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Your children are not safe under the Education System!

The youth of this generation are the leaders and governors of the future. Consequently
their education, ways of thinking and values are of great importance in shaping the world
of tomorrow.

This is not to say education should be avoided, on the contrary. Muhammad (SAW)
stresses the importance of education in many hadith and that we must learn, seek
knowledge and teach this knowledge to other people. For example in the book of,
Tirmidhi, Anas (ra) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said, "Whoever goes out in search of
knowledge he is in the path of Allah until he returns.”

The book of Tirmidhi also states that the Prophet (SAW) is reported to have said that
seeking knowledge is an obligation for every single person.

In the early stages of primary school many Muslim parents take an active interest in their
children's education. These parents want their children to seek knowledge and believe
that by ensuring their children attend school they are providing their children with the
opportunity to learn and become the successful and educated citizens of tomorrow.

However as can be witnessed by glancing at the youth of today, the lifestyles of so many
are marked by characteristics such as disrespect, misbehaviour and selfishness. They live
by rules which they have created with little or no consideration for others including
members of their own family.

The reason why this happens is because much of the education children they receive are
non- Islamic. Children learn a lot both inside and outside the classroom, and the content
of what they learn is not always necessarily good or bad when it is considered from an
Islamic perspective.

In geography for instance children are taught about different countries, some of which are
Muslim countries, as being separate nations with its own culture, flag and language. On
the surface this may appear rather harmless, and many parents may feel that their children
are receiving a comprehensive and educational insight in to the rest of the world. But
Islam regards Muslims as one nation not separated by these national identities which
have been created purely to disunite the Muslims. In the Qur'an, Allah (SWT) says:
"And hold fast all of you together to the rope of Allah and do not be divided." (EMQ

Muslims are being taught that the Muslim Ummah is permanently divided which
encourages children to develop an identity different to that of being a Muslim in lieu
children regard themselves as being Pakistani or Bengali or Arab.

Consequently their parents' country of origin takes precedence over their Deen. Some
aspects of science are taught which are also in direct contradiction to the Islamic belief. A
number of theories, hypotheses and ideas are taught as if they are fact, such as 'The
Evolution Theory' which suggest that humans came from apes; energy is taught as being
eternal whereas only Allah is eternal and self subsistent. The water cycle implies that it is
self-subsistent, not requiring a Creator. Thus Western science pollutes the minds of
children as it threatens the existence and status of the Creator. Before sending your child
to a school implementing the Western Education System, you need to consider carefully
how these erroneous concepts will affect your child's belief in Allah (SWT).

History too fails to present your child with a complete portrayal of the past, as the only
history that is taught is Western history, its achievements, developments and wars - 1350
years of Islamic history is completely disregarded despite the fact that it was the Islamic
Empire, which had the earliest achievements in areas such as technology, science and

P.E or sports studies is no better as children may have to wear clothes such as shorts,
leotards, T-shirts and P.E skirts which do not accord with the Islamic code of modesty. At
the secondary level children have to shower with others completely naked even though
this is forbidden in Islam, Islam obliges us to dress in a manner that is modest as Allah
(SWT) says in the Qur'an:

"O children of Adam! We have indeed sent down to you clothing to cover your shame
and for beauty, and dress of piety - that is best." (EMQ 7-.26)

Islam is erroneously taught as a religion in religious education classes when in fact it is

an ideology, a whole way of life, which has systems that cover all aspects of life ranging
from ibadah to governing peoples affairs in a state. In many schools disbelievers teach
Islam, even though it is haram to have a disbeliever teach you your Deen as they are not
Muslims themselves. In addition to this, in the name of 'equality', Islam is equated with
all false beliefs (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc) which are represented as 'true'.
No child has the right to state Islam as the truth over these false religions. The pollution
and corruption of your child's mind does not cease in the classroom as it also extends to
the playground where children discuss films, actors, singers etc. Young girls re-arrange
their clothes to reveal parts of their body to ensure they indeed look like the pop-stars
they strive to emulate, and whose songs they know verbatim.

The school canteen may offer ‘halal’ and vegetarian food but does it offer you the
assurance that this food was not cooked and prepared in the same container as the haram
food? And is this 'halal' food enough to counter the haram that is poured into your
children's minds under the banner of the 'National Curriculum'?

The purpose of our lives is only to worship Allah (SWT) by following all of His (SWT)
laws and commands:

"And this is a book which we have revealed as a blessing: so follow it and be righteous,
that you may receive mercy." (EMQ 6: 155)

Thus the education of our children should receive needs to be that prescribed by Islam.
This education will differ, in that subjects will be taught with the 'Aqeedah (belief) as the
basis The 'Theory of Evolution' and the 'Big Bang Theory' would not be taught as fact as
Allah (SWT) says:

“But most of them follow nothing but conjecture. Truly conjecture can be of no
avail.”(EMQ 10:37)

Science would be taught in such a manner that it confirms the existence of Allah (SWT)
and how He (SWT) controls everything. Geography would differ in that amongst other
things your child would be conversant with the Islamic State, the enormity of the Islamic
State and how the Muslims are unified in one land under one leader. Your child would
also learn Arabic not French or German (these could be studied in higher or further
education) and therefore your child could read and understand the Qur'an.

History would focus on Islamic history and recreation and lunch breaks would be a time
to enjoy the company of other Muslims and discuss Muslim role models such as scholars
and leaders rather than the latest pop band. Certain subjects such as sociology, foreign
history and foreign languages and their literature would only be taught in higher
education. They would not be taught at the primary or secondary levels as they contain
aspects of culture, which contradict Islam.

These studies as well as capitalist, communist and socialist concepts, the doctrines of the
Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and the athiests, and the concepts of patriotism and
nationalism, would be studied at university level only. The purpose of teaching these
areas would be to expose their trivial nature.

Such an education system is not a fantasy, it is a reality that was implemented during the
1400 years of the Islamic State, and Insha Allah it will be a reality again.

This education system in an Islamic State would aim towards constructing the Islamic
personality in all students. It would not be taught in isolation, with the affairs of society
contradicting what the children are being taught, as is happening in the sincere Islamic
Schools today. Rather, the concepts taught would be implemented and reflected in the
Islamic society. Consequently, the minds of the Muslims would be educated in an Islamic
culture, thought and behaviour, and would he shielded against the corruption and
destruction which is clearly evident in schools and society today.

Even though the British government may appear to have education as one of their top
agendas, you must ask yourself is this really what your child possesses at the age of 16?
No they do not rather they leave school with a mind full of corruption. This would not
happen in the education system that has been prescribed by Allah (SWT), for He (SWT)
is our Creator and Legislator.

Remember, Allah (SWT) says,

“O you who believe Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and
stones.” (EMQ 66:6)