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Proudly serving the communities of Babbitt, Brainerd, Burnsville, Cook, Duluth, Ely, Eveleth, Grand Rapids, Metro/Faribault, Rochester, St. Cloud, Silver Bay and Willmar.


Eveleth/Virginia Office
2000 Siegel Blvd Eveleth, MN 55734 218-741-3013 FAX: 218-741-1448

In the case that a work-related injury occurs, our goal is to provide you with prompt support and medical treatment as necessary. As an injured employee, you and the supervisory team will be responsible for the following: Employees Responsibility
Thoroughly complete the required forms provide by a supervisor. If medical treatment is sought, provide the necessary paperwork to the preferred provider to streamline the claims process. Notify your supervisor before every appointment. Update your supervisor after every appointment. Comply with any medically necessary restrictions; on and off duty. Promptly communicate with RAS and your supervisor.

Supervisors Responsibility
Work with injured employee to complete the required forms. Supervisor will thoroughly investigate the injury and eliminate any hazards that may have been associated with your injury. If medical treatment is sought, provide the employee with preferred provider and RTW forms. Assist injured employee to seek medical treatment as necessary. On-going and prompt communication with employee, HR, RAS and physician.

Twin Cities Office

6205 Crossman Lane Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076 651-451-0569 FAX: 651-455-1179

Do you have a story to share, or know of a specific client or employee that stands out? We want to hear about it!
Contact: humanresources

It is the policy of our company to provide meaningful work activity for all employees who temporarily become unable to perform all, or portions, of their regular work assignments due to work-related injuries. To facilitate this process, Return to Work duties may be in the form of changed duties within the scope of a current position or other available duties for a worker who is qualified.

New Years Resolutions?

Work-life Balance through UNUM is a confidential employee resource program brought to you and your family free of charge by Spectrum to help you manage personal issues at work or at home. You can access the service by going to or by calling 800-854-1446 to speak with an expert Work-life Balance consultant.

Need Help With Your

What can this program help you with?

Stress and overload Staying strong as a couple Depression Addiction and recovery Finding a therapist Midlife issues Divorce and separation Legal issues Grief and loss Finding time for you

Healthy eating and exercise Managing stress Getting the sleep you need Quitting tobacco Heart health Aging well Navigating the health care system Safety

Caring for older relatives Planning for a new baby Adoption Parenting Finding child care Raising a child with special needs Teenagers Single parenting Planning and paying for college

Time management Career development Navigating change Getting along with coworkers Networking Retirement planning Education and training Being an effective manager

Making ends meet Dealing with debt Saving and investing Basic tax planning Bankruptcy Buying or renting a home Estate planning and wills

H o r i z o n s P a g e


Heres to 2014! The opening line of last years first newsletter for 2013 welcomed staff and residents to our newest campus in Babbitt, Minnesota. Now one year later Babbitt is full! Hats off to Jen Gubrud of Ely and her staff in getting operations started there and handing the reins over to Diane Serena and her staff. A job well done by them and all the other personnel throughout the organization, who together, made things happen. Now one year later, our newest campus in Orr is moving towards completion this spring of 2014. The winter has been brutal with many days thus far seeing -30 to -40 degrees F there. Never-the-less, the project is on track both on schedule and budget. Starting January 13, 2014 Kris Neff will join us as VP Operations for Northern Minnesota. Like Kathy, Kris will be responsible for all housing and home care operations from Grand Rapids north to the Canadian border. Kris comes to us from the Cuyuna Medical Center in Crosby, where she was responsible for their nursing home, assisted living, and home care operations as well as support to their hospital and physicians. Kathy and Kris will report to Marilyn Hanson, SVP Operations. Jon Monacelli as SVP Finance, Planning and Development will continue in his critical role and both Marilyn and Jon will report to me.

With the above promotions and changes we are well on our way to continuing to position our organization for future growth and success. We have other exciting develIt gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see the huge opments pending and as they become more solidified, we difference we are making in peoples lives; both residents will share those with you. and their families and our staff who care for them. We could not achieve our success without the quality care We can only achieve our success with first class staff provided by our caregivers and all our support staff who who embody our values in carrying out our mission. assist, by doing their jobs in an exemplary manner! Spectrum Health Companies are client-oriented Our homecare operations are expanding and we are helpproviders of quality, affordable housing, health and ing keep people in their homes as long as they can safely personal care products and services for individuals of all be served there. Hats off to each and every one of our ages. Through the use of dedicated and professional caregivers who fight the elements to serve those in need. staff, Spectrum supports clients in maintaining optimum independence in their homes and the community. We have several exciting new promotions effective January 2014. Kathy Lucas is VP Operations for Central By practicing our values Integrity, Commitment and and Southern Minnesota. Kathy will be responsible for Excellence (ICE) you help ensure our collective success. all housing and home care operations form Brainerd, Thank you. May you have a safe, healthy, and successful Minnesota south to the Iowa border. 2014.

Merle Sampson


New Hires*
Eveleth HC Amanda Gustafson Michelle Milton Cook CFL Alicia Sobrya Saint Cloud CFL Morgan Mills Trinitie Kedrowski Silver Bay CFL Janice Thompson Jesse Larson Jennifer Hanson Orr CFL Sarah Wipf
*Through Dec 31, 2013

Employment Anniversaries
Corporate Angel McKenzie 8 years Grand Rapids HC Amy Chung 4 years Willmar HC Melissa Whitcomb 1 year Eveleth HC Pamela JohnsonLeppanen 18 years Heidi Warner 6 years Lois Archibald 6 years Laurie Turner 3 years Tabitha Tapio 1 year Chris Mosher 1 year Ely HC Susan Miller 11 years Rochester HC Linnae Glestad 13 years Vicki Sprague 10 years Saint Cloud HC Robyn Theisen 2 years Saint Cloud CFL Maureen McGee 1 year Kara Kampa 1 year Cook CFL Alina Krueth 1 year Brainerd CFL Susan Anderson 5 years Brittany Haukos 1 year Babbitt CFL Karena Weber 1 year Jordan Goedderz 1 year Silver Bay CFL Crystal Ylatupa 3 years Burnsville CFL Ruth Anderson 13 years Samantha Berg 2 years Raina Rodriguez 1 year Kimberly Odden 1 year Meron Abayneh 1 year

Babbitt CFL Julia Johnson Teal Bybee Michelle Lossing Brainerd CFL Melissa Meixner Megan Moberg Samantha Henrichs Rebecca Schreurs Tina Bickford

H o r i z o n s P a g e

January is Financial Wellness Month

10 Sure Sure-Fire Savings Tips for 2014

1. Start, or boost, your emergency savings account.


Americans continue to place an increased emphasis on saving, with nearly 1 in 5 citing this as their top financial priority. What better time to give yourself a fresh start than the beginning of a new year? Want to boost your savings in the new year? Here are 10 savings tips to help you reach your goals in 2014.

Fewer than 1 in 4 Americans have an adequate emergency savings cushion, and an alarming 27% have no emergency savings at all, so the majority of people need to heed this tip. Since the biggest barrier to saving is not being in the habit of saving, the best way to get in the habit is to pay yourself first.

2. Get an online savings account.

There are three requirements when looking for a place to put your rainy day fund. It must be liquid, meaning you can get to the money whenever you need it. It must be free of investment risk. And, you must earn a return that preserves your buying power against the erosive effect of inflation. Even at, or just shy of, 1%, the top-yielding savings accounts and money market deposit accounts banked by insurance by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. meet the first two of those requirements. These accounts can be opened with little or nothing in the way of a minimum deposit and are available to consumers anywhere in the 50 states.

3. Find a free checking account.

Having the wrong checking account can take hundreds of hard-earned dollars out of your pocket every year. The average interest-bearing checking account charges a monthly service fee of $14.64 and requires maintaining a balance of nearly $6,000 at a near-zero rate of interest to avoid fees, according to the 2013 Bankrate Checking Account survey. Instead, look for an account that charges no monthly service fees or per-transaction fees and doesn't require a minimum balance. found that while just 38% of large banks and thrifts in markets around the country offer a noninterest, free checking account, 72% of the nation's largest credit unions still do, according to Bankrate's 2013 Credit Union Checking Survey.

4. Track your monthly spending.

Just 60% of Americans track their spending against a monthly budget, according to's Financial Security Index in July 2012. Whether you call it a budget or a spending plan, getting a handle on your spending accomplishes two things. It helps you determine where you can cut back and helps maximize your savings efforts.

5. Pay down high high-interest credit card debt.

For many households, the best return on your money is to pay down credit card debt. Whether carrying balances at 12% or 22 %, credit card debt is typically the most costly debt that households have. Plowing excess cash into repayment of credit card debt is a double-digit, risk-free return because it reduces the outstanding balance and the resulting interest charges. Furthermore, this is a sound move now while credit card rates remain low. Consumers with strong credit profiles can find interest rates in the single digits as well as 0% balance-transfer offers, with those lasting 12 to 18 months being plentiful. When prioritizing your debt repayment, start with the highest rate card and focus on paying off the balances in descending order.

6. Begin or increase contributions to a workplace retirement program.

The burden of supporting ourselves in retirement is increasingly on our shoulders. The first introduction to retirement savings often comes through a workplace retirement plan, such as a 401(k). Contributions not only reduce your taxable income now, but your investment goes to work immediately and grows without the headwind of taxes until you begin withdrawals in retirement. The regular contributions made with each paycheck represent the best example of dollar-cost averaging, buying fewer shares when values are high, but more shares when prices fall.

7. Make an IRA contribution.

If you or your spouse has earned income, then each of you is eligible to contribute to an individual retirement account. For 2014, those under age 50 can contribute a maximum of $5,500 -- assuming your earned income is at least that much -- and those 50 and older can contribute up to $6,500, thanks to the permissible catch-up contributions. You can open an IRA with a bank, credit union, brokerage firm or mutual fund company and invest the contributions however you choose. An IRA can be a great way to supplement the asset allocation of your workplace retirement plan where you may be limited to an available menu of investments. A traditional IRA offers tax-deferred savings, while a Roth IRA offers tax-free savings for retirement. With a Roth account, you won't get an immediate tax break, but you won't pay any tax on your money when you eventually take it out. While directly contributing to a Roth IRA is limited based on household income, converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA is not.

8. Sign up for a flexible spending account.

Almost everyone incurs costs for medicine, prescriptions and copayments. Perhaps you also have dependent-care expenses while you're working or pay commuting costs to get to work. If your employer offers a flexible spending account as part of the benefits, consider signing up. A flexible spending account, or FSA, allows you to pay for medical, dependent care or transportation costs with pretax dollars set aside with every paycheck. By paying with pretax dollars rather than after-tax dollars, you're essentially getting a discount on all these expenses you regularly incur. How big a discount? It depends on your marginal tax bracket, but those in the 15% bracket are saving 15% by paying with pretax money rather than money that already has been taxed. *Please note that this type of account is available to Spectrum employees during open enrollment or when a status change occurs.

9. Consider a rewards credit card.

Do you always pay your credit card balance in full? If so, you're the ideal candidate for a rewards credit card. With a rewards credit card, you are compensated in the form of cash back, airline miles or one of many other methods for everyday purchases you make.'s 2013 survey of cash-back credit cards found 1 in 7 cash-back cards has a payout of greater than 1% on all spending and 47% offered higher payouts in certain categories of spending, so it is important to shop around. Finding the card that best fits your spending pattern can put hundreds of dollars per year in your pocket for expenses you'd incur anyway. The keys to success are always paying the balance in full and resisting the urge to overspend, just for the sake of the reward.

10. Shop around for lower cost insurance policies.

Cutting expenses is a sure-fire way to boost the amount you save, and insurance policies are low-hanging fruit in terms of saving money. Shop around for lower premiums on the various insurance policies in your household -- homeowners or renters, auto, umbrella liability and life insurance. *Spectrum employees may be eligible to save 5%-10% on their home and auto insurance through Liberty Mutual. Contact Jordan Parks for a no obligation quote 800-539-6639 ext. 56792 or
Copyright 2014, Bankrate Inc.


We are now using Relias Learning to distribute CEUs. Please sign in using your Employee ID as your username and last name as your password. Reminder to all staff that CEU's are an ongoing requirement of employment.

*Please complete assigned programs in a timely manner.*

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Congratulations to: Edward Aika, Chris Annen, Monika Brown, Sara Buckley, Dawn Carlson, Kari Cistera, Kim Dahl, Sandra Forbes, Kathleen Gabrielson, Jolene Gitzlaff, Heather Hyde, Kathy Jarve, Deb Kahn, Kara Kampa, Jennifer Karr, Collette Klemmer, Alina Kruth, Debbie Lenzen, Jan Mahoney, Jenn McElroy, Maureen McGee, Misty Mealey, Mike Napper, Cory Nynas, Aquilla Oglen, Bonnie Packard, Linda Storms, Jackie Thomason, David Wekesah, and Monica Wilson who received recognition from their supervisors or co-workers for going above and beyond their day-to-day duties. These individuals will receive points that can be applied towards Spectrum merchandise shown in the Spectrum (S)Miles catalog. To recognize someone for their outstanding contributions, request a Spectrum (S)Miles recognition form from your branch office or obtain one from a designated location. Nearly 500 (S) Miles have been given to deserving Spectrum employees since the program began in 2010.

Effective January 2014 Spectrum will not be making any changes to the current medical reimbursement and Section 125 benefit programs. If you would like more information on individual plans that are available to you effective 1/1/14, please visit If you are currently enrolled in an individual insurance plan and your premiums changed 1/1/14 -or- if you enrolled in a new plan 1/1/14 please submit a premium notice to your office support person. Human Resources will evaluate your options under Spectrums medical reimbursement and Section 125 benefit programs.

with New Horizons Academy, is looking to add a new benefit for employees. New Horizons Academy focuses on child development, has many locations throughout southern Minnesota and offers quality child care for infant to school age children. New Horizons also offers a variety of enrichment programs, such as sign language, music, and dance programs. If your child/ children are currently enrolled at any of the New Horizons locations please contact Spectrum Health Companies Human Resources department at 218-741-3013 or If enough employees are enrolled in this program, we have an opportunity to provide a discount to current and future participants.

Notice Spectrum Health Companies, together

The 401k Annual Notice and Participant Fee Disclosure is now available. Please see your office support person if you would like a copy.

Eveleths 1st Annual Holiday Food Drive Successful!

113 pounds of food were donated to the Quad Cities Food Shelf. Great job!

Save 10%OFF
Best Available Rates
Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells amenities include: 84-degree colossal indoor waterpark, Daily Wolf Walk and Story Time, spacious Northwoods family suites, fantastic specialtythemed restaurants and much more

For more information or reservations, visit or call 866.925.WOLF (9653).


Valid through December 30, 2014. Must present valid work ID or documentation at check-in.

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