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Read the text and accomplish the tasks below. Advertising Strategies

Different creative strategies are used in advertising in order to obtain consumers attention and provoke shoppers to purchase or use a specific product. Advertisers use different ways of thinking to create catchy slogans. Advertising strategy can be classified according to whether their aim is to inform, persuade, remind or reinforce. Informative advertising aims to create awareness and knowledge of new products or new features of advertising products. Persuasive advertising aims to create liking, preferences, conviction and purchase of a product. Reminder advertisement strategy aims to stimulate repeated purchase of a product. However, any advertising strategy is emerged from analysis of market situation. For example, if the product class is mature, the company is a market leader and brand usage is low, there should be a proper strategy to stimulate more usage. Advertising messages are not created on a whim or by a quick flash of inspiration. Advertising is a disciplined art and involves a lot of strategic thinking. Advertisers create messages to accomplish specific objectives, a process called strategic planning. The most wide-spread advertising strategies are Bandwagon and Card-Stacking. Bandwagon is a form of propaganda that exploits the desire of most people to join the crowd or be on the winning side, and avoid winding up the losing side. Few of us would want to wear nerdy clothes, smell important to many people. Even if most of us say we make our own choice when buying something we often choose welladvertised items the popular ones. Advertising copywriters must be careful with the bandwagon propaganda technique because most of us see ourselves as individuals who think for themselves. If Bandwagon commercial is to obvious, viewers may reject the product outright. The propaganda technique of Card-Stacking is so widespread that we may not always be aware of its presence in a commercial. Basically, CardStacking means stacking the cards in favor of the product; advertisers stress its positive qualities and ignore negative. For example, if a brand of snack food is loaded with sugar and calories, the commercial may boast that the product is low in fat, which implies that it is also low in calories. Card-Stacking is such a prevalent rational propaganda technique that gives us only part of the picture. Therefore, many of the firms have their own department of advertising whose aim is to advertise the companys merchandise and services to the potential buyers and make general consumers aware of different aspects of their brand and make business more popular within the circle of potential buyers. Advertising, in a straight line, increases profit of the companies by escalating its revenue. The expenditure made on advertisement can turn as good boost in earnings.

1. Answer the question: What are the objectives of advertising? 2. Answer the question: What is a catchy slogan? 3. Circle the correct variant (True/False). Justify your choice. a) Advertising messages are created spontaneously. b) Most of the people want to be alike. T F T F

4. Match the parts together to get entire sentences. 1. Informative advertising aims a. make people buy things 2. Reminder advertisement aims b. to persuade a consumer to buy the same things as others do c. to encourage repeated purchase of a product. d. to introduce new features of a product. 3. Bandwagon aims.

5. Summarize the article in five or six sentences. II. Grammar. Underline the correct variant using the words in bold, insert the article and the suitable preposition where necessary. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense dorm. Complete the `wish` sentence. Fill in the tag question. 1. I meant to buy/buying an evening paper but I didnt see anyone to sell/selling them. 2. The hall porter ______________(polish) the knockers of all the flats every day, mine _____________________(not, polish) for a week. 3. The paraffin heater was perfectly safe. There ______________(not/be) a fire if the children _________________(not/knock) it over. 4. He played the violin all night which/who annoyed the neighbors. 5. She is always ________ a bad temper ________ breakfast time. 6. I dont know what __________ price the owners are asking. Bur Dry and Rot are ______ agents. You could give them ______ ring and make them ______ offer. 7. When Sue woke up her watch had vanished. Someone ______________ (must/steal) it while she was sleeping. 8. Ann promised she _____________ (look) for her skates when she ________ (get) home. 9. Its a pity we dont know where we are. We wish _______________________. 10. Shed have enjoyed it, _______________? 11. This clock is always slow/slowly. I put it forward/on ten minutes every morning.


Civilization topic. Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries but its disadvantages shouldnt be overlooked. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. (10-15 lines)


Outline in writing your opinion on the subject: The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. (15-20 lines)

TEST 2 I. Read the text and accomplish the tasks below. Survival of the Fittest Between now and the 21-st century citizens of the worlds richest and most technologically advanced nations will find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand for change. For them the future will arrive too soon. So begins Alvin Tofflers book Future Shock, written in 1970. Now people are beginning to pay attention on Tofflers prediction, because the speed of change. What should you do? First of all, dont panic. Take a deep breath and try to get a sense of the good things the future has to offer. You dont need to be a genius to predict the job areas which will be most affected by technological change. Agriculture, textiles, coal mining, and heavy industry are all doing badly. On the other hand, business and professional services, the media, information technology, and biosciences are doing really well. Without doubt, the number of jobs in information technology will rise dramatically. There are currently over 100 million computers in the world and by 2020 the number will be around 1 billion. Because of this, computer programmers and systems analysts will be in much greater demand. There are also many other important changes taking place in the workplace. First, the job market is getting more and more competitive and the idea of < job for life > has already become old-fashioned. Because of this, workers will have to be more flexible. According to Mark Hastings of the Institute of Management, in the future people will organize their working life around a variety of contacts, instead of working just for one company. In the same way, companies will change; they will be organized more democratically. People will move sideways to the different jobs, rather than moving up the company ladder as before. Many people will work for small, dynamic companies which can react quickly to changes in the market. Other people will give up working for a boss, and will become selfemployed. All this means that companies will require people who are flexible and responsible. They will also need people who can work co-operatively and get on well in a team. Good communication skills will be essential. According to Dr. Laurence Lyons of the Future Work Forum, woman will initially have an advantage in this area. James Traegear f the training agency Mens work explains that many men will have to be retrained. Its not about making men more like woman, but helping man to communicate as well. We are undoubtedly moving toward a global economy. English will probably remain the international business language, so learning Russian or Chinese is not a priority. However, understanding other people, their minds, culture and history will be vital. Above all, a manager will need to feel comfortable working with people from other cultures and copying with cultural differences. New technology is the driving force behind the rapidly changing workplace, so dont get left

behind. You dont need to become a computer expert, but you must consider improving your computer skills. Work with more than one program in case you have to use them at work, and try to read about the latest technology. Undoubtedly, all this new technology is changing the way we work and is offering many alternative ways of working. Rather than go into an office, a lot of people are connected to the Internet and now work from home. Working like this may give you the flexibility you want to live where you want, to continue your studies and to have a lot more free time. That must be good news.

1. Answer the question: What are the job areas of the future? 2. Answer the question: What skills and personal qualities will people need in the future? 3. Circle the correct variant (True/False). Justify your choice. a) Men can communicate better than women. T F b) People will have to improve computer skills. T F 4. Find in the text antonyms to the following words : Stagnant Slowly Up-to-date 5. Comment on: All new technology is changing the way we work and live. 6. Grammar. Underline the correct variant using the words in bold, insert the article and the suitable preposition where necessary. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense dorm. Complete the `wish` sentence. Fill in the tag question. 1. When you see a man or a woman of your dreams ______ wear/wearing a Shyno T-shirt you can do/make a note of the code and send an admired/admiring text or video message ____ the website. Your message is passed on to him or her with your details and your own mobile phone number. If he or she _______ (get) _____ touch with you, then you can/must take it from there. ______ scheme began after a trial ___ ____ night club, when 1,000 free T-shirts ______________ (give) _________. Within a week they ______ (generate) 14,000 text messages, More than 20,000 T-shirts ___________ (sell) since Shyno _______ (start) in Italy last year and now the scheme _________ (advertise) _____ Italian television. La Stampa newspaper called Shyno the future of the eternal game of seduction. 2. You never know if you have offended Lorry, She is always _____ (mood).

3. Will you be so kind to take the rubbish out? The kitchen smells like/as if/ terribly/terrible. 7. Civilization topic. How would you describe your country or region and the people who live there? (10-15 lines)

8. Outline in writing your opinion on the subject: The Internet has forever changed the way we live. (15-20 lines)

TEST 3 I. Read the text and accomplish the tasks below. Yoga According to many people yoga is a physical exercise comprising: bodily twists bends, scratches and various other poses all together called asana. The yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yugo which means to yoke or to unite. Yogas concern is more about the mystery of life rather than the mastery of life and it is a means for meditation with self-inquiry. It is a quest to touch and be touched by the soulful quality of being that resides within a person. In this approach yoga is a tool for a movement towards a deeper relationship with your sense of soul, by searching both into and beyond what you experience every day. It is a journey of discovery exploring and ultimately going beyond attitudes that have shaped your life. Yoga is a skill by which you seek to sustain awareness and clarity. The qualify of this awareness incorporates freshness within which actions are less affected by the usual attitudes and habits. In order words there is more choice over how you respond or react to different situations. Yoga is a process by which you grow in your understanding of yourself. The outer development of the body is as important as the intrinsic health of a human being. This was discovered thousands ears ago by the yogis of India and now the same has been discovered by scientists. Moreover, it provides all around benefits to the human being. Excellent toning of the muscles, body knowledge, improves your sleep and decreases pain and together with spiritual benefits provides inner tranquility and contentment. Moreover, it causes the elimination of pride from ones mind and depression decrease which are benefits that lead everyone towards a life with meaning and purpose. Yoga is seen as a restorative and preventive therapy able to help people with emotional problems or poor health. The essence of yoga lies in attaining the path of force, the path of love and the path of meditations. Therefore, three main aspects of life, the spirit, mind, and body are analyzed through yogas attainments. Through rigorous physical practices a state of concentration is developed and maintained which is used to hold power over the body and the breath. Under this control the body and mind become free from disturbances and distractions. This intense effort produces energy and control. Such approach is also known as the yoga if energy and will. Its the aspect of yoga seen as an art and offers a fascinating field to explore. Yoga teaches us how to moderate extremes and follow a middle path. Bhagavad Gita says: By moderation is eating and resting, by regulation in working, and by concordance in sleeping and waking, yoga destroys the pain and sorrow. 1. Answer the question: What does Yoga mean to many people? 2. Answer the question: Who has discovered the importance of the outer development of the body?

3. Circle the correct variant (True/False). Justify your choice. a) Yogas concern is all about the mastery of life T F b) The essence of yoga lies in attaining three main paths of life T F 4. Match the parts together to get entire sentences. 1. Yoga is a skill by which a. extremes and follows a middle path 2. Yoga is a process by which b. all round benefits to the human being c. you grow in your understanding of yourself d. you seek to sustain awareness and clarity. 3. Yoga provides


Grammar. Underline the correct variant using the words in bold, insert the article and the suitable preposition where necessary. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense dorm. Complete the `wish` sentence. Fill in the tag question. 1. The company decided increasing/ to increase the sales figures/force. 2. Harry was late and __________________________(so/neither/Damian and Marcus) 3. It doesnt look like/as if a practical machine. It looks as though/-- terribly complicated, 4. Hes quite shy, really. Yes, he takes after/looks like his mum. 5. Its worth to spend/spending my savings. 6. The government has introduced ______ the law to ban _____ sale of _____ air guns to ____ people under their age of eighteen. 7. Come ______! Put your coat _____, and lets go _____ for a walk. 8. He________________(teach) at school for five years when the war _______(break) out. 9. There/It is no need to worry. I am sure it/there wont matter if you are a little late. 10. I felt pretty badly/bad yesterday, but I gave me/myself a treat and went to the office. Civilization topic. Speak about one of the holidays celebrated in Great Britain/Moldova/the USA in greater detail. (10-15 lines)



Outline in writing your opinion on the subject: There is almost nothing in our lives that is not touched by language. (15-20 lines)

1. Phil never remembers his appointments. Hes terribly _________ (forget). 2. The _____________you are, the ________ friends you have (many/sociable). 3. Which/That of these two pairs of glasses ______ (suit) me best? The round______. I dont think the squares ones _______ (suit) you at wall. 4. I can/may not find my records anywhere. I ____________ (should/not/take) them to the meeting on Tuesday. 5. Your shirt is really nice but it need iron/ironing if you want to wear it tonight. 6. Some national cuisine/cuisines make you fat. ______ Japanese have/has a high protein dish/diet, while ____ Swiss _____ (eat) a lot of milk product/products. 7. If Frank _______ (know) the facts, he might tell us what to do. Unfortunately, he knows nothing. 8. Sorry, I ____________ (not listen) and I _______ (miss) what he said. I was not attentive at that moment.

Civilization: Do you think it is a dangerous thing to judge about a nation by existing stereotypes? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Essay: Happiness is a value worth pursuing.

1. A. You _____________________(watch TV) all day! B. Yes, I know, but I have got anything/nothing/something better to do. 2. Sarah looks nice in that(black, Lycra, tight) _______________T-shirt. 3. I will never forget the _____________when I flew to NY last year. I arrived ___the terminal_______plenty of time, but when I got to the chek-in desk, there was_____enormous queque.____________ is was my turn, there_____(be) no window seats left, so I had to sit in the middle of ____row. The man at passport control ____________to like the photo in my passport, but ____the end he let me through. My flight__________(call) as soon as I arrived at the departure________, and I had to run to reach the gate in time. I sat next to a small child who screamed loudly/loud when we_______________(take off), and did not stop screaming for the next two hours. I was so relieved when we finally touched the ground. The worst thing was when I went to baggage ________to pick______my luggage, I __________(tell) that my suitcase ______________(leave) behind. I spent my first two days in NY with no clothes! (reclaim, by the time, lounge, journey, not seem)