehra K Ratnaprabha K. Vijay Raghavan KK Vohra MBN Rao By JK government for Kishtwar Communal riots Judicial Commission on Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) by SC For probing lapses in Delhi Gangrape. Indecent Representation of Women in Media Evaluation of Research And Rankings of higher edu. Institutes

By RBI for loan products For setting up All-womens bank For reviewing Cinematograph Act 1952. By Ministry of information and Mudgal broadcasting RBI Committee for FINANCIAL INCLUSION (financial services to small Nachiketi Mor business) Parthasarathi Tax administration reform commission. Shome To determine a new index of backwardness to see which states need special Raghuram assistance. Most Developed: GOA,KERALALeast developed: Panel ODHISSA,BIHAR. Gas princing, LNG imports Sugar pricing Rangarajan Ranjit Roychaudhari Sam Pitroda Sanjay Dhande SK Roongta Srikant Malte Vijay Kelkar Clinical trials, drug bans. For restructuring Prasar Bharti. By Ministry of information and broadcasting For National Testing Agency (NTA) by HRD By planning commission. For reforms in Central PSUs Dhule Riots in Maharashtra Fiscal consolidation Energy security. By Natural Gas ministry

Virginius Xaxa

He is NAC member Earlier Sacchar Committee was made for muslims, same way this Xaxa Committee is for tribals.

Yashwant Sinha YV Reddy

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance-Report on Guidelines of new banking licenses 14th Finance commission. Under Art280. He was ex-gov. of RBI

The core compilation article is here: Most of the missiles, fighter jets etc remain one and same. Here are some new developments 303 Black Panthers Aadesh Abhilash tommy C-154 Cheetal Helicopter Coast guard Daulat Beg oldi / Raki Nala Dornier 228 DRDO Ekuverin2012 first fighter squadron for navy with MiG29 Fast petrol Indian vessel for indian coast Guard. Navy officer first indian to circum navigate the globe in 150 days. New interceptor boat for Coast guard. For Maharashtra coast. light utility, multi-role helicopter is a variant of the Cheetah helicopter being manufactured by HAL, which is already operational in the high altitude regions. C402: Interceptor boat for coastguard.H191: air cushion vehicle. For helping small boats in distress at sea in Ladakh. Chinese troops made intrusions here in Apr13.

Maritime Surveillance aircraft. Indian donated them to Seychelles. New Chief Avinash Chander Joint army exercise: India and Maldives @Belgaum For Navy, by ISROSent to space via Ariane 5 rocket, from French GSAT7 Guiana (S.America) Nuke capable Paki Missile. 900km range Haft-4 INS Sindhurakshak Submarine. Sunk because of accident. By Russia. Stealth frigate for Indian navy INS Trikhand INS Vikramaditya Russias Admiral Gorshkov carrier.Likely to join by 2013 end. 1961: we bought first aircraft carrier INS vikrant1997: it was decommissionedAug13: New INS Vikrant launched. Indias first INS Vikrant Indigenous aircraft carrier. Will join active navy duty from 2018 Exercise in Pokharan by Indian Airforce. Iron Fist 2013 Japans biggest ever naval warship since WW2. Izumo Irans destroyer ship with guided missile. Deployed in Caspian sea. Jamaran-2 Kargil Victory day July 26 Submarine launched missile. Range 1500km K15 Machhalipattnam, DRDO setting up new missile testing range here.

Andhra MIRV NCTC Nirbhay Nirbhay Nomadic Elephant

Multiple independently targetable vehicles by DRDO. Will function under IB. Surface to Surface subsonic cruise missile DRDOs long range sub sonic missile. 1000km range. Joint training exercise between Indian and Mongolian army Becomes the first NATO country to make military service compulsory Norway for both men and women Operation three star Codename for Afzal gurus hanging. Surface to air missile for Indian airforce. OSA AK-M Japans Anti-Missile Air Defense Units Deployed After North-Korea PAC-3 warned South-Koreans for a War in April-2013. Nuke capable, Surface to SurfaceRange 350kmsBy DRDO under Prithvi II Integrated guided missile Development program Irans indigenous stealth fighter jet Qaher F313 Inshore petrol vessel for coast guard. Raj-rathan First Indigenous Attack heli. With missiles. Theyre weaponized Rudra helicopter version of Dhruva helicopter by HAL Bangalore. Russia will sell these anti-aircraft missiles to Iran S-3002 N.Korea, Long range rocket with 3000km range. Unha-3

International Relations (IR)

CDS and CAPF examiners are fond of setting MCQs on International current affairs.

[IR] Summits/Treaties 2013/Controversies

Arctic council India gets observer status ASEAN human rights In Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2012 declaration 2012: 21st ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh Combodia with theme:ASEAN: One Community, One Destiny 2012: ASEAN India Commemorative Summit 2012. To mark the 20th year anniversary of the ASEAN India dialogue. Theme: ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace, Progress and ASEAN summit Shared Prosperity. 2013: 22nd ASEAN summit in Brunei, theme: Our People, Our Future Together. BASIC ministerial meeting on climate change BRICS 2013

Chennai At Durban, S.Africa (5th Summit)Theme: BRICS and Africa: Partnership for development, Integration and industralizationeThekwini DeclarationDiscussed to create an infrastructure focused development bank

Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) Falkland islands First Arctic Summit G20 summit

G8 Global Arms trade India abstained from voting. treaty of UN High seas conference Paris IBSA resolution for India signed this. women empowerment Indian chapter of World Economic Will be held in Kochi, Kerala. Forum sumit Indian ocean rim USA became dialouge partner. Indian ocean rim First economic and business conference held in Mauritius IPCC Its fifth assessment report will come in 2014. Mekong-Ganga Delhi, Dec12 Summit In Minamata city of Japan, to sign the worlds first legally binding Minamata Mercury treaty on mercury pollution under United Nations Environment treaty Programme (UNEP) National conference Jaipur on E-governance General Joeseph Dunford (USA)Afghani forces tookover the security NATO ops from NATO in June 2013. Pravasi Bharatiya Kochi, Kerala Diwas 2013 Silk road festival Bamiyan, Afghanistan Surajkund Organized by Haryana government in Surajkund, Faridabad district. International Crafts This year focus was Karnataka state. Mela 2013 Tokyo Summit12 In Tokyo for rebuilding of Afghanistan. UN resolution on India voted against Death Penalty ban 2012: new sanctions against President Bashar Al Assads regime= India voted favour of this. UN Resolution on 2013: for rapid progress on a political transition in Syria= India Syria abstained from voting. UNHRC resolution on Condemning Sri Lanka for violation against Tamil minorities. India Sri Lanka voted against Sri Lanka. WCIT-2012 World Conference on International telecommunication @Dubai International conference for traditional medicine in south-east Asia WHO SEARO was held in Delhi. Led to Delhi declaration.

Conference of Parties (COP)11th Summit in Hyderabad (2012)12th Summit in PyeongChang, S.Korea (theme = Biodiversity forSustainable Development) Voted for British rule Oslo, Norway 2013: St.Petersburg, Russia2013: Finance ministers meeting held in Moscow, Russia2012: Los Cabos. Lough Erne, N.Ireland. Theme: tax evasion and transparency

Visits to India 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. US Vice Prez Biden French President Hollande UK PM David Cameroon Egyptian President Morsi Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Liberian President Ellen Johnson Afghani President Hamid Karzai

Visits from India 1. 2. 3. 4. Pranab to Mauritius Mohan to Japan, Thailand, Germany Mohan to 68th Session of UN general assembly + Met Paki PM Sharif in Sep13. AK Antony to Singapore, China

[IR-PIN] Prez/PM of Foreign countries

Some carried forward from 2012s news items: African national congress African Union Asian forum of parliamentarians Australia Bangladesh President Jacob Zuma Nkosazana Zuma, first woman Rajyasabha Dy.Chairman PJ Kurien became its President PM Tony Abbott (liberal) defeated Kelvin Rudd (Labour) President Abdul Hamid.PM Sheikh Hasina (Awami League party)Speaker: Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury. First lady speaker in Bangladesh King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck: was chief guest at 26th Jan parade in 2013. PM Tshering Tobgay Elections in Jul13. India had provided EVM. India stopped kerosense and LPG subsidy=bitterness Bhutan has became first country of the world to ban pesticides and herbicide sale to become a 100% organic food growing country . Currency swap agreement with India. New editor of TIME international. Dilma Rousseff President Michel Djotodia belonging to Seleka rebels. Prez Xi Jinping replaced Hu JintaoPremeir Li Kequiang replaced Wen Jiabao. Li also got Pakistans highest civilian award Nishan-ePakistan. Made peace agreement with M23 rebels.


Boby Ghosh Brazil Central African Republic China Congo

Cuba Czech Republic Ecuador Egypt EU Fiji France Germany IOC, International olymic Committee Iran

Prez Raul Castro Replaced Fidel Castro PM Milos Zeman. Capital Prague President Rafel Correa. Capital Quito Adil Mansour interim prez after army threw out Mohd.MorsiMohd. El Baradei became VPPM: Hazem Al BeblawiTamarod campaign:AntiMorsey campaign, massive street demonstration. Herman Van Rompuy President Ratu Epeli NailatikauNew Constitution President Francois Hollander replaced Sarkozy Chancellor Angela Markel won again. Thomas Batch (Germany) repalced Jacques Rogge. President Hassan Rouhani. He replaced Ahmadinejad.Irans supreme leader: Ayatollah Khamenei. Prez. Simon Peres PM. Benjamin Netanyahu Their parliament is called Knesset. Stephen Hawkings boycotted academic conference in Israel to protest for Palestine. President Giorgio NapolitanoEnrica Lexie: name of the ship from which two Italian marines killed Indian fishermen. PM Shinzo Abe. DyPM Taro Aso. Their parliament is called Diet Japan has shut down all her nuke powerplant in Sep13, because of the Fukushima disaster. King Abdulla II setup parliament for his country. Prez Uhuru Kenyatta President Ellen Johnson, had came to India PM Najib Razak President Nasheed N Waheed replaced Nasheed after coup Ibrahim Keita new President.Problem: Tuareg rebels. Enrique Nieto President Thein Sein Government Signed peace treaty with Wa rebels Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi (National league for democracy) Ceasefire with Kanchi rebels Kim Jong-Un Khil Raj Regmi Prez Mamnoon Hussain replaced Zardari.PM: Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) party replaced Mir Hazar Khan Khoso Fair trial bill 2012 in Pakistan. It allows intelligence agency to collect electronic data of citizens. Mohhammed sarwar: Pakistani- Britains first muslim lawmaker. Served 3 terms as MP of Glasgow. Now Punjab province (Pakistan)Governor.


Italy Japan Jordan Kenya Liberia Malaysia Maldives Mali Mexico


N.Korea Nepal


Palestine Paraguay Pope Ramsar Convention S.Korea Scotland Srilanka Syria Thailand Tunisia UK

UN Venezuela Zimbabwe

Pres. Mahmud AbbasPM Salam Fayyad resigned.Became Observer state in UN President Horacio Cartes.Country admitted back in UNASUR Bennedict XVI, German, Resigned.New Pope: Francis I, (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) first South American pope. He is from Argentina Christopher Briggs became the new Secretary-General President Park Geun-Hye replaced Lee myung Bak. First Lady prez. Will hold referendum in 2014 to decide whether Scotland should get independence from rest of United Kingdom. Mahinda Rajpakshe. He threw out CJI Shiran Bandaranyake. Gen.Sarath Fonseca was Ex-Was jailed after power struggle with President. Prez Bashar Al AsadPM Wael Nader al-Halqi Yingluck Shinawatra, first lady PM PM Hamadi Jebali resigned after protests. Capital Tunis PM David Cameron (Conservative)DyPM Nick Clegg (liberal democrats)Ex-PM Margaret Thatcher,Dead.Conservative Party. Known as Iron Lady. Secretary General Ban ki Moon. President for 68th session: John Ashe of Antigua. Head of UN Women: Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka From south Africa. Prez Nicolas Maduro after Huge Chavez died. President Robert Mugabe won again. New Constitution approved. Now President can be elected for two 5-year terms only.

USA Related
Edward Snowden: Exposed NSAs project PRISM. Given temporary asylum in Russia. For more on PRISM project, click me Private Bradley Manning: American Soldier, leaked confidential cables to wikileaks. Jailed. Later went through sex-change. New name is Chelsea Manning.

President Obama (Democratic party). Defeated Mitt Romney (Republican) Term ends in 2017. VP Joe Biden Secretary of state:John Kerry, replaced Hilary Clinton. FBI: James Comey. CIA: John Brennan NSA: Susan Rice Federal reserves: Janet Yallen will replace Ben S Bernanke FDA: Gave permission to anti-HIV drug TRUVADA. US Envoy to UN: Samantha Power

[IR-PIN] Diaspora/ Indians awarded abroad

Ami Bera California, House of representative. Amol Rajan Editor of The Independent, in Britain Anil Ananthaswami UK, won Physics journalism prize. Autar Kaw US professor of the year. Teaches Mechanical engg. Bobby Jindal Louisiana Governer, USA, Indian origin, Republican party CNR Rao Got Chinese award for international cooperation in Science. Gayatri Chakravorty Educationist, Literary critic. Won Kyoto Prize Japanese equivalent of Spivak Nobel. Halimah Yacob First woman speaker of Singapore. Indian Freedom fighter from Maharashtra. Britains house of commons Jawaharlal Darda gave him lifetime achievement award. Kamla Harris First Indian American to become attorney general in USA. Kamla Persad PM of Trinidad and Tobago. Chief Guest of PBD-2012. Bissessar Kiran Mazmudar Founder of Biocon. She is selected as trustee in United States Shaw Pharmacopeia convention. Krishna Arora Won Order of Australia medal for her community service Lisa Sthalekar Australian woman cricketer, retired. Natwar Gandhi CFO of Washington DC. Resigned. Nikki Haley Governor of South Carolina state in US(republican party) Nisha Desai Biswal US Asst.Sec. South and Central Asia Patricia Maria UK Musician. Won PBD 2013. Rozario Perilla Bhandari Only Indian woman captian in US Marines. Cease from Sikkim. Swatz Rajkeswur Purryag President of Mauritius. Chief guest of Pravasi bharatiya divas-2013 Rangaswami Cofounder of LASIK Eye surgery. Given national medal for tech and Srinivasan innovation in USA. Rasu Ramachandran Won award in Singapore for Development of Libraries. Sangeet Chowfla New President of GMAC- this non profit body conducts GMAT exam. Sardar Ramesh First Sikh to be elected in Punjab provincial assembly of Pakistan Singh Arora Savita Dentist, Died in Ireland during pregnancy. After her death, Ireland made Halappanavar law to permit woman have abortion in case of life danger/abnormality. Shanti Gandhi Great grandson of Gandhi.Won Kansas state assembly election. Sri Srinivas Judge of US court of appeals in DC circuit. Srinivasan New CEO of Anglogold-Ashanti ltd one of the largest producers of Venkatakrishnan Gold. Sunetra Gupta Indian born scientist now joined prestigious royal society of London. Sunil R Kulkarni State judge in N. California Sundar Pichai Head of Googles Android business. From IIT-K Sunil Kulkarni First Indian judge in N.Carolina 1st Hindu in US House of Representatives (their Lok Sabha). Elected Tulsi Gabbard from Hawai State.Party:Democrat.She took oath on Gita, Served in US army, was deployed in Iraq. Vandana Gandhi UAEs business excellance award for her nursery education chain

Orchard nursery. Vince Girdhari chhabaria Venkatesh Mannar Vijay Singh Appointed judge in California. Scientists got highest civilian award in Canada. His work in Micronutrient deficiency. Indian-American professor.Won top US environment award.

Economy: Regulators/Top Bodies

IMF World Bank WTO ADB Christine Lagarde Jim Yong Kim. (For whom UPSC admitted setting Wrong MCQ) Roberto Azevedo (Brazil) replaced Pascal Lamy. Takehiko Nakao, Japan Raghuram Rajan replaced D.Subbarao as 23rd Governor of RBI Studied @IIT Delhi, IIM-A Was youngest ever chief economist @IMF Served as chief economic advisor to Finance minister Book: Fault Lines: How hidden fractures still threaten the world economy.


SEBI CCI NABARD IRDA PFRDA Forward Market commission GST Panel ICAI (Chartered accountants)

UK Sinha replaced C. B. Bhave Ashok Chawla Snehlata Shrivastava TS Vijayan replaced J Hari Narayan Yogesh Agarwal Ramesh Abhishek Abdul Rahim Rather replaced Sushil Modi. Subordinate dh Kumar Agrawal

only covering those who were in news for 2013. Otherwise itll be a mile long list. Allahabad Bank Axis Bank Bank of America- India head Bank of India Bank of India Canara Bank Central Bank HDFC HSBC India ICICI IDBI IDFC IFCI JP Morgan India Royal Bank of ScotlandIndian operatis SBI State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur United Bank of India UTI asset Management Subhalakshmi PAnse Shikha Sharma Kaku Nakhate VR Iyer Vijayalakshmi Iyer RK Dubey Rajeev Rishi Renu KArnad NAina Lal Kidwai Too cliched. Chanda Kochher CMD MS Raghvan Rajiv Lall CEO and MD Santosh B Nayar Kalpana Morparia Meera Sanyal Arundhati Bhattacharya replaced Pratip Chaudhari and became 1st woman to head SBI B.Sriram Chairman and MD Archana Bhargava Leo Puri

Companies, Associations
Only covering those who were in news for 2013. Otherwise itll be a mile long list. Air Asia ASSOCHAM Joint venture of Tata Sons Malaysian LCC and Telestra.CEO: Mittu ChandaliyaChairman: SK Ramadoli Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank became the new President

BALCO, under Vedanta Ramesh Nair BBC Tony Hall Berlshire Hathaway Warren Buffett Bharat Forge Baba Kalyani Bharat Petroleum S.Varadarajan BSE Ashish Kumar Chauhan CII S.Gopalkrishnan.Co-founder of Infosys. Dr.Reddys GV Prasad Editors Guild N.Ravi of the Hindu. General Electronics India Banmali Agrawala Hindustan uniliver Sanjiv Mehta IMF executive director Rakesh Mohan from India Narayan Murthy returns as Executive chairman of the board, and Infosys KV Kamath (former-ICICI) steps down. International chamber of Sunil Bharti became Vice President commerce International coffee Javed Akhtar new chairman. council LIC SK Roy replaced DK Malhotra Maruti Suzuki India Kenichi Ayikawa NALCO CMD Anshuman Das NASSCOM Krishnakumar Natarajan of Mindtree Nestle India Etienne Benet Procter & Gamble AG Lafley Ranbaxy Laboratories Malvinder Singh. Keeps getting notices/penalties in USA TVS Automobiles Sanjay Nigam Jack Dorsey is chairman, Evan Williams is founder. Planning for Twitter $1 billion IPO

[News] Economy related

For White label ATM, NSEL crisis etc read the articles in this google folder: Here are some more news: Im not going into details but you should prepare for MCQs/ interviews: 1. Global competitiveness Index 2013, by World Economic Forum: Switzerland on 1st, India on 60th rank 2. Only public sector companies will be allowed to explore shale gas 3. GAAR Rules will implemented from 1st Apr 2016 4. Non-Agri trade cannot be done on Saturdays: notifies FMC 5. Company Bill passed in parliament 6. NABARD act amended to increase cap to 20k crore.

7. Custom duty on gold, silver, platinum hiked 8. Our Forex reserves slips down below $280 billion. 9. RBIs Q1 review 10. RBI: Unique Customer Identification Code (UCIC). For strengthening Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Combating of Financing of Terrorism (CFT). 11. RBIs KK Vohra panel for loan products 12. RBIs CDS norms for corporate bonds 13. SEBI: Gold ETF permission 14. RBI penalized 6 banks for flouting KYC norms after sting operation from Cobrapost. 15. RBI and gold import curbs 16. National Housing bank to get $ 100 million loan from World Bank 17. Green Banking: attempts to reduce paper wastage/Carbon footprints in banking. Example using net banking instead of cheque-book 18. Rupee downfall. Import duty on gold 19. Foreign investment limit in government securities (G-sec) : $ 5 billion 20. Chindus 10 points action plan to strengthen economy. 21. 5 PSUs come up with 4000MW solar projects 22. Committee: Parthasarathi Shome commission for Tax administration reform. 23. Sovereign Wealth funds 24. Disinvestment cleared for STC and ITDC 25. Banking licenses. Winners to be announced by 2014. 26. Cement cos get fined for cartelization 27. Civil Aviation regulation authority 28. Mittal exits Odisha steel project. 29. FDI norms relaxed in Aug 30. Urea investment policy 31. Money laundering bill 32. Tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) with Liechtenstein. 33. Human development report 2013 34. EU imposed anti-dumping duty on Indian steel 35. Russia became the 156th member of WTO 36. Maharatna status for BHEL and GAIL 37. RRB act Amendment bill. 38. Inflation indexed bonds 39. Universal commodity exchange 40. MCX-SX: third online shock exchange after BSE and NSE. 41. SEZ norms liberalized. 42. EPFO to give 8.5% interest 43. Saxo Bank Denmark, entered India. 44. Sugar price decontrol after Rangarajan Panel. 45. SARADHA groups scam, West Bengal. 46. Debt Waiver scheme: launched in 2008. CAG report talks about scam in this. 47. Forward market commissions Administrative control: a. Before: Department of consumer affairs under Agro min b. Now: under Chindu (Finance ministry) c. FMC statutory body. This move done because of NSEL scam d. RBI asks Banks to end Zero interest EMF(Equated Monthly interest ) Scheme e. SBI to expand CASH DEPOSIT MACHINES(CDM) to tap portion of currency within people

f. SEBI debarred DSQ software from entering capital market for 7 years g. SEBI merges FIIs and QFIs into new FPIs category h. INDIA BANK launches Combo loan(Home, Vehicle & Consumer Durables loan @ 10.2%)

[News] Infrastructure related

1. 2. 3. 4. Double decker trains between Chennai to Bangalore. Mumbais eastern Free way Benihal Qazigunz rail link Worlds highest railbridge @River Chinab- will connect Baramulla & Srinagar to Jammu. 5. Andaman Grand Trunk Road: SC Banned Tourists to protect jarva tribe 6. Ghat ki guni Tunnel-Links jaipur with agra via NH-11 7. Kishan Ganga Hydro Project, Gurez valley North Kashmir. Court of Arbitration permitted India to go ahead under Indus-Water Treaty 1960 8. Biotoilets in all trains by 2019 9. Metro rail= Already in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Banglore. New plans for Lucknow (2014), Raipur, Cochi, Hyd, Mumbai. 10. Pir Panjal tunnel: connect Jammus Banihal with Kashmirs Kazigund. (railways). This will be Asias 2nd longest railway tunnel. 11. Jawahar Tunnel or Banihal Tunnel: connecting between Banihal and Qazigund on NH 1A (Highway). 12. SMS based railway ticket booking: 139 or 5676714 13. DIESEL LOCOMOTOIVE engines roll out Indias most powerful engine -5500 CC(WGD5 prototype) 14. Cabinet gave approval to setup ports @Sagar, WB. And @Andhra 15. Gobalpur port, Odisha: new all-weather port. 16. Telegram service permanently stopped. 1850: first telegram was between Kolkata and Diamond Harbour 17. Mukesh will use Anils optical fiber network to laydown 1.2 lakh km national fiber network for his Reliance Jio Infocomm. This will help in 4G broadband. 18. National internet registry for managing IP addresses. 19. SISTEMA SHYAM TELESERVICES(MTS BRAND) become the 1st company to get Unified License from Gov.

Economy related IR
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Gwadar Port: Pakistan handed over to china Colombo port Project: China developing this. Chabahar port, Iran: India helping to develop this. Sri Lankas Northern Railway project: Indian railministrys IRCON financed this. Indias Currency swap agreements with Japan and Bhutan. Social security agreement with Portugal, Austria. Tax information exchange agreement with Gibraltar. Teesta water treaty with Bangladesh

9. Double taxation avoidance treaty/convention/treaty (DTAC) with Latvia, Albania, Sweden, South Korea, UK 10. Indo-Japan pact on rare earths.

1. Indias first Geo-thermal power Plant: at Tatapani, Balrampur, Chattisgarh by NTPC. 2. Okhla Compost Plant, Delhi: Indias first plant to receive carbon credit under UNFCC. 3. Rashtriya Adarsha Vidhyalaya by Union government + Indian corporates via PPP 4. Kundankulam Nucl plant, TN, by NPCIL. SC gave it permission 5. Asias largest solar project @Jodhpur Rajasthan by Welspun energy. 6. Tawang Hydel project: Tawang chu river in Arunanchal. 7. 4000MW Ultra Mega green solar power project @Sambhar lake, Rajasthan 8. Barmer, Rajasthan: Cairn India found oil in Rageshwari Block. 9. Bureau of water use efficiency=>National watermission=>National action plan on climate change. 10. National plan for aquatic ecosystems by merging Lake conversation and Wetland conservation programs. 11. GM trials for castor oil, maize and wheat cleared by MoEFs GEAC. 12. Karnataka watershed project gets $60 million loan from world bank 13. E-business portal, designed by Infosys for Commerce Ministry to promote government to business connectivity. 14. Coal gate, missing files. 15. RTS,S Vaccine by GlaxoSmithKline for Malaria trial successful 16. JENVAC- Indias Indigenous Vaccine to prevent Japanese Encephalitis(Mosquito born)-Produced by PPP mode (Bharat Biotech & Indian council of Medical Research)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Education schemes: Click ME SC/ST/OBC/PH related: Click ME Women related: Click ME Public Health/ maternity / childcare: Click ME E-Governance related: Click ME

Some new Schemes/initiatives:

1. Zero Landless project: started in Kerala 2. Teleradiology service: started in Guwahati by Health ministry. Itll help sending x -ray / CT scans from regional hospitals to speciality hospitals across India. 3. All women University @Rae Bareli in UP 4. Urban Health mission 2013 5. National skill development agency, autonomous body. 6. Roshni skill development project for Naxal hit areas 7. First public health university in India: at Bhuveneshwar Orissa.via PPP. 8. Rashtriya Bal Swastha Karyakram launched from Thane.

9. MyIndia Initiative- Digital Volunteer Programme. By Ministry of Info and Broadcasting, to talk about Government schemes and programmes on different social media platforms 10. Adhar/UIDAI unnecessary for government scheme benefits- Government tells SC

list definitely not exhaustive.

Bills/ Acts
1. India became the first country in South Asia to ban cosmetic product testing on animals. Guilty will be punished under drugs and cosmetics act 2. Himachal Pradesh becomes the first smoke-free state in the country under the cigarettes and other tobacco products at 2003 3. Kerala: Liquor purchase age is increased from 18 to 21 4. Tamil Nadus new litigation policy 5. National water framework bill 6. Sexual harassment bill 7. Land acquisition bill 8. Electronic delivery of services bill 9. Ordinance/bill to protect convicted MPs. 10. Manual scavenging bill 11. Judicial appointment bill 12. Pension bill 13. SEBI amendment bill 14. Banking Amendment 15. Criminal law (Amendment) bill 2013 against rape, Anti-Rape ordinance 16. Juvenile Justice Act & Delhi rape case. 17. Citizens charter bill 18. Food security bill/ordinance 19. Real Estate regulation bill 20. Telengana the 29th State 21. CICs order on Political parties coming Right to information act vs Government trying to amend RTI act to counter it. 22. National Integration council meet in New Delhi.

SC Decisions
1. Disqualifying Convicted legislators (vs Governments ordinance/bill to counter it) 2. Voters get NOTA (none of the above) choice. Allied topic: VVAP: Voter verified paper audit trail 3. Andaman Grand Trunk Road: SC Banned Tourists to protect jarva tribe 4. CBI autonomy 5. Cauvery Water dispute tribunal 6. Passport doesnt prove Indian citizenship

Civilian Awards/Achievements [Awards] Nobel 2013

category who 1. Martin Karplus 2. Michael Levitt Chemistry 3. Arieh Warshel 1. Eugene F. Fama 2. Robert J. Shiller 3. Lars Peter Hansen why?

Developing computer models that can predict chemical reactions for use in creating new drugs and other tasks.


Research on how the market prices of assets/stocks move.

Literature Alice Munro (Canada)

Master of the contemporary short story. often called Canadas Chekhov Notable books: The Moons of Jupiter, The Progress of Love and Runaway. 2009 Man Booker International Prize for her lifetime body of work in understanding how key substances move within a cell. They developed better understanding of vesicles, tiny bubbles that deliver their cargo within a cell to the right place at the right time. Disturbances in that delivery system can lead to neurological diseases, diabetes or immunological disorders. 190 nations signed its treaty. deploys teams worldwide to find chemical weapons and their manufacturing sites. Currently planning the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles and facilities in Syria. HQ: Hague, Netherlands Chief: Ahmet Uzumcu Theory about how subatomic particles get their mass. Their theory made headlines last year when the CERN laboratory in Geneva confirmed it by discovering the so-called Higgs particle.


1. James E. Rothman 2. Randy W. Schekman 3. Thomas C. Sudhof


Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. (OPCW)


1. Peter Higgs 2. Francois Englert

Nobel 2012
Category Who? Why? Lefkowitz, Chemistry Protein receptors that let body cell respond to signals. Kobilka Economics Roth, Shapley. Stable allocation + market design. Litt. Mo Yan First Chinese writer to get this award. Gurdon, Regenerative medicine. Cure disease by growing tissues in Medicine Yamanaka lab. Peace EU Lolz Physics Haroche, Wineland Measure quantum particles, without destroying them.

Nobel: Indian
1. Venkatarama Ramakrishnan 2. Amartya Sen 3. Tagore 4. Rudyard Kipling 5. VS Naipaul 6. Dr. Hargobind Khorana 7. Mother Teresa 8. S. Chandrasekhar Chemistry Economics Litt. Litt. Litt. Medicine Peace Physics

Nobel Facts
1. Nobel prize recipients are called laureates. started in 1901 2. The award consists of a medal, a personal diploma, and a cash prize (8-million Swedish kroner (SEK) almost $1.2 million U.S. dollars as of September 2013). Money comes from fund created by Swedish inventor of Dynamite Alfred Nobel. 3. The Economics medal has no inscription. 4. Nobel prizes are announced in advance but awarded on December 10, the anniversary of Alfred Nobels death. 5. The Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Economics are awarded at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. 6. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded at its own ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Periodically, no prize has been awarded. This happened most recently in 1972. 7. The number of winners is limited to three per category.

8. A person must be alive to be nominated. If they die during the consideration period, their name will be removed. Only if a person is announced as a winner and dies prior to the ceremony, will a posthumous award be given.

[Awards] Public service/media/Courage

Indira Gandhi award for National integration 2012: Gulzar2013: Agro Scientist MS Swaminathan

Indira Gandhi peace prize

2011: Ela Ramesh Bhatt. SEWA founder. Actually won for in 2011, but was awarded that prize in 2013. SEWA= Self Employed Womens Association 2012: Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf

South African peace icon . Supporter of gays right. Former professor of IIT. Fasting for to stop construction along G.D. Agarwal ganga. Lokmanya tilak award 2013 Metro man E. Shreedharan Legend of the planet Award, Bindeshwar Pathak for his ecofriendly toilets Sulabh France Sauchalayas. Liberation of war honor Given to Pranab. By Bangladeshis for his contribution in 1971 2012: Kulandei Francis (India) for Microenterprises in TN. but for 2013 No Indian selected. Desmond TuTu 1. Habiba Sarabi,Afghanistans first and only female governor. 2. Ernesto Domingo, from the Philippines. 3. Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Corruption Eradication Commission), 4. Lahpai Seng Raw, from Myanmar, 5. Shakti Samuha (Power Group), from Nepal

Magsaysay award 2013

Mahatma Gandhi international award for peace reconciliation Malala Yousafzai

Brigalia Bam for 2013. for her work in human rights

Youngest nominee for noble peace prize. Addressed UN assembly in Jul 13. UN declared 12 July as Malala Day. First Amputee to scale Everest: Arunima Sinha, UP. First Paki woman to scale Everest: Samina Baig. First Saudi woman to Everest: Raha Moharrak Youngest to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro in Africa: Aaryan Balaji.


1. 2. 3. 4.

given in 2013 by President. National Communal harmony awards 2011-12

Khamliana, Mizoram Mohd.Abdul Bari, Odisha

Foundation for Amity and National solidarity, Delhi (org.)

National Florence Nightingale award National Youth Icons

By Health ministry for Nursing professionals

Selected by election Commission of India, to attract young voters: Mary Kom, Saina, Dhoni and Kalam. Nomura Award Kiran Bedi for her public service. Outstanding parliamentarian JDU MP Sharad Yadav. This selection by parliamentary award 2012 Committee. Vibhushan 1. 2. 3. 4. Raghunath Mohapatra, Sculpture, Orissa S Haider Raza, Painter, Delhi Prof Yash Pal, Science and Engineering, Uttar Pradesh Prof Roddam Narasimha, Science and Engineering, Karnataka

Padma awards

Padma Bhushan=24, Shri=80=list is not worth the majoori. Prem Bhati awards for political reporting Pritzker award Pulitzer prizes 2013 Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna award 2013 Tagore Award 2013 TED Prize Shalini Singh of The Hindu Richest award in Architecture. No award given in fiction category, just like 2012. New York times won 4 awards Sarod maestro ustad amjad ali khan. Given on august 20 on Rajivs Birthday. Zubin Mehta for cultural harmony. Jury included prime minister. Zubin had done music concert in Sri Nagar. Organized by German Embassy. For individual with great vision to change world. 2013s award went to Prof. Sugata Mitra, an educationist. 1. Keralas mass contact program 2. Swavalamban of Dhanbad district 3. MPs Graamin Haat. Razia Sultana, UP for helping child labourers. Considered green oscars. Indian wildlife biologist Aparajita Datta for protection of Hornbill in Arunanchal.

UN Public service awards UN Youth courage award Whitney awards

[Awards] Movies/Beauty
Beauty 1. Miss India 2013: Navneet Kaur Dhillon 2. Miss America 2014: Nina Davuluri. Subjected to racist remarks on Twitter. 3. Miss India Worldwide: Nehal Bhogaita, deaf and mute. 4. Miss World 2013: Megan Young, Philippines. Venue: Bali, Indonesia

5. Miss universe 2013: Yet to be decide because contest in Nov 2013. Venue: Moscow. Dada Saheb Phalke award 2012 Golden bear award National film award 2012 Oscar 2013 Oscar 2014 SAARC film festival Pran. Given in Berlin film festival. Best film: Paan Singh Tomar 1. Argo: best film 2. Life of pie: best visual effects, direction etc. 3. Indian entry: Barfi by Anurag Basu (Hindi) Indian entry : The Good Road, by Gyan Correa (Gujarati) Held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Paan Singh Tomar won best film award.

[Awards] Academic/Arts
Considered Noble for maths. Given to Belgaian Mathematician Pierre Deligne. Chameli Devi Jain For Outstanding Woman Mediaperson.Alka Dhupkar of IBNs Marathi Purasarkar channel won it. For one field each in three time dimensions: past, present and future. For Dan David Prize science, arts and humanities. Education Nobel Dr.Madhav Chawan. @Doha Prize Started by Bill Gates + Warren Buffet. To encourage rich people to give Giving pledge part of their wealth for charity. Azim Premji first Indian to sign up. Goldman prize Considered oscars for environment movements / green nobel. Lauren Marbe, 16yo schoolgirl from UK. Has IQ Higher than Highest IQ Einstein.Neha Ramu: another UK girl of Indian origina has IQ 162. Life Science Started by Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) and Sergey Brin (google) breakthru prize National Also called N-BIOS prize. Given to scientists below 45 age. Venkat bioscience award Mohan got it. Sudarshan Patnayak. Has won Russian award for sand art competition in Sand artists Russia. awards started in 2006 in memory of shehnai maestro Ustad Bismillah Sangeet Natak Khan.2013: more than 30 people given this award hence list is not worth Academy awards the majoori. Shaw prize Given for astronomy, medicine and maths. Yuri Milner award Richest academic prize for medicine and biology: 3 million USD each. Abel Prize

[Books in News]

Man Booker Fiction 2012

Hilary Mantels Bring up the bodies. She has won this prize twice. Jeet Thayils Narcopolis-Tale of mumbais opimioum addiction. Booker price shortlisted but did not win.

Man Booker Fiction Shortlisted for 2013

We Need New Names NoViolet Bulawayo The Luminaries Eleanor Catton Harvest Jim Crace The Lowland Jhumpa Lahiri A Tale for the Time Being Ruth Ozeki The Testament of Mary Colm Tibn

Man Booker International 2013

American writer Lydia Davis. Given every two year, to a living author. Work in English or translated in English. Indian author UR Ananthamurty was also nominated for his book novel Samskara

[Books] Non-Booker Awards

Asom Ratna Commonwealth book prize 2013 Indira Goswami, Literature. Death of Bees, Lisa ODonnell Island of a Thousand Mirrors, Nayomi Munaweera (Sri Lanka) Sterile Sky, E.E. Sule (Nigeria)

DSC Prize for South Asian literature Hindu Literary prize Jnanpith 2012

Jeet Thayil for his novel Narcopolis.

Jerry Pintos novel Em and the Big hoom. Ravuri Bharadwaj, Telugu writer. @Agra in 2013. Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K. won. His books; SAARC literature award Seduction of Delhi, Enigmatic love etc. Given by KK Birla foundationSugathakumari, Malyalam poetess Saraswati samman for 2012 Indian professor won award in london for translating Surjit hans Shakespeares work into Punjabi. Walter Scott Prize For historical fiction, UK

[Books] List of Books and Authors

A garland of memories Ambedkars World: The Making of Babasaheb and Dalit Movement An uncertain Glory: India and its contradictions Ash in the Belly- Indias unfinished battle against Hunger Bangladesh: The Prize of freedom Breakout Nations: In pursuit of the next economic miracle Calcutta: Two years in the city Cuckoos Calling Dare to Do! For the new Generation Daughter of Empire Dear Life Durbar Earth Songs Economic Policies and Indias reform agenda Em and the Big hoom FIFTH ESTATE Fractured Times: Culture and society in 20th Century Freethinkers prayerbook Grammatica Grandonica Hilary Mantel Ruskin Bond Eleanor Zelliot Jean dreze,Amrathya Sen Harsh Mander By noted photographer Rahu Rai Ruchir Sharma. Won Tata lit. award for first book. Amit Chaudhuri JK Rowling (Harry Potter fame) she wrote this novel with a pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Her previous novel Casual vacancy. Former IPS Kiran Bedi Pamela Hicks Alice Munro, Canada Tavleen Singh WB CM Mamata Benerjee YV Reddy Jerry Pintos novel. Won Hindu Literary prize. Biopic on JULIAN ASSANGE (Wikileaks founder) Eric Hobsbawn Khushwant Singh Sanskrit grammar book written by a Jesuit Missionary For.Hanxlenden. Restored after 300 years. Won two man booker prizes. This time for book Bring up the bodies.

How not to make money Impossible Indian: Gandhi and Temptation of violance Indignez Vous Inferno Inside Out Jesus of Nazaeth: the Infancy narratives Kabuliwalas Bengali Wife. Land of seven rivers Laws Empire Life of Pi My father, our fraternity My journey: transforming dreams into actions My tryst with justice Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Germany New Market Tales Pataudi-Nawab of Cricket Patriots and Partition Samudra Mantha: Sino-Indian rivalry in the Indo Pacific Sanjay story Sethji Sounding Off

Raj Kundra (Shilpa Shettys husband) and allegedly involved in IPL spot fixing 2013. Faisal Devji Book by Stephane Hessel. Had inspired Occupy wallstreet movement. Author is dead. Dan Brown (he wrote Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Lost Symbol) Autobiography of Paki cricketer Mustaq Mohammad Pope Benedict XVI By Sushmita Bangerjee. It details her escape from Taliban ruled Afghanistan in 1995. She was recently murdered by Talibans. Sanjeev sanyal Ronald Dworkin. Dead Yann Martel. Made into movie by Ang Lee. Suraj Sharma played hero. Sarod Maestro Amjal Ali Khan APJ Kalam Justice PN Bhagwati By his daughter Prof Ania Pfaff Jayant Kriplani Suresh Menon Ramchandra Guha C.Raja Mohan. Vinod Mehta Shobha De Resul Pookutty- he had won Oscar for soundtrack in Slumdog Millionaire Prasun Joshi, Noted lyricist.

Sunshine Lence The games Indians play why we V Raghunathan. are the way we are. The Great Gatsby P.Scott Fitzerland The Lowland Jhumpa Lahiri. shortlisted for Booker 2013 for fiction. The NaMo story Kingshuk Nag The Prabhakaran Saga S Murari The Race of my life-an Milkha Singh autobiography The Sea of innocence Kishwar Desai. About rape of Scarlet Jones in Goa. The test of my life: from cricket to Yuvaraj Singh cancer and back The Wildlings Nilanjan Roy

Untold story of people of Azad Kashmir Walking the lions: Tales from a diplomatic past

Christopher Snedden Natwar Singh

Australia David Beckham Durand Cup became a member of ASEANs football federation. Retired. Played for Manchester united.

Indias oldest football tournament. The prize money increased from 20 lakh to 50 lakh. Kolkatas Mohammedan Sporting defeated defeated ONGC will use Goal line technology to determine ball had passed through goal line or FIFA 2014 not.. Will be Hosted in Brazil. Mascot: Armadillo called Fuleco.Lydia Nsekera, Burundi, First women in FIFA executive committee Golden Lionel Messi. Boot 2012 Praful Patel President of all India Football Federation. SAFF South Asian football championship. Afghanistan defeated India. Santosh Services won against Kerala. Trophy

Ashes series 2013 ICC Champions Trophy 2013 ICC Womens World Cup IPL-2013 Parvez Rasool Asgar Ranji Trophy 2013 T-20 World Cup Thirush Kamini Vijay Hazare Trophy England won Against Australia India Won against England at Birmingham. Australia defeated West Indies at Mumbai. Mumbai Indians defeated Chennai First person from J/K in Indian cricket team. Mumbai defeated Suarashtra. England defeated New Zealand at Auckland. Indias woman opening batsman. First Indian player to hit century in womens world cup 2012. Delhi Won. Jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand in February 2015. Two groups of Seven Teams Both India and Pakistan are in pool-B.

World Cup 2015


Asia Cup Hokey

Held @Ipoh, Malayasia.South Korea defeated India.Indias VR Raghunath=Player of the tournament.

Hockey India Ranchi Rhinos won. League Indian Hockey President V.Dinesh Reddy Federation Leslic Claudius Triple Olympic Gold Medalist from India.Dead. New coach for India Maharaj Kishan Kaushik Sultan Azlan Shah Australia defeated Malaysia

Tennis Tournaments 2013

Name Australia open Won Lost Man: Djokovic, Serbia 1st man to win this Man: Andy Murray, UK tournament three times in a row. Woman: Vicoria Azarenka, Belarus. Woman: Li Na Not important. Not important. David Ferrer. Sharapova. Djokovic Sabine Lisicki Djokovic, Serbia Vicoria Azarenka, Belarus. Some players from brazil and Australia Some unseeded player, hence name not important. Serena Williams (USA)

Brazil Open, Madrid Nadal Open, Italian Open Mens Doubles BhupathiWomens Doubles Dubai Open Sania Mizra Nadal. Became first player to win eight singles at the same grand slam tournament. French Open Serena Williams, US Ande Murray. First Briton to win after 1936. Wimbledon Marion Bartoli. Her first grand slam single, French Nadal, Spain Serena Williams, US US Open Doubles: Leander Paes and Stepanek (Czech)Paes Grandslams: 8 doubles, 14 overall. Nadal, Spain Azarenka (Belarus)

Cincinnati Masters

Davis Cup Commitment award: to Leander Paes and Jaidip Mukherji

Indian Badminton League Indian open Malaysian grand prix Indian Badminton league: similar to IPL.Lee Chong Wei costliest player went to mumbaiSaina Nehwals Hyderabad hotshots won it. Ratchano, ThailandLee Chong in Men PV Sindhu defeated Singapores Juan Gu

Thomas cup & Uber Will be hosted in India in 2014 Cup World Badminton in Guangzhou, ChinaGold: Ratchanok Intanon (Thailand) female. Lin championship Dan (China) Man.Silver: not important.Bronze: PV Sindhu (India)


IOC, International Olympic Committee: Thomas Batch (Germany) replaced Jacques Rogge. 2020 (Summer) Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Motto: Discover Tomorrow. and Wrestling is included. Special Olympics for disabled. India won 46 medals @Pyhongchang China. Olympics for Mentally disabled. Held in S.Korea

Indians @London Olympic 2012

Gagan Narang Bronze. 10 air-rifle Krishna Poonia discus throw. Did not win Mary Kom Bronze. Women flywt. Boxing Saina Nehwal Bronze. Single badminton Sushil Kumar Silver Wrestle 66kg. He was flag-bearer. He got bronze in 2008 Beijing. Vijay Kumar Silver. 25 rapid fire pistol. Rajiv G.Khel ratna Yogeshwar dutt Bronze. 60kg wrestle. Rajiv G.Khel ratna.


These Indians won some foreign tournaments: Parimarajan Negi, P.Harikrishna.

Widith Gujrathi: 30th Grandmaster Abijit Gupta: Commonwealth Chess Championship K.Jennitha: World chess championship for disabled. Grenke Chess classic 2013: Anand won


Rupesh Shah: Asian Billiards Ronnie OSullivan: World Snooker-Became champion for the fifth time PGA 2013 Tigerwoods. Australian Grand prix 2013: Kimmy Raikkonel. Malkhamb: Madhya Pradesh declared it as states sport Henry Rebello: athlete from India, participated in London Olympics48. Dead. Anand Shetty (Flying Bunt): Sprinter. Dead World cup for shooting: Rahi Sarnobat -1st Indian woman to win gold in pistol shooting. Archery World cup @Shanghai: Bronze by Indian womens team. National Archery Championship at Raipur Chhattisgarh. Assam won. Swarn Singh Virk: won gold in Asian Rowing championship, China.

Sport Mascots
Beijing Olympics 2008 Cricket World Cup 2011 CWG, 2011 Kabbadi world cup 2012, India London Olympics 2012 FIFA 2014 Fuwa (good-luck dolls) Stumpy, the elephant. Shera, the tiger. JAANBAZ, the eagle. Wenlock + Mandeville. They symbolize Britains industrial revolution. Armadillo named Fuleco

Sports Awards

RG Khel Ratna

Shooter Ronjan Sodhi. He had also won ISSF shooting world cup: (silver, double trap). Before him Khel Ratna was given to Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt.

Laureus Awards Usain Bolt (male) and Jessica Ennis (Female) for their Olympic 2013 2013 records.

Arjun Awards 2013

Mr. Abhijeet Gupta Chess Mr. Amit Kumar Saroha Athletics (Para) Mr. Dharmender Dalal Wrestling Mr. Gagan Jeet Bhullar Golf

Mr. Ranjith Maheshwari Athletics Mr. Rupesh Shah Billiards & Snooker Mr. Virat Kohli Cricket Ms. Chekrovolu Swuro Archery Ms. Joshna Chinnappa Squash Ms. Kavita Chahal Boxing Ms. Mouma Das Table Tennis Ms. Neha Rathi Wrestling Ms. P.V. Sindhu Badminton Ms. Rajkumari Rathore Shooting Ms. Saba Anjum Hockey

Dronacharya 2013 Award for Coaches

K.P. Thomas Athletics Mahavir Singh Boxing Narinder Singh Saini Hockey Poornima Mahato Archery Raj Singh Wrestling

Places in News
Ahmedabad Arunanchal Pradesh Bangalore International airport Betul Bushehr Province Cyclone Phailin Daocheng Yading Hanumangarha Jaisalmer Fort Javadi Hills First city in South Asia to have a comprehensive heat action plan New wild banana species found-Musa Velutina renamed after Hiriya Kempegowda. He was a ruler under the Vijayanagar empire In Gawilgarh hills, MP. ASI has found 12000 year old paintings from here. Iran earthquake in april Odisha and Andhra worlds highest civilian airport, China. a major trade hub during Harappa period First inhabited world heritage monument under UNESCOOther five forts that got world heritage statute: Amber, Chittorgarh, Gangron, Kumbhalgarh. Vellore district TN. Neolithic bedrocks found. They were used for sharpning axes and stone tools. In Borneo island, Indonesia. Worlds largest project for REDD+ Gold coins of vikram aditya found belonging to first century Bc. Indias first marine eco sensitive zone by MoEF

Kalimantan forest Kshripra river, Ujjain Kutch Maenam Wildlife Sanctury, First wild life sanctury to have a skywalk and 22km ropeway Sikkim Union cabinet gives it classical status, along with Tamil, Malayalam language Kannada and Telugu. Mauratia Ancient Microcontinent. Its evidence found in W.Indian ocean.

Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur. Mount Fuji, Japan Mukundra Hills Nyoma, Leh Palacole, Andhra Popocatpetl volcano Praneshwara Temple, Shimoga district, Karnataka Samoa Airline Serbia Shanghai Shenzhen Province Sichuan Province Typhoon Nari Typhoon Wipha UK Uttarakhand Disaster Wayanand, Kerala Xisha

Got their own high courts.Total HC (before) =21. After =24.This was done via amending North Eastern areas reorganisation act 1971 World Heritage status under UNESCOIn Honhu Island Third Tiger reserve in Rajasthan. Other two are Sariska and Ranthambhore Highest Krishi Vigyan kendra Nepoleaon era french gold coins found Mexico Ancient copper plates from Kalachurya dynasty. First airline to charge passengers based on their weight Agreed to cede some areas to its former province Kosovo.Under EU accord.Serbia-Capital BelgradeKosovo-Capital Pristina-Uses Euro as Currency. Started visa-free transit scheme with Beijing. China Launched its first carbon trading scheme here China earthquake of ritchers scale-7. Philippines, Oct2013 Japan, Oct2013 Banned sale of non-native aquatic plants to prevent entry of invasive species. Covered here: click me Pre historic rock art found in Edakkal caves in Ambukuthy hills. Disputed islands in South China sea. China is offering tourists rides while Vietnam opposes.

Only covering import ones, else this will be a mile long list. Aaron swartz Helped creating early version of RSS and Internet. In Feb13. Hanged for parliament attack on 13/12/2001.Operation three Afzal Guru star=codename for his hanging. Ahalyachari Educationist. Associated with NCERT Ajmal Kasab Hanged for 26/11/2008 terrorist attack. AK Narayan Historian and archaeologist Amar G. Bose Founder of Bose corp- Radios, speakers and audio systems Arun Dey Historian, Kolkata Asgar Ali Engineer Islamic scholar. Dawoodi Bohra movement. Batindra Nath Ancient Indian historian Mukharji Bruce Reynold Carried the Great Train robbery in Britain. Chinua Achebe father of modern African Literature. C.P. Srivastava He was the Secretary general of IMO (international maritime org).

Elected for four consecutive terms. Longest serving secretary general of IMO. Ex IAS. Doctor Hilary First successful oral vaccine for polio. Koprowski Douglas Engelbart Father of Computer mouse. Ganesh Pyne Painter. W.Bengal. Food Scientist and former director of central food research institute. Hold H.A.B. Parpia post in FAO and UN. Henry Rebello athlete from India, participated in London Olympics48. Dead. Hiroshi Yamauchi Creator of Mario and Donkey Kong games. Nintendo Company HS Singhania President of JK Singhania group. Ieng Sary Founder of Cambodias notorious Khmer Rouge movement. Jia Dagar Drupad Singer. John E Karlin Inventor of phone keypad. Kallam Anji Reddy Founder of Dr.Reddys lab. KP Bhaskar Indian classical dancer in Singapore. Mahasundari Devi Sujani craft, Mithila painting MS Violin maestro GopalKrishnan. N.Seshagiri Founder DG of NIC. Ottavio Bofors scandal. Quattrocchi Anti superstition activist. murdered for his campaigning. Recently Narendra Maharastra govt passed a anti superstition bill for that Dabolkar was Dabholkar campaigning for. N. Rangbashyam eminent surgeon. He started first M.Ch. degree course in India. biologist and professor @ national centre for biological science. He setup Obaid Siddiqui molecular biology unit in tata institute of fundamental research. Pandit Ram Freedom fighter. Gandhis follower. Sneezehi Shukla PV Indresan Educationist. Ex-Director of IIT Madras Raghunath Classical singer. Jaydevs Git Govind. Panigrahi Ramankutty Nair Kathakali maestro. Autobiography Thiranottam Ray Dolby Dolby sound. Rituparno Ghosh Filmmaker. Chokher Bali, Raincoat, Last Lear etc. Robert Edward Father of IVF technology. Won noble for Rochus Misch Hitlers bodyguard. Dead Ronald Coase Coase theorm. Noble prize for economics. Dead. RP Goenka CEAT, Saregama, Philips carbon black etc. Sagar Singh Part of Azad Hind Fauj during freedom struggle. Kamicha maestro of rajasthan.Belong to manganiyar folk musician Sakar khan community of rajasthan . Born in jaislmer. Padma shree, tulsi samman by Mp govt., Sangeet natak akadmi award. Died. Imp for RPSC pre Sarabjit Singh attacked in Lahor Jail in Pakistan, died. Shakuntala Devi Maths Genius, wrote many books on puzzles.

Shanu Lahiri Sushmita Bangerjee Vidarbha Mishra

Painter from Bengal school Bengali author. Kabuliwalas Bengali wife. Killed by Talibans.

Environment activist. Cleaning ganga through his Sankan Mochan foundation. Vinod Raina Educationist. Brain behind Right to education act. VS Ramadevi First woman Chief election Commissioner of India Lt. Col Yograj puri died- Founder of first sainik school Zafar Futehally Ornithologist