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Pluto 1948' Scorpio, in House VII Pluto Aspects Venus opposite Pluto orb -539' Neptune sextile Pluto

o orb -3 3' !r"nus sextile Pluto orb -# 1' Planets: Pluto

Pluto represents $eep tr"ns%or&"tions, &ut"tions "n$ eli&in"tions, sexu"lit' "n$ &"(netis&, po)er "n$ secrets, $estruction )it* " +ie) to re(ener"tion, t*e p*oenix risin( %ro& t*e "s*es, Its ele&ent is in$e%inite- burnin( .li/e l"+" in %usion 01, it rules Scorpio, is in ex"lt"tion in Pisces "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e sexu"l or("ns "n$ excretion, It represents $ict"tors, s"$istic people, +iolent c*"r"cters, is instincti+e "n$ po)er%ul but "lso &'sterious )it* *i$$en stren(t*s, Temperament 2 r"t*er 3ilious Characterology 2 4&oti+e or non-4&oti+e, 5cti+e, Pri&"r' t'pe- it is " P"ssion"te 6*oleri t'pec, Interpretation of the 19 Scorpio symbolic degree

"On the seashore, a man riding a camel gazes in amazement at the sun rising over the horizon."
Prou$, in$epen$ent, "n$ %"ir c*"r"cter "ttr"cte$ to orient"l &"tters, Success "n$ %"&e c"n be "c*ie+e$ in politics "n$7or re%or&s "n$ $isco+eries, p"rticul"rl' i% t*e Sun is stron( in t*e n"t"l c*"rt, 8*is $e(ree *er"l$s t*"t t*e (re"test *onours "re (r"nte$, "n$ t*"t "ll "&bitions "re %ul%ille$, e+en t*e )il$est ones, Pluto in Scorpio 8*e pl"net Pluto s'&boli9es $eep $isruptions "n$ up*e"+"ls, $o&in"tion "n$ sexu"l instincts, "n$ t*e inner po)er )e *"+e in oursel+es, Pluto $estro's in or$er to reconstruct "n$ *e pro+o/es p"in%ul crises t*"t "re nee$e$ in &et"&orp*osis, Pluto is our $eepest instincts: brut"l %orce, It is t*e *i$$en "n$ unconscious +iolence t*"t c"n explo$e in us )it* incre$ible intensit' be%ore bein( pro;ecte$ in our "ctions- in itsel%, t*e pl"net is not ne("ti+e2 t*e &i(*t "n$ t*e intensit' o% its ener(' "re be'on$ t*e concei+"ble but it c"n be %unnelle$, Pluto is t*e onl' possibilit' )e *"+e "t our $ispos"l to o+erco&e our inner bloc/s "n$ to eli&in"te out(ro)n situ"tions t*"t *"+e beco&e inextric"ble, Pluto:s ener(' is +"lu"ble bec"use o% its use%ulness %or t*e irre+ersible $estruction o% )*"t constitutes " proble& "n$ not bec"use o% its ne("ti+e si$e "n$ its per+ersit', Pluto "llo)s to reconstruct "n$ to re(ener"te p"rts o% our person"lit' or )*ole stretc*es o% our li%e, pro+i$e$ t*"t )e &"n"(e to %unnel *is )il$ ener(' "n$ to step b"c/, It is i&possible to t"&e t*is ener(', (i+en its essence, Ho)e+er, it is possible to t"/e "$+"nt"(e o% it %or " precise "i&, t*rou(* " te&por"r' i$enti%ic"tion o% so&e p"rts o% us )it* t*is ener(', In suc* " c"se, t*e outco&e is our %in"l e+olution "n$ e+en, our tr"ns%or&"tion, In 'our n"t"l c*"rt, Pluto:s *ouse position is &ore i&port"nt t*"n *is si(n position bec"use, li/e <upiter, S"turn, !r"nus "n$ Neptune, Pluto is " slo) pl"net, ="n' people born in t*e s"&e perio$ *"+e Pluto in t*e s"&e si(n, 8*is is t*e re"son )*' t*e si(n occupie$ *ere is less &e"nin(%ul t*"n )*en it is occupie$ b' t*e so-c"lle$ %"st pl"nets, i,e, t*e Sun, t*e =oon, =ercur', Venus "n$ ="rs, 8*ere%ore, so&e c"ution is to be exercise$ "s 'ou re"$ )*"t %ollo)s, 8*e si(n positions o% !r"nus, Neptune "n$ Pluto *"+e " collecti+e &e"nin(, 8*e' $o not in%luence 'our person"lit' "n$ t*e' "re not to be re"ll' t"/en into "ccount, unless t*e' "re in+ol+e$ in nu&erous "spects or )*en t*e' e&p*"si9e " person"l point o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt suc* "s 'our 5scen$"nt:s ruler, "n "n(ul"r pl"net, i,e, " pl"net ne"r t*e 5scen$"nt, t*e =i$*e"+en, t*e N"$ir or t*e >escen$"nt, In suc* c"ses, t*e "cti+it' o% t*e slo) pl"net is +er' *i(*li(*te$, Pluto in Scorpio is in *is o)n si(n, "n$ "ccor$in( to t*e 8r"$ition, *e is &ost potent "n$ "t *is best- sexu"lit' "n$ %"nt"sies, po)er%ul libi$o "n$ instincts, stron( $o&ineerin( ten$encies, outbursts o% p"ssions? Pluto in House VII @it* Pluto in t*e At* House, to *ell )it* soci"l nor&sB Cel"tions*ips "re born "n$ $is"ppe"r "ccor$in( to *o) e+ents $e+elop, It &"' be best t*en t*"t 'ou re&"in cle"r-si(*te$ "n$ sceptic"l "bout *u&"n constructions suc* "s "ssoci"tions, couples, encounters, "n$ exc*"n(es, Dou un$erst"n$ t*e illusor' n"ture o% soci"l co$es, "n$ 'ou /eep 'our $ist"nce %ro& rel"tions*ips, p"rticul"rl' %ro& t*e &ost inti&"te ones, @*"t is *i$in( in ot*er people's loo/0 Pluto Dominant I% Pluto is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " Plutoni"n2 'ou so&eti&es %eel li/e " %orei(ner )*o $oes not belon( to t*e )orl$, to its l")s, "n$ its concerns, 8*e rules o% li%e in societ' "re not necess"ril' 'ours, Dou "re intereste$ in )*"t is un/no)n "n$ in t*e subtle l")s o% " *i$$en or$er, So, 'ou t"/e &"licious ple"sure in ri$iculin( t*e p"tterns 'ou %in$ too si&plistic or too ri(i$, Dou "lso re+el in un$erlinin( t*e li&its o% expl"n"tions 'ou $ee& too co&&on, 8*ere is so&et*in( uncon+ention"l "bout t*e )"' 'ou "re, t*e )"' 'ou t*in/, "n$ t*e )"' 'ou "ct, @*"t is 'our speci%icit' &"$e o%0 Is it "n extr"or$in"r' p"rtner0 5 li%e o%% t*e be"ten p"t*0 Er $o 'ou onl' $ist"nce 'oursel% %ro& con+ention"l &or"ls0 In "n' c"se, 'ou *"+e t*e %eelin(, so&eti&es Fuite +"(ue, t*"t 'ou co&e %ro& no)*ere, "n$ t*"t 'ou $o not belon( to "n' $e%inite (roup,,, In s*ort, it &e"ns t*"t 'ou c"nnot be si&pli%ie$ in or$er to con%or& to existin( &o$els, 8*e ("p bet)een 'ou "n$ or$in"r' &ort"ls is "lso "n ele&ent o% 'our stren(t*, Dour $eep cle"r-si(*te$ness, %irstl', en"bles 'ou to put t*in(s into perspecti+e "n$ to (r"nt t*e& onl' t*e "ttention t*e' $eser+e, Dour ot*er re&"r/"ble "sset is 'our c"p"cit' to inter+ene %ro& be*in$ t*e scenes, to secretl' or("nise e+ents, "n$ to brin( "bout t*e $esir"ble outco&e )it*out see&in( to i&pose or to

$ict"te "n't*in(, Ho)e+er, 'ou &ust still o+erco&e one o% t*e &";or $i%%iculties o% t*is $o&in"nt, )*ic* is to (et people to "ccept 'our $i%%erence "n$ to s&oot*l' %it into 'our en+iron&ent 8rue Gilit* H# ' S"(itt"rius, in House II Lilith

Lilith or t*e >"r/ =oon .8rue Gilit* *ere1 represents t*e uncross"ble t*res*ol$, t"boos, t*e in$i+i$u"l's pro+oc"ti+e "n$ %"scin"tin( si$e, inclu$in( on " sexu"l le+el, S*e s'&boli9es +iolence "n$ Junt"&e"bilit'J, t*e r"$ic"l "n$ $eepse"te$ re%us"l to sub&it, 8*e /e')or$s %or Gilit* c"n be sterilit', s"$is&, per+ersit', c"str"tion, s"$o&"soc*is&, eroticis&, or("s&, %orbi$$en %"nt"sies, &"r(in"lit', cruelt'- re$e&ption, illu&in"tion, rebelliousness,,, Gilit*'s opposite point is c"lle$ Pri"pus- it is t*e Gun"r peri(ee, t*e position )*ere t*e =oon is closest to t*e 4"rt*, It s'&boli9es &"n's pri&iti+e n"ture, t*e *orror *i$$en in our $eepest sel%- &"soc*is&, extre&e sensu"lit', i&pulsi+eness, irr"tion"lit' "n$ excess, P*'sic"ll' spe"/in(, t*e >"r/ =oon is t*e %oc"l point unoccupie$ b' t*e 4"rt*2 it is not " concrete bo$' but " &"t*e&"tic"l point, Interpretation of the 2 Sagittarius symbolic degree

"A lion tries to catch a man hanged to a tree by the eet."

6our"(eous, enterprisin(, "n$ *onest c*"r"cter, Ene &"' be t*e +icti& o% un%"ir, less scrupulous or less s/ille$ superiors, >espite nu&erous ene&ies, one re"c*es " pro&inent position, Ne+ert*eless, one &ust re&"in +er' c"re%ul, "$opt " lo) pro%ile, "n$ be prep"re$ to t*)"rt t*e &"c*in"tions concocte$ b' *i(*er-ups, =i$*e"+en 1 4' 6"pricorn Ce$uce !idheaven or "ouse #

!he !enth House still c"lle$ the "idhea#en, is t*e *i(*est point "&i$st t*e *ouses, "t t*e top o% t*e c*"rt, in t*e Sout*, "n$ rel"tes to $estin' in (ener"l "n$ c"reer ."n$ not $"il' )or/ "s &e"nt b' t*e Sixt* House1, 8*e =i$*e"+en represents our "c*ie+e&ents "n$ (o"ls in t*e soci"l sp*ere, our soci"l position in societ', "n$ beco&es &ore "n$ &ore i&port"nt "s )e (et ol$er, It is in "n"lo(' )it* 6"pricorn "n$ S"turn, 8*e 8ent* House is t*e &ost i&port"nt "n(ul"r *ouse "lon( )it* t*e 5scen$"nt, Interpretation of the 1$ %apricorn symbolic degree

"A $ing on his throne greets a messenger %ho brings a sealed scroll."
Ceser+e$, opti&istic, "n$ $e+ote$ c*"r"cter, 6o&&unic"tion, $iplo&"c', "n$ "n' (o+ern&ent o%%ice "re *i(*l' %"+oure$, E)in( to one's *u&"n Fu"lities "n$ pro%ession"l s/ills, one en;o's t*e protection o% people )iel$in( po)er, 8*is $e(ree o%ten $escribes " *i(*-r"n/in( ci+il ser+"nt or "n electe$ represent"ti+e, Ene "c*ie+es brilli"nt "n$ )ell$eser+e$ success "n$ %"&e, Ho)e+er, it is necess"r' to be )"r' o% en+ious "n$ *"r&%ul people )*o $o not *esit"te to resort to un$er*"n$e$ $ee$s, inclu$in( t*e robber' o% con%i$enti"l $ocu&ents, !r"nus 134A' 6"pricorn, in House I Uranus Aspects !r"nus con;unction Neptune orb KH5A' Sun sFu"re !r"nus orb K5 1' !r"nus sextile Pluto orb -# 1' Planets: &ranus Ce$uce

&ranus represents in$i+i$u"l %ree$o&, ori(in"lit', in$epen$ence, &"r(in"lit', "+"nt (u"r$ inspir"tion, ultr" &o$ernis&, Lire is its ele&ent, it is $r', "n$ it rules 5Fu"rius, is in ex"lt"tion )it* Scorpio "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e br"in "n$ t*e ner+es, It represents in+entors, o$$ c*"r"cters, re+olution"ries, Temperament 2 Ner+ous to t*e extre&e Characterology 2 4&oti+e, 5cti+e, Secon$"r' t'pe- it is " P"ssion"te t'pe, Interpretation of the 1' %apricorn symbolic degree

"On a carpet o harpsichord."

lo%ers, a man %ith a

alcon head plays the

Ce%ine$, $e+ote$, "n$ c"lcul"tin( c*"r"cter en$o)e$ )it* (re"t "rtistic (i%ts, In t*e %irst p"rt o% li%e, one is $ri+en b' en+' "n$ sel%is* ob;ecti+es "n$ t*ere%ore, in or$er to re"c* one's "rtistic (o"ls, one s*o)s &uc* $e$ic"tion "n$ respect to one's &entors, Ence success, %"&e, "n$ )e"lt* "re "c*ie+e$, prob"bl' in &usic, t*e cine&", or p*ilosop*', one beco&es (entle "n$ bene+olent, I% in t*e n"t"l c*"rt, t*e =oon is in con;unction )it* t*is $e(ree, it *er"l$s *onours "n$ unexpecte$ ric*es )*ic* "re %"r "bo+e one's ori(in"l soci"l st"tus, &ranus in %apricorn 8*e pl"net !r"nus s'&boli9es ori(in"lit', in$epen$ence "n$ cerebr"l ener(' burstin( su$$enl', !r"nus tri((ers t*e irresistible nee$ %or %ree$o& t*"t )e *"+e in oursel+es, !r"nus ten$s to bre"/ t*e constr"ints t*"t *"+e beco&e unbe"r"ble "n$ (i+es us t*e cour"(e "n$ t*e )ill to (et ri$ o% )*"t *"s beco&e " bur$en- )*en *e is )ell "specte$, *e "lso in$ic"tes (enius, In 'our n"t"l c*"rt, !r"nus: *ouse position is &ore i&port"nt t*"n *is si(n position bec"use, li/e <upiter, S"turn, Neptune "n$ Pluto, *e is " slo) pl"net, ="n' people born in t*e s"&e perio$ *"+e !r"nus in t*e s"&e si(n, 8*is is t*e re"son )*' t*e si(n occupie$ *ere is less &e"nin(%ul t*"n )*en it is occupie$ b' t*e so-c"lle$ %"st pl"nets, i,e, t*e Sun, t*e =oon, =ercur', Venus "n$ ="rs, 8*ere%ore, so&e c"ution is to be exercise$ "s 'ou re"$ )*"t %ollo)s, 8*e si(n positions o% !r"nus, Neptune "n$ Pluto *"+e " collecti+e &e"nin(, 8*e' $o not in%luence 'our person"lit', unless t*e' "re in+ol+e$ in nu&erous "spects or )*en t*e' e&p*"si9e " person"l point o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt suc* "s 'our 5scen$"nt:s ruler, "n "n(ul"r pl"net, i,e, " pl"net ne"r t*e 5scen$"nt, t*e =i$*e"+en, t*e N"$ir or t*e >escen$"nt, In suc* c"ses, t*e "cti+it' o% t*e slo) pl"net is +er' *i(*li(*te$, !r"nus in 6"pricorn incre"ses 'our $et"c*&ent %ro& e&otions "n$ %eelin(s2 p"r"$oxic"ll', col$ness blen$e$ )it* exception"l results &"' (i+e " *ectic c"reer "n$ propel 'ou to +er' *i(*-le+el positions, &ranus in House ( @it* !r"nus in t*e 1 t* House, 'our "spir"tions "re in$i+i$u"listic "n$ cle"r-cut, In$ee$, !r"nus is not " Fuiet pl"net, Dou /no) )*ere 'ou )"nt (et to, "n$ 'ou "re re"$' to p"' t*e price %or it, Dou "re $ri+en b' " %ierce $eter&in"tion, Dou $o not "ccept t*is "n$ t*"t, "n$ 'ou $o not le"+e 'our soci"l "n$ pro%ession"l li%e in ot*er people's *"n$s, Dou )"nt to run t*e bo"t o% 'our $estin' )it*out %e"rin( to ro) "("inst t*e ti$e, &ranus Dominant I% !r"nus is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " !r"ni"n2 person"l +"lues "re pre+"ilin(, Inner cert"inties %uel "n in%lexible )ill "n$ " $esire to c"ll "ttention on 'oursel% "s )ell "s to %ollo) 'our belie%s t*rou(*, 8*is pl"net pro&pts 'ou to be*"+e )it* $eter&in"tion, to put %or)"r$ 'our o)n trut*, "n$ to st"rt 'our person"l re+olution, =ore t*"n ot*er people, 'ou "re )illin( to /eep so&e $e(ree o% "utono&' in "ll circu&st"nces, "n$ 'ou o%ten $ispl"' "n in$i+i$u"listic n"ture, In or$er to "c*ie+e 'our i$e"l o% %ree$o& "n$ in$epen$ence, 'ou &"' "ct li/e " $espot "s 'ou tr' to con+ince "n$ to i&pose 'our +ie)s, )*et*er s&oot*l' or %orce%ull', Ce("r$less o% t*e %lexibilit' o% 'our co&port&ent, so&e situ"tions $e&"n$ "n "bsolute %ir&ness "s )ell "s unco&pro&isin(, %r"n/ "n$ str"i(*t%or)"r$ "ttitu$es, People &"' criticise 'ou %or 'our intr"nsi(ence "n$ s"' t*"t 'ou "re " *"r$liner, Eutsi$er's opinions $on't &"tterB 8*e &ost i&port"nt t*in( is t*"t 'ou "ct in "ll conscience "n$ re"c* 'our pri&"r' ob;ecti+es, =ore t*"n "n'one else, 'ou /no) *o) to use 'our )illpo)er "n$ to %ocus 'our ener(' on " precise "i&, relentlessl', )*"te+er t*e conseFuences &i(*t be, In t*e c*"pter o% Fu"lities, let's &ention " $e%inite sense o% responsibilit', "n inno+"ti+e &in$ open to tec*niFues "n$ &o$ern i$e"s, "s )ell "s " n"tur"l sel%$iscipline )*ic* o+erco&es &"n' "n obst"cle, 8*ere%ore, people "re )ell-"$+ise$ not to *oun$ 'ou into " corner, Neptune 1#44' 6"pricorn, in House I Neptune Aspects !r"nus con;unction Neptune orb KH5A' Sun sFu"re Neptune orb KH 4' Neptune sextile Pluto orb -3 3' Planets: 'eptune

)eptune represents esc"pis&, i&pression"bilit', $"'$re"&in(, $elusions, c"relessness, $eception or intuition, $is*onest' or inspir"tion, telep"t*', @"ter is its ele&ent, it is &oist, it rules Pisces, is in ex"lt"tion in 6"ncer, t*ou(* so&e "ut*ors s"' it is Geo, "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e +e(et"ti+e s'ste&, It represents $re"&ers, &e$iu&s, &"(ici"ns, &erc*"nts o% illusion, $ru( "$$icts, Temperament 2 r"t*er G'&p*"tic Characterology 2 4&oti+e, non 5cti+e, Pri&"r' or Secon$"r' t'pe- it is " Senti&ent"l, or so&eti&es 5&orp*ous t'pe, Interpretation of the 1 %apricorn symbolic degree

"A $ing in ceremonial costume is greeted by a courtier %ho bo%s do%n in reverence."
Ebli(in(, persistent, "n$ pro+i$ent c*"r"cter, E)in( to one's *u&"n Fu"lities "n$ pro%ession"l s/ills, one is entruste$ )it* " *i(*-le+el position, or one e"rns "n elector"l &"n$"te, It is "lso possible t*"t one &eets " person )iel$in( po)er )*o (r"nts *is protection "n$ brin(s "bout )e"lt*,

)eptune in %apricorn 8*e pl"net Neptune s'&boli9es extre&e recepti+it', intense e&otion"l s*"rpness, i&pression"bilit' "n$ inspir"tion- it is t*e pl"net o% &e$iu&s, &'stics "n$ reli(ious %"it*, In "n "strolo(ic"l c*"rt, it in$ic"tes $ilution, +"(ueness, un$erst"n$in( one:s en+iron&ent t*rou(* e&otions "n$ t*e "bsence o% cle"r "n$ $eter&ine$ li&its "n$ structures, In 'our n"t"l c*"rt, Neptune:s *ouse position is &ore i&port"nt t*"n *is si(n position bec"use, li/e <upiter, S"turn, !r"nus "n$ Pluto, *e is " slo) pl"net, ="n' people born in t*e s"&e perio$ *"+e Neptune in t*e s"&e si(n, 8*is is t*e re"son )*' t*e si(n occupie$ *ere is less &e"nin(%ul t*"n )*en it is occupie$ b' t*e so-c"lle$ %"st pl"nets, i,e, t*e Sun, t*e =oon, =ercur', Venus "n$ ="rs, 8*ere%ore, so&e c"ution is to be exercise$ "s 'ou re"$ )*"t %ollo)s, 8*e si(n positions o% !r"nus, Neptune "n$ Pluto *"+e " collecti+e &e"nin(, 8*e' $o not in%luence 'our person"lit', unless t*e' "re in+ol+e$ in nu&erous "spects or )*en t*e' e&p*"si9e " person"l point o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt suc* "s 'our 5scen$"nt:s ruler, "n "n(ul"r pl"net, i,e, " pl"net ne"r t*e 5scen$"nt, t*e =i$*e"+en, t*e N"$ir or t*e >escen$"nt, In suc* c"ses, t*e "cti+it' o% t*e slo) pl"net is +er' *i(*li(*te$, Neptune in 6"pricorn brin(s " touc* o% *u&"nit' "n$ e&otion into 'our "&bition &"$e o% col$ "n$ c"lcul"te$ +ision, Er, on t*e contr"r', it &"' $isrupt 'our precise "n$ cle"r +ision o% 'our pro%ession"l %uture, )eptune in House ( @it* Neptune in t*e 1 t* House, 'our +oc"tion in+ol+es t*e $isco+er' o% e+er't*in( )*ic* is un/no)n to 'ou, 5ccor$in( to t*e 8r"$ition, it inclu$es tr"+els b' se" "n$ explor"tions o% str"n(e or %orei(n "re"s, =ore %reFuentl', t*is con%i(ur"tion pre$isposes to ps'c*olo(ic"l "cti+ities, 8*e $isco+er' o% t*e *u&"n soul is " p"t* )*ic* is "s c"pti+"tin( "s t*e $isco+er' o% %"r")"' l"n$s, @*et*er it is " $or&"nt t"lent or " pro%ession, t*e (i%t to sense 'our interlocutor constitutes one o% 'our "ssets, Ho)e+er, +oc"tion &"' t"/e ti&e to re+e"l itsel%, )eptune Dominant I% Neptune is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " Neptuni"n2 'our intuition is *i(*l' $e+elope$, Dou "re o% " conte&pl"ti+e n"ture, "n$ 'ou "re p"rticul"rl' recepti+e to "&bi"nces, pl"ces, "n$ people, Dou (l"$l' culti+"te t*e "rt o% lettin(-(o, "n$ 'ou "llo) t*e n"tur"l un%ol$in( o% e+ents to construct 'our )orl$, Dou %ollo) 'our inspir"tions, %or better or %or )orse, 5t ti&es, 'ou $ispl"' "n extr"or$in"r' cl"ir+o'"nce (i%t, Dou see& to be "ble to re"$ 'our subconscious li/e " boo/, "n$ 'ou tr"c/ $o)n subtle un$erl'in( &ec*"nis&s, %l")s, or open bre"c*es, 8*is inn"te intuition &i(*t expl"in t*e stro/es o% (oo$ luc/ )*ic* t*e Neptuni"n is so&eti&es cre$ite$ )it*, Ho)e+er, 'ou &"' "lso be t*e +icti& o% illusions "n$ &isle"$in( intuitions, Dou "re "n i$e"list, "n$ 'ou let 'our $eepest "spir"tions pre+"il o+er t*e re"lities o% t*e &o&ent, 8*en, 'ou set o%% in Fuest o% so&e Fuixotic ob;ecti+e, li+in( li/e " >on Muixote )*o relentlessl' pursues "n i&possible $re"&, Dou *"+e " (re"t t"lent %or ps'c*olo(' "n$ t*e &'steries o% t*e *u&"n soul, Since 'ou instincti+el' percei+e people's intents "n$ &oti+"tions, "s 'ou s)i& in t*e co&plexit' o% *u&"n n"ture, 'ou %eel in 'our ele&ent, 8*e subtlet' o% 'our percepti+eness is t*e source o% bot* speci"l "%%ections "n$ irre+oc"ble re;ections, @*"t is t*e $"n(er o% suc* " $o&in"nt0 I% it is not o%%set b' ot*er in%luences in 'our n"t"l c*"rt, 'ou &"' not *"+e "n iron )ill, Dour tru&p c"r$ is 'our instinct, )*ic* &"' be $e+elope$ to t*e extent t*"t it beco&es cl"ir+o'"nce, 8rue Nort* No$e H4 #' 6"pricorn, in House I 'orth 'ode

!he )orth )ode .8rue No$e *ere1 represents t*e (o"ls t*"t &ust be "c*ie+e$ $urin( li%e, in t*e /"r&ic sense "ccor$in( to so&e tr"$itions, Its position in *ouse in$ic"tes in )*"t %iel$ "n e%%ort is necess"r' in or$er to e+ol+e, 8*e Nort* No$e is o%ten c"lle$ t*e >r"(on's *e"$, it is usu"ll' consi$ere$ bene%ici"l, " bit li/e <upiter )it* t*e pl"nets, 8*e Gun"r no$es "re %iction"l points "n$ not "ctu"l *e"+enl' bo$ies2 t*e' "re t*e intersections o% t*e =oon )it* t*e 4cliptic .t*e p"t* &"$e b' t*e Sun in its orbit "s seen %ro& t*e 4"rt*1, 8*e "xis o% t*e Gun"r no$es &o+es 19 $e(rees e"c* 'e"r, n"&el' " bit &ore t*"n t*ree &inutes e"c* $"', !he South )ode is $i"&etric"ll' oppose$ to t*e Nort* No$e, t*ere%ore it %"ces it .it's not $r")n *ere, it's t*e s"&e s'&bol but upsi$e $o)n1, It s'&boli9es )*"t *"s "lre"$' been "c*ie+e$ or "cFuire$, in " /"r&ic sense2 it's t*e p"st %ro& )*ic* it's "$+ise$ to &o+e on in or$er to pro(ress, 8*e Sout* No$e is r"t*er ne("ti+e, o% " S"turni"n n"ture2 t*e experience t*rou(* su%%erin(, Interpretation of the 2* %apricorn symbolic degree

"(n an amphitheatre, an arro% is shot by an invisible hand."

5&bitious, cle+er, "n$ ir"scible c*"r"cter, Success reFuires continuous le"rnin( "n$ tr"inin(, Si&il"rl' to t*e pi"nist or t*e $"ncer )*o pr"ctices e+er' $"', it is necess"r' to const"ntl' *one one's s/ills in or$er to &"int"in t*e& "t t*e *i(*est possible le+el, It is "t t*is con$ition t*"t one c"n "c*ie+e success in " c"reer reFuirin( $exterit', or in e$uc"tion "n$ liter"ture, 5ccor$in( to ="nilius, " Co&"n "strolo(er "n$ poet o% t*e 1st centur' o% t*e 6*risti"n er", t*is $e(ree en$o)s )it* (re"t &"nu"l "n$ intellectu"l ni&bleness, but it "lso in$ic"tes t*"t triu&p*s "n$ celebrit' "re o%ten %ollo)e$ b' $is%"+our, S"turn 541' 5Fu"rius, in House II Saturn Aspects =oon con;unction S"turn orb K354' <upiter opposite S"turn orb -159' =ercur' sFu"re S"turn orb -A4H' Planets: )aturn Ce$uce

Saturn represents concentr"tion, e%%ort, perse+er"nce, ti&e, t*e *"r$ re"lit', ine+it"ble conseFuences, 4"rt* is its ele&ent, it is col$ "n$ $r', "n$ it rules 6"pricorn "n$ 5Fu"rius ."lon( )it* !r"nus1, is in ex"lt"tion in Gibr" "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e bones .s/eleton1 "n$ t*e s/in, It represents t*e (r"n$p"rents, ol$ people, scientists, /no)le$(e"ble &en, S"turn correspon$s to ol$ "(e- it (oes %ro& A 'e"rs ol$ until $e"t*, Temperament 2 Ner+ous Characterology 2 Non-4&oti+e, 5cti+e "n$ Secon$"r' t'pe or 4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Secon$"r' t'pe or so&eti&es Non-4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Secon$"r' t'pe- it is " P*le(&"tic, " Senti&ent"l or "n 4&p"t*ic t'pe Interpretation of the + ,-uarius symbolic degree

"An archer standing in a meado% aims his arro% at the sun %ithout paying attention to the lames burning the grass near him."
Lier', s*re)$, "n$ i$e"listic c*"r"cter en$o)e$ )it* (re"t intellectu"l c"p"cities "n$ persu"sion po)ers, Success c"n be "c*ie+e$ in "cti+ities reFuirin( p*'sic"l "n$ &ent"l $e%tness suc* "s "rc*er', s/"tin(, "crob"tics, "$+ertisin(, e$uc"tion, etc, Ene c"n "lso be "n excellent spiritu"l (ui$e, Saturn in ,-uarius 8*e pl"net S"turn s'&boli9es contr"ction, e%%ort, ti&e, li&it"tion "n$ concentr"tion, S"turn eli&in"tes "n't*in( t*"t is not "ut*entic, sooner or l"ter, It is i&possible to c*e"t *i& "s *e (i+es "n irresistible $esire to %or& " co*erent )*ole )it* onesel%, in responsible "n$ )ise )"'s, He is t*e (re"t puri%ier, He represents our li&it"tions but "lso our trut*, In 'our n"t"l c*"rt, t*e *ouse position )*ere S"turn is posite$ is &ore i&port"nt t*"n *is si(n position bec"use, li/e <upiter, !r"nus, Neptune "n$ Pluto, *e is " slo) pl"net, ="n' people born in t*e s"&e perio$ *"+e S"turn in t*e s"&e si(n, 8*is is t*e re"son )*' t*e si(n occupie$ *ere is less &e"nin(%ul t*"n )*en it is occupie$ b' t*e so-c"lle$ %"st pl"nets, i,e, t*e Sun, t*e =oon, =ercur', Venus "n$ ="rs, 8*ere%ore, so&e c"ution is to be exercise$ "s 'ou re"$ )*"t %ollo)s, S"turn in 5Fu"rius en$o)s 'ou )it* t*e c"p"cit' to $eli+er in collecti+e "re"s, *u&"nit"ri"n c"uses or "+"nt-("r$ist pro;ects, Dour sensiti+it' is )it*$r")n but it is o%%set b' 'our "bilit' to *"n$le *u&"n rel"tions*ips in " $"rin( "n$ e%%icient )"', )*ic* "llo)s 'ou to "c*ie+e 'our (o"ls %or t*e s"/e o% " c"use, Saturn in House (I In 'our n"t"l c*"rt, S"turn is in t*e 11t* House, 5n ol$ %rien$s*ip is not to be tr"$e$B 4speci"ll' not %or " super%ici"l "n$ s*ort-li+e$ rel"tions*ip, It is &ore i&port"nt to c"re%ull' select 'our %rien$s, "n$ to /eep t*e& %or " lon( ti&e, t*"n to incre"se t*eir nu&ber, Dou nee$ lo'"l %rien$s in or$er to buil$ lon(-ter& pro;ects, 8*e &ost i&port"nt t*in( to 'ou is to be "ble to rel' on 'our entour"(e, )*"te+er li%e's te&por"r' %luctu"tions &i(*t be, 8*ere%ore, 'our %rien$s "re *"n$-pic/e$, "n$ t*e' &ust st"n$ t*e test o% 'our con%i$ence, "n en$urin( one, Saturn Dominant I% S"turn is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " S"turni"n2 'ou (l"$l' le"+e to ot*er people t*e $ecision to t"/e li%e "s it co&es, 5s %"r "s 'ou "re concerne$, 'ou pre%er to t"/e "$+"nt"(e o% 'our experiences in or$er to $isco+er, to (ro), "n$ to Fuestion 'oursel%, =oon 93#' 5Fu"rius, in House II Moon Aspects =oon con;unction S"turn orb K354' =oon opposite <upiter orb -554' Planets: !oon

!he "oon represents instincti+e re"ction, unconscious pre$estin"tion, e+er'$"' &oo$, sensiti+it', e&otions, t*e %e&inine si$e o% t*e person"lit', intuition, i&"(in"tion, Lor " &"n, s*e represents *is &ot*er "n$ l"ter *is )i%e, "n$ *is rel"tions*ip )it* )o&en in (ener"l, Lor " )o&"n, t*e =oon is "l&ost "s i&port"nt "s t*e Sun "n$ t*e 5scen$"nt, Her ele&ent is )"ter, s*e is col$ "n$ &oist, s*e rules 6"ncer, is in ex"lt"tion in 8"urus "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e sto&"c*, S*e s'&boli9es t*e &ot*er, )i%e, t*e cro)$, t*e =oon is "ssoci"te$ )it* birt* "n$ c*il$*oo$, 8r"$ition "lso &"tc*es *er )it* t*e en$ o% li%e, "%ter S"turn t*e ol$ "(e, it is t*us custo&"r' to (o b"c/ to one's pl"ce o% birt* to $ie2 t*e en$ o% li%e &eets t*e +er' be(innin(, Temperament 2 G'&p*"tic Characterology 2 4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Pri&"r' t'pe or Non-4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Pri&"r', Ner+ous or 5&orp*ous t'pe,

Interpretation of the 9 ,-uarius symbolic degree

"A man %al$s normally although his head and one o his hands seem separated rom his body."
I&&"ture "n$ irresponsible c*"r"cter, 5 su$$en sep"r"tion %ro& t*e p"rents $urin( c*il$*oo$ is prob"bl' "t t*e root o% ps'c*o&otor "n$ coor$in"tion proble&s, "s )ell "s o% $i%%iculties in t"/in( c*"r(e o% one's li%e properl', 8*e presence o% " $e+ote$ p"rtner is necess"r', "oon in ,-uarius En t*e $"' "n$ "t t*e ti&e o% 'our birt*, t*e =oon )"s in t*e si(n o% 5Fu"rius, Dour &"nner in 'our $"il' li%e *i(*li(*ts 'our uncon$ition"l con%i$ence in li%e, )*"te+er *"ppens, in spite o% t*e $elusions "n$ or$e"ls 'ou un$er)ent, Dou "re con%i$ent bec"use 'ou "re sel$o& $est"bili9e$ b' un%oreseen e+ents "n$, in " &ore subtle )"', bec"use 'ou "re blesse$ )it* t*e opti&is& o% t*ose )*o /no) t*"t t*e' "l)"'s reco+er, S*oul$ 'our inti&"te li%e be upset "n$ 'our pri+"te sp*ere $isrupte$, 'ou se"rc* %or "not*er Fuietness )it* rene)e$ serenit', else)*ere, $i%%erentl'? "n$ to&orro), Dou expect " lot %ro& t*e %uture "n$ t*is is prob"bl' )*' 'ou "ccept t*e present &o&ent "s it co&es, In t*e pri+"te sp*ere, 'ou "re soci"ble but in$epen$ent, Ni+e %ree rein to 'our )*i&sic"l i&"(in"tion, Dou nee$ to rein+ent t*e ele&ents o% 'our li%e "n$ to be %e$ )it* unexpecte$ e+ents, Dou $o not l"c/ i$e"s %or t*e cre"tion o% " better )orl$, 5lt*ou(* 'our *opes &"' %"ll )it*in t*e pro+ince o% utopi", in &"n' circu&st"nces, 'ou "re "ble to t"/e "$+"nt"(e o% 'our %un$"&ent"l opti&is&, !n$oubte$l', it is "n "sset %or o+erco&in( setb"c/s "n$ $oubts, "oon in House (I 8*e =oon is in t*e 11t* House, 8*is con%i(ur"tion pro&pts to see/ +"rious "n$ so&eti&es super%ici"l %rien$s*ips, Dou %eel co&%ort"ble )it*in " (roup o% %rien$s, "n$ 'ou "re +er' %on$ o% p"rties, outin(s, "n$ ("t*erin(s, People surroun$in( 'ou re"ssure 'ou "n$ constitute 'our secon$ %"&il', Dou ten$ to trust t*e& " priori, Ho)e+er, &"/e no &ist"/e, In$ee$, )*en t*e spell is bro/en "n$ %rien$s*ips "re unreli"ble, t*e )in$ c*"n(es, "oon Dominant I% t*e =oon is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " Gun"ri"n2 t*e $ri+in( %orce be*in$ 'our "ctions is &"inl' t*e pursuit o% )ell-bein( "n$ tr"nFuillit', Dour sensiti+e "n$ ro&"ntic sel% li+es on t*ose perio$s o% rest $urin( )*ic* 'ou let 'our i&"(in"tion )"n$er "t )ill, 8*is is 'our )"' o% %in$in( inspir"tion "n$ b"l"nce, Not*in( is "llo)e$ to $isturb 'our %eelin( o% %ul%il&ent "n$ securit' )it*in " *"r&onious cell, be it " %"&il' or " cl"n, =ore t*"n ot*er people, t*e Gun"ri"n is "tt"c*e$ to t*ose &o&ents $urin( )*ic* one %or(ets one's )orries "n$ lets onesel% c"st "$ri%t "i&lessl', )it* no ot*er (o"l t*"n to be lulle$ into "n "&bi"nce, " situ"tion, or " per%ect &o&ent, ="n' people $o not un$erst"n$ suc* "bsences "n$ t*eir &e"nin(, )*ic* is to re("in stren(t*, 8*ese people re"$il' $escribe 'ou )it* suc* un%l"tterin( ter&s "s "p"t*' "n$ nonc*"l"nce, Ne+er &in$B So&e inspir"tions reFuire surren$erin( "s )ell "s stri/in( " b"l"nce $eri+e$ %ro& "ltern"te "ction "n$ p"ssi+it', Dour Fu"lities "re expresse$ to t*e %ullest in situ"tions )*ic* $e&"n$ %"&ili"rit' "n$ pri+"c', Dour c"p"cities to respect "n$ blen$ into 'our en+iron&ent is "t le"st "s +"lu"ble "s so&e ot*er people's "((ressi+e $ispositions, Ho)e+er, 'ou "re )ell-"$+ise$ to "+oi$ in$olence "n$ renunci"tion out o% l"9iness or in$i%%erence, Lortune 11 8' 5Fu"rius, in House II Part o *ortune

!he Part of .ortune is "n "ncient concept, use$ b' Ptole&' "n$ ot*er "strolo(ers be%ore *i&, Lirstl', it *"s not*in( to $o )it* %ortuneB In &o$ern "strolo(', it is "ctu"ll' use$ to en*"nce " pl"net or "n(le )*en in close con;unction )it* it2 it t*us "&pli%ies t*e &e"nin( "ssoci"te$ to t*e point "%%ecte$ b' its presence, It is c"lcul"te$ in t*e %ollo)in( )"'2 P"rt o% Lortune O 5S K =oon - Sun .it is t*e =oons position )*en t*e Sun rises1 8*e cl"ssic"l P"rt o% Lortune, o% )*ic* t*e c"lculus &et*o$ is unc*"n(e$ )*et*er in " $iurn"l or nocturn"l c*"rt, is usu"ll' $istin(uis*e$ %ro& t*e $iurn"l7nocturn"l P"rt o% Lortune )*ic* is c"lcul"te$ b' t*e %or&ul" 5S K Sun - =oon %or " nocturn"l c*"rt, "n$ 5S K =oon - Sun in " $iurn"l c*"rt, @e currentl' use t*e l"tter %or&ul" %or our "strolo(ic"l pro(r"&&es, Interpretation of the 11 ,-uarius symbolic degree

"T%o bulls butt heads at the edge o a precipice."

!ncout*, Fu"rrelso&e, "n$ rec/less c*"r"cter, Ene o%ten "nt"(onises ot*er people )it*out t*orou(*l' )ei(*in( t*e possible conseFuences o% suc* "((ressions, Lurt*er&ore, one is not ")"re o% one's p*'sic"l stren(t* "n$, e+en )*en one tries to *elp %rien$s, one *urts t*e& out o% clu&siness, It is in$ispens"ble to be &ore t*ou(*t%ul be%ore t"/in( "ction "n$ to un$erst"n$ t*"t t*e s"'in( P=i(*t is ri(*tQ is not true, Sun 1849' 5ries, in House I Sun Sun Sun Sun Aspects sFu"re Neptune orb KH 4' sFu"re !r"nus orb K5 1' con;unction =ercur' orb K91 ' Planets: )un

!he Sun represents +it"lit', in$i+i$u"lit', )ill-po)er "n$ cre"ti+e ener(' "n$ *onours, Lor " )o&"n, it "lso represents *er %"t*er, "n$ l"ter *er *usb"n$, 8*e Sun is one o% t*e &ost i&port"nt s'&bols in t*e birt* c*"rt, "s &uc* "s t*e 5scen$"nt, t*en t*e =oon ." bit less %or " &"n1, t*e ruler o% t*e 5scen$"nt "n$ t*e %"st-&o+in( pl"nets, It's ele&ent is %ire- it is *ot "n$ $r', it (o+erns Geo, is in ex"lt"tion in 5ries "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e *e"rt, It represents t*e boss, "ut*orit', besi$e t*e %"t*er "n$ t*e *usb"n$ - t*e "(e o% t*e Sun (oes %ro& H 'e"rs ol$ to "bout 4 , %ollo)in( t*e Venus "(e )*en one is ")"re o% *is se$ucti+e po)er, Temperament 2 3ilious Characterology 2 4&oti+e, 5cti+e, Secon$"r', p"ssion"te t'pe, Interpretation of the 1/ ,ries symbolic degree

"(n a poor house, an old man in a %orn out robe ear ully holds t%o bags o gold against his chest."
Stin(', &is"nt*ropic, "n$ (ree$' c*"r"cter, Ene is onl' intereste$ in incre"sin( one's )e"lt*, t*rou(* *onest or less *onest &e"ns, "n$ one $ispl"'s "n obsessi+e "tt"c*&ent to (ol$, Ene pre%ers to li+e in solitu$e, estr"n(e$ %ro& rel"ti+es "n$ %rien$s, %or %e"r t*"t t*e' &i(*t borro) &one', Ene )oul$ be )ell-"$+ise$ to c*"n(e one's be*"+iour, to in$ul(e in " &ore co&%ort"ble li%e, "n$ to le"rn t*e +"lue o% s*"rin(, Et*er)ise, sooner or l"ter, one )ill lose one's ric*es t*rou(* " n"tur"l $is"ster, )"r or re+olution, or robber', In$ee$, t*is $e(ree )"rns "("inst (ol$ *o"r$in(, Sun in ,ries Dour entour"(e is "&"9e$ b' 'our ener(', 'our cour"(e "n$ 'our bol$ness, Dour re"ctions "re Fuic/, e+en inst"nt"neous, Dour ent*usi"s& pro&pts 'ou to %ollo) 'our n"tur"l i&pulses, e+en t*ou(* 'ou "re not ")"re o% "ll t*e conseFuences o% 'our "ctions, 5bo+e "ll, 'ou )"nt to li+e e"c* &o&ent intensel', )it*out %e"rin( t*e %uture, Dour enterprisin( spirit is supporte$ b' "n "cute sense o% con%ront"tion, PresentB 8*is is 5ries "ns)erin( t*e c"ll, 5n' c"ll, pro+i$e$ t*"t t*ere is so&e $e(ree o% ne)-ness or so&e c*"llen(e, I% 5ries: $'n"&is& "n$ enterprisin( spirit "re un$erline$, it is bec"use t*e si(n is &ore incline$ to co&&it itsel% in t*e present "n$ to st"rt %ro& scr"tc*, 8*is "bilit' to t"/e "ction on t*e spot in response to "n' sti&ul"tion "lso "pplies to t*e "re" o% 'our rel"tions*ips2 'ou s"' outlou$ )*"t 'ou $ee& necess"r' to s"', e+en i% it &e"ns %oolis*l' upsettin( se+er"l persons, It is bl"c/ or )*ite, 'es or no? o%ten )it*out b"l"nceB 3e(innin( "n$ un$ert"/in( "re situ"tions )*ere 'ou %eel t*"t 'ou "re in 'our ele&ent, Dour Fu"lities c"n "lso be expresse$ )*en 'ou "re bo((e$ $o)n in inextric"ble "n$ co&plic"te$ rel"tions*ips2 'ou /no) *o) to si&pli%' t*in(s but 'ou s*oul$ be)"re not to $o so in " c"ric"ture$ &"nner, Sun in House I In 'our c*"rt, t*e Sun is in t*e 1st House, @*ene+er " ne) situ"tion occurs, 'ou nee$ to $o e+er't*in( to *"+e it cl"ri%ie$, Here, i$e"ls "n$ inn"te "ptitu$es "re in *"r&on', It is not possible to c*e"t on 'ou, @*en 'ou &eet so&eone %or t*e %irst ti&e, 'ou $o 'our best to un$erst"n$ )*o t*is person is, "n$ to set si&ple &"r/s %or 'oursel%, Dou ne+er &"/e " &o+e i% 'ou $on't /no) t*e rules o% t*e ("&e, Dour *onest' i&&e$i"tel' )ins people o+er, but it is &ost li/el' t*"t 'our ;u$(e&ents "re criticise$ "n$ $ee&e$ too "bsolute, N,3,2 @*en " pl"net is posite$ ne"r t*e cusp o% t*e next "strolo(ic"l *ouse .less t*"n 4 $e(rees %or t*e 5scen$"nt or t*e =i$*e"+en, "n$ less t*"n 3 $e(rees %or "ll t*e ot*er *ouses1, it is consi$ere$ to be posite$ in t*e %ollo)in( *ouse, 8*is rule is use$ in t*e texts o% t*is inter"cti+e c*"rt "n$ in "ll our "strolo(ic"l so%t)"res, Sun Dominant I% t*e Sun is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " Sol"ri"n2 'ou lo"t*e pettiness "n$ ="c*i"+elli"n &"noeu+re, "n$ 'ou "re %on$ o% n"tur"l nobleness "s )ell "s o% $irect "n$ *onest "ttitu$es, Dou en$e"+our to (et out o% &u$$le$ or $"r/ situ"tions "s Fuic/l' "s possible, Dour nee$ %or tr"nsp"renc' &"' le"$ 'ou to &"/e cut-"n$-$rie$ ;u$(&ents suc* "s 'es or no, "n$ bl"c/ or )*ite, Ho)e+er, 'our *onest' co&&"n$s 'our entour"(e's consi$er"tion, 5t ti&es, 'ou co&e "cross "s "ut*orit"ri"n, It is true t*"t 'ou ne+er )"nt to be t*ou(*t o% t*e not"ble "bsentee, "n$ t*"t 'ou &"n"(e to &"/e people p"' "ttention to 'ou, "s )ell "s to 'our pl"ns "n$ 'our "ssess&ents, 8o t*is en$, t*e Sol"ri"n so&eti&es $e+elops " (re"t t"lent %or pl"cin( *i&sel% un$er t*e spotli(*t )it*out &issin( " sin(le opportunit' to "rouse interest, So&e ot*er Sol"ri"ns, "lt*ou(* &ore $iscreet, still &"n"(e to be t*e %ocus o% "n' $eb"te, e+en in situ"tions o% exclusion, It is 'our )"' o% bein( present e+en t*ou(* 'ou "re "ctu"ll' not t*ere,,, =ore t*"n ot*er people, 'ou "ppreci"te t*e estee& exten$e$ to 'ou, It is useless to c*e"t )it* 'ou, since in "ll "re"s 'ou consi$er est"blis*in( en$urin( rel"tions*ips onl' )it* t*ose )*o lo+e 'ou, "$&ire 'ou, respect 'ou, or express so&e $e(ree o% "%%ection to 'ou, Dour )ill to str"i(*ten out 'our inter-person"l rel"tions*ips is 'our stren(t* "n$ so&eti&es, 'our 5c*illes' *eel, Dou c"nnot "c*ie+e "n't*in( be*in$ t*e scenes, 8*ere%ore, 'our co&port&ent is &"r/e$ )it* *erois&, "n$ 'our st"n$s "re $e+oi$ o% "&bi(uit', in t*e sense t*"t 'our co&&it&ents "re un%"ilin(, "n$ 'our rebu%%s, %in"l, 5scen$"nt H H1' 5ries Ascendant or "ouse (

!he .irst House or ,scendant represents one's be*"+iour in t*e e'es o% ot*ers, "n$ "lso one's *e"lt*, It correspon$s to t*e )"' t*e in$i+i$u"l "cts in t*e )orl$, It is t*e i&"(e o% t*e person"lit' seen b' ot*ers "n$ t*e

person's +isible be*"+iour expresse$ out)"r$l', 8*e 1st House is in "n"lo(' )it* 5ries "n$ t*us ="rs too, "n$ t*en t*e Sun, It is "n "n(ul"r *ouse, t*e &ost i&port"nt one )it* t*e =i$*e"+en, &"'be e+en &ore so $ue to its lin/ )it* t*e bo$' "n$ *e"lt*, Interpretation of the 2$ ,ries symbolic degree

"On a ra t lost in the middle o the ocean, a man in great distress, but combative, %aves a %hite cloth or help."
8*is $e(ree porten$s loneliness, extre&e po+ert', "n$ per*"ps, exile or i&prison&ent "bro"$, In $i%%icult circu&st"nces, %rien$s "re un)illin( or un"ble to *elp, 8rips to %orei(n countries "re stron(l' "$+ise$ "("inst, Ene &ust t*in/ t*orou(*l' be%ore t"/in( "ction, "n$ opt %or " Fuiet "n$ &o$est li%e in or$er to o%%set t*e $"n(ers o% $ro)nin(, in bot* t*e liter"l "n$ t*e %i(ur"ti+e sense, )*ic* "re "ssoci"te$ )it* t*is $e(ree, ,scendant in ,ries =ercur' HA59' 5ries, in House I Mercury Aspects Sun con;unction =ercur' orb K91 ' =ercur' sFu"re <upiter orb K543' =ercur' sextile ="rs orb K51A' =ercur' sFu"re S"turn orb -A4H' Planets: !ercury Ce$uce

"ercury represents co&&unic"tion, lo(ic"l "n$ r"tion"l &in$, intellectu"l s/ills, 4"rt* is its ele&ent, it is col$ "n$ $r', "n$ it rules Vir(o "n$ Ne&ini, is in ex"lt"tion in Vir(o "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e "r&s, *"n$s, ner+ous s'ste&, It represents tr"$es&en, l")'ers, &essen(ers- t*e "(e o% =ercur' (oes %ro& 8 or1 'e"rs ol$ to "bout 15,, Temperament 2 Ner+ous Characterology 2 4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Pri&"r' t'pe or Non-4&oti+e, 5cti+e "n$ Pri&"r', Ner+ous or S"n(uine t'pe, Interpretation of the 20 ,ries symbolic degree

"A air+haired %oman, lavishly dressed and standing alone, opens her arms in a %elcoming gesture."
4xuber"nt, (i%te$, "n$ bene+olent c*"r"cter, Ene is (enerous "n$ *"s nu&erous t"lents, )*ic* "ttr"cts &"n' %rien$s )*o reciproc"te one's /in$ness "n$ pro+i$e )ise pieces o% "$+ice, 5 %e&"le %i(ure pl"'s "n instru&ent"l role in one's c"reer, S*e &"' be " po)er%ul protector or " )e"lt*' spouse, Success c"n be "c*ie+e$ in "ll occup"tions $e"lin( )it* )ool "n$ )oollen (oo$s, "ercury in ,ries =ercur' $escribes 'our rel"tions, 'our co&&unic"tion s/ills "n$ t*e )"' 'ou rel"te to t*e extern"l )orl$, Ho)e+er, ot*er "strolo(ic"l ele&ents "lso in%luence t*ese "re"s, 8*e si(n =ercur' occupies is si(ni%ic"nt onl' i% =ercur' is p"rt o% 'our pl"net"r' $o&in"ntes, In 'our c*"rt, =ercur' is in 5ries, Dou respon$ +er' Fuic/l' to t*e sti&ul"tions o% 'our en+iron&ent, Dour &in$ is const"ntl' on t*e loo/out, se"rc*in( %or ne) in%or&"tion, 6o&&unic"tion is " &"tter o% spont"neit' "n$ e&otions experience$ $"'-to-$"', Dou "l)"'s *"+e " Fuic/ retort, 'ou "re %on$ o% $eb"tes "n$ 'ou "re "+i$ %or no+elties, 8*e $"n(er is t*"t 'ou &"' (et c"rrie$ ")"' b' "n i&pulsi+eness $etri&ent"l to 'our rel"tions*ips, 3e)"re o% b"$ l"n(u"(eB "ercury in House I =ercur' is in t*e 1st House, Lor 'ou, e"c* ne) situ"tion constitutes " %iel$ %or experi&ent"tion, @*en 'ou %"ce so&et*in( )*ic* is un/no)n, 'our %irst re"ction is to $isco+er, to le"rn, "n$ to exc*"n(e in%or&"tion, 8*e inFuirin( &in$ 'ou $ispl"' is re&"r/"ble "n$ %ull' "c/no)le$(e$, Dour entour"(e is "&use$ or intri(ue$ b' t*e spont"neit' "n$ t*e &obilit' o% 'our co&port&ents, Dou %in$ t*e )*ole )orl$ "&"9in(, "n$ "n't*in( ne) c"tc*es 'our "ttention, "ercury Dominant I% =ercur' is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " =ercuri"n2 t*e tr"$ition points out t*e i&port"nce o% co&&unic"tion, Lro& i$le but enric*in( c*"tters to obser+"tion (i%t, suc* " $o&in"nt en$o)s 'ou )it* " )i$e r"n(e o% expression, Hu&"n bein(s *"+e one t*ous"n$ %"cets "n$ one t*ous"n$ &"s/s t*e' )e"r "ccor$in( to circu&st"nces "n$ t*e %ortunes o% t*e ("&e o% li%e, Dou t"/e t*e role o% "n obser+er )*o is "+i$ %or no+elties, $isco+eries, "n$ surprises, 4+er't*in( c"tc*es 'our "ttention "n$ beco&es "n opportunit' %or ne) encounters, rel"tions*ips, "n$ le"rnin(, 8*e )orl$ "&"9es 'ou, "&uses 'ou so&eti&es, "n$ sti&ul"tes 'our curiosit', 3ec"use t*e &ost i&port"nt t*in( is to $isco+er, "n$ bec"use 'ou consi$er t*"t e"c* ne) situ"tion is p"c/e$ )it* potenti"lities, 'ou tr' to %ill t*e ("ps in 'our /no)le$(e, 5lt*ou(* 'our open-&in$e$ness &"' sc"tter 'our centres o% interest, it "lso en"bles 'ou to c"re%ull' "+oi$ stic/in( to onl' one i&&ut"ble "n$ ri(i$ +ie), 8*e sli(*test si(n en"bles 'ou to percei+e t*e ot*er si$e o% t*e coin, "s )ell "s t*e in%inite co&plexit' o% people "n$ o% situ"tions, En t*e *u&"n pl"ne, 'ou see/ t*e $i"lo(ue "n$ t*e in%or&"tion )it*out )*ic* 'ou /no) t*"t 'ou "re not

"ble to %ull' (r"sp t*e n"ture o% 'our interlocutor, 8*is /een interest in t*e !n/no)n s*"rpens 'our inter-rel"tion"l s/ills, 5ll t*ese Fu"lities "re tr"$ition"ll' "ssoci"te$ )it* =ercur', Venus H5H8' 8"urus, in House II Venus Aspects Venus opposite Pluto orb -539' Planets: ,enus

Venus represents t*e )"' one lo+es, rel"tions*ips, s*"rin(, "%%ecti+it', se$ucti+e "bilit', Lor &en, s*e "lso correspon$s to t*e /in$ o% )o&"n *e's "ttr"cte$ to .but not especi"ll' in &"rri"(e )*ic* is &ore s'&boli9e$ b' t*e =oon, Venus is t*e lo+er "n$ not t*e )i%e1, Her ele&ent is t*e 5ir, s*e is &oist, rules 8"urus "n$ Gibr", is in ex"lt"tion in Pisces "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e /i$ne's, t*e +enous s'ste&, t*e bl"$$er, t*e nec/, S*e represents t*e "rtists, tr"$es&en, occup"tions lin/e$ to be"ut' "n$ c*"r&- t*e "(e o% Venus (oes %ro& 15 to "bout H5 'e"rs ol$, Temperament 2 S"n(uine "n$ G'&p*"tic Characterology 2 4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Pri&"r' t'pe or 4&oti+e, non 5cti+e "n$ Secon$"r' t'pe, Interpretation of the 2+ !aurus symbolic degree

"A air+haired %oman holds a child by the hand and pic$s lo%ers in the countryside. A benevolent man lends a hand to help them cross a ord."
5%%ection"te, pe"ce%ul "n$ ple"s"nt c*"r"cter, Ene is +er' (oo$ "t s&oot*in( out rou(* e$(es "n$ "t *elpin( people settle t*eir $isputes in " pe"ce%ul )"', Ene %in$s *"ppiness in "cco&plis*in( or$in"r' $uties, "ppreci"tes pe"ce "t *o&e, "n$ s*o)s toler"nce in "ll %iel$s, Venus in !aurus Venus $escribes 'our "%%ecti+e li%e, En t*e $"' o% 'our birt*, s*e is %oun$ in 8"urus, 8*e &ost i&port"nt t*in( %or 'ou is to ret"in sens"tions "n$ %eelin(s, Dou t"ste t*e&, 'ou s"+our t*e& )it* sensu"lit' "n$ o%ten, )it* (ree$, Dou respon$ to "ll p"lp"ble "n$ t"n(ible t*in(s, Dour "&orous li%e, li/e 'our "rtistic sensiti+it', const"ntl' in+ol+es 'our $e&"n$in( "n$ selecti+e sensu"lit', 8*ere c"n be no b"l"nce )it*out lo+e, P"ssion is )il$, i&perious "n$ %in"l, Dour stron(l' $e+elope$ sensu"lit' is $e&"n$in(, Sensu"l ple"sure is "s i&port"nt, &ore i&port"nt in so&e c"ses, t*"n cerebr"l conni+"nce, Dou "re not content )it* s*ort-li+e$ unions? Dou )"nt to t"/e t*e ti&e to en;o' 'our lo+e, to s"+our its *"ppiness "n$ its spices, Dour i$e"l is to couple t*e co&%ort o% " l"stin( rel"tions*ip )it* sensu"l %ul%il&ent, 5ppetite is %ine but it &"' ten$ to beco&e buli&i"B 5 $e&"n$in( sensu"lit' &"' be t'r"nnic"l, 8*e si(n o% 8"urus in its Rpure essenceS beco&es t*e +icti& "n$ t*e sl"+e o% its p"ssions, E% course, 'ou "re not t*e &"ni%est"tion o% t*is T8"urus in its pure essenceS, 3ut it is li/el' t*"t 'ou *"+e to *"n$le t*e necessities o% 'our &i(*t' "n$ co&plex "%%ecti+it', Dour &e&or' %or %eelin(s is +er' stron(? Dou ne+er %or(et lo'"lt' "n$ si&il"rl', 'ou ne+er %or(et 'our (ru$(es, Venus in House II Venus expresses *er n"ture t*rou(* t*e Hn$ House +"lues, 6"r&en or >on <u"n, 'ou "re " %eelin( collector to t*e core, Dou nee$ to %uel e&otions, "n$ to in$ul(e in "%%ecti+e experiences, 5lt*ou(* 'ou &"' not (et ric* t*rou(* lo+e, lo+e enric*es 'ou, Dour )e"lt* consists &ore in /isses or in te"rs t*"n in $oll"rs, Dou &"n"(e 'our "ssets in "n instincti+e "n$ "%%ecti+e )"', so&eti&es Fuite t*ou(*tlessl', N"tur"l li/es "n$ $isli/es "re &ore i&port"nt to 'ou t*"n " person's i&"(e or )e"lt*, N,3,2 @*en " pl"net is posite$ ne"r t*e cusp o% t*e next "strolo(ic"l *ouse .less t*"n 4 $e(rees %or t*e 5scen$"nt or t*e =i$*e"+en, "n$ less t*"n 3 $e(rees %or "ll t*e ot*er *ouses1, it is consi$ere$ to be posite$ in t*e %ollo)in( *ouse, 8*is rule is use$ in t*e texts o% t*is inter"cti+e c*"rt "n$ in "ll our "strolo(ic"l so%t)"res, Venus Dominant I% Venus is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " Venusi"n2 'ou "re " sensu"l "n$ e&otion"l person p"rticul"rl' recepti+e to t*e n"tur"l li/es "n$ $isli/es "rouse$ b' 'our cont"ct )it* people, Dou "re prone to %reFuent instincti+e "+ersions "n$ true p"ssions )*ic* "re exclusi+el' $ri+en b' t*e %eelin( o% lo+e, 8*e *e"rt *"s its re"sons )*ic* Ce"son /no)s not*in( o%,,, Dour b"l"nce is b"se$ on t*e ric*ness o% 'our "%%ecti+e li%e, @it*out lo+e, t*e Venusi"n is resourceless, lost, "n$ $epri+e$ o% "n' re"son %or li+in(, Dou *"+e "n ob+ious "n$ stron( )ill to c*"r& "n$ to "rouse t*e "tt"c*&ents )it*out )*ic* 'ou c"nnot properl' %unction, 4+er' "re" o% 'our li%e is t*us &"r/e$ b' 'our "%%ecti+it', 8*e $"n(er is t*"t 'ou &"' Jbe t"/en inJ b' c*"r&, In suc* c"ses, 'ou )oul$ pre%er to /eep 'our e&otions un$er better control, 8*us, *'per-sensiti+it' *"s its o)n incon+eniences, Ne+ert*eless, better t*"n "n'one else, 'ou /no) *o) to pl"' )it* %eelin(s "n$ "ttr"ctions, 5lt*ou(* 'ou "re so&eti&es c"u(*t in t*e tr"ps o% "n o+er sensiti+e e&otion"lis&, %eelin(s re&"in 'our best "ssets in &"n' circu&st"nces, 8*ere is "not*er "spect to t*e Venusi"n $o&in"nt, 5ccor$in( to t*e 8r"$ition, t*is pl"net rules t*e 5rts, "n$ 'ou "re en$o)e$ )it* so&e $e(ree o% "rtistic $ispositions, r"n(in( %ro& (oo$ to excellent, ="rs 31#' 6"ncer, in House III

Mars Aspects =ercur' sextile ="rs orb K51A' Planets: !ars

"ars represents t*e $esire %or "ction "n$ p*'sic"l ener(', sexu"lit', stren(t*, Lor " )o&"n, ="rs correspon$s to t*e /in$ o% &"n s*e's "ttr"cte$ to .but not especi"ll' in &"rri"(e )*ic* is r"t*er s'&boli9e$ b' t*e Sun, ="rs is t*e lo+er, not t*e *usb"n$1, Lire is its ele&ent, it is *ot "n$ $r', "n$ it rules 5ries "n$ Scorpio ."lon( )it* Pluto1, is in ex"lt"tion )it* 6"pricorn "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e &uscles "n$ t*e spleen, It represents t*e sol$iers, sports&en, )"rriors, sur(eons, bl"c/s&it*s,,, - t*e "(e o% ="rs (oes %ro& 4H to 5 ol$, Temperament 2 3ilious Characterology 2 4&oti+e, 5cti+e, Pri&"r' t'pe, It is " 6*oleric, Interpretation of the ' %ancer symbolic degree 'e"rs

"A ter dinner, le tovers are still on the table, violins are put aside, and guests lirt."
="teri"listic, sensu"l, "n$ (enerous c*"r"cter, Ene is "ttr"cte$ to t*e be"uties "n$ $"n(ers o% li%e, P"ssion"te i&pulses, prob"bl' "n "$ulterous rel"tions*ip, &"' $isrupt &"rit"l ties, 8*is $e(ree %"+ours t*e c"reer "n$ in$ic"tes t*"t one re"c*es " po)er%ul position, pro+i$e$ t*"t one /eeps sensu"l instincts un$er control, "ars in %ancer 8*e pl"net ="rs in$ic"tes *o) 'ou re"ct to li%e concrete sti&ul"tions, It "lso $escribes 'our %i(*tin( spirit, 'our "bilities to st"n$ %or 'oursel% "n$ to t"/e "ction, @it* ="rs in 6"ncer, it is &"inl' )it*in 'our %"&ili"r "n$ inti&"te re"l& t*"t 'ou express 'our )ill, Dou &"' "ppe"r "s "n excee$in(l' %lexible person, )it* no "scen$"nc' o+er t*e extern"l )orl$, 3ut t*is is &isle"$in(- )*en 'our li%e settin( or 'our entour"(e "re en$"n(ere$, 'ou &"' be %orce%ul, Dou li&it t*e scope o% 'our "ction to t*e "re"s 'ou control +er' )ell "n$ 'ou $o not %i(*t "("inst t*in(s 'ou "re not $eepl' in+ol+e$ in, Dou pre%er to $e$ic"te 'our ener(' to stru((lin( "("inst circu&st"nces t*"t &"' en$"n(er 'our en+iron&ent, Dou concentr"te 'our stren(t* "n$ t*is is prob"bl' t*e c"use o% 'our r"re but $re"$e$ inter+entions, "ars in House III @it* ="rs in t*e 3r$ *ouse, rel"tions*ips constitute " sort o% con%ront"tion "n$ " $u"l experience, Dou tr' to turn co&&unic"tion into " tool %or t*e $e+elop&ent o% 'our c"p"cities to %i(*t "n$ to t"/e "ction, 8*ere%ore, it is &ost li/el' t*"t 'our re"ctions "re +er' %ierce )*en 'ou $e"l )it* " ne) person or " ne) i$e", Dou lo+e, 'ou *"te, "n$ 'ou cross s)or$s )it* re"lit', Dour rel"tions*ips )it* ol$ "cFu"int"nces "n$ ne) encounters "re ne+er $e+oi$ o% "r$our, Dou experience t*e )orl$ "s " &"r+ellous c*"llen(e, "ars Dominant I% ="rs is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " ="rsi"n2 in 'our *"n$-to*"n$ stru((le %or li%e, 'ou $e&onstr"te "n "cute "n$ "cti+e sense o% con%ront"tion )it* t*e )orl$, )it* ot*er people, "n$ )it* 'our o)n $estin', Dou nee$ to t"/e "ction "n$ to %i(*t %or 'our pro;ects "n$ 'our $esires, Dou percei+e "ll situ"tions )it* $eep intensit', "n$ 'ou re"ct to t*e *ere "n$ no) )it*out bot*erin( to step b"c/ in or$er to ensure t*"t e+ents "re un$er 'our control, Dou t"/e up c*"llen(es )it* excessi+e %ool*"r$iness "s " conseFuence o% 'our i&pulsi+eness, Ho)e+er, better t*"n "n'one else, 'ou /no) *o) to &obilise 'our resources in c"se o% crisis, Dou t"/e "ction )*ene+er it is necess"r' to $o so, "n$ 'ou "re present in " ti&el' &"nner, @it* ="rs, 'our "ttitu$es "re $ict"te$ b' t*e re"lities o% t*e &o&ent, b' 'our e&otions, "n$ b' e+er't*in( )*ic* pro+e$ to *"+e )or/e$ in t*e p"st, @*en t*is $o&in"nt is not )ell inte(r"te$, it &"' brin( "bout "n "((ressi+e or i&pulsi+e be*"+iour, 8*ere%ore, 'ou &ust le"rn to control 'our *'per-sensiti+it' "n$ 'our %its o% te&per, Dou "re "lso en$o)e$ )it* ="rsi"n Fu"lities2 t*e %i(*tin( spirit "n$ t*e t"ste %or $uel )it*out )*ic* one &"' %in$ onesel% o+er)*el&e$ b' e+ents, @*en t*is )illpo)er is )ell c*"nnelle$, its precious ener(' en"bles to cope )it* "ll sorts o% contin(encies, 8*ere "re " t*ous"n$ )"'s to )in, "n$ " t*ous"n$ c*"llen(es to t"/e up )it* t*e ent*usi"s& "n$ t*e $'n"&is& )*ic* &"/e li%e so )ort*', 5 cert"in i$e" o% li%e )*ic* is )il$, p"ssion"te, "n$ in tune )it* e+ents, 6*iron HHH8' 6"ncer, in House IV Asteroids: Chiron

%hiron is "l&ost reno)ne$ "n$ use$ e+er')*ere, =ost "strolo(ers consi$er it "s " /in$ o% J&e$i"torJ bet)een S"turn "n$ outer pl"nets, 6onseFuentl', 6*iron is o% S"turn's n"ture "n$ "t t*e s"&e ti&e is in%luence$ b' !r"nus, t*e %irst slo)-&o+in( pl"net, 5strolo(ic"ll', it s'&boli9es )is$o&, p"tience "n$ t*e %"cult' to re$uce ot*ers' su%%erin(s2 it is s"i$ to be t*e J(re"t *e"lerJ o% t*e 9o$i"c, Gi/e "ll t*e secon$"r' bo$ies, it &ust be in close con;unction )it* pl"nets or "n(les in or$er to %ull' express its "ction, Interpretation of the 22 %ancer symbolic degree

"A man sleeps in a ield, in broad daylight, near another man %ho ya%ns and stretches himsel , %hile t%o marauders steal their %or$ing tools."
6"re%ree, ne(lect%ul, "n$ l"9' c*"r"cter, Ne+ert*eless, o)in( to s*eer (oo$ luc/, brilli"nt success "n$ *"ppiness "re "c*ie+e$ "roun$ &i$-li%e, Ene &ust t*en put up e+er' e%%ort in or$er to &"/e t*e& l"st, bec"use ot*er)ise, one is &ost li/el' to en$ up in po+ert' "n$ loneliness, <upiter 34H' Geo, in House V Jupiter Aspects <upiter opposite S"turn orb -159' =oon opposite <upiter orb -554' =ercur' sFu"re <upiter orb K543' Planets: -upiter Ce$uce

1upiter represents exp"nsion "n$ po)er, bene+olence, l"r(e +ision "n$ (enerosit', Its ele&ent is 5ir, it is *ot "n$ &oist, "n$ it rules S"(itt"rius "n$ Pisces ."lon( )it* Neptune1, is in ex"lt"tion )it* 6"ncer "n$ is in "n"lo(' )it* t*e *ips "n$ en$ocrin"l s'ste&, It represents t*e (o+ernors, &"(istr"tes, pro%essors, reli(ious &en too- t*e "(e o% <upiter (oes %ro& 5 A 'e"rs ol$, Temperament 2 S"n(uine Characterology 2 4&oti+e, 5cti+e, Pri&"r' t'pe- it is "n extro+ert 6*oleric, 5ctu"ll' t*e *u&i$ +ersion o% ="rs, incline$ to "ction li/e *i&, Interpretation of the ' Leo symbolic degree to 55 or e+en

".y the ban$ o a pond, a cat %atches a prey."

P"tient, obser+"nt, "n$ s*re)$ c*"r"cter en$o)e$ )it* " (re"t c"p"cit' to )"it %or t*e (oo$ opportunit', no &"tter *o) lon( it t"/es, Ene is "ble to spen$ &uc* ti&e in t*orou(* "n"l'sis, "n$ )*en t*e ti&e is ripe, one /no)s *o) to s)i%tl' &"/e t*e ri(*t $ecisions, Success c"n be "c*ie+e$ in $iplo&"c' "n$ in "ll occup"tions reFuirin( sel%-control, %lexibilit', "n$ perse+er"nce, 1upiter in Leo 8*e pl"net <upiter s'&boli9es exp"nsion, bro"$ness "n$ (enerosit', <upiter is "ssoci"te$ )it* t*e %unctions o% s'nt*esis, ent*usi"s& "n$ opti&is&, In 'our n"t"l c*"rt, *is *ouse position is &ore i&port"nt t*"n *is si(n position bec"use, li/e S"turn, !r"nus, Neptune "n$ Pluto, *e is " slo) pl"net, ="n' people born in t*e s"&e perio$ *"+e <upiter in t*e s"&e si(n, 8*is is t*e re"son )*' t*e si(n occupie$ *ere is less &e"nin(%ul t*"n )*en it is occupie$ b' t*e so-c"lle$ %"st pl"nets, i,e, t*e Sun, t*e =oon, =ercur', Venus "n$ ="rs, 8*ere%ore, so&e c"ution is to be exercise$ "s 'ou re"$ )*"t %ollo)s, <upiter in Geo (i+es 'ou " stron( inclin"tion %or luxur', "rts, p"rties "n$ s*o)s2 'our n"ture is %on$ o% leisure, pre%er"bl' in noble, prou$, e+en $r"&"tic )"'s, Dou %eel co&%ort"ble in t*e %iel$ o% entert"in&ent, Dou lo+e c*il$ren, l"u(*ters "n$ splen$our? Dour cre"ti+it' is o%ten re&"r/"ble, 1upiter in House V @it* <upiter in t*e 5t* House, $e$ic"tion is " +it"l nee$, or "l&ost, Dour person"l %ul%il&ent "n$ soci"l inte(r"tion $epen$ on 'our cre"ti+it', 'our e$uc"tion, "n$ 'our "%%ecti+e li%e, Dou %eel " stron( $esire to te"c* )*"t 'ou /no), "n$ to s*"re 'our experience, Nenerosit' constitutes t*e ro'"l p"t* to lo+e, "s )ell "s t*e c"use o% 'our success, Dour +oc"tion is in positions rel"te$ to t*e"tre, 5s t*e 8r"$ition *"s it, 'our pl"'%ul n"ture &"' pro&pt 'ou to belie+e, &ore or less, t*"t 'ou "re luc/' "t ("&blin(, 1upiter Dominant I% <upiter is p"rt o% 'our n"t"l c*"rt's pl"net"r' $o&in"nts, in "strolo(', 'ou "re s"i$ to be " <upiteri"n2 bec"use t*is pl"net brin(s "bout " /een interest in soci"l "n$ pro%ession"l success, t*e 8r"$ition consi$ers it to be bene%ici"l, In$ee$, 'ou /no) *o) to "$;ust to e+ents "n$ to ;u&p "t t*e c*"nce )*en it "rises, 8*e &e&bers o% 'ou entour"(e (l"$l' entrust 'ou )it* *i(* responsibilities bec"use t*e' "re o%ten i&presse$ b' 'our le"rnin( s/ills "n$ 'our "$"pt"tion "bilities "s 'ou $e"l )it* ne) structures "n$ ne) l"n(u"(es, @*"t is t*e secret o% 'our (oo$ st"r0 It is 'our sel%-con%i$ence )*ic* )ins public support, No), )*"t is t*e secret o% 'our c*"r&0 >e%initel', ent*usi"s&, eup*ori", "n$ ex"lt"tion, 4x"((er"tion "lso, @*en t*is $o&in"nt is )ell inte(r"te$, it is " %"ctor o% "%%luence "n$ opti&is&, "n$ " cert"in $e(ree o% ;o+i"lit' en"bles 'ou to e"sil' %it into +"rious sp*eres, It constitutes 'our &"in "sset to &"n"(e 'our li%e, Ho)e+er, 'ou &ust "t ti&es curb 'our $esire %or inte(r"tion, lest 'our sense o% opportunit' turns into extre&e opportunis&, Here "lso, t*e /e' to success lies in " correct esti&"te o% e+er'one's c*"nces "n$ possibilities, 5lt*ou(* &"n"(e&ent is one o% 'our %orte, "n$ 'ou c"n "$;ust 'our ob;ecti+es to current re"lities better t*"n ot*er people, 'ou l"c/ t*e *in$si(*t )*ic* en"bles 'ou to "+oi$ s*ort-ter& +"("ries "n$ $"il' %luctu"tions, I% 'ou stri+e too &uc* to "$"pt, 'ou run " ris/ o% betr"'in( 'oursel%, 8*is is t*e ot*er tr"$ition"l si$e o% t*e coin )it* J8*e Nre"ter 3ene%icJB