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Teamcenter Quick Guide

Volume 1, Issue 1

Teamcenter Rich Client Installation:

Enter the following url in your web browser to install Teamcenter Rich Client in your system. With CATIA Integration: Without CATIA Integration

If installation fails or interrupted in between, delete the folder D:\Siemens\Teamcenter and retry installation process

My Teamcenter
small JT file will be created for fast viewing. 2 11 Local Volume Server It is a server on which you can store your files (Catia). For fast access you shall use a local server. Teamcenter rich client application that is the main access point for managing product information. My Teamcenter provides the functionality for creating objects in the Teamcenter database, querying the database for objects, checking in and checking out objects, and managing tasks. Users can also open objects, automatically launching the related application. MML It stands for Multi Model Link and is the Catia terminology for the Catia links between Catia files. Teamcenter can read and use them. The Newstuff folder is the default folder for newly created database objects. It is Electrolux name for a particular product number, the word SKU is used in US within Electrolux and most other companies Problem Report; It is something any user with a Teamcenter account can create. The intention is that anyone regardless of position shall be able to report a quality problem or suggest a cost reduction. This PR may later lead to an ECR. It is used for access rights; user can view a project related data only if he/ she is part of that project. It is the term used for cleaning out your files from the staging area. Every time you open a file from Teamcenter into Catia a new copy will be placed in this folder, so it will increase in size over time. So eventually you will need to clean out some of the files you may have in this folder. You may also run onto situations when you actually have to remove some of the old files. It is an empty copy of a Catia part or drawing template. This way you can create a new Catia part in Teamcenter and then load it into Catia. It is the term used in US for a product, in Europe the equivalent is PNC or product number. It is a Teamcenter vocabulary for a special folder into which your Catia files will be copied when you open a file from Teamcenter. Smarteam works similarly but calls this folder working folder and with Smarteam Files Explorer you can view the content in this folder. Teamcenter has no tools like this, but with purge you can remove files. It is the Catia terminology for working with Catia light weight files (CGR). This way an assembly of much bigger size can be loaded into Catia. Teamcenter support this and will be the default for assemblies.

My Teamcenter

Newstuff folder



Projects NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 NAMEANDDESCRIPTION Menu Bar - All teamcenter UI functions are available in the MenuBar Tool Bar - Frequently used functions are displayed as icons in ToolBar


Back and Forward Buttons - The Back and Forward buttons allow you to move between loaded Teamcenter applications. Application Banner - The application banner shows the name of the active application and lists the current user and role. Search Box - The Search box provides predefined quick searches using dataset, item ID, item name, keyword search, and advanced search features. Navigation Pane - The navigation pane provides quick access to the data you use most. Primary Applications - Primary application buttons provide access to your most frequently used Teamcenter application perspectives. Secondary Applications - Secondary application buttons provide access to Teamcenter application perspectives you use infrequently. Object View - Objects selected in a view may provide context for a shortcut menu Information Panel - Access Information and Object State Information can be viewed in Information panel as Icons with Tooltip. Object DetailsAdditional details of the selected objects(s) are shown Application View and Application Close Application view indicates which application is presently running and Application close is used to close the presently opened application.

Seed part or drawing


Staging Area

Work with Cache

Structure Manager
10 ANC ANC Master BOM View CGR Check-In/Out

It is the same as article number It is an Electrolux invention; it is a kind of container for several variants of an ANC It is a Teamcenter name for the structure view. It is a lightweight model representing a Catia model used for visualization It is a terminology used also in Smarteam, but with a different meaning, In Teamcenter Check in/Check out means that an Item or a dataset (CATPart, CAT Drawing or Word document) is locked for an user for modification. No other user will have write access to a checked-out object It is a Teamcenter object used to manage the files created by external applications within Teamcenter. It is the Teamcenter name for a file. The associated icon of a dataset may vary depending on the associated application. Teamcenter has many OOTB dataset types for most of the commonly used applications and file types like Text, Zip, Image, MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerPoint, , HTML, etc. It stands for Engineering Bill Of Material and list of everything that is needed for a complete product. It is a list of all the components and the related documents that are needed for product. Engineering Change Notice; It is a process where the engineering documentation is modified. It could be a CAT part or a drawing change. The updated documentation is also distributed to all relevant users of this documentation. Engineering Change Request; It is a common term for a request for a change. The reason could be a quality problem raised in a PR or an issue reported in any other way. A completer ECR means that there is an approval to go ahead and do a change.




ToolBar Icons



Folders are used in Teamcenter to organize data. My Teamcenter application always contains the three default folders: Home , Mailbox , and Newstuff . These folders are automatically created by the system. The objects you want to work with in the My Teamcenter application can be placed within your Home folder or within some folder structure beneath the Home folder. Items are used to collect a variety of different types of business data - from CAD files for products, to document files such as specifications and reports. An item can be thought of as a "package" which contains all data related to that item. Some of the commonly used items are ANC, DesignCAD, DesignDrawing, PNC, etc Object generally used to manage revisions to items. Each item has at least one item revision which gets created along with the Item. It is a comparably small file for visualization only, it is used in Teamcenter so you do not need Catia to view 3D parts. When you save a Catia part into Teamcenter a

Home folder


Item Revision


Electrolux Data objects

Change Management









Catia ToolBar

Catia-Teamcenter Save Manager




File naming standard with Teamcenter 6

Teamcenter Objects