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Documentary Analysis of a segment from Louis Therouxs City Addicted to meth The Documentary follows Louis as he works his

way around California interviewing people whose lives have been severely affected by Methamphetamine !e follows " people on the #ourney to become Clean and documents the ups and downs they experience along the way as well as following the California $olice Department and there struggle battling the drug% the users and the &angs that push it The ob#ect of this Documentary is to inform its audience '() based citi*ens+ all the ,egative -ffects of Meth and how extreme the changes are that the drug induces The Documentary uses many common conventions of Documentary such as the use of one solo ,arrator 'Louis Theroux+ who is focused on in the cutaways that feature his narration '.oice over narration+ and the /nterviews that take place between Louis and the interviewees The -ditors have been careful to show /mages that will stimulate strong emotion in the viewers but not to cause them distress 0ome of the extremer images used are Children present when parents are using meth and a mother of three young children in rehab breaking down after social services took them away All the interviews were planned and organised and every interviewee was willing to take part they did this because of the sensitive sub#ect that is drug use and did not want to cause harm to anyone / believe the intention of having a solo presenters is because Louis Theroux was able to think on his feet and ask seemingly spontaneous 1uestions that provoke emotional answers that made stimulating viewing that helped achieve the aim of the documentary The use of 2ield experts is used when a number of drug users and rehabilitation workers describe the psychological effects of methamphetamine The entire contents of the documentary is live footage and non is archive footage / think that is because the film makers wanted to keep a modern look on the effects of Meth as it is a relatively 3new4 drug that is widely available / believe they wanted to show the current effects of people with similarities to members of the audience the film creators have done this to add a sense of realism to the documentary The Camera is never put on a tri5pod and is always hand held this is to make it easier to capture spontaneous moments that will be useful to the direction of the documentary The 2ilm creators see the use of Methamphetamine as a growing epidemic and want to display the vast collection of negative effects to insure the nobody will find the drug appealing although they give the drug users a fair chance to #ustify themselves using the drug so both arguments a fought but the latter never really stood a chance /n conclusion / feel the documentary succeeded in its task which was to inform people on the negative effects of meth and to warn people of its many ha*ards although the film makers used few conventions of modern documentary