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1. Zaptel (Or dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools With 1.6 and higher version) 2. libpri (for hardware interaction and mediator between zaptel and asterisk) 3. asterisk Untar the zaptel tar bowl (Here we are using: zaptel-

#tar xzvf zaptel- #cd zaptel-

Configure zaptel #./configure Compiling modules #make Install the kernel modules #make install Install a set of preliminary configuration files #make config Or #make all

Start the kernel modules #service zaptel start Check the installation. information back on your installed kernel module. (Optional) #modinfo zaptel Compiling and installing Dahdi

Untar the dahdi tar bowl (Here we are using: dahdi-linux-complete-

tar xvfz dahdi-linux-<version> tar xvfz dahdi-tools-<version> ln -s dahdi-linux-<version> dahdi cd dahdi-linux-<version> make make install cd .. cd dahdi-tools-<version> ./configure make make install

Main file in case of zaptel install /etc zaptel.conf /etc/asterisk Zapata.conf Extension.conf Manager.conf

In case of dahdi
/etc/dahdi system.conf same as zaptel.conf

/etc/asterisk chan_dahdi.conf same as Zapata.conf

Note for asterisk version 1.4.23 zaptel is replaced by dahdi Compiling and installing Libpri

Untar the libpri tar bowl (Here we are using: libpri-1.4.10.tar.gz)

#tar xzvf libpri-1.4.10.tar.gz #cd libpri-1.4.10

Compiling modules #make Install the modules #make install Or #make all

Compiling and installing Asterisk

Untar the asterisk tar bowl (Here we are using: asterisk-

#tar xzvf asterisk- #cd asterisk-

Compilation #./configure , Compiling the code #make or make all

Install the Asterisk binary executables and shared modules, # make install Install a set of preliminary configuration files. #make samples

Install program documents #make progdocs

Installation of Development tools:

Ruby : Untar the ruby tar bowl (Here we are using: ruby-1.8.x.tar)

#tar xzvf ruby-1.8.7.tar #cd ruby-1.8.7

Configure modules #./configure

Compiling modules #make

Install the modules #make install

Check ruby version # ruby -v

Adhearsion-rubygems: Untar the rubygems tar bowl (Here we are using: rubygems-0.9.3.tgz)

#tar xzvf rubygems-0.9.3.tgz

#cd rubygems-0.9.3

Run the setup of rubygen: #ruby setup.rb

Check version of gem #gem v

Install adhearsion module #gem install adhersion

Check the gems installed modules #gem list

gem install paginator gem install flexmock gem install rails --version 2.3.2 gem install builder gem install cgi_multipart_eof_fix gem install configuration gem install curb gem install daemons gem install eventmachine gem install fastthread gem install gem_plugin gem install httpauth gem install launchy

gem install mongrel gem install nokogiri gem install passenger gem install postgres-pr gem install rest-client gem install stomp gem install stompserver gem install josevalim-rails-footnotes -s

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

actionmailer (2.3.2) actionpack (2.3.2) activerecord (2.3.2) activeresource (2.3.2) activesupport (2.3.2) adhearsion (0.8.2) builder (2.1.2) cgi_multipart_eof_fix (2.5.0) configuration (0.0.5) curb ( daemons (1.0.10) eventmachine (0.12.8) fastthread (1.0.7) gem_plugin (0.2.3) hoe (2.3.2) httpauth (0.1)

josevalim-rails-footnotes (3.6.2) launchy (0.3.3) log4r (1.0.5) mongrel (1.1.5) nokogiri (1.3.3) paginator (1.1.1) passenger (2.2.4) postgres-pr (0.6.1) rails (2.3.2) rake (0.8.7) rest-client (1.0.3) rubigen (1.5.2) rubyforge (1.0.4) sources (0.0.1) stomp (1.1) stompserver (0.9.9)

Postgres DB install

1. Rpm 2. Tar ball For Sangoma Card Installation

1. 2. 3. 4.

Install zaptel or dahdi Install Libpri Install asterisk Install wanpipe

Download the latest release Untar wanpipe tar xvfz wanpipe-<version>.tgz cd wanpipe-<version>

./Setup dahdi or ./Setup zaptel Confirm successful Wanpipe/Dahdi installation run: wanrouter hwprobe