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Guest Blogging have been my favorite since I started blogging almost 2 years back.

That time, I was not even aware of the term Guest Blogging and what it actually meant. But the idea ust came into my mind naturally and I started. I still remember, almost 2 years back, when I was com!letely a newbie blogger, I wrote a short and sweet article for one of my favorite blog. I didn"t even knew to include a link back to my own blog from that !ost. But the owner of that blog, loved my article and naturally gave a link back to me and told me, You are the only one who didnt ask for any link from your Guest Post, but I felt to reward you for your hard work.

(Image Source !logging"

This is the actual essence of Guest Blogging, where you are rewarded with a link back to your own site for your worthy contribution. Till then I have written guest !osts for many big and small blogs. Guest blogging have hel!ed me a lot to connect with new bloggers, meet new readers and build authority and re!utation as an author and for my own blog too. #ome of my guest !osts also did send me huge direct traffic and hel!ed me build targeted subscribers. In this article I am going to share with you, some of the most essential Guest Blogging tips from my own diary of experience, to make your next guest blogging campaign super successful $

%& Try to find blogs, which have target audience identical to yours. If the niche of the guest blogs doesn"t match entirely with yours, then you need to learn to bridge articles to match both the audiences.

2& 'hile selecting a blog for your ne(t guest !osting cam!aign, do not udge it by its )le(a *ank or +age*ank. Though these two are the most talked$about metrics, but I have been

!roved wrong several times by following only these two metrics. There are far more reliable metrics to udge a blog, than these.

,& -verybody is tem!ted to write a guest !ost for a blog having a high +age*ank, but technically s!eaking, the +* that we see is nothing but the Toolbar +age*ank. The )ctual +age*ank is hidden from all of us com!letely so that we cannot game the system. 'hile the toolbar +age*ank is u!dated only ,$. times every year, the actual +* is u!dated several times a day and it ranges from /$%.

.& There are far more reliable and de!endable metrics that you can use, like #-0mo1"s 2omain )uthority, +age )uthority, mo1*ank, mo1Trust to udge a blog almost accurately. 3ou can also use 4a estic#-0"s 5itation 6low and Trust 6low metric. )rmed with these metrics, you can udge a !articular site much better than ever before.

7& 3ou must also concentrate on analy1ing the engagement of the !articular site, by studying its #ubscribers 5ount and the no.of genuine comments it gets. 3ou should also check the social engagement like, 6acebook 8ikes and #hares, Tweets and Google 9%"s.

:& Try choosing blogs having a clean and sim!le design with !ro!er navigation. Both the readers and Google will love to see your guest !osts in a nice$looking site than a site where almost everything is messed u!.

;& 5omments are one of the best ways of interacting with your reader. Try to write articles which will make your readers !ost an insightful comment instantly after reading it. It will be beneficial both for the host site and yours. Google also loves !ages which gets u!dated fre<uently with insightful comments.

=& 'e all crave for some good and a!!reciative comments for our work. But everybody will not a!!reciate your work. 4any readers will negatively critici1e your work and you have to acce!t that too. 3ou have to learn the skill to use negative criticism to actually benefit you.

>& It is always advisable to read some of the guest !osts already written on that blog. This will hel! you to form a clear idea of the <uality standards maintained on that blog. *esearch them well and try to write an article which will be better than all other already !resent there.

%/& $ith great %ower, comes great res%onsibility ? remember@ Though you do not have any su!er human !owers, still it"s your res!onsibility to give your best for your host blog, 3ou should not be convinced with the false idea that, you can dum! almost anything into it, ust because it"s not your own site.

%%& +ersonally, I always try to give 2A to ,A more effort in writing guest !osts that writing for my own blog. Guest !osting doesn"t mean writing a 7//$words s!un$like article and s!oiling the readershi! of the host"s blog. It"s a res!onsibility, and you must make your shoulders strong enough to hold that res!onsibility before um!ing into it.

%2& Try to research well before writing a guest !ost. Think of a com!letely uni<ue and out$of$the$bo( to!ic and !resent it in a very creative and e(clusive way. *ead almost all articles that have been already written related to your to!ic and try to write better than all of them.

%,& )lways try to kee! the host blog"s audience in mind, while drafting your your article. It"s really not a good !ractice writing a guest !ost at first and then sending it over to one blog or the other until and unless it gets acce!ted by someone.

%.& )lways check the guest !osting guidelines of the host blog before writing the guest !ost, twice or even thrice very carefully. It is very essential to write ust in the way the site owner wants you to write.

%7& The best !ractice is to a!!roach the host blog with some initial !itches that you think will match !erfectly with its audience. It is advisable to give a short summary of the individual !itches and discuss thoroughly before starting to write your article on it.

%:& +ersonally, I do not !refer writing guest !osts for blog"s which have a very easy$to$ follow or weak guest !osting guidelines. It sim!ly means, that these guidelines can be

followed by almost everybody which will lead to too many low$<uality guest !osts being !ublished on that blog.

%;& )lso try to check the last %/ articles being !ublished by the blog where you intend to send your guest !ost to. I would never like to choose a blog which only !ublishes guest !osts for its readers and very less of their own material. It ust means that the blogger is not <uite serious about hisBher blog and the blog is nothing but a guest !osting hub.

%=& 3ou can use #-4*ush to find some of the keywords that the blog already ranks well in Google or Bing. Cow, try to write a new, fresh and uni<ue article on these to!ics. This will increase the chances of your article getting hooked u! higher in the #-*+# and will get you a much wider and targeted audience.

%>& 3ou will find many blogs with a 'rite for us or Guest +ost !age. But it is even better to send your guest !ost to blogs which do not !ublicly advertise about acce!ting guest !osts. It is less likely that your com!etitors will have backlinks from these blogs.

2/& *ead some of the guest !osts on the blog before submitting your article. Dudge the <uality of the guest !osts. 2o they seem to be written only for the sake of link building or they have a fresh and uni<ue feel to itE 2o they look s!ammy or s!un$like articlesE Then you better avoid these kind of blogs for guest !osting.

2%& Cow$a$days with the emerging im!ortance of Google9, it is always advisable to go for blogs which are ready to give you the Google )uthorshi! for your !osts that you deserve. If not, then you can also en<uire the blog owner for it because it is very im!ortant to build your )uthor*ank eventually.

22& )lso try to !rovide some basic and most essential information"s to your readers. Fse your real name and give a nice Gravatar image. )lso consider !roviding your email I2,

6acebook, Twitter and Google9 !rofiles so that the readers can contact you anytime with ease.

2,& Try to write the articles kee!ing on$!age #-0 in mind. 2on"t be selfish. Try to make your guest articles as much o!timi1ed for the #-"s as you would do for your own blog, as it will benefit you indirectly by bringing you long$term organic traffic.

2.& 5heck whether the host blog has an acute love for advertisements and have filled almost every !age with flashy ads. It sim!ly means that the owner is more focused on moneti1ing the blog rather than !roviding <uality content to its readers.

27& )nother great way to udge the !o!ularity and authenticity of a !articular site is by analy1ing its social !rofiles like 6acebook, Twitter and Google +lus. But don"t get lured sim!ly by the no. of followers, as many a times the blog owners are known to s!end some bucks to buy a large volume of fake followers and subscribers.

2:& )void blogs which take months to !ost your article Gthough there are some e(ce!tions with some highly !o!ular sites&. Generally, sites taking more than 2 months to !ost your article sim!ly means that they are either not taking guest contribution seriously or they are not focused on !ublishing fresh content for their readers.

2;& )lways be ready to make some changes as demanded by the site owner. It is not necessary that your article will be acce!ted in the first instant. 2on"t give u! and make the re<uired changes and submit again. But !ersonally, I believe &he first im%ression is the last im%ression and try my level best to !rovide the best in the first chance only.

2=& If you are a bit #-0$friendly, then it"s worth analy1ing the site"s link !rofile using tools like 0!en#ite-(! to check if the link !rofile and the anchor te(t diversity

seems natural or not. 3ou will certainly not want to get a link from a site which has a s!ammy or highly unnatural link !rofile.

2>& Though not something mandatory, but it"s worth checking if the site !rovides some real and authentic contact information. 5heck the )bout Fs !age to know the team behind the veil. I !refer to avoid sites which do not !rovide a single contact information anywhere in the site.

,/& 5heck if the site has got !enali1ed by Google or not. It"s almost im!ossible to know if a !articular site have been !enali1ed by Google, but an easy way to do so, is to make a <uick search and check if the site is ranking for its own brand keywords or not. If not, then there are chances that it has violated some of the <uality guidelines of Google and have been !enali1ed. These are some of the surefire ti!s which comes from my years of successful guest blogging e(!erience. But I would love to hear from you too, if you have anything valuable to share with us. #ee you in the comments section. Ha!!y Blogging.

About the author: 9)ritra *oy, is a blogger and freelance writer, who believes in the !ower of written words to educate, influence and ins!ire !eo!le.