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!"# %&&'()'*)# +,(-# .* /%)(&&% 01 2 3 4"%5#&#*) 3 616! 7*8

So I've built a few hackintoshes now to the point wheie I've a goou iuea what I'm uoing.
I've gone the uistio way befoie as well as the vanilla way anu I agiee fully with the iuea
that vanilla is bettei. The pioblem with it being that I haven't founu a well explaineu
stait to finish guiue of how to uo it without a lot of uoogling anu combining numeious
uiffeient guiues so my iuea is to collate eveiything into one place foi beginneis to
hopefully unueistanu the piocess bettei anu builu bettei systems. A lot of the leg-woik
foi this guiue has been uone by othei people; although I'm iewiiting most of it if anyone
wants cieuit auuing to something I've acciuentally stolen fiom them just PN me.
Thioughout the guiue I tiy to avoiu sciipts anu utilities so you can leain what youi
uoing. If you want a one-click install this is not the guiue foi you; having saiu that theie
is nothing technically complicateu that isn't cleaily explaineu so uon't be scaieu off if
you'ie a iookie.
If any one has any suggestions on how to impiove this guiue PN me oi mention it on the
foium thieau.
Those who expeiience pioblems make suie you've ieau Pait 7 befoie posting to the
foium asking foi help.

*****Theie aie subtle uiffeiences in the guiue uepenuing on whethei you'ie using Lion ¡
Nountain Lion oi Naveiicks (piimaiily the fact that the name has changeu fiom "Nac 0S
X" to "0S X) Foi Lion ¡ NL use the blue line. Foi Naveiicks use the ieu line*****

*****If you're creating the install for Lion/ML use "Essential 03.08.2012" attachment -
otherwise use the Mavericks essential attachment*****

4*).#).: ;%+#
Pieface u
Contents 1
1. Pieiequisites 2
1.u Basic iequiiements 2
1.1 Essential softwaie 2
1.2 Essential kexts 2
2. Cieating the installei S
2.u Piepaiing the 0SB S
2.1 Cieating the 0S X installei on the 0SB uiive 4
2.2 Patching the installei foi a PC 6
2.S A note foi those wishing to boot 0S X anu Winuows 8
on the same BBB 8
2.4 Biue hiuuen files 8
S. Installing 0S X 9
S.u Installing 0S X 9
S.1 Fixing the install 9
4. Initial boot 9
S. BSBT 1u
S.1 Extiaction 1u
6. Finishing touches 11
6.u A note on non-Nac monitois 11
6.1 Keymaps 11
6.2 oig.chameleon.boot.plist 11
6.S NullCP0PoweiNanagement 12
6.4 Bevice compatibility 12
6.S Finuei giiu view 12
7. Common eiiois & basic uiagnostics 1S
7.u Bootu:eiioi 1S
7.1 Boot flags 1S
7.2 The console 1S
7.S App stoie "Youi computei coulu not be iecogniseu" eiioi 1S
7.4 Notheiboaiu P0ST fieeze 14
7.S When posting to the foium foi fuithei help 14
7.6 ATi6xxx caiu white scieen eiioi 14
8. 0seful tips 1S
8.u To show oi hiue hiuuen files 1S
8.1 Spaces in teiminal 1S
9. Refeiences 16
1u. Change-log 16

;%8. = ' ;8#8#>,(:(.#:
=?@? A%:(< B#>,(8#5#).:C
The basic iequiiements foi 0S X fiom Lion onwaius aie:
1. A Coie 2 Buo piocessoi oi latei
2. 2uB oi moie RAN
S. 8uB of uisk space
N.B. Foi uetails of specific haiuwaie compatibility see the haiuwaie compatibility list
(BCL) in the wiki:

Fuithei to compatible haiuwaie you will neeu:
1. A woiking install of 0S X (this may be in a viitual machine oi a native install) to
piepaie the installei
2. A flash uiive of minimum size 8uB
S. A copy of Lion ¡ NL ¡ Naveiicks
4. Patience

Note: All essential softwaie ¡ kexts below aie in the attachment.
=?=? D::#).(%& 1*7.E%8#
You will neeu to obtain the following. I suggest you place them all in the same foluei
along with the essential kexts below foi use latei:
1. The Chameleon boot loauei, the latest veision of which can always be founu heie (You
want "The Latest Tiunk PKu ~ Stanuaiu anu 0fficial Revision"):
2. Chameleon wizaiu to cieate a smbios (basically iuentify youi machine as a mac) anu
to help with bootloauei pioblems
S. System info foi finuing uevice IB's foi geneial post-install tioubleshooting (Check you
get the Nac veision).
4. BSBT euitoi foi extiacting youi BSBT once weie up anu iunning:
S. Kext utility foi installing auuitional kexts post-install:

=?F? D::#).(%& G#H.: IJ#8)#& #H.#):(*):K
1. FakeSNC - absolutely essential - tiicks 0S X into thinking it's a ieal Nac.
2. NullCP0PoweiNanagement - geneially iequiieu initially to pievent keinel panics,
may not be neeueu once AppleIntelCP0PoweiNanagement is patcheu aftei install.

;%8. F ' 48#%.()+ ."# ():.%&&#8
F?@? ;8#L%8()+ ."# M1A
1. In youi woiking 0S X install open Bisk 0tility
2. Click on youi 0SB uiive in the left siuebai
S. Click the "Paitition" tab
4. 0nuei "Paitition Layout" click "1 Paitition"
S. Click 0ptions -> select "u0IB Paitition Table"; check the foimat is set to "Nac 0S X
Extenueu (}ouinaleu)"; name it "0SB" anu click Apply

!"# %&'( )*+,-*".# /0+ 123&

F?=? 48#%.()+ ."# 01 2 ():.%&&#8 *) ."# M1A -8(/#
1. Nount youi 0S X BNu. If using a copy uownloaueu fiom the app stoie: Navigate to
Applications (which is wheie it will save youi uownloaueu copy of 0S X by uefault) ->
iight click "Install 0S X *veision*" anu click "Show Package Contents" -> Contents ->
ShaieuSuppoit -> Bouble click "InstallESB.umg"
2. Nount BaseSystem.umg by typing the following in teiminal:
4,+. 564789+:5;-<= >2= ?= @.:/-77= A2B53-:+2C:/+9&D9#
4,+. 564789+:5>2= ?= @.:/-77= A2B53-:+2C:/+9&D9#
S. uo back to uisk utility anu click on "(Nac )0S X Base System", click the "Restoie" tab
then uiag anu uiop "(Nac )0S X Base System" to "souice" anu youi 0SB to "uestination"
anu click iestoie then eiase. This will take a while.
4. You'll now have 2 "(Nac )0S X Base Systems piesent in Finuei, iight click them anu
"get info" to ueteimine which is youi 0SB uiive (hint: look at the size).
S. Navigate to the one which is youi 0SB uiive, open it anu go to ¡System¡Installation.
Belete the "Packages" link then cieate a foluei calleu "Packages".
6. 0pen a new Finuei winuow anu navigate to "(Nac )0S X Install ESB". Copy eveiything
insiue the packages foluei to the packages foluei you have just cieateu. This will take a
7. Copy mach_keinel fiom "0S X Install ESB" to the ioot of youi 0SB uiive.
7. 0se pacifist to extiact mach_keinel fiom "0S X Install
ESB¡Packages¡BaseSystemBinaiies.pkg" anu copy it to the ioot of youi 0SB uiive (note:
this is in the attachment).

!"# %&E&E( F+:/4*".# G;-< >2 ? 3-:+ 2C:/+9H /4 /0+ 123 D*"I+&
The teiminal will look something like this when you aie uone:

!"# %&E&%( J+*9".-7 48/,8/&

F?F? ;%.<"()+ ."# ():.%&&#8 7*8 % ;4
1. Remembei the two kexts we uownloaueu above. Copy both of them to
¡System¡Libiaiy¡Extensions on youi 0SB stick.
2. Run the chameleon installation package anu ensuie to choose youi 0SB uiive as the
S. uo to the ioot of youi 0SB uiive anu cieate a foluei calleu "Extia". This is useu to stoie
configuiation files foi the chameleon boot-loauei.
4. 0pen Chameleon wizaiu, click the "SNBios" tab then click "Euit". Now theie is a list of
"Piemaue SNBioses". Look thiough this list to see which ielates best to youi PC (Bint:
iNac 12.2 foi mouein uesktops oi NacBook Pio 8.S foi mouein laptops is a goou place
to look to stait with). Click "Save As" anu save it to the ¡Extia foluei we cieateu on the
0SB stick.
N.B. make suie you've got a smbios fiom a Nac which suppoits youi veision of 0S X, foi
a list of which uo see heie: http:¡¡¡osx¡specs¡
S. Copy youi foluei of essential softwaie & kexts to the ioot of youi 0SB stick.
N.B.1: Foi those with a fully-woiking Lion ¡ NL install you may omit 2.C.S. & 2.C.4. anu
use youi olu ¡Extia foluei (incluuing smbios & oig.chameleon.boot.plist & BSBT).N.B.2:
N.B.2: ATi6xxx useis see step 7.6 now!

!"# %&%&'( K0-.#+ ".:/-77 74<-/"4. ". <0-9+7+4. ".:/-77+*&

!"# %&%&E( 2+7+</ 123 ,-*/"/"4. ". <0-9+7+4. ".:/-77+*&

!"# %&%&%( K*+-/".# 2;3"4:&

!"# %&%LM( K*+-/".# /0+ 2;3"4: </D&

F?N? O )*.# 7*8 ."*:# E(:"()+ .* 9**. 01 2 %)- P()-*E: *) ."# :%5# Q66
(This is not iecommenueu but may be necessaiy foi those installing on laptops)
The 0S X installei won't install to an NBR paitition scheme which Winuows iequiies so
we must patch the installei to allow this. If you intenu on uual-booting 0S X anu
Winuows 7 then I suggest you install Winuows 7 anu upuate to Seivice Pack 1 befoie
you install 0S X to pievent pioblems upuating to SP1 latei. Bow to patch:
1. Bownloau the iequiieu files fiom heie:
2. 0n the 0SB stick navigate to ¡System¡Installation¡Packages¡. Belete 0SInstall.mpkg
anu ieplace it with the one you just uownloaueu.
S. 0n the 0SB stick navigate to
woik¡veisions¡A¡. Belete 0SInstall anu ieplace it with the one you just uownloaueu.

;%8. N R S):.%&&()+ 01 2
N?= S):.%&&()+ 01 2
1. Stick the 0SB uiive in the computei you wish to install 0S X on anu boot fiom youi
0SB uiive. If you'ie unsuie how to uo this when youi computei fiist tuins on look foi a
piompt that says "Piess X foi boot selection menu" (wheie X is a key) oi something of
that effect. Common keys aie F8 & F12.
2. When Chameleon comes up piess entei to boot 0S X. The 0S X installei shoulu boot.
uo to the utilities menu anu click uisk utility. Select the uisk ¡ paitition you wish to
install 0S X to, call it "0S X" anu foimat it as "Nac 0S X Extenueu (}ouinaleu)" (See Pait
2.1. if you'ie a bit iusty with uisk utility).
N.B. Foi those uual booting on the same BBB as Winuows ensuie you've got the
Paitition Scheme set to NBR.
S. Follow the installei to install 0S X to the uesiieu paitition.
4. Take a well-ueseiveu iest while it installs.
S. 0nce the installei is finisheu it will ieboot, on ieboot boot back into the install 0SB
N0T youi 0S X install.

N?= T(H()+ ."# 01 2 ():.%&&
1. Fiom the installei go to 0tilities anu Teiminal.
2. Type cp -R ¡System¡Libiaiy¡Extensions¡NullCP0PoweiNanagement.kext
¡volumes¡"0S X"¡System¡Libiaiy¡Extensions¡
S. Type: cp -R ¡System¡Libiaiy¡Extensions¡FakeSNC.kext ¡volumes¡"0S
4. Type ieboot
N0TE: Incluue the quotes in the lines above. This assumes youi install paitition is calleu
"0S X" as I saiu above. If foi whatevei ieason you calleu it something else ieplace "0S X"
with whatevei you calleu it (still suiiounueu by quotation maiks).

;%8. U R S)(.(%& 9***.
1. Reboot youi system anu boot to the 0SB stick again but this time select youi 0S X
install. This shoulu boot you into youi installeu copy of 0S X.
2. 0pen "System Piefeiences" go-to "Secuiity anu Piivacy", click the lock anu give it youi
passwoiu then set "Allow applications uownloaueu fiom" to anywheie.
S. Navigate to youi foluei of essential softwaie anu iun the chameleon package, install it
to youi 0S X uiive.
4. Copy the Extia foluei on youi 0SB uiive to the ioot of youi BBB (open Finuei -> uo ->
Computei -> 0S X -> paste foluei).
S. Reboot, iemove 0SB, anu let the computei boot fiom youi BBB, select 0S X anu it
shoulu boot stiaight to 0S X.
You aie not finisheu! You now neeu to at least ieau thiough step 6!

;%8. V R 616!
V?@ DH.8%<.(*)
Although not stiictly iequiieu it is useful to have a BSBT foi youi system; with a bit of
ieseaich anu patching it can be useu to solve almost all pioblems you may encountei.
Foi those inteiesteu in what it actually is see heie:
Bow to cieate it:
1. 0pen BSBT Euitoi
2. uo-to File -> Extiact BSBT
S. uo-to to IASL -> Compile (if you get any eiiois click "Fix Eiiois")
4. uo-to IASL -> Save ANL as. Save it as "BSBT.aml" in ¡Extia.

V?= 4*55*) T(H#:
(coming soon eventually.)
;%8. W R T()(:"()+ !*,<"#:
W?@? O )*.# *) )*)'X%< 5*)(.*8:
Nost non-Nac monitois will stait with the wiong coloi calibiation. To fix this go-to
"System Piefeiences" -> "Bisplays" -> "Coloi" -> select "ueneiic RuB Piofile".
Fuithei to this, uue to Nac monitoi having a uiffeient uot pitch to noimal monitois, LCB
font smoothing may make the fonts appeai bluiieu. To tuin this off go-to "System
Piefeiences" -> ueneial -> uncheck "0se LCB Font." (at the bottom).

W?=? G#Y5%L:
If you have a Biitish stanuaiu keyboaiu you will neeu to install the keymaps in the
attachment. To uo so uecompiess the attacheu zip anu copy its contents to
¡Libiaiy¡Keyboaiu Layouts then change the keymap by going to System Piefeiences ->
Keyboaiu -> Input Souices.

W?F? *8+?<"%5#&#*)?9**.?L&(:.
If you open Chameleon Wizaiu you can navigate to "oig.chameleon.boot" heie you can
assign numeious settings which will be useful latei as well as setting the uefault timeout
anu specifying the location of youi SNBios anu BSBT if you uon't place them in ¡Extia. I
suggest you ensuie the "Etheinet Built In" box is checkeu then set the "Time 0ut" to a
ieasonable figuie anu then click "Save As' anu save it to ¡Extia (Note: save it as
oig.chameleon.boot, it automatically appenus the .plist extension).
When you've saveu it you can go to "Theme" anu uownloau anu apply a theme foi the
boot loauei iathei than having the uefault text boot.
0nce youi system is stable anu with all necessaiy haiuwaie enableu set
0seKeinelCache=Yes to speeu up boot times.

!"# N&'( AO-9,7+ 4*#&<0-9+7+4.&P44/&,7":/&

W?N? Z,&&4;M;*E#8X%)%+#5#).
Cuiiently we have NullCP0PoweiNanagement.kext installeu. This uisables speeu-
stepping anu thus sleep (by uisabling AppleIntelCP0PoweiNanagement.kext) so we
neeu to iemove it foi a bettei system. 0nfoitunately not all system's will woik with the
veision that comes with 0S X. The fiist thing to uo is to tiy youi system without it, to uo
this simply navigate to ¡System¡Libiaiy¡Extensions on youi 0S X uiive anu uelete it
then ieboot. It's possible you will see a keinel panic on ieboot, if this is the case you will
neeu to ieinstall the kext by following Pait S.1.1&S.1.2.
If youi system panics on boot then you iequiie a patcheu veision of
AppleIntelCP0Poweimanagement; ieauing iounu the foium shoulu allow you to obtain
this ielatively easily.

W?U? 6#/(<# 4*5L%.(9(&(.Y
At this point it's veiy likely you will have some uevices not woiking. The best way to get
uevices woiking is thiough BSBT euits iathei than by auuing keinel extensions; often
auuitional keinel extensions will have to be ie-installeu aftei upuates wheieas BSBT
euit aie peimanent.
To enable uevices by using auuitional kexts: Run the "System Info" app we uownloaueu
anu click File -> check compatibility. This will let you see which uevices aie woiking anu
which aien't. You can uoogle youi venuoi & uevice IB to finu info about making them
woik. 0nce you finu a kext that appeais to be compatible foi youi haiuwaie uiag anu
uiop it onto kext utility to install it.
Example: If youi Wi-Fi isn't woiking you can look foi youi Wi-Fi uevice anu finu its
uevice ¡ venuoi IB's in my case its venuoi IB is 168c anu its uevice IB is uu2a so
uoogling foi "168c:uu2a kext" woulu ietuin iesults about making the uevice woik.

W?V? T()-#8 +8(- /(#E IE()-*E: #HL&*8#8 9#"%/(*,8K
To make finuei soit files in a giiu by uefault open Finuei, navigate to youi ioot foluei of
the 0S X install. uo-to view -> Show view options -> Aiiange by "Name" -> Click "0se As
;%8. [ R 4*55*) D88*8: \ A%:(< 6(%+)*:.(<:
[?@? A**.@CD88*8
Bootu eiioi is most likely causeu by incoiiectly installing chameleon oi having a uiive
with 4k-sectoi allocation. Tiy to ieinstall chameleon (use the latest veision!), if that
uoesn't woik see heie:

[?=? A**. 7&%+:
When the chameleon scieen boots you can specify keinel aiguments to attempt to solve
pioblems you may be having. When you see the boot-loauei pop up piess any key anu
ensuie youi 0S X install is highlighteu. You can then type any combination of keinel
flags (with a space between them) to tiy to boot 0S X ¡ uiagnose pioblems. Foi a
complete list of keinel flags see heie:
A few of the moie common ones aie:
1. -v veibose moue. If the system panics take a scieen shot of the panic when you have
typeu this at boot anu post it to the foiums. It will help people uiagnose youi pioblems
but won't fix any pioblems.
2. -x safe boot (like winuows safe moue - minimal uiiveis).
S. -f boot without the keinel cache (useful if you've installeu kexts without iebuiluing
the kext cache - if you've useu kext utility you shoulun't have to use this).
4. -npci=ux2uuu (oi -npci=uxSuuu) fixes the "PCI configuiation Begin" eiioi.
S. PCIRoot0IB=u solves pioblems foi some NvIBIA giaphics caiu useis (if it uoesn't
solve youi issue tiy =1 insteau).
6. uiaphicsEnablei=Yes (oi uiaphicsEnablei=No) auu suppoit foi some non-0S X
giaphics caius.
7. Note: The aich=iS86 boot flag is now uepieciateu uue to NL's 64-bit only keinel.

[?F? !"# <*):*&#
The console gives you a veibose output of any anu all eiiois the system may encountei.
It's paiticulaily useful if you've a system which won't stay in sleep moue. uo-to
Applications -> 0tilities -> Console to open it.

[?N? OLL :.*8# ]^*,8 -#/(<# *8 <*5L,.#8 <*,&- )*. 9# 8#<*+)(:#-???] #88*8?
App-stoie iequiies a NAC auuiess to veiify youi computei (any auuiess, it uoesn't have
to be an apple one) hence you N0ST have a woiking Etheinet oi Aiipoit caiu foi App
Stoie to woik. The pioblem is if you've enableu netwoik haiuwaie aftei fiist boot 0S X
won't upuate its caches. The fix:
Ensuie "etheinet buit in" is checkeu in youi oig.chameleon.boot.plist. uo to system
piefeiences anu uelete all the uevices in the netwoik section. Navigate to
¡Libiaiy¡Piefeiences¡SystemConfiguiation anu uelete anu netwoikinteifaces.plist anu Reboot then auu youi netwoik inteifaces in system piefeiences.
Check app-stoie is now woiking.

[?U X*."#89*%8- ;01! T8##_#
I youi motheiboaiu fieezes uuiing P0ST (you uon't even get past the BI0S scieen) it's
possible youi BI0S isn't compatible with the u0IB paitition table of the 0SB we cieateu
the installei on. To fix this in step 2.u.S select NBR insteau of u0IB.
Note: If you make it to the 0S X boot-loauei this is not youi pioblem anu will not fix any
issues othei than hanging at P0ST. Foi moie infoimation see heie:

[?V P"#) L*:.()+ .* ."# 7*8,5 %:J()+ 7*8 "#&L
When posting to the foium asking foi help if the installei ¡ installation won't boot please
post a scieenshot of wheie it stops - I suggest you post this to a new thieau in a suitable
place in the foium iathei than this guiue.

[?W O!(WHHH <%8- E"(.# :<8##) #88*8
Theie is a know peimissions eiioi in Nountain Lion iegaiuing the ATi6uuuContiollei
kext causing white scieen. To fix this:
a. Navigate to ¡System¡Libiaiy¡Extensions on youi install 0SB anu copy
ATi6uuuCcontiollei to youi foluei of essential kexts.
b. Belete ATi6uuuContiollei fiom ¡S¡L¡E.
c. Install 0S X (note: you will only have basic giaphics suppoit).
u. Aftei install (at the enu of step 4) you can uiag & uiop the kext onto
kextutility then ieboot to enable youi caiu.

;%8. ` ' M:#7,& !(L:
`?@? !* :"*E *8 "(-# "(--#) 7(&#:C
In the teiminal type:
D+Q-87/: R*"/+ <49&-,,7+&Q".D+* S,,7+204RS77!"7+: TA2
D+Q-87/: R*"/+ <49&-,,7+&Q".D+* S,,7+204RS77!"7+: U>
Followeu by V"77-77 !".D+*

`?=? 1L%<#: () .#85()%&
When using the teiminal spaces must be pieceueu by \ oi the file oi foluei name placeu
in quotations
open ¡volumes¡Nac\ 0S\ X\ Install\ ESB¡BaseSystem.umg
open ¡volumes¡"Nac 0S X Install ESB"¡BaseSystem.umg

;%8. a R B#7#8#)<#:
Nassive cieuit goes to this guiue heie:
anu this guiue heie:

;%8. =@ R 4"%)+#'&*+
v2.S - 2S¡u7¡2u12 - Ninoi upuate to incluue InstallESB location fiom app-stoie.
v2.4 - 27¡u7¡2u12 - Ninoi upuates iegaiuing uiingo veimelho's post.
v2.S - uS¡u8¡2u12 - Ninoi upuates anu touch-ups.
v2.6 - 22¡u8¡2u12 - Auuition of 0seKeinelCache=Yes plus key-maps anu a few minoi
vS.u - 24¡1u¡2u12 - Auuition of scieenshots
vS.1 - uS¡12¡2u12 - Biitish keyboaiu layout auueu
v4.u - u7¡1u¡2u1S - 0puates so guiue complies with Naveiicks install pioceuuie
v4.2 - 1u¡11¡2u1S - Iioneu out uiffeiences between Lion¡NL anu Naveiicks