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Please join us in congratulating Susan Jania for being honored as an Influential Woman in Business 2013 by the Daily Herald

Business Ledger. On November 7th, Business Ledger recognized nineteen suburban woman executives for being successful in their careers and also being an inspiration to others.

and you thought we were all about envelopes

On Halloween, before trick or treating with our children, the office employees at Diamond decided to show off their own costumes

DIAMOND ENVELOPE NEWS Winter Newsletter 2013

Letter from the President
The Christmas holiday season is most definitely the best time of the year. People are merry, constant celebrations surround our daily activities, and the anticipation of Santas visit have the children on their best behavior. So I thought I would concentrate my message on Around the Home Holiday Traditions. Start with the Elf on the Shelf tradition. Your kids will love it and keep them on their best behavior. Read holiday books before going to bed at night. The Polar Express, Santa Stories, The True Tale of Dasher, and Santa Mouse are all excellent tales to boost your familys holiday spirit. Decorate your Christmas Tree as a family event. Have some treats and hot chocolate on hand to keep the energy level up! Create a holiday playlist that your family can watch at home at no expense. White Christmas, Ill Be Home for Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and A Charlie Brown Christmas are just a few suggestions. Use an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. Even if you start after the season has begun, you can catch up quickly. Holiday Closings Have your children start an I Am Thankful list. Have them add one thing they are thankful for each day. They can write it on Christmas paper or make a snowflake and hang them from the fireplace or some other relevant area on Christmas Eve. Our office will be closed in Sit down and write letters to Santa. observance of following holidays: Write a family holiday letter with each member contributing one memorable moment from the past year to share with family and friends Christmas Eve & Day on Christmas Eve. Tuesday, December 24th Volunteer your entire family to help at a soup kitchen or food bank that Wednesday, December 25th hands out food to families in need. Find a giving tree that allows you to sponsor a family in need or purchase New Years Eve & Day a toy for children in need. Go shopping for the items as a family and Tuesday, December 31st donate them all together. Wednesday, January 1st I am sure you have many more ideas and suggestions. The most significant thought is to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Good Friday Friday, April 18th Although we are closed, you are always welcome to email your requests to your Sales Executive or Customer Service Representative.

From left to right: Alan Jania, Judy Jania, Susan Jania, Michael Jania and AJ Jania

We celebrated the day with everyone dressing in costume and bringing a contribution to our pot luck Halloween luncheon. We had pirates, a priest, smarty pants, a rock star, red riding hood, a football player, etc. The looks we received from vendors, guests and job applicants were precious. We love working on your envleope projects, but we also love to have a good timeand we do!

Alan Jania

Diamond News is a publication of Diamond Envelope Corporation published in our main office in Aurora, Illinois. It is directly available to our Employees, Customers, and Vendors. Thank you to this editions contributors: Krystal Flores, Alan Jania, AJ Jania, Michael Jania, Susan Jania, Paul Kulick, Mike Little, John Mikelenas, Debbie Peterson We welcome any comments or article suggestions. Please send them to our editors. Krystal Flores Debbie Peterson Please contact our team with any questions or inquiries Tim Burgess David Graunke A.J. Jania Alan Jania Michael Jania Susan Jania
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Alan Jania

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DIAMOND ENVELOPE CORPORATION 2270 White Oak Circle Aurora, IL 60502 Phone: 630-499-2800 Fax: 630-499-2801

Attention All Marketers!!!

Diamond Envelope continues our commitment to providing the best-printed outer and return envelopes in the marketplace. Last month a new 4-color ESP (enhanced servo press) attachment was added to our newest converting machine. This ESP unit can print 4 over 1 enhanced flexo with the most accurate registration in our industry. Many of our customers continue to increase their options of printing with color by using our enhanced flexo presses. Diamond Envelope now has 3 web presses that can produce between 4-6 colors over one enhanced flexo. What does this mean to you, our valued clients? Almost every flexo printed envelope being manufactured by Diamond Envelope will be printed with enhanced flexo technology. In this electronic age of instant gratification it is critical that your mail-piece stands out, makes a statement, and most importantly, gets opened. By allowing our clients the option to add additional colors to the Outer envelope and still provide accurate registration, you can upgrade the value and design of your mail-piece. The ability to produce overall outside coverage with multiple colors is becoming more popular and we have excelled in this arena. Our flexibility in providing security tints for privacy is also evident on all of our equipment. Our pre press department has been upgraded to combine efforts with the enhanced flexo presses and provide excellence in print quality. Please remember to choose the right paper for the ultimate print quality. For a small additional value, you can upgrade your paper to CI 2000 or Postmark Premium, which is available in 20#, 22#, 24# and 28# and will make a difference in your print quality. Coated stocks in both gloss and matte along with other paper options can be good alternatives and are at a great pricing level in the paper market. As always, paper is a sustainable, renewable and is a jobs-based industry. AJ Jania VP of Sales and Marketing

Students For Manufacturing

Over the last decade, there has been a push for students to go directly into a 4-year college. However, now only about one-third of young people in the United States complete 4-year degrees. This leaves a staggering number of young people unemployed and lost, not knowing how to find work or become qualified1. On Friday, November 15th, 350 high school students from around the area participated in the College of DuPage Manufacturing Engineering Technology Expo. After a morning of meet and greets with potential future employers, as well as class demos and discussions, students dispersed to various manufacturing operations. Diamond Envelope had the privilege of not only participating at the expo, but also hosting 35 students.

Going Green? Not Just Yet.

Earlier this summer, our friends at Two Sides conducted a survey of 2,000 consumers to gauge the extent to which they truly want to accede to the requests of their creditors and go paperless in favor of electronic billing. So they? If I may channel my inner Richard Dawsonsurvey says: 64% of consumers say they would not choose a company that did not offer a paper bill option. 59% of consumers would refuse to switch to electronic bills and statements or would not take action when asked to do so. 50% of consumers read their bills and statements received both electronically and by postal mail; only 15% read bills which they receive by email only. What about the so-called sustainability of e-billing? 72% agree that print and paper can be an environmentally sustainable way to communicate if responsibly produced, used and recycled. 50% of consumers either do not believe, feel misled by or question the validity of claims like Save Trees, Go Paperless and Go Green, Go Digital. Now, mind you, there may be legitimate reasons to go paperless for financial transactions. Electronic bill payment, for example, is fast, efficient, and saves the time and expense of writing checks and foraging for stamps. And lets face it, receiving bills and statements electronically can also be fast and efficientbut many of us still prefer to have a printed version for our records (and some of us have very Luddite accountants who dont even like e-filing). As we have said many times on this blog, the decision to use paper of pixels is really about personal comfort, preference, and choice, and has nothing to do with any inherent sustainability of one medium or another. Go paperlessif you want, but be honest about the motivation for it.
Romano, Richard. Go Paperless? Not Just Yet. Web log post. Going Green. N.p., 13 Aug. 2013. Web. 22 Nov. 2013.

Our primary objective in the hour time the students spent with us was to show that manufacturing is a viable option for career ready young students. Diamond Envelope cares about all students, but it is our intention to help find career paths for the students that are challenged right now. We are passionate about this cause and hosting the students was the first big step in this initiative. While the students were at Diamond Envelope they had the opportunity to spend most of their time learning our plant operations and walking the shop floor. They were also given a presentation on career opportunities and wages, as well as Q & A with Alan Jania, President & CEO, Eddie Colon, VP of Manufacturing and Art Weingartner, Plant Manager. While bad perceptions have overshadowed the manufacturing storyline, good jobs do exist and Diamond Envelope is at the forefront of promoting this message. The average annual earnings in manufacturing is $74,447, while all other industries sit at $56,436. Manufacturing makes up two-thirds of the Nations R&D, making the industry an incubator for technology and science. The U.S. Manufacturing Sector alone is the Tenth-Largest Economy in the world2. Diamond Envelope has formed a partnership with West Aurora High School in order to continue working on this initiative daily. Potential candidates are sent to Diamond Envelope with the opportunity of full employment and we have already hired several into our workforce. Susan Jania Supply Chain Director

Article submitted by Michael Jania, General Manager

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