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W. Boericke !.".
#ublished by
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$illiam Boericke
%&'(-%()(, *+
,n preparing the ninth edition of this work, , have followed the lines laid out for
all the previous editions, namely, to present in a condensed form the
hom-opathic .ateria .edica for practical use.
/he book contains the well known verified characteristic symptoms of all our
medicines besides other less important symptoms aiding the selection of the
curative remedy, !ll the new medicines and essentials of the published clinical
experience of the school have been added. ,n its present compact form it contains
the maximum number of reliable .ateria .edica facts in the minimum space.
, have tried to give a succinct resume of the symptomatology of every medicine
used in 0om-opathy, including also clinical suggestions of many drugs so far
not yet based on provings, thus offering the opportunity to experiment with
these and by future provings discover their distinctive use and so enlarging our
, am aware that there is a difference of opinion about the advisability of further
introduction of remedies, especially of such as seem obsolete or to some minds
illusory. But it is not for the compiler to leave out information about any
substance that has received the clinical endorsement from a reliable source.
Our .ateria .edica must include all substances which have been proved and
which have been used with apparent efficacy. ,t rests with the individual student
to 1udge for himself the accuracy and, reliability of such observation. ,n this
connection, , cannot forego to avail myself of the high authority of that master of
0om-opathy, 2r. Constantine 0ering, favoring the introduction of all remedies
capable of producing reactions in the body that may guide to their medicinal
employment. 30om-opathy is essentially not only many-sided but all-sided. +he
investigates the action of all substances, whether articles of diet, beverages,
condiments, drugs or poisons. +he investigates their action on the healthy, the
sick, animals and plants. +he gives4 a new interpretation to that ancient, oft
5uoted saying of #aul, #rove all things66a new meaning, a new application that
acts universally. 7limination of the useless may gradually take place with the
growth of accurate physiological and pathological knowledge.3
!gain, imperfectly proved remedies necessitate the use of names of diseases at
times instead of the component symptoms that alone are the legitimate guide to
the choice of the curative remedy. 0ere, too, , have 0ering as pioneer guide for
the legitimacy of this method, which he also followed in his great work, the
8uiding +ymptoms. 0e said that he used the disease designations not for the
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
purpose of recommending the particular remedy for that disease, but to show the
great variety of remedies that may be used for any form of disease when
otherwise indicated. 9or the same reason , have included nosological terms in the
symptomatology and /herapeutic ,ndex, as this is a practical handbook for
every-day service, and any aid for finding the curative remedy ought to be
utili:ed. !s 2r. ;. Compton Burnett expresses it
3/he fact is we need any and every way of finding the right remedy4 the simple
simile, the simple symptomatic similimum and the farthest reach of all-the
pathologic similimum, and , maintain that we are still well within the line- of
0om-opathy that is expansive, progressive, science fostered and science
/he dosage needs some apology. ,t is, of course, suggestive only4 more often to
be wholly disregarded. , have followed the lines of the earlier 0om-opathists in
this regard, and given what was then considered the usual range of potency, to
which , have added my own experience and that of many observing
practitioners. 7very teacher of .ateria .edica is constantly importuned by
students to suggest the potency66something to start with at least.
/he book is in no sense a treatise, and must not be considered or 1udged as such.
,t is as accurate and reliable a compilation and the fullest collection of verified
.ateria .edica facts and clinical suggestions as it is possible to obtain within the
compass of the volume. ,t supplements every other work on .ateria .edica, and
if used as a ready reminder of the essential facts of our vast symptomatology and
as an introduction to the larger books of reference and record of provings, it will
fulfill its purpose and prove a useful aid to the student and general practitioner.
!s such it is again offered with much appreciation of past endorsement to his
professional brethren.
, have been aided in seeing this edition through the press by the efficient help of
.r. 9. O. 7rnesty, who has lightened the labor of making the manuscript more
acceptable to the printers, and , desire to express my hearty appreciation of this
kind and helpful service.
$,<<,!. BO7=,C>7, ..2.
+an 9rancisco, ;une, %()?.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Pi!"# ca!ade!#i#
Hemlock pr"ce
.ucous membranes are affected by !bies can and gastric symptoms are most
marked, and a catarrhal condition of the stomach is produced. /here are peculiar
cravings and chilly sensations that are very characteristic, especially for women
with uterine displacement, probably due to defective nutrition with debility.
=espiration and heart action labored. $ants to lie down all the time4 skin cold
and clammy, hands cold4 very faint. =ight lung and liver feel small and hard.
Head.669eels light-headed, tipsy. ,rritable.
%tomach.66Canine hunger with torpid liver. 8nawing, hungry, faint feeling at
the epigastrium. 8reat appetite, craving for meat, pickles, radishes, turnips,
artichokes, coarse food. /endency to eat far beyond capacity for digestion.
Burning and distention of stomach and abdomen with palpitation. 9latulence
disturbs the heart@s action. #ain in right shoulder-blade, and constipation, with
burning in rectum.
&emale.66*terine displacements. +ore feeling at fundus of uterus, relieved by
pressure. #rostration4 wants to lie down all the time. /hinks womb is soft and
&e'er.66Cold shivering, as if blood were ice-water A!conB. Chills run down back.
Cold water feeling between shoulders A!mmon murB. +kin clammy and sticky.
Cight-sweat AChinaB.
"ose.669irst to third potency.
Black pr"ce
! powerful and long-acting remedy, in various forms of disease, whenever the
characteristic stomach symptoms are present. .ost of the symptoms are
associated with the gastric disturbances. ,n dyspeptic troubles of the aged, with
functional heart symptoms4 also after tea or tobacco. Constipation. #ain in
external meatus.
Head.660ot, with flushed cheeks. <ow-spirited. 2ull during the day, wakeful at
night. *nable to think.
%tomach.66#ain in stomach always comes on after eating. +ensation of a lump
that hurts, as if a hard-boiled egg had lodged in cardiac end of stomach4
continual distressing constriction 1ust above the pit of the stomach, as if
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
everything were knotted up. /otal loss of appetite in morning, but great craving
for food at noon and night. Offensive breath. 7ructations.
Chest.66#ainful sensation, as if something were lodged in the chest and had to
be coughed up4 lungs feel compressed. Cannot be fully expanded. $orse
coughing4 waterbrash succeeds cough. Choking sensation in throat. 2yspn-a4
worse lying down4 sharp, cutting pain in heart4 heart@s action heavy and slow4
tachycardia, bradycardia.
Back.66#ain in small of back. =heumatic pains and aching in bones.
%leep.66$akeful and restless at night, with hunger. Bad dreams.
&e'er.66!lternate heat and cold4 chronic intermittent fever, with pain in
!odalities.66$orse after eating.
Relationship.66Compare( A<ump in stomach66China, Bryon, #ulsatB4 also other
Conifers66/hu1a, +abina, Cupressus Apainful indigestionB also Cux vom, >ali
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency.
Cra*+# E)e ,i!e
7pithelioma, lupus, ulcers, granular lids.
$yes.66#urulent con1unctivitis4 inflammation spreads to face and neck. 8ranular
ophthalmia. >eratitis.
Relationship.66Compare( ;e5uiritol Ain cases of trachoma and pannus to engraft
a new purulent inflammation. /he proteid poisons contained in ;e5uirity seeds
are almost identical in their physiological and toxic properties with the similar
principles found in snake venomB.
"ose.66.other tincture diluted locally and Dx internally.
! very useful remedy in marasmus, especially of lower extremities only, yet with
good appetite. .etastasis. =heumatism following checked diarrh-a. ,ll effects of
suppressed conditions especially in gouty sub1ects. /uberculous peritonitis.
7xudative pleurisy and other exudative processes. !fter operation upon the
chest for hydrothorax or empyEmia, a pressing sensation remains. !ggravation
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
of hEmorrhoids when rheumatism improves. Cosebleed and hydrocele in boys.
8reat weakness after influen:a A>ali phosB.
!ind.66Cross, irritable, anxious, depressed.
&ace.66$rinkled, cold, dry, pale. Blue rings around dull-looking eyes.
Comedones, with emaciation. Cosebleed. !ngioma of the face.
%tomach.66+limy taste. !ppetite good, but emaciation progresses. 9ood passes
undigested. #ain in stomach4 worse at night4 cutting, gnawing pain. +tomach
feels as if swimming in water4 feels cold. 8nawing hunger and whining.
,ndigestion, with vomiting of large 5uantities of offensive fluid.
Abdomen.660ard lumps in abdomen. 2istended. !lternate diarrh-a and
constipation. 0Emorrhoids4 fre5uent urging4 bloody stools4 worse as rheumatic
pains abate. !scarides. Oo:ing from umbilicus. +ensation as if bowels were
sinking down.
Respiratory.66=aw feeling. ,mpeded respiration. 2ry cough following diarrh-a.
#ain across chest4 severe in region of heart.
Back.66Ceck so weak cannot hold head up. Back lame, weak, and painful. #ain
in lumbar region extending along spermatic cord. #ain in sacrum, with
$)tremities.66#ain in shoulders, arms, wrists, and ankles. #ricking and coldness
in fingers and feet. <egs greatly emaciated. ;oints stiff and lame. #ainful
contraction of limbs A!mm murB.
%kin.667ruptions come out on face4 are suppressed, and the skin becomes
purplish. +kin flabby and loose. 9uruncles. 9alling out of hair. ,tching chilblains.
!odalities.66$orse, cold air, checked secretions. Better, motion.
Relationship.66Compare( +crophularia4 Bryonia4 +tellaria4 Ben:oic acid, in gout.
,odine, Catr mur in marasmus.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Commo! Worm-ood
! perfect picture of epileptiform sei:ure is produced by this drug. Cervous
tremors precede attacks. +udden and severe giddiness, delirium with
hallucinations and loss of consciousness. Cervous excitement and sleeplessness.
Cerebral irritation, hysterical and infantile spasms come within range of this
remedy. #oisoning by mushrooms. Chorea. /remor. Cervousness, excitement,
and sleeplessness in children.
!ind.660allucinations. 9rightful visions. >leptomania. <oss of memory. 9orgets
what has recently happened. $ants nothing to do with anybody. Brutal.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Head.66Vertigo, with tendency to fall backward. 8eneral confusion. $ants head
low. #upils dilated une5ually. 9ace blue. +pasmodic facial twitching. 2ull
occipital headache A8elsem, #icric acB.
!outh.66;aws fixed. Bites tongue4 trembles4 feels as if swollen and too large4
Throat.66+calded sensation4 as of a lump.
%tomach.66Causea4 retching4 eructation. Bloated around waist and abdomen.
$ind colic.
*rinary.66Constant desire. Very strong odor4 deep yellow color A>ali phosB.
+exual.662arting pain in right ovary. +permatorrh-a, with relaxed, enfeebled
parts. #remature menopause.
Chest.66+ensation of weight on chest. ,rregular, tumultuous action of heart can
be heard in back.
$)tremities.66#ain in limbs. #aralytic symptoms.
Relationship.66Compare( !lcohol4 !rtemisia4 0ydrocy acid4 Cina4 Cicuta.
"ose.669irst to sixth potency.
I!dia! Nettle
! drug having a marked action on the alimentary canal and respiratory organs.
,t is indicated in incipient phthisis, with hard, racking cough, bloody
expectoration, arterial hEmorrhage, but no febrile disturbance. Very weak in the
morning, gains strength during day. #rogressive emaciation. !ll pathological
hEmorrhages having notably a morning aggravation.
Chest.66Cough dry, hard, followed by hEmoptysis4 worse in morning and at
night. Constant and severe pain in chest. Blood bright red and not profuse in
morning4 dark and clotted in afternoon. #ulse soft and compressible. Burning in
pharynx, -sophagus, and stomach.
Abdomen.66Burning in intestines. +pluttering diarrh-a with forcible expulsion
of noisy flatus, bearing down pains and tenesmus. =umbling distention, and
griping pain in abdomen. =ectal hEmorrhage4 worse in morning.
%kin.66;aundice. ,tching and circumscribed furuncle-like swellings.
!odalities.66$orse in morning.
Relationship.66Compare( .illefol4 #hosphor4 !cetic acid4 >ali nit.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$lacial Acetic Acid
/his drug produces a condition of profound anEmia, with some dropsical
symptoms, great debility, fre5uent fainting, dyspn-a, weak heart, vomiting,
profuse urination and sweat. 0Emorrhage from any part. 7specially indicated in
pale, lean persons, with lax, flabby muscles. $asting and debility. !cetic acid has
the power to li5uefy albuminous and fibrinous deposits. 7pithelial cancer,
internally and locally A$ OwensB. +ycosis with nodules and formations in the
1oints. 0ard chancre. /he %x solution will soften and cause formation of pus.
!ind.66,rritable, worried about business affairs.
Head.66Cervous headache, from abuse of narcotics. Blood rushes to head with
delirium. /emporal vessels distended. #ain across root of tongue.
&ace.66#ale, waxen, emaciated. 7yes sunken, surrounded by dark rings. Bright
red. +weaty. 7pithelioma of lip. Cheeks hot and flushed. !ching in left 1aw-point.
%tomach.66+alivation. 9ermentation in stomach. ,ntense burning thirst. Cold
drinks distress. Vomits after every kind of food. 7pigastric tenderness. Burning
pain as of an ulcer. Cancer of stomach. +our belching and vomiting. Burning
waterbrash and profuse salivation. 0yperchlorhydria and gastralgia. Violent
burning pain in stomach and chest, followed by coldness of skin and cold sweat
on forehead. +tomach feels as if she had taken a lot of vinegar.
Abdomen.669eels as if abdomen was sinking in. 9re5uent watery stools, worse
in morning. /ympanitic. !scites. 0Emorrhage from bowels.
*rinary.66<arge 5uantities of pale urine. 2iabetes, with great thirst and debility
A#hos acB.
&emale.667xcessive catamenia. 0Emorrhages after labor. Causea of pregnancy.
Breasts painfully enlarged, distended with milk. .ilk impoverished, bluish,
transparent, sour. !nEmia of nursing mothers.
Respiratory.660oarse, hissing respiration4 difficult breathing4 cough when
inhaling. .embranous croup. ,rritation of trachea and bronchial tubes. 9alse
membrane in throat. #rofuse bronchorrh-a. #utrid sore throat AgargleB.
Back.66#ain in back, relieved only by lying on abdomen.
$)tremities.667maciation. Fdema of feet and legs.
%kin.66#ale, waxen, -dematous. Burning, dry, hot skin, or bathed in profuse
sweat. 2iminished sensibility of the surface of body. *seful after stings, bites, etc.
Varicose swellings. +curvy4 anasarca. Bruises4 sprains.
&e'er.660ectic, with drenching night-sweats. =ed spot on left cheek. Co thirst in
fever. 7bullitions. +weat profuse, cold.
Relationship.66!cetic acid is antidotal to all anEsthetic vapors. Counteracts
sausage poisoning.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Compare( !mmon acet A#rofuse saccharine urine, patient is bathed in sweatB.
Ben:oin oderiferum66+pice-wood Anight sweatsB. !rs4 China4 2igitalis4 <iatris
A8eneral anasarca in heart and kidney disease, dropsy, and chronic diarrh-aB.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. Cot to be repeated too often, except in croup.
2epresses heart, respiration and blood pressure, lowers temperature. Cyanosis
and collapse. ,ncreased susceptibility to cold. 2estroys red blood corpuscles4
Head.667nlarged sensation. 9ainting. .oral depravity.
$yes.66#allor of optic discs, contracted visual field and shrinking retinal vessel4
Heart.66$eak, irregular, with blue mucous membranes, albuminuria, -dema of
feet and ankles.
Relationship.66Compare( !ntipyrin.
"ose.66*sed as a sedative and antipyretic for various forms of headache and
neuralgia in doses of one to three grains. 9or the homeopathic indications use the
third potency.
! state of fear, anxiety4 anguish of mind and body. #hysical and mental
restlessness, fright, is the most characteristic manifestation of !conite. !cute,
sudden, and violent invasion, with fever, call for it. 2oes not want to be touched.
+udden and great sinking of strength. Complaints and tension caused by
exposure to dry, cold weather, draught of cold air, checked perspiration, also
complaints from very hot weather, especially gastro-intestinal disturbances, etc.
9irst remedy in inflammations, inflammatory fevers. +erous membranes and
muscular tissues affected markedly. Burning in internal parts4 tingling, coldness
and numbness. ,nfluen:a. /ension of arteries4 emotional and physical mental
tension explain many symptoms. $hen prescribing !conite remember !conite
causes only functional disturbance, no evidence that it can produce tissue
change66its action is brief and shows no periodicity. ,ts sphere is in the
beginning of an acute disease and not to be continued after pathological change
comes. ,n 0yperEmia, congestion not after exudation has set in. ,nfluen:a
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ind.668reat fear, anxiety, and worry accompany every ailment, however
trivial. 2elirium is characteri:ed by unhappiness worry, fear, raving, rarely
unconsciousness. 9orebodings and fears. 9ears death but believes that he will
soon die4 predicts the day. 9ears the future, a crowd, crossing the street.
=estlessness, tossing about. /endency to start. ,magination acute, clairvoyance.
#ains are intolerable4 they drive him cra:y. .usic is unbearable4 makes her sad
A!mbraB. /hinks his thoughts come from the stomach66that parts of his body are
abnormally thick. 9eels as if what had 1ust been done was a dream.
Head.669ullness4 heavy, pulsating, hot, bursting, burning undulating sensation.
,ntercranial pressure A0edera 0elixB. Burning headache, as if brain were moved
by boiling water A,ndigoB. Vertigo4 worse on rising ACux. OpiumB and shaking
head. +ensation on vertex as if hair were pulled or stood on end. Cocturnal
furious delirium.
$yes.66=ed, inflamed. 9eel dry and hot, as if sand in them. <ids swollen, hard
and red. !version to light. #rofuse watering after exposure to dry, cold winds,
reflection from snow, after extraction of cinders and other foreign bodies.
$ars.66Very sensitive to noises4 music is unbearable. 7xternal ear hot, red,
painful, swollen. 7arache AChamB. +ensation as of drop of water in left ear.
+ose.66+mell acutely sensitive. #ain at root of nose. Cory:a much snee:ing4
throbbing in nostrils. 0Emorrhage of bright red blood. .ucous membrane dry,
nose stopped up4 dry or with but scanty watery cory:a.
&ace.66=ed, hot, flushed, swollen. One cheek red, the other pale ACham, ,pecB.
On rising the red face becomes deathly pale, or he becomes di::y. /ingling in
cheeks and numbness. Ceuralgia, especially of left side, with restlessness,
tingling, and numbness. #ain in 1aws.
!outh.66Cumb, dry, and tingling. /ongue swollen4 tip tingles. /eeth sensitive to
cold. Constantly moves lower 1aw as if chewing. 8ums hot and inflamed. /ongue
coated white A!ntim crudB.
Throat.66=ed, dry, constricted, numb, prickling, burning, stinging. /onsils
swollen and dry.
%tomach.66Vomiting, with fear, heat, profuse sweat and increased urination.
/hirst for cold water. Bitter taste of everything except water. ,ntense thirst.
2rinks, vomits, and declares he will die. Vomiting, bilious mucous and bloody,
greenish. #ressure in stomach with dyspn-a. 0Ematemesis. Burning from
stomach to -sophagus.
Abdomen.660ot, tense, tympanitic. +ensitive to touch. Colic, no position
relieves. !bdominal symptoms better after warm soup. Burning in umbilical
Rectum.66#ain with nightly itching and stitching in anus. 9re5uent, small stool
with tenesmus4 green, like chopped herbs. $hite with red urine. Choleraic
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
discharge with collapse, anxiety, and restlessness. Bleeding hEmorrhoids
A0amamB. $atery diarrh-a in children. /hey cry and complain much, are
sleepless and restless.
*rinary.66+canty, red, hot, painful. /enesmus and burning at neck of bladder.
Burning in urethra. *rine suppressed, bloody. !nxiety always on beginning to
urinate. =etention, with screaming and restlessness, and handling of genitals.
=enal region sensitive. #rofuse urination, with profuse perspiration and
!ale.66Crawling and stinging in glans. Bruised pain in testicles, swollen, hard.
9re5uent erections and emissions. #ainful erections.
&emale.66Vagina dry, hot, sensitive. .enses too profuse, with nosebleed, too
protracted, late. 9ren:y on appearance of menses. +uppressed from fright, cold,
in plethoric sub1ects. Ovaries congested and painful. +harp shooting pains in
womb. !fter-pains, with fear and restlessness.
Respiratory.66Constant pressure in left chest4 oppressed breathing on least
motion. 0oarse, dry, croupy cough4 loud, labored breathing. Child grasps at
throat every time he coughs. Very sensitive to inspired air. +hortness of breath.
<arynx sensitive. +titches through chest. Cough, dry, short, hacking4 worse at
night and after midnight. 0ot feeling in lungs. Blood comes up with hawking.
/ingling in chest after cough.
Heart.66/achycardia. !ffections of the heart with pain in left shoulder. +titching
pain in chest. #alpitation, with anxiety, fainting, and tingling in fingers. #ulse
full, hard4 tense and bounding4 sometimes intermits. /emporal and carotid
arteries felt when sitting.
Back.66Cumb, stiff, painful. Crawling and tingling, as if bruised. +tiffness in
nape of neck. Bruised pain between scapulE.
$)tremities.66Cumbness and tingling4 shooting pains4 icy coldness and
insensibility of hands and feet. !rms feel lame, bruised, heavy, numb. #ain down
left arm ACact, Crotal, >almia, /abacB. 0ot hands and cold feet. =heumatic
inflammation of 1oints4 worse at night4 red shining swelling, very sensitive. 0ip-
1oint and thigh feel lame, especially after lying down. >nees unsteady4
disposition of foot to turn A!esculB. $eak and lax ligaments of all 1oints. #ainless
cracking of all 1oints. Bright red hypothenar eminences on both hands. +ensation
as if drops of water trickled down the thigh.
%leep.66Cightmare. Cightly ravings. !nxious dreams. +leeplessness, with
restless and tossing about A*se thirtieth potencyB. +tarts up in sleep. <ong
dreams, with anxiety in chest. ,nsomnia of the aged.
%kin.66=ed, hot, swollen, dry, burning. #urpura miliaris. =ash like measles.
8ooseflesh. 9ormication and numbness. Chilliness and formication down back.
#ruritus relieved by stimulants.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&e'er.66Cold stage most marked. Cold sweat and icy coldness of face. Coldness
and heat alternate. 7vening chilliness soon after going to bed. Cold waves pass
through him. /hirst and restlessness always present. Chilly if uncovered or
touched. 2ry heat, red face. .ost valuable febrifuge with mental anguish,
restlessness, etc. +weat drenching, on parts lain on4 relieving all symptoms.
!odalities.66Better in open air4 worse in warm room, in evening and night4
worse lying on affected side, from music, from tobacco-smoke, dry, cold winds.
Vinegar in large doses is antidotal to poisonous effects.
Relationship.66!cids, wine and coffee, lemonade, and acid fruits modify its
Cot indicated in malarial and low fevers or hectic and pyEmic conditions, and in
inflammations when they locali:e themselves. +ulphur often follows it. Compare
Cham and Coffea in intense pain and sleeplessness.
!grostis acts like !con in fever and inflammations, also +piranthes.
Complementary( Coffea4 +ulph. +ulphur may be considered a chronic !conite.
Often completes a cure begun with !conite.
Compare4 Bellad4 Cham4 Coffea4 9err, phos.
!conitine.66A0eavy feeling as of lead4 pains in supraorbital nerve4 ice-cold
sensations creep up4 hydrophobia symptoms. /innitus aurium DxB. /ingling
!conitum <ycotonum.668reat yellow wolfsbane.66A+welling of glands4
0odgkin@s disease. 2iarrh-a after eating pork. ,tching of nose, eyes, anus and
vulva. +kin of nose cracked4 taste of bloodB.
!conitum Cammarum.66A0eadache with vertigo and tinnitus. Cataleptic
symptoms. 9ormication of tongue, lips and faceB.
!conitum ferox.66,ndian !conite.66=ather more violent in its actions than !.
napellus. ,t is more diuretic and less antipyretic. ,t has proved valuable in cardiac
dyspn-a, neuralgia, and acute gout. 2yspn-a. .ust sit up. =apid respiration.
!nxiety, with suffocation from feeling of paralysis in respiratory muscles.
Cheynes-+tokes breathing. Guebracho Acardiac dyspn-aB A!chyranthes.66!
.exican drug66very similar to !conite in fevers, but of larger range, being also
adapted to typhoidal states and intermittents. .uscular rheumatism. ! great
diaphoretic. *se HxB. 7ranthis hymnalis66A$inter !conite66acts on solar plexus
and works upwards causing dyspn-a. #ain in occiput and neckB.
"ose.66+ixth potency for sensory affections4 first to third for congestive
conditions. .ust be repeated fre5uently in acute diseases. !con is a rapid
worker. ,n Ceuralgias tincture of the root often preferable, one drop doses
ApoisonousB, or again, the DIth according to susceptibility of patient.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
,s a rheumatic remedy, especially of the small 1oints4 tearing, tingling pains
characteri:e it. $rist-rheumatism. #ulsations over whole body, especially liver
and renal region. Cardiovascular spasm. #ains worse from touch and motion.
Head.669earful, starts easily4 confused. 7bullition of blood to head excited by
drinking coffee. Vertigo, tearing headache, better in open air, throbbing in brain,
pain from crown to between eyebrows4 heat in forehead, pain in left frontal
eminence as if bone were crushed. ,tching of scalp alternating with heat4 nose red
at tip, fluent cory:a.
&ace.66Violent pain in upper 1aw, running from teeth through malar bones to
temples. #erspiration on face and head.
%tomach.66/earing, darting pains in epigastric region, with vomiting. Cramp-
like pains in stomach and epigastrium, with difficult breathing4 sense of
suffocation. +udden lassitude after eating.
Abdomen.66+pasmodic retraction. +ticking pain and distension of
Respiratory.66+hort, irregular breathing at night, while lying. 8reat oppression.
+hortness of breath on exposure to cold air.
$)tremities.66/earing pains in loins. =heumatic pains in small 1oints, wrist,
A*lmusB fingers, ankles, toes. +welling of 1oints from slight fatigue. $rist
swollen, red, worse any motion. #aralytic weakness in the hands. <ame feeling in
arms. #ain in knee. +udden lassitude after talking or eating.
Relationship.66Compare( Cimicif4 Cauloph4 <ed.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Phea#a!t+# E)e
! heart medicine, after rheumatism or influen:a, or Bright@s disease, where the
muscles of the heart are in stage of fatty degeneration, regulating the pulse and
increasing the power of contractions of heart, with increased urinary secretions.
.ost valuable in cardiac dropsy. <ow vitality, with weak heart and slow, weak
pulse. 0ydrothorax, ascites. !nasarca.
Head.669eels light4 aches across front, from occiput around temples to eyes.
Vertigo on rising, turning head 5uickly or lying down. /innitus. +calp feels tight.
7yes dilated.
!outh.66+limy. /ongue dirty yellow, sore, feels scalded.
Heart.66.itral and aortic regurgitation. Chronic aortitis, 9atty heart pericarditis.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
=heumatic 7ndocarditis A>almiaB. #reEcordial pain, palpitation, and dyspn-a.
.arked venous engorgement. Cardiac asthma AGuebrachoB. 9atty heart.
.yocarditis, irregular cardiac action, constriction and vertigo. #ulse rapid,
%tomach.660eavy weight. 8nawing hunger. 9aint feeling in epigastrium. Better
out of doors.
*rinary.66Oily pellicle on urine. +canty, albuminous.
Respiratory.669re5uent desire to take a long breath. 9eeling of weight on chest.
%leep.66=estlessness, with horrible dreams.
$)tremities.66!ching in nape. +pine stiff and aching. Fdema.
Relationship.66!donidin is a cardiac tonic and diuretic. Guarter grain daily, or
two to five grains of first decimal trit increases arterial pressure and prolongs the
diastole, favoring emptying engorged veins. ,s an excellent substitute for
2igitalis and is not cumulative in action.
Compare( 2igit4 Cratoeg4 Conval4 +trophanthus.
"ose.669ive to ten drops of the tincture.
A! I!ter!al ecretio! o4 "prare!al $la!d#
!drenaline or 7pinephrine, the active principle of the medulla of the suprarenal
gland, Acortical secretion not as yet isolatedB, is employed as a chemical
messenger in the regulation of the activities of the body4 in fact, its presence is
essential to the activity of the sympathetic nerve. !drenaline action on any part
is the same as stimulation of the sympathetic nerve endings thereto. <ocal
application A% %,III solutionB to mucous membranes promptly induces transient
ischemia, seen in a blanching, persisting several hours from con1unctival
instillation. ,ts action is very prompt, efficient, evanescent, owing to rapid
oxidation and therefore practically harmless, unless too fre5uently repeated,
when atheroma and heart lesions66myocardial66in animals have been reported.
!rteries, heart, supra-renal bodies and vaso-motor system are prominently
affected. /he main action of !drenaline is stimulation of the sympathetic
endings, notably the splanchnic area, causing constriction of the peripheral
arterioles, with resulting rise in blood pressure. /his is especially observed in
stomach, intestines4 less in uterus, skin4 nil in brain and lungs. 9urthermore, is
noticed, slowing of pulse, Amedullary vagus stimulationB, and strengthening of
heart beat Aincreased myocardial contractilityB, resembling 2igitalis4 increased
glandular activity, glycosuria4 depression of respiratory center4 contraction of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
muscular tissue of eye, uterus, vagina4 relaxation of muscular tissue of stomach,
intestines, bladder.
*ses.66,ts chief therapeutic use depends on its vaso-constriction action4 therefore
a most powerful and prompt astringent and hEmostatic4 and invaluable in
checking capillary hEmorrhages, from all parts, where local or direct application
is feasible nose, ear, mouth, throat, larynx, stomach, rectum, uterus, bladder.
0Emorrhagic condition not due to defective coagulation of the blood. Complete
bloodlessness, ischemia, may be induced with impunity. <ocally, solutions A%
%I,III-% %,IIIB sprayed or applied on cotton have been very efficient in
bloodless operations about the eye, nose, throat, and larynx.
Congestions of the ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses, also hay fever, have been
markedly alleviated by warm spray of !drenaline chloride, % J,III. 0ere
compare, 0epar %x, which will start up secretions and so facilitate drainage.
$erlhoff@s disease, hypodermically, % %,III. 7xternally, it has been used in
neuritis, neuralgia, reflex pains, gout, rheumatism, as an ointment, %-) m of A%
%,IIIB solution, along the nerve trunk at point of skin nearest its origin which
could be reached A0. 8. CarltonB.
/herapeutically, !drenaline has been suggested in acute congestion of lungs,
!sthma, 8rave@s and !ddison@s diseases, arterio-sclerosis, chronic aortitis,
angina pectoris, hEmophilia chlorosis, hay fever, serum rashes, acute urticaria,
etc. 2r. #. ;ousset reports success in treating, homeopathically, cases of angina
and of aortitis, sub-acute and chronic, when !drenaline has been prescribed per
os and in infinitesimal dose. /he symptom guiding to this is, +ensation of
thoracic constriction with anguish. /his, with vertigo, nausea and vomiting have
been produced by the drug. !bdominal pain. +hock or heart failure during
anEsthesia, as it causes very prompt rise of blood pressure by its action on nerve
endings in the vessel wall.
"ose.660ypodermically, %-J m A% %,III solution, as chlorideB diluted in water.
,nternally, J-DIm of % %,III solution.
Caution.66On account of its affinity for oxygen, the drug easily decomposes in
watery and dilute acid solutions. /he solution must be protected from air and
light. ,t must not be too fre5uently repeated, owing to cardiac and arterial
lesions. 9or homeopathic use )x to Hx attenuation.
Hor#e Che#t!"t
/he action of this drug is most marked on the lower bowel, producing engorged
hEmorrhoidal veins, with characteristic backache, with absence of actual
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
constipation. .uch pain but little bleeding. Venous stasis general, varicose veins
of purple color4 everything is slowed down, digestion, heart, bowels, etc. /orpor
and congestion of the liver and portal system, with constipation. /he back aches
and gives out and unfits the patient for business. 9lying pains all over. 9ullness
in various parts, dry, swollen mucous membranes. /hroat with hEmorrhoidal
Head.662epressed and irritable. 0ead dull, confused, aching as from a cold.
#ressure in forehead, with nausea, followed by stitches in right hypochondrium.
#ain from occiput to frontal region, with bruised sensation of the scalp4 worse in
the morning. Ceuralgic stitches from right to left through forehead, followed by
flying pains in epigastrium. Vertigo when sitting and walking.
$yes.660eavy and hot, with lachrymation, with enlarged blood vessels. 7yeballs
+ose.662ry4 inspired air feels cold, nasal passages sensitive to it. Cory:a,
snee:ing. #ressure at root of nose. .embrane over turbinate bones distended
and boggy, dependent upon hepatic disorders.
!outh.66+calded feeling. .etallic taste. +alivation. /ongue thickly coated, feels
as if scalded.
Throat.660ot, dry, raw, stitching pain into ears when swallowing. 9ollicular
pharyngitis connected with hepatic congestion. Veins in pharynx distended and
tortuous. /hroat sensitive to inspired air4 feels excoriated and constricted, burns
like fire on swallowing, in afternoon. 7arly stages of atrophic pharyngitis in
dried-up, bilious sub1ects. 0awking of ropy mucus of sweetish taste.
%tomach.66$eight of a stone, with gnawing, aching pain4 most manifest about
three hours after meals. /enderness and fullness in region of liver.
Abdomen.662ull aching in liver and epigastrium. #ain at umbilicus. ;aundice4
throbbing in hypogastrium and pelvis.
Rectum.662ry, aching. 9eels full of small sticks. !nus raw, sore. .uch pain after
stool, with prolapse. 0Emorrhoids, with sharp shooting pains up the back4 blind
and bleeding4 worse during climacteric. <arge, hard, dry stools. .ucous
membrane seems swollen and obstructs the passage. ,rritation caused by
ascarides and aids their expulsion. Burning in anus with chills up and down
*rinary.669re5uent, scant, dark, muddy, hot urine. #ain in kidneys, especially
left and ureter.
!ale.662ischarge of prostatic fluid at stool.
&emale.66Constant throbbing behind symphysis pubis. <eucorrh-a, with
lameness of back across the sacro-iliac articulation4 dark yellow, sticky corroding4
worse after menses.
Chest.669eels constricted. 0eart@s action full and heavy, can feel pulsations all
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
over. <aryngitis4 coughs depending on hepatic disorders4 hot feeling in chest4
pain around heart in hEmorrhoidal sub1ects.
$)tremities.66!ching and soreness in limbs, in left acromion process with
shooting down arms4 finger tips numb.
Back.66<ameness in neck4 aching between shoulder blades4 region of spine feels
weak4 back and legs give out. Backache affecting sacrum and hips4 worse
walking or stooping. $hen walking feet turn under. +oles feel sore, tired, and
swell. 0ands and feet swell, and become red after washing, feel full.
&e'er.66Chill at ' pm. Chilliness up and down back. 9ever ? to %) pm. 7vening
fever, skin hot and dry. +weat profuse and hot with the fever.
!odalities.66$orse, in morning on awaking, and from any motion, walking4
from moving bowels4 after eating, afternoon, standing. Better, cool open air.
Relationship.66!esculus glabra-Ohio-Buckeye #roctitis. Very painful, dark
purple, external hEmorrhoids, with constipation and vertigo and portal
congestion. +peech thick, tickling in throat, impaired vision, paresis. #hytolacca
Athroat dry, more often in acute casesB. Cegundium !mericanum66Box-elder66
A7ngorgements of rectum and piles with great pain, ten-drop doses of tincture
every two hoursB. Compare also !loe, Collinson. Cux. +ulphur.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
Fool+# Par#le)
/he characteristic symptoms relate mainly to the brain and nervous system,
connected with gastro-intestinal disturbance. !nguish, crying, and expression of
uneasiness and discontent, lead to this remedy most fre5uently in disease in
children, during dentition, summer complaint, when, with the diarrh-a, there is
marked inability to digest milk, and poor circulation. +ymptoms set in with
!ind.66=estless, anxious, crying. +ees rats, cats, dogs, etc. *nconscious,
delirious. ,nability to think, to fix the attention. Brain fag. ,diocy may alternate
with furor and irritability.
Head.669eels bound up, or in a vise. Occipital pain extending down spine4 better
lying down and by pressure. 0ead symptoms relieved by expelling flatus
A+anguinB and by stool. 0air feels pulled. Vertigo with drowsiness, with
palpitation4 head hot after vertigo ceases.
$yes.66#hotophobia4 swelling of .eibomian glands. =olling of eyes on falling
asleep. 7yes drawn downward4 pupils dilated.
$ars.669eel obstructed. +ense of something hot from ears. 0issing sound.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+ose.66+topped up with much thick mucus. 0erpetic eruption on tip of nose.
9re5uent ineffectual desire to snee:e.
&ace.66#uffed, red-spotted, collapsed. 7xpression anxious, full of pain4 linea
nasalis marked.
!outh.662ry. !phthE. /ongue seems too long. Burning and pustules in throat,
with difficult swallowing.
%tomach.66,ntolerance of milk4 vomiting as soon as swallowed or in large curds.
0ungry after vomiting. =egurgitation of food about an hour after eating. Violent
vomiting of a white frothy matter. Causea at sight of food. #ainful contraction of
stomach. Vomiting, with sweat and great weakness, accompanied by anguish
and distress, followed by sleepiness. +tomach feels turned upside down, with
burning feeling up to the chest. /earing pains in the stomach extending to
Abdomen.66Cold, internal and external, with aching pain in bowels. Colic,
followed by vomiting, vertigo, and weakness. /ense, inflated, and sensitive.
Bubbling sensation around navel.
+tool.66*ndigested, thin, greenish, preceded by colic, with tenesmus, and
followed by exhaustion and drowsiness. Cholera infantum4 child cold, clammy,
stupid, with staring eyes and dilated pupils. Obstinate constipation4 feels as if all
bowel action is lost. Choleraic affections in old age.
*rinary.66Cutting pain in bladder, with fre5uent urging. #ain in kidneys.
&emale.66<ancinating pains in sexual organs. #imples4 itching when warm.
.enses watery. +welling of mammary glands, with lancinating pains.
Respiratory.662ifficult, oppressed, anxious respiration4 crampy constriction.
+ufferings render patient speechless.
Heart.66Violent palpitation, with vertigo, headache and restlessness. #ulse rapid,
hard and small.
Back and $)tremities.66$ant of power to stand up or hold head up. Back feels
as if in a vise. !ching in small of back. $eakness of lower extremities. 9ingers
and thumbs clenched. Cumbness of hands and feet. Violent spasms. +5uinting of
eyes downward.
%kin.667xcoriation of thighs in walking. 7asy perspiration. +urface of body cold
and covered with clammy sweat. <ymphatic glands swollen. ,tching eruption
around 1oints. +kin of hands dry and shrunken. 7cchymosis. !nasarca.
&e'er.668reat heat4 no thirst. #rofuse, cold sweat. .ust be covered during sweat.
%leep.662isturbed by violent startings4 cold perspiration. 2o:ing after vomiting
or stool. Child is so exhausted, it falls asleep at once.
!odalities.66$orse, D to ' am, and evenings4 warmth, summer. Better in open
air and company.
Compare( !thamantha Aconfused head, vertigo better lying down, bitter taste
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
and saliva. 0ands and feet icy coldB4 !ntimon4 Calc4 !rs4 Cicuta.
Complementary( Calc.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
"lph"r a!d 8"ick#il9er
Black "lphide Merc"r)
/his preparation is of use in scrofulous affections, ophthalmia, otorrh-a, painful,
irritating, scabby eruptions, hereditary syphilis.
%kin.667ruptions. 9avus-like, scrofulous, herpetic and ec:ematous.
Relationship.66!ethiops !ntimonalis66A0ydrargyrum stibiato sulfuratumB.66
Aoften more effective than the above in scrofulous eruptions, glandular swellings,
otorrh-a and scrofulous eye affections, corneal ulcers. /hird triturationB.
Compare( Calc4 +il4 #sorin.
"ose.66/he lower triturations, especially the second decimal.
Toad tool:B"; A;aric
/his fungus contains several toxic compounds, the best known of which is
.uscarin. /he symptoms of poisoning do not develop at once, usually twelve to
fourteen hours elapse before the initial attack. /here is no antidote, treatment,
entirely symptomatic A+chneiderB. !garicus acts as an intoxicant to the brain,
producing more vertigo and delirium than alcohol, followed by profound sopor
with lowered reflexes.
;erking, twitching, trembling, and itching are strong indications. ,ncipient
phthisis4 is related to the tubercular diathesis, anEmia, chorea, twitching ceases
during sleep. Various forms of neuralgia and spasmodic affections, and neurotic
skin troubles are pictured in the symptomatology of this remedy. ,t corresponds
to various forms of cerebral excitement rather than congestion. /hus, in delirium
of fevers, alcoholism, etc. 8eneral paralysis. +ensation as if pierced by needles of
ice. +ensitive to pressure and cold air. Violent bearing-down pains. +ymptoms
appear diagonally as right arm and left leg. #ains are accompanied by sensation
of cold, numbness and tingling.
!ind.66+ings, talks, but does not answer. <o5uacity. !version to work.
,ndifference. 9earlessness. 2elirium characteri:ed by singing, shouting, and
muttering4 rhymes and prophesies. Begins with paroxysm of yawning.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
/he provings bring out four phases of cerebral excitement.
%. +light stimulation-shown by increased cheerfulness, courage, lo5uacity,
exalted fancy.
). .ore decided intoxication-great mental excitement and incoherent talking,
immoderate gaity alternates with melancholy. #erception of relative si:e of
ob1ects is lost, takes long steps and 1umps over small ob1ects as if they were
trunks of trees-a small hole appears as a frightful chasm, a spoonful of water an
immense lake. #hysical strength is increased, can lift heavy loads. $ith it much
D. /hird stage produces a condition of furious or raging delirium, screaming,
raving, wants to in1ure himself, etc.
'. 9ourth stage-mental depression, languor, indifference, confusion,
disinclination to work, etc. $e do not get the active cerebral congestion of
Belladonna, but a general nervous excitement such as is found in delirium
tremens, delirium of fevers, etc.
Head.66Vertigo from sunlight, and on walking. 0ead in constant motion. 9alling
backward, as if a weight in occiput. <ateral headache, as if from a nail ACoff4
,gnatB. 2ull headache from prolonged desk-work. ,cy coldness, like icy needles,
or splinters. Ceuralgia with icy cold head. 2esire to cover head warmly A+ilicaB.
0eadache with nose-bleed or thick mucous discharge.
$yes.66=eading difficult, as type seems to move, to swim. Vibrating specters.
2ouble vision A8elsB, dim and flickering. !sthenopia from prolonged strain,
spasm of accommodation. /witching of lids and eyeballs ACodeinB. .argins of
lids red4 itch and burn and agglutinate. ,nner angles very red.
$ars.66Burn and itch, as if fro:en. /witching of muscles about the ear and noises.
+ose.66Cervous nasal disturbances. ,tching internally and externally. +pasmodic
snee:ing after coughing4 sensitiveness4 watery non-inflammatory discharge.
,nner angles very red. 9etid, dark, bloody discharge. Cosebleed in old people.
+ensation of soreness in nose and mouth.
&ace.669acial muscles feel stiff4 twitch4 face itches and burns. <ancinating, tearing
pain in cheeks, as of splinters. Ceuralgia, as if cold needles ran through nerves or
sharp ice touched them.
!outh.66Burning and smarting on lips. 0erpes on lips. /witching. /aste sweet.
!phthE on roof of mouth. +plinter like pains in tongue. /hirsty all the time.
/remulous tongue A<achB. /ongue white.
Throat.66+titches along eustachian tube to ear. 9eels contracted. +mall solid balls
of phlegm thrown up. 2ryness of pharynx, swallowing difficult. +cratching in
throat4 cannot sing a note.
%tomach.667mpty eructations, tasting of apples. Cervous disturbances, with
spasmodic contractions, hiccough. *nnatural hunger. 9latulent distention of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
stomach and abdomen. #rofuse inodorous flatus. Burning in stomach about three
hours after a meal, changing into a dull pressure. 8astric disturbance with sharp
pains in liver region.
Abdomen.66+titching pains in liver, spleen ACeanothusB and abdomen. +titches
under short ribs, left side. 2iarrh-a with much fetid flatus. 9etid stools.
*rinary.66+titches in urethra. +udden and violent urging to urinate. 9re5uent
&emale.66.enses, increased, earlier. ,tching and tearing, pressive pains of
genitals and back. +pasmodic dysmenorrh-a. +evere bearing-down pains,
especially after menopause. +exual excitement. Cipples itch, burn. Complaints
following parturition and coitus. <eucorrh-a, with much itching.
=espiratory Organs.66Violent attacks of coughing that can be suppressed by
effort of will, worse eating, pain in head while cough lasts. +pasmodic cough at
night after falling asleep, with expectoration of little balls of mucus. <abored,
oppressed breathing. Cough ends in a snee:e.
Heart.66,rregular, tumultuous palpitation, after tobacco. #ulse intermittent and
irregular. Cardiac region oppressed, as if thorax were narrowed. #alpitation with
redness of face.
Back.66#ain, with sensitiveness of spine to touch4 worse in dorsal region.
<umbago4 worse in open air. Crick in back. /witching of cervical muscles.
$)tremities.66+tiff all over. #ain over hips. =heumatism better motion. $eakness
in loins. *ncertain gait. /rembling. ,tching of toes and feet as if fro:en. Cramp in
soles of feet. #ain in shin-bone. Ceuralgia in locomotor ataxia. #aralysis of lower
limbs, with spasmodic condition of arms. Cumbness of legs on crossing them.
#aralytic pain in left arm followed by palpitation. /earing painful contractions in
the calves.
%kin.66Burning, itching, redness, and swelling, as from frostbites. #imples, hard,
like flea-bites. .iliary eruption, with intolerable itching and burning. Chilblains.
!ngioneurotic -dema4 rosacea. +wollen veins with cold skin. Circumscribed
erythematous, papular and pustular and -dematous lesions.
%leep.66#aroxysms of yawning. =estless from violent itching and burning. On
falling asleep, starts, twitches, and awakes often. Vivid dreams. 2rowsy in
daytime. Kawning, followed by involuntary laughter.
&e'er.66Very sensitive to cool air. Violent attacks of heat in evening. Copious
sweat. Burning spots.
!odalities.66$orse, open cold air, after eating, after coitus. ,n cold weather,
before a thunder-storm. $orse, pressure on dorsal spine, which causes
involuntary laughter. Better, moving about slowly.
Relationship.66Compare( .uscarine, the alkaloid of !garicus Ahas much power
over secretions, increasing lachrymal, salivary, hepatic, etc, but diminishing
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
renal4 probably neurotic in origin, stimulating the terminal fibers of the secretory
nerves of all these structures, hence salivation, lachrymation and excessive
perspiration. !tropin exactly opposes .uscarine. =esembles #ilocarpin in
actionB. !manita vernus-spring mushroom-a variety of !gar #halloides-2eath
cup-active principle is #hallin, active like .uscarine. !manita phalloides A2eath
Cup-2eadly !garicB. /he poison is a toxalbumin, resembling the poison in the
rattle snake and the poison excreted by the cholera and diphtheria germs. ,t acts
on the red blood corpuscles, dissolving them so that blood escapes into the
alimentary canal and the whole system is drained. /he amount of this toxic
principle is small, even handling of specimens and breathing of spores affects
some people unpleasantly. /he poison is slow in development. 7ven %) to )I
hours after taking it the patient feels all right, but vertigo violent choleraic
symptoms with rapid loss of strength with death the second or third day,
preceded by stupor and spasms. 9atty degeneration of liver, heart and kidneys,
hEmorrhages in lungs, pleura and skin A2r. ;. +chierB. Vomiting and purging.
Continuous urging to stool, but no gastric, abdominal or rectal pain. ,ntense
thirst for cold water, dry skin. <ethargic but mentally clear. +harp changes from
rapid to slow and from slow to rapid breathing, extreme collapse, suppressed
urine, but no cold extremities or cramps. !garic emet Asevere vertigo4 all
symptoms better, cold water4 longing for ice-water4 gastritis cold sweat, vomiting
sensation as if stomach was suspended on a stringB. /amus Achilblains and
frecklesB. Cimicif4 Cann ind4 0yos4 /arantula.
Antidote( !bsinth4 Coffea4 Camphor.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth and two hundredth potency. ,n skin affections and
brain exhaustions give the lower attenuations.
Ce!t"r) Pla!t
,ndicated in stomachache, and painful erections in gonorrh-a. +trangury.
0ydrophobia. +curvy4 countenance pale, gums swollen and bleeding, legs
covered with dark purple blotches, swollen, painful and hard. !ppetite poor4
bowels constipated.
Relationship.66Compare( !nhalonium4 <yssin4 <ach.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Cha#te Tree
/he most effective point of attack of !gnus upon the organism is the sexual
organism. ,t lowers sexual vitality, with corresponding mental depression and
loss of nervous energy. ,t shows this distinctive influence in both sexes, but is
more pronounced in men. #remature old age from abuse of sexual power.
0istory of repeated gonorrh-a. ! prominent remedy for sprains and strains.
8nawing itching in all parts, especially eyes. /achycardia caused by tobacco in
neurotic young men.
!ind.66+exual melancholy. 9ear of death. +adness with impression of speedy
death. !bsentminded, forgetful, lack of courage. ,llusion of smell-herrings,
musk. Cervous depression and mental forebodings.
$yes.66#upils dilated ABellB. ,tching about eyes4 photophobia.
+ose.66Odor of herring or musk. !ching in dorsum better pressure.
Abdomen.66+pleen swollen, sore. +tools soft, recede, difficult. 2eep fissures in
anus. Causea with sensation as if intestines were pressed downwards4 wants to
support bowels.
!ale.66Kellow discharge from urethra. Co erections. ,mpotence. #arts cold,
relaxed. 2esire gone A+elen4 Con4 +abalB. +canty emission without e1aculation.
<oss of prostatic fluid on straining. 8leety discharge. /esticles, cold, swollen,
hard, and painful.
&emale.66+canty menses. !bhorrence of sexual intercourse. =elaxation of
genitals, with leucorrh-a. !galactia4 with sadness. +terility. <eucorrh-a staining
yellow4 transparent. 0ysterical palpitation with nose bleed.
Relationship.66Compare( +elenium4 #hosph ac4 Camphor4 <ycop.
"ose.669irst to sixth potency.
! relaxed condition of the system generally and a proneness to take cold on
exposure to cold winds.
Catarrhal conditions4 obstruction of nostrils. !denoids, throat deafness. 7nlarged
tonsils. .ucous diarrh-a from cold. Chill from cold winds. /hroat and ear
troubles with tendency to free discharge from mucous membranes. .utinism of
childhood unconnected with deafness.
Relationship.66Compare( 0ydrast4 Cepa4 Calc phos4 +ulph 1od4 Calc 1od.
"ose.66/hird potency. +ingle doses of tincture A2r. CooperB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Chi!e#e "mach
/his remedy shows by its peculiar skin symptoms its pronounced power of
disorgani:ing the blood, causing conditions we meet with in low fevers, low
types of eruptive diseases, diphtheria, follicular tonsillitis, +treptococcus
infection, 0Emorrhagic diathesis, etc. /he skin appears livid or purplish4 face
dark as mahogany, hot4 sordes4 throat swollen, purple, livid4 semi-conscious,
delirious4 weak pulse, general torpor and prostration. +ymptoms remarkably
alike to malignant scarlatina. 2iarrh-a, dysentery and great weakness are very
marked. !dynamia characteri:es all its conditions. <ividity, stupor and
malignancy. .ucous membranes hEmorrhagic and ulcerative A<ach. !rsB.
Head.668eneral stupor, with sighing. Confused mind, mental depression.
0eadache, frontal, with drowsiness. #assive congestion headaches. +uffused,
dilated eyes4 photophobia. 9ace dusky. /hin, copious, ichorous, bloody nasal
Throat.66,nflamed, -dematous, dusky red. .uch swelling, internal and
external. 2ry, rough, scraping, choking feeling. Ceck tender and swollen.
0oarse, croupy voice. /ongue dry and brown. /eeth covered with sordes. #ain in
swallowing extends to the ears.
Respiratory.660urried breathing4 irregular. 2ry, hacking cough. <ungs sore and
%leep.662rowsy, restless. 0eavy, disturbed, unrefreshing.
%kin.66.iliary, livid rash, returns annually. <arge blisters filled with dark
serum. ,rregular, patchy, livid eruption, disappearing on pressure. Cold.
=aynaud@s disease.
Relationship.66Antidotes( =hus4 Cux.
Compare( !mmon carb4 Bapt4 !rn4 .ur ac4 <ach4 =hus.
"ose.669irst to sixth potency.
!n anEmic, relaxed condition, especially of the female organism, is portrayed by
this remedy. /he patient is tired all the time, and suffers from prolapsus,
leucorrh-a, rectal distress, etc. .arked anEmia. Chlorotic girls and pregnant
!ind.66#ower and energy weakened. Confused feelings. Cannot concentrate
mind. 9ainting, with vertigo.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!outh.66.uch frothy saliva.
%tomach.662isgust for food. <east food causes distress. 9ainting spells, with
vertigo. Vomiting during pregnancy. Cervous dyspepsia. 9latulent colic.
Rectum.66<oads up with feces-paretic condition. +tool large, hard, difficult,
great pain.
&emale.66#remature and profuse menses, with labor-like pains ABell4 Cham4 >ali
c4 #latB. =etarded and scanty flow A+enecioB. *terus seems heavy. #rolapse, with
pain in right inguinal region. <eucorrh-a due to weakness and anEmia.
0abitual tendency to abortion. .uscular pains during pregnancy.
Relationship.66Compare( 0elonias4 0ydrastis4 /anacet4 China.
"ose.66/incture to third potency.
Medica;o ati9a
Cali4or!ia Clo9er
9rom its action on the sympathetic, !lfalfa favorably influences nutrition,
evidenced in 3toning up3 the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly
improved mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight. 2isorders
characteri:ed by malnutrition are mainly within its therapeutic range, for
example, neurasthenia, splanchnic blues, nervousness, insomnia, nervous
indigestion, etc. !cts as a fat producer, corrects tissue waste. 2eficient lactation.
,ncreases 5uality and 5uantity of milk in nursing mothers. ,ts pronounced
urinary action suggests it clinically in diabetes insipidus and phosphaturia4 and
it is claimed to allay vesical irritability of prostatic hypertrophy. /he rheumatic
diathesis seems especially amenable to its action.
!ind.66,t induces mental exhilaration of buoyancy, i.e, a general feeling of well
being4 clear and bright, so that all blues are dissipated. 2ull, drowsy, stupid
A8elsB4 gloomy and irritable, worse during evening.
Head.662ull, heavy feeling in occiput, in and above the eyes, worse toward
evening. #ain in left side of head. Violent headache.
$ars.66+tuffed feeling in eustachian tubes A>ali murB at night4 patulous in
%tomach.66,ncreased thirst. !ppetite impaired, but chiefly increased even to
bulimia. 0e must eat fre5uently, so that he cannot wait for regular meals4 hungry
in forenoon A+ulB. .uch nibbling of food and craving for sweets.
Abdomen.669latulence with distention. +hifting, flatulent pain along colon
several hours after meals. 9re5uent, loose, yellow, painful stools, with burning of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
flatulence. Chronic appendicitis.
*rinary.66>idneys inactive4 fre5uent urging to urinate. #olyuria A#hos acB.
,ncreased elimination of urea, indican and phosphates.
%leep.66+lept better than usual, especially in early morning4 it induces 5uiet,
reposeful and refreshing sleep.
Relationship.66Compare( !vena sat4 2ipodium punct4 8els4 0ydr4 >ali phos4
#hos ac4 Linc.
"ose.66/he best results are elicited with material doses AJ-%IB drops of tincture,
several times daily. Continue its use until tonic effects ensue.
Red O!io!
! picture of cory:a, with acrid nasal discharge and laryngeal symptoms, eye
secretion bland4 singers@ cold, worse in warm room and toward evening4 better in
open air is presented by this remedy. +pecially adapted to phlegmatic patients4
colds in damp cold weather. Ceuralgic pains, like a fine thread, following
amputations or in1uries to nerves. /raumatic chronic neuritis. Burning in nose,
mouth, throat, bladder and skin. +ensation of glowing heat on different parts of
the body.
Head.66Catarrhal headache, mostly in forehead4 worse in warm room towards
evening. /hread-like pains in face. 0eadache ceases during menses4 returns
when flow disappears.
$yes.66=ed. .uch burning and smarting lachrymation. +ensitive to light. 7yes
suffused and watery4 profuse, bland lachrymation, better in open air. Burning in
$ars.667arache, shooting in eustachian tube.
+ose.66+nee:ing, especially when entering a warm room. Copious, watery and
extremely acrid discharge. 9eeling of a lump at root of nose. 0ay-fever A+abad4
+il4 #sorB. 9luent cory:a with headache, cough, and hoarseness. #olypus.
%tomach.66Canine hunger. #ain in pyloric region. /hirst. Belching. Causea.
Abdomen.66=umbling, offensive flatus. #ains in left hypogastrium. Colic sitting,
moving about.
Rectum.662iarrh-a with very offensive flatus. +titches in rectum4 itching and
rhagades in anus. 8lowing heat in rectum.
*rinary.66+ensation of weakness in bladder and urethra. ,ncreased secretion of
urine with cory:a. *rine red with much pressure and burning in urethra.
Respiratory.660oarseness. 0acking cough on inspiring cold air. /ickling in
larynx. +ensation as if larynx is split or torn. Oppressed breathing from pressure
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
in middle of chest. Constricted feeling in region of epiglottis. #ain extending to
$)tremities.66<ame 1oints. *lcers on heel. #ainful affections of fingers about
nails neuralgia of stump. Bad effects from getting feet wet. <imbs, especially
arms, feel sore and tired.
%leep.66Kawning with headache and drowsiness. 8aping in deep sleep. 2reams.
$akes at ) am.
!odalities.66$orse, in the evening, in warm room. Better, in open air, and in
cold room.
Relationship.66Compare( 8els4 7uph4 >ali hyd4 !conite4 ,pecac.
Complementary( #hosphor4 /hu1a4 #uls.
Antidotes( !rn4 Cham4 Verat.
"ose.66/hird potency.
!cts directly on intestinal mucous membrane increasing peristalsis. Colitis, with
pathological flora. 0as vaso-dilatory properties. !rterial hypotension begins
usually in DI to 'J minutes after twenty to forty drop doses of the tincture.
!dapted to fleshy sub1ects with dyspepsia and catarrhal affections. 0igh livers.
#atients who eat a great deal more, especially meat, than they drink. #ain in hip,
pain in psoas and iliac muscles. #ulmonary tuberculosis.
Cough and expectoration diminishes, temperature becomes normal, weight is
gained, and sleep becomes regular. 0Emoptysis.
Head.660eavy4 pulsation in temples4 catarrhal deafness.
!outh.66.uch sweetish saliva after meals and at night. +ensation of a hair on
tongue or throat.
%tomach.66Voracious appetite. Burning eructations. <east change in diet causes
trouble. Constipation, with constant dull pains in bowels. /ongue pale, red
Respiratory.66Constant rattling of mucus in bronchi. Cough in the morning after
leaving bedroom, with mucous expectoration, which is tenacious and difficult to
raise. +ensitive to cold air. 2ilated bronchi, with fetid expectoration. 2arting pain
in chest.
&emale.66#ain in swelling of breasts. 7ruption in vagina and on breasts and
vulva during menses.
Relationship.66!llium +at according to 2r. /este, belongs to the Bryonia group,
including <ycopod. Cux. Colocy, 2igital and ,gnatia which affect deeply all flesh
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
eating animals and hardly at all vegetarians. 0ence their special applicability to
meat eaters rather than to exclusive vegetarians.
Compare( Capsicum4 !rsenic4 +enega4 >ali nit.
Complementary( !rsenic.
Antidote( <ycopod.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency. ,n tuberculosis, dose, four to six grammes in
moderate state of dessication daily, in divided doses.
Red Alder
0as some reputation as a remedy for skin affections, glandular enlargements,
and indigestion from imperfect secretion of gastric 1uice. ,t stimulates nutrition,
and thus acts favorably upon strumous disorders, enlarged glands, etc. *lcerated
mucous membranes of mouth and throat. 9ingers covered by crust caused by
pustules, disagreeable odor. ,ndigestion from imperfect secretion of gastric 1uice.
&emale.66<eucorrh-a, with erosions of cervix, bleeding easily. !menorrh-a,
with burning pains from back to pubis.
%kin.66Chronic herpes. 7nlarged sub-maxillary glands. 7c:ema, prurigo.
#urpura hEmorrhagica. #oison-oak. *se locally.
"ose.66/incture to third potency.
ocotri!e Aloe#
!n excellent remedy to aid in re-establishing physiological e5uilibrium after
much dosing, where disease and drug symptoms are much mixed. /here is no
remedy richer in symptoms of portal congestion and none that has given better
clinical results, both for the primary pathological condition and secondary
phenomena. Bad effects from sedentary life or habits. 7specially suitable to
lymphatic and hypochondriacal patients. /he rectal symptoms usually determine
the choice. !dapted to weary people, the aged, and phlegmatic, old beer-
drinkers. 2issatisfied and angry about himself, alternating with lumbago. 0eat
internally and externally. 0as been used successfully in the treatment of
consumption by giving the pure 1uice.
Head.660eadache alternates with lumbago, with intestinal and uterine
affections. 2isinclination to mental labor. !ches above forehead, with heaviness
in eyes, must partially close them. 0eadache after stool. 2ull, pressive pain4
worse from heat.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$yes.66Compelled to make small during pain in forehead. 9lickering before eyes.
=edness of eyes with yellow vision. #ain deep in orbits.
&ace.66.arked redness of lips.
$ars.66Cracking when chewing. +udden explosion and clashing in left ear.
/inkling as of some thin, shivered, metallic globe in head.
+ose.66Coldness of tip. Bleeding in morning on awakening. 9ull of crusts.
!outh.66/aste bitter and sour. /asteless eructations. <ips cracked and dry.
Throat.66/hick lumps of tough mucus. Varicose condition of veins in pharynx.
2ry, scrapy feeling.
%tomach.66!version to meat. <onging for 1uicy things. !fter eating, flatulence,
pulsation in rectum and sexual irritation. Causea, with headache. #ain in pit
when making false step.
Abdomen.66#ain around navel, worse pressure. 9ullness in region of liver, pain
under right ribs. !bdomen feels full, heavy, hot, bloated. #ulsating pain around
navel. $eak feeling, as if diarrh-a would come on. 8reat accumulation of flatus,
pressing downwards, causing distress in lower bowels. +ensation of plug
between symphysis pubis and os coccygis, with urging to stool. Colic before and
during stool. Burning, copious flatus.
Rectum.66Constant bearing down in rectum4 bleeding, sore, and hot4 relieved by
cold water. 9eeling of weakness and loss of power of sphincter ani. +ense of
insecurity in rectum, when passing flatus. *ncertain whether gas or stool will
come. +tool passes without effort, almost unnoticed. <umpy, watery stool. ;elly-
like stools, with soreness in rectum after stool. ! lot of mucus, with pain in
rectum after stool. 0Emorrhoids protrude like grapes4 very sore and tender4
better cold water application. Burning in anus and rectum. Constipation, with
heavy pressure in lower part of abdomen. 2iarrh-a from beer.
*rinary.66,ncontinence in aged, bearing-down sensation and enlarged prostate.
+canty and high colored.
&emale.66Bearing down in rectum, worse standing and during menses. *terus
feels heavy, cannot walk much on that account. <abor-like pains in loins4 extend
down legs. Climacteric hEmorrhage. .enses too early and too profuse.
Respiratory.66$inter coughs, with itching. 2ifficult respiration, with stitches
from liver to chest.
Back.66#ain in small of back4 worse moving. +titches through sacrum. <umbago
alternating with headache and piles.
$)tremities.66<ameness in all limbs. 2rawing pains in 1oints. +oles pain when
!odalities.66$orse early morning4 summer4 heat4 in hot, dry weather4 after
eating or drinking. Better from cold, open air.
Relationship.66Complementary( +ulphur4 compare >ali bich4 <ycop4 !llium
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Antidotes( Opium4 +ulph.
"ose.66+ixth potency and higher. ,n rectal conditions, a few doses of the third,
then wait.
Dita Bark
.alarial diseases, with diarrh-a, dysentery, anEmia, feeble digestion, are the
general conditions suggesting this remedy. Characteristics are the gone sensation
in stomach and sinking in abdomen, with debility. ! tonic after exhausting
Abdomen.66Violent purging and cramp in bowels. 0eat and irritation in lower
bowels. Camp diarrh-a, bloody stool, dysentery4 diarrh-a from bad water and
malaria. #ainless watery stools A#hosph acB. 2iarrh-a immediately after eating.
Relationship.66Compare( +imilar in action to !lstonia constricta, the bitter bark
or native 5uinine of !ustralia. 2itain Aactive principle, is anti-periodic, like
5uinine, but without unpleasant effectsB. Cinchona Asimilar in diarrh-a, chronic
dyspepsia and debilityB. 0ydrastis4 9er cit et chin.
"ose.66/incture to third potency. <ocally, for ulcers and rheumatic pains.
O<ide et Al"mi!"m:Ar;illa
! very general condition corresponding to this drug is dryness of mucous
membranes and skin, and tendency to paretic muscular states. Old people, with
lack of vital heat, or prematurely old, with debility. +luggish functions,
heaviness, numbness, and staggering, and the characteristic constipation find an
excellent remedy in !lumina. 2isposition to colds in the head, and eructations in
spare, dry, thin sub1ects. 2elicate children, products of artificial baby foods.
!ind.66<ow-spirited4 fears loss of reason. Confused as to personal identity.
0asty, hurried. /ime passes slowly. Variable mood. Better as day advances.
+uicidal tendency when seeing knife or blood.
Head.66+titching, burning pain in head, with vertigo, worse in morning, but
relieved by food. #ressure in forehead as from a tight hat. ,nability to walk
except with eyes open. /hrobbing headache, with constipation. Vertigo, with
nausea4 better after breakfast. 9alling out of hair4 scalp itches and is numb.
$yes.66Ob1ects look yellow. 7yes feel cold. <ids dry, burn, smart, thickened,
aggravated in morning4 chronic con1unctivitis. #tosis. +trabismus.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$ars.660umming4 roaring. 7ustachian tube feels plugged.
+ose.66#ain at root of nose. +ense of smell diminished. 9luent cory:a. #oint of
nose cracked, nostrils sore, red4 worse touch. +cabs with thick yellow mucus.
/ettery redness. O:-na atrophica sicca. .embranes distended and boggy.
&ace.669eels as if albuminous substance had dried on it. Blood-boils and
pimples. /witching of lower 1aw. =ush of blood to face after eating.
!outh.66+ore. Bad odor from it. /eeth covered with sordes. 8ums sore,
bleeding. /ensive pain in articulation of 1aw when opening mouth or chewing.
Throat.662ry, sore4 food cannot pass, -sophagus contracted. 9eels as if splinter
or plug were in throat. ,rritable, and relaxed throat. <ooks parched and gla:ed.
Clergyman@s sore throat in thin sub1ects. /hick, tenacious mucus drops from
posterior nares. Constant inclination to clear the throat.
%tomach.66!bnormal cravings-chalk, charcoal, dry food, tea-grounds.
0eartburn4 feels constricted. !version to meat A8raph4 !rn4 #ulsB. #otatoes
disagree. Co desire to eat. Can swallow but small morsels at a time. Constriction
of -sophagus.
Abdomen.66Colic, like painter@s colic. #ressing in both groins toward sexual
organs. <eft-sided abdominal complaints.
+tool.660ard dry, knotty4 no desire. =ectum sore, dry, inflamed, bleeding.
,tching and burning at anus. 7ven a soft stool is passed with difficulty. 8reat
straining. Constipation of infants ACollins4 #sor4 #arafB and old people from
inactive rectum, and in women of very sedentary habit. 2iarrh-a on urinating.
7vacuation preceded by painful urging long before stool, and then straining at
*rinary.66.uscles of bladder paretic, must strain at stool in order to urinate.
#ain in kidneys, with mental confusion. 9re5uent desire to urinate in old people.
2ifficult starting.
!ale.667xcessive desire. ,nvoluntary emissions when straining at stool. #rostatic
&emale.66.enses too early, short, scanty, pale, followed by great exhaustion
ACarb an4 CocculB. <eucorrh-a acrid, profuse transparent, ropy, with burning4
worse during daytime, and after menses. =elieved by washing with cold water.
Respiratory.66Cough soon after waking in the morning. 0oarse, aphonia,
tickling in larynx4 whee:ing, rattling respiration. Cough on talking or singing, in
the morning. Chest feels constricted. Condiments produce cough. /alking
aggravates soreness of chest.
Back.66+titches. 8nawing pain, as if from hot iron. #ain along cord, with
paralytic weakness.
$)tremities.66#ain in arm and fingers, as if hot iron penetrated. !rms feel
paraly:ed. <egs feel asleep, especially when sitting with legs crossed. +taggers on
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
walking. 0eels feel numb. +oles tender4 on stepping, feel soft and swollen. #ain
in shoulder and upper arm. 8nawing beneath finger nails. Brittle nails. ,nability
to walk, except when eyes are open or in daytime. +pinal degenerations and
paralysis of lower limbs.
%leep.66=estless4 anxious and confused dreams. +leepy in morning.
%kin.66Chapped and dry tettery. Brittle nails. ,ntolerable itching when getting
warm in bed. .ust scratch until it bleeds4 then becomes painful. Brittle skin on
!odalities.66$orse, periodically4 in afternoon4 from potatoes. $orse, in
morning on awaking4 warm room. Better, in open air4 from cold washing4 in
evening and on alternate days. Better damp weather.
Relationship.66Compare( !luminum chloridum A#ains of loco-motor ataxia.
<ower trits in waterB. +lag +ilico-+ulphocalcite of !lumina Dx Aanal itching, piles,
constipation, flatulent distentionB4 +ecale4 <athyr4 #lumb. !luminum acetate
solution. 7xternally a lotion for putrid wounds and skin infections. !rrests
hEmorrhage from inertia of uterus. #arenchymatous hEmorrhage from various
organs-)D M solution. 0Emorrhage following tonsillectomy is controlled by
rinsing out nasopharynx with a %I M sol.
Complementary( Bryonia.
Antidotes( ,pecac4 Chamom.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth and higher. !ction slow in developing.
Commo! Pota#h Al"m
/he clinical application of this remedy points to its bowel symptoms, both in
obstinate constipation and in hEmorrhage from bowels in the course of typhoid-
one phase of the paralytic weakness of the muscles in all parts of the body.
/endency to induration is also marked, a low form of tissue-making is favored.
0ardening of tissues of tongue, rectum, uterus, etc4 ulcers with indurated base.
!dapted to old people, especially bronchial catarrhs. +ensation of dryness and
constriction. .ental paresis4 dysphagia especially to li5uids. /endency to
induration, +cirrhus of the tongue.
Head.66Burning pain as of weight on top of lead better by pressure of hand.
Vertigo, with weakness in pit of stomach. !lopecia.
Throat.66/hroat relaxed. .ucous membrane red and swollen. Cough. /ickling in
throat. /endency to throat colds. 7nlarged and indurated tonsils. Burning pain
down the -sophagus. Complete aphonia. 7very cold settles in throat.
Constriction of -sophagus.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Heart.66#alpitation, from lying down on right side.
Rectum.66Constipation of the most aggravated kind. Co desire for stool for
days. Violent ineffectual urging to stool. Co ability to expel stool. .arble-like
masses pass, but rectum still feels full. ,tching after stool. ,tching in anus. <ong
lasting pain and smarting in rectum after stool4 also hEmorrhoids. Kellow, like
an infant@s. 0Emorrhage from bowels.
&emale.66/endency to induration of neck of uterus and mammary glands ACarb
an4 ConB. Chronic yellow vaginal discharge. Chronic gonorrh-a, yellow, with
little lumps along urethra. !phthous patches in vagina ACaulB. .enses watery.
Respiratory.660Emoptysis, great weakness of chest4 difficult to expel mucus.
Copious, ropy morning expectoration in old people. !sthma.
%kin.66*lcers, with indurated base. /o be thought of in indurated glands,
epithelioma, etc4 veins become varicose and bleed. ,ndurations resulting from
long-continued inflammatory irritations. 8lands inflame and harden. !lopecia,
+crotal ec:ema and on back of penis.
$)tremities.66$eakness of all muscles, especially arms and legs. Constricted
feeling around limbs.
!odalities.66$orse, cold except headache, which is relieved by cold.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency. /he very highest potencies have proved
efficacious. #owdered alum, %I grains, placed on tongue, said to arrest an attack
of asthma.
A!dala#ite rock
Al"mi!a 2%= ilica %3 part#
2eep acting remedy for chronic complaints of brain, spine and nerves.
Constriction is a marked general symptom, also constriction of orifices. Venous
distention. $eakness, especially spinal. !ching and burning in spine.
9ormication, numbness, pain in all limbs. 7pileptiform convulsion. Coldness
during pains.
Head.66Congestion of brain. Constriction of scalp. #ain in head, better heat,
perspires. #ain in eyes, flickering. 9re5uent cory:as. +welling and ulceration of
Respiratory.66Catarrh of chest, pain, raw feeling. 9eeling of great weakness in
chest. +titching pains. +pasmodic cough with purulent viscid expectoration.
$)tremities.660eaviness, 1erking, numbness, aching and pains.
%kin.669ormication along course of nerves, veins feel full and distended. +ore to
touch and pressure.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!odalities.66$orse, cold air, after eating, standing. Better, warmth, fasting,
resting in bed.
"ose.660igher potencies. -<ower triturations.
Be!?oate o4 Ammo!ia
One of the remedies for albuminuria, especially in the gouty. 8out, with deposits
in 1oints. *rinary incontinence in the aged.
Head.660eavy, stupid.
&ace.66Bloated, swollen eyelids. +welling under tongue like ranula.
*rinary.66+moky, scanty. !lbuminous and thick deposits.
Back.66#ain across sacrum, with urgency to stool. +oreness in region of right
Relationship.66Compare( /erebinth4 Ben: ac4 !mmonia salts4 Caust.
,n albuminuria compare >almia4 0elon4 .erc cor4 Berb4 Canth.
"ose.66+econd trituration.
Mor*id ecretio! o4 the Whale
+uitable to excitable, nervous children and thin, nervous patients. 7xtreme
nervous hypersensitiveness. 7xternal numbness of whole body in the morning
and weakness. Cervous bilious temperament. /hin, scrawny women. !dapted to
hysterical sub1ects, or those suffering from spinal irritation, with convulsive
cough, eructation, etc. !lso for patients weakened by age or overwork, who are
anEmic and sleepless. 8reat remedy for the aged, with impairment of all
functions, weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, fingers,
arms, etc. One-sided complaints call for it. .usic aggravates symptoms.
7bullitions and pulsations after walking in open air. One-sided complaints.
!ind.662read of people, and desire to be alone. Cannot do anything in presence
of others. ,ntensely shy, blushes easily. .usic causes weeping. 2espair, loathing
of life. 9antastic illusions. Bashful. <oss of love of life. =estless, excited, very
lo5uacious. /ime passes slowly. /hinking, difficult in the morning with old
people. 2wells upon unpleasant things.
Head.66+low comprehension. Vertigo, with weakness in head and stomach.
#ressure on front part of head with mental depression. /earing pain in upper
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
half of brain. +enile di::iness. =ush of blood to head, when listening to music.
0earing impaired. 7pistaxis, especially in the morning. #rofuse bleeding from
teeth. 0air falls out.
%tomach.667ructations, with violent, convulsive cough. !cid eructations, like
heartburn. 2istention of stomach and abdomen after midnight. +ensation of
coldness in abdomen.
*rinary.66#ain in bladder and rectum at the same time. Burning in orifice of
urethra and anus. 9eeling in urethra as if a few drops passed out. Burning and
itching in urethra while urinating. *rine turbid, even during emission forming a
brown sediment.
&emale.66Cymphomania, ,tching of pudendum, with soreness and swelling.
.enses too early. #rofuse, bluish leucorrh-a. $orse at night. 2ischarge of blood
between periods, at every little accident.
!ale.66Voluptuous itching of scrotum. #arts externally numb4 burn internally.
Violent erections without voluptuous sensations.
Respiratory.66!sthmatic breathing with eructation of gas. Cervous, spasmodic
cough, with hoarseness and eructation, on waking in morning4 worse in presence
of people. /ickling in throat, larynx and trachea, chest oppressed, gets out of
breath when coughing. 0ollow, spasmodic, barking cough, coming from deep in
chest. Choking when hawking up phlegm.
Heart.66#alpitation, with pressure in chest as from a lump lodged there, or as if
chest was obstructed. Conscious of the pulse. #alpitation in open air with pale
%leep.66Cannot sleep from worry4 must get up. !nxious dreams. Coldness of
body and twitching of limbs, during sleep.
%kin.66,tching and soreness, especially around genitals. Cumbness of skin.
!rms 3go to sleep3.
$)tremities.66Cramps in hands and fingers, worse grasping anything. Cramps in
!odalities.66$orse, music4 presence of strangers4 from any unusual thing4
morning, warm room. Better, slow motion in open air4 lying on painful part4 cold
Relationship.662o not confound with !mber-+uccinum 5 v. .oschus fre5uently
follows advantageously. Compare( Oleum succinum AhiccoughB. +umbul4 Castor4
!saf4 Crocus4 <ilium.
"ose.66+econd and third potencies4 may be repeated with advantage.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Bromide o4 Ammo!ia
,ndicated in chronic laryngeal and pharyngeal catarrh, neuralgic headaches, and
obesity. Constrictive pain in head, chest, legs, etc. ,rritable feeling under finger
nails4 relieved only by biting them.
Head.66Cerebral congestion. 9eeling of a band above ears. +nee:ing4 thick nasal
$yes.667dges of lids red and swollen, also .eibomian glands. 7yeballs feel large
and pain around eyes into head.
Throat.66+marting in mouth. /ickling in throat, with inclination to dry,
spasmodic cough, especially at night. Burning in fauces. $hite, sticky, mucus.
Chronic speakers@ catarrh.
Respiratory.66+udden, short cough, strangling. /ickling in trachea and bronchial
tubes. $akes at D am with cough. 9eels suffocated4 continuous cough, when
lying down at night4 sharp pain in lungs. $hooping Cough.662ry, spasmodic
cough on lying down.
Relationship.660yos4 Con4 !rg nit4 >ali bich.
"ose.669irst potency.
! remedy for hay-fever, lachrymation and intolerable itching of the eye-lids.
+ome forms of whooping-cough. =espiratory tract in its entire length stopped up.
.any forms of diarrh-a, especially during summer months, also dysentery.
+ose.66$atery cory:a4 snee:ing4 watery discharge. Cosebleed. +tuffed up
feeling of nose and head. ,rritation of trachea and bronchial tubes, with asthmatic
attacks A!ral4 7ucalyptB. $hee:y cough.
$yes.66+mart and burn. <achrymation.
Relationship.66Compare in hay-fever +abadilla, $yethia4 +uccin ac4 !rs 1od4
"ose.66/incture, to third potency4 %I drops in water during and after attack of
epistaxis. ,n hay-fever high potencies.
Car*o!ate o4 Ammo!ia
/he diseased conditions met by this remedy are such as we find often in rather
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
stout women who are always tired and weary, take cold easily, suffer from
cholera-like symptoms before menses, lead a sedentary life, have a slow reaction
generally, and are disposed to fre5uent use of the smelling-bottle. /oo fre5uent
and profuse menses. .ucous membranes of the respiratory organs are especially
affected. 9at patients with weak heart, whee:ing, feel suffocated. Very sensitive
to cold air. 8reat aversion to water4 cannot bear to touch it. .alignant scarlatina,
with somnolence, swollen glands, dark red sore throat, faintly developed
eruption. *rEmia. 0eaviness in all organs. *ncleanness in bodily habits.
+welling of parts, glands, etc. !cid secretions. #rostration from trifles.
!ind.669orgetful, ill-humored, gloomy during stormy weather. *ncleanliness.
/alking and hearing others talk affects greatly. +ad, weepy, unreasonable.
Head.66#ulsating forehead4 better, pressure and in warm room. +hocks through
$yes.66Burning of eyes with aversion to light. 7ye-strain ACat murB. !sthenopia.
+ore canthi.
$ars.660ardness of hearing. +hocks through ears, eyes, and nose, when gnashing
+ose.662ischarge of sharp, burning water. +toppage at night, with long-
continued cory:a. Cannot breathe through nose. +nuffles of children. 7pistaxis
after washing and after eating. O:Ena, blows bloody mucus from nose. /ip of
nose congested.
&ace.66/etters around mouth. Boils and pustules, during menses. Corners of
mouth sore, cracked, and burn.
!outh.668reat dryness of mouth and throat. /oothache. #ressing teeth together
sends shocks through head, eyes, and ears. Vesicles on tongue. /aste sour4
metallic. Cracking of 1aw on chewing.
Throat.667nlarged tonsils and glands of neck. Burning pain all down throat.
/endency to gangrenous ulceration of tonsils. 2iphtheria when nose is stopped
%tomach.66#ain at pit of stomach, with heartburn, nausea, waterbrash, and
chilliness. 8reat appetite, but easily satisfied. 9latulent dyspepsia.
Abdomen.66Coise and pain in abdomen. 9latulent hernia. +tools difficult, hard,
and knotty. Bleeding piles4 worse during menses. ,tching at anus. #rotruding
piles, worse after stool, better lying down.
*rinary.669re5uent desire4 involuntary at night. /enesmus of bladder. *rine
white, sandy, bloody, copious, turbid and fetid.
!ale.66,tching and pain of scrotum and spermatic cords. 7rection without
desire. +eminal emissions.
&emale.66,tching, swelling and burning of pudendum. <eucorrh-a burning,
acrid, watery. !version to the other sex. .enses too fre5uent, profuse, early,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
copious, clotted, black4 colicky pains, and hard, difficult stool, with fatigue,
especially of thighs4 yawning and chilliness.
Respiratory.660oarseness. Cough every morning about three o@clock, with
dyspn-a, palpitation, burning in chest4 worse ascending. Chest feels tired.
7mphysema. .uch oppression in breathing4 worse after any effort, and entering
warm room, or ascending even a few steps. !sthenic #neumonia. +low labored,
stertorous breathing4 bubbling sound. $inter catarrh, with slimy sputum and
specks of blood. #ulmonary -dema.
Heart.66!udible palpitation with fear, cold sweat, lachrymation, inability to
speak, loud breathing and trembling hands. 0eart weak, wakes with difficult
breathing and palpitation.
$)tremities.66/earing in 1oints relieved by heat of bed4 inclination to stretch
limbs. 0ands cold and blue4 distended veins. 9ingers swell when arm is hanging
down. #anaritium, deep-seated periosteal pain. Cramps in calves and soles. Big
toe painful and swollen. 9elons in the beginning. 0eel painful on standing.
/earing in ankle and bones of feet, better when warm in bed.
%leep.66+leepiness during the day. +tarts from sleep strangling.
%kin.66Violent itching and burning blisters. +carlet rash. .iliary rash. .alignant
scarlatina. 9aintly developed eruptions from defective vitality. 7rysipelas in the
aged, with brain symptoms. 7c:ema in the bends of extremities, between legs,
about anus and genitals.
!odalities.66$orse, evenings, from cold, wet weather, wet applications,
washing, and during D to ' am, during menses. Better, lying on painful side and
on stomach4 in dry weather.
Relationship.66,nimical to <achesis. +imilar in action.
Antidotes( !rnica4 Camphor.
Compare( =hus4 .uriatic acid4 /artar emet.
Of use in poisoning by charcoal fumes.
"ose.66<ower potencies deteriorate with age. +ixth potency best for general use.
H)drate o4 Ammo!ia
Ammo!ia Water
/his is a powerful cardiac stimulant. !s such in syncope, thrombosis,
hEmorrhage, snake-bites, chloroform narcosis, may be given by inhalation.
/he -dema and ulceration of mucous membranes produced by this powerful
drug have been utili:ed as guiding symptoms for its use4 hence in membranous
croup with burning in -sophagus. !phonia. +ee Causticum.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Respiratory.662ifficult respiration. !ccumulation of mucus with incessant
coughing. <oss of voice. Burning rawness in throat. +pasm of the glottis with
suffocation4 patient gasps for breath. #ain in -sophagus on breathing deeply.
+craping and burning in throat and -sophagus. *vula covered with white
mucus. Casal diphtheria, with burning excoriating discharge.
$)tremities.667xcessive exhaustion and muscular debility. =heumatism of
shoulders. +kin hot and dry.
"ose.669irst to third potency4 also five to ten minims, well diluted with water.
Peach Tree
! most valuable remedy in vomiting of various kinds4 morning sickness.
,rritation of eyes. ,schuria and hEmaturia.
0Emorrhage from the bladder.
8astric irritation of children4 no form of food tolerated. <oss of smell and taste.
8astric and intestinal irritation when the tongue is elongated and pointed, tip
and edges red. Constant nausea and vomiting.
Relationship.66Compare( !mygd amara-Bitter !lmond A#ains through tonsils,
throat dark, difficult swallowing, vomiting, cough with sore chestB.
"ose.669resh infusion or mother tincture.
Iodide o4 Ammo!ia
,ndicated when iodine has but partially relieved its cases of laryngitis and
bronchitis, catarrhal pneumonia, -dema of lungs.
Head.662ull headache, especially in young people, face stupid, heavy4 vertigo,
.eniere@s disease.
"ose.66+econd and third trit.
Compare( !mmonium tartaricum A2ry hacking cough after every coldB.
Am)l Nitrite
On inhaling this drug, it rapidly dilates all arterioles an capillaries, producing
flushings of face, heat, and throbbing in the head.66+uperficial arterial
hyperEmia. #alpitation of the heart and similar conditions are readily cured by
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
it, especially the flushings and other discomforts at climacteric. 0iccough and
yawning. Often relieves temporarily epileptic convulsions. +easickness.
Head.66!nxiety, as if something might happen4 must have fresh air. +urging of
blood to head and face4 sensation as if blood would start through skin, with heat
and redness. 9lushings, followed by sweat at climacteric. 7ars hyperEmic.
Throat.66Constriction4 collar seems too tight.
Chest.662yspn-a and asthmatic feelings. 8reat oppression and fullness of chest4
spasmodic, suffocative cough. #rEcordial anxiety. /umultuous action of heart.
#ain and constriction around heart. 9luttering at slightest excitement.
&emale.66!fter-pains4 hEmorrhage associated with facial flushing. Climacteric
headache and flushes of heat, with anxiety and palpitation.
&e'er.66.uch flushing of heat4 sometimes followed by cold and clammy skin
and profuse sweat. /hrobbing throughout whole body. !bnormal sweat after
$)tremities.66Constant stretching for hours. Veins of hands dilated4 pulsations
felt in tips of fingers.
Relationship.66Compare( 8lonoine4 <achesis.
Antidotes( Cactus4 +trychn4 7rgot.
"ose.66/hird potency.
9or palliations. ,n all conditions where the blood-vessels are spasmodically
contracted, as in angina pectoris, epileptic sei:ure, megrim, accompanied by
cold, pallor, etc, also in paroxysms of asthma, chloroform asphyxia, inhalation of
the !myl nit will give immediate relief. 9or this non-homeopathic application,
two to five minims Aput up in pearlsB dropped on a handkerchief and inhaled
may be re5uired.
al Ammo!iac
! state of prostration bordering on a typhoid state is produced by this remedy.
!ll mucous secretions are increased and retained. ,t is especially adapted to fat
and sluggish patients who have respiratory troubles. Coughs associated with
catarrhs and affections of liver. ! tendency to irregular circulation, blood seems
to be in constant turmoil, pulsations, etc. .any groups of symptoms are
accompanied by cough, profuse glairy secretions. ,ts periods of aggravations are
peculiarly divided as to the bodily region affected4 thus the head and chest
symptoms are worse mornings, the abdominal in the afternoon, the pains in the
limbs, the skin and febrile symptoms, in the evenings. 3Boiling3 sensation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ind.66.elancholy, apprehensive4 like from internal grief. 2esire to cry, but
cannot. Conse5uences of grief.
Head.660air falls out, with itchings and dandruff. 9eels full, compressed4 worse
$ before eyes, optical illusions in incipient cataract4 capsular cataract.
+ose.669ree acrid, hot watery discharge corroding the lip. +nee:ing. Cose sore to
touch4 ulcerative pain in nostrils. <oss of smell. Obstructed, stuffy feeling4
constant and unavailing efforts to blow it out. ,tching.
&ace.66,nflammatory face-ache. .outh and lips sore and excoriated.
Throat.66/hrobbing in, and swelling of tonsils, can scarcely swallow. +ore spot
behind uvula, relieved by eating. ,nternal and external swelling of throat with
viscid phlegm. +o touch, it cannot be hawked up. /onsillitis. +tricture of
%tomach.66/hirst for lemonade, regurgitation of food, bitter waterbrash. Causea.
8nawing in stomach. 7pigastric pain immediately after eating. Cancer of
Abdomen.66+plenic stitches, especially in the morning, with difficult breathing.
#ain around navel. !bdominal symptoms appear during pregnancy. Chronic
congestion of liver. 7xcessive fatty deposit around abdomen. .uch flatus.
+trained feeling in groin.
Rectum.66,tching and hEmorrhoids, soreness with pustules. 0ard, crumbly
stool, or covered with glairy mucus. +tinging in perineum. 8reen mucus stools
alternate with constipation. 2uring and after stool, burning and smarting in
rectum. 0Emorrhoids after suppressed leucorrh-a.
&emale.66.enses too early, too free, dark, clotted4 flow more at night. #ain as if
sprained in left side of abdomen during pregnancy. 2iarrh-a, greenish mucous
stools, and navel pain during menses. <eucorrh-a, like white of an egg A!lum4
Bor4 Calc pB4 with pain about the navel4 brown, slimy after every urination.
Respiratory.660oarseness and burning in larynx. 2ry, hacking, scraping cough4
worse lying on back or right side. +titches in chest. Cough loose in afternoon,
with profuse expectoration and rattling of mucus. Oppression of chest. Burning
at small spots in chest. +canty secretion. Cough with profuse salivation.
Back.66,cy coldness between shoulders4 not relieved by warm covering,
followed by itching. Bruised pain in coccyx when sitting. Backache, as if in a vise
when sitting.
$)tremities.66#ain as from ulceration in finger tips. +hooting and tearing in tips
of finger and toes. *lcerative pain in heels. Contraction of hamstring tendons.
+ciatica, worse sitting, better lying. Ceuralgic pain in amputated limbs. Offensive
sweaty feet. #ain in feet during menses.
%kin.66,tching, generally evenings. Blisters on various parts. ,ntense burning
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
better cold applications.
&e'er.66Chilliness evenings after lying down and on awakening, without thirst.
0eat in palms and soles. +ub acute, low fevers due to unhealthy climate. <owest
!odalities.66Better, open air. $orse, head and chest symptoms in the morning4
abdominal symptoms in the afternoon.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Coffea4 Cux4 Caust.
Compare( Calcarea4 +enega4 Caustic.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
$"m Ammo!iac
! remedy for the aged and feeble, especially in chronic bronchitis. ,ll humor.
+ensitive to cold. +ensation of burning and scratching in neck and -sophagus.
Head.66Catarrhal headache due to closure of frontal sinuses.
$yes.662im sight. +tars and fiery points float before eyes. 7asily fatigued from
Throat.66/hroat dry4 worse inhaling fresh air. 9ull feeling, burning and scraping
sensation. ,mmediately after eating, sensation as if something stuck in
-sophagus, causing swallowing.
Respiratory.662ifficult breathing. Chronic bronchial catarrh. <arge accumulation
of purulent matter and feeble expectoration4 worse cold weather. .ucus tough
and hard. 0eart beats stronger, extends to pit of stomach. Coarse rattling of chest
in old people.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Bry4 !rnica.
Compare( +enega4 /art emet4 Balsam #eru.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
Pho#phate o4 Ammo!ia
! remedy for chronic gouty patients uric acid diathesis, indicated in bronchitis
and nodosities of the 1oints of the fingers and backs of the hands. 9acial paralysis.
#ain in shoulder-1oint. /ightness around chest. 0eaviness of limbs, unsteady,
tottering gait. Coldness from least draft of air.
Head.66+nee:ing with excessive running from nose and eyes, only in morning.
Respiratory.662eep rough cough with greenish expectoration.
*rinary.66=ose-colored sediment.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66/hird decimal trituration.
,ir;i!ia Creeper
=enal dropsies, hydrocele, and chronic hoarseness in scrofulous patients have
been benefited by this drug. Choleric symptoms. 8enerally worse about H pm.
2ilated pupils. <eft costal region sore and sensitive. 7lbow 1oints pain, back sore.
+oreness of all limbs. Vomiting, purging with tenesmus. =umbling in abdomen.
"ose.66+econd to third potency.
Pictrate o4 Ammo!ia
! remedy for malarial fever and neuralgias and so-called, bilious headaches.
#ain in occiput and mastoid region. $hooping cough.
Head.66#eriodical neuralgia in right side of occiput4 boring extends to ear, orbit,
and 1aw. Vertigo on rising. #eriodic bilious headaches A+anguinB.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
,aleria!ate o4 Ammo!ia
! remedy for nervous, hysterical people, suffering with neuralgia headaches and
insomnia. 8reat nervous erethism is always present.
Heart.66#ains in cardiac region. 9unctional disturbances, tachycardia.
"ose.66<ower triturations.
Marki!; N"t
/he !nacardium patient is found mostly among the neurasthenics4 such have a
type of nervous dyspepsia, relieved by food4 impaired memory, depression, and
irritability4 diminution of senses Asmell, sight, hearingB. +yphilitic patients often
suffer with these conditions. ,ntermittency of symptoms. 9ear of examination in
students. $eakening of all senses, sight, hearing, etc. !version to work4 lacks
self-confidence4 irresistible desire to swear and curse. +ensation of a plug in
various parts-eyes, rectum, bladder, etc4 also of a band. 7mpty feeling in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
stomach4 eating temporarily relieves all discomfort. /his is a sure indication,
often verified. ,ts skin symptoms are similar to =hus, and it has proved a
valuable antidote to #oison-Oak.
!ind.669ixed ideas. 0allucinations4 thinks he is possessed of two persons or
wills. !nxiety when walking, as if pursued. #rofound melancholy and
hypochondriasis, with tendency to use violent language. Brain-fag. ,mpaired
memory. !bsent mindedness. Very easily offended. .alicious4 seems bent on
wickedness. <ack of confidence in himself or others. +uspicious A0yosB.
Clairaudient, hears voices far away or of the dead. +enile dementia. !bsence of
all moral restraint.
Head.66Vertigo. #ressing pain, as from a plug4 worse after mental exertion-in
forehead4 occiput, temples, vertex4 better during a meal. ,tching and little boils on
$yes.66#ressure like a plug on upper orbit. ,ndistinct vision. Ob1ects appear too
far off.
$ars.66#ressing in the ears as from a plug. 0ard of hearing.
+ose.669re5uent snee:ing. +ense of smell perverted. Cory:a with palpitation,
especially in the aged.
&ace.66Blue rings around eyes. 9ace pale.
!outh.66#ainful vesicles4 fetid odor. /ongue feels swollen, impending speech
and motion, with saliva in mouth. Burning around lips as from pepper.
%tomach.66$eak digestion, with fullness and distention. 7mpty feeling in
stomach. 7ructation, nausea, vomiting. 7ating relieves the !nacardium
dyspepsia. !pt to choke when eating or drinking. +wallows food and drinks
Abdomen.66#ain as if dull plug were pressed into intestines. =umbling,
pinching, and griping.
Rectum.66Bowels inactive. ,neffectual desire4 rectum seems powerless, as if
plugged up4 spasmodic constriction of sphincter ani4 even soft stool passes with
difficulty. ,tching at anus4 moisture from rectum. 0Emorrhage during stool.
#ainful hEmorrhoids.
!ale.66Voluptuous itching4 increased desire4 seminal emissions without dreams.
#rostatic discharge during stool.
&emale.66<eucorrh-a, with soreness and itching. .enses scanty.
Respiratory.66#ressure in chest, as from a dull plug. Oppression of chest, with
internal heat and anxiety, driving him into open air. Cough excited by talking, in
children, after fit of temper. Cough after eating with vomiting of food and pain in
Heart.66#alpitation, with weak memory, with cory:a in the aged4 stitches in
heart region. =heumatic pericarditis with double stitches.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Back.662ull pressure in the shoulders, as from a weight. +tiffness at nape of
$)tremities.66Ceuralgia in thumb. #aralytic weakness. >nees feel paraly:ed or
bandaged. Cramps in calves. #ressure as from a plug in the glutei. $arts on
palms of hands. 9ingers swollen with vesicular eruption.
%leep.66+pells of sleeplessness lasting for several nights. !nxious dreams.
%kin.66,ntense itching, ec:ema, with mental irritability4 vesicular eruption4
swelling, urticaria4 eruption like that of #oison-Oak ANerophyl4 8rindel4 CrotonB.
<ichen planus4 neurotic ec:ema. $arts on hands. *lcer formation on forearm.
!odalities.66$orse, on application of hot water. Better, from eating. $hen lying
on side, from rubbing.
Relationship.66Antidote( 8rindeleia4 Coffea4 ;uglans4 =hus4 7ucalyptus.
Compare( !nacard occidentale Acashew nutB Aerysipelas, vesicular facial
eruptionsB, AanEsthetic variety of leprosy4 warts, corns, ulcers, cracking of the
skin on soles of feetB. =hus4 Cypriped4 Chelidon4 Nerophyl.
#latina follows well. Cereus serpentina AswearingB.
"ose.66+ixth to two hundredth potency.
carlet Pimper!el
.arked action on skin, characteri:ed by great itching and tingling everywhere.
9avors expulsion of splinters. !n old medicine for hydrophobia and dropsy.
#ossesses power of softening flesh and destroying warts.
Head.668reat hilarity4 headache over supra-orbital ridges, with rumbling in
bowels and eructations4 better from coffee. +ick headache. #ain in facial muscles.
$)tremities.66=heumatic and gouty pains. #ain in shoulder and arm. Cramp in
ball of thumbs and fingers.
*rinary.66.ore or less irritation in urethra, inclining to coition. Burning pain on
urinating, with agglutination of orifice. *rine passes in several streams4 must
press before it passes.
%kin.66,tching4 dry, bran-like eruption, especially on hands and fingers. #alms
especially affected. Vesicles in groups. *lcers and swellings on 1oints.
Relationship.66!nagallis contains +aponin, 5. v.
Compare( Cyclamen4 #rimula obcon.
"ose.669irst to third potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ea#t I!dia! $ra##
! skin remedy of high order.
#ainful swelling of various parts, going on to suppuration. 8landular
Head.66#ains pierce brain like pointed arrows4 worse in afternoon. 0erpes,
ulcers, and tumors on scalp. $artlike growth on eyebrows. Boils and tumors on
tip of nose. /ongue fissured, as if cut on edges4 copious salivation.
*rinary.66/urbid, thick, full of mucus. Constant urging. Bladder cannot hold
smallest 5uantity. ,nvoluntary. Cystitis.
+exual.66Chancre-like sores. +cirrhus-like swelling of cervix. Breasts swollen,
indurated, nipples excoriated.
%kin.662iseased and deformed nails. Offensive foot-sweat. !bscesses boils,
ulcers. 7rysipelas. #ruritus, herpes.
Relationship.66Compare( +taphisag4 .ercur4 /hu1a.
"ose.66/hird potency.
1er*a Ma!#a
Ho"#ehold Her*
! mucous membrane medicine. Chronic forms of inflammation of the
+chneiderian membrane with considerable relaxation and profuse discharge.
Chief value in catarrhal states, with full stuffy sensation in head and throat.
*seful in cuts, bruises and sprains4 and as a diuretic and in malaria. Cot yet
proven, but found useful in profuse mucous or serous discharges4 in nasal and
pharyngeal catarrh, diarrh-a and urethritis. =ecommended in heart disease, as a
5uieting agent when unduly excited. 9latulence4 promotes digestion.
Relationship.66Compare #iper meth.
"ose.66/he tincture internally and locally as a spray.
Bark o4 $alipea C"#paria
=heumatic and paralytic complaints-great difficulty in walking. Crackling in all
/he greatest craving for coffee is a characteristic symptom. Caries of long bones.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
#aralysis. /etanus. +tiffness of muscles and 1oints. Oversensitive.
#rincipal action on spinal motor nerves and mucous membranes.
Head.66Oversensitive. 0eadache, with heat of face. !cute pain in cheeks.
2rawing in facial muscles. #ain in temporal muscles, when opening the 1aws.
#ain in articulation of 1aw, in masseter muscles, as if fatigued by chewing too
much. Cramp-pain on the :ygomatic arch.
%tomach.66Bitter taste. ,rresistible desire for coffee. #ain from navel into
sternum. !tonic dyspepsia. Belching, with cough A!mbraB.
Abdomen.662iarrh-a and colic. /enesmus with soft stool4 chronic diarrh-a,
with debility and loss of flesh. Burning in anus.
Back.66,tching along back. #ain in cervical vertebrE. 2rawing in the neck. #ain
in spine, at nape of neck and sacrum, worse on pressure. /witching and 1erking
along back. Bends backward.
$)tremities.66+tiffness and tension of muscles and 1oints. #ain in limbs on
walking. !rms tired and heavy. Caries of long bones. Coldness of fingers. #ain in
knees. Cracking in 1oints.
%kin.66Caries, very painful ulcers which affect the bone.
Relationship.66Compare( Cux4 =uta4 .ercur4 Brucea. -Bark of Cux vomica or
angustura falsa A/etanic spasms with undisturbed consciousness, worse noise,
li5uids, paraly:ed lower extremities, worse least touch, cries for fear of being
touched. #ainful 1erking of legs4 cramp-like pain in knees4 rigid and lame limbs of
paralytics. 9or pain in the passing of calculusB.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
Me#cal B"tto!
.escal is a strong intoxicating spirit distilled from #ul5ue fuerte. #ul5ue is made
from the !gave !mericana of .exico, locally known as .aguey and is the
national beverage of .exico. ,ndians call it #eyote. ,t weakens the heart,
produces insanity. ,ts most striking effects appear in the auditory nerve for it
makes each note upon the piano a center of melody which seems to be
surrounded by a halo of color pulsating to the rhythm of the music3 A0om.
Causes a form of intoxication accompanied by wonderful visions, remarkably
beautiful and varied kaleidoscopic changes, and a sensation of increased physical
ability. !lso visions of monsters and various gruesome forms. ! cardiac tonic
and respiratory stimulant. 0ysteria and insomnia. ! remedy for brainfag,
delirium, megrim, hallucinations, with colored brilliant visions. .otor inco-
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
ordination. 7xtreme muscular depression4 increased patellar reflex. #araplegia.
!ind.66<oss of conception of time. 2ifficult enunciation. 2istrust and
resentment. <a:y contentment.
Head.66!ches, with disturbed vision. 9antastic, brilliant, moving colored ob1ects.
!ffected by beating time. #upils dilated, vertigo, brain tired. #olychrome spectra.
7xaggerated reverberation of ordinary sounds.
Relationship.66Compare !gave. /he intoxication of !nhalonium is similar to
that of Cannabis ,ndica and Oenanthe.
Coal Tar Prod"ct
.arked giddiness and pain in head4 face has a purple hue. #ain in penis and
scrotum with swelling. /umors of the urinary passages. #rofound anEmia with
discoloration of skin, blue lips, anorexia, gastric disturbances. +welling of skin.
Relationship.66Compare( !rsenic4 !ntipyrin.
+hould be remembered in the treatment of flatulent conditions. +o-called three-
months@ colic, especially if it recurs at regular hours4 much rumbling in abdomen.
One symptom is worthy of special remembrance-pain in region of third rib,
about an inch or two from the sternum, generally on right side, but occasionally
on left. 9re5uent cough with this pain. #urulent tracheal and gastric catarrh of
old drunkards. Old asthmatics. Vomiting, epileptiform convulsions with biting
of tongue.
+ose.66+harp stitches beneath lip. !cute catarrh. Burning and numbness of inner
lower lip.
Respiratory.662yspn-a. #ain near third intercostal cartilage. Cough, with pus-
like phlegm. #alpitation, with aphthE. 0Emoptysis.
"ose.66/hird potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ar#e!ite o4 A!timo!)
9ound useful in emphysema with excessive dyspn-a and cough, much mucous
secretion. $orse on eating and lying down. Catarrhal pneumonia associated
with influen:a. .yocarditis and cardiac weakness. #leurisy, especially of left
side, with exudation and pericarditis, with effusion. +ense of weakness.
,nflammation of eyes and -dema of face.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
Black "lphide o4 A!timo!)
9or homeopathic employment, the mental symptoms and those of the gastric
sphere, determine its choice. 7xcessive irritability and fretfulness, together with a
thickly-coated white tongue, are true guiding symptoms to many forms of
disease calling for this remedy. !ll the conditions are aggravated by heat and
cold bathing. Cannot bear heat of sun. /endency to grow fat. !n absence of pain,
where it could be expected, is noticeable. 8out with gastric symptoms.
!ind.66.uch concerned about his fate. Cross and contradictive4 whatever is
done fails to give satisfaction. +ulky4 does not wish to speak. #eevish4 vexed
without cause. Child cannot bear to be touched or looked at. !ngry at every little
attention. +entimental mood.
Head.66!ching, worse in vertex, on ascending, from bathing, from disordered
stomach, especially from eating candy or drinking acid wines. +uppressed
eruptions. 0eaviness in forehead with vertigo4 nausea, and nosebleed. 0eadache
with great loss of hair.
$yes.662ull, sunken, red, itch, inflamed, agglutinated. Canthi raw and fissured.
Chronic blepharitis. #ustules on cornea and lids.
$ars.66=edness4 swelling4 pain in eustachian tube. =inging and deafness. .oist
eruption around ear.
+ose.66Costrils chapped and covered with crusts. 7c:ema of nostrils, sore,
cracked and scurfy.
&ace.66#imples, pustules, and boils on face. Kellow crusted eruption on cheeks
and chin. +allow and haggard.
!outh.66Cracks in corners of mouth. 2ry lips. +altish saliva. .uch slimy mucus.
/ongue coated thick white, as if whitewashed. 8ums detach from teeth4 bleed
easily. /oothache in hollow teeth. =awness of palate, with expectoration of much
mucus. Canker sores. #appy taste. Co thirst. +ubacute ec:ema about mouth.
Throat.66.uch thick yellowish mucus from posterior nares. 0awking in open
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
air. <aryngitis. =ough voice from over use.
%tomach.66<oss of appetite. 2esire for acids, pickles. /hirst in evening and night.
7ructation tasting of the ingesta. 0eartburn, nausea, vomiting. !fter nursing, the
child vomits its milk in curds, and refuses to nurse afterwards, and is very cross.
8astric and intestinal complaints from bread and pastry, acids, sour wine, cold
bathing, overheating, hot weather. Constant belching. 8outy metastasis to
stomach and bowels. +weetish waterbrash. Bloating after eating.
+tool.66!nal itching A+ulpho-calc. !lumB. diarrh-a alternates with constipation,
especially in old people. 2iarrh-a after acids, sour wine, baths, overeating4
slimy, flatulent stools. .ucous piles, continued oo:ing of mucus. 0ard lumps
mixed with watery discharge. Catarrhal proctitis. +tools composed entirely of
*rinary.669re5uent, with burning, and backache4 turbid and foul odor.
!ale.667ruption on scrotum and about genitals. ,mpotence. !trophy of penis
and testicles.
&emale.667xcited4 parts itch. Before menses, toothache4 menses too early and
profuse. .enses suppressed from cold bathing, with feeling of pressure in pelvis
and tenderness in ovarian region. <eucorrh-a watery4 acrid, lumpy.
Respiratory.66Cough worse coming into warm room, with burning sensation in
chest, itching of chest, oppression. <oss of voice from becoming overheated.
Voice harsh and badly pitched.
Back.66,tching and pain of neck and back.
$)tremities.66/witching of muscles. ;erks in arms. !rthritic pain in fingers. Cails
brittle4 grow out of shape. 0orny warts on hands and soles. $eakness and
shaking of hands in writing followed by offensive flatulence. 9eet very tender4
covered with large horny places. ,nflamed corns. #ain in heels.
%kin.667c:ema with gastric derangements. #imples, vesicles, and pustules.
+ensitive to cold bathing. /hick, hard, honey-colored scabs. *rticaria4 measle-like
eruption. ,tching when warm in bed. 2ry skin. $arts A/hu1a4 +abina4 CaustB. 2ry
gangrene. +caly, pustular eruption with burning and itching, worse at night.
%leep.66Continual drowsiness in old people.
&e'er.66Chilly even in warm room. ,ntermittent with disgust, nausea, vomiting,
eructations, coated tongue, diarrh-a. 0ot sweat.
!odalities.66$orse, in evening, from heat, acids, wine, water, and washing. $et
poultices. Better, in open air, during rest. .oist warmth.
Relationship.66Compare( !ntimonium Chloridum. Butter of !ntimony A!
remedy for cancer. .ucous membranes destroyed. !brasions. +kin cold and
clammy. 8reat prostration of strength. 2ose-third triturationB.
!ntimon iodat A*terine hyperplasia4 humid asthma. #neumonia and bronchitis4
loss of strength, and appetite, yellowish skin, sweaty, dull and drowsyB. ,n sub-
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
acute and chronic colds in chest which have extended downwards from head
and have fastened themselves upon the bronchial tubes in the form of hard,
croupy cough with a decided whee:e and inability to raise the sputum,
especially in the aged and weak patients ABacmeisterB. +tage of resolution of
pneumonia slow and delayed.
Compare( >ermes mineral-+tibiat sulph rub ABronchitisB. !lso #uls, ,pecac,
Complementary( +ulph.
Antidote( 0epar.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
Roma! Chamomile
/his remedy is akin to the ordinary Chamomilla. 8astric disturbance with
coldness. +ensitive to cold air and cold things.
=espiration.66Cory:a with much lachrymation, snee:ing, and discharge of clear
water from the nose. +ymptoms worse indoors. Constriction and rawness of
throat. Cough, tickling4 worse in warm room.
Abdomen.66!ching in region of liver4 griping and chilliness inside of abdomen
and into legs. ,tching of anus, with white putty-like stools.
*rinary.66Bladder feels distended. #ain along spermatic cord, which feels full, as
if varicosed. 9re5uent urination.
%kin.66,tching of the soles, as if from chilblains. 8ooseflesh.
"ose.66*se the third potency.
A!thra< Poi#o!
/his nosode has proven a great remedy in epidemic spleen diseases of domestic
animals, and in septic inflammation, carbuncles and malignant ulcers. ,n boils
and boil-like eruptions, acne. /errible burning. ,nduration of cellular tissue,
abscess, bubo, and all inflammation of connective tissue in which there exists a
purulent focus.
/issues.660Emorrhages, black, thick, tar-like, rapidly decomposing, from any
orifice. 8lands swollen, cellular tissues -dematous and indurated. +epticEmia.
*lceration, sloughing and intolerable burning. 7rysipelas. Black and blue
blisters. 2issecting wounds. ,nsect stings. Bad effects from inhaling foul odors.
8angrenous parotitis. +uccession of boils. 8angrene. 9oul secretions.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66+imilar to !rsenic, which it often follows. Compare( #yrogen4
<achesis4 Crotalus4 0ippo:oen4 7chinac4 +ilica follows well. ,n the treatment of
carbuncles, remember the prescription of the prophet ,saiah for >ing 0e:ekiah@s
carbuncle-i.e the pulp of a fig placed on a poultice and apply.
"ose.66/hirtieth potency. /arant. Cubensis.
A!thracite Coal Di##ol9ed i! Boili!; Ca"#tic Pota#h
*seful in skin affections, scabies, prurigo, chronic herpes, cracks and ulcerations.
#apular-like eruption with a vesicular tendency, especially on scrotum, also on
hands, tibia, shoulders and dorsum of feet. ,ntense thirst. Chronic rheumatism.
Bilious attacks, vomiting of bile, tympanic distention of abdomen.
"ose.66<ow triturations.
Coal:tar Deri9ati9e
!ntipyrine is one of the drugs that induce leucocytosis, similar to ergotin,
salicylates, and tuberculin. !cts especially on the vaso-motor centers, causing
dilation of capillaries of skin and conse5uent circumscribed patches of
hyperEmia and swelling. ,n large doses causes profuse perspiration, di::iness,
cyanosis, and somnolence, albumen and blood in urine. !cute erythema
!ind.669ear of becoming insane4 nervous anxiety4 hallucinations of sight and
Head.66/hrobbing headache4 sensation of constriction. 9lashes of heat. 0eadache
under ears with earache.
$yes.66#uffiness of lids. Con1unctiva red and -dematous, with lachrymation.
=ed spots A!pisB.
$ars.66#ains and bu::ing. /innitus.
&ace.66Fdema and puffiness. =ed and swollen.
!outh.66+welling of lips. Burning of mouth and gums. *lceration of lips and
tongue4 vesicles and bullE. +mall lump in cheek. /ongue swollen. Bloody saliva.
/oothache along lower 1aw.
Throat.66#ain on swallowing. 7xpectoration of fetid pus. !bscess, white false
membrane. +ensation of burning.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66Causea and vomiting4 burning and pain.
*rinary.662iminished. #enis black.
&emale.66,tching and burning in vagina. .enses suppressed. $atery
Respiratory.669luent cory:a. Casal mucous membrane swollen. 2ull pains in
frontal sinus. !phonia. Oppression and dyspn-a. Cheyne-+tokes respiration.
Heart.669aintness, with sensation of stoppage of heart. /hrobbing throughout
the body. =apid, weak, irregular pulse.
Cerves.667pileptiform sei:ures. Contractures. /rembling and cramps. Crawling
and numbness. 8eneral prostration.
%kin.667rythema, ec:ema, pemphigus. ,ntense pruritus. *rticaria, appearing
and disappearing suddenly, with internal coldness. !ngioneurotic--dema. 2ark
blotches on skin of penis, sometimes with -dema.
"ose.66+econd decimal potency.
$olde! "lph"ret o4 A!timo!)
! remarkable remedy for many forms of chronic nasal and bronchial catarrh.
!cne. !maurosis.
Cose and throat.66Cosebleed on washing. ,ncreased secretion in nose and throat.
=ough and scrapy feeling. <oss of smell. .etallic styptic taste.
Respiratory.66/ickling in larynx. ,ncreased mucus with fullness in bronchi.
=espiration difficult, pressure in bronchi, with constriction. /ough mucus in
bronchi and larynx. 2ry hard cough. Congestion of upper lobe of left lung.
$inter coughs patient is sore all over. #neumonia, when hepati:ation occurred
and resolution failed to take place.
%kin.66!cne Apustular varietyB. ,tching on hands and feet.
"ose.66+econd or third trituration.
Tartar Emetic
Tartrate o4 A!timo!) a!d Pota#h
0as many symptoms in common with !ntimonium Crudum but also many
peculiar to itself. Clinically, its therapeutic application has been confined largely
to the treatment of respiratory diseases, rattling of mucus with little
expectoration has been a guiding symptom. /here is much drowsiness, debility
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
and sweat characteristic of the drug, which group should always be more or less
present, when the drug is prescribed. 8astric affections of drunkards and gouty
sub1ects. Cholera morbus. +ensation of coldness in blood-vessels. Bilhar:iasis.
!ntimonium tart is homeopathic to dysuria, strangury, hEmaturia, albuminuria,
catarrh of bladder and urethra, burning in rectum, bloody mucous stools, etc.
!ntimon tart acts indirectly on the parasites by stimulating the oxidi:ing action
of the protective substance. By-effects following in1ection for Bilhar:iasis. Chills
and contractures and pain in muscles.
/rembling of whole body, great prostration and faintness. <umbago. Chills,
contractures and muscular pains. $arts on glans penis.
.ind and Head.66Vertigo alternates with drowsiness. 8reat despondency. 9ear
of being alone. .uttering, delirium, and stupor. Vertigo, with dullness and
confusion. Band-like feeling over forehead. 9ace pale and sunken. Child will not
be touched without whining. 0eadache as from a band compressing ACit acB.
Tongue.66Coated, pasty, thick white, with red edges. =ed and dry, especially in
the center. Brown.
&ace.66Cold, blue, pale4 covered with cold sweat. ,ncessant 5uivering of chin and
lower 1aw A8elsemB.
%tomach.662ifficult deglutition of li5uids. Vomiting in any position, excepting
lying on right side. Causea, retching, and vomiting, especially after food, with
deathly faintness and prostration. /hirst for cold water, little and often, and
desire for apples, fruits, and acids generally. Causea produces fear4 with
pressure in prEcordial region, followed by headache with yawning and
lachrymation and vomiting.
Abdomen.66+pasmodic colic, much flatus. #ressure in abdomen, especially on
stooping forward. Cholera morbus. 2iarrh-a in eruptive diseases.
*rinary.66Burning in urethra during and after urinating. <ast drops bloody with
pain in bladder. *rging increased. Catarrh of bladder and urethra. +tricture.
=espiratory Organs.660oarseness. 8reat rattling of mucus, but very little is
expectorated. Velvety feeling in chest. Burning sensation in chest, which ascends
to throat. =apid, short, difficult breathing4 seems as if he would suffocate4 must
sit up. 7mphysema of the aged. Coughing and gaping consecutively. Bronchial
tubes overloaded with mucus. Cough excited by eating, with pain in chest and
larynx. Fdema and impending paralysis of lungs. .uch palpitation, with
uncomfortable hot feeling. #ulse rapid, weak, trembling. 2i::iness, with cough.
2yspn-a relieved by eructation. Cough and dyspn-a better lying on right
side66Aopposite BadiagaB.
Back.66Violent pain in sacro-lumbar region. +lightest effort to move may cause
retching and cold, clammy sweat. +ensation of heavy weight at the coccyx,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
dragging downward all the time. /witching of muscles4 limbs tremulous.
%kin.66#ustular eruption, leaving a bluish-red mark. +mall-pox. $arts.
&e'er.66Coldness, trembling, and chilliness. ,ntense heat. Copious perspiration.
Cold, clammy sweat, with great faintness. ,ntermittent fever with lethargic
%leep.668reat drowsiness. On falling asleep electric-like shocks. ,rresistible
inclination to sleep with nearly all complaints.
!odalities.66$orse, in evening4 from lying down at night4 from warmth4 in
damp cold weather4 from all sour things and milk. Better, from sitting erect4 from
eructation and expectoration.
Relationship.66Antidotes( #uls4 +epia.
Compare( >ali sulph4 ,pecac.
"ose.66+econd and sixth trituration. /he lower potencies sometimes aggravate.
Commo! Celer)
Contains a soporific active principle. Obstinate retention of urine, throbbing
headaches and heartburn, have been produced by celery. +welling of throat, face,
and hands. =heumatic pain in muscles of neck also in sacrum. 8rowing pains.
0ungry for apples. 2ysmenorrh-a, with sharp, short pains, better flexing legs.
Head.662epressed4 energetic4 feeling of fidgets4 cannot sleep from thinking.
0eadache4 better eating. 7yeballs feel sunken. ,tching in eyes. ,tching and
smarting in inner canthus of left eye.
Abdomen.66+ore4 sharp sticking pain as if stool was coming on4 diarrh-a, sharp
pain in left iliac region going over to right. Causea increases with pains.
&emale.66+harp sticking pains in both ovarian regions, left, better bending over,
by lying on left side, with legs flexed4 nipples tender.
Respiratory.66/ickling, dry cough. ,ntense constriction over sternum, with
drawing feeling through to back on lying down. /hroat swollen, dyspn-a.
%kin.66,tching blotches4 burning, creeping sensation. #rofuse discharge from
granulating ulcers. *rticaria with shuddering.
%leep.66*nrefreshed4 sleepless. $akes from % to D am.7ating does not help sleep.
Cot fatigued from loss of sleep.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Pla!t:lice 4rom Che!opodi"m
#artakes largely of the properties of the plant upon which the insect lives.
Head.66+ad4 aching, worse from motion. Brain seems swashed hither and
thither. Cory:a, with burning or biting in nostrils. Coise in ears, as of cannon.
Kellow face. Orbital right neuralgia, with profuse lachrymation. /oothache,
relieved by general warm sweat AChamB. /oothache extends to ear, temple, and
cheek-bone A#lantagoB.
%tomach.66Co appetite for meat and bread. Vesicles at end of tongue. .uch
mucus. Colic with much rumbling and ineffectual urging to stool.
+tools.660ard and knotty. 2iarrh-a in morning, with painful urging and
burning in anus, and pressure in rectum and bladder.
*rinary.66Voluptuous feeling in glans. Burning in urethra. *rination fre5uent,
copious, frothy.
Back.66+evere pains in region of lower inner angle of left shoulder-blade,
running into chest.
&e'er.66+huddering all over4 burning in palms4 hot sweat in bed.
Relationship.66Compare( Cat sulph4 Cux.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
!cts on cellular tissues causing -dema of skin and mucous membranes.
/he very characteristic effects of the sting of the bee furnish unerring indications
for its employment in disease. +welling or puffing up of various parts, -dema,
red rosy hue, stinging pains, soreness, intolerance of heat, and slightest touch,
and afternoon aggravation are some of the general guiding symptoms.
7rysipelatous inflammations, dropsical effusions and anasarca, acute,
inflammation of kidneys, and other perenchymatous tissues are characteristic
pathological states corresponding to !pis. !pis acts especially on outer parts,
skin, coatings of inner organs, serous membranes. ,t produces serous
inflammation with effusion, membranes of brain, heart, pleuritic effusion, etc.
7xtreme sensitiveness to touch and general soreness is marked. Constricted
sensations. +ensation of stiffness and as of something torn off in the interior of
the body. .uch prostration.
!ind.66!pathy, indifference, and unconsciousness. !wkward4 drops things
readily. +tupor, with sudden sharp cries and startings. +tupor alternating with
erotic mania. +ensation of dying. <istless4 cannot think clearly. ;ealous, fidgety,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
hard to please. +udden shrill, piercing screams. $hining. /earfulness. ;ealously,
fright, rage, vexation, grief. Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or
Head.66$hole brain feels very tired. Vertigo with snee:ing, worse on lying or
closing eyes. 0eat, throbbing, distensive pains, better on pressure, and worse on
motion. +udden stabbing pains. 2ull, heavy sensation in occiput, as from a blow,
extending to neck Abetter on pressureB, accompanied with sexual excitement.
Bores head into pillow and screams out.
$yes.66<ids swollen, red, -dematous, everted, inflamed4 burn and sting.
Con1unctiva bright red, puffy. <achrymation hot. #hotophobia. +udden piercing
pains. #ain around orbits. +erous exudation, -dema, and sharp pains.
+uppurative inflammation of eyes. >eratitis with intense chemosis of ocular
con1unctiva. +taphyloma of cornea following suppurative inflammation. +tyes,
also prevents their recurrence.
$ars.667xternal ear red, inflamed, sore4 stinging pains.
+ose.66Coldness of tips of nose. =ed, swollen, inflamed, with sharp pains.
&ace.66+wollen, red, with piercing pain. $axy, pale, -dematous. 7rysipelas with
stinging burning -dema. 7xtends from right to left.
!outh.66/ongue fiery red, swollen, sore, and raw, with vesicles. +calding in
mouth and throat. /ongue feels scalded, red hot, trembling. 8ums swollen. <ips
swollen, especially upper. .embrane of mouth and throat glossy, as if
varnished. =ed, shining, and puffy, like erysipelas. Cancer of the tongue.
Throat.66Constricted, stinging pains. *vula swollen, sac-like. /hroat swollen,
inside and out4 tonsils swollen, puffy, fiery red. *lcers on tonsils. 9iery red
margin around leathery membrane. +ensation of fishbone in throat.
%tomach.66+ore feeling. /hirstless. Vomiting of food. Craving for milk A=husB.
Abdomen.66+ore, bruised on pressure, when snee:ing. 7xtremely tender.
2ropsy of abdomen. #eritonitis. +welling in right groin.
+tool.66,nvoluntary on every motion4 anus seems open. Bloody, painless. !nus
feels raw. 0Emorrhoids, with stinging pain, after confinement. 2iarrh-a
watery, yellow4 cholera infantum type. Cannot urinate without a stool. 2ark,
fetid, worse after eating. Constipation4 feels as if something would break on
*rinary.66Burning and soreness when urinating. +uppressed, loaded with casts4
fre5uent and involuntary4 stinging pain and strangury4 scanty, high colored.
,ncontinence. <ast drops burn and smart.
&emale.66Fdema of labia4 relieved by cold water. +oreness and stinging pains4
ovaritis4 worse in right ovary. .enses suppressed, with cerebral and head
symptoms, especially in young girls. 2ysmenorrh-a, with severe ovarian pains.
.etrorrhagia profuse, with heavy abdomen, faintness, stinging pain. +ense of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
tightness. Bearing-down, as if menses were to appear. Ovarian tumors, metritis
with stinging pains. 8reat tenderness over abdomen and uterine region.
Respiratory.660oarseness4 dyspn-a, breathing hurried and difficult. Fdema of
larynx. 9eels as if he could not draw another breath. +uffocation4 short, dry
cough, suprasternal. 0ydrothorax.
$)tremities.66Fdematous. +ynovitis. 9elon in beginning. >nee swollen, shiny,
sensitive, sore, with stinging pain. 9eet swollen and stiff. 9eel too large.
=heumatic pain in back and limbs4 /ired, bruised feeling. Cumbness of hands
and tips of fingers. 0ives with intolerable itching. Fdematous swellings.
%kin.66+wellings after bites4 sore, sensitive. +tinging. 7rysipelas, with
sensitiveness and swelling, rosy hue. Carbuncles, with burning, stinging pain
A!rs4 !nthracB. +udden puffing up of whole body.
%leep.66Very drowsy. 2reams full of care and toil. +creams and sudden starting
during sleep.
&e'er.66!fternoon chill, with thirst4 worse on motion and heat. 7xternal heat,
with smothering feeling. +weat slight, with sleepiness. #erspiration breaks out
and dries up fre5uently. +leeps after the fever paroxysm. !fter perspiration,
nettle rash, also with shuddering.
!odalities.66$orse, heat in any form4 touch4 pressure4 late in afternoon4 after
sleeping4 in closed and heated rooms. =ight side. Better, in open air, uncovering,
and cold bathing.
Relationship.66Complementary. Cat mur. /he 3chronic3, !pis4 also Baryta carb,
if lymphatics are involved. ,nimical. =hus.
Compare( !pium virus Aauto-toxEmia, with pus productsB4 Linc4 Canth4 Vespa4
"ose.66/incture to thirtieth potency. ,n -dematous conditions the lower
potencies. +ometimes action is slow4 so several days elapse before it is seen to act,
and then urine is increased. !pium virus, sixth trituration.
I!dia! Hemp
,ncreases secretions of mucous and serous membranes and acts on cellular tissue,
producing -dema and dropsy and on skin causing diaphoresis. !cute
hydrocephalus. ! diminished fre5uency of the pulse is a prime indication. /his is
one of our most efficient remedies, in dropsies, ascites, anasarca and
hydrothorax, and urinary troubles, especially suppression and strangury. ,n the
digestive complaints of Bright@s disease, with the nausea, vomiting, drowsiness,
difficult breathing, it will be found of fre5uent service. /he dropsy is
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
characteri:ed by great thirst and gastric irritability. !rrhythmia. .itral and
tricuspid regurgitation. !cute alcoholism. =elaxation of sphincters.
!ind.66Bewildered. <ow spirited.
+ose.66<ong-continued snee:ing. +nuffles of children A+ambucusB. Chronic nasal
catarrh with tendency to acute stuffiness with dull, sluggish memory. 2ull
headache. /akes cold easily, nostrils become congested and blocked up easily.
%tomach.66Causea, with drowsiness. /hirst on walking. 7xcessive vomiting.
9ood or water is immediately e1ected. 2ull, heavy, sick feeling. Oppression in
epigastrium and chest, impeding breathing A<obelia inflB. +ensation of sinking in
stomach. !bdomen bloated. !scites.
+tool.66$atery, flatulent, with soreness in anus4 worse after eating. 9eeling as if
sphincter were open and stools ran right out.
*rinary.66Bladder much distended. /urbid, hot urine, with thick mucus and
burning in urethra, after urinating. <ittle expulsive power. 2ribbling. +trangury.
=enal 2ropsy.
&emale.66!menorrh-a, with bloating4 metrorrhagia with nausea4 fainting, vital
depression. 0Emorrhages at change of life. Blood expelled in large clots.
Respiratory.66+hort, dry cough. =espiratory short and unsatisfactory. +ighing.
Oppression about epigastrium and chest.
Heart.66/ricuspid regurgitation4 rapid and feeble, irregular cardiac action, low
arterial tension, pulsating 1ugulars, general cyanosis and general dropsy.
%leep.668reat restlessness and little sleep.
!odalities.66$orse, cold weather4 cold drinks4 uncovering.
Relationship.66Cymarin is the active principle of !pocyn, lowers pulse rate and
increases blood-pressure. +trophanthus Aextreme cardiac depression with intense
gastric disturbance4 dropsyB. !ralia hispida-$ild 7lder-a valuable diuretic,
useful in dropsy of the cavities, either due to hepatic or renal disease with
constipation. *rinary disorders, especially with dropsy. +cudder advises doses of
five to thirty drops in sweetened cream of tartar, A+olutionB. !pis, !rsenic,
2igital4 0elleb.
"ose.66/incture Aten drops three times dailyB and in acute alcoholism % dram of
decoction in ' o: water.
/he rheumatic symptoms of this remedy promise most curative results. ,ts pains
are of a wandering nature, with much stiffness and drawing. 7verything smells
and tastes like honey. $orms. /rembling and prostration. +wollen sensations.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$)tremities.66#ain in all 1oints. #ain in toes and soles. +welling of hands and feet.
#rofuse sweat, with much heat in soles. /ingling pain in toes. Cramps in soles.
Violent heat in soles A+ulphB.
"ose.66/incture and first potency.
Alkaloid 4rom Decompo#itio! o4 Morphi!e *) H)drochloric Acid
/he chief power of this drug lies in the speedy and effective vomiting that it
produces, which becomes a strong guiding symptom to its homeopathic use. /he
vomiting is preceded by nausea, lassitude and increased secretion of sweat,
saliva, mucus and tears. #neumonia with vomiting. Combined alcoholism, with
constant nausea, constipation, insomnia.
0ead and %tomach.66Vertigo. 2ilated pupils. Causea and vomiting. Violent
inclination to vomit. 0ot feeling all over body, especially head. 7mpty retching
and headache4 heartburn4 pain between shoulder-blades. =eflex vomiting-
pregnancy. +easickness.
Con-homeopathic *ses.66/he hypodermic in1ection of one-sixteenth of a grain
will cause full emesis within five to fifteen minutes in an adult without
developing any other direct action apparently. 2o not use in opium poisoning.
!pomorph hypodermically, one-thirtieth grain or less, acts as a safe and sure
hypnotic. !cts well even in delirium. +leep comes on in half an hour.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
A8&I0E$IA ,&0$ARI
! remedy for hysteria. 8lobus and clavus hystericus. $omen at climaxis, with
vomiting of green substance, especially in the morning. +leeplessness. Cervous
trembling of body4 sensitive to light and noise. 2ysmenorrh-a of young girls.
&emale.66.enses scanty, with dull, painful, nightly increasing pressure in the
right lumbar region.
"ose.669irst potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
White 0oco Weed
Rattle Weed
!cts principally on nervous system, producing a bewildered, confused state.
+ymptoms of incoordination and paralysis. <ocomotor ataxia. /ired in the
!ind.668reat depression4 worse in morning or evening. Cannot study. Cross,
irritable, restless. Bewildered. .ental confusion and apathy. 2esires to be alone.
2ifficulty in concentrating mind, absent-minded. <ack of ambition. 2efective
expression in writing. =estlessness and aimless wandering. .ust concentrate his
mind on walking.
Head.662iplopia. Burning in eyes. Cracking of lower lip.
Throat.66!ches. 9eels dull. +ore with nausea. #harynx dark, swollen, gla:ed.
Respiratory.66$eight on chest in region of ensiform cartilage. Constriction as of
a wide band. +oreness of chest under sternum. Oppression.
$)tremities.66$eakness of limbs. #ain in left sciatic nerve. Cramps of muscles on
front of leg while walking.
Relationship.66Compare( !stragallus and Oxytropis, two varieties of <oco
$eed4 also Baryta.
"ose.66+ixth and two hundredth potencies.
America! pike!ard
/his is a remedy for asthmatic conditions, with cough aggravated on lying down.
2renching sweat during sleep. 7xtreme sensitiveness to draughts. 2iarrh-a,
prolapse of rectum. !ching in rectum extending upwards4 worse lying on side
lain upon.
Respiratory.662ry cough coming on after first sleep, about middle of night.
!sthma on lying down at night with spasmodic cough4 worse after first sleep,
with tickling in throat. Constriction of chest4 feels as if a foreign body were in
throat. Obstruction worse in spring. 0ay-fever4 fre5uent snee:ing. =awness and
burning behind sternum.
/he least current of air causes snee:ing, with copious watery, excoriating nasal
discharge, of salty acrid taste.
&emale.66.enses suppressed4 leucorrh-a foul-smelling, acrid, with pressing-
down air. <ochia suppressed, with tympanites.
!odalities.66$orse about %% pm AcoughB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( #ecten-+callop Ahumid asthma. Guick, labored
breathing. Constriction of chest, especially right side. !sthma preceded by
cory:a and burning in throat and chest. !ttacks ends with copious expectoration
of tough, frothy mucus. $orse at nightB. !rs iod4 Caphthaline4 Cepa4 =osa4
+abad4 +inapis.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
Papal:Cro## pider
!ll spider poisons powerfully affect the nervous system A+ee tarentula, .ygale,
!ll symptoms of !ranea are characteri:ed by periodicity, and coldness, and
great susceptibility to dampness. ,t is the remedy for the constitution favorable to
malarial poisoning, where every damp day or place favors chilliness. #atient
feels cold to the very bones. Coldness not relieved by anything. 9eeling as if parts
were enlarged and heavier. $ake up at night with hands feeling twice their
natural si:e. +pleen swollen. 0ydrogenoid Constitution, i.e, !bnormal
sensitiveness to damp and cold, inability to live near fresh water, lakes, rivers,
etc, or in damp, chilly places ACat. +ulph. /hu1aB.
Head.66#ain in right trifacial nerve from periphery inwards. Confusion4 better
by smoking in open air. 0eat and flickering in eyes4 worse in damp weather.
+udden violent pain in teeth at night immediately after lying down.
&emale.66.enses too early, too copious. 2istention of abdomen. <umbo-
abdominal neuralgia.
Chest.66#ain in intercostal nerve from nerve endings to spine. Bright red
hEmorrhage from lungs A.illefol4 9err phosB.
%tomach.66Cramps after eating a little4 epigastrium painful to pressure.
Abdomen.667nlarged spleen. Colic returns same hours. 0eaviness in lower
abdomen, as of a stone. 2iarrh-a. !rms and legs feel as if asleep.
$)tremities.66Bone-pains in extremities. #ain in os calcis. +ensation of swelling,
and of parts going to sleep.
%leep.66=estless and waking, as if hands and forearms were swollen and heavy.
&e'er.66Coldness, with pain in long bones, and feeling of stone in abdomen at
the same hour daily. Chilly day and night4 always worse during rain.
!odalities.66$orse, damp weather4 late in afternoon, and at midnight. Better,
smoking tobacco.
Relationship.66/ela aranearum-+pider@s web.66Cardiac sleeplessness, increased
muscular energy. 7xcitement and nervous agitation in febrile states. 2ry asthma,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
harassing coughs4 periodic headaches with extreme nervous erethism. Obstinate
intermittents. !cts immediately on arterial system, pulse full, strong,
<owers pulse rate fre5uency. .asked periodical diseases, hectic, broken down
patients. +ymptoms come on suddenly with cool, clammy skin. Cumbness of
hands and legs when at rest. Continued chilliness.
!ranea +cinencia-8rey +pider66Aconstant twitching of under eyelids. +leepiness.
$orse in warm roomB.
0eloderma4 Cedron4 !rsenic.
"ose.66/incture to thirtieth potency.
tra-*err) Tree
! remedy for ec:ema associated with gouty and rheumatic symptoms. !rthritis4
especially larger 1oints. *rine rendered more clear. <umbago. +ymptoms shift
from skin to 1oints. Vesical symptoms.
Relationship.66!rbutin4 <edum4 Bryonia4 >almia.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
Betel N"t
Of use in 0elminthiasis. ,ts alkaloid, !reolin 0ydrobrom contracts the pupil,
acting more promptly and energetically but of shorter duration than 7serine.
+erviceable in glaucoma. !cts also as a salivatory like #ilocarpin. !lso increases
the amplitude of pulsations of the heart and promotes the contractility of the
Prickl) Popp)
Colicky cramp and spasm of bowels. #ainful neuro-muscular conditions,
preventing sleep. =heumatic disease associated with Bright@s disease A2.
Head.66/hrobbing headache in eyes and temples. 0ead hot. /hroat very dry,
pain on swallowing.
%tomach.669eels sick, like vomiting. 8riping in pit of stomach. Co appetite.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Belching and passing gas.
*rinary.66#asses less urine. Changing color.
&emale.66.enses suppressed. 2iminished sexual desire with weakness.
$)tremities.66<eft knee stiff and painful. 9eet swollen.
!odalities.66$orse at noon AweaknessB.
"ose.66+ixth potency. 9resh 1uice is applied to ulcers and warts.
7maciation, a gradual drying up, desire for fresh air, dyspn-a, sensation of
expansion and left-sided pains are characteristic. /he chief action is centered on
the articulations and their component elements, bones, cartilages, and ligament@s.
0ere the small blood vessels become closed up or withered and carious
affections result. /hey come on insidiously, lingering, but progress. /he larynx is
also a special center for this drug.
.ental.660urried feeling4 time passes slowly4 melancholy.
Head.662ull paroxysmal neuralgia over left side, gradually increasing and
ceasing suddenly. +calp very tender to touch. Vertigo, with intoxicated feeling,
on looking at running water. 0ead feels empty, hollow. 7yelids red and thick.
7xhausting cory:a, with snee:ing. #ain in facial bones. #ain between left eye and
frontal eminence.
Throat.66=aw, hawking, gray, 1elly-like mucus, and throat sore on coughing.
#rofuse and easy morning expectoration.
Respiratory.660oarseness !phonia. =aw, sore feeling when coughing. /otal loss
of voice of professional singers. <arynx feels sore and raw. 7asy expectoration,
looking like boiled starch. 9eeling of raw spot near supra sternal fossa. $orse
from use of voice. Cough from laughing. 0ectic fever at noon. On reading aloud,
must hem and hawk. 8reat weakness of chest4 worse left side. !lteration in
timbre of voice. #ain in left lower ribs.
Back.66+evere backache4 must walk bent, with oppression of chest.
*rinary.662iuresis. *rine profuse, turbid, sweet odor. 9re5uent urination.
$)tremities.66=heumatic affections of 1oints, especially elbow and knee. <egs
weak and trembling, worse descending stairs. ,nvoluntary contractions of
fingers, partial paralysis of forearm4 writer@s cramp. +welling of ankles.
!ale.66Crushed pain in testicles. +eminal emissions, without sexual excitement.
9re5uent micturation with burning.
&emale.66Ovaries feel too large. Bearing-down pain. #rolapse of womb. 7roded
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
spongy cervix. <eucorrh-a foul, excoriating. #alliative in scirrhus of uterus. #ain
in left ovary. Climateric hEmorrhage. +ore feeling4 throughout abdomen4 worse
by 1arring. *terine disease with pain in 1oints and limbs.
!odalities.66$orse from touch, toward noon. Better in open air4 cough at night
when lying down Aopposite 0yoscyB.
Relationship.66Antidotes( .ercur4 #uls.
Compare( +elen4 !lum4 #latina4 +tannum4 !mpelopsis AChronic hoarseness in
scrofulous patientsB.
"ose.66+ixth trituration and higher. Cot too fre5uent repetition.
Nitrate o4 il9er
,n this drug the neurotic effects are very marked, many brain and spinal
symptoms presenting4 themselves which give certain indications for its
homeopathic employment. +ymptoms of inco-ordination, loss of control and
want of balance everywhere, mentally and physically4 trembling in affected
parts. ,s an irritant of mucous membranes, producing violent inflammation of the
throat, and a marked gastro-enteritis. Very characteristic is the great desire for
sweets, the splinter-like pains, and free muco-purulent discharge in the inflamed
and ulcerated mucous membranes. +ensation as if a part were expanding and
other errors of perception are characteristic. $ithered up and dried constitutions
present a favorable field for its action, especially when associated with unusual
or long continued mental exertion. 0ead symptoms often determine the choice of
this remedy. #ains increase and decrease gradually. 9latulent state and
prematurely aged look. 7xplosive belching especially in neurotics. *pper
abdominal affections brought on by undue mental exertion. #araplegia .yelitis
and disseminated sclerosis of brain and cord. ,ntolerance of heat. +ensation of a
sudden pinch A2udgeonB. 2estroys red blood corpuscles, producing anEmia.
!ind.66/hinks his understanding will and must fail. 9earful and nervous4
impulse to 1ump out of window. 9aintish and tremulous. .elancholic4
apprehensive of serious disease. /ime passes slowly ACann indB. .emory weak.
7rrors of perception. ,mpulsive4 wants to do things in a hurry A<iliumB. #eculiar
mental impulses. 9ears and anxieties and hidden irrational motives for actions.
Head.660eadache with coldness and trembling. 7motional disturbances cause
appearance of hemi-cranial attacks. +ense of expansion. Brain-fag, with general
debility and trembling. 0eadache from mental exertion, from dancing. Vertigo,
with bu::ing in ears and with nervous affections. !ching in frontal eminence,
with enlarged feeling in corresponding eye. Boring pain4 better on tight
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
bandaging and pressure. ,tching of scalp. 0emi-crania4 bones of head feel as if
$yes.66,nner canthi swollen and red. +pots before the vision. Blurred vision.
#hotophobia in warm room. #urulent ophthalmia. 8reat swelling of con1unctiva4
discharge abundant and purulent. Chronic ulceration of margin of lids4 sore,
thick, swollen. *nable to keep eyes fixed steadily. 7ye-strain from sewing4 worse
in warm room. !ching, tired feeling in eyes, better closing or pressing upon
them. *seful in restoring power to the weakened ciliary muscles. #aretic
condition of ciliary muscle. !cute granular con1unctivitis. Cornea opa5ue. *lcer
in cornea.
+ose.66<oss of smell. ,tching. *lcers in septum. Cory:a, with chilliness,
lachrymation, and headache.
&ace.66+unken, old, pale, and bluish. Old man@s look4 tight drawing of skin over
!outh.668ums tender and bleed easily. /ongue has prominent papillE4 tip is
red and painful. #ain in sound teeth. /aste coppery, like ink. Canker sores.
Throat.66.uch thick mucus in throat and mouth causes hawking. =aw, rough
and sore. +ensation of a splinter in throat on swallowing. 2ark redness of throat.
Catarrh of smokers, with tickling as of hair in throat. +trangulated feeling.
%tomach.66Belching accompanies most gastric ailments. Causea, retching,
vomiting of glairy mucus. 9latulence4 painful swelling of pit. #ainful spot over
stomach that radiates to all parts of the abdomen. 8nawing ulcerating pain4
burning and constriction. ,neffectual effort at eructation. 8reat craving for
sweets. 8astritis of drunkards. *lcerative pain in left side under ribs. /rembling
and throbbing in stomach. 7normous distention. *lceration of stomach, with
radiating pain. 2esire for cheese and salt.
Abdomen.66Colic, with much flatulent distention. +titchy ulcerative pain on left
side of stomach, below short ribs.
+tool.66$atery, noisy, flatulent4 green, like chopped spinach, with shreddy
mucus and enormous distention of abdomen4 very offensive. 2iarrh-a
immediately after eating or drinking. 9luids go right through him4 after sweets.
!fter any emotion with flatulence. ,tching of anus.
*rinary.66*rine passes unconsciously, day and night. *rethra inflamed, with
pain, burning, itching4 pain as from a splinter. *rine scanty and dark. 7mission
of a few drops after having finished. 2ivided stream. 7arly stage of gonorrh-a4
profuse discharge and terrible cutting pains4 bloody urine.
!ale.66,mpotence. 7rection fails when coition is attempted. Cancer-like ulcers.
2esire wanting. 8enitals shrivel. Coition painful.
&emale.668astralgia at beginning of menses. ,ntense spasm of chest muscles.
Organs at night. Cervous erethism at change of life. <eucorrh-a profuse, with
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
erosion of cervix bleeding easily. *terine hEmorrhage, two weeks after menses4
#ainful affections of left ovary.
Respiratory.660igh notes cause cough. Chronic hoarseness. +uffocative cough,
as if from a hair in throat. 2yspn-a. Chest feels as if a bar were around it.
#alpitation, pulse irregular and intermittent4 worse lying on right side4 A!lumenB.
#ainful spots in chest. !ngina pectoris, nightly aggravation. .any people in a
room seem to take away his breath.
Back.66.uch pain. +pine sensitive with nocturnal pains, AOxal acidB paraplegia4
posterior spinal sclerosis.
$)tremities.66Cannot walk with eyes closed. /rembling, with general debility.
#aralysis, with mental and abdominal symptoms. =igidity of calves. 2ebility in
calves especially. $alks and stands unsteadily, especially when unobserved.
Cumbness of arms. #ost-diphtheritic paralysis Aafter 8elsemB.
%kin.66Brown, tense, and hard. 2rawing in skin, as from a spider-web, or dried
albuminous substance, withered and dried up. ,rregular blotches.
%leep.66+leepless, from fancies before his imagination4 horrible dreams of
snakes, and of sexual gratification. 2rowsy stupor.
&e'er.66Chills with nausea. Chilly when uncovered, yet feels smothered if
wrapped up.
!odalities.66$orse, warmth in any form4 at night4 from cold food4 sweets4 after
eating4 at menstrual period4 from emotions, left side. Better, from eructation4
fresh air4 cold4 pressure.
Relationship.66Antidote( Cat mur.
Compare( !rs4 .erc4 #hos4 #ulsat. !rgent cyanatum Aangina pectoris, asthma,
spasm of -sophagusB !rgent iodat Athroat disorders, hoarseness, gland affectedB.
#rotargol Agonorrh-a after acute stage ) per cent solution4 syphilitic mucous
patches, chancres and chancroids, %I per cent solution applied twice a day4
ophthalmia neonatorum, ) drops of %I per cent solutionB.
!rgent phosph A!n excellent diuretic in dropsyB.
!rgent oxyd AChlorosis with menorrhagia and diarrh-aB.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Best form an a5ueous solution % to (, ) or D drops doses. /his solution in water
preferable to lower triturations4 unless fresh, these readily decompose into the
Bra?ilia! !ake Root
+titching pains in various parts. #ain in heels, burning in anus and fre5uent
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
irritation. 9latulence in stomach and abdomen. #ain in back and extremities.
+tiffness of legs. #ain in tendo-!chillis. ,tching and swelling around the malleoli.
Relationship.66Compare( !ristolochia +erpentaria-Virginia +nake =oot66
A+ymptoms of intestinal tract4 colli5uative diarrh-a, meteorism. 9latulent
dyspepsia. Brain congestion. 2istention and cutting pains in abdomen.
+ymptoms like those of #oison-OakB.
"ose.66<ower potencies.
0eopard+# Ba!e
#roduces conditions upon the system 5uite similar to those resulting from
in1uries, falls, blows, contusions. /innitus aurium. #utrid phenomena. +eptic
conditions4 prophylactic of pus infection. !poplexy, red, full face.
,t is especially suited to cases when any in1ury, however remote, seems to have
caused the present trouble. !fter traumatic in1uries, overuse of any organ,
strains. !rnica is disposed to cerebral congestion. !cts best in plethoric, feebly in
debilitated with impoverished blood, cardiac dropsy with dyspn-a. ! muscular
tonic. /raumatism of grief, remorse or sudden reali:ation of financial loss. <imbs
and body ache as if beaten4 1oints as if sprained. Bed feels too hard. .arked effect
on the blood. !ffects the venous system inducing stasis. 7chymosis and
hEmorrhages. =elaxed blood vessels, black and blue spots. /endency to
hEmorrhage and low-fever states. /endency to tissue degeneration, septic
conditions, abscesses that do not mature. +ore, lame, bruised feeling. Ceuralgias
originating in disturbances of pneumo-gastric. =heumatism of muscular and
tendinous tissue, especially of back and shoulders. !version to tobacco.
,nfluen:a. /hrombosis. 0ematocele.
!ind.669ears touch, or the approach of anyone. *nconscious4 when spoken to
answers correctly, but relapses. ,ndifference4 inability to perform continuous
active work4 morose, delirious. Cervous4 cannot bear pain4 whole body
oversensitive. +ays there is nothing the matter with him. $ants to be let alone.
!goraphobia Afear of spaceB. !fter mental strain or shock.
Head.660ot, with cold body4 confused4 sensitiveness of brain, with sharp,
pinching pains. +calp feels contracted. Cold spot on forehead. Chronic vertigo4
ob1ects whirl about especially when walking.
$yes.662iplopia from traumatism, muscular paralysis, retinal hEmorrhage.
Bruised, sore feeling in eyes after close work. .ust keep eyes open. 2i::y on
closing them. 9eel tired and weary after sight-seeing, moving pictures, etc.
$ars.66Coises in ear caused by rush of blood to the head. +hooting in and around
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
ears. Blood from ears. 2ullness of hearing after concussion. #ain in cartilages of
ears as if bruised.
+ose.66Bleeding after every fit of coughing, dark fluid blood. Cose feels sore4
!outh.669etid breath. 2ry and thirsty. Bitter taste AColocyB. /aste as from bad
eggs. +oreness of gums after teeth extraction A+epiaB. 7mpyEma of maxillary
&ace.66+unken4 very red. 0eat in lips. 0erpes in face.
%tomach.66<onging for vinegar. 2istaste for milk and meat. Canine hunger.
Vomiting of blood. #ain in stomach during eating. =epletion with loathing.
Oppressive gases pass upward and downward. #ressure as from a stone. 9eeling
as if stomach were passing against spine. 9etid vomiting.
Abdomen.66+titches under false ribs. 2istended4 offensive flatus. +harp thrusts
through abdomen.
+tool.66+training of tenesmus in diarrh-a. Offensive, brown, bloody, putrid,
involuntary. <ooks like brown yeast. .ust lie down after every stool. 2iarrh-a
of consumption4 worse lying on left side. 2ysenteric stools with muscular pains.
*rinary.66=etained from over-exertion. 2ark brick-red sediment. Vesical
tenesmus with very painful micturition.
&emale.66Bruised parts after labor. Violent after-pains. *terine hEmorrhage
from mechanical in1ury after coition. +ore nipples. .astitis from in1ury. 9eeling
as if f-tus were lying crosswise.
Respiratory.66Coughs depending on cardiac lesion, paroxysmal, at night, during
sleep, worse exercise. !cute tonsillitis, swelling of soft palate and uvula.
#neumonia4 approaching paralysis. 0oarseness from overuse of voice. =aw, sore
feeling in morning. Cough produced by weeping and lamenting. 2ry, from
tickling low down in trachea. Bloody expectoration. 2yspn-a with hEmoptysis.
!ll bones and cartilages of chest painful. Violent spasmodic cough, with facial
herpes. $hooping cough, child cries before coughing. #leurodynia A=anunc4
Heart.66!ngina pectoris4 pain especially severe in elbow of left arm. +titches in
heart. #ulse feeble and irregular. Cardiac dropsy with distressing dyspn-a.
7xtremities distended, feel bruised and sore. 9atty heart and hypertrophy.
$)tremities.668out. 8reat fear of being touched or approached. #ain in back and
limbs, as if bruised or beaten. +prained and dislocated feeling. +oreness after
overexertion. 7verything on which he lies seems too hard. 2eathly coldness of
forearm. Cannot walk erect, on account of bruised pain in pelvic region.
=heumatism begins low down and works up A<edumB.
%kin.66Black and blue. ,tching, burning, eruption of small pimples. Crops of
small boils A,chthyol4 +ilicaB. 7cchymosis. Bed sores ABovinine locallyB. !cne
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
indurata, characteri:ed by symmetry in distribution.
%leep.66+leepless and restless when over tired. Comatose drowsiness4 awakens
with hot head4 dreams of death, mutilated bodies, anxious and terrible. 0orrors
in the night. ,nvoluntary stools during sleep.
&e'er.669ebrile symptoms closely related to typhoid. +hivering over whole body.
0eat and redness of head, with coolness of rest of body. ,nternal heat4 feet and
hands cold. Cightly sour sweats.
!odalities.66$orse, least touch4 motion4 rest4 wine4 damp cold. Better, lying
down, or with head low.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph.
Vitex trifolia.66,ndian !rnica A+prains and pains, headache in temples, pain in
1oints4 pain in abdomen4 pain in testiclesB.
Complementary( !con4 ,pec.
Compare( !con4 Bapt4 Bellis4 0amam4 =hus4 0yperic.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. <ocally, the tincture, but should never be
applied hot or at all when abrasions or cuts are present.
Ar#e!io"# Acid
Ar#e!ic Trio<ide
! profoundly acting remedy on every organ and tissue. ,ts clear-cut
characteristic symptoms and correspondence to many severe types of disease
make its homeopathic employment constant and certain. ,ts general symptoms
often alone lead to its successful application. !mong these the all-prevailing
debility, exhaustion, and restlessness, with nightly aggravation, are most
important. 8reat exhaustion after the slightest exertion. /his, with the peculiar
irritability of fiber, gives the characteristic irritable weakness. Burning pains.
*n5uenchable thirst. Burning relieved by heat. +easide complaints ACat mur4
!5ua .arinaB. ,n1urious effects of fruits, especially more watery ones. 8ives
5uiet and ease to the last moments of life when given in high potency. 9ear fright
and worry. 8reen discharges. ,nfantile >ala-a:ar A2r. CeatbyB.
!rs should be thought of in ailments from alcoholism, ptomaine poisoning,
stings, dissecting wounds, chewing tobacco4 ill effects from decayed food or
animal matter4 odor of discharges is putrid4 in complaints that return annually.
!nEmia and chlorosis. 2egenerative changes. 8radual loss of weight from
impaired nutrition. =educes the refractive index of blood serum Aalso China and
9err phosB. .aintains the system under the stress of malignancy regardless of
location. .alarial cachexia. +eptic infections and low vitality.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ind.668reat anguish and restlessness. Changes place continually. 9ears, of
death, of being left alone. 8reat fear, with cold sweat. /hinks it useless to take
medicine. +uicidal. 0allucinations of smell and sight. 2espair drives him from
place to place. .iserly, malicious, selfish, lacks courage. 8eneral sensibility
increased A0epB. +ensitive to disorder and confusion.
Head.660eadaches relieves by cold, other symptoms worse. #eriodical burning
pains, with restlessness4 with cold skin. 0emicrania, with icy feeling of scalp and
great weakness. +ensitive head in open air. 2elirium tremens4 cursing and
raving4 vicious. 0ead is in constant motion. +calp itches intolerably4 circular
patches of bare spots4 rough, dirty, sensitive, and covered with dry scales4
nightly burning and itching4 dandruff. +calp very sensitive4 cannot brush hair.
$yes.66Burning in eyes, with acrid lachrymation. <ids red, ulcerated, scabby,
scaly, granulated. Fdema around eyes. 7xternal inflammation, with extreme
painfulness4 burning, hot, and excoriating lachrymation. Corneal ulceration.
,ntense photophobia4 better external warmth. Ciliary neuralgia, with fine
burning pain.
$ars.66+kin within, raw and burning. /hin, excoriating, offensive otorrh-a.
=oaring in ears, during a paroxysm of pain.
+ose.66/hin, watery, excoriating discharge. Cose feels stopped up. +nee:ing
without relief. 0ay-fever and cory:a4 worse in open air4 better indoors. Burning
and bleeding. !cne of nose. <upus.
&ace.66+wollen, pale, yellow, cachectic, sunken, cold, and covered with sweat
A!cetic acidB. 7xpression of agony. /earing needle-like pains4 burning. <ips
black, livid. !ngry, circumscribed flush of cheeks.
!outh.66*nhealthy, easily-bleeding gums. *lceration of mouth with dryness
and burning heat. 7pithelioma of lips. /ongue dry, clean, and red4 stitching and
burning pain in tongue, ulcerated with blue color. Bloody saliva. Ceuralgia of
teeth4 feel long and very sore4 worse after midnight4 better warmth. .etallic
taste. 8ulping up of burning water.
Throat.66+wollen, -dematous, constricted, burning, unable to swallow.
2iphtheritic membrane, looks dry and wrinkled.
%tomach.66Cannot bear the sight or smell of food. 8reat thirst4 drinks much, but
little at a time. Causea, retching, vomiting, after eating or drinking. !nxiety in
pit of stomach. Burning pain. Craves acids and coffee. 0eartburn4 gulping up of
acid and bitter substances which seem to excoriate the throat. <ong-lasting
eructations. Vomiting of blood, bile, green mucus, or brown-black mixed with
blood. +tomach extremely irritable4 seems raw, as if torn. 8astralgia from
slightest food or drink. 2yspepsia from vinegar, acids, ice-cream, ice-water,
tobacco. /errible fear and dyspn-a, with gastralgia4 also faintness, icy coldness,
great exhaustion. .alignant symptoms. 7verything swallowed seems to lodge in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
the -sophagus, which seems as if closed and nothing would pass. ,ll effects of
vegetable diet, melons, and watery fruits generally. Craves milk.
Abdomen.668nawing, burning pains like coals of fire4 relieved by heat. <iver
and spleen enlarged and painful. !scites and anasarca. !bdomen swollen and
painful. #ain as from a wound in abdomen on coughing.
Rectum.66#ainful, spasmodic protrusion of rectum. /enesmus. Burning pain and
pressure in rectum and anus.
+tool.66+mall, offensive, dark, with much prostration. $orse at night, and after
eating and drinking4 from chilling stomach, alcoholic abuse, spoiled meat.
2ysentery dark, bloody, very offensive. Cholera, with intense agony, prostration,
and burning thirst. Body cold as ice AVeratB. 0Emorrhoids burn like fire4 relieved
by heat. +kin excoriated about anus.
*rinary.66+canty, burning, involuntary. Bladder as if paraly:ed. !lbuminous.
7pithelial cells4 cylindrical clots of fibrin and globules of pus and blood. !fter
urinating, feeling of weakness in abdomen. Bright@s disease. 2iabetes.
&emale.66.enses too profuse and too soon. Burning in ovarian region.
<eucorrh-a, acrid, burning, offensive, thin. #ain as from red-hot wires4 worse
least exertion4 causes great fatigue4 better in warm room. .enorrhagia. +titching
pain in pelvis extending down the thigh.
Respiratory.66*nable to lie down4 fears suffocation. !ir-passages constricted.
!sthma worse midnight. Burning in chest. +uffocative catarrh. Cough worse
after midnight4 worse lying on back. 7xpectoration scanty, frothy. 2arting pain
through upper third of right lung. $hee:ing respiration. 0Emoptysis with pain
between shoulders4 burning heat all over. Cough dry, as from sulphur fumes4
after drinking.
Heart.66#alpitation, pain, dyspn-a, faintness. ,rritable heart in smokers and
tobacco-chewers. #ulse more rapid in morning A+ulphB. 2ilatation. Cyanosis.
9atty degeneration. !ngina pectoris, with pain in neck and occiput.
Back.66$eakness in small of back. 2rawing in of shoulders. #ain and burning in
back AOxal acB.
$)tremities.66/rembling, twitching, spasms, weakness, heaviness, uneasiness.
Cramps in calves. +welling of feet. +ciatica. Burning pains. #eripheral neuritis.
2iabetic gangrene. *lcers on heel ACepa4 <amiumB. #aralysis of lower limbs with
%kin.66,tching, burning, swellings4 -dema, eruption, papular, dry, rough, scaly4
worse cold and scratching. .alignant pustules. *lcers with offensive discharge.
!nthrax. #oisoned wounds. *rticaria, with burning and restlessness. #soriasis.
+cirrhus. ,cy coldness of body. 7pithelioma of the skin. 8angrenous
%leep.662isturbed, anxious, restless. .ust have head raised by pillows.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+uffocative fits during sleep. +leeps with hands over head. 2reams are full of
care and fear. 2rowsy, sleeping sickness.
&e'er.660igh temperature. #eriodicity marked with adynamia. +eptic fevers.
,ntermittent. #aroxysms incomplete, with marked exhaustion. 0ay-fever. Cold
sweats. /yphoid, not too early4 often after =hus. Complete exhaustion. 2elirium4
worse after midnight. 8reat restlessness. 8reat heat about D am.
!odalities.66$orse, wet weather, after midnight4 from cold, cold drinks, or
food. +eashore. =ight side. Better from heat4 from head elevated4 warm drinks.
Complementary( =hus4 Carbo4 #hos. /hu1a4 +ecale. !ntidotal to lead poison.
Antidotes( Opium4 Carbo4 China4 0epar4 Cux. Chemical Antidotes( Charcoal4
0ydrated #eroxide of ,ron4 <ime $ater.
Compare( !rsenic stibatum Dx AChest inflammations of children, restlessness
with thirst and prostration, loose mucous cough, oppression, hurried respiration,
crepitant ralesB. Cenchris contortrix4 ,od4 #hosph4 China4 Verat alb4 Carbo4 >ali
phos. 7pilobium Aintractable diarrh-a of typhoidB. 0oang Can. !toxyl. +odium
arseniate Dx, sleeping sickness4 commencing optic atrophy. <evico $ater66
Acontaining !rs, ,ron and Copper of +outh /yrolB. Chronic and dyscratic skin
diseases, chorea minor and spasms in scrofulous and anEmic children. 9avors
assimilation and increases nutrition. 2ebility and skin diseases, especially after
the use of higher potencies where progress seems suspended. "ose. /en drops in
wine glass of warm water D times a day after meals ABurnettB. +arcolatic acid
Ainfluen:a with violent vomitingB.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. /he very highest potencies often yield brilliant
<ow attenuations in gastric, intestinal, and kidney diseases4 higher in neuralgias,
nervous diseases, and skin. But if only surface conditions call for it, give the
lowest potencies, )x to Dx trit. =epeated doses advisable.
Bromide o4 Ar#e!ic
0as proven a great anti-psoric and anti-syphilitic remedy. 0erpetic eruptions,
syphilitic excrescences, glandular tumors and indurations, carcinoma, locomotor
ataxia, and obstinate intermittents, and diabetes are all greatly influenced by this
&ace.66!cne rosacea, with violet papules on nose4 worse in the spring. !cne in
young people.
"ose.66/incture, two to four drops daily in water. ,n diabetes, three drops three
times a day in a glass of water.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ar#e!i"retted H)dro;e!
/he general action of !rsenic more accentuated. !nEmia. !nxiety4 despair.
0-maturia, with general blood disorgani:ation. 0Emorrhages from mucous
membranes. *rine suppressed, followed by vomiting. #repuce and glans covered
with pustules and round superficial ulcers. Collapse. Coldness4 prostration.
+udden weakness and nausea. +kin becomes dark brown.
Head.66Violent vertigo on going upstairs. 7yes sunken4 broad, blue circles
around. Violent snee:ing. Cose cold. .ust be wrapped up with warm cloths.
!outh.66/ongue enlarged4 deep, irregular ulcer4 nodular swelling. .outh hot
and dry4 little thirst.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Iodide o4 Ar#e!ic
,s to be preferred for persistently irritating, corrosive discharges. /he discharge
irritates the membrane from which it flows and over which it flows. /he
discharge may be fetid, watery, and the mucous membrane is always red, angry,
swollen4 itches and burns. ,nfluen:a, hay-fever, old nasal catarrhs, and catarrh of
middle ear. +welling of tissues within the nose. 0ypertrophied condition of
eustachian tube and deafness. +enile heart, myocarditis and fatty degeneration.
#ulse shotty. Chronic aortitis. 7pithelioma of the lip. Cancer of breast after
ulceration has set in.
,t seems probable that in !rsenic iod, we have a remedy most closely allied to
manifestations of tuberculosis. ,n the early stages of tuberculosis, even though
there is an afternoon rise in temperature, !rs 1od is very effective. ,t will be
indicated by a profound prostration, rapid, irritable pulse, recurring fever and
sweats, emaciation4 tendency to diarrh-a. Chronic pneumonia, with abscess in
lung. 0ectic4 debility4 night sweats.
/his remedy is also to be remembered in phthisis with hoarse, racking cough and
profuse expectoration of a purulent nature, and attended with cardiac weakness,
emaciation and general debility4 in chronic, watery diarrh-a in phthisical
sub1ects4 in cases of emaciation with good appetite4 in amenorrh-a, with anEmic
palpitation and dyspn-a. ,n chronic pneumonia, when abscess is about to form.
8reat emaciation. !rteriosclerosis, myocardial degeneration and senile heart.
/hreatened pyEmia A#yrog4 .ethyl blueB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Head.66Vertigo, with tremulous feeling, especially in aged.
+ose.66/hin, watery, irritating, excoriating discharge from anterior and
posterior nares4 snee:ing. 0ay-fever. ,rritation and tingling of nose constant
desire to snee:e A#ollaninB. Chronic nasal catarrh4 swollen nose4 profuse, thick,
yellow discharge4 ulcers4 membrane sore and excoriated. !ggravation by
Throat.66Burning in pharynx. /onsils swollen. /hick membrane from fauces to
lips. Breath fetid, glandular involvement. 2iphtheria. Chronic follicular
7yes and $ars.66+crofulous ophthalmia. Otitis, with fetid, corrosive discharge.
/hickening of tympanum. Burning, acrid cory:a.
%tomach.66#ain and pyrosis. Vomiting an hour after food. Causea distressing.
#ain in epigastrium. ,ntense thirst4 water is immediately e1ected.
Respiratory.66+light hacking cough, with dry and stopped-up nostrils. #leuritis
exudativa. Chronic bronchitis. #ulmonary tuberculosis. #neumonia that fails to
clear up. Broncho-pneumonia after grippe. Cough dry, with little difficult
expectoration. !phonia.
&e'er.66=ecurrent fever and sweats. 2renching night-sweats. #ulse rapid, feeble,
weak, irregular. Chilly, cannot endure cold.
%kin.662ry, scaly, itching. .arked exfoliation of skin in large scales, leaving a
raw exuding surface beneath. ,chthyosis. 7nlarged scrofulous glands. Venereal
bubo. 2ebilitating night-sweats. 7c:ema of the beard4 watery, oo:ing, itching4
worse, washing. 7maciation. #soriasis. !cne hard, shotty, indurated base with
pustule at apex.
Relationship.66Compare( /uberculinum4 !ntimon iod. ,n hay-fever, compare
!ralia4 Caphthalin4 =osa4 +ang nit.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration. Ought to be prepared fresh and protected
from light. Continued for some time. Clinically, it has been found advisable in
tuberculosis to begin with about the 'x and gradually go lower to the second x
trit, J grains D times a day.
Metallic Ar#e!ic
!rouses latent syphilis. #eriodicity very marked4 symptoms recur every two and
three weeks. $eakness. +wollen feeling of parts.
Head.66<ow spirited, memory weak. 2esire to be alone. !nnoyed by visions,
causing her to cry. 0ead feels too large. <eft-sided headache up to eyes and into
ears. 0eadache worse stooping and lying down. Fdematous swelling of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&ace.66=ed, itching, burning and bloated. 7yes swelled and watery, burn with
cory:a. 7yes weak, day and gas light unpleasant.
!outh.66/he tongue coated white, and shows imprint of the teeth. .outh sore
and ulcerated.
Abdomen.66+ore pain in liver goes through to shoulders and spine. #ain in
spleen down to groin. #ain in breast extends to hip and spleen. 2iarrh-a,
burning watery stools with relief of pain.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
1ello- "lph"ret o4 Ar#e!ic
Ar#e!ic Tri#"lphate
Ceedle pricks from within outwards in chest4 also on forehead, right side.
+ticking behind ear. 2ifficult respiration. +kin chafed about genitals.
<eucoderma and s5uamous syphilides. +ciatica and pain around the knee.
Relationship.66!rsenic sulph rub Ainfluen:a with intense catarrhal symptoms,
great prostration and high temperature, purulent discharges, psoriasis, acne, and
sciatica. Chilly even before a fire. ,tching in various parts. #ellagraB.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
0as some reputation as a remedy for epileptic conditions, and convulsive
diseases of childhood and girls at puberty. <ocally and internally is in1urious to
eyes. #etit mal. 7pilepsy without aura4 after fright and other violent emotions
and after masturbation. +everal convulsions close together. +omnambulism. 8ets
up at night and works, remembers nothing in the morning A>ali phosB.
Head.662rawn back by spasmodic twitchings. .outh drawn to left. Congestion
of brain.
$yes.66Colored light produces di::iness. #ain and blurring of vision4 better4
rubbing4 worse, using eyes.
&emale.66#rofuse menses. Violent uterine contractions. +pasms during menses.
&e'er.66#rofuse sweat, smelling like garlic.
Relationship.66Compare( !bsinth4 Cina4 Cicuta.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.669irst to third potency. +aid to act better when given with wine.
$ree! Dra;o!
! remedy for #haryngitis with sore, raw and tender throat.
Head.660eavy4 shooting pain in ears, aching pain behind right ear.
Throat.662ry, sore, worse swallowing. =aw and tender. Continued disposition
to clear throat. Croupy, hoarse cough with sore throat.
*rinary.66,rresistible desire to pass urine, burns and smarts.
Respiratory.660oarseness4 excess of mucus in larynx. !sthmatic at night.
7xpectoration thick, heavy.
Relationship.66!rum ,talicum ABrain-fag, with headache in occipital regionB.
!rum maculatum Ainflammation and ulceration of mucous membranes. Casal
irritation with polypusB.
"ose.669irst potency.
!rum maculatum, ,talicum, 2racontium, have the same action as the
/riphyllum. /hey all contain an irritant poison, causing inflammation of mucous
surfaces and destruction of tissue. !cridity is the keynote of the kind of action
characteristic of !rum.
Head.66Bores head in pillow. 0eadache from too warm clothing, from hot
$yes.66Guivering of upper eyelids, especially left.
+ose.66+oreness of nostrils. !crid, excoriating discharge, producing raw sores.
Cose obstructed4 must breathe through mouth. Boring in the nose. Cory:a4
discharge blood-streaked, watery. Cose completely stopped, with fluent, acrid
discharge. 0ay-fever, with pain over root of nose. <arge scabs high up on right
side of nose. 9ace feels chapped, as if from cold wind4 feels hot. Constant picking
at nose until it bleeds.
!outh.66=aw feeling at roof and palate. <ips and soft palate sore and burning.
<ips chapped and burning. Corners of mouth sore and cracked. /ongue red,
sore4 whole mouth raw. #icking lips until they bleed. +aliva profuse, acrid,
Throat.66+welling of sub-maxillary glands. Constricted and swollen4 burns4 raw.
Constant hawking. 0oarseness. 7xpectoration of much mucus. <ungs feel sore.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Clergyman@s sore throat. Voice uncertain, uncontrollable. $orse, talking, singing.
%kin.66+carlet rash4 raw, bloody surfaces anywhere. ,mpetigo contagiosa.
!odalities.66$orse, northwest wind4 lying down.
Relationship.66Compare( !mmon carb4 !ilanthus4 Cepa.
Antidotes( Buttermilk4 !cet ac4 #uls.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
! remedy for catarrhal states. 0ay-fever.
Head.66,tching4 falling off of hair4 roots of hair painful. #ustules. #ain in occiput,
extends to right ciliary region. 2eep seated pain in sides of head.
$ars.66Burning and itching in auditory canals. 7c:ema behind ears.
+ose.660ay-fever begins with burning and itching of palate and con1unctiva.
!nnoying itching in the nostrils and roof of the mouth A$yethiaB. Cory:a4 loss of
smell ACat murB. +nee:ing, itching of nostrils.
!outh.66Burning and itching4 bleeding of gums. *lcers and exfoliations in the
commissures. 9issures in tongue.
%tomach.66Coldness in stomach. <onging for acids.
Abdomen.66.ovement as from something alive. 9latulence pain at pubic region.
+tool.668reenish. Burning at anus. 2iarrh-a of nursing children ACham4 Calc
*rinary.66Burning. =ed sediment A<ycB.
!ale.66#ain in spermatic cord after embrace.
&emale.66.enses too early and profuse. Ceuralgic pains from face to shoulders
and pubis. 2esire with vaginal pruritus.
Respiratory.662yspn-a4 cough4 bluish expectoration. Burning and pain in
$)tremities.66,tching, burning4 -dema of hands and feet. Burning and swelling
of soles. Copious and offensive sweat of feet.
%kin.667c:ema4 itching and crawling, especially of chest, upper extremities.
9issures in fingers and heels.
Relationship.66Compare( !nthoxantum-sweet vernal grass Aa popular medicine
for hay-fever and cory:aB. <olium4 Cepa4 +abad4 +ilica.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$"m o4 the ti!ka#a!d
/he flatulence and spasmodic contraction of stomach and -sophagus with
reverse peristalsis are the most marked symptoms. ,n its selection, its relation to
the hysterical and hypochondriacal patients, must be borne in mind. Besides
these superficial symptoms, it has been found to affect favorably deep
ulcerations, caries of bones, especially in the syphilitic organism4 here the
extreme sensitiveness and terrible throbbing, nightly pains, guiding to its use.
Head.66,rritable4 complains of her troubles4 sensitive. Boring above eyebrows.
#ressive pain from within outward.
$yes.66Orbital neuralgia4 better, pressure and rest. ,ritis and intraocular
inflammations, with boring, throbbing pains at night. +titches under left frontal
eminences. Boring pains in and around eyes. +yphilitic iritis. +uperficial corneal
ulcer with digging pains4 worse at night.
$ars.66Offensive otorrh-a, with boring pains in mastoid bone. .astoid disease
with pain in temporal region with pushing out sensation. Offensive, purulent
+ose.66+yphilitic o:Ena, with very offensive purulent discharge. Caries of nasal
bones A!urumB.
Throat.668lobus hystericus. Ball rises in throat. +ensation as if peristaltic motion
were reversed, and -sophagus were driven from stomach to throat.
%tomach.668reat difficulty in bringing up wind. 9latulence and regurgitation of
li5uid. 0ysterical flatulence. 8reat distention. +ensation of emptiness and
weakness, with distention and beating in stomach and abdomen. 9orcible
eructation of gas. #ulsation in pit of stomach. Violent gastralgia4 cutting and
burning in stomach and region of diaphragm. 8urgling and rolling of wind,
which escapes afterwards with loud and difficult eructation.
&emale.66.ammE turgid with milk in the unimpregnated. 2eficient milk, with
Rectum.662istended, griping, with hunger. Obstinate constipation. #ain in
perineum, as if something dull pressed out. diarrh-a, extremely offensive, with
meteorism, and regurgitation of food.
Chest.66+pasmodic tightness, as if lungs could not be fully expanded. #alpitation
more like a tremor.
Bones.662arting pain and caries in bones. #eriosteum painful, swollen, enlarged.
*lcers affecting bones4 thin, ichorous pus.
%kin.66,tching, better scratching4 ulcers painful on edges. +uppressed skin
symptoms produce nervous disorders.
!odalities.66$orse, at night4 from tough4 left side, during rest, warm
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
applications. Better, open air4 from motion, pressure.
Relationship.66Antidotes( China4 .ercur.
Compare( .oschus4 China4 .ercur4 !urum.
"ose.66+econd to sixth potency.
E"ropea! !ake:root
! remedy for nervous affections, loss of energy, with excessive erethism.
+cratching on silk or linen or paper unbearable. #ains and spasmodic muscular
actions. Cervous deafness and asthenopia. Cold shivers from any emotion. 9eels
as if parts were pressed together. /ension and contractive sensations. !lways
feels cold.
!ind.66/houghts vanish, with drawing pressure in forehead. +ensibility
increased, even from mere imagination.
Head.66Compressive pain. /ension of scalp4 hair painful AChinaB. Cory:a, with
$yes.669eel stiff4 burn4 feel cold. Better, in cold air or water4 worse, sunlight and
wind. 2arting pains in eyes after operations. !sthenopia.
$ars.66+ensation as if plugged up. Catarrh with deafness. 0eat of external ear.
%tomach.66<oss of appetite, flatulence, eructation, and vomiting. 2esire for
alcoholic drinks. +moking tobacco tastes bitter. Causea4 worse after eating. Clean
tongue. 8reat faintness. !ccumulation of cold, watery saliva.
Rectum.66+trings of odorless, yellow mucus pass from bowels. 2iarrh-a of
tough mucus. *ndigested stools. #rolapse.
&emale.66.enses too early, long lasting, black. Violent pain in small of back.
/enacious, yellow leucorrh-a.
Respiratory.66Cervous, hacking cough. +hort respiration.
Back.66#aralytic pain in muscles of nape of neck. $eakness, with staggering.
&e'er.66Chilliness, single parts get icy cold. 7asily excited perspiration.
!odalities.66$orse, in cold dry weather4 penetrating sounds. Better, from
washing4 in damp and wet weather.
Relationship.66!sarum Canadensa-$ild 8inger AColds, followed by
amenorrh-a and gastro-enteritis. +uppressed coldsB. Compare( ,pecac, especially
in diarrh-a4 +ilica4 Cux4 China.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
A#clepia# #)riaca
+eems to act especially on nervous system and urinary organs. ! remedy for
dropsy, hepatic, renal or cardiac and post-scarlatinal4 causes diaphoresis and
augments the urinary secretion. !cute rheumatic inflammation of large 1oints.
,ntermittent, pressing-down uterine pains.
Head.669eels as if a sharp instrument were thrust through from temple to
temple. Constriction across forehead. Cervous headache, after suppressed
perspiration, followed by increased urine, with increase of specific gravity.
0eadache from retention of effete matters in system.
Relationship.66Compare( !sclepias Vincetoxicum.66+wallow-wart.66
Cynanchum66A! gastro-intestinal irritant, producing vomiting and purgationB.66
A*seful in dropsy, diabetes, great thirst, profuse urinationB.
,ts action on the chest muscles is most marked and has been verified. +ick
headache, with flatulence in stomach and bowels. 2yspepsia. Bronchitis and
pleurisy come within its range. Catarrhal states from cold and damp weather.
,rritation of larynx with huskiness4 grip, with pleuritic pain.
Respiratory.66=espiration painful, especially at base of left lung. 2ry cough4
throat constricted4 causes pain in head and abdomen. #ain in chest4 shooting
downward from left nipple. ! general eliminative remedy, acting specially on
the sudoriparous glands. Chest pains are relieved by bending forward. +paces
between ribs close to sternum tender. <ancinating pain between shoulders.
Catarrh, with frontal headache, and sticky yellow discharge.
%tomach.669ullness, pressure, weight. 9latulence after meals. +ensitive to
Rectum.66Catarrhal dysentery, with rheumatic pains all over. +tools smell like
rotten eggs.
$)tremities.66=heumatic 1oints give sensation as if adhesions being broken up
on bending.
Relationship.66Compare( !sclepias ,ncarnata-+wamp .ilk $eed AChronic
gastric Catarrh and leucorrh-a. 2ropsy with dyspn-aB #eriploca groeca-One of
the !sclepiades66ACardiac tonic, acts on circulation and respiratory center,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
accelerating respiration in a ratio disproportionate to pulseB. Bryonia4 2ulc.
"ose.66/incture and first potency.
America! Papa-
#roduces a series of symptoms much like scarlet fever4 sore throat, fever,
vomiting, scarlet eruption4 tonsils and submaxillary glands enlarged, with
diarrh-a. 9auces red and swollen, face swollen. 2esire for ice-cold things.
0oarseness. <anguid, drowsy irritable.
!cne. ,tching in evening on undressing.
Relationship.66Compare( Capsic4 Bellad.
Commo! $arde! A#para;"#
,ts marked and immediate action on the urinary secretion is well known. ,t
causes weakness and cardiac depression with dropsy. =heumatic pains.
7specially about left shoulder and heart.
Head.66Confused. Cory:a, with profuse, thin fluid. !ching in forehead and root
of nose. .igrainious morning headache with scotoma. /hroat feels rough, with
hawking copious tenacious mucus throat.
*rinary.669re5uent, with fine stitches in orifice of urethra4 burning4 of peculiar
odor. Cystitis, with pus, mucus and tenesmus. <ithiasis.
Heart.66#alpitation, with oppression of chest. #ulse intermits, weak, pain about
left shoulder and heart, associated with bladder disturbances. 8reat oppression
in breathing. 0ydrothorax.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pain in back, especially near shoulder and limbs. #ain
at acromion process of left scapula under clavicle and down arm, with feeble
Relationship.66Antidote( !con4 !pis.
Compare( !lthae-.arshmallow66Acontains asparagin4 irritable bladder, throat
and bronchiB. #hysalis !lkekengi. 2igital4 +arsap4 +pigelia.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ca!cer A#tac"#
+kin symptoms most important. *rticaria.
%kin.66Cettle-rash over whole body. ,tching. Crusta lactea, with enlarged
lymphatic glands. 7rysipelas, and liver affections with nettle-rash. +welling of
cervical glands. ;aundice.
&e'er.66,nward chilliness4 very sensitive to air, worse uncovering4 violent fever,
with headache.
Relationship.66Compare( Bombyx-Caterpillar-,tching of whole body A*rticariaB.
!pis4 =hus4 Cat m4 0omar.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Red tar4i#h
! remedy for the sycotic diathesis4 flabby, lymphatic constitution, flabby with
red face. <ancinating pains. Cervous disturbances, neuralgia, chorea, and
hysteria come within the range of this remedy. 0as been used for cancer of the
breast, and has an un5uestioned influence over cancer disease. 7xcitement in
both sexes.
Head.66Cannot bear contradiction. +hocks in brain4 throbbing4 heat in head, as if
surrounded by hot air.
&ace.66=ed. #imples on side of nose, chin and mouth. 2isposition to pimples at
&emale.66Colic and other sufferings cease with appearance of flow. Breasts swell
and pain in breasts4 worse left. *lceration with sharp pains, piercing to scapulE.
#ains down left arm to fingers, worse motion. 7xcitement of sexual instinct with
nervous agitation.
Codes and indurations of mammary gland, dull aching, neuralgic pain in this
region AConiumB.
Chest.66Breasts swollen, indurated. Ceuralgia of left breast and arm ABromB.
#ain under sternum and in muscles of prEcordial region. <eft breast feels as if
pulled inward, and pain extends over inner arm to end of little finger. Cumbness
of hand and fingers of left side. Cancer mammE even in ulcerative stage. !cute,
lancinating pain. !xillary glands swollen hard and knotted.
Cervous +ystem.668ait unsteady4 muscles refuse to obey the will. 7pilepsy4
preceded by twitching over whole body.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+tool.66Constipation. ,neffectual desire. +tool like olives. 2iarrh-a, watery
brown, gushing out in 1et.
%kin.662estitute of pliability and elasticity. ,tching spots. *lcers, with fetid
ichor. !cne. #soriasis and herpes :oster worse left arm and chest. 7nlarged
axillary glands, worse, at night and in damp weather.
Relationship.66Antidotes( #lumb4 Linc.
Compare( Conium4 Carbo4 !rs4 Condurango.
,ncompatible Cux4 Coffea.
!odalities.66$orse, coffee, night4 cold damp weather, left side.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
P"rple or Wooll) 0oco:-eed
!ffects animals like effects of alcohol, tobacco and morphine in man. 9irst stage,
period of hallucination or mania with defective eye sight during which the
animal performs all sorts of antics. !fter ac5uiring a taste for the plant it refuses
every other kind of food. +econd stage brings emaciation, sunken eyeballs,
lusterless hair and feeble movements-after a few months dies as from starvation
A*. +. 2ept. !gricultureB. ,rregularities in gait-paralytic affections. <oss of
muscular coordination.
Head.669ullness in right temple and upper 1aw. #ain over left eyebrow. #ainful
facial bones. 2i::y. #ressive pain in temples. #ain and pressure in maxillE.
%tomach.66$eakness and emptiness. Burning in -sophagus and stomach.
$)tremities.66#urring sensation in right foot outer side from heel to toe. ,cy
coldness of left calf.
Relationship.66Compare( !ragallus <amberti-$hite <oco-$eed-=attleweed4
Baryta4 Oxytropis.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
8iven full play, !urum develops in the organism, by attacking the blood, glands,
and bone, conditions bearing striking resemblance to mercurial and syphilitic
infections4 and it is 1ust for such deteriorations of the bodily fluids and alterations
in the tissues, that !urum assumes great importance as a remedy. <ike the victim
of syphilis, mental states of great depression are produced by it. 0opeless,
despondent, and great desire to commit suicide. 7very opportunity is sought for
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
self-destruction. 7xostosis, caries, nightly bone-pains, especially cranial, nasal,
and palatine. 8lands swollen in scrofulous sub1ects. #alpitation and congestions.
!scites often in con1unction with heart affections. 9re5uently indicated in
secondary syphilis and effects of mercury. /his use of gold as an anti-venereal
and anti-scrofulous remedy is very old, but has been well-nigh forgotten by the
old school until rediscovered and placed on its scientific basis by homeopathy,
and now it can never be lost again. $hen syphilis is implanted on the scrofulous
constitution, we have one of the most intractable morbid conditions, and gold
seems to be especially suited to the vile combination. 7nnui. O:Ena4 sexual
hyperEsthesia. !rterio-sclerosis, high blood pressure4 nightly paroxysms of pain
behind sternum. +clerosis of liver, arterial system, brain. #ining boys4 low
spirited, lifeless, weak memory.
!ind.669eeling of self-condemnation and utter worthlessness. #rofound
despondency, with increased blood pressure, with thorough disgust of life, and
thoughts of suicide. /alks of committing suicide. 8reat fear of death. #eevish and
vehement at least contradiction. !nthropophobia. .ental derangements.
Constant rapid 5uestioning without waiting for reply. Cannot do things fast
enough. Oversensitiveness4 A+taphB to noise, excitement, confusion.
Head.66Violent pain in head4 worse at night, outward pressure. =oaring in head.
Vertigo. /earing through brain to forehead. #ain in bones extending to face.
Congestion to head. Boils on scalp.
$yes.667xtreme photophobia. 8reat soreness all about the eyes and into eyeballs.
2ouble vision4 upper half of ob1ects invisible. 9eel tense. +ees fiery ob1ects.
Violent pains in bones around eye A!safB. ,nterstitial keratitis. Vascular cornea.
#ains from without inward. +ticking pains inward. /rachoma with pannus.
$ars.66Caries of ossicula and of mastoid. Obstinate fetid otorrh-a after
scarlatina. 7xternal meatus bathed in pus. Chronic nerve deafness4 <abyrinthine
disease due to syphilis.
+ose.66*lcerated, painful, swollen, obstructed. ,nflammation of nose4 caries4
fetid discharge, purulent, bloody. Boring pains in nose4 worse at night. #utrid
smell from nose. +ensitive smell ACarbol acB. 0orrible odor from nose and mouth.
>nobby tip of nose.
!outh.669oul breath in girls at puberty. /aste putrid or bitter. *lceration of
&ace.66/earing in :ygoma. .astoid and other facial bones inflamed.
Throat.66+titches when swallowing4 pain in glands. Caries of the palate.
%tomach.66!ppetite and thirst increased, with 5ualmishness. +welling of
epigastrium. Burning at stomach and hot eructations.
Abdomen.66=ight hypochondrium hot and painful. ,ncarcerated flatus. +welling
and suppuration of inguinal glands.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
*rinary.66/urbid, like buttermilk, with thick sediment. #ainful retention.
Rectum.66Constipation, stools hard and knotty. Cocturnal diarrh-a, with
burning in rectum.
!ale.66#ain and swelling of testicles. Chronic induration of testicles. Violent
erections. !trophy of testicles in boys. 0ydrocele.
&emale.668reat sensitiveness of vagina. *terus enlarged and prolapsed. +terility4
Heart.66+ensation as if the heart stopped beating for two or three seconds,
immediately followed by a tumultuous rebound, with sinking at the epigastrium.
#alpitation. #ulse rapid, feeble, irregular. 0ypertrophy. 0igh Blood #ressure-
Valvular lesions of arterio-sclerotic nature A!urum DIB
Respiratory.662yspn-a at night. 9re5uent, deep breathing4 stitches in sternum.
Bones.662estruction of bones, like secondary syphilis. #ain in bones of head,
lumps under scalp, exostosis with nightly pains in bones. Caries of nasal,
palatine and mastoid bones. +oreness of affected bones, better in open air, worse
at night.
$)tremities.66!ll the blood seems to rush from head to lower limbs. 2ropsy of
lower limbs. Orgasm, as if blood were boiling in all veins. #aralytic, tearing pains
in 1oints. >nees weak.
%leep.66+leepless. +obs aloud in sleep. 9rightful dreams.
!odalities.66$orse, in cold weather when getting cold. .any complaints come
on only in winter4 from sunset to sunrise.
Relationship.66Compare( !ur ars Achronic aortitis4 lupus, phthisis in syphilitic
headaches4 also in anEmia and chlorosis. ,t causes rapid increase of appetiteB.
!ur brom Ain headaches with neurasthenia, megrim, night terrors, valvular
!ur mur ABurning, yellow, acrid leucorrh-a4 heart symptoms, glandular
affections4 warts on tongue and genitals4 sclerotic and exudative degeneration of
the nervous system. .ultiple sclerosis. .orvan@s disease. +econd trituration. !ur
mur is a sycotic remedy, causing suppressed discharges to reappear. Valuable in
climacteric hEmorrhages from the womb. 2iseases of frontal sinus. +titching
pain in left side of forehead. $eariness, aversion to all work. 2rawing feeling in
stomach. Cancer, tongue as hard as leather4 induration after glossitisB.
!ur mur kali.662ouble chloride of #otassium and gold A,n uterine induration
and hEmorrhageB.
!ur iod AChronic pericarditis, valvular diseases, arterio-sclerosis o:Ena, lupus,
osteitis, ovarian cysts, myomata uteri, are pathological lesions, that offer
favorable ground for the action of this powerful drug. +enile paresisB.
!ur sulph A#aralysis agitans4 constant nodding of the head4 affections of
mammE4 swelling, pain, cracked nipples with lancinating painsB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!lso, !safaet Ain caries of bones of ears and noseB. +yphilin >ali iod4 0ep4 .erc4
.e:4 Cit ac4 #hosph.
Antidotes( Bell4 Cinch4 Cupr4 .erc.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. <atter potency especially for increased blood
odi"m Chloroa"rate
/his remedy has a most pronounced effect on the female organs, and most of its
clinical application has been based thereon. 0as more power over uterine tumors
than any other remedy ABurnettB. #soriasis syphilitica. #eriosteal swelling on
lower 1aw. +welling of testicle. 0igh blood pressure due to disturbed function of
nervous mechanism. !rterio-sclerosis +yphilitic ataxia.
Tongue.66Burning4 stitches, and induration. Old cases of rheumatism and gouty
pains. 0epatic cirrhosis. ,nterstitial nephritis.
&emale.66,ndurated cervix. #alpitation of young girls. Coldness in abdomen.
Chronic metritis and prolapsus. *terus fills up whole pelvis. *lceration of neck
of womb and vagina. <eucorrh-a, with spasmodic contraction of vagina.
Ovaries indurated. Ovarian dropsy. +ub-involution. Ossified uterus.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration.
Commo! Oat
0as a selective action on brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their
nutritive function.
Cervous exhaustion, sexual debility, and the morphine habit call for this remedy
in rather material dosage. Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. Cerve
tremors of the aged4 chorea, paralysis agitans, epilepsy. #ost-diphtheritic
paralysis. =heumatism of heart. Colds. !cute cory:a A)I drop doses in hot water
hourly for a few dosesB. !lcoholism. +leeplessness, especially of alcoholics. Bad
effects of .orphine habit. Cervous states of many female troubles.
!ind.66,nability to keep mind on any one sub1ect.
Head.66Cervous headache at menstrual period, with burning at top of head.
Occipital headache, with phosphatic urine.
&emale.66!menorrh-a and dysmenorrh-a, with weak circulation.
!ale.66+permatorrh-a4 impotency4 after too much indulgence.
$)tremities.66Cumbness of limbs, as if paraly:ed. +trength of hand diminished.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( !lfalfa A8eneral tonic similar to avena-also in scanty
and suppressed urineB.
"ose.66/incture ten to twenty drop doses, preferably in hot water.
Mar;o#a Bark
!n afternoon fever and rheumatic pains in various parts are caused by this
remedy. #ain in sternum and ribs, in back and shoulders and extremities4 heat,
pricking and aching in hands, especially palms, fingers, also toes.
Head.669orgetful4 giddy on rising4 head aches, scalp sensitive4 eyes burn, pain in
right eyeball.
&e'er.66+light chill, afternoon fever, glowing heat in face, hands, and feet,
copious sweat on upper part of body.
Relationship.66Compare( Cedron4 Catr mur4 !rsenic.
Maceratio! o4 a T)pical T"*erc"lo"# 0"!; i!trod"ced *) DrB B"r!ett
0as been employed successfully in the treatment of tuberculosis4 its good effects
seen in the change of the sputum, which becomes decreased and more aerated
and less purulent. .any forms of chronic non-tubercular disease are influenced
favorably by Bacillinum, especially when bronchorrh-a and dyspn-a are
present. =espiratory pyorrhea. /he patient expectorates less.
Bacillinum is especially indicated for lungs of old people, with chronic catarrhal
condition and enfeebled pulmonary circulation, attacks of suffocation at night
with difficult cough. +uffocative catarrh. /ubercular meningitis. 9avors falling off
of tartar of teeth. Constant disposition to take cold.
Head.66,rritable, depressed. +evere, deep-in headache, also as of a tight hoop.
=ingworm. 7c:ema of eyelids.
Abdomen.66!bdominal pains, enlarged lands in groins, tabes mesenterica.
+udden diarrh-a before breakfast. Obstinate constipation, with offensive flatus.
Respiratory.66Oppression. Catarrhal dyspn-a. 0umid asthma. Bubbling rales
and muco-purulent expectoration. Cote. /his muco-purulent expectoration of
bronchitic patients is e5ually poly-bacillary4 it is a mixture of diverse species and
hence Bacillinum is truly indicated ACartierB. Often relieves congestion of the
lungs, thus paving way for other remedies in /uberculosis.
%kin.66=ingworm4 pityriasis. 7c:ema of eyelids. 8lands of neck enlarged and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!odalities.66$orse, night and early morning4 cold air.
Relationship.66!ntimon iod4 <ach4 !rsenic iod4 .yosotis. <evico, J-%I drops,
follows as an intercurrent where much debility is present ABurnettB.
Complementary( Calc phos4 >ali carb.
Compare( ,ts effects seem to be identical to that of >och@s /uberculinum. Both
are useful in the tubercular diathesis before phthisis had developed. ,n the early
stages of tubercular disease of glands, 1oints, skin and bones. #sorinum. +eems to
be its chronic e5uivalent. Bacillin testium acts especially on lower half of the
"ose.66/he does is important. +hould not be given below the thirtieth and not
repeated fre5uently. One dose a week often sufficient to bring about reaction. ,t
is rapid in action, and good results ought to be seen, otherwise there is no need
of repetition.
Fre#h:-ater po!;e
+oreness of muscles and integuments4 worse motion and friction of clothes, with
sensitiveness to cold. 8lands swollen. 8eneral paresis. Basedow@s disease. <ues,
bubo, roseola.
Head.66+ensation of enlargement and fullness. #ain in forehead and temple,
extending to eyeballs, worse in afternoon. Blueness under eyes. 2andruff4 scalp
sore, dry, tetter-like. 2ull, di::y feeling in head. Cory:a, snee:ing, watery
discharge, with asthmatic breathing and suffocative cough. ,nfluen:a. +light
sounds are greatly accentuated.
$yes.66/witching of left upper lid4 eyeballs tender4 aching in eyeballs.
,ntermittent sore pain in eyeball, coming on at D pm.
Respiratory.66Cough4 worse in afternoon, better in warm room. /he mucus flies
out of mouth and nostrils. $hooping-cough, with thick yellow expectoration4
flies out. 0ay-fever, with asthmatic breathing. #leuritic stitches in chest, neck,
and back.
%tomach.66.outh hot. .uch thirst. <ancinating pain in pit of stomach extending
to vertebra and scapula.
&emale.66.etrorrhagia4 worse at night, with feeling of enlargement of head
A!rgB. Cancer of breast A!sterias4 Con4 Carbo an4 #lumb iodB.
Heart.66,ndescribable bad feeling about the heart with soreness and pain, flying
stitches all over.
%kin.66+ore to touch. 9reckles. =hagades.
Back.66+titches in nape, scapulE. #ain in small of back, hips and lower limbs.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Very stiff neck. .uscles and skin sore, as if beaten.
!odalities.66$orse by cold. Better, by heat.
Relationship.66Compare( .erc similar but opposite modalities. +pongia4 >ali
hyd4 #hytol4 Conium.
Complementary( +ulph4 .erc4 ,od.
"ose.669irst to sixth attenuation.
Per"9ia! Bal#am 4rom M)ro<)lo! PereirC
*seful in bronchial catarrh, with copious, purulent expectoration. 2ebility4 hectic
+ose.66#rofuse, thick discharge. 7c:ema, with ulceration. Chronic, fetid, nasal
%tomach.66Vomiting of food and mucus. Catarrh of stomach.
Chest.66Bronchitis, and phthisis, with muco-purulent, thick, creamy
expectoration. <oud rales in chest A>ali sulph4 !nt tarB. Very loose cough. 0ectic
fever and night-sweats, with irritating, short cough and scanty expectoration.
*rinary.66+canty4 much mucus sediment. Catarrh of bladder AChimaphB.
Relationship.66Balsamum /olutanum-the balsam of .yroxylon toluifera66
Achronic bronchitis with profuse expectorationB AOleum caryophyllum-oil of
cloves-in profuse septic expectoration-D to J minims in milk or capsulesB.
"ose.669irst attenuation ,n hectic Hx.
7xtra homeopathic uses locally. !s a stimulant to raw surfaces in indolent ulcers,
scabies, cracked nipples, rhagades, itch. #romotes granulation, removes fetor. !
one per cent solution in alcohol or ether may be used with the atomi:er in
respiratory affections. ,nternally, as an expectorant, in chronic bronchitis. 2ose, J
to %J ., made into an emulsion with mucilage or yolk of egg.
Wild I!di;o
/he symptoms of this drug are of an asthenic type, simulating low fevers, septic
conditions of the blood, malarial poisoning and extreme prostration.
,ndescribable sick feeling. 8reat muscular soreness and putrid phenomena
always are present. !ll the secretions are offensive-breath, stool, urine, sweat,
etc. 7pidemic influen:a. Chronic intestinal toxEmias of children with fetid stools
and eructations.
Baptisia in low dilutions produces a form of anti-bodies to the bac typhosus, vi:,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
the agglutinins A.ellonB. /hus it raises the natural bodily resistance to the
invasion of the bacillary intoxication, which produces the typhoid syndrome.
/yphoid carriers. !fter inoculation with anti-typhoid serum. ,ntermittent pulse,
especially in the aged.
!ind.66$ild, wandering feeling. ,nability to think. .ental confusion. ,deas
confused. ,llusion of divided personality. /hinks he is broken or double, and
tosses about the bed trying to get pieces together ACa1eputB. 2elirium, wandering,
muttering. #erfect indifference. 9alls asleep while being spoken to. .elancholia,
with stupor.
Head.66Confused, swimming feeling. Vertigo4 pressure at root of nose. +kin of
forehead feels tight4 seems drawn to back of head. 9eels too large, heavy, numb.
+oreness of eyeballs. Brain feels sore. +tupor4 falls asleep while spoken to. 7arly
deafness in typhoid conditions. 7yelids heavy.
&ace.66Besotted look. 2ark red. #ain at root of nose. .uscles of 1aw rigid.
!outh.66/aste flat, bitter. /eeth and gums sore, ulcerated. Breath fetid. /ongue
feels burned4 yellowish-brown4 edges red and shining. 2ry and brown in center,
with dry and glistening edges4 surface cracked and sore. Can swallow li5uids
only4 least solid food gags.
Throat.662ark redness of tonsils and soft palate. Constriction, contraction of
-sophagus ACa1eputB. 8reat difficulty in swallowing solid food. #ainless sore
throat, and offensive discharge. Contraction at cardiac orifice.
%tomach.66Can swallow only li5uids, vomiting due to spasm of -sophagus.
8astric fever. Co appetite. Constant desire for water. +inking feeling at stomach.
#ain in epigastric region. 9eeling of hard substance A!bies nigB. !ll symptoms
worse from beer A>ali bichB. Cardiac orifice contracted convulsively and
ulcerative inflammation of stomach and bowels.
Abdomen.66=ight side markedly affected. 2istended and rumbling. +oreness
over region of gall-bladder, with diarrh-a. +tools very offensive, thin, dark,
bloody. +oreness of abdomen, in region of liver. 2ysentery of old people.
&emale.66/hreatened miscarriage from mental depression, shock, watching, low
fevers. .enses too early, too profuse. <ochia acrid, fetid. #uerperal fever.
Respiratory.66<ungs feel compressed, breathing difficult4 seeks open window.
9ears going to sleep on account of nightmare and sense of suffocation.
Constriction of chest.
Back and $)tremities.66Ceck tired. +tiffness and pain, aching and drawing in
arms and legs. #ain in sacrum, around hips and legs. +ore and bruised.
%leep.66+leepless and restless. Cightmare and frightful dreams. Cannot get
herself together, feels scattered about bed. 9alls asleep while answering a
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.66<ivid spots all over body and limbs. Burning and heat in skin A!rsenicB.
#utrid ulcers with stupor, low delirium and prostration.
&e'er.66Chill, with rheumatic pains and soreness all over body. 0eat all over,
with occasional chills. Chill about %% am.!dynamic fevers. /yphus fever.
+hipboard fever.
!odalities.66$orse4 0umid heat4 fog4 indoors.
Relationship.66Compare( Bryonia and !rsenic may be needed to complete the
favorable reaction. !ilanthus differs, being more painful. Baptisia more painless.
=hus4 .uriat acid4 !rsenic4 Bryon4 !rnica4 7chinac. #yrogen.
Baptisia confusia A#ain in right 1aw and oppression in left hypochondrium,
producing dyspn-a and necessity to assume erect positionB.
"ose.66/incture, to twelfth attenuation. 0as rather short action.
Acetate o4 Bari"m
#roduces paralysis beginning at the extremities and spreading upward. #ruritus
of aged.
!ind.669orgetful4 wavering long between opposite resolutions. <ack of self
&ace.669eeling of cobweb in face.
$)tremities.662rawing pain down whole left leg. Crawling, with burning
stitches. #aralysis. <umbago and rheumatic pain in muscles and 1oints.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration in repeated dosage.
Car*o!ate o4 Bar)ta
+pecially indicated in infancy and old age. /his remedy brings aid to scrofulous
children, especially if they are backward mentally and physically, are dwarfish,
do not grow and develop, have scrofulous ophthalmia, swollen abdomen, take
cold easily, and then always have swollen tonsils. #ersons sub1ect to 5uinsy
which is prone to suppurate4 gums bleed easily. 2iseases of old men when
degenerative changes begin4-cardiac vascular and cerebral4-who have
hypertrophied prostate or indurated testes, very sensitive to cold, offensive foot-
sweats, very weak and weary, must sit or lie down or lean on something. Very
averse to meeting strangers. Catarrh of posterior nares, with fre5uent epistaxis.
Often useful in the dyspepsias of the young who have masturbated and who
suffer from seminal emissions, together with cardiac irritability and palpitation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ffects glandular structures, and useful in general degenerative changes,
especially in coats of arteries, aneurism, and senility. Baryta is a cardio-vascular
poison acting on the muscular coats of heart and vessels. !rterial fibrosis. Blood-
vessels soften and degenerate, become distended, and aneurisms, ruptures, and
apoplexies result.
!ind.66<oss of memory, mental weakness. ,rresolute. <ost confidence in
himself. +enile dementia. Confusion. Bashful. !version to strangers. Childish4
grief over trifles.
Head.66Vertigo4 stitches, when standing in the sun, extending through head.
Brain feels as if loose. 0air falls out. Confusion. $ens.
$yes.66!lternate dilatation and contraction of pupils. #hotophobia. 8au:e before
eyes. Cataracts ACalc4 #hos4 +ilB.
$ars.660ardness of hearing. Crackling noise. 8lands around ears painful and
swollen. =everberation on blowing nose.
+ose.662ry4 snee:ing4 cory:a, with swelling of upper lip and nose. +ensation of
smoke in nose. 2ischarge of thick, yellow mucus. 9re5uent bleeding. +cabs
around wings of nose.
&ace.66#ale, puffed4 sensation as of cobweb A!luminaB. *pper lip swollen.
!outh.66!wakes with dry mouth. 8ums bleed and retract. /eeth ache before
menses. .outh filled with inflamed vesicles, foul taste. #aralysis of tongue.
+marting, burning pain in tip of tongue. 2ribbling of saliva at dawn. +pasm of
-sophagus when food enters.
Throat.66+ubmaxillary glands and tonsils swollen. /akes cold easily, with
stitches and smarting pain. Guinsy. +uppurating tonsils from every cold. /onsils
inflamed, with swollen veins. +marting pain when swallowing4 worse empty
swallowing. 9eeling of a plug in pharynx. Can only swallow li5uids. +pasm of
-sophagus as soon as food enters -sophagus, causes gagging and choking
A.erc cor4 8raphitB. /hroat troubles from over use of voice. +tinging pain in
tonsils, pharynx or larynx.
%tomach.66$aterbrash, hiccough, and eructation, which relieves pressure as of a
stone. 0ungry, but refuses food. #ain and weight immediately after a meal, with
epigastric tenderness A>ali carbB. $orse after warm food. 8astric weakness in the
aged with possible malignancy present.
Abdomen.660ard and tense, distended. Colicky. 7nlarged mesenteric glands.
#ain in abdomen swallowing food. 0abitual colic, with hunger, but food is
Rectum.66Constipation, with hard, knotty stools. 0Emorrhoids protrude on
urinating. Crawling in rectum. Oo:ing at anus.
*rinary.667very time patient urinates, his piles come down. *rging to urinate.
Burning in urethra on urinating.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ale.662iminished desire and premature impotence. 7nlarged prostate.
/esticles indurated.
&emale.66Before menses, pain in stomach and small of back. .enses scanty.
Respiratory.662ry, suffocative cough, especially in old people, full of mucus but
lacking strength to expectorate, worse every change of weather A+enegaB. <arynx
feels as if smoke were inhaled. Chronic aphonia. +titches in chest4 worse
inspiration. <ungs feel full smoke.
Heart.66#alpitation and distress in region of heart. !neurism A<ycopB.
!ccelerates the heart@s action at first, blood pressure much increased, contraction
of blood vessels. #alpitation when lying on left side, when thinking of it
especially4 pulse full and hard. Cardiac symptoms after suppressed foot-sweat.
Back.66+wollen glands in nape of occiput. 9atty tumors about neck. Bruised pain
between scapulE. +tiffness in sacrum. $eakness of spine.
$)tremities.66#ain in axillary glands. Cold, clammy feet ACalcB. 9etid foot-
sweats. Cumbness of limbs. Cumb feeling from knees to scrotum4 disappears
when sitting down. /oes and soles sore4 soles painful when walking. #ain in
1oints4 burning pains in lower limbs.
%leep.66/alking in sleep4 awakens fre5uently4 feels too hot. /witching during
!odalities.66$orse, while thinking of symptoms4 from washing4 lying on
painful side. Better, walking in open air.
Relationship.66Compare( 2igitalis4 =adium4 !ragallus4 Oxytrop4 !strag.
Complementary( 2ulc4 +ilica4 #sorin. ,ncompatible Calc. !ntidote for poisonous
doses 7psom salts.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency, the latter to remove the predisposition to
5uinsy. Baryta is slow in action, bears repetition.
Iodide o4 Bar)ta
!cts on the lymphatic system, increased leucocytosis. Guinsy. ,ndurated glands,
especially tonsils and breasts. +trumous ophthalmia, with tumefaction of cervical
glands and stunted growth. /umors.
Relationship.66Compare( !con lycotonum Aswelling of cervical, axillary, and
mammary glandsB. <apis4 Con. .erc iod4 Carbo an.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Bari"m Chloride
/he different salts of Baryta are called for in organic lesions of the aged and
dwarfish, both mentally and physically. !rterio-sclerosis and cerebral affections
due to this condition. 0eadaches, but without acute crisis, occurring in old
people4 heaviness rather than pain. Vertigo, due to cerebral anEmia and noises in
ears. !cts on lower alimentary canal, especially rectum4 on muscles and 1oints,
giving stiffness and weakness as from overwalking. /he white blood corpuscles
increased. 0ypertension and vascular degeneration. ,ncreased tension of pulse.
!rterio-sclerosis A!urum4 +ecaleB where a high systolic pressure with a
comparatively low diastolic tension is attended by cerebral and cardiac
/his remedy has indurated and narrowing of the cardiac orifice with pain,
immediately after eating, and epigastric tenderness, which has been repeatedly
verified, also its use in aneurism and chronic hypertrophy of the tonsils.
Cymphomania and satyriasis. Convulsions. ,n every form of mania when the
sexual desire is increased. ,cy coldness of body, with paralysis. .ultiple sclerosis
of brain and cord. Voluntary muscular power gone but perfectly sensible. #aresis
after influen:a and diphtheria. 8eneral feeling of lassitude in the morning,
especially weakness of the legs, with muscular stiffness. Children who go around
with their mouth open and who talk through the nose. +tupid-appearing, hard of
$ars.66$hi::ing and bu::ing. Coises on chewing and swallowing, or snee:ing.
7arache4 better sipping cold water. #arotids swollen. Offensive otorrh-a. ,nflates
middle ear on blowing nose.
Throat.662ifficult swallowing. /onsils enlarged. #aresis of pharynx and
eustachian tubes, with snee:ing and noises. /ubes feel too wide open.
Respiratory.66Bronchial affection of old people with cardiac dilation. 9acilitates
expectoration. 8reat accumulation and rattling of mucus with difficult
expectoration. !rterio-sclerosis of the lung, thus in senile asthma, modifies the
arterial tension.
%tomach.668one feeling at epigastrium a good guiding symptom for it in
chronic affections. =etching and vomiting. +ensation of heat ascending to head.
*rinary.668reat increase in uric acid, diminution of chlorides.
Abdomen.66/hrobbing A+elenB4 induration of pancreas4 abdominal aneurism.
,nguinal glands swollen. +pasmodic pain in rectum.
Relationship.66Compare in sclerotic degenerations, especially of spinal cord,
liver, and heart. #lumbum met and #lumb iod. !lso !urum mur Awhich will
often accomplish more in sclerotic and exudative degenerations than other
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
remedies. .ultiple sclerosis, fulgurating pains, tremors, .orvan@s disease,
hypertrophy of fingersB.
"ose.66/hird trituration. Bears repetition of dosage well.
.arked specific effects on genito-urinary system4 muco-purulent discharges.
,rritable bladder, with vesical catarrh4 prostatic disorders. 8ravel. <eucorrh-a.
Relationship.66Compare( Copaiva4 /hu1a4 #opulus4 Chimaph. +ee 2iosma.
"ose.66/incture or tea from leaves.
Deadl) Ni;ht#hade
Belladonna acts upon every part of the nervous system, producing active
congestion, furious excitement, perverted special senses, twitching, convulsions
and pain. ,t has a marked action on the vascular system, skin and glands.
Belladonna always is associated with hot, red skin, flushed face, glaring eyes,
throbbing carotids, excited mental state, hyperEsthesia of all senses, delirium,
restless sleep, convulsive movements, dryness of mouth and throat with aversion
to water, neuralgic pains that come and go suddenly AOxytropisB. 0eat, redness,
throbbing and burning. 8reat children@s remedy. 7pileptic spasms followed by
nausea and vomiting. +carlet fever and also prophylactic. 0ere use the thirtieth
potency. 7xophthalmic goitre. Corresponds to the symptoms of 3air-sickness3 in
aviators. 8ive as preventive. Co thirst, anxiety or fear. Belladonna stands for
violence of attack and suddenness of onset. Bell for the extreme of thyroid
toxEmia. *se %x ABeebeB.
!ind.66#atient lives in a world of his own, engrossed by specters and visions
and oblivious to surrounding realities. $hile the retina is insensible to actual
ob1ects, a host of visual hallucinations throng about him and come to him from
within. 0e is acutely alive and cra:ed by a flood of sub1ective visual impressions
and fantastic illusions. 0allucinations4 sees monsters, hideous faces. 2elirium4
frightful images4 furious4 rages, bites, strikes4 desire to escape. <oss of
consciousness. 2isinclined to talk. #erversity, with tears. !cuteness of all senses.
Head.66Vertigo, with falling to left side or backwards. +ensitive to least contact.
.uch throbbing and heat. #alpitation reverberating in head with labored
breathing. #ain4 fullness, especially in forehead, also occiput, and temples.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
0eadache from suppressed catarrhal flow. +udden outcries. #ain worse light,
noise, 1ar, lying down and in afternoon4 better by pressure and semi-erect
posture. Boring of head into pillow4 drawn backward and rolls from side to side.
Constant moaning. 0air splits4 is dry and comes out. 0eadache worse on right
side and when lying down4 ill effects, colds, etc4 from having hair cut.
&ace.66=ed, bluish-red, hot, swollen, shining4 convulsive motion of muscles of
face. +welling of upper lip. 9acial neuralgia with twitching muscles and flushed
$yes.66/hrobbing deep in eyes on lying down. #upils dilated A!gnusB. 7yes feel
swollen and protruding, staring, brilliant4 con1unctiva red4 dry, burn4
photophobia4 shooting in eyes. 7xophthalmus. Ocular illusions4 fiery appearance.
2iplopia, s5uinting, spasms of lids. +ensation as if eyes were half closed. 7yelids
swollen. 9undus congested.
$ars.66/earing pain in middle and external ear. 0umming noises. .embrana
tympani bulges and in1ected. #arotid gland swollen. +ensitive to loud tones.
0earing very acute. Otitis media. #ain causes delirium. Child cries out in sleep4
throbbing and beating pain deep in ear, synchronous with heart beat. 0ematoma
auris. !cute and sub-acute conditions of 7ustachian tube. !utophony-hearing
one@s voice in ear.
+ose.66,maginary odors. /ingling in tip of nose. =ed and swollen. Bleeding of
nose, with red face. Cory:a4 mucus mixed with blood.
!outh.662ry. /hrobbing pain in teeth. 8umboil. /ongue red on edges.
+trawberry tongue. 8rinding of teeth. /ongue swollen and painful. +tammering.
Throat.662ry, as if gla:ed4 angry-looking congestion A8insengB4 red, worse on
right side. /onsils enlarged4 throat feels constricted4 difficult deglutition4 worse,
li5uids. +ensation of a lump. Fsophagus dry4 feels contracted. +pasms in throat.
Continual inclination to swallow. +craping sensation. .uscles of deglutition very
sensitive. 0ypertrophy of mucous membrane.
%tomach.66<oss of appetite. !verse to meat and milk. +pasmodic pain in
epigastrium. Constriction4 pain runs to spine. Causea and vomiting. 8reat thirst
for cold water. +pasms of stomach. 7mpty retching. !bhorrence of li5uids.
+pasmodic hiccough. 2read of drinking. *ncontrollable vomiting.
Abdomen.662istended, hot. /ransverse colon protrudes like a pad. /ender,
swollen. #ain as if clutched by a hand4 worse, 1ar, pressure. Cutting pain across4
stitches in left side of abdomen, when coughing, snee:ing, or touching it.
7xtreme sensitiveness to touch, bed-clothes, etc A<achesB.
+tools.66/hin, green, dysenteric4 in lumps like chalk. +huddering during stool.
+tinging pain in rectum4 spasmodic stricture. #iles more sensitive with backache.
#rolapsus ani A,gnatia4 #odophB.
*rinary.66=etention. !cute urinary infections. +ensation of motion in bladder as
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
of a worm. *rine scanty, with tenesmus4 dark and turbid, loaded with
phosphates. Vesical region sensitive. ,ncontinence, continuous dropping.
9re5uent and profuse. 0Ematuria where no pathological condition can be found.
#rostatic hypertrophy.
!ale.66/esticles hard, drawn up, inflamed. Cocturnal sweat of genitals. 9low of
prostatic fluid. 2esire diminished.
&emale.66+ensitive forcing downwards, as if all the viscera would protrude at
genitals. 2ryness and heat of vagina. 2ragging around loins. #ain in sacrum.
.enses increased4 bright red, too early, too profuse. 0Emorrhage hot. Cutting
pain from hip to hip. .enses and lochia very offensive and hot. <abor-pains
come and go suddenly. .astitis pain, throbbing, redness, streaks radiate from
nipple. Breasts feel heavy4 are hard and red. /umors of breast, pain worse lying
down. Badly smelling hEmorrhages, hot gushes of blood. 2iminished lochia.
Respiratory.662rying in nose, fauces, larynx, and trachea. /ickling, short, dry
cough4 worse at night. <arynx feels sore. =espiration oppressed, 5uick, une5ual.
Cheyne-+tokes respiration ACocaine4 OpiumB. 0oarse4 loss of voice. #ainless
hoarseness. Cough with pain in left hip. Barking cough, whooping cough, with
pain in stomach before attack, with expectoration of blood. +titches in chest when
coughing. <arynx very painful4 feels as if a foreign body were in it, with cough.
0igh, piping voice. .oaning at every breath.
Heart.66Violent palpitation, reverberating in head, with labored breathing.
#alpitation from least exertion. /hrobbing all through body. 2ichrotism. 0eart
seemed too large. =apid but weakened pulse.
$)tremities.66+hooting pains along limbs. ;oints swollen, red, shining, with red
streaks radiating. /ottering gait. +hifting rheumatic pains. #hlegmasia alba
dolens. ;erking limbs. +pasms. ,nvoluntary limping. Cold extremities.
Back.66+tiff neck. +welling of glands of neck. #ain in nape, as if it would break.
#ressure on dorsal region most painful. <umbago, with pain in hips and thighs.
%kin.662ry and hot4 swollen, sensitive4 burns scarlet, smooth. 7ruption like
scarlatina, suddenly spreading. 7rythema4 pustules on face. 8lands swollen,
tender, red. Boils. !cne rosacea. +uppurative wounds. !lternate redness and
paleness of the skin. ,ndurations after inflammations. 7rysipelas.
&e'er.66! high feverish state with comparative absence of toxEmia. Burning,
pungent, steaming, heat. 9eet icy cold. +uperficial blood-vessels, distended.
#erspiration dry only on head. Co thirst with fever.
%leep.66=estless, crying out, gritting of teeth. >ept awake by pulsation of blood-
vessels. +creams out in sleep. +leeplessness, with drowsiness. +tarting when
closing the eyes or during sleep. +leeps with hands under head A!rs4 #latB.
!odalities.66$orse, touch, 1ar, noise, draught, after noon, lying down. Better,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( +anguisorba officinals )x-Hx, a member of the =osaceE
family, A#rofuse, long-lasting menses, especially in nervous patients with
congestive symptoms to head and limbs. #assive hEmorrhages at climacteric.
Chronic metritis. 0Emorrhage from lungs. Varices and ulcersB. .andragora66
A.andrakeB. ! narcotic of the ancients-=estless excitability and bodily weakness.
2esire for sleep. 0as antiperiodic properties like China and !ranea. *seful in
epilepsy and hydrophobia, also Cetonia A!. 7. <avineB. 0yos Aless fever, more
agitationB4 +tram Amore sensorial excitement, fren:yB4 0oit:ia-! .exican drug,
similar in action to Bellad A*seful in fever, scarlatinal eruption, measles, urticaria,
etc. 0igh fever with eruptive fevers. 2ry mouth and throat, red face, in1ected
eyes, deliriumB. Calcar is often re5uired after Bell4 !tropia. !lkaloid of
Belladonna covers more the neurotic sphere of the Belladonna action A8reat
dryness of throat, almost impossible to swallow. Chronic stomach affections,
with great pain and vomiting of all food. #eritonitis. !ll kind of illusions of sight.
7verything appears large. #latina oppositeB. 0ypochlorhydria4 pyrosis. .otes
over everything. On reading, words run together4 double vision, all ob1ects seem
to be elongated. 7ustachian tube and tympanic congestion. !ffinity for the
pancreas. 0yperacidity of stomach. #aroxysms of gastric pain4 ovarian neuralgia.
Con-0omeopathic *ses.66!tropia and its salts are used for ophthalmic
purposes, to dilate the pupil and paraly:e the accommodation.
8iven internally or hypodermically, it is antagonistic to Opium and .orphine.
#hysostigma and #russic !cid. Carcotic poisons and mushroom poisoning.
=enal colic %-)II of a grain hypodermically.
!tropin in1ected subcutaneously in doses from a milligram upwards for
intestinal obstruction threatening life.
0ypodermically %-&I gr night sweats in phthisis.
!tropia %-)I gr is antagonistic to % gr. .orphine.
!lso used as a local anEsthetic, antispasmodic, and to dry up secretions, milk,
etc. 0ypodermically %-&I gr night sweats in phthisis.
"ose.66!tropia +ulph, %-%)I to %-HI grain.
!ntidotes to Belladonna Camph4 Coff4 Opium4 !con.
Complementary( Calc. Bellad Acontains limeB. 7specially in semi-chronic and
constitutional diseases.
,ncompatible !cet ac.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency and higher. .ust be repeated fre5uently in
acute diseases.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
,t acts upon the muscular fibers of the blood-vessels. .uch muscular soreness.
<ameness, as if sprained. Venous congestion, due to mechanical causes. 9irst
remedy in in1uries to the deeper tissues, after ma1or surgical work. =esults of
in1uries to nerves with intense soreness and intolerance of cold bathing. !fter
gout, debility of limbs.
/raumatism of the pelvic organs, auto-traumatism, expresses the condition
calling for this remedy4 ill effects from masturbation. 7xcellent remedy for
sprains and bruises. Complaints due to cold food or drink when the body is
heated, and in affections due to cold wind. 7xternally, in nEvi. !cne. Boils all
over. +ore, bruised feeling in the pelvic region. 7xudations, stasis, swelling, come
within the range of this remedy. =heumatic symptoms. 2oes not vitiate the
secretions. 3,t is a princely remedy for old laborers, especially gardeners3
Head.66Vertigo in elderly people. 0eadache from occiput to top of head.
9orehead feels contracted. Bruised soreness. ,tching around scalp and over back,
worse from hot bath and bed.
&emale.66Breasts and uterus engorged. Varicose veins in pregnancy. 2uring
pregnancy inability to walk. !bdominal muscles lame. *terus feels sore, as if
%leep.66$akes early in morning and cannot get to sleep again.
Abdomen.66+oreness of abdominal walls and of uterus. +titches in spleen, sore,
enlarged. Kellow, painless diarrh-a, foul odor, worse at night. Bloated4 rumbling
in bowels.
%kin.66Boils. 7cchymosis, swelling, very sensitive to touch. Venous congestion
due to mechanical causes. Varicose veins with bruised sore feeling. 7xudations
and swellings. !cne.
$)tremities.66;oints sore, muscular soreness. ,tching on back and flexor surfaces
of thighs. #ain down anterior of thighs. $rist feels contracted as from elastic
band around 1oint. +prains feels contracted as from elastic band around 1oint.
+prains with great soreness. =ailway spine.
Relationship.66Compare( !rnica4 !rsenic4 +taphis4 0amamelis4 Bryonia4
Vanadium Adegenerative statesB.
!odalities.66$orse, left side4 hot bath and warmth of bed4 before storms4 cold
bathing4 cold wind.
"ose.66/incture to third potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Be!?oic Acid
/he most marked characteristic pertains to the odor and color of the urine. ,t has
a marked action on metabolism. ,t produces and cures symptoms of a uric acid
diathesis, with urine highly colored and very offensive, and gouty symptoms.
=enal insufficiency. Child wants to be nursed in the arms, will not be laid down.
#ains suddenly change their locality. !nti-sycotic. 8outy and asthmatic.
!ind.66#rone to dwell on unpleasant things in the past. Omits words in writing.
Head.66Vertigo inclination to fall sideways. /hrobbing in temporal arteries,
causes puffing around ears. Coises when swallowing. *lceration of tongue.
+welling behind ears ACapsB. Cold sweat on forehead. #ricking, puckered
constriction of mouth, bluish and bleeding gums. $ens.
+ose.66,tching of septum. #ain in nasal bones.
&ace.66Copper-colored spots. =ed, with little blisters. Circumscribed redness of
%tomach.66+weat while eating4 pressure in stomach, sensation of a lump.
Abdomen.66Cutting about navel. +titching in liver region.
Rectum.66+titches and constricted feeling. #uckering constriction of rectum.
,tching and watery elevations around anus.
+tool.669rothy, offensive, li5uid, light-colored, like soapsuds, bowel movements,
mostly windy.
*rinary.66=epulsive odor4 changeable color4 brown, acid. 7nuresis4 dribbling,
offensive urine of old men. 7xcess of uric acid. Vesical catarrh from suppressed
gonorrh-a. Cystitis.
Respiratory.660oarse in morning. !sthmatic cough4 worse at night4 lying on
right side. Chest very tender. #ain in region of heart. 7xpectoration, green
Back.66#ressure on spinal column. Coldness in sacrum. 2ull pain in region of
kidneys4 worse, wine.
$)tremities.66;oints crack on motion. /earing with stitches. #ain in tendo
!chillis. =heumatic gout4 nodes very painful. 8outy deposits. 8anglion4 swelling
of the wrist. #ain and swelling in knees. Bunion of great toe. /earing pain in
great toe.
&e'er.66Cold hands, feet, back, knees. Chilliness4 cold sweat. ,nternal heat on
%kin.66=ed spots. ,tching in spots.
!odalities.66$orse, in open air4 by uncovering.
Relationship.66*seful after Colchic fails in gout4 after Copavia in gonorrh-a.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Compare( Citric acid4 !mmon ben:4 +abina4 /ropoeolum.
8arden Casturtium66Afetid urineB.
Antidote( Copaiva.
,ncompatible $ine.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
Be!?ol= C2= H2
Coal Naphtha
/he most striking fact in the proving of Ben:ol seems to be the influence it had
on the circulatory system. ,t caused a slowing of the pulse stream which in the
guinea-pigs brought about the formation of infarcts. ,n the human provers it
resulted in a decrease of the red and increase of white cells A=. 9. =abe, .. 2B.
,t ought to be of use in <eucEmia. 7ye symptoms striking. 0allucinations-
7pileptiform attacks, coma, and anEsthesia.
Head.66+ense of falling through bed and floor. #ains from below upward. /ired
and nervous.
9rontal headache to root of nose. 2i::y. #ressing feeling in head. =ight sided
$yes.66,llusion of vision with wide open eyes. /witching of lids. #hotophobia,
ob1ects blurred. !ching in eyes and lids. .arked dilation of pupils. 9ailure to
react to light, particularly daylight.
+ose.66#rofuse fluent cory:a. 7specially in afternoon. Violent snee:ing.
!ale.66+welling of right testicle. +evere pain in testicles. ,tching of scrotum.
#rofuse urination.
$)tremities.660eavy limbs, cold legs, exaggerated knee-1erk. #ains from below
%kin.667ruption like measles. #erspiration on side not lain upon. ,tching all over
!odalities.66$orse at night. $orse right side.
Relationship.66Compare( Ben:in.66#etroleum ether-not as pure a compound as
Ben:ene ABen:olB. ,t is the same, but with a mixture of hydrocarbons. ,t seems to
exercise a special influence on the nervous system and on the blood.
Oxyhemoglobinemia. #hysical weakness, cramps, exaggeration of knee 1erks,
nausea, vomit, di::iness, heaviness and coldness of limbs. /remor of eyelids and
tongue. Ben:in, dinitricum662. C. B.66A/he most obvious results of poisoning by
skin absorption are changes in the red blood corpuscles and liver degeneration in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
amblyopia, color-blindness, retinitis. 9ield of vision contracted. Black urineB.
Ben:in nitricum. .irbane A2ark, black blood, coagulates with difficulty4 venous
hyperEmia of the brain and general venous engorgement. Burning taste in
mouth. Blue lips, tongue, skin, nails and con1unctivE. Cold skin, pulse small,
weak, breathing slow and irregular, unconsciousness, symptoms of apoplectic
coma. =olling of eyeballs in their vertical axis4 pupils dilated. Cystagmus.
=espiration very slow, difficult, sighingB. /rinitrotoluene A/. C. /B, /rotyl-is a
high explosive, obtained by nitrating toluene-a product of coal tar distillation.
$hen the skin or hair is exposed to /.C./ by contact a characteristic yellow or
tawny-orange stain is produce, which lasts for some weeks. ,ndicated in graver
forms of anEmia AperniciousB and 1aundice. #roduces fatal toxic 1aundice.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
=apid change of symptoms-pains change in regard to place and character-thirst
alternates with thirstlessness, hunger, and loss of appetite, etc. !cts forcibly on
the venous system, producing pelvic engorgements and hEmorrhoids.
0epatic, and rheumatic affections, particularly with urinary, hEmorrhoidal and
menstrual complaints.
Old gouty constitutions. #ain in region of kidneys is most marked4 hence its use
in renal and vesical troubles, gall-stones, and vesical catarrh. ,t causes
inflammation of kidneys with hEmaturia. #ains may be felt all over body,
emanating from small of back. ,t has also marked action on the liver, promoting
the flow of bile. Often called for in arthritic affections with urinary disturbances.
$andering, radiating pains. !cts well in fleshy persons, good livers, but with
little endurance. +pinal irritation. !ll Berberis pains radiate, are not worse by
pressure, but worse in various attitudes, especially standing and active exercise.
Head.66<istless, apathetic, indifferent. #uffy sensation, feeling as if becoming
larger. Vertigo with attacks of fainting. 9rontal headache. Chilliness in back and
occiput. /earing pain in auricle, and gouty concretions. +ensation of a tight cap
pressing upon the whole scalp.
+ose.662ry4 obstinate catarrh of left nostril. Crawling in nostrils.
&ace.66#ale, sickly. +unken cheeks and eyes, with bluish circles.
!outh.66+ticky sensation. 2iminished saliva. +ticky, frothy saliva, like cotton
ACux moschB. /ongue feels scalded, vesicles on tongue.
%tomach.66Causea before breakfast. 0eartburn.
Abdomen.66+titches in region of gall-bladder4 worse, pressure, extending to
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
stomach. Catarrh of the gall-bladder with constipation and yellow complexion.
+titching pain in front of kidneys extending to liver, spleen, stomach, groins,
#oupart@s ligament. +ticking deep in ilium.
+tool.66Constant urging to stool. 2iarrh-a painless, clay-colored, burning, and
smarting in anus and perineum. /earing around anus. 9istula in ano.
*rinary.66Burning pains. +ensation as if some urine remained after urinating.
*rine with thick mucus and bright-red, mealy sediment. Bubbling, sore
sensation in kidneys. #ain in bladder region. #ain in the thighs and loins on
urinating. 9re5uent urination4 urethra burns when not urinating.
!ale.66Ceuralgia of spermatic cord and testicles. +marting, burning, stitching in
testicles, in prepuce and scrotum.
&emale.66#inching constriction in mons veneris, vaginismus, contraction and
tenderness of vagina. Burning and soreness in vagina. 2esire diminished, cutting
pain during coition. .enses scanty, gray mucus, with pain in kidneys and
chilliness, pain down thighs. <eucorrh-a, grayish mucus, with painful urinary
symptoms. Ceuralgia of ovaries and vagina.
Respiratory.660oarseness4 polypus of larynx. /earing stitches in chest and
region of heart.
Back.66+titches in neck and back4 worse, respiration. +ticking pain in region of
kidneys radiating thence around abdomen, to hips and groins. Cumb, bruised
sensation. +titches from kidneys into bladder. /earing, sticking with stiffness,
making rising difficult, involving hips, nates, limbs, with numbness. <umbago
A=hus4 /art emB. .etatarsus and metacarpus feel sprained. #ost-operative pain in
lumbar region4 soreness with sharp pain following course of circumflex iliac
nerve to bladder with fre5uent urination.
$)tremities.66=heumatic paralytic pain in shoulders, arms, hands and fingers,
legs and feet. Ceuralgia under finger-nails, with swelling of finger-1oints.
+ensation of cold on outside of thighs. 0eels pain, as if ulcerated. +titching
between metatarsal bones as from a nail when standing. #ain in balls of feet on
stepping. ,ntense weariness and lameness of legs after walking a short distance.
%kin.669lat warts. ,tching, burning and smarting4 worse, scratching4 better, cold
applications. +mall pustules over whole body. 7c:ema of anus and hands.
Circumscribed pigmentation following ec:ematous inflammation.
&e'er.66Cold sensation in various parts, as if spattered with cold water. $armth
in lower part of back, hips, and thighs.
!odalities.66$orse, motion, standing. ,t brings on, or increases, urinary
Relationship.66Compare( ,pomea-Convolvulus 2uratinus-.orning 8lory. 66
A#ain in left lumbar muscles on stooping. >idney disorders with pain in back.
.uch abdominal flatulence. !ching in top of right shoulder renal colic4 aching in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
small of back and extremitiesB, !loe4 <ycopod4 Cux4 +arsap. Nanthorrhea arborea
Asevere pain in kidneys, cystitis and gravel. #ain from ureter to bladder and
testicles4 pain in small of back returns from least chill or dampB. Nanthori:a
apifolia-+hrub Kellow =oot66contains Berberine. 2ilatation of stomach and
intestines, atony, enlarged spleen.
Antidotes( Camphor4 Bell.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth potency.
Mo"!tai! $rape
! remedy for the skin, chronic catarrhal affections, secondary syphilis. 0epatic
torpor, lassitude and other evidences of incomplete metamorphosis4 stimulates
all glands and improves nutrition.
Head.66+ensation of a band 1ust above ears. Bilious headache. 3+cald head3. +caly
&ace.66!cne. Blotches and pimples. Clears the complexion.
%tomach.66/ongue thickly coated, yellowish-brown4 feels blistered. Burning in
stomach. Causea and hunger after eating.
*rinary.66+titching, crampy pains4 thick mucus, and bright-red, mealy sediment.
%kin.66#imply, dry, rough, scaly. 7ruption on scalp extending to face and neck.
/umor of breast, with pain. #soriasis. !cne. 2ry ec:ema. #ruritus. 8landular
Relationship.66Carbol acid4 7uonym4 Berb vulg4 0ydr.
"ose.66/incture in rather material doses.
,nfluences chronic catarrhal states and tuberculosis. /he salt Betainum
hydrochloricum obtained from the Beet root itself seem to be the best adapted to
phthisical patients. Children yield very 5uickly to the action of the remedy. *se
about the )x /rit.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Precipitated "*:Nitrate o4 Bi#m"th
,rritation and catarrhal inflammation of the alimentary canal, is the chief and
action of this drug.
!ind.66+olitude is unbearable. 2esire for company. Complains about his
condition. !nguish. 2iscontented.
Head.660eadache alternates with gastralgia. Ceuralgic pain, as if torn by
pincers4 involves face and teeth4 worse, eating4 better, cold4 alternate with
gastralgia. Cutting or pressure above right orbit extending to occiput. #ressure in
occiput4 worse, motion4 with heaviness.
!outh.668ums swollen. /oothache4 better, cold water in mouth ACoffB. /ongue
white. +wollen. Black, gangrenous looking wedges on dorsum and sides of
tongue. #rofuse salivation, teeth loose. /hirst for cold drinks.
%tomach.66Vomits, with convulsive gagging and pain. $ater is vomited as soon
as it reaches the stomach. 7ructation after drinking. Vomits all fluids. Burning4
feeling of a load. $ill eat for several days4 then vomit. +low digestion, with fetid
eructations. 8astralgia4 pain from stomach through to spine. 8astritis. Better,
cold drinks, but vomiting when stomach becomes full.
/ongue coated white4 sweetish, metallic taste. ,nexpressible pain in stomach4
must bend backwards. #ressure as from a load in one spot, alternating with
burning, crampy pain and pyrosis.
+tool.66#ainless diarrh-a, with great thirst, and fre5uent micturition and
vomiting. #inching in lower abdomen, with rumbling.
Respiratory.66#inching in middle of diaphragm, extending transversely through
chest. !ngina pectoris4 pain around heart, left arm to fingers.
$)tremities.66Cramps in hands and feet. /earing in wrist. #aralytic weakness,
especially right arm. /earing in tips of fingers under nails ABerbB. ,tching erosion
near tibia and back of feet near 1oints. Cold limbs.
%leep.66=estless on account of voluptuous dreams. +leepy in morning, a few
hours after eating.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Cux4 Capsic4 Calc.
Compare( !ntimon4 !rs4 Bellad4 >reosot.
"ose.669irst to sixth potency.
!scites. Various forms of dropsy. Kellow complexion. 7xtreme weariness. #ain in
urethra on urinating. $eariness on going upstairs.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66+ixth potency.
I!dia! Cockroach
! remedy for asthma. 7specially when associated with bronchitis. ,ndicated after
arsenic when this is insufficient.
Cough with dyspn-a in bronchitis and phthisis. !cts best in stout and corpulent
patients. .uch pus-like mucus.
"ose.66<owest potencies during an attack. !fter the spasm, for the remaining
cough, use the higher. +top with improvement to prevent return of aggravation.
White A;aric
Pol)por"# O44ici!ale
Guotidian intermittent fever. +weat is light, and without relief. Cight-sweat in
Head.669eels light and hollow with deep frontal headache. /hick, yellow coating
of tongue4 teeth indented. Constant nausea.
&e'er.66Chilliness along spine, with fre5uent, hot flashes. Kawns and stretches
when chilly. +evere aching in shoulders and 1oints and small of back. #rofuse
perspiration at night, with hectic chills and fever.
%kin.660ot and dry, especially in palms. ,tching more between scapulE and on
Relationship.66Compare( !garicin, active constituent of #olyporus officinale
Aphthisical and other enervating nightsweats %-' to %-) gr doses4 also in chorea, in
dilatation of heart with pulmonary 7mphysema, fatty degeneration, profuse
perspiration and erythemaB. Boletus luridus AViolent pain in epigastrium,
urticaria tuberosaB. Boletus satanus Adysentery, vomiting, great debility, cold
extremities, spasm of extremities and faceB.
"ose.669irst attenuation.
Boracic Acid
*sed as an antiseptic disinfectant, since it arrests fermentation and putrefaction.
#ain in region of ureters, with fre5uent urging to urinate. Coldness A0elodermB.
2iabetes, tongue dry, red, and cracked. Cold saliva.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.66.ultiform erythema of trunk and upper extremities. Fdema around
eyes. 7xfoliating dermatitis. Fdema of tissues around eyes.
&emale.66Climacteric flushings A<ach4 !myl nitB. Vagina cold, as if packed with
ice. 9re5uent urination with burning and tenesmus.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
Con-homeopathic *ses.66$hen the diplococcus of $eichselbaum is present in
the sputum of pharyngitis or bronchitis, pneumonia with tenacious sputum,
hacking cough and pain, five-grain doses six times daily. ! solution of Boracic
!cid, as an in1ection, in chronic, cystitis, or, a teaspoonful to a glass of hot milk,
taken internally. Boro-8lyceride in solution A%'IB is a powerful antiseptic. +tyes,
%J gr to % o: water externally. !s a dusting powder on ulcerated surfaces. ,n
cystitis as an irrigating fluid.
Borate o4 odi"m
8astro-intestinal irritation. +alivation, nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrh-a,
collapse, albuminuria, casts and vesical spasm. 2elirium, visual changes,
hEmaturia, and skin eruptions have all been observed from over-dosing.
2read of downward motion in nearly all complaints. 9or homeopathic purposes,
the peculiar nervous symptoms are very characteristic, and have fre5uently been
verified, especially in the therapeutics of children. Of much value in epilepsy.
!phthous ulceration of mucous membranes.
!ind.667xtreme anxiety, especially from motions which have a downward
direction, rocking, being carried downstairs, laid down. !nxious expression of
face during the downward motions, starts and throws up hands on laying
patient down, as if afraid of falling. 7xcessively nervous4 easily frightened.
+ensitive to sudden noises. Violent fright from report of a gun, even at a distance.
9ear of thunder.
Head.66!ches, with nausea and trembling of whole body. 0air tangled at tips,
cannot be separated, as in #lica #olonica AVinca minB.
$yes.66<ashes turn inward. Visions of bright waves. 7yelids inflamed, lids cut
against eyeball. 7ntropium.
$ars.66Very sensitive to slightest noise4 not so much disturbed by louder ones.
+ose.66=ed nose, of young women ACat carbB. =ed and shining swelling, with
throbbing and tensive sensation. /ip swollen and ulcerated. 2ry crusts.
&ace.66#ale, earthy, with suffering expression. +wollen, with pimples on nose
and lips. 9eeling of cobwebs.
!outh.66!phthE. $hite fungous like growth. .outh hot and tender4 ulcers
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
bleed on touch and eating. #ainful gumboil. Crying when nursing. /aste bitter
ABry4 #uls4 CupB. /aste of 3cellar mould3.
+tomach and Abdomen.662istention after eating4 vomiting. 8astralgia,
depending upon uterine disturbance. #ain as if diarrh-a would result.
+tool.66<oose, pappy, offensive stools in children. 2iarrh-a, offensive, preceded
by colic4 stools mucous, with aphthous sore mouth.
*rinary.660ot, smarting pain in orifice. #ungent smell. Child afraid to urinate,
screams before urinating A+arsapB. +mall red particles on diaper.
&emale.66<abor pains with fre5uent eructations. 8alactorrh-a ACal4 Con4 BellB.
,n nursing, pain in opposite breast. <eucorrh-a like white of eggs, with
sensation as if warm water was flowing. .enses too soon, profuse, with griping,
nausea and pain in stomach extending into small of back. .embranous
dysmenorrh-a. +terility. 9avors easy conception. +ensation of distention in
clitoris with sticking. #ruritus of vulva and ec:ema.
Respiratory.660acking and violent cough4 expectoration, moldy taste and smell.
+titches in chest, with inspiration and cough. Cough with moldy taste-breath
smells moldy. #leurodynia4 worse upper part of right chest. !rrest of breathing
when lying4 is obliged to 1ump and catch breath, which causes pain in right side.
Out of breath on going up stairs.
$)tremities.669eeling as of cobwebs on hands. ,tching on back of finger-1oints
and hands. /hrobbing pain in tip of thumb. +titches in sole. #ain in heel. Burning
pain in great toe4 inflammation of balls of toes. 7c:ema of toes and fingers with
loss of nails.
%kin.66#soriasis. 7rysipelas in face. ,tching on back of finger-1oints. *nhealthy
skin4 slight in1uries suppurate. 0erpes A=husB. 7rysipelatous inflammation with
swelling and tension. Chilblains relieved in open air. /rade eruptions on fingers
and hands, itching and stinging. 7nds of hair become tangled.
%leep.66Voluptuous dreams. Cannot sleep on account of heat, especially in head.
Cries out of sleep as if frightened ABellB.
!odalities.66$orse, downward motion, noise, smoking, warm weather, after
menses. Better, pressure, evening, cold weather.
Relationship.66!cetic acid, vinegar, and wine are incompatible.
Antidote( Cham4 Coffea.
Compare( Calc4 Bryon4 +anicula4 +ulph ac.
"ose.669irst to third trituration. ,n skin diseases continue its use for several
weeks. <ocally, in pruritus pudendi. ! piece of borax, the si:e of a pea, dissolved
in the mouth, acts magically in restoring the voice, in cases of sudden hoarseness
brought on by cold, and fre5uently for an hour or so, it renders the voice silvery
and clear.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
1ello- ,iper
,ts venom is most coagulating, Aalso <achesisB. $e should expect to find under
these remedies the symptomatology of thrombosis, also thrombotic phenomena,
as hemiplegia, aphasia, inability to articulate A<inn ;. BoydB.
Broken-down, hEmorrhagic constitutions4 septic states. 8reat lassitude and
sluggishness4 hEmorrhages from every orifice of the body4 black spots.
0emiplegia with aphasia. ,nability to articulate, without any affection of the
tongue. Cervous trembling. #ain in right big toe. 2iagonal course of symptoms.
#ulmonary congestion.
$yes.66!maurosis4 blindness from hEmorrhage into retina. 0emoralopia, day
blindness, can hardly see her way after sunrise4 con1unctivial hEmorrhage.
&ace.66+wollen and puffy. Besotted expression.
Throat.66=ed, dry, constricted4 swallowing difficult, cannot pass li5uids.
%tomach.667pigastric distress. Black vomiting. ,ntense hEmatemesis.
/ympanitis and bloody stools.
%kin.66+wollen, livid, cold with hEmorrhagic infiltration. 8angrene. <ymphatics
swollen. !nthrax. .alignant erysipelas.
!odalities.66$orse, right side.
Relationship.66Compare( /oxicophis.66.occasin +nake Apain and fever recur
annually, after bite from this snake, and sometimes change location with
disappearance of first symptoms. !n unusual dryness of skin follows the bite.
Fdematous swellings and periodical neuralgia. #ain travels from one part to
anotherB. Other snake poisons, notably <achesis.
/rachinus,-+tingfish Aintolerable pains, swelling, acute blood, poisoning,
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
To<i! o4 Bacill"# Bot"li!"m
9ood poisoning from canned spinach produced a clinical picture suggested in a
bulbar paresis.
7ye symptoms, ptosis, double vision, blurred vision.
2ifficulty in swallowing and breathing, choking sensation4 weakness and
uncertainty in walking, 3blind staggers3, di::iness, thickening of speech.
Cramping pain in stomach.
.ask-like expression of face, due to weakness of facial muscles. +evere
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.660igher potencies.
0as a marked effect on the skin, producing eruption like ec:ema, also upon the
circulation, predisposing to hEmorrhages4 marked languor and lassitude.
!dapted to stammering children, old maids with palpitation4 and 3tettery3
patients. +tage of numbness and tingling in multiple neuritis. !sphyxia due to
charcoal fumes.
!ind.667nlarged sensation A!rg nB. !wkward4 everything falls from hands.
Head.66+ensation as if head were enlarging, especially of occiput. 2istensive
headache4 worse early morning, open air, lying. 2ischarge from nose stringy,
tough. 2ull, bruised pain in brain. +tammering A+tram4 .ercB. +calp itches4
worse, warmth4 sensitive4 must scratch until sore.
&ace.66+curf and crusts about nostrils and corners of mouth. <ips chapped.
Bleeding of nose and gums. Cheeks and lips feel swollen. !cne worse in
summer4 due to use of cosmetics.
%tomach.66+ensation as of a lump of ice. ,ntolerant of tight clothing around
&emale.662iarrh-a before and during menses. .enses too early and profuse4
worse at night. Voluptuous sensation. <eucorrh-a acrid, thick, tough, greenish,
follows menses. Cannot bear tight clothing around waist A<achB. /races of
menses between menstruation. +oreness of pubes during menses. .etrorrhagia4
#arovarian cysts.
Abdomen.66Colic, with red urine4 relieved by eating. .ust bend double. #ain
around umbilicus. +titches through perineum towards rectum and genitals.
Chronic diarrh-a of old people4 worse at night and early morning.
$)tremities.668reat weakness of all 1oints4 clumsiness with her hands, drops
things from hands. $eariness of hands and feet. +weat in axillE4 onion smell. /ip
of coccyx itches intolerably. .oist ec:ema on back of hand. ,tching of feet and
legs. Fdema in 1oints after fracture.
%kin.66Blunt instrument leave deep impression on the skin. *rticaria on
excitement, with rheumatic lameness, palpitation and diarrh-a A2ulcB. ,tching
on getting warm. 7c:ema, moist4 formation of thick crusts. #imples cover the
entire body4 scurvy4 herpetic eruptions. #ruritus ani. *rticaria on waking in the
morning, worse from bathing. #ellagra.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Bovista antidotes tar applications. +uffocation from gas. !fter
=hus in chronic urticaria.
Compare( Calc4 =hus4 +epia4 Cicuta.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
9luttering sensation ACaladiumB. >idney and bladder symptoms predominate.
#roduces symptoms of albuminuria. ,tching in ears and nostrils. Bright@s disease.
Oppression of chest. $riter@s cramp.
Abdomen.669eeling as if something rolling about. 9luttering in region of ovary.
*rinary.66#ressure in neck of bladder4 urging to urinate. +ense of swashing in
bladder. +oreness in urethra4 feeling as if urine could not be retained. *rine
contains mucous corpuscles and epithelium, albumen and casts.
$)tremities.66Cramp in fingers, thumb, and wrist when writing-soreness
extending along flexor carpi ulnaris.
Relationship.66Compare( !pis4 0elonias4 .erc cor4 #lumbum.
"ose.66/hird potency.
.ost marked effects are seen in the respiratory symptoms, especially in larynx
and trachea. ,t seems to affect especially scrofulous children with enlarged
glands. Blond type. 7nlarged parotid and goitre. /endency to spasmodic attacks.
<eft-sided mumps. +ense of suffocation4 excoriating discharges, profuse sweats
and great weakness. Complaints from being over-heated. /endency to infiltrate
glands, become hard, but seldom suppurate.
!ind.662elusion that strange persons are looking over patient@s shoulder and
that she would see some one on turning. Guarrelsome.
Head.66.egrim of left side4 worse stooping, especially after drinking milk.
0eadache4 worse heat of sun and by rapid motion. +harp pain through eyes.
2i::y when crossing stream of water.
+ose.66Cory:a, with corrosive soreness of nose. +toppage of right nostril.
#ressure at root of nose. /ickling, smarting, as from cobwebs. 9an-like motion of
alE A<ycB. Bleeding from nose relieving the chest.
Throat.66/hroat feels raw, evening, with hoarseness. /onsils pain on
swallowing, deep red, with network of dilated blood vessels. /ickling in trachea
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
during inspiration. 0oarseness coming on from being overheated.
+tomach and Abdomen.66+harp burning from tongue to stomach. #ressure as of
stone. 8astralgia4 better eating. /ympanitic distention of abdomen. #ainful
hEmorrhoids, with black stool.
Respiratory.66$hooping cough A*se persistently for about ten daysB. 2ry
cough, with hoarseness and burning pain behind sternum. +pasmodic cough,
with rattling of mucus in the larynx4 suffocative. 0oarseness. Croup after febrile
symptoms have subsided. 2ifficult and painful breathing. Violent cramping of
chest. Chest pains run upward. Cold sensation when inspiring. 7very inspiration
provokes cough. <aryngeal diphtheria, membrane begins in larynx and spreads
upward. +pasmodic constriction. !sthma4 difficulty in getting air into lung
AChlorum, in expellingB. Better at sea, of seafaring men when they come on land.
0ypertrophy of heart from gymnastics A=husB. 9ibrinous bronchitis, great
dyspn-a. Bronchial tubes feel filled with smoke.
!ale.66+welling of testicles. ,ndurated, with pains worse slight 1ar.
&emale.66+welling of ovaries. .enses too early4 too profuse, with membranous
shreds. <ow spirited before menses. /umor in breasts, with stitching pains4
worse left. +titch pains from breast to axillE. +harp shooting pain in left breast,
worse, pressure.
%leep.669ull of dreams and anguish4 1erking and starting during sleep, full of
fantasy and illusions4 difficult to go to sleep at night, cannot sleep enough in
morning4 trembling and weak on awaking.
%kin.66!cne, pimples and pustules. Boils on arms and face. 8lands stony, hard,
especially on lower 1aw and throat. 0ard goitre A+pongB. 8angrene.
!odalities.66$orse, from evening, until midnight, and when sitting in warm
room4 warm damp weather when at rest and lying left side. Better, from any
motion4 exercise, at sea.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !mmon carb4 Camph. +alt inhibits the action of
Compare( Conium4 +pongia4 ,od4 !ster4 !rg nit. !void milk when taking Brom.
0ydrobromic acid A/hroat dry and puckering4 constriction in pharynx and chest4
waves of heat over face and neck4 pulsating tinnitus with great nervous
irritability A0oughtonB4 vertigo, palpitation4 arms heavy4 seemed as if parts did
not belong to him. +eems to have a specific effect on the inferior cervical
ganglion, increasing the tonic action of the sympathetic, thus promoting vaso-
constriction. =elieves headache, tinnitus and vertigo, especially in vaso-motor
stomach disturbance. 2ose, )I minimsB.
"ose.669irst to third attenuation. .ust be prepared fresh, as it is liable to rapid
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Wild Hop#
!cts on all serous membranes and the viscera they contain. !ching in every
muscle. /he general character of the pain here produced is a stitching, tearing4
worse by motion, better rest. /hese characteristic stitching pains, greatly
aggravated by any motion, are found everywhere, but especially in the chest4
worse pressure. .ucous membranes are all dry. /he Bryonia patient is irritable4
has vertigo from raising the head, pressive headache4 dry, parched lips, mouth4
excessive thirst, bitter taste, sensitive epigastrium, and feeling of a stone in the
stomach4 stools large, dry, hard4 dry cough4 rheumatic pains and swellings4
dropsical effusions into synovial and serous membranes.
Bryonia affects especially the constitution of a robust, firm fiber and dark
complexion, with tendency to leanness and irritability. ,t prefers the right side,
the evening, and open air, warm weather after cold days, to manifest its action
most markedly.
Children dislike to be carried or raised. #hysical weakness, all-pervading apathy.
Complaints apt to develop slowly.
!ind.667xceedingly irritable4 everything puts him out of humor. 2elirium4
wants to go home4 talks of business.
Head.66Vertigo, nausea, faintness on rising, confusion. Bursting, splitting
headache, as if everything would be pressed out4 as if hit by a hammer from
within4 worse from motion, stooping, opening eyes. 0eadache becomes seated in
occiput. 2rawing in bones towards :ygoma. 0eadache4 worse on motion, even of
eyeballs. 9rontal headache, frontal sinuses involved.
+ose.669re5uent bleeding of nose when menses should appear. !lso in the
morning, relieving the headache. Cory:a with shooting and aching in the
forehead. +welling of tip of nose, feels as if it would ulcerate when touched.
$ars.66!ural vertigo A!ur4 Cat sal4 +il4 ChinB. =oaring, bu::ing.
$yes.66#ressing, crushing, aching pain. 8laucoma. +ore to touch and when
moving them.
!outh.66<ips parched, dry, cracked. 2ryness of mouth, tongue, and throat, with
excessive thirst. /ongue coated yellowish, dark brown4 heavily white in gastric
derangement. Bitter taste ACux4 ColB. Burning in lower lip in old smokers. <ip
swollen, dry, black, and cracked.
Throat.662ryness, sticking on swallowing, scraped and constricted ABellB. /ough
mucus in larynx and trachea, loosened only after much hawking4 worse coming
into warm room.
%tomach.66Causea and faintness when rising up. !bnormal hunger, loss of taste.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
/hirst for large draughts. Vomiting of bile and water immediately after eating.
$orse, warm drinks, which are vomited. +tomach sensitive to touch. #ressure in
stomach after eating, as of a stone. +oreness in stomach when coughing.
2yspeptic ailments during summer heat. +ensitiveness of epigastrium to touch.
Abdomen.66<iver region swollen, sore, tensive. Burning pain, stitches4 worse,
pressure, coughing, breathing. /enderness of abdominal walls.
+tool.66Constipation4 stools hard, dry, as if burnt4 seem too large. +tools brown,
thick, bloody4 worse in morning, from moving, in hot weather, after being
heated, from cold drinks, every spell of hot weather.
*rinary.66=ed, brown, like beer4 scanty, hot.
&emale.66.enses too early, too profuse4 worse from motion, with tearing pains
in legs4 suppressed, with vicarious discharge or splitting headache. +titching
pains in ovaries on taking a deep inspiration4 very sensitive to touch. #ain in
right ovary as if torn, extending to thigh A<ilium4 CrocB. .ilk fever. #ain in
breasts at menstrual period. Breasts hot and painful hard. !bscess of mammE.
9re5uent bleeding of nose at appearance of menses. .enstrual irregularities,
with gastric symptoms. Ovaritis. ,ntermenstrual pain, with great abdominal and
pelvic soreness A0amB.
Respiratory.66+oreness in larynx and trachea. 0oarseness4 worse in open air.
2ry, hacking cough from irritation in upper trachea. Cough, dry, at night4 must
sit up4 worse after eating or drinking, with vomiting, with stitches in chest, and
expectoration of rust-colored sputa. 9re5uent desire to take a long breath4 must
expand lungs. 2ifficult, 5uick respiration4 worse every movement4 caused by
stitches in chest. Cough, with feeling as if chest would fly to pieces4 presses his
head on sternum4 must support chest. Croupous and pleuro-pneumonia.
7xpectoration brick shade, tough, and falls like lumps of 1elly. /ough mucus in
trachea, loosened only with much hawking. Coming into warm room excites
cough ACat carbB. 0eaviness beneath the sternum extending towards the right
shoulder. Cough worse by going into warm room. +titches in cardiac region.
!ngina pectoris Ause tinctureB.
Back.66#ainful stiffness in nape of neck. +titches and stiffness in small of back.
9rom hard water and sudden changes of weather.
$)tremities.66>nees stiff and painful. 0ot swelling of feet. ;oints red, swollen,
hot, with stitches and tearing4 worse on least movement. 7very spot is painful on
pressure. Constant motion of left arm and leg A0ellebB.
%kin.66Kellow4 pale, swollen, dropsical4 hot and painful. +eborrh-a. 0air very
%leep.662rowsy4 starting when falling asleep. 2elirium4 busy with business
matters and what he had read.
&e'er.66#ulse full, hard, tense, and 5uick. Chill with external coldness, dry
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
cough, stitches. ,nternal heat. +our sweat after slight exertion. 7asy, profuse
perspiration. =heumatic and typhoid marked by gastro-hepatic complications.
!odalities.66$orse, warmth, any motion, morning, eating, hot weather,
exertion, touch. Cannot sit up4 gets faint and sick. Better, lying on painful side,
pressure, rest, cold things.
Relationship.66Complementary( *pas when Bryonia fails. =hus4 !lumina.
,llecebrum.66! .exican drug.66A9ever with catarrhal symptoms, gastric and
typhoid fever symptomsB.
Antidotes( !con4 Cham4 Cux.
Compare( !sclep tub4 >ali mur4 #telia.
"ose.669irst to twelfth attenuation.
Poi#o! o4 the Toad
!cts on the nervous system and skin. *terine symptoms marked. <ymphangitis
of septic origin. +ymptoms of paralysis agitans. +triking rheumatic symptoms.
!rouses the lowest passions. Causes a desire for intoxicating drink, and
produces impotence.
Of use in feeble-minded children. #rematurely senile. 7pileptic symptoms.
Convulsive sei:ures occur during sleep at night. .ore or less connected with
derangements of the sexual sphere, seem to come within the range of this
remedy. ,n1uries to fingers4 pain runs in streaks up the arms.
!ind.66!nxious about health. +ad, restless. #ropensity to bite. 0owling4
impatient4 nervous4 imbecile. 2esire for solitude. 9eeble-minded.
Head.66+ensation as if hot vapor rose to top of head. Cumbness of brain. 9ace
bathed in sweat. 7pistaxis with flushed face and pain in forehead, better,
$yes.66Cannot bear sight or brilliant ob1ects. <ittle blisters form on eye.
$ars.66.usic is unbearable A!mbraB. 7very little noise distresses.
Heart.669eels too large. #alpitation. Constriction about heart. +ensation of heart
swimming in water.
&emale.66.enses too early and copious, clots and bloody discharge at other
times4 watery leucorrh-a. 7xcitement, with epileptic attacks. 7pilepsy at time of
menses. ,nduration in mammary glands. #alliative in cancer of the mammE.
Burning in ovaries and uterus. *lceration of cervix. Offensive bloody discharge.
#ains run into legs. Bloody milk. .ilk-leg. Veins swollen. /umors and polypi of
!ale.66,nvoluntary emissions4 impotence, discharge too 5uick, spasms during
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
coition. Buboes. 2isposition to handle organs A0yos4 LincB. 7ffects of onanism.
$)tremities.66#ains in loins, numbness of limbs, cramps, staggering gait, feeling
as if a peg were driven in 1oints4 swelling of bones.
%kin.66#anaritium4 pain runs up arm. #atches of skin lose sensation. #ustules,
suppuration from every slight in1ury. #emphigus. BullE which open and leave a
raw surface, exuding and ichorous fluid. Blisters on palms and soles. ,tching and
burning. Carbuncle.
Relationship.66Compare( Baryt carb4 !sterias4 +alamand A7pilepsy and
softening of brainB.
Antidotes( <aches4 +eneg.
Complementary( +alamandra.
!odalities.66$orse, in warm room, on awakening. Better, from bathing or cold
air4 from putting feet in hot water.
"ose.66+ixth potency and higher.
B"t)ric Acid
,olatile acid o*tai!ed chie4l) 4rom *"tter
Head.66$orries over trifles4 impulsive thoughts of suicide4 constant state of fear
and nervousness. 0eadache makes him apprehensive about trifles4 worse going
upstairs or rapid motion. 2ull, ha:y ache of head.
%tomach.66#oor appetite. .uch gas in stomach and bowels. Cramps in pit of
stomach, worse at night. +tomach feels heavy and overloaded. Cramp in
abdomen below umbilicus. Bowels irregular. +tool accompanied by pain and
Back.66/ired feeling and dull pain in small of back, worse walking. #ain in
ankles and up back of leg. #ain low down in back and extremities.
%leep.66#ronounced sleeplessness4 dreams of serious nature while asleep.
%kin.66#erspiration on slight exertion. #rofuse, offensive sweat of feet.
Crumbling away of finger-nails.
!odalities.66$orse, at night, fast walking, going upstairs.
"ose.66/hird attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ni;ht:*loomi!; Cere"#
ele!icere"# #pi!"lo#"#
!cts on circular muscular fibers, hence constrictions. ,t is the heart and arteries
especially that at once respond to the influence of Cactus, producing very
characteristic constrictions as of an iron band. /his sensation is found in various
places, -sophagus, bladder, etc. /he mental symptoms produced correspond to
those found when there are heart affections, sadness, and melancholy.
0Emorrhage, constrictions, periodicity, and spasmodic pains. $hole body feels
as if caged, each wire being twisted tighter. !theromatous arteries and weak
heart. Congestions4 irregular distribution of blood. 9avors formation of clots
speedily. 8reat periodicity. /oxic goitre with cardiac symptoms. Cactus is
pulseless, panting and prostrated.
!ind.66.elancholy, taciturn, sad, ill-humored. 9ear of death. +creams with
pain. !nxiety.
Head.660eadache if obliged to pass dinner hour A!rs4 <ach4 <ycB. +ensation as of
a weight on vertex. =ight-sided pulsating pain. Congestive headaches,
periodical, threatening apoplexy. Blood-vessels to the head distended. 9eels as if
head were compressed in a vise. #ulsation in ears. 2im sight. =ight sided
prosopalgia, constricting pains, returns at same hour daily ACedronB.
+ose.66#rofuse bleeding from nose. 9luent cory:a.
Throat.66Constriction of -sophagus. 2ryness of tongue, as if burnt4 needs much
li5uid to get food down. +uffocative constriction at throat, with full, throbbing
carotids in angina pectoris.
%tomach.66Constriction, pulsation, or heaviness in stomach. Vomiting of blood.
+tool.660ard, black stools. 2iarrh-a in morning. 0Emorrhoids swollen and
painful. +ensation of great weight in anus. 0Emorrhage from bowels in malarial
fevers and with heart symptoms.
*rinary.66Constriction of neck of bladder, causing retention of urine.
0Emorrhage from bladder. Clots of blood in urethra. Constant urination.
&emale.66Constriction in uterine region and ovaries. 2ysmenorrh-a4 pulsating
pain in uterus and ovaries. Vaginismus. .enses early, dark, pitch-like ACocc4
.ag cB4 cease on lying down, with heart symptoms.
Chest.66Oppressed breathing as from a weight on chest. Constriction in chest, as
if bound, hindering respiration. ,nflammation of diaphragm. 0eart-constriction,
as from an iron band. !ngina pectoris. #alpitation4 pain shooting down left arm.
0Emoptysis, with convulsive, spasmodic cough. 2iaphragmitis, with great
difficulty of breathing.
Heart.667ndocarditis with mitral insufficiency together with violent and rapid
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
action. !cts best in the incipiency of cardiac incompetence. 0eart weakness of
arterio-sclerosis. /obacco heart. Violent palpitation4 worse lying on left side, at
approach of menses. !ngina pectoris, with suffocation, cold sweat, and ever-
present iron band feeling. #ain in apex, shooting down left arm. #alpitation, with
vertigo4 dyspn-a, flatulence. Constriction4 very acute pains and stitches in heart4
pulse feeble, irregular, 5uick, without strength. 7ndocardial murmurs, excessive
impulse, increased prEcordial dullness, enlarged ventricle. <ow blood pressure.
$)tremities.66Fdema of hands and feet. 0ands soft4 feet enlarged. Cumbness of
left arm. ,cy-cold hands. =estless legs.
%leep.66+leepless on account of pulsation in different parts of body. 9rightful
&e'er.669ever every day at same hour. Coldness in back and icy-cold hands.
,ntermittent4 paroxysms about midday A%% amB incomplete in their stages,
accompanied by hEmorrhages. Coldness predominates4 cold sweat, with great
anguish. #ersistent subnormal temperature.
!odalities.66$orse, about noon, lying on left side4 walking, going upstairs, %%
am and %% pm. Better, open air.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !con4 Camph4 China.
Compare( 2igital4 +pigel4 Convallar4 >almia4 Ca1a4 .agnol.
"ose.66/incture Abest made from flowersB, to third attenuation. 0igher in
nervous palpitation.
Cadmic "lphate
,ts pathogenesis gives symptoms corresponding to very low forms of disease, as
in cholera, yellow fever, where, with exhaustion, vomiting, and extreme
prostration, the disease runs deathward. ,mportant gastric symptoms.
Carcinoma ventriculi4 persistent vomiting.
/he attack is upon the stomach more especially. #atients must keep 5uiet.
Chilliness and coldness even when near the fire.
.ind and Head.66*nconscious. Vertigo4 room and bed seem to spin around.
0ammering in head. 0eat in head.
+ose.66O:Ena. /ightness at root. Cose obstructed4 polypus. Caries of nasal
bones. Boils on nose. Costrils ulcerated.
$yes.66Opacity of cornea. Blue circle around eyes. One pupil dilated. Cight
&ace.662istortion of mouth. /rembling of 1aw. 9acial paralysis4 more left side.
!outh.662ifficult swallowing. Fsophagus constricted ABaptB. +alty belching.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
,ntense nausea, with pain and cold. +tringy, offensive exudation on mucous
membrane. +alty taste.
Throat.66+ore throat, constant tickling4 gagging and nausea, worse deep
breathing4 chilliness and aching.
%tomach.66+oreness in pit of stomach on pressure. Violent nausea4 retching.
Black vomit. Vomiting of mucus, green slime, blood, with great prostration, and
great tenderness over the stomach. Burning and cutting pains in stomach.
Carcinoma, helps the persistent vomiting. Coffee ground vomiting.
Abdomen.66+ore, tender, tympanitic. =egion of liver sore. Coldness. Black,
offensive clots of blood from bowels. #ain in abdomen, with vomiting.
/enderness and tympanites.
+tool.66Bloody, black, and offensive. 8elatinous, yellowish green4 semi-fluid,
with urinary suppression.
*rinary.66=awness and soreness in urethra, urine mixed with pus and blood.
Heart.66#alpitation, with constriction of chest.
&e'er.66,cy coldness ACamph4 Verat4 0elodermB. Kellow fever ACrotalus4 CarboB.
%kin.66Blue, yellow, sallow, scaly, cracking. ,tching4 better scratching. Chloasma,
yellowish stains on nose and cheeks4 worse exposure to sun and wind.
%leep.66+tops breathing on going to sleep. $akes up suffocating. 9ears to go to
sleep again. #rotracted sleeplessness.
!odalities.66$orse, walking or carrying burdens4 after sleep4 from open air,
stimulants. Better, eating and rest.
Relationship.66Compare( Cadmium oxide4 Cad brom Apain and burning in
stomach, and vomitingB4 Cadmium 1odat A,tching of anus and rectum felt during
the day only4 constipation fre5uent desire, tenesmus, abdomen bloatedB4 Linc4
!rs4 Carbo4 Verat.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Chiococca : Bra?ilia! Pla!t
/his remedy has been found of use in dropsical affections. ,ts urinary symptoms
are well marked. !lbuminuria, with dyspn-a on lying down at night. !scites
and anasarca, with dry skin.
*rinary.66Constant desire to urinate. #olyuria while travelling. *rine fiery.
Burning pain in urethra, especially glandular portion.
!ale.662rawing in of testicles and spermatic cord. #ain worse during passage of
pungent smelling urine.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Back.66#ain in region of kidneys4 better lying bent backward. 8eneral fatigue.
Relationship.66Compare( !pocyn4 !rs4 Coffea Asimilar botanically and in
relieving effects of fatigueB
"ose.66/hird potency or lower.
CaD"p"t Oil
Ole"m -itt!e*ia!"m
!cts like Oil of Cloves. ! remedy for flatulence and affections of the tongue.
+ense of enlargement. Causes copious diaphoresis. =etrocedent gout. Ceuralgic
affections not inflammatory. Cervous dyspn-a.
Head.669eels much enlarged. !s if he could not get himself together ABaptisiaB.
!outh.66#ersistent sensation of choking. +pasmodic stricture of -sophagus.
Constricted sensation on swallowing solid food. /ongue feels swollen, fills whole
%tomach.660iccough, on slightest provocation.
Abdomen.669latulence colic4 tympanites A/erebB. Cervous distention of bowels.
*rine smells like cat@s urine. +pasmodic cholera.
!odalities.66$orse, about J am4 night.
Relationship.66Compare( Bovist4 Cux mosch4 !saf4 ,gn4 Bapt.
"ose.669irst to third potency AJ drops of oilB.
America! Ar"m
/his remedy has a marked action on the genital organs, and pruritus of this
region. Coldness of single parts and inclination to lie down, with aggravation on
lying on left side. +lightest noise startles from sleep. 2read from motion.
.odifies craving for tobacco. /obacco heart. !sthmatic complaints.
Head.660eadaches and mental states of smokers. Very forgetful, does not know
about the occurrences of things. Confused headache with pain in shoulder,
pressure in eyes and forehead4 extremely sensitive to noise, throbbing in ear.
%tomach.668nawing in orifice of stomach, which prevents deep breathing and
eructations. 7ructations. +tomach feels full of dry food4 sensation of fluttering.
!crid vomiting, thirstless and tolerates only warm drinks. +ighing respiration.
!ale.66#ruritus. 8lans very red. Organs seem larger, puffed, relaxed, cold,
sweating4 skin of scrotum thick. 7rections when half-asleep4 cease when fully
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
awake. ,mpotency4 relaxation of penis during excitement. Co emission and no
orgasm during embrace.
&emale.66#ruritus of vulva A!mbr4 >reosB and vagina during pregnancy
A0ydrogen peroxyd % %) locallyB. Voluptuousness. Cramp pains in uterus at
%kin.66+weet sweat-attracts flies. ,nsect bites burn and itch intensely. ,tching
rash alternates with asthma. Burning sensation and erysipelatous inflammation.
Respiratory.66<arynx seems constricted. Breathing impeded. Catarrhal asthma4
mucus not readily raised. #atient afraid to go to sleep.
!odalities.66Better, after sweat, after sleeping in daytime. $orse, motion.
Relationship.66,ncompatible !rum triph.
Complementary( Citr ac.
Compare( Capsic4 #hosph4 Caust4 +elen4 <yc. ,kshugandha Asexual weakness,
emissions, prostatic enlargementB.
"ose.66/hird to sixth attenuation.
Car*o!ate o4 0ime
/his great 0ahnemannian anti-psoric is a constitutional remedy par excellence.
,ts chief action is centered in the vegetative sphere, impaired nutrition being the
keynote of its action, the glands, skin, and bones, being instrumental in the
changes wrought. ,ncreased local and general perspiration, swelling of glands,
scrofulous and rachitic conditions generally offer numerous opportunities for the
exhibition of Calcarea. ,ncipient phthisis A!rs 1od4 /uberculinB. ,t covers the
tickling cough, fleeting chest pains, nausea, acidity and dislike of fat. 8ets out of
breath easily. ! 1aded state, mental or physical, due to overwork. !bscesses in
deep muscles4 polypi and exostoses. #ituitary and thyroid disfunction.
=aised blood coagulability A+trontiumB. ,s a definite stimulant to the periosteum.
,s a hEmostatic and gives this power probably to the gelatine in1ections.
7asy relapses, interrupted convalescence. #ersons of scrofulous type, who take
cold easily, with increased mucous secretions, children who grow fat, are large-
bellied, with large head, pale skin, chalky look, the so-called leuco-phlegmatic
temperament4 affections caused by working in water. 8reat sensitiveness to cold4
partial sweats. Children crave eggs and eat dirt and other indigestible things4 are
prone to diarrh-a. Calcarea patient is fat, fair, flabby and perspiring and cold,
damp and sour.
!ind.66!pprehensive4 worse towards evening4 fears loss of reason, misfortune,
contagious diseases. 9orgetful, confused, low-spirited. !nxiety with palpitation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Obstinacy4 slight mental effort produces hot head. !verse to work or exertion.
Head.66+ense of weight on top of head. 0eadache, with cold hands and feet.
Vertigo on ascending, and when turning head. 0eadache from overlifting, from
mental exertion, with nausea. 0ead feels hot and heavy, with pale face. ,cy
coldness in, and on the head, especially right side. Open fontanelles4 head
enlarged4 much perspiration, wets the pillow. ,tching of the scalp. +cratches head
on waking.
$yes.66+ensitive to light. <achrymation in open air and early in morning. +pots
and ulcers on cornea. <achrymal ducts closed from exposure to cold. 7asy
fatigue of eyes. 9ar sighted. ,tching of lids, swollen, scurfy. Chronic dilatation of
pupils. Cataract. 2imness of vision, as if looking through a mist. <achrymal
fistula4 scrofulous ophthalmia.
$ars.66/hrobbing4 cracking in ears4 stitches4 pulsating pain as if something
would press out. 2eafness from working in water. #olypi which bleed easily.
+crofulous inflammation with muco-purulent otorrh-a, and enlarged glands.
#erversions of hearing4 hardness of hearing. 7ruption on and behind ear A#etrolB.
Cracking noises in ear. +ensitive to cold about ears and neck.
+ose.662ry, nostrils sore, ulcerated. +toppage of nose, also with fetid, yellow
discharge. Offensive odor in nose. #olypi4 swelling at root of nose. 7pistaxis.
Cory:a. /akes cold at every change of weather. Catarrhal symptoms with
hunger4 cory:a alternates with colic.
&ace.66+welling of upper lip. #ale, with deep-seated eyes, surrounded by dark
rings. Crusta lactea4 itching, burning after washing. +ubmaxillary glands swollen.
8oitre. ,tching of pimples in whiskers. #ain from right mental foramen along
lower 1aw to ear.
!outh.66#ersistent sour taste. .outh fills with sour water. 2ryness of tongue at
night. Bleeding of gums. 2ifficult and delayed dentition. /eeth ache4 excited by
current of air, anything cold or hot. Offensive smell from mouth. Burning pain at
tip of tongue4 worse, anything warm taken into stomach.
Throat.66+welling of tonsils and submaxillary glands4 stitches on swallowing.
0awking-up of mucus. 2ifficult swallowing. 8oitre. #arotid fistula.
%tomach.66!version to meat, boiled things4 craving for indigestible things-chalk,
coal, pencils4 also for eggs, salt and sweets. .ilk disagrees. 9re5uent sour
eructations4 sour vomiting. 2islike of fat. <oss of appetite when overworked.
0eartburn and loud belching. Cramps in stomach4 worse, pressure, cold water.
=avenous hunger. +welling over pit of stomach, like a saucer turned bottom up.
=epugnance to hot food. #ain in epigastric region to touch. /hirst4 longing for
cold drinks. !ggravation while eating. 0yperchlorhydria A#hosB.
Abdomen.66+ensitive to slightest pressure. <iver region painful when stooping.
Cutting in abdomen4 swollen abdomen. ,ncarcerated flatulence. ,nguinal and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
mesenteric glands swollen and painful. Cannot bear tight clothing around the
waist. 2istention with hardness. 8all-stone colic. ,ncrease of fat in abdomen.
*mbilical hernia. /rembling4 weakness, as if sprained. Children are late in
learning to walk.
+tool.66Crawling and constriction in rectum. +tool large and hard ABryB4 whitish,
watery, sour. #rolapse ani, and burning, stinging hEmorrhoids. 2iarrh-a of
undigested, food, fetid, with ravenous appetite. Children@s diarrh-a.
Constipation4 stool at first hard, then pasty, then li5uid.
*rinary.662ark, brown, sour, fetid, abundant, with white sediment, bloody.
,rritable bladder. 7nuresis A*se DIth, also /uberculin. % m.B.
!ale.669re5uent emissions. ,ncreased desire. +emen emitted too soon. Coition
followed by weakness and irritability.
&emale.66Before menses, headache, colic, chilliness and leucorrh-a. Cutting
pains in uterus during menstruation. .enses too early, too profuse, too long,
with vertigo, toothache and cold, damp feet4 the least excitement causes their
return. *terus easily displaced. <eucorrh-a, milky A+epiaB. Burning and itching
of parts before and after menstruation4 in little girls. ,ncreased sexual desire4 easy
conception. 0ot swelling breasts. Breasts tender and swollen before menses. .ilk
too abundant4 disagreeable to child. 2eficient lactation, with distended breasts in
lymphatic women. .uch sweat about external genitals. +terility with copious
menses. *terine polypi.
Respiratory.66/ickling cough troublesome at night, dry and free expectoration in
morning4 cough when playing piano, or by eating. #ersistent, irritating cough
from arsenical wall paper AClarkeB. 7xtreme dyspn-a. #ainless hoarseness4
worse in the morning. 7xpectoration only during the day4 thick, yellow, sour
mucus. Bloody expectoration4 with sour sensation in chest. +uffocating spells4
tightness, burning and soreness in chest4 worse going upstairs or slightest ascent,
must sit down. +harp pains in chest from before backwards. Chest very sensitive
to touch, percussion, or pressure. <onging for fresh air. +canty, salty
expectoration A<ycB.
Heart.66#alpitation at night and after eating. #alpitation with feeling of coldness,
with restless oppression of chest4 after suppressed eruption.
Back.66#ain as if sprained4 can scarcely rise4 from overlifting. #ain between
shoulder-blades, impeding breathing. =heumatism in lumbar region4 weakness
in small of back. Curvature of dorsal vertebrE. Cape of neck stiff and rigid.
=enal colic.
$)tremities.66=heumatoid pains, as after exposure to wet. +harp sticking, as if
parts were wrenched or sprained. Cold, damp feet4 feel as if damp stockings
were worn. Cold knees cramps in calves. +our foot-sweat. $eakness of
extremities. +welling of 1oints, especially knee. Burning of soles of feet. +weat of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
hands. !rthritic nodosities. +oles of feet raw. 9eet feel cold and dead at night.
Old sprains. /earing in muscles.
%leep.66,deas crowding in her mind prevent sleep. 0orrid visions when opening
eyes. +tarts at every noise4 fears that she will go cra:y. 2rowsy in early part of
evening. 9re5uent waking at night. +ame disagreeable idea always arouses from
light slumber. Cight terrors A>ali phosB. 2reams of the dead.
&e'er.66Chill at ) pm begins internally in stomach region. 9ever with sweat.
#ulse full and fre5uent. Chilliness and heat. #artial sweats. Cight sweats,
especially on head, neck and chest. 0ectic fever. 0eat at night during
menstruation, with restless sleep. +weat over head in children, so that pillow
becomes wet.
%kin.66*nhealthy4 readily ulcerating4 flaccid. +mall wounds do not heal readily.
8lands swollen. Cettle rash4 better in cold air. $arts on face and hands. #etechial
eruptions. Chilblains. Boils.
!odalities.66$orse, from exertion, mental or physical4 ascending4 cold in every
form4 water, washing, moist air, wet weather4 during full moon4 standing. Better,
dry climate and weather4 lying on painful side. +nee:ing Apain in head and
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph4 ,pec4 Cit ac4 Cux.
Complementary( Bell4 =hus4 <ycop4 +ilica.
Calcar is useful after +ulphur where the pupils remain dilated. $hen #ulsatilla
failed in school girls.
,ncompatible Bry4 +ulphur should not be given after Calc.
Compare( !5ua calcar.66<ime-water66A%O) teaspoonful in milkB4 Aas in1ection for
oxyuris vermicularisB, and Calc caust66slaked lime66Apain in back and heels,
1aws and malar bones4 also symptoms of influen:aB. Calc brom Aremoves
inflammatory products from uterus4 children of lax fiber, nervous and irritable,
with gastric and cerebral irritation. /endency to brain disease. ,nsomnia and
cerebral congestion. 8ive %x triturationB. +ulph Adiffers in being worse by heat,
hot feet, etcB.
Calcar calcinata-Calcined oyster-shell-a remedy for warts. *se Dd trituration.
Calcarea ovorum. Ova tosta-/oasted egg-shells66Abackache and leucorrh-a.
9eeling as if back were broken in two4 tired feeling. !lso effective in controlling
suffering from cancerB.
Calcar lactic AanEmias, hEmophilia, urticaria, where the coagulability of the
blood is diminished4 nervous headache with -dema of eyelids, lips or hands4 %J
grains three times a day, but low potencies often e5ually effectiveB.
Calcar lacto-phosph AJ grains D times a day in cyclic vomiting and migraineB.
Calc mur.66Calcium chloratum-=ademacher@s <i5uor66A% part to ) of distilled
water, of which take %J drops in half a cup of water, five times daily. Boils.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
#orrigo capitis. Vomiting of all food and drink, with gastric pain. ,mpetigo,
glandular swellings, angioneurotic -dema. #leurisy with effusion. 7c:ema in
Calcar picrata, Aperi-follicular inflammation4 a remedy of prime importance in
recurring or chronic boils, particularly when located on parts thinly covered with
muscle tissue, as on shinbones, coccyx, auditory canal, dry, scurfy accumulation
and exfoliation of epithelial scales, etc, styes, phlyctenules. *se Dx tritB.
Compare also with Calcarea <ycop4 +ilica4 #ulsat4 Chamom.
"ose.66+ixth trit. /hirtieth and higher potencies. +hould not be repeated too
fre5uently in elderly people.
Acetate o4 0ime
0as had brilliant clinical results in inflammation of mucous membranes
characteri:ed by a membranous exudation4 otherwise its action and application
is like the carbonate. Cancer pains.
Head.66Vertigo in open air. +enses obscure while reading. .egrim, with great
coldness in head and sour taste.
&emale.66.embranous dysmenorrh-a ABoraxB.
Respiratory.66=attling expiration. Cough loose, with expectoration of large
pieces like casts of bronchial tubes. Breathing difficult4 better bending shoulders
backward. Constrictive anxious sensation in chest.
Relationship.66Compare( Brom4 Borax4 also Calc oxal, in excruciating pains of
open cancer.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
Ar#e!ite o4 0ime
7pilepsy with rush of blood to the head before attack4 aura felt in region of heart4
flying sensation. Complaints in fat women around climacteric. Chronic malaria.
,nfantile enlarged liver and spleen. Cephritis, with great sensitiveness in kidney
region. Complaints of drunkards after abstaining ACarbon sulphB. 9leshy women
at climacteric, slightest emotion causing palpitation. 2yspn-a, with feeble heart.
Chilliness. !lbuminuria. 2ropsy. !ffections of spleen and mesenteric glands.
0emoglobin and red corpuscles are low.
!ind.66!nger, anxiety. 2esire for company. Confusion, delusions, illusions.
8reat depression.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Head.66Violent rush of blood to head with vertigo. #ain in head better by lying
on painful side. $eekly headache. Benumbling headache mostly around ears.
%tomach.66=egion of stomach distended. 7nlarged liver and spleen in children.
#ancreatic disease4 relieves burning pain in cancer of pancreas. Belching with
saliva and beating of heart.
*rinary.66>idney region sensitive to pressure. !lbuminuria, passes urine every
Heart.66Constriction and pain in region of heart, suffocating feeling, palpitation,
oppression and throbbing and pain in back extending to arms.
&emale.66Offensive, bloody leucorrh-a. Cancer of uterus4 burning pain in
uterus and vagina.
Back.66#ain and stiffness near nape of neck. Violent backache, throbbing, drives
out of bed.
$)tremities.66=emoves inflammatory products in veins of lower extremities.
$eariness and lameness of lower limbs.
!odalities.66$orse from slight exertion.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
Fl"oride o4 0ime
Fl"or par
! powerful tissue remedy for hard, stony glands, varicose and enlarged veins,
and malnutrition of bones. 0ard knots in female breast. 8oitre. Congenital
hereditary syphilis. ,nduration threatening suppuration. .any cases of cataract
have undoubtedly been influenced favorably by it. Congenital syphilis
manifesting itself in ulcerating of mouth and throat, caries and necrosis with
boring pains and heat in parts. !rterio-sclerosis4 threatened apoplexy.
/uberculosis. *sed after operations, the tendency to adhesions is reduced.
!ind.668reat depression4 groundless fears of financial ruin.
Head.66Creaking noise in head. Blood-tumors of new-born infants. 0ard
excrescences on the scalp. *lcers on the scalp with callous, hard edges.
$yes.669lickering and sparks before the eyes, spots on the cornea4 con1unctivitis4
cataract. +trumous phlyctemular keratitis. +ubcutaneous palpebral cysts.
$ars.66Calcareous deposits on tympanum4 sclerosis of ossicula and petrous
portion of temporal bone, with deafness, ringing and roaring. Chronic
suppuration of middle ear.
+ose.66Cold in the head4 stuffy cold4 dry cory:a4 o:Ena. Copious, offensive,
thick, greenish, lumpy, yellow nasal catarrh. !trophic rhinitis, especially if crusts
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
are prominent.
&ace.660ard swelling on the cheek, with pain or toothache, hard swelling on
!outh.668um-boil, with hard swelling on the 1aw. Cracked appearance of the
tongue, with or without pain. ,nduration of the tongue, hardening after
inflammation. *nnatural looseness of the teeth, with or without pain4 teeth
become loose in their sockets. /oothache, with pain if any food touches the tooth.
Throat.669ollicular sore throat4 plugs of mucus are continually forming in the
crypts of the tonsils. #ain and burning in throat4 better by warm drinks4 worse,
cold drinks. 0ypertrophy of <uschka@s tonsil. =elaxed uvula, tickling referred to
%tomach.66Vomiting of infants. Vomiting of undigested food. 0iccough ACa1up4
+ulph acB. 9latulency. $eakness and daintiness of appetite, nausea and distress
after eating in young children who are overtaxed by studies. !cute indigestion
from fatigue and brain-fag4 much flatulence.
+tool and !nus.662iarrh-a in gouty sub1ects. ,tching of anus. 9issure of the
anus, and intensely sore crack near the lower end of the bowel. Bleeding
hEmorrhoids. ,tching of anus as from pin-worms. ,nternal or blind piles
fre5uently, with pain in back, generally far down on the sacrum, and
constipation. .uch wind in lower bowels. $orse, pregnancy.
!ale.660ydrocele4 indurations of the testicles.
=espiratory Organs.660oarseness. Croup. Cough with expectoration of tiny
lumps of yellow mucus, with tickling sensation and irritation on lying down.
+pasmodic cough. Calc. 9luor removes fibroid deposits about the endocardium
and restores normal endocardial structure A7li 8. ;ones, .. 2B.
Circulatory Organs.66Chief remedy for vascular tumors with dilated blood-
vessels, and for varicose or enlarged veins. !neurism. Valvular disease. $hen
the tuberculous toxins attack the heart and blood-vessels.
Ceck and Back.66Chronic lumbago4 aggravated on beginning to move, and
ameliorated on continued motion. Osseous tumors. =achitic enlargement of
femur in infants. #ain lower part of back, with burning.
$)tremities.668anglia or encysted tumors at the back of the wrist. 8outy
enlargements of the 1oints of the fingers. 7xostoses on fingers. Chronic synovitis
of knee-1oint.
%leep.66Vivid dreams, with sense of impending danger. *nrefreshing sleep.
%kin.66.arked whiteness of skin. +car tissue4 adhesions after operations. Chaps
and cracks. 9issures or cracks in the palms of the hands, or hard skin. 9issure of
the anus. +uppurations with callous, hard edges. $hitlow. ,ndolent, fistulous
ulcers, secreting thick, yellow pus. 0ard, elevated edges of ulcer, surrounding
skin purple and swollen. >nots, kernels, hardened glands in the female breast.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+wellings or indurated enlargements having their seat in the fasciE and capsular
ligaments of 1oints, or in the tendons. ,ndurations of stony hardness.
!odalities.66$orse, during rest, changes of weather. Better, heat, warm
Relationship.66Compare( Con4 <apis4 Baryt mur4 0ecla4 =hus4 Cacodylate of
+oda A/umorsB.
Calcar sulph-stibiata Aacts as an hEmostatic and absorptive in uterine myomaB.
.angifera indica Avaricose veinsB.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth trituration. ! 3chronic3 remedy. Ceeds some time before
manifesting its effects. +hould not be repeated too fre5uently.
Iodide o4 0ime
,t is in the treatment of scrofulous affections, especially enlarged glands, tonsils,
etc, that this remedy has gained marked beneficial results. /hyroid enlargements
about time of puberty. 9labby children sub1ect to colds. +ecretions inclined to be
profuse and yellow. !denoids. *terine fibroids. Croup.
Head.660eadache while riding against cold wind. <ightheaded. Catarrh4 worse
at root of nose4 snee:ing4 very little sensation. #olypi of nose and ear.
Throat.667nlarged tonsils are filled with little crypts.
Respiratory.66Chronic cough4 #ain in chest, difficulty breathing after syphilis
and mercuriali:ation A8rauvoglB. 0ectic fever4 green purulent expectoration.
Croup. #neumonia.
%kin.66,ndolent ulcers, accompanying varicose veins. 7asy perspiration. Copper-
colored and papulous eruptions, tinea, favus, crusta lactea, swelling of the
glands, skin cracked, falling out of hair.
Relationship.66Compare( !graphis-Bluebell Aadenoids with enlarged tonsilsB.
0ere +ulph iod follows both !graphis and Calc iod. !con lycotonum Aswelling
of glands, 0odgkin@s diseaseB.
Compare also Calc fluor4 +il4 .erc iod.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration.
Pho#phate o4 0ime
One of the most important tissue remedies, and while it has many symptoms in
common with Calcarea carb, there are some differences and characteristic
features of its own. ,t is especially indicated in tardy dentition and troubles
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
incident to that period, bone disease non-union of fractured bones, and the
anEmias after acute diseases and chronic wasting diseases. !nEmic children
who are peevish, flabby, have cold extremities and feeble digestion. ,t has a
special affinity where bones form sutures or symphyses, and all its symptoms are
worse from any change of weather. Cumbness and crawling are characteristic
sensations, and tendency to perspiration and glandular enlargement are
symptoms it shares with the carbonate. +crofulosis, chlorosis and phthisis.
!ind.66#eevish, forgetful4 after grief and vexation A,gnat4 #hos acB. !lways
wants to go somewhere.
Head.660eadache, worse near the region of sutures, from change of weather, of
school children about puberty. 9ontanelles remain open too long. Cranial bones
soft and thin. 2efective hearing. 0eadache, with abdominal flatulence. 0ead hot,
with smarting of roots of hair.
$yes.662iffused opacity in cornea following abscess.
!outh.66+wollen tonsils4 cannot open mouth without pain. Complaints during
teething4 teeth develop slowly4 rapid decay of teeth. !denoid growths.
%tomach.66,nfant wants to nurse all the time and vomits easily. Craving for
bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats. .uch flatulence. 8reat hunger with thirst
flatulence temporarily relieved by sour eructations. 0eartburn. 7asy vomiting in
Abdomen.66!t every attempt to eat, colicky pain in abdomen. +unken and
flabby. Colic, soreness and burning around navel.
+tool.66Bleeding after hard stool. 2iarrh-a from 1uicy fruits or cider4 during
dentition. 8reen, slimy, hot, sputtering, undigested, with fetid flatus. 9istula in
ano, alternating with chest symptoms.
*rinary.66,ncreased, with sensation of weakness. #ain in region of kidneys when
lifting or blowing the nose.
&emale.66.enses too early, excessive, and bright in girls. ,f late, blood is dark4
sometimes, first bright, then dark, with violent backache. 2uring lactation with
sexual excitement. Cymphomania, with aching, pressing, or weakness in uterine
region A#latB. !fter prolonged nursing. <eucorrh-a, like white of egg. $orse
morning. Child refuses breast4 milk tastes salty. #rolapsus in debilitated persons.
Respiratory.66,nvoluntary sighing. Chest sore. +uffocative cough4 better lying
down. 0oarseness. #ain through lower left lung.
Ceck and Back.66=heumatic pain from draught of air, with stiffness and
dullness of head. +oreness in sacro-iliac symphysis, as if broken A!esc hipB.
$)tremities.66+tiffness and pain, with cold, numb feeling, worse any change of
weather. Crawling and coldness. Buttocks, back and limbs asleep. #ains in 1oints
and bones. $eary when going upstairs.
Relationship.66Complementary( =uta4 0epar.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Compare( Calcar hypophosphorosa Ais to be preferred when it seems necessary
to furnish the organism with liberal doses of phosphorus in conse5uence of
continued abscesses having reduced the vitality. 8ive first and second decimal
trits. <oss of appetite, rapid debility, night sweats4 !cne pustulosa.66#allor of
skin, habitually cold extremities. #hthisis-diarrh-a and cough4 acute pains in
chest. .esenteric tuberculosis. Bleeding from lungs4 angina pectoris4 asthma4
affection of arteries. Veins stand out like whipcords. !ttacks of pain occurring
two hours after meals Arelieved by a cup of milk or light foodB. Cheiranthus
Aeffects of cutting wisdom teethB. Calcarea renalis-<apis renalis66Aarthritic
nodosities. =igg@s disease4 lessens tendency to accumulation of tartar on teeth4
gravel and renal calculiB. Conchilion.66.eter perlarum.66.other of pearl
AOsteitis.660as a wide range of action in bone affections, especially when the
growing ends are affected. #etechiEB. +ilica4 #sorin4 +ulph.
!odalities.66$orse, exposure to damp, cold weather, melting snow. Better, in
summer4 warm, dry atmosphere.
"ose.669irst to third trituration. 0igher potencies often more effective.
"lphate o4 0ime
Pla#ter o4 Pari#
7c:ema and torpid glandular swellings. Cystic tumors. 9ibroids. +uppurative
processes come within the range of this remedy, after pus has found a vent.
.ucous discharges are yellow, thick and lumpy. <upus vulgaris.
Head.66+cald-head of children, if there be purulent discharge, or yellow,
purulent crusts.
$yes.66,nflammation of the eyes, with discharge of thick, yellow matter. +ees
only one-half an ob1ect. Cornea smoky. Ophthalmia neonatorum.
$ars.662eafness, with discharge of matter from the middle ear, sometimes mixed
with blood. #imples around ear.
+ose.66Cold in the head, with thick, yellowish, purulent secretion, fre5uently
tinged with blood. One-sided discharge from nose. Kellowish discharge from
posterior nares. 7dges of nostrils sore.
&ace.66#imples and pustules on the face. 0erpes.
!outh.66,nside of lips sore. /ongue flabby, resembling a layer of dried clay.
+our, soapy, acrid taste. Kellow coating at base.
Throat.66<ast stage of ulcerated sore throat, with discharge of yellow matter.
+uppurating stage of tonsillitis, when abscess is discharging.
Abdomen.66#ain in region of liver, in right side of pelvis, followed by weakness,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
nausea, and pain in stomach.
+tool.66#urulent diarrh-a mixed with blood. 2iarrh-a after maple sugar and
from change of weather. #us-like, slimy discharge from the bowels. #ainful
abscesses about the anus in cases of fistula.
&emale.66.enses late, long-lasting, with headache, twitching great weakness.
Respiratory.66Cough, with purulent and sanious sputa and hectic fever.
7mpyEma, pus forming in the lungs or pleural cavities. #urulent, sanious
expectoration. Catarrh, with thick, lumpy, white-yellow or pus-like secretion.
$)tremities.66Burning-itching of soles of feet.
&e'er.660ectic fever, caused by formation of pus. $ith cough and burning in
%kin.66Cuts, wounds, bruises, etc, unhealthy, discharging pus4 they do not heal
readily. Kellow, purulent crusts or discharge. #urulent exudations in or upon the
skin. +kin affections with yellowish scabs. .any little matterless pimples under
the hair, bleeding when scratched. 2ry ec:ema in children.
Relationship.66Compare( 0epar4 +ilica.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration. /he twelfth potency has been found
effective in <upus.
ilicate o4 0ime
! deep, long acting medicine for complaints which come on slowly and reach
their final development after long periods. 0ydrogenoid constitution ACat
sulphB. Very sensitive to cold. #atient is weak, emaciated, cold and chilly, but
worse from being overheated4 sensitive generally. !trophy of children.
!ind.66!bsent-minded, irritable, irresolute, lacks self-confidence. 9earful.
Head.66Vertigo, head cold, especially at vertex4 catarrh of nose and posterior
nares, discharge thick, yellow, hard crusts. Corneal exudation.
%tomach.66+ensation of coldness, especially when empty. +inking sensation at
pit. 8reat thirst. 9latulence and distention after eating. Vomiting and eructations.
&emale.66*terus heavy, prolapsed. <eucorrh-a, painful and irregular menses.
9low between periods.
Respiratory.66+ensitive to cold air. 2ifficult respiration. Chronic irritation of air
passages. Copious, yellow-green mucus. Coughs with coldness, weakness,
emaciation, sensitiveness and peevishness, worse from cold air. #ain in chest
%kin.66,tching, burning, cold and blue, very sensitive. #imples, comedones,
wens. #soric eruptions.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( !rsenic4 /ubercul4 Baryt carb4 ,od.
"ose.66!ll potencies from lowest to high.
! most remarkable healing agent, applied locally. *seful for open wounds, parts
that will not heal, ulcers, etc. #romotes healthy granulations and rapid healing by
first intention. 0Emostatic after tooth extraction. 2eafness. Catarrhal conditions.
Ceuroma. Constitutional tendency to erysipelas. #ain is excessive and out of all
proportion to in1ury. 8reat disposition to take cold, especially in damp weather.
#aralysis after apoplexy. Cancer, as an intercurrent remedy. 0as remarkable
power to produce local exudation and helps to make acrid discharge healthy and
free. Cold hands.
Head.667xtremely nervous4 easily frightened4 tearing headache4 weight on brain.
+ubmaxillary glands swollen, painful to touch. #ain in right side of neck.
<acerated scalp wounds.
$yes.66,n1uries to eyes which tend to suppuration4 after operations4 blenorrh-a
of lachrymal sac.
$ars.662eafness4 worse in damp surroundings and with ec:ematous conditions.
0ears best on a train, and distant sounds.
+ose.66Cory:a in one nostril4 with much green discharge.
%tomach.660unger immediately after nursing. Bulimia. 0eartburn with
horripilations. Causea in chest. Vomiting. +inking sensation. 7pigastric
Respiratory.66Cough, with green expectoration, hoarseness4 with distention of
inguinal ring.
&emale.66$arts at the os externum. .enses suppressed, with cough. Chronic
endocervicitis. *terine hypertrophy, sensation of weight and fullness in pelvis4
stretching and dragging in groin4 pain on sudden movements. Os lower than
natural. .enorrhagia.
%kin.66Kellow4 goose-flesh. #romotes favorable cicatri:ation, with least amount
of suppuration. +lough, proud flesh, and raised edges. +uperficial burns and
scalds. 7rysipelas Ause topicallyB.
&e'er.66Coldness, great sensitiveness to open air4 shuddering in back, skin feels
warm to touch. 0eat in evening.
!odalities.66$orse, in damp, heavy, cloudy weather.
Relationship.66Compare( 0amamel4 0yperic4 +ymph4 !rn.
Compare in deafness 9err pic4 >al iod4 Calc4 .ag c4 8raph.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Antidote( Chelidon4 =heum.
Complementary( 0epar.
"ose.66<ocally. !5ueous Calendula A.arigoldinB for all wounds, the greatest
healing agent. !lso as an in1ection in leucorrh-a4 internally, tincture, to third
potency. 9or burns sores, fissures, and abrasions, etc, use Calendula Cerate.
Madar Bark
0as been used with marked success in the treatment of syphilis following
.ercury4 also, in elephantiasis, leprosy, and acute dysentery. #neumonic
phthisis. /uberculosis.
,ncreases the circulation in the skin4 has powerful effects as a sudorific. ,n the
secondary symptoms of syphilis, where .ercury has been used but cannot be
pushed safely any farther, it rapidly recruits the constitution, heals the ulcers and
blotches from the skin, and perfects the cure. #rimary anEmia of syphilis. 0eat
in stomach is a good guiding symptom. Obesity, while flesh decreases, muscles
become harder and firmer.
Relationship.66Compare( .erc4 #otass iod4 Berb a5ui4 +arsap4 ,pecac.
"ose.66/incture, one to five drops4 three times a day.
#ain in abdomen, vomiting, headache, singing in ears, dysuria and diarrh-a.
%kin.66#emphigus. BullE are surrounded by a ring. .uch itching. 9ace much
swollen, especially around the eyes. ,tching eruption on thighs. #ustules. *terine
0ahnemann says 3/he action of this substance is very pu::ling and difficult of
investigation, even in the healthy organism because its primary action, more
fre5uently than with any other remedy, alternates and becomes intermixed with
the vital reactions Aafter effectsB of the organism. On this account it is often
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
difficult to determine what belongs to the vital reactions of the body and what to
the alternating effects due to the primary action of the camphor.3
#ictures a state of collapse. ,cy coldness of the whole body4 sudden sinking of
strength4 pulse small and weak. !fter operations, if temperature is subnormal,
low blood pressure, D doses camph. %x, %J-minute intervals. /his condition is met
with in cholera, and here it is that Camphor has achieved classical fame. 9irst
stages of a cold, with chilliness and snee:ing. +ubsultus and extreme restlessness.
Cracking of 1oints. 7pileptiform convulsions. Camphor has a direct relationship
to muscles and fascia. ,n local rheumatic affections in cold climates necessary.
2istention of veins. !s a heart stimulant for emergency use of Camphor is the
most satisfactory remedy. 2rop doses on sugar as often as every five minutes.
,t is characteristic of Camphor that the patient will not be covered,
notwithstanding the icy coldness of the body. One of the main remedies in shock.
#ain better while thinking of it. Very sensitive to cold and to touch. +e5uelE of
measles. Violent convulsion, with wandering and hysterical excitement. /etanic
spasms. +crofulous children and irritable, weakly blondes especially affected.
Head.66Vertigo, tendency to unconsciousness, feeling as if he would die.
,nfluen:a4 headache, with catarrhal symptoms, snee:ing, etc. Beating pain in
cerebellum. Cold sweat. Cose cold and pinched. /ongue cold, flabby, trembling.
9leeting stitches in temporal region and orbits. 0ead sore. Occipital throbbing,
synchronous with the pulse.
$yes.669ixed, staring4 pupils dilated. +ensation as if all ob1ects were too bright
and glittering.
+ose.66+topped4 snee:ing. 9luent cory:a on sudden change of weather. Cold
and pinched. #ersistent epistaxis, especially with goose-flesh state of skin.
&ace.66#ale, haggard, anxious, distorted4 bluish, cold. Cold sweat.
%tomach.66#ressive pain in pit of stomach. Coldness, followed by burning.
+tool.66Blackish4 involuntary. !siatic cholera, with cramps in calves, coldness of
body, anguish, great weakness, collapse, tongue and mouth cold.
*rinary.66Burning and strangury, with tenesmus of the neck of the bladder.
=etention with full bladder.
.ale66Besire increased. Chordee. #riapism. Cightly emissions.
Respiratory.66#rEcordial distress. +uffocative dyspn-a. !sthma. Violent, dry,
hacking cough. #alpitation. Breath cold. +uspended respiration.
%leep.66,nsomnia, with cold limbs. +ubsultus and extreme restlessness.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pain between shoulders. 2ifficult motion. Cumbness,
tingling and coldness. Cracking in 1oints. Cramps in calves. ,cy cold feet, ache as
if sprained.
&e'er.66#ulse small, weak, slow. ,cy coldness of the whole body. Cold
perspiration. Congestive chill. /ongue cold, flabby, trembling.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.66Cold, pale, blue, livid. Cannot bear to be covered A+ecaleB.
!odalities.66$orse, motion, night, contact, cold air. Better, warmth.
Relationship.66Camphor antidotes or modifies the action of nearly every
vegetable medicine66tobacco, opium, worm medicines, etc. <affa acutangula
Awhole body ice-cold, with a restlessness and anxiety4 burning thirstB. Camphoric
acid66Aa prophylactic against catheter fever4 cystitis %J grains three times a day4
also for prevention of night sweatsB.
,ncompatible >ali nit.
Complementary( Canth.
Antidotes( Opium4 Citr sp dulc4 #hos.
Compare( Carbo4 Cuprum4 !rsenic4 Veratr.
"ose.66/incture, in drop doses, repeated fre5uently, or smelling of +pirits of
Camphor. #otencies are e5ually effective.
Mo!o:*romide o4 Camphor
Cervous excitability is the guiding condition. +uppression of milk. Cightly
emissions. #ainful erections. #aralysis agitans. Cholera infantum, and infantile
convulsions. ,ntensifies the action of Guinine and renders it more permanent.
!ind.662irections appear reversed, i.e, north seems south, and east seems west.
0ysteria4 weeping and laughing alternately. /rance-like state.
"ose.66+econd trituration.
Er)thraea 9e!"#ta
*sed extensively as a fever remedy and bitter tonic A8entianaB, antimalarial and
antiseptic. Of use in severe type of intermittent fever in hot countries4 also, in
influen:a. +ore, as if bruised all over. +ensation of drops falling from and upon
different spots.
Head.66Congested. +calp feels tight4 head feels as if bound4 burning in eyes4
bu::ing in ears.
&e'er.66Chill all over4 worse in bed at night. +ensitive to cold trade-winds on
#acific Coast. 8eneral sore and bruised feeling4 nausea and retching.
%kin.66$rinkled like a washer-woman@s. +calp feels tight, as if drawn together
by ,ndia-rubber.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66/incture, in drop doses. .ust be made from the fresh plant. ,ts medicinal
properties are lost in the dry.
,nhibits the higher faculties and stimulates the imagination to a remarkable
degree without any marked stimulation of the lower or animal instinct. !
condition of intense exaltation, in which all perceptions and conceptions, all
sensations and all emotions are exaggerated to the utmost degree.
+ubconscious or dual nature state. !pparently under the control of the second
self, but, the original self, prevents the performance of acts which are under the
domination of the second self. !pparently the two natures cannot act
independently, one acting as a check, upon the other A7ffects of one 2ram doses
by 2r. !lbert +chneiderB.
/he experimenter feels ever and anon that he is distinct from the sub1ect of the
hashish dream and can think rationally.
#roduces the most remarkable hallucinations and imaginations, exaggeration of
the duration of time and extent of space, being most characteristic. Conception of
time, space and place is gone. 7xtremely happy and contented, nothing troubles.
,deas crowd upon each other. 0as great soothing influence in many nervous
disorders, like epilepsy, mania, dementia, delirium tremens, and irritable
reflexes. 7xophthalmic goitre. Catalepsy.
!ind.667xcessive lo5uacity4 exuberance of spirits. /ime seems too long4 seconds
seem ages4 a few rods an immense distance. Constantly theori:ing. !nxious
depression4 constant fear of becoming insane. .ania, must constantly move.
Very forgetful4 cannot finish sentence. ,s lost in delicious thought. *ncontrollable
laughter. 2elirium tremens. Clairvoyance. 7motional excitement4 rapid change of
mood. Cannot reali:e her identity, chronic vertigo as of floating off.
Head.669eels as if top of head were opening and shutting and as if calvarium
were being lifted. +hocks through brain A!loe4 CocaB. *rEmic headache.
/hrobbing and weight at occiput. 0eadache with flatulence. ,nvoluntary shaking
of head. .igraine attack preceded by unusual excitement with lo5uacity.
$yes.669ixed. <etters run together when reading. Clairvoyance. +pectral illusions
without terror.
$ars.66/hrobbing, bu::ing, and ringing. Coise like boiling water. 7xtreme
sensitiveness to noise.
&ace.667xpression drowsy and stupid. <ips glued together. 8rinding of teeth in
sleep. .outh and lips dry. +aliva thick, frothy, and sticky.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66,ncreased appetite. #ain at cardiac orifice4 better, pressure.
2istention. #yloric spasm. +ensation of extreme tension in abdominal vessels-feel
distended to bursting.
Rectum.66+ensation in anus as if sitting on a ball.
*rinary.66*rine loaded with slimy mucus. .ust strain4 dribbling4 has to wait
some time before the urine flows. +titches and burning in urethra. 2ull pain in
region of right kidney.
!ale.66!fter sexual intercourse, backache. Oo:ing of white, glairy mucus from
glans. +atyriasis. #rolonged thrill. Chordee. +ensation of swelling in perineum or
near anus, as if sitting on a ball.
&emale.66.enses profuse, dark, painful, without clots. Backache during menses.
*terine colic, with great nervous agitation and sleeplessness. +terility ABoraxB.
2ysmenorrh-a with sexual desire.
Respiratory.660umid asthma. Chest oppressed with deep, labored breathing.
Heart.66#alpitation awakes him. #iercing pain, with great oppression. #ulse very
slow A2ig4 >almia4 !pocynB.
$)tremities.66#ain across shoulders and spine4 must stoop4 cannot walk erect.
/hrilling through arms and hands, and from knees down. 7ntire paralysis of the
lower extremities. #ain in soles and calves4 sharp pains in knees and ankles4 very
exhausted after a short walk.
%leep.66Very sleepy, but unable to do so. Obstinate and intractable forms of
insomnia. Catalepsy. 2reams of dead bodies4 prophetic. Cightmare.
!odalities.66$orse, morning4 from coffee, li5uor and tobacco4 lying on right
side. Better from fresh air, cold water, rest.
Relationship.66Bellad4 0yoscy4 +tram4 <aches4 !garic4 !nhalon Atime sense
disordered4 time periods enormously overestimated, thus, minutes seem hours,
"ose.66/incture and low attenuations.
+eems to affect especially the urinary, sexual, and respiratory organs. ,t has
characteristic sensations as of dropping water. 8reat fatigue, as from over-
exertion4 weary after meals. Choking in swallowing4 things go down the wrong
way. +tuttering. Confusion of thought and speech. $avering speech. $avering
speech, hasty, incoherent.
Head.66<ectophobia. Vertigo4 sensation of dropping water on head. #ressure on
root of nose.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$yes.66Opacity of cornea. Cataract from nervous disturbances, abuse of alcohol
and tobacco4 patient feels deeply approaching blindness. .isty sight. #ressure
from back of eyes, forward. 8onorrh-al ophthalmia. 7yeballs ache. +crofulous
eye troubles A+ulph4 CalcB.
*rinary.66=etained, with obstinate constipation. #ainful urging. .icturition in
split stream. +titches in urethra. ,nflamed sensation, with soreness to touch.
Burning while urinating, extending to bladder. *rine scalding, with spasmodic
closure of sphincter. 8onorrh-a, acute stage4 urethra very sensitive. $alks with
legs apart. 2ragging in testicles. Lig:ag pain along urethra. +exual
overexcitement. *rethral caruncle A7ucalyptB, phimosis. +toppage of urethra by
mucus and pus.
&emale.66!menorrh-a when physical powers have been overtaxed, also with
Respiratory.66Oppression of breathing and palpitation4 must stand up. $eight
on chest4 rattling whee:ing breathing. Cough, with green viscid, also bloody,
Heart.66+ensation as if drops were falling from the heart. #ainful strokes and
tension with palpitation. #ericarditis.
%leep.669rightful dreams. .ore tired in morning. +leepy during day.
$)tremities.66Contraction of fingers after a sprain. 2islocation of patella on
going upstairs. 9eet feel heavy on going upstairs. #aralytic tearing pains.
!ffections of the ball of the foot and under part of toes.
!odalities.66$orse, lying down4 going upstairs.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph4 <emon 1uice.
Compare( 0edysarum-Bra:ilian Burdock66A8onorrh-a and inflammation of
penisB4 Canth4 !pis4 Copaiva4 /hu14 >al nit.
"ose.66/incture to third attenuation. ,n stuttering the DIth.
pa!i#h Fl)
/his powerful drug produces a furious disturbance in the animal economy,
attacking the urinary and sexual organs especially, perverting their function, and
setting up violent inflammations, and causing a fren:ied delirium, simulating
hydrophobia symptoms A!nagallisB. #uerperal convulsions. #roduces most
violent inflammation of the whole gastro-intestinal canal, especially lower bowel.
Oversensitiveness of all parts. ,rritation. =aw, burning pains. 0Emorrhages.
,ntolerable, constant urging to urinate is most characteristic. 8astric, hepatic and
abdominal complaints that are aggravated by drinking coffee. 8astric
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
derangements of pregnancy. 2ysuria, with other complaints. ,ncreases secretion
of mucous membranes, tenacious mucus. /he inflammations cantharis produces
Abladder, kidneys, ovaries, meninges, pleuritic and pericardial membranesBare
usually associated with bladder irritation.
!ind.669urious delirium. !nxious restlessness, ending in rage. Crying, barking4
worse touching larynx or drinking water. Constantly attempts to do something,
but accomplishes nothing. !cute mania, generally of a sexual type4 amorous
fren:y4 fiery sexual desire. #aroxysms of rage, crying, barking. +udden loss of
consciousness with red face.
Head.66Burning in brain. +ensation as if boiling water in brain. Vertigo4 worse in
open air.
$yes.66Kellow vision A+antonB. 9iery, sparkling, staring look. Burning in eyes.
$ars.66+ensation as if wind were coming from ear, or hot air. Bones about ear
painful ACapsicB.
&ace.66#ale, wretched, death-like appearance. ,tching vesicles on face, burning
when touched. 7rysipelas of face, with burning, biting heat with urinary
symptoms. 0ot and red.
Throat.66/ongue covered with vesicles4 deeply furred4 edges red. Burning in
mouth, pharynx, and throat4 vesicles in mouth. 8reat difficulty in swallowing
li5uids. Very tenacious mucus A>ali bichB. Violent spasms reproduced by
touching larynx. ,nflammation of throat4 feels on fire. Constriction4 aphthous
ulceration A0ydr mur4 Cit acB. +calding feeling. Burnt after taking too hot food.
Chest.66#leurisy, as soon as effusion has taken place. ,ntense dyspn-a4
palpitation4 fre5uent, dry cough. /endency to syncope. +hort, hacking cough,
blood-streaked tenacious mucus. Burning pains.
%tomach.66Burning sensation of -sophagus and stomach ACarbB. 2isgust for
everything-drink, food, tobacco. Burning thirst, with aversion to all fluids. Very
sensitive, violent burning. Vomiting of blood-streaked membrane and violent
retching. !ggravation from drinking coffee4 drinking the smallest 5uantity
increases pain in bladder, and is vomited. /hirst un5uenchable.
+tool.66+hivering with burning. 2ysentery4 mucous stools, like scrapings of
intestines. Bloody, with burning and tenesmus and shuddering after stool.
*rinary.66,ntolerable urging and tenesmus. Cephritis with bloody urine. Violent
paroxysms of cutting and burning in whole renal region, with painful urging to
urinate4 bloody urine, by drops. ,ntolerable tenesmus4 cutting before, during, and
after urine. *rine scalds him, and is passed drop by drop. Constant desire to
urinate. .embranous scales looking like bran in water. *rine 1elly-like, shreddy.
!ale.66+trong desire4 painful erections. #ain in glans A#runus4 #areiraB. #riapism
in gonorrh-a.
&emale.66=etained placenta A+epB, with painful urination. 7xpels moles, dead
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
f-tuses, membranes, etc. Cymphomania A#lat4 0yos4 <ach4 +tramB. #uerperal
metritis, with inflammation of bladder. .enses too early and too profuse4 black
swelling of vulva with irritation. Constant discharge from uterus4 worse false
step. Burning pain in ovaries4 extremely sensitive. #ain in os coccyx, lancinating
and tearing.
Respiratory.66Voice low4 weak feeling. +titches in chest ABry4 >al c4 +5uillaB.
#leurisy, with exudation.
Heart.66#alpitation4 pulse feeble, irregular4 tendency to syncope. #ericarditis,
with effusion.
Back.66#ain in loins, with incessant desire to urinate.
$)tremities.66/earing in limbs. *lcerative pain in soles4 cannot step.
%kin.662ermatitis venenata with bled formation. +econdary ec:ema about
scrotum and genitals, following excessive perspiration. /endency to gangrene.
7ruption with mealy scales. Vesicular eruptions, with burning and itching.
+unburn. Burns, scalds, with rawness and smarting, relieved by cold
applications, followed by undue inflammation. 7rysipelas, vesicular type, with
great restlessness. Burning in soles of feet at night.
&e'er.66Cold hands and feet4 cold sweat. +oles burn. Chill, as if water were
poured over him.
!odalities.66$orse, from touch, or approach, urinating, drinking cold water or
coffee. Better, rubbing.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !con4 Camph4 #uls.
Compare( Cantharidin66A8lomerular nephritisB. /he immediate pharmacological
action of Cantharidin is irritability of the capillaries, rendering the passage of
nutritive fluids through them less difficult. /his is most marked in the capillaries
of the kidneys. /he increase of blood sugar coincident with the glomerular
nephritis appears to be a valuable observation. Vesicaria66A*rinary and kidney
remedy. +marting, burning sensation along urethra and in bladder with fre5uent
desire to void urine often with strangury. Cystitis, irritable bladder. /incture J-%I
drop dosesB. 9uschina coloring substance used in adulteration of wine ACortical
nephritis with albuminuria, Hth-DIth potency. =edness of ears, mouth, swollen
gums4 deep, red urine4 red, profuse diarrh-a, with severe abdominal painsB.
!ndrosace lactea Aurinary troubles, diuretic4 dropsyB. !pis4 !rs4 .erc cor.
Complementary( Camph.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency. Bears repeated doses well. <ocally, in burns
and ec:ema, %x and )x, in water, or as cerate.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ca)e!!e Pepper
+eems to suit especially persons of lax fiber, weak4 diminished vital heat. !
relaxed plethoric sluggish, cold remedy. Cot much reactive force. +uch persons
are fat, indolent, opposed to physical exertion, averse to go outside of their
routine, get homesick easily. 8eneral uncleanliness of body. !bstainers from
accustomed alcoholics. ,t affects the mucous membranes, producing a sensation
of constriction. ,nflammation of petrous bone. Burning pains and general
chilliness. Older people who have exhausted their vitality, especially by mental
work, and poor living4 blear-eyed appearance4 who do not react. 9ear of slightest
draught. .arked tendency to suppuration in every inflammatory process.
#rostration and feeble digestion of alcoholics. .yalgia, aching and 1erking of
!ind.667xcessive peevishness. 0omesickness, with sleeplessness and
disposition to suicide. $ants to be let alone. #eppery disposition. 2elirium
Head.66Bursting headache4 worse, coughing. 0ot face. =ed cheeks. 9ace red,
though cold A!safaetB.
$ars.66Burning and stinging in ears. +welling and pain behind ears.
,nflammation of mastoid. /enderness over the petrous bone4 extremely sore and
tender to touch AOnosmodB. Otorrh-a and mastoid disease before suppuration.
Throat.660ot feeling in fauces. +ubacute inflammation of 7ustachian tube with
great pain. #ain and dryness in throat extending to the ears. +ore throat of
smokers and drinkers. +marting in4 constriction. Burning constriction worse
between acts of deglutition. ,nflamed uvula and palate4 swollen and relaxed.
!outh.660erpes labialis A!pply one drop of the mother tinctureB. +tomatitis.
2isagreeable smell from mouth. 9etid odor from mouth.
%tomach.66Burning in tip of tongue. !tonic dyspepsia. .uch flatulence,
especially in debilitated sub1ects. ,ntense craving for stimulants. Vomiting,
sinking at pit of stomach. .uch thirst4 but drinking causes shuddering.
+tool.66Bloody mucus, with burning and tenesmus4 drawing pain in back after
stool. /hirsty after stool, with shivering. Bleeding piles, with soreness of anus.
+tinging pain during stool.
*rinary.66+trangury, fre5uent, almost ineffectual urging. Burning in orifice.
Comes first in drops, then in spurts4 neck of bladder spasmodically contracted.
7ctropion of meatus.
!ale.66Coldness of scrotum, with impotency, atrophied testicles, loss of
sensibility in testicles, with softening and dwindling. 8onorrh-a, with chordee,
excessive burning, pain in prostate.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&emale.66Climacteric disturbances with burning of tip of tongue A<athyrusB.
*terine hEmorrhage near the menopause, with nausea. +ticking sensation in left
ovarian region.
Respiratory.66Constriction of chest4 arrests breathing 0oarseness. #ain at apex
of heart or in rib region, worse touch. 2ry, hacking cough, expelling an offensive
breath from lungs. 2yspn-a. 9eels as if chest and head would fly to pieces.
7xplosive cough. /hreatening gangrene of lung. #ain in distant parts on
coughing-bladder, legs, ears, etc.
$)tremities.66#ain from hips to feet. +ciatica, worse bending backward4 worse,
coughing. /ensive pain in the knee.
&e'er.66Coldness, with ill-humor. +hivering after drinking. Chill begins in back4
better, heat. .ust have something hot to back. /hirst before chill.
!odalities.66Better, while eating, from heat. $orse, open air, uncovering,
Relationship.66Antidote( Cina4 Calad.
Compare( #ulsat4 <ycop4 Bell4 Centaurea Asurging of blood4 homesickness4
intermittent feverB.
"ose.66/hird to sixth attenuation. ,n delirium tremens, dram doses of tincture in
milk or tincture or orange peel.
Car*olic Acid
Carbolic !cid is a powerful irritant and anEsthetic. ! languid, foul, painless,
destructive remedy. +tupor, paralysis of sensation and motion, feeble pulse and
depressed breathing, death due to paralysis of respiratory centers. !cts primarily
on the central nervous system. ,ncreased olfactory sensibility.
#roduces mental and bodily languor, disinclination to study, with headache like
a band. Very marked acuteness of smell is a strong guiding symptom. +tomach
symptoms are also important. #ains are terrible4 come and go suddenly. #hysical
exertion brings on abscess somewhere. #utrid discharges ABaptB. +carlet fever,
with marked tendency to destruction of tissue internally, and fetid odor.
+pasmodic coughs. !rthritis A+ee 2oseB.
Head.662isinclined to mental work. /ight feeling, as if compressed by a rubber
band A8els4 .ahoniaB. Orbital neuralgia over right eye. 0eadache, better, by
green tea4 while smoking.
+ose.66+mell very acute. #utrid discharge. O:Ena, with fetor and ulceration.
,nfluen:a and resulting debility.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Throat.66*lcerated patches on inside of lips and cheeks. Burning in mouth to
stomach. 9auces red, and covered with exudation. *vula whitened and
shriveled. #utrid discharge. !lmost impossible to swallow. 2iphtheria, fetid
breath, regurgitation on swallowing li5uids, but little pain ABaptB. 9ace dusky
red4 white about mouth and nose. =apid sinking of vital forces.
%tomach.66!ppetite lost. 2esire for stimulants and tobacco. Constant belching,
nausea, vomiting, dark olive green. 0eat rises up -sophagus. 9latulent
distention of stomach and abdomen. #ainful flatulence often marked in one part
of the bowel A+ulpho-Carbolate of +odaB. 9ermentative dyspepsia with bad taste
and breath.
+tool.66Constipation, with very offensive breath. Bloody, like scrapings of
intestines. 8reat tenesmus. 2iarrh-a4 stools thin, black, putrid.
*rinary.66!lmost black. 2iabetes. ,rritable bladder in old men with fre5uent
urination at night, of probable prostatic nature. *se %x.
&emale.662ischarges always offensive ACitr ac4 Cux4 +epB. #ustules about vulva
containing bloody pus. !goni:ing backache across loins, with dragging-down
thighs. #ain in left ovary4 worse walking in open air. 7rosions of cervix4 fetid,
acrid discharge. <eucorrh-a in children ACann s4 .erc4 #uls4 +epB. #uerperal
fever, with offensive discharge. ,rritating leucorrh-a, causing itching and
burning A>reosB.
$)tremities.66Cramps in fore part of leg, close to tibia during walking. 8nawing
pains in shin bones. !rthritis.
%kin.66,tching vesicles, with burning pain. Burns tend to ulcerate.
Relationship.66Compare( Chrysarobin Alocal in ringworm of the scalp J-%I per
cent in glycerine and alcohol. 75ual partsB. !rs4 >reosot4 Carbo4 8uano AViolent
headache as from a band around head. ,tching of nostrils, back, thighs, genitals.
+ymptoms like hay-feverB.
Antidote( !lcohol4 Vinegar4 Chalk4 ,od. 8lauber@s +alt in watery solution.
,ncompatible 8lycerine and vegetable oils.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. #henol in !rthritis, according to 8oodno.
.ust be absolutely pure. Crystals +olution A)J MB in e5ual parts of water and
glycerine, dose )I minims well diluted D times daily ABartlettB.
A!imal Charcoal
+eems to be especially adapted to scrofulous and venous constitutions, old
people, and after debilitating disease, with feeble circulation and lowered
vitality. 8lands are indurated, veins distended, skin blue. +titch remaining after
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
pleurisy. 7asily strained from lifting. $eakness of nursing women. *lceration
and decomposition. !ll its secretions are offensive. Causes local congestions
without heat.
!ind.662esire to be alone, sad and reflective, avoids conversation. !nxiety at
night, with orgasm of blood.
Head.660eadache, as if head had been blown to pieces. =ush of blood with
confusion. +ensation as if something lay above eyes so that she could not look
up. Bluish cheeks and lips. Vertigo followed by nose-bleed. Cose swollen, tip
bluish small tumor on it. 0earing confused4 cannot tell direction of sound.
%tomach.667ating tires patient. $eak, empty feeling in stomach. Burning and
griping. $eak digestion. 9latulence. #tomaine poisoning. =epugnance to fat
food. +our water from mouth. #yrosis.
&emale.66Causea of pregnancy4 worse at night. <ochia offensive A>reos4 =hus4
+ecaleB. .enses too early, fre5uent long lasting, followed by great exhaustion, so
weak, can hardly speak ACoccB, flow only in morning ABor4 +epB. Burning in
vagina and labia. 2arting in breast4 painful indurations in breast, especially right.
Cancer of uterus, burning pain down thighs.
Respiratory.66#leurisy, typhoid character, and remaining stitch. *lceration of
lung, with feeling of coldness of chest. Cough, with discharge of greenish pus.
%kin.66+pongy ulcers, copper-colored eruption. !cne rosacea. Chilblains, worse
in evening, in bed and from cold. Verruca on hands and face of old people, with
bluish color of extremities. 8lands indurated, swollen, painful, in neck, axillE,
groin, mammE4 pains lancinating, cutting, burning ACon4 .erc iod flavB.
Burning, rawness and fissures4 moisture. Bubo.
$)tremities.66#ain in coccyx4 burns when touched. !nkles turn easily. +training
and over-lifting produce great debility. ;oints weak. 7asy discoloration. #ain in
hip 1oints at night. Cight sweat fetid and profuse. $rist pain.
!odalities.66$orse, after shaving, loss of animal fluids.
Relationship.66/he Carbon group all have putrid discharges and exhalations.
!ll act on the skin, causing interrigo and excoriations. 8landular enlargements
and catarrhal states, flatulency and asphyxiation.
Carbon /etrachlorid is said to cause fatty liver A#hosph4 !rs4 ChlorofB. #aralysis
of interosseus muscles of feet and hands. $onderful clinical results in the
treatment of 0ook worm disease. +ee /hymol A=elationshipB.
Complementary( Calc phos.
Antidotes( !rs4 Cux.
Compare( Badiaga4 +epia4 +ulph4 #lumb iod.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. /he third trituration for insufflation in aural
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Car*"retted H)dro;e!
+ymptoms resemble an apopletic attack. +pasm as in lock1aw. /rismus.
,nvoluntary stools and urine.
!ind.66+tupefaction. 7xtraordinary sensation of contentment. !ll thoughts
appear in a moment as if seen in an inner mirror.
$yes.66<ids half closed. Oscillation of eyeballs. #upils insensible to light.
Car*o!o"# O<ide
0erpes :oster, pemphigus, and trismus are produced by this drug. Coldness,
sleepiness, loss of consciousness are marked. Vertigo.
Head.66Cerebral congestion4 hallucination of vision, hearing and touch.
,nclination to turn in a circle. ;aws firmly clenched. /rismus. 0eaviness of head.
+ticking pain in temples. =oaring ears.
$yes.66Ocular paralysis, hemianopsias, disturbed pupillary reaction, optic
neuritis and atrophy, subcon1unctival and retinal hEmorrhages.
%kin.66!nEsthesia4 vesication along course of nerves4 herpes :oster4 pemphigus,
with large and small vesicles. 0and icy cold.
%leep.662eep. #rolonged4 sleepiness for several days.
"ose.669irst attenuation.
Alcohol "lph"ri#
Bi#"lphide o4 Car*o!
/his drug has a deep and disorgani:ing action and an immense range of action
1udging from the symptomatology. Very useful in patients broken down by
abuse of alcohol. +ensitive patients worse cold, wasted muscles, and skin and
mucous membranes anEsthetic. +pecial affinity for eyes. Chronic rheumatism,
sensitive and cold. <ack of vital heat. 2iarrh-a every four to six weeks. #aralysis
with intense congestion of nerve centers. /abes. +ensory difficulties in limbs.
,mpotence, sciatica, come within the therapeutic sphere of this remedy. Chronic
plumbism. 2iminished sensibility of arms, hands and feet. #eripheral neuritis.
!ind.66,rritable, anxious, intolerant4 stupor. +luggishness of mind.
0allucinations of sight and hearing. Changeable mood. 2ementia alternating
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
with excitement.
Head.660eadache and di::iness. !ches as from a tight cap. 7ars feel obstructed.
Coises in head. *lceration of the lips, anEsthesia of mouth and tongue.
$yes.66.yopia, asthenopia, and dis-chromotopia, cloudiness and atrophy of
optic disc and central scotoma for light and for red and green not for white.
Optic neuritis advancing toward atrophy. !rteries and veins congested. =etinal
congestion4 optic disc pale. 7verything seems in a fog. Vision greatly impaired.
$ars.660earing impaired. Bu::ing and singing noises like an Eolian harp.
/innitus aurium. .eniere@s disease.
Abdomen.66#ain with wandering swellings as from flatus. 2istention, with
soreness and rumbling.
!ale.662esire lost, parts atrophied. 9re5uent profuse emissions.
$)tremities.660erpes on dorsal surface of hands. +ore, bruised limbs4 anEsthesia
of arms and hands. Cramps in limbs. <ightning-like pains, with cramps. 9ingers
swollen, insensible, rigid, stiff. 8ait unsteady, tottering4 worse in dark. 9eet
insensible. +ciatica. 9lying pains, returning regularly for a long time. #ain in
lower limbs, with cramps and formication. Ceuritis.
%leep.662eep morning sleep with anxious, vexatious dreams.
%kin.66!nEsthesia4 burning4 itching4 ulcers4 small wounds fester. *seful to
restrain the growth of cancer. 9urunculosis. Chronic skin diseases with much
!odalities.66Better, in open air. $orse, after breakfast4 bathing. +ensitive to
warm, damp, weather.
Relationship.66Compare( #otass. Nantate66A+imilar in action. !cts on cortical
substance4 loss of memory, marked blood degeneration4 impotence and senilityB.
/uberculin4 =adium4 Carbo4 +ulph4 Caust4 +alicyl ac4 Cinch. ,n eye symptoms
compare Ben:in dinitric. /hyroidin Aprogressive diminution of sight with central
"ose.669irst attenuation. <ocally in facial neuralgia and sciatica.
,e;eta*le Charcoal
2isintegration and imperfect oxidation is the keynote of this remedy. /he typical
Carbo patient is sluggish, fat and la:y and has a tendency to chronicity in his
complaints. Blood seems to stagnate in the capillaries, causing blueness,
coldness, and ecchymosis. Body becomes blue, icy-cold. Bacteria find a rich soil
in the nearly lifeless stream and sepsis and typhoidal state ensues.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
! lowered vital power from loss of fluids, after drugging4 after other diseases4 in
old people with venous congestions4 states of collapse in cholera, typhoid4 these
are some of the conditions offering special inducements to the action of Carbo
veg. /he patient may be almost lifeless, but the head is hot4 coldness, breath cool,
pulse imperceptible, oppressed and 5uickened respiration, and must have air,
must be fanned hard, must have all the windows open. /his is a typical state for
Carbo veg. /he patient faints easily, is worn out, and must have fresh air.
0Emorrhage from any mucous surface. Very debilitated. #atient seems to be too
weak to hold out. #ersons who have never fully recovered from the effects of
some previous illness. +ense of weight, as in the head AocciputB, eyes and eyelids,
before the ears, in the stomach, and elsewhere in the body4 putrid AsepticB
condition of all its affections, coupled with a burning sensation. 8eneral venous
stasis, bluish skin, limbs cold.
!ind.66!version to darkness. 9ear of ghosts. +udden loss of memory.
Head.66!ches from any over-indulgence. 0air feels sore, falls off easily4 scalp
itches when getting warm in bed. 0at pressed upon head like a heavy weight.
0ead feels heavy, constricted. Vertigo with nausea and tinnitus. #imples on
forehead and face.
&ace.66#uffy, cyanotic. #ale, hippocratic, cold with cold sweat4 blue ACup4
OpiumB. .ottled cheeks and red nose.
$yes.66Vision of black floating spots. !sthenopia. Burning in eyes. .uscles pain.
$ars.66Otorrh-a following exanthematous diseases. 7ars dry. .alformation of
cerumen with exfoliation of dermoid layer of meatus.
+ose.667pistaxis in daily attacks, with pale face. Bleeding after straining, with
pale face4 tip of nose red and scabby, itching around nostrils. Varicose veins on
nose. 7ruption in corner of alE nasi. Cory:a with cough, especially in moist,
warm weather. ,neffectual efforts to snee:e.
!outh.66/ongue coated white or yellow brown, covered with aphthE. /eeth
very sensitive where chewing4 gums retracted and bleed easily. Blood oo:ing
from gums when cleaning teeth. #yorrhea.
%tomach.667ructations, heaviness, fullness, and sleepiness4 tense from flatulence,
with pain4 worse lying down. 7ructations after eating and drinking. /emporary
relief from belching. =ancid, sour, or putrid eructations. $aterbrash, asthmatic
breathing from flatulence. Causea in the morning. Burning in stomach,
extending to back and along spine. Contractive pain extending to chest, with
distention of abdomen. 9aint gone feeling in stomach, not relieved by eating.
Crampy pains forcing patient to bend double. 2istress comes on a half-hour after
eating. +ensitiveness of epigastric region. 2igestion slow4 food putrefies before it
digests. 8astralgia of nursing women, with excessive flatulence, sour, rancid
belching. !version to milk, meat, and fat things. /he simplest food distresses.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
7pigastric region very sensitive.
Abdomen.66#ain as from lifting a weight4 colic from riding in a carriage4
excessive discharge of fetid flatus. Cannot bear tight clothing around waist and
abdomen. !ilments accompanying intestinal fistulE. !bdomen greatly
distended4 better, passing wind. 9latulent colic. #ain in liver.
=ectum and +tool.669latus hot, moist, offensive. ,tching, gnawing and burning in
rectum. !crid, corrosive moisture from rectum. ! musty, glutinous moisture
exudes. +oreness, itching moisture of perineum at night. 2ischarge of blood from
rectum. Burning at anus, burning varices A.ur acB. #ainful diarrh-a of old
people. 9re5uent, involuntary cadaverous-smelling stools, followed by burning.
$hite hEmorrhoids4 excoriation of anus. Bluish, burning piles, pain after stool.
!ale.662ischarge of prostatic fluid at stool. ,tching and moisture at thigh near
&emale.66#remature and too copious menses4 pale blood. Vulva swollen4
aphthE4 varices on pudenda. <eucorrh-a before menses, thick, greenish, milky,
excoriating A>reosB. 2uring menstruation, burning in hands and soles.
Respiratory.66Cough with itching in larynx4 spasmodic with gagging and
vomiting of mucus. $hooping cough, especially in beginning. 2eep, rough
voice, failing on slight exertion. 0oarseness4 worse, evenings, talking4 evening
oppression of breathing, sore and raw chest. $hee:ing and rattling of mucus in
chest. Occasional spells of long coughing attacks. Cough, with burning in chest4
worse in evening, in open air, after eating and talking. +pasmodic cough, bluish
face, offensive expectoration, neglected pneumonia. Breath cold4 must be fanned.
0Emorrhage from lungs. !sthma in aged with blue skin.
$)tremities.660eavy, stiff4 feel paraly:ed4 limbs, go to sleep4 want of muscular
energy4 1oints weak. #ain in shins. Cramp in soles4 feet numb and sweaty. Cold
from knees down. /oes red, swollen. Burning pain in bones and limbs.
&e'er.66Coldness, with thirst. Chill begins in forearm. Burning in various places.
#erspiration on eating. 0ectic fever, exhausting sweats.
%kin.66Blue, cold ecchymosed. .arbled with venous over distension. ,tching4
worse on evening, when warm in bed. .oist skin4 hot perspiration4 senile
gangrene beginning in toes4 bed sores4 bleed easily. 9alling out of hair, from a
general weakened condition. ,ndolent ulcers, burning pain. ,chorous, offensive
discharge4 tendency to gangrene of the margins. #urpura. Varicose ulcers,
carbuncles A!rs4 !nthracB.
!odalities.66$orse, evening4 night and open air4 cold4 from fat food, butter,
coffee, milk, warm damp weather4 wine. Better, from eructation, from fanning,
Relationship.66Antidotes( +pirits Citre4 Camph4 !mbra4 !rsenic.
Compare( Carboneum-<ampblack A+pasms commencing in tongue, down
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
trachea and extremities. /ingling sensationB. <ycop4 !rs4 China.
Complementary( >ali carb4 2ros.
"ose.669irst to third trituration in stomach disorders. /hirtieth potency and
higher in chronic conditions, and in collapse.
No#ode 4rom Carci!oma
,t is claimed the Carcinosin acts favorably and modifies all cases in which either
a history of carcinoma can be elicited, or symptoms of the disease itself exist A;.
0. Clarke, .. 2B.
Carcinoma of the mammary glands with great pain and induration of glands4 of
uterus, the offensive discharge, hEmorrhage and pain are greatly relieved.
,ndigestion, accumulation of gas in stomach and bowels4 rheumatism-Cancerous
Relationship.66Compare( Bufo4 Conium4 #hytolacca, !sterias.
"ose.66/hirtieth and )IIth potency, a dose at night or less fre5uently.
tB Mar)+# Thi#tle
/he action of this drug is centered in the liver, and portal system, causing
soreness, pain, 1aundice. 0as specific relation to the vascular system. !buse of
alcoholic beverages, especially beer. Varicose veins and ulcers. 2iseases of
miners, associated with asthma. 2ropsical conditions depending on liver disease,
and when due to pelvic congestion and hepatic disease. 2isturbs sugar
metabolism. ,nfluen:a when liver is affected. 2ebility. 0Emorrhages, especially
connected with hepatic disease.
!ind.662espondency4 forgetful, apathetic.
Head.66Contractive feeling above eyebrows. 2ull heavy, stupid, with foul
tongue. Vertigo, with tendency to fall forward. Burning and pressure in eyes.
%tomach.66/aste bitter. !version to salt meat. !ppetite small4 tongue furred4
nausea4 retching4 vomiting of green, acid fluid. +titches in left side of stomach,
near spleen ACeanothB. 8allstone disease with enlarged liver.
Abdomen.66#ain in region of liver. <eft lobe very sensitive. 9ullness and
soreness, with moist skin. Constipation4 stools hard, difficult, knotty4 alternates
with diarrh-a. +tools bright yellow. +welling of gall bladder with painful
tenderness. 0yperEmia of liver, with 1aundice. Cirrhosis, with dropsy.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Rectum.660Emorrhagic piles, prolapse or rectum, burning pain in anus and
rectum, hard and knotting, clayey stools. #rofuse diarrh-a due to rectal cancer.
%I drops doses A$aplerB.
*rinary.66Cloudy4 golden-colored.
Chest.66+titching pains in lower right ribs and front4 worse, moving, walking,
etc. !sthmatic respiration. #ain in chest, going to shoulders, back, loins and
abdomen, with urging to urinate.
%kin.66,tching on lying down at night. Varicose ulcers AClematis vitalbaB.
7ruption on lower part of sternum.
$)tremities.66#ain in hip-1oint, spreading through buttocks and down thigh4
worse from stooping. 2ifficult rising. $eakness felt in feet, especially after
Relationship.66Compare( Card benedictus Astrong action on eyes, and sensation
of contraction in many parts4 stomach symptoms similarB4 Chelidon4
Chionanthes4 .erc4 #odophyl4 Bry4 !loe.
"ose.66/incture and lower potencies.
Water# o4 the pr"del pri!;#
9amous for its action on the liver and in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and
gout. ,n homeopathic potencies useful in weakness of all organs, constipation,
great liability to take cold. #eriodicity, effects repeated after from two to four
weeks AOxal ac4 +ulphB. 9lashes of heat all over. ,tching on various parts.
!ind.662iscouraged and anxious about domestic duties.
Head.66!ches, with swollen temporal veins A+angB4 better, motion, in open air.
&ace.66Kellow4 sallow4 red and hot4 pain in :ygomatic process4 feels as if
cobwebs were on it.
%tomach.66/ongue coated white. Offensive smell from mouth. 9urry sensation.
+our or salty taste. 0iccough and yawning. 0eartburn ACarboB.
*rinary.66+tream weak and slow4 only passed by pressing abdominal muscles.
Rectum.669eces held back. +tool slow, and only passed by much abdominal
pressure. Burning in rectum and anus. Bleeding piles.
Relationship.66Compare( Cat sulph4 Cux.
"ose.66<ower potencies.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
-eet Bark
!cts on the digestive tract4 constipation. !version to smell of tobacco. ,nclination
to vomit very marked.
%tomach.660unger after meals. 2esire for hot drinks. Causea and vomiting. #ain
in stomach as from a shock. #ressing colic.
Rectum.66Constipation4 stools hard, covered with mucus A8raphB. Bright blood
with stool. 2iarrh-a alternating with hard, lumpy stool, with backache and
lassitude, preceded by griping. 8nawing pain high up in rectum.
"ose.669irst to third potency.
acred Bark
Rham!"# p"r#hia!a
,ntroduced as a palliative for constipation Anon-homeopathicB, fifteen drops of
fluid extract here it restores normal function by its tonic effects, but it has a wider
sphere of action, as careful provings will show. Chronic indigestion, cirrhosis
and 1aundice. 0Emorrhoids and constipation. 8astric headache. Broad, flabby
tongue4 foul breath.
*rinary.66.ust wait for minute before flow starts then first in drops.
$)tremities.66=heumatism of muscles and 1oints, with obstinate constipation.
Relationship.66Compare( 0yd4 Cux4 =hamnus Californica Atincture for
constipation4 tympanites and appendicitis and especially rheumatismB.
"ose.66/incture to sixth potency.
! great remedy for hysteria. #rostration marked.
0ysterical symptoms. 2ay-blindness4 cannot endure the light. Cervous women
who do not recover fully, but are continually irritable, and suffer from
debilitating sweats. +pasmodic affections after debilitating diseases. Constant
yawning. =estless sleep with frightful dreams and starts.
Tongue.66+wollen. =ounded elevation si:e of a pea in center, with drawing
sensation from center to hyoid bone.
&emale.662ysmenorrh-a4 blood discharged in drops with tenesmus. #ain
commences in middle of thighs. !menorrh-a, with painful tympanites.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&e'er.66#redominant chilliness. !ttacks of chilliness with ice-coldness in back.
Relationship.66Compare( !mbra4 .oschus4 .ur acid4 Valeriana.
Antidote( Colch.
"ose.66/incture, and lower potencies.
Che#t!"t 0ea9e#
! useful remedy in whooping-cough, especially in the early stage, with dry,
ringing, violent, spasmodic cough. 2esire for warm drinks. Very thirsty. <oss of
appetite. 2iarrh-a. /hick urine.
<umbago, weak back, can hardly straighten up.
Relationship.66Compare( #ertussin-$hooping-cough Awhen symptoms return
again after being allayedB. 2ros4 .ephitis4 Caphthal4 !mmon brom.
R"dime!tar) Th"m*:!ail o4 the Hor#e
8eneral action on thickening of the skin and epithelium. #soriasis linguE. /he
clinical experience of 0ering and his fellow-provers has shown this to be highly
useful remedy in cracked and ulcerated nipples. !ffects principally female
organs. !cts on the nails and bones4 pain in right tibia and coccyx. $arts on
forehead. $arts on breast. Chapped hands.
Chest.66Cracked, sore nipples, excessively tender. +welling of mammE. Violent
itching in breasts4 areola reddened.
Relationship.66Compare( 8raphites4 0ippomanes4 Calc. Oxal.
"ose.66+ixth and twelfth potency.
Children@s remedy for Colic, also for nervous headache and hysteria, abdominal
complaints, pain, flexing of thighs, twisting of body, crying. +imilar to
chamomilla and magnes phosph.
"ose.66J to %I drops of the tincture.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Bl"e Coho#h
/his is a woman@s remedy. $ant of tonicity of the womb. 2uring labor, when the
pains are deficient and the patient is exhausted and fretful. Besides, it has a
special affinity for the smaller 1oints. /hrush, locally and internally.
%tomach.66Cardialgia, spasms of stomach. 2yspepsia with spasmodic
&emale.667xtraordinary rigidity of os ABell4 8els4 Ver vB. +pasmodic and severe
pains, which fly in all directions4 shivering, without progress4 false pains.
=evives labor pains and furthers progress of labor. !fter pains. <eucorrh-a, with
moth-spots on forehead. 0abitual abortion from uterine debility A0elon4 #uls4
+abB. Ceedle-like pains in cervix. 2ysmenorrh-a, with pains flying to other parts
of body. <ochia protracted4 great atony. .enses and leucorrh-a profuse.
%kin.662iscoloration of skin in women with menstrual and uterine disorder.
$)tremities.66+evere drawing, erratic pain and stiffness in small 1oints, fingers,
toes, ankles, etc. !ching in wrists. Cutting pains on closing hands. 7rratic pains,
changing place every few minutes.
Relationship.66,ncompatible Coffea.
Compare( Viol. Odor Arheumatic carpal and metacarpal 1ointsB4 Cimicif4 +epia4
#ulsat4 8els.
"ose.66/incture to third attenuation.
Hah!ema!!+# Ti!ct"ra acri# #i!e @ali
.anifests its action mainly in chronic rheumatic, arthritic and paralytic
affections, indicated by the tearing, drawing pains in the muscular and fibrous
tissues, with deformities about the 1oints4 progressive loss of muscular strength,
tendinous contractures. Broken down seniles. ,n catarrhal affections of the air
passages, and seems to choose preferably dark-complexioned and rigid-fibered
persons. =estlessness at night, with tearing pains in 1oints and bones, and faint-
like sinking of strength. /his weakness progresses until we have gradually
appearing paralysis. <ocal paralysis, vocal cords, muscles of deglutition, of
tongue, eyelids, face, bladder and extremities. Children are slow to walk. /he
skin of a Causticum person is of a dirty white sallow, with warts, especially on
the face. 7maciation due to disease, worry, etc, and of long standing. Burning,
rawness, and soreness are characteristic.
!ind.66Child does not want to go to bed alone. <east thing makes it cry. +ad,
hopeless. ,ntensely sympathetic. !ilments from long-lasting grief, sudden
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
emotions. /hinking of complaints, aggravates, especially hEmorrhoids.
Head.66+ensation of empty space between forehead and brain. #ain in right
frontal eminence.
&ace.66#aralysis of right side. $arts. #ain in facial bones. 2ental fistula. #ain in
1aws, with difficulty in opening mouth.
$yes.66Cataract with motor disturbances. ,nflammation of eyelids4 ulceration.
+parks and dark spots before eyes #tosis A8elsB. Vision impaired, as if film were
before eyes. #aralysis of ocular muscles after exposure to cold.
$ars.66=inging, roaring, pulsating, with deafness4 words and steps re-echo4
chronic middle-ear catarrh4 accumulation of ear-wax.
+ose.66Cory:a, with hoarseness. +caly nose. Costrils ulcerated. #imples and
!outh.66Bites inside of cheek from chewing. #aralysis of tongue, with indistinct
speech. =heumatism of articulation of lower 1aw. 8ums bleed easily.
%tomach.668reasy taste. !version to sweets. 9eels as if lime were burned in
stomach. $orse after eating fresh meat4 smoked meat agrees. +ensation of ball
rising in throat. !cid dyspepsia.
+tool.66+oft and small, si:e of goose-5uill A#hosB. 0ard, tough, covered with
mucus4 shines like grease4 small-shaped4 expelled with much straining, or only
on standing up. #ruritus. #artial paralysis of rectum. =ectum sore and burns.
9istula and large piles.
*rinary.66,nvoluntary when coughing, snee:ing A#ulsB. 7xpelled very slowly,
and sometimes retained. ,nvoluntary during first sleep at night4 also from
slightest excitement. =etention after surgical operations. <oss of sensibility on
passing urine.
&emale.66*terine inertia during labor. .enses cease at night4 flow only during
day ACycl4 #ulsB. <eucorrh-a at night, with great weakness ACat murB. .enses
delay, late ACon. 8raph4 #ulsB.
Respiratory.660oarseness with pain in chest4 aphonia. <arynx sore. Cough, with
raw soreness of chest. 7xpectoration scanty4 must be swallowed. Cough with
pain in hip, especially left worse in evening4 better, drinking cold water4 worse,
warmth of bed. +ore streak down trachea. .ucus under sternum, which he
cannot 5uite reach. #ain in chest, with palpitation. Cannot lie down at night.
Voice re-echoes. Own voice roars in ears and distresses. 2ifficulty of voice of
singers and public speakers A=oyalB.
Back.66+tiffness between shoulders. 2ull pain in nape of neck.
$)tremities.66<eft-sided sciatica, with numbness. #aralysis of single parts. 2ull,
tearing pain in hands and arms. 0eaviness and weakness. /earing 1oints.
*nsteadiness of muscles of forearm and hand. Cumbness4 loss of sensation in
hands. Contracted tendons. $eak ankles. Cannot walk without suffering.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
=heumatic tearing in limbs4 better by warmth, especially heat of bed. Burning in
1oints. +low in learning to walk. *nsteady walking and easily falling. =estless
legs at night. Cracking and tension in knees4 stiffness in hollow of knee. ,tching
on dorsum of feet.
%kin.66+oreness in folds of skin, back of ears, between thighs. $arts large,
1agged, bleeding easily, on tips of fingers and nose. Old burns that do not get
well, and ill effects from burns. #ains of burns. Cicatrices freshen up4 old in1uries
reopen. +kin prone to intertrigo during dentition.
%leep.66Very drowsy4 can hardly keep awake. Cocturnal sleeplessness, with dry
heat, in5uietude.
Relationship.66!ccording to the careful investigations of 2r. $agner of Basel,
Causticum corresponds to !mmon causticum 'x. Causticum does not agree with
#hosphorus4 the remedies should not be used after each other. 2iphtherotoxin
follows, causticum in chronic bronchitis.
Antidote( #aralysis from lead-poisoning.
Complementary( Carbo4 #etrosel.
Compare( =hus4 !rsenic4 !mm phos Afacial paralysisB.
!odalities.66$orse, dry, cold winds, in clear fine weather, cold air4 from motion
of carriage. Better, in damp, wet weather4 warmth. 0eat of bed.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth attenuation. ,n chronic ailments and especially in
paralytic states, the higher potencies once or twice a week.
Ne- 'er#e) Tea
/his remedy seems to possess a specific relation to the spleen. !gue cake of
malaria. ! left-sided remedy generally. !nEmic patients where liver and spleen
are at fault. Chronic bronchitis with profuse secretion. .arked blood pressure,
reducing powers. !ctive hemastatic, materially reducing the clotting of blood.
Abdomen.667normous enlargement of the spleen. +plenitis4 pain all up the left
side. 2eep-seated pain in left hypochondrium, hypertrophy of spleen. <eucEmia.
Violent dyspn-a. .enses profuse, and yellow weakening leucorrh-a. *nable to
lie on left side. #ain in liver and back.
Rectum.662iarrh-a4 bearing down in abdomen and rectum.
*rinary.66Constant urging to urinate. 8reen4 frothy4 contains bile, sugar.
Relationship.66Compare( /inospora cordifolia Aa 0indoo medicine for chronic
cases of fever with enlarged spleenB. #olymnia uvedalia-Bearsfoot66Aacute
splenitis with tenderness over left hypochondriac region4 spleen enlarged, ague
cake. Vascular atony, tissues sodden, flabby and non-elastic. 7nlarged glands4
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
influences all ductless glandsB. Ceanothus thrysiflorus-California <ilac66
A#haryngitis, tonsillitis, nasal catarrh, diphtheria. /incture internally and as a
Compare( Berberis4 .yrica4 Cedron4 !garicus AspleenB.
!odalities.66$orse, motion, lying on left side.
"ose.669irst attenuation. <ocally as hair tonic.
Rattle#!ake Bea!
imar"*a 4erro;i!ea
#eriodicity is the most marked characteristic of this drug. ,ts particularly useful
in tropical or in damp, warm, marshy countries. ,t has been found curative in
malarial affections, especially neuralgia. !dapted to persons of a voluptuous
disposition, excitable, nervous temperament. 0as powers of antidoting snake-
bites and stings of insects. /incture of pure bean scraped on wound. .ania.
Head.66#ain from temple to temple across eyes. #ain over whole right side of
face, coming on about ( am.Cra:y feeling from pain across forehead4 worse,
working on black. =oaring in ears produced by Cinchona. $hole body seems
numb with headache.
$yes.66+hooting over left eye. +evere pain in eyeball, with radiating pains
around eye, shooting into nose. +calding lachrymation. +upra-orbital neuralgia
periodic. ,ritis, choroiditis.
$)tremities.66<ancinating pain in 1oints4 worse, feet and hands. +udden pain in
ball of right thumb, extending up arm to shoulder. #ain in ball of right foot,
extending to knee. +hingles, with radiating pain. 2ropsy of knee-1oint.
&e'er.66Chilliness towards evening4 then frontal headache extending into
parietal region. =ed eyes. 0eat, with itching of eyes, tearing in limbs, numbness
of limbs.
Relationship.66Antidote( <ach.
Compare( !rs4 China.
"ose.66/incture to third attenuation.
Copperhead !ake
<ike the other snake poisons, it affects the system profoundly. <ike arsenic, it has
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
dyspn-a, mental and physical restlessness, thirst for small 5uantities of water,
necessity for having clothing loose, like <aches. .arked alternation of moods4
vivid dreams. ,s a wonderful restorative and deep acting remedy. ,ncreased
sexual desire in both sexes. ,neffectual attempts to recline. =ight ovarian region
Head.669orgetful, absent-minded, alternating moods. !ching pain in left frontal
eminence and left side of teeth. +welling around eyes, aching and itching in eyes.
Heart.669eels distended, fills whole chest, as if it fell down in abdomen4 sharp
stitches, fluttering under left scapula.
%leep.662reams horrible and vivid4 lascivious.
!odalities.66$orse, pressure4 lying down4 afternoon and night.
Relationship.66Compare( !rs4 <aches. Clotho !rictans66#uff !dder.66+hould
have a great sphere of usefulness in many conditions where excessive swelling is
a leading feature A;ohn 0. Clarke, .. 2B.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
Ni;ht:*loomi!; Cere"#
!ind.668reat desire to work and to be doing something useful.
Head.66Occipital headache and pain through the globe of the eyes and orbits
ACedron4 OnosB. #ain across the brain from left to right. #ain along right malar
bone running to temple.
Chest.66Convulsive pains at the heart4 feels as if transfixed. #ain in chest
through heart, with pain running toward spleen. #ain in left pectoral muscle and
cartilages of left lower ribs. +ensation of a great weight on heart, and pricking
pain. 0ypertrophy of heart. 2ifficult, sighing respiration, as from some
compression of chest.
%kin.66,tching of skin A2olich4 +ulphB.
$)tremities.66#ain in neck, back, shoulders, down arms, hands and fingers. #ain
in knees and 1oints of lower extremities.
Relationship.66Compare( Cactus4 +pigel4 >almia4 Cereus serpentinus AVery
irritable with tendency to swear4 wild anger and low morals. 2isturbance in
speech4 in writing leaves off the last syllable. #araly:ed feeling. #ains in heart,
and dwindling of sexual organs. 7missions, followed by pain in testiclesB.
"ose.66/hird to sixth attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
O<alate o4 Ceri"m
+pasmodic reflex vomiting and spasmodic cough are within the sphere of this
remedy. Vomiting of pregnancy, and of half-digested food. $hooping cough,
with vomiting and hEmorrhage. 2ysmenorrh-a in fleshy, robust women. Better
when flow is established.
Relationship.66Compare( ,ngluvin66Amade from gi::ard of a fowlB. Vomiting of
pregnancy4 gastric neurasthenia. ,nfantile vomiting and diarrh-a. Dx /rit.
!mygdal4 <actic ac4 ,pecac.
"ose.669irst trituration.
$erma! Chamomile
/he chief guiding symptoms belong to the mental and emotion group, which
lead to this remedy in many forms of disease. 7specially of fre5uent employment
in diseases of children, where peevishness, restlessness, and colic give the
needful indications. ! disposition that is mild, calm and gentle4 sluggish and
constipated bowels contra-indicate chamomilla.
Chamomilla is sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot, and numb. Oversensitiveness from
abuse of coffee and narcotics. #ains unendurable, associated with numbness.
!ind.66$hining restlessness. Child wants many things which he refuses again.
#iteous moaning because he cannot have what he wants. Child can only be
5uieted when carried about and petted constantly. ,mpatient, intolerant of being
spoken to or interrupted4 extremely sensitive to every pain4 always complaining.
+piteful, snappish. Complaints from anger and vexation. .ental calmness
contraindicates Chamom.
Head.66/hrobbing headache in one-half of the brain. ,nclined to bend head
backward. 0ot, clammy sweat on forehead and scalp.
$ars.66=inging in ears. 7arache, with soreness4 swelling and heat driving patient
frantic. +titching pain. 7ars feel stopped.
$yes.66<ids smart. Kellow sclerotic. +pasmodic closing of lids.
+ose.66+ensitive to all smells. Cory:a, with inability to sleep.
&ace.66One cheek red and hot4 the other pale and cold. +titches in 1aw extending
to inner ear and teeth. /eeth ache worse after warm drink4 worse, coffee, at night.
2rives to distraction. ;erking of tongue and facial muscles. 2istress of teething
children ACalc phos4 /erebinthB.
Throat.66#arotid and submaxillary glands swollen. Constriction and pain as
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
from a plug.
!outh.66/oothache, if anything warm is taken, from coffee, during pregnancy.
Cightly salivation.
%tomach.667ructations, foul. Causea after coffee. +weats after eating or drinking.
!version to warm drinks. /ongue yellow4 taste bitter. Bilious vomiting. !cid
rising4 regurgitation of food. Bitter, bilious vomiting. #ressive gastralgia, as from
a stone ABry4 !bies nB.
Abdomen.662istended. 8riping in region of navel, and pain in small of back.
9latulent colic, after anger, with red cheeks and hot perspiration. 0epatic colic.
!cute duodenitis A>ali bich AchronicBB.
+tool.660ot, green, watery, fetid, slimy, with colic. Chopped white and yellow
mucus like chopped eggs and spinach. +oreness of anus. 2iarrh-a during
dentition. 0Emorrhoids, with painful fissures.
&emale.66*terine hEmorrhages. #rofuse discharge of clotted, dark blood, with
labor-like pains. <abor pains spasmodic4 press upward A8elsB. #atient intolerant
of pain ACaul4 Caust4 8els4 0yos4 #ulsB. Cipples inflamed4 tender to touch.
,nfant@s breasts tender. Kellow, acrid leucorrh-a A!rs4 +ep4 +ulphB.
Respiratory.660oarseness, hawking, rawness of larynx. ,rritable, dry, tickling
cough4 suffocative tightness of chest, with bitter expectoration in daytime.
=attling of mucus in child@s chest.
Back.66,nsupportable pain in loins and hips. <umbago. +tiffness of neck muscles.
$)tremities.66Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed at night4 compelled
to walk about. Burning of soles at night A+ulphB. !nkles give way in the
afternoon. Cightly paralytic loss of power in the feet, unable to step on them.
%leep.662rowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep4 anxious,
frightened dreams, with half-open eyes.
!odalities.66$orse, by heat, anger, open air, wind, night. Better, from being
carried, warm wet weather.
Relationship.66Compare( Cypriped4 !nthemis4 !conite4 #uls4 Coffea4 Bellad4
+taphis4 ,gnat. 9ollows Belladonna in diseases of children and abuse of opium.
=ubus villosus-Blackberry66Adiarrh-a of infancy4 stools watery and clay
Antidotes( Camph4 Cux4 #uls.
Complementary( Bell4 .ag c.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Chronic diarrh-a. /enderness over liver. +tools little pain, but with much
mucus. 2ysentery. !cts as a tonic and antiperiodic.
Compare( >ali carb4 Cup, ars4 Caps.
"ose.66/hird attenuation.
! prominent liver remedy, covering many of the direct reflex symptoms of
diseased conditions of that organ. /he 1aundiced skin, and especially the constant
pain under inferior angle of right scapula, are certain indications. #aralytic
drawing and lameness in single parts. /he great general lethargy and
indisposition to make any effort is also marked. !ilments brought on or renewed
by change of weather. +erous effusions. 0ydrocele. Bilious complication during
Head.66,cy coldness of occiput from the nape of neck4 feels heavy as lead.
0eavy, lethargic4 drowsiness very marked, with general numbness4 vertigo,
associated with hepatic disturbance. ,nclination to fall forward. =ight-sided
headache down behind ears and shoulder-blade. Ceuralgia over right eye, right
cheek-bone and right ear, with excessive lachrymation, preceded by pain in liver.
+ose.669lapping of alE nasi A<ycB.
$yes.662irty yellow color of whites. +ore sensation on looking up. /ears fairly
gush out. Orbital neuralgia of right eye, with profuse lachrymation4 pupils
contracted, relieved by pressure.
&ace.66Kellow4 worse nose and cheeks. $ilted skin.
%tomach.66/ongue yellow, with imprint of teeth4 large and flabby A.erc4 0ydB.
/aste bitter, pasty. Bad odor from mouth. #refers hot food and drink. Causea,
vomiting4 better, very hot water. #ain through stomach to back and right
shoulder-blade. 8astralgia. 7ating relieves temporarily, especially when
accompanied with hepatic symptoms.
Abdomen.66;aundice due to hepatic and gall-bladder obstruction. 8all-colic.
2istention. 9ermentation and sluggish bowels. Constriction across, as by a string.
<iver enlarged. 8allstones ABerberisB.
*rinary.66#rofuse, foaming, yellow urine, like beer AChenopB dark, turbid.
+tool.66Constipation4 stools hard, round balls, like sheep@s dung, bright yellow,
pasty4 clay-colored, stools float in water4 alternation of diarrh-a and
constipation. Burning and itching of anus A=atanh4 +ulphB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&emale.66.enses too late and too profuse.
Respiratory.66Very 5uick and short inspirations4 pain on deep inspiration.
2yspn-a. +hort, exhausting cough4 sensation of dust not relieved by cough.
$hooping-cough4 spasmodic cough4 loose, rattling4 expectoration difficult. #ain
in right side of chest and shoulder, with embarrassed respiration. +mall lumps of
mucus fly from mouth when coughing. 0oarse in afternoon. Constriction of
Back.66#ain in nape. +tiff neck, head drawn to left. 9ixed pain under inner and
lower angle of right scapula. #ain at lower angle of left scapula.
$)tremities.66#ain in arms, shoulders, hands, tips of fingers. ,cy coldness of tips
of fingers4 wrists sore, tearing in metacarpal bones. $hole flesh sore to touch.
=heumatic pain in hips and thighs4 intolerable pains in heels, as if pinched by too
narrow a shoe4 worse, right. 9eels paraly:ed. #aresis of the lower limbs with
rigidity of muscles.
%kin.662ry heat of skin4 itches, yellow. #ainful red pimples and pustules. Old,
spreading, offensive ulcers. $ilted skin. +allow, cold, clammy.
!odalities.66$orse, right side, motion, touch, change of weather, very early in
morning. Better, after dinner, from pressure.
Relationship.66Chelidonin.66A+pasm of smooth muscle everywhere, intestinal
colic, uterine colic, bronchial spasm, tachycardia, etcB. Boldo-Boldoa fragrans66
ABladder atony4 cholecystitis and biliary calculus. Bitter taste, no appetite4
constipation, hypochondriasis languor, congestion of liver4 burning weight in
liver and stomach. #ainful hepatic diseases. 2isturbed liver following malariaB.
7lemuy 8auteria66A+tones in kidneys and bladder4 grain doses of powdered
bark in water or J drops of tincture. #ellagraB.
+ulph often completes its work.
Complementary( <ycop4 Bryon.
Antidote( Chamom.
Compare( Cux4 +ulph4 Bry4 <yc4 Opium4 #odophyl4 +anguin4 !rs.
"ose.66/incture and lower attenuations.
! remedy in liver affections with pain or soreness of the left lobe of the liver and
extending downwards. 2umb ague. +oreness of external parts, as if skin were
off4 debility. .alaise, following intermittents. 2yspepsia with hepatic torpor.
;aundice. =ound and thread worms. ,t is an enemy to every kind of worm
infesting the human body.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66/incture, in one to five drop doses.
'er"#alem Oak
Characteristic pain in scapula very marked. +ymptoms of apoplexy, right
hemiplegia, and aphasia. +tertorous breathing AOpiumB. +udden vertigo.
.eniere@s disease. !ffections of auditory nerves ACat salicylB. Oil of
Chenopodium for hookworm and roundworm.
$ars.66/orpor of auditory nerve. 0earing better for high-pitched sounds.
Comparative deafness to sound of voice, but great sensitiveness to sound, as of
passing vehicles and also a shrinking from low tones. Bu::ing in ears.
7nlargement of tonsils. !ural vertigo.
Back.66,ntense pain between angle of right shoulder-blade near spine, and
through the chest.
*rinary.66Copious, yellow, foaming urine, with acrid sensation in urethra.
Kellowish sediment AChelB.
Relationship.66Compare( Opium4 China4 Chelid.
"ose.66/hird potency. Oil of Chenopodium for hookworm, %I minim doses
every ) hours for D doses4 also Carbon tetrachloride.
!cts principally on kidneys, and genito-urinary tract4 affects also lymphatic and
mesenteric glands and female mammE. #lethoric young women with dysuria.
$omen with large breasts. 0epatic and renal dropsies4 chronic alcoholics.
,ncipient and progressive cataracts.
One of the remedies whose symptoms point to its employment in bladder
affections, notably catarrh, acute and chronic. +canty urine, and loaded with
ropy, muco-purulent sediment. #rostatic enlargement.
Head.66#ain in left frontal protuberance. 0alo about the light. ,tching of eyelids.
+tabbing pain in left eye with lachrymation.
!outh.66/oothache, worse after eating and exertion, better cool water. #ain as if
tooth was being gently pulled.
*rinary.66*rging to urinate. *rine turbid, offensive, containing ropy or bloody
mucus, and depositing a copious sediment. Burning and scalding during
micturition, and straining afterwards. .ust strain before flow comes. +canty
urine. !cute prostatitis, retention, and feeling of a ball in perineum ACann indB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
9luttering in region of kidney. +ugar in urine. *nable to urinate without standing
with feet wide apart and body inclined forward.
&emale.66<abia inflamed, swollen. #ain in vagina. 0ot flashes. #ainful tumor of
mammE, not ulcerated, with undue secretion of milk. =apid atrophy of breasts.
$omen with very large breasts and tumor in the mammary gland with sharp
pain through it.
!ale.66+marting in urethra from neck of bladder to meatus. 8leet. <oss of
prostatic fluid. #rostatic enlargement and irritation.
%kin.66+crofulous ulcers. 8landular enlargements.
$)tremities.669eeling of a band above left knee.
!odalities.66$orse, in damp weather4 from sitting on cold stones or pavements4
left side.
Relationship.66Compare( Chimaph maculata Aintense gnawing hunger4 burning
fever4 sensation of swelling in arm pitsB4 *va4 <edum4 7pigoea.
"ose.66/incture, to third attenuation.
Per"9ia! Bark:Chi!a
Ci!cho!a o44ici!ali#
2ebility from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids, together with a
nervous erethism, calls for this remedy. #eriodicity is most marked. +ensitive to
draughts. +eldom indicated in the earlier stages of acute disease. Chronic gout.
Chronic suppurative pyelitis. #ost operative gas pains, not relief from passing it.
!ind.66!pathetic, indifferent, disobedient, taciturn, despondent. ,deas crowd in
mind4 prevent sleep. 2isposition to hurt other people@s feelings. +udden crying
and tossing about.
Head.66!s if skull would burst. +ensation as if brain were balancing to and fro,
and striking against skull, receiving great pain A+ulph4 +ulph acB. ,ntense
throbbing of head and carotids. +pasmodic headache in vertex, with subse5uent
pain, as if bruised in sides of head. 9ace flushed after hEmorrhages, or sexual
excesses, or loss of vital fluids. =elieved from pressure and warm room. +calp
sensitive4 worse combing hair. !ches worse in open air, from temple to temple.
$orse by contact, current of air, stepping. 2i::y when walking.
$yes.66Blue color around eyes. 0ollow eyes. Kellowish sclerotica. Black specks,
bright da::ling illusions4 night blindness in anEmic retina. +pots before eyes.
#hotophobia. 2istortion of eyeballs. ,ntermittent ciliary neuralgia. #ressure in
eyes. !maurosis4 scalding lachrymation.
$ars.66=inging in ears. 7xternal ear sensitive to touch. 0earing sensitive to noise.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
<obules red and swollen.
+ose.66Checked catarrh. 7asily bleeding from nose, especially on rising. Cory:a,
snee:ing, watery discharge. Violent dry snee:ing. Cold sweat about nose.
&ace.66+allow complexion. 9ace bloated4 red.
!outh.66/oothache4 better pressing teeth firmly together, and by warmth.
/ongue coated thick, dirty4 tip burns, succeeded by ptyalism. Bitter taste. 9ood
tastes too salty.
%tomach.66/ender, cold. Vomiting of undigested food. +low digestion. $eight
after eating. ,ll effects of tea. 0ungry without appetite. 9lat taste. 2arting pain
crosswise in hypogastric region. .ilk disagrees. 0ungry longing for food, which
lies undigested. 9latulence4 belching of bitter fluid or regurgitation of food gives
no relief4 worse eating fruit. 0iccough. Bloatedness better by movement.
Abdomen.66.uch flatulent colic4 better bending double. /ympanitic abdomen.
#ain in right hypochondrium. 8all-stone colic A/riumfetta semitrilobaB. <iver and
spleen swollen and enlarged. ;aundice. ,nternal coldness of stomach and
abdomen. 8astro-duodenal catarrh.
+tool.66*ndigested, frothy, yellow4 painless4 worse at night, after meals, during
hot weather, from fruit, milk, beer. Very weakening, with much flatulence.
2ifficult even when soft A!lum4 #latB.
!ale.667xcited lascivious fancy. 9re5uent emissions, followed by great
weakness. Orchitis.
&emale.66.enses too early. 2ark clots and abdominal distention. #rofuse
menses with pain. 2esire too strong. Bloody leucorrh-a. +eems to take the place
of the usual menstrual discharge. #ainful heaviness in pelvis.
Respiratory.66,nfluen:a, with debility. Cannot breathe with head low. <abored,
slow respiration4 constant choking. +uffocative catarrh4 rattling in chest4 violent,
hacking cough after every meal. 0Emorrhage from lungs. 2yspn-a, sharp pain
in left lung. !sthma4 worse damp weather.
Heart.66,rregular with weak rapid beats followed by strong, hard beats.
+uffocative attacks, syncope4 anEmia and dropsy.
Back.66+harp pains across kidneys, worse movement and at night. >nife-like
pains around back A2. .ac9arlanB.
$)tremities.66#ains in limbs and 1oints, as if sprained4 worse, slight touch4 hard
pressure relieves. +ensation as of a string around limb. ;oints swollen4 very
sensitive, with dread or open air. 8reat debility, trembling, with numb sensation.
!verse to exercise4 sensitive to touch. $eariness of 1oints4 worse, mornings and
when sitting.
%kin.667xtreme sensitiveness to touch, but hard pressure relieves. Coldness4
much sweat. One hand ice cold, the other warm. !nasarca A!rs4 !pisB.
2ermatitis4 erysipelas. ,ndurated glands4 scrofulous ulcers and caries.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%leep.662rowsiness. *nrefreshing or constant stupor. $akens early. #rotracted
sleeplessness. !nxious, frightful dreams with confused consciousness on
waking, so that the dream cannot be rid of and fear of dream remains. +noring,
especially with children.
&e'er.66,ntermittent, paroxysms anticipate4 return every week. !ll stages well
marked. Chill generally in forenoon, commencing in breast4 thirst before chill,
and little and often. 2ebilitating night-sweats. 9ree perspiration caused by every
little exertion, especially on single parts. 0ay fever, watery cory:a, pain in
!odalities.66$orse, slightest touch. 2raught of air4 every other day4 loss of vital
fluids4 at night4 after eating4 bending over. Better, bending double4 hard pressure4
open air4 warmth.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !rn4 !rs4 Cux4 ,pec.
Compare(-Guinidin66A#aroxysmal tachycardia and auricular fibrillation. 0eart is
slowed, and the auriculo-ventricular conduction time is lengthened. 2ose %O)
grain t.i.dB. Cephalanthus66AButton Bush-,ntermittent fever, sore throat,
rheumatic symptoms, vivid dreamsB. !rs4 Cedron4 Cat sulph. Cydonia vulgaris-
Guince Asupposed to be of use to strengthen the sexual organs and stomachB.
Complementary( 9errum4 Calc phos.
"ose.66/incture, to thirtieth potency.
Ar#e!ite o4 8"i!i!e
/he symptoms of general weariness and prostration produced by the drug have
been utili:ed in prescribing it homeopathically as a general tonic, often with very
marked beneficial and prompt effect. ,n diphtheria with great prostration, cases
that are prolonged, especially, and in malarial affections, neuralgia, etc, it has
been found curative. !sthmatic attacks which recur periodically, with great
prostration. ,cy skin. #ressure in the solar plexus, with tender spine back of it.
Head.66/ired feeling. 0ead feels too full. /hrobbing. 8reat anxiety. 8reat
irritability. Vertigo4 worse looking up. 2ull, heavy headache, frontal and
occipital. 2arting pains running up into head.
$yes.66,ntense photophobia and orbicular spasm4 gushing hot tears. 9lickering
with pain and lachrymation.
!outh.66/ongue thickly furred4 yellow, slimy coating. Bitter taste. Co appetite.
%tomach.66!lternation of hyperacidity and decrease of acid. 0yperchlorhydria
A=obinia4 !rg nit4 Orexine tannateB. /hirst for water, yet it disturbs. !norexia.
7ggs produce diarrh-a.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Heart.66#alpitation. +ensation as if heart stopped. +uffocative attacks, occurring
in periodical paroxysms. .ust have open air. +hort of breath on ascending4
cardiac dyspn-a4 circulatory weakness after acute infections4 early myocardial
%leep.66+leeplessness due to nervous causes A+ingle dose of Jth or Hth potencyB.
$)tremities.66$eak limbs. Coldness of hands and feet, knees and limbs. /earing
&e'er.66Continuous, with weakness. +ystem depleted.
Relationship.66Compare( Chininum4 also 9errum Citricum Ain nephritis with
great anEmia4 acid dyspepsia in chlorosis. .orbus maculosus $erlhoffiiB4
Chinin mur Ain severe neuralgic pains around eyes, with chills4 exaggerated
sensitiveness to alcohol and tobacco4 prostration and restlessnessB. Fnothera
Aeffortless diarrh-a with nervous exhaustion4 incipient hydrocephaloidB.
.acro:amia spiralis Aextreme debility after illness4 collapseB.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration.
"lphite o4 8"i!i!e
! dose of Chinin sulph in high potency sometimes arouses suppressed malaria,
and brings back the paroxysm. !side from its undoubted influence over malaria,
it is indicated homeopathically whenever there is marked periodicity and spinal
sensitiveness. !cute articular rheumatism. #olyarticular gout. #ruritus and
congested conditions of the rectum. +ymptoms of chronic interstitial nephritis.
=etro-bulbar neuritis with sudden loss of sight. /hready vessels. 0iccough.
Blood.66!n immediate and rapid decrease in red blood cells and reduction in
hemoglobin with increase in elimination of chlorides. /endency to polynucleated
Head.66#ain in forehead and temples, increasing gradually at noon, of malarial
origin, with vertigo and pulsation. $orse left side. 9alling in street. ,nability to
remain standing. !maurosis.
$ars.66Violent ringing, bu::ing, and roaring in ears, with deafness.
&ace.66Ceuralgia commences under eye4 extends into and around it. #ains return
with great regularity4 relieved by pressure.
+pine.668reat sensitiveness of the dorsal vertebrE4 pain on pressure. <ast
cervical sensitive. #ain extends to head and neck.
*rinary.66Bloody. /urbid, slimy, clay-colored, greasy sediment. +mall amount of
urea and phosphoric acid with excess of uric acid and abundance of chlorides,
accompanied by subnormal temperature. 7xcessive flow. !lbuminuria
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.66,tching4 erythema, urticaria, icterus, vesication, pustules, purpura. 8reat
sensitiveness. +hriveled skin.
&e'er.66Chill daily at D pm. #ainful swelling of various veins during a chill.
+hivering even in a warm room. !nguish. +ubnormal temperature.
Relationship.66Compare( Chin salicyl A2eafness, tinnitus, and .eniere@s
diseaseB. !rs4 7upat4 .ethyl blue. Camphor mono-bromide Ais said to intensify
the action of Guinine and render it more permanentB. Ba1a, an 7ast ,ndian drug,
Asaid to be almost infallible in intermittent fever, 5uartan type4 pulsating
headache in1ected eyes, flushed face. <iver and spleen enlarged. FdemaB. !lso
#ambotano, .exican remedy for intermittent and tropical fevers.
Antidotes( #arthenum4 Catr mur4 <ach4 !rn4 #uls.
"ose.669irst to third triturations4 also thirtieth potency and higher.
/his remedy is often of service in many types of headaches, neurasthenic,
periodical sick, menstrual and bilious. /aken for several weeks, drop doses, will
often break up the sick headache habit. /he pain in the forehead, chiefly over
eyes. 7yeballs very painful, with pressure over root of nose. 0epatic
derangements. ;aundice. 7nlarged spleen ACeanothB. ;aundice with arrest of
menses. ! prominent liver remedy. 8allstones ABerberis4 Cholest4 CalcB. 2iabetes
mellitus. #aroxysmal, abdominal pain.
Head.66<istless, apathetic. 2ull frontal headache, over root of nose, over eyes,
through temples, worse stooping, motion, 1ar. Kellow con1unctiva.
Tongue.66Broad with thick yellow fur.
!outh.662ry sensation not relieved by water, also profuse saliva.
!bdomen and <iver.66!ching in umbilical region, griping. 9eels as if a string
were tied in a 3slip-knot3 around intestines which was suddenly drawn tight and
then gradually loosened. +ore4 enlarged, with 1aundice and constipation. Clay-
colored stool, also soft, yellow and pasty. /ongue heavily coated. Co appetite.
Bilious colic. 0epatic region tender. #ancreatic disease and other glandular
*rinary.66<arge amount of high specific gravity4 fre5uent urination4 bile and
sugar in urine. *rine very dark.
%kin.66Kellow4 marked moisture of skin. +allow, greenish, itching.
Relationship.66Compare( Cinchona4 Ceanoth4 Chelidon4 Carduus4 #odophyl4
"ose.66/incture and first attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
8eneral anEsthetic, antispasmodic. Complete muscular relaxation. $eak and
5uick pulse, shallow or stertorous breathing. Convulsions, nephritic or biliary
colic, gastralgia.
+ymptoms obtained by 2r. 2. .acfarlan with the Hth potency.
8reat weakness, especially on right side. <imbs very tired from knees down.
.uch perspiration all over face and chest4 drowsy and di::y4 dry lips and throat4
dry tickling cough at night. 9latulence4 food regurgitates4 sore and bruised
feeling in stomach4 catching pain around heart. +harp pain in right chest when he
takes long breath4 shortness of breath on exertion.
Head.662elirium where excitement and violence predominate. 0ead drawn
down upon the shoulders, eyes opened and closed rapidly, pupils contracted4
rapid convulsive movements of face, of muscles, of extremities.
Relationship.667ther #ost-operative Bronchitis A#rof. BierB. +piritus !etheris
Compositus.66A0offman@s !nodyneB66A9latulence4 angina pectoris. 2ose Jm to %
dram in waterB.
"ose.660igher attenuations, or sixth. #hosphorus is the remedy to give in
narcosis of chloroform.
Chloral H)drate
/his drug, used in physiological doses, is a powerful hypnotic and cardiac
depressant. ,t has a marked effect on the skin, producing erythema, ecchymosis,
etc, which symptoms have been utili:ed homeopathically with much success,
especially in the treatment of hives. 7motional excitability, hallucinations. Cight
terrors in children. .uscular prostration.
Head.66.orning headache4 worse in forehead, also in occiput, on motion4 better
in open air. #assive cerebral hyperEmia Ause DIthB. 9eeling as if hot band were
drawn from temple to temple. 0ears voices.
$yes.667yes blood-shot and watery. Circles of light, black spots. ,llusions of sight
where eyes are closed or at night. 2im vision. Con1unctivitis, burning in eye and
lids4 eyeball feels too large4 everything looks white.
%kin.66=ed blotches, like measles. *rticaria, worse, spirituous li5uors, hot
drinks. 7rythema aggravated by alcoholic drinks, with palpitation4 causes pain in
tendons and extensors. ,ntense itching. +urface of body stone-cold. $heals come
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
on from a chill4 better, warmth. #urpura A#hos4 CrotalB.
Respiratory.667xtreme dyspn-a, with sensation of weight and constriction of
chest. !sthma, with sleeplessness.
%leep.66,nsomnia, hallucinations, horrid dreams. +omnolence.
!odalities.66$orse, after hot drinks, stimulants, eating, night.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !mmon4 !trop4 2ig4 .osch.
Compare( Bell4 Opium4 !pis4 Veronal66Aa dangerous drug made by the action of
alcohol upon urea and contains the same radical that alcohol does. .akes a man
1ust as drunk as pure alcohol. +taggers, cannot stand upB A2r. VarneyB.
AConfluent reddish spots4 dermatitis, itching of glans and prepuce4 circumscribed
dermatitis patch on first metacarpal phalangeal 1ointB. <uminal66A+leeplessness
with skin symptoms in migraine4 lethargy like epidemic encephalitisB A2r.
"ose.669irst trituration in hives, otherwise, higher potencies. <ocally, in
offensive foot-sweat, bathe with one per cent solution. 9or its physiological
effects, five to twenty grains. *se cautiously.
Chlori!e $a# i! Water
/he marked effect on the respiratory organs, producing spasm of the glottis, is
the chief symptom of the drug. !sthma to relieve the spasm of glottis. *seful
externally and internally in gangrene.
!ind.669ear of becoming cra:y. .arked loss of memory, especially for names.
Respiratory.66+ooty, smoky nostrils. Cory:a with sudden gushes of sharp,
corroding fluid, making nose sore inside and about the alE. Constriction, with
suffocation. +pasm of the glottis. ,rritation of epiglottis, larynx, and bronchi. <oss
of voice from damp air. +udden dyspn-a from spasm of the vocal cords, with
staring protruding eyes, blue face, cold sweat, pulse small. ,nspiration free, with
obstructed expiration. A.ephitB. <ivid face. #rolonged, loud, whistling rales.
7xtreme dryness of tongue.
"ose.66Chlorine water, when re5uired of full strength, must be freshly prepared.
9ourth to sixth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Chole#teri!eEEThe pro<imate pri!ciple
F"r!i#hed *) the epitheli"m li!i!; o4 ;all *ladder a!d the lar;er d"ct#
9or cancer of the liver. Obstinate hepatic engorgements. Burning pain in side4 on
walking holds his hand on side, hurts him so. Opacities of the vitreous. ;aundice4
gallstones. Cholesterine is the physiological opponent of <ecithin. Both seem to
play some unknown part in the growth of tumors. 8allstones and insomnia.
Relationship.66Compare( /aurocholate of soda in 0omeopathy.662r. ,. #.
/essier, in an interesting study of the action of bile and its salts, in hepatic
affections, analy:es a number of experiments by leading authorities, with the
ob1ect of determining this action, and concludes that in the /aurocholate of +oda,
homeopathy has a useful remedy against certain forms of hypoglobular anEmia.
/he claim that its pathogenesis and toxicology clearly indicate its value, and that
it should also serve us as a remedy in cases of hypertrophy of the spleen and
ganglia. 0e calls our attention to the fact, that it produces dyspn-a, the Cheyne-
+tokes rhythm, acute pulmonary -dema, and intense exaggeration of the cardiac
pulsations, offering a good field for clinical studies and experimentation of great
interest, which may give fruitful and important results.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
Chromic Acid
2iphtheria, post-nasal tumors, and epithelioma of the tongue have been
benefited by this drug. Bloody, foul-smelling lochia. +ymptoms come and go
suddenly, and return periodically4 offensive discharges.
+ose.66*lcer and scabs in nose. Offensive smell. Corrosive pain. O:Ena A!urB.
Throat.662iphtheria4 sore throat. /ough mucus, with inclination to swallow it4
worse, causing hawking. #ost-nasal tumors.
$)tremities.66*neasiness in limbs. #ain in shoulder-blades and back of neck.
#ain in knees and balls of feet. 2rawing pain in soles while walking.
+tool.66$atery, fre5uent, copious, with nausea and vertigo. 0Emorrhoids,
internal and bleeding. $eakness in small of back.
Relationship.66Compare( >ali bich4 =hus4 Chromium +ulphate Ain locomotor
ataxia, goitre, prostatic hypertrophy. 0erpes preputialis. $ry neck. !lso
exophthalmic, inhibits the vagus, relieving tachycardia. !cts like a nerve tonic
where there is lack of nervous tone. 9ibroid tumors. ,nfantile paralysis. 2ose for
adults, D to J grains after meals and at bedtimeB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.660omeopathically, third to sixth trituration.
$oa Po-der
A!dira araro*a
!cts as a powerful irritant of the skin and used successfully in skin diseases
especially in ringworm, psoriasis, herpes tonsurans acne rosacea. Vesicular or
s5uamous lesions, associated with foul smelling discharge and crust formation,
tending to become confluent and to give the appearance of a single crust
covering the entire area ABernsteinB. Violent itching, thighs, legs and ears. 2ry,
scaly eruption, especially around eyes and ears, scabs with pus underneath
$yes.66Blepharitis, con1unctivitis keratitis. ,ntense photophobia. Optical
$ars.667c:ema behind ears. 9ilthy, scabby condition with tendency to form thick
crust. $hole ear and surrounding tissue appears to be one scab.
Relationship.66Chrysarobinum contains chrysophan, which is rapidly oxidi:ed
into chrysophanic acid. /his is also contained in =hubarb and +enna.
"ose.66<ocally, as a cerate, '-& grains to the ounce, of vaseline. ,nternally, third
to sixth potency. *sed externally4 should be used with caution on account of its
ability to produce inflammation.
Water Hemlock
/he action on the nervous system, producing spasmodic affections, vi:,
hiccough, trismus, tetanus, and convulsions, give the pathological picture calling
especially for this remedy, whenever this is further characteri:ed, by the more
individual symptoms of the drug. !mong these, are the bending of the head,
neck, and spine backwards, and the general action of the patient is violent, with
frightful distortions. Violent, strange desires. +ensation of internal chill. .oaning
and howling. 2oes absurd things. .arked action on the skin.
!ind.662elirium, with singing, dancing and funny gestures. 7verything appears
strange and terrible. Confounds present with the past4 feels like a child. +tupid
feeling. .elancholy, with indifference. .istrustful. 7pilepsy4 moaning and
whining. Vivid dreams.
Head.660ead turned or twisted to one side. Cerebro-spinal meningitis. Cervical
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
muscles contracted. Vertigo, with gastralgia, and muscular spasms. +udden,
violent shocks through head. +tares persistently at ob1ects. Convulsions from
concussion of brain. /hick, yellow scabs on head. 0ead symptoms relieved by
emission of flatus.
$yes.66$hen reading, letters disappear. #upils dilated, insensible strabismus.
Ob1ects recede, approach, and seem double. 7yes stare. #upils get behind upper
lids as head inclines. 7ffects of exposure to snow. +pasmodic affections of eyes
and its appendages. +trabismus4 periodic, spasmodic after a fall or a blow.
$ars.662ifficult hearing. +udden detonations especially on swallowing.
0Emorrhage from ears.
&ace.66#ustules which run together forming thick, yellow scabs on face and
head, corners of mouth and chin, with burning pain. =ed face. /rismus4
disposition to grind teeth.
Throat.662ry. 9eels as if grown together. +pasms of -sophagus4 cannot swallow.
7ffects on -sophagus from swallowing sharp piece of bone.
%tomach.66/hirst4 burning pressure4 hiccough. /hrobbing in pit of stomach,
which has become raised to si:e of fist. 2esire for unnatural things, like coal
A!lum4 CalcB. ,ndigestion, with insensibility, frothing at mouth.
Abdomen.669latulence with anxiety and crossness. =umbling in. 2istended and
painful. Colic with convulsions.
Rectum.662iarrh-a in morning, with irresistible desire to urinate. ,tching in
Respiratory.66Chest feels tight4 can hardly breathe. /onic spasm in pectoral
muscles. 0eat in chest.
Back and extremities.66+pasms and cramps in muscles of nape of neck, and
spasmodic drawing backward of head. Curved limbs cannot be straightened nor
straight ones bent. Back bent backward like an arch. ;erking, tearing in coccyx,
especially during menses.
%kin.667c:ema4 no itching, exudation forms into a hard, lemon-colored crust.
+uppressed eruption causes brain disease. 7levated eruptions, as large as peas.
Chronic impetigo.
!odalities.66$orse, from touch, draughts, concussion, tobacco smoke.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Opium4 !rn.
Compare( Cicuta .aculata-$ater 0emlock66A7ffects very similar4 the most
prominent symptoms being4 9alls unconscious, tetanic or clonic convulsions.
Body covered with sweat. Consider in epilepsy and tetanus. /incture and lower
potenciesB. 0ydrocy acid4 Con4 Oenanth4 +trychnia4 Bellad.
"ose.66+ixth to two hundredth attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Black !ake:root
Actaea racemo#a
0as a wide action upon the cerebrospinal and muscular system, as well as upon
the uterus and ovaries. 7specially useful in rheumatic, nervous sub1ects with
ovarian irritation, uterine cramps and heavy limbs. ,ts muscular and crampy
pains, primarily of neurotic origin, occurring in nearly every part of the body, are
characteristic. !gitation and pain indicate it. #ains like electric shocks here and
there. .igraine. +ymptoms referable to the pelvic organs prominent. 3,t lessens
the fre5uency and force of the pulse soothes pain and allays irritability3.
.ental.66+ensation of a cloud enveloping her. 8reat depression, with dream of
impending evil. 9ears riding in a closed carriage, of being obliged to 1ump out.
,ncessant talking. Visions of rats, mice, etc. 2elirium tremens4 tries to in1ure
himself. .ania following disappearance of neuralgia.
Head.66$ild feeling in brain. +hooting and throbbing pains in head after mental
worry, over-study, or reflex of uterine disease. $aving sensation or opening and
shutting sensation in brain. Brain feels too large. #ressing-outward pain.
/innitus. 7ars sensitive to least noise.
$yes.66!sthenopia associated with pelvic trouble. 2eepseated throbbing and
shooting pains in eyes, with photophobia from artificial light. ,ntense aching of
eyeball. #ain from eyes to top of head.
%tomach.66Causea and vomiting caused by pressure on spine and cervical
region. +inking in epigastrium A+ep4 +ulphB. 8nawing pain. /ongue pointed and
&emale.66!menorrh-a Ause .acrotin preferablyB. #ain in ovarian region4 shoots
upward and down anterior surface of thighs. #ain immediately before menses.
.enses profuse, dark, coagulated, offensive with backache, nervousness4 always
irregular. Ovarian neuralgia. #ain across pelvis, from hip to hip. !fter-pains,
with great sensitiveness and intolerance to pain. ,nfra-mammary pains worse,
left side. 9acial blemishes in young women.
Respiratory.66/ickling in throat. 2ry, short cough, worse speaking and at night.
Cough when secretion is scanty-spasmodic, dry with muscular soreness and
nervous irritation.
Heart.66,rregular, slow, trembling pulse. /remulous action. !ngina pectoris.
Cumbness of left arm4 feels as if bound to side. 0eart@s action ceases suddenly,
impending suffocation. <eft-sided infra-mammary pain.
Back.66+pine very sensitive, especially upper part. +tiffness and contraction in
neck and back. ,ntercostal rheumatism. =heumatic pains in muscles of back and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
neck. #ain in lumbar and sacral region, down thighs, and through hips. Crick in
$)tremities.66*neasy, restless feeling in limbs. !ching in limbs and muscular
soreness. =heumatism affecting the belly of muscles, especially large muscles.
Choreic movements, accompanied by rheumatism. ;erking of limbs. +tiffness in
tendo-!chilles. 0eaviness in lower extremities. 0eavy, aching, tensive pain.
%leep.66+leeplessness. Brain irritation of children during dentition.
%kin.66<ocally and internally for ivy poisoning.
!odalities.66$orse, morning, cold Aexcept headacheB, during menses4 the more
profuse the flow, the greater the suffering. Better, warmth, eating.
Relationship.66Compare( =hamnus Californica Amuscular pains, lumbago,
pleurodynia, acute rheumatismB. 2erris pinnata ACeuralgic headaches of
rheumatic originB. !ristolochia milhomens Apain in tendo-!chilles4 diabetesB.
Caulophyl4 #ulsat4 <ilium4 !gar4 .acrotin Aespecially for lumbagoB.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth attenuation, third most fre5uently used.
Of use in intermittent fever, with weariness and inclination to stretch.
0amstrings feel too short A!mmon murB. 9lexors mostly affected. +ensation of
retraction of arm tendons. +tretching.
Head.66Violent headache, caused by drinking. 8reat rage4 vehement at
beginning of chilly stage. $ould like to tear everything to pieces. #ain under
right frontal bone.
&emale.66+hooting pain from vagina up towards left ovary.
&e'er.66Chilliness of whole body. +ensation as of wind blowing on knees. #ains
in all 1oints, as if tendons were too short, especially knee-1oints. Chill4 worse lying
down. /hirst during apyrexia, but little during chilly stage4 still less during hot
stage, and none during sweating. .usty, offensive sweat.
Bowels.66Constipation, feces dry and in small balls AOp4 #lumb4 /hu1B and hard.
*lcer of rectum.
"ose.66+ixth to two hundredth attenuation.
/his is a children@s remedy,-big, fat, rosy, scrofulous, corresponding to many
conditions that may be referred to intestinal irritation, such as worms and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
accompanying complaints. !n irritability of temper, variable appetite, grinding
of teeth, and even convulsions, with screams and violent 1erkings of the hands
and feet, are all within its range of action. /he Cina patient is hungry, cross, ugly,
and wants to be rocked. #ain in shocks. +kin sensitive to touch.
!ind.66,ll-humor. Child very cross4 does not want to be touched, or crossed, or
carried. 2esires many things, but re1ects everything offered. !bnormal
consciousness, as if having committed some evil deed.
Head.660eadache, alternating with pain in abdomen. =elieved by stooping
A.e:erB. #ain in head when using eyes.
$yes.662ilated pupils4 yellow vision. $eak sight from masturbation. +trabismus
from abdominal irritation. 7yestrain, especially when presbyopia sets in.
#ulsation of superciliary muscle.
$ars.662igging and scratching in ears.
+ose.66,tching of nose all the time. $ants to rub it and pick at it. Bores at nose
till it bleeds.
&ace.66,ntense, circumscribed redness of cheeks. #ale, hot, with dark rings
around eyes. Cold perspiration. $hite and bluish about the mouth. 8rits teeth
during sleep. Choreic movements of face and hands.
%tomach.668ets hungry soon after a meal. 0ungry, digging, gnawing sensation.
7pigastric pain4 worse, first waking in morning and before meals. Vomiting and
diarrh-a immediately after eating or drinking. Vomiting with a clean tongue.
2esires many and different things. Craving for sweets.
Abdomen.66/wisting pain about navel A+pigB. Bloated and hard abdomen.
+tool.66$hite mucus, like small pieces of popped corn, preceded by pinching
colic. ,tching of anus A/eucB. $orms A+abad4 Caphth4 Cat phosB.
*rinary.66/urbid, white4 turns milky on standing. ,nvoluntary at night.
&emale.66*terine hEmorrhage before puberty.
Respiratory.668agging cough in the morning. $hooping-cough. Violent
recurring paroxysms, as of down in throat. Cough ends in a spasm. Cough so
violent as to bring tears and sternal pains4 feels as if something had been torn off.
#eriodic4 returning spring and fall. +wallows after coughing. 8urgling from
throat to stomach after coughing. Child is afraid to speak or move for fear of
bringing on paroxysm of coughing. !fter coughing, moaning, anxious, gasps for
air and turns pale.
$)tremities.66/witching and 1erking distortion of limbs, trembling. #araly:ed
shocks4 patient will 1ump suddenly, as though in pain. Child throws arms from
side to side. Cocturnal convulsions. +udden inward 1erking of fingers of right
hand. Child stretches out feet spasmodically. <eft foot in constant spasmodic
%leep.66Child gets on hands and knees in sleep4 on abdomen. Cight terrors of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
children4 cries out, screams, wakes frightened. /roubles while yawning. +creams
and talks in sleep. 8rits teeth.
&e'er.66<ight chill. .uch fever, associated with clean tongue. .uch hunger4
colicky pains4 chilliness, with thirst. Cold sweat on forehead, nose, and hands. ,n
Cina fever, face is cold and hands warm.
!odalities.66$orse, looking fixedly at an ob1ect, from worms, at night, in sun, in
Relationship.66Compare( +antonin66Aoften preferable in worm affections4 same
symptoms as Cina4 corresponding to the 3pain in shocks3 produced by Cina.
Visual illusions, yellow sight4 violet light not recogni:ed, colors not
distinguishable. *rine deep saffron color. +pasms and twitchings, chronic gastric
and intestinal troubles sometimes removed by a single dose AphysiologicalB of
+antonin. 2ahlkeB. 0elmintochortos-$orm-moss Aacts very powerfully on
intestinal worms, especially the lumbricoidB. /eucrium4 ,gnat4 Cham4 +pig.
Antidote( Camph4 Caps.
"ose.66/hird attenuation. 9or nervous irritable children, thirtieth and two-
hundredth preferable. +antonin in first Awith careB and third trituration.
D"#t) Miller
0as some reputation in the cure of cataract and corneal opacities. ,s used
externally, by instilling into the eye one drop four or five times a day. /his must
be kept up for several months. .ost effective in traumatic cases. Compare in
cataract #hosph4 #latanus4 Cannabis4 Causticum4 Caphthalin4 <edum4 Cat mur4
Merc"ric "lphide
Merc"ri"# "lph"rat"# r"*er
9or certain forms of ciliary neuralgia and ulceration upon a syphilitic base, this
remedy is most effective. +leepless during night.
Head.66Congestion to head4 face purple red.
$yes.66#ains from lachrymal duct around eye to temple, from inner canthus
across brows to ear. +evere shooting pain in bones of orbit, especially running
from inner to outer canthus in the bone. =edness of whole eye. <ids granulated4
canthi and lids red.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+ose.66#ressive sensation, as from heavy spectacles. #ain about root, extending
into bones on each side A!ur4 >al hydB.
Throat.66+tringy mucus passed through posterior nares into throat. 2ryness of
mouth and throat4 must rinse the mouth. 9iery-looking ulcers in mouth and
!ale.66#repuce swollen4 warts on it which bleed easily4 testicles enlarged4
buboes4 angry-looking chancres. +yphilides, s5uamous and vesicular.
&emale.66<eucorrh-a. 9eeling of pressure in vagina.
$)tremities.66#ain in forearm from elbow down, including hands. #ain in long
bones when barometer lowers4 coldness of 1oints.
%kin.66Very fiery-red looking ulcers. Codes on shin-bones. Buboes. Condyloma,
easily bleeding.
!odalities.66$orse, lying on right side Afeels as if contents of body were being
dragged over to that sideB.
Relationship.66Compare( 0epar4 Citr ac4 /hu1a4 +ep.
Antidotes( 0epar4 +ulph.
"ose.669irst to third trituration.
Cancer where pain and fetor are present. Best when skin is intact. ,ts use in
hEmorrhages has abundant clinical verification. Cosebleed. 0Emorrhages from
bowels, hEmoptysis, etc. ! strain in loins or false step brings on a profuse flow
of bright blood. #ost-partum hEmorrhage. 9latulency and diarrh-a. 9eeble
patients with languid circulation.
&emale.66Bearing-down sensation. .enses early, profuse, prolonged, bright red.
+leepy. Co desire for anything. 9ingers seem swollen. *terine hEmorrhages
caused by overlifting, during puerperal state4 menorrhagia.
Relationship.66Compare( ,pec4 +il4 /rill.
Antidote( !con.
"ose.66/incture to third potency. 9or cancer, strong decoction, one-half pint in a
day. Oil of cinnamon in a5ueous solution best local disinfectant. D-' drops in two
5uarts of water as a douche, wherever a germicide and disinfectant is needed.
/hree drops on sugar for hiccough.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Rock Ro#e
! deep-acting anti-psoric remedy, with marked action in glandular affections,
herpetic eruptions, chronic swellings, when patient is extremely sensitive to cold.
+ensation of coldness in various parts. +crofulous ophthalmia. #oisoned wounds,
bites, phagedenic ulcers. .alignant disease of the glands of the neck. Cistus has
affinity for naso-pharynx4 aborts colds that center in posterior nose. +niffling.
&ace.66,tching, burning, and crusts on right :ygoma. <upus, caries4 open,
bleeding cancer. /ip of nose painful.
!outh.66+corbutic swollen gums. .outh feels cold4 putrid, impure breath.
#yorrhea A.erc cor4 Caust4 +taph4 >reosB. 0urts to protrude the tongue.
$ars.66$atery discharge4 also fetid pus. /etter on and around ears, extending to
external meatus.
Throat.66+pongy feeling4 very dry and cold air passing over parts causes pain.
Breath, tongue, and throat feel cold. *vula and tonsils swollen. ! small, dry spot
in throat4 must sip water fre5uently. 0awking of mucus. +welling and
suppuration of glands of throat. 0ead drawn to one side by swellings in neck.
+ore throat from inhaling the least cold air. 0eat and itching in throat.
%tomach.66Cool feeling in stomach before and after eating. Cool feeling in whole
abdomen. 2esire for cheese.
+tool.662iarrh-a from coffee and fruit, thin, yellow, urgent4 worse in morning.
Chest.66Coldness in chest. /he neck is studded with tumors. ,nduration of
mammE. 0Emorrhage from lungs.
$)tremities.66+prained pain in wrist. /ips of fingers sensitive to cold. /etter on
hands. Cold feet. +yphilitic ulcers on lower limbs, with hard swelling around.
$hite swelling.
%leep.66Cannot sleep from coldness in throat.
&emale.66,nduration and inflammation of mammE. +ensitive to cold air. Bad
smelling leucorrh-a.
Respiratory.66!sthmatic after lying down Atrachea feels narrowB, preceded by
%kin.66,tching all over. +mall, painful pimples4 lupus. 8lands inflamed and
indurated. .ercurio-syphilitic ulcers. +kin of hands hard, thick, dry, fissured4
deep cracks. ,tching of swollen hands and arms4 general itching which presents
sleep. 0emicrania.
!odalities.66$orse, slightest exposure to cold air4 mental exertion, excitement.
Better after eating.
Relationship.66Antidotes( =hus4 +epia.
Compare( Conium4 Carbo4 Calc4 !rg n.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.669irst to thirtieth attenuation. <ocally as a wash to arrest fetid discharges.
Bitter Ora!;e
0eadache with nausea, vomiting and vertigo. 9acial neuralgias mostly right-
sided. /horacic oppression. 9re5uent and irresistible yawning. 2isturbed sleep.
Relationship.66Citrus decumana-8rape-fruit A/innitus, head noises and ringing
in ears. +ensation of pressure in the temporal regionB. !urantium-Orange
Aneuralgic and skin symptoms. ,tching, redness and swelling of hands. 2iseases
of the aged with coldness and chilliness. Boiled dried orange peel excites the
intestine in a manner similar to other forms of cellulose or agar. /here is an
increased flow of bile which continues for hours. ,t unites both a cholagogue
action with a mechanical stimulus to peristalsisB. Compare( Citrus <imonum
Ascorbutus, sore throat and cancer pains4 checks excessive menstruationB. ACitric
!cid.66*seful in scurvy and chronic rheumatism and hEmorrhages. !ll forms of
2ropsy are benefited with Citric acid and lemon 1uice, tablespoonful every D-'
hours. #ain from cancer of tongue. *sed as a local application and mouth wash,
one dram to & o:s of water. 9or cancer pains generally, often effectiveB.
,ir;i!+# Bo-er
+crofulous, rheumatic, gonorrh-al, and syphilitic patients. !cts especially on
skin, glands and genito-urinary organs, especially testicles. ! remedy of much
importance in disturbances of sleep, and neuralgic pains in various parts. .any
of these pains are relieved by perspiration. .uscles relaxed or twitching. 8reat
emaciation. 8reat sleepiness. 2istant pulsation in whole body.
Head.66Boring pain in temples. Confused feeling4 better in open air. 7ruption on
occiput at base of hair, moist, pustular sensitive, itching.
$yes.660eat in eyes and sensitive to air4 must close them. Chronic blepharitis,
with sore and swollen meibomain glands. ,ritis, great sensitiveness to cold.
9lickering before eyes. #ustular con1unctivitis, with tinea capitis4 eyes inflamed
and protruding.
&ace.66$hite blisters on face and nose, as if burned by sun. +welling of
submaxillary glands, with hard tubercles, throbbing, aggravated on being
touched. #ain in right side of face to eye, ear and temple4 better, holding cold
water in mouth.
/eeth.66!che4 worse, at night and from tobacco. /eeth feel too long.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66!fter eating, weakness in all limbs and pulsation in arteries.
!ale.66,lio-scrotal neuralgia. /esticles indurated with bruised feeling. +welling
of scrotum AOrchitisB. =ight half only. /roubles from suppressed gonorrh-a.
Violent erections with stitches in urethra. /esticles hang heavy or retracted, with
pain along spermatic cord4 worse, right side.
*rinary.66/ingling in urethra lasting some time after urinating. 9re5uent, scanty
urination4 burning at orifice. ,nterrupted flow. *rethra feels constricted. *rine
emitted drop by drop. ,nability to pass all the urine4 dribbling after urinating.
#ain worse at night, pain along the spermatic cord. Commencing stricture.
%kin.66=ed, burning, vesicular, scaly, scabby. ,tches terribly4 worse, washing in
cold water4 worse face and hands and scalp around occiput. 8lands hot, painful,
swollen4 worse inguinal glands. 8landular indurations and tumors of breast.
Varicose ulcers.
!odalities.66Better, in open air. $orse, at night, and warmth of bed Awashing in
cold waterB4 new moon66Amonthly aggravationB.
Relationship.66Compare( Clematis vitalba Avaricose and other ulcersB4 +il4 +taph4
#etrol4 Oleand4 +arsap4 Canth4 #hos ac4 #ulsat.
Antidotes( Bryon4 Camph.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
!dapted to neurasthenic spinal states. +exual disturbances. 9atigue, agitation,
and bone pains, worse in morning.
!ind.66!ll mental excitement increases suffering. Constant interchange of
mental moods.
Head.66!ches4 worse, bending head forward. ,tching of hairy scalp and beard.
/eeth.669eel too long. #ain in teeth. Cracks across tongue. Coated white A!nt crB.
Abdomen.66+hooting in liver. #ain in spleen.
Rectum.66Constant dropping of blood from the anus, no blood from the stools.
!ale.66#ain in right testicle4 better, urinating. 7missions without erection.
,mpotence. Backache in lumbar region and weak legs. <ewd dreams. #ain in end
of urethra4 greenish discharge4 brown spots on genitals and abdomen.
Back.66#ain in back and sacrum4 worse while sitting4 better, walking or lying.
$eakness in legs and backache after emissions.
$)tremities.66!ching in wrist-1oints. +hooting into thighs from liver. $eak
knees. /rembling in limbs. /ingling in feet. 9oot-sweat, mostly between toes.
%leep.66*nrefreshing4 disturbed by lewd dreams.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.662ry and pimply. #imples about nates, chin, hairy scalp.
Relationship.66Compare( Cannab. ,nd4 +epia4 Linc4 !gnus4 +elen.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
Er)thro<)lo! coca
The Di9i!e Pla!t o4 the I!ca# : *"t the pa!i#h prie#t# de!o"!ced it a# F"! del"#io! del
/he mountaineer@s remedy. *seful in a variety of complaints incidental to
mountain climbing, such as palpitation, dyspn-a, anxiety and insomnia.
7xhausted nervous system from physical and mental strain. Caries of teeth. <oss
of voice.668ive J-H drops, every half hour, two hours before expected demand
on voice. Cocturnal enuresis. 7mphysema AGuebrachoB.
!ind.66.elancholy4 bashful, ill at ease in society, irritable, delights in solitude
and obscurity. +ense of right and wrong abolished.
Head.669ainting fit from climbing mountains. +hocks coming from occiput with
vertigo. Coises in ear. 0eadache with vertigo, preceded by flashes of light. <ike a
band across forehead. 2iplopia. /ongue furred. 0eadaches of high altitudes.
%tomach.66#eppery sensation in mouth. <onging for alcoholic li5uors and
tobacco. 8reat satiety for a long time. ,ncarcerated flatus4 rises with noise and
violence, as if it would split the -sophagus. /ympanitic distention of abdomen.
Co appetite but for sweets.
Heart.66#alpitation, with weak heart and dyspn-a.
!ale.662iabetes, with impotency A#hos acB.
Respiratory.660awking of small, transparent pieces of mucus. $eak vocal cords.
0oarseness4 worse after talking. $ant of breath, short breath, especially in aged
athletes, and alcoholic users. 0Emoptysis. !sthma, spasmodic variety.
%leep.66Can find no rest anywhere, but sleepy. Cervousness and nightly
restlessness during teething.
!odalities.66Better, from wine4 riding, 5uick motion in open air. $orse,
ascending, high altitudes.
Relationship.66Compare( !rs4 #aulin4 Cyp4 Chamom.
Antidote( 8els.
"ose.66/incture to third attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Alkaloid 4rom Er)thro<)lo! Coca
Besides the great usefulness of Cocaine as a local anEsthetic, it has specific
homeopathic uses, though the symptoms are mainly clinical only.
+ensation as if small foreign bodies or worms were under the skin.
!ind.66/alkative. Constant desire to do something great, to undertake vast feats
of strength. Cerebral activity. 9rightful persecutory hallucinations4 sees and feels
bugs and worms. .oral sense blunted. #ersonal appearance neglected. /hinks he
hears unpleasant remarks about himself. 0allucinations of hearing. ,rrational
1ealousy. ,nsomnia.
Head.66/hrobbing and bursting sensation. #upils dilated. 0earing greatly
increased. =oaring and noises in head.
$yes.668laucoma, increased tension, decreased corneal sensibility. 7yes staring,
Throat.662ry, burning, tickling, constricted, paralysis of muscles of deglutition.
+peech difficult.
%tomach.66<oss of appetite for solid food. <ikes sweets. 0Emorrhages from
bowels, stomach.
Cervous +ystem.66Chorea4 paralysis agitans4 alcoholic tremors and senile
trembling. <ocal sensory paralysis. 9ormication and numbness in hands and
%leep.66=estless, cannot sleep for hours after retiring.
&e'er.66Coldness with intense pallor.
Relationship.66Compare( +tovain Aan analgesic, a vasomotor dilatorB. !ntidote
to disagreeable effects occasionally resulting from in1ection of cocaine into skin or
gums, drop doses of nitroglycer. % M sol.
"ose.66<ower potencies. !s a local application to mucous membranes, )-' M.
I!dia! Cockle
$ithin the sphere of action of Cocculus are many spasmodic and paretic
affections, notably those affecting one-half of the body. !ffects the cerebrum, will
not cure convulsive sei:ures proceeding from the spinal cord A!. 7. 0insdaleB
#ainful contracture of limbs and trunk4 tetanus. .any of the evil effects of night-
watching are relieved by it. ,t shows a special, attraction for light-haired females,
especially during pregnancy, causing much nausea and backache. *nmarried
and childless women, sensitive and romantic girls, etc. !ll its symptoms are
worse riding in a carriage or on shipboard4 hence its use in seasickness. +ensation
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
of hollowness, or emptiness, as if parts had gone to sleep. 9eels too weak to talk
!ind.66Capricious. 0eavy and stupid. /ime passes too 5uickly4 absorbed in
reveries. ,nclination to sing irresistible. +low of comprehension. .ind benumbed.
#rofound sadness. Cannot bear contradiction. +peaks hastily. Very anxious about
the health of others.
Head.66Vertigo, nausea, especially when riding or sitting up. +ense of emptiness
in head. 0eadache in occiput and nape4 worse, lying on back of head. +ick
headache from carriage riding, cannot lie on back part of head. #upils contracted.
Opening and shutting sensation, especially in occiput. /rembling of head. #ain in
eyes as if torn out of head.
&ace.66#aralysis of facial nerve. Cramp-like pain in masseter muscle4 worse,
opening mouth. #rosopalgia in afternoon, with wide radiations of pain.
%tomach.66Causea from riding in cars, boat, etc, or looking at boat in motion4
worse on becoming cold or taking cold. Causea, with faintness and vomiting.
!version to food, drink, tobacco. .etallic taste. #aralysis of muscles preventing
deglutition. 2ryness of -sophagus. +easickness A=esorcin. %xB. Cramp, in
stomach during and after meal. 0iccough and spasmodic yawning. <oss of
appetite. 2esire for cold drinks, especially beer. +ensation in stomach as if one
had been a long time without food until hunger was gone. +mell of food disgusts
Abdomen.662istended, with wind, and feeling as if full of sharp stones when
moving4 better, lying on one side or the other. #ain in abdominal ring, as if
something were forced through. !bdominal muscles weak4 it seems as if a hernia
would take place.
&emale.662ysmenorrh-a, with profuse dark menses. /oo early menses, clotted,
with spasmodic colic. #ainful pressing in uterine region, followed by
hEmorrhoids. #urulent, gushing leucorrh-a between menses4 very weakening,
can scarcely speak. +o weak during menstruation, scarcely able to stand.
Respiratory.66+ensation of emptiness and cramp in chest. 2yspn-a as from
constriction of trachea, as if irritated by smoke. Choking constriction in upper
part of -sophagus, oppressing breathing and inducing cough.
Back.66Cracking of cervical vertebrE when moving head. #aralytic pain in small
of the back. #ain in shoulder and arms as if bruised. #ressure in scapula and
nape. +tiffness on moving shoulders.
$)tremities.66<ameness4 worse by bending. /rembling and pain in limbs. !rms
go to sleep. One-sided paralysis4 worse after sleep. 0ands are alternately hot and
cold4 numbness and cold sweat now of one, now of the other hand. Cumb and
unsteady. >nees crack on motion. <ower limbs very weak. ,nflammatory
swelling of knee. ,ntensely painful, paralytic drawing. <imbs straightened out,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
painful when flexed.
%leep.66+pasmodic yawning. Coma vigil. Constant drowsiness. !fter loss of
sleep, night-watching, nursing.
&e'er.66Chill, with flatulent colic, nausea, vertigo, coldness of lower extremities,
and heat of head. +weat general. Cervous form of low fever. Chilliness, with
perspiration, and heat of skin.
!odalities.66$orse, eating, after loss of sleep, open air, smoking, riding,
swimming, touch, noise, 1ar4 afternoon. .enstrual period. !fter emotional
Relationship.66Antidotes(4 Coffee4 Cux.
Compare( #icrotoxin-alkaloid of Cocculus66Aepilepsy, attacks in the morning on
leaving hori:ontal position, hernia, locomotor ataxia, night-sweatsB4
+ymphoricarpus Amorning sicknessB4 #etrol4 #uls4 ,gnat.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
/he clinical application of the symptoms of this remedy, place it among the
medicines for spasmodic and whooping coughs, and catarrhal conditions of the
bladder4 spasmodic pains in kidneys, with visceral tenesmus. !nuria, anasarca,
!ind.667arly morning or afternoon sadness.
Head.66+uboccipital soreness4 worse after sleep and exertion. 0eadache, worse
from lying on back, better with the head high. 2ull pain over right eye in
morning. +ensation of a foreign body between upper lid and eyeball. 2istress
from cinders lodged in eye.
Respiratory.66Constant hawking from enlarged uvula4 cory:a, with inflamed
fauces4 accumulation of thick viscid mucus, which is expectorated with great
difficulty. /ickling in larynx. +ensation of a crumb behind larynx, must swallow
continually4 brushing teeth causes cough. 9auces very sensitive. +uffocative
cough4 worse, first waking, with tough, white mucus, which strangles.
+pasmodic morning cough. $hooping cough attacks end with vomiting of this
tough mucus. Chronic bronchitis complicated with gravel4 large 5uantities of
albuminous, tenacious mucus, are expectorated. $alking against wind takes
breath away.
Heart.66+ensation as if everything were pressed toward the heart.
*rinary.66*rging to urinate4 brick-red sediment. *rinary calculi, hEmaturia,
urates, and uric acid4 lancinating pains from kidney to bladder. 2eep-colored,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
thick urine. 2ysuria.
&emale.66.enses too early, profuse, black and thick4 dark clots, with dysuria.
,ntermittent menstruation4 flow only in evening and at night. <arge clots escape
when passing water. <abia inflamed.
!odalities.66$orse, left side, after sleep, touch, pressure of clothing, brushing
teeth, slightest exertion. Better, walking.
Relationship.66Compare( Canth4 Cact4 +ars.
"ose.66<ower triturations.
0ad) B";
/his remedy ought to be remembered in neuralgias, teeth, gums, mouth, etc. ,s
awakened by profuse accumulation of saliva. *vula feels too long. +ymptoms of
hydrophobia4 worse, by any bright ob1ect.
Head.66#ain in forehead over right eye, sensitive to touch4 from superior molars
to forehead. !ching in temples and occiput. =ush of blood to face. /hrobbing
toothache. Cold sensation in teeth and mouth ACistusB. #eriodical attacks of
frontal neuralgia. Cannot open eyes during paroxysm. #ain worse from any
bright ob1ect4 better, sleep.
%tomach.66 0iccough and burning in stomach.
Back.66#ain in region of kidneys and loins. ,cy cold extremities.
Relationship.66Compare( Canth4 .agn c.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Armoracia #ati9a
9rontal bone and sinus, antrum and salivary glands are specifically affected by
this drug. Bloated sensation. =aises vital forces. *sed as a gargle in scorbutic
gums and sore throat. 0oarseness and in relaxed conditions of the fauces.
,nternally in gonorrh-a. *seful as a condiment in enfeebled states of the
stomach. !n infusion of the root in cider, for dropsy, causes copious diuresis.
<ocally cures dandruff.
Head.66/hinking is difficult. !nxiety, driven to despair by pain. #ressing, boring
pain as if frontal bone would fall out. Violent headache with vomiting. ,mpaired
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$yes.66+ore and scrofulous4 traumatic inflammation of eyes, blearedness and
cataract. Copious running from eyes.
%tomach.66#ain towards back4 worse, pressure on dorsal vertebrE. Belching and
cramps. Colic with backache. Violent cramp from stomach through both sides
around to back. 8riping around navel.
Back.66#ain in back as from incarcerated flatulence from abdomen through to
back and down into sacrum.
Respiratory.662ry, hacking, laryngeal cough, also post-influen:al cough, dry or
loose, worse lying down. Chest painful to touch. Cory:a, with hoarseness.
.ucous asthma. Fdema of lungs. /hroat feels rough and hoarse.
*rinary.66Burning and cutting at glans penis before, during, and after urination.
9re5uent urination.
!odalities.66$orse evening and at night.
Relationship.66Compare( Cannab4 +inapis4 Caps.
"ose.669irst to third attenuation.
Alkaloid 4rom Opi"m
/rembling of whole body. ,nvoluntary twitching of muscles of arms and lower
limbs. ,tching, with feeling of warmth, numbness and prickling. 2iabetes.
Head.66#ain from occiput to back of neck. +kin of face and scalp sore after
$yes.66,nvoluntary twitching of lids A!garB.
%tomach.66+pasmodic pain at pit of stomach. 7ructations. 8reat thirst, with
desire for bitter substances.
Respiratory.66+hort and irritating cough4 worse, at night. Copious, purulent
expectoration. Cight cough of phthisis.
Relationship.66Compare( Opium4 !garicus4 0yoscy4 !mmon brom.
"ose.66One-5uarter of a grain doses to third trituration.
&!roa#ted Co44ee
+timulates the functional activity of all organs, increasing the nervous and
vascular activity. /he drinking of coffee by the aged is likely to increase
production of uric acid, causing irritation of kidneys4 muscle and 1oint pains, and
with the increased susceptibility of old people to the stimulating action of coffee
and tea, their use should be curtailed or carefully watched. 8reat nervous
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
agitation and restlessness. 7xtreme sensitiveness characteri:es this remedy.
Ceuralgia in various parts4 always with great nervous excitability and
intolerance of pain, driving to despair. *nusual activity of mind and body. Bad
effects of sudden emotions, surprises, 1oy, etc. Cervous palpitation. Coffea is
specially suited to tall, lean, stooping persons with dark complexions,
temperament choleric and sanguine. +kin hypersensitive.
!ind.668aiety, easy comprehension, irritability, excited4 senses acute.
,mpressionable, especially to pleasurable impressions. 9ull of ideas, 5uick to act.
/ossing about in anguish A!conB.
Head.66/ight pain, worse from noise, smell, narcotics. +eems as if brain were
torn to pieces, as if nail were driven in head. $orse in open air. +ensitive
&ace.662ry heat, with red cheeks. #rosopalgia extending to molar teeth, ears,
forehead, and scalp.
!outh.66/oothache4 temporarily relieved by holding ice-water in the mouth
A.angan oppositeB. 0asty eating and drinking. 2elicate taste.
%tomach.667xcessive hunger. ,ntolerance of tight clothing. !fter wine and
&emale.66.enses too early and long lasting. 2ysmenorrh-a, large clots of black
blood. 0ypersensitive vulva and vagina. Voluptuous itching.
%leep.66$akeful4 on a constant move. +leeps till D am, after which only do:ing.
$akes with a start, sleep disturbed by dreams. +leepless, on account mental
activity4 flow of ideas, with nervous excitability. 2isturbed by itching of anus.
Respiratory.66+hort, dry cough of measles in nervous, delicate children.
Heart.66Violent irregular palpitation especially after excessive 1oy or surprise.
=apid high tension pulse and urinary suppression.
$)tremities.66Crural neuralgia4 worse, motion, afternoon and night4 better, by
!odalities.66$orse, excessive emotions A1oyB, narcotics, strong odors, noise,
open air, cold, night. Better, warmth, from lying down4 holding ice in mouth.
Relationship.66,ncompatible Camph4 Coccul. Complementary( !con.
Compare( Coffea tosta A=oasting develops certain vitamin-like substances A#. /.
.atteiB. #igeons which have developed 3deficiency3 neuritis and paralysis on
diet of polished rice lost their disabilities on the addition of & cc to a J M infusion
of coffee to their food. *nroasted coffee was uselessB. Caffeine.66A! crystalline
alkaloid-is a direct heart stimulant and diuretic. 2ropsy depending on cardiac
insufficiency. .yocardial degeneration. Cardiac insufficiency in pneumonia and
other infectious diseases. =aises the blood pressure, increases pulse rate and
stimulates the heart muscle4 hence, a support in extreme feebleness or threatened
failure. +timulates the respiratory center, nerve centers and increases diuresis.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
One of the best stimulants of the vaso-motor centers. !cute pulmonary -dema.
Brachialgia and other neuralgias characteri:ed by nocturnal exacerbations.
;ousset uses e5ual parts of caffeine and sachar lac. D grains taken in divided
doses every other day. 0ypodermically, %O' grain. 7xcruciating facial neuralgia
from decayed teethB4 !con4 Cham4 Cux4 Cyp4 Caffeine and plants containing it,
as >ola, /hea, etc.
+trong black coffee, drunk as hot as possible, is indispensable as an antidote in a
large number of poisons, especially narcotics. 0ot coffee by rectum in cases of
extreme collapse.
Antidotes( Cux4 /abac.
"ose.66/hird to two hundredth potency.
Meado- a44ro!
!ffects markedly the muscular tissues, periosteum, and synovial membranes of
1oints. 0as specific power of relieving the gouty paroxysms. ,t seems to be more
beneficial in chronic affections of these parts. /he parts are red, hot, swollen.
/earing pains4 worse, in the evening and at night and from touch4 stubbing the
toes hurts exceedingly. /here is always great prostration, internal coldness, and
tendency to collapse. 7ffects of night watching and hard study. +hocks as from
electricity through one half of body. Bad effects from suppressed sweat. 2reams
of mice.
Head.660eadache chiefly frontal and temporal, but also occipital and in nape of
neck, worse afternoon and evening.
$yes.66#upils une5ual4 left pupil contracted. Variations in visual acuity.
<achrymation worse in open air4 violent tearing pain in eyes. 2im vision after
reading. +pots before eyes.
$ars.66,tching in ears4 sharp, shooting pains below right tragus.
&ace.66#ain in facial muscles, moving about. /ingling and -dematous swelling4
cheeks red, hot, sweaty. Very irritable with the pains AChamB. #ain behind angle
of right lower 1aw.
%tomach.662ry mouth, tongue burns, gums and teeth pain. /hirst4 pain in
stomach and flatulence. /he smell of food causes nausea even to fainting,
especially fish. #rofuse salivary secretion. Vomiting of mucus, bile and food4
worse, any motion4 great coldness in stomach. Craving for various things, but is
averse to then when smelling them, sei:ed them with nausea. 8outy gastralgia.
Burning or icy coldness in stomach and abdomen. /hirst for effervescent,
alcoholic beverages. #ain in transverse colon.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Abdomen.662istention of abdomen, with gas, inability to stretch out legs.
Borborygmi. #ain over liver. CEcum and ascending colon much distended.
9ullness and continuous rumbling. !scites.
+tool.66#ainful, scanty, transparent, 1elly-like mucus4 pain, as if anus were torn
open, with prolapse. !utumnal dysentery4 stools contain while shreddy particles
in large 5uantities. ,neffectual pressing4 feels feces in rectum, but cannot expel
&emale.66#ruritus of genitals. Cold feeling in thigh after period. +ensation of
swelling in vulva and clitoris.
*rinary.662ark, scanty or suppressed4 bloody, brown, black, inky4 contains clots
of putrid decomposed blood, albumin, sugar.
Heart.66!nxiety in region of heart. ,mpulse not felt. #ericarditis, with severe
pain, oppression and dyspn-a, pulse threadlike. +ound of heart become weaker,
pulse of low tension.
$)tremities.66+harp pain down left arm. /earing in limbs during warm weather,
stinging during cold. #ins and needles in hands and wrists, fingertips numb.
#ain in front of thigh. =ight plantar reflex abolished. <imbs, lame, weak, tingling.
#ain worse in evening and warm weather. ;oints stiff and feverish4 shifting
rheumatism4 pains worse at night. ,nflammation of great toe, gout in heel, cannot
bear to have it touched or moved. /ingling in the finger nails. >nees strike
together, can hardly walk. Fdematous swelling and coldness of legs and feet.
Back.66!ching in lumbar and lumbo-sacral region. 2ull pain across loins.
Backache, better, rest and pressure.
%kin.66Blotchy papular rash on face. #ink spots on back, chest and abdomen.
!odalities.66$orse, sundown to sunrise4 motion, loss of sleep, smell of food in
evening, mental exertion. Better, stooping.
Relationship.66Antidotes( /hu1a4 Camph4 Coccul4 Cux4 #uls.
Compare( Colchicine Aintestinal catarrh with shreddy membranes4 convulsive
1erkings of right hand4 rheumatic fever, gout, endo and pericarditis, pleurisy,
arthritis, deformans in early stages4 intense pain of rheumatism Dx tritB. !lso,
Carbo4 !rnica4 <ilium4 !rsen4 Verat.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth attenuation.
#elvic and portal congestion, resulting hEmorrhoids and constipation, especially
in females. 2epressed arterial tension, general atony of muscular fiber. Chronic
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
nasal, gastric, and pharyngeal catarrh, due to portal obstruction. 2ropsy from
cardiac disease. #ruritus in pregnancy, with piles. Constipation of children from
intestinal atony. +aid to be of special value when given before operations, for
rectal diseases. +ense of weight and constriction. Venous engorgement.
Head.662ull frontal headache4 from suppressed hEmorrhoids. Chronic catarrh.
Kellow-coated tongue. Bitter taste AColocy4 BryB.
Rectum.66+ensation of sharp sticks in rectum. +ense of constriction. Vascular
engorgement of rectum. 2ry feces. .ost obstinate constipation, with protruding
hEmorrhoids. !ching in anus and hypogastrium. Constipation during
pregnancy4 with membranous dysmenorrh-a, following labor ACuxB. #ainful
bleeding piles. 2ysentery, with tenesmus. !lternate constipation and diarrh-a,
and great flatulence. ,tching of anus A/eucrium4 =atanhB.
&emale.662ysmenorrh-a4 pruritus of vulva4 prolapse of womb4 swelling and
dark redness of genitals4 pain on sitting down. .embranous dysmenorrh-a,
with constipation. #ruritus. Cold feeling in thighs after menstruation. +ensation
of swelling of labia and of clitoris.
Respiratory.66Cough from excessive use of voice4 3minister@s sore throat34 sharp
pain in larynx. 0oarseness. 0arassing, dry cough.
Heart.66#alpitation4 rapid but weak. 2ropsy. !fter heart symptoms relieved,
piles or menses return. Chest-pains alternate with hEmorrhoids. Oppression,
faintness, and dyspn-a A!con feroxB.
!odalities.66$orse, from the slightest mental emotion or excitement4 cold.
Better, heat.
Relationship.66Antidote( Cux.
Compare( !escul4 !loes4 0amam4 <ycopus4 Cegundo4 +ulph4 Cux.
"ose.66/incture, to third attenuation. 0igher potencies where there is organic
heart affection.
Bitter C"c"m*er
Often indicated in the transition season when the air is cold, but the sun is still
powerful enough to heat the blood.
2evelops most of its symptoms in the abdomen and head, causing intense
neuralgias. ,t is especially suitable for irritable persons easily angered, and ill
effects therefrom. $omen with copious menstruation, and of sedentary habits.
#ersons with a tendency to corpulency. /he neuralgic pains are nearly always
relieved by pressure. Cramps and twitching and shortening of muscles.
Constrictions and contractions. Cystospasm following operations on orifices
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
A0yperB. *rinous odor of perspiration ABerb4 Citr acB. !goni:ing pain in
abdomen, causing patient to bend double, is most characteristic. +ensations4
cutting, twisting, grinding, contracting and bruised4 as if clamped with iron
!ind.667xtremely irritable. Becomes angry when 5uestioned. .ortification
caused by offense. !nger, with indignation ACham4 Bry4 CuxB.
Head.66Vertigo when turning head to the left. <ateral cutting headache, with
nausea, vomiting. #ains Abetter pressure and heatB, with soreness of scalp.
Burning pains, digging, rending, and tearing. 9rontal headache4 worse, stooping,
lying on back, and moving eyelids.
$yes.66#ains sharp, boring, better pressure. +ensation on stooping, as if eye
would fall out. 8outy affections of eyes. Violent pain in eyeballs which precede
the development of glaucoma.
&ace.66/earing, shooting, and swelling of face4 left side great soreness. 8et relief
from pressure AChinaB. Ceuralgia, with chilliness4 teeth seem too long. +ounds re-
echo in ears. #ain in stomach, always with pain of teeth or head.
%tomach.66Very bitter taste. /ongue rough, as from sand, and feels scalded.
Canine hunger. 9eeling in stomach as if something would not yield4 drawing
Abdomen.66!goni:ing cutting pain in abdomen causing patient to end over
double, and pressing on the abdomen. +ensation as if stones were being ground
together in the abdomen, and would burst. ,ntestines feel as if bruised. Colic
with cramps in calves. Cutting in abdomen, especially after anger. 7ach
paroxysm is attended with general agitation and a chill over the cheeks,
ascending from the hypogastrium. #ain in small spot below navel. 2ysenteric
stool renewed each time by the least food or drink. ;elly-like stools. .usty odor.
&emale.66Boring pain in ovary. .ust draw up double, with great restlessness.
=ound, small cystic tumors in ovaries or broad ligaments. $ants abdomen
supported by pressure. Bearing-down cramps, causing her to bend double
*rinary.66,ntense burning along urethra during stool. Vesical catarrh, discharge
like fresh white of egg. Viscid A#hos acidB fetid4 small 5uantities, with fre5uent
urging. ,tching at orifice. =ed, hard crystals, adhering firmly to vessel. /enesmus
of bladder. #ains on urinating over whole abdomen.
$)tremities.66Contraction of muscles. !ll the limbs are drawn together. #ain in
right deltoid A8uacoB. Cramp-like pain in hip4 lies on affected side4 pain from hip
to knee. +pontaneous luxation of the hip-1oints. +tiffness of 1oints and shortening
of tendons. +ciatic pain, left side, drawing, tearing4 better, pressure and heat4
worse, gentle touch. Contraction of the muscles. #ain down right thigh4 muscles
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
and tendons feel too short4 numbness with pains A8naphalB. #ain in left knee
!odalities.66$orse, from anger and indignation. Better, doubling up, hard
pressure, warmth, lying with head bent forward.
Relationship.66Antidote( Coffea4 +taphis4 Cham. Colocynth is the best antidote
to lead poisoning A=oyalB.
Compare( <obelia erinus Aviolent cork-screw-like pains in abdomenB. 2ipodium
punctatum A$rithing. /wisting like a dying snake. ,ntractable insomniaB.
2ioscor4 Chamom4 Coccul4 .erc4 #lum4 .agn phos.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
,mportant eye and skin symptoms. !ffections of antrum. +acro-iliac and
abdominal pain. /hrobbing pains worse by heat. #ain in 1oints and ankles.
$yes.66Ciliary neuralgia with eyes feeling large and protruded, especially right.
$orse, near warm stove4 feels as if pressed outward. +ees only glimmer of light
with left eye. 8laucoma, sense of fullness4 eyeball feels too large. .otion of eyes
&ace.66+wollen, with eyes pro1ecting.
%kin.66,tches, red and pimples. =edness all over, like scarlatina. 7rysipelas.
2eep ulcers, with hard edges. <eprosy. =ed stripes on skin A7uphorbB. 7c:ema
ApapularB of the trunk and extremities4 also pustular type.
Chest.66!cute pain in left mammary gland. #ain from right side of chest down
arm to fingers. Cough with pain under left breast, going through to left scapula.
!odalities.66Better, open air, scratching4 by motion. $orse, touch, warmth, rest4
Relationship.66Compare( =hus4 !nacard4 7uphorb.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency.
Poi#o! Hemlock
!n old remedy, rendered classical by #lato@s graphic description of its
employment in the death of +ocrates. /he ascending paralysis it produces,
ending in death by failure of respiration, shows the ultimate tendency of many
symptoms produced in the provings, for which Conium is an excellent remedy,
such as difficult gait, trembling, sudden loss of strength while walking, painful
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
stiffness of legs. etc. +uch a condition is often found in old age, a time of
weakness, languor, local congestions, and sluggishness. /his is the special
environment that Conium choose to manifest its action. ,t corresponds to the
debility, hypochondriasis, urinary troubles, weakened memory, sexual debility
found here. /rouble at the change of life, old and bachelors. 8rowth of tumors
invite it also. 8eneral feeling as if bruised by blows. 8reat debility in the
morning in bed. $eakness of body and mind, trembling, and palpitation.
Cancerous diathesis. !rterio-sclerosis. Caries of sternum. 7nlarged glands. !cts
on the glandular system, engorging and indurating it, altering its structure like
scrofulous and cancerous conditions. /onic after grippe. ,nsomnia of multiple
!ind.667xcitement causes mental depression. 2epressed, timid, averse to
society, and afraid of being alone. Co inclination for business or study4 takes no
interest in anything. .emory weak4 unable to sustain @any mental effort.
Head.66Vertigo, when lying down, and when turning over in bed, when turning
head sidewise, or turning eyes4 worse, shaking head, slight noise or conversation
of others, especially towards the left. 0eadache, stupefying, with nausea and
vomiting of mucus, with a feeling as of foreign body under the skull. +corched
feeling on top. /ightness as if both temples were compressed4 worse after a meal.
A8els.4 !tropine.B Bruised, semilateral pains. 2ull occipital pain on rising in
$yes.66#hotophobia and excessive lachrymation. Corneal pustules. 2im-sighted4
worse, artificial light. On closing eyes, he sweats. #aralysis of ocular muscles.
ACaust.B ,n superficial inflammations, as in phlyctenular con1unctivitis and
keratitis. /he slightest ulceration or abrasion will cause the intensest
$ars.662efective hearing4 discharge from ear blood colored.
+ose.66Bleeds easily-becomes sore. #olypus.
%tomach.66+oreness about the root of tongue. /errible nausea, acrid heartburn
and acid eructations4 worse on going to bed. #ainful spasms of the stomach.
!melioration from eating and aggravation a few hours after meals4 acidity and
burning4 painful spot the level of the sternum.
Abdomen.66+evere aching in and around the liver. Chronic 1aundice, and pains
in right hypochondrium. +ensitive, bruised, swollen, knife-like pains. #ainful
+tool.669re5uent urging4 hard, with tenesmus. /remulous weakness after every
stool. AVerat.4 !rs.4 !rg. n.B 0eat and burning in rectum during stool.
*rinary.66.uch difficulty in voiding. ,t flows and stops again. A<edum.B
,nterrupted discharge. AClematis.B 2ribbling in old men. ACopaiva.B
!ale.662esire increased4 power decreased. +exual nervousness, with feeble
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
erection. 7ffects of suppressed sexual appetite. /esticles hard and enlarged.
&emale.662ysmenorrh-a, with drawing-down thighs. .ammE lax and
shrunken, hard, painful to touch. +titches in nipples. $ants to press breast hard
with hand. .enses delayed and scanty4 parts sensitive. Breasts enlarge and
become painful before and during menses. ACalc. c.4 <ac can.B =ash before
menses. ,tching around pudenda. *nready conception. ,nduration of os and
cervix. Ovaritis4 ovary enlarged, indurated4 lancinating pain. ,ll effects of
repressed sexual desire or suppressed menses, or from excessive indulgence.
<eucorrh-a after micturition.
Respiratory.662ry cough, almost continuous, hacking4 worse, evening and at
night4 caused by dry spot in larynx with itching in chest and throat, when lying
down, talking or laughing, and during pregnancy. 7xpectoration only after long
coughing. $ant of breath on taking the least exercise4 oppressed breathing,
constriction of chest4 pains in chest.
Back.662orsal pain between shoulders. ,ll effects of bruises and shocks to spine.
Coccyodynia. 2ull aching in lumbar and sacral region.
$)tremities.660eavy, weary, paraly:ed4 trembling4 bands unsteady4 fingers and
toes numb. .uscular weakness, especially of lower extremities. #erspiration of
hands. #utting feet on chair relieves pain.
%kin.66!xillary glands pain, with numb feeling down arm. ,nduration after
contusions. Kellow skin, with papular eruption4 yellow finger-nails. 8lands
enlarged and indurated, also mesenteric. 9lying stitches through the glands.
/umors, piercing pains4 worse, at night. Chronic ulcers with fetid discharge.
+weat as soon as one sleeps, or even when closing eyes. Cight and morning
sweat, with offensive odor, and smarting in skin.
!odalities.66$orse, lying down, turning or rising in bed4 celibacy4 before and
during menses, from taking cold, bodily or mental exertion. Better, while fasting,
in the dark, from letting limbs hang down, motion and pressure.
Relationship.66Compare( +cirrhinum-Cancer nosode- Acancerous diathesis4
enlarged glands4 cancer of breast4 wormsB4 Baryt.4 0ydrast.4 ,od.4 >ali phos.4
0yos.4 Curare.
"ose.66Best in higher potencies given infre5uently, especially for growths,
paretic states, etc. Otherwise sixth to thirtieth.
0il) o4 the ,alle)
! heart remedy. ,ncreases energy of hearts@ action, renders it more regular. Of
use when the ventricles are overdistended and dilatation begins, and when there
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
is an absence of compensatory hypertrophy, and when venous stasis is marked.
2yspn-a, dropsy, aneuric tendency. !nasarca.
.ind and Head.662ull intellect. 8rieves easily. 2ull headache4 worse,
ascending, hawking. +calp sensitive. ,rritability. 0ysterical manifestations.
&ace.660ydroa in nose and lips4 raw and sore. 7pistaxis. +ees imaginary gray
spot about three inches s5uare.
!outh.668rating of teeth in the morning. Coppery taste. /ongue feels sore and
scalded4 broad and thick with heavy, dirty coating.
Throat.66=aw feeling in back of throat when inspiring.
Abdomen.66+ensitive. Clothes feel too tight. 8urgling and pain on taking deep
breath. .ovement in abdomen like fist of a child. Colicky pains.
*rinary Organs.66!ching in bladder4 feels distended. 9re5uent urination4
offensive4 scanty urine.
&emale.668reat soreness in uterine region, with sympathetic palpitation of heart.
#ain in sacro-iliac 1oints, running down leg. ,tching at urinary meatus and
vaginal orifice.
Respiratory.66#ulmonary congestion. Orthopnea. 2yspn-a while walking. 0ot
feeling in throat.
Heart.669eeling as if heart beat throughout the chest. 7ndocarditis, with extreme
orthopnea. +ensation as if heart ceased beating, then starting very suddenly.
#alpitation from the least exertion. /obacco heart, especially when due to
cigarettes. !ngina pectoris. 7xtremely rapid and irregular pulse.
Back and $)tremities.66#ain and aching in lumbar region4 aching of legs4 in big
toe. /rembling of hands. !ching in wrists and ankles.
&e'er.66Chilly in back and down spine, followed by fever, little sweat. /hirst and
headache during chill. 2yspn-a during fever.
Relationship.66Compare( 2igit4 Crataeg4 <ilium4 !donis Afeeble heart action due
only to functional disturbanceB.
!odalities.66Better, in open air. $orse, in warm room.
"ose.66/hird attenuation, and for symptoms of heart failure, tincture, one to
fifteen drops.
Bal#am o4 Copai9a
!cts powerfully on mucous membranes, especially that of the urinary tract, the
respiratory organs, and the skin, here producing a well-marked nettle-rash. Cold
and catarrhs.
Head.667xcessive sensitiveness4 pain in occiput. 2ull, frontal headache, passes to
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
occiput and back again, with throbbing, worse right side and motion. +calp
sensitive. +ensitive to sharp sounds.
+ose.66=awness and soreness of nostrils with stopped-up feeling4 dryness of
posterior nares. #rofuse, thick, fetid discharge from nasal passages, running
down throat at night. Burning and dryness, crusts on turbinated bones. .arked
catarrhal condition in upper respiratory tract.
%tomach.669ood seems too salty. 8astric troubles during menstruation or
following urticaria. 8as and intestinal flatulence, urging to stool and difficult
passage with pain.
*rinary.66Burning pressure4 painful micturition by drops. =etention, with pain
in bladder, anus, and rectum. Catarrh of bladder4 dysuria. +welling of orifice.
Constant desire to urinate. *rine smells of violets. 8reenish, turbid color4
peculiar pungent odor.
Rectum.66.ucous Colitis. +tools covered with mucus, with colic and chilliness.
Burning and itching of anus, caused by piles.
!ale.66/esticles sensitive and swollen.
&emale.66,tching of vulva and anus, with bloody purulent discharge. #rofuse,
strong-smelling menstrual discharge, with pains radiating to hip bones, with
Respiratory.66Cough, with profuse, gray, purulent expectoration. /ickling in
larynx, trachea, and bronchi. Bronchial catarrh, with profuse greenish, offensive
%kin.660ives, with fever and constipation. =oseola. 7rysipelatous inflammation,
especially around abdomen. Circumscribed lenticular patches, with itching4
mottled appearance. Chronic urticaria in children. Bullous eruptions.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Bell4 .erc.
Compare( +antalum66Aaching in kidneysB4 Cannab4 Canth4 Barosma4 Cubeb4
!pis4 Vespa4 7rig4 +enecio4 +epia.
"ose.669irst to third attenuation.
Cra-le) Root
0ectic fever, coming on ( to %I am, and lasting till midnight. ,ntensely nervous
and restless, burning of palms and soles4 no thirst, chill or perspiration. Can bear
only slightest covering.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ro"!d:lea9ed Do;-ood
Chronic malaria, hepatitis, 1aundice. $eakness in morning. #ain in pit of
stomach, with distended abdomen. Vesicular eruption associated with chronic
liver disease or aphthous stomatitis.
!outh.66*lceration of tongue, gums and mouth4 aphthE. Burning in mouth,
throat and stomach.
+tool.66<oose, windy, dark stool, immediately after dinner. Burning in anus.
2ark, bilious, offensive diarrh-a, with sallow complexion.
%kin.66Vesicular ec:ema of face in infants, with nursing sore mouth.
Relationship.66Compare( Cornus alternifolia-+wamp $alnut66A$eak and tired4
disturbed sleep, fever, restlessness, ec:ema4 skin cracked4 chest feels cold, as if
full of iceB4 Cornus florida Achronic malaria4 indigestion and distressing acid
heartburn4 general debility from loss of fluids and night sweats4 neuralgic pains
in arms, chest, and trunk, and sensation as if broken in two4 intermittent fever,
with drowsiness4 feels cold, but is warm to touch4 great exhaustion in intervals4
general clammy sweat. Chill is preceded by drowsiness, heat is associated with
drowsiness. 0eadache after 5uinineB.
"ose.66/incture to sixth attenuation.
Red Coral
/he provings of coral develop much cory:a and epistaxis, and even ulceration
within the nostrils. ,t is to be thought of for whooping and spasmodic coughs,
especially when the attack comes on with a very rapid cough, and the attacks
follow so closely as to almost run into each other. Often preceded by sensation of
smothering, followed by exhaustion. Congestion of face after dinner. #atient
becomes purple in face. Violence of paroxysm, even with expectoration of blood.
9eeling as if cold air were streaming through skull and air-passages. One is too
cold when uncovered and too hot when covered4 relieved by artificial heat.
Head.669eels very large4 violent pain as if parietal bones were forced apart4
worse stooping. 7yes hot and painful. 2eep-seated frontal headache with severe
pain back of eyeballs. #ain aggravated by breathing cold air through nose.
+ose.66Odors of smoke, onions, etc. #ainful ulcer in nostrils. #ost-nasal catarrh.
#rofuse secretion of mucus dropping through posterior nares4 air feels cold. 2ry
cory:a4 nose stopped up and ulcerated. 7pistaxis.
!outh.669ood tastes like sawdust. Bread tastes like straw. Beer tastes sweet.
#ain in articulation of left lower 1aw. Craves salt.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Respiratory.660awking of profuse mucus. /hroat very sensitive, especially to
air. #rofuse, nasal catarrh. ,nspired air feels cold ACistusB. #rofuse secretion of
mucus dropping through posterior nares. 2ry, spasmodic, suffocative cough4
very rapid cough, short, barking. Cough with great sensitiveness of air-passages4
feel cold on deep inspiration. Continuous hysterical cough. 9eels suffocated and
greatly exhausted after whooping-cough.
!ale.66*lcers on glans and inner prepuce, with yellow ichor. 7missions and
weakened sexual power. #rofuse perspiration of genitals.
%kin.66=ed, flat ulcers. Coral-colored, then dark red spots, changing to copper-
colored spots. #soriasis of palms and soles.
!odalities.66$orse in open air, changing from a warm too cold room.
Relationship.66Complementary( +ulph.
Compare( Bellad4 2roser4 .ephit4 Caust.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth attenuation.
Dice!tra ca!ade!#i#
+yphilitic affections. *lcers of mouth and fauces. Cancer cachexia pronounced.
8ummata and night-pains. Chronic diseases, with atony. /ongue clean, broad,
and full. /issues flabby, doughy, cold. 8astric catarrh A0ydrastB.
%kin.662ry, scaly scabs on face of old people. <ymphatic glands swollen.
Relationship.66Cit ac4 >ali iod4 9luor ac.
"ose.66/incture, twenty drops three times a day.
.arked action on heart4 oppression of chest4 fullness in throat. 7pilepsy. Cumb
aching in muscular and fibrous tissue. +ciatica. $ell-marked pains through the
breast to scapula. Catarrh of larynx and trachea. 0ysterical 1oint.
!ind.66<ost, confused feeling. Could not articulate for some time on awaking.
#ressing vertex headache. !ilments from suppressed emotion. 9eeling as if a part
of the body were absent.
Breast.66#ain under left nipple, and aching in right breast. #ain through to
scapula from region of left breast. #ain at angles of scapulE. 9ull, bursting
feeling, as if from obstruction at heart. Choking fullness in throat. Breathing
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$)tremities.66!ching in back and thighs. !ching in all 1oints. +kin sensitive,
rubbing of trousers causes an acute sting. <egs and arms feel heavy and sore.
Relationship.66Compare( !mbra4 !safoet4 0epatica4 ,gnatia4 <aches.
"ose.66/incture to third potency.
Ha-thor! Berrie#
#roduces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and reduction in blood-
pressure. !cts on muscle of heart, and is a heart tonic. Co influence on the
.yocarditis. 9ailing compensation. ,rregularity of heart. ,nsomnia of aortic
sufferers4 anEmia4 -dema4 cutaneous chilliness. 0igh arterial tension. ,s a
sedative in cross, irritable patients with cardiac symptoms.
Chronic heart disease, with extreme weakness. Very feeble and irregular heart
action. 8eneral anasarca. Very nervous, with pain in back of head and neck.
Collapse of typhoid. 0Emorrhage from bowels. Cold extremities, pallor4
irregular pulse and breathing. #ainful sensation of pressure in left side of chest
below the clavicle. 2yspepsia and nervous prostration, with heart failure. ,n the
beginning of heart mischief after rheumatism. !rteriosclerosis. +aid to have a
solvent power upon crustaceous and calcareous deposits in arteries.
Head.66!pprehensive, despondent. Very nervous and irritable, with pain in
back of head and neck. .ental dullness con1unctival irritation nasal discharges.
*rinary.662iabetes, especially in children.
Heart.66Cardiac dropsy. 9atty degeneration. !ortic disease. 7xtreme dyspn-a
on least exertion, without much increase of pulse. #ain in region of heart and
under left clavicle. 0eart muscles seem flabby, worn out. Cough. 0eart dilated4
first sound weak. #ulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent. Valvular
murmurs, angina pectoris. Cutaneous chilliness, blueness of fingers and toes4 all
aggravated by exertion or excitement. +ustains heart in infectious diseases.
%kin.667xcessive perspiration. +kin eruptions.
%leep.66,nsomnia of aortic patients.
!odalities.66$orse, in warm room. Better, fresh air, 5uiet and rest.
Relationship.66+trophantus4 2igit4 ,beris4 Ca1a4 Cactus.
"ose.669luid extract or tincture, one to fifteen drops. .ust be used for some time
in order to obtain good results.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
,s a remedy often useful in hEmorrhages that are black and stringy. /ingling in
various parts. Chorea and hysterical affections. 9re5uent and extreme changes in
sensations and mental conditions. !nger with violence followed by repentance,
<aughing mania. 2rowsiness and lassitude4 better by literary labor.
!ind.66Vacillating4 pleasant mania4 sings and laughs. 0appy and affectionate4
then angry. +udden changes from hilarity to melancholy. Vivid recollection from
music heard A<ycB.
Head.66/hrobs, pulsates, during climacteric4 worse during menses.
$yes.66!ppearance as of electric sparks. .ust wipe eyes as if mucus or water
were in them. 9eeling in eyes as after violent weeping. +ensation as if she had
been looking through too sharp spectacles. 7yes feel as if in smoke. #upils
enlarged and react slowly. <ids heavy. Ciliary neuralgia, pain from eyes to top of
head. +ensation as if cold air was rushing through eye A9luor ac4 +yphB.
!sthenopia with extreme photophobia. /hreatened glaucoma4 embolism of
arteria centralis retinal.
+ose.667pistaxis. 2ark, stringy, clotted. +trings of dark blood hanging down the
Abdomen.66Obstinate constipation due to portal stagnation. Constipation in
infants. Crawling and stitches in anus. +ensation of something alive in abdomen,
stomach, etc., especially on left side ACalendB. !bdomen swollen, feeling of
something heavy.
&emale.66/hreatened abortion, especially when hEmorrhage is dark and stringy.
*rging of blood to genitals. .enses dark, viscid, too fre5uent and copious, black
and slimy. *terine hEmorrhage4 clots with long strings4 worse from least
movement. ;erking pain in interior of left breast, as if drawn toward back by
means of thread ACrot tigB. ! bounding feeling, as if something alive in right
Respiratory.66$hee:y cough, with frothy expectoration, containing threads like
fine twine4 worse, lying down. Breath has offensive, sickly smell. 9eeling as if the
uvula is elongated in hysterical patients.
Back.66+udden feeling of coldness in back as if cold water were thrown over
him4 icy-cold extremities.
$)tremities.66+pasmodic contractions and twitchings of single set of muscles.
Chorea and hysteria, with great alterations of feeling. $hole upper extremity fall
asleep. Cracking in hip-1oint and knees. $eakness in knees and legs. #ain in
ankles and soles.
!odalities.66$orse, lying down, hot weather, warm room, in morning, fasting,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
before breakfast, looking fixedly at an ob1ect. Better, in open air.
Relationship.66Antidote( Opium4 Bell.
Compare( ,pec4 /rillium4 #lat4 China4 +abina.
"ose.66/incture, to thirtieth attenuation.
+nake poisons are supposed to be chemically Cyan hydrates of +oda and other
salts. !lcohol is the natural solvent of these salts and is an antidote. 0as a
profound trophic action. Old age nutritional troubles.
<ow septic states. 8eneral disorgani:ation of the blood, hEmorrhages and
1aundice. ! crotalin in1ection decreases the rate of coagulation of the blood. ,n
epilepsy the average rate is far greater than in normal conditions. Blood
decomposition, hEmorrhages Adark fluid that forms no clotsB, tendency to
carbuncles, malignant scarlatina, yellow fever, the plague, cholera, give
opportunity to use this remedy. 0Emorrhagic diathesis. !cts as a sedative.
+leeps into his symptoms. .ore right-sided in its action.
!ind.66$eeping mood4 clouded perception and memory4 impatient.
<o5uacious, with desire to escape. +adness. 2elusions of cerebral decay.
Head.66Vertigo, with weakness and trembling. 2ull heavy occipital pain, on
right side and right eye. 0eadache with pain in heart on lying on left side.
0eadache4 must walk on tip-toe to avoid 1arring.
$yes.66Very sensitive to light, especially lamp light. Kellow color of eyes.
,llusions4 blue colors. Ciliary neuralgia4 tearing, boring pain, as if a cut had been
made around eye. 9or absorption of intra-ocular hEmorrhages, into the vitreous,
but particularly for non-inflammatory retinal hEmorrhages. 2iplobia.
$ars.66!uditory vertigo. Blood oo:es from ears. 9eeling of stoppage in right ear.
+ose.667pistaxis, blood black and stringy, o:Ena, after exanthemata or syphilis.
&ace.66!cne. <ips swollen and numb. <eaden-colored and yellow face. <ock1aw.
!outh.66/ongue red and small, but feels swollen. /ongue fiery red, dry in
center, smooth and polished. .oldy smell of breath. 9ills up with saliva. /ongue
when protruding, goes to right. +pasmodic grinding of teeth at night. Cancer of
tongue with hEmorrhage.
Throat.662ry, swollen, dark red. +pasm of -sophagus4 cannot swallow any solid
substance. /ight constriction. 8angrenous, with much swelling.
%tomach.66,ntolerance of clothing around stomach. *nable to retain anything4
violent vomiting of food4 bilious vomiting, vomiting of blood. Constant nausea
and vomiting every month, after menstruation. Cannot lie on right side, without
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
vomiting dark-green matter. Black or coffee-grounds vomiting. Cancer of
stomach with vomiting of bloody, slimy mucus. /rembling, fluttering feeling
below the epigastrium. ,ntolerance of clothing about epigastrium. 9aintness and
sinking at stomach. *lceration of the stomach. !tonic dyspepsia. 8astritis in
chronic alcoholism. 0ungry, craves stimulants, sugar4 averse to meat.
Abdomen.662istended, hot, and tender. #ain in region of liver.
+tool.66Black, thin, offensive, like coffee-grounds. ,ntestinal hEmorrhage4 blood
dark, fluid, non-coagulable. Blood oo:es from rectum when standing or walking.
&emale.66#rolonged menses. 2ysmenorrh-a4 pain extends down thighs, with
aching in region of heart. *terine hEmorrhage with faintness at stomach.
#uerperal fever4 offensive lochia. #hlegmasia alba dolens. +ensation as though
uterus would drop out. #ainful drawing in uterine ligaments. Cannot keep legs
*rinary.662ark, bloody urine. Casts. ,nflamed kidney. !lbuminous, dark, scanty
A.erc corB.
Heart.66!ction feeble, pulse tremulous. #alpitation, especially at menstrual
period. /rembling feeling of heart.
Respiratory.66Cough, with bloody expectoration. /ickling from a dry spot in
$)tremities.660ands tremble, swollen. <ower extremities go to sleep easily.
=ight-sided paralysis.
&e'er.66.alignant fevers of a hEmorrhagic or putrescent character. <ow bilious
remittents. Kellow fever. Bloody sweat. Cerebro-spinal meningitis ACicuta4 Cup
acetB. Cold sweats.
%kin.66+welling and discoloration, skin tense and shows every tint of color, with
excruciating pain. Vesication. +allow. Kellow color of the whole body. 8reat
sensitiveness of skin of right half of body. #urpura hEmorrhagica. 0Emorrhage
from every part of body. Bloody sweat. Chilblains, felons. 2issecting wounds.
#ustular eruptions. ,nsect stings. #ost-vaccination eruptions. Bad effects of
vaccination. <ymphangitis and septicEmia. Boils, carbuncles, and eruptions are
surrounded by purplish, mottled skin and -dema. !nthrax. +ore sensation
relieved by pressure.
%leep.662reams of the dead. +tarting in sleep. Kawning. +mothering sensation
when awaking.
!odalities.66$orse, right side4 open air4 evening and morning4 in spring,
coming on of warm weather4 yearly4 on awaking4 damp and wet4 1ar.
Relationship.66Compare( Bothrops4 Ca1a Amore nervous phenomenaB4 <achesis
Amore markedly worse on left sideB4 7laps Apreferable in otorrh-a and affections
of right lungB4 Crotalus cascavella Athoughts and dreams of death. #aralysis of
articulation, embarrassed stertorous breathing and semi-consciousness. !
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
magnetic state is produced4 cutting sensation all around eyeballB. Bungarus-
Antidote( <ach4 !lcohol. =adiant heat4 camphor.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
Croto!:oil eed
,s a valuable remedy in diarrh-a, summer complaint, and skin affections. /hese
may alternate with each other. 9eels tight all over. ,t is one of the antidotes to
=hus poisoning, as is evident from its wide and intense action upon skin and
mucous surface, causing both irritation and inflammation, with formation of
vesicles and mucous discharges. 0as elective affinity for skin of face and external
genitals. Burning in the -sophagus.
Head.66#ressing pain in forehead, especially orbits.
$yes.668ranular lids4 pustules of cornea. =ed and raw appearance. 9eel drawn
backward. 7ruptions around eyes. /ensive pain above right orbit.
+tool.66Copious watery stools, with much urging4 always forcibly shot out, with
gurgling in intestines4 worse, drinking the least 5uantity, or even while eating.
Constant urging to stool, followed by sudden evacuation. +washing sensation in
*rinary.66Cight urine foaming4 dark orange color4 turbid on standing4 greasy
particles floating on top. 2ay urine is pale, with white sediment.
Chest.662rawing-pain through the left chest into the back. !sthma, with cough4
cannot expand the chest. Cursing women4 every suck the child gives produces
pain from nipple back. ,nflamed breasts. Cough4 as soon as he touches the pillow
must get up. +ensitive to deep breathing.
%kin.669eels hide-bound. ,ntense itching4 but scratching is painful. #ustular
eruption, especially on face and genitals, with fearful itching, followed by painful
burning. Vesicles4 confluent oo:ing. Vesicular erysipelas, itching exceedingly.
0erpes :oster4 stinging, smarting pains of the eruption.
!odalities.66$orse, least food or drink4 during summer4 touch, night and
morning, washing.
Relationship.66Compare( .omordica charantia-0airy .ordica66Ahas marked
drastic properties, producing colic, nausea, vomiting, cholera-like symptoms,
abdomen seems full of fluid discharged explosively, thin, watery, yellow. 8reat
thirstB. =hus4 !nagallis4 !nacard4 +epia.
Antidote( !nt tart.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
.ucous membranes generally, but especially that of the urinary tract, are chiefly
affected by this remedy. 9re5uent urination of a nervous origin. <eucorrh-a in
little girls.
*rinary.66*rethritis, with much mucus, especially in women. Cutting after
urination, with constriction. 0Ematuria. #rostatitis, with thick yellow discharge.
Respiratory.66Catarrh of nose and throat, with fetid odor and expectoration.
.ucus trickles from posterior nares. =awness of throat and hoarseness.
Relationship.66Compare( Cucurbita4 Copaiva4 #iper meth4 +andal.
"ose.66+econd and third attenuation.
eed# o4 Watermelo!
,nfusion for painful urination with sense of constriction and backache.
P"mpki! eed
,ntense nausea immediately after eating. Vomiting of pregnancy. +easickness.
One of the most efficient and least harmful of teniafuges.
Relationship.66Compare( 9ilix4 Cuprum oxid nig.
"ose.66/incture. /he seeds are a valuable remedy for tapeworm. +cald the seeds
and peel off the outer skins when softened, the green inner pulp being the part
used. 2ose two ounces of seed, yielding one of pulp. .ay be mixed with cream
and taken like porridge. /ake-in morning after twelve hours@ fasting, and follow
in two hours by castor oil.
Co!dor Pla!t
+timulates the digestive functions and thus improves the general health. !llays
the pain in gastralgia accompanying cancer of stomach. .odifies secretions of
digestive glands. Varicose ulcers. <upus.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
#ainful cracks in corner of mouth is a guiding symptom of this drug. Chronic
gastric catarrh, syphilis, and cancer. /umors4 stricture of -sophagus. /he active
principle AConduranginB produces locomotor ataxia.
%tomach.66#ainful affections of the stomach4 ulceration. Vomiting of food and
indurations, constant burning pain. +tricture of -sophagus, with burning pains
behind sternum, where food seems to stick. Vomiting of food, and indurations in
left hypochondrium with constant burning pain.
%kin.669issures form about the muco-cutaneous outlets. 7pithelioma of lips or
anus. *lcerative stage of carcinoma cutis when fissures form.
Relationship.66Compare( !sterias4 Conium4 0ydrast4 !rsenic.
"ose.66/incture, or bark, J-grain doses before meals in water. !lso the thirtieth
potency, in tumors.
Vomiting of undigested food. Cholera infantum, much acidity4 fre5uent green,
watery, acid stools. /enesmus and great pain. 0igh fever4 restlessness, and
sleeplessness. Obstinate constipation.
Relationship.66Compare( !ethusa4 Coto-#ara-coto Bark66Aintestinal catarrh,
chronic, copious, exhausting diarrh-a and dysentery4 colli5uitine sweats of
phthisis and chronic diarrh-aB.
/ypha latifolia-Cat-tail flag Adiarrh-a, dysentery, summer complaint of children.
/incture and first attenuationB.
+pasmodic affections, cramps, convulsions, beginning in fingers and toes,
violent, contractive, and intermittent pain, are some of the more marked
expressions of the action of Cuprum4 and its curative range therefore includes
tonic and clonic spasms, convulsions, and epileptic attacks. Chorea brought on
by fright. Causea greater than in any other remedy. ,n epilepsy, aura begins at
knees, ascends to hypogastrium4 then unconsciousness, foaming, and falling.
+ymptoms disposed to appear periodically and in groups. Complaints begin in
left side A<achesB. /ape worm Acolloidal Cuprum DxB.
$here eruptions trike in, as in scarlet fever, complaints may result, such as
excessive vomiting, stupor, convulsions, which come within the sphere of this
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
remedy. /he pains are increased by movement and touch.
Head.669ixed ideas, malicious and morose. *ses words not intended. 9earful.
7mpty feeling. #urple, red swelling of head, with convulsions. Bruised pain in
brain and eyes on turning them. .eningitis. +ensation as if water were poured
over head. 8iddiness accompanies many ailments, head falls forward on chest.
$yes.66!ching over eyes. 9ixed, stary, sunken, glistening, turned upward.
Crossed. Guick rolling of eyeballs, with closed eyes.
&ace.662istorted, pale bluish, with blue lips. Contraction of 1aws, with foam at
+ose.66+ensation of violent congestion of blood to nose A.elilotB.
!outh.66+trong metallic, slimy taste, with flow of saliva. Constant protrusion
and retraction of the tongue, like a snake A<achB. #aralysis of tongue. +tammering
%tomach.660iccough preceding the spasms. Causea. Vomiting, relieved by
drinking cold water4 with colic, diarrh-a, spasms. +trong metallic taste A=husB.
$hen drinking, the fluid descends with gurgling sound A<aurB. Craves cool
Abdomen.66/ense, hot and tender to touch4 contracted. Ceuralgia of abdominal
viscera. Colic, violent and intermittent. ,ntussusception.
+tool.66Black, painful, bloody, with tenesmus and weakness. Cholera4 with
cramps in abdomen and calves.
&emale.66.enses too late, protracted. Cramps, extending into chest, before,
during, or after suppression of menses. !lso, from suppressed foot sweats A+ilB.
7bullition of blood4 palpitation. Chlorosis. !fter-pains.
Heart.66!ngina pectoris. +low pulse4 or hard, full and 5uick. #alpitation,
prEcordial anxiety and pain. 9atty degeneration A#hytolB.
Respiratory.66Cough as a gurgling sound, better by drinking cold water.
+uffocative attacks, worse D am A!m cB. +pasm and constriction of chest4
spasmodic asthma, alternating with spasmodic vomiting. $hooping-cough,
better, swallow water, with vomiting and spasms and purple face. +pasm of the
glottis. 2yspn-a with epigastric uneasiness. +pasmodic dyspn-a before
menstruation. !ngina with asthmatic symptoms and cramps AClarkeB.
$)tremities.66;erking, twitching of muscles. Coldness of hands. Cramps in
palms. 8reat weariness of limbs. Cramps in calves and soles. 7pilepsy4 auro
begins in knees. Clenched thumbs. Clonic spasms, beginning in fingers and toes.
%kin.66Bluish, marbled. *lcers, itching spots, and pimples at the folds of 1oints.
Chronic psoriasis and lepra A0ughesB.
%leep.66#rofound, with shocks in body. 2uring sleep constant rumbling in
!odalities.66$orse, before menses4 from vomiting, contact. Better, during
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
perspiration, drinking cold water.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Bell4 0epar4 Camph. Copper is found in 2ulcam,
+taphisag, Conium and some other plants. !lso in >ing-crab A<imulusB.
Complementary( Calc.
Compare( Cupr sulph Aburning at vertex4 incessant, spasmodic cough4 worse at
night4 tongue and lips bluish4 locally, Cupr sulph in %-D per cent sol in inoperable
sarcomaB. Cupr cyan Ameningitis basilarisB4 Cholas terrapina Acramps in calves
and feet4 rheumatism, with cramp-like painsB4 #lumb4 Cux4 Veratr. Cuprum
oxydatum nigrum %x Aall kinds of worms, including tapeworms and trichinosis
according to Lopfy@s HI years@ experienceB.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
Acetate o4 Copper
0ay-fever, with burning excoriation, paroxysmal cough4 tough, tenacious mucus,
and fear of suffocation. #rotracted labor. Chronic psoriasis and lepra.
Head.66Violent throbbing and lancinating pains in forehead. <eft-sided brow
ague. Brain seems void. ,nclined to gape and cry. <oses consciousness4 head reels
when in high-ceiled room. Constant protrusion and retraction of tongue
A<achesB. Ceuralgia with heaviness of head, burning, stinging and stitching in
temples and forehead.
&ace.66Collapsed, hippocratic. 9acial neuralgia in cheek-bone, upper 1aw, and
behind right ear. Better by chewing, pressure, and external warmth.
%tomach.66Violent spasmodic pains in stomach and abdomen. Vomiting. +limy
brown diarrh-a. Violent tenesmus. Cholera.
Respiratory.66!ttacks of angina pectoris coming on when excited. Violent
spasmodic cough. +hort, difficult respiration. +pasmodic constriction of chest.
%kin.66<eprous-like eruption, without itching, over whole body, in spots of
various si:es.
!odalities.66$orse, mental emotions, touch. Better, chewing, pressure, night,
lying on affected side, and warmth.
Relationship.66!cts similarly to Cuprum met but is more violent in action.
"ose.66/hird to sixth trituration.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ar#e!ite o4 Copper
cheele+# $ree!
! remedy for symptoms depending on deficient kidney action, various intestinal
affections, cholera morbus and infantum4 entero-colitis, diarrh-a, and dysentery.
8astro-intestinal disturbances of influen:a and typhoid. *rEmic convulsions,
headache, vertigo and unconscious conditions resulting from brain -dema.
Cephritis of pregnancy. Convulsions preceded by gastro-intestinal symptoms.
Chlorosis. Bronchial asthma and with emphysema. #urulent endocarditis
A=oyalB. #ainful neuroses, enteroptosis. 2elirium and tremor cordis.
!outh.66/ongue thickly coated, dirty brown, white, metallic taste4 thirst. 2ry
Heart.66Cardiac rhythm and force altered due to defective elimination.
Abdomen.668astro-enteritis. Violent abdominal pain. 2iarrh-a in phthisis.
Cholera A!rs4 Verat4 CamphB. =umbling and sharp cutting pain. 2ark li5uid
Back.66#ersistent lameness. #ain in lumbar region and in lower left shoulder-
blade4 chest feels tight.
*rinary.66=enal inefficiency and urEmia. 8arlicky odor. 2iabetes. *rine of high
specific gravity4 increased, acetones and diacetic acid.
!ale.66#erspiration of scrotum4 is constantly damp and moist. Boils on scrotum.
#urulent discharge of a white color from urethra4 tingling and burning in
urethra4 pain in prostate4 pains in penis.
$)tremities.66Cramps in calves of legs, worse after midnight, only relieved by
getting out of bed and standing. *lcers4 gangrene.
%kin.66,cy cold. +weat, and skin even when dry. Cold, clammy perspiration of
an intermittent nature. !cne, pustules on face and in the cruro-genital region4
ulcers look like chancre. 8angrene4 carbuncles.
"ose.66/hird trituration.
.uscular paralysis without impairing sensation and consciousness. #aralysis of
respiratory muscles. =eflex action diminished. 2ebility of the aged ABarytaB and
from loss of fluids. Catalepsy. Cervous debility. /rismus. 8lycosuria with motor
paralysis. Curare decreases the output of adrenaline. Vomiting of bile in cirrhosis
of liver. 2iabetes mellitus, 'th dilution A2r. BarkhardB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ind.66,ndecision4 no longer wishes to think, or act for herself.
Head.66<ancinating pains all over head. 0ead drawn backward. 9alling out of
hair. Brain feels full of fluid.
$yes.66+harp, stitching pains over right eye. Black spots before vision. #tosis of
right side.
$ars.66Coises4 unbearable earache. <ancinating pains start from ears4 extending
down to legs. +welling of lobes of ear.
+ose.66O:Ena. /ubercles on nose4 fetid lumps of pus.
&ace.669acial and buccal paralysis. /ongue and mouth drawn. =ed face. /ongue
and mouth drawn to right.
&emale.662ysmenorrh-a. .enses too early, during menses, colic, headache,
kidney pain. <eucorrh-a, thick, purulent, offensive.
Respiratory.66/hreatened paralysis of respiration on falling asleep. +hort breath.
+hort dry cough4 provokes vomiting, followed by fainting. Chest sore to
pressure. Very distressing dyspn-a.
$)tremities.66/ired pain up and down spine. !rms weak, heavy. Cannot lift the
fingers. $eakness of hands and fingers in pianists. <egs tremble4 give way in
walking. 2ebility4 paralysis. Catalepsy. 9avors development of corns. =eflexes
lessened or abolished.
%kin.66<eprosy. 2irty-looking skin. Boils. /ubercles on nose. <iver spots. Blood
oo:es through. ,tching.
!odalities.66$orse, dampness, cold weather, cold wind4 ) am4 right side.
Relationship.66Compare( Cystisin Amotor paralysisB4 Conium4 Causticum4
Crotalus4 Cux. Curare antidotes +trychnin.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
<arge doses produce violent purging and vomiting4 disturbed digestion with
very salty saliva. !nEmic and chlorotic conditions. !ffections of uterus. 8astro-
intestinal and genito-urinary tracts affected, inducing secondary anEmia and
various reflexes. +leepiness, moroseness, and lassitude. Cough at night while
asleep without waking, especially in children ACham4 Citr acB.
Head.66/errors of conscience. 8rieves over duty neglected. 2epression, with
weeping desire to be alone. !ching in morning, with flickering before eyes4
snee:ing with itching in ear. Vertigo4 things turn in a circle4 better in the room4
worse, open air. One-sided headache. 9re5uent snee:ing with itching in ears.
$yes.662im vision, worse on waking, with spots before eyes. 9lickering of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
various colors. Convergent strabismus. +ees countless stars. 2iplopia.
2isturbance of vision, associated with gastric disturbances.
%tomach.66+alty taste4 hiccough-like eructation worse, fat food. 2iarrh-a after
every cup of coffee4 hiccough. +atiety after a few mouthfuls. 2isgust for meat,
especially pork. 2esire for lemonade. Co thirst all day.
Rectum.66#ain about anus and perineum, as if a spot were suppurating, when
walking or sitting.
&emale.66.enses profuse, black, membranous, clotted, too early, with labor-like
pains from back to pubes. 9low less when moving about. .enstrual irregularities
with megrim and blindness, or fiery spots before eyes. 0iccough during
pregnancy. #ost-partum hEmorrhage, with colicky bearing-down pains, with
relief after gush of blood. !fter menses, swelling of breasts, with milky secretion.
$)tremities.66#ains in parts where bones lie near surface. Burning, sore pain in
heels. Cramp-like contraction of right thumb and index finger. #ains in
periosteum. Chilblains.
%kin.66!cne in young women, pruritus better scratching and appearance of
!odalities.66$orse, open air, evenings, sitting, standing, and cold water. Better,
during menstrual flow, by moving about, rubbing parts4 in warm room,
Relationship.66Compare( !mbra4 #ulsat4 Cinchona4 9er cit et Chin.
"ose.66/hird attenuation.
1ello- 0ad)+# lipper
/he skin symptoms correspond to those of poisoning by =hus, for which it has
been found an efficient antidote. Cervousness in children4 from teething and
intestinal troubles. 2ebility after gout. 0ydrocephaloid symptoms, result of long,
exhausting diarrh-a. +leeplessness. Cerebral hyperasthesia in young children
often the result of overstimulation of brain.
Head.66Child cries out at night4 is wakeful and begins to laugh and play.
0eadaches of elderly people and during climacteric.
Relationship.66Compare( !mbra4 >ali brom4 +cutellar4 Valerian4 ,gnat. +kin
relatives 8rindelia4 !nacard.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth attenuation. 9or #oison Oak, J drops of tincture per
dose, also locally.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ll parts of this shrub are poisonous, producing inflammation of stomach and
intestines, with vomiting, diarrh-a, headache, paleness of face and cold skin.
$idespread anEsthesia, and convulsions are some of the chief effects of this
drug. Cerebrospinal meningitis. 8reat prostration, sense of constriction in throat,
stiffness of nape, tearing from nape into occiput, lusterless eyes.
Head.66+tupefaction4 indifference A#hos acB. *ne5ually dilated pupils4 giddiness4
twitching of facial muscles A!garicB. 0ydrocephalus. Constant vertigo, intense
%tomach.667xcessive thirst. Constant nausea, vomiting4 burning pain in
/enesmus and erections. 8rass-green urine.
$)tremities.66Cumbness and pain in hands. 2ifficulty in moving them.
Compare( Cux4 8els. Cystine Aproduces motor paralysis resembling that of
curare and death through respiratory paralysisB.
"ose.66/hird potency.
+aid to be of use in sexual neurasthenia4 impotency. +exual debility from nervous
prostration. ,ncontinence of old people. Chronic prostatic discharge. =enal and
cystic catarrh4 frigidity of females. !ids the establishment of normal menstrual
flow in young girls.
"ose.66/incture and fluid extract-ten-to forty-drops doses.
p"r;e 0a"rel
!cts on lower tissues, muscles, bones and skin. +udden, lightning 1erks in
different parts of the body. Craving for tobacco. Burning in stomach. #arts of the
body feel separated ABaptB. 9etid breath, urine, sweat.
Head.669eels as if skull would burst4 as if head were separated from body. 0eat
in head, especially in vertex. /ongue coated on one side only A=husB. 9oul-
smelling, ptyalism hot.
*rinary.66/hick, turbid, yellowish, like rotten eggs.
$)tremities.66=ight toe swollen, painful. #ain shoots upward into abdomen and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
heart. =heumatic pains in thighs and knees. Cold feeling on buttocks. +hooting
pains, shift rapidly worse, cold air.
%leep.667ntire inability to sleep4 sometimes caused by aching in bones. 2reams,
with nightmare. 2reams of cats, black cats. +tarting on falling to sleep with
chilliness and clamminess.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Bry4 =hus.
Compare( 9luor ac4 !ur4 .e:4 +taph.
"ose.669irst to sixth attenuation.
Comes into play in all diseases where the heart is primarily involved, where the
pulse is weak, irregular, intermittent, abnormally slow, and dropsy of external
and internal parts. $eakness and dilatation of the myocardium. ,ts greatest
indication is in failure of compensation and especially when auricular fibrillation
has set in. +low pulse in recumbent posture, but irregular and dicrotic on sitting
up. !uricular flutter and fibrillation especially when subse5uent to rheumatic
fever. 0eart block, very slow pulse. Other symptoms of organic heart disease,
such as great weakness and sinking of strength, faintness, coldness of skin, and
irregular respiration4 cardiac irritability and ocular troubles after tobacco4
1aundice from induration and hypertrophy of the liver, fre5uently call for
2igitalis. ;aundice with heart disease. 9aint, as if dying. Bluish appearance of
face. Cardiac muscular failure when asystole is present. +timulates the heart@s
muscles, increases force of systole, increases length. #rostration from slight
exertion. Collapse.
!ind.662espondency4 fearful4 anxious about the future. 2ullness of sense. 7very
shock strikes in epigastrium. .elancholia, dull lethargic with slow pulse.
Head.66Vertigo, when walking and on rising, in cardiac and hepatic affections.
+harp, shooting frontal pain, extending into nose, after drinking cold water or
eating ice-cream. 0eaviness of head, with sensation as if it would fall backward.
9ace bluish. Confusion, fullness and noise in head. Cracking sounds during a
nap. Blue tongue and lips.
$yes.66Blueness of eyelids. 2ark bodies, like flies, before eyes. Change in
acuteness of perception of shades of green. Ob1ects, appear green and yellow.
.ydriasis4 lid margins red, swollen, agglutinated in morning. 2etachment of
retina. 2im vision, irregular pupils, diplopia.
%tomach.66+weet taste with constant ptyalism. 7xcessive nausea, not relieved by
vomiting. 9aintness, great weakness in stomach. Burning in stomach extending
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
to -sophagus. !fter cold water or ice-cream, sharp pain in forehead, extending
to nose. 9aintness and vomiting from motion. 2iscomfort, even after a small
5uantity of food, or from mere sight or smell. /enderness of epigastrium.
Copious salivation. Ceuralgic pain in stomach, unconnected with taking food.
Abdomen.66#ain in left side apparently in descending colon and under false
ribs. +evere abdominal pains, pulsation in abdominal aorta, and epigastric
constriction. 7nlarged, sore, painful liver.
+tool.66$hite, chalk-like, ashy, pasty stools. 2iarrh-a during 1aundice.
*rinary.66Continued urging, in drops, dark, hot, burning, with sharp cutting or
throbbing pain at neck of bladder, as if a straw was being thrust back and forth4
worse at night. +uppressed. !mmoniacal, and turbid. *rethritis, phimosis,
strangury. 9ull feeling after urination. Constriction and burning, as if urethra
was too small. Brick-dust sediment.
&emale.66<abor-like pains in abdomen and back before menses. *terine
!ale.66Cightly emission A2igitalinB, with great weakness of genitals after coitus.
0ydrocele4 scrotum enlarged like a bladder. 8onorrh-a, balanitis A.ercB, with
-dema of prepuce. 2ropsical swelling of genitals A+ulphB. 7nlarged prostate.
Respiratory.662esire to take a deep breath. Breathing irregular, difficult4 deep
sighing. Cough, with raw, sore feeling in chest. 7xpectoration sweetish. +enile
pneumonia. 8reat weakness in chest. 2yspn-a, constant desire to breathe
deeply, lungs feel compressed. Chronic bronchitis4 passive congestion of the
lungs, giving bloody sputum due to failing myocardium. Cannot bear to talk.
0Emoptysis with weak heart.
Heart.66/he least movement causes violent palpitation, and sensation as if it
would cease beating, if he moves AOpposite4 8elsB. 9re5uent stitches in heart.
,rregular heart especially of mitral disease. Very slow pulse. ,ntermits4 weak.
Cyanosis. ,ne5uality of pulse4 it varies. +udden sensation as if heart stood still.
#ulse weak, and 5uickened by least movement. #ericarditis, copious serous
exudation. 2ilated heart, tired, irregular, with slow and feeble pulse.
0ypertrophy with dilatation. Cardiac failure following fevers. Cardiac dropsy.
$)tremities.66+welling of the feet. 9ingers go to sleep easily. Coldness of hands
and feet. =heumatic pain in 1oints. +hining, white swelling of 1oints. .uscular
debility. Cocturnal swelling of fingers. +ensation in legs as if a red hot wire
suddenly darted through them A2udgeonB.
%leep.66+tarts from sleep in alarm that he is falling from a height. Continuous
&e'er.66+udden flushes of heat, followed by great nervous weakness.
%kin.667rythema, deep red, worse on back, like measles. Blue distended veins on
lids, ears, lips and tongue. 2ropsical. ,tching and 1aundiced.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!odalities.66$orse, when sitting erect, after meals and music. Better, when
stomach is empty4 in open air.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph4 +erpentaria. ,ncompatible China. Compare(
Cerium odorum Aresembles in heart effects 2igitalis, but also has an action like
+trychnia on spinal cord. +pasms appear more in upper part of body. #alpitation4
weak heart will be strengthened by it. <ock-1awB. !donia4 CratEgus Aa true heat
tonicB4 >almia4 +pigel4 <iatris4 Compare also4 2igitoxinum A2igitalis dissolved in
Chloroform4 which has yellow vision very marked, and distressing nausea,
aggravated by champagne and aerated watersB. Citri spir dulc increases action of
2igit. ,chthyotoxin. 7el +erum A7xperiments show great analogy between the
serum and the venom of vipera. ,ndicated whenever the systole of the heart is
insufficient, decompensated valvular disease, irregular pulse due to fibrillation
of the auricle. !ssytole, feeble, fre5uent, irregular pulse, dyspn-a and scanty
urine. <iver enlarged, dyspn-a, albuminuria. Co -demaB. Convallaria Aheart
disease with vertigo and digestive disturbancesB. Guinidin-,someric methoxyl
compound.66A=estores normal rhythm in auricular fibrillation, often
supplements the action of 2igitalis. /wo doses of D grains each, three hours
apart-if no symptoms of cinchonism develop, ' doses H grs each daily AC. 0arlan
$ellsB. #aroxysmal tachycardia. 7stablishes normal heart rhythm at least
temporarily, less in valvular lesionsB.
"ose.66/he third to thirtieth attenuation will bring about reaction when the drug
is homeopathically indicated4 but for palliative purposes the physiological
dosage is re5uired. 9or this purpose, the tincture made from the fresh plant, in
doses of five to twenty drops, when the cardiac stimulation is desired, or the
infusion of % %O) per cent. 2ose, one-half to one ounce if the diuretic action is
wanted. /he tincture may be given on sugar or bread, and nothing li5uid be
taken for twenty minutes before or after its administration. Of the powdered
leaves, %O) to ) grains in capsules. 2igitoxin %-)JI grain. Co matter what form of
digitalis is given the dose should be reduced as soon as the pulse rate has been
lowered to &I beats a minute and the normal rhythm has been partially or
completely restored. *nder such conditions a good rule is to cut the dose in half
and still more if there be a sudden falling off of the urinary output.
Wild 1am
!s a remedy for many kinds of pain, especially colic, and in severe, painful
affections of abdominal and pelvic viscera4 it ranks with the polychrests of the
.ateria .edica. #ersons of feeble digestive powers4 tea-drinkers, with much
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
flatulence. 8all stone colic.
!ind.66Calls things by the wrong name.
Head.662ull pain in both temples4 better pressure, but worse afterwards.
Bu::ing in head.
%tomach.66.outh dry and bitter in morning, tongue coated, no thirst. Belching
of large 5uantities of offensive gas. Ceuralgia of stomach. +inking at the pit of the
stomach4 pyrosis. #ain along sternum and extending into arms. 7ructations of
sour, bitter wind, with hiccough. +harp pain in epigastrium, relieved by standing
Abdomen.66#ains suddenly shift to different parts4 appear in remote localities,
as fingers and toes. =umbling, with emission of much flatus. 8riping, cutting in
hypogastric region, with intermittent cutting in stomach and small intestines.
Colic4 better walking about4 pains radiate from abdomen, to back, chest, arms4
worse, bending forwards and while lying. +harp pains from liver, shooting
upward to right nipple. #ain from gall-bladder to chest, back, and arms. =enal
colic, with pain in extremities. 0urried desire for stool.
Heart.66!ngina pectoris4 pain back of sternum into arms4 labored breathing4
feeble action of heart. 7specially with flatulence and pain through chest and
tightness across.
Rectum.660Emorrhoids, with darting pains to liver4 look like bunches or grapes
or red cherries4 protrude after stool, with pain in anus. 2iarrh-a Aworse in
morningB, yellowish, followed by exhaustion, as if flatus and feces were hot.
!ale.66=elaxation and coldness of organs. #ains shoot into testicles from region
of kidneys. +trong-smelling sweat on scrotum and pubes. 7missions in sleep, or
from sexual atony, with weak knees.
&emale.66*terine colic4 pains radiate from uterus. Vivid dreams.
Respiratory.66/ight feeling all along sternum. Chest does not seem to expand on
breathing. +hort-winded.
$)tremities.66<ameness in back4 worse, stooping. !ching and stiffness in 1oints.
+ciatica4 pains shoot down thigh4 worse, right side4 better, when perfectly still.
9elons in beginning, when pricking is first felt. Cails brittle. Cramps in flexors of
fingers and toes.
!odalities.66$orse, evening and night, lying down, and doubling up. Better,
standing erect, motion in open air4 pressure.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Chamom4 Camph.
Compare( Colocy Adiffers in modalitiesB4 Cux4 Cham4 Bry.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
B"k" : 4rom Cape o4 $ood Hope
#athogenically it produces +omnolence4 nervous insomnia4 night sweats. 7rratic
pains, with bad humor, desire to weep or fear of sickness. Violent vertigo.
Cephalalgia, chiefly frontal, radiating to the occiput. 7yes brilliant, with
lachrymation or itching, the conditions accompanied by a species of stupefaction,
with hardness of hearing or noises from aural pressure. 7arthy face with
disseminated rosaceous eruption. Causea, fetid breath, with sensation of
emptiness. +ensation of meteorism, with stinging pains in the spleen. #ainful
sensation in the abdomen, with pubic pressure-the pressure of the clothing
becomes insupportable, with emission of high-colored, bloody urine. 9re5uent
yellow diarrh-a, worse at night. Catamenia abundant, anticipating, sometimes
metrorrhagic in type4 crampy pains on ingesting food. +ensation of heat or of
cold in the hands, with convulsive movements of the fingers. $eakness of the
legs, aggravated by sitting down.
Clinically, this pathogeny should be useful in cerebral affections with dullness or
stupefaction4 in convulsive or epileptiform attacks4 in hysteria4 in hepatitis
Acirrhosis or atrophyB4 in hEmaturia with ovarian or uterine lesions.
,n splenitis, where it should surpass Ceanothus. .ental disorders in nervous or
ascetic individuals, particularly where there is constant fear of death, or erotic or
maniacal attacks. 8astralgia. 8astro-enteritis. +udden fright, with trembling and
weakness of the legs A2r. C. <eal <a =otaB.
Pote!ti?ed Diphtheritic ,ir"#
!dapted to patients prone to catarrhal affections of respiratory organs,
scrofulous individuals. 2iphtheria, laryngeal diphtheria, post-diphtheritic
paralysis. .alignancy from the start. 8lands swollen4 tongue red, swollen4 breath
and discharge very offensive. 2iphtheritic4 membrane thick, dark. 7pistaxis4
profound prostration. +wallows without pain, but fluids are vomited or returned
by the nose.
Relationship.66Compare( 2iphtherotoxin ACahisB AChronic bronchitis with rales.
Cartier suggests it in the vago-paralytic forms of Bronchitis of the aged or in toxic
bronchitis after gripB.
"ose.66/hirtieth, two hundredth or C. . potency. .ust not be repeated too
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
! right-sided medicine, with pronounced liver and skin symptoms. ! general
intense itching without eruption. 7xalted nervous sensibility. +enile pruritus.
0Emorrhoidal diathesis.
Throat.66#ain in throat, worse swallowing, below right angle of 1aw, as if
splinter were imbedded vertically. #ain in gums prevents sleep.
Abdomen.66Colic from getting feet wet. Constipation, with intense itching4
bloated abdomen. $hite stools. +welling of liver. 0Emorrhoids, with burning
%kin.66,ntense itching, with no swelling or rash4 worse across shoulders, also
about elbows and knees and hairy parts. ;aundice. Kellow in spots4 itching
excessively at night. 0erpes :oster A!rsB.
!odalities.66$orse, at night, scratching, right side.
Relationship.66Compare( =hus4 Bell4 0ep4 Cit ac4 9agopyr.
"ose.66+ixth potency. /incture, drop doses, in hEmorrhoids.
Colorado Potato:*";
/he center of this drug@s action seems to be in the urinary organs, and hence its
employment in gonorrh-a and gleet. *rethritis in children from local irritation
and gleet. 8reat trembling in extremities. #rostration. +welling of body. Burning
*rinary.662ifficult micturition. *rethra inflamed, with excruciating pain when
urinating. #ain in back and loins. +evere trembling in limbs.
Relationship.66Antidote( +tram.
Compare( !gar4 !pis4 Canth4 <ach4 Coccion.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
!ffects markedly the respiratory organs and was pointed out by 0ahnemann as
the principal remedy for whooping-cough. 2rosera can break down resistance to
tubercle and should therefore be capable of raising it A2r. /ylerB. <aryngeal
phthisis is benefited by it. #hthisis pulmonum4 vomiting of food from coughing
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
with gastric irritation and profuse expectoration. #ains about hip-1oint.
/ubercular glands.
Head.66Vertigo when walking in open air, with inclination to fall to the left side.
Coldness of left half of face, with stinging pains and dry heat of right half.
%tomach.66Causea. !version to and bad effects from acids.
=espiratory Organs.66+pasmodic, dry irritative cough, like whooping-cough, the
paroxysms following each other very rapidly4 can scarcely breathe4 chokes.
Cough very deep and hoarse4 worse, after midnight4 yellow expectoration, with
bleeding from nose and mouth4 retching. 2eep, hoarse voice4 hoarseness4
laryngitis. =ough, scraping sensation deep in the fauces and soft palate.
+ensation as if crumbs were in the throat, of feather in larynx. <aryngeal phthisis,
with rapid emaciation. 0arassing and titillating cough in children-not at all
through the day, but commences as soon as the head touches the pillow at night.
Clergyman@s sore throat, with rough, scraping, dry sensation deep in the fauces4
voice hoarse, deep, toneless, cracked, re5uires exertion to speak. !sthma when
talking, with contraction of the throat at every word uttered.
$)tremities.66#aralytic pains in the coxo-femoral 1oint and thighs. +tiffness in
1oints of feet. !ll limbs feel lame. Bed feels too hard.
&e'er.66,nternal chilliness4 shivering, with hot face, cold hands, no thirst. ,s
always too cold, even in bed.
!odalities.66$orse, after midnight, lying down, on getting warm in bed,
drinking, singing, laughing.
Relationship.66Antidote( Camph.
Compare( 9luoroform A) per cent watery solution, )-' drops, after paroxysms,
considered specific for whooping-coughB. Ouabain from leaves of Carissa
schimperi-arrow poison A=espiratory spasm-$hooping cough is cut short in first
stage and reduced in fre5uency of attacks and hastens convalescenceB. Chelid4
Corall4 Cupr4 Castanea4 !rgent4 .enyanth.
"ose.669irst to twelfth attenuation.
Cork-ood Elm
!cts chiefly on the nervous system, eyes, upper respiratory tract. =ecommended
in pharyngitis sicca, with black, stringy mucus. ,t dilates the pupil, dries the
mouth, checks perspiration, causes headache and drowsiness. On the eye it acts
more promptly than !tropia, much stronger as a mydriatic. =ed spots floats in
the field of vision. +ensation as if stepping on empty space. Vertigo with pale
face4 not gastric in origin. +carlet fever4 locomotor ataxia. #alliative in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
exophthalmic goitre.
!ind.66!bsent-minded, incoherent, silly and nonsensical, memory impaired.
Head.66,mpossible to stand with eyes shut, tendency to fall backwards.
$yes.66Con1unctivitis, acute and chronic. .ydriasis. #aralysis of
accommodation. 0yperEmia of retina with weakness of accommodation, fundus
red, blood-vessels full and tortuous4 pupils dilated, with dim vision. #ain over
eye, between it and brow.
Respiratory.66<arynx dry, voice hoarse, phonation difficult. 2ry cough with
oppressed breathing.
$)tremities.66<oss of power in limbs, staggers4 feels as if he stepped on empty
space. /rembling, numbness and weakness.
Relationship.66,t antagoni:es .uscarine. 2uboisin sulphate %-%II gr sedative in
mania. )-' milligrams a day. 0ystero-epilepsy. .otor restlessness of insane A0as
been used as a substitute for !tropia in doses of %-)I of a grain hypodermicallyB.
Antidotes( .orphia4 #ilocarp. Compare( Bellad4 +tram4 0yos.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth potency.
0ot days and cold nights towards the close of summer are especially favorable to
the action of 2ulcamara, and is one of the remedies that correspond in their
symptoms to the conditions found as effects of damp weather, colds after
exposure to wet, especially diarrh-a. ,t has a specific relation also to the skin,
glands, and digestive organs, mucous membranes secreting more profusely
while the skin is inactive. /he rheumatic troubles induced by damp cold are
aggravated by every cold change and somewhat relieved by moving about.
=esults from sitting on cold, damp ground. ,cy coldness. One-sided spasms with
speechlessness. #aralysis of single parts. Congestive headache, with neuralgia
and dry nose. #atients living or working in damp, cold basements ACat sulphB.
7ruptions on hands, arms or face around the menstrual period.
Head.66.ental confusion. Occipital pain ascending from nape of neck.
0eadache relieved by conversation. =e1ects things asked for. Back part of head
chilly, heavy, aching, during cold weather. =ingworm of scalp. +caldhead, thick
brown crusts, bleeding when scratched. Bu::ing in head.
+ose.662ry cory:a. Complete stoppage of nose. +tuffs up when there is a cold
rain. /hick, yellow mucus, bloody crusts. #rofuse cory:a. $ants nose kept warm,
least cold air stops the nose. Cory:a of the new born.
$yes.667very time he takes cold it settles in eyes. /hick, yellow discharge4
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
granular lids. 0ay-fever4 profuse, watery discharge, worse in open air.
$ars.667arache, bu::ing, stitches, and swelling of parotids. .iddle-ear catarrh
A.erc dulc4 >al murB.
&ace.66/earing in cheek extending to ear, orbit, and 1aw, preceded by coldness of
parts, and attended by canine hunger. 0umid eruption on cheeks and face
!outh.66+aliva tenacious, soapy. 2ry, rough tongue, rough scraping in throat,
after taking cold in damp weather. Cold-sores on lips. 9acial neuralgia4 worse,
slightest exposure to cold.
%tomach.66Vomiting of white, tenacious mucus. !version to food. Burning thirst
for cold drinks. 0eartburn. Causea accompanies the desire for stool. Chilliness
during vomiting.
Abdomen.66Colic from cold. !cts prominently on umbilical region. Cutting pain
about navel. +welling of inguinal glands A.ercB.
+tool.668reen, watery, slimy, bloody, mucus, especially in summer, when the
weather suddenly becomes cold4 from damp, cold weather and repelled
*rinary.66.ust urinate when getting chilled. +trangury, painful micturition.
Catarrh of bladder from taking cold. *rine has thick, mucous, purulent
sediment. ,schuria from wading with bare feet in cold water.
&emale.66+uppression of menses from cold or dampness. Before appearance of
menses, a rash appears on skin, or sexual excitement. 2ysmenorrh-a, with
blotches all over4 mammE engorged and sore, delicate, sensitive to cold.
Respiratory.66Cough worse cold, wet weather, with free expectoration, tickling
in larynx. Cough, hoarse, spasmodic. $hooping-cough, with excessive secretion
of mucus. $inter coughs, dry, teasing. !sthma with dyspn-a. <oose, rattling
cough4 worse wet weather. .ust cough a long time to expel phlegm. Cough after
physical exertion.
Back.66+tiff neck. #ain in small of back, as after long stooping. +tiffness and
lameness across neck and shoulders, after getting cold and wet.
$)tremities.66#aralysis4 paraly:ed limbs, feet icy cold. $arts on hands.
#erspiration on palms of hands. #ain in shin-bones. =heumatism alternates with
diarrh-a. =heumatic symptoms after acute skin eruptions.
%kin.66!denitis. #ruritus, always worse in cold, wet weather. 0erpes :oster,
pemphigus. +welling and indurated glands from cold. Vesicular eruptions.
+ensitive bleeding ulcers. <ittle boils. =ed spots, urticaria, brought on by
exposure, or sour stomach. 0umid eruptions on face, genitals, hands, etc. $arts,
large, smooth, on face and palmar surface of hands. !nasarca. /hick, brown-
yellow crusts, bleeding when scratched.
&e'er.662ry burning heat all over. Chilliness towards evening, mostly in back.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
,cy coldness, with pains. 2ry heat and burning of skin. Chilliness with thirst.
!odalities.66$orse, at night4 from cold in general, damp, rainy weather. Better,
from moving about, external warmth.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph4 Cupr.
Complementary( Baryta carb.
,ncompatible Bellad4 <aches.
Compare( #impinello66ABibernellB.66=espiratory mucous membrane sensitive to
draughts, pain and coldness in occiput and nape. $hole body weak4 heavy head
and drowsiness4 lumbago and stiff neck4 pain from nape to shoulder4 chilliness.
=hus4 Cimicif4 Calc4 #uls4 Bry4 Cat sulph.
"ose.66+econd to thirtieth potency.
P"rple Co!e:4lo-er
$e are indebted to the 7clectic school for this remarkable medicine as a
3corrector of blood dyscrasia3. !cute auto-infection. +ymptoms of blood
poisoning, septic conditions generally. 2iarrh-a in typhoid. 8onorrh-a. Boils.
7rysipelas and foul ulcers. 8angrene. 8oitre with exophthalmic symptoms4 full
doses, also in1ecting J-%I drops into thyroid gland. /endency to malignancy in
acute and subacute disorders. <ast stages of cancer to ease pain. Venom
infection. Cerebro-spinal meningitis. #uerperal infections. /ired feeling. #iles.
#ustules. !cts on vermiform appendix thus has been used for appendicitis, but
remember it promotes suppuration and a neglected appendicitis with pus
formation would probably rupture sooner under its use. <ymphatic
inflammation4 crushing in1uries. +nake bites and bites and stings generally. 9oul
discharges with emaciation and great debility.
Head.66Confused, depressed. !ches with a peculiar periodical flushing of the
face, even to the neck4 di::iness and profound prostration.
+ose.669oul-smelling discharge, membranous formations protruding. #ost-nasal
catarrh with ulceration and fetor. Cose feels stuffed up. =ight nostril raw,
!outh.66Canker4 gums recede and bleed easily4 corners of mouth and lips crack4
tongue dry and swollen4 sores4 dirty brownish. /ongue, lips, and fauces tingle,
with sense of fear about heart A!conB. $hite coating of tongue, with red edges.
#romotes the flow of saliva.
Throat.66/onsils purple or black, gray exudation extending to posterior nares
and air-passages. *lcerated sore throat.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66+our belching and heartburn. Causea4 better lying down.
Chest.66#ain as of a lump in chest and under sternum. #ain in pectoral muscles
*rinary.66!lbuminous, scanty, fre5uent, and involuntary.
&emale.66#uerperal septicEmia4 discharges suppressed4 abdomen sensitive and
tympanitic4 offensive, excoriating leucorrh-a.
$)tremities.66!ching in limbs and general lassitude.
%kin.66=ecurring boils. Carbuncles. ,rritations from insect bites and poisonous
plants. <ymphatics enlarged. Old tibial ulcers. 8angrene.
&e'er.66Chilliness, with nausea. Cold flashes all over back. .alarial fever.
Relationship.66Compare( Cenchris contortrix4 Bothrops4 !rs4 <aches4 Baptis4
=hus4 Cistus4 0epar4 Calendula.
"ose.66/incture, one to ten drops, every two hours, and larger doses.
<ocally, as a cleansing and antiseptic wash.
+imilar to snake-poisons generally. 0as very marked black discharges. Cold
things disagree. 2esire for sweetened buttermilk. Causea and vomiting.
#rostrating diarrh-a of consumption. !cidity of stomach, with faint feeling.
+udden pain in stomach. +pasm of -sophagus4 pharynx constricted4 food and
li5uids suddenly arrested, and then fall heavily into stomach. +pasms followed
by paresis. Cold feeling in stomach. 9ruits and ice-water lie very cold. =ight-
sided paralysis. .ust have oscillatory motion. =heumatic constitutions. 7ar, nose
and throat symptoms important.
!ind.662epressed4 imagines he hears someone talking4 dreads to be left alone.
9ear of rain. Can speak, but cannot understand speech. 9ears apoplexy.
Head.66Violent headache, extending from forehead to occiput4 first one eye, then
the other. #ain in ears. Vertigo with tendency to fall forward. $eight and pain in
forehead. 9ullness in head.
$yes.66!version to light4 letters run together when reading. Veil before eyes.
Burning in lids. Bloated around the eyes in the morning. <arge red fiery spot
before eyes.
$ars.66Cerumen black and hard, with difficult hearing, or serous greenish
discharge, offensive4 bu::ing, and illusion of hearing. +udden attack of nightly
deafness, with roaring and crackling in ears, cracking in ears on swallowing.
,ntolerable itching in ear.
+ose.66Chronic nasal catarrh, with fetid odor and greenish crusts. O:Ena4
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
yellowish-green discharge. .ucous membrane wrinkled4 nostrils plugged up
with dry mucus. #ains from nose to ears on swallowing. Costrils stopped up.
Casal bleeding. #ain at root of nose. 7ruption about nose.
Throat.66/hick, very offensive, dry, greenish-yellow crusts upon the posterior
pharyngeal wall and extremely foul breath. +pasmodic contraction of
-sophagus4 passage of fluids arrested.
Chest.66Coldness in chest after drinking. 0Emorrhage from lungs black as ink
and watery4 stitches in apex of right lung. 9ainting caused by stooping.
Oppression in going upstairs. #eeling off of skin from palms and fingers. Cough,
with terrible pain through lungs. $orse right and expectoration of black blood.
+ensation of a sponge in -sophagus.
%tomach.669eels cold. +ensation as if food turned like a corkscrew on
swallowing4 desire for sweetened buttermilk. !cidity after every mouthful.
&emale.662ysmenorrh-a, with black blood. 2ischarge of black blood between
menses. ,tching of vulva and vagina.
%leep.662reams about dead persons.
%kin.668lands and skin of axillE affected4 itching with tetter. /ips of fingers peel
off. ,tching eruption in axillE.
$)tremities.66,cy cold feet. Vesicular eruptions on feet. !rms and hands swollen
bluish. >nee-1oints feel sprained. #ricking under the nails.
&e'er.66Cold perspiration all over. /yphoid when ulcers have eaten into tissues,
and black blood is discharged.
!odalities.66$orse eating fruit4 cold drinks4 wet weather.
Relationship.66Compare( >ino from #terocarpus A0Emoptysis and
hEmorrhage from intestinesB. 7ucalyptus rostrata Aoffensive dark discharge from
right earB. Crotalus4 !lumen4 Carbo4 !rs4 <ach.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
("irti!; C"c"m*er
/his is an invaluable remedy in violent vomiting and purging, especially if the
evacuations are copious and watery. ,t is a very efficient remedy in certain forms
of dropsy. .uch yawning and stretching. Beriberi4 choleraic conditions4 urticaria
and mental disorders coming on as a conse5uence of suppressed malaria.
,rresistible desire to wander from home at night. 7ffects of damp weather.
%tomach.66Causea and vomiting, with great weakness. 8riping pains in bowels.
+tool.66$atery, copious, forceful. +5uirting diarrh-a4 frothy, olive green, with
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
cutting in abdomen.
$)tremities.66+harp pains in fingers and thumbs, knees, toes, and instep. 8outy
pain in great toes. #ain extends down extremities4 pain in hip-1oints with
diarrh-a. !rthritic nodules.
%kin.66+marts, stings, and burns. 2ropsical. *rticaria from suppressed
intermittent. +kin, orange color.
&e'er.66Chill comes on with much yawning and stretching, lasting all through
chill. #ain in extremities, darting into fingers and toes. Chills and fever, with
spurting diarrh-a.
!odalities.66$orse, from exposure on damp ground.
Relationship.66Compare( Bry4 Croton4 8ambogia.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. !s a hydragogue cathartic to produce free
discharge in dropsies, 7laterin %-)I of a grain. #alliative only.
! remedy for cancer, polyarthritis. #roved in potencies by 2r. B. C. $oodbury.
+ummary of symptoms
Burning under finger nails and toe nails, on soles.
,tching and redness of knee-caps.
=edness of palms.
=edness, burning and numbness of tongue.
#eculiar sensation of being very tall with tendency to vertigo.
Burning in various parts on skin.
+hifting location after scratching which relieves.
"ose.66+econd decimal A% M solB.
Traili!; Ar*"t"#
Chronic cystitis, with dysuria4 tenesmus after micturition4 muco-pus and uric-
acid deposit, gravel, renal calculi. 9ine sand in urine of a brown color. Burning in
neck of bladder whilst urinating and tenesmus afterward. #yelitis, incontinence
of urine. Croaking noise and rumbling in bowels.
Relationship.66Compare( *va, Chimaph, <yc4 #areira. 7pigea contains !rbutin,
also 9ormic acid.
"ose.66/incture in J-drop doses every three hours.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
! remedy for sick, neurasthenic, and nervous headaches, especially in women,
brought on or made worse by exertion, shopping, etc. /ongue coated yellow4
bitter taste. 2rowsy after meals. <oose stools. +ubinvolution, with painful
menstruation and congestion.
Head.66#ressing pain in temples from without inwards, worse, left side. Viscid
salivation, constant inclination to spit. +ick headache coming on when deviating
from ordinary pursuits. 0eadaches from nerve tire caused by mental or physical
exhaustion, preceded by hunger.
!odalities.66$orse, from working in open air. Better, from sleep.
Relationship.66Compare( ,ris, .elilot4 +anguinar. 9agus-Beech-nuts66Aheadache
and salivation4 swelling on mouth4 dread of waterB.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency.
#rincipal action on the bladder. ! remedy for enuresis and dysuria.
*rinary.66+evere, dull pain and feeling of fullness in bladder, not relieved by
urinating. 9re5uent urging with severe pain at the close of urination. *rine flows
only drop by drop. +harp, burning, cutting pain in urethra while urinating.
,ncontinence in children, with dreams or night-mares when passing urine.
,ncontinence in old women, also with involuntary stools. =etention and dysuria
during pregnancy and after delivery. .uch mucus in urine. !lbuminuria.
,nvoluntary urination.
>idney.662eep pain in region of right kidney, extending to lower abdomen, with
urgent desire to micturate. =ight lumbar region painful.
!odalities.66$orse, right side4 movement, pressure, touch, sitting down4 better,
in afternoon from lying down.
Relationship.66Compare( 0ydrangea4 9err phos4 !pis4 Canth4 <inaria4 Chimaph.
75uisitum contains silica in appreciable 5uantity.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth potency. ! decoction, teaspoonful doses, or the tincture
in hot water, is found useful to allay irritability of urinary tract, calculus, dysuria,
etc4 also for pleuritic effusion and dropsy.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
! hEmorrhagic remedy. 7pistaxis of bright blood. 0Emorrhage from any part,
especially lungs4 always attended by excitement of the circulation. 9lashes of heat
and coldness. +canty urine, -dema of the extremities.
%kin.66+ymptoms like =hus poisoning.
Relationship.66Compare( 7rig4 .illef4 0amam4 =hus.
"ose.66/incture. <ocally for #oison Oak.
0eptilo! ca!ade!#e
0Emorrhages are caused and cured by this remedy. #ersistent hEmorrhage
from the bladder. 0Emorrhage from the uterus, with painful micturition.
#rofuse bright-red blood. #ain in left ovary and hip. Chronic gonorrh-a, with
burning micturition4 continual dribbling. 2ysentery, with soreness and burning
in bladder. /ympanites.
&emale.66.etrorrhagia, with violent irritation of rectum and bladder, and
prolapsus uteri. Bright-red flow. .enorrhagia4 profuse leucorrh-a4 bloody
lochia returns after least motion, comes in gushes4 between periods, leucorrh-a
with urinary irritation4 pregnant women with 3weak uterus43 a bloody discharge
on slight exertion. Bleeding hEmorrhoids4 nosebleed instead of menses ABryB.
!odalities.66$orse, left side.
Relationship.66/erebinthina similar.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency. Oil of 7rigeron %x internally for tympanites.
!n enema of one dram of the oil with the yolk of an egg and pint of milk will
reduce the most enormous tympanites.
1er*a a!ta
! remedy for asthmatic and bronchial affections. Bronchial phthisis, with night-
sweats and emaciation. !sthma relieved by expectoration. Cough after influen:a.
9urthers absorption of effusion in plural cavity. !ppetite poor and impaired
digestion. $hooping cough.
Head.662i::y, feels intoxicated. #ressure outwards4 worse, occiput. #ain in ears.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Cory:a. Burning in throat. 9oul mouth in morning. Cory:a with di::iness and
Respiratory.66$hee:ing4 asthma, with cory:a and mucous secretions. 2ull pain
in right lung. Burning in fauces. Chronic bronchitis, bronchial tuberculosis, with
profuse, easily raised bronchial secretion, giving relief.
!ale.66+ore, dragging in testicle, could not bear any pressure4 better gentle
Relationship.66Compare( 8rind4 !ral4 7ucalyp4 ,pec.
"ose.66/incture in doses of ) to )I drops and attenuations.
B"tto! !ake:root
! remedy for urinary disorders. +trangury, etc, with nervous erethism. /hick,
yellow mucous discharges. ,nfluen:a. *ridrosis, sweat of urinous odor in
Respiratory.66Cough, with sense of constriction. +marting in throat and larynx.
*rinary.66/enesmus of bladder and urethra. 2ifficult and fre5uent micturition.
#ain behind pubes. +pasmodic stricture. =enal colic A#areira4 CalcB. Congestion of
kidneys with dull pain in back, running down the ureters and limbs. ,rritable
bladder from enlarged prostate gland, or from pressure of uterus.
!ale.662ischarge of prostatic fluid from slight causes. +eminal emissions
without erections, with lassitude A2ioscor4 #hos acB.
Relationship.66Compare( Conium4 Cannab4 2ios4 Ocim4 Clemat.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
Cali4or!ia Popp)
7xperiments upon animals showed it to act more powerfully than morphine
which is contained in the plant. ,t causes general weakness, torpor, accelerated
respiration, complete paralysis of the limbs. +lowing of circulation.
! soporific remedy which is harmless. *se the tincture.
E&CA01PT& $0OB&0&
Bl"e $"m:tree
7ucalyptus is a powerful antiseptic and destructive to low forms of life, a
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
stimulating expectorant and an efficient diaphoretic. !tonic dyspepsia, gastric
and intestinal catarrh. ! remedy with marked effects on catarrhal processes,
malaria, and intestinal disturbance. ,nfluen:a. 9evers of a relapsing character.
#roduces diuresis and great increase of urea. 0Emorrhages internally and
locally A0amamB. /yphoid. +ymptoms of exhaustion and toxEmia. Conditions of
the mucous surfaces of the air passages, genito-urinary organs and gastro-
intestinal tract. ! gastro-intestinal irritant with pain in stomach and upper
intestines several hours after eating.
Head.667xhilaration. 2esire for exercise. 2ull congestive headache. Cory:a4 sore
throat. 7yes smart and burn.
+ose.66+tuffed-up sensation4 thin, watery cory:a4 nose does not stop running4
tightness across bridge. Chronic catarrhal, purulent and fetid discharge. 7thmoid
and frontal sinus involved.
Throat.66=elaxed, aphthous condition of mouth and throat. 7xcessive secretion
of saliva. Burns, feels full. Constant sensation of phlegm in throat. 7nlarged,
ulcerated tonsils and inflamed throat A*se tincture locallyB.
%tomach.66+low digestion. .uch fetid gas. Beating and goneness with pulsation
in epigastric arteries. +pleen hard and contracted. #ain in epigastrium and upper
abdomen ameliorated by food. .alignant disease of stomach with vomiting of
blood and sour fluid.
Abdomen.66!cute diarrh-a. !ching pains in bowels with feeling of impending
diarrh-a. 2ysentery, with rectal heat4 tenesmus4 hEmorrhage. 2iarrh-a4 stools
thin, watery, preceded by sharp pains. /yphoid diarrh-a.
*rinary.66!cute nephritis complicating influen:a. 0Ematuria. +uppurative
inflammation of kidneys. *rine contains pus and is deficient in urea. Bladder
feels loss of expulsive force. Burning and tenesmus4 catarrh of bladder4 diuresis4
urethral caruncle. +pasmodic stricture4 gonorrh-a.
Respiratory.66!sthma, with great dyspn-a and palpitation. .oist asthma.
7xpectoration white, thick mucus. Bronchitis in the aged. Bronchorrh-a ABals.
#eruB. #rofuse expectoration of offensive muco-pus. ,rritative cough. $hooping-
cough in rachitic children. 9etid form of bronchitis, bronchial dilatation and
&emale.66<eucorrh-a, acrid, fetid. *lcer around orifice of urethra.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pains4 worse at night, walking or carrying anything.
+tiff, weary sensation. #ricking sensation, followed by painful aching. Codular
swellings over metacarpal and metatarsal 1oints.
%kin.668landular enlargements and nodular swelling over 1oints. 9oul and
indolent ulcers. 0erpetic eruptions.
&e'er.667levation of temperature. Continued and typhoid fevers. +carlet fever
Aprotective and curativeB. 2ischarges show a tendency to foulness, high
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
temperature, accelerated but not strong pulse. *se the tincture.
Relationship.66Compare( Oil of 7ucalyptus.66A#roduces remarkable bodily
exhaustion, no desire for any motion, unable to do any real mental work, study,
etc. /he volatile oil possesses, in common with other terpenes, the property of
converting water, in presence of air and sunlight, into hydrogen peroxide, or to
convert oxygen into o:one, which is the explanation usually given of its
deodori:ing and antiseptic properties A.errelB. <ocally, in catarrhal affections,
especially when of a suppurating or putrid natureB. 7ucalyptus tereticoris
Amenstrual cough and prostrationB. 7ucalyptol Adepresses temperature of healthy
body more than Guinine4 acts on kidneys like /erebinthB4 !nacard4 0ydrast4 >ali
sulph. 7ucalyptus neutrali:es ill effects of +trychnin. !ngophora-=ed 8um66
Adysentery, pains, tenesmus4 better lying flat on face4 obstinate constipationB.
7ucalyptus rostrata4 >ino.
"ose.66/incture in one to )I drop doses, and lower potencies. !lso Oil of
7ucalyptus in five-drop doses.
'am*o#a 9"l;ari#
7ugenia produces a state of intoxication like alcohol. 7verything appears
beautiful and larger4 excitement soon changing to depression. !cne, simple and
indurated. /he pimples are painful for some distance around. !cne rosacea.
Causea, better smoking. Comedones.
Head.660eadache as if a board were lying on right side. /alkative. 0ot
$)tremities.66Cightly cramp in soles of feet ACupr4 LingB. +kin cracks about toes.
9issures between toes. +kin recedes from the nails, forming pus.
Relationship.66Compare( 7ugenia chekun-.yrtus chekan Achronic BronchitisB4
!ntim4 Berb a5uif.
B"r!i!; B"#h
Brunettes more easily affected, producing headache, mental disturbances and
much distress in hepatic and renal region4 albuminuria. .igraine. #assive
Congestion and torpor of liver4 chronic catarrhal affections of stomach and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
intestines. $eak heart. Chronic rheumatism and gout.
!ind.66.ental confusion, despondent, irritable4 loss of memory, unable to recall
familiar names.
Head.660eavy frontal headache. +ore, tired feeling4 bruised feeling of scalp. #ain
over right eye extending back through the head. Bilious headache4 coated
tongue, bad taste, constipation. Vertigo, obscure vision and gastric derangement,
associated with albuminuria. 0eadache over eyebrows.
%tomach.66.outh dry, pasty taste4 thirsty, stomach full and uncomfortable.
Abdomen.669latus and pain. !nus very sore and burning. Constipation with
hEmorrhoids and severe backache. 2iarrh-a4 stools variable and profuse,
bloody. #ain about umbilical region.
*rinary.66*rine scanty, high-colored4 acidity increased, poured out rapidly.
Back.662ull pain between shoulders and about renal and splenic region4 pain in
lumbar region better lying down.
$)tremities.66!ching in all 1oints, especially ankles. 9eet feel swollen and tired.
!odalities.66Better cool draught, pressure. $orse evening.
Relationship.667uonymus 7uropoea-+pindle-tree A<iver disorders, biliousness,
lumbago, gastric derangements with albuminuria. Cutting pains in malar bones,
tongue, penis up to bladderB4 #odophyl4 !mmon pic4 Chel4 7uonymin %x trit
"ose.66/incture and lower attenuations.
Cervous erethism4 restlessness and morbid watchfulness. 0ysteria and chorea.
<ow fevers, with extreme restlessness.
!phthous disease. +ore nipples. +ore mouth in infants. Vomiting of bile, pain in
stomach, headache, and fever.
Relationship.66<apsana communis-Cipple-wort-useful in sore nipples and piles.
0yosc4 #assiflor4 0ydr mur.
"ose.66/incture, locally, in sore mouth and sore nipples. ,nternally, tincture to
third attenuation.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Re#i!o"# '"ice o4 E"phor*ia re#i!i4era
!n irritant to the skin and mucous membranes. Burning pain in bones. #ains in
limbs and paralytic weakness in the 1oints. ,mportant respiratory and skin
symptoms. /errible burning pains. #ains of cancer. 7verything appears larger
than it really is.
Head.66!cute mania. Violent, pressive headache.
&ace.667rysipelas4 yellow blisters. Burning in cheek4 worse, left. 7yes inflamed
and agglutinated in morning4 =ed swelling of cheeks. Casal pruritus with
mucous secretions from naso-pharynx.
%tomach.668reat hunger. +ialorrhea Aprofuse salty salivaB. $aterbrash. /hirst for
cold drinks.
Abdomen.66+unken4 spasmodic, flatulent colic. +tools fermented, profuse,
clayey. 9eels hollow.
Respiratory.66Breathing oppressed, as if chest were not wide enough.
+pasmodic, dry cough, day and night, with asthma. Violent, fluent cory:a, with
burning and cough. Constant cough, with stitches from pit of stomach to sides of
chest. Croup, dry, hollow, cough. $arm feeling in chest, as if hot food had been
$)tremities.66#aralytic pains. #ain in hip-1oint and coccyx.
%kin.667rysipelatous inflammation, especially of the cheek. Biting and stinging,
red, swollen. Vesicular erysipelas. Carbuncle4 old, torpid, indolent ulcers with
biting, lancinating pain. Old torpid ulcer, pustules4 gangrene A7chinac4 +ecaleB.
*lcerating carcinoma and epithelioma of the skin.
Relationship.66Compare( 7uphorbia amygdaloides-$ood +purge Ain pain in
antrum, illusion of smell, odor of mice. +ense of taste blunted. 2iarrh-a4 stools
difficult, with painful anal spasmB.
7uphorbia corollata-<arge 9lowering +purge66Aa diaphoretic expectorant and
cathartic of the old school in gastro-enteric disturbance, with deathly nausea.
Vomiting of food, water, and mucus and copious evacuations. !ttacks recur after
short intermissions. 9eeling of clawing in stomach4 cold sweatB AVerat albB.
7uphorbia marginata-+now on the mountain66A0oney from the flowers is
poisonous, detected by the hot, acrid taste. /he milky 1uice produces skin
symptoms like =husB.
7uphorbia pilulifera-#illbearing +purge66A0umid asthma, cardiac dyspn-a,
hay-fever, and bronchitis. *rethritis, with intense pain on urinating, and much
urging. !crid leucorrh-a4 worse least movement. 0Emorrhages from sunstroke
and traumatismB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Compare, also #soralea-! Columbian plant66A#ain of cancer, ulcers.
<eucorrh-a fetid. #ruritus. *terine tumorsB. Croton4 ;atropha4 Colchic.
Antidotes( Camph4 Opium.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
Caper p"r;e
/he fresh milky 1uice is exceedingly acrid when applied to the skin and the fruit
is highly purgative and poisonous. /he 1uice causes redness, itching, pimples,
sometimes gangrene. /he symptoms point to its use in erysipelas. #oison Oak,
etc. =heumatic pains during rest. #aralytic, weakness in 1oints.
!ind.662elirium and hallucinations. +tupor, coma.
$yes.66!lmost closed from -dema of lids.
+ose.667nd of nose very much inflamed externally. Very sensitive and
-dematous mucous membranes with ulceration.
&ace.66!t first ruddy glow on cheeks, afterwards death-like pallor. Cold
perspiration in beads on forehead. =ed, puffed, and in spots suppurating.
7rythema, beginning on face, gradually extending into the hair parts, and then
spreading over whole body, taking eight days to do so4 eruption glossy, rough
-dematous, with burning and smarting4 aggravated by touch and cold air4
ameliorated by close room and sweet-oil applications. 9ine bran-like
des5uamation. +ensation of cobwebs. +tinging, smarting, and burning of face
when touched.
!outh.66/ongue coated, slimy4 acrid taste. Breath cold, musty odor.
%tomach.66Causea and vomiting of copious clear water, intermingled with
white, gelatinous lumps.
+tool.662rastic purgation from large doses4 mild laxative condition from smaller
doses4 followed several weeks afterwards by obstinate constipation. +tools of
white, transparent, gelatinous mucus4 later mingled with blood.
*rinary.66Copious flow of urine.
!ale.66,nflammation of scrotum resulting in deep acrid ulcers, with intense
itching and burning4 worse, touching the parts from washing.
Respiratory.66<abored breathing. Breath cold, musty odor. Cough4 first, a
hacking, as from inhalation of sulphur4 later on, paroxysmal, like whooping-
cough, in regular paroxysms, ending in diarrh-a and vomiting, with sleepiness
between each paroxysm.
Heart.66$eak and fluttering heart-action. #ulse %)I, full, bounding, somewhat
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%leep.66=estlessness at night. +leep disturbed, anxious dreams.
&e'er.66/emperature increased. Body bathed in profuse perspiration, standing
out like beads on forehead4 later, cold, clammy perspiration on forehead.
%kin.667rythema, beginning on uncovered parts, on face, and spreading over
whole body4 glossy, rough, -dematous, with burning and smarting. 9ine bran-
like des5uamation following in the wake of the erythema. 7ruption rough, scaly,
smarting, and burning4 when scratched forms deep, ragged ulcers4 skin where
ulcerated remains red.
!odalities.66$orse, touch and cold air4 better, close room and sweet-oil
Relationship.66!ntidoted by =hus tox Askin symptomsB4 Veratr alb Avomiting,
purging, cough and comaB.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
!n antidote to snake-poison. ,ts use also renders the body immune to the
influence of the snake venom, and thus as a prophylactic A,ndigoB.
Relationship.66Compare( /he 7uphorbias. 7uphorbia #rostata66A*sed by
,ndians as an infallible remedy against bites of poisonous insects and snakes,
especially the rattle-snakeB. #lumeria cellinus /incture internally and locally
every %J minutes for snake poisoning A2r. CorreaB. Cedron. .icania guacho, a
Bra:ilian snake cure. +elaginella66A.acerate in milk, locally and internally for
bites of snakes and spidersB. ,odium, tincture for rattle snake bites externally and
one drop doses every %I minutes. 8ymnema sylvestre Awill abolish the taste of
bitter things4 sense of taste altered4 powdered root for snake-biteB4 +isyrinchium-
Blue-eyed grass-/en to fifteen drop doses of tincture Arattlesnake bitesB.
.anifests itself in inflaming the con1unctival membrane especially, producing
profuse lachrymation. #atient is better in open air. Catarrhal affections of
mucous membranes especially of eyes and nose. #rofuse acrid lachrymation and
bland cory:a4 worse, evening. 0awking up of offensive mucus.
Head.66Bursting headache with da::ling of eyes. Catarrhal headache, with
profuse discharge from eyes and nose.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+ose.66#rofuse, fluent cory:a, with violent cough and abundant expectoration.
$yes.66Catarrhal con1unctivitis4 discharge of acrid matter. /he eyes water all the
time. !crid lachrymation4 bland cory:a AOpposite CepaB. 2ischarge thick and
excoriating A.ercur thin and acridB. Burning and swelling of the lids. 9re5uent
inclination to blink. 9ree discharge of acrid matter. +ticky mucus on cornea4 must
wink to remove it. #ressure in eyes. <ittle blisters on cornea. Opacities.
=heumatic iritis. #tosis A8els4 CaustB.
&ace.66=edness and heat of cheeks. +tiffness of upper lip.
%tomach.66Vomiting from hawking mucus. Causea and bitterness after
Rectum.662ysentery. #rolapse ani. #ressure down in anus when sitting.
&emale.66.enses painful4 flow lasts only an hour or day4 late, scanty, short.
!menorrh-a, with ophthalmia.
!ale.66+pasmodic retraction of genitals, with pressure above pubic bone.
Condyloma and sycotic excrescences. #rostatitis. Cocturnal irritability of
bladder4 dribbling urine.
Respiratory.669re5uent yawning when walking in open air. #rofuse, fluent
cory:a in morning, with much cough and expectoration. ,nfluen:a. 8ags when
clearing the throat in morning. $hooping-cough only in day-time, with profuse
%kin.669irst stage of measles4 eye symptoms marked. Conse5uence of external
%leep.66Kawning when walking in open air. +leepy during day.
&e'er.66Chilly and cold. +weat mostly on chest, at night during sleep.
!odalities.66$orse, in evening, indoors, warmth4 south winds4 from light.
Better, from coffee, in dark.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph4 #uls. Compare( 0ydrophyllum-Burr
-flower66Acatarrhal inflammation of eyes4 hot lachrymation with itching, swollen
lids, dull headache4 also for effects of #oison-OakB4 Cepa4 !rs4 8els4 >ali hyd4
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
Wood:tar di#tillatio!
.arked female symptoms, and backache. ! remedy for uterine displacements.
#ain in back, followed by a bland leucorrh-a. .enses too early and copious4
flow thin. ,ntense sweat from slightest exertion. 2isgusting dreams. +ensation as
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
if whole body were made of 1elly.
Head.66Vertigo4 everything turns round on sitting up in bed. 0eat at vertex4
stitches from vertex down limbs into abdomen and genitals. +ore painful spots
on head. #ainful pulsation in forehead.
&emale.66Burning in right ovary. 8ushing leucorrh-a. Chronic tubal disease.
*terine flexions. .enses too early and copious. 2uring menses, irritable and
disinclined to talk4 burning and stitches in chest and heart. !fter menses, yellow
leucorrh-a, with severe backache. $hen pain in back ceases, the discharge
gushes out. +ore pain between labia during urination. #ruritus pudendi4 labia
$)tremities.66Cramps in the calves4 worse at night.
Back.66+acrum pains, as if broken. +evere backache4 must lean against
something for support. #ains extended into pelvis.
Relationship.66>reosot4 8raph4 <ach.
"ose.66/hird potency.
>nown as 3Bone-set3, from the prompt manner in which it relieves pain in limbs
and muscles that accompanies some forms of febrile disease, like malaria and
influen:a. 7upatorium acts principally upon the gastro-hepatic organs and
bronchial mucous membrane. ,t is a boon in miasmatic districts, along rivers,
marshes, etc, and in all conditions where there is a great deal of bone-pain.
Cachexia from old chronic, bilious intermittents. $orn-out constitutions from
inebriety. +luggishness of all organs and functions. Bone-pains, general and
severe. +oreness. .arked periodicity A!rs4 China4 CedronB.
Head.66/hrobbing pain. #ressure as if a cap of lead pressed over the whole skull.
Vertigo4 sensation of falling to left. Vomiting of bile. /op and back of head with
pain and soreness of eyeballs. #eriodical headache, every third and seventh day.
Occipital pain after lying down, with sense of weight.
!outh.66Cracks in corners of mouth, yellow coated tongue, thirst.
%tomach.66/ongue yellow. /aste bitter. 0epatic region sore. 8reat thirst.
Vomiting and purging of bile, of green li5uid several 5uarts at a time. Vomiting
preceded by thirst. 0iccough A+ulph ac4 0ydrocy acB. !voids tight clothing.
+tool.669re5uent, green watery. Cramps. Constipated, with sore liver.
Respiratory.66Cory:a, with snee:ing. 0oarseness and cough, with soreness in
chest4 must support it. ,nfluen:a, with great soreness of muscles and bones.
Chronic loose cough, chest sore4 worse at night. Cough relieved by getting on
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
hands and knees.
&e'er.66#erspiration relieves all symptoms except headache. Chill between ? and
( am, preceded by thirst with great soreness and aching of bones. Causea,
vomiting of bile at close of chill or hot stage4 throbbing headache. >nows chill is
coming on because he cannot drink enough.
$)tremities.66!ching pain in back. !ching in bones of extremities with soreness
of flesh. !ching in arms and wrists. +welling of left great toe. 8outy soreness and
inflamed nodosities of 1oints, associated with headache. 2ropsical swelling.
!odalities.66$orse, periodically. Better, by conversation, by getting on hands
and knees.
Relationship.66Compare( Bryon4 +epia4 Catr mur4 Chelidon. Cyctanthes arbor-
tristis Abilious fever4 insatiable thirst4 bitter vomiting at close of chill4 also
constipation of childrenB.
"ose.66/incture, to third attenuation.
8"ee! o4 the Meado-
!lbuminuria, diabetes, strangury, irritable bladder, enlarged prostate are a
special field for this remedy. 7xcellent in renal dropsy. Chills and pains run
upwards. ,mpotency and sterility. 0omesickness.
Head.66<eft-sided headache with vertigo. #ain from left shoulder to occiput.
+ick headache beginning in morning, worse afternoon and evening, worse in
cold air.
*rinary.662eep, dull pain in kidneys. Burning in bladder and urethra on
urinating. ,nsufficient flow4 milky. +trangury. 0Ematuria. Constant desire4
bladder feels dull. 2ysuria. Vesical irritability in women. 2iabetes insipidus.
Back.66$eight and heaviness in loins and back.
&emale.66#ain around left ovary. /hreatened abortion. 7xternal genitals feel as
though wet.
&e'er.66Co thirst during chill, but much frontal ache. Chill commences in back.
Violent shaking, with comparatively little coldness. Bone-pains.
Relationship.66Compare( +enecio4 Cannab sat4 0elon4 #hos ac4 /riticum4 7pigea.
"ose.669irst potency.
! +outh !merican shrub cultivated in +outhern California. ,t is a terebrinthine
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
diuretic. ,t has also tonic and chologogue properties, used in the treatment of
nasal catarrh, 1aundice, dyspepsia and to increase the secretion of bile A!lbert
+chneiderB. *seful in the uric acid diathesis, cystitis, gonorrh-a, prostatitis,
dysuria, vesical catarrh with suppurative prostatic conditions4 post-gonorrh-al
urinary conditions4 cholethiasis and liver affections. Vesical tenesmus and
burning after urination. 7xcoriating urine and calculi.
"ose.66/en to twenty drops of the tincture.
,ts action on the skin, producing pruritus, is very marked. Visible pulsation of
arteries. 9luent cory:a. Offensive excretions. ,tching erythema. #ruritus senilis.
#ost-nasal catarrh4 dry crusts, granular appearance of posterior nares with
Head.66,nability to study or remember. 2epressed and irritable. ,tching of eyes
and ears. #ains deep in head, with upward pressure. ,tching in and around eyes
and ears. 0ead hot, better bending backward, with tired neck. Occipital
headache. Bursting pains. Cerebral hyperEmia.
+ose.66+ore, red, inflamed. 9luent cory:a, with snee:ing, followed by dryness
and crust formation.
$yes.66,tching and smarting, swelling, heat and soreness.
Throat.66+oreness and feeling of excoriation, deep down pharynx. *vula
elongated, tonsils swollen.
%tomach.667ructations of scalding, hot, acid, watery substance4 better, coffee.
Bad taste in the morning. #ersistent, morning nausea. 2rooling.
Heart.66#ain around heart, better lying on back, extending to left shoulder and
arm. /hrobbing in all arteries after retiring. #alpitation with oppression. #ulse
irregular, intermittent, rapid. <ight feeling in chest.
&emale.66#ruritus vulvE, with yellow leucorrh-a, worse, rest. Burning in right
$)tremities.66+tiffness and bruised sensation in the muscles of the neck, with
sensation as if nape of neck could not support head. #ain in shoulder, with pain
along fingers. Vehement itching in arms and legs4 worse towards evening. 9eet
numb and pricking. +treaking pains in arms and legs.
%kin.66,tching4 better by bathing in cold water4 worse scratching, touch and
retiring. +ore red blotches. Blind boils. ,tching of knees and elbows and hairy
portions. ,tching of hands, deep in. Vesicular, pustular, phlegmonous dermatitis.
+kin hot, swollen.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!odalities.66Better, cold water, coffee4 worse, in afternoon4 from sunlight,
Relationship.66Compare( 2olichos4 Bovista4 *rtica.
"ose.66/hird potency and %)x.
,ncreases the duodenal secretion, emulsifies fats and increases the peristaltic
action of the intestines. <i5uefies bile and acts as a purgative and chologogue.
2isordered digestion, diarrh-a, and pain in nape of neck are among its chief
symptoms. Obstruction of gall ducts. Biliary calculi. ;aundice.
%tomach.667ructations, gurgling in stomach and epigastric region. Violent
peristaltic movements. /endency to sleep after eating.
Relationship.66Compare( .erc dulc4 Cholesterin. ,n Biliary <ithiasis, China.
Calculobili-/riturate 8all stones-%I-%)x A8all stonesB.
"ose.66<ower triturations. #urified oxgall % to %I gr.
Best adapted to young weakly persons, anEmic and chlorotic, with pseudo-
plethora, who flush easily4 cold extremities4 oversensitiveness4 worse after any
active effort. $eakness from mere speaking or walking though looking strong.
#allor of skin, mucous membranes, face, alternating with flushes. Orgasms of
blood to face, chest, head, lungs, etc. ,rregular distribution of blood. #seudo-
plethora. .uscles flabby and relaxed.
!ind.66,rritability. +light noises unbearable. 7xcited from slightest opposition.
+anguine temperament.
Head.66Vertigo on seeing flowing water. +tinging headache. =inging in ears
before menses. 0ammering, pulsating, congestive headache4 pain extends to
teeth, with cold extremities. #ain in back of head, with roaring in neck. +calp
painful. .ust take down the hair.
$yes.66$atery, dull red4 photophobia4 letters run together.
&ace.669iery-red and flushed from least pain, emotion, or exertion. =ed parts
become white, bloodless and puffy.
+ose.66.ucous membrane relaxed, boggy, anEmic, pale.
!outh.66#ain in teeth4 relieved by icy-cold water. 7arthy, pasty taste, like rotten
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66Voracious appetite, or absolute loss of appetite. <oathing of sour
things. !ttempts to eat bring on diarrh-a. +pits up food by the mouthful A#hosB.
7ructations of food after eating, without nausea. Causea and vomiting after
eating. Vomiting immediately after eating. Vomiting after midnight. ,ntolerance
of eggs. 2istention and pressure in the stomach after eating. 0eat and burning in
stomach. +oreness of abdominal walls. 9latulent dyspepsia.
+tool.66*ndigested, at night, while eating or drinking, painless. ,neffectual
urging4 stool hard, followed by backache or cramping pain in rectum4 prolapsus
recti4 itching of anus, especially young children.
*rinary.66,nvoluntary4 worse daytime. /ickling in urethra extending to bladder.
&emale.66.enses remit a day or two, and then return. 2ischarge of long pieces
from uterus. $omen who are weak, delicate, chlorotic, yet have a fiery-red face.
.enses too early, too profuse, last too long4 pale, watery. +ensitive vagina.
/endency to abortion. #rolapse of vagina.
Respiratory.66Chest oppressed4 breathing difficult. +urging of blood to chest.
0oarseness. Cough dry, spasmodic. 0Emoptysis A.illefolB. $ith the cough pain
in occiput.
Heart.66#alpitation4 worse, movement. +ense of oppression. !nEmic murmur.
#ulse full, but soft and yielding4 also, small and weak. 0eart suddenly bleeds
into the blood vessels, and as suddenly draws a reflux, leaving pallor of surface.
$)tremities.66=heumatism of the shoulder. 2ropsy after loss of vital fluids.
<umbago4 better, slow walking. #ain in hip-1oint, tibia, soles, and heel.
%kin.66#ale4 flushes readily4 pits on pressure.
&e'er.668eneral coldness of extremities4 head and face hot. Chill at ' am. 0eat in
palms and soles. #rofuse, debilitating sweat.
!odalities.66Better, walking slowly about. Better after rising. $orse, while
sweating4 while sitting still. !fter cold washing and overheating. .idnight
Relationship.66Antidotes( !rs4 0ep.
Complementary. Chin4 !lum4 0amamel.
Compare( =umex Asimilar in respiratory and digestive sphere and contains
organic ironB.
9errum aceticum Aalkaline urine in acute diseases. #ain in right deltoid. 7pistaxis4
especially adapted to thin, pale, weak children who grow rapidly and are easily
exhausted4 varices of the feet4 copious expectoration of greenish pus4 asthma4
worse, sitting still and lying4 phthisis, constant cough, vomiting of food after
eating, hEmoptysisB.
9errum arsenicum Aenlarged liver and spleen, with fever4 undigested stool4
albuminuriaB. +imple and pernicious anEmia and chlorosis. +kin dry. 7c:ema,
psoriasis, impetigo A*se Dx triturationB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
9errum bromatum Asticky, excoriating leucorrh-a4 uterus heavy and prolapsed,
scalp feels numbB.
9errum cyanatum Aneuroses with irritable weakness and hypersensitiveness,
especially of a periodical character4 epilepsy4 cardialgia, with nausea, flatulence,
constipation, alternating with diarrh-a4 choreaB.
9errum magneticum Asmall warts on handsB
9errum muriaticum A!rrested menstruation4 tendency to seminal emissions or
copious urination at puberty4 very dark, watery stools4 diphtheria4 phlegmonous
erysipelas4 pyelitis4 hEmoptysis of dark, clotty blood4 dyspareunia4 pain in right
shoulder, right elbow, and marked tendency to cramps and round red spots on
cheeks4 bright crystals in urine. !nEmia, Dx, after meals. /incture %-J drops D
times daily for chronic interstitial nephritisB.
9errum sulphuricum A$atery and painless stools4 menorrhagia pressing,
throbbing between periods with rush of blood to head. Basedow@s disease.
7rethism. #ain in gall-bladder4 toothache4 acidity4 eructation of food in
mouthfulsB4 9errum pernitricum Acough, with florid complexionB4 9errum
tartaricum Acardialgia4 heat at cardiac orifice of stomachB.
9errum protoxalatum A!nEmiaB. *se %x trit. Compare also4 8raph4 .angan4
"ose.66+tates of debility where the blood is poor in hematin re5uire material
doses4 plethoric, hEmorrhagic conditions call for small doses, from the second to
the sixth potency.
Iodide o4 Iro!
+crofulous affections, glandular enlargements, and tumors call for this remedy.
Crops of boils. !cute nephritis following eruptive diseases. *terine
displacements. Body emaciated !nEmia 7xophthalmic goitre following
suppression of menses. 2ebility following drain upon vital forces. ,mpetigo of
the cheek.
%tomach.669ood seems to push up into throat, as if it had not been swallowed.
Abdomen.669ullness, even after a little food4 stuffed feeling, as if she could not
lean forward.
Throat.66+ore, as if of a splinter, shooting in different directions. 0oarse.
Respiratory.66Cory:a4 discharge of mucus from nose, trachea, and larynx.
#ressure beneath sternum. +crofulous swelling of nose. Chest feels oppressed.
*rinary.66*rine dark. +weet smelling. Crawling sensation in urethra and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
rectum. +ensation as if urine were stopped at fossa navicularis. 2ifficulty in
retaining urine. ,ncontinence in anEmic children.
&emale.66On sitting, feeling as if something pressed upward in vagina. .uch
bearing down. =etroversion and prolapse of uterus. <eucorrh-a like boiled
starch. .enses suppressed or scanty. ,tching and soreness of vulva and vagina.
"ose.66/hird trituration. 2oes not keep long.
.arked symptoms in intestinal tract. #ain in nape of neck. #aralytic weakness.
+mall warts on hands.
%tomach.662uring a meal, flatulence4 afterwards lassitude taciturn and hot, pain
in epigastrium, especially on breathing.
Abdomen.66.ovements and grumbling in abdomen. <oose evacuations with
much flatulency, especially left side with pullings in legs. !bundant and
fre5uent emission of fetid flatus.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Pho#phate o4 Iro!
,n the early stages of febrile conditions, it stands midway between sthenic
activity of !conite and Bell, and the asthenic sluggishness and torpidity of 8els.
/he typical 9err phos sub1ect is not full blooded and robust, but nervous,
sensitive, anEmic with the false plethora and easy flushing of 9errum.
#rostration marked4 face more active than 8els. /he superficial redness never
assumes the dusky hue of 8els. #ulse soft and flowing4 no anxious restlessness of
!con. +usceptibility to chest troubles. Bronchitis of young children. ,n acute
exacerbation of tuberculosis, a fine palliative of wonderful power. Corresponds
to 8rauvogl@s Oxygenoid Constitution, the inflammatory, febrile, emaciating,
wasting consumptive.
/he remedy for first stage of all febrile disturbances and inflammations before
exudation sets in4 especially for catarrhal affections of the respiratory tract. 9err
phos. Dx increases hemoglobin. ,n pale, anEmic sub1ects, with violent local
congestions. 0Emorrhages, bright from any orifice.
Head.66+oreness to touch, cold, noise 1ar. =ush of blood to head. ,ll effects of
sun-heat. /hrobbing sensation. Vertigo. 0eadache better cold applications.
$yes.66=ed, inflamed, with burning sensation. 9eeling as of sand under lids.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
0yperEmia of optic disc and retina, with blurred vision.
$ars.66Coises. /hrobbing. 9irst stage of otitis. .embrana tympani red and
bulging. !cute otitis4 when Bellad fails, prevents suppuration.
+ose.669irst stage of colds in the head. #redisposition to colds. 7pistaxis4 bright
red blood.
&ace.669lushed4 cheeks sore and hot. 9lorid complexion. 9acial neuralgia4 worse,
shaking head and stooping.
Throat.66.outh hot4 fauces red, inflamed. *lcerated sore throat. /onsils red and
swollen. 7ustachian tubes inflamed. +ore throat of singers. +ubacute laryngitis
with fauces inflamed and red A)xB. !fter operations on throat and nose to control
bleeding and relieve soreness. 9irst stage of diphtheria. =anula in vascular,
sanguine constitutions.
%tomach.66!version to meat and milk. 2esire for stimulants. Vomiting of
undigested food. Vomiting of bright red blood. +our eructations.
Abdomen.669irst stage of peritonitis. 0Emorrhoids. +tools watery, bloody,
undigested. 9irst stage of dysentery, with much blood in discharges.
*rinary.66*rine spurts with every cough. ,ncontinence. ,rritation at neck of
bladder. #olyuria. 2iurnal enuresis.
&emale.66.enses every three weeks, with bearing-down sensation and pain on
top of head. Vaginismus. Vagina dry and hot.
Respiratory.669irst stage of all inflammatory affections. Congestions of lungs.
0Emoptysis. +hort, painful tickling cough. Croup. 0ard, dry cough, with sore
chest. 0oarseness. 7xpectoration of pure blood in pneumonia A.illefolB. Cough
better at night.
Heart.66#alpitation4 pulse rapid. 9irst stage of cardiac diseases. +hort, 5uick, soft
$)tremities.66+tiff neck. !rticular rheumatism. Crick in back. =heumatic pain in
shoulder4 pains extend to chest and wrist. $hitlow. #alms hot. 0ands swollen
and painful.
%leep.66=estless and sleepless. !nxious dreams. Cight sweats of anEmia.
&e'er.66Chill daily at % pm. !ll catarrhal and inflammatory fevers4 first stage.
!odalities.66$orse, at night and ' to H pm4 touch, 1ar, motion, right side. Better,
cold applications.
Relationship.66Compare( AOxygenoid Constitution. !con4 China4 !rsenic4
8raphit4 #etrolB. 9errum pyrophosph Acongestion of brain and headache
following great loss of blood4 tarsal cystsB4 !con4 8elsem4 China.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Picrate o4 Iro!
,s considered a great remedy to complete the action of other medicines. /he
symptom that specially calls for it is failure of the function of an organ under
exertion4 e g, the voice fails after public speaking. !cts best in dark-haired
patients, plethoric, with sensitive livers. $arts and epithelial growths4 corns with
yellowish discoloration. +enile hypertrophy of the prostate. 7pistaxis. Chronic
deafness and tinnitus due to gout. .eatus dry. #seudo-leucEmia.
$ars.662eafness before menses. Crackling in ears and low-pitched voice.
Vascular deafness. 2ental neuralgia, radiating towards ears and eyes. 0umming
in ears as from telegraph wires. /innitus.
%tomach.66,ndigestion, furred tongue, headache after meals, especially in
bilious, dark-haired persons.
*rinary.66#ain along entire urethra. 9re5uent micturition at night, with full
feeling and pressure in rectum. +marting at neck of bladder and penis ABarosmaB.
=etention of urine.
$)tremities.66#ain in right side of neck and down right arm. <ocomotor ataxia,
ocular stage. 0ands covered with warts.
"ose.66+econd and third trituration.
/his 7ast ,ndian drug causes and cures hEmorrhages of many kinds.
0Ematemesis, menorrhagia, hEmoptysis, etc. Bloody urine.
Head.66.elancholic-5uiet4 burning at vertex4 vertigo and slight headache.
%tomach.66Causea, vomiting of bright red blood4 pain and sick feeling in
Respiratory.662ifficult breathing4 cough with vomiting of blood4 pulse very
Relationship.66Compare( !calypha4 .illefol4 /hlaspi4 ,pecac.
"ose.669irst potency.
Male Fer!
! remedy for worm symptoms, especially with constipation. /apeworm.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+oporific conditions. /orpid inflammations of lymphatic glands A.aceration of
fresh rootB. #ulmonary tuberculosis in young patients, no fever, with limited,
ulcerated lesions, formerly classified as scrofula.
$yes.66Blindness, monocular amblyopia.
Abdomen.66Bloated.668nawing-pain4 worse eating sweets. 2iarrh-a and
vomiting. $orm colic, with itching of nose, pale face, blue rings around eyes.
#ainless hiccough.
Relationship.66Compare( !spidium !lhamanticum.66#anna -D doses, )
grammes each, all in half hour, fasting in a glass of milk. /asteless and will
remove tape worm. Cina4 8ranat4 >ousso.
"ose.669irst to third potency. 9or the expulsion of tapeworm, a full dose of %O)
to % dram of the Oleoresin, fasting.
H)dro4l"oric Acid
7specially adapted to chronic diseases with syphilitic and mercurial history.
8labella region bloated. !cts especially upon lower tissues, and indicated in
deep, destructive processes, bedsores, ulcerations, varicose veins, and ulcers.
#atient is compelled to move about energetically. Complaints of old age, or the
prematurely aged, with weak, distended blood vessels. 0ob-nailed liver of
alcoholics. 8oitre A2r. $oakesB A>ali fluoride produced bronchocele in dogsB.
7arly decay of teeth. Old cases of nightly fevers, coming on periodically.
!ind.66,ndifference towards those loved best4 inability to reali:e responsibility4
buoyancy. .entally elated and gay.
Head.66!lopecia. Caries of skin. #ressure on sides of head from within outward.
Caries of ossicles and mastoid, with copious discharge4 worse warmth A+ilica4
worse coldB. 7xostosis.
$yes.66+ensation as of wind blowing through eyes. <achrymal fistula. Violent
itching of inner canthus.
+ose.66Chronic nasal catarrh with ulceration of the septum4 nose obstructed and
dull heavy pain in forehead.
!outh.662ental fistula, with persistent bloody, salty discharge. +yphilitic
ulceration of throat, which is very sensitive to cold. /eeth feel warm. !ffects
teeth and bones of upper 1aw.
%tomach.660eaviness and weight in stomach heat in stomach before meals. +our
eructations. !verse to coffee, wants fancy dishes. +tomach symptoms relieved by
tight clothes. 2esire for highly seasoned food. Craves cold water, hungry. $arm
drinks produce diarrh-a.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Abdomen.66+oreness over liver. 9latus and eructations.
+tool.66Bilious diarrh-a, with aversion to coffee.
!ale.66Burning in urethra. +exual passion and desire increased with erections at
night, during sleep. +wollen scrotum.
*rinary.66+canty, dark. ,n dropsy, produces fre5uent and free discharge, with
great relief.
&emale.66.enses copious, fre5uent, too long. *lceration of uterus and os.
Copious and excoriating leucorrh-a. Cymphomania.
Respiratory.66Oppression of chest, difficult breathing, great dyspn-a.
$)tremities.66,nflammation of 1oints of fingers. 9eeling as of a splinter under
nail. Cails crumble. Caries and necrosis, especially of long bones. Coccygodynia.
*lcer over tibia.
%kin.66Varicose veins. CEvi. *lcers4 red edges and vesicles. 2ecubitus4 worse,
warmth. +yphilitic rupia. ,tching of cicatrices. 9eels as if burning vapor were
emitted from pores. ,tching especially of the orifices, and in spots, worse
warmth. Cails grow rapidly. #eriosteal abscess. #rofuse, sour, offensive
perspiration. +yphilitic tubercles. 2ropsy of limbs in old, feeble constitutions.
!tony of capillary and venous system. /issues bloated.
!odalities.66$orse, warmth, morning, warm drinks. Better, cold while walking.
Relationship.66Compare( /hiosinaminum Aaction on cicatricial tissues4
adhesions, strictures, tumorsB4 Calc fluor4 +ilica.
Complementary( +ilica.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
Cr"#hed 0i9e A!t#
!n arthritic medicine. 8out and articular rheumatism4 pains worse, motion4
better, pressure. =ight side most affected. Chronic gout and stiffness in 1oints.
!cute outbursts of gouty poisons, especially when assuming the neuralgic forms.
/uberculosis, carcinoma, and lupus4 chronic nephritis. Complaints from
overlifting. !poplectic diseases. 0as a marked deterrent influence on the
formation of polypi.
Head.66Vertigo. 0eadache with cracking in left ear. Brain feels too heavy and
large. +ensation as if a bubble burst in forehead. 9orgetful in the evening.
7xhilarated. Cory:a and stopped-up feeling in nose. =heumatic iritis. Casal
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$ars.66=inging and bu::ing. Cracking in left ear with headache. #arts around
ear feel swollen. #olypi.
%tomach.66Constant pressure at the cardiac end of the stomach, and a burning
pain there. Causea, with headache, and vomiting of yellowish bitter mucus. #ain
shift from stomach to vertex. 8as cannot be passed.
!bdomen and +tool.66,n the morning, difficult passages of small 5uantities of
flatus4 afterwards diarrh-a-like urging in the rectum. #ain in bowels before
stool, with shuddering chilliness. Constriction in the anus. 2rawing pain around
navel before stool.
*rinary.66Bloody, albuminous, with much urging4 5uantities of urates.
Respiratory.660oarseness, with dry, sore throat4 cough worse at night, with
aching in forehead and constrictive pain in chest4 pleuritic pains.
+exual.66+eminal emissions4 weakness. 3+lothful to venery3.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pains4 stiff and contracted 1oints. .uscles feel strained
and torn from their attachment. $eakness of lower extremities. #araplegia. #ain
in hips. =heumatism comes on with suddenness and restlessness. +weat does not
relieve. =elief after midnight and from rubbing.
%kin.66=ed, itching and burning. Cettle-rash. Codes around 1oints A!mmon
phosB. #rofuse sweat without relief.
!odalities.66$orse, cold and cold washing, dampness, before a snowstorm.
Better, warmth, pressure, rubbing. Combing hair.
Relationship.66Compare( 9ormic acid AChronic myalgia. .uscular pains and
soreness. 8out and articular rheumatism, which appear suddenly. #ains usually
worse on right side, motion and better from pressure. 9ailing vision. ,ncreases
muscular strength and resistance to fatigue. 9eels stronger and more 3fit3 in
ordinary walking. .arked diuretic effect, greater elimination of products of
disassimilation, particularly urea. /remor. /uberculosis, chronic nephritis and
carcinoma, lupus, etc, have been treated successfully with in1ections of 9ormic
acid of a dilution corresponding to the Dd and 'th centesimal. ,n prescribing it for
varicose veins, polypi, catarrh, 2r. ;. 0. Clarke orders an ounce or two of a
solution of 9ormic acid in the proportion of one part of the acid to eleven of
distilled water. Of this one teaspoonful is taken in a tablespoonful of water after
food once or twice daily. #ain in aponeurosis and muscles of head, neck and
shoulders before a snowstormB. =hus4 A2ulcam, *rtica and ;uniperus contain
9ormic acidB, $ood alcohol, when taken as a constituent of a beverage so
common in these prohibition days, is not eliminated easily and is slowly
converted into 9ormic acid, attacking the brain and causes death or blindness.
2r. +ylwestrowic: of the 0ering =esearch <aboratory of 0ahnemann College,
#hiladelphia contributes his experience with 9ormic !cid, as follows
3/he best field for the formic acid treatment are cases of atypical gout. *nder this
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
classification are to be mentioned disturbances in the muscles such as myositis,
periostitic processes of the bones in form of doughy swellings, changes of the
fascias such as 2upyutren@s contraction, skin troubles such as chronic ec:ema,
psoriasis and loss of hair, kidney disturbances such as subacute and chronic
nephritis. ,n these cases formic acid in %)x and DIx, hypodermically % cc is
indicated at intervals of )-' weeks. 7ight till twelve days after the first in1ection
an aggravation is often noticed.
,n acute rheumatic fever and acute gonorrh-ic arthritis formic acid Hx, every six
days % cc, sometimes %)x in sensitive patients shows often splendid results
abolishing the pains and preventing reoccurrence.
Chronic arthritis needs a special discussion. Clinical experiments of the 0ering
research <aboratory of the 0ahnemann .edical College of #hiladelphia on a
great number of cases of arthritis with formic acid showed that it preferably acts
on the ligaments, capsula and bursa of the 1oints. +uch kind of cases respond
very readily to treatment.
/he prognosis depends to a large extent upon the etiology of the case. /he most
satisfactory cases are chronic arthritis in connection with gouty diathesis.
Chronic arthritis following an attack of acute rheumatic fever shows also
remarkable results although often pains of a neuralgic character persisting in
certain spots are very stubborn. 9inally chronic arthritis of traumatic nature can
be cured by formic acid. ,n the latter case formic acid Hx showed 5uicker and
better results than %)x or DIx which are indicated in the previous cases. ,n
general the disappearance of the stiffness of the 1oint is the first sign of
improvement. /hen the pain and swelling cease gradually in %-H months time.
/he prognosis of the formic acid treatment is not so favorably in chronic arthritis
in which deformans processes have already taken place on the articular surfaces.
+uch processes in the beginning can be checked completely, advanced cases
fre5uently show an improvement. But there is always the possibility that this
improvement is only temporary. /his is particularly to be expected in the cases of
the so-called arthritis deformans in which even the inflammations on the
ligaments and capsula are of a very progressive character3.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth attenuation.
A("eo"# ol"tio! G%/ per ce!tH o4 Formaldeh)de $a#
,s a powerful disinfectant and deodorant4 a potent poison. #revents growth and
kills almost any pathogenic micro-organism. ,t seems to have the peculiar
property of eating into malignant tumors, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
uncharred and unchanged. ! plug of cotton wool soaked in a )I per cent
solution of 9ormaldehyde, and applied for a few hours, will produce a necrotic
slough, which must be scraped away before the next application, otherwise it
9ormalin in hot water as vapor most valuable therapeutic agent in pertussis,
phthisis, in catarrhal affections of upper air-passages.
!ind.669orgetfulness. !nxiety. *nconscious.
Head.66Cory:a4 eyes water4 vertigo.
!outh.66#tyalism, thick saliva4 loss of taste.
%tomach.669ood feels as if it were a ball in stomach. Burning in mouth and
Abdomen.66,ntense urging to stool, watery stools.
*rinary.66!nuria4 albuminous urine.
Respiratory.662yspn-a. <aryngismus stridulus. $hooping-cough.
&e'er.66Chills in forenoon, followed by long fever. Bones ache during whole
paroxysm. 2uring fever forgets where he was.
%kin.66#uckers skin like leather4 wrinkles4 scales off. 7c:ema in neighborhood of
wound. 2amp sweat most marked on right upper extremity.
Relationship.66Antidote( !mmonia water. Compare( !mmonium
formaldehyde, known commercially as Cystogen A2ose, five to seven grains two
to four times daily, dissolved in hot water, after meals. #revents the
decomposition of urine in the bladder, kidneys, and ureters. /urbid urine
rendered clear and non-irritating4 phosphatic deposits dissolved, and growth of
pyogenic bacteria arrestedB. !lso, *rotropin A! diuretic and solvent of uric acid
concretions4 relieves cystitis associated with putrefaction. /hree to five grains
well diluted. $hen administered invariably appears in the cerebro-spinal fluid
and therefore advised in threatened meningeal infectionB.
"ose.66!s vapor in hot water in respiratory affections4 % per cent spray,
otherwise Dx potency.
!cts on digestion and mesenteric glands. #revents formation of calculi, removes
tartar from teeth and prevents attacks of gout. /he fruit has refrigerant
properties. +trawberries produce symptoms of poisoning in certain susceptible
individuals, such as urticarial rashes Astrawberry anaphylaxisB. 0ere give
9ragaria high potency.
Chilblains4 worse during hot weather. <ack of mammary secretion. #silosis
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!outh.66/ongue swollen4 strawberry tongue.
%kin.66*rticaria4 petechial and erysipelatous eruptions. +welling of whole body.
Relationship.66Compare( !pis. Calcarea.
Chronic stiffness of the muscles. 8onorrh-al rheumatism. +yphilis and
rheumatism, great heat over body, much aching, better sweat. #ain in back of
head and spine4 band-like feeling around head. #ericarditis with rheumatism.
=heumatic pains in feet and lower part of legs. *rine contains uric acid.
"ose.66/incture of 9luid 7xtract %I to HI minims.
White A#h
7nlargement of the uterus. 9ibrous growths, subinvolution, and prolapse.
*terine tumors, with bearing-down sensations. 9ever sores on lips. Cramps in
feet. Cold creeping and hot flashes. ,nfantile ec:ema.
Head.66/hrobbing pain in back of head. 2epression, with nervous restlessness,
anxiety. 0ot spot on top of head.
&emale.66*terus enlarged, and patulous. $atery, unirritating leucorrh-a.
9ibroids with bearing-down sensation, cramping in feet, worse in afternoon and
night. 2ysmenorrh-a.
Abdomen.66/enderness in left inguinal region4 bearing-down pain, extending
down thigh.
Relationship.66Compare( 9raxinus excelsior-7uropean !sh 66A8out4
rheumatism. ,nfusion of ash-leaves. =ademacherB. 8alega66A8oat@s =ue-
Backache4 debility4 anEmia and impaired nutrition. ,ncreases the 5uantity and
5uality of the milk in nursing women, also the appetiteB. 7piphegus4 +epia4
"ose.66/en to fifteen drops of tincture, three times a day.
F&C& ,EIC&0O&
ea @elp
! remedy for obesity and non-toxic goitre4 also exophthalmic. 2igestion is
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
furthered and flatulence diminished. Obstinate constipation4 forehead feels as if
compressed by an iron ring. /hyroid enlargement in obese sub1ects.
Relationship.66Compare( #hytol4 /hyroidine4 Badiaga4 ,odum.
"ose.66/incture, five to sixty drops three times a day before meals.
Colori!; "*#ta!ce &#ed i! Ad"lteratio! o4 Wi!e
#roduces redness of ears, deep red discoloration of mouth swollen gums, with
burning and tendency to salivation4 deep red urine, albuminous, and light red,
profuse diarrh-a, with abdominal pains. Cortical substance of kidneys
degenerated. *seful in cortical nephritis with albuminuria.
"ose.66Hx to DIth potency.
F&0I$O 0I$NI
!cts on glandular system, mucous membranes and obstinate ulcers, epidermis,
tetters, ec:ema. Chronic irritations of mucous membranes of mouth4 pruritus-
vulvE4 uterine hEmorrhage4 cancer, especially of scrotum-chimney sweeper@s
cancer4 epithelial cancers4 cancer of womb with metrorrhagia4 sadness, thoughts
of suicide.
Relationship.66Compare( >reosot.
"ose.66+ixth trituration.
#roving by 2r. !. $hiting Vancouver.
9aintness, sinking sensations. +ore dry throat with dull headache. 0alf conscious
and worried feeling during sleep. 0eart weak with sensation of collapse as if she
must fall. #ulse very irregular, rapid and uneven, violent palpitation. +ystolic
murmur at apex. /herapeutically-decided benefit in cases of .itral =egurgitation
with broken down compensation. .yocarditis with some degree of mitral
"ose.669irst potency to fifth.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$allic Acid
+hould be remembered as a remedy in phthisis. ,t checks the morbid secretions,
gives tone to the stomach, and increases the appetite. #assive hEmorrhages
when pulse is feeble and capillaries relaxed, cold skin. 0Ematuria. 0Emophilia.
,tching of skin. #yrosis.
!ind.66$ild delirium at night4 very restless, 1umps out of bed4 sweats4 is afraid
to be alone4 is rude and abuses every one.
Head.66#ain in back of head and neck. /hick, stringy discharge from nose4
photophobia with burning of lids.
Respiratory.66#ain in lungs4 pulmonary hEmorrhage4 excessive expectoration.
.uch mucus in throat in the morning. 2ry at night.
*rinary.66>idneys painful, distress along ureters into bladder. 2ull heavy pain
in bladder, directly over pubis. *rine loaded with thick, cream-colored mucus.
Rectum.66Copious stool4 anus feels constricted. 9aint feeling after stool. Chronic
mucous discharges.
Relationship.66Compare( !rs4 ,od4 #hos.
"ose.669irst trituration and pure acid ) to J grain doses.
8alium acts on the urinary organs, is a diuretic and of use in dropsies, gravel and
calculi. 2ysuria and cystitis. 0as power of suspending or modifying cancerous
action. 0as clinical confirmation of its use in cancerous ulcers and nodulated
tumors of the tongue. ,nveterate skin affections and scurvy. 9avors healthy
granulations on ulcerated surfaces.
"ose.669luid extract4 half-dram doses, in cup of water or milk, three times a day.
$"mmi $"tti
$arci!ia morella
/he use of this drug in 0omeopathy has been confined to its action on the
alimentary tract. ,t produces a diarrh-a very similar to Croton. P9rom its
pathogenesis, it is very evident that it has very intense and definite action
especially on the gastro-enteric tract.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Head.660eavy, with inertia, and drowsiness. ,tching and burning in eyes4 lids
stick together, with snee:ing.
8astro-enteric +ymptoms.669eeling of coldness at edge of teeth. 8reat irritability
of the stomach4 burning, smarting, and dryness of the tongue and throat. #ain in
the stomach after food. /enderness in epigastrium. #ain and distention of
abdomen from flatulence, after stool. =umbling and rolling. 2ysentery, with
retained scybala, with pain in sacral region. 2iarrh-a, with sudden and forcible
e1ection of bilious stools. /enesmus after, with burning at anus. ,leo-cEcal region
sensitive to pressure. #rofuse, watery diarrh-a in hot weather, particularly old
people. #ain in coccyx.
!odalities.66$orse, towards evening and at night.
Relationship.66Compare( Croton4 !loes4 #od.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. 8amboge painted on the chest in lung
tuberculosis is considered by !brams specific and incipient cases are
symptomatically cured in several weeks.
,nflammatory rheumatism, pleurodynia, sciatica, and other neuralgias, come
within, the sphere of this remedy. Cystic and prostatic irritation, undue sexual
excitement, and renal inflammation.
Head.66Ceuralgia of head and face.
%tomach.66!cute gastritis, severe pain in epigastrium4 prolonged vomiting.
*ncontrollable appetite, notwithstanding irritable stomach. 8astralgia from
nervous depression A8ive five drops of %x of OilB.
%kin.66+marting and burning. ,ntense erythema, worse, cold bathing4 better,
olive oil and cool air blowing on part.
Relationship.66Compare( +pirEea. 8aultheria contains !rbutin. +alycyl acid.
.ethylium salicylicum Aan artificial 8aultheria oil for rheumatism, especially
when the salicylates cannot be used. #ruritus and epididymitis, locallyB. !fter
Cantharis in burns.
"ose.66/incture and lower potencies.
1ello- 'a#mi!e
Centers its action upon the nervous system, causing various degrees of motor
paralysis. 8eneral prostration. 2i::iness, drowsiness, dullness, and trembling.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+low pulse, tired feeling, mental apathy. #aralysis of various groups of muscles
about the eyes, throat, chest, larynx, sphincter, extremities, etc. #ost-diphtheritic
paralysis. .uscular weakness. Complete relaxation and prostration. <ack of
muscular co-ordination. 8eneral depression from heat of sun. +ensitive to a
falling barometer4 cold and dampness brings on many complaints. Children fear
falling, grab nurse or crib. +luggish circulation. Cervous affections of
cigarmakers. ,nfluen:a. .easles. #ellagra.
!ind.662esire to be 5uiet, to be left alone. 2ullness, languor, listless.
32iscernings are lethargied. 3 !pathy regarding his illness. !bsolute lack of fear.
2elirious on falling to sleep. 7motional excitement, fear, etc, lead to bodily
ailments. Bad effects from fright, fear, exciting news. +tage fright. Child starts
and grasps the nurse, and screams as if afraid of falling ABorB.
Head.66Vertigo, spreading from occiput. 0eaviness of head4 band-feeling
around and occipital headache. 2ull, heavy ache, with heaviness of eyelids4
bruised sensation4 better, compression and lying with head high. #ain in temple,
extending into ear and wing of nose, chin. 0eadache, with muscular soreness of
neck and shoulders. 0eadache preceded by blindness4 better, profuse urination.
+calp sore to touch. 2elirious on falling asleep. $ants to have head raised on
$yes.66#tosis4 eyelids heavy4 patient can hardly open them. 2ouble vision.
2isturbed muscular apparatus. Corrects blurring and discomfort in eyes even
after accurately ad1usted glasses. Vision blurred, smoky ACycl4 #hosB. 2im-
sighted4 pupils dilated and insensible to light. Orbital neuralgia, with contraction
and twitching of muscles. Bruised pain back of the orbits. One pupil dilated, the
other contracted. 2eep inflammations, with ha:iness of vitreous. +erous
inflammations. !lbuminuric retinitis. 2etached retina, glaucoma and
descemetitis. 0ysterical amblyopia.
+ose.66+nee:ing4 fullness at root of nose. 2ryness of nasal fossE. +welling of
turbinates. $atery, excoriating discharge. !cute cory:a, with dull headache and
&ace.660ot heavy, flushed, besotted-looking ABapt4 OpB. Ceuralgia of face. 2usky
hue of face, with vertigo and dim vision. 9acial muscles contracted, especially
around the mouth. Chin 5uivers. <ower 1aw dropped.
!outh.66#utrid taste and breath. /ongue numb, thick, coated, yellowish,
tremble, paraly:ed.
Throat.662ifficult swallowing, especially of warm food. ,tching and tickling in
soft palate and naso-pharynx. #ain in sterno-cleido-mastoid, back of parotid.
/onsils swollen. /hroat feels rough, burning. #ost-diphtheritic paralysis.
/onsillitis4 shooting pain into ear. 9eeling of a lump in throat that cannot be
swallowed. !phonia. +wallowing causes pain in ear A0ep4 CuxB. 2ifficult
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
swallowing. #ain from throat to ear.
%tomach.66!s a rule, the 8elsemium patient has no thirst. 0iccough4 worse in
the evening. +ensation of emptiness and weakness at the pit of the stomach, or of
an oppression, like a heavy load.
+tool.662iarrh-a from emotional excitement, fright, bad news A#hos acB. +tool
painless or involuntary. Cream-colored ACalcB, tea-green. #artial paralysis of
rectum and sphincter.
*rinary.66#rofuse, clear, watery, with chilliness and tremulousness. 2ysuria.
#artial paralysis of bladder4 flow intermittent AClematisB. =etention.
&emale.66=igid os ABellB. Vaginismus. 9alse labor-pains4 pains pass up back.
2ysmenorrh-a, with scanty flow4 menses retarded. #ain extends to back and
hips. !phonia and sore throat during menses. +ensation as if uterus were
s5uee:ed ACham4 Cux v4 *stilagoB.
!ale.66+permatorrh-a, without erections. 8enitals cold and relaxed A#hos acB.
+crotum continually sweating. 8onorrh-a, first stage4 discharge scanty4
tendency to corrode4 little pain, but much heat4 smarting at meatus.
Respiratory.66+lowness of breathing, with great prostration. Oppression about
chest. 2ry cough, with sore chest and fluent cory:a. +pasm of the glottis.
!phonia4 acute bronchitis, respiration 5uickened, spasmodic affections of lungs
and diaphragm.
Heart.66! feeling as if it were necessary to keep in motion, or else heart@s action
would cease. +low pulse A2ig4 >alm4 !poc4 CanB. #alpitation4 pulse soft, weak,
full and flowing. #ulse slow when 5uiet, but greatly accelerated on motion.
$eak, slow pulse of old age.
Back.662ull, heavy pain. Complete relaxation of the whole muscular system.
<anguor4 muscles feel bruised. 7very little exertion causes fatigue. #ain in neck,
especially upper sterno-cleido muscles. 2ull aching in lumbar and sacral region,
passing upward. #ain in muscles of back, hips, and lower extremities, mostly
$)tremities.66<oss of power of muscular control. Cramp in muscles of forearm.
#rofessional neuroses. $riter@s cramp. 7xcessive trembling and weakness of all
limbs. 0ysteric convulsions. 9atigue after slight exercise.
%leep.66Cannot get fully to sleep. 2elirious on falling asleep. ,nsomnia from
exhaustion4 from uncontrollable thinking4 tobacco. Kawning. +leepless from
nervous irritation ACoffeaB.
&e'er.66$ants to be held, because he shakes so. #ulse slow, full, soft,
compressible. Chilliness up and down back. 0eat and sweat stages, long and
exhausting. 2umb-ague, with much muscular soreness, great prostration, and
violent headache. Cervous chills. Bilious remittent fever, with stupor, di::iness,
faintness4 thirstless, prostrated. Chill, without thirst, along spine4 wave-like,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
extending upward from sacrum to occiput.
%kin.660ot, dry, itching, measle-like eruption. 7rysipelas. .easles, catarrhal
symptoms4 aids in bringing out eruption. =etrocedent, with livid spots. +carlet
fever with stupor and flushed face.
!odalities.66$orse, damp weather, fog, before a thunderstorm, emotion, or
excitement, bad news, tobacco-smoking, when thinking of his ailments4 at %I am.
Better, bending forward, by profuse urination, open air, continued motion,
Relationship.66Compare( ,gnatia Agastric affections of cigarmakersB4 Baptisa4
,pecac4 !con4 Bell4 Cimicif4 .agnes phos A8elsem contains some .agnes phosB.
Culex66Avertigo on blowing the nose with fullness of the earsB.
Antidotes( China4 Coffea4 2ig. !lcoholic stimulants relieve all complaints where
8elsem is useful.
"ose.66/incture, to thirtieth attenuation4 first to third most often used.
1ello- $e!tia!
+tomach symptoms marked. !cts as a tonic, increasing appetite.
Head.66Vertigo, worse, rising or motion4 better open air. 9rontal headache, better
eating and open air. Brain feels loose, head tender. !ching in eyes.
Throat.662ry. /hick saliva.
%tomach.66!cid risings, ravenous hunger, nausea, weight and aching in
stomach. ,nflation and tension of stomach and abdomen A#othosB. Colic,
umbilical region sensitive to touch. 9latulence.
Relationship.66Compare( 8entiana 5uin5ue flora Aintermittent fever4 dyspepsia,
cholera infantum, weaknessB4 8entiana cruciata Athroat symptoms in addition to
similar stomach symptoms4 dysphagia4 vertigo with headache4 pressing inward
sensation in eyes4 constricted throat and head and abdomen. 2istention, fullness
and tightness in abdomen. Creeping over body as from fleasB. 0ydrast4 Cux.
"ose.669irst to third attenuation.
0abitual sick headaches. #rofuse, hEmorrhages, pulmonary and from different
organs. Vomiting of blood. *lceration of stomach. !tonic and foul ulcers.
+ummer complaint.
Head.668iddiness, with diplopia4 better, closing eyes. #tosis and dilated pupils.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+ick headache.
!outh.662ry4 tip of tongue burning. #haryngitis.
%tomach.66Catarrhal gastritis with profuse secretion, tendency to ulceration and
passive hEmorrhage. <essens the vomiting in gastric ulcer.
+tool.66Constant desire to go to stool, with inability to pass anything for some
time. Chronic diarrh-a, with offensive mucus. Constipation.
&emale.66.enses too profuse. #ost-partum hEmorrhage. +ore nipples A7up
Relationship.66Compare( 8eranin %x. Constant hawking and spitting in elderly
people. 7rodium-0emlock-+tork@s bill66Aa popular hEmostatic in =ussia, and
especially used for metrorrhagia and menorrhagiaB4 0ydrastinin4 Cinch4 +abin.
"ose.66/incture, half-dram doses in gastric ulcer. /incture, to third attenuation,
as a general rule. <ocally, in ulcers, it will destroy the pyogenic membrane.
+tringy mucus from throat and posterior nares. =awness. Ceck muscles rigid.
;oints weak. Cannot lift things. <igaments rigid. +ubacute gouty state.
7vaporated and residium triturated to Hx. Of use in sub-acute and chronic
rheumatism. $hite coated tongue. 0igh colored urine with red sandy sediment.
+ensation of rigidity worse moving. 7specially in lumbar region and 1oints of
hips, shoulders and wrists. Cot perceived when 5uiet. .ore in morning. Cannot
remain long in one position. +tiffness of muscles on moving. #ain in ligaments
relieved by rest.
Relationship.66<ycopodium, #hosphor. =hus #ulsat, but modalities differ.
!odalities.66$orse, stiffness of muscles on moving. Better, rest Aligaments and
stiffness of musclesB.
"ose.66<ower triturations. !lso thirtieth potency.
Aralia 8"i!("e4olia
Wild $i!#e!;
+aid to be a stimulant to the secretory glands, especially salivary. !cts on the
lower part of the spinal cord. <umbago, sciatica, and rheumatism. #aralytic
weakness. 0iccough. +kin symptoms, itching pimples on neck and chest.
Head.66Vertigo, with gray spots before eyes4 semi-lateral headache4 occipital4
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
difficult opening of eyelids4 ob1ects appear double.
Throat.66/onsillitis, 1ust like Bellad, but in dark-complexioned people.
Abdomen.66/ense, painful, rumbling. #ain in right side. <oud gurgling in ileo-
cEcal region. #erityphlitis.
!ale.66=heumatic pains after fre5uent emissions. $eakness of genital organs.
Voluptuous tickling at end of urethra. +exual excitement. #ressure in testicles.
$)tremities.660ands feel swollen. +kin feels tight. Contraction. Coldness in back
and spine. Bruised pain in small of back and thighs4 nightly digging in right
lower limb to toes. Burning heat in tips of fingers. 7ruption on upper inner
thighs. +tiff, contracted 1oints, heaviness of lower limbs. Crackling in 1oints.
+tiffness in back.
Relationship.66Compare( !ral4 Coca. 0edera-,vy-mental depression and skin
irritation antidoted by 8unpowder.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
$0 I $l)ceri!J O I O<);e!J N I Nitro;e!
Nitro:;l)ceri!e pirit#
$l)ceri!"# Nitrate
=ecent 8erman provings of 8lonoine confirm the original !merican provings
and clinical indications and bring out very marked nerve disturbances. 8reat
lassitude, no inclination to work4 extreme irritability, easily excited by the
slightest opposition, ending in congestive head symptoms. /he sixth potency
alone produced itching all over body with later acne and furuncle formation, also
8reat remedy for congestive headaches, hyperEmia of the brain from excess of
heat or cold. 7xcellent for the intercranial, climacteric disturbances, or due to
menstrual suppression. Children get sick when sitting before an open fire.
+urging of blood to head and heart. /endency to sudden and violent
irregularities of the circulation. Violent convulsions, associated with cerebral
congestion. +ensation of pulsation throughout body. #ulsating pains. Cannot
recogni:e localities. +ciatica in other-omatous sub1ects, with cold shriveled limbs4
Head.66Confusion, with di::iness. 7ffects of sunstroke4 heat on head, as in type-
setters and workers under gas and electric light. 0ead heavy, but cannot lay it on
pillow. Cannot bear any heat about head. Better from uncovering head.
/hrobbing headache. !ngio-spastic neuralgia of head and face. Very irritable.
Vertigo on assuming upright position. Cerebral congestion. 0ead feels
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
enormously large, as if skull were too small for brain. +un headaches4 increases
and decreases with the sun. +hocks in head, synchronous with pulse. 0eadache
in place of menses. =ush of blood to head in pregnant women. /hreatened
apoplexy. .eningitis.
$yes.66+ee everything half light, half dark. <etters appear smaller. +parks before
!outh.66#ulsating toothache.
$ars.66/hrobbing4 each beat of heart is heard in ears4 full feeling.
&ace.669lushed, hot, livid, pale4 sweaty4 pains in root of nose4 faceache. 2usky
Throat.66Ceck feels full. Collars must be opened. Chokes and swells up under
%tomach.668astralgia in anEmic patients with feeble circulation. Causea and
vomiting. 9aint, gnawing, and empty feeling at pit of stomach. !bnormal
Abdomen.66Constipation with itching, painful hEmorrhoids, with pinching in
abdomen before and after stool. 2iarrh-a4 copious blackish, lumpy stools.
&emale.66.enses delayed, or sudden cessation with congestion to head.
Climacteric flushing.
Heart.66<aborious action. 9luttering. #alpitation with dyspn-a. Cannot go
uphill. !ny exertion brings on rush of blood to heart and fainting spells.
/hrobbing in the whole body to finger-tips.
$)tremities.66,tching all over, worse extremities. #ain in left biceps. 2rawing
pain in all limbs. Backache.
!odalities.66Better, brandy. $orse, in sun4 exposure to sun-rays, gas, open fire4
1ar, stooping, having hair cut4 peaches, stimulants4 lying down4 from H am to
noon4 left side.
Relationship.66Antidote( !con.
Compare( !myl nit4 Bellad4 Opium4 +tram4 Verat vir.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
9or palliative Anon-homeopathicB purposes, in angina pectoris, asthma, heart-
failure, etc, physiological doses-i.e, %-%II of drop-must be given. 0ere it is the
great emergency remedy. /he conditions calling for it are small, wiry pulse,
pallor, arterial spasm, anEmia of brain, collapse, feeble heart, syncope, dicrotic
pulse, vertigo,-the opposite of those indicating a homeopathic dosage. Often thus
used to lower the arterial tension in chronic interstitial nephritis.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
*sed homeopathically, dynami:ed 8lycerine seems to act
deeply and long, building up tissue, hence of great use in marasmus, debility,
mental and physical, diabetes, etc. ,t disturbs nutrition in its primary action, and,
secondarily, seems to improve the general state of nutrition A2r. $m. B. 8riggsB.
Head.669eels full, throbs4 mentally confused. +evere headache two days be
before menstruation. Occiput feels full.
+ose.66+topped up, snee:ing, irritating cory:a. +ensation of crawling on mucous
membrane. #ost-nasal dripping.
Chest.660acking cough with sense of weakness. Chest seems full. ,nfluen:al
%tomach.669ermentation, burning in stomach and -sophagus.
*rinary.66#rofuse and fre5uent urination. ,ncreased specific gravity and sugar.
&emale.66#rofuse, long-lasting flow with bearing down heaviness in uterus.
8eneral sense of exhaustion.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pains of a remittent type. 9eet painful and hot, feel
Relationship.66Compare( <actic acid4 8elsemium4 Calc.
"ose.66/hirtieth and higher potencies. #ure 8lycerine in teaspoonful doses, t.i.d,
with lemon 1uice for pernicious anEmia.
Old Bal#a
! remedy of un5uestioned benefit in sciatica, when pain is associated with
numbness of the part affected. =heumatism and morning diarrh-a. #olyuria.
&ace.66,ntermittent pains of superior maxillary of both sides.
Abdomen.66Borborygmus. Colic4 pain in various parts of the abdomen. ,rritated
prostate. 9irst stage of cholera infantum4 vomiting and purging.
&emale.66$eight and fullness in pelvis. 2ysmenorrh-a, with scanty and painful
Back.66Chronic backache in lumbar region4 better resting on back. <umbago
with numbness in lower part of back and weight in pelvis.
$)tremities.66Cramps in calves of legs and feet when in bed. =heumatic pain in
ankle 1oints and legs. ,ntense pain along the sciatic nerve4 numbness alternates
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
with pain. 9re5uent pains in calves and feet. 8outy pains in big toes. Better,
drawing limbs up, flexing thigh on abdomen. 8outy concretions A!mmon ben:B.
!nterior crural neuralgia A+taphB. #ain in 1oints as if they lacked oil. Chronic
muscular rheumatism of back and neck.
Relationship.66Compare( Nanthoxyl4 Chamom4 #ulsat.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
! powerful emmenagogue, used in physiological doses. 0omeopathically, it
corresponds to many reflex conditions, depending on disturbed uterine function
and pregnancy. 8ossypium will relieve tardy menses, especially with sensation
that the flow is about to start and yet does not do so. /all, bloodless patients,
with nervous chills.
Head.66#ain in cervical region with tendency for head to draw backward with
%tomach.66Causea, with inclination to vomit before breakfast. !norexia, with
uneasy feeling at scrobiculum at time of menses.
&emale.66<abia swollen and itching. ,ntermittent pain in ovaries. =etained
placenta. /umor of the breast with swelling of axillary glands. .orning sickness,
with sensitive uterine region. +uppressed menstruation. .enses too watery.
Backache, weight and dragging in pelvis. *terine sub-involution and fibroids,
with gastric pain and debility.
Relationship.66Compare( !ction similar to 7rgot when made from fresh green
root. <ilium4 Cimicif4 +abina.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth attenuation.
!s a vermifuge for the expulsion of tapeworm, and homeopathically for the
following symptomatic indications. +alivation, with nausea, and vertigo. +pasm
of the glottis.
Head.669eels empty. +unken eyes4 pupils dilated4 weak sight. Vertigo very
%tomach.66Constant hunger. #oor digestion. <oses flesh. Vomiting at night.
Abdomen.66#ain in stomach and abdomen4 worse about umbilicus ACocc4 Cux
m4 #lumbB4 ineffectual urging. ,tching at anus. 2ragging in vaginal region, as if
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
hernia would protrude. +welling resembling umbilical hernia.
Chest.66Oppressed, with sighing. #ain between shoulders4 even clothing is
%kin.66,tching in palms. +ensation as if pimples would break out. ;aundiced
$)tremities.66#ain around shoulders, as if heavy load had been carried. #ain in
all finger-1oints. /earing in knee-1oint. Convulsive movements.
Relationship.66Compare( #elletierine Aone of its constituents -an anthelminitic,
especially for tapewormB4 Cina4 >ousso.
"ose.669irst to third potency.
Black 0ead:Pl"m*a;o
<ike all the carbons, this remedy is an anti-psoric of great power, but especially
active in patients who are rather stout, of fair complexion, with tendency to skin
affections and constipation, fat, chilly, and costive, with delayed menstrual
history, take cold easily. Children impudent, teasing, laugh at reprimands. 0as a
particular tendency to develop the skin phase of internal disorders. 7radicates
tendency to erysipelas. !nEmia with redness of face. /endency to obesity.
+wollen genitals. 8ushing leucorrh-a. !ids absorption of cicatricial tissue.
,nduration of tissue. Cancer of pylorus. 2uodenal ulcer.
!ind.668reat tendency to start. /imid. *nable to decide. $ant of disposition to
work. 9idgety while sitting at work. .usic makes her weep. !pprehensive,
despondency, indecision.
Head.66=ush of blood to head with flushed face also with nose bleed and
distension and flatulence. 0eadache in morning on waking, mostly on one side,
with inclination to vomit. +ensation of cobweb on forehead. 9eels numb and
pithy. =heumatic pains on one side of head, extending to teeth and neck. Burning
on vertex. 0umid, itching eruption on hairy scalp, emitting a fetid odor.
Cataleptic condition.
$yes.66Ophthalmia, with intolerance of artificial light. 7yelids red and swollen.
Blepharitis. 2ryness of the lids. 7c:ema of lids4 fissured.
$ars.662ryness of inner ear. Cracking in ears when eating. .oisture and
eruptions behind the ears. 0ears better in noise. 0ardness of hearing. 0issing in
the ears. 2etonation in ear like report of a gun. /hin, white, scaly membrane
covering membrane tympani, like exfoliated epithelium. 9issures in and behind
the ear.
+ose.66+ore on blowing it4 is painful internally. +mell abnormally acute4 cannot
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
tolerate flowers. +cabs and fissures in nostrils.
&ace.669eels as if cobwebs were on it. 7c:ema of nose. ,tching pimples. .oist
ec:ema around mouth and chin. 7rysipelas, burning and stinging.
!outh.66=otten odor from mouth. Breath smells like urine. Burning blisters on
tongue, salivation. +our eructations.
%tomach.66!version to meat. +weets nauseate. 0ot drinks disagree. Causea and
vomiting after each meal. .orning sickness during menstruation. #ressure in
stomach. Burning in stomach, causing hunger. 7ructation difficult. Constrictive
pain in stomach. =ecurrent gastralgia. 9latulence. +tomach pain is temporarily
relieved by eating, hot drinks especially milk and lying down.
Abdomen.66Causeous feeling in abdomen. 9ullness and hardness in abdomen,
as from incarcerated flatulence4 must loosen clothing4 presses painfully at
abdominal ring. Croaking in abdomen. ,nguinal region sensitive, swollen. #ain of
gas opposite the side on which he lies. Chronic diarrh-a, stools brownish, li5uid,
undigested, offensive. Very fetid gas preceded by colic.
+tool.66Constipation4 large, difficult, knotty stools united by mucus threads.
Burning hEmorrhoids. #rolapse, diarrh-a4 stools of brown fluid, mixed with
undigested substance, very fetid, sour odor. +marting, sore anus, itching. <ump
stool, con1oined with threads of mucus. Varices of the rectum. 9issure of anus
A=atanhia4 #aeoniaB.
*rinary.66/urbid, with sediment. +our smelling.
&emale.66.enses too late, with constipation4 pale and scanty, with tearing pain
in epigastrium, and itching before. 0oarseness, cory:a, cough, sweats and
morning sickness during menstruation. <eucorrh-a, pale, thin, profuse, white,
excoriating, with great weakness in back. .ammE swollen and hard. ,nduration
of ovaries and uterus and mammE. Cipples sore, cracked, and blistered. 2ecided
aversion to coitus.
!ale.66+exual debility, with increased desire4 aversion to coition4 too early or no
e1aculation4 herpetic eruption on organs.
Respiratory.66Constriction of chest4 spasmodic asthma, suffocative attacks
wakes from sleep4 must eat something. #ain in middle of chest, with cough,
scraping and soreness. Chronic hoarseness with skin affections. ,nability to
control the vocal chords4 hoarseness on beginning to sing and for breaking voice.
$)tremities.66#ain in nape of neck, shoulders and back and limbs. +pinal pains.
#ain in small of back with great weakness. 7xcoriation between thighs. <eft hand
numb4 arms feel asleep4 finger-nails thick, black, and rough, matrix inflamed
A#sor4 9luor acB. Fdema of lower limbs. /oe-nails crippled. +tiffness and
contraction of toes. Cails brittle and crumbling. Cails deformed, painful, sore,
thick, and crippled. Cracks or fissures in ends of fingers. Offensive perspiration
of feet.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.66=ough, hard, persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by ec:ema.
7arly stage of keloid and fibroma. #imples and acne. 7ruptions, oo:ing out a
sticky exudation. =awness in bends of limbs, groins, neck, behind ears.
*nhealthy skin4 every little in1ury suppurates. *lcers discharging a glutinous
fluid, thin and sticky. +welling and induration of glands. 8outy nodosities.
Cracks in nipples, mouth, between toes, anus. #hlegmonous erysipelas of face4
burning and stinging pain. +welling of feet. $ens. Chronic #oison Oak.
!odalities.66$orse, warmth, at night, during and after menstruation. Better, in
the dark, from wrapping up.
Relationship.66Complementary( !rgent nit Afollows well in gastric
derangementsB4 Caustic4 0ep4 <ycop4 !rs4 /uberc.
Compare( #etrol4 +ep4 +ulph4 9luor ac. /he associated constipation with mucus-
covered stools and gastric flatulency should be taken into consideration and
differentiate it from such remedies as #etrol and <ycop A=aueB.
Antidote( Cux4 !con4 !rs.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency. <ocally as a cerate, in sore nipples.
Hed;e H)##op
!cts especially on gastro-intestinal tract. Chronic catarrhal conditions,
leucorrh-a and gonorrh-a. Obstinate ulcers. *seful in mental troubles from
overweening pride. 7specially useful in females. Cux symptoms in females often
met by 8ratiola.
Head.66+ick headache. =ush of blood with vanishing of sight. +ensation as if
brain was contracting and head became smaller. /ightness in forehead, with
wrinkles in skin. 7yes dry, burn. .yopia.
%tomach.66Vertigo during and after meals4 hunger and feeling of emptiness after
meals. 2yspepsia, with much distention of the stomach. Cramps and colic after
supper and during night, with swelling of abdomen and constipation. 2ysphagia
for li5uids.
+tool.662iarrh-a4 green, frothy water, followed by anal burning, forcibly
evacuated without pain. Constipation, with gouty acidity. 0Emorrhoids, with
hypochondriasis. =ectum constricted.
&emale.66Cymphomania. .enses too profuse, premature, and too long.
!odalities.66$orse, drinking too much water.
Relationship.66Compare( 2ig4 7uph4 /ab4 Cham4 !mmon pic4 Cux vom.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66+econd to third potency.
Both 8rindelia robusta and 8rindelia s5uarrosa have been used for the
symptoms here recorded. /here is practically no difference in their action,
although the 8. +5uarrosa is credited with more splenic symptoms, dull pains
and fullness in left hypochondrium4 chronic malaria4 gastric pains associated
with splenic congestion. ,nduces paralysis, beginning in extremities ,ts action is
shown on the heart first 5uickening, then retarding it.
!cts on the cardio-pulmonary distribution of the pneumo-gastric in dry catarrh
A/art 7metic in muco-purulentB. #roduces a paresis of the pneumo-gastric,
interfering with respiration. +mothering after falling asleep. !sthmatic
conditions, chronic bronchitis. Bronchorrh-a with tough mucus, difficult to
detach. =aises the blood pressure. Causea and retching of gastric ulcer. +ugar in
urine. !n effective antidote to =hus-poisoning, locally and internally4 also for
burns, blisters, vaginal catarrh and herpes :oster. 0yperchlorhydria when
attended with asthmatic and other neurotic symptoms. 0yperEmia of gastric
mucous membrane with difficult respiration.
Head.669eels full, as from 5uinine. #ain in eyeballs, running back to brain4
worse, moving eyes. #upils dilated. #urulent ophthalmia and iritis.
Respiratory.66!n efficacious remedy for whee:ing and oppression in bronchitic
patients. /he sibilant rales are disseminated with foamy mucus, very difficult to
detach. !cts on the pulmonary circulation. !sthma, with profuse tenacious
expectoration, which relieves. +tops breathing when falling asleep4 wakes with a
star, and gasps for breath. .ust sit up to breathe. Cannot breathe when lying
down. #ertussis, with profuse mucous secretion ACoccusB. Bronchorrh-a, with
tough, whitish, mucous expectoration. +ibilant rales. $eak heart and respiration.
Cannot breathe lying down. Cheyne-+tokes respiration.
+pleen.66Cutting pain in region of spleen, extending to hips. +pleen enlarged
ACeanoth4 CarduusB.
%kin.66=ash, like roseola, with severe burning and itching. Vesicular and
papular eruptions. 0erpes :oster. ,tching and burning. #oison oak Alocally as a
washB. *lcers, with swollen, purplish skin.
Relationship.66Compare( /art-emet. 7riodictyon4 <ach4 +anguinar.
"ose.66/incture in % to %J drop doses, also lower potencies.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Clim*i!; Hemp Weed
!cts on nervous system and female organs. !ntidote to bites of scorpions and
serpents A8olondrinaB. Cholera. Bulbar paralysis. +yphilis. Cancer. 2eafness-
tongue heavy and difficult to move. +pinal irritation. +pinal symptoms most
marked and verified. Beer drinkers threatened with apoplexy. 2iarrh-a and
dysentery with aching in sacrum and loins.
0eadache, red face. 0eaviness and difficulty in moving tongue.
Throat.66<arynx and trachea constricted4 difficult deglutition. /ongue feels
heavy, difficult to move.
&emale.66<eucorrh-a copious, corroding, putrid, debilitating. ,tching and
smarting at night, as if fire were running out of parts.
*rinary.66,ncreased, cloudy, phosphatic. #ain over region of bladder.
Back.66#ain between scapulE, extending to forearm. Burning in nape of
shoulders. #ain along spine4 worse, bending. $eariness through hips and lumbar
$)tremities.66#ain in deltoid, shoulders, elbows, arms, and fingers. #ain about
hip-1oint. <egs heavy. #ain in ankle-1oints and soles. #aralysis of lower
!odalities.66$orse, from motion.
Relationship.66Compare( Oxal ac4 <athyr4 Caust.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
Re#i! o4 0i;!"m ,itC
Chief action on fibrous tissue, and is especially adapted to the arthritic diathesis,
rheumatism, and tonsillitis. +econdary syphilis. Very valuable in acute
rheumatism. 9ree foul secretions. *nclean odor from whole body. #romotes
suppuration of abscesses. +ensitiveness and aggravation from local heat.
Contraction of limbs, stiffness and immobility. 9eeling that he must stretch.
!ind.669orgetful4 thoughtless4 staring. +low to comprehend.
Head.668outy and rheumatic pain in head and face, extending to neck. /earing
pain in skull4 worse, cold, wet weather. 9eels swollen, and blood-vessels
distended. !ching in left ear. #ains often end in a stitch, especially in head.
$yes.66#upils dilated. 7yelids appear too short. #imples around eyes.
Throat.66=heumatic sore throat with weak throat muscles. /hroat dry, burns,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
swollen, stitches toward ear. !cute tonsillitis. +yphilitic sore throat.
%tomach.66/ongue furred. 2esire for apples and other fruits. !version to milk.
Burning in stomach. Constricted epigastric region.
Abdomen.66,ntestinal fermentation. .uch wind in bowels. 2iarrh-a, cholera
*rinary.66+harp stitches after urinating. Constant desire.
Respiratory.669eels suffocated. 2ry, tight cough. 9etid breath after coughing.
#leuritic stitches. Chest pains in articulations of ribs, with shortness of breathing
till expectoration sets in.
&emale.66Ovaritis in rheumatic patients, with irregular menstruation and
dysmenorrh-a, and irritable bladder.
Back.66#ain from head to neck. !ching in nape. +tiff neck and sore shoulders.
+titches between scapulE to occiput. Contractive pain between scapulE.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pain in shoulders, arms and hands. 8rowing pains
A#hos acB. #ricking in nates. +ciatica and lumbago. 8outy tearing, with
contractions. ,mmovable stiffness. !nkle pain extending up the leg, causing
lameness. ;oints swollen, painful, and intolerant of pressure4 can bear no heat.
+tinging pain in limbs. !rthritic lancinations followed by contraction of limbs. !
feeling of heat in the affected limbs.
!odalities.66$orse, from motion, heat, cold wet weather4 pressure, touch, from
H pm to ' am. Better, external pressure.
Relationship.668uaiacol Ain the treatment of gonorrh-al epididymitis, ) parts to
DI vaselin, locallyB.
Antidote( Cux. 9ollow +epia.
Compare( .erc4 Caust4 =hus4 .e:er4 =hodod.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth attenuation.
Pa"lli!ia #or*ili#
Contains a large percentage of Caffeine, which may explain its use as a remedy
for certain forms os sick headache.
Head.66,ntellectual excitement. +ick headache in persons who have used tea and
coffee in excess. /hrobbing headache after use of li5uor.
Bowels.66+tools profuse, bloody, bright green4 flakes inter-mixed4 odorless.
Cholera infantum.
%kin.66Chloasmata on temples and arms. *rticaria A2ulc4 !pis4 ChloralB.
%leep.66*ncontrollable sleepiness and heaviness of head, with flushed face after
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66.ust be given in material doses-fifteen to sixty grains of the powder.
7ye symptoms have been verified. Chemosis and pterygium have been cured
with it. <upus of an ochre-red color.
$yes.66Con1unctiva inflamed, swollen. /earing pain in eyeballs4 tension, forced-
out feeling. Ob1ects appear gray, upside down. 7ye symptoms alternate with
diminished hearing. 7piphora.
Head.66+ensation as if brain were falling forwards4 as from a blow on head.
Respiratory.66Cough with sweat, pain and tightness of chest4 larynx irritated.
America! Co44ee:tree
+ore throat, dark livid redness of fauces, and erysipelatous swelling of face are
most marked. 0ives. 2esire for heat and 5uiet. 0eadache, throbbing in forehead
and temples and over eyes, with bluish-white coating of tongue. Burning in eyes.
&ace.66+ensation as of flies crawling over face. 7rysipelas. 8reat sensibility of
Throat.66+ore4 dark livid redness of fauces and tonsils. +ticking pain. .ucus in
throat and hawking. /ickling, with dry cough.
Relationship.66Compare( <achnant4 <aches4 !ilanth4 =hus.
"ose.66<ower attenuations.
+ense of constriction is characteristic. +ensation as if a bar lay across chest.
!ngina pectoris.
Head.669eels constricted4 heavy, hot. 7yelids heavy.
%tomach.66#ainful digging from abdomen to throat, causing pain in region of
heart with oppression. Colic, tympanitis. Borborygmi and diarrh-a. +wollen,
Chest.66Constriction, extending to epigastrium. +ensation of a bar across chest.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Convulsive pain in heart region with oppression. 8reat soreness in region of
heart. #alpitation.
&emale.66#ain in hypogastrium, attended with slimy, whitish leucorrh-a. $eak
feeling, with painful bearing down sensation at menstrual period.
Relationship.66Compare( Cactus4 Colocy4 Ca1a.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Venous congestion, hEmorrhages, varicose veins, and hEmorrhoids, with
bruised soreness of affected parts, seem to be the special sphere of this remedy.
!cts upon the coats of the veins causing relaxation with conse5uent
engorgement. #assive venous hEmorrhages from any part. 8reat value in open,
painful wounds, with weakness from loss of blood. !fter operations, supersedes
the use of morphia A0elmuthB.
Head.66$ants 3the respect due to me3 shown. 9eeling as of a bolt from temple to
temple. 9ullness, followed by epistaxis. Cumbness over frontal bone.
$yes.66#ainful weakness4 sore pain in eyes4 bloodshot appearance4 inflamed
vessels greatly in1ected. 0astens absorption of intraocular hEmorrhage. 7yes feel
forced out.
+ose.66Bleeding from nose profuse4 flow passive, non-coagulable, with tightness
in bridge of nose. Bad odor from nose.
Throat.66.ucous membrane distended and bluish4 varicosis of throat.
%tomach.66/ongue feels burnt. /hirst. Blisters on side. 0Ematemesis of black
blood. /hrobbing and pain in stomach.
+tool.66!nus feels sore and raw. 0Emorrhoids, bleeding profusely, with
soreness. 2ysentery. #ulsation in rectum.
*rinary.660Ematuria, with increased desire.
&emale.66Ovarian congestion and neuralgia4 feel very sore. Vicarious
menstruation. *terine hEmorrhage, bearing-down pain in back. .enses dark,
profuse, with soreness in abdomen. .etrorrhagia, occurring midway between
menstrual periods. ,ntermenstrual pain A;as. $. $ardB. Vagina very tender.
#rofuse leucorrh-a. Vulva itches. .ilk-leg, hEmorrhoids, and sore nipples, after
confinement. .etrorrhagia4 passive flow. Vaginismus, ovaritis, soreness over
whole abdomen. #hlegmasia alba.
!ale.66#ain in spermatic cord, running into testes. Varicocele. #ain in testicles.
Orchitis. /esticles enlarged, hot, and painful. 7pididymitis.
Respiratory.660Emoptysis4 tickling cough. Chest feels sore and constricted.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Back.66+ore pain down cervical vertebrE. +evere pain in lumbar and hypogastric
region, extending down legs.
$)tremities.66/ired feeling in arms and legs. Very sore muscles and 1oints.
Varicose veins. Chilliness in back and hips, extending down legs. Ceuralgia of
internal saphenous nerve.
%kin.66Bluish chilblains. #hlebitis. #urpura. Varicose veins and ulcers4 very sore.
Burns. 7cchymosis. /raumatic inflammations A!rnicaB.
!odalities.66$orse, warm, moist air.
Relationship.66Compare in hEmorrhoids Calc fluor4 !loe4 .ur ac in varicose
veins. .angifera indica.
Compare( !rnica4 Calend4 /rillium4 Bellis4 +ulph ac4 #ulsatilla.
Antidote( !rnica.
Complementary( 9errum.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth attenuation. 2istilled extract locally.
0a9a coriC 4rom MtB Hecla
.arked action upon the 1aws. Of great use in exostosis, gum abscess, difficult
teething. Codosities, caries of bone, etc. Osteitis, periostitis, osteosarcoma4
rachitis. /umors in general. Bone necrosis. Cecrosis and sinus after mastoid
&ace.66*lceration of nasal bones. 9acial neuralgia from carious teeth and after
extraction. /oothache, with swelling about 1aws. !bscess of gums. 7nlargement
of maxillary bone. Cervical glands enlarged and indurated.
Relationship.66Compare( +ilica4 .ercur4 #hos4 Conchiolinum66.other of pearl
Adiaphysis of bone affected4 parts extremely sensitive to touchB.
!mphisbEna-+nail-like li:ard Agreat affinity for the 1aw bones, worse by air and
+lag66A8reat itching of partsB.
"ose.66<ower triturations.
9emale symptoms are most marked4 usually associated with nervous
disturbances. =ed sand in urine. #ain along ureter. 9latulent colic. !ntidotes
effects of #oison-oak A8rindeliaB.
Head.662ull, heavy feeling in morning. +ore pain, as from a cut. $eak, faint4
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
better, lying down.
%tomach.668astritis. 7verything taken into stomach causes pain. /ongue coated
thin white. Causea.
Abdomen.662istended, sore, and sensitive.
*rinary.669re5uent urging, cutting pains. #ain along left ureter. 2ragging pain
from kidney to bladder. 2ull burning pain over left kidney. Burning irritation at
neck of bladder causing fre5uent intense desire to urinate and inability to retain
urine for more than few minutes, better urinating.
&emale.66Bearing-down pains, with much backache4 worse, least movement.
<eucorrh-a, with itching and burning Ovaries congested and painful4 bearing-
down spasmodic contractions.
$)tremities.66#ain in thumb-1oint. #ain, coldness, and paretic condition.
/witchings, 1erkings, soreness. /endo-!chilles painful, as if sprained and
swollen4 walking painful.
Relationship.66Compare( .entha4 +epia4 <ilium4 Ocimum Auric acid diathesis,
pain in uretersB. 0edera 0elix66Common ,vy66A2elirium and chronic
convulsions. Chronic hydrocephalus =hinorrhea, cerebro-spinalis. Cataract. !cts
on blood vessels, menorrhagiaB. 8lechoma 0ederacea668round ,vy66
A0Emorrhoids with rectal irritation and bleeding. 2iarrh-a. !nus feels raw and
sore. Cough with laryngeal and tracheal irritation. 8landula sub-mentalis
"ose.669irst potency.
Old cases of intermittent fever. Cory:a, catarrh, nasal hEmorrhage and thick
scabs in nose. =heumatic pain in left knee. Vomiting, black stools, congestion and
dryness of mouth and pharynx, redness and heat of skin. +ymptoms aggravated
by heat and relieved by vomiting. +pleen remedy. .arked effects on stomach,
with nausea and vomiting. +tools black A<eptandraB. 2ry mouth. 7xternally, as a
vulnerary like !rnica and Calendula.
#roduces a condition of sensorial depression. +ees, hears, tastes imperfectly, and
general muscular weakness, which may go on to complete paralysis,
accompanied by dropsical effusions. 0ence, a remedy in low states of vitality
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
and serious disease. Characteristic aggravation from ' to & pm A<ycopB. +inking
sensation. +tate of effusion in hydrocephalus. .ania of a melancholy type.
!ind.66+low in answering. /houghtless4 staring. ,nvoluntary sighing. Complete
unconsciousness. #icks lips and clothes.
Head.669orehead wrinkled in folds. Cold sweat. +tupefying headache. =olls
head day and night4 moaning, sudden screams. Bores head into pillow4 beats it
with hands. 2ull pain in occiput, with sensation of water swashing inside.
0eadache culminates in vomiting.
$yes.667yeballs turn upwards4 s5uinting, vacant look. #upils dilated. 7yes wide
open, sunken. Cight-blindness.
+ose.662irty, dry nostrils. =ubs nose. +mell diminished. Cose pointed.
&ace.66#ale, sunken. Cold sweat. $rinkled. Ceuralgia on left side4 parts so
tender he cannot chew.
!outh.660orrible smell from mouth. <ips dry and cracked. /ongue red and dry.
9alling of lower 1aw. .eaningless picking of lips. 8rinding of teeth. Chewing
motion. 8reedily swallows cold water, though unconscious. Child nurses
greedily, with disgust for food. #tyalism, with sore corners of mouth.
Abdomen.668urgling, as if bowels were full of water. +wollen, painful to touch.
+tool.66;elly-like, white mucus4 involuntary.
*rinary.66+uppressed4 scanty, dark4 coffee-grounds sediment. 9re5uent urging.
Child cannot urinate. Bladder overdistended.
Respiratory.669re5uent sighing. =espiration irregular. Chest constricted4 gasps
for breath. 0ydrothorax A.erc sulphB.
$)tremities.66!utomatic motion of one arm and leg. <imbs heavy and painful.
+tretching of limbs. /humb drawn into palm ACuprB. Vesicular eruption between
fingers and toes.
%leep.66+udden screams in sleep. +oporous sleep. Cri encephali5ue. Cannot be
fully aroused.
%kin.66#ale, dropsical, itching. <ivid spots on skin. +udden, watery, swelling of
skin. 9alling off of hair and nails. !ngio-neurotic -dema.
!odalities.66$orse, from evening until morning, from uncovering.
Relationship.66A0ellebor fEtidus, or, #olymnia-Bear@s foot66!cts especially on
spleen ACeanothusB4 also rectum and sciatic nerve. +plenic pains extend to
scapula, neck and head, worse left side and evening4 chronic ague cake4
hypertrophied uterus4 glandular enlargements4 hair and nails falling off4 skin
peelingB. 0ellebor orientalis AsalivationB.
Antidote( Camphor4 Cinch.
Compare( /hreatening effusion4 /uberc4 !pis4 Linc4 Opium4 Cinch4 Cicuta4
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$ila Mo!#ter
/he result of the bite is a benumbing paralysis like paralysis agitans or locomotor
ataxia. /here is no tetanic phase-a condition almost reverse in ob1ective
symptoms to 0ydrocy acid or +trychnia. /he most unusual action of the drug is
noted upon the eye of the mouse. /he eyeball becomes more prominent and the
cornea opacities. /he exophthalmus is due to the pressure of the blood behind
the eyeball ABoydB. 0omeopathically, it is indicated in many forms of disease
characteri:ed by great coldness-3arctic3 coldness. Colic waves from occiput to
feet or ascending.
Head.66Very depressed. +ensation as if would fall to right side. Cold band
around head4 cold pressure within the skull. 7yelids heavy. #ain beginning in
right ear, extending round back of head to left ear.
&ace.66Cold crawling feeling, as if facial muscles were tight.
!outh.66/ongue cold, tender, and dry. Very thirsty. +wallowing difficult. Breath
Chest.66Cold feeling in lungs and in heart. +low labored thumping of heart.
Back.66Coldness across scapulE. Burning along spine.
$)tremities.66Cumbness and trembling. Cyanosis of hands. Coldness. +ensation
as if walking on sponge, and as if feet were swollen. +taggering gait. Cock@s gait.
$hen walking, lifts feet higher than usual, and puts down heel hard. 9eet cold as
ice or burn. +tretching relieves pains in muscles and limbs.
&e'er.66,nternal coldness, as if fro:en to death. Cold rings around body. Cold
waves A!bies c4 !conB. Cold spots. !rctic coldness. /emperature subnormal-(HQ
Relationship.66Compare( <acerta-8reen <i:ard Askin eruptions. Vesicles under
tongue. ,ncreased mental acumen. 2ifficult swallowing. Constant accumulation
of saliva in the mouth. Causea4 violent pressure in stomachB. Camphor4 <achesis.
"ose.66/hirtieth potency.
+ensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great
languor and prostration, are excellent indications for this remedy. /here is a
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
sensitiveness expressed as a consciousness of a womb. /ired, backachy females.
/he weakness shows itself also in a tendency to prolapse and other malposition
of the womb. /he menses are often suppressed and the kidneys congested. ,t
seems as if the monthly congestion, instead of venting itself as it should through
the uterine vessels, had extended to the kidneys. $ith it all, there is a profound
melancholia. #atient must be doing something to engage the mind. =emember it,
for women with prolapsus from atony, enervated by indolence and luxury
Abetter when attention is engaged-hence when the doctor comesB, or for those
worn out with hard work4 tired, strained muscles burn and ache4 sleepless.
2iabetes mellitus, and insipidus. Constant aching and tenderness over kidneys.
!ind.66#rofound melancholy. #atient is better when kept busy, with mind
engaged, when doing something. ,rritable4 cannot endure the least contradiction.
Head.66Burning sensation on top. 0eadache, better mental exertion.
Back.66#ain and weight in back4 tired and weak. !ching and burning across the
lumbar region4 can trace outlines of kidneys by constant burning. Boring pain in
lumbar region, extending down legs. 8reat languor, better exercising.
&emale.662ragging in sacral region, with prolapse, especially after a miscarriage.
#ruritus vulvE. Backache after miscarriage A>ali cB. $eight and soreness in
womb4 conscious of womb. .enses too fre5uent, too profuse. <eucorrh-a.
Breasts swollen, nipples painful and tender. #arts hot, red, swollen4 burn and itch
terribly. !lbuminuria during pregnancy. 2ebility attending the menopause.
*rinary.66!lbuminous, phosphatic4 profuse and clear, saccharine. 2iabetes.
$)tremities.66+ensation as if a cool wind streamed up calves of legs. 9eet feel
numb when sitting.
!odalities.66Better, when doing something Amental diversionB. $orse, motion,
Relationship.66Compare( !grimonia-Cockleburr66Apainful kidneys, impaired
digestion and menstrual difficulties4 Bronchorrh-a and catarrh of bladder.
Cough with profuse expectoration attended with expulsion of urine. /incture %-
%I gttB. !letris4 <ilium4 #uls4 +enecio4 +tannum.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth attenuation.
Hah!ema!!+# Calci"m "lphide
+uits especially scrofulous and lymphatic constitutions who are inclined to have
eruptions and glandular swellings. *nhealthy skin. Blondes with sluggish
character and weak muscles. 8reat sensitiveness to all impressions. +weating
patient pulling blanket around him. <ocally, it has special affinity to the
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
respiratory mucous membrane, producing croupous catarrhal inflammation,
profuse secretion4 also easy perspiration. !fter abuse of .ercury. ,nfected sinus
with pus forming. /he tendency to suppuration is most marked, and has been a
strong guiding symptom in practice. /he lesions spread by the formation of
small papules around the side of the old lesion. Chilliness, hypersensitiveness,
splinter-like pains, craving for sour and strong things are very characteristic.
9eeling as if wind were blowing on some part. /he side of the body on which he
lies at night becomes gradually insufferably painful4 he must turn. #ellagra
Amaterial doses re5uiredB. +yphilis after antispecific gross medication.
!ind.66!nguish in the evening and night, with thoughts of suicide. /he
slightest cause irritates him. 2e1ected and sad. 9erocious. 0asty speech.
Head.66Vertigo and headache, when shaking the head or riding. Boring pain in
the right temple and in root of nose every morning. +calp sensitive and sore.
0umid scald-head itching and burning. Cold sweat on head.
$yes.66*lcers on cornea. ,ritis, with pus in anterior chamber4 purulent
con1unctivitis, with marked chemosis, profuse discharge, great sensitiveness to
touch and air. 7yes and lids red and inflamed. #ain in the eyes, as if pulled back
into the head. Boring pain in upper bones of the orbits. 7yeballs sore to touch.
Ob1ects appear red and too large. Vision obscured by reading4 field reduced one-
half. Bright circles before eyes. 0ypopion.
$ars.66+curfs on and behind the ears. 2ischarge of fetid pus from the ears.
$hi::ing and throbbing in the ears, with hardness of hearing. 2eafness after
scarlet fever. #ustules in auditory canal and auricle. .astoiditis.
+ose.66+ore, ulcerated. +oreness of nostrils, with catarrhal troubles. +nee:es
every time he goes into a cold, dry wind, with running from nose, later, thick,
offensive discharge. +topped up every time he goes out into cold air. +mell like
old cheese. 0ay-fever A0epar %x will often start secretions and profuse drainage
in stuffy coldsB.
&ace.66Kellowish complexion. .iddle of lower lip cracked. Vesicular erysipelas,
with pricking in parts. Ceuralgia of right side, extending in streak into temple,
ear, alE, and lip. #ains in bones of face, especially when being touched. *lcers in
corners of mouth. +hooting in 1aw on opening mouth.
!outh.66#tyalism. 8ums and mouth painful to touch and bleed readily.
Throat.66$hen swallowing, sensation as if a plug and of a splinter in throat.
Guinsy, with impending suppuration. +titches in throat extending to the ear
when swallowing. 0awking up of mucus.
%tomach.66<onging for acids, wine, and strong-tasting food. !version to fat
food. 9re5uent eructations, without taste or smell. 2istention of stomach,
compelling one to loosen the clothing. Burning in stomach. 0eaviness and
pressure in stomach after a slight meal.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Abdomen.66+titching in region of liver when walking, coughing, breathing, or
touching it ABry4 .ercB. 0epatitis, hepatic abscess4 abdomen distended, tense4
chronic abdominal affections.
+tool.66Clay-colored and soft. +our, white, undigested, fetid. <oss of power to
expel even a soft stool.
*rinary.66Voided slowly, without force-drops vertically, bladder weak. +eems
as if some always remained. 8reasy pellicle on urine. Bladder difficulties of old
men A#hos4 +ulph4 CopaivaB.
!ale.660erpes, sensitive, bleed easily. *lcers externally on prepuce similar to
chancre ACitr acidB. 7xcitement and emission without amorous fancies. ,tching of
glans, frEnum, and scrotum. +uppurating inguinal glands. 9igwarts of offensive
odor. 0umid soreness on genitals and between scrotum and thigh. Obstinate
gonorrh-a 3does not get well3.
&emale.662ischarge of blood from uterus. ,tching of pudenda and nipples,
worse during menses. .enses late and scanty. !bscesses of labiE with great
sensitiveness. 7xtremely offensive leucorrh-a. +mells like old cheese A+aniculaB.
#rofuse perspiration at the climacteric A/ilia4 ;aborandiB.
Respiratory.66<oses voice and coughs when exposed to dry, cold wind.
0oarseness, with loss of voice. Cough troublesome when walking. 2ry, hoarse
cough. Cough excited whenever any part of the body gets cold or uncovered, or
from eating anything cold. Croup with loose, rattling cough4 worse in morning.
Choking cough. =attling, croaking cough4 suffocative attacks4 has to rise up and
bend head backwards. !nxious, whee:ing, moist breathing, asthma worse in dry
cold air4 better in damp. #alpitation of heart.
$)tremities.669inger-1oints swollen4 tendency to easy dislocation. Cail of great
toe painful on slight pressure.
%kin.66!bscesses4 suppurating glands are very sensitive. #apules prone to
suppurate and extend. !cne in youth. +uppurate with prickly pain. 7asily bleed.
!ngio-neurotic -dema. *nhealthy skin4 every little in1ury suppurates. Chapped
skin, with deep cracks on hands and feet. *lcers, with bloody suppuration,
smelling like old cheese. *lcers very sensitive to contact, burning, stinging, easily
bleeding. +weats day and night without relief. 3Cold-sores3 very sensitive.
Cannot bear to be uncovered4 wants to be wrapped up warmly. +ticking or
pricking in afflicted parts. #utrid ulcers, surrounded by little pimples. 8reat
sensitiveness to slightest touch. Chronic and recurring urticaria. +mall-pox.
0erpes circinatus. Constant offensive exhalation from the body.
&e'er.66Chilly in open air or from slightest draught. 2ry heat at night. #rofuse
sweat4 sour, sticky, offensive.
!odalities.66$orse, from dry cold winds4 cool air4 slightest draught, from
.ercury, touch4 lying on painful side. Better, in damp weather, from wrapping
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
head up, from warmth, after eating.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Bellad4 Cham4 +il.
Compare( !con4 +pongia4 +taphis4 +ilica4 +ulph4 Calc sulph4 .yristica. 0epar
antidotes bad effects from .ercury, ,odine, #otash, Cod-liver oil. =emoves the
weakening effects of ether.
"ose.669irst to )IIth. /he higher potencies may abort suppuration, the lower
promote it. ,f it is necessary to hasten it, give )x.
#haryngeal catarrh, with profuse, serous sputa and hoarseness. /ickling and
irritation of the throat. +craping and rough sensation. ,nduces free and easy
expectoration. Viscid, thick, tenacious phlegm causes continued hawking.
+oreness at the nostrils. +ensation about epiglottis as if particles of food
remained. +puta sweet, profuse, creamy.
"ose.66+econd potency.
Bra!ca "r#i!a
=ecommended as a spinal stimulant4 in epilepsy with flatulency, gouty and skin
Head.66!ches, with drowsiness, worse moving in open air, better tying up head
with cloth. .uch fatty perspiration on head and violent itching. +eborrh-a
capitis. +ick headache.
%tomach.66#ain with inclination to vomit. Bitter risings and taste. 0ungry but
unable to eat. !bdominal and spleenic pain.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Pro9ed *) DrB WmB BB $ri;;#
,ts chief action is on the external tissues of the eyes and naso-pharynx 1oint
surfaces, liver and mucous membranes. =ight side especially affected, general
muscular soreness.
Head.66#ain over right eye, dull, constant, worse in warm room. 7yelids
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
inflamed and swollen.
Throat.66+ore, raw, dry, swallowing difficult, foul odor, gummy exudate4
thickness and infiltration of all tissues around throat.
%tomach.66!cid rising. <ump in pit of stomach. +oreness and pressure over
&emale.66.enstrual flow for three weeks with complete relief of muscular and
1oint pains.
$)tremities.66Backache extending down hips. #ain in shoulders and extremities
and sore swollen 1oints. #ain in middle of thigh posteriorly shooting down right
leg. /ired, grating sensation in the 1oints.
%kin.66,tching, burning. #apules looking like goose flesh on chest.
Relationship.66Ben:oic acid seems to be an analogue.
"ose.66<ower potencies.
Meco!i"m Depo#it o"t o4 the Am!iotic Fl"id take! 4rom the Colt
/he old famous !phrodisiacum of the 8reek authors.
%tomach.66,cy coldness in stomach.
!ale.66+exual desire increased. #rostatitis. 2rawing pain in testicles.
$)tremities.66Violent pain in wrist. #aralysis of wrists. +prained sensation in
wrist. 8reat weakness of hands and fingers. $eakness in 1oints of feet, knee, and
soles. Chorea. .uch weakness after growing too fast.
Relationship.66Compare( Caustic.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
/his powerful nosode introduced by 2r. ;. ;. 8arth $ilkinson, covers symptoms
which suggest integral parts of consumption, cancer, syphilis, etc, and promises
useful service in the treatment of o:Ena, scrofulous swellings, pyEmia,
erysipelas. Chronic rhinitis4 saneous secretion.
+ose.66=ed, swollen. Catarrh, o:Ena, ulceration. 2ischarge acrid, corroding,
bloody, offensive. /ubercles on alE nasi. #apules and ulceration in frontal sinus
and pharynx.
&ace.66!ll glands swollen4 painful4 form abscesses.
Respiratory.660oarseness. Bronchial asthma. Coisy breathing4 short, irregular.
Cough, with dyspepsia. 7xcessive secretion. +uffocation imminent. Bronchitis in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
the aged, where suffocation from excessive secretion is imminent. /uberculosis.
%kin.66<ymphatic swellings. !rticular non-fluctuating swellings. Codules in
arm. .alignant erysipelas. #ustules and abscesses. *lcers. =upia. 7c:ema.
Relationship.66Compare( .uco-toxin ACahis@ preparation with the micrococcus
catarrhalis. 9riedlander@s Bacillus of #neumonia and the micrococcus tetragenius-
for acute and chronic mucous catarrhs in children and old peopleB4 !ur4 >ali
bich4 #sor4 Bacill.
"ose.66/hirtieth potency.
Di;e#ti9e Fl"id o4 0i9e 0o*#ter
2yspepsia, sore throat, and headache seems to be a combination that may be
controlled by this remedy. 9rontal and temporal pain chiefly, with soreness in
eyes. /hroat sore, raw, burns, with tough mucus. #ain in stomach and abdomen,
better after eating. Belching. Chilliness and pain all over. ,tching of skin.
!odalities.66$orse, from milk, after sleep. Better, from motion, after eating.
Relationship.66Compare( +epia4 !sterias4 !stacus4 !ethusa.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
*sed in leprosy, when skin feels as if it were hide bound /ense vesicles4
sensation of splinter under thumb-nails. +kin of forehead feels drawn tight. +tiff
neck, pain in back. /hrobbing in finger tips. ,tching, pimples on all pro1ecting
portions of bone, malar bones, etc.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
Relationship.66Compare Calotropis or .adura album66A<eprosy4 livid and
gangrenous tubercles4 thickening of the skinB.
$olde! eal
!cts especially on mucous membranes, relaxing them and producing a thick,
yellowish, ropy secretion. /he catarrh may be anywhere,-throat, stomach, uterus,
urethra,-it is always characteri:ed by this peculiar mucous discharge. 0ydrastis
is especially active in old, easily-tired people, cachectic individuals, with great
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
debility. Cerebral effects prominent, feels his wits sharpened, head cleared, facile
expression. $eak muscular power, poor digestion and obstinate constipation.
<umbago. 7maciation and prostration. ,ts action on the liver is marked. Cancer
and cancerous state, before ulceration, when pain is principal symptom. 8oitre of
puberty and pregnancy. +mall-pox internally and locally. /he power of
0ydrastis over smallpox seen in modifying the disease, abolishing its distressing
symptoms, shortening its course, lessening its danger and greatly mitigating its
conse5uences A;. ;. 8arth $ilkinsonB.
!ind.662epressed4 sure of death, and desires it.
Head.662ull, pressing frontal pain, especially connected with constipation.
.yalgic pain in scalp and muscles of neck ACimicifB. 7c:ema on forehead along
line of hair. +inusitis, after cory:a.
$ars.66=oaring. .uco-purulent discharge. 2eafness. 7stachian catarrh, with
high-pitched voice.
+ose.66/hick, tenacious secretion from posterior nares to throat. $atery,
excoriating discharge. O:Ena, with ulceration of septum. /ends to blow nose all
the time.
!outh.66#eppery taste. /ongue white, swollen, large, flabby, slimy4 shows
imprint of teeth A.ercB4 as if scalded4 stomatitis. *lceration of tongue, fissures
toward the edges.
Throat.669ollicular pharyngitis. =aw, smarting, excoriating sensation. 0awking
of yellow, tenacious mucus A>ali bichB. Child is aroused suddenly from sleep by
this tenacious post-nasal dropping. 8oitre of puberty and pregnancy.
%tomach.66+ore feeling in stomach more or less constant. $eak digestion. Bitter
taste. #ain as from a hard-cornered substance. 8one feeling. #ulsation in
epigastrium. Cannot eat bread or vegetables. !tonic dyspepsia. *lcers and
cancer. 8astritis.
Abdomen.668astro-duodenal catarrh. <iver torpid, tender. ;aundice. 8allstones.
2ull dragging in right groin with cutting sensation into right testicle.
Back.662ull, heavy, dragging pain and stiffness, particularly across lumbar
region, must use arms in raising himself from seat.
Rectum.66#rolapsed4 anus fissured. Constipation, with sinking feeling in
stomach, and dull headache. 2uring stool, smarting pain in rectum. !fter stool,
long-lasting pain ACit acB. 0Emorrhoids4 even a light flow exhausts. Contraction
and spasm.
*rinary.668leety discharge. *rine smells decomposed.
!ale.668onorrh-a, second stage4 discharge thick and yellow.
&emale.667rosion and excoriation of cervix. <eucorrh-a, worse after menses
ABov4 Calc cB4 acrid and corroding, shreddy, tenacious. .enorrhagia. #ruritus
vulvE, with profuse leucorrh-a ACalc c4 >reos4 +epB. +exual excitement. /umor
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
of breast4 nipple retracted.
Respiratory.66Chest raw, sore, burning. 2ry, harsh cough. Bronchial catarrh,
later stages. Bronchitis in old, exhausted persons, with thick, yellow, tenacious
expectoration. 9re5uent fainty spells, with cold sweat all over. 9eels suffocating
when lying on left side. #ain from chest to left shoulder.
%kin.667ruption like variola. <upus4 ulcers, cancerous formations. 8eneral
tendency to profuse perspiration and unhealthy skin A0eparB.
Relationship.66Antidote( +ulph.
*seful after too much Chlorate of #otash for sore throat.
Compare( Nanthorrhi:a apifolia4 >ali bich4 Conium4 !rs iod4 #hytol4 8alium
Acancer-nodulated tumor of the tongueB4 !sterias4 +tann4 #uls. !lso .an:anita
Adiarrh-a, gonorrh-a, gleet, leucorrh-a, catarrhal conditionsB. 0ydrastinum
muriaticum-.uriate of 0ydrastia A<ocally, in aphthous sore mouth, ulcers,
ulcerated sore throat, o:Ena, etc. ,nternally, third dec trit. ,s a uterine hEmostatic
and vasoconstrictor4 metrorrhagia, especially from fibroid tumors4 hEmorrhages4
in dilatation of the stomach, and chronic digestive disordersB. 0ydrastin sulph %x
AhEmorrhage of bowels in typhoidB. .arrubium-0oarhound66Aa stimulant to
mucous membranes, especially laryngeal and bronchial4 chronic bronchitis,
dyspepsia, and hepatic disorders4 colds and coughsB.
"ose.66/incture, to thirtieth attenuation. <ocally colorless. 0ydrastis, mother
tincture, or fluid extract.
Pr"##ic Acid
One of the most toxic agents known. Convulsions and paralysis express the
action of this remedy. +pasmodic constriction in larynx, feeling of suffocation,
pain and tightness in chest, palpitation4 pulse weak, irregular. +inging sensation
at the epigastrium. 0ysterical and epileptic convulsions. Cyanosis. Collapse, due
to some pulmonary condition not a cardiac collapse. Catalepsy. Cholera. +tage of
collapse A!rs4 VeratB. Coldness. /etanus narcolepsy.
!ind.66*nconscious. $ild delirium. 9ear of imaginary troubles. 9ears
everything-horses, wagons, houses falling, etc.
Head.66Violent stupefying headache. Brain feels on fire. #upils motionless or
dilated. +upra-orbital neuralgia, with flushing on same side of face.
&ace.66;aws clenched in rigid spasm. 9roths at mouth. #ale, bluish lips.
%tomach.66/ongue cold. 2rink rumbles through throat and stomach. 8astralgia4
worse when stomach is empty. 8reat sinking at pit of stomach. #ulsative pain in
prEcordial region.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Respiratory.66Coisy and agitated breathing. 2ry, spasmodic, suffocative cough.
!sthma, with contraction of throat. $hooping-cough. #aralysis of lungs
A!spidosB. .arked cyanosis4 venously congested lung.
Heart.66Violent palpitation. #ulse, weak irregular. Cold extremities. /orturing
pain in chest. !ngina pectoris A+pigel4 Oxal acB.
%leep.66Kawning with shivering. ,rresistible drowsiness. Vivid, incoherent
Relationship.66Antidotes( !mmon4 Camph4 Opium.
Compare( Cicuta4 Oenanthe4 Camph4 <auroc.
"ose.66+ixth and higher potencies.
! remedy for gravel, profuse deposit of white amorphous salts in urine.
Calculus, renal colic, bloody urine. !cts on ureter. #ain in lumbar region.
2i::iness. Oppression of chest.
*rinary.66Burning in urethra and fre5uent desire. *rine hard to start. 0eavy
deposit of mucus. +harp pain in loins, especially left. 8reat thirst, with
abdominal symptoms and enlarged prostate A9err pic4 +abalB. 8ravelly deposits.
+pasmodic stricture. #rofuse deposit of white amorphous salts.
Relationship.66Compare( <ycopod4 Chimaphil4 Berberis4 #areira4 *va4 +abal4
Oxydendron4 8eum-$ater !vens66A+evere 1erking pains from deep in the
abdomen to end of urethra4 affections of bladder, with pains in penis4 worse,
eating4 relaxed mucous membranes, with excessive and depraved secretions4
imperfect digestion and assimilationB. #olyctrichum-0aircap moss66Aaccording
to 2r. !. .. Cushing in mother tincture or infusion for enlarged prostate-
I!dia! Pe!!)-ort
Curative in disorders that exhibit interstitial inflammation and cellular
proliferation in any part. 0ypertrophy and induration of connective tissue. 0as
considerable reputation in leprosy and lupus, when there is no ulceration. /he
skin symptoms are very important. Of great use in ulceration of womb. 2ifficulty
in maintaining the upright posture. Very copious perspiration. #ains of cervical
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&ace.66#ain in left cheek-bones and about orbits.
&emale.66#ruritus of vagina. ,nflammation of neck of bladder. 0eat within
vagina. 8ranular ulceration of womb. #rofuse leucorrh-a. 2ull pain in ovarian
region. Cervical redness.
%kin.662ry eruptions. 8reat thickening of epidermoid layer and exfoliation of
scales. #soriasis gyrate, on trunk and extremities, palms and soles. #ustules on
chest. Circular spots, with scaly edges. ,ntolerable itching, especially of soles.
#rofuse sweat. +yphilitic affections. !cne. <eprosy. 7lephantiasis A!rsB. <upus
Relationship.66Compare( 7lEis-+outh !merican #alm66Ascleroderma,
elephantiasis, leprosy, skin thickened, itching and hardened. !nEsthesiaB. 0ura4
/rychnos 8aultheriana Abites of serpents, ulcers and cutaneous affections
generallyB4 0oang-Can. Chaulomoogra oil from seed of /araktogenos4 0ydrast4
!rsenic4 !urum4 +epia.
"ose.669irst to sixth potency.
2isturbs the nervous system profoundly. ,t is as if some diabolical force took
possession of the brain and prevented its functions. ,t causes a perfect picture of
mania of a 5uarrelsome and obscene character. ,nclined to be unseemly and
immodest in acts, gestures and expressions. Very talkative, and persists in
stripping herself, or uncovering genitals. ,s 1ealous, afraid of being poisoned, etc.
,ts symptoms also point to weakness and nervous agitation4 hence typhoid and
other infections with coma vigil. /remulous weakness and twitching of tendons.
+ubsultus tendinum. .uscular twitchings, spasmodic affections, generally with
delirium. Con-inflammatory cerebral activity. /oxic gastritis.
!ind.66Very suspicious. /alkative, obscene, lascivious mania, uncovers body4
1ealous, foolish. 8reat hilarity4 inclined to laugh at everything. 2elirium, with
attempt to run away. <ow, muttering speech4 constant carphologia, deep stupor.
Head.669eels light and confused. Vertigo as if intoxicated. Brain feels loose,
fluctuating. ,nflammation of brain, with unconsciousness4 head is shaken to and
$yes.66#upils dilated, sparkling, fixed. 7yes open, but does not pay attention4
downcast and dull, fixed. +trabismus. +pasmodic closing of lids. 2iplopia.
Ob1ects have colored borders.
!outh.66/ongue dry, red, cracked, stiff and immovable, protruded with
difficulty4 speech impaired. 9oams at mouth. /eeth covered with sordes. <ower
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
1aw drops.
Throat.66+tinging dryness. Constriction. Cannot swallow li5uids. *vula
%tomach.66 0iccough, eructations empty, bitter. Causea, with vertigo. Vomiting,
with convulsions4 hEmatemesis4 violent cramps, relieved by vomiting4 burning
in stomach4 epigastrium tender. !fter irritating food.
Abdomen.66Colic, as if abdomen would burst. 2istention. Colic, with vomiting,
belching, hiccough screaming. /ympanites. =ed spots on abdomen.
+tool.662iarrh-a, colicky, pains4 involuntary, aggravated by mental excitement
or during sleep. 2iarrh-a during the lying-in period. ,nvoluntary defecation.
*rinary.66,nvoluntary micturition. Bladder paraly:ed. 0as no will to urinate
!ale.66,mpotence. <ascivious4 exposes his person4 plays with genitals during
&emale.66Before menses, hysterical spasms. 7xcited sexual desire. 2uring
menses, convulsive movements, urinary flux and sweat. <ochia suppressed.
+pasms of pregnant women. #uerperal mania.
Chest.66+uffocating fits. +pasm, forcing bending forward. 2ry, spasmodic cough
at night Aworse lying down4 better sitting upB, from itching in the throat, as if
uvula were too long. 0Emoptysis.
$)tremities.66#icking at bed-clothes4 plays with hands4 reaches out for things.
7pileptic attacks ending in deep sleep. +pasms and convulsions. Cramps in
calves and toes. Child sobs and cries without waking.
%leep.66,ntense sleeplessness. +opor, with convulsions. +tarts up frightened.
Coma vigil.
Cerves.668reat restlessness4 every muscle twitches. $ill not be covered.
!odalities.66$orse, at night, during menses, after eating, when lying down.
Better, stooping.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Bell4 Camph.
Compare( Bellad4 +tram4 !garic4 8els.
0yosc hydrobrom.66+copolamine hydrobromide A#aralysis agitansB4 tremors of
disseminated sclerosis. +leeplessness and nervous agitation. 2ry cough in
phthisis. +imilar in its effects to alcohol, both recent and remote. Corresponds to
the effects of strong poisons introduced into or generated within the body.
+ymptoms of urEmia and acute nervous exhaustion. ! remedy for shock. /hird
and fourth dec trituration. ,n physiological dosage A%-)II grB mania and chorea4
insomnia. +copola A;apanese BelladonnaB-chemically identical with 0yoscine
A;oyous delirium, licking of lips and smacking of mouth4 sleepless4 tries to get out
of bed4 sees cats, picks imaginary hairs, warms hands before imaginary fire, etcB.
"ose.66+ixth, to )IIth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
tB 'oh!+#:-ort
/he great remedy for in1uries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails.
Crushed fingers, especially tips. 7xcessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to
its use. #revents lock1aw. #unctured wounds. =elieves pain after operations.
Guite supersedes the use of .orphia after operations A0elmuthB. +pasms after
every in1ury. 0as an important action on the rectum4 hEmorrhoids. Coccydynia.
+pasmodic asthmatic attacks with changes of weather or before storms, better by
copious expectoration. ,n1ured nerves from bites of animals. /etanus. Ceuritis,
tingling, burning and numbness. Constant drowsiness.
!ind.669eels as if lifted high in air, or anxiety lest he fall from heights. .istakes
in writing. 7ffects of shock. .elancholy.
Head.660eavy4 feels as if touched by an icy cold hand. /hrobbing in vertex4
worse in close room. Brain seems compressed. =ight side of face aches. Brain-fag
and neurasthenia. 9acial neuralgia and toothache of a pulling, tearing character,
with sadness. 0ead feels longer-elongated to a point. ,n fractured skull, bone
splinters. Brain feels alive. #ains in eyes and ears. 9alling out of hair.
%tomach.66Craving for wine. /hirst4 Causea. /ongue coated white at base, tip
clean. 9eeling of lump in stomach A!bies nig4 BryB.
Rectum.66*rging, dry, dull, pressing pain. 0Emorrhoids, with pain, bleeding,
and tenderness.
Back.66#ain in nape of neck. #ressure over sacrum. +pinal concussion. Coccyx
in1ury from fall, with pain radiating up spine and down limbs. ;erking and
twitching of muscles.
$)tremities.662arting pain in shoulders. #ressure along ulnar side of arm.
Cramp in calves. #ain in toes and fingers, especially in tips. Crawling in hand
and feet. <ancinating pain in upper and lower limbs. Ceuritis, with tingling,
burning pain, numbness and flossy skin. ;oints feel bruised. 0ysterical 1oints.
/etanus A#hysost4 >ali bromB. /raumatic neuralgia and neuritis.
Respiratory.66!sthma worse foggy weather and relieved by profuse
%kin.660yperidrosis, sweating of scalp, worse in morning after sleep4 falling of
hair from in1ury4 ec:ema of hands and face, intense itching, eruption seems to be
under the skin. 0erpes :oster. Old ulcers or sores in mouth when very sensitive.
<acerated wounds with much prostration from loss of blood.
!odalities.66$orse, in cold4 dampness4 in a fog4 in close room4 least exposure4
touch. Better, bending head backward.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( <edum Apunched wounds and bites of animalsB4
!rnica4 +taphis4 Calend4 =uta4 Coff.
Antidotes( !rs4 Cham.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
Bitter Ca!d)t"4t
+tate of nervous excitement. 0as marked action upon the heart. #ossesses great
efficacy in cardiac diseases. Control vascular excitement in hypertrophy with
thickening of the heart@s walls. Cardiac debility after influen:a. <iver region full
and painful. $hite stools.
!ind.66+ad and sighing4 fearful and trembling. ,rritable.
Head.66Vertigo and pains around heart. Constant hawking of thick, stringy
mucus until after a meal. 0ot, flushed face. Vertigo, as if occiput were turning
around4 eyes feel forced outwards.
Heart.66Conscious of heart@s action. On turning on left side, stitching pain as of
needles through ventricles felt at each systole. #alpitation, with vertigo and
choking in throat. +titching pains in cardiac region. #ulse full, irregular,
intermittent. $orse, least motion and in warm room. +ensation of weight and
pressure, with occasional sharp, stinging pains. 2ropsy, with enlarged heart.
Violent palpitation induced by slightest exertion, or by laughing, or coughing.
2arting pains through heart. Cardiac dyspn-a. 2ilation of heart. $akes with
palpitation about ) am. /hroat and trachea fills up with mucus. Cough causes
redness of face. /achycardia.
$)tremities.66Cumbness and tingling in left hand and arm. $hole body sore,
lame and trembling.
!odalities.66$orse, lying down4 on left side4 motion, exertion4 warm room.
Relationship.66Compare( Cact4 2ig4 !myl4 Bell.
"ose.66/incture and first potency.
Com*i!atio! o4 "lpho!ated H)drocar*o!#
Fo##il Prod"ct o4 Comple< tr"ct"re 4o"!d i! T)rol= #"ppo#ed to *e Fi#h Depo#it#=
co!tai!# 17 %"lph"rB
,ts action on skin, mucous membranes, and kidneys is prompt and useful. ,t is
strongly antiparasitic4 redness, pain and inflammation4 decreases tension.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
7xcellent in winter coughs of old people. #olyarthritis. Chronic rheumatism. *ric
acid diathesis. 0ay-fever. Chronic hives. /uberculosis, aids nutrition. !lcoholism
when nothing will stay on stomach.
!ind.66,rritable and depressed. 9orgetful, lack of concentration.
Head.662ull, aching4 better cold, pressure. 2ull frontal and supra-orbital
headache4 worse moving eyes, cold air4 better, warmth.
&ace.66+kin feels dry and itches. !cne on chin.
Throat.66,rritated4 pain to ears4 sore, dry, with hawking and expectoration.
$yes.66Burn, red4 worse, any change of temperature.
+ose.66Bland cory:a4 stuffed feeling4 feels sore inside. ,rresistible desire to
%tomach.662isagreeable taste, burning sensation, very thirsty. Causea. ,ncreased
Abdomen.662isposition to soft, shapeless stools. 8riping in umbilical and left
hypogastric region. 7arly morning diarrh-a.
*rinary.66,ncreased in 5uantity and fre5uency. Burning pain in meatus. *ric
acid deposits.
&emale.669ullness in lower abdomen. Causea at time of menses.
Respiratory.66Cory:a4 dry, teasing cough. Bronchiectasis and phthisis.
Bronchitis, especially of the aged.
%kin.660eat and irritation4 itching. +caly and itching ec:ema. Crops of boils.
#ruritus of pregnancy. #sorisis, !cne, rosacea, erysipelas.
$)tremities.66<ameness in right shoulder and right lower extremity.
Relationship.66Compare( 0epar4 Calc4 +ilica4 +ulph4 !rs4 #etrol.
"ose.66<ower potencies.
7xternally, it is used as an ointment, with <anoline )I to JI per cent4 for chronic
ec:ema and psoriasis, also acne rosacea and gouty 1oints. Chilblains, scabies.
=ectal suppositories for senile prostate.
Potho# 4oetid"#
9or asthmatic complaints4 worse from inhaling any dust. 0ysteria. 7rratic
spasmodic pains. 3$ill-o@-the-wisp3 like character of its sub1ective symptoms and
its physometric property are special features A+amuel ;onesB. ,nflation and
tension in the abdomen. .illar@s asthma.
Head.66!bsent-minded, irritable. 0eadache in single spots, with violent
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
pulsation of temporal arteries. Outward drawing from glabella. Better in open air
A#ulsB. =ed swelling across the bridge of the nose.
Abdomen.66,nflation and tension in abdomen.
Respiratory.66+pasmodic croup. /roublesome respiration, with sudden feeling
of anguish and sweat.
+nee:ing, with pain in throat. #ain in chest, with difficult breathing. /ongue feels
numb. !sthma4 relieved by stool.
"ose.66/incture and lower potencies.
tB I;!ati"# Bea!
#roduces a marked hyperEsthesia of all the senses, and a tendency to clonic
spasms. .entally, the emotional element is uppermost, and co-ordination of
function is interfered with. 0ence, it is one of the chief remedies for hysteria. ,t is
especially adapted to the nervous temperament-women of sensitive, easily
excited nature, dark, mild disposition, 5uick to perceive, rapid in execution.
=apid change of mental and physical condition, opposite to each other. 8reat
contradictions. !lert, nervous, apprehensive, rigid, trembling patients who suffer
acutely in mind or body, at the same time made worse by drinking coffee. /he
superficial and erratic character of its symptoms is most characteristic. 7ffects of
grief and worry. Cannot bear tobacco. #ain is small, circumscribed spots AOxal
acB. /he plague. 0iccough and hysterical vomiting.
!ind.66Changeable mood4 introspective4 silently brooding. .elancholic, sad,
tearful. Cot communicative. +ighing and sobbing. !fter shocks, grief,
Head.669eels hollow, heavy4 worse, stooping. 0eadache as if a nail were driven
out through the side. Cramp-like pain over root of nose. Congestive headaches
following anger or grief4 worse, smoking or smelling tobacco, inclines head
$yes.66!sthenopia, with spasms of lids and neuralgic pain about eyes ACat mB.
9lickering :ig:ags.
&ace.66/witching of muscles of face and lips. Changes color when at rest.
!outh.66+our taste. 7asily bites inside of cheeks. Constantly full of saliva.
/oothache4 worse after drinking coffee and smoking.
Throat.669eeling of a lump in throat that cannot be swallowed. /endency to
choke, globus hystericus. +ore throat4 stitches when not swallowing4 better,
eating something solid. +titches between acts of swallowing. +titches extend to
ear A0epB. /onsils inflamed, swollen, with small ulcers. 9ollicular tonsillitus.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66+our eructation. !ll-gone feeling in stomach4 much flatulence4
hiccough. Cramps in stomach4 worse slightest contact. !verse to ordinary diet4
longs for great variety of indigestible articles. Craving for acid things. +inking in
stomach, relieved by taking a deep breath.
Abdomen.66=umbling in bowels. $eak feeling in upper abdomen. /hrobbing in
abdomen A!loe4 +angB. Colicky, griping pains in one or both sides of abdomen.
Rectum.66,tching and stitching up the rectum. #rolapse. +tools pass with
difficulty4 painful constriction of anus after stool. +titches in hEmorrhoids during
cough. 2iarrh-a from fright. +titches from anus deep into rectum. 0Emorrhage
and pain4 worse when stool is loose. #ressure as of a sharp instrument from
within outward.
*rinary.66#rofuse, watery A#hos acB.
Respiratory.662ry, spasmodic cough in 5uick successive shocks. +pasm of glottis
ACalcB. =eflex coughs. Coughing increases the desire to cough. .uch sighing.
0ollow spasmodic cough, worse in the evening, little expectoration, leaving pain
in trachea.
&emale.66.enses, black, too early, too profuse, or scanty. 2uring menses great
languor, with spasmodic pains in stomach and abdomen. 9eminine sexual
frigidity. +uppression from grief.
$)tremities.66;erking of limbs. #ain in tendo-!chillis and calf. *lcerative pain in
%leep.66Very light. ;erking of limbs on going to sleep. ,nsomnia from grief, cares,
with itching of arms and violent yawning. 2reams continuing a long time4
troubling him.
&e'er.66Chill, with thirst4 not relieved by external heat. 2uring fever, itching4
nettle-rash all over body.
%kin.66,tching, nettle-rash. Very sensitive to draught of air. 7xcoriation,
especially around vagina and mouth.
!odalities.66$orse, in the morning, open air, after meals, coffee, smoking,
li5uids, external warmth. Better, while eating, change of position.
Relationship.66Compare( Linc4 >ali phos4 +ep4 Cimicif. #anacea arvensis66#oor
man@s .ercury66A+ensitiveness over gastric region with hunger but an aversion
to foodB.
Complementary( Cat mur.
,ncompatible Coffea4 Cux4 /abac.
Antidotes( #uls4 Cham4 Cocc.
"ose.66+ixth, to )IIth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
America! Holl)
,ntermittent fever. .arked eye symptoms, spleen pain. !ll symptoms better in
7ye.66,nfiltration of cornea4 staphyloma4 nightly burning in orbits, rheumatic
inflammation of eye4 psilosis.
Relationship.66,lex #araguayensis-Kerba .ate66A#ersistent epigastric pain4
sense of dryness of mouth and pharynx, anorexia, pyrosis, nervous depression,
neurasthenia. +omnolence4 incapacity for work, diminution of urinary secretion,
headache and pruritus. 0emicrania. =enal colic. ,s said to be of use as a
prophylactic against sunstroke, being a safe stimulant to the circulation, to
diaphoresis and diuresisB. ,lex vomitoria66Kaupon66A7metic properties-
#ossesses also tonic and digestive 5ualities, free from sleepless effects. 0as an
active principle said to act as a powerful diuretic-employed in nephritis and
goutB. ,lex Cassine66AChristmas berry /eaB-7xcellent diuretic and substitute for
0eadaches and migraine. +eminal emissions. Backache.
Head.66#ain in head when straining at stool. Bursting in head during stool. 2ull
pains in temples and forehead, with nausea, weakness, sleepiness. 8one feeling
in stomach about %% am. Violent attack of snee:ing. +exual psychopathy.
&ace.66#ainful suppurating pimples. Corners of mouth cracked and sore
!ale.660orribly offensive smell of urine after standing a short time. 7missions
too fre5uent. 2iminished power. /esticles tender4 drawing pains along spermatic
Throat.66*vula enlarged, ulcerated4 thick, tough mucus in back part of pharynx.
$orse evening.
$)tremities.66+tiffness in neck and shoulders. #ain, especially in left arm. <egs
restless and weary. /oes itch A!garB.
"ose.66+ixth to )IIth potency.
Relationship.66Compare( +elenium4 /itanium Amale sexual organsB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
.arked action on the nervous system, and of undoubted benefit in the treatment
of epilepsy with great sadness. 7xcited mood and desire to be busy.
Ceurasthenia and hysteria. #ure powdered ,ndigo placed on the wound cures
snake and spider poison A>ali permang4 8olondrina4 CedronB. +tricture of
-sophagus4 blue color ACuprB.
Head.66Vertigo with nausea. Convulsions. +ensation of a band around forehead.
*ndulating sensation through whole head. +ensation as if brain were fro:en.
8loomy4 cries at night. 0air feels pulled from vertex. 0ead feels fro:en.
+ose.667xcessive snee:ing and bleeding from nose.
$ars.66#ressure and roaring.
%tomach.66.etallic taste. 7ructations. Bloating. !norexia. 9lushes of heat rising
from stomach to head.
Rectum.669alling of rectum. !roused at night with horrible itching at anus.
*rinary.66Constant desire to urinate. *rine turbid. Catarrh of bladder.
$)tremities.66+ciatica. #ain from middle of thigh to knee. Boring pain in knee-
1oint4 better, walking. #ain in limbs worse after every meal.
Cerves.660ysterical symptoms where pain predominates 7xcessive nervous
irritation. 7pilepsy4 flashes of heat from abdomen to head4 fit begins with
di::iness. !ura from a painful spot between shoulders. =eflex spasms from
!odalities.66$orse, during rest and sitting. Better, pressure, rubbing, motion.
Relationship.66Compare( Cuprum4 Fstrus cameli, an ,ndian medicine for
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Cr)#talli!e Compo"!d Deri9a*le 4rom I!di;o
Prod"ct o4 P"tre4actio! o4 Proteid#
#rimary action is to increase the elimination of ,ndican. !uto-intoxication.
Compare( +katol.
#ersistent desire to sleep, dull, discontented mental state, hideous, delusions and
nervousness, constant motion of fingers and feet. ,ntestinal putrefaction.
Head.662ull occipital and frontal headache in afternoon. 2ull sensation over
eyes. 7yeballs hot and hurt when moved. #upils dilated with headache.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66Bloated feeling. 0ungry sensation after full meal. 8reat thirst.
$)tremities.66Very tired and sore in lower limbs. 9eet burn. >nee-1oints sore.
%leep.66+leepiness. Continuous dreaming.
"ose.66+ixth attenuation.
Acti9e pri!ciple 4rom the pa!crea# -hich a44ect# #";ar meta*oli#m
Besides the use of ,nsulin in the treatment of diabetes, restoring the lost ability to
oxidi:e carbohydrate and again storing glycogen in the liver, some use of it
homeopathically has been made by 2r. $m. 9. Baker, showing its applicability
in acne, carbuncles, erythema with itching ec:ema. ,n the gouty, transitory
glycosuria when skin manifestations are persistent give three times daily after
eating. 8iven a persistent case of skin irritation, boils or varicose ulceration with
polyuria, it is indicated.
"ose.66Dx to DIx.
! mucous membrane medicine. Bearing-down sensations in pelvic organs and
bronchial symptoms are most marked. +ubsternal pain. 2iabetes.
Head.66Vertigo on stooping4 throbbing after eating, pressure in temples and
Respiratory.662ry cough4 worse at night and lying down4 larynx painful.
Chronic bronchitis4 cough, with much thick expectoration, with languor and
weak digestion. +titches behind sternum. /easing cough with much and free
expectoration. #alliative in tubercular laryngitis.
&emale.66.enses too early and painful. <abor-like pains4 urging to stool4
dragging in genitals, with violent backache. ,tching of legs during menses,
chattering of teeth from cold during menstruation. .oving about in abdomen,
stitches in genitals. Chronic metritis.
Rectum.66#ressing toward rectum as of something extruding.
*rinary.669re5uent urging to urinate4 passes only in drops. Violet odor A/erebB.
$)tremities.66#ain in right shoulder and wrist4 tearing in left palm, unable to
double fingers4 pain in lower limbs, feet and ankles.
Relationship.66Compare( Crocus4 ,gnatia4 !rum dracontium Aloose cough worse
at night on lying downB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.669irst to third potency.
=apid metabolism <oss of flesh great appetite. 0ungry with much thirst. Better
after eating. 8reat debility, the slightest effort induces perspiration. ,od
individual is exceedingly thin, dark complexioned, with enlarged lymphatic
glands, has voracious appetite but gets thin. /ubercular type.
!ll glandular structures, respiratory organs, circulatory system are especially
affected4 they atrophy. ,odine arouses the defensive apparatus of the system by
assembling the mononuclear leucocytes whose phagocytic action is marked, at a
given point. <ead poisoning. /remor. ,odine craves cold air.
!cute exacerbation of chronic inflammation. !rthritis deformans. !cts
prominently on connective tissue. /he plague. 8oitre. !bnormal vaso-
constriction, capillary congestion followed by -dema, ecchymosis,
hEmorrhages, and nutritive disturbances are the pathological conditions at the
basis of its symptomatology. +luggish vital reaction, hence chronicity in many of
its aspects. !cute catarrh of all mucous membranes, rapid emaciation,
notwithstanding good appetite, and glandular atrophy call for this remedy, in
numerous wasting diseases and in scrofulous patients. !cute affections of the
respiratory organs. #neumonia, rapid extension. ,odine is warm, and wants cool
surroundings. $eakness and loss of breath going upstairs. !denoid vegetations.
/incture internally and locally to swollen glands and rattlesnake bites.
!ind.66!nxiety when 5uiet. #resent anxiety and depression, no reference to the
future. +udden impulse to run and do violence. 9orgetful. .ust be busy. 9ear of
people, shuns every one. .elancholy. +uicidal tendency.
Head.66/hrobbing4 rush of blood, and feeling of a tight band. Vertigo4 worse
from stooping, worse in warm room. Chronic, congestive headache of old people
$yes.66Violent lachrymation. #ain in eyes. #upil dilated. Constant motion of
eyeballs. !cute dacryocystitis.
+ose.66+nee:ing. +udden violent influen:a. 2ry cory:a becomes fluent in open
air, also a fluent hot cory:a with general heat of skin. #ain at root of nose and
frontal sinus. Cose stopped up. /endency to ulceration. <oss of smell. !cute
nasal engorgement associated with high blood pressure.
!outh.668ums loose and bleed easily. 9oul ulcers and salivation. #rofuse, fetid
ptyalism. /ongue thickly coated. Offensive odor from mouth.
Throat.66<arynx feels constricted. 7ustachian deafness. /hyroid enlarged.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
8oitre, with sensation of constriction. +wollen submaxillary glands. *vula
%tomach.66/hrobbing at pit of stomach. =avenous hunger and much thirst.
7mpty eructations, as if every particle of food were turned into gas. !nxious and
worried if he does not eat ACina4 +ulphB. <oss flesh, yet hungry and eating well
Abdomen.66<iver and spleen sore and enlarged. ;aundice. .esenteric glands
enlarged. #ancreatic disease. Cutting pain in abdomen.
+tool.660Emorrhage at every stool. 2iarrh-a, whitish, frothy, fatty.
Constipation, with ineffectual urging4 better by drinking cold milk. Constipation
alternating with diarrh-a A!nt crB.
*rinary.669re5uent and copious, dark yellow-green ABovistaB, thick, acrid with
cuticle on surface.
!ale.66/esticles swollen and indurated. 0ydrocele. <oss of sexual power, with
atrophied testes.
&emale.668reat weakness during menses A!lum4 Carbo an4 Coccul4 0EmatoxB.
.enstruation irregular. *terine hEmorrhage. Ovaritis A!pis4 bell4 <achB. $edge-
like pain from ovary to uterus. 2windling of mammary glands. Codosities in
skin of mammE. !crid leucorrh-a, thick, slimy, corroding the linen. $edge-like
pain in the right ovarian region.
Respiratory.660oarse. =aw and tickling feeling provoking a dry cough. #ain in
larynx. <aryngitis, with painful roughness4 worse during cough. Child grasps
throat when coughing. =ight-sided pneumonia with high temperature. 2ifficult
expansion of chest, blood-streaked sputum4 internal dry heat, external coldness.
Violent heart action. #neumonia. 0epati:ation spreads rapidly with persistent
high temperature4 absence of pain in spite of great involvement, worse warmth4
craves cool air. Croup in scrofulous children with dark hair and eyes ABrom
oppositeB. ,nspiration difficult. 2ry, morning cough, from tickling in larynx.
Croupy cough, with difficult respiration4 whee:y. Cold extends downwards
from head to throat and bronchi. 8reat weakness about chest. #alpitation from
least exertion. #leuritic effusion. /ickling all over chest. ,od cough is worse
indoors, in warm, wet weather, and when lying on back.
Heart.660eart feels s5uee:ed. .yocarditis, painful compression around heart.
9eels as if s5uee:ed by an iron hand ACactusB followed by great weakness and
faintness. #alpitation from least exertion. /achycardia.
$)tremities.66;oints inflamed and painful. #ain in bones at night. $hite
swelling. 8onorrh-al rheumatism. =heumatism of nape and upper extremities.
Cold hands and feet. !crid sweat of feet. #ulsation in large arterial trunks.
=heumatic pains, nightly pains in 1oints4 constrictive sensations.
%kin.660ot, dry, yellow and withered. 8lands enlarged. Codosities. !nasarca of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
cardiac disease.
&e'er.669lushes of heat all over body. .arked fever, restlessness, red cheeks,
apathetic. #rofuse sweat.
!odalities.66$orse, when 5uiet, in warm room, right side. Better, walking
about, in open air.
Relationship.66Katren. ,od pathogenesis is similar to that of Carbol acid.
Antidotes( 0epar4 +ulph4 8ratiola.
Complementary( <ycopod4 Badiaga.
Compare( Brom4 0epar4 .ercur4 #hosph4 !brot4 Cat mur4 +anic4 /uber.
"ose.66/he crude drug in saturated solution may be re5uired. /hird to thirtieth
potency. ,oduretted solution of #otass iod ADJ grains #otassa and ' grains ,odine
to % o: of water, %I drops three times a dayB expels tapeworms dead.
<ocally the most powerful, least harmful and easily managed microbicide. ,deal
agent to keep wounds clean and disinfected. Bites of insects, reptiles, etc.
8unshot wounds and compound fractures, excellent. 8reat skin disinfectant.
+hould not be forgotten in the treatment of tubercular meningitis, both as a local
application to the head and internally ABacilB. /uberculous conditions. +ubacute
and chronic diarrh-a of children.
Head.66+harp, neuralgic pain. 0ead feels heavy, as if it could not be lifted from
pillow. ,tching of occiput. .eningitis. +leep interrupted by sighing and cries.
Very drowsy.
$yes.66#upils, dilated4 contract une5ually, react poorly. 2iplopia. 9ailing sight
due to retro-bulbar neuritis, central scotoma-partial atrophy of optic disc.
Chest.66+ore pain in apex of right lung. 9eeling of a weight on chest, as if
smothering. Cough and whee:ing on going to bed. #ain in left breast, like a hand
grasping at the base of the heart. 0Emoptysis. !sthmatic breathing.
Abdomen.66+caphoid abdomen. Chronic diarrh-a with suspected tuberculosis.
!bdomen distended4 mesenteric glands enlarged. Cholera infantum. Chronic
diarrh-a4 stools greenish, watery, undigested, with irritable temper.
$)tremities.66<egs weak4 cannot stand and walk with eyes closed. $eakness of
knees when going upstairs.
"ose.66+econd trituration. /hree grains on the back of the tongue will relieve
attack of asthmatic breathing.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
/he chief action is on the ramifications of the pneumogastric nerve, producing
spasmodic irritation in chest and stomach. .orphia habit. /he principal feature
of ,pecacuanha is its persistent nausea and vomiting, which form the chief
guiding symptoms. ,ndicated after indigestible food, raisins, cakes, etc.
7specially indicated in fat children and adults, who are feeble and catch cold in
relaxing atmosphere4 warm, moist weather. +pasmodic affections. 0Emorrhages
bright-red and profuse.
!ind.66,rritable4 holds everything in contempt. 9ull of desires, for what they
know not.
Head.66Bones of skull feel crushed or bruised. #ain extends to teeth and root of
$yes.66,nflamed, red. #ain through eyeballs. #rofuse lachrymation. Cornea dim.
7yes tire from near vision. +tate of vision constantly changing. +pasm of
accommodation from irritable weakness of the ciliary muscle. Causea from
looking on moving ob1ects.
&ace.66Blue rings around eyes. #eriodical orbital neuralgia, with lachrymation,
photophobia, and smarting eyelids.
+ose.66Cory:a, with stoppage of nose and nausea. 7pistaxis.
%tomach.66/ongue usually clean. .outh, moist4 much saliva. Constant nausea
and vomiting, with pale, twitching of face. Vomits food, bile, blood, mucus.
+tomach feels relaxed, as if hanging down. 0iccough.
Abdomen.66!mebic dysentery with tenesmus4 while straining pain so great that
it nauseates4 little thirst. Cutting, clutching4 worse, around the navel. Body rigid4
stretched out stiff.
+tools.66#itch-like green as grass, like frothy molasses, with griping at navel.
2ysenteric, slimy.
&emale.66*terine hEmorrhage, profuse, bright, gushing, with nausea. Vomiting
during pregnancy. #ain from navel to uterus. .enses too early and too profuse.
Respiratory.662yspn-a4 constant constriction in chest. !sthma. Kearly attacks of
difficult shortness of breathing. Continued snee:ing4 cory:a4 whee:ing cough.
Cough incessant and violent, with every breath. Chest seems full of phlegm, but
does not yield to coughing. Bubbling rales. +uffocative cough4 child becomes
stiff, and blue in the face. $hooping-cough, with nosebleed, and from mouth.
Bleeding from lungs, with nausea4 feeling of constriction4 rattling cough. Croup.
0Emoptysis from slightest exertion A.illefB. 0oarseness, especially at end of a
cold. Complete aphonia.
&e'er.66,ntermittent fever, irregular cases, after Guinine. +lightest chill with
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
much heat, nausea, vomiting, and dyspn-a. =elapses from improper diet.
%leep.66$ith eyes half open. +hocks in all limbs on going to sleep A,gnB.
$)tremities.66Body stretched stiff, followed by spasmodic 1erking of arms
towards each other.
%kin.66#ale, lax. Blue around eyes. .iliary rash.
!odalities.66$orse, periodically4 from veal, moist warm wind, lying down.
Relationship.66Compare( 7metine-principal alkaloid of ,pecac A! powerful
amebicide, but is not a bactericide. +pecific for amEbiasis4 of remarkable value in
treatment of amEbic dysentery4 also as a remedy in pyorrhea, %O) gr daily for
three days, then less. 7metin, %O) gr hypodermically, in #soriasis. 7metin
hydroch. )x, diarrh-a with colicky, abdominal pains and nausea. 7metin for
endamoebic dysentery. ,n physiological doses must be carefully watched. .ay
produce hepati:ation of lungs, rapid heart action, tendency for the head to fall
forward and lobar pneumonia. ,n hEmatemesis and other hEmorrhages,
compare 8elatin which has a marked effect on the coagulability of the blood.
0ypodermically4 or if by mouth, a %I per cent 1elly, about ' o:, three times a dayB
!rsenic4 Cham4 #uls4 /art em4 +5uill. Convolvulus Acolic and diarrh-aB. /ypha
latifolia-Cat-tail flag Adysentery, diarrh-aB and summer complaint. 7uphorbia
hypericifolia668arden +purge66AVery similar to ,pecac. ,rritation of the
respiratory and gastro-intestinal tracts and female organsB. <ippia mexicana66
A#ersistent dry, hard, bronchial cough66asthma and chronic bronchitisB.
,n !sthma, compare Blatta orientalis.
Antidotes( !rsenic4 China4 /abac.
Complementary( Cuprum4 !rn.
"ose.66/hird to )IIth potency.
,ntestinal putrefaction and septicEmia. !nEmia, increases red corpuscles.
7pilepsy4 lupus. =heumatism and gout. *terine tumors. +pinal paresis.
7xhaustion after disease. Children who are puny, weak-limbed, and grow too
fast. Cephritis of pregnancy.
Head.662ifficult concentration of thought. +ensation as if mind were void.
/hough confused. 3$oodeny3 feeling in right side of head. =ight side of scalp
sensitive. #rofuse, watery cory:a, better indoors. O:Ena.
Respiratory.660oarse cough, worse talking4 posterior nares feel raw, inflamed,
profuse, thick, yellowish discharge. Chronic laryngeal catarrh.
Back and extremities.66$eakness in the kidney region. +pinal paresis, especially
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
for the aged and after disease. #ressing in groin and left thigh. /ension in both
thighs, especially left. 2islocated feeling in left hip-1oint and dull pain toward left
gluteal region.
Relationship.66Compare( ,ridium chloride A#roduces salivation and stiffness of
1aws followed by head and nervous symptoms. Congestion of nares and bronchi.
2ragging pain in lower back. 0eadache worse right side, heavy feeling as of
li5uid leadB.
Compare( #latina4 #alladium4 Osmium.
"ose.66+ixth and higher.
Bl"e Fla;
/hyroid, pancreas, salivary, intestinal glands, and gastro-intestinal mucous
membrane, are especially affected. ,ncreases the flow of bile. +ick headaches and
cholera morbus are a special therapeutic field for its action.
Head.669rontal headache, with nausea. +calp feels constricted. =ight temples
especially affected. +ick headache, worse rest4 begins with a blur before eyes,
after relaxing from a mental strain. #ustular eruption on scalp.
$ars.66=oaring, bu::ing, ringing in ears, with deafness. !ural vertigo, with
intense noises in ears.
&ace.66Ceuralgia after breakfast, beginning in infra-orbital nerve, and involving
whole face.
Throat.66.outh and tongue feel scalded. 0eat and smarting in throat. Burning.
#rofuse flow of saliva4 ropy. 8oitre.
%tomach.66Burning of whole alimentary canal. Vomiting, sour bloody, biliary.
Causea. #rofuse flow of saliva A.erc4 ,pec4 >ali iodB. 2eficient appetite.
Abdomen.66<iver sore. Cutting pain. 9latulent colic. 2iarrh-a4 stools watery,
with burning at anus and through intestinal canal. #eriodical night diarrh-a,
with pain and green discharges. Constipation Agive DIthB
$)tremities.66+hifting pains. +ciatica, as if left hip-1oint were wrenched. #ain
extends to popliteal space. 8onorrh-al rheumatism Ause ,risinB.
%kin.660erpes :oster, associated with gastric derangements. #ustular eruptions.
#soriasis4 irregular patches with shining scales. 7c:ema, with nightly itching.
!odalities.66$orse, in evening and at night, from rest. Better, from continued
Relationship.66Antidote( Cux.
Compare( ,ris florentina-Orris-root66Adelirium, convulsions, and paralysisB4 ,ris
factissima Aheadache and herniaB4 ,ris germanica-Blue 8arden ,ris66Adropsy and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
frecklesB4 ,ris tenax-,. minor66Adry mouth4 deathly sensation at point of stomach,
pain in ileo-cEcal region4 appendicitis. #ain from adhesions afterB. #ancreatinum-
a combination of several en:ymes66A,ndicated in intestinal indigestion4 pain an
hour or more after eating. <ienteric diarrh-a. "ose.66D-J grains, better not given
during the active period of stomachic digestionB. #epsinum66A,mperfect
digestion with pain in gastric region. .arasmus of children who are fed on
artificial foods. 2iarrh-a due to indigestion. "ose.66D-' grainsB A2iseases of
pancreas, gout, diabetesB4 ,pec4 #odoph4 +anguin4 !rs4 !nt cr.
"ose.66/incture to thirtieth potency. 9avorable reports from the very highest
Pilocarp"# microph)ll"#
#ilocarpus is a powerful glandular stimulant and the most efficient diaphoretic.
,ts most important effects are diaphoresis, salivation and myosis. 0ot flushes,
nausea, salivation and profuse perspiration. /he face, ears and neck become in a
few minutes after a dose of ;aborandi deeply flushed, and drops of perspiration
break out all over the body whilst at the same time the mouth waters and saliva
pours out in an almost continuous stream. Other secretions, lachrymal, nasal
bronchial and intestinal also but in less degree. /he sweat and saliva produced
by a single dose is often enormous in 5uantity, not infre5uently half a pint.
,s homeopathic to abnormal sweats, and has achieved great success in night-
sweats of consumptives. !cts upon the thyroid and its sudorific action may
possibly be due to it. 7xophthalmic goitre, with increased heart@s action and
pulsation of arteries4 tremors and nervousness4 heat and sweating4 bronchial
irritation. ! valuable remedy in limiting the duration of mumps.
$yes.667ye strain from whatever cause. ,rritability of the ciliary muscle. 7yes
easily tire from slightest use. 0eat and burning in eyes on use. 0eadache4
smarting and pain in globe on use. 7verything at a distance appears ha:y4 vision
becomes indistinct every few moments. =etinal images retained long after using
eyes. ,rritation from electric or other artificial light. #upils contracted4 do not
react to light. +taring eyes. Cear-sighted. Vertigo and nausea after using eyes.
$hite spots before eyes. +marting pain in eyes. <ids twitch. !trophic choroiditis.
+pasm of the accommodation while reading.
$ars.66+erous exudation into the tympanitic cavities. /innitus A#ilocarpin )xB.
!outh.66+aliva viscid, like white of egg. 2ryness. 9ree salivation, with profuse
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%tomach.66Causea on looking at ob1ects moving4 vomiting4 pressure and pain in
Abdomen.662iarrh-a, painless4 during day with flushed face and profuse
*rinary.66+canty4 pain over pubes with much urging.
Heart.66#ulse irregular, dicrotic. Oppression of chest. Cyanosis4 collapse.
Cervous cardiac affections.
Respiratory.66Bronchial mucous membrane inflamed. .uch inclination to cough
and difficult breathing. Fdema of lungs. 9oamy sputa. #rofuse, thin, serous
expectoration. +low, sighing respiration.
%kin.667xcessive perspiration from all parts of the body. #ersistent dryness of
skin. 2ry ec:ema. +emi-lateral sweats. Chilliness with sweat.
Relationship.66Compare( !myl nit4 !trop4 #hysos4 <ycop4 =uta. #ilocarpin mur,
A.eniere@s disease, rapidly progressive phthisis, with free hEmorrhages, profuse
sweating, )x tritB. !tropine is the antagonist to #ilocarpin, in dose of one one-
hundredth grain for one-sixth of #ilocarpin.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Con-0omeopathic *ses.66Chiefly as a powerful and rapid diaphoretic. ,t is of
most service in renal disease, especially with urEmia, eliminating both water,
and urea. +carlatinal dropsy. Contra-indicated in heart failure, and in post-
puerperal urEmia, and in senile cases.
"ose.66One-eighth to one-fourth grain hypodermically.
Bra?ilia! Caro*a:tree
0as reputation as a remedy in venereal diseases and rheumatism. .orning
sickness. /he urinary and sexual symptoms are important. =heumatic
Head.66Vertigo on rising, with heavy forehead. 7yes pain4 are inflamed and
watery. Cory:a with heavy head.
Throat.66+ore, dry, constricted. Vesicles in pharynx.
*rinary.66*rethra inflamed4 discharge of yellow matter.
!ale.660eat and pain in penis4 painful erections4 phimosis. #repuce painful and
swollen. Chancroid. Chordee. ,tching pimples on glans and prepuce.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pain in right knee. $eakness of lumbar region.
.orning soreness and stiffness of muscles. 8onorrh-al rheumatism. ,tching
pimples on hands. 8onorrh-al and syphilitic arthritis.
Relationship.66Compare( /hu1a4 Corallium4 ;acaranda 8ualandai Ain syphilitic
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
symptoms, especially of eye and throat. Chancroids4 atonic ulcers. 2ark, painless
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
E<o;o!i"m p"r;a
Causes and cures colic and diarrh-a. /he child is good all day, but screams and
is restless and troublesome at night.
8astro-intestinal.66/ongue, smooth, gla:ed, dry, smarting.66#ain in right
hypochondrium. 9latulence and nausea. #inching and griping. $atery diarrh-a4
thin, muddy stools. !bdomen distended. 9ace cold and blue. !nus sore.
$)tremities.66!ching in arms and legs. #ain in large 1oint of great toe. +marting
at root of nail. Burning of soles.
Relationship.66Antidotes( 7later4 Cann sat.
Compare( Camph4 Colocy.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth potency.
P"r;i!; N"t
Of value in cholera and diarrh-a. /he abdominal symptoms are most important.
+uppressed measles A0. 9arringtonB.
%tomach.66 0iccough, followed by copious vomiting. Causea and vomiting,
brought on by drinking, with acrid feeling from throat. 8reat thirst. Very easy
vomiting. 0eat and burning in stomach, with crampy, constrictive pain in
Abdomen.662istended, with gurgling noises. #ain in hypochondria. #ain in
region of liver and under right scapula to shoulder. Violent urging to urinate.
+tool.66+udden, profuse, watery, like rice-water. 2iarrh-a4 forced discharge4
loud noise in abdomen like gurgling of water coming out of a bung-hole,
associated with coldness, cramps, nausea, and vomiting.
$)tremities.66Cramps in muscles, especially calves, legs, and feet. Coldness of
whole body. #ain in ankles, feet and toes. 0eels sensitive.
!odalities.66Better, by placing hands in cold water.
Relationship.66Compare( Camph4 Verat4 8ambog4 Croton4 ;atropha urens66
+ponge-nettle66A-dema and cardiac paresisB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Bark o4 a! I!dia! Tree= i!trod"ced *) DrB ND Ra)= Calc"tta
0as extensive sphere of action on female organs. !menorrh-a and
Head.66*nilateral headache4 reflex uterine, congestive headache, better open air
and by free flow. #ain in eyeballs4 supraorbital pains, photophobia. Casal
catarrh, profuse, watery discharge. <oss of sense of smell.
8astric.662esire for sweets, also acid things. /hirsty, excessive nausea4 obstinate
constipation, hEmorrhoids.
&emale.662elayed and irregular menses4 menstrual colic4 amenorrh-a, pain in
ovaries before flow4 menorrhagia, irritable bladder4 leucorrh-a.
%leep.662isturbed. 2reams of travelling.
Back.66#ain along spine radiating to abdomen and thighs.
! faulty elimination that produces 1aundice and various skin eruptions, is
pictured by this drug. /he sharp, occipital headache, usually associated with
liver disturbances, is very characteristic. #ain in chest, axilla and scapula, with
suffocative sensation. 9eeling as if all internal organs were too large, especially
those of left side. Cholelithiasis.
Head.662ull, full head. 7ruption on scalp. +harp, occipital headache. 0ead feels
enlarged. #ustules on lids and around eyes.
+ose.66/ingling in nose4 snee:ing. Cory:a, preceded by pain under sternum,
with threatening suffocation. <ater, copious, bland, thick mucous discharge.
!outh.66!crid feeling in mouth and throat. +oreness in region of tonsils
externally. 2ryness of root of tongue and fauces.
%tomach.66!tonic dyspepsia with much eructation and flatulent distention.
+oreness in region of liver.
Back.66.uscles of neck rigid, lame. #ain between scapula and under right. #ain
in lumbar vertebrE.
%kin.66=ed, like flush of scarlatina. ;aundice, with pain about liver and right
scapula. ,tching and pricking when heated. #ustules. 7c:ema, especially on
lower extremities, sacrum and hands. 7rythema and erysipelatous redness.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+tool.66Kellowish-green, with tenesmus and burning at anus. Camp diarrh-a.
!odalities.66Better, getting heated, exercise, scratching, on rising in morning.
$orse, walking.
Relationship.66Compare( ;uglandin Aduodenal catarrh4 bilious diarrh-aB4
Chelidon4 Bryon4 ,ris.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
'&$0AN RE$IA
+kin eruptions are prominent.
Head.66Confused4 feels as if head were floating in air. Occipital sharp pain.
&emale.66.enses early, black, pitch-like coagula. !bdomen distended.
%kin.66Comedones and acne of the face. Crusta lactea, with soreness around
ears. ,tching and eruptions of small red pustules. +calp red, and itches violently
at night. Chancre-like ulcer. !xillary glands suppurate.
Relationship.66Compare( ;uglans cinerea.
"ose.66/incture, and lower potencies.
'&NC& EFF&&
Commo! R"#h
! diuretic. *rinary affections. 2ysuria, strangury, and ischuria. !sthmatic
symptoms in hEmorrhoidal sub1ects. Bubbling sensations. !bdominal flatulence.
!rthritis and <ithiasis.
"ose.66/incture, and first potency.
'"!iper Berrie#
Catarrhal inflammation of kidneys. 2ropsy, with suppression of urine. Old
persons, with poor digestion and scanty secretion of urine. Chronic pyelitis.
*rinary.66+trangury4 bloody, scanty urine, violet odor A/erebB. $eight in kidney
region. #rostatic discharge. =enal hyperEmia A7ucalyptolB.
Respiratory.66Cough with scanty, loaded urine.
Relationship.66Compare( +abina4 ;uniperus Virginianus-=ed Cedar66AViolent
tenesmus vesical. #ersistent dragging in back4 hyperEmia of the kidneys4 pyelitis
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
and cystitis4 dropsy of the aged with suppressed urine. 2ysuria, burning, cutting
pain in urethra when urinating. Constant urging apoplexy, convulsions,
strangury, uterine hEmorrhageB. /erebinthina.
"ose.66Best form is the infusion. One ounce to a pint of boiling water. 2ose, one-
half to two ounces, or tincture, one to ten drops.
I!dia! hr"*
0ighly efficacious medicine for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract
Aused in the beginningB
Head.66,rritable, sensitive to external impressions4 hot, full and heavy head4
lachrymation, with cory:a, profuse, fluent, with constant snee:ing4 loss of smell
and taste4 cory:a with cough.
Throat.662ry, pain during empty swallowing, tenacious mucus. .outh dry.
Respiratory.662ry cough from sternal region all over chest. 0oarseness, larynx
painful. #aroxysmal cough, with suffocative obstruction of respiration. Cough
with snee:ing. +evere dyspn-a with cough. /ightness across chest. !sthmatic
attacks, cannot endure a close, warm room. $hooping-cough.
Relationship.66+eems to come between Cepa and 7uphrasia, which compare.
"ose.66/hird potency and higher. +evere aggravation have been noticed from
lower potencies.
Fo-ler+# ol"tio!
/he >ali ars patient tends towards malignancy, and inveterate skin diseases. 0e
is restless, nervous and anEmic.
%kin.66,ntolerable itching, worse undressing. 2ry, scaly, wilted. !cne4 pustules
worse during menses. Chronic ec:ema4 itching worse from warmth, walking,
undressing. #soriasis, lichen. #hagedEnic ulcers. 9issures in bends of arms and
knees. 8outy nodosities4 worse, change of weather. +kin cancer, where suddenly
an alarming malignancy without any external signs sets in. Cumerous small
nodules under skin.
&emale.66Cauliflower excrescences of os uteri, with flying pains, foul smelling
discharge, and pressure below pubis.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Bichromate o4 Pota#h
/he special affinities of this drug are the mucous membrane of stomach, bowels,
and air-passages4 bones and fibrous tissues. >idneys, heart, and liver are also
affected. ,ncipient parenchrymatous4 nephritis. Cephritis with gastric
disturbances. Cirrhosis of liver. !nEmia and absence of fever are characteristic.
8eneral weakness bordering on paralysis. ,t is especially indicated for fleshy, fat,
light complexioned persons sub1ect to catarrhs or with syphilitic or scrofulous
history. +ymptoms are worse in the morning4 pains migrate 5uickly, rheumatic
and gastric symptoms alternate. .ore adapted to subacute rather than the
violent acute stage. .ucous membranes everywhere are affected. Catarrh of
pharynx, larynx, bronchi and nose, and a tough, stringy, viscid secretion is
produced, which condition is a very strong guiding symptom for this drug.
#erforation of the septum. Chronic atonic catarrh. #olypus. 2ilatation of stomach
and heart.
Head.66Vertigo with nausea when rising from seat. 0eadache over eyebrows,
preceded by blurred vision. !ching and fullness in glabella. +emilateral
headache in small spots, and from suppressed catarrh. 9rontal pain4 usually over
one eye. Bones and scalp feel sore.
$yes.66+upra-orbital neuralgia, right side. 7yelids burn, swollen, -dematous.
2ischarge ropy and yellow. *lcers on cornea4 no pain or photophobia.
2escemetitis, with only moderate irritation of eye. Croupous con1unctivitis4
granular lids, with pannus. ,ritis, with punctuate deposits on inner surface of
cornea. +light pain, with severe ulceration or inflammation AConium oppositeB.
$ars.66+wollen, with tearing pains. /hick, yellow, stringy, fetid discharge. +harp
stitches in left ear.
+ose.66+nuffles of children, especially fat, chubby babies. #ressure and pain at
root of nose, and sticking pain in nose. +eptum ulcerated4 round ulcer. 9etid
smell. 2ischarge thick, ropy, greenish-yellow. /ough, elastic plugs from nose4
leave a raw surface. ,nflammation extends to frontal sinuses, with distress and
fullness at root of nose. 2ropping from posterior nares A0ydrB. <oss of smell.
.uch hawking. ,nability to breathe through nose. 2ryness. Cory:a, with
obstruction of nose. Violent snee:ing. #rofuse, watery nasal discharge. Chronic
inflammation of frontal sinus with stopped-up sensation.
&ace.669lorid complexion. Blotchy, red appearance. !cne A;uglans4 >al arsB.
Bones sensitive, especially beneath orbits.
!outh.662ry4 viscid saliva. /ongue mapped, red, shining, smooth, and dry, with
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
dysentery4 broad, flat, indented, thickly coated. 9eeling of a hair on tongue.
Throat.669auces red and inflamed. 2ry and rough. #arotid glands swollen.
*vula relaxed, -dematous, bladder-like. #seudo-membranous deposit on tonsils
and soft palate. Burning extending to stomach. !phthE. 2iphtheria, with
profound prostration and soft pulse. 2ischarge from mouth and throat, tough
and stringy.
%tomach.66Causea and vomiting after beer. <oad immediately after eating. 9eels
as if digestion had stopped. 2ilatation of stomach. 8astritis. =ound ulcer of
stomach. +titches in region of liver and spleen and through to spine. 2islikes
water. Cannot digest meat. 2esire for beer and acids. 8astric symptoms are
relieved after eating, and the rheumatic symptoms reappear. Vomiting of bright
yellow water.
Abdomen.66Cutting pain in abdomen, soon after eating. Chronic intestinal
ulceration. +oreness in right hypochondrium, fatty infiltration of liver and
increase in soft fibrous tissue. #ainful retraction, soreness and burning.
+tool.66;elly-like, gelatinous4 worse, mornings. 2ysentery4 tenesmus, stools
brown, frothy. +ensation of a plug in anus. #eriodic constipation, with pain
across the loins, and brown urine.
*rinary.66Burning in urethra. !fter urinating a drop seems to remain which
cannot be expelled. =opy mucus in urine. *rethra becomes clogged up.
Congestion of kidneys4 nephritis, with scanty, albuminous urine and casts.
#yelitis4 urine mixed with epithelial cells, mucus, pus, or blood.
!ale.66,tching and pain of penis, with pustules. *lcers, with paroxysmal
stitches4 aggravated at night. Constriction at root of penis, at night on awakening.
+yphilitic ulcers, with cheesy, tenacious exudation. 7rections A#icric acB.
&emale.66Kellow, tenacious leucorrh-a. #ruritus of vulva, with great burning
and excitement. #rolapsus uteri4 worse in hot weather.
Respiratory.66Voice hoarse4 worse, evening. .etallic, hacking cough. #rofuse,
yellow expectoration, very glutinous and sticky, coming out in long, stringy, and
very tenacious mass. /ickling in larynx. Catarrhal laryngitis cough has a brassy
sound. /rue membranous croup, extending to larynx and nares. Cough, with
pain in sternum, extending to shoulders4 worse when undressing. #ain at
bifurcation of trachea on coughing4 from mid-sternum to back.
Heart.662ilatation, especially from coexisting kidney lesion. Cold feeling around
heart A>ali nitB.
Back.66Cutting through loins4 cannot walk4 extends to groins. #ain in coccyx and
sacrum extending up and down.
$)tremities.66#ains fly rapidly from one place to another A>ali sulph4 #ulsB.
$andering pains, along the bones4 worse cold. <eft-sided sciatica4 better, motion.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Bones feel sore and bruised. Very weak. /earing pains in tibia4 syphilitic
rheumatism A.e:B. #ain, swelling and stiffness and crackling of all 1oints.
+oreness of heels when walking. /endo !chilles swollen and painful. #ains in
small spots AOxalic acB.
%kin.66!cne. #apular eruptions. *lcer with punched-out edges, with tendency
to penetrate and tenacious exudation. #ustular eruption, resembling smallpox,
with burning pains. ,tching with vesicular eruption.
!odalities.66Better, from heat. $orse, beer, morning, hot weather, undressing.
Relationship.66Compare( /art emet4 Brom4 0epar4 ,nd4 Calc4 !nt cr. ,n the
production of false membranes compare Brom4 !mmon caust4 +ulph ac4 ,pecac.
Antidotes( !rs4 <ach.
"ose.66/hird trituration, also thirtieth attenuation and higher.
/he lower preparations of this salt should not be kept too long.
Bromide o4 Pota#h
<ike all #otash +alts, this weakens the heart and lowers temperature. Brominism
is caused by it. 8eneral failure of mental power, loss of memory, melancholia,
anEsthesia of the mucous membranes, especially of eyes, throat, and skin4 acne4
loss of sexual desire, paralysis. <eading remedy in psoriasis. Codular form of
chronic gout. +ymptoms of apoplectic attacks, urEmic or otherwise4 somnolence
and stertor, convulsions, aphasia, albuminuria. 7pilepsy Awith salt-free dietB.
!ind.66#rofound, melancholic delusion4 feeling of moral deficiency4 religious
depression4 delusions of conspiracies against him. ,magines he is singled out as
an ob1ect of divine wrath. <oss of memory. .ust do something-move about4 gets
fidgety A/arantB. 9ear of being poisoned A0yosB. !mnesic aphasia4 can pronounce
any word told, but cannot speak otherwise. Cight terrors. 0orrid illusions.
!ctive delirium.
Head.66+uicidal mania with tremulousness. 9ace flushed. Cumb feeling in head.
Brain-fag. Cory:a with tendency to extension into throat.
Throat.66Congestion of uvula and fauces. !nEsthesia of fauces, pharynx, and
larynx. 2ysphagia, especially of li5uids A0yosB.
%tomach.66Vomiting, with intense thirst, after each meal. #ersistent hiccough
A+ulph acB.
Abdomen.66+ensation as if bowels were falling out. Cholera infantum, with
reflex cerebral irritation, 1erking and twitching of muscles. 8reen, watery stools
with intense thirst, vomiting, eyes sunken. #rostration. ,nternal coldness of
abdomen. 2iarrh-a, with much blood. 8reen, watery stools. =etraction of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
*rinary.66+ensibility of urethra diminished. *rine profuse, with thirst. 2iabetes
A#hos acB.
!ale.662ebility and impotence. 7ffects of sexual excesses, especially loss of
memory, impaired co-ordination, numbness and tingling in limbs. +exual
excitement during partial slumber.
&emale.66#ruritus. Ovarian neuralgia with great nervous uneasiness.
7xaggerated sexual desire. Cystic tumors of ovaries.
Respiratory.66+pasmodic croup. =eflex cough during pregnancy. 2ry, fatiguing,
hacking cough at night.
$)tremities.669idgety hands4 busy twitching of fingers. ;erking and twitching of
%kin.66!cne of face, pustules. ,tching4 worse on chest, shoulders, and face.
!nEsthesia of skin. #soriasis.
%leep.66=estless sleep. 7xtreme drowsiness. +leeplessness due to worry and grief
and sexual excess. Cight terrors. 8rinding teeth in sleep. 0orrible dreams.
!odalities.66Better, when occupied mentally or physically.
"ose.66! few grains of the crude salt to the third trituration. =emember the
unstable character of this salt. +aid to be much more active if salt is eliminated
from the diet.
Car*o!ate o4 Pota##i"m
/he weakness characteristic of all #otassium +alts is seen especially in this, with
soft pulse, coldness, general depression, and very characteristic stitches, which
may be felt in any part of the body, or in connection with any affection. !ll >ali
pains are sharp and cutting4 nearly all better by motion. Cever use any +alts of
#otash where there is fever A/. 9. !llenB. +ensitive to every atmospheric change,
and intolerance of cold weather. One of the best remedies following labor.
.iscarriage, for conse5uent debilitated states. 7arly morning aggravation is very
characteristic. 9leshy aged people, with dropsical and paretic tendencies. +weat,
backache, and weakness. /hrobbing pains. /endency to dropsy. /ubercular
diathesis. #ains from within out, and of stinging character. 38iving-out3
sensation. 9atty degenerations. +tinging pains in muscles and internal parts.
/witching of muscles. #ain in small spot on left side 0ypothyroidism. Coxitis.
!ind.662espondent. !lternating moods. Very irritable. 9ull of fear and
imaginations. !nxiety felt in stomach. +ensation as if bed were sinking. Cever
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
wants to be left alone. Cever 5uiet or contented. Obstinate and hypersensitive to
pain, noise, touch.
Head.66Vertigo on turning. 0eadache from riding in cold wind. 0eadache
comes on with yawning. +titches in temples4 aching in occiput, one-sided, with
nausea, on riding in carriage. <oose feeling in head. 8reat dryness of hair4 falls
out A9luor acB.
$yes.66+titches in eyes. +pots, gau:e, and black points before eyes. <ids stick
together in morning. +welling over upper lid, like little bags. +welling of glabella
between brows. !sthenopia. $eak sight from excessive sexual indulgence. On
shutting eyes, painful sensation of light penetrating the brain.
$ars.66+titches in ears. ,tching, cracking, ringing and roaring.
+ose.66Cose stuffs up in warm room. /hick, fluent, yellow discharge. #ost-nasal
dropping A+pigelB. +ore, scurfy nostrils4 bloody nasal mucus. Crusty nasal
openings. Cosebleed on washing face in morning. *lcerated nostrils.
!outh.668ums separate from teeth4 pus oo:es out. #yorrhea. !phthE. /ongue
white. .uch saliva constantly in mouth. Bad, slimy taste.
Throat.662ry, parched, rough. +ticking pain, as from a fish-bone. +wallowing
difficult4 food goes down -sophagus slowly. .ucous accumulation in the
%tomach.669latulence. 2esire for sweets. 9eeling of lump in pit of stomach.
8agging. 2yspepsia of old people4 burning acidity, bloating. 8astric disorders
from ice-water. +our eructations. Causea4 better lying down. Constant feeling as
if stomach were full of water. +our vomiting4 throbbing and cutting in stomach.
2isgust for food. !nxiety felt in stomach. 7pigastrium sensitive externally. 7asy
choking when eating. 7pigastric pain to back.
Abdomen.66+titches in region of liver. Old chronic liver troubles, with soreness.
;aundice and dropsy. 2istention and coldness of abdomen. #ain from left
hypochondrium through abdomen4 must turn on right side before he can rise.
Rectum.66<arge, difficult stools, with stitching pain an hour before.
0Emorrhoids, large, swollen, painful. ,tching, ulcerated pimples around anus.
<arge discharge of blood with natural stool. #ain in hEmorrhoids when
coughing. Burning in rectum and anus. 7asy prolapsus A8raph4 #odB. ,tching
*rinary.66Obliged to rise several times at night to urinate. #ressure on bladder
long before urine comes. ,nvoluntary urination when coughing, snee:ing, etc.
!ale.66Complaints from coition. 2eficient sexual instinct. 7xcessive emissions,
followed by weakness.
&emale.66.enses early, profuse ACalc cB or too late, pale and scanty, with
soreness about genitals4 pains from back pass down through gluteal muscles,
with cutting in abdomen. #ain through left labium, extending through abdomen
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
to chest. 2elayed menses in young girls, with chest symptoms or ascites.
2ifficult, first menses. Complaints after parturition. *terine hEmorrhage4
constant oo:ing after copious flow, with violent backache, relieved by sitting and
Respiratory.66Cutting pain in chest4 worse lying on right side. 0oarseness and
loss of voice. 2ry, hard cough about D am, with stitching pains and dryness of
pharynx. Bronchitis, whole chest is very sensitive. 7xpectoration scanty and
tenacious, but increasing in morning and after eating4 aggravated right lower
chest and lying on painful side. 0ydrothorax. <eaning forward relieves chest
symptoms. 7xpectoration must be swallowed4 cheesy taste4 copious, offensive,
lump. Coldness of chest. $hee:ing. Cough with relaxed uvula. /endency to
tuberculosis4 constant cold taking4 better in warm climate.
Heart.66+ensation as if heart were suspended. #alpitation and burning in heart
region. $eak, rapid pulse4 intermits, due to digestive disturbance. /hreatened
heart failure.
Back.668reat exhaustion. +titches in region of kidneys and right scapula. +mall
of back feels weak. +tiffness and paralytic feeling in back. Burning in spine
A8uacoB. +evere backache during pregnancy, and after miscarriage. 0ip-disease.
#ain in nates and thighs and hip-1oint. <umbago with sudden sharp pains
extending up and down back and to thighs.
$)tremities.66Backs and legs give out. *neasiness heaviness, and tearing in
limbs and 1erking. /earing pain in limbs with swelling. <imbs sensitive to
pressure. $hite swelling of knee. /earing in arms from shoulder to wrist.
<acerating in wrist-1oint. #aralysis of old people, and dropsical affections. <imbs
go to sleep easily. /ips of toes and fingers painful. +oles very sensitive. ,tching of
great toe, with pain. #ain from hip to knee. #ain in knees.
%kin.66Burning as from a mustard plaster.
%leep.662rowsy after eating. $akes about two o@clock and cannot sleep again.
!odalities.66$orse, after coition4 in cold weather4 from soup and coffee4 in
morning about three o@clock4 lying on left and painful side. Better, in warm
weather, though moist4 during day, while moving about.
Relationship.66Complementary( Carbo4 A<owness of vitality may suggest a
preliminary course of Carbo to nurse up recuperation to the point that >ali carb
would come in helpfullyB. 9ollows Cux often in stomach and bladder troubles.
Compare( >ali salicylicum Avomiting, especially of pregnancy4 arteriosclerosis,
with chronic rheumatismB4 kali silicum Agouty nodositiesB4 >ali aceticum
Adiabetes, diarrh-a, dropsy, alkaline urine, very much increased in 5uantityB4
>ali citricum ABright@s disease-% gr to wine-glass of waterB4 >ali ferrocyanatum-
#russian blue66Aphysical and mental prostration following infection. ,nability to
sustained routine work. Ceuralgic affections depending on impoverished blood
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
and exhausted nerve centers, especially spinal. 9atty and functional heart
troubles. #ulse weak, small, irregular. *terine symptoms, like +epia, bearing-
down sensation and gastric sinking4 profuse, pus-like leucorrh-a and passive
hEmorrhage4 use HxB4 >ali oxalicum Alumbago, convulsionsB4 >ali picro-nitricum
and kali pricricum A1aundice, violent eructationsB4 kali tartaricum AparaplegiaB4
>ali telluricum Agarlicky odor of breath, salivation, swollen tongueB. !lso
compare Calc4 !mmon phos4 #hos4 <ycop4 Bry4 Catrum4 +tann4 +epia.
Antidotes( Camph4 Coffea.
"ose.66/hirtieth and higher. +ixth trit. 2o not repeat too often. *se cautiously in
old gouty cases, advanced Bright@s and tuberculosis.
Chlorate o4 Pota##i"m : @ cloB %
!cts very destructively upon the kidneys, producing a croupous nephritis,
hemoglobinuria, etc. #arenchymatous nephritis with stomatitis. #roduces most
acute ulcerative and follicular stomatitis. Coma. /oxEmic conditions of
pregnancy Aurinary symptomsB. Chronic nephritis4 hepatitis. +epticEmia.
!outh.66#rofuse secretion of acid saliva. $hole mucous surface red, tumid,
with gray-based ulcers. /ongue swollen. +tomatitis-aphthous and gangrenous.
9etor. .ercurial stomatitis Aas a mouth washB.
%tomach.669eeling of weight in epigastric and umbilical region. 9latulence.
Vomiting of greenish-black matter.
+tool.662iarrh-a4 profuse, greenish mucus.
*rinary.66!lbuminous, scanty, suppressed. 0Ematuria4 diuresis. Cucleo-
albumin and bile, high #hosphoric acid, with low total solids.
%kin.66;aundice. ,tching miliary or papular eruptions. 2iscolored4 chocolate tint.
"ose.66+econd to sixth potency. *se cautiously locally as it is poisonous.
Pota##i"m C)a!ide
+udden sinking sensation. Cancer of tongue and agoni:ing neuralgia have been
benefited by this drug. +ick headache4 sciatica4 epilepsy.
Tongue.66*lcer of tongue, with indurated edges. +peech difficult. #ower of
speech lost but intelligence intact.
&ace.66+evere neuralgia in temporal region, recurring daily at same hour. #ain in
orbital and supra-maxillary region, with screaming and loss of consciousness.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Respiratory.66Cough prevents sleep4 respiration weak4 cannot take deep breath.
!odalities.66$orse, from ' am to ' pm.
Relationship.66Compare( #latin4 +tann4 Cedron4 .e:er4 .ur ac.
"ose.66+ixth potency and )IIth.
Iodide o4 Pota##i"m
/he profuse, watery, acrid cory:a that the drug produces serves as a sure
guiding symptom, especially when associated with pain in frontal sinus. ,t acts
prominently on fibrous and connective tissues, producing infiltration, -dema,
etc. 8landular swellings. #urpura and hEmorrhagic diathesis. +yphilis may be
indicated in all stages %. ,n acute form with evening remitting fever, going off in
nightly perspiration. ). +econd stage, mucous membranes and skin ulcerations. D.
/ertiary symptoms4 nodes. 8ive material doses. 2iffused sensitiveness 66
Aglands, scalp, etcB. =heumatism in neck, back, feet, especially heels and soles4
worse, cold and wet. ,odide of #otass in material doses acts in the different forms
of 9ungoid disease Athrush, ringworm, etcB, offer simulating syphilis and
bacterial diseases like tuberculosis. +ymptoms like loss of weight, spitting of
blood, etc. /ea-taster@s cough due to inhaling the fungus4 a also brings about
often favorable reaction in many chronic ailments even when not clearly
symptomatically indicated.
!ind.66+ad, anxious4 harsh temper. ,rritable4 congestion to head, heat and
Head.66#ain through sides of head. Violent headache. Cranium swells up in
hard lump. #ain intense over eyes and root of nose. Brain feels enlarged. 0ard
nodes, with severe pain. 9acial neuralgia. <ancinating pain in upper 1aw.
+ose.66=ed, swollen. /ip of nose red4 profuse, acrid, hot, watery, thin discharge.
O:Ena, with perforated septum. +nee:ing. Casal catarrh, involving frontal sinus.
+tuffiness and dryness of nose, without discharge. #rofuse, cool, greenish,
unirritating discharges.
$yes.66Con1unctiva red, in1ected4 profuse lachrymation. +yphilitic iritis. #ustular
keratitis and chemosis. Bony tumors of the orbit.
7ar.66Coises in ear. Boring pain in ears.
%tomach.66+aliva increased. 9aintness at epigastrium. Cold food and drink,
especially milk, aggravate. .uch thirst. /hrobbing, painful burning. 9latulence.
&emale.66.enses late, profuse. 2uring menses uterus feels as if s5uee:ed.
Corrosive leucorrh-a, with subacute inflammatory conditions of the womb in
young married women. 9ibroid tumors, metritis, sub-involution, hypertrophy, %x
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
or % gr crude, D times a day.
Respiratory.66Violent cough4 worse in morning. #ulmonary -dema. <arynx
feels raw. <aryngeal -dema. !wakes choking. 7xpectoration like soap-suds,
greenish. #neumonia, when hepati:ation commences. #neumococcic meningitis.
+titching pains through lungs to back. !sthma. 2yspn-a on ascending, with
pain in heart. 0ydrothorax A.erc sulphB. #leuritic effusion. Cold travels
downward to chest.
$)tremities.66+evere bone-pains. #eriosteum thickened, especially tibia4
sensitive to touch A>ali b4 !safB. =heumatism4 pains at night and in damp
weather. Contraction of 1oints. =heumatism of knees with effusion. #ain in small
of back and coccyx. #ain in hip, forcing limping. +ciatica4 cannot stay in bed4
worse at night and lying on affected side. 9ormication of lower extremities when
sitting, better lying down.
%kin.66#urple spots4 worse on legs. !cne, hydroa. +mall boils. 8lands enlarged,
indurated. 0ives. =ough nodules all over, worse any covering4 heat of body
intense. 9issured anus of infants. /endency to -dematous swellings, eyelids,
mouth, uvula, etc. !cne rosacea.
!odalities.66$orse, warm clothing, warm room, at night, damp weather. Better,
motion, open air.
Relationship.66Antidote( 0epar.
Compare( ,od4 .ercur4 +ulph4 .e:er. Chopheenee, a 0indoo remedy for
syphilitic eruptions, ulcerations and bone-pains. *sed in tincture.
"ose.66Crude drug, in material official dosage, but remember 2r. .eyhoffer@s
statements in his chronic diseases of organs of respiration 39rom the moment the
drug produces pathogenetic symptoms, it exaggerates the function of the tissue,
exhausts the already diminished vitality, and thence, instead of stimulating the
organic cell in the direction of life, impairs or abolishes its power of contraction.
$e use, as a rule, the first dilution from H to )I drops a day4 if after a week no
decided progress is visible, one drop of the tincture of ,odine is added to each
hundred of the first dilution. ,n this way, the mucous tubercles, gummy deposits
and ulcerations resulting therefrom in the larynx undergo a favorable
termination in laryngeal syphilis. 3 $hen strictly homeopathically indicated, as
in acute respiratory affections to third potency.
Cloride o4 Pota##i"m : @Cl
!lthough not proven, this remedy has a wide clinical use, through its
introduction by +chuessler. ,t certainly is of great value in catarrhal affections, in
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
sub-acute inflammatory states, fibrinous exudations, and glandular swellings.
$hite or gray coating of base of tongue, and expectoration of thick, white
phlegm, seem to be special guiding symptoms. Bursitis prEpatellaris.
Head.66,magines he must starve. 0eadache, with vomiting. Crusta lactea.
$yes.66$hite mucus, purulent scabs. +uperficial ulcer. /rachoma. Corneal
$ars.66Chronic, catarrhal conditions of the middle ear. 8lands about the ear
swollen. +napping and noises in the ear. /hreatened mastoid. 8reat effusion
about the auricle.
+ose.66Catarrh4 phlegm white, thick. Vault of pharynx covered with adherent
crusts. +tuffy cold. Cosebleed A!rn4 BryB.
&ace.66Cheek swollen and painful.
!outh.66!phthE4 thrush4 white ulcers in mouth. +wollen glands about 1aw and
neck. Coating of tongue grayish-white, dryish, or slimy.
Throat.669ollicular tonsillitis. /onsils inflamed4 enlarged so much, can hardly
breathe. 8rayish patches or spots in the throat and tonsils. !dherent crusts in
vault of pharynx. 30ospital3 sore throat. 7ustachian catarrh.
%tomach.669atty or rich food causes indigestion. Vomiting of white, opa5ue
mucus4 water gathers in the mouth. #ain in the stomach, with constipation.
Bulimia4 hunger disappears by drinking water.
Abdomen.66!bdominal tenderness and swelling. 9latulence. /hread-worms,
causing itching at the anus.
+tool.66Constipation4 light-colored stools. 2iarrh-a, after fatty food4 clay-
colored, white, or slimy stools. 2ysentery4 purging, with slimy stools.
0Emorrhoids4 bleeding4 blood dark and thick4 fibrinous, clotted.
&emale.66.enstruation too late or suppressed, checked or too early4 excessive
discharge4 dark-clotted, or tough, black blood, like tar A#latB. <eucorrh-a4
discharge of milky-white mucus, thick, non-irritating, bland. .orning sickness,
with vomiting of white phlegm. Bunches in breast feel 5uite soft and are tender.
=espiratory Organs.66<oss of voice4 hoarseness. !sthma, with gastric
derangements4 mucus white and hard to cough up. <oud, noisy stomach cough4
cough short, acute, and spasmodic, like whooping-cough4 expectoration thick
and white. =attling sounds of air passing through thick, tenacious mucus in the
bronchi4 difficult to cough up.
Back and $)tremities.66=heumatic fever4 exudation and swelling around the
1oints. =heumatic pains felt only during motion, or increased by it. Cightly
rheumatic pains4 worse from warmth of bed4 lightning-like from small of back to
feet4 must get out of bed and sit up. 0ands get stiff while writing.
%kin.66!cne, erythema, and ec:ema, with vesicles containing thick, white
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
contents. 2ry, flour-like scales on the skin A!rsenicB. Bursitis.
!odalities.66$orse, rich food, fats, motion.
Relationship.66Compare( Bellad which >ali mur follows well in catarrhal and
hypertrophic conditions. >ino Aotorrh-a, with stitches in right earB4 Bry4 .ercur4
#uls4 +ulph.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth potency.
7xternal use in skin affections with burning sensation.
Nitrate o4 Pota##i"m
Often indicated in asthma, also valuable in cardiac asthma4 of great value in
sudden dropsical swellings over the whole body. 8astro-intestinal inflammation,
with much debility, and relapse in phthisis, call for this remedy. +uppurative
Head.66+calp very sensitive. 0eadache, with vertigo, as if falling to right side
and backwards4 worse, stooping. 7nnui.
$yes.66Vision becomes clouded. /urbid corpus vitreum A!rn4 0am4 +olan n4
#hosB. Variegated-colored rings before eyes. Burning and lachrymation.
+ose.66+nee:ing. +wollen feeling4 worse, right nostril. #oint red and itching.
#olypus A+ang nitB.
!outh.66/ongue red, with burning pimples4 burns at tip. /hroat constricted and
+tool.66/hin, watery, bloody. .embranous shreds, with tenesmus. 2iarrh-a
from eating veal.
&emale.66.enses too early, profuse, black4 preceded and with violent backache.
<eucorrh-a. Burning pains in the ovarian region only during menses ALinc
Respiratory.660oarseness. 2ry, morning cough, with pain in chest and bloody
expectoration. Bronchitis, with sharp, short, dry, hacking cough. !sthma, with
excessive dyspn-a, nausea, dull stitches, and burning in chest. 2yspn-a so
great that breath cannot be held long enough to drink, though thirsty. Chest feels
constricted. Oppression worse in morning. +our-smelling expectoration.
7xpectoration of clotted blood, after hawking mucus. !cute exacerbations in
phthisis4 congestion of lungs. +pasmodic croup4 paroxysm of crowing. <aryngeal
Heart.66#ulse weak, small, thready. Violent stitch in prEcordia, and beating of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$)tremities.66+titches between shoulder-blades. /earing and sticking in
shoulders and 1oints. 0ands and fingers seem swollen.
!odalities.66$orse, eating veal4 towards morning and in afternoon. Better,
drinking sips of water.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Opium4 Citr sp dulc.
!ntidote to Opium and .orphine poisoning, &-%I grains to glass of water.
Compare( 8un-powder ACitre with sulphur and charcoal-)x trit. 3Blood
poisoning. 3 +eptic suppuration. #rotractive against wound infection. !ntidote to
,vy and #rimula rash AClarkeB 0erpes facialis4 crops of boils. CarbunclesB. Osteo-
myelitis. Cannab sat Awhich contains a large amount of >ali nitB. <ycop4 +anguin4
!llium sat4 !ntimon iod.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Pho#phate o4 Pota##i"m
One of the greatest nerve remedies. #rostration. $eak and tired. 7specially
adapted to the young. .arked disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system.
Conditions arising from want of nerve power, neurasthenia, mental and physical
depression, are wonderfully improved this remedy. /he causes are usually
excitement, overwork and worry. Besides, it corresponds to states of adynamia
and decay, gangrenous conditions. ,n these two directions it has won many
clinical laurels. =emember it in the treatment of suspected malignant tumors.
!fter removal of cancer when in healing process skin is drawn tight over the
wound. 2elayed labor.
!ind.66!nxiety, nervous dread, lethargy. ,ndisposition to meet people. 7xtreme
lassitude and depression. Very nervous, starts easily, irritable. Brain-fag4
hysteria4 night terrors. +omnambulance. <oss of memory. +lightest labor seems a
heavy task. 8reat despondency about business. +hyness4 disinclined to converse.
Head.66Occipital headache4 better, after rising. Vertigo, from lying, on standing
up, from sitting, and when looking upward A8ranatB. Cerebral anEmia.
0eadache of students, and those worn out by fatigue. 0eadaches are relieved by
gentle motion. 0eadache, with weary, empty, gone feeling at stomach A,gn4 +epB.
$yes.66$eakness of sight4 loss of perceptive power4 after diphtheria4 from
exhaustion. 2rooping of eyelids ACaustB.
$ars.660umming and bu::ing in the ears.
+ose.66Casal disease, with offensive odor4 fetid discharge.
&ace.66<ivid and sunken, with hollow eyes. =ight-sided neuralgia relieved by
cold applications.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!outh.66Breath offensive, fetid. /ongue coated brownish, like mustard.
7xcessively dry, in the morning. /oothache, with easily-bleeding gums4 they
have a bright-red seam on them. 8ums spongy and receding ACaps4 0amam4
Throat.668angrenous sore throat. #aralysis of the vocal cords.
%tomach.66! nervous 3gone3 sensation at the pit of the stomach A,gn4 +ep4
+ulphB. 9eels seasick without nausea.
Abdomen.662iarrh-a4 foul, putrid odor4 occasioned by fright, with depression
and exhaustion. 2iarrh-a while eating. 2ysentery4 stools consist of pure blood4
patient becomes delirious4 abdomen swells. Cholera4 stools have the appearance
of rice water AVerat4 !rs4 ;atropB. #rolapsus recti A,gn4 #odB.
&emale.66.enstruation too late or too scanty in pale, irritable, sensitive,
lachrymose females. /oo profuse discharge, deep-red or blackish-red, thin and
not coagulating4 sometimes with offensive odor. 9eeble and ineffectual labor
!ale.66Cocturnal emissions4 sexual power diminished utter prostration after
coitus A>ali carbB.
*rinary Organs.667nuresis. ,ncontinence of urine. Bleeding from the urethra.
Very yellow urine.
Respiratory.66!sthma4 least food aggravates. +hort breath on going upstairs.
Cough4 yellow expectoration.
$)tremities.66#aralytic lameness in back and extremities. 7xertion aggravates.
#ains, with depression, and subse5uent exhaustion.
&e'er.66+ubnormal temperature.
!odalities.66$orse, excitement, worry, mental and physical exertion4 eating,
cold, early morning. Better, warmth, rest, nourishment.
Relationship.66Compare( >ali hypophosph A2ebility with wasting of muscular
tissue. #hosphaturia with general anEmia or leucocythemia. 7ffects of excessive
tea drinking. Chronic bronchitis where the expectoration is thick and fetid,
sometimes scanty and tough. "ose.66J grains of crude to DxB. 8enista.662yer@s
$eed66Acontains scopolamin4 frontal headache and vertigo, worse motion, better
open air and eating. 2ry throat, awakes with waterbrash. ,tching eruption on
elbows, knees and ankles. #romotes diuresis in dropsical conditionsB.
.acro:amia +piralis A7xtreme debility after severe illness4 collapse. $eariness
from no assignable cause, no pains. Boring pain at vertex4 vomiting and retching
all night4 impossible to open eyes, giddiness and coldB. Linc4 8els4 Cimicif4
<aches4 .ur ac.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth trituration. /he highest potencies seem to be indicated in
certain cases.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Perma!;a!ate o4 Pota##i"m
,ntense irritation of nose, throat, and larynx. 2iphtheria. 2ysmenorrh-a. Bites of
serpents and for other animal poisons. +eptic conditions4 tissues infiltrated with
tendency to sloughing.
Respiratory.66Bleeding from nose. Casal discharge. +marts and irritates.
Constrictive, smarting sensation in throat. <arynx feels raw. +hort, hacking
Throat.66+wollen and painful. 7verything hawked up streaked with blood.
#osterior nares painful. .uscles of neck feel sore. +wollen uvula. 9etor of breath.
"ose.66<ocally, % dram to a 5uart of water, to correct fetor in cancer, ulcer,
o:Ena, and other foul odors. !lso as an in1ection in leucorrh-a and gonorrh-a.
,nternally, )x dilution in water. +aturated solution locally in eruption of
#otassium #ermanganate for .orphine #oisoning.66#otassium permanganate is
recogni:ed as being the most effective chemical antidote in cases of morphine or
opium poisoning, acting directly on the morphine and oxidi:ing it to less toxic
substances. /o be effective the permanganate must come in direct contact with
the opium or morphine in the stomach4 hypodermatic or intravenous in1ections
are absolutely useless, as the salt would be decomposed by the blood serum at
once. /he approved treatment is administration of two to five grains of
potassium permanganate in dilute a5ueous solution as soon as possible after the
poison is taken, this amounts to be increased if very large doses of the poison
have been taken. $ashing out the stomach with a 5uantity of % to JII solution of
permanganate is also recommended, using at least a pint of this solution either
by a stomach pump or by enforced vomiting. #ermang of #otash counteracts
effects of alkaloids of many poisonous plants. Owing to its oxidi:ing powers if
given before the alkaloid has been absorbed A2r. Chestnut in 2ept of
Pota##i"m "lphate
!ilments accompanied by profuse des5uamation. !pplicable to the later stages
of inflammation. Kellow, mucous and serous discharges, profuse and
intermittent. 0as been found of much use in oxaluria.
Head.66=heumatic headache, beginning in evening. Bald spots. 2andruff and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$ars.667ustachian deafness. 2ischarge of yellow matter A0ydrB.
+ose.66Cold, with yellow, slimy expectoration. Cose obstructed. +mell lost ACat
murB. 7ngorgement of the nasal pharyngeal mucous membrane, mouth
breathing, snoring, etc, remaining after removal of adenoids.
&ace.66!ches in heated room. 7pithelioma.
%tomach.66/ongue coated yellow and slimy. ,nsipid, pappy taste. 8ums painful.
Burning thirst, nausea, and vomiting. <oad feeling. 2read of hot drinks.
Abdomen.66Colicky pains4 abdomen feels cold to touch4 tympanitic, tense.
Kellow, slimy diarrh-a. Constipation, with hEmorrhoids A+ulphB.
!ale.668onorrh-a4 discharge slimy, yellowish-green. Orchitis. 8leet.
&emale.66.enses too late, scanty, with feeling of weight in abdomen.
Respiratory.66Coarse rales. =attling of mucus in chest A/art emB. #ost-grippal
cough, especially in children. Bronchial asthma, with yellow expectoration.
Cough4 worse in evening and in hot atmosphere. Croupy hoarseness A0ep4
$)tremities.66#ain in nape, back and limbs, worse in warm room. +hifting,
wandering pains.
&e'er.66=ise of temperature at night. ,ntermittent fever, with yellow, slimy
%kin.66#soriasis A!rs4 /hyroidB. 7c:ema4 burning, itching, papular eruption.
Cettle-rash. #olypi. 7pithelioma. +eborrh-a. 9avus. =ing-worm of scalp or beard
with abundant scales.
!odalities.66$orse, in evening, heated room. Better, cool, open air.
Relationship.66Compare( >ali sulph chromico.66!lum of chrome-Dx A#roduces
in the nasal passages very fine threads from the septum to external wall4
affections of nasal fossE and hay-fever. Chronic colds. +nee:ing, red, watery
eyes, irritation of mucous membraneB. #ulsat4 >ali bich4 Cat m.
"ose.66/hird to twelfth potency.
ilicate o4 Pota#h
! deep-acting remedy. <assitude is very marked. 2esire to lie down all the time.
Head.66!bsent-minded, anxious, indolent, timid. 9eeble will power. 0ead
congested, blood surges from body to head. Vertigo, coldness of head4
photophobia. Casal catarrh, discharge bloody, excoriating, offensive nose,
swollen, ulcerated.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
8astric.66$eight in stomach after eating, nausea, pain, flatulence. #ain in liver
region. Constipation. Construction of anus during stool.
$)tremities.66+tiffness over body and limbs. Creeping sensation over limbs.
/witching of muscles. $eak and weary.
!odalities.66$orse, open air, drafts, cold, exertion, motion uncovering, bathing.
"ose.660igher potencies.
Mo"!tai! 0a"rel
! rheumatic remedy. #ains shift rapidly. Causea and slow pulse fre5uently
accompanying. 0as also a prominent action on the heart. ,n small doses, it
accelerates the heart@s action4 in larger it moderates it greatly. Ceuralgia4 pains
shoot downwards, with numbness. 9ulgurating pains of locomotor ataxia.
#rotracted and continuous fevers, with tympanites. #aralytic sensations4 pains
and aching in limbs accompany nearly every group of symptoms. !lbuminuria.
Head.66Vertigo4 worse stooping. Confusion of brain. #ain in front and temporal
region from head to nape and to teeth4 from cardiac origin.
$yes.66Vision impaired. +tiff, drawing sensation when moving eyes. =heumatic
iritis. +cleritis, pain increased by moving the eye.
&ace.66Ceuralgia4 worse right side. +titches in tongue. +titches and tearing in
bones of 1aw and face.
%tomach.66$arm, glowing sensation in epigastrium. Causea4 vomiting. #ain in
pit of stomach4 worse by bending forward4 relieved by sitting erect. Bilious
attacks, with nausea, vertigo, and headache. +ensation of something being
pressed under the epigastrium.
*rinary.669re5uent, with sharp pains in lumbar region. #ost-scarlatinal
Heart.66$eak, slow pulse A2ig4 !poc canB. 9luttering of heart, with anxiety.
#alpitation4 worse leaning forward. 8outy and rheumatic metastasis of heart.
/achycardia, with pain A/hyroidB. /obacco heart. 2yspn-a and pressure from
epigastrium toward the heart. +harp pains take away the breath. +hooting
through chest above heart into shoulder-blades. 9re5uent pulse. 0eart@s action
tumultuous, rapid and visible. #aroxysms of anguish around heart.
&emale.66.enses too early, or suppressed, with pain in limbs and back and
inside of thighs. <eucorrh-a follows menses.
Back.66#ain from neck down arm4 in upper three dorsal vertebrE extending to
shoulder-blade. #ain down back, as if it would break4 in locali:ed regions of
spine4 through shoulders. <umbar pains, of nervous origin.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
$)tremities.662eltoid rheumatism especially right. #ains from hips to knees and
feet. #ains affect a large part of a limb, or several 1oints, and pass through
5uickly. $eakness, numbness, pricking, and sense of coldness in limbs. #ains
along ulnar nerve, index finger. ;oints red, hot, swollen. /ingling and numbness
of left arm.
%leep.66+leepless, wakes very early in morning.
!odalities.66$orse, leaning forward Aopposite, >ali carbB4 looking down4
motion, open air.
Relationship.66Compare( >almia contains !rbutin g v. 2erris pinuta Aof great
service in neuralgic headaches of rheumatic originB.
Compare( +pigelia4 #ulsat.
Complementary( Ben: acid.
"ose.66/incture, to sixth potency.
Bol"# al*a
Chi!a Cla)
Al"mi!a ilicate
! remedy for croup and bronchitis.
+ose.66,tching and burning. 2ischarge yellow. +ore, scabby, stopped up.
Respiratory.66+oreness of chest along trachea4 cannot stand percussion. 8ray
sputa. Capillary bronchitis. <arynx and chest sore. .embranous croup-extends
down trachea.
"ose.66<ower triturations.
Ceurasthenia. =egulates the circulation, is tonic and anti-diarrheic, regulates
cardiac rhythm and acts diuretically. $eak heart.
/he remedy for the drinking habit. ,t promotes the appetite and digestion, and
lessens the craving for li5uor. !sthma. 8ives power to endure prolonged
physical exertion without taking food and without feeling fatigued.
"ose.66/hree to ten drops, even one dram doses, three times a day.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ha;e!ia A*)##i!ica
! Vermifuge-Causea and vomiting, vertigo, prEcordial anxiety slowing and
irregular pulse, subdelirium and collapse. =apid and extreme prostration. /o
expel tapeworm.
"ose.66%O) o:. .ix with warm water and let stand %J minutes4 stir well and
administer. .ay be preceded by a little lemon 1uice A.errellB.
Relationship.66Compare( .allotus->amala-!n efficient remedy for tapeworm
in DI-HI minims of tincture taken in cinnamon water.
Beech-ood @reo#ote
>reosotum is a mixture of phenols obtained from this distillation.
#ulsations all over the body, and profuse bleeding from small wounds. Very
severe, old neuralgic affections4 pains rather aggravated by rest. 7xcoriating,
burning, and offensive discharges. 0Emorrhages, ulcerations, cancerous
affections. =apid decomposition of fluids and secretions, and burning pains.
Overgrown, poorly developed children. #ost-climacteric diseases. /umefaction,
puffiness, gangrene. !ilings of teething children.
.ental.66.usic causes weeping and palpitation. Vanishing of thought4 stupid,
forgetful, peevish, irritable. Child wants everything but throws it away when
Head.662ull pain, as from a board pressing against forehead. .enstrual
headache. Occipital pain A8els4 Linc picB.
$yes.66+alty lachrymation. <ids red and swollen.
$ars.667ruption around and pimples within. 2ifficult hearing and bu::ing.
&ace.66+ick, suffering expression4 hot, cheeks red.
!outh.66<ips red, bleeding. Very painful dentition4 child will not sleep. Very
rapid decay of teeth, with spongy, bleeding gums4 teeth dark and crumbly
A+taph4 !nt cB. #utrid odor and bitter taste.
+ose.66Offensive smell and discharge. Chronic catarrh of old people. !crid
rawness. <upus A!rsB.
Throat.66Burning, choking sensation. #utrid odor.
%tomach.66Causea4 vomiting of food several hours after eating4 of sweetish
water in the morning. 9eeling of coldness, as of ice water in stomach. +oreness4
better eating. #ainful hard spot. 0Ematemesis. Bitter taste after a swallow of
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Abdomen.662istended. Burning hEmorrhoids. 2iarrh-a4 very offensive4 dark
brown. Bloody, fetid stools. Cholera infantum in connection with painful
dentition, green stools, nausea, dry skin, exhaustion, etc.
*rinary.66Offensive. Violent itching of vulva and vagina, worse when urinating.
Can urinate only when lying4 cannot get out of bed 5uick enough during first
sleep. 2reams of urinating. 7nuresis in the first part of night. .ust hurry when
desire comes to urinate.
&emale.66Corrosive itching within vulva, burning and swelling of labia4 violent
itching between labia and thighs. 2uring menses, difficult hearing4 bu::ing and
roaring4 eruption after. Burning and soreness in external and internal parts.
<eucorrh-a, yellow, acrid4 odor of green corn4 worse between periods.
0Emorrhage after coition. .enses too early, prolonged. Vomiting of pregnancy,
with ptyalism. .enstrual flow intermits A#ulsB4 ceases on sitting or walking4
reappears on lying down. #ain worse after menses. <ochia offensive4 intermits.
Respiratory.660oarse, with pain in larynx. Cough4 worse evening, with efforts to
vomit, with pain in chest. =aw burning in chest4 pains and oppression. Cough
after influen:a A7riodyctionB. $inter coughs of old people, with heavy pressure
on sternum. 8angrene of lungs. !fter every cough, copious, purulent
expectoration. 0Emoptysis4 periodic attacks. +ternum feels pressed in.
Back.662ragging backache, extending to genitals and down thighs. 8reat
$)tremities.66#ain in 1oints, hip and knee. Boring pain in hip-1oints. +capulE
%kin.66,tching, worse towards evening. Burning in soles. +enile gangrene. +mall
wounds bleed freely ACrot4 <ach4 #hosB. #ustules and herpes. 7cchymosis4 dorsal
surface of fingers and hands ec:ematous.
%leep.662isturbed with tossing. #aralytic sensation in limbs on waking. !nxious
dreams of pursuit, fire, erections, etc.
!odalities.66$orse, in open air, cold rest, when lying4 after menstruation.
Better, from warmth, motion, warm diet.
Relationship.66Antidote( Cux. ,nimical Carbo.
Complementary in malignant diseases !rs4 #hos4 +ulph.
8uaiacol Ais the principal constituent of >reosote, and similar in action. *sed in
pulmonary tuberculosis. 2ose % to J mB.
.atico-!rtanthe or #iper augustifolia, A8onorrh-a, hEmorrhage from lungs4
catarrhal conditions of genito-urinary organs and gastro-intestinal tract.
/opically a hEmostatic. 2ifficult, dry, deep, winter cough. *se tinctureB.
Compare also 9uligo ligni4 Carbol ac4 ,od4 <aches.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. /he )IIth in sensitive patients.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
0actic Acid
.orning sickness, diabetes, and rheumatism offer a field for this remedy.
/roubles in the breasts. <ocally, in the tuberculous ulceration of vocal cords.
%tomach.66/ongue dry, parched. /hirst4 voracious hunger. Canker, copious
salivation and water-brash. Causea4 morning sickness, especially in pale anEmic
women. 0ot, acrid eructation. Causea4 better, eating. Burning, hot gas from
stomach to throat, causing profuse secretion of tenacious mucus, worse smoking.
Throat.669ullness or lump like a puff ball. >eeps swallowing. Constricted low
Chest.66#ain in breasts, with enlargement of axillary glands, and pain extends
into hand.
$)tremities.66=heumatic pain in 1oints and shoulders, wrists, knees, with much
weakness. /rembling of whole body while walking. <imbs feel chilly.
*rinary.66<arge 5uantities passed, fre5uently. +accharine.
Relationship.66Compare( +arcolactic acid 5 v. <ithia4 #hos ac.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency. +ix to ten drops in a small glass of water in
acute gastro-enteritis ACartierB.
Do;+# Milk
/his remedy is of undoubted value in certain form of sore throat and diphtheria,
and rheumatism. Corresponds to a low-vitiated, non-feverish type of sickness.
/he keynote symptom is, erratic pains, alternating sides. 9eels as if walking on
air, or of not touching the bed when lying down. 8reat lassitude. O:Ena.
2ecided effect in drying up milk in women who cannot nurse the baby. 8reat
weakness and prostration. +inking spells every morning. .astitis.
!ind.66Very forgetful4 in writing, makes mistakes. 2espondent4 thinks her
disease incurable. !ttacks of rage. Visions of snakes. /hinks himself of little
Head.66+ensation of walking or floating in the air A+tictaB. #ain first one side,
then the other. Blurred vision, nausea and vomiting at height of attack of
headache. Occipital pain, with shooting extending to forehead. +ensation as if
brain were alternately contracted and relaxed. Coises in ears. =everberation of
+ose.66Cory:a4 one nostril stuffed up, the other free4 alternate. !lE nasi and
corners of mouth cracked. Bones of nose sore to pressure. Bloody pus
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!outh.66/ongue coated white with bright red edges4 profuse salivation.
2rooling in diphtheria. Cracking of 1aw while eating ACit ac4 =husB. #utrid taste
increased by sweets.
Throat.66+ensitive to touch. #ainful swallowing4 pain extends to ears. +ore throat
and cough with menstruation. /onsillitis and diphtheria symptoms change
repeatedly from side to side. +hining gla:ed appearance of deposit, pearly-white
or like pure white porcelain. +tiffness of neck and tongue. /hroat feels burned
raw. /ickling sensation causes constant cough. +ore throat beginning and ending
with menses.
&emale.66.enses too early, profuse, flow in gushes. Breasts swollen4 painful
before ACalc c4 Con4 #ulsB and better on appearance of menses. .astitis4 worse,
least 1ar. 0elps to dry up milk. +inking at epigastrium. +exual organs easily
excited. Backache4 spine very sensitive to touch or pressure. 8alactorrh-a.
$)tremities.66+ciatica, right side. <egs feel numb and stiff, cramps in feet.
=heumatic pains in extremities and back, from one side to the other. #ain in arms
to fingers. Burning in palms and soles.
%leep.662reams of snakes.
!odalities.66$orse, morning of one day and in the evening of next. Better, cold,
cold drinks.
Relationship.66Compare( <ach4 Con4 <ac felinum-Cat@s .ilk66Aciliary neuralgia4
eye symptoms, photophobia4 asthenopia4 dysmenorrh-aB4 <ac vaccinum-Cows@
.ilk66Aheadache, rheumatic pains, constipationB4 <ac vaccinum coagulatum-
Curds66Anausea of pregnancyB4 <actis vaccini floc66Cream66Adiphtheria,
leucorrh-a, menorrhagia, dysphagiaB4 <actic ac.
"ose.66/hirtieth and the highest potencies.
<!C V!CC,C*. 279<O=!/*.
+kimmed .ilk
A<!C 279<O=!/*.B
! remedy for diseases with faulty nutrition4 sick headaches, with profuse flow of
urine during pain. Car sickness.
Head.662espondent. #ain begins in forehead to occiput, in morning on rising.
,ntense throbbing, with nausea, vomiting, blindness, and obstinate constipation4
worse, noise, light, motion, during menses, with great prostration, and better by
pressure and bandaging head tightly.
+tool.66Constipation. +tools hard, large, with great straining4 painful, lacerating
Relationship.66Compare( Colostrum A2iarrh-a in infants. $hole body smells
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
sour. ColicB. Cat mur.
"ose.66+ixth, to thirtieth potency and higher.
B"#hma#ter or "r"c"c"
<ike all snake poisons, <achesis decomposes the blood, rendering it more fluid4
hence a hEmorrhagic tendency is marked. #urpura, septic states, diphtheria, and
other low forms of disease, when the system is thoroughly poisoned and the
prostration is profound. /he modalities are most important in guiding to the
remedy. 2elirium tremens with much trembling and confusion. Very important
during the climacteric and for patients of a melancholic disposition. ,ll effects of
suppressed discharges. 2iphtheritic paralysis ABotulinumB. 2iphtheria carriers.
+ensation of tension in various parts. Cannot bear anything tight anywhere.
!ind.668reat lo5uacity. !mative. +ad in the morning4 no desire to mix with the
world. =estless and uneasy4 does not wish to attend to business4 wants to be off
somewhere all the time. ;ealous A0yosB. .ental labor best performed at night.
7uthanasia. +uspicious4 nightly delusion of fire. =eligious insanity AVerat4 +tramB.
2erangement of the time sense.
Head.66#ain through head on awaking. #ain at root of nose. #ressure and
burning on vertex. $aves of pain4 worse after moving. +un headaches. $ith
headache, flickerings, dim vision, very pale face. Vertigo. =elieved by onset of a
discharge Amenses or nasal catarrhB.
$yes.662efective vision after diphtheria, extrinsic muscles too weak to maintain
focus. +ensation as if eyes were drawn together by cords which were tied in a
knot at root of nose.
$ars.66/earing pain from :ygoma into ear4 also with sore throat. 7ar-wax hard,
+ose.66Bleeding, nostrils sensitive. Cory:a, preceded by headache. 0ay asthma4
paroxysms of snee:ing A+ilica4 +abadB.
&ace.66#ale. /rifacial neuralgia, left side, heat running up into head A#hosB.
/earing pain in 1aw-bones A!mphisbEna4 #hosB. #urple, mottled, puffed4 looks
swollen, bloated, 1aundiced, chlorotic.
!outh.668ums swollen, spongy, bleed. /ongue swollen, burns, trembles, red,
dry and cracked at tip, catches on teeth. !phthous and denuded spots with
burning and rawness. Causeous taste. /eeth ache, pain extends to ears. #ain in
facial bones.
Throat.66+ore, worse left side, swallowing li5uids. Guinsy. +eptic parotiditis.
2ry, intensely swollen, externally and internally. 2iphtheria4 membrane dusky,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
blackish4 pain aggravated by hot drinks4 chronic sore throat, with much
hawking4 mucus sticks, and cannot be forced up or down. Very painful4 worse
slightest pressure, touch is even more annoying. ,n diphtheria, etc, the trouble
began on the left side. /onsils purplish. #urple, livid color of throat. 9eeling as if
something was swollen which must be swallowed4 worse, swallowing saliva or
li5uids. #ain into ear. Collar and neck-band must be very loose.
%tomach.66Craving for alcohol, oysters. !ny food causes distress. #it of stomach
painful to touch. 0ungry, cannot wait for food. 8nawing pressure made better
by eating, but returning in a few hours. #erceptible trembling movement in the
epigastric region. 7mpty swallowing more painful than swallowing solids.
Abdomen.66<iver region sensitive, cannot bear anything around waist.
7specially suitable to drunkards. !bdomen tympanitic, sensitive, painful ABellB.
+tool.66Constipated, offensive stool. !nus feels tight, as if nothing could go
through it. #ain darting up the rectum every time be snee:es or coughs.
0Emorrhage from bowels like charred straw, black particles. 0Emorrhoids
protrude, become constricted, purplish. +titches in them on snee:ing or
coughing. Constant urging in rectum, not for stool.
&emale.66Climacteric troubles, palpitation, flashes of heat, hEmorrhages, vertex
headache, fainting spells4 worse, pressure of clothes. .enses too short, too feeble4
pains all relieved by the flow A7upionB. <eft ovary very painful and swollen,
indurated. .ammE inflamed, bluish. Coccyx and sacrum pain, especially on
rising from sitting posture. !cts especially well at beginning and close of
!ale.66,ntense excitement of sexual organs.
Respiratory.66*pper part of windpipe very susceptible to touch. +ensation of
suffocation and strangulation on lying down, particularly when anything is
around throat4 compels patient to spring from bed and rush for open window.
+pasm of glottis4 feels as if something ran from neck to larynx. 9eels he must take
a deep breath. Cramp-like distress in prEcordial region. Cough4 dry, suffocative
fits, tickling. <ittle secretion and much sensitiveness4 worse, pressure on larynx,
after sleep, open air. Breathing almost stops on falling asleep A8rindB. <arynx
painful to touch. +ensation as of a plug A!nacB which moves up and down, with
a short cough.
Heart.66#alpitation, with fainting spells, especially during climacteric.
Constricted feeling causing palpitation, with anxiety. Cyanosis. ,rregular beats.
Back.66Ceuralgia of coccyx, worse rising from sitting posture4 must sit perfectly
still. #ain in neck, worse cervical region. +ensation of threads stretched from back
to arms, legs, eyes, etc.
$)tremities.66+ciatica, right side, better lying down. #ain in tibia Amay follow
sore throatB. +hortening of tendons.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%leep.66#atient sleeps into an aggravation. +udden starting when falling asleep.
+leepiness, yet cannot sleep ABell4 OpB. $ide-awake in evening.
&e'er.66Chilly in back4 feet icy cold4 hot flushes and hot perspiration. #aroxysm
returns after acids. ,ntermittent fever every spring.
%kin.660ot perspiration, bluish, purplish appearance. Boils, carbuncles, ulcers,
with bluish, purple surroundings. 2ark blisters. Bed-sores, with black edges.
Blue-black swellings. #yemia4 dissecting wounds. #urpura, with intense
prostration. +enile erysipelas. $ens. Cellulitis. Varicose ulcers.
!odalities.66$orse, after sleep, A>ali bichB. <achesis sleeps into aggravation4
ailments that come on during sleep ACalcB4 left side, in the spring, warm bath,
pressure or constriction, hot drinks. Closing eyes. Better, appearance of
discharges, warm applications.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !rs4 .erc4 0eat4 !lcohol4 +alt.
Complementary( Crotalus cascavella often completes curative work of <achesis
A.ure4 <ycop4 0ep4 +alamandraB.
,ncompatible !cet ac4 Carb ac.
Compare( Cotyledon Aclimacteric troublesB4 Cat m4 Cit ac4 Crotal4 !mphisb-na
-snake li:ard66Aright 1aw swollen and painful, lancinating pains4 headaches,
lancinating pains. 7ruption of vesicles and pimplesB4 Ca1a4 <epidium.
"ose.667ighth to )IIth potency. 2oses ought not be repeated too fre5uently. ,f
well indicated, a single dose should be allowed to exhaust its action.
0ead, chest and circulation are affected. Bridge of nose as if pinched. ! remedy
for torticollis, rheumatic symptoms about neck. /uberculosis-light-complexioned
people. 7arly stages, and established chest cases, with much coldness. #roduces a
desire to talk-a flow of language and the courage to make a speech.
Head.66=ight-sided pain, extending down to 1aw4 head feels enlarged4 worse,
least noise. +calp painful. +leepless. Circumscribed red cheeks4 scalp feels sore, as
if hair was standing on end4 burning in palms and soles. Bridge of nose feels as if
Chest.66+ensation of heat-bubbling and boiling around heart region rising to
Back.66Chilliness between the shoulder-blades4 pain and stiffness in back.
Ceck.662rawn over to one side in sore throat. =heumatism of the neck. +tiffness
of neck. #ain in nape, as if dislocated.
%kin.66Body icy cold4 face yellow4 tendency to sweat.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( 2ulc4 Bry4 #uls4 also 9el tauri Anape of neck pains, and
great tension thereB.
"ose.66/hird potency. /incture in phthisis, unit doses, once or twice a week, or
three drops every four hours.
Acrid 0ett"ce
/his remedy acts principally upon the brain and circulatory system. 2elirium
tremens with sleeplessness, coldness, and tremor. 0ydrothorax and ascites.
,mpotence. +ense of lightness and tightness affecting whole body, especially
chest. +eems to be a true galactogogue. .arked action on extremities.
!ind.66+tupefaction of sense. 8reat restlessness.
Head.662ull, heavy, confused, di::y. 0eat of face and headache, with general
coldness. 0eadache, with affections of respiratory organs.
Abdomen.66+ensation of weight, of fullness4 borborygmi4 abundant emission of
wind. Colic in early morning, abdomen tense, relieved somewhat by evacuation
and passing of wind.
Chest.662ifficult breathing. +uffocative breathing from dropsy of the chest.
Constant tickling cough. ,ncessant, spasmodic cough, as if chest would fly to
pieces. +5uee:ing sensation in lower chest.
&emale.66#romotes catamenia. ,ncrease of milk in breasts A!safoetB.
%leep.66=estless4 impossible to get to sleep. 2eep, comatose sleep.
$)tremities.66<ame hip down left side4 worse walking. Coldness and numbness
of feet and legs. /remor of hands and arms. Cramps in shin bones, extending to
toes and side of leg involving calves.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !cet ac4 Coff.
Compare( Cabalus-#renanthes +erpentaria-=attlesnake root-$hite lettuce,
similar to <actuca, Achronic diarrh-a, worse after eating, nights and towards
morning. #ain in abdomen and rectum4 emaciation. Constipation and
somnolence4 susceptible to aura of others. 2yspepsia, with acid burning
eructation. Craving for acid food. <eucorrh-a with throbbing in uterusB4 <ach4
>ali carb4 +piranthes AgalactagogueB.
White Nettle
0as a special affinity for female and urinary organs.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
0eadache, with backward and forward motion of head. <eucorrh-a and menses
too early and scanty. 0Emorrhoids4 hard stool, with blood. +ensation in urethra
as though a drop of water were flowing through it. /earing in the extremities.
0Emoptysis. Blisters on heel from slight rubbing. *lcers on heel ACepaB.
"ose.66/hird potency.
ilico:4l"oride o4 Calci"m
!ffections of glands, goitre, pre-ulcerative stage of carcinoma. Burning, stinging
pain in breast, stomach, and uterus. Connective tissue about glands specially
affected. 9at anEmic babies with ,odine appetite. =avenous appetite. =emarkably
successful in scrofulous affections, except in malarial cases. *terine carcinoma.
9ibroid tumors with intense burning pains through the part with profuse
hEmorrhage. 8lands have a certain elasticity and pliability about them rather
than the stony hardness of Calc fluor and Cistus.
$ars.66Otitis media suppurativa. $here +ilica is indicated progress is hastened
by <apis ABellowsB.
Chest.66#ersistent pains in mammary region. 8landular hardening.
%kin.66+crofulous abscesses and sores. 7nlargement and induration of glands,
especially cervical. <ipoma, sarcoma, carcinoma. #ruritus.
Relationship.66Compare( +ilica4 Badiaga4 !rs iod4 Calc iod4 Con4 >al iod4
"ose.669irst to sixth potency.
Very important in skin therapeutics. 7ruptions on the head, face, and neck4
pimples4 acne. +tyes and ulcerations on the edge of the eyelids. #rofuse and
fre5uent urination. Crops of boils and styes A!nthracinB.
$)tremities.66#ain in hands, knees, and ankles extending downward to fingers
and toes. #ain in all 1oints. 7ruption on extremities.
&emale.66*terine displacements. !n exceedingly sore, bruised feeling in uterus,
with great relaxation of the vaginal tissues4 apparently entire lack of tonicity of
pelvic contents. /hese symptoms all aggravated by standing, walking, a misstep,
or sudden 1ar.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!ffects the lateral and anterior columns of the cord. 2oes not produce pain.
=eflexes always increased. #aralytic affections of lower extremities4 spastic
paralysis4 lateral sclerosis4 Beri-beri. !thetosis. ,nfantile paralysis. !fter influen:a
and wasting, exhaustive diseases where there is much weakness and heaviness,
slow recovery of nerve power. +leepy, constant yawning.
!ind.662epressed4 hypochondriacal. Vertigo when standing with eyes closed.
!outh.66Burning pain in tip of tongue4 with tingling and numbness of tongue
and lips, as if scalded.
$)tremities.66/ips of fingers numb. /remulous, tottering gait. 7xcessive rigidity
of legs4 spastic gait. >nees knock against each other when walking. Cramps in
legs worse cold, and cold feet. Cannot extend or cross legs when sitting. .yelitis,
with marked spastic symptoms. =heumatic paralysis. 8luteal muscles and lower
limbs emaciated. <egs blue4 swollen, if hanging down. +tiffness and lameness of
ankles and knees, toe do not leave the floor, heels do not touch floor, .uscles of
calves very tense. #atient sits bent forward, straightens with difficulty.
*rinary.66,ncreased bladder reflex. 9re5uent, must hurry, else voided
Relationship.66Compare( Oxytrop4 +ecale4 #etiveria, a +outh !merican plant
A#aralysis4 paraplegia with numbness. +ensation of internal coldnessB. !grostema
githago-Corn-cockle 66ABurning sensations, in stomach, through -sophagus into
throat, in lower abdomen and anus4 nausea, bitter vomiting, impaired
locomotion4 difficulty in remaining erect4 vertigo and headache, burning from
lower 1aw to vertexB.
"ose.66/hird potency.
/he bite produces tetanic effects that last several days. ! picture of !ngina
pectoris is presented by the action of the drug. /he prEcordial region seems to be
the center of attack. Constriction of chest muscles, with radiation to shoulders
and back. <owered coagulability.
Head.66!nxiety. +creams with pain. #ain in neck to back of head. Occipital pain.
Respiratory.667xtreme apn-a. 8asping respiration. 9ears losing breath.
Chest.66Violent, prEcordial pain extending to the axilla and down the arm and
forearm to fingers, with numbness of the extremity. #ulse feeble and rapid.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+inking sensation at the Cramping pain from chest to abdomen.
$)tremities.66#ain in left arm, feels paraly:ed. $eakness of legs followed by
cramps in the abdominal muscles. #arEsthesia of lower limbs.
%kin.66Coldness of whole surface. +kin cold as marble.
Relationship.66Compare( <atrodectus 0asselti-Cew +outh $ales Black +pider66
A<ong lasting effects seem to indicate it as a 3chronic3 blood poisoning. !rrests
intense pain in pyEmia. 8reat -dema in neighborhood of wound4 paralysis of
limbs, with great wasting of muscles. Violent, darting, burning pains preceding
paralysis4 vertigo, tendency to fall forward4 septicEmic conditions4 constant
delusion of flying. <oss of memory. =oaring noisesB. !raena4 .ygale4 /heridion4
<atrodectus >alipo -Cew Lealand spider66Alymphangitis and nervous
twitchings, scarlet burning eruptionB. /riatema->issing bug 66A+welling with
violent itching of fingers and toes. +mothering sensation and difficult breathing
succeeded by fainting and rapid pulseB.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
+pasmodic tickling cough, especially in cardiac patients, is often magically
influenced by this drug. <ack of reaction, especially in chest and heart affections.
2rink rolls audibly through -sophagus and intestines. 8eneral coldness, not
ameliorated by warmth. Violent pain in stomach with loss of speech. +pasm of
facial muscles and -sophagus. !sphyxia neonatorum.
&e'er.66Coldness4 chills and heat alternate. /hirst, with dry mouth in afternoon.
Respiratory.66Cyanosis and dyspn-a4 worse, sitting up. #atient puts hands on
heart. Cough, with valvular disease. 7xercise causes pain around heart. /ickling,
dry cough. 2yspn-a. Constriction of chest. Cough, with copious, 1elly-like, or
bloody expectoration. +mall and feeble pulse. /hreatening paralysis of lungs.
8asping for breath4 clutches at heart.
Heart.66.itral regurgitation. Clutching at heart and palpitation. Cyanosis
%leep.66+pells of deep sleep, with snoring and stertorous breathing.
$)tremities.66/oe and finger nails become knotty. +kin blue. +prained pains in
hips, thighs and heels. Cold, clammy feet and legs. Clubbing of fingers. Veins of
hands distended.
Relationship.66Compare( 0ydrocy ac4 Camphor4 +ecale4 !mmon carb4 !mbra.
"ose.66/incture to third potency. Cherry-laurel water, two to five drop doses.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
A Pho#phor"#:co!tai!i!; Comple< Or;a!ic Bod) prepared 4rom the )olk o4 e;; a!d
a!imal *rai!#
<ecithin is important in the vital processes of plant and animal organisms.
<ecithin has a favorable influence upon the nutritive condition and especially
upon the blood hence its use in anEmia and convalescence, neurasthenia and
insomnia. ,ncreasing the number of red corpuscles and amount of hemoglobin.
7xcellent galactagog, renders milk more nourishing and increases 5uantity.
Causes an immediate decrease in the excretion of the phosphates. .ental
exhaustion and impotency. /uberculosis, causing marked improvement in
nutrition and general improvement. /ired, weak, short breath, loss of flesh4
symptoms of general break-down. +exually weak.
!ind.669orgetful, dull, confused.
Head.66!ching, especially in occiput-pulsating and ringing in ears. #ain in
:ygoma4 face pale.
%tomach.66<oss of appetite, thirsty, craves wine and coffee4 bloated, sore pain in
stomach rising toward throat.
*rinary.66+canty, with phosphates, sugar or albumen.
+exual.66.ale power lost or enfeebled. !naphrodisia and ovarian insufficiency.
$)tremities.66+oreness, aching, lack of energy. /ired and weak.
Relationship.66Compare( #hosphor.
"ose.66One-half to ) grains of crude and potencies. /welfth potency.
!ffects especially the rheumatic diathesis, going through all the changes, from
functional pain to altered secretions and deposits of solid, earthy matter in the
tissues. /he <edum rheumatism begins in feet, and travels upward. ,t affects also
the skin, producing an eruption like #oison-oak, and is antidotal thereto, as well
as to stings of insects. /here is a general lack of animal heat, and yet heat of bed
is intolerable. 9or punctured wounds, produced by sharp-pointed instruments or
bites particularly if the wounded parts are cold, this is the remedy. /etanus with
twitching of muscles near wound.
Head.66Vertigo when walking, with tendency to fall to one side. 2istress when
head is covered. Cosebleed A.ellilot4 BryB.
$yes.66!ching in eyes. 7xtravasation of blood in lids, con1unctiva, a5ueous or
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
vitreous. Contused wounds. Cataract with gout.
&ace.66=ed pimples on forehead and cheeks4 stinging when touched. Crusty
eruption around nose and mouth.
!outh.662ry, retching with eructation. .usty taste with catarrhal affection.
Respiratory.66Burning in nose. Cough, with bloody expectoration. 2yspn-a4
chest feels constricted. +uffocative arrest of breathing. #ain along trachea.
Bronchitis with emphysema of aged. Oppressive constriction of chest. /ickling in
larynx4 spasmodic cough. 0Emoptysis, alternating with rheumatism. Chest
hurts when touched. $hooping-cough4 spasmodic, double inspiration with
Rectum.66!nal fissures. 0Emorrhoidal pain.
$)tremities.668outy pains shoot all through the foot and limb, and in 1oints, but
especially small 1oints. +wollen, hot, pale. /hrobbing in right shoulder. #ressure
in shoulder, worse motion. Cracking in 1oints4 worse, warmth of bed. 8outy
nodosities. Ball of great to swollen ABothropsB. =heumatism begins in lower limbs
and ascends A>almia oppositeB. !nkles swollen. +oles painful, can hardly step on
them A!nt c4 <ycB. 7asy spraining of ankle.
&e'er.66Coldness, want of animal heat. +ensation as of cold water over parts4
general coldness with heat of face.
%kin.66!cne on forehead, sticking pain therein. 7c:ema AfacialB. ,tching of feet
and ankles4 worse, scratching and warmth of bed. 7cchymosis. <ong
discoloration after in1uries. Carbuncles A!nthracin. /arant cubenB. !ntidote to
=hus poisoning A8rindel4 Cyprip4 !nacB.
!odalities.66Better, from cold, putting feet in cold water. $orse, at night, and
from heat of bed.
Relationship.66Compare( <edum antidotes spider poisons. =uta4 0am4 Bellis4
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
! catarrhal remedy. !cts especially upon the nostrils. Casal polypi4 swollen
turbinates. !trophic rhinitis. !sthma from nasal obstruction4 worse in wet
+ose.66#utrid smell4 loss of smell. Crusts and muco-purulent discharge very
abundant. #ost-nasal dropping. #ain like a string from nostrils to ear. =educes
nasal obstruction when it is an -dematous condition. 2ryness of naso-pharynx.
!outh.66#utrid taste on rising in the morning. 2ry pharynx and larynx.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Abdomen.662isposition to noisy diarrh-a.
!odalities.66$orse, in damp, rainy weather, especially heavy rains.
Relationship.66Compare( 2ulc Adamp surroundings and foggy weatherB. Calc4
/eucr4 Calend4 Cat sulph.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Bra?ilia! Cre##
!ffections of breast, heart, lancinating pains.
$ith heart symptoms, numbness and pain in left arm, sensation of sinking in pit
of stomach.
<eft side of head, face, chest, hip to knee, all have lancinating pain.
! streak of pain from the temple to the chin, as if the face were cut with a ra:or.
Burning in throat, roaring in ears. +ensation of a tight girdle around chest, as of a
knife piercing the heart. #ain in neck, back, and extremities. Compare( !rnica4
C"l9er+# Root
! liver remedy, with 1aundice and black, tarry stools. Bilious states. 7nfeebled
portal circulation. .alarial conditions.
Head.662ull frontal pain4 vertigo, drowsiness, and depression. +marting and
aching in eyes.
%tomach.66/ongue coated yellow. 8reat distress in stomach and intestines, with
desire for stool. !ching in region of liver extending to spine, which feels chilly.
+tool.66#rofuse black, fetid stools, with pain at umbilicus. Bleeding piles.
/yphoid stools turn black and look like tar. Clay colored stools with 1aundice.
#rolapse of rectum with hEmorrhoids. =ectal hEmorrhage.
Relationship.66Compare( #odop4 ,ris4 Bry4 .erc4 #tel4 .yrica.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Colic Root
! vascular stimulant. ,ncreases functional activity of the skin, mucous
Of use in dropsy due to liver and spleen diseases, also renal dropsy. 0ere the
suppressed urination is most favorably influenced. 8eneral anasarca due to heart
and kidney disease. 2iarrh-a with violent urging and pain in lower part of back.
Colic. <ocally, applied to ulcers and unhealthy wounds.
! prompt diuretic.
"ose.66% to ' drams of tincture of infusion.
.anifests powerful influence over the pelvic organs, and is adapted to many
reflex states dependent on some pathological condition of uterus and ovaries.
.ore often indicated in unmarried women. /he action of the heart is very
marked. #ain in small spots AOxal acB. =heumatic arthritis.
!ind.66/ormented about her salvation. Consolation aggravates. #rofound
depression of spirits. Constant inclination to weep. !nxious4 fears some organic
and incurable disease. 2isposed to curse, strike, think obscene things. !imless,
hurried manner4 must keep busy.
Head.660ot, dull, heavy. 9aint in warm room. $ild feeling in head.
$yes.660yperEsthesia of retina. #ain, extending back into head4 lachrymation4
and impaired vision. .yopic astigmia. *seful in restoring power to the
weakened ciliary muscle A!rg nitB.
%tomach.669latulent4 nausea, with sensation of lump in stomach. 0ungry4 longs
for meat. /hirsty, drinks often and much, and before severe symptoms.
Abdomen.66!bdomen sore, distended4 trembling sensation in abdomen.
#ressure downwards and backwards against rectum and anus4 worse, standing4
better, walking in open air. Bearing down in lower part of abdomen.
*rinary.669re5uent urging. *rine milky, scanty, hot.
+tool.66Constant desire to defecate, from pressure in rectum, worse standing.
#ressure down the anus. 7arly-morning urgent stool. 2ysentery4 mucus and
blood, with tenesmus, especially in plethoric and nervous women at change of
Heart.66+ensation as if heart were grasped in a vise ACactB. 9eels full to bursting.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
#ulsations over whole body. #alpitation4 irregular pulse4 very rapid. #ain in
cardiac region, with feeling of a load on chest. Cold feeling about heart.
+uffocating feeling in a crowded and warm room. !ngina pectoris with pain in
right arm.
&emale.66.enses early, scanty, dark, clotted, offensive4 flow only when moving
about. Bearing down sensation with urgent desire for stool, as though all organs
would escape. Ceases when resting A+ep4 <ac c4 BellB. Congestion of uterus,
prolapse, and anteversion. Constant desire to support parts externally. #ain in
ovaries and down thighs. !crid, brown leucorrh-a4 smarting in labia. +exual
instinct awakened. Bloated feeling in uterine region. +ub-involution. #ruritus
$)tremities.66Cannot walk on uneven ground. #ain in back and spine, with
trembling, but oftener in front of a pressing-down character. #ricking in fingers.
#ain in right arm and hip. <egs ache4 cannot keep them still. #ain in ankle 1oint.
Burning palms and soles.
%leep.66*nrefreshing, with disagreeable dreams. *nable to sleep, with wild
feeling in head.
&e'er.668reat heat and lassitude in afternoon, with throbbing throughout body.
!odalities.66$orse consolation, warm room. Better, fresh air.
Relationship.66Compare( Cact4 0elon4 .urex4 +ep4 #lat4 #allad.
Antidote( 0elon.
"ose.66/he middle and higher potencies seem to have done best. ,ts curative
action sometimes is slow in developing itself.
0IM&0& C1C0OP
<imulus was introduced by C. 0ering and partially proved by him and <ippe.
0ering was surprised to see the blood of the >ing-crab that he dissected, blue,
which on investigation, was found to contain copper as he had surmised and
which he thought would prove to be another medicine for Cholera. 9urther
provings are necessary to establish this, though symptoms so far observed make
this probable. 0ering@s fertile mind always lead him to pioneer paths into
practical therapeutics.
Bodily and mental exhaustion4 drowsiness after sea bathing. 8astro-enteric
symptoms. #ainful fullness of whole right side of body.
Head.66.ental depression. 2ifficult to remember names, confused with heat of
face, rush of blood to face, worse when meditating. #ain behind left eye-ball.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
+ose.669luent cory:a. +nee:ing worse drinking water. Constant nasal dropping.
#ressure above nose and behind eyes.
Abdomen.66Colic with heat. Cramp-like pain with watery stools. !bdomen hot
and constricted. #iles, constriction of anus.
Respiratory.660usky voice. 2yspn-a after drinking water. Oppression of chest.
$)tremities.66Crural neuralgia. +oles of feet ache, feel numb. #ain in right hip-
1oint. 0eels sore.
%kin.66,tching spots and vesicles on face and hands. Burning in palms.
Relationship.66Compare( !sterias4 0omarus4 Cuprum.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
Toad:4la<:!ap Dra;o!
!cts prominently within the domain of the pneumogastrics. 7ructations, nausea,
salivation, pressure on stomach. ;aundice, splenic and hepatic hypertrophy.
7nteric symptoms and great drowsiness very marked. Cardiac fainting. 7nuresis.
=ectal symptoms. /ongue rough, dry4 throat constricted. Coldness. Confusion in
head. ,rresistible sleepiness. +ymptoms worse walking in open air.
"ose.66/hird potency.
Commo! Fla<
/he application of <inseed poultice has produced in sensitive sub1ects severe
respiratory disturbances, as asthma, hives, etc. ,ts action in such cases is marked
by intense irritation. ,t has been found to contain small 5uantity of 0ydrocyanic
acid, which may account for this intensity. /he decoction is of service in
inflammation of the urinary passages, cystitis, strangury, etc. !lso in diseases of
the intestinal tract. ,t has a place in the treatment of asthma, hay-fever and
urticaria. /rismus and paralysis of the tongue.
Relationship.66Compare( <inum Catharticum-#urging flax 66A+imilar
respiratory symptoms, but also colic and diarrh-aB.
"ose.66<ower potencies.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Car*o!ate o4 0ithi"m
Chronic rheumatism connected with heart lesions and asthenopia offer a field for
this remedy. =heumatic nodes. *ric acid diathesis $hole body is sore. 8out and
Head.66/ension, as if bound4 better, sitting and going out. 7xternally sensitive.
0eadache ceases while eating. /rembling and throbbing. #ain in heart4 extends
to head. 2i::y states with ringing in ears. Both cheeks covered with dry, bran-
like scales.
$yes.660alf vision4 invisible right half. #hotophobia. #ain over eyes. 2ry lids.
7yes pain after reading.
%tomach.66!cidity, nausea, gnawing, relieved by eating A!nacardB. Cannot
endure slightest pressure of clothes A<achesB.
*rinary.66/enesmus. /urbid urine, with mucus and red deposit. #ain in region
of right kidney. 9ree and colorless. $hile urinating, pressure in heart. Cystitis,
subacute and chronic.
Respiratory.66Constriction of chest. Violent cough when lying down. !ir feels
cold when inspired. #ain in mammary glands, which extend into the arms and
Heart.66=heumatic soreness in cardiac region. +udden shock in heart.
/hrobbing, dull stitch in cardiac region. #ains in heart before menses, and
associated with pains in bladder, and before urinating4 better, after. /rembling
and fluttering in heart, extending to back.
*rinary.66+oreness of bladder4 pain in right kidney and ureter. /urbid urine
with mucus, scanty and dark, acrid4 sandy deposit.
$)tremities.66#aralytic stiffness all over. ,tching about 1oints. =heumatic pains
throughout shoulder-1oint, arm, and fingers and small 1oints generally. #ain in
hollow of foot, extending to knee. +welling and tenderness of finger and toe
1oints4 better, hot water. Codular swellings in 1oints. !nkles pain when walking.
%kin.66+cabby, tettery eruption on hands, head, and cheeks, preceded by red,
raw skin. 2ull stitch, ending in itching. Barber@s itch Ause highB. =ough rash all
over body, much loose epithelium, tough, dry, itchy skin.
!odalities.66$orse, in morning, right side. Better, rising and moving about.
Relationship.66Compare( <yc4 !mmon phos4 Ben: ac4 Calc4 <ithium chlor
Asymptoms of cinchonism, vi:. 2i::y head, full, bluring of vision =inging in
ears4 marked tremors4 general weakness4 marked muscular and general
prostration4 no gastro-intestinal effects. Cose sore, heartburn, pain in teethB.
<ithium lacticum Arheumatism of shoulder, and small 1oints relieved by moving
about4 worse, restingB. <ithium ben:oicum Adeep-seated pains in loins4 in small
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
of back4 uneasiness in bladder. Cystic irritation. 8allstones. 9re5uent desire.
2iminishing uric acid depositB. <ithium bromatum Acerebral congestion,
threatened apoplexy, insomnia and epilepsyB.
"ose.669irst to third trituration.
I!dia! To*acco
,s a vaso-motor stimulant4 increases the activity of all vegetative processes4
spends its force mainly upon the pneumogastric nerve, producing a depressed
relaxed condition with oppression of the chest and epigastrium, impeded
respiration, nausea and vomiting.
<anguor, relaxation of muscles, nausea, vomiting and dyspepsia are the general
indications that point to the use of this remedy, in asthma and gastric affections.
Best adapted to light complexioned fleshy people. Bad effects of drunkenness.
+uppressed discharges A+ulphB. 2iphtheria. Catarrhal 1aundice AChionanthB.
Head.66Vertigo, and fear of death. 8astric headache, with nausea, vomiting, and
great prostration4 worse, afternoon until midnight4 tobacco. 2ull, heavy pain.
&ace.66Bathed in cold sweat. +udden pallor.
$ars.662eafness due to suppressed discharges or ec:ema. +hooting pain from
!outh.66#rofuse flow of saliva4 acrid burning taste4 mercurial taste4 tenacious
mucus, tongue coated white.
%tomach.66!cidity, flatulence, shortness of breath after eating. 0eartburn with
profuse flow of saliva. 7xtreme nausea and vomiting. .orning sickness.
9aintness and weakness at epigastrium. #rofuse salivation, with good appetite.
#rofuse sweat and prostration. Cannot bear smell or taste of tobacco. !crid,
burning taste4 acidity, with contractive feeling in pit of stomach. 9latulence,
shortness of breath after eating. 0eartburn.
Respiratory.662yspn-a from constriction of chest4 worse, any exertion.
+ensation of pressure or weight in chest4 better by rapid walking. 9eels as if heart
would stop. !sthma4 attacks, with weakness, felt in pit of stomach and preceded
by prickling all over. Cramp, ringing cough, short breath, catching at throat.
+enile emphysema.
Back.66#ain in sacrum4 cannot bear slightest touch. +its leaning forward.
*rinary.662eep red color and copious red sediment.
%kin.66#rickling, itching with intense nausea.
!odalities.66$orse, tobacco, afternoon, slightest motion, cold, especially cold
washing. Better, by rapid walking4 Achest painB, toward evening, and from
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Antidote( ,pec.
Compare( /abac4 !rs4 /art e4 Verat4 =osa.
<obelia syphilitica or cerulea Agives a perfect picture of snee:ing influen:a,
involving the posterior nares, palate, and fauces. Very depressed. #ain in
forehead over eyes4 pain and gas in bowels, followed by copious watery stools
with tenesmus and soreness of anus. #ain in knees. #rickling in soles. 8reat
oppression in lower part of chest, as if air could not reach there. #ain in chest
under short ribs of left side. 2ry, hacking cough. Breathing difficult. 2ull, aching
pain over root of nose. 7ustachian catarrh. #ain in posterior part of spleenB.
<obelia erinus Amalignant growths, extremely rapid development4 colloid cancer
of the omentum4 cork-screw-like pains in abdomen4 great dryness of skin, nasal
and buccal mucous membranes4 distaste for brandy4 dry, ec:ematous patches
covering points of first fingers. .alignant disease of the face. 7pitheliomaB.
"ose.66/incture, to thirtieth potency. <ocally the tincture is antidotal to #oison-
oak. Often the !cetum <obelia acts better than any other preparation. <obelia
hypodermically acts clinically almost precisely as the antitoxin of diphtheria
does upon the infection and renders the system stronger to resist future
infections A9. 7llingwoodB.
P"rple 0o*elia
#rofound prostration of all the vital forces and of the nervous system4 respiratory
paralysis. Cervous prostration of influen:a. Coma. /ongue white and paraly:ed.
Head.66Confused and depressed. 0eadache with nausea, vertigo4 especially
between eyebrows. Cannot keep eyes open4 spasmodic closure of lids.
Chest.66+uperficial respiration4 heart and lungs feel paraly:ed4 respiration slow.
0eart beats sound to him like boom of a drum.
$yes.66,mpossible to keep open. 2rowsy.
Relationship.66Compare( Baptisa4 <obelia cardinalis Adebility, especially of
lower extremities4 oppressed breathing, pleurisy, sticking pain in chest on taking
a long breath. #ain in left lung, intermitting pricking during the dayB.
"ose.66/hird potency.
0as been made use of in cephalalgia, sciatica, paralysis. #rostration and
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Head.66!nxious and depressed, confused. Vertigo4 must close eyes. 0ead heavy.
Coises in ears.
%tomach.66Causea, vomiting. #ain in pit of stomach and abdomen. +evere
$)tremities.668ait unsteady. /rembling of all limbs. <oss of power in
extremities. Violent pain in calves, as if bound with cords. Cold extremities.
+pasmodic motions of arms and legs. Cannot write4 cannot hold a glass of water.
/rembling of hands in paralysis.
Relationship.66Compare( +ecale4 <athyr4 !strag.
"ose.66+ixth potency.
Convulsive symptoms. *rEmic convulsions. !lbuminuria. +yphilis.
Head.66Congestion of head and chest4 coma. Contraction of one pupil and
dilatation of the other. +opor, eyes half open red face.
$)tremities.66;erking of limbs. /rembling of whole body. Violent convulsions.
<imbs and head fall over as if paraly:ed. 7xtremities cold. Cold perspiration.
Relationship.66Compare( <onicera pericylmenum-0oneysuckle 66Airritability of
temper, with violent outburst ACrocusBB.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency.
0&P&0& H&M&0&
,s a good remedy in unstrung conditions of the nervous system attended with
nausea, di::iness, headache following a night@s debauch. ,nfantile 1aundice,
*rethral burning. 2rawing and twitching in almost every muscle. Cervous
tremors4 wakefulness and delirium of drunkards. 8iddiness and stupefaction.
+low pulse. #erspiration profuse, clammy, greasy.
Head.66.orbid vigilance. 0ighly excited. 2ull, heavy headache with di::iness.
2rawing and twitching in every muscle.
%leep.662rowsy during the day. +opor.
!ale.66#ainful erections. 7missions, depending on sexual weakness and after
organism. +permatorrh-a.
%kin.66+carlatina-like eruption on face. 9eels like insects crawling under skin4
feels chapped, skin peels.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Antidotes( Coffea4 Vinegar.
Compare( Cux4 *rtica4 Cannab.
"ose.66/incture, to third potency. <upulin %N trit ABest in seminal emissions.
<ocally in painful cancersB.
Cl"* Mo##
/his drug is inert until the spores are crushed. ,ts wonderful medicinal
properties are only disclosed by trituration and succussion.
,n nearly all cases where <ycopodium is the remedy, some evidence of urinary or
digestive disturbance will be found. Corresponds to 8rauvogle@s carbo-
nitrogenoid constitution, the non-eliminative lithEmic. <ycopodium is adapted
more especially to ailments gradually developing, functional power weakening,
with failures of the digestive powers, where the function of the liver is seriously
disturbed. !tony. .alnutrition. .ild temperaments of lymphatic constitution,
with catarrhal tendencies4 older persons, where the skin shows yellowish spots,
earthy complexion, uric acid diathesis, etc4 also precocious, weakly children.
+ymptoms characteristically run from right to left, acts especially on right side of
body, and are worse from about ' to & pm. ,n kidney affections, red sand in
urine, backache, in renal region4 worse before urination. ,ntolerant of cold drinks4
craves everything warm. Best adapted to persons intellectually keen, but of
weak, muscular power. 2eep-seated, progressive, chronic diseases. Carcinoma.
7maciation. 2ebility in morning. .arked regulating influence upon the
glandular AsebaceousB secretions. #re-senility. !scites, in liver disease. <ycop
patient is thin, withered, full of gas and dry. <acks vital heat4 has poor
circulation, cold extremities. #ains come and go suddenly. +ensitive to noise and
!ind.66.elancholy4 afraid to be alone. <ittle things annoy, 7xtremely sensitive.
!verse to undertaking new things. 0ead strong and haughty when sick. <oss of
self-confidence. 0urried when eating. Constant fear of breaking down under
stress. !pprehensive. $eak memory, confused thoughts4 spells or writes wrong
words and syllables. 9ailing brain-power A!nac4 #hos4 BarytB. Cannot bear to see
anything new. Cannot read what he writes. +adness in morning on awaking.
Head.66+hakes head without apparent cause. /wists face and mouth. #ressing
headache on vertex4 worse from ' to & pm, and from lying down or stooping, if
not eating regularly ACactB. /hrobbing headache after every paroxysm of
coughing. 0eadaches over eyes in severe colds4 better, uncovering A+ulphB.
Vertigo in morning on rising. #ain in temples, as if they were screwed toward
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
each other. /earing pain in occiput4 better, fresh air. 8reat falling out of hair.
7c:ema4 moist oo:ing behind ears. 2eep furrows on forehead. #remature
baldness and gray hair.
$yes.66+tyes on lids near internal canthus. 2ay-blindness ABothropsB. Cight-
blindness more characteristic. +ees only one-half of an ob1ect. *lceration and
redness of lids. 7yes half open during sleep.
$ars.66/hick, yellow, offensive discharge. 7c:ema about and behind ears.
Otorrh-a and deafness with or without tinnitus4 after scarlatina. 0umming and
roaring with hardness of hearing4 every noise causes peculiar echo in ear.
+ose.66+ense of smell very acute. 9eeling of dryness posteriorly. +canty
excoriating, discharge anteriorly. *lcerated nostrils. Crusts and elastic plugs A>al
b4 /eucB. 9luent cory:a. Cose stopped up. +nuffles4 child starts from sleep
rubbing nose. 9an-like motion of aloe nasi A>ali brom4 #hosB.
&ace.668rayish-yellow color of face, with blue circles around eyes. $ithered,
shriveled, and emaciated4 copper-colored eruption. 2ropping of lower 1aw, in
typhoid fever A<ach4 OpiumB. ,tching4 scaly herpes in face and corner of mouth.
!outh.66/eeth excessively painful to touch. /oothache, with swelling of cheeks4
relieved by warm application. 2ryness of mouth and tongue, without thirst.
/ongue dry, black, cracked, swollen4 oscillates to and fro. .outh waters. Blisters
on tongue. Bad odor from mouth.
Throat.662ryness of throat, without thirst. 9ood and drink regurgitates through
nose. ,nflammation of throat, with stitches on swallowing4 better, warm drinks.
+welling and suppuration of tonsils. *lceration of tonsils, beginning on right
side. 2iphtheria4 deposits spread from right to left4 worse, cold drinks.
*lceration of vocal bands. /ubercular laryngitis, especially when ulceration
%tomach.662yspepsia due to farinaceous and fermentable food, cabbage, beans,
etc. 7xcessive hunger. !version to bread, etc. 2esire for sweet things. 9ood tastes
sour. +our eructations. 8reat weakness of digestion. Bulimia, with much
bloating. !fter eating, pressure in stomach, with bitter taste in mouth. 7ating
ever so little creates fullness. Cannot eat oysters. =olling of flatulence AChin4
CarbB. $akes at night feeling hungry. 0iccough. ,ncomplete burning eructations
rise only to pharynx there burn for hours. <ikes to take food and drink hot.
+inking sensation4 worse night.
Abdomen.66,mmediately after a light meal, abdomen is bloated, full. Constant
sense of fermentation in abdomen, like yeast working4 upper left side. 0ernia,
right side. <iver sensitive. Brown spots on abdomen. 2ropsy, due to hepatic
disease. 0epatitis, atrophic from of nutmeg liver. #ain shooting across lower
abdomen from right to left.
+tool.662iarrh-a. ,nactive intestinal canal. ,neffectual urging. +tool hard,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
difficult, small, incomplete. 0Emorrhoids4 very painful to touch, aching A.ur
*rinary.66#ain in back before urinating4 ceases after flow4 slow in coming, must
strain. =etention. #olyuria during the night. 0eavy red sediment. Child cries
before urinating ABorB.
!ale.66Co erectile power4 impotence. #remature emission ACalad4 +el4 !gnB.
7nlarge prostate. Condylomata.
&emale.66.enses too late4 last too long, too profuse. Vagina dry. Coition painful.
=ight ovarian pain. Varicose veins of pudenda. <eucorrh-a, acrid, with burning
in vagina. 2ischarge of blood from genitals during stool.
Respiratory.66/ickling cough. 2yspn-a. /ensive, constrictive, burning pain in
chest. Cough worse going down hill. Cough deep, hollow. 7xpectorations gray,
thick, bloody, purulent, salty A!rs4 #hos4 #ulsB. Cight cough, tickling as from
+ulphur fumes. Catarrh of the chest in infants, seems full of mucus rattling.
Ceglected pneumonia, with great dyspn-a, flaying of alE nasE and presence of
mucous rales.
Heart.66!neurism ABaryta carbB. !ortic disease. #alpitation at night. Cannot lie
on left side.
Back.66Burning between scapulE as of hot coals. #ain in small of back.
$)tremities.66Cumbness, also drawing and tearing in limbs, especially while at
rest or at night. 0eaviness of arms. /earing in shoulder and elbow 1oints. One
foot hot, the other cold. Chronic gout, with chalky deposits in 1oints. #rofuse
sweat of the feet. #ain in heel on treading as from a pebble. #ainful callosities on
soles4 toes and fingers contracted. +ciatica, worse right side. Cannot lie on painful
side. 0ands and feet numb. =ight foot hot, left cold. Cramps in calves and toes at
night in bed. <imbs go to sleep. /witching and 1erking.
&e'er.66Chill between D and ' pm, followed by sweat. ,cy coldness. 9eels as if
lying on ice. One chill is followed by another ACalc4 +il4 0epB.
%leep.662rowsy during day. +tarting in sleep. 2reams of accidents.
%kin.66*lcerates. !bscesses beneath skin4 worse warm applications. 0ives4
worse, warmth. Violent itching4 fissured eruptions. !cne. Chronic ec:ema
associated with urinary, gastric and hepatic disorders4 bleeds easily. +kin
becomes thick and indurated. Varicose veins, nEvi, erectile tumors. Brown spots,
freckles worse on left side of face and nose. 2ry, shrunken, especially palms4 hair
becomes prematurely gray. 2ropsies. Offensive secretions4 viscid and offensive
perspiration, especially of feet and axilla. #soriasis.
!odalities.66$orse, right side, from right to left, from above downward, ' to &
pm4 from heat or warm room, hot air, bed. $arm applications, except throat and
stomach which are better from warm drinks. Better, by motion, after midnight,
from warm food and drink, on getting cold, from being uncovered.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Complementary( <ycop acts with special benefit after Calcar and
+ulphur. ,od4 8raphites, <ach4 Chelidon.
Antidotes( Camph4 #uls4 Caust.
Compare( Carbo-Citrogenoid Constitution +ulphur4 =hus4 *rtica4 .ercur4
0epar. !lumina A<ycop is the only vegetable that takes up aluminum. /. 9.
!llenB !nt c4 Cat m4 7ry4 Cux4 Bothrops Aday-blindness4 can scarcely see after
sunrise4 pain in right great toeB. #lumbago littoralis-! Bra:ilian plant66ACostive
with red urine, pain in kidneys and 1oints and body generally4 milky saliva,
ulcerated mouthB. 0ydrast follows <ycop in indigestion.
"ose.66Both the lower and the highest potencies are credited with excellent
result. 9or purposes of aiding elimination the second and third attenuation of the
/incture, a few drops, D times a day, have proved efficacious, otherwise the Hth
to )IIth potency, and higher, in not too fre5uent doses.
ola!"m l)coper#ic"m
.arked symptoms of rheumatism and influen:a. +evere aching pains all over
body. #ains left after influen:a. 0ead always shows signs of acute congestion.
0ay-fever, with marked aggravation from breathing the least dust. 9re5uent
urination and profuse watery diarrh-a.
Head.66Bursting pain, beginning in occiput and spreading all over. $hole head
and scalp feels sore, bruised, after pain has ceased.
$yes.662ull, heavy4 pupils contracted4 eyeballs feel contracted4 aching in and
around eyes. 7yes suffused.
+ose.66#rofuse, watery cory:a4 drops down throat. ,tching in anterior chamber4
worse, breathing any dust4 better, indoors.
Heart.662ecided decrease in pulse rate with anxiety and apprehensiveness.
Respiratory.66Voice husky. #ain in chest, extending to head. 0oarseness4
constant desire to clear throat. 7xpulsive cough, deep and harsh. Chest
oppressed4 dry, hacking cough coming on at night and keeping one awake.
*rinary.66Constant dribbling in open air. .ust rise at night to urinate.
$)tremities.66!ching through back. 2ull pain in lumbar region. +harp pain in
right deltoid and pectoralis muscles. #ain deep in middle of right arm.
=heumatic pain in right elbow and wrist, and hands of both sides. ,ntense aching
in lower limbs. =ight crural neuralgia. /ingling along right ulnar nerve.
!odalities.66$orse, right side, open air, continued motion, 1ars, noises. Better,
warm room, tobacco.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Relationship.66Compare( Bellad Afollows wellB4 7up perf4 =hus4 +anguin4 Caps.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
<ower the blood pressure, reduces the rate of the heart and increases the length
of systole to a great degree. #assive hEmorrhages A!drenaline HxB.
! heart remedy, and of use in exophthalmic goitre and hEmorrhoidal bleeding.
,ndicated in diseases with tumultuous action of the heart and more or less pain.
0Emoptysis due to valvular heart disease. Beneficial in toxic goitre used in the
pre-operative stage dose, J drops of tincture ABeebeB.
Head.669rontal headache4 worse, frontal eminences4 often succeeded by labored
heart. Cosebleed.
$yes.66#rotrusion, pressing, outward, with tumultuous action of heart.
+upraorbital pain, with aching in testicles.
!outh.66/oothache in lower molars.
Heart.66=apid heart action of smokers. #rEcordial pain4 constriction, tenderness,
pulse, weak, irregular, intermittent, tremulous, rapid. Cyanosis. 0eart@s action
tumultuous and forcible. #alpitation from nervous irritation, with oppression
around heart. =heumatoid, flying pains, associated with heart disease. Cardiac
asthma A+umbulB.
Respiratory.66$hee:ing. Cough, with hEmoptysis, bleeding small but fre5uent.
*rinary.66#rofuse flow of limpid, watery urine, especially when the heart is
most irritable4 also scanty urine. Bladder feels distended when empty. 2iabetes.
#ain in testicles.
Rectum.66Bleeding from rectum. 0Emorrhoids.
%leep.66$akefulness and morbid vigilance with inordinately active, but weak
Relationship.66Compare( 7phedra-/eamsters /ea66Ain exophthalmic goitre4
eyes feel pushed out with tumultuous action of heartB4 9ucus4 +partein4
CratEgus. !drenaline Hx.
"ose.669irst to thirtieth potency.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
ali9a o4 Ra*id Do;
!ffects principally the nervous system4 aching in bones. Complaints from
abnormal sexual desire. Convulsions brought on by da::ling light or sight of
running water.
Head.66<yssophobia4 fear of becoming mad. 7motion and bad news aggravate4
also, thinking of fluids. 0ypersensitiveness of all senses. Chronic headache.
Boring pain in forehead.
!outh.66Constant spitting4 saliva tough, viscid. +ore throat4 constant desire to
swallow, which is difficult4 gagging when swallowing water. 9roths at mouth.
!ale.66<ascivious4 priapism, with fre5uent emissions. Co emission during
coition. !trophy of testicles. Complaints from abnormal sexual desire.
&emale.66*terine sensitiveness4 conscious of womb A0elonB. 9eels prolapsed.
Vagina sensitive, rendering coition painful ABerberisB. *terine displacements.
Respiratory.66Voice altered in tone. Breathing held for a time. +pasmodic
contraction of respiratory muscles.
+tool.662esire for stool on hearing or seeing running water. #rofuse, watery
stools, with pain in bowels4 worse, evening. Constant desire to urinate on seeing
running water.
!odalities.66$orse, sight or sound of running water or pouring water, or even
thinking of fluids4 da::ling or reflected light4 heat of sun4 stooping.
Relationship.66Compare( Nanthium spinosum-Cockle66Asaid to be specific for
hydrophobia and is recommended for chronic cystitis in womenB. Canth4 Bell4
+tram4 <ach4 Cat mur.
"ose.66/hirtieth potency.
Car*o!ate o4 Ma;!e#ia
8astro-intestinal catarrh, with marked acidity. Often used with advantage for
complains arising in people who have been taking this drug to sweeten the
stomach. ,s fre5uently indicated in children4 whole body smells sour, and
disposed to boils. Broken-down, 3worn-out3 women, with uterine and climacteric
disorders. $ith numbness and distension in various, parts and nerve prostration.
+ensitive to the least start, noise, touch, etc. !ffection of the antrum of 0ighmore.
7ffects of shock, blows, mental distress. +ense of numbness4 nerve prostration4
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
tendency to constipation after nervous strain4 sensitive to least touch, it causes
starting, or cold winds or weather or from excess of care and worry with
constipation and heaviness. ,ntense neuralgic pains.
Head.66+ticking pain in the side of the head on which he lies, as if the hair was
pulled4 worse, mental exertion. ,tching of scalp worse in damp weather. #ain
above margin of right orbit. Blank motes before eyes.
$ars.662iminished hearing. 2eafness4 comes suddenly and varies. Cumbness of
outer ear. 9eeling of distention of middle ear. +ubdued tinnitus.
&ace.66/earing pain in one side4 worse4 5uiet4 must move about. /oothache,
especially during pregnancy4 worse at night4 worse, cold and 5uiet. /eeth feel too
long. !ilments from cutting wisdom teeth ACheiranthusB. #ain in malar bone,
worse during rest, night. +welling of malar bone with pulsating pain, worse
exposure to cold wind.
!outh.662ry at night. +our taste. Vesicular eruption4 bloody saliva. +ticking
pain in throat4 hawking up fetid, pea-colored particles.
%tomach.662esire for fruit, acids, and vegetables. 7ructations sour, and vomiting
of bitter water. Craving for meat.
Abdomen.66=umbling, gurgling. 2ragging towards pelvis. Very heavy4
contractive, pinching, pain in right illiac region.
+tool.66#receded by griping, colicky pain. 8reen, watery, frothy, like a frog-
pond@s scum. Bloody mucous stools. .ilk passes undigested in nursing children.
+our, with tenesmus A=heumB. Constipation after mental shock or severe nervous
&emale.66+ore throat before menses appear. Before menses, cory:a and nasal
stoppage. .enses too late and scanty, thick, dark, like pitch4 mucous leucorrh-a.
.enses flow only in sleep4 more profuse at night A!mm mB, or when lying down4
cease when walking.
Respiratory.66/icking cough, with salty, bloody expectoration. Constrictive
pains in chest, with dyspn-a. +oreness in chest during motion.
$)tremities.66/earing in shoulders as if dislocated. =ight shoulder painful,
cannot raise it A+angB. $hole body feels tired and painful, especially legs and
feet. +welling in bend of knee.
%kin.667arthy, sallow and parchment-like4 emaciation. ,tching vesicles on hands
and fingers. Codosities under skin. +ore4 sensitive to cold.
&e'er.66Chilly in evening. 9ever at night. +our, greasy perspiration.
%leep.66*nrefreshing4 more tired on rising than on retiring.
!odalities.66$orse, warmth of bed4 change of temperature4 cold wind or
weather4 every three weeks4 rest. Better, warm air4 walking in open air.
Relationship.66Antidotes( !rs4 .erc.
Complementary( Cham.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Compare( =heum4 >reos4 !loes4 Cheiranthus-$all flower 66Adeafness, otorrh-a,
nose stopped up at night from irritation of cutting wisdom-teethB.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
M"riate o4 Ma;!e#ia
! liver remedy with pronounced characteristic constipation. Chronic liver
affections with tenderness and pain, extending to spine and epigastrium, worse
after food. 7specially adapted to diseases of women, with a long history of
indigestion and uterine disease4 children who cannot digest milk. 7vil effects of
sea bathing.
Head.66+ensitive to noise4 bursting headache4 worse, motion, open air4 better,
pressure, and wrapping up warmly A+il4 +trontB. .uch sweating of head ACalc,
+ilB. 9acial neuralgia pains, dull, aching, worse damp weather, slightest draft,
better pressure heat.
+ose.66Costrils ulcerated, Cory:a. Cose stopped and fluent. <oss of smell and
taste, following catarrh. Cannot lie down. .ust breathe through mouth.
!outh.66Blisters on lips. 8ums swollen, bleed easily. /ongue feels burnt and
scalded. /hroat dry, with hoarseness.
%tomach.66!ppetite poor, had taste in mouth. 7ructations like rotten eggs.
Continued rising of while froth into mouth Cannot digest milk. *rine can be
passed only by pressing abdominal muscles.
Abdomen.66#ressing pain in liver4 worse lying on right side. <iver enlarged with
bloating of abdomen4 yellow tongue. Congenital scrotal hernia. .ust use
abdominal muscles to enable him to urinate.
*rinary.66*rine difficult to void. Bladder can only be emptied by straining and
Bowels.66Constipation of infants during dentition4 only passing small 5uantity4
stools knotty, like sheep@s dung, crumbling at verge of anus. #ainful smarting
&emale.66.enses black, clotted. #ain in back and thighs. .etrorrhagia4 worse at
night. 8reat excitement at every period. <eucorrh-a with every stool and after
exercise. /inea ciliaris, eruptions in face and forehead worse before menses.
Heart.66#alpitation and cardiac pain while sitting4 better by moving about
A8elsB. 9unctional cardiac affections with liver enlargement.
=espiration.66+pasmodic dry cough4 worse forepart of night, with burning and
sore chest.
$)tremities.66#ain in back and hips4 in arms and legs. !rms 38o to sleep3 when
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
waking in morning.
%leep.66+leep during day4 restless at night on account of heat and shock anxious
!odalities.66$orse, immediately after eating, lying on right side from sea
bathing. Better, from pressure, motion open air, except headache.
Relationship.66Antidotes( Camph4 Cham.
Compare( Cat m4 #uls4 +ep4 !mm m4 Casturtium e5uaticum -$ater-cress66
Auseful in scorbutic affections and constipation, related to strictures of urinary
apparatus4 supposed to be aphrodisiacal in its action. ,s also antidotal to tobacco
narcosis and sedative in neurotic affections, neurasthenia, hysteria. Cirrhosis of
liver and dropsyB.
"ose.66J drops of tincture. /hird to )IIth potency.
=heumatism and cardiac lesions are prominent features in toe symptomatology
of this drug. +tiffness and soreness. !lternating pains between spleen and heart.
#atient tired and stiff. +oreness when 5uiet. 7rratic shifting of pains.
Heart.66Oppression of chest with inability to expand the lungs. 9eeling of a large
bolus of food which distressed the stomach. +uffocated feeling when walking
fast or lying on left side. 2yspn-a. Crampy pain in heart. !ngina pectoris.
7ndocarditis and pericarditis. /endency to faint. +ensation as if heart had
stopped beating. #ains around heart accompanied by itching of the feet.
$)tremities.66+tiffness and sharp erratic pains4 worse in 1oints. 9eet itch.
Cumbness in left arm. =heumatic pain in clavicles. +hooting in all limbs.
!odalities.66$orse, damp air, lying on left side4 in morning on first rising.
Better, dry weather, motion4 intermenstrual flow A0am4 Bovista4 Bell4 7lapsB.
Relationship.66Compare( =hus4 2ulcam4 !urum
"ose.66/hird potency.
Pho#phate o4 Ma;!e#ia
/he great anti-spasmodic remedy. Cramping of muscles with radiating pains.
Ceuralgic pains relieved by warmth. 7specially suited to tired, languid,
exhausted sub1ects. ,ndisposition for mental exertion. 8oitre.
!ind.66<aments all the time about the pain. ,nability to think clearly. +leepless
on account of indigestion.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Head.66Vertigo on moving, falls forward on closing eyes, better walking in open
air. !ches after mental labor, with chilliness4 always better warmth A+ilB.
+ensation as if contents were li5uid, as if parts of brain were changing places, as
of a cap on head.
$yes.66+upraorbital pains4 worse, right side4 relieved by warmth applied
externally. ,ncreased lachrymation. /witching of lids. Cystagmus strabismus,
ptosis. 7yes hot, tired, vision blurred, colored lights before eyes.
$ars.66+evere neuralgic pain4 worse behind right ear4 worse, by going into cold
air, and washing face and neck with cold water.
!outh.66/oothache4 better by heat and hot li5uids. *lceration of teeth, with
swelling of glands of face, throat and neck and swelling of tongue. Complaints of
teething children. +pasms without febrile symptoms.
Throat.66+oreness and stiffness, especially right side4 parts seem puffy, with
chilliness, and aching all over.
%tomach.66 0iccough, with retching day and night. /hirst for very cold drinks.
Abdomen.667nteralgia, relieved by pressure. 9latulent colic, forcing patient to
bend double4 relieved by rubbing, warmth, pressure4 accompanied with belching
of gas, which gives no relief. Bloated, full sensation in abdomen4 must loosen
clothing, walk about and constantly pass flatus. Constipation in rheumatic
sub1ects due to flatulence and indigestion.
&emale.66.enstrual colic. .embranous dysmenorrh-a. .enses too early, dark,
stringy. +welling of external parts. Ovarian neuralgia. Vaginismus.
Respiratory.66!sthmatic oppression of chest. 2ry, tickling cough. +pasmodic
cough, with difficulty in lying down. $hooping-cough ACorallB. Voice hoarse,
larynx sore and raw. ,ntercostal neuralgia.
Heart.66!ngina pectoris. Cervous spasmodic palpitation. Constricting pains
around heart.
&e'er.66Chilliness after dinner, in evening. Chills run up and down the back,
with shivering, followed by a suffocating sensation.
$)tremities.66,nvoluntary shaking of hands. #aralysis agitans. Cramps in calves.
+ciatica4 feet very tender. 2arting pains. /witchings. Chorea. $riters@ and
players@ cramp. /etanic spasms. $eakness in arms and hands, finger-tips stiff
and numb. 8eneral muscular weakness.
!odalities.66$orse, right side, cold, touch, night. Better, warmth, bending
double, pressure, friction.
Relationship.66Compare( >ali phos4 Colocy4 +ilica4 Linc4 2iosc.
Antidotes( Bell4 8els4 <ach.
"ose.669irst to twelfth potency. +ometimes the highest potencies are preferable.
!cts especially well, given in hot water.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Ep#om alt
/he skin, urinary, and female symptoms are most marked. /he purgative action
of +ulphate of .agnesia is not a 5uality of the drug, but a 5uality of its physical
state, which renders its absorption impossible. /he properties inherent in the
substance itself can only be discovered by attenuation A#ercy $ildeB.
Head.66!pprehensive4 vertigo4 head heavy during menses. 7yes burn, noises in
%tomach.669re5uent eructations, tasting like bad eggs. =ising of water in mouth.
*rinary.66+titches and burning in the orifice of the urethra after urinating.
+tream intermits and dribbles. /he urine passed in the morning copious, bright
yellow, soon becomes turbid, and deposits a copious red sediment. /he urine is
greenish as passed4 is of a clear color, and in a large 5uantity. 2iabetes A#hos ac4
<act ac4 !rs bromB.
&emale.66/hick leucorrh-a, as profuse as the menses, with weary pain in the
small of the back and thighs, on moving about. +ome blood from the vagina
between the menses. .enstruation returned after fourteen days4 the discharge
was thick, black, and profuse. .enses too early, intermit.
Ceck and Back.66Bruised and ulcerative pain between the shoulders, with a
feeling as of a lump as large as the first, on which account she could not lie upon
her back or side4 relieved by rubbing. Violent pain in the small of the back, as if
bruised, and as before menstruation.
$)tremities.66/he left arm and foot fall asleep in bed, in the morning after
%kin.66+mall pimples over the whole body, that itch violently. +uppressed itch
A+ulphB. Crawling in the tips of the fingers of the left hand4 better on rubbing.
$arts. 7rysipelas Aapplied locally as a saturated solutionB. 2ropsy Aphysiological
&e'er.66Chill from ( to %I am. +huddering in back4 heat in one part and chill in
Relationship.66,t is claimed that the addition of a small amount of .agnes.
+ulph to the usual hypodermic of .orphine increases the value of the
hypodermic from JI to %II M.
#hysiologic 2osage.66.agnes. +ulph is of diagnostic and therapeutic value in
8allstone colic. 9rom ) to ' teaspoonfuls in glass hot water taken at onset of a
colicky attack may abort or stop the colic.
7psom salt is one of the most active saline cathertics, operating with little pain or
nausea, especially if pure. ,t has but little if any effect on intestinal peristalsis, its
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
action causing a rush of fluid into the intestine, which by producing a distention
of the bowel produces evacuation. ,t causes little or no irritation in the intestine.
,n common with the other salines, it is the classical evacuant to be employed in
connection with mercurials and anthelmintics and in cases of poisoning. 7psom
salt usually acts within from one to two hours, more 5uickly if taken in hot water
and in the morning before breakfast. /he ordinary dose as a mild laxative is a
heaping teaspoonful4 as a cathartic, two to four teaspoonfuls. /he taste may be
improved, if necessary, by the addition of a little lemon 1uice and sugar.
Besides its chief use as a saline cathartic, magnesium sulphate is used to a
considerable extent externally in saturated solution as an antiphlogistic and
antipruritic in erysipelas, ivy poisoning, cellulitis and other local inflammations.
*se on compresses saturated with solution.
"ose.66/he pure salt to the third potency. <ocally %' in water in septic
conditions, erysipelas, orchitis, boils, etc.
$rea#e i! Hor#e#
! very effectual protection against smallpox. ,ll effects of vaccination A/hu1a4
+ilicaB. 7fficacious in clearing of the remnants of cancerous deposits ACopperB.
%kin.66+cab on upper lip, with stinging pain when torn off. !ching in forehead.
2ry, scaly4 itching4 rhagades of hands and feet in cold weather and from
washing. /oes feel scalded and itch terribly. Bone-like protuberances.
"ose.66/hirtieth potency and highest.
Ma!;a!eel Apple
+kin symptoms most marked. 2ermatitis, with excessive vesiculation, oo:ing of
sticky serum and formation of crusts. /o be remembered in mental depressed
states at puberty and at climacteric, with exalted sexuality A0eringB. <oss of
vision. #ain in the thumb.
!ind.66+ilent mood, sadness. $andering thoughts. +udden vanishing of
thought. Bashful. 9ear of becoming insane.
Head.66Vertigo4 head feels lights, empty. +calp itches. 0air falls out after acute
+ose.66,llusions of smell4 of gunpowder, dung, etc. #ressure at root of nose.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!outh.669eels peppery. Copious, offensive saliva. /aste of blood. Burning of
fauces. 2ysphagia from constriction of throat and -sophagus.
%tomach.66Continual choking sensation rising from stomach. Vomiting of
ingesta, followed by gripping and copious stools. Burning pains and black vomit.
$)tremities.66,cy coldness of hands and feet. #ain in thumb.
%kin.66,ntense erythema. Vesicles. 9ungoid growths. 7rysipelas. <arge blisters,
as from scalds. 0eavy, brown crusts and scabs. #emphigus.
Relationship.66Compare( Croton4 ;atropha4 Canth4 !nacard.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency.
Ma!;a!e#e Acetate
.anganum causes anEmia with destruction of the red corpuscles. ;aundice,
nephritis with albuminuria. 9atty degeneration of liver. #aralysis agitans.
Cellulitis, subacute stage, promotes suppuration and hastens regeneration.
+ymptoms of chronic poisoning, according to #rofessor yon ;aksch, were
involuntary laughter and involuntary weeping and walking backwards. +trongly
exaggerated reflexes and physical disturbances, evidenced by men making fun of
each other@s gait. #araplegia progressive4 wasting, feeble and staggering gait.
,nflammation of bones or 1oints, with nightly digging pains !sthmatic persons
who cannot lie on a feather pillow. +yphilitic and chlorotic patients with general
anEmia and paralytic symptoms often are benefited by this drug. 8out. Chronic
arthritis. 9or speakers and singers. 8reat accumulation of mucus. 8rowing pains
and weak ankles. 8eneral soreness and aching4 every part of the body feels sore
when touched4 early tuberculosis.
Head.66!nxiety and fear4 better lying down. 9eels large and heavy, with rush of
blood4 pain from above downward. 9ield of vision contracted. +tolidy mask-like
!outh.66Codes on palate. /oothache4 worse, anything cold ACoff oppositeB.
0emming all the time. <ow, monotonous voice.
+ose.662ry, obstructed. Chronic catarrh, with bleeding, dryness4 worse in cold
damp weather.
$ars.669eel stopped4 cracking on blowing nose. #ain from other parts extends to
ears. 2eafness in damp weather. $histling tinnitus.
!limentary Canal.66/ongue sore and irritable with ulcers or warts. 9latulence4
chronic enlargement of liver.
Respiratory.66Chronic hoarseness. <arynx dry, rough, constricted. /uberculosis
of larynx. Cough4 worse evening, and better lying down and worse in damp
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
weather. .ucus difficult to loosen. +titches in larynx extending to ear. 0eat in
chest. 0Emoptysis. 7very cold rouses up a bronchitis A2ulcB.
&emale.662erangements of menstruation, amenorrh-a4 menses too early and
scanty, in anEmic sub1ects. 9lushes of heat at climacteric.
$)tremities.66.uscular twitching. Cramps in calves. +tiffness in muscles of legs.
,nflammation of bones and 1oints with insupportable nightly digging pains.
7very part of body feels sore when touched. Cannot walk backwards without
falling. /ending to fall forward. $alks stooping forward. <egs feel numb.
$ilson@s disease. #aralysis agitans. #eculiar slapping gait, walks on metacarpo-
phalangeal 1oint4 walks backwards. !nkles painful. Bones very sensitive. +hiny
red swelling of 1oints. >nees pain and itch. =heumatism of feet. ,ntolerable pain
in skin of lower limbs. Burning spots about 1oints. #eriosteal inflammation.
+uppuration of skin around 1oints.
%leep.66<anguor and sleepiness. Vivid dreams. +leepy very early in evening.
%kin.66+uppuration of skin around 1oints. =ed, elevated spots. ,tching4 better,
scratching. 2eep cracks in bends of elbows, etc. #soriasis and pityriasis. Burning
around ulcers. Chronic ec:ema associated with amenorrh-a, worse at menstrual
period or at menopause.
!odalities.66$orse, cold wet weather, change of weather. Better, lying down
Relationship.66Compare( Colloidal .anganese ABoils and other staphylococcal
infectionsB4 .angan mur Apainful ankles, bone-painsB4 .angan oxydat Apain in
tibia, dysmenorrh-a, colic, and diarrh-a. 7asily fatigued and heated4 sleepy.
+tolid, mask-like facies4 low monotonous voice 37conomical +peech3. .uscular
twitching, cramps in calves4 stiff leg muscles4 occasional uncontrollable laughter.
#eculiar slapping gait. +imilar symptoms to paralysis agitans, progressive
lenticular degenerations and pseudo sclerosis. $orkers in .angan binoxide are
fre5uently affected with bulbar paralysis. *se Dx homeopathicallyB. .angan
sulph Aliver affections, excess of bile4 a powerful intestinal stimulantB4 !rgent4
=hus4 +ulph.
Antidotes( Coff4 .erc.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
Ma!;o Tree
One of the best general remedies for passive hEmorrhages, uterine, renal, gastric,
pulmonary and intestinal. =hinitis, snee:ing, pharyngitis, and other acute throat
troubles, suffocative sensation as if throat would close. =elaxation of mucous
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
membrane of alimentary canal. Catarrhal and serous discharges, chronic
intestinal irritation. Varicose veins. 2rowsiness. !tomic conditions, poor
circulation, relaxed muscles.
%kin.66,tching of palms. +kin as if sunburned, swollen. $hite spots, intense
itching. <obes of ears and lips swollen.
Relationship.66Compare( 7rigeron4 7pilobium.
$o!orrhKal ,ir"#
! powerful and deep-acting medicine, often indicated for chronic ailments due
to suppressed gonorrh-a. 9or women with chronic pelvic disorders. Chronic
rheumatism. 8reat disturbance and irritability of nervous system. #ains
intolerable4 tensive4 nerves 5uiver and tingle. Children dwarfed and stunted.
Chronic catarrhal conditions in children. Cose dirty, tonsils enlarged, thick
yellow mucus from nostrils4 lips thickened from mouth breathing. +tate of
collapse and trembling all over. 0istory of sycosis. Often restores a gonorrh-al
discharge. ,ntensity of all sensations. Fdema of limbs4 dropsy of serous sacs.
2isseminated sclerosis.
!ind.66$eak memory. <oses the thread of conversation. Cannot speak without
weeping. /ime passes too slowly ACannab ind4 !rg nB. ,s in a great hurry.
0opeless of recovery. 2ifficult concentration. 9ears going insane A.ancinellaB.
+ensibility exalted. Cervous, restless. 9ear in the dark and of some one behind
her. .elancholy, with suicidal thoughts.
Head.66Burning pain in brain4 worse, occiput. 0ead heavy and drawn
backward. 0eadache from 1arring of cars, exhaustion, or hard work. $eight and
pressure in vertex. 0air dry, crispy. ,tching of scalp4 dandruff.
$yes.669eels as if she stared at everything. 7yeballs ache. 9eels as if sticks in
eyes. <ids irritated.
$ars.66#artial deafness, pulsation in ears. Guick, darting pains in right ear.
+ose.66,ntense itching. Coldness of tip. #osterior nares obstructed. Chronic nasal
and pharyngeal catarrhs.
&ace.66#allor, acne, blotches of reddish color. +mall boils break out during
!outh.66/ongue coated brown and thick, blistered4 canker sores. Blisters on
inner surface of lips and cheeks.
%tomach.66Coppery taste and eructations of sulphuretted hydrogen. =avenous
hunger soon after eating. Very thirsty. Cravings for li5uor, salt, sweets, etc, warm
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
drinks. #ernicious vomiting of pregnancy.
Abdomen.66Violent pain in liver and spleen. =ests more comfortably lying on
+tool.66Can pass stool only by leaning very far back. #ainful lump sensation on
posterior surface of sphincter. Oo:ing of fetid moisture. ,ntense itching of anus.
*rinary.66#ainful tenesmus when urinating. Cocturnal enuresis. =enal colic
ABerb4 Ocim4 #areirB. *rine flows very slowly.
&emale.66,ntense pruritus. .enses offensive, profuse, dark, clotted4 stains
difficult to wash out, urinates fre5uently at that time. +ensitive spot near os uteri.
<eucorrh-a thin, acrid, excoriating, fishy odor. +ycotic warts on genitals.
Ovarian pain, worse left side, or from ovary to ovary. +terility. .etrorrhagia.
,ntense menstrual colic. Breasts cold, sore, and sensitive.
!ale.66Cocturnal emissions, followed by great weakness. ,mpotence. 8leet4
whole urethra feels sore. *rethritis. 7nlarged and painful prostate with fre5uent
urging and painful urination.
Respiratory.66.uch oppression of breathing. 0oarse while reading. #ain and
soreness through chest and mammE. ,ncessant, dry, night cough. !sthma.
,ncipient consumption. <arynx feels sore. 2yspn-a4 cannot exhale A+ambB.
Cough4 better lying on stomach.
$)tremities.66#ain in back, with burning heat. <egs heavy4 ache all night4 cannot
keep them still ALincB. !nkles easily turn when walking. Burning of hands feet.
9inger-1oints enlarged, puffy. 8outy concretions. 0eels and balls of feet tender
A/hu1aB. +oreness of soles. =estless4 better, clutching hands.
%kin.66Kellow. ,ntense and incessant itching4 worse night and when thinking of
it. 9iery red rash about anus in babies. Copper-colored spots. 9avus. /umors and
abnormal growth.
&e'er.66$ants to be fanned all the time. Chills up and down back4 coldness of
legs, hands, and forearms. 9lashes of heat in face and neck. Cight-sweat and
%leep.662reams she is drinking A!rs4 #hosB. +leeps in knee-chest position.
!odalities.66$orse, when thinking of ailment, from daylight to sunset, heat,
inland. Better, at the seashore, lying on stomach, damp weather ACaustB.
Relationship.66Compare( A<actation 8alega4 <actucaB. +ulph4 +yphil4 Linc.
"ose.66/he very highest potencies only of service. .ust not be repeated often.
$hole face puffed -dematous-eyes, nose, ears, lips.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
%kin.66Cumbness4 burning, pricking heat. Vesicular eruption especially on face,
arms, shoulders, and breasts. Cettlerash A!pis4 Chloral4 2ulcB.
&emale.66.arked action on lacteal glands. /he secretion of milk was established
after lack of it in all previous confinements.
Relationship.66Compare( #yrarara, #hysalia AurticariaB4 *rtica, 0omar, +ep.
Ho!e) -ith alt
#rolapsus uteri and chronic metritis, especially when associated with
subinvolution and inflammation of the cervix. /he special symptom leading to
its selection is a feeling of soreness across the hypogastrium from ileum to ileum.
*terine displacements, and in the commencement of metritis +ensation as if
bladder were too full. #ain from sacrum towards pubes. #ain as if in ureters.
"ose.66/hird to sixth potency. 0oney for itching of anus and worms.
1ello- Melilot
-eet Clo9er
Congestions and hEmorrhages seem to be the special manifestations of this drug.
Violent congestive and nervous headaches. ,nfantile spasms. 7pilepsy from blow
on head. #ain and debility point to it. Coldness but also increase of temperature4
tenderness, and pain. .uscular system depressed. 2reams and emissions.
!ind.66*nable to fix mind. .emory treacherous. +tupor. $ants to run away
and hide. 2elusions4 thinks every one is looking at her, fears to talk loud, and
wants to run away, etc.
Head.660eadache with retching, vomiting, sense of pressure over orbits, pallor,
cold hands and feet, black spots before eyes. 0eavy, oppressed4 frontal,
throbbing, undulating sensation in brain. +ick headache4 relieved by epistaxis or
menstrual flow. 9ullness all over head. 7yes heavy4 blurred sight4 wants to close
them tightly for relief. Ceuralgia around and over right side of head and neck.
+calp sore and tender to touch.
+ose.66+topped up, dry, must breathe through mouth4 dry, hard clinkers in
nose4 profuse epistaxis.
&ace.66,ntensely red and flushed, with throbbing carotids ABellB.
+tool.662ifficult, painful, constipated. !nus feels constricted, full, throbs. Co
desire until there is a large accumulation ABry4 !lumB.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&emale.66.enses scanty, intermit, with nausea and bearing down sticking pain
in external parts. 2ysmenorrh-a. Ovarian neuralgia.
Respiratory.669eels as if smothering, especially from rapid walking.
0Emoptysis. $eight on chest. /ickling in throat with cough.
$)tremities.66#ain in knee4 wants to stretch leg, but does not relieve. ;oints sore.
+kin and extremities cold. Cumbness and aching in knee-1oints.
!odalities.66$orse, rainy, changeable weather, approach of storm, motion4 '
Relationship.66Compare( .elilotus alba66A$hite CloverB66practically the same
action A0Emorrhages, congestive headaches, engorged blood vessels, spasmsB.
!myl4 Bell4 8lon.
"ose.66/incture, for inhaling4 lower potencies.
! remedy for megrim, associated with restlessness and dreams. #ain in spine.
2ryness, itching all over. 2ry mouth and throat.
Head.66#ressure from within outward, with stretching and yawning and pain
down back. +ick headache4 pain in forehead and temples, moving to occiput.
/ongue swollen and much saliva.
$)tremities.66#ain in back, thighs, elbows, shoulders. <egs sore, as if bruised.
Relationship.66Compare( Cocculus4 Bryon.
"ose.66/hird potency.
+timulates the cold-perceiving nerves, so 1ust after taking it, a current of air at the
ordinary temperature seems cold. .arked action on respiratory organs and skin.
*seful in gastrodynia, flatulent cold.
Abdomen.66Bloated, disturbing sleep. ,nfantile colic. Bilious colic with great
accumulation of gas.
=espiration.66Voice husky. /ip of nose to touch. /hroat dry and sore, as if pin
crosswise in it. 2ry cough, worse from air into larynx, tobacco smoke, fog,
talking4 with irritation in suprasternal fossa A=umexB. /rachea painful to touch.
%kin.667very scratch becomes a sore. ,tching of arm and hand when writing.
Vaginal pruritus. 0erpes :oster A!rs4 =an bulbB.
Relationship.66Compare( =umex4 <aches4 .entha pulegium667uropean
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
pennyroyal66Apain in bones of forehead and extremitiesB. .entha viridis-
+pearmint66Ascanty urine with fre5uent desireB.
"ose.66/incture, % to )I drops, to thirtieth potency. <ocally, in pruritus vaginE.
/he stearopten from the essential oil of .entha. .ucous membrane of naso-
pharynx and spinal nerve plexus, producing neuritic pains and parethesias.
.enthol has proved curative in acute nasal catarrh4 in acute eustachian catarrh4
pharyngitis4 laryngitis4 neuralgias, etc A$m. B. 8riggs, .. 2B. ,tching, especially
pruritus valvE.
Head.669rontal headache, pain over frontal sinus, descends to eyeballs. .ental
confusion. +upra orbital pain over left eye. #ain in face above :ygoma with
numbness. #ain in eyeballs. Cory:a with post-nasal dripping. Cold sensation in
nose. 7ustachian tubes feel blocked and some deafness.
Respiratory.66/ickling in the fauces. +tabbing pains in the prEcordia, radiating
over entire chest. +hort, dry cough, worse smoking. !sthmatic breathing, with
congestive headache.
$)tremities.66.uscular pain in cervical region, +oreness of lumbar muscles.
Relationship.66Compare( >ali bich4 +pigel.
"ose.66+ixth potency. 7xternally for itching, use % per cent solution or ointment.
! remedy for certain headaches, intermittent fever. Coldness of abdomen.
/witchings. +ensation of tension and compression. 9idgets and urinary
difficulties in women. 2iabetes.
Head.66#ressing in vertex4 better, hard pressure with hand. #ressing-together
pain. $eight pressing on brain with every step on ascending. #ain from nape
over whole brain4 better, stooping, sitting4 worse, going upstairs. Cracking in 1aw
and twitching of facial muscles.
%tomach.66Co thirst at any time. =evenous hunger4 passing away after eating a
little. 2esire for meat. +ensation of coldness extending up to -sophagus.
Abdomen.662istended and full4 increased by smoking tobacco. Coldness of
$)tremities.66,cy coldness of hands and feet. Cramp-like pain. !s soon as
patient lies down, legs 1erk and twitch.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
&e'er.66Coldness predominates4 felt most acutely in abdomen and legs and tip
of nose.
!odalities.66$orse, during rest, ascending better, pressure on affected part,
stooping, motion.
Relationship.66Compare( Caps4 #uls4 Calc4 #hos ac4 +ang.
Antidote( Camph.
"ose.66/hird to thirtieth potency.
! great medicine for whooping-cough. ,n order to insure its full success, it
should be given in the lower dilutions from %x to Dx. +uffocative feeling,
asthmatic paroxysms, spasmodic cough4 cough so violent, seems as if each spell
would terminate life. Child must be raised up, gets blue in face, cannot exhale,
.ucous rales through upper part of chest. #atient wants to bathe in ice-cold
!ind.667xcited, full of fancies. Can neither sleep nor work.
$yes.66#ain from overexertion4 blur4 unable to distinguish letters4 con1unctiva
red4 eyes hot and painful.
!outh.66#ainful 1erks in root of teeth. Bloated face. Coppery taste, as after eating
Respiratory.66+udden contraction of glottis, when drinking or talking. 9ood
goes down wrong way. 9alse croup4 cannot exhale. +pasmodic and whooping-
cough. 9ew paroxysms in day-time, but many at night4 with vomiting after
eating. !sthma, as if inhaling sulphur4 cough from talking4 hollow, deep, with
rawness, hoarseness, and pains through chest. Violent spasmodic cough4 worse
at night.
%leep.66!wakes at night with rush of blood to lower legs. Vivid dream of water,
fire, etc.
Relationship.66Compare( 2ros4 Coral4 +ticta.
"ose.669irst to third potency. 0as a very short action.
7very organ and tissue of the body is more or less affected by this powerful
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
drug4 it transforms healthy cells into decrepit, inflamed and necrotic wrecks,
decomposes the blood, producing a profound anEmia. /his malignant medicinal
force is converted into useful life saving and life preserving service if employed
homeopathically, guided by its clear cut symptoms. /he lymphatic system is
especially affected with all the membranes and glands, and internal organs,
bones etc. <esions produced by mercury very similar to those of syphilis. Very
often indicated in the secondary stage of syphilis where there is a febrile chloro-
anEmia, rheumatoid pains behind sternum, around 1oints, etc4 ulcerations of
mouth and throat, falling of the air, the eruptions and ulcerations of mouth and
throat, etc. /hese are the special conditions and stages to which .ercur is
homeopathic and where the )x will do surprising work. !gain, hereditary
syphilis manifestations, are within its range4 bullE, abscesses, snuffles,
marasmus, stomatitis or destructive inflammations. /remors everywhere.
$eakness with ebullitions and tremblings from least exertion. !ll .ercury
symptoms are worse at night, from warmth of bed, from damp, cold, rainy
weather, worse during perspiration. Complaints increase with the sweat and
rest4 all associated with a great deal of weariness, prostration, and trembling. !
human 3thermometer3. +ensitive to heat and cold. #arts are much swollen, with
raw, sore feeling4 the profuse, oily perspiration does not relieve. Breath,
excretions and body smell foul. /endency to formation of pus, which is thin,
greenish, putrid4 streaked with thin blood.
!ind.66+low in answering 5uestions. .emory weakened, and loss of will-
power. $eary of life. .istrustful. /hinks he is losing his reason.
Head.66Vertigo, when lying on back. Band-feeling about head. One-sided,
tearing pains. /ension about scalp, as if bandaged. Catarrhal headaches4 much
heat in head. +tinging, burning, fetid eruptions on scalp. <oss of hair. 7xostosis,
with feeling of soreness. +calp tense4 oily sweat on head.
$yes.66<ids red, thick, swollen. #rofuse, burning, acrid discharge. 9loating black
spots. !fter exposure to glare of fire4 foundrymen. #arenchymatous keratitis of
syphilitic origin with burning pain. ,ritis, with hypopyon.
$ars.66/hick, yellow discharge4 fetid and bloody. Otalgia, worse warmth of bed4
at night sticking pains. Boils in external canal ACalc picB.
+ose.66.uch snee:ing. +nee:ing in sunshine. Costrils raw, ulcerated4 nasal
bones swollen. Kellow-green, fetid, pus-like discharge. Cory:a4 acrid discharge,
but too thick to run down the lip4 worse, warm room. #ain and swelling of nasal
bones, and caries, with greenish fetid ulceration. Cosebleed at night. Copious
discharge of corroding mucus. Cory:a, with snee:ing4 sore, raw, smarting
sensation4 worse, damp weather4 profuse, fluent.
&ace.66#ale, earthy, dirty-looking, puffy. !ching in facial bones, +yphilitic
pustules on face.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
!outh.66+weetish metallic taste. +alivary secretions greatly increased4 bloody
and viscid. +aliva fetid, coppery. +peech difficult on account of trembling tongue.
8ums spongy, recede, bleed easily. +ore pain on touch and from chewing. $hole
mouth moist. Crown of teeth decay. /eeth loose, feel tender and elongated.
9urrow in upper surface of tongue lengthwise. /ongue heavy, thick4 moist
coating4 yellow, flabby, teeth-intended, feels as if burnt, with ulcers, 9etid odor
from mouth, can smell it all over room. !lveolar abscess, worse at night. 8reat
thirst, with moist mouth.
Throat.66Bluish-red swelling. Constant desire to swallow. #utrid sore throat4
worse right side. *lcers and inflammation appearing at every change in weather.
+titches into ear on swallowing4 fluids return through nose. Guinsy, with
difficult swallowing, after pus has formed. +ore, raw, smarting, burning throat.
Complete loss of voice. Burning in throat, as from hot vapor ascending.
%tomach.66#utrid eructations. ,ntense thirst for cold drinks. $eak digestion,
with continuous hunger. +tomach sensitive to touch. 0iccough and
regurgitation. 9eels replete and constricted.
Abdomen.66+tabbing pain, with chilliness. Boring pain in right groin. 9latulent
distention, with pain. <iver enlarged4 sore to touch, indurated. ;aundice. Bile
secreted deficiently.
+tool.668reenish, bloody and slimy, worse at night, with pain and tenesmus.
Cever-get-done feeling. 2ischarge accompanied by chilliness, sick stomach,
cutting colic, and tenesmus. $hitish-gray stools.
*rinary.669re5uent urging. 8reenish discharge from urethra4 burning in urethra
on beginning to urinate. *rine dark, scanty, bloody, albuminous.
!ale.66Vesicles and ulcers4 soft chancre. Cold genitals. #repuce irritated4 itches.
Cocturnal emissions, stained with blood.
&emale.66.enses profuse, with abdominal pains. <eucorrh-a excoriating,
greenish and bloody4 sensation of rawness in parts. +tinging pain in ovaries
A!pisB. ,tching and burning4 worse, after urinating4 better, washing with cold
water. .orning sickness, with profuse salivation. .ammE painful and full of
milk at menses.
Respiratory.66+oreness from fauces to sternum. Cannot lie on right side A<eft
side, <ycopB. Cough, with yellow muco-purulent expectoration. #aroxysms of
two4 worse, night, and from warmth of bed. Catarrh, with chilliness4 dread of air.
+titches from lower lobe of right lung to back. $hooping-cough with nosebleed
A!rnicaB Cough worse, tobacco smoke.
Back.66Bruised pain in small of back, especially when sitting. /earing pain in
coccyx4 better, pressing on abdomen.
$)tremities.66$eakness of limbs. Bone-pains and in limbs4 worse, night. #atient
very sensitive to cold. Oily perspiration. /rembling extremities, especially hands,
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
paralysis agitans. <acerating pain in 1oints. Cold, clammy sweat on legs at night.
2ropsical swelling of feet and legs.
%kin.66!lmost constantly moist. #ersistent dryness of the skin contra indicates
mercurius. 7xcessive odorous viscid perspiration4 worse, night. 8eneral
tendency to free perspiration, but patient is not relieved thereby. Vesicular and
pustular eruptions. *lcers, irregular in shape, edges undefined. #imples around
the main eruption. ,tching, worse from warmth of bed. Crusta lactea4 yellowish-
brown crusts, considerable suppuration. 8lands swell every time patient takes
cold. Buboes. Orchitis AClemat, 0amam, #ulsB.
&e'er.668enerally gastric or bilious, with profuse nightly perspiration4 debility,
slow and lingering. 0eat and shuddering alternately. Kellow perspiration.
#rofuse perspiration without relief. Creeping chilliness, worse in the evening and
into night. !lternate flashes of heat in single parts.
!odalities.66$orse, at night, wet, damp weather, lying on right side,
perspiring4 warm room and warm bed.
Relationship.66Compare( Capparis coriaccea Apolyuria, glandular affections,
mucous diarrh-a4 influen:aB4 7pilobium66$illow herb66Achronic diarrh-a with
tenesmus and mucous discharges4 ptyalism, dysphagia4 wasting of body and
much debility4 cholera infantumB4 >ali hyd Ain hard chancreB4 .ercur acet
ACongestion with stiffness, dryness and heat of parts affected. 7yes inflamed,
burn and itch. <ack of moisture. /hroat dry, talking difficult. #ressure in lower
sternum4 chancre in urethra4 tenia capitis favosa margin of ulcers painfulB
.ercurius auratus Apsoriasis and syphilitic catarrh4 brain tumors4 lues of nose
and bones4 o:Ena4 swelling of testiclesB4 .ercurius bromatus Asecondary
syphilitic skin affectionB4 .ercurius nitrosus-Citrate of .ercury66Aespecially in
postular con1unctivitis and keratitis4 gonorrh-a and mucous patches, with
sticking pains4 syphilidesB4 .ercurius phosphoricus Anervous diseases from
syphilis4 exostosesB4 .ercurius precipitatus ruber Asuffocative attacks at night on
lying down while on the point of falling asleep, obliged to 1ump up suddenly
which relieves4 gonorrh-a4 urethra felt as a hard string4 chancroid4 phagedenic
ulcer and bubo4 pemphigus, mucous patches, ec:ema with rhagades and fissures,
barber@s itch4 blepharitis, internally and externally4 leaden heaviness in occiput,
with otorrh-aB4 .ercurius tannicus Asyphilides in patients with gastro-intestinal
diseases, or, if very sensitive, to ordinary mercurial preparationsB4 7rythrinus-
+outh !merican =ed .ullet 9ish66Ain pityriasis rubra and syphilis4 red rash on
chest4 pityriasisB4 <olium temulentum Ain trembling of hands and legsB4 .ercur
cum kali Ainveterate colds, acute facial paralysisB. 0enchera-!lum root66A8astro-
enteritis nausea, vomiting of bile and frothy mucus4 stools watery, profuse,
slimy, tenesmus, never-get-done feeling. 2ose, ) to %I drops of tinctureB.
Compare( .e:4 #hos4 +yph4 >ali mur4 !ethiops.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Antidote( 0ep4 !ur4 .e:.
Complementary( Badiaga.
"ose.66+econd to thirtieth potency.
Corro#i9e "*limate
/his salt leads all other remedies in tenesmus of the rectum, which is incessant,
and is not relieved by the stool. /he tenesmus often involves the bladder as well.
Bright@s disease. 8onorrh-a4 second stage, with continuous tenesmus. 2estroys
the secreting portions of the kidneys. /his process is slow, but sure. !lbuminuria
in early pregnancy A#hosph later and at full termB.
Head.662elirium, stupor. 9rontal pain, congestion of head with burning in
cheeks. 2rawing pain in periosteum of skull.
$yes.66#ain behind eyeballs, as if forced out. #hlyctenulE4 deep ulcers on cornea.
7xcessive photophobia and acrid lachrymation. ,ritis, ordinary or syphilitic A8ive
in association with atropin locally for prevention of adhesionsB. #ain severe at
night4 burning, shooting, tearing. <ittle tendency to pus formation. ,ris muddy in
color, thick, and neither contracts nor dilates. =etinitis albuminuric, ophthalmia
neonatorum. <ids -dematous, red, excoriated. +evere burning. +oreness of the
+ose.667xcessive cory:a. O:Ena, with perforation of septum nasi A>ali bichB.
=awness and smarting in nostrils. #ost-nasal swelling, mucous membrane dry,
red, and covered with bloody mucus.
$ars.66Violent pulsations. 9etid pus.
&ace.66+wollen. =ed, puffy. <ips black, swollen. +ordes. 9acial neuralgia within
the bones.
!outh.66/eeth loose. 8ums purple, swollen, and spongy. /ongue swollen and
inflamed. +alivation. #yorrhea. #tyalism. /aste salty and bitter.
Throat.66=ed, swollen, painful, intensely inflamed. *vula swollen. +wallowing
painful. .ost pain in post-nasal with sharp pains to ears. Burning pain, with
great swelling4 worse, slight external pressure. !ll glands about thorax swollen.
%tomach.66,ncessant, green, bilious vomiting. 7pigastrium very sensitive.
Abdomen.66Bruised sensation4 cecal region and transverse colon painful.
Bloated4 very painful to least touch.
+tool.662ysentery4 tenesmus, not relieved by stool4 incessant. +tool hot, bloody,
slimy, offensive, with cutting pains and shreds of mucous membrane.
Respiratory.66#ain in larynx as cut with knife. !phonia. Cough, with bloody
expectoration. #ulse rapid and intermittent. +titches through side of chest.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
*rinary.66,ntense burning in urethra. *rine hot, burning, scanty or suppressed4
bloody, greenish discharge. !lbuminous. /enesmus of bladder. +tabbing pain
extending up urethra into bladder. #erspiration after urinating.
!ale.66#enis and testes enormously swollen. Chancres assume phagedEnic
appearance. 8onorrh-a4 urethra orifice red, swollen4 glans sore and hot.
2ischarge greenish, thick.
&e'er.66Chilly from slightest exposure. #rofuse perspiration4 surface cold.
!odalities.66$orse, evening, night, acids, Better, while at rest.
Relationship.66Compare( !rs4 <ach4 <eonurus-.other-wort A,nfluences pelvic
organs, allays spasm and nervous irritability, promotes secretion and reduces
febrile excitement. Valuable in suppressed menses and lochia4 dysentery4
vomiting, frightful pains in abdomen, violent thirst. /ongue dry and crackedB.
.onsonia66!n !frican plant belonging to the 8eraniaceE66A*sed for dysentery
in material dosesB.
Antidote( Calcium sulphide is antidotal to Bichloride poisoning. *se intravenous
in1ection of ? %O) grains in ? %O) o:s boiled water.
"ose.66+ixth potency. ,n solution %%III, hypodermically in1ected under
con1unctiva in choroditis with progressive myopia. +tops immediately the severe
aching pain behind eye-balls A2r. 8. 2. 0alletB.
C)a!ide o4 Merc"r)
!cute infections, pneumonia, nephritis. ,ts action is similar to that of the toxines
of infections diseases. 8reat and rapid prostration, tendency toward
hEmorrhages, from the different orifices, of dark fluid blood, cyanosis, rapid
respiration and heart action, albuminuria and twitching and 1erking of muscles.
/yphoid pneumonia.
<ivid states from great struggling, where suffocation is imminent and paralysis
of lung threatening4 great sweat.
!ffects most prominently the buccal cavity. /his, together with marked
prostration, gives it a place in the treatment of diphtheria, where it has achieved
un5uestioned great results. .alignant types, with prostration. Coldness and
nausea. +yphilitic ulcers when perforation threatens.
Head.668reat excitement, fits of passion4 fury4 talkativeness. !trocious headache.
7yes sunken4 face pale.
!outh.66Covered with ulcerations. /ongue pale. 9ree salivation. 9etor of breath.
#ain and swelling of salivary glands. !stringent taste. *lcerations of mouth have
a gray membrane.
William Boericke Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Throat.669eels raw and sore. .ucous membranes broken down, ulcerated.
<ooks raw in spots, especially in public speakers. 0oarseness, and talking is
painful. Cecrotic destruction of soft parts of palate and fauces. ,ntense redness of
fauces. +wallowing very difficult. 2ark blood from nose. 2iphtheria of the larynx
and nose A>ali bichB.
%tomach.66Causea, vomiting, bilious, bloody4 hiccough4 abdomen painful,
tender to pressure.
Rectum.66,ntolerable pain. =edness around anus. 9re5uent hEmorrhage4 stools
with tenesmus. 2ischarge of fetid li5uid with gangrenous odor. Black stools.
*rinary.66!mber color, painful, albuminous, scanty. Cephritis with great
debility and chilliness. +uppression of urine.
%kin.66.oisture, with icy coldness.
"ose.66+ixth to thirtieth potency. !ggravation is apt to occur from potencies
below the sixth.
0as marked effect on catarrhal inflammation of ear, and useful in 7ustachian
catarrh, deafness. 2iarrh-a, with soreness of anus. #rostatitis. =emittent bilious
attacks. #allor, flabby bloatedness, and turgid flaccidity. ,nflammation with
plastic exudate. 7specially indicated in systems disposed to remittent bilious
fevers4 in peritonitis and meningitis with plastic exudate. 2ropsies due to
combined renal and cardiac diseases, espec