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QUESTION 1: Discuss about the difference (s) between GDP e#a$%&es!

GNP! Gi"e

GDP- Gross Domestic Product means that the market value of all final goods and services produced within home country including foreign companies calculated over the one fiscial year. For example, Vietnam s GDP in !"#! #$% &ilion '( dolars that mean all of economy activites inside Vietman made #$% &ilion '( dolar. G)P- Gross )ational Product- means that the total value of all final goods and services produced &y citi*ens of a country, on its land or on foreign land, calculated over the one fiscial year. For example, G)P of '( !"#! #+,",- &ilion '( dolar that mean .merican through out operation, economic activites inside and outside '( made that.
QUESTION ': E#%&ain the difference(s) between (ar)et *a%ita&is$ *entra&&+ P&anned Socia&is$! Gi"e an e#a$%&e of a countr+ that i&&ustrates each t+%e of s+ste$,

/arket capitalism is an economic system in which individuals and firms allocate resources, and production resources are privately owned. 0onsumers decide what goods they desire, and firms decide how much to produce1 the state s role is to promote competition. /arket capitalism is practiced worldwide, especially in )orth .merica and 2estern 3urope 0entrally Planned (ocialism is an economic system which state decides what goods 4 services are produced, government owns entire industries and controls distri&ution and consumers are only a&le to &uy what availa&le. For example, the economies of 0hina, the former (oviet 'nion as well as 0u&a and Vietnam from #,%"s to late #,5"s in !"th century.
QUESTION -: Vietnam is one of few countries leading in various exporting areas such as rice, coffee, rubber, tea, pepper, etc. Can you explain why our farmers are still poor?

From my point of view, there are draw&acks lead to farmer in Vietnam still poor though our nation are few of countries leading in export agricultural products. 6he first reason is that farmers lack of intensive knowledge and high 7uality skills in farming. 8esides, they not keep up with trendy do farming in the world &y applying science information and high technical e7uipment to produce outputs. 6hat is the main reason farmers can not achieve productive farming.

6he second reason is that from government, the export policy don t clearly. 6o &e specific, it is lack of policy in agricultural investment and protect &enefits of farming people. 9n practice, the farmers usually suffer sell product with low price &y middlemen. 6he last reason not least that uncontrolla&le factor which is weather condition. Vietnam often suffer disaster like storm and flood , it is also effect to productive rates.