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Fukushima Radiation2 Situation in Syria4 Collapsing System of Old Beliefs4 A Meditation for Dissolving Dualism & Bringing Unity Consciousness into Being6 Tracking a Werewolf6 Integrating the Low, Middle and High Self7 The M-Triangle: Heaven on Earth?9 ET Contact: The Evidence & Implications9 Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility10 A Dark Male Predator is Stalking Her11 He is ET in origin But Doesnt remember!13 Fairies & Giants & Trolls, Oh My!14

Monetary SecurityIs There Such a Thing?15 Underground Cities Exist All Over the World16 Three-Sided Pyramid in Area 5116 An update of Dulce, New Mexico17 Uncovering Unconscious Beliefs About Money17 CDC Intentionally Contaminates Polio Vaccine with a Cancer Virus18 The Hulda Clark Zapper for Dealing with Parasites within the Blood18 Florida Man Awakens in Hospital Speaking Swedish19 Bob Marley & John Lennon: Martyrs to the Cause?20

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CAC General Reading September 5, 2013; Will Berlinghof Interpreter; Zoey Zen Questioner/Energizer



The first question is about Fukushima and the radiation. Its being said that there have been many deaths in the Pacific Ocean. Would Awareness comment on Fukushima and what has happened and the probabilities of what will happen?

Much energy and attention is being focused on the Fukushima tragedy and the Fukushima cover-up. This situation has been allowed to grow into such a high risk matter, while being covered up and protected by certain ones in power and in authority that have not allowed disclosure to occur, so that many could see and know what was happening. This Awareness will say that on one level Fukushima is a manufactured event with a purpose. Primarily the purpose of Fukushima is that of creating great anxiety and stress in the world, and in particular to the people of North America, especially the people of the United States of America, where many are focused on the spread of radiation toward their nation, an event far away that is being shown to be an event that can directly affect people in the United States of America and in North America generally. In many ways this Awareness would say that this event is a distraction, a manufactured event that is meant to focus attention on this matter so that fear and stress can be created while distracting attention away from other matters. In terms of an overall application, Fukushima is one of many areas that are being manipulated at this time, both to create panic and high anxiety as well as being a situation that can lead to major destruction, death and harm. This Awareness is not denying that there is great consequence in what has occurred at Fukushima and what is presently occurring there, but this Awareness would also say that these events are not as critical and as crucial as they are being made out to be. The difficulty here is that this Awareness cannot say there is nothing of significance happening and to disregard this event, but It is trying to help one and all understand that it is simply part of the orchestration of many events that are ready to come down at this time to distract the populous, to keep them focused on fearful conditions and fearful energies. If this is accomplished, then many will not look to their Higher Selves or to higher truths to guide them. They will not look within for they are so distracted by events of an external nature that they are buying into and giving power to, that there is little room or opportunity to investigate. They themselves may be in their own way creating the reality of their experiences. They make the external events the reality of their experiences, never understanding or recognizing that they are being manipulated to focus on these matters, to believe the authorities and experts and the Powers That Be and to buy into what is being presented as a horrendous and horrible thing. Where one has power over this matter is in that area of ones own personal beliefs, ones own realizations that by buying into these events one is giving ones

power away and is co-authoring the event in an interesting way, in a way that works from that level of intellectual curiosity. This then ties in the emotional body, the emotional system, and energy is then directed toward the events that are being reported and the belief that these are dangerous events makes them so. At the same time, one is challenged to look at the matter differently and to understand that going into panic and fear will change nothing except involve one much more completely in the unfolding events, be they the meltdown that is happening at the reactors core in Fukushima or upcoming events in Syria or events planned in New York and other stock markets around the world. This Awareness has so often said that these are most crucial times, and one must be vigilant. One must be aware and understand how the Powers That Be are manipulating events so that it seems to the masses that events are occurring which they have no control over. Dictators are doing this, causing this response to be so; perpetrators of other events are doing that, so attention may be focused elsewhere such as Fukushima, and generally all is outside of oneself, and yet one cannot see or understand that true control of the situation emanates from within. When the Powers That Be have so captured the imagination that it can only stay focused on those negative events that are in the news, when the imagination becomes obsessed with these matters, then one easily is in the power of those who are the manipulators. Where has one taken control of the situation? Where has one declared that their reality of experience will be all right, will be fine, and will be okay? This is the true danger of Fukushima and other events that are being manipulated at this time; they are distractions away from pursuing the inner truth, of acknowledging and recognizing there is a much greater power at play here than simply those in charge of third dimensionality, those webmasters, those deceivers, those spinners of events who have in their mind and in the minds of many, such control. Fukushima is a serious event, but it is also an opportunity to see that many events are being designed now to take place, to ensure for the Powers That Be that they continue to have control over the planet and over the people, but it is also an opportunity to step past the external events that are emerging at this time, and to realize the strength of ones own convictions and beliefs and ones own imagination as important factors that determines ones life experiences. It is not popular to say: Do not pay attention to the external events that are unfolding! for most would say that they are the truth of the matter and not ones wishful thinking. So disenfranchised, so disempowered is the human being that they have long abdicated their responsibility in understanding that they are creator beings and that they create their own personal realities. When one is focused on such extraordinary events as Fukushima or Syria or the stock market, then one will be manipulated to act in accordance to what others who are in charge wish them to do, wish them to experience, and wish them to energize and create. Therefore, although Fukushima is a matter of great significance and importance, it must be put into a matrix of understanding that as one moves more and more into accepting they are the creator being, those events that challenge, that usurp and draw one further into panic, are the very events that they must disquali-

3 fy at that basic level, and see finally that whether it is Fukushima or Syria or an economic meltdown that brings chaos and destruction forward, it is still time for one to put into play their own power and their own capacity to create their realities, by not buying into other realities, especially negative ones. This is the hardest thing of all for many to do, for it is so easy to feel threatened by external enemies and external events that one does so without even thinking about it. One abdicates ones power as one steps into the fear of this nuclear meltdown that is spewing hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, and into the air, where it will travel along and dump on those thousands of miles away. Is this not truth? For many it is truth, a truth that they believe in. But this Awareness would still say it is not what it seems. It is being manipulated to create the fear and panic this Awareness has already discussed and if these times are the times of ending the old so that the new can be born, then these events: Fukushima, Syria, the economic situation around the world are all simply opportunities to break free of those who have for so long choked humanity and brought it to its knees and made it suffer. It is a golden opportunity to step into a trust and faith of that which exceeds the third dimension and the dualistic reality that one finds oneself in. The energies of the God Force, Divine Consciousness, are still present, are still part of what is unfolding, even Fukushima, and if one truly finds the inner connection and if one truly comes from a place of knowing, of faith and trust that there are greater powers that are playing a part in All, that are even behind All, then one will start to experience a new set of events in their lives, factors unfolding, and realities shifting. This Awareness therefore says of Fukushima: be aware but do not energize. Know that much of the information surrounding this event is deliberately being put out at a level that is designed to cause panic and fear. Trust that there are other forces: extraterrestrial, Divine, and even others on the earthly plane that have answers and are here to be of assistance, but even before this, trust in yourself. Trust that you are the creator being and you do not need to energize these events with an obsession to a point of distraction. Rather, be one who discerns, and knows that these events are happening but they will not affect your reality, your personal creation of life on this third dimensional planet. These are challenging times in many ways. There are many distractions that are being put out now, but the fundamental task for one and all who are spiritual seekers and participants in these End Times to help shift consciousness is to remain balanced, centered and stable, no matter what is happening in the outside world that surrounds you. This completes this answer at this time.

Thank you Awareness. That was from CL in Japan. His follow-up question is a concern for many members: Would it be wise to avoid eating fish from the Pacific Ocean because of the radiation?

From a practical level, even though one does not energize the fear and panic, it would be perhaps prudent not to eat radiated fish from an area of the sea where there are high levels of contamination. This is not the same as being obsessed with the radiation

being omnipresent in all areas. It is localized. It is common sense. At the same time, for the entity CL in Japan, he is of course in a situation of living on the island country that is being affected and beset upon at this time. There are many considerations for this one, including the consideration of whether he should remain there with his wife or whether he should move elsewhere, to Australia for example. He would need to look at the situation from that balanced place, from his center, and ask for guidance on this matter. This way he would not simply be in fear reaction, but would be looking at the situation from a balanced point where he is in control. This Awareness would say that It foresees certain timelines for Japan where there will be great hardship due to this event, but the hardship is being called in by the peoples of Japan, as part of their karma, part of their design. This individual CL has the opportunity to create his own reality, either by staying in Japan and visualizing and holding that even though he stays in Japan, that he and his wife will be all right, or he has certain other options to relocate, as long as he is not reacting only from fear, but from the highest level of his guidance that will lead him where he needs to be. This Awareness has never said that one cannot move away from an area that may be in the center of great upheaval if one becomes aware and one understands that one has the right to create their reality, to reflect their power and right to change their situation. For those who do not move away and stay in those areas where there is high conflict, or events of such a magnitude occur that are very challenging, that one can still be in such a region, in such a situation and still hold that they will be all right and can still follow the inner guidance that may even have directed them to stay where they are. Ultimately, as the events that are unfolding are global in nature, it does not in the end really matter where you wind up. What does matter is what you will do where you are at the time when things erupt, when things explode, when things fall apart. This Awareness asks you to remember that these are those times that have been called the End Times. As the End Times will involve the entire planet, running from Place A to Place B may not be the solution, but then again it may. Trust the inner guidance, and if you are directed to move, to relocate away from an area of potential destruction, then follow this instinct. If you are directed to stay, then follow this instinct. If it feels you have no choice and cannot move and thus are trapped, stop seeing it as such. See that you are still where you need to be and the situation that presents itself is the situation you have chosen to experience. If fear is making you want to move but you do not have the means to do this, honor that the situation you have created is the correct one for you, and it is not that you do not have the means. Perhaps it is more that you are meant to be where you are, holding a space, holding the energies of Spirit while all around you collapses. It is but a time frame that humanity has always been designed to go through and that Mother Earth herself has always intended to go through. It is an opportunity to switch the focus from external to internal, to find the inner connection, not to respond to the manipulations of the controllers who have for so long determined ones destiny, but rather to connect to ones inner being, ones Higher Sources and ones Divine Consciousness. For CL in Japan, take care of

4 business, do what you feel is correct for you at this time. Deal with the local situation, and if this includes not eating irradiated fish from poisoned seas, then do not do so, but do not give in to panic and fear and kneejerk responses. Go deeply within and seek your inner connection and let this guide you. This applies to CL specifically, but it also is advice that this Awareness gives to one and all in their own unique situations and their own unique experiences that they are having at this time of unfolding. This completes this answer at this time.
Will Berlinghof InterpreterZoey Zen energizer & questioner



Does Awareness have an opening message?




Thank you, Awareness. Awareness has spoken of Syria before, and these questions are from members, some of them regard the website Before Its News. One of the questions involves: Obama Fires Missile at Iran and UFO knocks it down. And there is another article: There are videos of what appear to be large black UFOs patrolling the skies inside the Syrian warzone. They are hunting down and systematically targeting locals using unknown weaponized technology. So would these be good UFOs or Bad UFOs or how much are these aliens involved in the US defense of Syria and Iran?

This Awareness will take it that the question is really asking: Are the extraterrestrials at this time involved in the conflict? How much are they doing? How much are they initiating? This Awareness would say that there is observation that is occurring by those extraterrestrial forces, both of the Light as well as the Dark. Regarding the report of black ships shooting into certain areasthese being in league with the regime of Assad. This Awareness would say there seems to be some truth in it, but generally, the alien ships are not involved in the bombings and attacks by Syrias government. There is some manipulation of the truth here, but what is correct is that technologies in advance of conventional weaponryeven super-weapons of a conventional nature are indeed being used. There is much more behind the scenes than is being reported. What was termed a missile that was shot down in Iran is seen rather to be a drone that was brought down by a vessel that is not extraterrestrial in nature, but part of certain technologies available to Iranians. They do have high technology, more than is understood or known by the world to be available to them. They are being perceived as a threat by the United States of America and certain of her allies because they are in possession of certain technology that is superior to what is currently available to the Western powers. This Awareness will not go deeply into this matter at this time. All It can say is that the report of the shooting down of the missile or drone is accurate, but it is not extraterrestrial technology. It was not an ET craft that did this, but rather a craft that the Iranians themselves have at their disposal. This completes this answer.

Thank you, Awareness. Im sure the members will remember to go within and not be distracted by external events.
Cosmic Awareness General ReadingJuly 11, 2013,

This Awareness would say to one and to all that these months that have been marching by have been months of high activity, both on what could be called the psychic and spiritual levels as well as worldly events that have been underway now for some time. One can look to the news, even the controlled media and see world events are such that many are being impacted by their local events, by their national events and by global events. The Snowden information that has been released over these last several months has created a stir in the secret governments around the world. This is part of the dispensation of energies to effect change, but so too are world events, such as the events in Egypt of late, the events in the United States, the events in Canadaworld events and local events such as flooding, bombings and rail disasters, and such as exposure of certain information that is challenging to many at this time. This is all part of the collapsing systems: the old paradigms of beliefs being challenged by energies of the Divine. The question here that one and all need to ask is: How does this affect me? Many of course will choose to interpret the events as personal to them, especially if those events have taken place where they live. Each and every individual may be facing the destruction of the familiar, and the downfall of the status quo in their own unique ways. Rather than energize the negative, the destructive quality of events, see rather that the events both on a personal level, regional level, national level and even global level are the energies of change that are sweeping through at this time. Astrologically, there is much happening as well. Many planets are in alignment, in conjunction, or opposing each other, creating volatile energies for change as well as the downfall of the old systems. The planets Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are heavily involved, as are the energies of Venus as well. Much emotional turmoil is occurring in these water signs where many of the planets are aligned, and while many may not believe in astrology as the single governing force of their lives, what one can use astrology for is to see that the blueprint is there for change, and that the energies have changed, especially emotional change is very prevalent at this time. Therefore, for many on a personal level, these are strong emotional times and they are being reflected in the lives of the individual. The trick is to not take much that is happening and occurring at all levels personally. Making it a personal matter and blaming God for a lack of result is bypassing the opportunity of self-reflection and introspection that is available to one and all at this time. Previously this Awareness has said that this is a time of compression for many. It has given the Hourglass meditation to help many understand that this is a time when the sands of the old are running out, but they have not fallen completely into the new way that lies beyond. Many are in the neck of the hourglass, that place of compression in their lives,

5 when many of the factors that govern ones life, especially relating to personal beliefs and personal situations are in full bloom. Many are experiencing in their own personal lives their own deepest fears, their anger, their confusion, and their mistrust. In this crucial time that falls within the 9-month period that this Awareness has often spoken of recently; this is the time where one could expect the crisis of their lives, the multiple crises that may be occurring to them to be the very factors that need to occur for them so that they can break through that invisible barrier, that glass ceiling that is stopping them from moving forward. At this crucial time, the belief is that the negative ones still hold all the power, or that one cannot, despite knowing that there are other factors in play here, seemingly break through and be available to experience the higher positive energies of the God Force, the God Consciousness, so that their own lives truly take a turn for the better, and not the worse. One of the primary indoctrinational beliefs that have been instilled into humanity itself is that if something is too good to be true, it probably is not true. This means that for many, even if good things start to happen, there is an undercurrent of belief that says to them, This cannot be true. Good things like this are not real. Something will come forward to mess things up. Or one simply believes that it will not happen for them despite their wanting good things to happen. At this stage of the process of the movement towards expansion, towards new realities, it is still very much imperative that when one is beset by ones own negative views and beliefs, that one digs even deeper when crises happen in ones life so that one does not fall apart, one does not hold this as evidence that nothing good can happen, that God Itself is not available, but rather that this is still that opportunity for self-reflection and introspection, to dig even deeper, to ask why the crises that one might be experiencing in their lives is there for: why is this happening? What is this about? What beliefs am I holding even on an unconscious level that still sabotage the occurrence of the positive Divine Results that I think I believe in? Remember that this is a time when those deepest and darkest unconscious beliefs can be revealed to those who are willing to look deeply within, to ask the strong questions, to accept responsibility for what one is experiencing in their lives, and not simply that God is not available, the Divine is not working and what one has experienced is stronger, the negative is stronger than the positive. Many fortunately are starting to see very strong and very positive results happening in their lives, but the fundamental matter here is not to doubt the changes, not to go back on them, not to accept that if things are too good to be true, they probably are not, and that there will be something that messes everything up for an individual. These unconscious beliefs have been heavily programmed into the human psyche and they are the biggest obstacles that most actually face. The allowance for the positive Divine Energies to flow, to not be distracted by seemingly negative events that are still occurring, but rather to ask when such negative events occur: Why is this so? What do I still hold in my psyche that might perpetuate this negative spin? Remember that governments around the world are spin-doctors and they have many agencies of spindoctoring. Often when one hears on the news that such and such a negative event happens despite the hope that was held, it is more spin-doctoring to ensure an individual stay in that negative energy of hopelessness, where they have no power, and feel they cannot effect change. Even those who have a strong constitution of beliefs that change is coming are being very hardpressed at this time to hold fast to this belief system for there seems to be no proof for many that anything is actually happening. Yet much is happening; much destruction of old patterns and old programs is underway, and it is seen that there is an intensification happening due to many factors, some of which this Awareness has spoken of this evening. In the end, each individual is experiencing the reality of their lives in their own unique and individual ways. To understand this may be the beginning of an understanding that it is up to the individual themselves to review their lives and their beliefs, to understand in this time of compression that the worst fears are likely to be those very ones that are showing themselves now, and are being brought forward for examination and for change to happen within. By reprogramming and maintaining a positive belief and positive expectation of change, more will be accomplished than by simply throwing up ones hands and saying, Why bother! Nothing is changing! In this critical time of compression, do not fall by the wayside due to indoctrinated beliefs that one has not even looked at, but rather make the extra effort to go even deeper into the fears, into the beliefs, into the confusion and doubt, and state completely and totally that, This is an illusion that is being perpetuated because of the negative energies within myself, not the energies of influence from outside of myself! This critical time is also the time of extreme breakthrough, but it does not always follow that breakthrough is a completed event. What this Awareness means by this is that often one will feel the compression, will have the many negative events of their lives coming up, and in their work can break through and experience an expansion of a sort, only to find more compression, more crises happening in their lives. Do not abandon the field at this point, but recognize rather that one has been brought into an even deeper position of examination, and then carry on. Eventually this cycle of expansion, compression, shattering and expansion again will complete itself. This Awareness has said that there are certain Divine Energies that are also interacting on the planet at this time that are requiring this cycle of expansion, compression and breakthrough to occur for individuals until the ground is cleared of all debris and a path forward and through is achieved. This is at this time, the greatest promise of Spirit, of the Divine. As one continues in their effort to get to the bottom of their own debris field of the obstacles and barriers that they are encountering, the crises that they are experiencing; as one deals with this, as one moves through thiseventually there will come that time, in alignment with Divine Energies, that the Great Breakthrough is made and the reality that lies ahead is no longer the reality that was once the truth of ones being. The new truth is ahead, not behind, and this Awareness encourages one and all to keep on pressing, to keep on working at the inner levels and to not allow the outside reality being forced on many to become

6 their reality; to hold that, It is also illusional, but real enough if I energize the reality being served to me. As one realizes this, as one holds this, as one progresses through the negative reality set that many are experiencing, they will find their own personal lives beginning to change more and more. To those who are already experiencing this, share this with others. Many more are becoming receptive now because of the negative energies that they have been experiencing and knew not how to deal with. Do not expect all to simply believe as you might believe. Show them through the example of your own lives that which is possible and many will begin to awaken to the truth of these times and the truth of their own being, their own reality based on higher concepts, higher understanding, and higher beliefs. These times are challenging, but they are also very rewarding and very motivating to continue the process of inner work, inner reflection, and inner change. In the end, all that one can really do is change ones own individual reality. Understand as a creator being that you can either tie in to the projected reality that comes to and from the outside, or realize that you, within yourself, have access to higher truth, and thus can create the higher realities that are directly ahead, as seen by this Awareness. These are exciting, if not challenging times. Hold on to hope, trust and faith during these exciting and challenging times. This completes the opening message. brought into alignment with the One Consciousness, Unity Consciousness. First of all it creates a type of synaptic link within the two hemispheres of the brain, but it also creates an energetic field around the objects of consideration, be they a picture of an individual or an object that can be placed in that space between the two candles. This exercise would not necessarily work effectively for everyone, but nonetheless, this Awareness can say to those who are interested and those who are inclined to try this experiment, this meditation, to indeed give it a go. An exercise like this whether it is one that has a physical basis as this where two candles are used, and objects are put between in the field of perception that is created in the cross-eyed merging of the two candles, or one where entities would be able to do this from a purely mental inner level, can be beneficial. The creation of the Unity Field of Consciousness, no matter how it is achieved, is a very beneficial thing. Eventually, those who would use a practical means to achieve this effect may find that they move beyond needing to use two candles and that they know the feeling of the merger of the two hemispheres of the brain, and the creation of Unity Consciousness that results, and they would not necessarily then need to use the candles or this particular approach, but as a stepping stone to achieving this inner unification process, this Awareness would say that this is a method that could be beneficial for those who are drawn to it and those who are inclined to try this approach. This completes the answering of this question.


Gaining Control of the Beasts from the Dark Side QUESTIONER:

The first question is from VV, and she has come across a bit of practical magic, one in which two candles are put in front of the meditating person, about 8 centimeters apart, and the person then imagines the two candles merging into one, connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain in balance. This is a gateway into the unknown, to move from the world of duality in a mental way. You can place something between the two candles, anything of value to you: photos of people, loved ones, during this meditation. She would like Awarenesss opinion on this meditation, which she states has been used in secret societies in Egypt.

This Awareness sees that this would be a useful and beneficial exercise to try for those who need an external type of process that can help them unify the two hemispheres of the brain. In a way, the brain itself is a reflection of dualistic reality that is being experienced in this dualistic third dimensional reality, and this exercise, in a practical way, fuses the two hemispheres by this cross-eyed effect of the merging of the two candles into one. There is seen by this Awareness, a biological action that results in this exercise and this can be very useful to those who find it difficult to achieve Unity Consciousness, the consciousness of Oneness. By placing an object that would be something that you would wish to focus such Unity Consciousness on, is also of benefit and could be of a very practical nature and producing practical results for those who are successful at holding the middle image of the object as it is

All right. The next question is from L, (no last name) and he sites an episode of Paranormal Witness, where a couple with their child bought a cabin in the woods, and the woman started noticing that there was something rustling outside the home, and when she looked out she saw a pair of eerie strange-looking eyes, and when her husband investigated he saw that something had jumped over the roof, and he found tracks in the snow some twenty feet away. The tracks looked like human tracks, but were 14 inches long and had what looked like claw marks. He and his friend followed the tracks to a cabin and they discovered that the man who lived in the cabin was a recluse, other than going to work at a tire shop. He was mysterious looking; 6 foot high, with intense golden eyes. Three months later the man at the tire shop passed away, and upon inspecting the cabin, they found it was bare, no furnishings or personal items, but it had a closed room that reeked repugnantly of dogs, and had covered walls with steel plates with chains and shackles anchored to the wall, and reportedly the wall was marked with claw marks. Sightings of the creature stopped after the man who worked at the tire shop died, and he is wondering if old George could have been a werewolf, and do werewolves exist?

There are many creatures that exist at this time, and during the annals of recorded history, the werewolf is

7 one such creature. There are two levels that this can be viewed at. One is that it is representative of that base wild nature contained in each human being that comes forward and takes control, and that transforms a man or woman into an uncontrollable beast. Such an energy must not be allowed to come to the surface, and thus many fear the beast within themselves, their wild nature, their evil side, and humanity has learned to chain this part of the beingthe creature within, up to walls contained within, but once in awhile such an expression of this wild one does escape, due to certain factors that trigger it, that release it, and often individuals can do evil things when they are possessed by this inner creature, this inner being. The second way of perceiving this is that there truly are such beings, such creatures as werewolves that do come forward when certain conditions occur such as a full moon, causing a transformation of an individual to this wild evil being that can slaughter others. Mankind does like to scare itself with such things, but this does not mean that such things do not exist. It simply means that humanity has a certain love for the horror story, for the stories that terrify one and yet intrigue one at the same time. In this particular case it is seen that the individual, this recluse, Old George did have that part of himself that was the wild creature that did transform outwards and manifest itself. Was this the creature that is traditionally known as the werewolf? Did he actually change into a wolf-like being? It is seen there was some degree of physical transformation that was involved in this individual when he allowed that dark evil being out. The subconscious is capable of doing this in the physical. Cases of multiple personality are known where one personality may have diabetes and yet the other does not. One may need glasses to see, and another expression of the personality does not need glasses to see. The subconscious can effect great physical reversals in the health and well-being, in the physical stature even of the physical body, because it has this capacity. In this case it is seen that this individual lived in fear of this dark part of himself. It was never integrated fully into the social being, the civil being that most are normally, and as a result, when this occurred, this individual could leave the house and wander around, posing some threat to others, but on the whole simply being an expression of this wild and uncivilized dark and evil portion of the mans own psyche being released to wander. As this Awareness has said, many love such horror tales and many have had certain experiences of abnormal and paranormal things. One needs to understand there are many strange things out wandering about, but one still has the capacity to protect oneself through the invocation of higher powers and higher truth. This story is one that this Awareness would say has many expressions, not only in the events in the life of this individual and this couple, but for others who dwell in the Dark Side, who subscribe to such creatures and beings. They too can very much be part of a physical reality of experience if one is inclined towards this. On the whole, the evil beings that are most encountered by others, are not necessarily those that can transform themselves into werewolves, but may present themselves as criminals, as molesters, as deviants that society is taught are very prevalent and are on the prowl all the time. It is less likely to create in ones reality a situation where one encounters a werewolf, but it is definitely a possibility for many who energize this belief and conviction: that there are many beasts out there, many predators out there, that it is an unsafe world filled with such dark ones and they can intrude and harm one. This reality can very much be experienced by those who hold these realities to be so, so remember that when one encounters this, there is a reason why one has called such a creature, such a beast into ones life, whether this be a werewolf or a rapist, or a pedophile or a con-artist. These creatures of the night are very much expressions of what lies within that must be harmonized and brought into the Light and accepted as part of their being, part of their own individual darkness, and as one begins to deal with the demons within oneself, there is less and less a need to call such creatures, such demons or beasts into ones life from outside. This completes the answering of this question at this time.



Thank you, Cosmic Awareness. The next question is from JB, and he wants to know how to integrate the low self and the middle self and the High Self, and more specifically, how exactly how does one know if it is the low self, the middle self or the High Self. He gives the example of thinking that the low self is his primary sensation, when he wants to eat this or that, of feeling that he loves every girl that he sees in the street too much. The middle self would be, I have to do this, thoughts that suppress the feelings of the low self in some way, and he defines the High Self as when hes quiet in his thoughts, if he writes poems, and has moments of pure inspiration. Could Awareness please let him know how he recognizes the low self, the middle self, and the High Self?

This Awareness would say he is already recognizing his low self, his middle self and his High Self. This does not mean that there is not room for expansion and improvement. It is just that he already has a way of recognizing those three components of the total individual, the Unified Being. What he is truly seeking is: how can each evolve? How can he become aware of that evolution and see it more effectively in his life? There is an area that this Awareness would comment on in his understanding and perception of that which he called the middle self. The middle self is more than one who is thinking about what to eat, or what woman or girl to pursue. The middle self is the mind, the intuitive or spiritual mind, the sense of identity, the sense of ones beingness. It is that which comes and goes from the physical body but is often perceived as being stuck in the body, identifying completely with the physical body. However this is but an illusion based on the experience of the person that too heavily identifies with the human body, the human condition, that has not

8 received instruction or teachings that help them to overcome this limited conceptualization of being only the body. Many associate their identity with their physical state of being, not recognizing that they are simply temporary lodgers in that physical vessel and that they come and go often during the day, mostly at night when the body is put into stasis, when the body is relaxed in the sleep state. The mindthe identity of the individualleaves the sleeping body and is thus available to higher states of being, higher states of consciousness. Of course for many, there is no remembering of this. Dreams are often not remembered and as a result, many do not perceive, understand or accept that the mind is much more than the body, is much more than a teenager at the effects of hormones or the effects of the will or the subconscious, be it to love all the women that are seen or to eat certain foods, especially those that are detrimental, or whatever other expression the low self body might have that the middle self feels it must comply to. The middle self is not the teenager. It is the adult, and as the adult it is part of the Trinity of Being and has the responsibility to guide and teach the low self, and to communicate effectively with the low self as to what is acceptable and what is not. At this time, many have a limited version of the middle self that seems to be active during the day that subscribes to the willpower and authority of the low self. In other words, many feel they cannot control their subconscious. They cannot control their subconscious needs or the pursuit of those needs. They feel they have no choice, and this is the major mistake that humanity suffers from in the understanding of the authority of the middle self over the low self. The low self is that which of course controls the body, maintains the body, and interfaces with third dimensionality, that ties in to collective consciousness, and that has accepted a program upon entering into physicality of how to function in a third dimensional state, but the middle self does not necessarily function in the same way. It does so only if it does not perceive and understand that it exceeds third dimensionality and that it has a foot in both camps, both the physical dualistic reality as well as the spiritual multidimensional realities that lie beyond. As long as the middle self stays stuck in the belief that it exists alone in third dimensionality and there is nothing beyond that, or it cannot access what is beyond the third dimensional veil, then one will find that they will always allow the physical material reality around them and even within them as expressed by the subconscious, the low self, to have the power over them and they cannot break free. This is an illusion, and this is in error. For one to begin to realize the true interrelationship of the three parts here on the physical, one must first begin to take control of the mind, of the middle self, of the expanded state of consciousness. One must accept the responsibility that they, the middle self, the mind, the identity, has authority and power over the low self. The low self has been allowed, like an indulged child to be in charge for so long that if it does not get its way, often it has a temper tantrum and seemingly refutes the desire and will of the middle self, and this is equivalent to a parent that has allowed the child to gain control and is thus ineffective in monitoring the child, controlling the child and guiding the child. What is now necessary for JB and for all, is to begin to take ones authority back, to realize one is more than simply a being trapped in this body with no power to effect change. The low self is there to not only be of service to the middle self, but is there as well to evolve, to grow up, and to expand. Therefore, when one is hit with subconscious, even unconscious urges, one must stand up to the low self and claim the authority over the low self, for otherwise it will be the low self that will lead and always have control and will limit the growth and evolutionary process of the middle self. This being so, the way forward, the way to realize that change is occurring is to communicate with the low self, to understand it, to present yourselfthe middle self to it, as the authority, to work things out, to teach the low self to demand higher results from the low self, and not to give in to the temper tantrums of the low self. As the low self begins to understand there is a wise and responsible parent available, one that is loving and nurturing, but nonetheless firm and in control, the low self begins to alter its ways, and begins to submit to the middle self, begins to open up to ones higher nature. Up until this point, this Awareness has not been speaking of the High Self in this process, for the High Self often cannot make any headway when the low self is closed to it, when the low self will not open the gateway for the High Self to become a part of the Trinity Personality. But as the low self begins to evolve, begins to release its control and begins to respond to the middle self that is seeking to take responsibility and to become the responsible parent, the High Self, which could be seen as a grandparent to the low selfthe child, and a parent to the middle selfthe young adult, then this Trinity can begin to work together and the High Self can also begin to teach the low self as well as the middle self, and as this happens the bar is raised, the low self begins to respond, and the middle self begins its expansion, and the High Self is there to govern and guide this process. Ultimately this is when the Higher Magick can begin for the individual, miracles can start to happen, and life can begin to change, but as long as one holds it down to more baser needs, such as which food to eat, which girl to go after, that this is the middle self giving way to the low self and is not the middle self raising the bar, making demands and expecting more from the low and the High Self. The reason this Awareness has said expecting more from the High Self is because the middle self does communicate with the High Self when it is in its outof-body state and knows there is more from the High Self, and is waiting for this guidance, but until the low self is brought into alignment and accepts the highest plan of the soul for the individual, unless the low self is brought on board and begins to cooperate with the middle self, then often the low self will sabotage the efforts of the middle self and the High Self, and it is for this reason that the middle self has the greatest responsibility to take charge, take control, to believe in itself, and to begin to access the High Self by commanding the low self to open to the High Self. This is part of the expectation of the middle self to the High Self, and part of the expectation of the middle self to the low self, to start to hear, to listen and even to obey the commands of the middle self. However, this Awareness must add that this does take diligent work and much hard effort, for the low self

9 often has been allowed to fall to that level of irresponsibility and juvenility that it is hard to retrain it, but not impossible. By far the best scenario is that the child is taught from the beginning how to effect strong communication and have mutual respect for the three parts of the being, and learns how to be in Unity from the very beginninghow the low self works, how the middle self works, how the High Self works, and how the three can work together. This is simply not the case for the majority who have never been taught about the low self, the subconscious, and who do not realize they are multidimensional beings that have very much a reality that is outof-body as well as that part that is focused in the body during wakefulness. They simply have no concept of the High Self or how it can be an effective force in their lives. As an individual commits to growing up and learning more and opening to the three parts of the being and how to unify these three parts, one will indeed discover that miracles are possible, and magic is the normal course of the day. This Awareness is complete with this answer at this time. This is an example of the accelerated conscious state that is possible, that is being moved toward by Mother Earth, Gaia, as she herself is going through her evolution, her process of expansion in consciousness. Such areas, even the area in Colorado, are still considered by many as too strange to be true, and unfortunately many dismiss such places; for they have not experienced these events, and it is very easy to dismiss what sounds too incredible, as humanity has been very much programmed to discount the impossible, but the possible is that such things are available. This is possible, and it is probable in these times where much is shifting and changing. This book, Beyond Area 51 describes such areas where expansion, acceleration, shift, transformation and transmutation have already occurred, and are occurring and continuing to move forward. Many more such areas of the planet will come forward in the times ahead, but as always, it is entirely up to an individual as to whether or not they wish to believe that such things are possible, even if they have not seen or experienced them. There are many more things in life than are dreamt of in your philosophy, as the quote in Hamlet goes. The dreaming of the individual at this time can bring these new realities into ones life; but at the same time, one is still challenged to believe that the impossible is very much possible, and that there are areas where mysterious and incredible events are happening, but one can also make this more personal, and can themselves begin to experience amazing and incredible miraculous events in their own life. One does not need to travel to these sites on the planet where there is a natural opening to the higher states of consciousness, to different dimensions. This can happen from within, and one can open the inner connection, the inner portal, and one can start to summon to oneself these amazing incredible miraculous events, but as always, one needs to have a belief that these things are possible. One needs to do the inner work to rid oneself, deprogram oneself of the negative limiting beliefs that are held against such possibilities, and one needs to work in an effective way with the low self, that which is the manifestor in physicality as well as the High Self, which is the guide, mentor and teacher of what is possible in these new altered dimensional states, and of course the middle self must expand as well into its higher state of multidimensionality. All of these things coming together will help create such amazing incredible possibilities in ones own life and not only in those special areas as described in this book Beyond Area 51. This completes the answering of this question.



Thank you, Awareness. The next question is from LK, and hes writing about an isolated forested place in Russia, called the M-Triangle, where people come out smarter than they walk in, and researchers there have recorded sounds of traffic speeding by while the closest road is miles away; theyve heard choirs singing, and cell phone use is impossible in the MTriangle, unless youre standing on a small piece of ground. This is information from Mack Maloney. He goes on to say that there seems to be good evidence that our Navy built a secret base within the Bermuda Triangle. The book is called Beyond Area 51. Theres also information about San Luis Valley, in Colorado I believe, where people see flying men, and where renegade scientists have been jumping universes, and he wants to know if Mack Maloneys information summarized previously in the book Beyond Area 51 is correct.

This Awareness says that this information is accurate and is correct. These areas could be considered very special portal areas where there is an intersection with other-dimensional states, and the normal rules and laws of physicality are somewhat suspended in these regions. There are rifts, such as occur in the Bermuda Triangle that open up from time-to-time. There is of course much evidence of such rifts in the planes and boats that have disappeared from that area. The area in Russia that has been described as the MTriangle is of a slightly different nature. There is an acceleration of consciousness in this region. In this region communication is possible both within and without that exceeds what is the norm outside of the M-Triangle. In other words there is an acceleration of energetic consciousness that has a real and profound effect on an individual. Such an effect would be as describedthe intelligence improving, but other effects are also evident.


Dr. Steven Greer and the Sirius Disclosure QUESTIONER:

Thank you, Awareness. The next question comes from AC, and he refers to the entity Dr. Steven Greer, who has written a paper called The Sirius Disclosure. Dr. Greer has many friends who are in deep covert operations, and there is a book, Extraterrestrial Contact; The Evidence and Implications, and Dr. Greer is proposing that the disclosure that the Powers That Be would like to see is a manipulated one, calculated to consolidate power and engender fear;

10 calculated in such a way that chaos and a deepening need for Big Brother is carefully inculcated into the masses. He writes that there is a warning that wolves in sheeps clothing are very cunning and have limitless resources. Most who work with them do not know they are wolves. Indeed, it is likely that many of the wolves have been convinced that they are sheep. And he goes on to talk about how the military industrial complex is invested in the scenario of disclosure, and that it is calculated to manipulate the masses. Could Awareness please comment on the validity of this book, and this scenario that he paints?


The Strange Research of Donna Higbee QUESTIONER:

This Awareness will immediately state the validity of the book is 100%! He is indeed describing the present situation that is in existence around the world, but in particular the United States of America. He has been a voice for freedom, truth and justice for many years at great personal expense. He has spoken out previously, not only about the UFOs and their cover up, but also about many of the deceptions and incongruities of the existing government in the United States and beyond. He has moved forward, as his search for the truth has brought him into layers and levels of truth that he had never expected to go into, but as he commenced his journey, it was as if he grabbed the tail of a snake, and from the tail began to progress upwards to the head of the snake, and the snake had in its mouth a giant egg of truth, an egg that most never see or understand, but he has reached, he has seen, and he has understood. He would be one that many have discounted previously as a conspiracy nut case, and many did discount him because he was so labeled; yet he has been at the forefront of the disclosure movement for many years and has now reached a level where his understanding includes the extraterrestrial card. He has an awareness of how the Powers That Be are totally aware of this and are engaged and interactive with extraterrestrial beings and masters, and that there is a plan to spin this truth, not to reveal it, but to use it in a way that will continue with the imprisonment of humanity, the imprisonment of Americans in a mind-set where as described, the wolves are wearing sheeps clothing and the populace are the sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. His voice is one that is strong and clear and has been for some time. It has simply come to a point now where his voice is speaking of truths that are beyond the acceptance levels of many and they cannot truly accept that extraterrestrial beings are in charge, that the governments have sold them out, that there is an agenda to present to the people that will further imprison them in this slave mentality, yet many more are listening now to Dr Steven Greer than was the case when he started. This is a result of his diligence and his courage to stand up and to speak the truth and to push and to work toward bringing this truth to public attention, to forcing the American government to face this through inquiry and inquests. His courage is astounding and he is truly one of the greatest patriots, not only in American history, but also in the history of this planet. This Awareness does confirm that his work, even if it is challenging to many, is accurate and valid. This completes the answering of this question.

Thank you Awareness. The next question is from LK, and he asks Awareness about the strange cases of people who suddenly become invisible. He saw this on a rerun of an Art Bell show, and there is a book called The Research and Writings of Donna Higbee, which chronicles her studies of the phenomenon that she calls Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility and in this case, the invisibility happens spontaneously without warning, lasts a few minutes and then ends. She uses an example Daniel S, who became invisible one day. He was with several friends who were setting off firecrackers. They were ordered to stop and the police put the men in two lines and he was at the end, very tall, and the policemen acted like they had never seen him. Another case, a man went into a bathroom at a party and when he came out he was invisible. People could not hear him or see him, and when he went back in to the bathroom and came out he was visible again. This article is wondering if this is in any way related to the practice of the Yogis and members of the Rosicrucians, both of whom say that to become invisible is not only possible, but controllable. And she says this possibly might be related to UFO abductees, and there are more cases of involuntary invisibility. Theres a page on the Wingmakers site, which has an article on this, and would Awareness please comment on Donna Higbee and also the phenomenon of humans becoming invisible?

First this Awareness would state that Donna Higbees book has high accuracy to it and does describe many cases of voluntary and involuntary invisibility. This is an age-old practice among shamans, yogis and others of high spiritual natures, long known and used by such ones. Many of the incidents described in the book however are not the practice of the yogis that are being used by the individuals with the capacity and understanding of a trained shaman, but rather the result of certain shifts in energies in frequencies that are occurring around the world. Recently an acquaintance known to the Interpreter spoke of an incident when he was sitting on the steps of the front porch of the home where he lived. Someone was driving up the long drive, and could see him plainly and clearly, at least he should have seen him clearly and plainly. The individual described how he had felt and perceived a rippling in the air around him, and how he stuck his head up into the rippling effect and was thus made invisible to the individual driving up the road to the house directly facing the porch area where the individual was sitting. It was only when the man sitting on the porch dropped his head out of the shimmering and rippling energies he was feeling in that region around him that he became visible again to the friend who was approaching him, upon which the friend said, Wh ere did you come from? The man said, I have always been there! but the acquaintance did not believe this for he did not see him, and he suddenly appeared to pop out of nowhere and seemed to be there. This example recently shared with the Interpreter is an example that many are having; these unique events such as described in the book, where individuals step

11 into a space where there is an influx of energies or an alteration of the frequencies of energy, and this could be understood to be the equivalent of invisible waves of frequency that are passing through ones house, and ones room at any one time. One cannot normally see radio waves, or the wavelengths of television rays or X-Rays or any other vibrational rate for they are beyond the visual spectrum of frequencies. Equally, in a room around one, there might be many entities and beings, none of which are visible, for they do not exist in the same frequency or vibration as another individual in the room. Does this mean they do not exist? Or does this mean that there are many frequencies that one can be part of and can step into voluntarily or involuntarily, and that by doing so, one becomes invisible? The entities and beings in the room with another may themselves not be seen because of their being in such a frequency, but equally, they too might not see the physical entity sitting in the room, for that entity himself is not in their frequency range. This is a case of double invisibility; one being invisible to the broad frequency range of another being, another consciousness, and this being reciprocal of the other. Shamans, yogis, and masters of the psyche have long known this. Mystery Schools have long known this, and they have taught the techniques to create the cloak of invisibility around an individual and there are many examples historically of individuals who could disappear, or who would suddenly appear amongst a group of individuals. These techniques are not that hard to comprehend or achieve, especially at this time when there are many points on the planet where there is a natural weakening and shifting of frequency barriers. With training, one can do this without these naturally occurring riptides where the frequencies are different, but one has now the possibility of recognizing these ripple effects, these riptides in frequency, and stepping into them. This is something that is ages old, but also newly comprehended and newly available. For those who are interested in such stories, this Awareness would recommend this author and her book. This completes the answering of this question. Are There Any Ways to Practice Invisibility?

Thank you Awareness. Are there any techniques that one can use to practice invisibility, and I would gather it would be good to work on small objects first?

In other words, often individuals, because of their own feelings of insignificance, fail to bring attention to themselves. It is literally that because they believe they are so unworthy and insignificant that nobody would notice them, that nobody actually notices them, and of course, this perpetuates the problem of the lack of significance or worthiness for the individual. They could go into a crowded room and literally not speak with anyone or have anyone approach them, as if they are not there, and even though they are standing there, even though they are viewing everything in the room, nobody will see them, for they have veiled themselves. They have drawn invisibility to them unconsciously and without major effort. This is one type of social invisibility. The best way to achieve the type of invisibility that you are asking for would be to see oneself in a cloak. This cloak is similar to the cloak of invisibility portrayed in early Harry Potter movies, and as one wears this cloak, the frequencies of vision are deflected. One moves out of synchronization with the spectrum or frequency of visibility. As one becomes practiced in this, this technique can create the result of invisibility and one will not be seen by others, even if one is standing right in front of them. This takes a major mental effort as well, for of course the natural inclination would be that certainly, One who is standing in front of me, will see me! and it is this type of resistance or this type of belief that would make a raising of a cloak of invisibility impossible, for as long as one holds that they will be seen, indeed they will be seen. This is a simple exercise that this Awareness can offer to those who would be inclined to try this out. This Awareness must also add that It does not see much merit in this, but if one is interested and one does not wish to do things of a negative nature while in such a condition, then there is nothing wrong with trying and playing with this. It is simply another layer and level of the control of reality that one truly has, and how one can step beyond the perceptions that are held by most into the invisible zone, or that which lies beyond the level of perception that most hold. Where this exercise may have merit is that it will open up new possibilities to individuals who try this, and this could of course lead to even greater realizations that perceptions are very much based on what one expects to see, on what one believes they will see, and this opening of the door can lead one in many new directions. This completes the answering of this question.

It is not making objects invisible that is taught, but making oneself invisible. Taking an inanimate object into another dimensional frequency is a different thing altogether, and much more difficult to achievenot impossible, but much more difficult than an individual who visualizes with his or her mind a cloak of invisibility around themselves. Many have acquired this ability very subconsciously, without conscious understanding of what they are doing. For example, those who have very low self-esteem and think that they are unimportant, and that Nobody sees me anyway! such individuals often have experiences of invisibility, although it is not necessarily of a nature that is as compelling as the examples given by this Awareness today, or the examples in the book.



The next question is from BB, of Huntington Beach, and she is in a very precarious living situation and has lost hope in prayer and visualization and the spiritual hierarchy, and she perceives that a dark entity, as well as a male predator are stalking her. She wants to know if you ever see her living in a peaceful place, and can you give this entity, this person some guidance and good energy?

This is a difficult case, for this individual is so enmired in her hopelessness, in her perceptions of persecution and victimhood that it is hard to send positive energies to her. This does not mean that this

12 Awareness does not send her positive energies, but she is exercising her freedom as a human being; the freedom of choice to honor not that which is possible, that which lies within the spectrum of the Divine, of Spirit, but rather that which lies in the mire of the dark state of consciousnessthat which is fed upon and manipulated by those in power. It is easy to manipulate human consciousness and to take away hope, take away prayer, take away any feeling that things will change and things will open up. This individual is in an extreme place of such negative belief, and it thus has power over her. Unfortunately here, even if this Awareness spoke of the greater possibilities of Divine Consciousness being part of her life, she has already rejected it in the opening statements in the level of her belief. She rejects prayer and she rejects visualization. She rejects Spirit, and rejects even this Cosmic Awareness. Thus, how is it when this Awareness respects an individuals right to make such choices, to place themselves in such constraints of belief, that this Awareness can make changes for her? She can make changes for herself, but to do so she must break through the bars that imprison her, and must break the chains that bind her, and must be willing to truly look at her demons and oppressors and predators. This Awareness sees this one in a supreme state of victimhood, and it suits her. This Awareness is not trying to be cruel here, but at some level of the belief system that she holds, she believes she is unable to escape these predators, these demons and they are more powerful than her ability to acquire help, to pray, to open up and to receive from the Divine. Thus her belief system also holds that the dark energies are more powerful than the energies of Spirit and Light and Love, which she has dismissed. The true problem here is not whether this Awareness can send her energies or bring her answers, but whether or not she would accept these energies and answers from this Awareness, and at this time it is seen that she would not and could not accept them, because it would interfere with her present belief system that holds that powers of evil and darkness, both on this level of third dimensionality and other levels beyond third dimensionality are attacking her, are those powers that are greater than the powers of the Divine, of Spirit, of Light or Universal & Unconditional Love. It is sad, but this Awareness does thank this individual for having the courage to express her state of mind so that this Awareness can use it to help illuminate how it is that when one gets into such a deep state of pain and hopelessness, of despair and negativity, that it is often that one is then not open to anything that can alter this. When this happens, one is stuck in their own need to make their reality so, to grant it validitythe belief that the world is evil and is dark, and that an individual is a victim, and there are dark demons that prey upon them. They believe there are predators that hunt them and there is nothing that they can do, even if they pray, for what good does prayer do when there is no belief that their prayers will be answered, for there is no belief that the powers that are Divine and Spiritual have any greater powers than the demons and devils that torment her? These demons and devils are within her, and called into her life by her at unconscious levels and until she is willing to face her demons and devils, this Awareness cannot truly reach down to help her. It can only send to her energies that will hopefully assist her to question her own negative belief system, and give her the courage to defeat these beliefs, to change them and transmute them, but It cannot change them or transmute them for her, and as long as she holds her negative hell on earth to be the reality of her experience, and that there is no help from the Divine Spirit, then there is no hope for her in this lifetime. This is not saying that she cannot break through and change her beliefs and open up to those greater powers that are indeed more powerful than those corruptions that have so imprisoned her, but the honor that is given to each individual, each spirit having its physical experience is of a degree that it allows these experiences to be had, for the knowledge that is of a higher nature knows that this is a temporary situation. Even though one may experience years and years of torment it is not eternal in nature and ultimately eventually the individual does return back to Spirit where it can review and understand the nature of the souls difficult journey in physicality. The greatest danger seen however is that an individual will carry this belief with them, even through the vales of death, and thus hold that they are victims still, even though they have crossed the vale and have entered into Spirit. Eventually this will be remedied in the higher states of consciousness, but it will take time for individuals who die with such strong negative beliefs, such bitterness and anger and hatred, to heal from the state of the conditions of that life; but even so, eventually for those who return back into the Divine Forces, such healing will take place. The only way this is circumvented is if there is not a return to 5th dimensional reality and beyond. This is the case of those who are the Archons, those who have separated themselves, they think, from the Divine Spark, those who inhabit 4th dimensionality; that while this is free of the influence of 5th dimensionality, they feel that they do not need to review their life histories, and that theythcan avoid returning back into Spirit, and from the 4 dimension manipulate third dimensionality, for they come from a level beyond time and space. These ones are the ones that at this time in the journey of their continual existences seemingly are free from being answerable for their crimes and for their manipulations of third dimensionality and humanity. The Bardo levels also exist in the 4th dimension, and it is for this reason that many get lost in the Bardo levels, in areasth where they are in limbo from moving back into the 5 dimensional levels of consciousness where they would review their lives and what was the journey of their lifetime. It is here that the greatest danger lies for those who hold such extreme negativity, such extreme despair and despondency and disbelief, for upon the completion of a physical death many such entities feel they cannot go back to 5th dimensional consciousness. They may feel guilty; they may feel angry; they may feel that they do not have the right; there are many reasons. But this Awareness says that those who are in such extreme negative states as this individual do run the risk for a time of becoming lost, of staying away from the redemption of their 5th dimensional return, of being caught up in the Bardo levels, of being continually manipulated and controlled by those entities such as the Orion and the Reptilians that have access to 4th dimensionality and use it as their hideout,

13 avoiding returning back into the active energies of 5 dimensionality, but even this is not eternal in nature. Even the 4th dimensional escape, the avoidance of the return into Spirit and Divine Consciousness is temporary. Even if this means thousands and thousands of years, it is temporary and eternity will eventually see that even these ones, who seek to escape and avoid Divine Justice, will one day face this justice. It will not be that God punishes them; it will be that they themselves will see what they have done, how they have avoided the Divine Course of Development of Evolution and how they will have to redress this in their own unique and individual ways. For this individual at this time, this Awareness does now send energies to her to help her break through the prison of her own negative dark shadow that she is in, but this Awareness also has no expectations or needs for her to break through. It simply sends this energy to her now. It is hers to do with it, as she will. This Awareness honors her as a beautiful being, a spiritual being that has the right to experience this negative experience that she has planned for herself. If the energies of this Awareness are of assistance, it will be because they spark a deeper realization of her true being within her that may illuminate for her a path out of the darkness. That is the hope and intent of this Awareness, but it is her choice, and her journey. The energies have been sent to this individual and this Awareness is complete with this question and the answering of it.



The next question is from NR, also known as T, and he wants to know if he is extraterrestrial in origin, why hasnt he had an extraterrestrial visitation, and he also goes on to ask if all members of the Galactic Federation are physical or nonphysical?

In answer to the first part of his question, while it may be so that he has an extraterrestrial origin, it does not mean he is not an earthling at this time, a human being at this time. This means that he is a being who is choosing an earthly experience, a physical experience in earthly physical terms. There is difficulty here to comprehend and understand how one might be of extraterrestrial origin, might be a Star Being and yet be a physical being, not an extraterrestrial being. This Awareness would explain in this manner: all emanate originally from a state of Spirit of high dimensional consciousness. There is a choice by the soul to have a physical experience. While it is so that the majority see this as being one-sided, that a human existence is all that is possible, in truth, there have been and are other expressions of human life forms in physicality that have preceded the journey into physicality as experienced by those on Mother Earth, those who could be called Terrans. For those who emanate from the stars, the soul chose to express itself in its original incarnations not on planet earth, but on other planetary systems such as Arcturus, such as the Pleiades, Sirius or Andromeda, Lyra or other such systems that are currently understood to be part of the Galactic Federation. There are

12 planetary systems that do have what is known as human life, or humanoid life forms, and there is an interconnection to these planets and to the spiritual origins of those who began in those planetary systems. Many who are part of the Galactic Federation have been involved in a conflict with the Orion system for many millennia. This involves the Reptilians as well. Even in early times, this battle was known of and there is evidence available on planet earth of this conflict between the Galactic Federation and those who are of the Orion/Reptilian Grey factions, and others who are subservient to those factions. Many of the star beings, those who commenced their physical incarnations from Spirit into bodies of physical human-type beings, have come here to this planet known as Mother Earth to continue this battle or conflict, but at this time the nature of this battle is also about helping Mother Earth evolve and humanity to step up one step more in the spiritual evolutionary process. It is not simply a battle to free humanity from the oppressive control of the Orion/Reptilians. It is also a task to help humanity itself evolve spiritually, to ascend to a higher level of consciousness, just as many who are of the Galactic Federation have themselves ascended to higher consciousness and are coming to be of assistance to humanity and Mother Earth at this time, to help promote this evolutionary step forward. Many of the Galactic Federation, many of ascended consciousness have chosen to volunteer to be born as human beings on this planet at this time to assist this evolutionary process both of humanity and Mother Gaia as well. There are certain rules and laws accepted before birth into this physical state that are in play, and one of those rules, one of the accepted conditions of the soul that comes through the Galactic Federation background is that any being choosing to incarnate into the physical reality of this dualistic world must agree that they choose to forget their spiritual nature or their extraterrestrial backgrounds. Thus it is that many are alive who are of this nature that are seeking to expand and move beyond the barriers, both consciously and unconsciously. There are many who feel an affinity to their extraterrestrial Galactic Federation brothers and sisters and would wish to have contact in the physical with them once again. However, apparently for many such as NR, this is not what is occurring, and he is vexed that even though this Awareness confirms he is a Star Being here to involve himself in the evolutionary spiritual process, he is not yet one who has made physical contact with his extraterrestrial Galactic Federation brothers and sisters. He knows this connection, as so many do, but has not yet experienced it, and yet he yearns for it, yearns to reconnect with kindred souls who would understand him, who would know him, who would recognize him and who would acknowledge him. This Awareness does understand that this is vexing and trying on him as it is on so many who have this intuitive inner knowing, even if they do not consciously understand their own connection with the Galactic Federation beings, with whom they originate in physical terms, but this Awareness can say that all do have contact, not in a physical way, but in a non-physical way. Every night, most of those who are volunteers on this planet, who are from the stars, who are Star Beings, who have contact with the Galactic Federation

14 brothers and sisters do come together in the dream state, do have contact, communication and interaction with the Galactic Federation, but when they return back into the physical, due to their acceptance of the conditions of physicality and limited conscious awareness, they forget their communications and contacts with their Galactic Federation brothers and sisters. This seems to be unfair, but it is part of the evolutionary process, for the major point that is of extreme importance here is that humanity itself must reach a certain point of evolution of conscious awareness on its own, not simply because the ETs have shown up and taken charge and rescued them. This would not be a true evolution in consciousness if this happened in this way. However, there is allowance to have those who would choose to be part of the human condition, part of the evolutionary process to be involved in the raising of consciousness, especially raising individual consciousness. Thus it is that many of the spiritual warriors, Light Workers, and Wanderers are those that are extraterrestrial in nature, who are Star Beings from beyond this planet who have elected to be part of the human condition, the human experience so that they can have the right to be involved with the expansion of consciousness that is underway at this time. Many of these Star Beings have been here on planet earth, on Mother Gaia for many lifetimes and have returned many times to partake in this spiritual evolutionary process, and now things are coming close to the completion of the cycle that they have been involved with in raising human consciousness to higher levels, to ascended levels. A divisional point is now being approached by those who are ready, this being that the Terrans themselves can choose to take that next step or not. This is part of the danger for the volunteers from the stars, those Star Beings who have put themselves in this situation, that they can forget who they are, be totally wrapped up in the illusion, the drama and the con of those Orion/ Reptilians who are in charge and that they can forget themselves, but there is also working in their favor, energies that are promoting their memory of who they truly are and of their extraterrestrial connections. That is again why so many who are Light Workers, Wanderers, Light Workers, spiritual warriors are those who so strongly remember their extraterrestrial connection or at the very least are very fascinated by ETs, by those that are in the ships up there, and why they hold that it is real and they accept the reality and validity of such extraterrestrial beings. If you are one such as NR is, then it will be a natural inclination, fascination or interest to be absorbed by extraterrestrial stories and information. It is why so many are looking upwards and wishing for First Contact, hoping that they will be shown the truth and the truth is that extraterrestrial beings do exist. This is truly known within, and it is from within that this Awareness advocates a true connection, a true First Contact being sought. When one awakens within, then one will understand the timing is not yet right. The rescue of humanity is not to be, for it is not that which is the sanctioned course of events. Humanity awakening itself is that which is sanctioned and what is proposed and desired. As individuals begin to truly understand this, as they begin to understand they are more than simply Terrans who have no higher nature, and as they truly accept that they have volunteered for this job and that they are not forgotten, nor are they abandoned and that every night they have access to their extraterrestrial Galactic Federation brothers and sisters, they will begin to draw the energies of their extraterrestrial origins to them in stronger more physical ways. There is a timing to these things as well. As the surcharge of Divine Energy builds up as the forces move to that point of completion and breakthrough when the new dawning reality breaks, then many will finally connect, will finally see the ETs, see their brothers and sisters and make their way back to the ships. But this Awareness does ask for those who are drawn, those who are so connected at this deep emotional imaginative state, to be patient, and to seek the inner connection, to call forth the highest levels of your participation with the extraterrestrial forces, and to know that you are not forgotten, you are not abandoned, and that you have chosen this course to travel, and that there is resolution and there is an answer ahead. Be patient, and hold the inner knowing that you are a Star Being here at this time to participate in the spiritual evolution of both a planet and of humanity itself. This Awareness is now complete with this answer.


And the Kicker, Dorothy, is That Its All Real!


This last question for today is from LK, and he submits an article about the giants of Ohio and the mound builders. LK lives in Ohio, so this is of particular interest to him. The first records of giants in Ohio can be traced back to 1829 and throughout the years mounds have been excavated, or revealed from farmers clearing fields, and there are many reports of a race of giants, from 8 to 9 feet tall, and its also in the Native American lore of almost all the tribes in that area, and it is estimated that possibly in 1000 BC that the giants arrived. The Smithsonian Institute in the 1800s used to publish papers but now the contents have been sealed off to all but an elite few and modern anthropologists have put forth the theory that once giants existed in great numbers and were the dominant race prior to the advent of modern smaller races of men and women, and at one time there is estimated to be 20,000 mounds in the state of Ohio. Could Awareness please comment on the validity of a giant race of men and women leaving their remains, their skeletons in Ohio? Thank you.

This Awareness confirms that this is so, but this Awareness would add that it is not only in Ohio that these giant ones lived, nor the old ones, the ancient ones. This was part of a global phenomenon, or a global reality that was in existence at that time. These giant ones were part of an extraterrestrial race. There were others as well. There is tradition throughout the world of these ones in those times, and this Awareness would also add here, that it was preceding 1000 BC, but they were still around, these giants, these extraterrestrial beings, these ancient ones, well before this, well before even Atlantis, but that they did have connections with Atlantis as well.

15 The Irish have many traditions of the early ones, the Tuatha D Danann who were seen as red-haired and blue-green eyed, and they had much to do with the building of mounds and megalithic sites in Ireland, in England, and in Celtic regions. These ones, including the giants who were separate from the Tuatha De Danann, also are those connected with the building of mounds in Ohio and the Eastern seaboard region generally. The mounds and structures continued down even into Central America, and South America. They extended into Europe and even Asia. There are even mounds in the subcontinents of Australia and New Zealand. This was a world civilization that preceded the current civilization, even Atlantean civilization, which in some ways is connected to modern times still. These were a people that preceded them, and this civilization did fall into destruction and catastrophe many thousands and thousands of years ago. The Hopi Indians speak of the Four Worlds, and this latest world came at the end of the preceding world. Civilization and humanity was destroyed, but the few that survived climbed a ladder and emerged from the Kiva into the New World, the 4th World. It was the world preceding this current world that the Tuatha De Danann, the giants, the extraterrestrial ancient ones controlled, dominated and lived in at that time. The evidence is available throughout the world. The mounds in Ohio, even the serpent mount in Ohio, the burrows and mounds in England and Ireland, the megalithic sites such as Stonehenge; the pyramids the ancient pyramids throughout the world, many of these originated in the earliest times. These ones were in control, but they then disappeared due to many factors, not the least is world cataclysms. The flooding is the historical Biblical story of the ending of one culture and the commencement of the new. This Awareness would thus again confirm that the giants did live. The red-haired, pale-skinned, bluegreen-eyed beings, the Tuatha De Danann, did exist, and in fact they still do exist in the hollow earth and in certain regions. The Tuatha De Danann have mingled their genetic materials with modern mankind and are still there genetically. Many who have blood types with RH-negative factors have connections with the Tuatha De Danann, the early people, the fairy folk, and they have deep racial cellular memories that are contained within them. The giants are no longer as prevalent, although there is some genetic legacy also in human DNA, which is why from time to time giants are born in the world, but generally, these ones are no longer as prevalent on the surface of this planet, although it is seen there are still giants that reside within Mother Earth. These entities were opposed to the fairy ones, the Tuatha De Danann, and there were battles between them. It was not always a peaceful situation, but these are stories also that are contained in folklore and in early fairy tales and fables. The giants devolved into what are known as trolls and these trolls became the bogeyman for many children in the history of this planet. There are deep racial memories of these dark beings, for many were very dark, but in terms of this question, this Awareness will confirm again that the giants did walk the land of Ohio many thousands of years ago, as did the Tuatha De Danann, the fairy folk, and it was they who built the mounds with the giants being the ones who often did the physical labor. This completes this answer at this time.


How Our Beliefs Keep Us From Acquiring Money and Worldly Wealth QUESTIONER:

Thank you. Is there a closing message?


This Awareness says to all, that many of the answers today have been challenging, but no more challenging than the actual situation that many find themselves in at this time, a time where old beliefs and attitudes do not work any longer, but where the challenge is to let them go without any evidence or proof that what is projected to be, what is held to be available will actually present itself. It is a difficulty for many who are in the last stages of an internal process, where many of their doubts and fears are being brought to them now that they are facing things in their lives that could easily distract them and derail them. One of the major challenges at this time is the challenge of financial resources, financial security, wealth and abundance. The major control that the dark ones have at this time, the Powers That Be, is the creation and perpetuation of a belief system that involves money as that which gives one freedom and security and the ability for pleasure and luxury. The indoctrination of this belief is so deep and powerful that few could see themselves stepping outside of the system as it exists now and not worry about how money comes to them. Part of the indoctrination is that money can only flow to one who works for the money and without working one will not bring money into ones life and one will suffer as a result. This is so deeply engrained that if this Awareness here and now were to suggest to one and all to stop working and believe that money will flow to you and manifest in your life, very few would be able to do this, to stop working and let the manifestation of abundance happen in their life. This Awareness must immediately add that It is not asking individuals to do so, for they are not ready to do so. Most are still working at that level of belief and the attitude that stopping their work or not having work is a deep problem. Thus it is that the many who are unemployed at this time, who hold a belief system that money is necessary for them and yet they have no way of working for money and generating money, are bringing the crisis of a lack of financial resources to them in a most real way. Do not think that the reality that you are experiencing at this time that has such a premise of faith involved is one that is easy. It is not. It is not easy because more hold the power and sacredness of money than the power and sacredness of spirit. More hold that they are at the mercy of money or lack of it, rather than that they are participants in a creative force of Spirit that gives them the power to manifest and materialize money in their lives, financial resources and well-being. At this time of compression, the very things that one is most fearful of, the most disbelieving of and unaccepting of, are those which are presenting themselves in ones life, and for many, financial crisis is most prevalent and most present. This Awareness does say that it is time to dig deeply into your concepts

16 and beliefs of abundance, of financial security, of physical safety and satisfaction due to having enough financial resources. The indoctrination process is a very deep one and this Awareness does not ask individuals to give up employment if they have it. It simply asks you to dig deep and see why it is you believe you will be all right if you have enough money. Money is only the blood of the body of a nation. It is not in and of itself of any status or importance. It is made into this by the controllers, those in power, and those who do not have this status, this capacity to have much money are forced into dire situations. It is an entrapment of the mind, and this creates the formation of the reality of poverty and poverty consciousness. Many simply do not have wealth consciousness, abundance consciousness. Many qualify how abundance arrives in their lives. It must be worked for. It must be earned. This of course itself is qualified by the availability of work and type of work one may have, but very few believe that abundance can be achieved without working for it. This Awareness again states this is erroneous. This is a false belief, but as long as one holds it to be so, it governs one and their reality and the creation of their realities. Times are moving, beliefs are shifting, and at this time of compression, for those who have beliefs that they are limited by their financial resources, those who are having financial crises in their lives, it is recommended that you view this problem differently. View it as an opportunity to come through your fears about a lack of monetary resources. View it as an opportunity to break through your poverty consciousness. Break through the beliefs you hold about money, about abundance and prosperity and how it can be achieved. See finally that Spirit Itself has never demanded individuals to be poor. Spirit Itself is abundance and is prosperity and is expansiveness. Now, as the barriers are being approached and the crises are being manifested in this place of compression of reality, do not retreat, do not flounder, and do not disbelieve in your capacity to draw financial wealth and abundance to you, to draw emotional and mental prosperity to you, to draw love and happiness to you. It is a critical time, as this Awareness has said so often. Be aware of the draw of the negative ones, the Dark ones, and how they would grab your feet and pull you back down into the quagmire, the muck and dreck of beliefs that are not enlightening, not liberating, not expansive, not prosperous or abundant. As the crises that are presenting themselves happen to one or all, see this as an opportunity to break free of the old way of thinking and to state that you are open to prosperity, you accept it as your Divine Right and you create a new energy field around you that allows prosperity, wealth and abundance into your life, that allows you to discredit the old beliefs you might hold, and those who perpetuate those beliefs, the originators of those beliefs. Only by digging deep and truly seeing where these beliefs originated from, whether they are valid or invalid, will you find the freedom you seek to break through those beliefs into the expansiveness that lies beyond. Do not panic; do not fall into fear at this time. Realize that you are drawing into your lives exactly what you need at this time to help you break through, even if it is hard and challenging. It is you the creator being creating the exact events and experiences at this time that you need to help you question deeply, to reflect, to go inwards, to break through, and to break free. This Awareness is complete with its closing message at this time.
CAC General Reading July 25, 2013, Will Berlinghof, Intepreter; Zoey Zen, energizer and questioner



Thank you Awareness. Our next question is from G, and he references underground cities in North America, and theres a website that gives many links to underground cities, those currently with aliens and historically with aliens, and would Awareness have anything to comment again? Thank you.

These underground cities do not simply exist under America. They exist around the world in all countries. The country/continent known as Australia has many ancient underground cities, not all of which are simply extraterrestrial in nature. It is seen that Australia did have connection with the ancient continent of Mu and the Lemurians. Cities were made on the shores of the ancient continent of Australia that later sank under the sands as geological events such as earthquakes occurred, and they were covered over. Such an underground city exists under the modern city of Perth, Western Australia, and there are other underground labyrinths and cities. Under the pyramids of Giza there is an acropolis that is ancient and it is still visited and used by those who have access to it. There are places in South America, in Africa, and in Asia that have underground cities, some abandoned, some actually still in use at this time. This Awareness would recommend the link to the website this individual has included and that it be shared with those who might wish to discover more. The website itself has abundant information for those who are interested. This Awareness is complete with this answer at this time.



Thank you Awareness, the website is: Thank you. LK would like to know why a pyramid with a 3-sided base was built in Area 51, and he encloses a picture.

As many know, Area 51 is a highly secret base where there is exchange between the extraterrestrial Orion/Reptilian Greys and the government and military of the United States of America. This 3-sided pyramid is alien technology and it is seen as that which could be considered an amplifier of certain energy waves that are being used by the government, by those in charge of Area 51. It is not appropriate at this time for this Awareness to speak more on this matter. It simply does confirm that this is a result of cooperative actions between the extraterrestrials and members of the government that are working with them. This completes this question at this time.




Thank you Awareness. The energizer Zoey Zen has a question about underground cities. She is wishing for an update on Dulce, New Mexico. She has read somewhere that in the Fifties, a battle was fought here between the US military and the aliens and that the aliens, the short Greys won, and a lot of the technology that has come since then has been given to us by the short Greys. Could Awareness please comment on this?

uncovering unconscious beliefs about money, stating that these beliefs tend to take precedence over visualizations and mantras and whatever else one can do. Thank you.

It is indeed seen that such a battle did occur. This has been documented in other sources, including earlier channelings by this Awareness. Basically, this is still an operational camp. There are several layers under the ground, several floors, and the situation is much the same as it has been for many years. It is a cooperative effort between the government and military, the scientists of Dulce, with those extraterrestrial ones. It is seen that the lowest levels are still given to the extraterrestrials. After the aborted attempt to take back control, a new pact was signed by the government and military with these Greys, with the recognition that they would get more by cooperating than by trying to drive them back or to destroy them. This governed the course of action afterwards. It was under the former President Dwight D. Eisenhower that an attempt was made to fight the extraterrestrials, for Eisenhower recognized the danger that was there. He who followed Eisenhower decided that a cooperative effort, especially since they were shown to be so powerful they could not overcome these advanced aliens with greater technology; and the philosophy, the mindset of the government shifted and changed to that of a cooperative action where they were satisfied that they were getting much of the technology that they could use to create a new world from, and this was to their advantage. There were those higher levels of the extraterrestrial echelon, the Orions and the Reptilians that were gaining more and more power in the legitimate governments. It could be said the last attempt at the taking over by these ones was this battle between the short Greys and the humans in Dulce, New Mexico. After that point, there was a general abdication by the government to the Powers That Be. By cooperating, those who are in ranks of authority were advantaged in many ways, not the least of which was personal and private. There are many layers to this story, but in direct answer to your question, Dulce, New Mexicothe base there is still in operation, but not as highly as it was previously. They have moved out of that very publicized base and are in other bases and locations now. It is still being used however. It has not been abandoned. It has been somewhat downgraded and used to a lesser extent than previously. Does this answer your question?


Another use for The Hourglass Meditation QUESTIONER:

Yes. Thank you Awareness. Our next question: Several readers have wanted some meditation for

This Awareness understands the request, but the difficulty is for this Awareness is that one does need to use visualization and affirmation to truly deal with this situation. Thus, the question is precluding an answer from this Awareness by stating visualization does not work. This might be so for the individual asking this question, but it is not necessarily so for others. Thus, this Awareness would say that a meditation to use at this time to help people deal not only with the issue of money is the hourglass meditation. This has been described previously. It is suggested individuals sense and feel themselves at the top of a sand dune or sandy area, and as the sand moves downwards, they move with it, they come into a place of compression, of restriction, and that they see and feel the compression around them, and then relax into it. In this meditation they can ask for the blockages the problemsto be brought to them, to be presented in a way, shape or form that they can recognize. It may be that they visualize a situation. It may be that they emotionally feel energies of the fear around money, if that is their problem. It may present itself in a thoughtform. These are examples of how the problems can present themselves. In this meditation, sit with the problem, ask for solutions, and ask to be relieved of the fear and apprehension around ones financial situation. One can also meditate on why it is one holds such beliefs that there is not enough money for them, that they are in desperation. Ask that the indoctrination of the beliefs around money be made clear to them. Remember who presented it to you, and how it is reinforced. All of this can be done in a meditation that could involve visualization, empathy and sensitivity. To know that as one recognizes the factors around the indoctrinated beliefs one holds, one can instruct the low self to release from these beliefs, to let them go. This can be done in direct communication to the low self and followed up with affirmations, affirming that one has prosperity in ones life, one has abundance, and one has wealth and sufficient financial resources. The low self must comprehend this and accept this and the primary way to do this is through repetition, either through written or spoken form, or even in thought form. Thus, affirmation will reprogram the low self and the communication one has with the low selfthe direct communication, the speaking to and dialoguing with the low self will also be of assistance. Again a process of visualization can be of great assistance here and this Awareness does not throw out the baby with the bathwater, does not state that visualization does not work, as the individual who is asking the question is doing. It states rather that whatever works is that which works, and visualization is part of the process. So is determination. So is diligence. So is the willingness to look at all the dark aspects of ones fear, to truly face the issues, to call them up and ask for clarity, ask for wisdom, ask for resolutionthis is all part of the meditative and practical approach that needs to be embraced and employed at this time, as one deals not only with issues of financial lack or with fear around the limitation of finances, but with all other issues that one

18 is contending with: emotional issues, health issues, belief issues. All can benefit from this experience of compression, this willingness to face the challenges and issues, this willingness to see beyond them, believe beyond them and to know all is well, and all will be well. This would describe the meditation from this Awareness to be used at this time. One could say it is for inner reflection, inner communication, rather than meditation strictly speaking, but such is the case. One can meditate, one can reflect, and one can communicate with the inner levels, the spiritual levels, and one can have results from this process. This Awareness is complete. Does this sufficiently answer this question?


Yes, I think members of Cosmic Awareness Communications will be very pleased with this answer.

Thank you Awareness. Would Awareness care to comment on a Center for Disease Control article that says 98 million Americans received Polio vaccine in an 8-year span when it was contaminated with a cancer virus. This was on a CDC website, which was quickly removed, and this 8-year span was from 1955 to 1963, when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer-causing polyomavirus called SV40. It is estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received this. SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian Virus 40, a polyomavirus found in both monkeys and humans. It is a DNA virus that is known to cause cancer.

Another point then that this Awareness will add is that many believe in meditation that one must go and create a quiet space where one can sit in the lotus position and meditate. This Awareness would say this may be the way for some, but it is not necessarily the way for all. Some may be able to do an inner journey, an inner reflection while they are working in their gardens, while they are walking along the beach, while they are in a place of quiet and solitude, not necessarily sitting in the lotus position. The important matter here is the inner reflection and contemplation, the willingness to face those inner issues that present themselves, the willingness to breathe deeply, to be relaxed, to be open and willing to look at these matters and issues. Therefore for those who feel that meditation is the only way, then for those individuals, use meditation. For others who are put off by meditation for it is not their way, then find your way. Find a time and place when you can go inwards, when you are feeling relaxed and available to the process of inner reflection. It is so that for most to sit quietly is the way to do this, but it does not have to be Zen meditation that is used. Your own process, your own attainment of the quiet space is that which is important here. The fact of the matter is that everyone has their own way to meditate, and while it may involve visualization and mantras, the repetition of mantras and chanting for some, for others simply digging up weeds in the garden is the way to access the inner world. Do not limit yourself with beliefs of what meditation should be for you, but rather investigate and probe for yourself into those areas where one can go within, whether it is in an active relaxation such as walking, or gardening, or in a quiet reflective meditation, such as Zen meditative practices or simply sitting quietly. There are many ways in. Do not allow yourself to be disqualified because you think it should look a certain way, and you cannot manage this way. Be bold, be creative, and be inventive in your methods of finding inner peace and connection. This will be for you that which brings results. This completes this answer at this time.

This story is accurate, but it was not accidental that the vaccine was contaminated. It was intentional. The Center for Disease Control is in actuality not what it says it is, and many diseases emanate from this Center for Disease Control. The AIDS virus was manufactured there and released from there, but specific to the question about the polio vaccine that was contaminated with cancerous elements, this was the beginning of a program by the government through the CDC in creating drugs and vaccinations that were designed to harm the American people, and thus also to be used around the world to harm many more. This particular experiment was a first mass-attempt at putting out a cancerous agent through vaccination. The inoculations themselves, if looked into, often contained many elements that are toxic and poisonous in natureMercury is often included, and formaldehyde and many other substances that have no business being in such injections and vaccinations. Therefore the actual purpose of the Atlanta CDC is not to control disease, but to create them and spread them in America and around the world. This case was released by one who could be called a whistleblower on the website of the CDC to inform people of what happened. When it was discovered, those in control removed it and the one who released the information was himself punished or sanctioned. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and this Awareness does invite other questions in the future from those who are interested in finding out more. This completes the answering of this question at this time. The Hulda Clark Zapper for Dealing with Parasites within the Blood

Thank you Awareness. The energizer Zoey Zen wonders if the Hulda Clark Zapper would be beneficial here?

The Hulda Clark Zapper would be beneficial to deal with certain parasites and other agents within the blood and the circulatory system. There are other cleanses that can be used as well, but this Awareness would say that for many, the chemical nature that was introduced that was cancerous in nature in this particular inoculation, this particular vaccine, was ineffective and did not cause cancer to be formed as was the hope.

19 As this Awareness said, this was an early experiment, one of the first mass-experiments that was attempted by these ones with this hidden agenda and they were not satisfied with the results and went on to develop other agents of contamination and toxicity that are put into other drugs and inoculations around the world. You do need to be fearful of this, for the actual cause of cancer is not simply an injection into ones system, but also the beliefs one holds, the life purpose one has, the energies of ones life, the expression of these energies in ones life; many factors are involved. Those in power are trying to find ways to kill many at once and this was an early attempt at this. There have been many other attempts of course, and the most recent attempt was the H1N1 virus, and the new virus that is being released around the world that affects the stomach and digestive tracts. Their work continues for they still have the same objectivethis being to kill off many people in the world by injecting them with what they are told is a vaccination that will be helpful. The flu shot, or the flu vaccination is part of this agenda, and while this Awareness cannot say, Do not take the flu vaccin ation! It can say, be very aware of the agenda and wary about such actions. Most of course think that having a flu shot will be beneficial. If this is so, why is it that many come down with the flu immediately after having this flu shot? Again, this Awareness cannot say, Do not take the flu shot! It can only say, Be very wary about these offers, for the agenda is not what it appears to be, and not what it is said to be. Does this answer the que stion of the energizer? There are other examples of such individuals showing up speaking a foreign language that they have never encountered in their life when an examination is made and the history of the individual is discovered. This relates to what would be past-life experiences, where the memory of other lifetimes is contained within the Akashic records or the spiritual records of the individual that can be accessed by the low self. Thus, one can revert back to a previous lifetime where a language was spoken that surfaces in that dissociative individual who has had their mind manipulated. There are other ways this can happen aside from directed beams at individuals, as there are intersecting places on the planet where one can step through and be somewhat scrambled. These are what could be called rifts in the time/space continuum, but these events are very infrequent and the level of experimentation on individuals, such as the beaming just mentioned is also very limited at this time. This Awareness would say that those who are chosen have something that those who are the choosers wish to rub out, or erase. These individuals have made certain discoveries or have reached certain levels of awareness that they pose some kind of threat. They then take an action such as this, but as these are so uncommon, even rare, this Awareness must say, Do not worry about this! for this Awareness is aware that there are many who might think that those psi-op agents who have such weapons will start using them on many. This is not seen to be so for there are certain factors that must all be in congruence for such a weapon that could erase and manipulate minds, for it to be used at all. If these factors do not come together then the weapons for this will not work, and they are erratic, they are not as highly effective as they are put out to be. There are many reports of such mind control/ mind-manipulation weapons, and while this Awareness says that they do exist, their use is much more restricted and limited than is made out to be. It is partially an intent to let people know about these weapons so it creates a new level of fear in those who project that they could be subject to such a weapon, such a treatment. This Awareness says that it is highly unlikely that most who would read these words will ever have such an experience, especially if they realize as creator beings and spiritual ones that they have protection around them. They do not necessarily need to draw this experience into their lives, and thus they are not advised to focus on it, for as this Awareness so often says: the focusing on such matters, the energizing on such matters can draw such things to you. Be aware such events happen. Be aware that these tools and weapons exist and there are those who would use them, but be aware also that you exceed such things, and you do not need to call such things into your life. Having awareness is not the same as becoming obsessed by such things. It is simply that which will always allow you to be aware and knowing of what is actually happening on the planet as opposed to being nave and ignorant on this matter. Finally, this individual who has had this experience had it also as part of his soul plan, his soul journey. There is more that he has there in that soul plan that is expressed in his life that this Awareness cannot comment on, but It can say that it is a karmic situation as well that he is experiencing this loss of memory. It will also give him a new opportunity to recreate and reformulate a life that had gone down the wrong track.


More on Mind Manipulation QUESTIONER:

Yes. Thank you Cosmic Awareness. The next question from LK is regarding a person, Michael Boatright, whose drivers license says he was born in Florida, but after waking up in a hospital bed in Palm Springs, California, only can speak in Swedish. He has no memory of his two ex-wives, his son, his family or friends, and only responds to the name Johan Ek. He is a 60 year-old American who had a big interest in medieval history and jousting and appears to have lived off and on in Sweden for 20 years. Doctors have diagnosed Boatright with Transient Global Amnesia, a disorder in which patients are unable to form new memories. Medical personnel also believe he is in a dissociative fugue state, wherein a person forgets their past and can sometimes take on a new personality. Hes wondering what is up with this, and if this is an example of mind control by the Powers That Be, and if so, for what purpose? Thank you.

Strictly speaking, this is not mind control so much as mind manipulation, and there are experiments underway where a beam is projected at individuals to mess up the mind, and to remove the short-term memory. This opens up an experience where one suddenly arrives without memory of who they are or the recent events of their life, and yet has the ability in this case, to speak fluent Swedish, when they are not Swedish.

20 This completes the answering of this question at this time. BOB MARLEY & JOHN LENNON: MARTYRS TO THE CAUSE? QUESTIONER: This last question is from JW, and it refers to Bob Marley, the famous Reggae singer. A long time ago she read that a lot of the rock and roll stars of the 60s and early 70s were deliberately killed by the Powers That Be because they were energizing and giving power to the masses. This specific question is about Bob Marley. He had a melanoma on his big toe, which was attended to but not followed up. Does Awareness see that his death from cancer being spread throughout the body was a simple reoccurrence, or was he too, eliminated by the Powers That Be? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness must start by stating very clearly that it was his soul journey to not live a long life, but a fruitful life. Thus on one level, this Awareness would say that the cancer which started as a melanoma on the big toe but internalized and spread was his way of bringing to completion the life journey that he had planned. Saying this, it is seen as well, that there was some attack on this individual that amplified that which was a natural occurrence, the melanoma that could have been treated, to escalate and become the brain tumor that eventually did kill this individual. However, one must still recognize that this was still part of the individuals soul plan and purpose, even the opening to this attack by certain ones who felt he was too powerful, giving too much knowledge away; not knowledge as teachings, but rather knowledge of helping individuals raise their consciousness through his music and their vibration through his words and songs, and he was becoming too popular and powerful according to certain ones in control who would limit him, who would restrict him, who would kill him off. This is also what happened to John Lennon. He had been considered one who was no longer a threat when he retreated for 5 years to help raise his son. During those 5 years he was not a vocal proponent for peace in the world. He lived a private life, and those Powers That Be did allow him to live, but when he came back with his Double Fantasy album, when he stepped back into the limelight, he was considered a threat once again, and certain ones did initiate the action against him where the entity Mark Chapman who was a mindcontrol operative was triggered to do that which he did. Can it be said that John Lennon was a victim? No, it cannot, for he too did have this life plan, and this purpose. His death did create a huge ripple in consciousness and created many who awakened, who became themselves peace advocates. He was one who was at the forefront, and many allowed him to carry the weight. His death did disperse this to many others who took up the load. Thus it is that in his case, from the level of Spirit, he knew that dying in such a way would provoke such a mass-response that would begin shifting human consciousness, or at least be one of the events that help shift human consciousness, and he did proceed in this way and had this death. This could be considered the way of a hero, but this Awareness would rather say that it was the way the entity John Lennon chose it and needed it to be, and let it be. Many others who were considered threats have been eliminated, but one must always understand that this cannot be something where the individual who is removed has no control and is a victim. It is part of their life purpose and life reason. Is this clear? QUESTIONER: Yes Awareness. This energizer would like to add that when listening to the music of Bob Marleys sons, Stephen Marley and Ziggy Marley, she thinks Bob Marley would be very proud. Thank you. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is so. This Awareness is now complete with todays session.

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