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theSun | THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10 2009 9

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Obama to make case Nasa strategy proposal

aims for Mars over moon

for healthcare changes

CAPE CANAVERAL, (Florida): A Nasa strat- US$7.7 billion (RM26.9 billion) of a planned
egy proposal shifts the US human space pro- US$40 billion (RM140 billion) to develop a
gramme away from returning to the moon in new rocket and capsule for crew transport
favour of a stepping-stone approach aimed to the station and the moon, said Jeff Hanley,
at reaching Mars, according to a document of the post-shuttle programme – Constel-
seen by Reuters. lation. Nasa has drafted a proposal called
The proposal is not yet official policy but “Generation Mars” which envisions a 30-year
is the US space agency’s response to one blueprint for staging precursor missions to
WASHINGTON: President rigid and ideological about this over the scope and cost of the of five options contained in review ordered asteroids and other destinations. – Reuters
Barack Obama takes on the thing, but we do intend to get healthcare overhaul dampen- by President Barack Obama
bitter healthcare reform debate something done this year.” ing Obama’s approval ratings in of Nasa’s post-shuttle pro-
today with a high-stakes speech Elected last year on a plat- opinion polls. gramme that plans to put
to the US Congress on his top form of change, Obama has Its success or failure could humans on the moon again The H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) is Japan’s first H-IIB
domestic policy priority. proposed a wide-ranging reform help define the rest of Obama’s unmanned spacecraft designed to resupply ROCKET
by 2020. the International Space Station
Aides have promised of healthcare by cutting costs term and perhaps his presi- A summary of the HTV inside
HTV COMPONENTS Pressurized carrier
Obama’s nationally televised and expanding coverage to the dency after Republicans took Human Space Flight Re- 4.5 tonnes cargo
address will provide specifics 46 million Americans without control of the healthcare debate view Committee report, Unpressurized carrier
about his vision for overhaul- health insurance. during the summer with attacks 1.5 tonnes cargo
released by the White Second
ing the US$2.5 trillion (RM9 But his fellow Democrats, on Democratic proposals during House on Tuesday, warned Avionics stage
trillion) US healthcare system who have solid majorities in congressional town meetings. however that there could module
– although they said he will not both houses of Congress, have “We’re at the point in the be no meaningful future
offer his own legislation. struggled to craft a reform bill First
legislative debate where he human space exploration stage
“The president will outline while most Republicans have needs to put some things on programme without more
his plan moving forward,” both fought it. the table and take some other money.
on healthcare and how to get Insurance companies, phar- things off,” said Darrell West, Nasa already has spent Solid
a bill passed by Congress, said maceutical manufacturers, hos- director of governance studies rocket
spokesman Robert Gibbs. “I pital managers – and average at the Brookings Institution in
Solar panels
don’t think you’ll walk away American patients – all have Washington. TOKYO: Japan is getting
confused about where he is.” huge stakes in how the battle The address to a joint ses- set to launch the H-II After 30 days of operations,
Obama told ABC News in plays out. sion of Congress will start at HTV will be loaded with station
Transfer Vehicle (HTV), Propulsion module
waste then destroyed upon
an interview that he would use Obama’s speech marks a 8pm (8am on Thursday in its first unmanned HTV SPECIFICATIONS reentry to Earth’s atmosphere
his speech to “make sure that new approach in the White Malaysia) and last for about 30 spacecraft designed Length 10 metres Cargo capacity 6 tonnes
Democrats and Republicans House’s effort to strike a deal minutes, Gibbs said. Polls say to resupply the Diameter 4.4 metres Orbit altitude 350-460km
understand that I’m open to after a summer of sometimes many Americans plan to watch. International Space Empty weight 10.5 tonnes Cost $220 million
new ideas, that we’re not being angry words and concern – Reuters Station. – Graphic News Source: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) © GRAPHIC NEWS