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Bobby Fischer
Mar. 9, 1943
14:39 CDT
Chicago, IL
41N51, 87W39
m = M =
House Kahala Yoga
In the horoscope of World Chess
Champion, Bobby Fischer, the 3
of gaming and strategy, Mercury, is in
Aquarius. The lord of Aquarius,
Saturn, is in Taurus, whose dispositor,
Venus, is exalted in a trine. The
conditions for Kahala Yoga are met
relative to the third lord, rather than
the lagna lord, contributing to Bobby
Fischer being a master chess player
who became the youngest US senior
chess champion at the age of 14, the youngest international grandmaster in
the history of chess, and the first American world champion. Qualifying the
yoga, it is found that Mercury is rasi aspected by the malefic Moon, and
with two other malefics, but, due to forming Budha Aditya Yoga with the
Sun, the Sun is not considered a malefic in terms of skill and intelligence,
instead, it adds to his brilliance and skill. Mercurys lord, Saturn, is very well
disposed by being vargottama and rasi aspected by exalted Mars. Saturns
lord, Venus, is also very well disposed by being exalted and rasi aspected by
Jupiter. Even though Mercury suffers some affliction, the fact that Saturn
and Venus are very well disposed makes this a solid Kahala Yoga relative to
the 3
house. Considering the Subha/Asubha influences, it is found that
Mercury suffers with 242 virupas of Asubha influences, but Venus and
Saturn flourish with 107 and 172 virupas of Subha influences respectively.
Mercury is poorly disposed, while the others
are very well disposed, allowing the Kahala
Yoga to support his gaming ability. The
affliction of Mercury, however, caused him to
be inconsistent in his playing. He once
refused to defend his world championship
title, lost it by default and disappeared from
the game only to appear many years later to
once again win the championship.
Venus is also forming Vesi Yoga, by
being in the 2
from the Sun, as well as
Anapha Yoga, by being in the 12
from the Moon, and Saturn is forming
Sunapha Yoga by being in the 2
from the Moon. The Kahala Yoga
Subha/Asubha Subha/Asubha Subha/Asubha Subha/Asubha M MM Me ee e Ve Ve Ve Ve Sa Sa Sa Sa
Ben/Mal Rasi, 30 -30 30 30
Dignity in Rasi: 60
Ben/Mal Nav. 30 -30 -30 30
Dignity in Nav.
Vargottama: + 60 60
Tara, 60: -60 60 60
Ben. Conjunctions
Mal. Conjunctions -120
Ben. Aspect 51 24 51
Mal. Aspect -53 -36 -60
Hemmed by Ben.
Hemmed by Mal.
Total Total Total Total -242 107 172