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10 Interesting Facts about Astrology People are so drawn after activities of fortune telling like astrology.

By nature, we are inquisitive of the things ahead of us. True or not, anticipating things that might happen is not a bad idea. To aid our curiosity, here are some interesting facts about astrology. 1. Astrology is preceded by Astronomy, which is the study of the celestial ob ects, space and the physical universe as a whole. !et, for astrology, it studies about the effect of astronomy in human behavior. ". Astrologers believe in the notion that the moon has the same effect to humans, as it does to the ocean. #f the moon can pull huge tides it can do the same to human body which is consist of $% percent water. #t is thought that the moon has provoking influence towards the attitude of people. Thus, it can trigger deep emotions. &. 'ne third or && percent of Americans believe in astrology. #n fact, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on astrology every year in (nited )tates alone. *+ecutives and high,ranked people are the fastest,growing group of astrology believers, according to a study by ()A Today. -. .ostradamus is the most famous astrologer. /e had predicted events such as the 0orld 0ar ##, President 1ohn 2. 3ennedy Assassination, and the most recent attack on the 0orld Trade 4enter. %. The word astrology is the most searched on 5oogle which brought about " million websites. Thus, it is amongst the most searched topics according to the study of 6. The 7odiac was originally a calendar used as agricultural method which dated sowing and harvesting of crops. #t was based on the star constellations especially )irius and the Pleiades. .ow, 8odiac is also being used by Horoscopo diario 9daily horoscope:. $. The first institution in the western hemisphere to issue BA and ;A degrees in Astrological studies is the 3epler 4ollege of Astrological Arts and )ciences in )eattle, ()A. The first courses were started in 1uly "<<< which cost =%<<< a year. The college is named after 1ohannes 3epler, the noted 5erman mathematician and astronomer who also practiced astrology. >. Astrology is considered as both a science and art. #t is a science because it requires knowledge about Astronomy and an art because interpretation is necessary to relate it to individual character and traits of people. ;ore so, it uses creativity in interpreting the La Tarot 9the Tarot:.

?. Astrocartography is the practice that determines how geographical location affects people. #t is thought to determine which part of the world you@ll be most successful and happy. 1<. *lsbeth *bertin is a renowned 5erman astrologer who accurately predicted that /itler would become a 2uhrer. The prediction was through /itler@s birth chart given by a female fan in 1?"-.