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How to: creating what-if scenarios

What-if scenarios can be useful in many cases. The sales driven organization for example, can take advantage of understanding the impact of rising costs, decreasing quantities of sold goods, changes in selling prices and how all of this affects the margin, ust in a few simple clicks. !t"s quite simple to create such a what-if scenario in #likview. This how to gives you a step by step explanation. The first thing to do is declaring variables for sliders to increase or decrease the values in percentage $%& for 'ales, (ost or #uantity. )avigate to settings and choose *ariable +verview.

!n the variable overview, add the three new variables, v#ty-, v(ost- and v'ales-.

)ow create three independent sliders with the following settings,

The cost, sales and #ty percentage $see picture below& text can be created by adding a text ob ect with, ."(ost, /0chr$12&0num$3$v(ost-&4122,"55.2%6-55.2%"&

)ext thing to do is creating a straight table containing products as dimension and the following expressions, 7 8ctual 8vg 'ales 'um$9'ales:&4'um$9#uantity:& 7 What if 'ales 98ctual 8vg 'ales: ; $1 < v'ales-4122& 7 8ctual 8vg (ost= 'um$(ost&4'um$#uantity& 7 What-if (ost 98ctual 8vg (ost: ; $1 < v(ost-4122&

7 8ctual #ty 'old 'um$#uantity& 7 What-if #ty 98ctual #ty 'old: ; $1<v#ty-4122& 7 8ctual >argin 'um$>argin& 7 What-if >argin !nc 4 ?ecr 9What-if >argin Total @: A 98ctual >argin @: 7 What-if >argin Total $98ctual #ty 'old: ; $1<v#ty-4122&&;$$98ctual 8vg 'ales: ; $1 < v'ales-4122&& A $98ctual 8vg (ost: ; $1 < v(ost-4122&&& When you finished the straight table, all you have to do is change the sliders to see the direct impact of changing costs, sales or quantities.

+f course there is the possibility to visualize what happens by creating some bar charts. Bust copy the straight table and ad ust the settings to your own wishes. Cn oyD

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