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Aim: What does Sojourner Truths speech Aint I a Woman say?

Do Now: Define claim and write a claim about school lunch

An Evidence-Based Claim is a clearly stated inference that arises from a close reading of a text. It has three parts: 1. Clarity of the Claim: States a conclusion that you have come to after reading a text and that you want others to think about 2. Conformity to the Text: Is based upon and linked to the ideas and details of the text you have read

3. Understanding of the Topic: Demonstrates knowledge of and sound thinking about a text or topic that matters to you and others.

A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner

Textual claims start as statements about what the text tells us directly, like Emily kills Homer Barron and sleeps next to his corpse. and then move to simple conclusions we draw from thinking about the text, like Emily is driven crazy by her fear of change because (heres the evidence) Her father isolated her from the world and prevented her from ever marrying.

Text-based claims can also be more complex and require more evidence. For example, William Faulkner uses Emily to represent the South as a group: both were damaged by an incident and both also feared change. This would require evidence from more than one part of the story and would possibly incorporate additional, outside evidence.

What Youll Be Doing for 2 Weeks

We will be practicing the skill of making evidence-based claims that are based in the words, sentences, and ideas of a text by closely reading and analyzing the texts selected for this unit.

Aint I a Woman by Sojourner Truth is a speech given in 1864 (Civil War was in its 4th year; Lincoln was President Read the text. Then, in your notebook, answer the following question: According to Truth, what is the fix that white men are in. Students are instructed to read their independent reading books if/when they finish the activity IF YOU FINISH EARLY, TAKE OUR YOUR INDEPENDENT READING BOOK AND READ SILENTLY!!

Discussion Questions--Discuss at Your Table & Then We Will Discuss Together

According to Truth, what is the fix that white men are in? In paragraph 2, what four parts of her experience does Truth describe before asking the question each time, Aint I a Woman? What point is Truth trying to make with her question Aint I a Woman? What is Truth referring to as her cup in paragraph 3?

We will make evidence-based claims. ...And well have fun while we do it!