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Download Videos Win7ToGo Win8ToGo Grub4dos Guide Hirens Easy2Boot v1 (MultiBoot !

dd a restore "artition #ite$a" %M&re"'#B ( Ho$e &a)e o * %M&re"'#B ( W+at does it do, o * %M&re"'#B -ui./ #tart Guide o * %M&re"'#B 'ser Guide 0 1!-s o * %M&re"'#B 1!-s o * %M&re"'#B ( Version History o * %M&art'#B 1!-s o * %M&art'#B 2o$$ands o * 1oru$s (reboot3"ro o * Bu)s ( /nown4 .urrent and 5i6ed o * 7i.ensin) 2onta.t Me * #i)n $y Guest Boo/ Blo) 7atest #ite 8ews o Hot Ti"s ( )ood value9"er5or$an .e '#B 1las+ $e$ory "ens

Tutorials4 How To:s and Guides ; 72 ( Easy2Boot ( a )rub4dos $ultiboot '#B drive t+at is easy to $aintain< ;

72a Easy2Boot - The new All-in-One MultiBoot USB Solution!

Boot any ISO from a USB drive!

2ontents 13 1 =ntrodu.tion 23 2 E2B Version History >3 3 T+an/s 5or your +el"4 5eedba./ and su""ort< 13 3.1 Easy2Boot =ntrodu.tory video 43 4 How to $a/e a new )rub4dos bootable '#B 1las+ drive ?3 5 Gettin) #tarted ( How to add "ayload (3=#@ 5iles to Easy2Boot A3 6 1!-s 73 7 Error ABC 1ile not .onti)uous 83 E2B '")rade &a./a)es D3 ! 7ist o5 tested =#@ 5iles t+at Eust wor/< 1B3 1" Easy2Boot ( Detailed Des.ri"tion (v13B4

'se5ul E6ternal 7in/s (and Windows 798 =#@s Downloads o Download o 7atest %M&re"'#B versions F downloads Tutorials4 How To:s and Guides o B1 ( How to i$a)e a Windows syste$ usin) a bootable Win&E '#B drive and =$a)eG o B2 ( How to .reate a '#B drive t+at will install one o5 $any o5 Windows @#:s (Vista9Win79#er ver 2BB89G& o B> ( How to install Windows G& 5ro$ a bootable '#B drive o B4 ( How to boot dire.tly 5ro$ a '#B drive usin) an E$ulator or VM under Windows o B? ( 2H%@M='M@# ( a browser @# on a '#B #ti./ o BA ( HouTube Video Tutorials o B7 ( !ll about :1a/e: '#B 5las+ $e$ory drives o B8 ( Ma/e a

113 11 'sin) t+e Easy2Boot $enu 123 12 !ddin) your bootable 5iles 1>3 13 W+ere to add your (3iso4 et.3 5iles 13 13.1 Easy2Boot 5olders 23 13.2 1 ( Windows =nstall =#@s 13 13.2.1 E6a$"le Win8 &review &ro3/ey 5ile 23 13.2.2 E6a$"le 2H@@#E 1%@M ! 7=#T3/ey 5ile >3 13.2.3 Windows 89#erver 2B12 &rodu.t Ieys >3 13.3 2 ( &ayload 5iles t+at you want to be listed in t+e Main Menu 43 13.4 > ( &ayload 5iles t+at you want to be listed in a #ub$enu 143 14 Trouble#+ootin) (and Error Messa)es < 13 14.1 2o$$on "roble$s wit+ "ayload 5iles 1?3 15 T+e Easy2Boot v1 5olders and $enu syste$ 13 15.1 Main Menu !""earan.e 23 15.2 Easy2Boot 1older #tru.ture 13 15.2.1 1iles in root o5 t+e Easy2Boot '#B drive 23 15.2.2 1iles in t+e )rub 5older (nor$ally at JK=#@JE2BJ)rub >3 15.3 =n.luded "ayload 5iles 43 15.4 Windows =nstall =#@ 5iles 13 15.4.1 !uto$atin) Windows installs 1A3 16 %e.o)nised 1ile E6tensions 13 16.1 #u))ested 1ile E6tensions to use 5or di55erent =#@s 173 17 Testin) E2B v1 13 17.1 T+e$e Te$"lates 183 1 =nstallin) Windows 5ro$ an E2B Hard Dis/ instead o5 a 1las+ drive 1D3 1! =nstallin) Windows G& usin) t+e two(ste" 1iraDis/ (#etu"91A $et+od 2B3 2" =nstall Windows G& usin) t+e Win&E $et+od (winnt>23e6e 13 2".1 How to $a/e a Win&E =#@ 13 2".1.1 Met+od 23 2".2 %unnin) t+e :=nstall G& usin) Win&E: $enu o"tion >3 2".3 Bootin) to Win&E 213 21 !dvan.ed (unattended Windows =nstalls

bootable '#B drive 5or t+e 8orton G+ost #y$ante. %e.overy Dis/9Tool BD ( How to $a/e a bootable B!2IT%!2I 49? (linu6 '#B drive 1B ( Boot B=TDE1E8DE% %es.ue 2D 5ro$ '#B as an =#@ 5ile 11 ( Ma/e a 5ree bootable i$a)e re.overy '#B 5las+ drive usin) 1=88=G 12 ( %eset a Windows 'ser "assword 1> ( How to 5ind Windows 'ser "asswords usin) @&H2%!2I >34 14 ( 2ra./ or .lear your B=@# "assword wit+ &2 2M@# 27E!8E% (uses &arted Ma)i. 1? ( How to e$ulate '#B bootin) usin) -e$u Mana)er 1A ( How to boot to di55erent Win&E versions usin) a sin)le boot3wi$ t+at .ontains $ulti"le i$a)es 17 ( #tart@# ( a

13 21.1 'nattend3t6t 5iles 5or G& installs 23 21.2 'nattend36$l 5iles 5or VistaJWin7J#V%2I8%2 installs >3 21.3 'nattend36$l 5iles 5or Win8J#V%2B12 installs 43 21.4 Modi5yin) 'ser 'nattend36$l 5iles to wor/ wit+ Easy2Boot 13 21.4.1 E6a$"le 36$l 5ile wit+ a deliberate $ista/eC 223 22 #ettin) your own " (MyE2B3.5) 2>3 23 2+an)in) t+e ba./)round9wall"a"er i$a)e 13 23.1 %e$ovin) t+e ba./)round i$a)e or usin) te6t $ode 23 23.2 2+an)e t+e Ieyboard 7ayout >3 23.3 #"e.i5yin) t+e Main $enu order and9or t+e $enu ite$s 13 23.3.1 Main $enu order 23 23.3.2 #ubMenus >3 23.3.3 #ettin) a "arti.ular =#@ or 3$nu entry to a 5i6ed $enu "osition 43 23.3.4 &er$anently settin) t+e Main Menu order 43 23.4 2+an)e t+e $enu +eadin)s ?3 23.5 2+an)e te6t .olours and border .olours A3 23.6 2+an)e t+e $enu bo6 siLe and "osition 73 23.7 %e$ove t+e )rub4dos bootu" te6t $essa)es (usin) "at.+$e 83 23. 2+an)in) t+e 7an)ua)e D3 23.! %e$ove92+an)e Main $enu entries 1B3 23.1" Menu "assword "rote.tion 113 23.11 !dd a new 5older entry to t+e Main Menu 123 23.12 %e$ovin) t+e D@#4 B!2I'& and 'T=7=T=E# Main $enu entries 243 24 2+an)e t+e way t+e 5iles are listed usin) a 3t6t 5ile 13 24.1 Hot/ey su""ort 2?3 25 #"eed u" t+e loadin) o5 t+e Main Menu 13 25.1 2ountin) Windows =#@ 1iles 23 25.2 How to $a/e a new Easy2Boot 3$nu 5ile 2A3 26 G1GMenu #u""ort 273 27 Easy2Boot ( How it wor/s

13 27.1 3M8' 1iles :Windows(li/e: 23 27.2 Windows =nstall =#@s version o5 linu6 13 27.2.1 #eMuen.e 5or V=#T! and on a sti./ later @#Ns (e3)3 Win798 18 ( =#@ 1iles ( 23 27.2.2 Windows G& =nstalls usin) Burn4 E6tra.t4 t+e 2(#te" F 1A $et+od Mount or Edit >3 27.2.3 Windows G& install usin) =#@ 5iles Vista9798 Win&E :Hel"er: =#@ 1D ( 2reate your >3 27.3 3=#@93=M!9et.3 Bootin) own 13 27.3.1 Bootin) linu6 =#@s wit+ %M&re"'#B "ersisten.e "a./a)e usin) 283 2 !dd E2B to your own $ulti(boot '#B drive 8ullso5t 2D3 2! 2onvert your E2B '#B drive into a bootable #.ri"table 2D or DVD =nstaller (8#= >B3 3" Testin) E2B usin) an e$ulator or Virtual 2B ( !dd Ma.+ine MEMTE#T8AF >13 31 'sin) E2B on an e6t29e6t> '#B drive $e$ory test >23 32 =n.lude "ayload 5iles 5ro$ ot+er drives or "ro)ra$ to your "artitions )rub4dos >>3 33 &ass&ass ( By"ass t+e Windows 'ser $enu3lst 5ile !..ount &assword 21 ( >43 34 Downloads G%'B4D@# G'=DE (wit+ videos ( +ow to $a/e a $ulti( boot drive (Fe6a$"les #a$"le )rub4dos $enus Grub4dos T#anslate this $a%e &&& =nternal variables4 $e$ory Oust .o"y over all your =#@ 5iles and boot< 7ist o5 tested =#@s +ere3 areas and E6a$"le $enu t+e$es in.luded ( see +ere3 5un.tions 'ow out! (1."4 a))s the *+MS2 S,S u$)ate $a-. /o# 0+ 1SO Grub4dos installs. #ee +ere 5or details3 E6a$"le &lease subs.ribe to $y 2lo% 5or .+an)es4 bu) 5i6es and news3 Menus E2B now #e3ui#es the latest (e#sion o/ %#u24)os ( "lease use t+e J)rldr 5ile t+at is in.luded in t+e E2B 1onts and )ra"+i.s download3 22 ( How to boot &27=8'G (and +4EASE 'OTE5 1older layout and 5eatures are now sli)+tly di55erent 5ro$ t+at s+own in $y HouTube $ost ot+er :di55i.ult: linu6 Videos< I have put a lot of hours of hard work into Easy2Boot and it is versions wit+out totally free!

usin) a :5lat(5ile: <- If you use E2B, please consider making a donation, it would be much appreciated stru.ture 6hen a new U$%#a)e +a-.a%e 2e-o7es a(aila2le8 anyone who 2> ( How to 5i6 a has 7a)e a )onation will %et it 2e/o#e e(e#yone else! :.orru"t: '#B drive t+at .auses 9o77ents /#o7 use#s on /o#u7s5 Windows or %M&re"'#B to nyMuist ( :Easy2boot is aweso7e3 T+an/s 5or s+arin) sto" res"ondin) t+is so5tware wit+ us3: %oot$an ( :T+is is one o5 t+e .oolest t+in)s =:ve run 24 ( Boot t+e a.ross in a lon) ti$e3 Hou )uys +ave G@T to .+e./ t+is 'lti$ate Boot 2D 5or Windows out3: ('B2D4W=89G $aanu ( "lease a..e"t $y .on)ratulations on .odin) t+is beauti5ul tool33 $y 1st e6"erien.e was G%E!T3 it & or Bart&E wor/ed 5lawlessly on very 1st try (win8 A4(bit install 5ro$ a '#B drive (in.ludes O/"lays.+ess ( T+is is a 5antasti. tool< = rarely )et e6.ited about t+in)s4 but =:$ 5ollowin) t+e develo"$ent =#@ boot o5 t+is .losely< 2? ( #e.urely sebus ( T+e solution wor/s :E,; well in)ee)3 Tested E%!#E (wi"e your +ard dis/ o5 on W7 6A4 so 5ar !77 data (be5ore Weedy ( = )otta say =:$ annoyed t+at t+is tool see$s to dis"osin) o5 it wor/ e6a.tly as advertised< T+is tool is a 5antasti. "ie.e o5 so5tware3 2A ( #end and sni55 .o$$ands to95ro$ your 1nt#o)u-tion '#B devi.e (and see w+at your GB@@T (sadly no lon)er su""orted 4 #ardu4 H'M=4 B=@# would &endrive7inu6 and ot+er utilities are very )ood at w+at t+ey do4 but see< o5ten you 5ind t+at t+ey don:t wor/ wit+ a 5ew o5 your =#@s4 or t+ey don:t wor/ wit+ t+e latest version o5 a "arti.ular =#@ and you t+en 27 ( Dia)nose +ow your B=@# +ave to wait 5or t+e$ to be u"dated3 Hou .an also 5ind it di55i.ult to add t+e ones t+at don:t wor/3 =t is also di55i.ult to /now +ow to boots '#B $odi5y t+e $enus or .+an)e t+e '#B sti./ at a later date4 and you drives +ave to re(run t+e utility ea.+ ti$e you $a/e a .+an)e or download 28 ( %e.over a new version o5 t+e utility or .o$"letely re($a/e t+e '#B sti./ 5iles and "+otos a)ain4 Eust to add or re$ove one $enu ite$3 5ro$ a .orru"t #D .ard or any Easy2Boot :e#sion 1 is Eust a .olle.tion o5 5iles t+at you .an add to a )rub4dos bootable '#B Drive ( it is drive (5ree< 2D ( Boot Hirens 8@T a (Windows a""li.ation3 W+en you +ave $ade Boot 2D as an t+e E2B '#B drive4 Eust .o"y over any bootable =#@s =#@ 5ile 5ro$ a (linu6 7ive2Ds4 Windows =nstall =#@s4 $e$ory test 3bin 5iles4 5lo""y and +ard dis/ i$a)es4 et.3 3 Easy2Boot '#B drive auto$ loo/s at all t+e 5iles on t+e drive and (version 1?32 dyna$ .reates a new $enu ea.+ ti$e you boot >B ( How to install G& onto a 5ro$ t+e '#B drive3 Hard Dis/ 5ro$ an G& =#@ on a +4EASE 'OTE5 Wit+ Easy2Boot = tal/ about

:$ayloa) /iles: ( t+ese are bootable 5iles t+at E2B bootable '#B re.o)nises and .an boot 5ro$3 #o in $ost .ases4 a drive :"ayload 5ile: is an =#@ 5ile3 However4 a :"ayload 5ile: >1 ( Boot and install Windows .an also be a 3B=8 5ile (e3)3 $e$test8A3bin or a 3=M! 5ile (e3)3 a D@# 5lo""y dis/ 1344MB i$a)e 5ile 4 or a 7 or Vista or 3=MG 5ile (a bootable dis/ i$a)e or a 3VHD (a virtual #erver 2BB8 (bot+ >2 and A4 +ard dis/ i$a)e 4 et.3 et.3 bit 5ro$ =#@ Hour E2B '#B drive .an be 5or$atted as 1!T>2 or 5iles 5ro$ a sin)le bootable 8T1#3 E61at will wor/ 5or $ost "ayloads but not G& or Vista '#B install drive %TM and so$e Win&E =#@s and so e61at is not re.o$$ended3 'E1= bootin) is not su""orted3 >2 ( 2reate a '#B drive wit+ @n.e you +ave $ade a bootable Easy2Boot '#B drive4 at any ti$e $ulti"le you .an si7$ly -o$y all you# $ayloa) /iles <.iso8 .i7%8 Vista9Win79#erv .i7a8 et-.= to one o5 t+e 5olders on your '#B drive (e3)3 er2BB8 install JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older 3 8o $enu editin) reMuired4 no .+eat .odes ( Eust .o"y and boot< Hour '#B boot drive does not need to =#@ 5iles in > /now w+at t+e =#@ 5ile is and will wor/ wit+ al$ost all linu6 si$"le ste"s< live2D =#@s t+at you .o"y over ( even new ones t+at .o$e out in A >> ( How to $ont+s or > years ti$e will wor/< Wor/s wit+ Windows =nstall .reate bootable =#@s too< 1344MB and 2388MB 5lo""y 8ote t+at i5 you are usin) a bootable '#B >a#) dis/ i$a)es *is. instead o5 a '#B 1las+ drive4 t+en t+e Windows >4 ( T+e Vista9798 install =#@s will not wor/ unless you also use P!7M!8 PM a '#B 5las+ drive at t+e sa$e ti$e (see +ere 5or $ore VE2BB #!T! details 3 Hou $ay also +ave so$e trouble bootin) a 5ew +ard dis/ .addy linu6 =#@s ( t+ese will also reMuire a s"e.ial 3$nu 5ile to wit+ be added3 DVD9HDD91DD e$ulation Hou .an add t+e Easy2Boot 5iles to your e6istin) >? ( How to )rub4dos bootable '#B drive or $a/e a 5res+ install $a/e a bootable usin) %M&re"'#B (re.o$$ended 3 =5 usin) an e6istin) antivirus !VG )rub4dos bootable '#B drive4 it s+ould +ave %E#2'E '#B a 7a?i7u7 o/ two $#i7a#y $a#titions8 or Eust one drive "ri$ary and one or $ore lo) "artitions3 E2B is >A ( Boot to -on/i%u#a2le4 you .an .+an)e t+e ba./)round i$a)e4 Hiren:s Boot 2D $ove t+e $enu4 .+an)e t+e .olours4 use your own 5ro$ a '#B G1GMenu wall"a"er4 .+an)e t+e $enu te6t and drive +eadin)s (non(!8#= .+ara.ters are su""orted 4 add your (v1>9v149v1?3191 own sub($enus4 add $enu +ot/eys and lots $ore< ?31D72 >7 ( 2reate a E2B allows you to +ave $ulti"le linu6 =#@s w+i.+ .an D@# Bootable all boot with $e#sisten-e 5ro$ Eust a sin)le "artition3 '#B drive Hou .an even boot t+e sa$e linu6 =#@ wit+ 2 or $ore (usin) )rub4dos di55erent "ersistent 5ile(syste$s 5ro$ a '#B 1!T>2 or suitable 5or 8T1# Hard dis/<

B=@# 5las+in) >8 ( 2reate an Hou .an .on5i)ure t+e $enu4 .+an)e t+e wall"a"er and iGel 'niversal .olours4 $ove t+e $enu bo64 add your own titles Des/to" (su""orts non(!8#= lan)ua)es 4 et.3 Details on +ow to 2onverter do t+is are all do.u$ented below3 ('D2 installer '#B 1las+ "en =5 your s$art"+one +as an #D .ard wit+ '#B Mass >D ( How to #tora)e $ode4 t+en you .an use your s$art"+one as a re"air your '#B bootable '#B devi.e by installin) )rub4dos and E2B3 T+is $eans you .an boot a &2 or noteboo/ 5ro$ your 1las+ drive "+one and run linu6 or Win&E or even install Windows 4B ( %ED@4 a 7 (i5 your s$art"+one does not su""ort t+is install Bare Metal DriveDroid 5ro$ Goo)le &lay and t+en add E2B < Ba./u" and %e.overy 2li./ +ere 5or a list o5 tested =#@s t+at wor/ wit+ solution 41 ( Mi.roso5t Easy2Boot< T+e blo) 5or Easy2Boot V1 is +ere3 #ee botto$ o5 t+is "a)e 5or all downloads3 #tandalone #yste$ #wee"er (M### !8T=V=%'# E2B :e#sion >isto#y Beta Tool 42 ( Ma/e a $ini v13BB 2B1>(BA(18 1irst %elease Windows 7 v13B1 2B1>(B7(B? 1ew bu) 5i6es bootable '#B v13B2 E2B v13B1 F D&M#2 '"date &a./ v 13B2 (2B1>( "en (usin) B7(BA M!IEK&E> v13B> 2B1>(B7(11 %eMuires new )rldr4 i$"roved 4> ( =nstall al"+anu$eri. sort (not .ase sensitive 4 bu) 5i6es4 Windows 84 D&M#2 F auto(sele.tion 5or G& =#@ install4 e$"ty #erver 2B124 5olders not listed in $enu Win 74 2I8 0 v13B4 2B1>(B7(1? D&M#2 s$all Vista 5ro$ bu)5i6es9i$"rove$ents3 #$all .+an)es in G& =nstall $ulti"le =#@ #te" 2 5iles on t+e sa$e 1las+ drive 44 ( '#B Boot Than.s /o# you# hel$8 /ee)2a-. Ias"ers/y 1B 0 2B12 %es.ue an) su$$o#t! Dis/ (!V 4? ( How to &GE T+an/s to t+e 5ollowin) "eo"le 5or t+eir +el" t+rou)+ all >B Beta:s< boot )rub4dos or Fabrizio and Win&E (5ro$ a Antonio, Halikus, llbranco, Weedy, Rootman, Administrator, Wei dass, Corey, Dave N, Tomas, Whiznot, alacran, nyquist, moot Windows 7 &2 (and anyone else I have missed)! 4A ( 'buntu If you think I have not yet fixed any issues (due to an 123B49113B491131 oversight) please email me! B ( boot 5ro$ =#@

47 ( How to install Windows asy!"oot #ntroductory video Vista979#V%2I8 onto a '#B drive &lay t+e video below 5or a de$onstration o5 +ow to (or any "artition $a/e an Easy2Boot '#B drive and add lots o5 linu6 48 ( =s your =#@s4 Windows =nstall =#@s4 5lo""y i$a)es4 @"+2ra./ B=@# lyin) to and even boot dire.t 5ro$ $any linu6 =#@ 5iles wit+ you about it:s "ersisten.e< ( no $enu editin) or .o$"li.ated linu6 %!M $e$ory .+eat .odes to 5ind< siLe, 4D ( 2ontrol your ;ouTu2e :i)eo - Easy2Boot :1 - +A,T 1 8oteboo/9Media 2entre &2 5ro$ Vid3 1 !not+er E2B video about addin) Windows =#@s is s+own lower down on t+is "a)e3 your $ain &2 wit+ #yner)y ?B ( &re"are a bootable '#B drive usin) linu6 .o$$ands ?1 ( How to edit or $a/e your own 7an)ua)e3=8= 5ile 5or %M&re"'#B ?2 ( =nstall Windows 8 as a VHD (no need to re("artition< ?> ( Windows 8 To Go (boot Windows 8 5ro$ a '#B drive< ?4 ( How to 1i6 Write(&rote.ted %ead(@nly Dis/s ?? ( Boot #la6 5ro$ a '#B drive ?A ( 1or)otten Windows "assword, 8o "roble$ wit+ Ion(Boot< ?7 ( !uto$ati. )rub4dos $enus4

usin) +ot/eys4 +idin) t+e $enu and silent startu" ?8 ( Trinity %es.ue Iit ( boot 5ro$ '#B ?D ( #ave or list all your .urrent "asswords AB ( !dd &lo" to your )rub4dos $enu A1 ( %un t+e @2P ##D 1ir$ware u"date =#@ 5ro$ a bootable '#B 1las+ drive A2 ( 2+ainload syslinu6 5ro$ )rub4dos9)rub and vi.e versa A> ( =nstall G& and Win7 onto a .o$"uter 5ro$ one '#B 5las+ drive .ontainin) =#@ 5iles< A4 ( Boot !bstradro$e HDD %e)enerator 5ro$ an i$a)e on a '#B drive A? ( Ma/e a )rub4dos bootable =#@ AA ( Boot Wi5iWay9Wi1i#l a6 wireless se.urity @# 5ro$ a '#B drive ("ersistent A7 ( Boot 1edora 1A917918 wit+ "ersisten.e 5ro$

1i)3 1 Easy2Boot s.reens+ot (ite$s 1(4 is due to added =#@s4 ite$ 17 is "resent be.ause 1!#T7@!D +as been enabled 3 T+e +ot/eys are s+own in QsMuare bra./etsR3

>ow to 7a.e a new %#u24)os 2oota2le USB @lash )#i(e

+4EASE 'OTEC =5 you )oin) to use an e6istin) '#B drive without #e-/o#7attin% it4 "lease run Windows Dis/ *E@,AA on it 5irst4 5ollowed by 6in9onti% to de5ra)$ent all 5iles (use %M&re"'#B ( 2trlF12

a '#B drive BE1@%E you start to .o"y your lar)e =#@ 5iles to it3 =5 usin) )rub4dos you do not do t+is4 you $ay 5ind t+at so$e o5 t+e 5iles on t+e drive are not .onti)uous and you will )et :E##o# 6"5 /ile not -onti%uous: A8 ( WEE i5 you try to boot 5ro$ t+e$< De5ra))in) and runnin) Win2onti) (weeA> and .an ta/e a lon) ti$e on a nearly 5ull drive3 = would re.o$$end t+at WEEsetu"3e6e ( you .o"y all your 5iles to a 5older on your internal +ard dis/4 5ollow an alternative t+e 5or$at "ro.edure below to "re"are a '#B drive 5or Easy2Boot4 and t+en .o"y all your 5iles ba./ a)ain ( it will be M'2H Mui./er i5 bootloader AD ( Boot over t+ere is not $u.+ 5ree s"a.e on your '#B drive< t+e internet wit+ =5 you want to "ut E2B on your 7o2ile $honeBs S* -a#) t+en i&GE .+e./ t+at t+e #D .ard is 5or$atted as 1!T>2 (use t+e %M&re"'#b 7B ( 1b=nst and Drive=n5o button and t+en use %M&re"'#B to install )rub4dos to ot+er "o"ular t+e #D .ard (w+en in '#B Mass #tora)e $ode 3 T+en si$"ly unLi" and .o"y over t+e E2B 5iles3 8ow add your "ayload 5iles and you '#B utilities 71 ( Grubutils ( t+en will +ave a $obile "+one t+at will allow you to boot a &2 5ro$ it and run any linu6 7ive2D or Win&E or Hirens4 et.3 et.3 $enuset4 wenv4 bios and ot+er To 7a.e a new 2oota2le USB Easy2Boot (1 )#i(e5 )rub4dos utilities and bat.+ 5iles T+e ste"s below in outline areC 72 ( Easy2Boot ( a )rub4dos 13 1or$at a '#B drive $ultiboot '#B 23 =nstall )rub4dos drive t+at is easy >3 Download and e6tra.t t+e E2B 5iles to t+e '#B drive to $aintain< 43 (o"tional !dd Mass #tora)e drivers 5ro$ 72a Driver&a./s3net (i5 G& install =#@s are added Easy2Bo ot ( T+e 8oteC =5 you are a linu6 user4 5or$at a '#B 1las+ drive new !ll( and t+en install )rub4dos usin) booti.e 5or ste"s 1 and 2 in(@ne (use t+e version o5 )rldr in.luded in t+e download 3 MultiBoo t '#B Hou are re.o$$ended to download and install t+e latest #olution< %M&re"'#B (or use t+e "ortable version i5 you "re5er 3 7 2 1. Ma/e t+e 5ollowin) sele.tions (nu$bered 1 to A in %M&re"'#B b ( 13 M!G (or w+atever siLe you want 5or t+e "artition4 D e3)3 2BBB 5or 2GB & 23 Easy2Boot (or w+atever na$e you li/e< M >3 6in+E v2 # 43 @AT32 F Boot as >** (or use 'T@S CBoot as 2 >** i5 you +ave 5iles lar)er t+an 4GB ( @% ( e?@ATCBoot as >** G ?3 (leave unti./ed & A3 2li./ 6 +#e$a#e )#i(e (t+is will erase all .ontents > 2( @AT32 is #e-o77en)e) /o# USB @lash )#i(es4 +owever i5 you bi /now t+at you +ave =#@ /iles o(e# 4AB4 t+en you $ust use 8T1#

t or e61!T (but e61!T is not re.o$$ended be.ause so$e G&(based # =#@s and Windows G&9Vista #&B =nstall =#@s will not wor/ 3 % #9 1i)3 2 %M&re"'#B 5or$at o"tions ! H 8oteC =5 you +ave a s$all '#B 5las+ drive4 = would re.o$$end you 2 use 1!T>2 as it is easier to de5ra) t+e 5iles on it usin) Win2onti) = (&ress 2trlF12 in %M&re"'#B and it .an be a..essed by $ost dr @#:s3 However4 i5 you +ave a lar)e '#B 5las+ drive or '#B HDD4 t+en use 8T1#3 8T1# will also )ive 5aster 5ile =9@ "er5or$an.e in iv $ost .ases3 er au Ti$5 Don:t use e61!T i5 you want to boot Hirens or D721 as it to $ay not be able to a..ess t+e 5olders on t+e '#B drive on.e it boots ( (unless you use t+e 3iso$e$ 5ile e6tension 5or t+e iso 5ile 3 de te =5 you +ave a '#B Hard dis/4 you .an .reate $ulti"le .ti "artitions (e3)3 usin) Ea#eus Ho$e &artition Mana)er or o Windows Dis/ Mana)er 4 but do not .reate $ore t+an n one "ri$aryF1 E6tended or 2 "ri$ary "artitions3 E2B 5o nee)s the 3#) an) 4th MB, $a#tition ta2le ent#ies r /#ee (t+e >rd "tn is used by so$e linu6F"ersisten.e E 3$nu 5iles t+at are available in t+e JK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le 2 $nu 5iles 5older 3 B 7> ( Try &orteus 2. 8ow .li./ t+e 1nstall %#u24)os button (see :2B D&: in wit+ "ersisten.e 1i)3 2 above and install )rub4dos to t+e MB% (answer bootin) 5ro$ an B;esB and .o"y over t+e )rldr 5ile (o"tional 3 Hou $ust use t+e version o5 )rldr t+at .o$es wit+ E2B and t+is =#@ usin) will overwrite t+e )rldr t+at %M&re"'#B "uts on3 Easy2Boot 74 ( Boot Winternals E%D 8oteC 1or best "ossible :bootability: re"eat t+e )rub4dos install but t+is ti$e install )rub4dos to t+e &B% instead 2o$$ander 5ro$ =#@ or 5lat (answer B'oB instead o5 :Hes: ( t+is ensures $a6i$u$ .o$"atibility wit+ di55erent B=@#es o5 di55erent syste$s 5ile stru.ture (solves :5las+in)(.ursor: on boot on so$e syste$s 3 7? ( Test your $e$ory (%!M9D=MMs 33 8ow e6tra.t t+e 5iles 5ro$ t+e Easy2Boot download onto t+e '#B 1las+ drive usin) 7Pi"3 !lways use t+e 7A ( -ui./ly latest ($ost re.ent version o5 )rldr i5 "ro$"ted to setu" &GE bootin) to install overwrite t+e )rldr 5ile3 any Windows @# or &GE boot 43 =5 you want to install G& 5ro$ =#@ 5iles to a #!T!9%!=D9#2#= (#%# syste$ usin) t+e 2(ste" linu64 et.3< 5iradis/9winvblo./ $enu4 download and add t+e Driver&a./ Mass 77 ( 2reate a #tora)e drivers to t+e '#B drive ( see +ere 5or details3 $ulti"le "artition4 $ulti( (o"tional ( =5 t+ere is an '"date &a./ 5or E2B4 e6tra.t

o o

boot '#B 1las+ t+e 5iles to t+e '#B drive (it $ay overwrite so$e drive under e6istin) E2B 5iles 3 Windows 78 ( %un live 53 Hou .an now test t+at it boots and you .an see t+e GBM2buntu E2B $enu by "ressin) 111 in %M&re"'#B (answer B 5ro$ a $ultiboot 5or t+e +ard dis/ siLe and u" to 1BBB MB 5or t+e '#B drive $e$ory siLe i5 "ro$"ted 3 #o$e t+in)s $ay wor/ (e3)3 7D ( Ma/e an $e$test 4 but to test =#@s you will need to test on a real syste$ as t+ey $ay not wor/ under -EM' (and will be %M 2onne.t slow too < @ra.le Virtual Bo6 .an be used to 22> Multi( su..ess5ully boot $ost =#@s3 #tation Build '#B 1las+ drive 'ote5 =5 you 5ind t+at so$e syste$s do not boot and 8B ( How to dis"lay a :B@@TMG% is $issin): $essa)e4 re"eat #te" retrieve 5iles 5ro$ a .o$"uter 2 but install to t+e &B% instead o5 t+e MB% (t+an/s to wit+out bootin) llbran.o 5or t+is ti"< 3 it to an @# (via =5 you are usin) a 2B1> or later .o$"uter to boot 5ro$ &GE < 81 ( Ma/e your t+e '#B E2B drive (5or e6a$"le4 a .o$"uter t+at was own auto$ati. ori)inally "re(installed wit+ Windows 8 4 you $ay need Windows restore to .+an)e t+e B=@# #etu" Menu boot o"tion to set it to B=@# 7e)a.y or 2#M boot $ode ( ot+erwise it $ay not "artition (=$a)eG(based list t+e E2B '#B drive as a bootable drive in t+e B=@# 82 ( =nstall G& to drive list3 +ard dis/ 5ro$ =#@s usin) Aettin% Sta#te) - >ow to a)) Win&E v> $ayloa) <.1SO= /iles to 8> ( Download =$a)eG4 Easy2Boot B2DBoot and ot+er W!=I 1tBs as easy as 1 <-o$y=8 2 <#un 6in9onti%=8 3 <2oot= ! tools 84 ( #wit.+ G& 1. =5 you Eust want to )et )oin) ( si7$ly -o$y a $ayloa) /ile <e.%. a to !H2= $ode linu? 4i(e 9* 1SO= to the EF1SOEMA1'ME'U 5older 8? ( !dd t+e o# i/ it is a 6in)ows 1nstall 1SO4 .o"y all Windows =nstall =#@ @0@ Dis/=$a)e 5iles to t+e relevant 5olders under JK=#@JW=8D@W# (e3)3 i5 it is a &ro5essional =#@ Windows 7 =nstall =#@4 .o"y t+e =#@ to t+e to your '#B JK=#@JW=8D@W#JW=87 5older 3 $ultiboot drive 8A ( Dyna$ 2. 1M+O,TA'TC !5ter addin) any o5 your own .+an)e t+e dis/ "ayload 5iles (e3)3 =#@ 5iles ( re$e$ber to run volu$e label Win2onti) (9t#lC@2 in ,M+#e$USB to $a/e all 5iles usin) )rub4dos .onti)uous and avoid t+e dreaded E##o# 6"5 @ile not 87 ( =nstall t+e -onti%uous error< 'lti$ate Boot 2D onto a '#B Be aware t+at a :Dis/ De5ra): is 8@T t+e sa$e as

drive 88 ( Boot !vira %es.ue 5ro$ '#B 8D ( !uto$ated Windows "artition ba./u"Jrestore boot $enu usin) 2lonePilla DB ( =nstall Windows 8 to a VHD 5ile on a '#B drive< D1 ( %e"la.e Windows G&9Vista9Win7 wit+ Windows 8 wit+out a DVD or '#B drive D2 ( B=T# ( =ntel B=@# =$"le$entation Test #uite D> ( Boot al$ost !8H linu6 =#@ 5ro$ a )rub4dos '#B drive (e3)3 Tails4 Ba./Tra./ or even @"+.ra./ < D4 ( Boot Ba./Bo6 5ro$ your '#B )rub4dos $ultiboot drive D? ( Ma/e a bootable Windows %e.overy '#B 1las+ drive 5ro$ a Windows 7 syste$ DA ( !dd an auto$ati. linu6 =#@ 5ile $enu to

$a/in) all 5iles .onti)uous ( in 5a.t so$e dis/ de5ra) utilities will $a/e "reviously .onti)uous 5iles non( .onti)uous3 Do 8@T run dis/ de5ra) on t+e Easy2Boot '#B drive on.e all 5iles are .onti)uous or you $ay start to )et Error AB a)ain3 3. 8ow boot 5ro$ your '#B drive< T+at:s it<

Ti$5 !ny "ayload (e3)3 3=#@ 5iles t+at you add will Eust be listed by t+eir 5ilena$e in t+e $enu3 Hou .an easily .+an)e t+e $enu entry 5or ea.+ =#@ by addin) a s$all 3t6t 5ile o5 t+e sa$e 5ile na$e ( see +ere 5or details3 &lease noteC Windows Vista9798 installs 5ro$ an =#@ will not wor/ w+en usin) an e$ulator su.+ as -EM' or a Virtual Ma.+ine3 Hou will )et a :2D9DVD driver reMuired: $essa)e ( see +ere 5or details on +ow to install Windows Vista9798 to a virtual +arddis/ 5ro$ E2B w+en usin) a VM3 =5 you +ave any "roble$s or need $ore in5or$ation4 t+en /ee" readin)333

>ow )o 1 a)) an 0+ 1nstall 1SOH 2o"y t+e =#@ 5ile to JK=#@JWindowsJG& 5older3 To install G& you .an eit+er use t+e #te"192 $enu entries or use t+e Win&E install $et+od (reMuires anot+er Win&E =#@ to be added 3 >ow -an 1 install 0+ to an A>91IS9S1I,A1* +9 usin% a stan)a#) 0+ 1nstall 1SOH Hou need to add t+e Mass #tora)e driver "a./ ( see +ere 5or details3 >ow )o 1 a)) a 6in)ows 7 1nstall 1SOH 2o"y t+e =#@ to JK=#@JWindowsJWin7 5older >ow )o 1 a)) a 6in)ows 1SOH

o o

your )rub4dos 2o"y t+e =#o to JK=#@JWindowsJWin8 5older $ultiboot '#B >ow )o 1 a)) a >i#ens Boot 9* 1SOH drive 2o"y t+e 5ile to JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older and .+an)e D7 ( Write( t+e e6tension na$e to 3isowinvH3 =5 so$e D@# utilities "rote.t or $a/e a don:t wor/ see JK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le $nu 2D9DVD 5ilesJHirens=#@3$nu4 or you $ay need to e6tra.t t+e w+ole =#@ to t+e root o5 t+e '#B drive usin) 7Pi"4 and t+en .reate a "artition on a Hirens3$nu 5ile in JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older as below 1las+ Drive title Hirens Boot 2D usin) #M=K'1Dis/'ti .on5i)5ile 9+b.d9$enu3lst #ee JK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le $nu 5ilesJHirensBoot2D3$nu 5or $ore lities D8 ( !dd 7inu6 details3 >ow )o 1 a)) O$h9#a-.H Mint 14 =#@ #ee JK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le $nu 5ilesJ@"+.ra./3$nu 5or 5iles to your details )rub4dos >ow )o 1 a)) $ultiboot '#B ;4M@IU2untuI@e)o#aISta#tOSI+o#teusI$-linu?osIB drive a-.t#a-.5I.ali-linu?ITails 1SOs an) ha(e DD ( Boot $e#sisten-eH Giao"an wit+ #ee t+e relevant 3$nu 5ile in t+e HCJK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le )rub4dos $nu 5iles 5older 1BB ( Ma/e and >ow )o 1 a)) the E,*2""5 1SOH boot 5ro$ a 2o"y t+e =#@ 5ile to JK=#@J'T=7=T=E#JWindows 5older Win8&EK#E =#@ and also t+e E%D2BB?3$nu 5ile3 %ead t+e 5ile E%D2BB?3$nu 5ile in t+e HCJK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le $nu 1B1 ( &at.+ a 5ile 5iles 5older 5or $ore details3 usin) )rub4dos >ow )o 1 -han%e the 2a-.%#oun)H 1B2 ( #"eed u" %ena$e t+e JK=#@J#a$"leKMyE2B3.5) 5ile to WinTo1las+ G& MyE2B3.5)3 2+an)e t+e MyWBM& entry or t+e installs (F5i6 MyWBM&GP entry to t+e lo.ation o5 your ba./)round :8T7D% is 5ile3 #ee +ere 5or $ore details3 T+e MyE2B3.5) 5ile also $issin): error allows you to .+an)e t+e de5ault te6t .olours and $enu 1B> ( 1i6 or "osition3 %e"air G& i5 it is 6hen 1 2oot 7y E2B USB )#i(e on some syste7s 1 not bootin) %et an e##o# - 2ut on othe#s it is OJ - whyH (usin) t+e G& T+is is usually due to a :bad: B=@#3 1irst .+e./ i5 t+ere %e.overy is a $ore re.ent B=@# 5or t+at syste$ on 2onsole t+e $anu5a.turers web site3 8e6t4 .+e./ t+e B=@# 1B4 ( Boot settin)s to $a/e sure it is bootin) t+e '#B drive as a ".linu6 5ro$ Hard91i6ed Dis/3 !lso .+e./ t+at your B=@# #etu" =#@ wit+ $enu is set 5or 7e)a.y92M# $ode and not 'E1= $ode3 "ersisten.e =5 t+e :.+e./ last se.tor: test is .ausin) a "roble$4 you 1B? ( 2lone your .an Eust delete t+e JK=#@JE2BJ)rubJ.+e./a..ess3)4b 5ile Windows G& (but be aware t+at t+e B=@# is still bad and so you $ay &ro syste$ to a )et ot+er "roble$s< 3 '#B drive (usin) '#Boot

1BA ( Boot any 7inu6 7ive2D =#@ 5ro$ your Hard Dis/ o 1B7 ( -ui./ way to $a/e a Win&E v> and Ba./u"9%estore =#@ (usin) Ma.riu$ %e5le.t o 1B8 ( G& =nstall usin) %u5us and add it to your )rub4dso $ultiboot '#B drive 'se5ul !rti.les o !dvan.ed 1or$at (4I se.tor +ard dis/s o 1i6 '#B >3B :T+is devi.e .an "er5or$ 5aster: #yste$ Tray $essa)e< o Download a w+ole website and view it o55line usin) w)et< o Gettin) started wit+ t+e %as"berry &i (%&i o Boot 5ro$ 2D9'#B91lo""y to a..ess an 8T1# "artition o %e.ordin) wit+ 2a$studio4 editin) wit+ M# Movie Ma/er4 "ublis+ to HouTube

E##o# 6"5 @ile not -onti%uous

Most =#@ 5iles will need to be .onti)uous3 =n $ost 5ilesyste$s4 5iles .an be stored in :.lusters:3 #o a sin)le 5ile .an o..u"y .lusters 2>442>? and 2>A on a dis/ or it .ould o..u"y .lusters DD4 278 and 1B81 on a dis/3 =n t+e 5irst .ase (2>4(2>A we +ave a .onti)uous 5ile be.ause all t+e .lusters are seMuential3 =n t+e se.ond .ase (DD427841B81 t+e 5ile is not .onti)uous as it is s"read a.ross t+e dis/ in :.+un/s:3 To $a/e all 5iles on your '#B drive .onti)uous4 run ,M+#e$USB and sele.t t+e '#B drive in t+e drive list4 t+en "ress 9t#lC@23 !lternatively download and run 6in9onti%3

#o$eti$es 6in9onti% $ay be unable to $a/e all t+e 5iles .onti)uous3 T+is is usually be.ause t+ere is not enou)+ 5ree s"a.e3 =n t+is .ase4 you .an eit+er delete so$e lar)e4 unwanted 5iles and run Win2onti) a)ain @%C 13 2o"y all 5iles 5ro$ you '#B drive to an e$"ty 5older on your +ard drive 23 %e5or$at your '#B drive and re(install )rub4dos >3 2o"y all t+e 5iles ba./ a)ain (use E6"lorer but do not use $ulti"le .o"y sessions at t+e sa$e ti$e =n so$e .ases4 i5 usin) 'T@S4 you $ay 5ind t+at you .annot )et a lar)e =#@ 5ile to be .onti)uous even i5 you .o"y over t+e 5iles to a 5res+ly 5or$atted '#B drive3 =n t+is .ase "lease read $y blo) +ere3

E2B U$%#a)e +a-.a%es

= +ave s"ent $ont+s and $any +ours o5 +ard wor/ develo"in) and testin) E2B3 #o$e users +ave )enerously $ade a &ay&al .ontribution 5or E2B and so in order to reward t+e$ 5or t+eir )enerosity4 = will e$ail t+e$ a lin/ to any new E2B '")rade &a./a)e be5ore it be.o$es )enerally available3 !t t+e $o$ent t+ere are no U$%#a)e +a-.s a(aila2le ( all "revious '")rade &a./s are in.luded in E2B v13B4 &a./a)es are .u$ulative4 you only need to add t+e latest one to your base E2B '#B drive3

= will e$ail anyone w+o +as /indly $ade a donation4 wit+ details o5 t+e latest version o5 t+e E2B '")rade &a./a)e as soon as it be.o$es available3

4ist o/ teste) 1SO /iles that Kust wo#.!

Tested =#@ 5ile 5iles (t+at = /now about ( Eust .o"y t+e =#@ 5iles to t+e JK=#@JMainMenu 5older ( entries in bold ty"e +ave been tested by $e (noteC you $ay need to .+an)e t+e 5ile e6tension o5 a 5ew =#@s ( see +ere 5or $ore details 3
tip: rename the ISO files to more obvious names because the iso file names are displayed in the user menu (or make an additional .txt file with a new title). Windows XP Home/Pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2012, Server 2K8R2 raring-dvd-i38 !iso Edubuntu !."# $lpha %est &uild

%eboot3"ro Tutorials G& #etu" 2D9=#@ 2lean =nstallation %e5eren.e #ite$a"

s"stemres#$e#d-%8 -3!1!2!iso System'escue() %&m#&$nt$ xbmcbuntu* +.""*'( .Intel*,-I)I$.iso (see end of this pa.e for .mnu file for persistence) 'V( Res#$e )* +". +"/+! $-0 'escue %oolkit () ISO here Kas+ers," Res#$e )* ".".! .# 1aspersky 'escue )isk ISO here (also .mnu file available so can have updates stored on 2S& drive) -itde.ender Res#$e )* +."." &itdefender ISO here *r We& 'V )* Rising 'V )* V-' Res#$e )* /S#an 0oo1,it 'nvi Res#$e *is, Panda Sa.e )* #.#.!." 3anda Security ISO here (Parted 2ive )* ". #."* 0nome 3artition Editor ISO here Parted3agi# +" +4 4!"5 +" +4 4!".iso +" !4"64" .iso 3arted 7a.ic ISO here Partition Wi4ard -oota&1e )* 8.9. 3artition :i;ard ISO here /ase5S 0odo -a#,$+ 6ree 6." Ease2S %odo &ackup <ree ISO here /ase5S *is, )o+" 6ree +.!. Ease2S )isk (opy <eatures ISO here /ase5S 0o*o /mergen#" *is, Partition Wi4ard Home /dition +w7e78!iso PandaSa.e)*!iso *ari,8s -oot 'nd 9$,e +.+.8 )arik=s &oot and ,uke ()&$,) ISO here :+7#ra#, XP 2ive )* !.#." Ophcrack sourcefor.e ISO here Extra instructions here :+7#ra#, Vista/7 2ive )* !.#." Ophcrack sourcefor.e ISO

here Extra instructions here Kon-oot +. > . 3iotrbania 1on*&oot ?<ree@ ISO here :..1ine 90 Password ; Registr" /ditor "6 3o.ostick Offline ,% 3assword A 'e.istry Editor ISO here 51timate -oot )* 6. . 5 6.+.! 2ltimate &oot () ISO here ?7irror@ 5&$nt$ +. "5 !."# 2buntu A (anonical ISO here * use .mnu file to run with persistence H*0 ".6.+ B)% ISO here 3emtest8 < or latest +assmar, version =recommended> We&)onverger 9." &oots to a web browser 2PS *o* 3i#roso.t Windows 3emor" *iagnosti# windia..iso (made by mtinst.exe) P?9( !."+ * pdf manual * details on advanced menu for backup here H**($r$ 3H** 3agi# -oot *is, ()OS based but works for non*S$%$ drives) &oot7ed P$++" 2in$% 3recise ISO precise*6.#.!.iso Cucid 3uppy Cinux 6. (for Save>persistence on 5S- 61as7 )rive you need the 3uppy43recise42S&4<lash43ersistence.mnu file5 for 5S- H** you need 3uppy43recise42S&4B))43ersistence .mnu) Kno++i% -8."6 1,O33ID4-8.".6()*+" +* +*+ *E,.iso Sea0oo1s Sea.ate B)) )OS ISO Sea%ools)OS++!$CC.ISO (3ress I for I.nore if usin. an emulator) W* *rive 6itness 0est dft!+4v# 94b"".iso '#ronis 0r$e ?mage 2013 (useful how to use $cronis here) 0ai1s (if bootin. from 2S& B)) or reEuirin. persistence5 you need to use the tails4B)).mnu file * persistence only works on 2S& sticks. -a#,0ra#, @ 3e+is 11!0!12 Sim+1"3/P?S-1!@(A11!0!12A32!iso =Si7$lyME+1S-1.5AF11.!.

6F32.iso ME+1S 12 BETA reMuires a .7nu /ile=

'r#72in$% 2012!12!01 Res#at$% 0!30!2 ISO here 3$1tiS"stem +."# ms4lts4precise4r9.iso B1m. :S - Start :S (press <+ for En.lish when main menu displays) 2in$% 3int # ,adia linuxmint* #. *cinnamon*dvd*!+bit.iso gC1 .inni% androidA%8 +#1in$%os-,de-.$11mont"-2012!0D!iso 6$11 3ont" +#1in$% K*/C 3!D(- =wor,s .rom 6'032 or 906S 5S- drive> 1g1ive-0!D!7-i 8 -7"&rid-1ite!iso 1ive 1in$% gamers iso Eorin 4orin-os- !2-#ore-32!iso o+enS5S/-12!3-(9:3/-2ive-i 8 !iso 6edora-18-i 8 -2ive-2X*/!iso (to boot from <edora / CD)E ISO with persistence5 download the <edora43ersistent.mnu file at the bottom of this pa.e) 2ig7tweig7t Porta&i1e Se#$rit" ?S: 2PS-1!C!0A+$&1i#!iso 3ini0oo1 Partition Wi4ard 6ree

&oot )* =+w7e7!iso>

-it*e.ender Res#$e )*

-oot ?t &are 3eta1 - -oot?t!iso 2in$% Se#$re Remi% -oot =1in$%-se#$re-12!10!1032&it> -oot-Re+air &oot-re+air-dis,!iso
Ka1i ,a1i-1in$%-1!0!2-i38 !iso (with persistence if use .mnu file) 0in")ore-#$rrent!iso )ore-#$rrent!iso )oreP1$s-#$rrent!iso grm1 C-sma11A2012!0@!iso in%-1!1!iso tt"1in$%-%8 A C-1 !0!iso d1s-C!11!r#1!iso Windows *e.ender :..1ine ?S: (download the latest mpam* fe.exe update and place in the root of the 2S& drive) HP Vision *iagnosti# ?S: (must copy all folders except F&OO% and FSO2'(ES to the root of the E+& 2S& drive) and boot from ISO S"mante# /n#r"+tion *es,to+ 10!3Win32AW*/ARe#over"!iso (rename .isowinv) Windows 7 Re#over" )* eas"+ea4" 1! =.or net&oo,s> site R?P2in$% 13!7 ISO

Aentoo install(68A($ini$al(2B1>B42>3iso @al-on @4Bs UB9* ( 14'B2D(43A3iso (MiniG& will wor/ i5 Eust use e6tension 3isowinvH ( but to )et all wor/in) use 14'B2D3$nu and 5ollow instru.tions and e6tra.t 5iles A(i#a Anti:i# ,es-ue Syste7 ( res.ueKsyste$( .o$$on(en3iso and %estore 2D #!T!3iso Ooli @# =#@ ( web browser @#

0ested &" 11&ran#oF Windows For Legacy PCs (winflp) PicoXP Windows 7 PE SMS ( tails ( Hirens 8~15.2 use .isowinvh or .isomem file extension UBCD 5.5.2 (http://www.ultimateb...m/download.html) Phanton Clone 1.5.0 ( Gold Memory ( iBoot ( PING 3.02 ( System crescue CD 3.4.2 (http://www.sysresccd...scueCd_Homepage) Spotmau Boot Suit 2011 (http://www.spotmau.c.../bootsuite.html) #mlinux http:>>>news.html brlix http:>>> hdat+ http:>>> Slita;

)ebian 8 (,etInstall5 Small>%iny5 Cive) 1)E5 0nome5 CD)E5 D<(E5 Standard5 'escue) 'I3Cinux !.8 (tiny x/9 and x9#) <edora 2buntu P:S200D (rename .iso to .isowinv and extract Fi!/9 and FwinG.G to
root of 2S& drive * see F4ISOFdocsFsample mnu files for details) PassPass * .rub#dos batch file which can patch a :indows )ll so that any user password will be accepted (by Bolmes.Sherlock and co. at * see here for payload and .mnu file.

T+e =#@ 5iles listed below do not :Eust wor/: and $ay reMuire a 3$nu 5ile and9or e6tra.tion 5ro$ t+e =#@ 5iles3

Baiku * )OES ,O% :O'1H %rinity 'escue )isk )OES ,O% :O'1 unlesss type sd&C (if 2S& drive is +nd drive)H * see tutorial I6/ to see how to .et it to work automatically. 'eactOS Cive() * must extract all files from the ISO and use the .mnu file in docs folder

i)el =#@ D@E# 8@T W@%I ( see tutorial >8 5or wor/around3 !r.ani6 !@##

Easy2Boot - *etaile) *es-#i$tion <(1."4=

Usin% the Easy2Boot 7enu @n.e you +ave booted 5ro$ your '#B Easy2Boot drive on a %E!7 #H#TEM4 Eust use t+e '&9D@W897E1T9%=GHT .ursor /eys to sele.t a $enu ite$ and "ress E8TE% or :b: to run it3 Hou .an use t+e 5irst $enu ite$ (B to set any o5 t+e Main $enu ite$s as t+e de5ault one w+i.+ will be sele.ted and +i)+li)+ted w+en Easy2Boot 5irst boots or reloads t+e Main $enu3 Hou .an also set a .ountdown ti$eout to auto(run t+at $enu entry3 !n invalid $enu nu$ber will .ause $enu entry B to be sele.ted3

'oteC =5 you add $ore 5iles to your Easy2Boot drive or delete 5iles4 t+en t+e $enu nu$berin) $ay .+an)e ( t+is will .ause t+e de5ault $enu ite$ to also .+an)e3 =n t+is .ase you will need to use $enu B a)ain to .+an)e t+e de5ault $enu ite$ a)ain3 =5 you +ave 1!#T7@!D .a.+in) enabled4 t+en $enu o"tion B will also re5res+ t+e 1!#T7@!D .a.+e3 Also note5 2+an)in) t+e de5ault $enu and enablin) 1!#T7@!D $ay not wor/ in a Virtual Ma.+ine environ$ent w+i.+ does not allow dis/ writes to an e6ternal '#B drive ( use a real syste$ 5or testin)< 8ewC try DavidB:s Virtual Ma.+ine #tarter 5ro$ reboot3"ro ( allows 5ull rd9wr a..ess w+en bootin) 5ro$ '#B usin) Virtual Bo6< &lease /ee" readin) to learn +ow to add your own 5iles and .+an)e Easy2Boot to suit you<

A))in% you# 2oota2le /iles

@n.e you +ave $ade your bootable Easy2Boot '#B 5las+ drive4 you .an si$"ly .o"y over $ore bootable =#@ or ot+er bootable 5iles to t+e .orre.t 5older3
To sta#t4 Eust dro" your new "ayload 5ile (e3)3 a linu6 666663iso into t+e EF1SOEMainMenu 5older and it will be listed in t+e 5irst $enu w+en you boot 5ro$ t+e '#B drive3 Try it now and boot 5ro$ it ( see i5 it Eust wor/s< =5 you +ave a 6in)ows 1nstall 1SO4 t+ey are a :s"e.ial .ase: and t+ese $ust )o in t+e .orre.t JK=#@JWindowsJ66666 sub(5older =5 anyt+in) does not wor/ .orre.tly4 .+e./ t+e Troubles+ootin) se.tion below3

For all files except Windows installs ( @n.e it is wor/in)4 you .an $ove t+e 5ile (and it:s 3t6t 5ile i5 you $ade one to one o5 t+e ot+er EF1SOE000 $enu 5olders i5 you wis+ (under any sub(5older t+at is a""ro"riate ( see below so it is listed in a sub($enu3 =5 you .annot )et it to wor/ even by .+an)in) it:s 5ile e6tension4 see i5 t+ere is a .7nu 7enu /ile 5or it in t+e do.s 5older and read t+e se.tion below on +ow to use it3 @n.e you +ave a 3$nu 5ile wor/in) (read t+e te6t inside it< in JK=#@JMainMenuJ66664 you .an $ove it to one o5 t+e ot+er JK=#@J6666 5olders i5 you want it in a sub($enu =5 you still .an:t )et it to wor/ ( loo/ in t+e reboot3"ro 5oru$ or e$ail $e<

!lways run 6in9onti% to ensure all 5iles are .onti)uous (Mui./ly done in ,M+#e$USB4 Eust "ress t+e /eys 9t#lC@2 3

6he#e to a)) you# <.iso8 et-.= /iles

Easy2Boot /ol)e#s Note: If a folder is empty, it won't appear in the E2B menu. The Main Menu folder H:\ I!"\M#INMEN$ %&&& 'ayload files for the Main Menu (o here )or in the su*&folders with a .mnu file+

su*&menu folders: H:\ I!"\#NTI,I-$!

for any #, iso's and .mnu files


H:\ I!"\B#./$' H:\ I!"\0"!

%&&& for any B#./$' iso's and .mnu files %&&& for any 0"! iso's and .mnu files

H:\ I!"\1IN$2

%&&& for any 1IN$2 iso's and .mnu files %&&& for any $TI1ITIE! iso's and .mnu files

H:\ I!"\$TI1ITIE! H:\ I!"\3IN'E

%&&& for any 3IN'E iso's and .mnu files

H:\ I!"\#$T" %&&& for any payload files only )you 4an ha5e su*folders+ & .mnu files are i(nored.

Windows =nstall =#@ 5oldersC H:\ I!"\3IN0"3!\!,-2672 %&& !er5er 2672 Install I!"s (o here H:\ I!"\3IN0"3!\!,-2/8-2 %&&

!er5er 2668 -2 Install I!"s (o here

H:\ I!"\3IN0"3!\,I!T# H:\ I!"\3IN0"3!\3IN9

%&& %&& %&& %&&

3ndows ,ista Install I!"s (o here 3inodws 9 Install I!"s (o here

H:\ I!"\3IN0"3!\3IN8 H:\ I!"\3IN0"3!\2'

2' Install I!"s (o here

3indows 8 Install I!"s (o here

e3)3 =5 you +ave a linu6 =#@ 5ile su.+ as u2untu-13."4-)$a7)64.iso and you want it to boot as a 7ive2D ( Eust .o"y it to t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older ( t+at:s it< =5 +owever4 you want to run t+is =#@ wit+ "ersisten.e4 you need to also add a s"e.ial 3$nu 5ile (available 5ro$ t+e JK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le $nu 5iles 5older 3 #i$"ly .o"y t+e =#@ 5ile and t+e 3$nu 5ile w+i.+ you want to be listed in t+e Main $enu4 into t+e .orre.t sub(5older under JK=#@JM!=8ME8' ( 5or instan.e i5 you +ave ubuntu(

1>3B4(des/to"(a$dA43iso and it:s 3$nu 5ile 'buntu1>3B4K6A4K&ersistent3$nu4 t+en .o"y bot+ 5iles into EF1SOEMA1'ME'UE4inu? (always read t+e 3$nu 5ile 5or instru.tions 3
T+e JK=#@J!'T@ 5older4 i5 "o"ulated by "ayload 5iles4 will be listed in t+e Main $enu as *1,E9T BOOT Menu3 !ny "ayload 5iles (e3)3 =#@ 5iles and 3t6t 5iles "la.ed under t+is 5older (or it:s sub(5olders will be listed in t+e D=%E2T B@@T $enu3 Hou .an $a/e your own sub(5olders i5 you wis+3 3$nu 5iles are i)nored3

T+e various o"tions are des.ribed in $ore detail belowC

1 - 6in)ows 1nstall 1SOs

!dd any nu$ber o5 OEMISyste7 Buil)e# 6in)ows install 1SO /iles to t+e .orre.t 5olders under EF1SOE6in)owsEsub-folder and na$e t+e$ as you wis+3 Multi(lan)ua)e Win7 =#@ 5iles .an be downloaded 5ro$ Di)ital %iver (see 'se5ul 7in/s on t+is site 3 Hou .an rena$e t+e =#@s and use s" in t+e =#@ 5ilena$es to $a/e t+e$ loo/ better in t+e $enu i5 you wis+ (or add a 3t6t 5ile ( see below 3 'OTEC !lways run Win2onti) to ensure all 5iles are .onti)uous a5ter .o"yin) t+e$ over (9t#lC@2 in ,M+#e$USB 3

Additional Files
A)) a .t?t /ile to -han%e the te?t in the 7enu 1or Vista3#V%2I8%24748 and #V%2B12 =#@s4 you .an also add a .t?t 5ile o5 t+e same filename and add an alternate title (rat+er t+an +ave t+e 5ilena$e listed in t+e $enu 3 #o i5 you also add a .t?t 5ile o5 t+e sa$e 5ilena$e .ontainin) a sin)le line o5 te6t su.+ asC title some$te%t$here&nsome$hel'$te%t$here 4t+en t+at te6t will be used as t+e $enu title instead o5 t+e na$e o5 t+e 5ile itsel5 (note t+at t+e line $ust start wit+ t+e lower(.ase word 'title')3 #ee +ere 5or $ore details3 8oteC 3iso 5iles o5 B len)t+ are not listed (but $ay add to t+e total 5ile .ount dis"layed in t+e $enu< 3

A)) a ..ey /ile to hol) +#o)u-t Jeys 1or Win89#V%2B124 t+e "rodu.t /ey .an be ty"ed in $anually by t+e user4 a5ter sele.tin) an =#@ in t+e Easy2Booty $enu3 To use your own "re(de5ined set o5 &rodu.t Ieys4 $a/e lots o5 3/ey 5iles (.o"y t+e 5or$at 5ro$ t+e ot+er 5iles ( @% i5 you +ave lots $ore "rodu.t /eys you .an add all t+e /eys to t+e 9>OOSE @,OM A 41ST..ey 5ile3 Hou .an delete any 3/ey 5iles you don:t want3 !not+er alternative is to $a/e a 36$l 5ile wit+ your &rodu.t
Iey already in it and not use 3/ey 5ile at all3

E?a7$le 6in +#e(iew +#o..ey /ile Win8K&review&ro3/ey SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS <B!T set IEHSTI8T&(DO8A&(7G7WW(%11TV(B7-&1 E?a7$le 9>OOSE @,OM A 41ST..ey /ile 2H@@#E 1%@M ! 7=#T3/ey SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS <B!T e.+o e.+o W=8D@W# 8 &%@D'2T IEH# e.+o (e SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS e.+o Build A323D2BB e.+o 1SGIH4I(28%W%(81A&2(448%1(2%H-H &ro e.+o 2S1B4W%(>28VD(4%W7D(G-1WH(2H-G> 2ore


set 9" as/S2+oose a /ey C

i5 TUas/UTSST1T set IEHSGIH4I(28%W%(81A&2(448%1( 2%H-H

i5 TUas/UTSST2T set IEHS1B4W%(>28VD(4%W7D( G-1WH(2H-G> A)) an .?7l /ile to auto7ate an install Hou .an also +ave your own unatten).?7l /iles in t+e sa$e 5older3 T+is .an .ontain all your settin)s and a "rodu.t /ey ( you .an Eust .+oose any 6$l 5ile and run t+e =#@3 1or Windows G& =ntall =#@s and you are usin) t+e +el"er Win&E $et+od4 you .an also de5ine an unatten).t?t /ile to auto$ate t+e G& install (t+ere is an e6a$"le 5ile in JK=#@JWindowsJG& 3
8oteC t+e video is out o5 date now ( = will $a/e a new one w+en = )et ti$e<

Easy2Boot (1 - +A,T 25 A))in% 6in)ows 1SO /iles Hou .an download Windows 7 =nstall =#@ 5iles 5ro$ t+e lin/ on t+e 'se5ul E6ternal 7in/s "a)e3 1M+O,TA'TC 1or $ore details on +ow to install Windows G& usin) t+e 2(ste" 1iraDis/ $et+od see t+e instru.tions in Tutorial V>B (+intC i5 you )et B#@D in #te" 14 try wit+out "ressin) 1A 3 Hou s+ould also a)) the *#i(e#+a-. Mass Sto#a%e )#i(e#s ( details +ere3 1or details on +ow to install G& usin) a Win&E =#@ see below3 T+is is a di55erent4 sin)le(boot $et+od o5 installin) G&
dire.t 5ro$ an =#@ 5ile usin) a Win&E =#@ :+el"er: 5ile (Win&E v2 or v> or v4 or a Vista =nstall DVD or Win7 or Win8 =nstall DVD 3 =5 your G& =#@ +as been $odi5ied wit+ driver "a./s or n7ite or i5 your =#@ +as Woe$W 5olders t+en it $ay not install .orre.tly usin) t+e #TE&192 $et+od4 so use t+e Win&E =nstall $enu instead3

1or $ore details on +ow to install Windows Vista and later @#:s see Tutorial V4>3 6in)ows ISe#(e# 2"12 +#o)u-t Jeys Hou .an de5ine your own 'nattend36$l 5iles w+i.+ s+ould .ontain t+e .orre.t "rodu.t /ey3 !lternatively4

you .an use t+e Easy2Boot de5ault 'nattend36$l 5ile and "i./ 5ro$ a list o5 "rodu.t /eys or "i./ t+e 'O JE;.?7l 5ile w+i.+ will not set any "rodu.t /ey so t+at you .an .+oose any version t+at is wit+in t+e =nstall3wi$ 5ile w+en #etu" runs3 Hou .an4 o5 .ourse4 also add your own 36$l 5iles w+i.+ .an be edited as you wis+3
T+ere are also so$e "re(de5ined ..ey 5iles w+i.+ you .an alter or add to3

=n addition4 t+ere is a 9>OOSE @,OM A 41ST..ey 5ile ( you .an add as $any "rodu.t /ey entries as you li/e to t+is 5ile usin) 8ote&ad3

2 - +ayloa) /iles that you want to 2e liste) in the Main Menu

T+ere are two ways to )et an 5ile to be listed in a $enu3 Hou .an eit+er Eust .o"y a "ayload 5ile into a 5older t+at is at level 2 de"t+ ( e3)3 JK=#@J6666 or .o"y a 3$nu 5ile F "ayload 5ile to a 5older t+at is at level > de"t+4 e3)3 JK=#@J66666Jyyyyy3
!ny $ayloa) 5ile in t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older will auto$ be listed in t+e $enu3 ( @% ( !ny .7nu 5ile "la.ed in t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older @% in a sub(5older 2elow t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older will also be listed in t+e Main $enu3 &ayload 5iles "la.ed in a 5older 2elow JK=#@JM!=8ME8' will not be listed in t+e $enu3

2o"y your 5avourite bootable "ayload9:7ive2D: 5iles (e3)3 3=#@4 3i$)34 i$a4 et.3 to t+e EF1SOEMA1'ME'U 5older4 t+ese will be individually listed in t+e 5irst $ain $enu w+en t+e '#B drive is booted3 =5 you also $a/e and a)) a .t?t /ile o5 t+e sa$e 5ilena$e .ontainin) t+e sin)le line o5 te6t title some$te%t$here&nsome$hel'$te%t$here4 t+en t+at entry will be used as t+e $enu title instead o5 t+e na$e o5 t+e 5ile ($ust start wit+ t+e lower(.ase word 'title')3 #ee +ere 5or $ore details3 8oteC !ny $ayloa) 5ile "la.ed in a sub(5older 2elow t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' or t+e sub($enu JK=#@J66666 5olders will not be listed in t+e Main $enu (it will reMuire a 3$nu 5ile 3 1or t+is reason4 i5 you +ave a 3$nu 5ile4 t+e "ayload 5ile 5or it (e3)3 =#@ 5ile $ust be "la.ed in a sub(5older 2elow JK=#@JM!=8ME8' or JK=#@J666663 E?a7$le 1or instan.e4 i5 we want to boot 'buntu dire.tly 5ro$ an =#@ 5ile

wit+ "ersisten.e4 we need a 3$nu 5ile (you .an 5ind one in JK=#@Jdo.sJ#a$"le $nu 5iles and we need t+e 'buntu =#@ 5ile3 =5 we want t+e $enu entry to be listed in t+e Main $enu we would "la.e t+e 5iles +ereC JK=#@JM!=8ME8'J7inu6J'buntu3iso JK=#@JM!=8ME8'J7inu6J'buntu3$nu =5 +owever4 we wanted t+e $enu entry to be listed in t+e 4inu? su2-7enu4 we need to "la.e t+e 5iles +ereC JK=#@J7=8'GJ7inu6J'buntu3iso JK=#@J7=8'GJ7inu6J'buntu3$nu 'OTEC !lways run Win2onti) to ensure all 5iles are .onti)uous a5ter .o"yin) t+e$ over (9t#lC@2 in %M&re"'#B 3

8ote t+at t+e 5ile e6tension deter$ines +ow t+e 5ile will be e6e.uted by )rub4dos3 1or instan.e4 i5 you +ave an 3iso 5ile and it does not boot .orre.tly4 rena$e t+e 5ile e6tension and try a di55erent one ( 5or e6a$"le .iso ( wor/s 5or $ost linu? live =#@s and so$e ot+ers 3isowin(> ( use 5or Hirens =#@s (does not swa" +dB9+d1 ( Hirens will also boot usin) 3iso$e$ (but t+is reMuires $ore syste$ $e$ory 3 #o$e ot+er 5ile e6tensions you .ould try i5 t+e nor$al e6tension does not wor/ areC .iso7e7 ( loads t+e iso 5ile into $e$ory be5ore bootin) 5ro$ it .iso/i#a ( loads a 5iradis/ 5lo""y i$a)e and dire.t $a"s t+e =#@ ( use 5or 0+I+EIBa#t+E based =#@s .iso7e7/i#a ( loads t+e =#@ into $e$ory and loads a 5iradis/ 5lo""y dis/ i$a)e ( use 5or Ba#t+EI6in+E based =#@s .isowin( ( loads WinVblo./ 5lo""y dis/ i$a)e as well as t+e =#@ and loads setu"ldr3bin( swa"s +dB0+d1 ( use 5or 6in+E 0+ Ba#t+E based =#@s li/e E%D2o$$ander .isoe" ( use i5 you +ave a Windows =#@ t+at )ives you a blan/ s.reen w+en Windows loads (bu))y B=@#< Ti$C =5 you are not sure w+at =#@ e6tension will wor/4 or want to
try a variety o5 $et+ods to boot an =#@4 #ena7e the 1SO /ile to .isoas. ( you will be o55ered a .+oi.e o5 boot o"tions be5ore it is booted ( see t+e s.reens+ot below3 @n.e you +ave deter$ined w+i.+ e6tension wor/s best4 rena$e t+e =#@ to t+at e6tension3

1i)3 > Hou will see t+is $enu i5 you re(na$e an =#@ 5ile wit+ a .isoas. e6tension3

3 - +ayloa) /iles that you want to 2e liste) in a Su27enu

!dd bootable 5iles that you want to be listed in a submenu and not t+e $ain $enu4 to t+e EF1SOE0000 5older (= +ave already "re(de5ined !8T=V=%'#4 B!2I'&4 D@#4 7=8'G4 'T=7=T=E# and W=8&E 5olders 3 T+e "ayload 5iles will be listed w+en you .+oose t+e .orres"ondin) $enu entry in t+e $ain $enu3 1or e6a$"le4 i5 you .o"y a linu6 7ive2D =#@ 5ile to t+e JK=#@J7inu6 5older4 t+en t+e =#@ 5ile will be listed in t+e 7inu6 sub$enu w+en you sele.t t+e 7inu6 o"tion 5ro$ t+e Main $enu (or "ress 2trlF7 3
8oteC i5 you also add a 5ile o5 t+e sa$e 5ilena$e but wit+ a .t?t e6tension and .ontainin) a sin)le line o5 te6t su.+ asC title some$te%t$here&nsome$hel'$te%t$here 4 t+en t+at entry will be used as t+e $enu title instead o5 t+e na$e o5 t+e 5ile (note t+at t+e line $ust start wit+ t+e lower(.ase word 'title')3 T+e 5ile .an be saved in 'T1(8 5or$at and .an .ontain s"e.ial .+ara.ters and you .an de5ine a +ot/ey t+at will run t+is $enu ite$ too (see below 5or details on +ow to s"e.i5y a +ot/ey 3 #ee +ere 5or $ore details3

=5 reMuired4 you .an also $odi5y t+e 5ile e6tension o5 t+e "ayload 5ile too (see above 3 'OTEC !lways run Win2onti) to ensure all 5iles are .onti)uous a5ter .o"yin) t+e$ over (9t#lC@2 in %M&re"'#B 3
1or t+ose "ayload 5iles w+i.+ do not wor/ usin) t+e above dire.t boot $et+od (even wit+ a rena$ed 5ile e6tension or +ave s"e.ial reMuire$ents su.+ as t+ey use a "ersistent 5ilesyste$ to store .+an)es4 et.3 you will need to use a s"e.ial )rub4dos $enu 5ile 5or ea.+ o5 t+ese "ayload 5iles3 1or Easy2Boot t+ese 5iles +ave t+e .7nu 5ile e6tension and t+ey .ontain a )rub4dos $enu t+at +as been s"e.ially written 5or a "arti.ular =#@ or "ayload 5ile3 1or e6a$"le4 5or a linu6 =#@ t+at reMuires a 3$nu 5ile4 you need to add t+e "ayload 5ile (e3)3 =#@ 5ile and it:s $at.+in) .7nu 5ile to t+e EF1SOE41'U0E4inu? /ol)e# (note t+at t+e .orre.t sub(5older M'#T be $ade to $at.+ t+at s"e.i5ied in t+e 3$nu 5ile4 so you will need to $a/e a new :7inu6: 5older ( also note t+at t+is is .ase sensitive so use 7inu6 and not 7=8'G 5or t+e new 5older na$e 3 T+e 3$nu 5iles .an be downloaded 5ro$ t+e Easy2Boot tutorial web "a)e or .o"ied 5ro$ t+e EF1SOE)o-sEsa7$le 7nu /iles 5older .ontained in t+e download3 @n.e added4 t+e 3$nu 5ile entries

will be listed in t+e sub($enu on.e it +as been sele.ted 5ro$ t+e Main $enu3 1nst#u-tions on how to use a .7nu /ile a#e in-lu)e) as te?t -o77ents inside each (mnu )ile ( "lease read t+e instru.tions 5or details3 Hou $ay also need to edit t+e 3$nu 5ile i5 you are usin) a sli)+tly di55erent version o5 t+e =#@ so t+at t+e =#@ 5ilena$es are .orre.t3

'OTEC !lways run Win2onti) to ensure all 5iles are .onti)uous a5ter .o"yin) t+e$ over (9t#lC@2 in %M&re"'#B 3

T#ou2leShootin% <an) E##o# Messa%es=! /o# I61'>E4+E,.USB... (t+en sto"s ( =5 t+e loadin) o5 t+e $ain $enu sto"s +ere4 .+e./ t+e J!uto'nattend36$l and J'nattend36$l on t+e Easy2Boot drive and t+e !u6illiary :Hel"er: '#B 1las+ drive (i5 used are @I3 T+is see$s to +a""en w+en t+e 5iles +ave been 5res+ly .o"ied and o5ten does not +a""en a se.ond ti$e3 T+e .ause is un/nown3 =5 you see t+is error "lease .ount t+e nu$ber o5 dots a5ter t+e word :'#B: ( t+e nu$ber o5 dots will +el" $e to dia)nose t+e "roble$ (or you .an loo/ in $enu3lst yoursel5 to see w+at .o$$ands were used a5ter ea.+ dot was "rinted 3 'ot all 7y .?7l o# ..ey /iles a#e liste) - so7e a#e 7issin%! T+ere is a li$it to t+e nu$ber o5 5iles t+at .an be dete.ted due to $e$ory li$itations3 Delete all t+e 3/ey4 3t6t and 36$l 5iles t+at you don:t need in t+e JK=#@JWindows 5olders3 =5 you +ave lots o5 3/ey 5iles4 "ut all your /eys in t+e 9>OOSE @,OM A 41ST3.ey 5ile and delete t+e ot+er 3/ey 5iles3
E##o# 6" - @ile not -onti%uous ( Most =#@ 5iles need to be .onti)uous ( 'se %M&re"'#B 9t#lC@2 to de5ra) 5iles on t+e w+ole drive usin) Win2onti)3 =5 you +ave an 8T1# drive ( also see +ere3 Hou .an try rena$in) t+e iso as 3iso$e$ but it $ay not be su..ess5ul< i5 you +ave a s$all (X>2GB drive4 1!T>2 is o5ten better 5or de5ra))in) 5iles (but you .annot +ave 5iles ;4GB on 1!T>2 3 Hou .an rena$e t+e 5ile e6tension to 3iso$e$ ( but it $ay not wor/ unless it is a 3iso and .onti)uous3 =5 you still +ave "roble$s4 try !uslo)i.s dis/ de5ra) to view t+e .luster usa)e on t+e dis/ and de5ra) it3

E##o# 155 @ile not /oun) ( =5 you see t+is w+en you sele.t a $enu ite$ and "ress Enter4 you "robably are usin) 1!#T7@!D and +ave .+an)ed t+e drive .ontents wit+out re5res+in) t+e $enu .a.+e 5ile3 2+oose t+e last $enu ite$ in t+e Main $enu :,E@,ES> T>1S @AST4OA* 9A9>E ME'U: to re(enu$erate t+e 5iles on t+e Easy2Boot drive to $a/e an u"(to(date .o"y o5 t+e $enu3 'se BET!2> or later versions (was a bu) in versions be5ore BET!2>< 3 E##o# 165 1n-onsistent /ilesyste7 st#u-tu#e ( t+is is usually a sy$"to$ t+at )rub4dos .annot write to t+e '#B drive ( t+is $ay be be.ause you are tryin) to run )rub4dos under a VM or via &lo"< w+i.+ is a read(only '#B driver3 'se a real syste$ and $a/e sure t+e '#B drive is not write("rote.ted3 Ba) or 1n(ali) E5EUnatten).?7l or si$ilar - or BWindows Set$+ en#o$ntered

an interna1 error w7i1e 1oading or sear#7ing .or an $nattend answer .i1e8 * check that the blank F$uto2nattend.xml and F2nattend.xml are at least as lar.e as your ori.inal .xml file * if not you will need to make them lar.erH
6i$in% IAutoUnatten).?7l an) IUnatten).?7l /iles... ( =5 t+e E2B boot "ro.ess see$s to "ause +ere 5or a lon) ti$e or +an)4 .+e./ your '#B drive (and '#B 1las+ au6illiary drive i5 also .onne.ted 5or 5ilesyste$ inte)rity errors3 =5 ne.essary re5or$at t+e drive and ensure t+at t+e two 6$l 5iles in t+e root o5 t+e drive are .o"ied onto t+e '#B drive 5irst4 be5ore t+e lar)e "ayload 5iles3 Always test 2ootin% on a #eal syste7 i/ it /ails to 2oot un)e# GEMU o# a :M! -EM' is $ost li/ely to

5ail4 @ra.le VM Mana)er Virtual Bo6 is least li/ely to 5ail (de"endin) on settin)s ( a 2oot on #eal syste7 is t+e test<
;ou )e7oB) an 0+ 2ase) 1SO 2ootin% in O#a-le :M 2ut 1 -anBt %et it to wo#.! ( Try turnin) t+e #ettin)s

( #yste$ ( !..eleration 5eatures @11 (or @8 i5 t+ey are already o55< and set @# to G&3
Blue S-#een o/ *eath - E##o# "?""""""7B ( i5 you are tryin) to boot an G& based =#@ (e3)3 Bart&E4 E%D2o$$ander4 et.3 try rena$in) t+e iso 5ile to 3isowinvH3 =5 t+at doesn:t wor/ t+en try 3iso5ira or 3isowinv or 3iso$e$5ira or 3iso$e$winv3 7oo/ 5or a 3$nu 5ile 5or your iso in t+e do.s 5older3 4inu? not /ully 2ootin% ( 1irst ( test on a real syste$< Try "ressin) t+e E#2 /ey to see t+e te6t $essa)es ( t+is $ay )ive a .lue as to t+e "roble$< 2trlF# $ay sto" t+e te6t 5ro$ s.rollin) and 2trl(- $ay resu$e s.rollin)3 So7e linu? 1SOs Kust wonBt 2oot! ( .+e./ t+e (s$all list o5 /nown :bad: ones +ere3 #ear.+ 5or a tutorial on t+is site

5or a wor/around3 'ot all 1SOs8 et-8 wo#. un)e# :i#tual Bo? ( .+e./ t+e #ettin)s ( #yste$ ( !..eleration settin) and try enablin) or disablin) VT9!MD(V (G& $ay need VT disabled 3 !lso .+e./ A4(bit is enabled or disabled (de"endin) on @# in t+e General ( Basi. @# settin)s3

6A,'1'A5 +T' TAB4E 3 1S A4,EA*; 1' USE! ( Hou are usin) a 3$nu 5ile t+at reMuires t+e >rd and 4t+ "artition entries in t+e '#B boot drive to be unused3 Easy2Boot overwrites t+ese two entries and so will re5use to run as it would destroy your >rd "artition3 =5 you don:t need t+e >rd &ri$ary "artition t+en use a "artition $ana)er to delete it (or re(5or$at t+e drive to +ave Eust one &ri$ary "artition and any nu$ber o5 7o) "artitions 3 @t+erwise you .annot use t+e Easy2Boot 3$nu 5ile3 6A,'1'A5 +T' TAB4E 4 1S A4,EA*; 1' USE! ( Easy2Boot needs t+e last (4t+ "ri$ary "artition entry to be e$"ty in order to boot linu6 =#@s3 Delete t+e 4t+ &ri$ary "artition or re(5or$at t+e '#B drive so t+at you +ave one &ri$ary "artition and any nu$ber o5 7o) "artitions3 6in)ows - Ente# the $#o)u-t .ey to a-ti(ate 6in)ows ( T+e "rodu.t /ey was in.orre.t3 2+e./ t+at it $at.+es t+e =#@ you are usin) 5or installation3
BA #e3ui#e) 9*I*:* )#i(e )e(i-e )#i(e# is 7issin%.B =5 you )ot t+e Blue .onsole windows and t+e %e"air Muestion but still +ave t+is "roble$4 it .an be due to a -o##u$te) 1SO (even t+ou)+ it loo/s @I and t+e J#our.esJ=nstall3wi$ .an be seen and it was $ounted by =$Dis/91iraDis/ @I< ( .+e./ t+e MD? +as+ value o5 t+e 5ile on t+e '#B drive a)ainst it:s .orre.t value3 =5 you are tryin) to install Windows Vista or later @#:s 5ro$ an =#@4 $a/e sure t+at you use t+e 5irst "artition on a '#B 5las+ drive to +old t+e Easy2Boot 5iles and =#@s3 1or Vista and later @#:s you shoul) always see a 2lue -onsole win)ow a""ear (see Windows video be5ore t+e #etu" G'= starts3 Windows Vista and later @#:s will dete.t an !uto'nattend36$l 5ile on t+e 5irst "artition o5 a re$ovable drive (e3)3 1las+ drive but not on a +ard dis/ 3 T+e !uto'nattend36$l 5ile will .ause a Blue 2onsole window (7oad=#@3.$d 5ile to run w+i.+ will load t+e Windows install =#@ 5ile as a %!M drive ( Windows #etu" will t+en be able to 5ind t+e J#our.esJ=nstall3wi$ 5ile 5ro$ inside t+e %!M drive and so will not t+in/ t+at a driver is reMuired so t+at it .an a..ess t+e :DVD:3

:9annot install #e3ui#e) /iles: ( Durin) t+e :9o$yIE?$an)in% 6in)ows @iles: sta)e o5 Vista97989et.3 so$ew+ere between 1U and DDU (usually at sa$e 66U "la.e every ti$e t+e installation .an.els itsel53 T+e iso 5ile $ay be .orru"t ( .+e./ t+e MD? .+e./su$ o5 t+e iso 5ile is .orre.t (Goo)le it 3 Error(.+e./ t+e drive4 delete t+e iso 5ile and re(.o"y it to t+e '#B drive3 Ensure it is .onti)uous usin) Win2onti) (%M&re"'#B ( 2trlF12 be5ore bootin) wit+ Easy2Boot3 The su2-7enus <su-h as Ba-.u$8 *os8 Utilities8 et-= )o not a$$ea# in 7y A@0Menu ( =5 you +ave added a G1GMenu4 you need to .o"y t+e G1G#ubMenu 5iles 5ro$ JK=#@Jdo.sJG1G#ubMenu 1iles to JK=#@JM!=8ME8'3 Hou .an delete t+e #ubMenu6663$nu 5iles t+at are already in t+e M!=8ME8' 5older as t+ese are only used 5or non( G1GMenu .on5i)urations3 6hy isnBt E2B installin% 0+ to 7y A>91 syste7 <no *+MS2 7enu=H ( Hou need to add t+e Driver&a./s Mass #tora)e driver 5iles ( see +ere 5or details3

9o77on $#o2le7s with $ayloa) /iles

Una2le to /in) a 7e)iu7 -ontainin% a li(e /ilesyste7 (

Ma/e sure t+e linu6 =#@ is .onti)uous and use an e6tension o5 3iso not 3iso$e$ 9annot /in) s3uash/s ( ( Ma/e sure t+e linu6 =#@ is .onti)uous and use an e6tension o5 3iso not 3iso$e$ So7e 1SOs #un al7ost instantly an) othe#s )is$lay a L32MI3 4MM style -ounte# an) ta.e a%es to #un ( Be.ause t+e 5ile is not .onti)uous4 E2B is 5or.ed to load t+e w+ole =#@ into $e$ory ( Eust run ,M+#e$USB - 9t#lC@2 to run Win2onti) on t+e drive and $a/e all 5iles .onti)uous3 =5 you +ave na$ed t+e =#@ 5ile e6tension as 3iso$e$ t+en it will always load into $e$ory and be slow to load<
>i#ensI*49 2oots to Mini 6in7 2ut )oes not show all *$ i-ons o# wo#. /ully ( use 3isowinvH or 3iso$e$ 5ile e6tension ( so$e =#@s li/e Hirens Boot 2D and D72 need to be e6tra.ted (in $ost .ases t+e JHB2D or JD72 5older is needed in t+e root o5 t+e '#B drive ( .+e./ t+is site 5or instru.tions ( Eust $a/e your own 3$nu 5ile wit+ t+e .orre.t )rub4dos $enu .ode ( or ( as/ so$eone to $a/e you a 3$nu 5ile< !lternatively4 on.e in t+e Win7 Des/to"4 5ind t+e =#@ 5ile4 ri)+t(.li./ on it and sele.t =$Dis/ 5ro$ t+e o"tions4 .+oose :2D(%@M: as t+e ty"e and t+en $ount t+e =#@3 8ow you .an run JHB2D3.$d 5ro$ t+e $ounted =#@ 5ile3

*49 >i#ens.isowin(> wo#.s /o# Mini 0+8 2ut Mini 7 )oes not )is$lay all *$ i-ons ( use

3iso$e$ @% e6tra.t t+e JD721 5older 5ro$ t+e iso and "la.e in root o5 '#B drive at JD7213 2o"y t+e E>B9* o# E*49 o# E*491
/ol)e# 5ro$ t+e =#@ 5ile to t+e root o5 t+e '#B drive3

>i#ens Mini 6in 7 #e$o#ts a BNulia.isoB e##o# with 12.>i#en.s.Boot.9*.15.2.isowin( ( the e?tension shoul) 2e .isowin(> not 3isowinv3 !lso try t+e 3iso$e$ e6tension3 >i#ens 6in7 >B9*Menu i-on )oes not wo#. <not $o$ulate)= ( 'se 3iso$e$ 5ile e6tension @% 3isowinvH3 =5 t+at still does not wor/4 use 7Pi" to un"a./
O$h-#a-. - no ta2les /oun) ( you +ave to e6tra.t t+e Jtables 5older 5ro$ t+e =#@ (or download t+e$ ( t+e Jtables 5older $ust be in t+e root o5 t+e '#B drive3

E,*5"IMS*a,T 5 /o# 0+ 1SO -#ashes ( rena$e t+e 5ile e6tension to 3isowinv (use E2B V1 BET!14 version or later Ba#t+E 0+ 1SO -#ashes ( rena$e t+e 5ile e6tension to 3isowinv (use E2B V1 BET!14 version or later E,*9o77an)e# 2""5 1SO -#ashes ( rena$e t+e 5ile e6tension to 3isowinv (use E2B V1 BET!14 version or later >i#ens 15.1 1SO - 0+ )oes not show all *$ i-ons an) +#o%#a7 4aun-he# is e7$ty ( rena$e t+e 3iso 5ile to 3iso$e$ or 3isowinvH
>i#ens 4inu? 7enu ent#ies )o not /ully loa) linu? ( Ensure all 5iles are .onti)uous (%M&re"'#B ( 2trlF12 3

E72e))e) 0+ 1nstall 1SO -anBt /in) sou#-e 9* on 2n) 2oot ( i5 you re(na$e t+e iso as an G& =#@ and $ove it4 it $ay wor/ (e3)3 "la.e in JK=#@JWindowsJG&JG&H@ME#&23=#@ ( i5 not4 e6tra.t t+e w+ole iso .ontents to t+e root o5 t+e '#B drive and rena$e t+e =#@ to 666663isowin( and "la.e it in JK=#@JMainMenu 5older3 @nly t+e 5iles in t+e root and t+e Ji>8A 5older $ay be reMuired4 but test wit+ all e6tra.ted 5iles as a 5irst atte$"t3 #ee &@#2BBDK%eadMe3t6t in t+e do.s 5older 5or an e6a$"le o5 an e$bedded G& install =#@3 Hou .an also try t+e G& =nstall usin) t+e Win&E $et+od +ere3 Jas$e#s.y 1SO 2oots 2ut -annot %et $ast a--e$tin% the li-en-e $a%e ( try ty"in) !7TFT!B and t+en "ress ! ( or "ress 1 (don:t

use t+e nu$ber "ad as it $ay not wor/ 3 Jas$e#s.y 1SO #uns an) )ownloa)s the u$)ates8 2ut the ne?t ti7e 1 use it on anothe# syste78 1 ha(e to )ownloa) the u$)ates all o(e# a%ain ( 2reate an e$"ty 5older on t+e #oot o5 t+e Easy2Boot '#B drive .alled JJas$e#s.y ,es-ue *is. 1"." ( be5ore you ne6t boot to I!V(res.ue on a syste$4 ensure t+at t+e Ias"ers/y %es.ue Dis/ 1B3B 5older on t+at syste$:s internal +ard dis/ is 8@T "resent (ot+erwise u"dates will )o onto t+e internal +ard dis/ 3 6in)ows -annot #ea) the O+#o)u-tJey& settin% /#o7 the unatten) answe# /ile (Win8 ( Hou need to s"e.i5y a ?6? &rodu.t Iey3 T+is is nor$ally "ro$"ted 5or by Easy2Boot3 2+e./ t+e !uto'nattend36$l 5ile on t+e '#B 1las+ drive and .o$"are it wit+ t+e 6$l 5ile and "rodu.t /ey t+at was sele.ted3 Ma/e sure t+e 6$l synta6 is .orre.t and balan.ed (X666; and X9666; 3 6in)ows -annot /in) the Mi-#oso/t So/twa#e 4i-ense Te#7s (6in ( &rodu.t /ey used was o5 t+e wron) ty"e3 'o i7a%es a#e a(aila2le ( Win8 &rodu.t /ey used was 5or a di55erent #I' (e3)3 Enter"rise &rodu.t Iey used wit+ a non(Enter"rise =#@ and t+e =nstall3wi$ did not .ontain t+at version3 'se t+e .orre.t &rodu.t Iey3 Blan. s-#een a/te# 6in)ows loa)s ( i5 t+e Windows =#@ boots and you see t+e M# lo)o but t+en t+e s.reen )oes blan/ (but +ard dis/ a.tivity .ontinues as s+own by t+e HDD 7ED A'* it only ha$$ens on one $a#ti-ula# 7o)el o/ syste7 (or one version o5 B=@# 4 t+en t+is indi.ates a bu))y B=@#3 2+e./ to see i5 t+ere is a B=@# u"date available 5ro$ t+e Manu5a.turer3 !lternatively4 rena$e t+e 3=#@ 5ile to .1SOE" (E 5ollowed by t+e nu$ber PE%@ 3 linu? Tails 1SO )oes not /ully 2oot ( =5 you are usin) a '#B hard disk 5or E2B4 you need to use t+e s"e.ial 3$nu 5ile t+at is in t+e JK=#@JE2BJdo.s 5older (read it 5or instru.tions 3

The Easy2Boot (1 /ol)e#s an) 7enu syste7

T+e $enus are dyna$i. and are built u" by t+e EF1SOEE2BE%#u2E7enu.lst 5ile and t+e .ontents o5 t+e EF1SOEMA1'ME'UE7ain7enu.7nu 5ile and #ubMenu66663$nu 5iles4 and 5ro$ any ot+er "ayload 5iles in t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older and 5ro$ any ot+er 3$nu 5iles3

Hou .an "la.e 3$nu 5iles and "ayload 5iles (e3)3 3=#@ 5iles in a sub(5older under t+e JK=#@JM!=8ME8' 5older and t+e 3$nu 5ile entries will be added to t+e $ain $enu3 =5 you wis+4 you .an rena$e $ain$enu3$nu to so$et+in) else and t+en $a/e .+an)es to t+e new 5ile (be aware t+at any subseMuent new version download u"date will write a new $ain$enu3$nu w+i.+ you will need to delete a)ain 3 +lease note5 E2B V1 is $ainly intended to be used on a 5las+ drive be.ause $ost Windows installs 5ro$ =#@ 5iles won:t wor/ 5ro$ a '#B +ard dis/ (unless a s$all au6iliary '#B 1las+ drive is also used ( also Easy2Boot s+ould be used on real +ardware (5or $any situations ( E2B will not wor/ .orre.tly in a VM 3 A%ainC 7inu6 =#@s and t+e Windows Vista979892B12 installs 6O'BT A46A;S 6O,J 9O,,E9T4; un)e# an EMU4ATO,I:M3
Always use a ,eal Syste7 not a Virtual Ma.+ine 5or testin) 'se an Easy2Boot '#B 1las+ drive O, an Easy2Boot '#B Hard Dis/Fau6iliary '#B 1las+ drive (au6illiary '#B 1las+ drive is reMuired 5or Windows installs i5 usin) a '#B HDD ( it $ust 8@T .ontain t+e Easy2Boot 5olders 3

To )et Windows installs wor/in) by bootin) 5ro$ an Easy2Boot '#B HDD ( see below3

=5 you donNt see t+e E2B $ain $enu w+en your '#B drive boots Y "lease ensure t+at your J$enu3lst 5ile +as t+e :-on/i%/ile IF1SOIE2BI%#u2I7enu.lst: .o$$and in it3

Main Menu A$$ea#an-e

T+e 5irst ($ain $enu $ay be dis"layed as s+own below (de"endin) on w+at "ayload 5iles you +ave added4 t+e $enu will vary C 0 Set default menu entry and timeout

it de"ends on w+at $ass stora)e driver is reMuired and w+at B=@#9.+i"set t+e syste$ +as3
13 &ress 6 to sele.t t+e Windows Menu

23 &ress AltC1 to run ste" 1

>3 9hoose your G& =#@ 5ile

43 !t t+e D&M# @"tions "ro$"t ( hit LE'TE,M 5or H (eMuivalent to o"tion 2 3 T+e two 1A #%# 5lo""y i$a)es will auto$ be $ade 5or you3 (i5 you +ave "roble$s wit+ t+e Windows installation ( e3)3 Windows B#@D or resets Eust be5ore T(> sta)e or +ave a #2#= .ontroller4 try o"tion >SWinVBlo./ instead 5ollowed by !ltF2 5or t+e 2nd sta)e

'ote5 =5 bootin) 5ro$ an E2B USB->** and usin) 1iraDis/ (de5ault t+en you need to answer ;es to t+e :7oad G& =#@ into $e$ory: Muestion or else you will )et a B#@D B6BBBBBB7B error w+en #etu" swit.+ed to Windows "rote.ted $ode< =5 usin) an E2B USB->**4 you .annot install to !H2=9#2#= syste$s +avin) less t+an ?12MB o5 $e$ory4 be.ause you need to load t+e =#@ into $e$ory 5or t+ese syste$s3 Hou .an use WinVBlo./ instead4 but WinVBlo./ reMuires loadin) t+e =#@ into $e$ory in #TE& 23 1or t+is reason4 i5 you +ave !H2=9#2#=9%!=D syste$s wit+ ?12MB or less4 use E2B on a '#B 1las+ drive3

?3 Wait 5or G& #etu" to start ( or "ress QE8TE%R i5 you are i$"atient 8oteC you .an enter ! 5or !bort or 2 5or 2o$$and "ro$"t (or D 5or Debu) at .o$$and "ro$"t at t+is last "ro$"t and t+en "ress QE8TE%R3 29D dro"s to t+e )rub4dos .o$$and s+ell ( "ressin) but E#2 5ro$ wit+in t+e s+ell will .ontinue w+ere you le5t o55 and start Windows #etu" 3

A3 8ow )o t+rou)+ t+e nor$al G& install o"tions (t+ere is nor$ally no need to &ress 1A 3 1or$at t+e drive and allow G& #etu" to .o"y t+e 5iles to t+e +ard dis/ as usual3 73 W+en t+e syste7 #esta#ts4 boot ba./ to t+e E2B '#B drive a)ain (i5 t+e syste$ boots to Windows you will )et an :3as$s 5iles not 5ound error ( Eust reboot ba./ to E2B a)ain and .arry on as belowC 83 &ress 6 to sele.t t+e Windows Menu a)ain D3 &ress AltC2 ( t+is is t+e sa5est and $ost reliable o"tion 5or G& #te" 2 (or use !ltF> but you $ust leave t+e '#B drive .onne.ted ( i5 you used @EMFWinVBlo./ you M'#T use !ltF2 and not !ltF> 8ow .+oose t+e #!ME =#@ G& install 5ile t+at you .+ose in ste" 1 1B3 6in)ows Setu$ AU1 Mo)e will run and you .an .o$"lete t+e installation o5 Windows G& (a5ter it reboots 'ote5 =5 t+e 1iraDis/ %!MDis/ driver was installed4 it will be re$oved i5 you answer H 5or Hes to t+e "ro$"t t+at will a""ear w+en you )et to t+e Des/to"3 !lt+ou)+ t+e 1iraDis/ driver does no +ar$4 it does s+ow u" as as :'n/nown Devi.e: in Devi.e Mana)er3 =5 you

want to /ee" 1iraDis/4 answer 8 5or 8o3 8oteC T+e two Virtual 1lo""ies t+at are )enerated will .ontain 5iles (all driver 5iles will be on bot+ dis/s 3 T+e only di55eren.e is t+at one dis/ will .ontain a t6tsetu"3oe$ 5ile wit+ a di55erent de5ault driver settin) 5ro$ t+e ot+er3 ie3 one t6tsetu"3oe$ 5ile will be set to load an !H2= driver and t+e ot+er will be set to load t+e @EM driver3 =5 you +ave an =DE syste$ and no @EM driver is reMuired4 bot+ WinVblo./ (5dB and 1iradis/ (5d1 will be loaded3

E2B *+MS2 O$tions

1 S @EMF1iraDis/ ( does not add t+e WinVBlo./ driver to t+e 1A 5lo""ies 2 S @EMF1iraDis/FWinVBlo./ ( TH=# =# THE DE1!'7T S H S 1iraDis/ will be loaded > S @EMFWinVBlo./F1iraDis/ ( t+e de5ault %a$ Dis/ driver t+at will be loaded will be WinVBlo./ =5 you Eust "ress t+e QE8TE%R /ey t+en @"tion 2 will be sele.ted S 1iraDis/3 =5 you .+oose 1 t+en it is t+e sa$e as @"tion 2 (e6.e"t t+at t+e WinVBlo./ drivers will not be .o"ied to t+e Virtual 1A 5lo""y dis/s =5 you .+oose > t+en bot+ 1iraDis/ and WinVBlo./ drivers are .o"ied to t+e Virtual 1A 5lo""y dis/s4 but Windows will load t+e WinVblo./ driver auto$ instead o5 t+e 1iraDis/ driver3 T+e best o"tion to use is o"tion 23 @nly use o"tion > i5 o"tion 2 does not wor/3 1ail#a5eC =5 you +ave a "arti.ularly di55i.ult syste$ t+at see$s to .ras+ use #te" 1S AltC1 ( D&M#2 o$tion 2 S 1iraDis/ ( ;Sload =#@ into $e$ory ( &ress @6 and load all > drivers (@EMF1iraFWinV ( reboot ( t+en .+oose AltC2 1M+O,TA'TC =5 t+e @"tion > (WinVBlo./ driver is used4 you .an only use it on ?12MBF syste$s be.ause in #TE& 24 you $ust use t+e :#TE& 2 ( =nstall G& QAltC2R (?12MBF syste$sR: o"tion3

'OTEC Hou .an use bot+ 1iraDis/ and WinVBlo./ and an @EM #%# driver4 Eust "ress 1A at t+e start o5 G& #etu" and load all t+e drivers listed3