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Messages to Young People

Ellen White Preface Chap. 1 - Introduction Chap. 2 - A Call to the Youth Chap. 3 - Seeking to Please i! Chap. " - Standards of Success Chap. # - $ur %a& of $pportunit& Chap. ' - eights that (a& )e Attained Chap. * - Standards of Efficienc& Chap. + - Cli!)ing the eights Chap. , - Partnership With -od Chap. 1. -Satan/ a (ight& 0oe Chap. 11 - 1he Character of the Conflict Chap. 12 - Satan2s Special Effort Chap. 13 - 1e!ptation 3o E4cuse for Sin Chap. 1" - 0ortitude Chap. 1# - 1he Soul 1e!ple Chap. 1' - Ye Are 3ot Your $5n Chap. 1* - 1rue Con6ersion Chap. 1+ - Counsel to an Indulged %aughter Chap. 1, - Strength of Character 1hrough Conflict Chap. 2. - 7esisting 1e!ptation Chap. 21 - 1he %eceitfulness of Sin Chap. 22 - A Warning Against Skepticis! Chap. 23 - $ne Weak Point Chap. 2" - $n5ard and 8p5ard Chap. 2# - Perfecting Character Chap. 2' - 1he 0ight of 0aith Chap. 2* - 9ictor& Appropriated Chap. 2+ - o5 to )e Strong Chap. 2, - 1he 9ictorious :ife Chap. 3. - :i6ing 0aith Chap. 31 - 8nion With Christ Chap. 32 - -ro5ing in -race Chap. 33 - Confor!it& to the World Chap. 3" - -enuine Christian E4perience Chap. 3# - Self-%iscipline Chap. 3' - A :i6ing E4perience Chap. 3* - 0aithful in that 5hich is :east Chap. 3+ - Accounta)ilit& for :ight Chap. 3, - Earnestness of Purpose Chap. ". - E4ercise of the Will Chap. "1 - %i6ine -uidance Chap. "2 - Silent Working of the ol& Spirit

Chap. "3 - 1he Ind5elling Christ Chap. "" - Self-%enial Chap. "# - 1he Character that -od Appro6es Chap. "' - A)iding Presence of Christ Chap. "* - Christian Education Chap. "+ - 1rue Education Chap. ", - 1he 3eed of Christian Education Chap. #. - Education for Eternit& Chap. #1 - A Practical 1raining Chap. #2 - Student :o&alt& Chap. #3 - Student $pportunities Chap. #" - 1raining for Ser6ice Chap. ## - Aspiration for I!pro6e!ent Chap. #' - 1rue Wisdo! Chap. #* - Set a igh Standard Chap. #+ - 1he Youth Called to ;e :a)orers Chap. #, - 7esponsi)ilit& for Soul Winning Chap. '. - Witnessing for Christ Chap. '1 - Personal Work Chap. '2 - Young People as Soul Winners Chap. '3 - Ser6ice in %ifferent :ines Chap. '" - 8nselfish Ser6ice Chap. '# - 1he 7e5ard of %iligence Chap. '' - 1he %ignit& of :a)or Chap. '* - So5ing ;eside all Waters Chap. '+ - (an& :ines of Work Chap. ', - Accepta)le Ser6ice Chap. *. - 0aithfulness in Ser6ice Chap. *1 - 1he Science of :i6ing Chap. *2 - Safeguarding the ealth Chap. *3 - Sacredness of ealth Chap. *" - A ;alanced Education Chap. *# - Education $)tained at E4pense of ealth Chap. *' - 1he Insignia of 3o)ilit& Chap. ** - Pra&er $ur Stronghold Chap. *+ - 1he Po5er of Pra&er Chap. *, - $ur Attitude in Pra&er Chap. +. - 0aith and Pra&er Chap. +1 - 1he 9alue of ;i)le Stud& Chap. +2 - Search the Scriptures for Yourself Chap. +3 - Perse6ering Effort in ;i)le Stud& Chap. +" - 1he 7e5ard of %iligent ;i)le Stud& Chap. +# - 1he ;i)le as an Educator Chap. +' - 7e6erence Chap. +* - A Well--rounded ope Chap. ++ - Choice of 7eading Chap. +, - E4a!ple of the Ephesians Chap. ,. - Proper (ental 0ood Chap. ,1 - 1he ;i)le the (ost Interesting ;ook

Chap. ,2 - -uard Well the A6enues of the Soul Chap. ,3 - ;uilding Christian Character Chap. ," - 1he Effect of 0iction Chap. ,# - 1he ;enefits of (usic Chap. ,' - 8ses of (usic Chap. ,* - A Wrong 8se of (usic Chap. ,+ - :essons in Econo!& Chap. ,, - Spirit of Sacrifice Chap. 1.. - 1he 1ithe Chap. 1.1 - onor the :ord With 1h& Su)stance Chap. 1.2 - Indi6idual 7esponsi)ilit& Chap. 1.3 - olida& Presents Chap. 1." - Econo!& in %ress Chap. 1.# - Self -ratification Chap. 1.' - Econo!& and ;ene6olence Chap. 1.* - A Christian ousehold Chap. 1.+ - 0aithfulness in o!e %uties Chap. 1., - o!e 7eligion Chap. 11. - 1he o!e a 1raining School Chap. 111 - 7espect and :o6e for Parents Chap. 112 - A ;lessing in the o!e Chap. 113 - ;uilding Character at o!e Chap. 11" - Youth to ;ear 7esponsi)ilities Chap. 11# - 1he our of Worship Chap. 11' - 7eligious ospitalit& Chap. 11* - Ele!ents in Character ;uilding Chap. 11+ - %ress and Character Chap. 11, - Proper %ress Chap. 12. - Influence of %ress Chap. 121 - Si!plicit& in %ress Chap. 122 - Idolatr& of %ress Chap. 123 - 1rue Adorn!ent Chap. 12" - 1he 9alue of 7ecreation Chap. 12# - 1he :o6e of Worldl& Pleasure Chap. 12' - Words of Counsel Chap. 12* - %angerous A!use!ents for the Young Chap. 12+ - Esta)lishing 7ight Principles in the Youth Chap. 12, - 8nhol& Influences at Work Chap. 13. - <o& in 7eligion Chap. 131 - Christian 7ecreation Chap. 132 - Social -atherings Chap. 133 - o5 to Spend olida&s Chap. 13" - :iterar& Societies Chap. 13# - %ancing Chap. 13' - Social to Sa6e Chap. 13* - Christian Socia)ilit& and Courtes& Chap. 13+ - -uiding Principles Chap. 13, - 1he Influence of Association Chap. 1". - Influence

Chap. 1"1 - 1he Choice of Co!panions Chap. 1"2 - 1he -olden 7ule Chap. 1"3 - 1rue 7efine!ent Chap. 1"" - 7e=ecting Worldl& Associations Chap. 1"# - E4alted Con6ersation Chap. 1"' - So5ing Wild $ats Chap. 1"* - Irreligious 9isitors Chap. 1"+ - 1rue :o6e Chap. 1", - Wrong 0or!s of Courtship Chap. 1#. - Engage!ent With 8n)elie6ers Chap. 1#1 - 3eed of Counsel and -uidance Chap. 1#2 - Pre!ature (arriage Chap. 1#3 - (arriages/ Wise and 8n5ise Chap. 1#" - (arr&ing and -i6ing in (arriage Chap. 1## - 7esponsi)ilities of (arriage Chap. 1#' - -ood <udg!ent and Self-Control in (arriage Chap. 1#* - 1he E4a!ple of Isaac

In the olden da&s/ 5hen <erusale! 5as to )e re)uilt/ the prophet/ in 6ision/ heard one hea6enl& !essenger sa&ing to another/ 7un/ speak to this &oung !an. And so/ in these da&s/ the &oung !en and &oung 5o!en of the ad6ent !o6e!ent ha6e )een gi6en an i!portant part to act in the closing dra!a of earth2s histor&. 1he :ord has appointed the &outh to )e is helping hand.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 9II/ p. '". With such an ar!& of 5orkers as our &outh/ rightl& trained/ !ight furnish/ ho5 soon the !essage of a crucified/ risen/ and soon-co!ing Sa6iour !ight )e carried to the 5hole 5orld>--Education/ p. 2*1. Such !essages as these ha6e )een co!ing to the &oung people of this !o6e!ent/ through the spirit of prophec&/ fro! the 6er& )eginning of our 5ork. 1he :ord2s chosen instru!ent for the !anifestation of this gift/ (rs. Ellen -. White/ 5as a girl of onl& se6enteen 5hen she )egan her 5ork. She kne5 the struggles of childhood and &outh 5ith the po5ers of darkness/ and she kne5 the life of 6ictor& in Christ. (an& !essages of instruction/ s&!path&/ reproof/ and encourage!ent ha6e co!e fro! her pen/ addressed directl& to the &oung people. And these !essages/ al5a&s directing the !inds of the &outh to Christ and to is Word as the onl& source of strength in )uilding no)le Christian !anhood and 5o!anhood/ ha6e done !uch to foster the spirit of consecration that has characteri?ed so !an& of our &oung people. It 5as in 1+,2 and 1+,3 that !essages 5ere gi6en/ suggesting that our &oung people should )e organi?ed into )ands and societies for Christian 5ork. 0ro! these suggestions has de6eloped the &oung people2s societ& of !issionar& 6olunteers/ 5hich has pro6ed to )e such a lifting and holding po5er in the li6es of the ad6ent &outh all around the 5orld. While !uch that Sister White has 5ritten for our &oung people has )een pu)lished in her )ooks/ !an& articles that appeared in the Youth2s Instructor and in other places

ha6e not )een preser6ed in per!anent for!. 1hese instructions are a precious heritage/ and should )e in the hands of all our &oung people of toda&. 1he -eneral Conference (issionar& 9olunteer %epart!ent has/ therefore/ gone o6er all that she has 5ritten in our periodicals fro! the )eginning of her 5ork/ and has !ade selections of !atter pertaining to &oung people and &oung people2s pro)le!s. While it has not al5a&s )een possi)le to preser6e the entire article/ care has )een e4ercised to !ake such selections as 5ould gi6e clearl& the author2s ideas on the su)=ect treated. 1o !ake a 5ell-)alanced )ook of instruction/ 5e ha6e also included !uch !aterial alread& in )ook for!/ )ut not 5idel& distri)uted to the &oung people. 1he 5ork of gathering and arranging the articles co!prising this 6olu!e 5as entered into unitedl& )& the 1rustees of the Ellen g. White pu)lications and the secretaries of the (issionar& 9olunteer %epart!ent. 1hrough the painstaking efforts of the Southern Pu)lishing Association/ this counsel is sent forth in this attracti6e for!. It is hoped that the interest of our &oung people in this )ook 5ill lead the! to a careful stud& of all the !essages that ha6e co!e to the re!nant church through the spirit of prophec&. It is our !ost earnest pra&er that these !essages !a& )e a great strength to the &oung people of the ad6ent !o6e!ent all round the 5orld/ in perfecting Christian character/ and in gi6ing ne5 i!petus to5ard the co!pletion of our great task --1he Ad6ent (essage to All the World in 1his -eneration. (. E. @ern/ Secretar& of -eneral Conference (issionar& 9olunteer %epart!ent.

Chap. 1 - Introduction
;uilding Character for Eternit& I ha6e a deep interest in the &outh/ and I greatl& desire to see the! stri6ing to perfect Christian characters/ seeking )& diligent stud& and earnest pra&er to gain the training essential for accepta)le ser6ice in the cause of -od. I long to see the! helping one another to reach a higher plane of Christian e4perience. Christ ca!e to teach the hu!an fa!il& the 5a& of sal6ation/ and e !ade this 5a& so plain that a little child can 5alk in it. e )ids is disciples follo5 on to kno5 the :ordA and as the& dail& follo5 is guidance/ the& learn that is going forth is prepared as the !orning. You ha6e 5atched the rising sun/ and the gradual )reak of da& o6er earth and sk&. :ittle )& little the da5n increases/ till the sun appearsA then the light gro5s constantl& stronger and clearer until the full glor& of noontide is reached. 1his is a )eautiful illustration of 5hat -od desires to do for is children in perfecting their Christian e4perience. As 5e 5alk da& )& da& in the light e sends us/ in 5illing o)edience to all is reBuire!ents/ our e4perience gro5s and )roadens until 5e reach the full stature of !en and 5o!en in Christ <esus. 1he &outh need to keep e6er )efore the! the course that Christ follo5ed. At e6er& step it 5as a course of o6erco!ing. Christ did not co!e to the earth as a king/ to rule

the nations. e ca!e as a hu!)le !an/ to )e te!pted/ and to o6erco!e te!ptation/ to follo5 on/ as 5e !ust/ to kno5 the :ord. In the stud& of is life 5e shall learn ho5 !uch -od through i! 5ill do for is children. And 5e shall learn that/ ho5e6er great our trials !a& )e/ the& cannot e4ceed 5hat Christ endured that 5e !ight kno5 the 5a&/ the truth/ and the life. ;& a life of confor!it& to is e4a!ple/ 5e are to sho5 our appreciation of is sacrifice in our )ehalf. 1he &outh ha6e )een )ought 5ith an infinite price/ e6en the )lood of the Son of -od. Consider the sacrifice of the 0ather in per!itting is Son to !ake this sacrifice. Consider 5hat Christ ga6e up 5hen e left the courts of hea6en and the ro&al throne/ to gi6e is life a dail& sacrifice for !en. e suffered reproach and a)use. e )ore all the insult and !ocker& that 5icked !en could heap upon i!. And 5hen is earthl& !inistr& 5as acco!plished/ e suffered the death of the cross. Consider is sufferings on the cross/--the nails dri6en into is hands and feet/ the derision and a)use fro! those e ca!e to sa6e/ the hiding of is 0ather2s face. ;ut it 5as )& all this that Christ !ade it possi)le for all 5ho 5ill to ha6e the life that !easures 5ith the life of -od. A 0aithful 0riend When Christ ascended to the 0ather/ e did not lea6e is follo5ers 5ithout help. 1he ol& Spirit/ as is representati6e/ and the hea6enl& angels/ as !inistering spirits/ are sent forth to aid those 5ho against great odds are fighting the good fight of faith. E6er re!e!)er that <esus is &our helper. 3o one understands as 5ell as e &our peculiarities of character. e is 5atching o6er &ou/ and if &ou are 5illing to )e guided )& i!/ e 5ill thro5 around &ou influences for good that 5ill ena)le &ou to acco!plish all is 5ill for &ou. In this life 5e are preparing for the future life. Soon there is to )e a grand re6ie5/ in 5hich e6er& soul 5ho is seeking to perfect a Christian character !ust )ear the test of -od2s searching BuestionsC a6e &ou set an e4a!ple that others 5ere safe in follo5ingD a6e &ou 5atched for souls as those that !ust gi6e an accountD 1he hea6enl& host are interested in the &outhA and the& are intensel& desirous that &ou 5ill )ear the test/ and that to &ou 5ill )e spoken the 5ords of appro6al/ Well done/ good and faithful ser6antA . . . enter thou into the =o& of th& :ord. :et the &outh re!e!)er that here the& are to )uild characters for eternit&/ and that -od reBuires the! to do their )est. :et those older in e4perience 5atch o6er the &ounger onesA and 5hen the& see the! te!pted/ take the! aside/ and pra& 5ith the! and for the!. 1he :ord 5ould ha6e us recogni?e the great sacrifice of Christ for us )& sho5ing an interest in the sal6ation of those e ca!e to sa6e. If the &outh 5ill seek Christ/ e 5ill !ake their efforts effectual.--(rs. E. -. White/ 1he Youth2s Instructor/ 3o6e!)er 21/ 1,11.

Chap. 2 - A Call to the Youth

-od 5ants the &outh to )eco!e !en of earnest !ind/ to )e prepared for action in is no)le 5ork/ and fitted to )ear responsi)ilities. -od calls for &oung !en 5ith hearts uncorrupted/ strong and )ra6e/ and deter!ined to fight !anfull& in the struggle )efore

the!/ that the& !a& glorif& -od/ and )less hu!anit&. If the &outh 5ould )ut !ake the ;i)le their stud&/ 5ould )ut cal! their i!petuous desires/ and listen to the 6oice of their Creator and 7edee!er/ the& 5ould not onl& )e at peace 5ith -od/ )ut 5ould find the!sel6es enno)led and ele6ated. It 5ill )e for &our eternal interest/ !& &oung friend/ to gi6e heed to the instructions in the 5ord of -od/ for the& are of inesti!a)le i!portance to &ou. I entreat &ou to )e 5ise/ and consider 5hat 5ill )e the result of leading a 5ild life/ uncontrolled )& the Spirit of -od. ;e not decei6edA -od is not !ockedC for 5hatsoe6er a !an so5eth/ that shall he also reap. 0or he that so5eth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption. 0or &our soul2s sake/ for Christ2s sake/ 5ho ga6e i!self to sa6e &ou fro! ruin/ pause on the threshold of &our life/ and 5eigh 5ell &our responsi)ilities/ &our opportunities/ &our possi)ilities. -od has gi6en &ou an opportunit& to fill a high destin&. Your influence !a& tell for the truth of -odA &ou !a& )e a co-la)orer 5ith -od in the great 5ork of hu!an rede!ption. . . . Called to a igh %estin& $ that &oung !en !ight appreciate the high destin& to 5hich the& are called> Ponder 5ell the paths of &our feet. ;egin &our 5ork 5ith high and hol& purpose/ and )e deter!ined that through the po5er of the grace of -od/ &ou 5ill not di6erge fro! the path of rectitude. If &ou )egin to go in a 5rong direction/ e6er& step 5ill )e fraught 5ith peril and disaster/ and &ou 5ill go on stra&ing fro! the path of truth/ safet&/ and success. You need &our intellect strengthened/ &our !oral energies Buickened/ )& di6ine po5er. 1he cause of -od de!ands the highest po5ers of the )eing/ and there is urgent need in !an& fields for &oung !en of literar& Bualifications. 1here is need of !en 5ho can )e trusted to la)or in e4tensi6e fields that are no5 5hite to the har6est. Young !en of ordinar& a)ilit&/ 5ho gi6e the!sel6es 5holl& to -od/ 5ho are uncorrupted )& 6ice and i!purit&/ 5ill )e successful/ and 5ill )e ena)led to do a great 5ork for -od. :et &oung !en heed the ad!onition/ and )e so)er-!inded. o5 !an& &outh ha6e 5asted their -od-gi6en strength in foll& and dissipation> o5 !an& painful histories rise )efore !e of &outh 5ho ha6e )eco!e !ere 5recks of hu!anit&/ !entall&/ !orall&/ ph&sicall&/ )ecause of indulgence in 6icious ha)its> 1heir constitutions are ruined/ their life usefulness greatl& i!paired/ )ecause of indulgence in unla5ful pleasures. I entreat of &ou/ careless/ reckless &outh of toda&/ )e con6erted/ and )eco!e la)orers together 5ith -od. :et it )e the stud& of &our life to )less and sa6e others. If &ou seek help fro! -od/ is po5er 5orking in &ou 5ill )ring to naught all opposing po5ers/ and &ou 5ill )eco!e sanctified through the truth. Sin is alar!ingl& pre6alent a!ong the &outh of toda&/ )ut let it )e &our purpose to do 5hat &ou can to rescue souls fro! the po5er of Satan. ;e :ight ;earers Carr& light 5here6er &ou goA sho5 that &ou ha6e strength of purpose/ that &ou are not a person of indecision/ easil& s5a&ed )& the persuasions of e6il associates. %o not

&ield a read& assent to the suggestions of those 5ho dishonor -od/ )ut rather seek to refor!/ reclai!/ and rescue souls fro! e6il. 7esort to pra&er/ persuade in !eekness and lo5liness of spirit those 5ho oppose the!sel6es. $ne soul sa6ed fro! error/ and )rought under the )anner of Christ/ 5ill cause =o& in hea6en/ and place a star in &our cro5n of re=oicing. A soul sa6ed 5ill/ through his godl& influence/ )ring other souls to a kno5ledge of sal6ation/ and thus the 5ork 5ill !ultipl&/ and onl& the re6ealings of the da& of =udg!ent 5ill !ake !anifest the e4tent of the 5ork. %o not hesitate to 5ork for the :ord )ecause &ou think &ou can do )ut little. %o &our little 5ith fidelit&A for -od 5ill 5ork 5ith &our efforts. e 5ill 5rite &our na!e in the )ook of life as one 5orth& to enter into the =o& of the :ord. :et us earnestl& entreat the :ord that la)orers !a& )e raised up/ for the fields are 5hite to the har6estA the har6est is great/ and the la)orers are fe5. . . . Cherished ;road Ideas Young !en should ha6e )road ideas/ 5ise plans/ that the& !a& !ake the !ost of their opportunities/ catch the inspiration and courage that ani!ated the apostles. <ohn sa&s/ I ha6e 5ritten unto &ou/ &oung !en/ )ecause &e are strong/ and the 5ord of -od a)ideth in &ou/ and &e ha6e o6erco!e the 5icked one. An ele6ated standard is presented )efore the &outh/ and -od is in6iting the! to co!e into real ser6ice for i!. 1rue-hearted &oung !en 5ho delight to )e learners in the school of Christ/ can do a great 5ork for the (aster/ if the& 5ill onl& gi6e heed to the co!!and of the Captain as it sounds do5n along the lines to our ti!e/ Euit &ou like !en/ )e strong. You are to )e !en 5ho 5ill 5alk hu!)l& 5ith -od/ 5ho 5ill stand )efore i! in &our -od-gi6en !anhood/ free fro! i!purit&/ free fro! all conta!ination fro! the sensualit& that is corrupting this age. You !ust )e !en 5ho 5ill despise all falsit& and 5ickedness/ 5ho 5ill dare to )e true and )ra6e/ holding aloft the )lood-stained )anner of Prince E!!anuel. Your talents 5ill increase as &ou use the! for the (aster/ and the& 5ill )e estee!ed precious )& i! 5ho has )ought the! 5ith an infinite price. %o not sit do5n and neglect to do an&thing/ si!pl& )ecause &ou cannot do so!e great thing/ )ut do 5hate6er &our hands find to do/ 5ith thoroughness and energ&. . . . . 1he Call to Enlist Christ is calling for 6olunteers to enlist under is standard/ and )ear the )anner of the cross )efore the 5orld. 1he church is languishing for the help of &oung !en 5ho 5ill )ear a courageous testi!on&/ 5ho 5ill 5ith their ardent ?eal stir up the sluggish energies of -od2s people/ and so increase the po5er of the church in the 5orld. Young !en are 5anted 5ho 5ill resist the tide of 5orldliness/ and lift a 6oice of 5arning against taking the first steps in i!!oralit& and 6ice. ;ut first the &oung !en 5ho 5ould ser6e -od/ and gi6e the!sel6es to is 5ork/ !ust cleanse the soul te!ple of all i!purit&/ and enthrone Christ in the heartA then the& 5ill )e ena)led to put energ& into their Christian effort/ and 5ill !anifest enthusiastic ?eal in persuading !en to )e reconciled to Christ. Will not our &oung !en respond to the

in6itation of Christ/ and ans5er/ ere a! IA send !eD Young !en/ press to the front/ and identif& &oursel6es as la)orers together 5ith Christ/ taking up the 5ork 5here e left it/ to carr& it on to its co!pletion.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <une 1'/ 1+,1.

Essential Ele!ents of Character -od does not )id the &outh to )e less aspiring. 1he ele!ents of character that !ake a !an successful and honored a!ong !en/--the irrepressi)le desire for so!e greater good/ the indo!ita)le 5ill/ the strenuous e4ertion/ the untiring perse6erance/ --are not to )e crushed out.--Patriarchs and Prophets/ p. '.2.

Chap. 3 - Seeking to Please Hi

1he :ord has a special 5ork to do for us indi6iduall&. As 5e see the 5ickedness of the 5orld )rought to light in the courts of =ustice and pu)lished in the dail& papers/ let us dra5 near to -od/ and )& li6ing faith la& hold of is pro!ises/ that the grace of Christ !a& )e !anifest in us. We !a& ha6e an influence/ a po5erful influence/ in the 5orld. If the con6icting po5er of -od is 5ith us/ 5e shall )e ena)led to lead souls that are in sin to con6ersion. $ur si!plicit& 5ill acco!plish !uch in this 5ork. We are not to tr& to cli!) up to high positions or to gain the praise of !en. $ur ai! should not )e to )e the greatest. We are to ha6e an e&e single to the glor& of -od. We are to 5ork 5ith all the intelligence that -od has gi6en us/ placing oursel6es in the channel of light/ that the grace of -od can co!e upon us to !old and fashion us to the di6ine si!ilitude. ea6en is 5aiting to )esto5 its richest )lessings upon those 5ho 5ill consecrate the!sel6es to do the 5ork of -od in these last da&s of the 5orld2s histor&. We shall )e tested and triedA 5e !a& )e called to spend 5akeful nightsA )ut let such ti!es )e spent in earnest pra&er to -od/ that e !a& gi6e understanding/ and Buicken the !ind to discern the pri6ileges that are ours.--7e6ie5 and erald/ April 1/ 1,.,.

Chap. ! - Standards of Success

1he fear of the :ord is the )eginning of 5isdo!. (an& of our &outh do not feel the necessit& of )ringing their po5ers into 6igorous e4ercise to do their )est at all ti!es and under all circu!stances. 1he& do not ha6e the fear of -od )efore their e&es/ and their thoughts are not pure and ele6ated. All hea6en is cogni?ant of e6er& thought and e6er& action. Your actions !a& )e unseen )& &our associates/ )ut the& are all open to the inspection of angels. 1he angels are co!!issioned to !inister unto those 5ho are stri6ing to o6erco!e e6er& 5rong ha)it/ and stand clear fro! the de6ices of Satan. 0aithful Integrit& 1he po5er of little acts of e6il/ of s!all inconsistencies to !old character/ are not esti!ated as the& should )e. 1he grandest and !ost ele6ated principles are re6ealed to

us in the Word of -od. 1he& are gi6en to us to strengthen e6er& effort for good/ to control and )alance the !ind/ to lead us to aspire to reach a high standard. In the histor& of <oseph/ %aniel/ and his fello5s/ 5e see ho5 the golden chain of truth !a& )ind the &outh to the throne of -od. 1he& could not )e te!pted to turn aside fro! their course of integrit&. 1he& 6alued the fa6or of -od a)o6e the fa6or and praise of princes/ and -od lo6ed the! and spread is shield o6er the!. ;ecause of their faithful integrit&/ )ecause of their deter!ination to honor -od a)o6e e6er& hu!an po5er/ the :ord signall& honored the! )efore !en. 1he& 5ere honored )& the :ord -od of hosts/ 5hose po5er is o6er all the 5orks of is hand in hea6en a)o6e and the earth )eneath. 1hese &outh 5ere not asha!ed to displa& their true colors. E6en in the court of the king/ in their 5ords/ their ha)its/ their practices/ the& confessed their faith in the :ord -od of hea6en. 1he& refused to )o5 to an& earthl& !andate that detracted fro! the honor of -od. 1he& had strength fro! hea6en to confess their allegiance to -od. You should )e prepared to follo5 the e4a!ple of these no)le &outh. 3e6er )e asha!ed of &our colorsA put the! on/ unfurl the! to the ga?e of !en and angels. %o not )e controlled )& false !odest&/ )& false prudence 5hich suggests to &ou a course of action contrar& to this ad6ice. ;& &our choice 5ords and a consistent course of action/ )& &our propriet&/ &our earnest piet&/ !ake a telling confession of &our faith/ deter!ined that Christ shall occup& the throne in the soul te!pleA and la& &our talents 5ithout reser6e at is feet to )e e!plo&ed in is ser6ice. Co!plete Consecration 0or &our present and eternal good it is )est to co!!it &ourself 5holl& to the right/ that the 5orld !a& kno5 5here &ou are standing. (an& are not 5holl& co!!itted to the cause of -od/ and their position of 5a6ering is a source of 5eakness in itself/ and a stone of stu!)ling to others. With principles unsettled/ unconsecrated as the& are/ the 5a6es of te!ptation s5eep the! a5a& fro! 5hat the& kno5 to )e right/ and the& do not !ake hol& endea6or to o6erco!e e6er& 5rong/ and through the i!puted righteousness of Christ/ perfect a righteous character. 1he 5orld has a right to kno5 =ust 5hat !a& )e e4pected fro! e6er& intelligent hu!an )eing. e 5ho is a li6ing e!)odi!ent of fir!/ decided/ righteous principles/ 5ill )e a li6ing po5er upon his associatesA and he 5ill influence others )& his Christianit&. (an& do not discern and appreciate ho5 great is the influence of each one for good or e6il. E6er& student should understand that the principles 5hich he adopts )eco!e a li6ing/ !olding influence upon character. e 5ho accepts Christ as his personal Sa6iour/ 5ill lo6e <esus/ and all for 5ho! Christ has diedA for Christ 5ill )e in hi! a 5ell of 5ater springing up unto e6erlasting life. e 5ill surrender hi!self 5ithout reser6ation to the rule of Christ. Assert Your :i)ert& (ake it the la5 of &our life fro! 5hich no te!ptation or side interest shall cause &ou to turn/ to honor -od/ )ecause e so lo6ed the 5orld/ that e ga6e his onl&-)egotten Son/ that 5hosoe6er )elie6eth in i! should not perish/ )ut ha6e e6erlasting life. As a redee!ed/ free !oral agent/ ranso!ed )& an infinite price/ -od calls upon &ou to

assert &our li)ert&/ and e!plo& &our -od-gi6en po5ers as a free su)=ect of the kingdo! of hea6en. ;e no longer under the thralldo! of sin/ )ut as a lo&al su)=ect to the @ing of kings/ pro6e &our lo&alt& to -od. 1hrough <esus Christ sho5 that &ou are 5orth& of the sacred trust 5ith 5hich the :ord has honored &ou in )esto5ing upon &ou life and grace. You are to refuse to )e in su)=ection to the po5er of e6il. As soldiers of Christ 5e !ust deli)eratel& and intelligentl& accept is ter!s of sal6ation under e6er& circu!stance/ cherish right principles/ and act upon the!. %i6ine 5isdo! is to )e a la!p to &our feet. ;e true to &oursel6es/ )e true to &our -od. E6er&thing that can )e shaken 5ill )e shakenA )ut rooted and grounded in the truth/ &ou 5ill a)ide 5ith those things that cannot )e shaken. 1he la5 of -od is steadfast/ unaltera)leA for it is the e4pression of the character of <eho6ah. (ake up &our !ind that &ou 5ill not )& 5ord or influence cast the least dishonor upon its authorit&. Co!plete Surrender 1o ha6e the religion of Christ !eans that &ou ha6e a)solutel& surrendered &our all to -od/ and consented to the guidance of the ol& Spirit. 1hrough the gift of the ol& Spirit !oral po5er 5ill )e gi6en &ou/ and not onl& 5ill &ou ha6e &our for!er intrusted talents for the ser6ice of -od/ )ut their efficienc& 5ill )e greatl& !ultiplied. 1he surrender of all our po5ers to -od greatl& si!plifies the pro)le! of life. It 5eakens and cuts short a thousand struggles 5ith the passions of the natural heart. 7eligion is as a golden cord that )inds the souls of )oth &outh and aged to Christ. 1hrough it the 5illing and o)edient are )rought safel& through dark and intricate paths to the cit& of -od. 1here are &outh 5ho ha6e onl& co!!on faculties/ and &et )& education and discipline under teachers 5ho are actuated )& high and pure principles/ the& !a& co!e forth fro! the training process Bualified for so!e position of trust to 5hich -od has called the!. ;ut there are &oung !en 5ho 5ill !ake a failure )ecause the& ha6e not deter!ined to o6erco!e natural inclinations/ and the& 5ill not listen to the 6oice of -od in is 5ord. 1he& ha6e not )arricaded their souls against te!ptation/ and deter!ined to do their dut& at all ha?ards. 1he& are like one 5ho in a perilous =ourne& refuses an& guide or instruction 5here)& he !a& escape accident and ruin/ and goes on in a certain course of destruction. Choosing Your %estin& $ that e6er& one !ight reali?e that he is the ar)iter of his o5n destin&> Your happiness for this life/ and for the future/ i!!ortal life lies 5ith &ourself. If &ou choose/ &ou !a& ha6e associates 5ho/ )& their influence/ 5ill cheapen &our thoughts/ &our 5ords/ and &our !orals. You can gi6e loose rein to appetite and passion/ despise authorit&/ use coarse language/ and degrade &ourself to the lo5est le6el. Your influence !a& )e such as to conta!inate others/ and &ou !a& )e the cause of ruining those 5ho! &ou !ight ha6e )rought to Christ. You !a& lead fro! Christ/ fro! right/ fro! holiness/ and fro! hea6en. In the =udg!ent the lost !a& point to &ou and sa&/ If it had not )een for his influence/ I 5ould not ha6e stu!)led and !ade a !ock of religion. e had light/ he kne5 the 5a& to hea6en. I 5as ignorant/ and 5ent )lindfolded on !& 5a& to destruction. $/ 5hat ans5er can 5e gi6e to such a chargeD

o5 i!portant it is that e6er& one shall consider 5here he is leading souls. We are in 6ie5 of the eternal 5orld/ and ho5 diligentl& 5e should count the cost of our influence. We should not drop eternit& out of our reckoning/ )ut accusto! oursel6es to ask continuall&/ Will this course )e pleasing to -odD What 5ill )e the influence of !& action upon the !inds of those 5ho ha6e had !uch less light and e6idence as to 5hat is rightD eart-Searching Euestions $/ that the &outh 5ould search the Scriptures/ and do as the& think Christ 5ould ha6e done under si!ilar circu!stances> $ur opportunities to gain kno5ledge fro! hea6en ha6e placed upon us large responsi)ilities/ and 5ith intense solicitude/ 5e should inBuire/ A! I 5alking in the lightD A! I/ according to the great light gi6en !e/ leading in the right 5a&/ or !aking such crooked paths that the la!e shall )e turned out of the 5a&D . . . We should )e per6aded 5ith a deep/ a)iding sense of the 6alue/ sanctit&/ and authorit& of the truth. 1he )right )ea!s of hea6en2s light are shining upon &our path5a&/ dear &outh/ and I pra& that &ou !a& !ake the !ost of &our opportunities. 7ecei6e and cherish e6er& hea6en-sent ra&/ and &our path 5ill gro5 )righter and )righter unto the perfect da&.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ 0e)ruar& 2/ 1+,3.

Chap. " - #ur $a% of #pportunit%

1here are lessons for us to learn at this ti!e fro! the e4perience of those 5ho la)ored for -od in past generations. o5 little 5e kno5 of the conflicts and trials and la)ors of these !en/ as the& fitted the!sel6es to !eet the ar!ies of Satan. Putting on the 5hole ar!or of -od/ the& 5ere a)le to stand against the 5iles of Satan. . . . 1hese !en 5ho in the past ga6e the!sel6es to -od and to the uplifting of is cause 5ere as true as steel to principle. 1he& 5ere !en 5ho 5ould not fail nor )e discouragedA !en 5ho/ like %aniel/ 5ere full of re6erence and ?eal for -od/ full of no)le purposes and aspirations. 1he& 5ere as 5eak and helpless as an& of those 5ho are no5 engaged in the 5ork/ )ut the& put their 5hole trust in -od. 1he& had 5ealth/ )ut it consisted of !ind and soul culture. 1his e6er& one !a& ha6e 5ho 5ill !ake -od first and last and )est in e6er&thing. Although destitute of 5isdo!/ kno5ledge/ 6irtue/ and po5er/ 5e !a& recei6e all these if 5e 5ill learn fro! Christ the lessons that it is our pri6ilege to learn. 1he @ind of Workers 3eeded In this ti!e 5e ha6e opportunities and ad6antages that it 5as not eas& to o)tain in generations past. We ha6e increased light/ and this has co!e through the 5ork of those faithful sentinels 5ho !ade -od their dependence/ and recei6ed po5er fro! i! to let light shine in clear/ )right ra&s to the 5orld. In our da& 5e ha6e increased light to i!pro6e/ as in ti!es past !en and 5o!en of no)le 5orth i!pro6ed the light that -od ga6e the!. 1he& toiled long to learn the lessons gi6en the! in the school of Christ/ and the& did not toil in 6ain. 1heir perse6ering efforts 5ere re5arded. 1he& )ound the!sel6es up 5ith the !ightiest of all po5ers/ and &et the& 5ere e6er longing

for a deeper/ higher/ and )roader co!prehension of eternal realities/ that the& !ight successfull& present the treasures of truth to a need& 5orld. Workers of this character are needed no5. 1hose 5ho are !en in the sight of -od/ and 5ho are thus recorded on the )ooks of hea6en/ are those 5ho/ like %aniel/ culti6ate e6er& facult& in such a 5a& as )est to represent the kingdo! of -od in a 5orld l&ing in 5ickedness. Progress in kno5ledge is essentialA for 5hen e!plo&ed in the cause of -od/ kno5ledge is a po5er for good. 1he 5orld needs !en of thought/ !en of principle/ !en 5ho are constantl& gro5ing in understanding and discern!ent. 1he press is in need of !en to use it to the )est ad6antage/ that the truth !a& )e gi6en 5ings to speed it to e6er& nation/ and tongue/ and people. $ur Source of Efficienc& We need to !ake use of the &outh 5ho 5ill culti6ate honest industr&/ 5ho are not afraid to put their po5ers to task. Such &outh 5ill find a position an&5here/ )ecause the& falter not )& the 5a&A in !ind and soul the& )ear the di6ine si!ilitude. 1heir e&e is single/ and constantl& the& press on5ard/ and up5ard/ cr&ing/ 9ictor&. ;ut there is no call for the indolent/ the fearful and un)elie6ing/ 5ho )& their lack of faith and their un5illingness to den& self for Christ2s sake/ keep the 5ork fro! ad6ancing. . . . . -od calls for those 5ho 5ill )e 5orkers together 5ith i!. Connected 5ith Christ/ hu!an nature )eco!es pure and true. Christ supplies the efficienc&/ and !an )eco!es a po5er for good. 1ruthfulness and integrit& are attri)utes of -od/ and he 5ho possesses these attri)utes possesses a po5er that is in6inci)le.--7e6ie5 and erald/ (arch 1./ 1,.3.

7ighteousness Within 7ighteousness 5ithin is testified to )& righteousness 5ithout. e 5ho is righteous 5ithin is not hard-hearted and uns&!pathetic/ )ut da& )& da& he gro5s into the i!age of Christ/ going on fro! strength to strength. e 5ho is )eing sanctified )& the truth 5ill )e self-controlled/ and 5ill follo5 in the footsteps of Christ until grace is lost in glor&. 1he righteousness )& 5hich 5e are =ustified is i!putedA the righteousness )& 5hich 5e are sanctified is i!parted. 1he first is our title to hea6en/ the second is our fitness for hea6en.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <une "/ 1+,#.

Chap. & - Heights that Ma% 'e Attained

%ear &outh/ 5hat is the ai! and purpose of &our lifeD Are &ou a!)itious for education that &ou !a& ha6e a na!e and position in the 5orldD a6e &ou thoughts that &ou dare not e4press/ that &ou !a& one da& stand upon the su!!it of intellectual greatnessA that &ou !a& sit in deli)erati6e and legislati6e councils/ and help to enact la5s for the nationD 1here is nothing 5rong in these aspirations. You !a& e6er& one of &ou !ake &our !ark. You should )e content 5ith no !ean attain!ents. Ai! high/ and spare no pains to reach the standard. 7eligion the ;asis of :ife

1he fear of the :ord lies at the foundation of all true greatness. Integrit&/ uns5er6ing integrit&/ is the principle that &ou need to carr& 5ith &ou into all the relations of life. 1ake &our religion into &our school life/ into &our )oarding house/ into all &our pursuits. 1he i!portant Buestion 5ith &ou no5 is/ ho5 to so choose and perfect &our studies that &ou 5ill !aintain the solidit& and purit& of an untarnished Christian character/ holding all te!poral clai!s and interests in su)=ection to the higher clai!s of the gospel of Christ. You 5ant no5 to )uild as &ou 5ill )e a)le to furnish/ to so relate &ourself to societ& and to life that &ou !a& ans5er the purpose of -od in &our creation. As disciples of Christ/ &ou are not de)arred fro! engaging in te!poral pursuitsA )ut &ou should carr& &our religion 5ith &ou. Whate6er the )usiness &ou !a& Bualif& &ourself to engage in/ ne6er entertain the idea that &ou cannot !ake a success of it 5ithout sacrificing principle. igh 7esponsi)ilities ;alanced )& religious principle/ &ou !a& cli!) to an& height &ou please. We 5ould )e glad to see &ou rising to the no)le ele6ation -od designs that &ou shall reach. <esus lo6es the precious &outhA and e is not pleased to see the! gro5 up 5ith unculti6ated/ unde6eloped talents. 1he& !a& )eco!e strong !en of fir! principle/ fitted to )e intrusted 5ith high responsi)ilities/ and to this end the& !a& la5full& strain e6er& ner6e. ;ut ne6er co!!it so great a cri!e as to per6ert &our -od-gi6en po5ers to do e6il and destro& others. 1here are gifted !en 5ho use their a)ilit& to spread !oral ruin and corruptionA )ut all such are so5ing seed that 5ill produce a har6est 5hich the& 5ill not )e proud to reap. It is a fearful thing to use -od-gi6en a)ilities in such a 5a& as to scatter )light and 5oe instead of )lessing in societ&. It is also a fearful thing to fold the talent intrusted to us in a napkin/ and hide it a5a& in the 5orldA for this is casting a5a& the cro5n of life. -od clai!s our ser6ice. 1here are responsi)ilities for e6er& one to )earA and 5e can fulfill life2s grand !ission onl& 5hen these responsi)ilities are full& accepted/ and faithfull& and conscientiousl& discharged. Influence of 7eligion Sa&s the 5ise !an/ 7e!e!)er no5 th& Creator in the da&s of th& &outh. ;ut do not for a !o!ent suppose that religion 5ill !ake &ou sad and gloo!& and 5ill )lock up the 5a& to success. 1he religion of Christ does not o)literate or e6en 5eaken a single facult&. It in no 5a& incapacitates &ou for the en=o&!ent of an& real happinessA it is not designed to lessen &our interest in life/ or to !ake &ou indifferent to the clai!s of friends and societ&. It does not !antle the life in sackclothA it is not e4pressed in deepdra5n sighs and groans. 3o/ noA those 5ho in e6er&thing !ake -od first and last and )est/ are the happiest people in the 5orld. S!iles and sunshine are not )anished fro! their countenance. 7eligion does not !ake the recei6er coarse and rough/ untid&/ and uncourteousA on the contrar&/ it ele6ates and enno)les hi!/ refines his taste/ sanctifies his =udg!ent/ and fits hi! for the societ& of hea6enl& angels and for the ho!e that <esus has gone to prepare.

:et us ne6er lose sight of the fact that <esus is a 5ellspring of =o&. e does not delight in the !iser& of hu!an )eings/ )ut lo6es to see the! happ&. Christians ha6e !an& sources of happiness at their co!!and/ and the& !a& tell 5ith unerring accurac& 5hat pleasures are la5ful and right. 1he& !a& en=o& such recreations as 5ill not dissipate the !ind or de)ase the soul/ such as 5ill not disappoint/ and lea6e a sad afterinfluence to destro& self-respect or )ar the 5a& to usefulness. If the& can take <esus 5ith the!/ and !aintain a pra&erful spirit/ the& are perfectl& safe. . . . $ur Ste5ardship of 1alents Young friends/ the fear of the :ord lies at the 6er& foundation of all progressA it is the )eginning of 5isdo!. Your hea6enl& 0ather has clai!s upon &ouA for 5ithout solicitation or !erit on &our part e gi6es &ou the )ounties of is pro6idenceA and !ore than this/ e has gi6en &ou all hea6en in one gift/ that of is )elo6ed Son. In return for this infinite gift/ e clai!s of &ou 5illing o)edience. As &ou are )ought 5ith a price/ e6en the precious )lood of the Son of -od/ e reBuires that &ou !ake a right use of the pri6ileges &ou en=o&. Your intellectual and !oral faculties are -od2s gifts/ talents intrusted to &ou for 5ise i!pro6e!ent/ and &ou are not at li)ert& to let the! lie dor!ant for 5ant of proper culti6ation/ or )e crippled and d5arfed )& inaction. It is for &ou to deter!ine 5hether or not the 5eight& responsi)ilities that rest upon &ou shall )e faithfull& !et/ 5hether or not &our efforts shall )e 5ell directed and &our )est. We are li6ing in the perils of the last da&s. All hea6en is interested in the characters &ou are for!ing. E6er& pro6ision has )een !ade for &ou/ that &ou should )e a partaker of the di6ine nature/ ha6ing escaped the corruption that is in the 5orld through lust. (an is not left alone to conBuer the po5ers of e6il )& his o5n fee)le efforts. elp is at hand/ and 5ill )e gi6en e6er& soul 5ho reall& desires it. Angels of -od/ that ascend and descend the ladder that <aco) sa5 in 6ision/ 5ill help e6er& soul 5ho 5ill to cli!) e6en to the highest hea6en. 1he& are guarding the people of -od/ and 5atching ho5 e6er& step is taken. 1hose 5ho cli!) the shining 5a& 5ill )e re5ardedA the& 5ill enter into the =o& of their :ord.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. +2-+'.

A igh Ideal to 7each igher than the highest hu!an thought can reach is -od2s ideal for is children. -odliness-- godlikeness--is the goal to )e reached. ;efore the student there is opened a path of continual progress. e has an o)=ect to achie6e/ a standard to attain/ that includes e6er&thing good/ and pure/ and no)le. e 5ill ad6ance as fast and as far as possi)le in e6er& )ranch of true kno5ledge. ;ut his efforts 5ill )e directed to o)=ects as !uch higher than !ere selfish and te!poral interests as the hea6ens are higher than the earth.--Education/ pp. 1+/ 1,.

Channels of -od2s -race It is the pri6ilege of e6er& soul to )e a li6ing channel through 5hich -od can co!!unicate to the 5orld the treasures of is grace/ the unsearcha)le riches of

Christ. 1here is nothing that Christ desires so !uch as agents 5ho 5ill represent to the 5orld is Spirit and character. 1here is nothing that the 5orld needs so !uch as the !anifestation through hu!anit& of the Sa6iour2s lo6e. All hea6en is 5aiting for channels through 5hich can )e poured the hol& oil to )e a =o& and )lessing to hu!an hearts.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. "1,.

Chap. ( - Standards of )fficienc%

-ra6e responsi)ilities rest upon the &outh. -od e4pects !uch fro! the &oung !en 5ho li6e in this generation of increased light and kno5ledge. e e4pects the! to i!part this light and kno5ledge. e desires to use the! in dispelling the error and superstition that cloud the !inds of !an&. 1he& are to discipline the!sel6es )& gathering up e6er& =ot and tittle of kno5ledge and e4perience. -od holds the! responsi)le for the opportunities and pri6ileges gi6en the!. 1he 5ork )efore the! is 5aiting for their earnest effort/ that it !a& )e carried for5ard fro! point to point/ as the ti!e de!ands. If the &outh 5ill consecrate their !inds and hearts to -od2s ser6ice/ the& 5ill reach a high standard of efficienc& and usefulness. 1his is the standard that the :ord e4pects the &outh to attain. 1o do less than this is to refuse to !ake the !ost of -od-gi6en opportunities. 1his 5ill )e looked upon as treason against -od/ a failure to 5ork for the good of hu!anit&. Eualif&ing for Ser6ice 1hose 5ho stri6e to )eco!e la)orers for -od/ 5ho seek earnestl& to acBuire in order to i!part/ 5ill constantl& recei6e light fro! -od that the& !a& )e channels of co!!unication. If/ like %aniel/ &oung !en and &oung 5o!en 5ill )ring all their ha)its/ appetites/ and passions into confor!it& to the reBuire!ents of -od/ the& 5ill Bualif& the!sel6es for higher 5ork. 1he& should put fro! their !inds all that is cheap and fri6olous. 3onsense and a!use!ent-lo6ing propensities should )e discarded/ as out of place in the life and e4perience of those 5ho are li6ing )& faith in the Son of -od/ eating is flesh and drinking is )lood. 1he& should reali?e that though all the ad6antages of learning !a& )e 5ithin their reach/ the& !a& &et fail of o)taining that education 5hich 5ill fit the! for 5ork in so!e part of the :ord2s 6ine&ard. 1he& cannot engage in -od2s ser6ice 5ithout the reBuisite Bualifications of intelligent piet&. If the& gi6e to pleasure and a!use!ent the precious !ind that should )e strengthened )& high and no)le purposes/ the& degrade the po5ers that -od has gi6en the!/ and are guilt& )efore i!/ )ecause the& fail to i!pro6e their talents )& 5ise use. 1heir d5arfed spiritualit& is an offense to -od. 1he& taint and corrupt the !inds of those 5ith 5ho! the& associate. ;& their 5ords and actions the& encourage a careless inattention to sacred things. 3ot onl& do the& i!peril their o5n souls/ )ut their e4a!ple is detri!ental to all 5ith 5ho! the& co!e in contact. 1he& are utterl& inco!petent to represent Christ. Ser6ants of sin/ careless/ reckless/ and foolish/ the& scatter a5a& fro! i!.

1hose 5ho are satisfied 5ith lo5 attain!ents fail of )eing 5orkers together 5ith -od. 1o those 5ho let the !ind drift 5here it 5ill drift if not guarded/ Satan !akes suggestions 5hich so fill the !ind that the& are trained in his ar!& to deco& other souls. 1he& !a& !ake a profession of religion/ the& !a& ha6e a for! of godlinessA )ut the& are lo6ers of pleasure !ore than lo6ers of -od. Cle6erness not Piet& 1here are &outh 5ho ha6e a certain kind of cle6erness/ 5hich is ackno5ledged and ad!ired )& their associates/ )ut their a)ilit& is not sanctified. It is not strengthened and solidified )& the graces and trials of e4perience/ and -od cannot use it to )enefit hu!anit& and glorif& is na!e. 8nder the guise of godliness/ their po5ers are )eing used to erect false standards/ and the uncon6erted look to the! as an e4cuse for their 5rong course of action. Satan leads the! to a!use their associates )& their nonsense and so-called 5it. E6er&thing that the& undertake is cheapeningA for the& are under the control of the te!pter/ 5ho directs and fashions their characters/ that the& !a& do his 5ork. 1he& ha6e a)ilit&/ )ut it is untrainedA the& ha6e capacit&/ )ut it is uni!pro6ed. 1alents ha6e )een gi6en the!A )ut the& !isuse and degrade the! )& foll&/ and drag others do5n to their o5n lo5 le6el. Christ paid the ranso! for their souls )& self-denial/ self-sacrifice/ hu!iliation/ )& the sha!e and reproach e endured. 1his e did that e !ight rescue the! fro! the )ondage of sin/ fro! the sla6er& of a !aster 5ho cares for the! onl& as he can use the! to ruin souls. ;ut the& !ake the lo6e of the 7edee!er in their )ehalf of no a6ail to the!/ and e looks 5ith sadness on their 5ork. Such &outh !eet 5ith eternal loss. o5 5ill their fun and frolic appear to the! in the da& 5hen e6er& !an shall recei6e fro! the <udge of all the earth according to the deeds done in the )od&D 1he& ha6e )rought to the foundation 5ood/ ha&/ and stu))le/ and all their life 5ork 5ill perish. What a loss> $/ ho5 !uch )etter is the condition of those 5ho act their part in -od2s ser6ice/ looking to <esus for is appro6al/ 5riting dail& in their account-)ook their !istakes/ their errors/ their sorro5/ the 6ictories the& ha6e gained o6er te!ptation/ their =o& and peace in Christ> Such &outh 5ill not ha6e to !eet their life record 5ith sha!e and dis!a&.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <une 22/ 1+,,. 1he Chosen Agenc& $ur confession of is faithfulness is ea6en2s chosen agenc& for re6ealing Christ to the 5orld. We are to ackno5ledge is grace as !ade kno5n through the hol& !en of oldA )ut that 5hich 5ill )e !ost effectual is the testi!on& of our o5n e4perience. We are 5itnesses for -od as 5e re6eal in oursel6es the 5orking of a po5er that is di6ine. E6er& indi6idual has a life distinct fro! all others/ and an e4perience differing essentiall& fro! theirs. -od desires that our praise shall ascend to i!/ !arked 5ith our o5n indi6idualit&.--(inistr& of ealing/ p. 1...

Chap. * - Cli 'ing the Heights

In perfecting a Christian character/ it is essential to perse6ere in right doing. I 5ould i!press upon our &outh the i!portance of perse6erance and energ& in the 5ork of character-)uilding. 0ro! the earliest &ears it is necessar& to 5ea6e into the character principles of stern integrit&/ that the &outh !a& reach the highest standard of !anhood and 5o!anhood. 1he& should e6er keep the fact )efore their e&es that the& ha6e )een )ought 5ith a price/ and should glorif& -od in their )odies and spirits/ 5hich are is. . . . %ail& Ad6ance!ent It is the 5ork of the &outh to !ake ad6ance!ent da& )& da&. Peter sa&s/ Add to &our faith 6irtueA and to 6irtue kno5ledgeA and to kno5ledge te!peranceA and to te!perance patienceA and to patience godlinessA and to godliness )rotherl& kindnessA and to )rotherl& kindness charit&. 0or if these things )e in &ou/ and a)ound/ the& !ake &ou that &e shall neither )e )arren nor unfruitful in the kno5ledge of our :ord <esus Christ. All these successi6e steps are not to )e kept )efore the !ind2s e&e/ and counted as &ou startA )ut fi4ing the e&e upon <esus/ 5ith an e&e single to the glor& of -od/ &ou 5ill !ake ad6ance!ent. You cannot reach the full !easure of the stature of Christ in a da&/ and &ou 5ould sink in despair could &ou )ehold all the difficulties that !ust )e !et and o6erco!e. You ha6e Satan to contend 5ith/ and he 5ill seek )& e6er& possi)le de6ice to attract &our !ind fro! Christ. (eeting $)stacles ;ut 5e !ust !eet all o)stacles placed in our 5a&/ and o6erco!e the! one at a ti!e. If 5e o6erco!e the first difficult&/ 5e shall )e stronger to !eet the ne4t/ and at e6er& effort 5ill )eco!e )etter a)le to !ake ad6ance!ent. ;& looking to <esus/ 5e !a& )e o6erco!ers. It is )& fastening our e&es on the difficulties and shrinking fro! earnest )attle for the right/ that 5e )eco!e 5eak and faithless. ;& taking one step after another/ the highest ascent !a& )e cli!)ed/ and the su!!it of the !ount !a& )e reached at last. %o not )eco!e o6er5hel!ed 5ith the great a!ount of 5ork &ou !ust do in &our lifeti!e/ for &ou are not reBuired to do it all at once. :et e6er& po5er of &our )eing go to each da&2s 5ork/ i!pro6e each precious opportunit&/ appreciate the helps that -od gi6es &ou/ and !ake ad6ance!ent up the ladder of progress step )& step. 7e!e!)er that &ou are to li6e )ut one da& at a ti!e/ that -od has gi6en &ou one da&/ and hea6enl& records 5ill sho5 ho5 &ou ha6e 6alued its pri6ileges and opportunities. (a& &ou so i!pro6e e6er& da& gi6en &ou of -od/ that at last &ou !a& hear the (aster sa&/ Well done/ thou good and faithful ser6ant.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& #/ 1+,3.

Chap. + - Partnership ,ith -od

You ha6e 5ithin &our reach !ore than finite possi)ilities. A !an/ as -od applies the ter!/ is a son of -od. 3o5 are 5e the sons of -od/ and it doth not &et appear 5hat 5e shall )eC )ut 5e kno5 that/ 5hen e shall appear/ 5e shall )e like i!A for 5e shall see i! as e is. And e6er& !an that hath this hope in hi! purifieth hi!self/ e6en as

e is pure. It is &our pri6ilege to turn a5a& fro! that 5hich is cheap and inferior/ and rise to a high standard/--to )e respected )& !en and )elo6ed )& -od. 1he religious 5ork 5hich the :ord gi6es to &oung !en/ and to !en of all ages/ sho5s is respect for the! as is children. e gi6es the! the 5ork of self-go6ern!ent. e calls the! to )e sharers 5ith i! in the great 5ork of rede!ption and uplifting. As a father takes his son into partnership in his )usiness/ so the :ord takes is children into partnership 5ith i!self. We are !ade la)orers together 5ith -od. <esus sa&s/ As 1hou hast sent (e into the 5orld/ e6en so ha6e I also sent the! into the 5orld. Would &ou not rather choose to )e a child of -od than a ser6ant of Satan and sin/ ha6ing &our na!e registered as an ene!& of ChristD Young !en and 5o!en need !ore of the grace of Christ/ that the& !a& )ring the principles of Christianit& into the dail& life. 1he preparation for Christ2s co!ing is a preparation !ade through Christ for the e4ercise of our highest Bualities. It is the pri6ilege of e6er& &outh to !ake of his character a )eautiful structure. ;ut there is a positi6e need of keeping close to <esus. e is our strength and efficienc& and po5er. We cannot depend on self for one !o!ent. . . . 7eaching igher and igher o5e6er large/ ho5e6er s!all/ &our talents/ re!e!)er that 5hat &ou ha6e is &ours onl& in trust. 1hus -od is testing &ou/ gi6ing &ou opportunit& to pro6e &ourself true. 1o i! &ou are inde)ted for all &our capa)ilities. 1o i! )elong &our po5ers of )od&/ !ind/ and soul/ and for i! these po5ers are to )e used. Your ti!e/ &our influence/ &our capa)ilities/ &our skill/--all !ust )e accounted for to i! 5ho gi6es all. e uses his gifts )est 5ho seeks )& earnest endea6or to carr& out the :ord2s great plan for the uplifting of hu!anit&. Perse6ere in the 5ork that &ou ha6e )egun/ until &ou gain 6ictor& after 6ictor&. Educate &oursel6es for a purpose. @eep in 6ie5 the highest standard/ that &ou !a& acco!plish greater and still greater good/ thus reflecting the glor& of -od. --1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& 2#/ 1,1.. 1he e4a!ple of Christ sho5s us that our onl& hope of 6ictor& is in continual resistance of Satan2s attacks. e 5ho triu!phed o6er the ad6ersar& of souls in the conflict of te!ptations understands Satan2s po5er o6er the race/ and has conBuered hi! in our )ehalf. As an o6erco!er/ e has gi6en us the ad6antage of is 6ictor&/ that in our efforts to resist the te!ptations of Satan 5e !a& unite our 5eakness to is strength/ our 5orthlessness to is !erits. And sustained )& is enduring !ight under the strength of te!ptation/ 5e !a& resist in is all-po5erful na!e/ and o6erco!e as e o6erca!e.-- 1he Signs of the 1i!es/ (arch "/ 1++..

Chap. 1. -Satan/ a Might% 0oe

0allen !an is Satan2s la5ful capti6e. 1he !ission of <esus Christ 5as to rescue hi! fro! his po5er. (an is naturall& inclined to follo5 Satan2s suggestions/ and he cannot of hi!self successfull& resist so terri)le a foe/ unless Christ/ the !ight& conBueror/ d5ells in hi!/ guiding his desires/ and gi6ing hi! strength. -od alone can li!it the

po5er of Satan. e is going to and fro in the earth/ and 5alking up and do5n in it. e is not off his 5atch for a single !o!ent/ through fear of losing an opportunit& to destro& souls. It is i!portant that -od2s people understand this/ that the& !a& escape his snares. Satan in %isguise Satan is preparing his deceptions that in his last ca!paign against the people of -od/ the& !a& not understand that it is he. 2 Cor. 11C1"C And no !ar6elA for Satan hi!self is transfor!ed into an angel of light. While so!e decei6ed souls are ad6ocating that he does not e4ist/ he is taking the! capti6e/ and is 5orking through the! to a great e4tent. Satan kno5s )etter than -od2s people the po5er that the& can ha6e o6er hi!/ 5hen their strength is in Christ. When the& hu!)l& entreat the !ight& ConBueror for help/ the 5eakest )elie6ers in the truth/ rel&ing fir!l& upon Christ/ can successfull& repulse Satan and all his host. e is too cunning to co!e openl&/ )oldl&/ 5ith his te!ptations/ for then the dro5s& energies of the Christian 5ould arouse/ and he 5ould rel& upon the strong and !ight& %eli6erer. ;ut Satan co!es in unpercei6ed/ and in disguise he 5orks through the children of diso)edience/ 5ho profess godliness. Satan 5ill go to the e4tent of his po5er to harass/ te!pt/ and !islead -od2s people. e 5ho dared to face/ and te!pt/ and taunt our :ord/ and 5ho had po5er to take i! in his ar!s and carr& i! to a pinnacle of the te!ple/ and up into an e4ceeding high !ountain/ 5ill e4ercise his po5er to a 5onderful degree upon the present generation/ 5ho are far inferior in 5isdo! to their :ord/ and 5ho are al!ost 5holl& ignorant of Satan2s su)tlet& and strength. In a !ar6elous !anner 5ill he affect the )odies of those 5ho are naturall& inclined to do his )idding. Satan e4ults for his o5n sake that he is regarded as a fiction. When he is !ade light of/ and is represented )& so!e childish illustration/ or as so!e ani!al/ it suits hi! 5ell. e is thought so inferior that !inds are 5holl& unprepared for his 5isel& laid plans/ and he al!ost al5a&s succeeds 5ell. If his po5er and su)tlet& 5ere understood/ !inds 5ould )e prepared to successfull& resist hi!. . . . 1he ;attle for Each Soul I sa5 e6il angels contending for souls/ and angels of -od resisting the!. 1he conflict 5as se6ere. E6il angels 5ere cro5ding a)out the!/ corrupting the at!osphere 5ith their poisonous influence/ and stupef&ing their sensi)ilities. ol& angels 5ere an4iousl& 5atching these souls/ and 5ere 5aiting to dri6e )ack Satan2s host. ;ut it is not the 5ork of good angels to control !inds against the 5ill of the indi6iduals. If the& &ield to the ene!&/ and !ake no effort to resist hi!/ then the angels of -od can do )ut little !ore than hold in check the host of Satan/ that the& should not destro&/ until further light )e gi6en to those in peril/ to !o6e the! to arouse and look to hea6en for help. <esus 5ill not co!!ission hol& angels to e4tricate those 5ho !ake no effort to help the!sel6es. If Satan sees he is in danger of losing one soul/ he 5ill e4ert hi!self to the ut!ost to keep that one. And 5hen the indi6idual is aroused to his danger/ and/ 5ith distress and

fer6or/ looks to <esus for strength/ Satan fears he shall lose a capti6e/ and he calls a reenforce!ent of his angels to hedge in the poor soul/ and for! a 5all of darkness around hi!/ that hea6en2s light !a& not reach hi!. ;ut if the one in danger perse6eres/ and in helplessness and 5eakness casts hi!self upon the !erits of the )lood of Christ/ <esus listens to the earnest pra&er of faith/ and sends a re-enforce!ent of those angels 5hich e4cel in strength to deli6er hi!. Satan cannot endure to ha6e his po5erful ri6al appealed to/ for he fears and tre!)les )efore is FChrist2sG strength and !a=est&. At the sound of fer6ent pra&er/ Satan2s 5hole host tre!)les. . . . And 5hen angels/ all-po5erful/ clothed 5ith the ar!or& of hea6en/ co!e to the help of the fainting/ pursued soul/ Satan and his host fall )ack/ 5ell kno5ing that their )attle is lost.--7e6ie5 and erald/ (a& 13/ 1+'2.

Chap. 11 - 1he Character of the Conflict

1he 5ill of !an is aggressi6e/ and is constantl& stri6ing to )end all things to its purposes. If it is enlisted on the side of -od and right/ the fruits of the Spirit 5ill appear in the lifeA and -od has appointed/ glor&/ honor/ and peace/ to e6er& !an that 5orketh good. When Satan is per!itted to !old the 5ill/ he uses it to acco!plish his ends. e instigates theories of un)elief/ and stirs up the hu!an heart to 5ar against the 5ord of -od. With persistent/ perse6ering effort/ he seeks to inspire !en 5ith his o5n energies of hate and antagonis! to -od/ and to arra& the! in opposition to the institutions and reBuire!ents of hea6en and the operations of the ol& Spirit. e enlists under his standard all e6il agencies/ and )rings the! into the )attlefield under his generalship to oppose e6il against good. Call to $ppose Po5ers of E6il It is Satan2s 5ork to dethrone -od fro! the heart/ and to !old hu!an nature into his o5n i!age of defor!it&. e stirs up all e6il propensities/ a5akening unhol& passions and a!)itions. e declares/ All this po5er/ these honors/ and riches and sinful pleasures 5ill I gi6e theeA )ut his conditions are that integrit& shall )e &ielded/ conscience )lunted. 1hus he degrades the hu!an faculties/ and )rings the! into capti6it& to sin. -od calls upon !en to oppose the po5ers of e6il. e sa&s/ :et not sin therefore reign in &our !ortal )od&/ that &e should o)e& it in the lusts thereof. 3either &ield &e &our !e!)ers as instru!ents of unrighteousness unto sinC )ut &ield &oursel6es unto -od/ as those that are ali6e fro! the dead/ and &our !e!)ers as instru!ents of righteousness unto -od. 1he Christian life is a 5arfare. ;ut 5e 5restle not against flesh and )lood/ )ut against principalities/ against po5ers/ against the rulers of the darkness of this 5orld/ against spiritual 5ickedness in high places. In this conflict of righteousness against unrighteousness 5e can )e successful onl& )& di6ine aid. $ur finite 5ill !ust )e )rought into su)!ission to the 5ill of the InfiniteA the hu!an 5ill !ust )e )lended 5ith the di6ine. 1his 5ill )ring the ol& Spirit to our aidA and e6er& conBuest 5ill

tend to the reco6er& of -od2s purchased possession/ to the restoration of is i!age in the soul. Aid of the ol& Spirit 1he :ord <esus acts through the ol& SpiritA for it is is representati6e. 1hrough it e infuses spiritual life into the soul/ Buickening its energies for good/ cleansing it fro! !oral defile!ent/ and gi6ing it a fitness for is kingdo!. <esus has large )lessings to )esto5/ rich gifts to distri)ute a!ong !en. e is the 5onderful Counselor/ infinite in 5isdo! and strengthA and if 5e 5ill ackno5ledge the po5er of is Spirit/ and su)!it to )e !olded )& it/ 5e shall stand co!plete in i!. What a thought is this> In Christ d5elleth all the fullness of the -odhead )odil&. And &e are co!plete in i!. 3e6er 5ill the hu!an heart kno5 happiness until it is su)!itted to )e !olded )& the Spirit of -od. 1he Spirit confor!s the rene5ed soul to the !odel/ <esus Christ. 1hrough the influence of the Spirit/ en!it& against -od is changed into faith and lo6e/ and pride into hu!ilit&. 1he soul percei6es the )eaut& of truth/ and Christ is honored in e4cellence and perfection of character. As these changes are effected/ angels )reak out in rapturous song/ and -od and Christ re=oice o6er souls fashioned after the di6ine si!ilitude. . . . 1he Price of 9ictor& 1he 5arfare )et5een good and e6il has not gro5n less fierce than it 5as in the da&s of the Sa6iour. 1he path to hea6en is no s!oother no5 than it 5as then. All our sins !ust )e put a5a&. E6er& darling indulgence that hinders our spiritual progress !ust )e cut off. 1he right e&e or the right hand !ust )e sacrificed/ if it causes us to offend. Are 5e 5illing to renounce our o5n 5isdo!/ and to recei6e the kingdo! of hea6en as a little childD Are 5e 5illing to part 5ith our self-righteousnessD Are 5e 5illing to sacrifice the appro)ation of !enD 1he pri?e of eternal life is of infinite 6alue. Are 5e 5illing to 5elco!e the ol& Spirit2s aid/ and co-operate 5ith it/ putting forth efforts and !aking sacrifices proportionate to the 6alue of the o)=ect to )e o)tainedD--7e6ie5 and erald/ 0e). 1./ 1,.3.

Chap. 12 - Satan2s Special )ffort

I ha6e )een sho5n that 5e !ust )e guarded on e6er& side/ and perse6eringl& resist the insinuations and de6ices of Satan. e has transfor!ed hi!self into an angel of light/ and is decei6ing and leading thousands capti6e. 1he ad6antages he takes of the science of the hu!an !ind is tre!endous. ere/ serpentlike/ he i!percepti)l& creeps in to corrupt the 5ork of -od. 1he !iracles and 5orks of Christ/ he !akes all hu!an. If Satan should !ake an open/ )old attack upon Christianit&/ it 5ould )ring the Christian in distress and agon& at the feet of his 7edee!er/ and the strong and !ight& %eli6erer 5ould affright the )old ad6ersar& a5a&. ;ut Satan/ transfor!ed into an angel of light/ 5orks upon the !ind to allure fro! the onl& safe and right path. 1he sciences of phrenolog&/ ps&cholog&/ and !es!eris! ha6e )een the channel through 5hich Satan has co!e !ore directl& to this generation/ and 5rought 5ith that po5er 5hich 5as to characteri?e his 5ork near the close of pro)ation. . . .

As 5e near the close of ti!e/ the hu!an !ind is !ore readil& affected )& Satan2s de6ices. e leads decei6ed !ortals to account for the 5orks and !iracles of Christ upon general principles. Satan has e6er )een a!)itious to counterfeit the 5ork of Christ/ and esta)lish his o5n po5er and clai!s. e does not generall& do this openl& and )oldl&. e is artful/ and kno5s that the !ost effectual 5a& for hi! to acco!plish his 5ork is to co!e to poor fallen !an in the for! of an angel of light. Satan ca!e to Christ in the 5ilderness in the for! of a )eautiful &oung !an/--!ore like a !onarch than a fallen angel. e ca!e 5ith Scripture in his !outh. Said he/ It is 5ritten/ etc. $ur suffering Sa6iour !eets hi! 5ith Scripture/ sa&ing/ It is 5ritten. Satan takes the ad6antage of the 5eak/ suffering condition of Christ. e took upon i! our hu!an nature. . . . Confidence in Self 0atal If Satan can so )efog and decei6e the hu!an !ind/ and lead !ortals to think there is an inherent po5er in the!sel6es to acco!plish great and good 5orks/ the& cease to rel& upon -od to do that for the! 5hich the& think e4ists in the!sel6es to do. 1he& ackno5ledge not a superior po5er. 1he& gi6e not -od the glor& e clai!s/ and 5hich is due to is great and e4cellent (a=est&. Satan2s o)=ect is thus acco!plished. e e4ults that fallen !an presu!ptuousl& e4alts hi!self/ as he e4alted hi!self in hea6en/ and 5as thrust out. e kno5s that the ruin of !an is =ust as sure if he e4alts hi!self as his 5as certain. %estro&ing Confidence e has failed in his te!ptations to Christ in the 5ilderness. 1he plan of sal6ation has )een carried out. 1he dear price has )een paid for !an2s rede!ption. And no5 Satan seeks to tear a5a& the foundation of the Christian2s hope/ and turn the !inds of !en in a channel that the& !a& not )e )enefited or sa6ed )& the great sacrifice offered. e leads fallen !an/ through his all decei6a)leness of unrighteousness/ to )elie6e that he can do 6er& 5ell 5ithout an atone!entA that he need not depend upon a crucified and risen Sa6iourA that !an2s o5n !erits 5ill entitle hi! to -od2s fa6or/ and then he destro&s !an2s confidence in the ;i)le/ 5ell kno5ing if he succeeds here/ and the detector 5hich places a !ark upon hi!self is destro&ed/ he is safe. e fastens the delusion upon !inds that there is no personal de6il/ and those 5ho )elie6e this !ake no effort to resist and 5ar against that 5hich does not e4ist/ and poor )lind !ortals finall& adopt the !a4i!/ Whate6er is/ is right. 1he& ackno5ledge no rule to !easure their course. Satan leads !an& to )elie6e that pra&er to -od is useless/ and )ut a for!. e 5ell kno5s ho5 needful is !editation and pra&er/ to keep Christ2s follo5ers aroused to resist his cunning and deceptions. Satan2s de6ices 5ill di6ert the !ind fro! these i!portant e4ercises/ that the soul !a& not lean for help upon the !ight& $ne/ and o)tain strength fro! i! to resist his attacks. . . . It 5ill ser6e his purpose 5ell if 5e neglect the e4ercise of pra&er/ for then his l&ing 5onders are !ore readil& recei6ed. Satan acco!plishes his o)=ect in setting his deceitful te!ptations )efore !an/ that 5hich he failed to acco!plish in te!pting Christ. e so!eti!es co!es in the for! of a lo6el& &oung person/ or in a )eautiful

shado5. e 5orks cures/ and is 5orshiped )& decei6ed !ortals as a )enefactor of our race. . . . Control of the (ind I 5as sho5n that Satan cannot control !inds unless the& are &ielded to his control. 1hose 5ho depart fro! the right are in serious danger no5. 1he& separate the!sel6es fro! -od and fro! the 5atch-care of the angels of -od/ and Satan/ e6er upon the 5atch to destro& souls/ )egins to present to such his deceptions/ and the& are in the ut!ost peril. And if the& see and tr& to resist the po5ers of darkness and to free the!sel6es fro! Satan2s snare/ it is not an eas& !atter. 1he& ha6e 6entured on Satan2s ground/ and he clai!s the!. e 5ill not hesitate to engage all his energies/ and call to his aid all his e6il host to 5rest a single hu!an )eing fro! the hand of Christ. 1hose 5ho ha6e te!pted the de6il to te!pt the! 5ill ha6e to !ake desperate efforts to free the!sel6es fro! his po5er. When the& )egin to 5ork for the!sel6es/ then angels of -od 5ho! the& ha6e grie6ed 5ill co!e to their rescue. Satan and his angels are un5illing to lose their pre&. 1he& contend and )attle 5ith the hol& angels/ and the conflict is se6ere. And if those 5ho ha6e erred continue to plead/ and in deep hu!ilit& confess their 5rongs/ angels 5ho e4cel in strength 5ill pre6ail and 5rench the! fro! the po5er of the e6il angels. 1he Curtain :ifted As the curtain 5as lifted and I 5as sho5n the corruption of this age/ !& heart sickened/ !& spirit nearl& fainted 5ithin !e. I sa5 that the inha)itants of the earth 5ere filling up the !easure of the cup of their iniBuit&. -od2s anger is kindled/ and 5ill )e no !ore appeased until the sinners are destro&ed out of the earth. Satan is Christ2s personal ene!&. e is the originator and leader of e6er& species of re)ellion in hea6en and earth. is rage increases/ and 5e do not reali?e his po5er. If our e&es could )e opened to discern the fallen angels at their 5ork 5ith those 5ho feel at ease and consider the!sel6es safe/ 5e should not feel so secure. E6il angels are upon our track e6er& !o!ent. We e4pect a readiness on the part of )ad !en to act as Satan suggestsA )ut 5hile our !inds are unguarded against Satan2s in6isi)le agents/ the& 5ill assu!e ne5 ground/ and 5ill 5ork !ar6els and !iracles in our sight. Are 5e prepared to resist the! )& the 5ord of -od/ the onl& 5eapon 5e can use successfull&. So!e 5ill )e te!pted to recei6e these 5onders as fro! -od. 1he sick 5ill )e healed )efore us. (iracles 5ill )e perfor!ed in our sight. Are 5e prepared for the trial 5hen the l&ing 5onders of Satan shall )e !ore full& e4hi)itedD Will not !an& souls )e ensnared and takenD 0or!s of error/ and departure fro! the plain precepts and co!!and!ents of -od and gi6ing heed to fa)les are fitting !inds for these l&ing 5onders of Satan. We !ust all no5 seek to ar! oursel6es for the contest in 5hich 5e !ust soon engage. 0aith in -od2s 5ord/ pra&erfull& studied and practicall& applied 5ill )e our shield fro! Satan2s po5er/ and 5ill )ring us off conBuerors through the )lood of Christ. --7e6ie5 and erald/ 0e)ruar& 1+/ 1+'2.

Chap. 13 - 1e ptation 3o )4cuse for Sin

1here is not an i!pulse of our nature/ not a facult& of the !ind or an inclination of the heart/ )ut needs to )e/ !o!ent )& !o!ent/ under the control of the Spirit of -od. 1here is not a )lessing 5hich -od )esto5s upon !an/ nor a trial 5hich he per!its to )efall hi!/ )ut Satan )oth can and 5ill sei?e upon it to te!pt/ to harass/ and destro& the soul/ if 5e gi6e hi! the least ad6antage. 1herefore ho5e6er great one2s spiritual light/ ho5e6er !uch he !a& en=o& of the di6ine fa6or and )lessing/ he should e6er 5alk hu!)l& )efore the :ord/ pleading in faith that -od 5ill direct e6er& thought and control e6er& i!pulse. All 5ho profess godliness are under the !ost sacred o)ligation to guard the spirit/ and to e4ercise self- control under the greatest pro6ocation. 1he )urdens placed upon (oses 5ere 6er& greatA fe5 !en 5ill e6er )e so se6erel& tried as he 5asA &et this 5as not allo5ed to e4cuse his sin. -od has !ade a!ple pro6ision for is peopleA and if the& rel& upon is strength/ the& 5ill ne6er )eco!e the sport of circu!stances. 1he strongest te!ptation cannot e4cuse sin. o5e6er great the pressure )rought to )ear upon the soul/ transgression is our o5n act. It is not in the po5er of earth or hell to co!pel an& one to do e6il. Satan attacks us at our 5eak points/ )ut 5e need not )e o6erco!e. o5e6er se6ere or une4pected the assault/ -od has pro6ided help for us/ and in is strength 5e !a& conBuer.--Patriarchs and Prophets/ p. "21.

Chap. 1! - 0ortitude
1hose 5ho are finall& 6ictorious 5ill ha6e seasons of terri)le perple4it& and trial in their religious lifeA )ut the& !ust not cast a5a& their confidence/ for this is a part of their discipline in the school of Christ/ and it is essential in order that all dross !a& )e purged a5a&. 1he ser6ant of -od !ust endure 5ith fortitude the attacks of the ene!&/ his grie6ous taunts/ and !ust o6erco!e the o)stacles 5hich Satan 5ill place in his 5a&. Satan 5ill seek to discourage the follo5ers of Christ/ so that the& !a& not pra& or stud& the Scriptures/ and he 5ill thro5 his hateful shado5 ath5art the path to hide <esus fro! the 6ie5/ to shut a5a& the 6ision of is lo6e/ and the glories of the hea6enl& inheritance. It is his delight to cause the children of -od to go shrinkingl&/ tre!)lingl&/ and painfull& along/ under continual dou)t. e seeks to !ake the path5a& as sorro5ful as possi)leA )ut if &ou keep looking up/ not do5n at &our difficulties/ &ou 5ill not faint in the 5a&/ &ou 5ill soon see <esus reaching is hand to help &ou/ and &ou 5ill onl& ha6e to gi6e i! &our hand in si!ple confidence/ and let i! lead &ou. As &ou )eco!e trustful/ &ou 5ill )eco!e hopeful. In the Strength of the :ord <esus is the light of the 5orld/ and &ou are to fashion &our life after is. You 5ill find help in Christ to for! a strong/ s&!!etrical/ )eautiful character. Satan cannot !ake of none effect the light shining forth fro! such a character. 1he :ord has a 5ork for each of us to do. e does not pro6ide that 5e shall )e sustained )& the influence of hu!an praise and pettingA e !eans that e6er& soul shall stand in the strength of the :ord. -od has gi6en us is )est gift/ e6en is onl&-)egotten Son/ to uplift/ enno)le/

and fit us/ )& putting on us is o5n perfection of character/ for a ho!e in is kingdo!. <esus ca!e to our 5orld and li6ed as e e4pects is follo5ers to li6e. If 5e are self-indulgent/ and too la?& to put forth earnest effort to cooperate 5ith the 5onderful 5ork of -od/ 5e shall !eet 5ith loss in this life/ and loss in the future/ i!!ortal life. -od designs that 5e shall 5ork/ not in a despairing !anner/ )ut 5ith strong faith and hope. As 5e search the Scriptures/ and are enlightened to )ehold the 5onderful condescension of the 0ather in gi6ing <esus to the 5orld/ that all 5ho )elie6e on i! should not perish )ut ha6e e6erlasting life/ 5e should re=oice 5ith =o& unspeaka)le and full of glor&. E6er&thing that can )e gained )& education/ -od !eans that 5e shall use for the ad6ance!ent of the truth. 1rue/ 6ital godliness !ust )e reflected fro! the life and character/ that the cross of Christ !a& )e lifted up )efore the 5orld/ and the 6alue of the soul )e re6ealed in the light of the cross. $ur !inds !ust )e opened to understand the Scriptures/ that 5e !a& gain spiritual po5er )& feeding upon the )read of hea6en.--7e6ie5 and erald/ April +/ 1+,..

Chap. 1" - 1he Soul 1e ple

A faithful o)edience to -od2s reBuire!ents 5ill ha6e a surprising influence to ele6ate/ de6elop/ and strengthen all !an2s faculties. 1hose 5ho ha6e in &outh de6oted the!sel6es to the ser6ice of -od/ are found to )e the !en of sound =udg!ent and keen discri!ination. And 5h& should it not )e soD Co!!union 5ith the greatest 1eacher the 5orld has e6er kno5n/ strengthens the understanding/ illu!inates the !ind/ and purifies the heart--ele6ates/ refines/ and enno)les the 5hole !an. 1he entrance of 1h& 5ords gi6eth lightA it gi6eth understanding unto the si!ple. -od2s Ideal A!ong the &outh 5ho profess godliness/ there is a large class 5ho !a& see! to contradict this state!ent. 1he& !ake no ad6ance!ent in kno5ledge or in spiritualit&. 1heir po5ers are d5arfing/ rather than de6eloping. ;ut the psal!ist2s 5ords are true of the genuine Christian. It is not/ indeed/ the )are letter of -od2s 5ord that gi6es light and understandingA it is the 5ord opened and applied to the heart )& the ol& Spirit. When a !an is trul& con6erted/ he )eco!es a son of -od/ a partaker of the di6ine nature. 3ot onl& is the heart rene5ed/ )ut the intellect is strengthened and in6igorated. 1here ha6e )een !an& instances of persons 5ho )efore con6ersion 5ere thought to possess ordinar& and e6en inferior a)ilit&/ )ut 5ho after con6ersion see!ed to )e entirel& transfor!ed. 1he& then !anifested re!arka)le po5er to co!prehend the truths of -od2s 5ord/ and to present these truths to others. (en of high intellectual standing ha6e considered it a pri6ilege to hold intercourse 5ith these !en. 1he Sun of righteousness/ shedding its )right )ea!s into their !inds/ Buickened e6er& po5er into !ore 6igorous action. -od 5ill do a great 5ork for the &outh/ if the& 5ill )& the aid of the ol& Spirit recei6e is 5ord into the heart and o)e& it in the life. e is constantl& seeking to attract the! to i!self/ the Source of all 5isdo!/ the 0ountain of goodness/ purit&/ and truth. 1he !ind 5hich is occupied 5ith e4alted the!es )eco!es itself enno)led.

%esecrated Shrines 1hose 5ho profess to ser6e -od/ and &et !ake no ad6ance!ent in kno5ledge and piet&/ are Christians onl& in na!e. 1he soul-te!ple is filled 5ith desecrated shrines. 0ri6olous reading/ trifling con6ersation/ and 5orldl& pleasure/ occup& the !ind so co!pletel& that there is no roo! left for the entrance of -od2s Word. Worldliness/ fri6olit&/ and pride take the place 5hich Christ should occup& in the soul. . . . %egradation 1hrough Sensual Indulgence 1hose 5ho seek as their chief good the indulgence of appetite and passion/ are ne6er good or trul& great !en. o5e6er high the& !a& stand in the opinion of the 5orld/ the& are lo5/ 6ile/ and corrupt in -od2s esti!ation. ea6en has ordered that the !ark of their depra6it& shall )e 5ritten upon their 6er& countenance. 1heir thoughts are of the earth/ earthl&. 1heir 5ords re6eal the lo5 le6el of the !ind. 1he& ha6e filled the heart 5ith 6ileness/ and 5ell-nigh effaced therefro! the i!age of -od. 1he 6oice of reason is dro5ned/ and =udg!ent is per6erted. $h/ ho5 is !an2s entire nature de)ased )& sensual indulgence> When the 5ill is surrendered to Satan/ to 5hat depths of 6ice and foll& 5ill not !en descend> In 6ain does truth appeal to the intellectA for the heart is opposed to its pure principles.--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ %ece!)er 1/ 1++1.

elp in 1e!ptation ;& faith and pra&er all !a& !eet the reBuire!ents of the gospel. 3o !an can )e forced to transgress. is o5n consent !ust )e first gainedA the soul !ust purpose the sinful act/ )efore passion can do!inate o6er reason/ or iniBuit& triu!ph o6er conscience. 1e!ptation/ ho5e6er strong/ is ne6er an e4cuse for sin. 1he e&es of the :ord are o6er the righteous/ and is ears are open unto their pra&ers. Cr& unto the :ord/ te!pted soul. Cast &ourself/ helpless/ un5orth&/ upon <esus/ and clai! is 6er& pro!ise. 1he :ord 5ill hear. e kno5s ho5 strong are the inclinations of the natural heart/ and e 5ill help in e6er& ti!e of te!ptation. a6e &ou fallen into sinD 1hen 5ithout dela& seek -od for !erc& and pardon. . . . (erc& is still e4tended to the sinner. 1he :ord is calling to us in all our 5anderings/ 7eturn/ &e )acksliding children/ and I 5ill heal &our )ackslidings.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 9. page 1**.

Chap. 1& - Ye Are 3ot Your #5n

We so!eti!es hear the BuestionsC A! I ne6er to do as I pleaseD A! I ne6er to ha6e !& o5n 5a&D A! I al5a&s to )e restrainedD Can I ne6er act in accordance 5ith !& inclinationsD 1he less &ou follo5 natural inclinations/ the )etter it 5ill )e for &ourself and for others. 1he natural inclinations ha6e )een per6erted/ the natural po5ers !isapplied. Satan has )rought !an into collision 5ith -od. e 5orks continuall& to destro& the di6ine i!age in !an. 1herefore 5e !ust place a restraint on our 5ords and actions.

7esults of Co!plete Consecration When the grace of -od takes possession of the heart/ it is seen that the inherited and culti6ated tendencies to 5rong !ust )e crucified. A ne5 life/ under ne5 control/ !ust )egin in the soul. All that is done !ust )e done to the glor& of -od. 1his 5ork includes the out5ard as 5ell as the in5ard !an. 1he entire )eing/ )od&/ soul/ and spirit/ !ust )e )rought into su)=ection to -od/ to )e used )& i! as an instru!ent of righteousness. 1he natural !an is not su)=ect to the la5 of -odA neither/ indeed/ of hi!self/ can he )e. ;ut )& faith he 5ho has )een rene5ed li6es da& )& da& the life of Christ. %a& )& da& he sho5s that he reali?es that he is -od2s propert&. ;od& and soul )elong to -od. e ga6e is Son for the rede!ption of the 5orld/ and )ecause of this 5e ha6e )een granted a ne5 lease of life/ a pro)ation in 5hich to de6elop characters of perfect lo&alt&. -od has redee!ed us fro! the sla6er& of sin/ and has !ade it possi)le for us to li6e regenerated/ transfor!ed li6es of ser6ice. All $ur Po5ers ;elong to i! -od2s sta!p is upon us. e has )ought us/ and e desires us to re!e!)er that our ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral po5ers )elong to i!. 1i!e and influence reason/ affection/ and conscience/ all are -od2s/ and are to )e used onl& in har!on& 5ith is 5ill. 1he& are not to )e used in accordance 5ith the direction of the 5orldA for the 5orld is under a leader 5ho is at en!it& 5ith -od. 1he flesh/ in 5hich the soul ta)ernacles/ )elongs to -od. E6er& sine5/ e6er& !uscle/ is is. In no case are 5e )& neglect or a)use to 5eaken a single organ. We are to cooperate 5ith -od )& keeping the )od& in the 6er& )est possi)le condition of health/ that it !a& )e a te!ple 5here the ol& -host !a& a)ide/ !olding/ according to the 5ill of -od/ e6er& ph&sical and spiritual po5er. 1he !ind !ust )e stored 5ith pure principles. 1ruth !ust )e gra6en on the ta)lets of the soul. 1he !e!or& !ust )e filled 5ith the precious truths of the Word. 1hen/ like )eautiful ge!s/ these truths 5ill flash out in the life. 1he Price of a Soul 1he 6alue that -od places on the 5ork of is hands/ the lo6e e has for is children/ is re6ealed )& the gift e !ade to redee! !en. Ada! fell under the do!inion of Satan. e )rought sin into the 5orld/ and death )& sin. -od ga6e is onl&-)egotten Son to sa6e !an. 1his e did that e !ight )e =ust/ and &et the =ustifier of all 5ho accept Christ. (an sold hi!self to Satan/ )ut <esus )ought )ack the race. . . . You are not &our o5n. <esus has purchased &ou 5ith is )lood. %o not )ur& &our talents in the earth. 8se the! for i!. In 5hate6er )usiness &ou !a& )e engaged/ )ring <esus into it. If &ou find that &ou are losing &our lo6e for &our Sa6iour/ gi6e up &our )usiness/ and sa&/ ere I a!/ Sa6iourA 5hat 5ilt 1hou ha6e !e to doD e 5ill recei6e &ou graciousl&/ and lo6e &ou freel&. e 5ill a)undantl& pardonA for e is !erciful and long-suffering/ not 5illing that an& should perish. . . .

We/ and all that 5e ha6e/ )elong to -od. We should not regard it as a sacrifice to gi6e i! the affection of our hearts. 1he heart itself should )e gi6en to i! as a 5illing offering.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ 3o6e!)er +/ 1,...

%ecision Called 0or It is not safe for us to linger to conte!plate the ad6antages to )e reaped through &ielding to Satan2s suggestions. Sin !eans dishonor and disaster to e6er& soul that indulges in itA )ut it is )linding and decei6ing in its nature/ and it 5ill entice us 5ith flattering presentations. If 5e 6enture on Satan2s ground/ 5e ha6e no assurance of protection fro! his po5er. So far as in us lies/ 5e should close e6er& a6enue )& 5hich the te!pter !a& find access to us.--1houghts fro! the (ount of ;lessing/ p. 1*1

Chap. 1( - 1rue Con6ersion

1hen 5ill I sprinkle clean 5ater upon &ou/ and &e shall )e cleanC fro! all &our filthiness/ and fro! all &our idols/ 5ill I cleanse &ou. A ne5 heart also 5ill I gi6e &ou/ and a ne5 spirit 5ill I put 5ithin &ouC and I 5ill take a5a& the ston& heart out of &our flesh/ and I 5ill gi6e &ou an heart of flesh. (an& 5ho speak to others of the need of a ne5 heart do not the!sel6es kno5 5hat is !eant )& these 5ords. 1he &outh especiall& stu!)le o6er this phrase/ a ne5 heart. 1he& do not kno5 5hat it !eans. 1he& look for a special change to take place in their feelings. 1his the& ter! con6ersion. $6er this error thousands ha6e stu!)led to ruin/ not understanding the e4pression/ Ye !ust )e )orn again. 3ot 0eeling )ut a Changed :ife Satan leads people to think that )ecause the& ha6e felt a rapture of feeling the& are con6erted. ;ut their e4perience does not change. 1heir actions are the sa!e as )efore. 1heir li6es sho5 no good fruit. 1he& pra& often and long/ and are constantl& referring to the feelings the& had at such and such a ti!e. ;ut the& do not li6e the ne5 life. 1he& are decei6ed. 1heir e4perience goes no deeper than feeling. 1he& )uild upon the sand/ and 5hen ad6erse 5inds co!e their house is s5ept a5a&. (an& poor souls are groping in darkness/ looking for the feelings 5hich others sa& the& ha6e had in their e4perience. 1he& o6erlook the fact that the )elie6er in Christ !ust 5ork out his o5n sal6ation 5ith fear and tre!)ling. 1he con6icted sinner has so!ething to do. e !ust repent and sho5 true faith. When <esus speaks of the ne5 heart/ e !eans the !ind/ the life/ the 5hole )eing. 1o ha6e a change of heart is to 5ithdra5 the affections fro! the 5orld/ and fasten the! upon Christ. 1o ha6e a ne5 heart is to ha6e a ne5 !ind/ ne5 purposes/ ne5 !oti6es. What is the sign of a ne5 heartD-- A changed life. 1here is a dail&/ hourl& d&ing to selfishness and pride. Practicalit& of -enuine 7eligion

So!e !ake a great !istake )& supposing that a high profession 5ill co!pensate for real ser6ice. ;ut a religion 5hich is not practical is not genuine. 1rue con6ersion !akes us strictl& honest in our dealings 5ith our fello5 !en. It !akes us faithful in our e6er&da& 5ork. E6er& sincere follo5er of Christ 5ill sho5 that the religion of the ;i)le Bualifies hi! to use his talents in the (aster2s ser6ice. 3ot slothful in )usiness. 1hese 5ords 5ill )e fulfilled in the life of e6er& Christian. E6en though &our 5ork !a& see! to )e a drudger&/ &ou !a& enno)le it )& the 5a& in 5hich &ou do it. %o it as unto the :ord. %o it cheerfull&/ and 5ith hea6en-)orn dignit&. It is the no)le principles 5hich are )rought into the 5ork that !ake it 5holl& accepta)le in the :ord2s sight. 1rue ser6ice links the lo5liest of -od2s ser6ants on earth 5ith the highest of is ser6ants in the courts a)o6e. . . . As sons and daughters of -od/ Christians should stri6e to reach the high ideal set )efore the! in the gospel. 1he& should )e content 5ith nothing less than perfectionA for Christ sa&s/ ;e &e therefore perfect/ e6en as &our 0ather 5hich is in hea6en is perfect. 1he Sanctified :ife :et us !ake -od2s hol& 5ord our stud&/ )ringing its hol& principles into our li6es. :et us 5alk )efore -od in !eekness and hu!ilit&/ dail& correcting our faults. :et us not )& selfish pride separate the soul fro! -od. Cherish not a feeling of loft& supre!ac&/ thinking &ourself )etter than others. :et hi! that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. Peace and rest 5ill co!e to &ou as &ou )ring &our 5ill into su)=ection to the 5ill of Christ. 1hen the lo6e of Christ 5ill rule in the heart/ )ringing into capti6it& to the Sa6iour the secret springs of action. 1he hast&/ easil& roused te!per 5ill )e soothed and su)dued )& the oil of Christ2s grace. 1he sense of sins forgi6en 5ill )ring that peace that passeth all understanding. 1here 5ill )e an earnest stri6ing to o6erco!e all that is opposed to Christian perfection. 9ariance 5ill disappear. e 5ho once found fault 5ith those around hi! 5ill see that far greater faults e4ists in his o5n character. 1here are those 5ho listen to the truth/ and are con6inced that the& ha6e )een li6ing in opposition to Christ. 1he& are conde!ned/ and the& repent of their transgressions. 7el&ing upon the !erits of Christ/ e4ercising true faith in i!/ the& recei6e pardon for sin. As the& cease to do e6il and learn to do 5ell/ the& gro5 in grace and in the kno5ledge of -od. 1he& see that the& !ust sacrifice in order to separate fro! the 5orldA and/ after counting the cost/ the& look upon all as loss if the& !a& )ut 5in Christ. 1he& ha6e enlisted in Christ2s ar!&. 1he 5arfare is )efore the!/ and the& enter it )ra6el& and cheerfull&/ fighting against their natural inclinations and selfish desires/ )ringing the 5ill into su)=ection to the 5ill of Christ. %ail& the& seek the :ord for grace to o)e& i!/ and the& are strengthened and helped. 1his is true con6ersion. In hu!)le/ grateful dependence he 5ho has )een gi6en a ne5 heart relies upon the help of Christ. e re6eals in his life the fruit of righteousness. e once lo6ed hi!self. Worldl& pleasure 5as his delight. 3o5 his idol is dethroned/ and -od reigns supre!e. 1he sins he once lo6ed he no5 hates. 0ir!l& and resolutel& he follo5s in the path of holiness.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ Septe!)er 2'/ 1,.1.

1he Cords of Satan 1he pains of dut& and the pleasures of sin are the cords 5ith 5hich Satan )inds !en in his snares. 1hose 5ho 5ould rather die than perfor! a 5rong act are the onl& ones 5ho 5ill )e found faithful. --1esti!onies for the Church. 9ol. #/ p. #3.

Chap. 1* - Counsel to an Indulged $aughter

You ha6e a fearful record of the past &ear/ 5hich is laid open to the 6ie5 of the (a=est& of hea6en and the !&riads of pure/ sinless angels. Your thoughts and acts/ &our desperate and unsanctified feelings/ !a& ha6e )een concealed fro! !ortalsA )ut re!e!)er/ the !ost tri6ial acts of &our life are open to the 6ie5 of -od. You ha6e a spotted record in ea6en. 1he sins &ou ha6e co!!itted are all registered there. -od2s fro5n is upon &ou/ and &et &ou appear destitute of feelingA &ou do not reali?e &our lost and undone condition. At ti!es &ou do ha6e feelings of re!orseA )ut &our proud/ independent spirit soon rises a)o6e this/ and &ou stifle the 6oice of conscience. You are not happ&A &et &ou i!agine that if &ou could ha6e &our o5n 5a& unrestrained/ &ou 5ould )e happ&. Poor child> &ou occup& a position si!ilar to that of E6e in Eden. She i!agined that she 5ould )e highl& e4alted if she could onl& eat of the fruit of the tree 5hich -od had for)idden her e6en to touch/ lest she die. She ate/ and lost all the glories of Eden. Controlling the I!agination You should control &our thoughts. 1his 5ill not )e an eas& taskA &ou cannot acco!plish it 5ithout a close and e6en se6ere effort. Yet -od reBuires this of &ouA it is a dut& resting upon e6er& accounta)le )eing. You are responsi)le to -od for &our thoughts. If &ou indulge in 6ain i!aginations/ per!itting &our !ind to d5ell upon i!pure su)=ects/ &ou are/ in a degree/ as guilt& )efore -od as if &our thoughts 5ere carried into action. All that pre6ents the action is the lack of opportunit&. %a& and night drea!ing and castle-)uilding are )ad and e4ceedingl& dangerous ha)its. When once esta)lished/ it is ne4t to i!possi)le to )reak up such ha)its/ and direct the thoughts to pure/ hol&/ ele6ated the!es. You 5ill ha6e to )eco!e a faithful sentinel o6er &our e&es/ ears/ and all &our senses/ if &ou 5ould control &our !ind/ and pre6ent 6ain and corrupt thoughts fro! staining &our soul. 1he po5er of grace alone can acco!plish this !ost desira)le 5ork. You are 5eak in this direction. Su)duing Passions and Affections You ha6e )eco!e 5a&5ard/ )old/ and daring. 1he grace of -od has no place in &our heart. In the strength of -od alone can &ou )ring &ourself 5here &ou can )e a recipient of is grace/ an instru!ent of righteousness. 3ot onl& does -od reBuire &ou to control &our thoughts/ )ut also &our passions and affections. Your sal6ation depends upon &our go6erning &ourself in these things. Passion and affection are po5erful agents. If !isapplied/ if set in operation through 5rong !oti6es/ if

!isplaced/ the& are po5erful to acco!plish &our ruin/ and lea6e &ou a !isera)le 5reck/ 5ithout -od and 5ithout hope. 1he i!agination !ust )e positi6el& and persistentl& controlled/ if the passions and affections are !ade su)=ect to reason/ conscience/ and character. You are in danger/ for &ou are =ust upon the point of sacrificing &our eternal interests at the altar of passion. Passion is o)taining positi6e control of &our entire )eing--passion of 5hat Bualit&D of a )ase/ destructi6e nature. ;& &ielding to it/ &ou 5ill e!)itter the li6es of &our parents/ )ring sadness and sha!e to &our sisters/ sacrifice &our o5n character/ and forfeit hea6en and a glorious i!!ortal life. Are &ou read& to do thisD I appeal to &ou to stop 5here &ou are. Ad6ance not another step in &our headstrong/ 5anton courseA for )efore &ou are !iser& and death. 8nless &ou e4ercise self-control in regard to &our passions and affections/ &ou 5ill surel& )ring &ourself into disrepute 5ith all around &ou/ and 5ill )ring upon &our character disgrace 5hich 5ill last 5hile &ou li6e. You are diso)edient to &our parents/ pert/ unthankful/ and unhol&. 1hese !isera)le traits are the fruits of a corrupt tree. You are for5ard. You lo6e the )o&s/ and lo6e to !ake the! the the!e of &our con6ersation. $ut of the a)undance of the heart the !outh speaketh. a)its ha6e )eco!e po5erful to control &ouA and &ou ha6e learned to decei6e in order to carr& out &our purposes and acco!plish &our desires.-1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 2/ pp. #'.-#'2.

Chap. 1+ - Strength of Character 1hrough Conflict

1he first thirt& &ears of the life of Christ 5ere passed in the o)scure 6illage of 3a?areth. 1he inha)itants of this 6illage 5ere pro6er)ial for their 5ickedness/ hence the inBuir& of 3athanielC Can there an& good thing co!e out of 3a?arethD 1he e6angelists sa& )ut 6er& little in regard to the earl& life of Christ. With the e4ception of a )rief account of is acco!pan&ing is parents to <erusale!/ 5e ha6e the si!ple state!ent onl&/ And the child gre5/ and 5a4ed strong in spirit/ filled 5ith 5isdo!C and the grace of -od 5as upon i!. Christ is our e4a!ple in all things. In the pro6idence of -od/ is earl& life 5as passed in 3a?areth/ 5here the inha)itants 5ere of that character that e 5as continuall& e4posed to te!ptations/ and it 5as necessar& for i! to )e guarded in order to re!ain pure and spotless a!id so !uch sin and 5ickedness. Christ did not select this place i!self. is ea6enl& 0ather chose this place for i!/ 5here is character 5ould )e tested and tried in a 6ariet& of 5a&s. 1he earl& life of Christ 5as su)=ected to se6ere trials/ hardships/ and conflicts/ that e !ight de6elop the perfect character 5hich !akes i! a perfect e4a!ple for children/ &outh/ and !anhood. Children and &outh are freBuentl& situated 5here their surroundings are not fa6ora)le to a Christian life/ and the& Buite readil& &ield to te!ptations/ and plead as an e4cuse for pursuing a course of sin that their surroundings are unfa6ora)le. Christ chose retire!ent/ and through a life of industr&/ keeping is hands e!plo&ed/ e did not in6ite te!ptation/ )ut kept aloof fro! the societ& of those 5hose influence 5as corrupting. Christ placed is feet in the !ost une6en path that children and &outh 5ill e6er )e called to tra6el. e did not ha6e allotted to i! a life of affluence and

indolence. is parents 5ere poor/ and dependent upon their dail& toil for sustenanceA therefore the life of Christ 5as one of po6ert&/ self-denial/ and pri6ation. e shared 5ith is parents their life of diligent industr&. Purit& 3ot %ependent on Circu!stances 3one 5ill e6er )e called to perfect Christian character under !ore unfa6ora)le circu!stances than that of our Sa6iour. 1he fact that Christ li6ed thirt& &ears in 3a?areth/ fro! 5hich !an& thought it a 5onder if an& good thing could co!e/ is a re)uke to the &outh 5ho consider that their religious character !ust confor! to circu!stances. If the surroundings of &outh are unpleasant and positi6el& )ad/ !an& !ake this an e4cuse for not perfecting Christian character. 1he e4a!ple of Christ 5ould re)uke the idea that is follo5ers are dependent upon place/ fortune/ or prosperit&/ in order to li6e )la!eless li6es. Christ 5ould teach the! that their faithfulness 5ould !ake an& place or position/ 5here the pro6idence of -od called the!/ honora)le/ ho5e6er hu!)le. 1he life of Christ 5as designed to sho5 that purit&/ sta)ilit&/ and fir!ness of principle are not dependent upon a life freed fro! hardships/ po6ert&/ and ad6ersit&. 1he trials and pri6ations of 5hich so !an& &outh co!plain/ Christ endured 5ithout !ur!uring. And this discipline is the 6er& e4perience the &outh need/ 5hich 5ill gi6e fir!ness to their characters/ and !ake the! like Christ/ strong in spirit to resist te!ptation. 1he& 5ill not/ if the& separate fro! the influence of those 5ho 5ould lead the! astra& and corrupt their !orals/ )e o6erco!e )& the de6ices of Satan. 1hrough dail& pra&er to -od/ the& 5ill ha6e 5isdo! and grace fro! i! to )ear the conflict and stern realities of life/ and co!e off 6ictorious. 0idelit& and serenit& of !ind can onl& )e retained )& 5atchfulness and pra&er. Christ2s life 5as an e4a!ple of perse6ering energ&/ 5hich 5as not allo5ed to )eco!e 5eakened )& reproach/ ridicule/ pri6ation or hardships. 1hus should it )e 5ith the &outh. If trials increase upon the!/ the& !a& kno5 that -od is testing and pro6ing their fidelit&. And in =ust that degree that the& !aintain their integrit& of character under discourage!ents/ 5ill their fortitude/ sta)ilit&/ and po5er of endurance increase/ and the& 5a4 strong in spirit.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ (arch/ 1+*2.

%eath ;efore %ishonor Choose po6ert&/ reproach/ separation fro! friends/ or an& suffering/ rather than to defile the soul 5ith sin. %eath )efore dishonor or the transgression of -od2s la5/ should )e the !otto of e6er& Christian. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ p. 1"*.

Chap. 2. - 7esisting 1e ptation

1hose 5ho are partakers of the di6ine nature 5ill not gi6e 5a& to te!ptation. 1he ene!& is 5orking 5ith all his !ight to o6erco!e those 5ho are stri6ing to li6e the Christian life. e co!es to the! 5ith te!ptations/ in the hope that the& 5ill &ield. 1hus he hopes to discourage the!. ;ut those 5ho ha6e planted their feet fir!l& on the

7ock of Ages 5ill not &ield to his de6ices. 1he& 5ill re!e!)er that -od is their 0ather and Christ their elper. 1he Sa6iour ca!e to our 5orld to )ring to e6er& tried/ te!pted soul strength to o6erco!e e6en as e o6erca!e. I kno5 the po5er of te!ptationA I kno5 the dangers that are in the 5a&A )ut I kno5/ too/ that strength sufficient for e6er& ti!e of need is pro6ided for those 5ho are struggling against te!ptation. 3eedless 1e!ptations to ;e Shunned -od is faithful/ 5ho 5ill not suffer &ou to )e te!pted a)o6e that &e are a)leA )ut 5ill 5ith the te!ptation also !ake a 5a& to escape/ that &e !a& )e a)le to )ear it. And 5e also ha6e a part to act. We are not to place oursel6es needlessl& in the 5a& of te!ptation. -od sa&s/ Co!e out fro! a!ong the!/ and )e &e separate/ . . . and touch not the unclean thingA and I 5ill recei6e &ou/ and 5ill )e a 0ather unto &ou/ and &e shall )e (& sons and daughters. If )& associating 5ith 5orldlings for pleasure/ )& confor!ing to 5orldl& practices/ )& uniting our interests 5ith un)elie6ers/ 5e place our feet in the path of te!ptation and sin/ ho5 can 5e e4pect -od to keep us fro! fallingD @eep &oursel6es a5a& fro! the corrupting influences of the 5orld. %o not go un)idden to places 5here the forces of the ene!& are strongl& entrenched. %o not go 5here &ou 5ill )e te!pted and led astra&. ;ut if &ou ha6e a !essage for un)elie6ers/ and if &ou li6e so near to -od that &ou can speak to the! a 5ord in season/ &ou can do a 5ork that 5ill help the! and 5ill honor -od. I pra& not/ Christ said/ that 1hou shouldest take the! out of the 5orld/ )ut that 1hou shouldest keep the! fro! the e6il.--7e6ie5 and erald/ April 1"/ 1,.".

%ut& A)o6e Inclination When the &outh atte!pt to )reak a5a& fro! Satan2s control/ he 5ill redou)le his te!ptations. 1aking ad6antage of their ignorance and ine4perience/ he atte!pts to o)scure the distinction )et5een right and 5rong. e transfor!s hi!self into an angel of light/ and )eguiles )& pro!ises of pleasure in a for)idden path. If the &outh ha6e for!ed the ha)it of follo5ing inclination rather than dut&/ the& 5ill find it hard to resist te!ptation. 1he& do not see the danger in indulging e6en once in for)idden pleasures. 1he suggestions of Satan 5ill stir e6er& lingering ele!ent of depra6it& in the heart.--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ <anuar& 1,/ 1++2.

Chap. 21 - 1he $eceitfulness of Sin

3othing is !ore treacherous than the deceitfulness of sin. It is the god of this 5orld that deludes/ and )linds/ and leads to destruction. Satan does not enter 5ith his arra& of te!ptations at once. e disguises these te!ptations 5ith a se!)lance of good. e !ingles 5ith a!use!ents and foll& so!e little i!pro6e!ents/ and decei6ed souls !ake it an e4cuse that great good is to )e deri6ed )& engaging in the!. 1his is onl& the decepti6e part. It is Satan2s hellish arts !asked. ;eguiled souls take one step/ then are prepared for the ne4t. It is so !uch !ore pleasant to follo5 the inclinations of

their o5n hearts than to stand on the defensi6e/ and resist the first insinuation of the 5il& foe/ and thus shut out his in-co!ings. $h/ ho5 Satan 5atches to see his )ait taken so readil&/ and to see souls 5alking in the 6er& path he has prepared> e does not 5ant the! to gi6e up pra&ing and !aintaining a for! of religious dutiesA for he can thus !ake the! !ore useful in his ser6ice. e unites his sophistr& and decepti6e snares 5ith their e4periences and professions/ and thus 5onderfull& ad6ances his cause. Self-E4a!ination 1here is a necessit& for close self-e4a!ination/ and to closel& in6estigate in the light of -od2s 5ord/ A! I sound/ or a! I rotten/ at heartD A! I rene5ed in Christ/ or a! I still carnal at heart/ 5ith an outside/ ne5 dress put onD 7ein &ourself up to the tri)unal of -od/ and see as in the light of -od if there is an& secret sin/ an& iniBuit&/ an& idol &ou ha6e not sacrificed. Pra&/ &es/ pra& as &ou ha6e ne6er pra&ed )efore/ that &ou !a& not )e deluded )& Satan2s de6icesA that &ou !a& not )e gi6en up to a heedless/ careless/ and 6ain spirit/ and attend religious duties to Buiet &our o5n conscience. . . . $ne of the sins that constitute one of the signs of the last da&s/ is that professed Christians are lo6ers of pleasure !ore than lo6ers of -od. %eal trul& 5ith &our o5n souls. Search carefull&. o5 fe5/ after a faithful e4a!ination/ can look up to ea6en and sa&/ I a! not one of those thus descri)ed. I a! not a lo6er of pleasure !ore than a lo6er of -od. o5 fe5 can sa&/ I a! dead to the 5orldA the life I no5 li6e is )& faith of the Son of -od. (& life is hid 5ith Christ in -od/ and 5hen e 5ho is !& life shall appear/ then shall I also appear 5ith i! in glor&. 1he lo6e and grace of -od> $h precious grace> !ore 6alua)le than fine gold. It ele6ates and enno)les the spirit )e&ond all other principles. It sets the heart and affections upon ea6en. While those around us !a& )e engaged in 5orldl& 6anit&/ pleasure-seeking/ and foll&/ the con6ersation is in hea6en/ 5hence 5e look for the Sa6iourA the soul is reaching out after -od for pardon and peace/ for righteousness and true holiness. Con6erse 5ith -od and conte!plation of things a)o6e transfor! the soul into the likeness of Christ. --7e6ie5 and erald/ (a& 11/ 1++'.

Chap. 22 - A ,arning Against Skepticis

I feel the !ost intense anguish for our &outh. I 5arn &ou/ as one 5ho kno5s the danger/ not to )e entrapped )& Satan through the little kno5ledge of science 5hich &ou !a& ha6e acBuired. It is )etter to ha6e a pure and hu!)le heart than all the kno5ledge &ou can possi)l& gain 5ithout the fear of the :ord. 1he &outh of toda& 5ill )e likel& to !eet skeptics and infidels 5here6er the& !a& go/ and ho5 necessar& that the& )e eBuipped/ so that the& !a& )e a)le to gi6e a reason of their hope 5ith !eekness and fear. 1ho!as Paine has passed into his gra6e/ )ut his 5orks li6e to curse the 5orld/ and those 5ho dou)t the truth of -od2s 5ord 5ill place these infidel productions in the hands of the &oung and ine4perienced/ to fill their hearts 5ith the poisonous at!osphere of dou)t. 1he spirit of Satan 5orks through 5icked !en to carr& on his sche!es for the ruin of souls.

%anger of Association 5ith Skeptics We are li6ing in an age of licentiousness/ and !en and &outh are )old in sin. 8nless our &outh are sacredl& guarded/ unless the& are fortified 5ith fir! principles/ unless greater care is !anifested in choosing their associates and the literature 5hich feeds the !ind/ the& 5ill )e e4posed to a societ& 5hose !orals are as corrupt as 5ere the !orals of the inha)itants of Sodo!. 1he appearance of the people of the 5orld !a& )e 6er& attracti6e/ )ut if the& are continuall& thro5ing out suggestions against the ;i)le/ the& are dangerous co!panions/ for the& 5ill e6er seek to under!ine the foundations of &our faith/ to corrupt the conscientiousness of old-fashioned/ gospel religion. 1he &outh often co!e in contact 5ith those of skeptical tendencies/ and their parents are in ignorance of the fact until the terri)le 5ork of e6il is consu!!ated and the &outh are ruined. 1he &oung should )e instructed diligentl&/ that the& !a& not )e decei6ed in regard to the true character of these persons/ and not for! friendships 5ith this class/ or listen to their 5ords of sarcas! and sophistr&. 8nless our &oung people ha6e !oral courage to se6er their connection 5ith these persons 5hen the& disco6er their un)elief/ the& 5ill )e ensnared/ and 5ill think and talk as do their associates/ speaking lightl& of religion and the faith of the ;i)le. Self-Confidence and ;lindness Could the e&es of deluded &outh )e opened/ the& 5ould see the e4ultant leer of Satan at his success in ruining souls. In e6er& concei6a)le 5a& he seeks to adapt his te!ptations to the 6arious dispositions and circu!stances of those 5ho! he 5ishes to entangle. e 5ill tr& e6er& de6ice/ and if the su)=ects of these te!ptations do not seek -od/ the& 5ill )e )linded to his deceptions/ and 5ill )e self-confident/ self-sufficient/ and in ignorance of their condition and danger. 1he& 5ill soon co!e to despise the faith once deli6ered to the saints. I speak to the &outh as one 5ho kno5s/ as one to 5ho! the :ord has opened the perils that attend their path5a&. Self-confidence 5ill lead &ou into the snare of the ene!&. 1he &outh do not ask counsel of -od/ and !ake i! their refuge and strength. 1he& enter societ& 5ith all assurance/ confident that the& are full& a)le to choose the right and to co!prehend di6ine !&steries/ )ecause of their po5ers of reason/ as though the& could disco6er truth for the!sel6es. We fear !ore for those 5ho are self-confident than for an& others/ for the& 5ill surel& )e entangled in the net that has )een set )& the great ad6ersar& of -od and !an. So!e associate 5ho has )een chosen as a fa!iliar friend/ 5ho has )een tainted 5ith the corruption of dou)t/ 5ill instill his lea6en of un)elief into the !inds of this class. ;& fulso!e flatter& of their talent/ their intellectual superiorit&/ )& inciting in the! an a!)ition for high position/ their attention 5ill )e gained/ and !oral )light 5ill fall upon the!. 1hose 5ho are e4alted in their o5n opinions 5ill despise the )lood of the Atoning Sacrifice/ and 5ill do despite to the Spirit of grace. 1he children of Sa))ath-keeping parents/ 5ho ha6e had great light/ 5ho ha6e )een the o)=ects of the tenderest solicitude/ !a& )e the ones 5ho 5ill lea6e a heritage of sha!e/ 5ho 5ill so5 to the 5ind and reap the 5hirl5ind. In the =udg!ent the na!es

of those 5ho ha6e sinned against great light 5ill )e 5ritten 5ith those 5ho are conde!ned to )e separated fro! the presence of the :ord and fro! the glor& of is po5er. 1he& 5ill )e lost/ lost/ and 5ill )e nu!)ered 5ith the scorners of the grace of Christ. I 5ould rather see !& children laid in the gra6e than see the! taking the path that leads to death. 1he terri)le fact that I had nurtured children to fight against the -od of hea6en/ to s5ell the ranks of apostates in the last da&s/ to !arch under the )lack )anner of Satan/ 5ould indeed )e a thought of horror to !e. (oral Courage 3eeded $ur &outh 5ill !eet te!ptations on e6er& hand/ and the& !ust )e so educated that the& 5ill depend upon higher po5er/ higher teaching/ than can )e gi6en )& !ortals. 1here are despisers of our :ord e6er&5here/ 5ho ha)ituall& thro5 conte!pt upon Christianit&. 1he& call it the pla&thing of children/ in6ented to i!pose on the credulit& of the ignorant. 1hose 5ho ha6e not !oral po5er cannot stand in defense of the truthA the& ha6e not courage to sa&C 8nless such con6ersation ceases/ I cannot re!ain in &our presence. <esus/ the 5orld2s 7edee!er/ is !& Sa6iourA in i! is centered !& hope of eternal life. ;ut this is the 6er& 5a& in 5hich to silence the!. If &ou argue 5ith the!/ the& 5ill ha6e argu!ents 5ith 5hich to !eet &ou/ and nothing &ou !a& sa& 5ill touch the!A )ut if &ou li6e for Christ/ if &ou are fir! in &our allegiance to the -od of hea6en/ &ou !a& do for the! that 5hich argu!ent 5ill fail to do/ and con6ince the! of the fallac& of their doctrines )& the po5er of godliness. 1here is no sadder spectacle than that of those 5ho ha6e )een purchased )& the )lood of Christ/ 5ho ha6e )een intrusted 5ith talents 5here5ith the& !a& glorif& -od/ turning to =est the !essages graciousl& sent to the! in the gospel/ den&ing the di6init& of Christ/ and trusting to their o5n finite reasoning/ and to argu!ents that ha6e no foundation. When tested 5ith affliction/ 5hen )rought face to face 5ith death/ all these fallacies the& ha6e cherished 5ill )e !elted a5a& like frost )efore the sun. o5 terri)le it is to stand )& the coffin of one 5ho has re=ected the appeals of di6ine !erc&> o5 terri)le to sa&C ere is a life lost> ere is one 5ho !ight ha6e reached the highest standard/ and gained i!!ortal life/ )ut he surrendered his life to Satan/ )eca!e ensnared )& the 6ain philosophies of !en/ and 5as a pla&thing of the e6il one> 1he Christian2s hope is as an anchor to the soul/ )oth sure and steadfast/ and entereth into that 5hich is 5ithin the 6eil/ 5hither Christ the forerunner is for us entered. We ha6e an indi6idual 5ork to do to prepare for the great e6ents that are )efore us. 1he 1e!pest Is Co!ing 1he &outh should seek -od !ore earnestl&. 1he te!pest is co!ing/ and 5e !ust get read& for its fur& )& ha6ing repentance to5ard -od and faith to5ard our :ord <esus Christ. 1he :ord 5ill arise to shake terri)l& the earth. We shall see trou)les on all sides. 1housands of ships 5ill )e hurled into the depths of the sea. 3a6ies 5ill go do5n/ and hu!an li6es 5ill )e sacrificed )& !illions. 0ires 5ill )reak out

une4pectedl&/ and no hu!an effort 5ill )e a)le to Buench the!. 1he palaces of earth 5ill )e s5ept a5a& in the fur& of the fla!es. %isasters )& rail 5ill )eco!e !ore and !ore freBuentA confusion/ collision/ and death 5ithout a !o!ent2s 5arning 5ill occur on the great lines of tra6el. 1he end is near/ pro)ation is closing. $h/ let us seek -od 5hile e !a& )e found/ call upon i! 5hile e is near> 1he prophet sa&sC Seek &e the :ord/ all &e !eek of the earth/ 5hich ha6e 5rought is =udg!entA seek righteousness/ seek !eeknessC it !a& )e &e shall )e hid in the da& of the :ord2s anger.--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ April 21/ 1+,..

%ail& %ependence on -od When &ou rise in the !orning/ do &ou feel &our helplessness/ and &our need of strength fro! -odD and do &ou hu!)l&/ heartil& !ake kno5n &our 5ants to &our hea6enl& 0atherD If so/ angels !ark &our pra&ers/ and if these pra&ers ha6e not gone forth out of feigned lips/ 5hen &ou are in danger of unconsciousl& doing 5rong/ and e4erting an influence 5hich 5ill lead others to do 5rong/ &our guardian angel 5ill )e )& &our side/ pro!pting &ou to a )etter course/ choosing &our 5ords for &ou/ and influencing &our actions. If &ou feel in no danger/ and if &ou offer no pra&er for help and strength to resist te!ptations/ &ou 5ill )e sure to go astra&A &our neglect of dut& 5ill )e !arked in the )ook of -od in hea6en/ and &ou 5ill )e found 5anting in the tr&ing da&.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ pp. 3'3/ 3'".

Chap. 23 - #ne ,eak Point

We !a& flatter oursel6es that 5e are free fro! !an& things of 5hich others are guilt&A )ut if 5e ha6e so!e strong points of character/ and )ut one 5eak point/ there is &et a co!!union )et5een sin and the soul. 1he heart is di6ided in its ser6ice/ and sa&s/ So!e of self and so!e of 1hee. 1he child of -od !ust search out the sin 5hich he has petted and indulged hi!self in/ and per!it -od to cut it out of his heart. e !ust o6erco!e that one sinA for it is not a trifling !atter in the sight of -od. $ne sa&s/ I a! not the least =ealous/ )ut then I do get pro6oked and sa& !ean things/ although I a! al5a&s sorr& after gi6ing 5a& to te!per. Another sa&s/ I ha6e this fault or that/ )ut then I =ust despise such and such !eanness as is !anifested )& a certain person of !& acBuaintance. 1he :ord has not gi6en us a list of graded sins/ so that 5e !a& reckon so!e as of little conseBuence/ and sa& that the& 5ill do )ut little har!/ 5hile others are of greater !agnitude and 5ill do !uch har!. A chain is no stronger than is its 5eakest link. We !ight pronounce such a chain good on the 5hole/ )ut if one link is 5eak the chain cannot )e depended on. 1he 5ork of o6erco!ing is to )e the stud& of e6er& soul 5ho enters the kingdo! of -od. 1hat i!patient 5ord Bui6ering on &our lips !ust )e left unspoken. 1hat thought that &our character is not rightl& esti!ated !ust )e put fro! &ouA for it 5eakens &our influence/ and 5orks out the sure result/ !aking &ou of light esti!ation in the !inds of others. You should o6erco!e the idea that &ou are a !art&r/ and la& clai! to the pro!ise of

Christ/ 5ho sa&s/ (& grace is sufficient for thee. --7e6ie5 and erald/ August 1/ 1+,3.

1hought Control You should keep off fro! Satan2s enchanted ground/ and not allo5 &our !inds to )e s5a&ed fro! allegiance to -od. 1hrough Christ &ou !a& and should )e happ&/ and should acBuire ha)its of self-control. E6en &our thoughts !ust )e )rought into su)=ection to the 5ill of -od/ and &our feelings under the control of reason and religion. Your i!agination 5as not gi6en &ou to )e allo5ed to run riot and ha6e its o5n 5a&/ 5ithout an& effort at restraint or discipline. If the thoughts are 5rong/ the feelings 5ill )e 5rongA and the thoughts and feelings co!)ined !ake up the !oral character. When &ou decide that as Christians &ou are not reBuired to restrain &our thoughts and feelings/ &ou are )rought under the influence of e6il angels/ and in6ite their presence and their control. If &ou &ield to &our i!pressions/ and allo5 &our thoughts to run in a channel of suspicion/ dou)t/ and repining/ &ou 5ill )e a!ong the !ost unhapp& of !ortals/ and &our li6es 5ill pro6e a failure.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ p. 31.. 3othing is apparentl& !ore helpless/ &et reall& !ore in6inci)le/ than the soul that feels its nothingness/ and relies 5holl& on the !erits of the Sa6iour. -od 5ould send e6er& angel in hea6en to the aid of such an one/ rather than allo5 hi! to )e o6erco!e.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. */ p. 1*.

Chap. 2! - #n5ard and 8p5ard

I 5ish I could portra& the )eaut& of the Christian life. ;eginning in the !orning of life/ controlled )& the la5s of nature and of -od/ the Christian !o6es steadil& on5ard and up5ard/ dail& dra5ing nearer his hea6enl& ho!e/ 5here a5ait for hi! a cro5n of life/ and a ne5 na!e/ 5hich no !an kno5eth sa6ing he that recei6eth it. Constantl& he gro5s in happiness/ in holiness/ in usefulness. 1he progress of each &ear e4ceeds that of the past &ear. -od has gi6en the &outh a ladder to cli!)/ a ladder that reaches fro! earth to hea6en. A)o6e this ladder is -od/ and on e6er& round fall the )right )ea!s of is glor&. e is 5atching those 5ho are cli!)ing/ read&/ 5hen the grasp rela4es and the steps falter/ to send help. Yes/ tell it in 5ords full of cheer/ that no one 5ho perse6eringl& cli!)s the ladder 5ill fail of gaining an entrance into the hea6enl& cit&. Satan presents !an& te!ptations to the &outh. e is pla&ing the ga!e of life for their souls/ and he lea6es no !eans untried to allure and ruin the!. ;ut -od does not lea6e the! to fight unaided against the te!pter. 1he& ha6e an all-po5erful elper. Stronger far than their foe is e 5ho in this 5orld and in hu!an nature !et and conBuered Satan/ resisting e6er& te!ptation that co!es to the &outh toda&. e is their Elder ;rother. e feels for the! a deep and tender interest. e keeps o6er the! a constant 5atch-care/ and e re=oices 5hen the& tr& to please i!. As the& pra&/ e !ingles 5ith their pra&ers the incense of is righteousness/ and offers the! to -od as

a fragrant sacrifice. In is strength the &outh can endure hardness as good soldiers of the cross. Strengthened 5ith is !ight/ the& are ena)led to reach the high ideals )efore the!. 1he sacrifice !ade on Cal6ar& is the pledge of their 6ictor&. -od 3ot 8nreasona)le 1he church of -od is !ade up of 6essels large and s!all. 1he :ord does not ask for an&thing unreasona)le. e does not e4pect the s!aller 6essels to hold the contents of the larger ones. e looks for returns according to 5hat a !an has/ not according to 5hat he has not. %o &our )est/ and -od 5ill accept &our efforts. 1ake up the dut& l&ing nearest &ou/ and perfor! it 5ith fidelit&/ and &our 5ork 5ill )e 5holl& accepta)le to the (aster. %o not/ in &our desire to do so!ething great/ o6erlook the s!aller tasks a5aiting &ou. ;e5are ho5 &ou neglect secret pra&er and a stud& of -od2s 5ord. 1hese are &our 5eapons against hi! 5ho is stri6ing to hinder &our progress hea6en5ard. 1he first neglect of pra&er and ;i)le stud& !akes easier the second neglect. 1he first resistance to the Spirit2s pleading prepares the 5a& for the second resistance. 1hus the heart is hardened/ and the conscience seared. $n the other hand/ e6er& resistance of te!ptation !akes resistance !ore eas&. E6er& denial of self !akes self-denial easier. E6er& 6ictor& gained prepares the 5a& for a fresh 6ictor&. Each resistance of te!ptation/ each self-denial/ each triu!ph o6er sin/ is a seed so5n unto eternal life. E6er& unselfish action gi6es ne5 strength to spiritualit&. 3o one can tr& to )e like Christ 5ithout gro5ing !ore no)le and !ore true. %e6elop Confidence 1he :ord 5ill recogni?e e6er& effort &ou !ake to reach is ideal for &ou. When &ou !ake a failure/ 5hen &ou are )etra&ed into sin/ do not feel that &ou cannot pra&/ that &ou are not 5orth& to co!e )efore the :ord/ (& little children/ these things 5rite I unto &ou/ that &e sin not. And if an& !an sin/ 5e ha6e an ad6ocate 5ith the 0ather/ <esus Christ the righteous. With outstretched ar!s e 5aits to 5elco!e the prodigal. -o to i!/ and tell i! a)out &our !istakes and failures. Ask i! to strengthen &ou for fresh endea6or. e 5ill ne6er disappoint &ou/ ne6er a)use &our confidence. 1rial 5ill co!e to &ou. 1hus the :ord polishes the roughness fro! &our character. %o not !ur!ur. You !ake the trial harder )& repining. onor -od )& cheerful su)!ission. Patientl& endure the pressure. E6en though a 5rong is done &ou/ keep the lo6e of -od in the heart. @eep th& tongue fro! e6il/ and th& lips fro! speaking guile. %epart fro! e6il/ and do goodA seek peace/ and pursue it. 1he e&es of the :ord are upon the righteous/ and is ears are open unto their cr&. ;e5are of desperate stepsA the darkest da&/ Wait )ut to!orro5/ 5ill ha6e passed a5a&. In Buietness and in confidence shall )e &our strength. Christ kno5s the strength of &our te!ptations and the strength of &our po5er to resist. is hand is al5a&s stretched out in pit&ing tenderness to e6er& suffering child. 1o the te!pted/ discouraged one he sa&s/ Child for 5ho! I suffered and died/ cannot &ou trust (eD As th& da&s/ so shall th& strength )e. . . . Co!!it th& 5a& unto the :ordA trust also in i!A and e shall )ring it to pass. . . . e 5ill )e to &ou as the shado5 of a great rock

in a 5ear& land. e sa&s/ Co!e unto (e/ . . . and I 5ill gi6e &ou rest/--rest that the 5orld can neither gi6e nor take a5a&. . . . Words cannot descri)e the peace and =o& possessed )& hi! 5ho takes -od at is 5ord. 1rials do not distur) hi!/ slights do not 6e4 hi!. Self is crucified. %a& )& da& his duties !a& )eco!e !ore ta4ing/ his te!ptations stronger/ his trials !ore se6ereA )ut he does not falterA for he recei6es strength eBual to his need.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <une 2'/ 1,.2.

Cost of 9ictor& Christ sacrificed e6er&thing for !an/ in order to !ake it possi)le for hi! to gain hea6en. 3o5 it is for fallen !an to sho5 5hat he 5ill sacrifice on his o5n account/ for Christ2s sake/ that he !a& 5in i!!ortal glor&. 1hose 5ho ha6e an& =ust sense of the !agnitude of sal6ation/ and of its cost/ 5ill ne6er !ur!ur that their so5ing !ust )e in tears/ and that conflict and self-denial are the Christian2s portion in this life.-1he Signs of the 1i!es/ (arch "/ 1++..

Chap. 2" - Perfecting Character

Christ has gi6en us no assurance that to attain perfection of character is an eas& !atter. A no)le all-round character is not inherited. It does not co!e to us )& accident. A no)le character is earned )& indi6idual effort through the !erits and grace of Christ. -od gi6es the talents/ the po5ers of the !indA 5e for! the character. It is for!ed )& hard/ stern )attles 5ith self. Conflict after conflict !ust )e 5aged against hereditar& tendencies. We shall ha6e to critici?e oursel6es closel&/ and allo5 not one unfa6ora)le trait to re!ain uncorrected. :et no one sa&/ I cannot re!ed& !& defects of character. If &ou co!e to this decision/ &ou 5ill certainl& fail of o)taining e6erlasting life. 1he i!possi)ilit& lies in &our o5n 5ill. If &ou 5ill not/ then &ou cannot o6erco!e. 1he real difficult& arises fro! the corruption of an unsanctified heart/ and an un5illingness to su)!it to the control of -od. Set Your (ark igh (an& 5ho! -od has Bualified to do e4cellent 5ork acco!plish 6er& little/ )ecause the& atte!pt little. 1housands pass through life as if the& had no definite o)=ect for 5hich to li6e/ no standard to reach. Such 5ill o)tain a re5ard proportionate to their 5orks. 7e!e!)er that &ou 5ill ne6er reach a higher standard than &ou &ourself set. 1hen set &our !ark high/ and step )& step/ e6en though it )e )& painful effort/ )& self-denial and sacrifice/ ascend the 5hole length of the ladder of progress. :et nothing hinder &ou. 0ate has not 5o6en its !eshes a)out an& hu!an )eing so fir!l& that he need re!ain helpless and in uncertaint&. $pposing circu!stances should create a fir! deter!ination to o6erco!e the!. 1he )reaking do5n of one )arrier 5ill gi6e greater

a)ilit& and courage to go for5ard. Press 5ith deter!ination in the right direction/ and circu!stances 5ill )e &our helpers/ not &our hindrances. Culti6ate E6er& -race of Character ;e a!)itious/ for the (aster2s glor&/ to culti6ate e6er& grace of character. In e6er& phase of &our character )uilding &ou are to please -od. 1his &ou !a& doA for Enoch pleased i!/ though li6ing in a degenerate age. And there are Enochs in this our da&. Stand like %aniel/ that faithful states!an/ a !an 5ho! no te!ptation could corrupt. %o not disappoint i! 5ho so lo6ed &ou that e ga6e is o5n life to cancel &our sins. e sa&s/ Without (e &e can do nothing. 7e!e!)er this. If &ou ha6e !ade !istakes/ &ou certainl& gain a 6ictor& if &ou see these !istakes/ and regard the! as )eacons of 5arning. 1hus &ou turn defeat into 6ictor&/ disappointing the ene!&/ and honoring &our 7edee!er. A character for!ed according to the di6ine likeness is the onl& treasure that 5e can take fro! this 5orld to the ne4t. 1hose 5ho are under the instruction of Christ in this 5orld 5ill take e6er& di6ine attain!ent 5ith the! to the hea6enl& !ansions. And in hea6en 5e are continuall& to i!pro6e. o5 i!portant/ then/ is the de6elop!ent of character in this life. is ;iddings Are Ena)lings 1he hea6enl& intelligences 5ill 5ork 5ith the hu!an agent 5ho seeks 5ith deter!ined faith that perfection of character 5hich 5ill reach out to perfection in action. 1o e6er& one engaged in this 5ork Christ sa&s/ I a! at &our right hand to help &ou. As the 5ill of !an co-operates 5ith the 5ill of -od/ it )eco!es o!nipotent. Whate6er is to )e done at is co!!and/ !a& )e acco!plished in is strength. All is )iddings are ena)lings. --Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ pp. 331-333.

$ur Constant %ependence 1hose 5ho fail to reali?e their constant dependence upon -od 5ill )e o6erco!e )& te!ptation. We !a& no5 suppose that our feet stand secure/ and that 5e shall ne6er )e !o6ed. We !a& sa& 5ith confidence/ I kno5 in 5ho! I ha6e )elie6edA nothing can shake !& faith in -od and in is 5ord. ;ut Satan is planning to take ad6antage of our hereditar& and culti6ated traits of character/ and to )lind our e&es to our o5n necessities and defects. $nl& through reali?ing our o5n 5eakness/ and looking steadfastl& unto <esus/ can 5e 5alk securel&.--%esire of Ages/ p. 3+2.

Chap. 2& - 1he 0ight of 0aith

(an& of the &outh ha6e not a fi4ed principle to ser6e -od. 1he& sink under e6er& cloud/ and ha6e no po5er of endurance. 1he& do not gro5 in grace. 1he& appear to keep the co!!and!ents of -od/ )ut the& are not su)=ect to the la5 of -od/ neither

indeed can )e. 1heir carnal hearts !ust )e changed. 1he& !ust see )eaut& in holinessC then the& 5ill pant after it as the hart panteth after the 5ater-)rooksA then the& 5ill lo6e -od and is la5A then the &oke of Christ 5ill )e eas&/ and is )urden light. If &our steps are ordered )& the :ord/ dear &outh/ &ou !ust not e4pect that &our path 5ill al5a&s )e one of out5ard peace and prosperit&. 1he path that leads to eternal da& is not the easiest to tra6el/ and at ti!es it 5ill see! dark and thorn&. ;ut &ou ha6e the assurance that -od2s e6erlasting ar!s encircle &ou/ to protect &ou fro! e6il. e 5ants &ou to e4ercise earnest faith in i!/ and learn to trust i! in the shado5 as 5ell as in the sunshine. :i6ing 0aith 1he follo5er of Christ !ust ha6e faith a)iding in the heartA for 5ithout this it is i!possi)le to please -od. 0aith is the hand that takes hold of infinite helpA it is the !ediu! )& 5hich the rene5ed heart is !ade to )eat in unison 5ith the heart of Christ. In her endea6ors to reach her ho!e/ the eagle is often )eaten do5n )& the te!pest to the narro5 defiles of the !ountains. 1he clouds/ in )lack/ angr& !asses s5eep )et5een her and the sunn& heights 5here she secures her nest. 0or a 5hile she see!s )e5ildered/ and dashes this 5a& and that/ )eating her strong 5ings as if to s5eep )ack the dense clouds. She a5akens the do6es of the !ountains 5ith her 5ild cr& in her 6ain endea6ors to find a 5a& out of her prison. At last she dashes up5ard into the )lackness/ and gi6es a shrill screa! of triu!ph as she e!erges/ a !o!ent later/ in the cal! sunshine a)o6e. 1he darkness and te!pest are all )elo5 her/ and the light of hea6en is shining a)out her. She reaches her lo6ed ho!e in the loft& crag/ and is satisfied. It 5as through darkness that she reached the light. It cost her an effort to do this/ )ut she is re5arded in gaining the o)=ect 5hich she sought. 1his is the onl& course 5e can pursue as follo5ers of Christ. We !ust e4ercise that li6ing faith/ 5hich 5ill penetrate the clouds that/ like a thick 5all/ separate us fro! hea6en2s light. We ha6e heights of faith to reach/ 5here all is peace and =o& in the ol& Spirit. A :ifelong Conflict a6e &ou e6er 5atched a ha5k in pursuit of a ti!id do6eD Instinct has taught the do6e that in order for the ha5k to sei?e his pre&/ he !ust gain a loftier flight than his 6icti!. So she rises higher and still higher in the )lue do!e of hea6en/ e6er pursued )& the ha5k/ 5hich is seeking to o)tain the ad6antage. ;ut in 6ain. 1he do6e is safe as long as she allo5s nothing to stop her in her flight/ or dra5 her earth5ardA )ut let her once falter/ and take a lo5er flight/ and her 5atchful ene!& 5ill s5oop do5n upon his 6icti!. Again and again ha6e 5e 5atched this scene 5ith al!ost )reathless interest/ all our s&!pathies 5ith the little do6e. o5 sad 5e should ha6e felt to see it fall a 6icti! to the cruel ha5k> We ha6e )efore us a 5arfare/--a lifelong conflict 5ith Satan and his seducti6e te!ptations. 1he ene!& 5ill use e6er& argu!ent/ e6er& deception/ to entangle the soulA and in order to 5in the cro5n of life/ 5e !ust put forth earnest/ perse6ering effort. We !ust not la& off the ar!or or lea6e the )attlefield until 5e ha6e gained the

6ictor&/ and can triu!ph in our 7edee!er. As long as 5e continue to keep our e&es fi4ed upon the Author and 0inisher of our faith/ 5e shall )e safe. ;ut our affections !ust )e placed upon things a)o6e/ not on things of the earth. ;& faith 5e !ust rise higher and still higher in the attain!ent of the graces of Christ. ;& dail& conte!plating is !atchless char!s/ 5e !ust gro5 !ore and !ore into is glorious i!age. While 5e thus li6e in co!!union 5ith ea6en/ Satan 5ill la& his nets for us in 6ain.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ (a& 12/ 1+,+.

Chap. 2( - 9ictor% Appropriated

We ha6e little idea of the strength that 5ould )e ours if 5e 5ould connect 5ith the source of all strength. We fall into sin again and again/ and think it !ust al5a&s )e so. We cling to our infir!ities as if the& 5ere so!ething to )e proud of. Christ tells us that 5e !ust set our face as a flint if 5e 5ould o6erco!e. e has )orne our sins in is o5n )od& on the treeA and through the po5er e has gi6en us/ 5e !a& resist the 5orld/ the flesh/ and the de6il. 1hen let us not talk of our 5eakness and inefficienc&/ )ut of Christ and is strength. When 5e talk of Satan2s strength/ the ene!& fastens his po5er !ore fir!l& upon us. When 5e talk of the po5er of the (ight& $ne/ the ene!& is dri6en )ack. As 5e dra5 near to -od/ e dra5s near to us. . . . (an& of us fail to i!pro6e our pri6ileges. We !ake a fe5 fee)le efforts to do right/ and then go )ack to our old life of sin. If 5e e6er enter the kingdo! of -od/ 5e !ust enter 5ith perfect characters/ not ha6ing spot/ or 5rinkle/ or an& such thing. Satan 5orks 5ith increased acti6it& as 5e near the close of ti!e. e la&s his snares/ unpercei6ed )& us/ that he !a& take possession of our !inds. In e6er& 5a& he tries to eclipse the glor& of -od fro! the soul. It rests 5ith us to decide 5hether he shall control our hearts and !inds/ or 5hether 5e shall ha6e a place in the ne5 earth/ a title to A)raha!2s far!. 1he po5er of -od/ co!)ined 5ith hu!an effort/ has 5rought out a glorious 6ictor& for us. Shall 5e not appreciate thisD All the riches of hea6en 5ere gi6en to us in <esus. -od 5ould not ha6e the confederac& of e6il sa& that e could do !ore than e has done. 1he 5orlds that e has created/ the angels in hea6en/ could testif& that e could do no !ore. -od has resources of po5er of 5hich 5e as &et kno5 nothing/ and fro! these e 5ill suppl& us in our ti!e of need. ;ut our effort is e6er to co!)ine 5ith the di6ine. $ur intellect/ our percepti6e po5ers/ all the strength of our )eing/ !ust )e called into e4ercise. . . . If 5e 5ill rise to the e!ergenc&/ and ar! oursel6es like !en 5ho 5ait for their :ordA if 5e 5ill 5ork to o6erco!e e6er& defect in our characters/ -od 5ill gi6e us increased light and strength and help.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& "/ 1,...

0aith and %ut& 0aith is not feeling. 0aith is the su)stance of things hoped for/ the e6idence of things not seen. 1here is a for! of religion 5hich is nothing !ore than selfishness. It takes pleasure in 5orldl& en=o&!ent. It is satisfied 5ith conte!plating the religion of Christ/ and kno5s nothing of its sa6ing po5er. 1hose 5ho possess this religion regard sin lightl& )ecause the& do not kno5 <esus. While in this condition/ the& esti!ate dut&

6er& lightl&. ;ut a faithful perfor!ance of dut& goes hand in hand 5ith a right esti!ate of the character of -od. --7e6ie5 and erald/ 0e)ruar& 2+/ 1,.*.

Chap. 2* - Ho5 to 'e Strong

Christ has !ade e6er& pro6ision for us to )e strong. e has gi6en us is ol& Spirit/ 5hose office is to )ring to our re!e!)rance all the pro!ises that Christ has !ade/ that 5e !a& ha6e peace and a s5eet sense of forgi6eness. If 5e 5ill )ut keep our e&es fi4ed on the Sa6iour/ and trust in is po5er/ 5e shall )e filled 5ith a sense of securit&A for the righteousness of Christ 5ill )eco!e our righteousness. . . . We dishonor i! )& talking of our inefficienc&. Instead of looking at oursel6es/ let us constantl& )ehold <esus/ dail& )eco!ing !ore and !ore like i!/ !ore and !ore a)le to talk of i!/ )etter prepared to a6ail oursel6es of is kindness and helpfulness/ and to recei6e the )lessings offered us. As 5e thus li6e in co!!union 5ith i!/ 5e gro5 strong in is strength/ a help and a )lessing to those around us. If 5e 5ould onl& do as the :ord desires us to/ our hearts 5ould )eco!e as sacred harps/ e6er& chord of 5hich 5ould sound forth praise and gratitude to the 7edee!er sent )& -od to take a5a& the sin of the 5orld. . . . ;ehold is -lor& When te!ptations assail &ou/ as the& surel& 5ill/ 5hen care and perple4it& surround &ou/ 5hen/ distressed and discouraged/ &ou are al!ost read& to &ield to despair/ look/ $ look/ to 5here 5ith the e&e of faith &ou last sa5 the lightC and the darkness that enco!passeth &ou 5ill )e dispelled )& the )right shining of is glor&. When sin struggles for the !aster& in &our soul/ and )urdens the conscience/ 5hen un)elief clouds the !ind/ go to the Sa6iour. is grace is sufficient to su)due sin. e 5ill pardon us/ !aking us =o&ful in -od. . . . :et us no longer talk of our inefficienc& and lack of po5er. 0orgetting the things that are )ehind/ let us press for5ard in the hea6en5ard 5a&. :et us neglect no opportunit& that/ if i!pro6ed/ 5ill !ake us !ore useful in -od2s ser6ice. 1hen like threads of gold/ holiness 5ill run through our li6es/ and the angels/ )eholding our consecration/ 5ill repeat the pro!ise/ I 5ill !ake a !an !ore precious than fine goldA e6en a !an than the golden 5edge of $phir. All hea6en re=oices 5hen 5eak/ fault& hu!an )eings gi6e the!sel6es to <esus/ to li6e is life.--7e6ie5 and erald/ $cto)er 1/ 1,.+.

<o& 1hrough 7epentance 1he conditions of sal6ation for !an are ordained of -od. Self-a)ase!ent and cross)earing are the pro6isions !ade for the repenting sinner to find co!fort and peace. 1he thought that <esus su)!itted to hu!iliation and sacrifice that !an 5ill ne6er )e called to endure/ should hush e6er& !ur!uring 6oice. 1he s5eetest =o& co!es to !an through his sincere repentance to5ard -od )ecause of the transgression of is la5/ and faith in <esus Christ as the sinner2s 7edee!er and Ad6ocate. --1he Signs of the 1i!es/ (arch "/ 1++..

Chap. 2+ - 1he 9ictorious :ife

Peace co!es 5ith dependence on di6ine po5er. As fast as the soul resol6es to act in accordance 5ith the light gi6en/ the ol& Spirit gi6es !ore light and strength. 1he grace of the Spirit is supplied to co-operate 5ith the soul2s resol6e/ )ut it is not a su)stitute for the indi6idual e4ercise of faith. Success in the Christian life depends upon the appropriation of the light that -od has gi6en. It is not an a)undance of light and e6idence that !akes the soul free in ChristA it is the rising of the po5ers and the 5ill and the energies of the soul to cr& out sincerel&/ :ord/ I )elie6eA help 1hou !ine un)elief. I re=oice in the )right prospects of the future/ and so !a& &ou. ;e cheerful/ and praise the :ord for is lo6ingkindness. 1hat 5hich &ou cannot understand/ co!!it to i!. e lo6es &ou/ and pities &our e6er& 5eakness. e hath )lessed us 5ith all spiritual )lessings in hea6enl& places in Christ. It 5ould not satisf& the heart of the infinite $ne to gi6e those 5ho lo6e is Son a lesser )lessing than e gi6es is Son. Satan seeks to dra5 our !inds a5a& fro! the !ight& elper/ to lead us to ponder o6er our degeneration of soul. ;ut though <esus sees the guilt of the past/ e speaks pardonA and 5e should not dishonor i! )& dou)ting is lo6e. 1he feeling of guiltiness !ust )e laid at the foot of the cross/ or it 5ill poison the springs of life. When Satan thrusts his threatenings upon &ou/ turn fro! the!/ and co!fort &our soul 5ith the pro!ises of -od. 1he cloud !a& )e dark in itself/ )ut 5hen filled 5ith the light of hea6en/ it turns to the )rightness of goldA for the glor& of -od rests upon it. -od2s children are not to )e su)=ect to feelings and e!otions. When the& fluctuate )et5een hope and fear/ the heart of Christ is hurtA for e has gi6en the! un!istaka)le e6idence of is lo6e. . . . e 5ants the! to do the 5ork e has gi6en the!A then their hearts 5ill )eco!e in is hands as sacred harps/ e6er& chord of 5hich 5ill send forth praise and thanksgi6ing to the $ne sent )& -od to take a5a& the sins of the 5orld. Christ2s lo6e for is children is as tender as it is strong. And it is stronger than deathA for e died to purchase our sal6ation/ and to !ake us one 5ith i!/ !&sticall& and eternall& one. So strong is is lo6e that it controls all is po5ers/ and e!plo&s the 6ast resources of hea6en in doing is people good. It is 5ithout 6aria)leness or shado5 of turning/ --the sa!e &esterda&/ toda&/ and fore6er. Although sin has e4isted for ages/ tr&ing to counteract this lo6e and o)struct its flo5ing earth5ard/ it still flo5s in rich currents to those for 5ho! Christ died.--1esti!onies to (inisters/ pp. #1+/ #1,.

1he %o!inating Influence 7e!e!)er that in &our life/ religion is not !erel& one influence a!ong othersA it is to )e an influence do!inating all others.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. "+,.

Chap. 3. - :i6ing 0aith

(an& 5ho are sincerel& seeking for holiness of heart and purit& of life see! perple4ed and discouraged. 1he& are constantl& looking to the!sel6es/ and la!enting their lack of faithA and )ecause the& ha6e no faith/ the& feel that the& cannot clai! the )lessing of -od. 1hese persons !istake feeling for faith. 1he& look a)o6e the si!plicit& of true faith/ and thus )ring great darkness upon their souls. 1he& should turn the !ind fro! self/ to d5ell upon the !erc& and goodness of -od and to recount is pro!ises/ and then si!pl& )elie6e that e 5ill fulfill is 5ord. We are not to trust in our faith/ )ut in the pro!ises of -od. When 5e repent of our past transgressions of is la5/ and resol6e to render o)edience in the future/ 5e should )elie6e that -od for Christ2s sake accepts us/ and forgi6es our sins. %arkness and discourage!ent 5ill so!eti!es co!e upon the soul/ and threaten to o6er5hel! usA )ut 5e should not cast a5a& our confidence. We !ust keep the e&e fi4ed on <esus/ feeling or no feeling. We should seek to faithfull& perfor! e6er& kno5n dut&/ and then cal!l& rest in the pro!ises of -od. %o 3ot %epend on 0eeling At ti!es a deep sense of our un5orthiness 5ill send a thrill of terror through the soulA )ut this is no e6idence that -od has changed to5ard us/ or 5e to5ard -od. 3o effort should )e !ade to rein the !ind up to a certain intensit& of e!otion. We !a& not feel toda& the peace and =o& 5hich 5e felt &esterda&A )ut 5e should )& faith grasp the hand of Christ/ and trust i! as full& in the darkness as in the light. Satan !a& 5hisper/ You are too great a sinner for Christ to sa6e. While &ou ackno5ledge that &ou are indeed sinful and un5orth&/ &ou !a& !eet the te!pter 5ith the cr&/ ;& 6irtue of the atone!ent/ I clai! Christ as !& Sa6iour. I trust not to !& o5n !erits/ )ut to the precious )lood of <esus/ 5hich cleanses !e. 1his !o!ent I hang !& helpless soul on Christ. 1he Christian life !ust )e a life of constant/ li6ing faith. An un&ielding trust/ a fir! reliance upon Christ/ 5ill )ring peace and assurance to the soul. ;e 3ot %iscouraged ;e not discouraged )ecause &our heart see!s hard. E6er& o)stacle/ e6er& internal foe/ onl& increases &our need of Christ. e ca!e to take a5a& the heart of stone/ and gi6e &ou a heart of flesh. :ook to i! for special grace to o6erco!e &our peculiar faults. When assailed )& te!ptation/ steadfastl& resist the e6il pro!ptingsA sa& to &our soul/ o5 can I dishonor !& 7edee!erD I ha6e gi6en !&self to ChristA I cannot do the 5orks of Satan. Cr& to the dear Sa6iour for help to sacrifice e6er& idol/ and to put a5a& e6er& darling sin. :et the e&e of faith see <esus standing )efore the 0ather2s throne/ presenting is 5ounded hands as e pleads for &ou. ;elie6e that strength co!es to &ou through &our precious Sa6iour. Conte!plation of Christ ;& faith look upon the cro5ns laid up for those 5ho shall o6erco!eA listen to the e4ultant song of the redee!ed/ Worth&/ 5orth& is the :a!) that 5as slain and hast redee!ed us to -od> Endea6or to regard these scenes as real. Stephen/ the first

Christian !art&r/ in his terri)le conflict 5ith principalities and po5ers/ and spiritual 5ickedness in high places/ e4clai!ed/ ;ehold/ I see the hea6ens opened/ and the Son of !an standing on the right hand of -od. 1he Sa6iour of the 5orld 5as re6ealed to hi! as looking do5n fro! hea6en upon hi! 5ith the deepest interestA and the glorious light of Christ2s countenance shone upon Stephen 5ith such )rightness that e6en his ene!ies sa5 his face shine like the face of an angel. If 5e 5ould per!it our !inds to d5ell !ore upon Christ and the hea6enl& 5orld/ 5e should find a po5erful sti!ulus and support in fighting the )attles of the :ord. Pride and lo6e of the 5orld 5ill lose their po5er as 5e conte!plate the glories of that )etter land so soon to )e our ho!e. ;eside the lo6eliness of Christ/ all earthl& attractions 5ill see! of little 5orth. Changing the a)its of 1hought :et none i!agine that 5ithout earnest effort on their part the& can o)tain the assurance of -od2s lo6e. When the !ind has )een long per!itted to d5ell onl& on earthl& things/ it is a difficult !atter to change the ha)its of thought. 1hat 5hich the e&e sees and the ear hears too often attracts the attention and a)sor)s the interest. ;ut if 5e 5ould enter the cit& of -od/ and look upon <esus in is glor&/ 5e !ust )eco!e accusto!ed to )eholding i! 5ith the e&e of faith here. 1he 5ords and the character of Christ should )e often the su)=ect of our thoughts and of our con6ersationA and each da& so!e ti!e should )e especiall& de6oted to pra&erful !editation upon these sacred the!es. Sanctification a %ail& Work Sanctification is a dail& 5ork. :et none decei6e the!sel6es 5ith the )elief that -od 5ill pardon and )less the! 5hile the& are tra!pling upon one of is reBuire!ents. 1he 5illful co!!ission of a kno5n sin silences the 5itnessing 6oice of the Spirit/ and separates the soul fro! -od. Whate6er !a& )e the ecstasies of religious feeling/ <esus cannot a)ide in the heart that disregards the di6ine la5. -od 5ill honor those onl& 5ho honor i!. 1o 5ho! &e &ield &oursel6es ser6ants to o)e&/ his ser6ants &e are to 5ho! &e o)e&. If 5e indulge anger/ lust/ co6etousness/ hatred/ selfishness/ or an& other sin/ 5e )eco!e ser6ants of sin. 3o !an can ser6e t5o !asters. If 5e ser6e sin/ 5e cannot ser6e Christ. 1he Christian 5ill feel the pro!ptings of sin/ for the flesh lusteth against the SpiritA )ut the Spirit stri6eth against the flesh/ keeping up a constant 5arfare. ere is 5here Christ2s help is needed. u!an 5eakness )eco!es united to di6ine strength/ and faith e4clai!s/ 1hanks )e to -od/ 5hich gi6eth us the 6ictor& through our :ord <esus Christ> If 5e 5ould de6elop a character 5hich -od can accept/ 5e !ust for! correct ha)its in our religious life. %ail& pra&er is as essential to gro5th in grace/ and e6en to spiritual life itself/ as is te!poral food to ph&sical 5ell-)eing. We should accusto! oursel6es to often lift the thoughts to -od in pra&er. If the !ind 5anders/ 5e !ust )ring it )ackA )& perse6ering effort/ ha)it 5ill finall& !ake it eas&. We cannot for one !o!ent separate oursel6es fro! Christ 5ith safet&. We !a& ha6e is presence to

attend us at e6er& step/ )ut onl& )& o)ser6ing the conditions 5hich e has i!self laid do5n. (ake 7eligion a ;usiness 7eligion !ust )e !ade the great )usiness of life. E6er&thing else should )e held su)ordinate to this. All our po5ers of soul/ )od&/ and spirit/ !ust )e engaged in the Christian 5arfare. We !ust look to Christ for strength and grace/ and 5e shall gain the 6ictor& as surel& as <esus died for us. . . . We !ust co!e nearer to the cross of Christ. Penitence at the foot of the cross is the first lesson of peace 5e ha6e to learn. 1he lo6e of <esus--5ho can co!prehend itD Infinitel& !ore tender and self-den&ing than a !other2s lo6e> If 5e 5ould kno5 the 6alue of a hu!an soul/ 5e !ust look in li6ing faith upon the cross/ and thus )egin the stud& 5hich shall )e the science and the song of the redee!ed through all eternit&. 1he 6alue of our ti!e and our talents can )e esti!ated onl& )& the greatness of the ranso! paid for our rede!ption. What ingratitude do 5e !anifest to5ard -od 5hen 5e ro) i! of is o5n )& 5ithholding fro! i! our affections and our ser6ice> Is it too !uch to gi6e oursel6es to i! 5ho has sacrificed all for usD Can 5e choose the friendship of the 5orld )efore the i!!ortal honors 5hich Christ proffers/--to sit 5ith (e in (& throne/ e6en as I also o6erca!e/ and a! set do5n 5ith (& 0ather in is throneD Sanctification/ a Progressi6e E4perience Sanctification is a progressi6e 5ork. 1he successi6e steps are set )efore us in the 5ords of PeterC -i6ing all diligence/ add to &our faith 6irtueA and to 6irtue kno5ledgeA and to kno5ledge te!peranceA and to te!perance patienceA and to patience godlinessA and to godliness )rotherl& kindnessA and to )rotherl& kindness charit&. 0or if these things )e in &ou/ and a)ound/ the& !ake &ou that &e shall neither )e )arren nor unfruitful in the kno5ledge of our :ord <esus Christ. Wherefore the rather/ )rethren/ gi6e diligence to !ake &our calling and election sureA for if &e do these things/ &e shall ne6er fallA for so an entrance shall )e !inistered unto &ou a)undantl& into the e6erlasting kingdo! of our :ord and Sa6iour <esus Christ. ere is a course )& 5hich 5e !a& )e assured that 5e shall ne6er fall. 1hose 5ho are thus 5orking upon the plan of addition in o)taining the Christian graces/ ha6e the assurance that -od 5ill 5ork upon the plan of !ultiplication in granting the! the gifts of is Spirit. Peter addresses those 5ho ha6e o)tained like precious faithC -race and peace )e !ultiplied unto &ou through the kno5ledge of -od/ and of <esus our :ord. ;& di6ine grace/ all 5ho 5ill !a& cli!) the shining steps fro! earth to hea6en/ and at last/ 5ith songs and e6erlasting =o&/ enter through the gates into the cit& of -od.--7e6ie5 and erald/ 3o6. 1#/ 1++*.

9alue of 1rials

1he trials of life are -od2s 5ork!en/ to re!o6e the i!purities and roughness fro! our characters. 1heir he5ing/ sBuaring/ and chiseling/ their )urnishing and polishing/ is a painful process/ it is hard to )e pressed do5n to the grinding 5heel. ;ut the stone is )rought forth prepared to fill its place in the hea6enl& te!ple. 8pon no useless !aterial does the (aster )esto5 such careful/ thorough 5ork. $nl& is precious stones are polished after the si!ilitude of a palace.--1houghts fro! the (ount of ;lessing/ pp. 23/ 2".

Secret Place of Po5er 1o the secret place of the (ost igh/ under the shado5 of the Al!ight&/ !en no5 and then repairA the& a)ide for a season/ and the result is !anifest in no)le deedsA then their faith fails/ the co!!union is interrupted/ and the life 5ork !arred. ;ut the life of <esus 5as a life of constant trust/ sustained )& continual co!!unionA and is ser6ice for hea6en and earth 5as 5ithout failure or faltering. As a !an e supplicated the throne of -od/ till is hu!anit& 5as charged 5ith a hea6enl& current that connected hu!anit& 5ith di6init&. 7ecei6ing life fro! -od/ e i!parted life to !en. --Education/ pp. +./ +1.

Chap. 31 - 8nion ,ith Christ

A union 5ith Christ )& li6ing faith is enduringA e6er& other union !ust perish. Christ first chose us/ pa&ing an infinite price for our rede!ptionA and the true )elie6er chooses Christ as first and last and )est in e6er&thing. ;ut this union costs us so!ething. It is a union of utter dependence/ to )e entered into )& a proud )eing. All 5ho for! this union !ust feel their need of the atoning )lood of Christ. 1he& !ust ha6e change of heart. 1he& !ust su)!it their o5n 5ill to the 5ill of -od. 1here 5ill )e a struggle 5ith out5ard and internal o)stacles. 1here !ust )e a painful 5ork of detach!ent/ as 5ell as a 5ork of attach!ent. Pride/ selfishness/ 6anit&/ 5orldliness-sin in all its for!s --!ust )e o6erco!e/ if 5e 5ould enter into a union 5ith Christ. 1he reason 5h& !an& find the Christian life so deplora)l& hard/ 5h& the& are so fickle/ so 6aria)le/ is/ the& tr& to attach the!sel6es to Christ 5ithout first detaching the!sel6es fro! these cherished idols. After the union 5ith Christ has )een for!ed/ it can )e preser6ed onl& )& earnest pra&er and untiring effort. We !ust resist/ 5e !ust den&/ 5e !ust conBuer self. 1hrough the grace of Christ/ )& courage/ )& faith/ )& 5atchfulness/ 5e !a& gain the 6ictor&.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ p. 231. 1he Sa6iour is )ending o6er the purchase of is )lood/ sa&ing 5ith ine4pressi)le tenderness and pit&/ Wilt thou )e !ade 5holeD e )ids &ou arise in health and peace. %o not 5ait to feel that &ou are !ade 5hole. ;elie6e the Sa6iour2s 5ord. Put &our 5ill on the side of Christ. Will to ser6e i!/ and in acting upon is 5ord &ou 5ill recei6e strength. Whate6er !a& )e the e6il practice/ the !aster passion 5hich through long indulgence )inds )oth soul and )od&/ Christ is a)le and longs to deli6er. e 5ill i!part life to the soul that is dead in trespasses. e 5ill set free the capti6e that is held )& 5eakness and !isfortune and the chains of sin.--(inistr& of ealing/ pp. +"/ +#.

Chap. 32 - -ro5ing in -race

;ut gro5 in grace/ and in the kno5ledge of our :ord and Sa6iour <esus Christ. It is the pri6ilege of the &oung/ as the& gro5 in <esus/ to gro5 in spiritual grace and kno5ledge. We !a& kno5 !ore and !ore of <esus through an interested searching of the Scriptures/ and then follo5ing the 5a&s of truth and righteousness therein re6ealed. 1hose 5ho are e6er gro5ing in grace 5ill )e steadfast in the faith/ and !o6ing for5ard. -ro5th 3ecessar& to Steadfastness 1here should )e an earnest desire in the heart of e6er& &outh 5ho has purposed to )e a disciple of <esus Christ to reach the highest Christian standard/ to )e a 5orker 5ith Christ. If he !akes it his ai! to )e of that nu!)er 5ho shall )e presented faultless )efore the throne of -od/ he 5ill )e continuall& ad6ancing. 1he onl& 5a& to re!ain steadfast is to progress dail& in di6ine life. 0aith 5ill increase if/ 5hen )rought in conflict 5ith dou)ts and o)stacles/ it o6erco!es the!. 1rue sanctification is progressi6e. If &ou are gro5ing in grace and the kno5ledge of <esus Christ/ &ou 5ill i!pro6e e6er& pri6ilege and opportunit& to gain !ore kno5ledge of the life and character of Christ. 0aith in <esus 5ill gro5 as &ou )eco!e )etter acBuainted 5ith &our 7edee!er )& d5elling upon is spotless life and is infinite lo6e. You cannot dishonor -od !ore than to profess to )e is disciple 5hile &ou keep at a distance fro! i!/ and are not fed and nourished )& is ol& Spirit. When &ou are gro5ing in grace/ &ou 5ill lo6e to attend religious !eetings/ and &ou 5ill gladl& )ear testi!on& of the lo6e of Christ )efore the congregation. -od/ )& is grace/ can !ake the &oung !an prudent/ and e can gi6e to the children kno5ledge and e4perience. 1he& can gro5 in grace dail&. You should not !easure &our faith )& &our feelings. eart E4a!ination Closel& e4a!ine &our o5n heart/ and the state of &our affections to5ard -od. InBuire/ a6e I de6oted the precious !o!ents of toda& in seeking to please !&self/ seeking for !& o5n a!use!entD or ha6e I !ade others happ&D a6e I helped those connected 5ith !e to greater de6otion to -od and to appreciate eternal thingsD a6e I )rought !& religion into !& ho!e/ and there re6ealed the grace of Christ in !& 5ords and in !& deport!entD ;& !& respectful o)edience/ ha6e I honored !& parents/ and thus kept the fifth co!!and!entD a6e I cheerfull& taken up !& little/ e6er&da& duties/ perfor!ing the! 5ith fidelit&/ doing 5hat I could to lighten the )urdens of othersD a6e I kept !& lips fro! e6il/ and !& tongue fro! speaking guileD a6e I honored Christ !& 7edee!er/ 5ho ga6e is precious life that eternal life !ight )e 5ithin !& reachD Watch and Pra& At the )eginning of the da&/ do not/ dear &outh/ neglect to pra& earnestl& to <esus that e 5ill i!part to &ou strength and grace to resist the te!ptations of the ene!& in 5hate6er for! the& !a& co!eA and if &ou pra& earnestl&/ in faith and contrition of

soul/ the :ord 5ill hear &our pra&er. ;ut &ou !ust 5atch as 5ell as pra&. <esus has saidC Ask/ and it shall )e gi6en &ouA seek/ and &e shall findA knock/ and it shall )e opened unto &ouC for e6er& one that asketh recei6ethA and he that seeketh findethA and to hi! that knocketh it shall )e opened. $r 5hat !an is there of &ou/ 5ho!/ if his son ask )read/ 5ill he gi6e hi! a stoneD $r if he ask a fish/ 5ill he gi6e hi! a serpentD If &e then/ )eing e6il/ kno5 ho5 to gi6e good gifts unto &our children/ ho5 !uch !ore shall &our 0ather 5hich is in hea6en gi6e good things to the! that ask i!D Children and &outh !a& co!e to <esus 5ith their )urdens and perple4ities/ and kno5 that e 5ill respect their appeals to i!/ and gi6e the! the 6er& things the& need. ;e earnestA )e resolute. Present the pro!ise of -od/ and then )elie6e 5ithout a dou)t. %o not 5ait to feel special e!otions )efore &ou think the :ord ans5ers. %o not !ark out so!e particular 5a& that the :ord !ust 5ork for &ou )efore &ou )elie6e &ou recei6e the things &ou ask of i!A )ut trust is 5ord/ and lea6e the 5hole !atter in the hands of the :ord/ 5ith full faith that &our pra&er 5ill )e honored/ and the ans5er 5ill co!e at the 6er& ti!e and in the 6er& 5a& &our hea6enl& 0ather sees is for &our goodA and then li6e out &our pra&ers. Walk hu!)l& and keep !o6ing for5ard. 0or the :ord -od is a sun and shieldC the :ord 5ill gi6e grace and glor&C no good thing 5ill e 5ithhold fro! the! that 5alk uprightl&. Ps. +"C11. $ fear the :ord/ &e is saintsC for there is no 5ant to the! that fear i!. 1he &oung lions do lack/ and suffer hungerC )ut the& that seek the :ord shall not 5ant an& good thing. Ps. 3"C,/ 1.. @eep th& tongue fro! e6il/ and th& lips fro! speaking guile. %epart fro! e6il/ and do goodA seek peace/ and pursue it. 1he e&es of the :ord are upon the righteous/ and is ears are open unto their cr&. 1he face of the :ord is against the! that do e6il/ to cut off the re!e!)rance of the! fro! the earth. 1he righteous cr&/ and the :ord heareth/ and deli6ereth the! out of all their trou)les. 1he :ord is nigh unto the! that are of a )roken heartA and sa6eth such as )e of a contrite spirit. Ps. 3"C13-1+. ere are pro!ises/ rich and a)undant/ upon conditions that &ou cease to do e6il and learn to do 5ell. 1hen set &our ai! in life high/ as did <oseph and %aniel and (osesA and take into consideration the cost of character-)uilding/ and then )uild for ti!e and for eternit&. . . . We are 5eak and 5ithout 5isdo!/ )ut -od has saidC If an& of &ou lack 5isdo!/ let hi! ask of -od/ that gi6eth to all !en li)erall&/ and up)raideth notA and it shall )e gi6en hi!. <a!es 1C#. $nl& learn to )e thorough/ ne6er to let go &our hold upon -od/ to perse6ere in is ser6ice/ and &ou 5ill )e an o6erco!er through the )lood of the :a!). :i!itless Possi)ilities for -ood In doing this 5ork for &ourself &ou are ha6ing an influence on !an& others 5ith 5ho! &ou associate. Words spoken in season/ ho5 good are the&> o5 !uch strength a 5ord of hope/ courage/ and deter!ination in a right course 5ill gi6e one 5ho is inclined to slide into ha)its that are de!orali?ing> 1he fir! purpose &ou !a& possess in carr&ing out good principles 5ill ha6e an influence to )alance souls in the right direction.

1here is no li!it to the good &ou !a& do. If &ou !ake the 5ord of -od the rule of &our life/ and go6ern &our actions )& its precepts/ !aking all &our purposes and e4ertions in the fulfilling of &our dut& a )lessing and not a curse to others/ success 5ill cro5n &our efforts. You ha6e placed &ourself in connection 5ith -odA &ou ha6e )eco!e a channel of light to others. You are honored )& )eco!ing co-la)orers 5ith <esusA and no higher honor can &ou recei6e than the )lessed )enediction fro! the lips of the Sa6iourC Well done/ good and faithful ser6ant/ enter thou into the =o& of th& :ord. --1he Youth2s Instructor/ Septe!)er 1/ 1++'.

Self-Surrender 1he 7edee!er 5ill not accept di6ided ser6ice. %ail& the 5orker for -od !ust learn the !eaning of self-surrender. e !ust stud& the 5ord of -od/ learning its !eaning and o)e&ing its precepts. 1hus he !a& reach the standard of Christian e4cellence. %a& )& da& -od 5orks 5ith hi!/ perfecting the character that is to stand in the ti!e of final test. And da& )& da& the )elie6er is 5orking out )efore !en and angels a su)li!e e4peri!ent/ sho5ing 5hat the gospel can do for fallen hu!an )eings.--ospel Workers/ p. 113.

Chap. 33 - Confor it% to the ,orld

1hose 5ho tra6el in the narro5 5a& are talking of the =o& and happiness the& 5ill ha6e at the end of the =ourne&. 1heir countenances are often sad/ &et often )ea! 5ith hol&/ sacred =o&. 1he& do not dress like the co!pan& in the )road road/ or talk like the!/ or act like the!. A Pattern has )een gi6en the!. A (an of sorro5s and acBuainted 5ith grief opened that road for the!/ and tra6eled it i!self. is follo5ers see is footsteps and are co!forted and cheered. e 5ent through safel&A so can the&/ if the& follo5 is footsteps. 1he ;road Wa& In the )road road all are occupied 5ith their persons/ their dress/ and the pleasures in the 5a&. 1he& indulge freel& in hilarit& and glee/ and think not of their =ourne&2s end/ of the certain destruction at the end of the path. E6er& da& the& approach nearer their destructionA &et the& !adl& rush on faster and faster. $h/ ho5 dreadful this looked to !e> I sa5 !an& tra6eling in this )road road 5ho had 5ritten upon the!/ %ead to the 5orld. 1he end of all things is at hand. ;e &e also read&. 1he& looked =ust like all the 6ain ones around the!/ e4cept a shade of sadness 5hich I noticed upon their countenances. 1heir con6ersation 5as =ust like that of the ga&/ thoughtless ones around the!A )ut the& 5ould occasionall& point 5ith great satisfaction to the letters on their gar!ents/ calling for the others to ha6e the sa!e upon theirs. 1he& 5ere in the )road 5a&/ &et the& professed to )e of that nu!)er 5ho 5ere tra6eling the narro5 5a&. 1hose around the! 5ould sa&/ 1here is no distinction )et5een us. We are all alikeA 5e dress and talk and act alike. . . .

I 5as sho5n the confor!it& of so!e professed Sa))ath-keepers to the 5orld. $h/ I sa5 that it is a disgrace to their profession/ a disgrace to the cause of -od. 1he& gi6e the lie to their profession. 1he& think the& are not like the 5orld/ )ut the& are so near like the! in dress/ in con6ersation/ and actions/ that there is no distinction. I sa5 the! decorating their poor !ortal )odies/ 5hich are lia)le at an& !o!ent to )e touched )& the finger of -od/ and laid upon a )ed of anguish. $h/ then/ as the& approach their last change/ !ortal anguish racks their fra!es/ and the great inBuir& then is/ A! I prepared to dieD prepared to appear )efore -od in =udg!ent/ and pass the grand re6ie5D Ask the! then ho5 the& feel a)out decorating their )odies/ and if the& ha6e an& sense of 5hat it is to )e prepared to appear )efore -od/ the& 5ill tell &ou that if the& could take )ack and li6e o6er the past/ the& 5ould correct their li6es/ shun the follies of the 5orld/ its 6anit&/ its pride/ and 5ould adorn the )od& 5ith !odest apparel/ and set an e4a!ple to all around the!. 1he& 5ould li6e to the glor& of -od. Wh& is it so hard to lead a self-den&ing/ hu!)le lifeD ;ecause professed Christians are not dead to the 5orld. It is eas& li6ing after 5e are dead. ;ut !an& are longing for the leeks and onions of Eg&pt. 1he& ha6e a disposition to dress and act as !uch like the 5orld as possi)le/ and &et go to hea6en. Such cli!) up so!e other 5a&. 1he& do not enter through the strait gate and narro5 5a&. . . . Such 5ill ha6e no e4cuse. (an& dress like the 5orld to ha6e an influence. ;ut here the& !ake a sad and fatal !istake. If the& 5ould ha6e a true and sa6ing influence/ let the! li6e out their profession/ sho5 their faith )& their righteous 5orks/ and !ake the distinction great )et5een the Christian and the 5orld. I sa5 that the 5ords/ the dress/ and actions should tell for -od. 1hen a hol& influence 5ill )e shed upon all/ and all 5ill take kno5ledge of the! that the& ha6e )een 5ith <esus. 8n)elie6ers 5ill see that the truth 5e profess has a hol& influence/ and that faith in Christ2s co!ing affects the character of the !an or 5o!an. If an& 5ish to ha6e their influence tell in fa6or of the truth/ let the! li6e it out/ and thus i!itate the hu!)le Pattern. Preparation for <esus2 Co!ing I sa5 that -od hates pride/ and that all the proud/ and all that do 5ickedl&/ shall )e stu))le/ and the da& that co!eth shall )urn the! up. I sa5 that the third angel2s !essage !ust &et 5ork like lea6en upon !an& hearts that profess to )elie6e it/ and purge a5a& their pride/ selfishness/ co6etousness/ and lo6e of the 5orld. <esus is co!ing/ and 5ill e find a people confor!ed to the 5orldD and 5ill he ackno5ledge the! as is people that e has purified unto i!selfD $h/ no. 3one )ut the pure and hol& 5ill e ackno5ledge as is. 1hose 5ho ha6e )een purified and !ade 5hite through suffering/ and ha6e kept the!sel6es separate/ unspotted fro! the 5orld/ e 5ill o5n as is. As I sa5 the dreadful fact that -od2s people 5ere confor!ed to the 5orld/ 5ith no distinction/ e4cept in na!e/ )et5een !an& of the professed disciples of the !eek and lo5l& <esus/ and un)elie6ers/ !& soul felt deep anguish. I sa5 that <esus 5as 5ounded and put to an open sha!e. Said the angel/ as 5ith sorro5 he sa5 the professed people of -od lo6ing the 5orld/ partaking of its spirit/ and follo5ing its

fashions/ Cut loose> Cut loose> lest e appoint &ou &our portion 5ith h&pocrites and un)elie6ers outside the cit&. Your profession 5ill onl& cause &ou greater anguish/ and &our punish!ent 5ill )e greater/ )ecause &e kne5 is 5ill/ )ut did it not. 1hose 5ho profess to )elie6e the third angel2s !essage often 5ound the cause of -od )& lightness/ =oking/ and trifling. I 5as sho5n that this e6il 5as all through our ranks. I sa5 that there should )e a hu!)ling )efore the :ord. 1he Israel of -od should rend the heart/ and not the gar!ent. Childlike si!plicit& is rarel& seenA the appro)ation of !an is !ore thought of than the displeasure of -od. Said the angel/ Set &our heart in order/ lest e 6isit &ou in =udg!ent/ and the )rittle thread of life )e cut/ and &ou lie do5n in the gra6e unsheltered/ unprepared for the =udg!ent. $r if &e do not !ake &our )ed in the gra6e/ unless &e soon !ake &our peace 5ith -od/ and tear &oursel6es fro! the 5orld/ &our hearts 5ill gro5 harder/ and &e 5ill lean upon a false prop/ a supposed preparation/ and find out &our !istake too late to secure a 5ell-grounded hope.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ pp. 12*13".

What Shall It ProfitD Christ calls upon e6er& one to consider. (ake an honest reckoning. Put into one scale <esus/ 5hich !eans eternal treasure/ life/ truth/ hea6en/ and the =o& of Christ in souls redee!edA put into the other e6er& attraction the 5orld can offer. Into one scale put the loss of &our o5n soul/ and the souls of those 5ho! &ou !ight ha6e )een instru!ental in sa6ingA into the other/ for &ourself and for the!/ a life that !easures 5ith the life of -od. Weigh for ti!e and for eternit&. While &ou are thus engaged/ Christ speaksA What shall it profit a !an/ if he shall gain the 5hole 5orld/ and lose his o5n soulD -od desires us to choose the hea6enl& in place of the earthl&. e opens )efore us the possi)ilities of a hea6enl& in6est!ent. e 5ould gi6e encourage!ent to our loftiest ai!s/ securit& to our choicest treasure. e declares/ I 5ill !ake a !an !ore precious than fine goldA e6en a !an than the golden 5edge of $phir. When the riches that !oth de6ours and rust corrupts shall )e s5ept a5a&/ Christ2s follo5ers can re=oice in their hea6enl& treasure/ the riches that are i!perisha)le.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. 3*".

Chap. 3! - -enuine Christian )4perience

I sa5 that unless there is an entire change in the &oung/ a thorough con6ersion/ the& !a& despair of hea6en. 0ro! 5hat has )een sho5n !e/ there are not !ore than half of the &oung 5ho profess religion and the truth/ 5ho ha6e )een trul& con6erted. If the& had )een con6erted/ the& 5ould )ear fruit to the glor& of -od. (an& are leaning upon a supposed hope/ 5ithout a true foundation. 1he fountain is not cleansed/ therefore the strea!s proceeding fro! that fountain are not pure. Cleanse the fountain/ and the strea!s 5ill )e pure.

If the heart is right/ &our 5ords/ &our dress/ &our acts 5ill all )e right. 1rue godliness is lacking. I 5ould not dishonor !& (aster so !uch as to ad!it that a careless/ trifling/ pra&erless person is a Christian. 3oA a Christian has 6ictor& o6er his )eset!ents/ o6er his passions. 1here is a re!ed& for the sin-sick soul. 1hat re!ed& is in <esus. Precious Sa6iour> is grace is sufficient for the 5eakestA and the strongest !ust also ha6e is grace or perish. Sa6ing -race I sa5 ho5 this grace could )e o)tained. -o to &our closet/ and there alone plead 5ith -odC Create in !e a clean heart/ $ -odA and rene5 a right spirit 5ithin !e. ;e in earnest/ )e sincere. 0er6ent pra&er a6aileth !uch. <aco)-like/ 5restle in pra&er. Agoni?e. <esus in the garden s5eat great drops of )loodA &ou !ust !ake an effort. %o not lea6e &our closet until &ou feel strong in -odA then 5atch/ and =ust as long as &ou 5atch and pra& &ou can keep these e6il )eset!ents under/ and the grace of -od can and 5ill appear in &ou. -od for)id that I should cease to 5arn &ou. Young friends/ seek the :ord 5ith all &our heart. Co!e 5ith ?eal/ and 5hen &ou sincerel& feel that 5ithout the help of -od &ou perish/ 5hen &ou pant after i! as the hart panteth after the 5ater-)rooks/ then 5ill the :ord strengthen &ou speedil&. 1hen 5ill &our peace pass all understanding. If &ou e4pect sal6ation/ &ou !ust pra&. 1ake ti!e. ;e not hurried and careless in &our pra&ers. ;eg of -od to 5ork in &ou a thorough refor!ation/ that the fruits of is Spirit !a& d5ell in &ou/ and &ou shine as lights in the 5orld. ;e not a hindrance or curse to the cause of -odA &ou can )e a help/ a )lessing. %oes Satan tell &ou that &ou cannot en=o& sal6ation/ full and freeD ;elie6e hi! not. 1he 0irst Steps It is the pri6ilege of e6er& Christian to en=o& the deep !o6ings of the Spirit of -od. A s5eet/ hea6enl& peace 5ill per6ade the !ind/ and &ou 5ill lo6e to !editate upon -od and hea6en. You 5ill feast upon the glorious pro!ises of is 5ord. ;ut kno5 first that &ou ha6e )egun the Christian course. @no5 that the first steps are taken in the road to e6erlasting life. ;e not decei6ed. I fear/ &ea/ I kno5 that !an& of &ou kno5 not 5hat religion is. You ha6e felt so!e e4cite!ent/ so!e e!otion/ )ut ha6e ne6er seen sin in its enor!it&. You ha6e ne6er felt &our undone condition/ and turned fro! &our e6il 5a&s 5ith )itter sorro5. You ha6e ne6er died to the 5orld. You still lo6e its pleasuresA &ou lo6e to engage in con6ersation on 5orldl& !atters. ;ut 5hen the truth of -od is introduced/ &ou ha6e nothing to sa&. Wh& so silent> Wh& so talkati6e upon 5orldl& things/ and so silent upon the su)=ect that should !ost concern &ou/--a su)=ect that should engage &our 5hole soulD 1he truth of -od does not d5ell in &ou. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ pp. 1#+/ 1#,.

$pening the Wa& for -od2s ;lessing 1here is nothing that Satan fears so !uch as that the people of -od shall clear the 5a& )& re!o6ing e6er& hindrance/ so that the :ord can pour out is Spirit upon a languishing church and an i!penitent congregation. If Satan had his 5a&/ there 5ould ne6er )e another a5akening/ great or s!all/ to the end of ti!e. ;ut 5e are not

ignorant of his de6ices. It is possi)le to resist his po5er. When the 5a& is prepared for the Spirit of -od/ the )lessing 5ill co!e. Satan can no !ore hinder a sho5er of )lessing fro! descending upon -od2s people than he can close the 5indo5s of hea6en that rain cannot co!e upon the earth. Wicked !en and de6ils cannot hinder the 5ork of -od/ or shut out is presence fro! the asse!)lies of is people/ if the& 5ill/ 5ith su)dued/ contrite hearts/ confess and put a5a& their sins/ and in faith clai! is pro!ises.--7e6ie5 and erald/ (arch 22/ 1++*.

Chap. 3" - Self-$iscipline

e that is slo5 to anger is )etter than the !ight&A and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a cit&. e has conBuered self/--the strongest foe !an has to !eet. 1he highest e6idence of no)ilit& in a Christian is self-control. e 5ho can stand un!o6ed a!id a stor! of a)use is one of -od2s heroes. 1o rule the spirit is to keep self under disciplineA to resist e6ilA to regulate e6er& 5ord and deed )& -od2s great standard of righteousness. e 5ho has learned to rule his spirit 5ill rise a)o6e the slights/ the re)uffs/ the anno&ances/ to 5hich 5e are dail& e4posed/ and these 5ill cease to cast a gloo! o6er his spirit. It is -od2s purpose that the kingl& po5er of sanctified reason/ controlled )& di6ine grace/ shall )ear s5a& in the li6es of hu!an )eings. e 5ho rules his spirit is in possession of this po5er. Po5er of Self-Control In childhood and &outh the character is !ost i!pressi)le. 1he po5er of self-control should then )e acBuired. ;& the fireside and at the fa!il& )oard influences are e4erted the results of 5hich are as enduring as eternit&. (ore than an& natural endo5!ent/ the ha)its esta)lished in earl& &ears 5ill decide 5hether a !an shall )e 6ictorious or 6anBuished in the )attle of life. In the use of language/ there is/ perhaps/ no error that old and &oung are !ore read& to pass o6er lightl& in the!sel6es than hast&/ i!patient speech. 1he& think it is a sufficient e4cuse to plead/ I 5as off !& guard/ and did not reall& !ean 5hat I said. ;ut -od2s 5ord does not treat it lightl&. 1he Scripture sa&sC Seest thou a !an that is hast& in his 5ordsD there is !ore hope of a fool than of hi!. e that hath no rule o6er his o5n spirit is like a cit& that is )roken do5n/ and 5ithout 5alls. 1he largest share of life2s anno&ances/ its heartaches/ its irritations/ is due to uncontrolled te!per. In one !o!ent/ )& hast&/ passionate/ careless 5ords/ !a& )e 5rought e6il that a 5hole lifeti!e2s repentance cannot undo. $h/ the hearts that are )roken/ the friends estranged/ the li6es 5recked/ )& the harsh/ hast& 5ords of those 5ho !ight ha6e )rought help and healing> $6er5ork so!eti!es causes a loss of self-control. ;ut the :ord ne6er co!pels hurried/ co!plicated !o6e!ents. (an& gather to the!sel6es )urdens that the !erciful ea6enl& 0ather did not place on the!. %uties e ne6er designed the! to

perfor! chase one another 5ildl&. -od desires us to reali?e that 5e do not glorif& is na!e 5hen 5e take so !an& )urdens that 5e are o6erta4ed/ and/ )eco!ing heart5ear& and )rain-5ear&/ chafe and fret and scold. We are to )ear onl& the responsi)ilities that the :ord gi6es us/ trusting in i!/ and thus keeping our hearts pure and s5eet and s&!pathetic. 7uling the Spirit 1here is a 5onderful po5er in silence. When i!patient 5ords are spoken to &ou/ do not retaliate. Words spoken in repl& to one 5ho is angr& usuall& act as a 5hip/ lashing the te!per into greater fur&. ;ut anger !et )& silence Buickl& dies a5a&. :et the Christian )ridle his tongue/ fir!l& resol6ing not to speak harsh/ i!patient 5ords. With the tongue )ridled/ he !a& )e 6ictorious in e6er& trial of patience through 5hich he is called to pass. In his o5n strength !an cannot rule his spirit. ;ut through Christ he !a& gain selfcontrol. In is strength he !a& )ring his thoughts and 5ords into su)=ection to the 5ill of -od. 1he religion of Christ )rings the e!otions under the control of reason and disciplines the tongue. 8nder its influence the hast& te!per is su)dued/ and the heart is filled 5ith patience and gentleness. old fir!l& to the $ne 5ho has all po5er in hea6en and in earth. 1hough &ou so often fail to re6eal patience and cal!ness/ do not gi6e up the struggle. 7esol6e again/ this ti!e !ore fir!l&/ to )e patient under e6er& pro6ocation. And ne6er take &our e&es off &our di6ine E4a!ple.--7e6ie5 and erald/ $cto)er 31/ 1,.*.

3o E4cuse for Sinning 1he te!pter2s agenc& is not to )e accounted an e4cuse for one 5rong act. Satan is =u)ilant 5hen he hears the professed follo5ers of Christ !aking e4cuses for their defor!it& of character. It is these e4cuses that lead to sin. 1here is no e4cuse for sinning. A hol& te!per/ a Christlike life/ is accessi)le )& e6er& repenting/ )elie6ing child of -od.--%esire of Ages/ p. 311.

Chap. 3& - A :i6ing )4perience

1he :ord of life and glor& clothed is di6init& 5ith hu!anit& to de!onstrate to !an that -od through the gift of Christ 5ould connect us 5ith i!. Without a connection 5ith -od no one can possi)l& )e happ&. 0allen !an is to learn that our ea6enl& 0ather cannot )e satisfied until is lo6e e!)races the repentant sinner/ transfor!ed through the !erits of the spotless :a!) of -od. 1he 5ork of all the hea6enl& intelligences is to this end. 8nder the co!!and of their -eneral the& are to 5ork for the reclai!ing of those 5ho )& transgression ha6e separated the!sel6es fro! their ea6enl& 0ather. A plan has )een de6ised 5here)& the 5ondrous grace and lo6e of Christ shall stand re6ealed to the 5orld. In the infinite price paid )& the Son of -od to ranso! !an/ the lo6e of -od is re6ealed. 1his glorious plan of rede!ption is a!ple in its pro6isions to sa6e the 5hole 5orld. Sinful

and fallen !an !a& )e !ade co!plete in <esus through the forgi6eness of sin and the i!puted righteousness of Christ. Po5er of the Cross <esus Christ laid hold on hu!anit&/ that 5ith is hu!an ar! e !ight encircle the race/ 5hile 5ith is di6ine ar! e grasped the throne of the Infinite. e planted is cross !id5a& )et5een earth and hea6en/ and said/ I/ if I )e lifted up fro! the earth/ 5ill dra5 all !en unto (e. 1he cross 5as to )e the center of attraction. It 5as to speak to all !en/ and dra5 the! across the gulf that sin had !ade/ to unite finite !an 5ith the infinite -od. It is the po5er of the cross alone that can separate !an fro! the strong confederac& of sin. Christ ga6e i!self for the sa6ing of the sinner. 1hose 5hose sins are forgi6en/ 5ho lo6e <esus/ 5ill )e united 5ith i!. 1he& 5ill )ear the &oke of Christ. 1his &oke is not to ha!per the!/ not to !ake their religious life one of unsatisf&ing toil. 3oA the &oke of Christ is to )e the 6er& !eans )& 5hich the Christian life is to )eco!e one of pleasure and =o&. 1he Christian is to )e =o&ful in conte!plation of that 5hich the :ord has done in gi6ing is onl&)egotten Son to die for the 5orld/ that 5hosoe6er )elie6eth in i! should not perish/ )ut ha6e e6erlasting life. :o&alt& to Christ 1hose 5ho stand under the )lood-stained )anner of Prince I!!anuel should )e faithful soldiers in Christ2s ar!&. 1he& should ne6er )e dislo&al/ ne6er )e untrue. (an& of the &oung 5ill 6olunteer to stand 5ith <esus/ the Prince of life. ;ut if the& 5ould continue to stand 5ith i! the& !ust constantl& look unto <esus/ their Captain/ for is orders. 1he& cannot )e soldiers of Christ/ and &et engage 5ith the confederac& of Satan/ and help on his side/ for then the& 5ould )e ene!ies of Christ. 1he& 5ould )etra& sacred trusts. 1he& 5ould for! a link )et5een Satan and the true soldiers/ so that through these li6ing agencies the ene!& 5ould )e constantl& 5orking to steal a5a& the hearts of Christ2s soldiers. I ask &ou/ dear &outh/ 5ho profess to )e soldiers of <esus Christ/ 5hat )attles ha6e &ou foughtD What ha6e )een &our engage!entsD When the 5ord of -od has plainl& re6ealed &our 5ork/ ha6e &ou refused to do it )ecause it did not suit &our inclinationD as the attraction of the 5orld allured &ou fro! the ser6ice of ChristD Satan is e!plo&ed in de6ising specious allure!entsA and )& transgression in 5hat see! little !atters he dra5s &ou a5a& fro! <esus. 1hen larger attractions are presented to seduce &ou full& fro! -od. You !a& ha6e &our na!e upon the church )ooks and clai! to )e a child of -od/ &et &our e4a!ple/ &our influence/ !isrepresents the character of Christ/ and &ou lead others a5a& fro! i!. 1here is no happiness/ no peace or =o&/ to a professed )elie6er 5hose 5hole soul is not enlisted in the 5ork the :ord has gi6en hi! to do. e is constantl& )ringing the 5orld into the church/ not )& repentance and confession and surrender to -od/ )ut )& surrendering !ore and !ore to the 5orld/ and engaging on Satan2s side in the )attle rather than on Christ2s side. E4peri!ental @no5ledge 3eeded

I 5ould appeal to the &outh to cut the finest thread 5hich )inds &ou in practice and in spirit 5ith the 5orld. Co!e out fro! a!ong the!/ and )e &e separate/ saith the :ord/ and touch not the unclean thingA and I 5ill recei6e &ou/ and 5ill )e a 0ather unto &ou/ and &e shall )e (& sons and daughters/ saith the :ord Al!ight&. Will our &outh heed this 6oice of in6itationD o5 little do our &oung people reali?e the necessit& of setting )efore their &outhful associates a Christlike e4a!ple in their life and character. (an& of our &outh understand the theor& of the truth/ )ut ho5 fe5 understand )& e4peri!ental kno5ledge the practical )earing of the truth upon their e6er& action. Where are &outhful !issionaries doing an& 5ork that presents itself to the! in the great har6est fieldD Where are those 5ho are dail& learners in the school of ChristD :et the! ne6er feel that the& are prepared to graduate. :et the! 5ait in the courts of the :ord/ that the& !a& )e directed as to ho5 to 5ork in unison 5ith the hea6enl& intelligences. %ear &outh/ I 5ish to speak decidedl& to &ou )ecause I 5ant &ou to )e sa6ed. :ose no !ore ti!e. You cannot ser6e -od and !a!!on. You !a& apparentl& )e Christians/ )ut 5hen te!ptations co!e/ 5hen sorel& tried/ do &ou not generall& &ieldD Christian 0ello5ship 1he conflict in 5hich &ou ha6e to take an acti6e part is found in &our e6er&da& life. Will &ou not in ti!es of trial la& &our desires )& the side of the 5ritten 5ord/ and in earnest pra&er seek <esus for counselD (an& declare that it is certainl& no har! to go to a concert and neglect the pra&er-!eeting/ or a)sent the!sel6es fro! !eetings 5here -od2s ser6ants are to declare a !essage fro! hea6en. It is safe for &ou to )e =ust 5here Christ has said e 5ould )e. 1hose 5ho appreciate the 5ords of Christ 5ill not turn aside fro! the pra&er !eeting/ or fro! the !eeting 5here the :ord2s !essenger has )een sent to tell the! concerning things of eternal interest. <esus has said/ Where t5o or three are gathered together in (& na!e/ there a! I in the !idst of the!. Can &ou afford to choose &our pleasure and !iss the )lessingD It is indulgence in these things that has a telling influence not onl& on &our o5n life and character/ )ut upon the life and character of &our associates. If all 5ho profess to )e follo5ers of Christ 5ould )e so in deed and in truth/ the& 5ould ha6e the !ind of Christ/ and 5ould 5ork the 5orks of -od. 1he& 5ould resist te!ptation to indulge self/ and 5ould sho5 that the& do not en=o& the fri6olous pleasure of the 5orld !ore than the pri6ilege of !eeting 5ith Christ in the social !eeting. 1he& 5ould then ha6e a decided influence upon others/ and lead the! to follo5 their e4a!ple. Actions speak louder than 5ords/ and those 5ho are lo6ers of pleasure do not appreciate the rich )lessings of )eing in the asse!)l& of the people of -od. 1he& do not appreciate the pri6ilege of influencing their associates to go 5ith the!/ hoping that their hearts 5ill )e touched )& the Spirit of the :ord. Who goes 5ith the! into these 5orldl& gatheringsD <esus is not there to )less those asse!)led. ;ut Satan 5ill )ring to the !ind !an& things to cro5d out !atters of eternal interest. It is his opportunit& to confuse the right )& !i4ing it up 5ith the 5rong.

1hrough attendance at 5orldl& gatherings a taste is created for e4citing a!use!ents/ and !oral po5er is 5eakened. 1hose 5ho lo6e pleasure !a& keep up a for! of godliness/ )ut the& ha6e no 6ital connections 5ith -od. 1heir faith is dead/ their ?eal has departed. 1he& feel no )urden to speak a 5ord in season to souls 5ho are out of Christ/ and to urge the! to gi6e their hearts to the :ord--1he Youths2 Instructor/ April 23/ 1,12/ also in 1he Youths2 Instructor/ (arch 3./ 1+,3.

7eligion 3ot a Senti!ent Pure and undefiled religion is not a senti!ent/ )ut the doing of 5orks of !erc& and lo6e. 1his religion is necessar& to health and happiness. It enters the polluted soulte!ple/ and 5ith a scourge dri6es out the sinful intruders. 1aking the throne/ it consecrates all )& its presence/ illu!inating the heart 5ith the )right )ea!s of the Sun of 7ighteousness. It opens the 5indo5s of the soul hea6en5ard/ letting in the sunshine of -od2s lo6e. With it co!es serenit& and co!posure. Ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral strength increase/ )ecause the at!osphere of hea6en/ as a li6ing/ acti6e agenc&/ fills the soul. Christ is for!ed 5ithin/ the hope of glor&.-- 7e6ie5 and erald/ $cto)er 1#/ 1,.1.

Chap. 3( - 0aithful in that 5hich is :east

e that is faithful in that 5hich is least is faithful also in !uch. It is conscientious attention to 5hat the 5orld ter!s little things that !akes life a success. :ittle deeds of charit&/ little acts of self-denial/ speaking si!ple 5ords of helpfulness/ 5atching against little sins/--this is Christianit&. A grateful ackno5ledg!ent of dail& )lessings/ a 5ise i!pro6e!ent of dail& opportunities/ a diligent culti6ation of intrusted talents/--this is 5hat the (aster calls for. e 5ho faithfull& perfor!s s!all duties 5ill )e prepared to ans5er the de!ands of larger responsi)ilities. 1he !an 5ho is kind and courteous in the dail& life/ 5ho is generous and for)earing in his fa!il&/ 5hose constant ai! it is to !ake ho!e happ&/ 5ill )e the first to den& self and !ake sacrifices 5hen the (aster calls. A Well-;alanced Character We !a& )e 5illing to gi6e our propert& to the cause of -od/ )ut this 5ill not count unless 5e gi6e i! also a heart of lo6e and gratitude. 1hose 5ho 5ould )e true !issionaries in foreign fields !ust first )e true !issionaries in the ho!e. 1hose 5ho desire to 5ork in the (aster2s 6ine&ard !ust prepare the!sel6es for this )& a careful culti6ation of the little piece of 6ine&ard e has intrusted to their care. As a !an thinketh in his heart/ so is he. (an& thoughts !ake up the un5ritten histor& of a single da&A and these thoughts ha6e !uch to do 5ith the for!ation of character. $ur thoughts are to )e strictl& guardedA for one i!pure thought !akes a deep i!pression on the soul. An e6il thought lea6es an e6il i!press on the !ind. If the thoughts are pure and hol&/ the !an is )etter for ha6ing cherished the!. ;& the! the spiritual pulse is Buickened/ and the po5er for doing good is increased. And as one

drop of rain prepares the 5a& for another in !oistening the earth/ so one good thought prepares the 5a& for another. 1he longest =ourne& is perfor!ed )& taking one step at a ti!e. A succession of steps )rings us to the end of the road. 1he longest chain is co!posed of separate links. If one of these links is fault&/ the chain is 5orthless. 1hus it is 5ith character. A 5ell)alanced character is for!ed )& single acts 5ell perfor!ed. $ne defect/ culti6ated instead of )eing o6erco!e/ !akes the !an i!perfect/ and closes against hi! the gate of the ol& Cit&. e 5ho enters hea6en !ust ha6e a character that is 5ithout spot or 5rinkle or an& such thing. 3aught that defileth can e6er enter there. In all the redee!ed host not one defect 5ill )e seen. 0aithfulness in E6er&da& :ife -od2s 5ork is perfect as a 5hole )ecause it is perfect in e6er& part/ ho5e6er !inute. e fashions the tin& spear of grass 5ith as !uch care as e 5ould e4ercise in !aking a 5orld. If 5e desire to )e perfect/ e6en as our 0ather in hea6en is perfect/ 5e !ust )e faithful in doing little things. 1hat 5hich is 5orth doing at all is 5orth doing 5ell. Whate6er &our 5ork !a& )e/ do it faithfull&. Speak the truth in regard to the s!allest !atters. Each da& do lo6ing deeds and speak cheerful 5ords. Scatter s!iles along the path5a& of life. As &ou 5ork in this 5a&/ -od 5ill place is appro6al on &ou/ and Christ 5ill one da& sa& to &ou/ Well done/ thou good and faithful ser6ant. At the da& of =udg!ent/ those 5ho ha6e )een faithful in their e6er&da& life/ 5ho ha6e )een Buick to see their 5ork and do it/ not thinking of praise or profit/ 5ill hear the 5ords/ Co!e/ &e )lessed of (& 0ather/ inherit the kingdo! prepared for &ou fro! the foundation of the 5orld. Christ does not co!!end the! for the eloBuent orations the& ha6e !ade/ the intellectual po5er the& ha6e displa&ed/ or the li)eral donations the& ha6e gi6en. It is for doing little things 5hich are generall& o6erlooked that the& are re5arded. I 5as an hungered/ and &e ga6e (e !eat/ e sa&s. Inas!uch as &e ha6e done it unto one of the least of these (& )rethren/ &e ha6e done it unto (e.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& 1*/ 1,.1.

Chap. 3* - Accounta'ilit% for :ight

Young !en and 5o!en/ &ou are accounta)le to -od for the light that e has gi6en &ou. 1his light and these 5arnings/ if not heeded 5ill rise up in the =udg!ent against &ou. Your dangers ha6e )een plainl& statedA &ou ha6e )een cautioned and guarded on e6er& side/ hedged in 5ith 5arnings. In the house of -od &ou ha6e listened to the !ost sole!n/ heart-searching truths presented )& the ser6ants of -od in de!onstration of the Spirit. What 5eight do these sole!n appeals ha6e upon &our heartsD What influence do the& ha6e upon &our charactersD You 5ill )e held responsi)le for e6er& one of these appeals and 5arnings. 1he& 5ill rise up in the =udg!ent to conde!n those 5ho pursue a life of 6anit&/ le6it&/ and pride. %ear &oung friends/ that 5hich &ou so5 &ou 5ill also reap. 3o5 is the so5ing ti!e for &ou. What 5ill the har6est )eD What are &ou so5ingD E6er& 5ord &ou utter/ e6er& act &ou perfor!/ is a seed 5hich 5ill )ear good or e6il fruit/ and 5ill result in =o& or sorro5 to the so5er. As is the seed so5n/ so 5ill )e the crop. -od has gi6en &ou great

light and !an& pri6ileges. After this light has )een gi6en/ after &our dangers ha6e )een plainl& presented )efore &ou/ the responsi)ilit& )eco!es &ours. 1he !anner in 5hich &ou treat the light that -od gi6es &ou 5ill turn the scale for happiness or 5oe. You are shaping &our destinies for &oursel6es.-- 1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ p. 3'3.

Chap. 3+ - )arnestness of Purpose

When the four e)re5 &outh 5ere recei6ing an education for the king2s court in ;a)&lon/ the& did not feel that the )lessing of the :ord 5as a su)stitute for the ta4ing effort reBuired of the!. 1he& 5ere diligent in stud&A for the& discerned that through the grace of -od their destin& depended upon their o5n 5ill and action. 1he& 5ere to )ring all their a)ilit& to the 5orkA and )& close/ se6ere ta4ation of their po5ers the& 5ere to !ake the !ost of their opportunities for stud& and la)or. Co-operation 5ith -od While these &outh 5ere 5orking out their o5n sal6ation/ -od 5as 5orking in the! to 5ill and to do of is good pleasure. ere are re6ealed the conditions of success. 1o !ake -od2s grace our o5n/ 5e !ust act our part. 1he :ord does not propose to perfor! for us either the 5illing or the doing. is grace is gi6en to 5ork in us to 5ill and to do/ )ut ne6er as a su)stitute for our effort. $ur souls are to )e aroused to cooperate. 1he ol& Spirit 5orks in us/ that 5e !a& 5ork out our o5n sal6ation. 1his is the practical lesson the ol& Spirit is stri6ing to teach us. It is -od 5hich 5orketh in &ou )oth to 5ill and to do of is good pleasure. 1he :ord 5ill co-operate 5ith all 5ho earnestl& stri6e to )e faithful in is ser6ice/ as e co-operated 5ith %aniel and his three co!panions. 0ine !ental Bualities and a high tone of !oral character are not the result of accident. -od gi6es opportunitiesA success depends upon the use !ade of the!. 1he openings of Pro6idence !ust )e Buickl& discerned and eagerl& entered. 1here are !an& 5ho !ight )eco!e !ight& !en/ if/ like %aniel/ the& 5ould depend upon -od for grace to )e o6erco!ers/ and for strength and efficienc& to do their 5ork. Whole-hearted Ser6ice I address &ou/ &oung !enC ;e faithful. Put heart into &our 5ork. I!itate none 5ho are slothful/ and 5ho gi6e di6ided ser6ice. Actions/ often repeated/ for! ha)its/ ha)its for! character. Patientl& perfor! the little duties of life. So long as &ou under6alue the i!portance of faithfulness in the little duties/ &our character-)uilding 5ill )e unsatisfactor&. In the sight of $!nipotence/ e6er& dut& is i!portant. 1he :ord has said/ e that is faithful in that 5hich is least is faithful also in !uch. In the life of a true Christian there are no non-essentials. (an& 5ho clai! to )e Christians are 5orking at cross-purposes 5ith -od. (an& are 5aiting for so!e great 5ork to )e )rought to the!. %ail& the& lose opportunities for sho5ing their faithfulness to -odA dail& the& fail of discharging 5ith 5holeheartedness the little duties of life/ 5hich see! to the! uninteresting. While 5aiting

for so!e great 5ork in 5hich the& !a& e4ercise their supposedl& great talents/ and thus satisf& their a!)itious longings/ their life passes a5a&. (& dear &oung friends/ do the 5ork that lies nearest at hand. 1urn &our attention to so!e hu!)le line of effort 5ithin &our reach. Put !ind and heart into the doing of this 5ork. 0orce &our thoughts to act intelligentl& on the things that &ou can do at ho!e. 1hus &ou 5ill )e fitting &ourself for greater usefulness. 7e!e!)er that of @ing e?ekiah it is 5rittenC In e6er& 5ork that he )egan/ . . . he did it 5ith all his heart/ and prospered. 1he 9alue of Concentration 1he a)ilit& to fi4 the thoughts on the 5ork in hand is a great )lessing. -od-fearing &outh should stri6e to discharge their duties 5ith thoughtful consideration/ keeping the thoughts in the right channel/ and doing their )est. 1he& should recogni?e their present duties/ and fulfill the! 5ithout allo5ing the !ind to 5ander. 1his kind of !ental discipline 5ill )e helpful and )eneficial throughout life. 1hose 5ho learn to put thought into e6er&thing the& undertake/ ho5e6er s!all the 5ork !a& appear/ 5ill )e of use in the 5orld. %ear &outh/ )e earnest/ )e perse6ering. -ird up the loins of &our !ind. Stand like %aniel/ the faithful e)re5/ 5ho purposed in his heart to )e true to -od. %o not disappoint &our parents and friends. And there is Another to )e re!e!)ered. %o not disappoint i! 5ho so lo6ed &ou that e ga6e is life to !ake it possi)le for &ou to )e co-la)orers 5ith -od. 1he ighest (oti6e 1he desire to honor -od should )e to us the !ost po5erful of all !oti6es. It should lead us to !ake e6er& e4ertion to i!pro6e the pri6ileges and opportunities pro6ided for us/ that 5e !a& understand ho5 to use 5isel& the :ord2s goods. It should lead us to keep )rain/ )one/ !uscle/ and ner6e in the !ost healthful condition/ that our ph&sical strength and !ental clearness !a& !ake us faithful ste5ards. Selfish interest/ if gi6en roo! to act/ d5arfs the !ind and hardens the heartA if allo5ed to control/ it destro&s !oral po5er. 1hen disappoint!ent co!es. . . . 1rue success is gi6en to !en and 5o!en )& the -od 5ho ga6e success to %aniel. e 5ho read the heart of %aniel looked 5ith pleasure upon is ser6ant2s purit& of !oti6e/ his deter!ination to honor the :ord. 1hose 5ho in their life fulfill -od2s purpose !ust put forth painstaking effort/ appl&ing the!sel6es closel& and earnestl& to the acco!plish!ent of 5hate6er e gi6es the! to do.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 2./ 1,.3.

A)iding <o& And all the 5a& up the steep road leading to eternal life are 5ell-springs of =o& to refresh the 5ear&. 1hose 5ho 5alk in 5isdo!2s 5a&s are/ e6en in tri)ulation/ e4ceeding =o&fulA for e 5ho! their soul lo6eth 5alks/ in6isi)le/ )eside the!. At each up5ard step the& discern !ore distinctl& the touch of is handA at e6er& step

)righter glea!ings of glor& fro! the 8nseen fall upon their pathA and their songs of praise/ reaching e6er a higher note/ ascend to =oin the songs of angels )efore the throne.--1houghts fro! the (ount of ;lessing/ p. 2.2.

Chap. !. - )4ercise of the ,ill

Pure religion has to do 5ith the 5ill. 1he 5ill is the go6erning po5er in the nature of !an/ )ringing all the other faculties under its s5a&. 1he 5ill is not the taste or the inclination/ )ut it is the deciding po5er/ 5hich 5orks in the children of !en unto o)edience to -od/ or unto diso)edience. Insta)ilit& and %ou)t You are a &oung !an of intelligenceA &ou desire to !ake &our life such as 5ill fit &ou for hea6en at last. You are often discouraged at finding &ourself 5eak in !oral po5er/ in sla6er& to dou)t/ and controlled )& the ha)its and custo!s of &our old life in sin. You find &our e!otional nature untrue to &ourself/ to &our )est resolutions/ and to &our !ost sole!n pledges. 3othing see!s real. Your o5n insta)ilit& leads &ou to dou)t the sincerit& of those 5ho 5ould do &ou good. 1he !ore &ou struggle in dou)t/ the !ore unreal e6er&thing looks to &ou/ until it see!s that there is no solid ground for &ou an&5here. Your pro!ises are like ropes of sand/ and &ou regard in the sa!e unreal light the 5ords and 5orks of those in 5ho! &ou should trust. Strength 1hrough Yielding the Will You 5ill )e in constant peril until &ou understand the true force of the 5ill. You !a& )elie6e and pro!ise all things/ )ut &our pro!ises or &our faith are of no 6alue until &ou put &our 5ill on the side of faith and action. If &ou fight the fight of faith 5ith all &our 5ill-po5er/ &ou 5ill conBuer. Your feelings/ &our i!pressions/ &our e!otions/ are not to )e trusted/ for the& are not relia)le/ especiall& 5ith &our per6erted ideasA and the kno5ledge of &our )roken pro!ises and &our forfeited pledges 5eakens &our confidence in &ourself/ and the faith of others in &ou. ;ut &ou need not despair. You !ust )e deter!ined to )elie6e/ although nothing see!s true and real to &ou. I need not tell &ou it is &ourself that has )rought &ou into this unen6ia)le position. You !ust 5in )ack &our confidence in -od and in &our )rethren. It is for &ou to &ield up &our 5ill to the 5ill of <esus ChristA and as &ou do this/ -od 5ill i!!ediatel& take possession/ and 5ork in &ou to 5ill and to do of is good pleasure. Your 5hole nature 5ill then )e )rought under the control of the Spirit of ChristA and e6en &our thoughts 5ill )e su)=ect to i!. You cannot control &our i!pulses/ &our e!otions/ as &ou !a& desire/ )ut &ou can control the 5ill/ and &ou can !ake an entire change in &our life. ;& &ielding up &our 5ill to Christ/ &our life 5ill )e hid 5ith Christ in -od/ and allied to the po5er 5hich is a)o6e all principalities and po5ers. You 5ill ha6e strength fro! -od that 5ill hold &ou fast to is strengthA and a ne5 light/ e6en the light of li6ing faith/ 5ill )e possi)le to &ou. ;ut &our 5ill !ust co-operate 5ith -od2s 5ill/ not 5ith the 5ill of associates through 5ho! Satan is constantl& 5orking to ensnare and destro& &ou.

Will &ou not/ 5ithout dela&/ place &ourself in right relation to -odD Will &ou not sa&/ I 5ill gi6e !& 5ill to <esus/ and I 5ill do it no5/ and fro! this !o!ent )e 5holl& on the :ord2s sideD %isregard custo!/ and the strong cla!oring of appetite and passion. -i6e Satan no chance to sa&/ You are a 5retched h&pocrite. Close the door/ so that Satan 5ill not thus accuse and dishearten &ou. Sa&/ I 5ill )elie6e/ I do )elie6e that -od is !& helper/ and &ou 5ill find that &ou are triu!phant in -od. ;& steadfastl& keeping the 5ill on the :ord2s side/ e6er& e!otion 5ill )e )rought into capti6it& to the 5ill of <esus. You 5ill then find &our feet on solid rock. It 5ill take/ at ti!es/ e6er& particle of 5ill-po5er that &ou possess/ )ut it is -od that is 5orking for &ou/ and &ou 5ill co!e forth fro! the !olding process a 6essel unto honor. -od2s Will and (an2s Will 8nited 1alk faith. @eep on -od2s side of the line. Set not &our foot on the ene!&2s side/ and the :ord 5ill )e &our elper. e 5ill do for &ou that 5hich it is not possi)le for &ou to do for &ourself. 1he result 5ill )e that &ou 5ill )eco!e like a cedar of :e)anon. Your life 5ill )e no)le/ and &our 5orks 5ill )e 5rought in -od. 1here 5ill )e in &ou a po5er/ an earnestness/ and a si!plicit& that 5ill !ake &ou a polished instru!ent in the hands of -od. You need to drink dail& at the fountain of truth/ that &ou !a& understand the secret of pleasure and =o& in the :ord. ;ut &ou !ust re!e!)er that &our 5ill is the spring of all &our actions. 1his 5ill/ that for!s so i!portant a factor in the character of !an/ 5as at the fall gi6en into the control of SatanA and he has e6er since )een 5orking in !an to 5ill and to do of his o5n pleasure/ )ut to the utter ruin and !iser& of !an. ;ut the infinite sacrifice of -od in gi6ing <esus/ is )elo6ed Son/ to )eco!e a sacrifice for sin/ ena)les i! to sa&/ 5ithout 6iolating one principle of is go6ern!ent/ Yield &ourself up to (eA gi6e (e that 5illA take it fro! the control of Satan/ and I 5ill take possession of itA then I can 5ork in &ou to 5ill and to do of (& good pleasure. When e gi6es &ou the !ind of Christ/ &our 5ill )eco!es as is 5ill/ and &our character is transfor!ed to )e like Christ2s character. Is it &our purpose to do -od2s 5illD %o &ou 5ish to o)e& the ScripturesD If an& !an 5ill co!e after (e/ let hi! den& hi!self/ and take up his cross/ and follo5 (e. 1here is no such thing as follo5ing Christ unless &ou refuse to gratif& inclination and deter!ine to o)e& -od. It is not &our feelings/ &our e!otions/ that !ake &ou a child of -od/ )ut the doing of -od2s 5ill. A life of usefulness is )efore &ou/ if &our 5ill )eco!es -od2s 5ill. 1hen &ou !a& stand in &our -od-gi6en !anhood/ an e4a!ple of good 5orks. You 5ill then help to !aintain rules of discipline/ instead of helping to )reak the! do5n. You 5ill then help to !aintain order/ instead of despising it/ and inciting to irregularit& of life )& &our o5n course of action. I tell &ou in the fear of -od/ I kno5 5hat &ou !a& )e/ if &our 5ill is placed on the side of -od. We are la)orers together 5ith -od/ You !a& )e doing &our 5ork for ti!e and eternit& in such a !anner that it 5ill stand the test of the =udg!ent. Will &ou tr&D Will &ou no5 turn sBuare a)outD You are the o)=ect of Christ2s lo6e and intercession. Will &ou no5 surrender to -od/ and help those 5ho are placed as sentinels to guard the

interests of is 5ork/ instead of causing the! grief and discourage!entD-1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ pp. #13-#1'. Special Effort Essential -od has appointed !eans/ if 5e 5ill use the! diligentl& and pra&erfull&/ that no 6essel shall )e ship5recked/ )ut outride the te!pest and stor!/ and anchor in the ha6en of )liss at last. ;ut if 5e despise and neglect these appoint!ents and pri6ileges/ -od 5ill not 5ork a !iracle to sa6e an& of us/ and 5e 5ill )e lost as 5ere <udas and Satan. %o not think that -od 5ill 5ork a !iracle to sa6e those 5eak souls 5ho cherish e6il/ 5ho practice sinA or that so!e supernatural ele!ent 5ill )e )rought into their li6es/ lifting the! out of self into a higher sphere/ 5here it 5ill )e co!parati6el& eas& 5ork/ 5ithout an& special effort/ an& special fighting/ 5ithout an& crucifi4ion of selfA )ecause all 5ho dall& on Satan2s ground for this to )e done 5ill perish 5ith the e6ildoers. 1he& 5ill )e suddenl& destro&ed/ and that 5ithout re!ed&.--1esti!onies to (inisters/ p. "#3.

Chap. !1 - $i6ine -uidance

1here are three 5a&s in 5hich the :ord re6eals is 5ill to us/ to guide us. . . . -od re6eals is 5ill to us in is 5ord/ the ol& Scriptures. is 6oice is also re6ealed in is pro6idential 5orkingsA and it 5ill )e recogni?ed if 5e do not separate our souls fro! i! )& 5alking in our o5n 5a&s/ doing according to our o5n 5ills/ and follo5ing the pro!ptings of an unsanctified heart/ until the senses ha6e )eco!e so confused that eternal things are not discerned/ and the 6oice of Satan is so disguised that it is accepted as the 6oice of -od. Another 5a& in 5hich -od2s 6oice is heard/ is through the appeals of is ol& Spirit/ !aking i!pressions upon the heart/ 5hich 5ill )e 5rought out in the character. If &ou are in dou)t upon an& su)=ect/ &ou !ust first consult the Scriptures. If &ou ha6e trul& )egun the life of faith/ &ou ha6e gi6en &ourself to the :ord/ to )e 5holl& is/ and e has taken &ou to !old and fashion according to is purpose/ that &ou !a& )e a 6essel unto honor. You should ha6e an earnest desire to )e plia)le in is hands/ and to follo5 5hithersoe6er e !a& lead &ou. You are then trusting i! to 5ork out is designs/ 5hile at the sa!e ti!e &ou are co-operating 5ith i! )& 5orking out &our o5n sal6ation 5ith fear and tre!)ling.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ p. #12.

Chap. !2 - Silent ,orking of the Hol% Spirit

1he Christian2s life is not a !odification or i!pro6e!ent of the old/ )ut a transfor!ation of nature. 1here is a death to self and sin/ and a ne5 life altogether. 1his change can )e )rought a)out onl& )& the effectual 5orking of the ol& Spirit.

3icode!us 5as still perple4ed/ and <esus used the 5ind to illustrate is !eaningC 1he 5ind )lo5eth 5here it listeth/ and thou hearest the sound thereof/ )ut canst not tell 5hence it co!eth/ and 5hither it goethC so is e6er& one that is )orn of the Spirit. 1he 5ind is heard a!ong the )ranches of the trees/ rustling the lea6es and flo5ersA &et it is in6isi)le/ and no !an kno5s 5hence it co!es or 5hither it goes. So 5ith the 5ork of the ol& Spirit upon the heart. It can no !ore )e e4plained than can the !o6e!ents of the 5ind. A person !a& not )e a)le to tell the e4act ti!e or place/ or to trace all the circu!stances in the process of con6ersionA )ut this does not pro6e hi! to )e uncon6erted. ;& an agenc& as unseen as the 5ind/ Christ is constantl& 5orking upon the heart. :ittle )& little/ perhaps unconsciousl& to the recei6er/ i!pressions are !ade that tend to dra5 the soul to Christ. 1hese !a& )e recei6ed through !editating upon i!/ through reading the Scriptures/ or through hearing the 5ord fro! the li6ing preacher. Suddenl&/ as the Spirit co!es 5ith !ore direct appeal/ the soul gladl& surrenders itself to <esus. ;& !an& this is called sudden con6ersionA )ut it is the result of long 5ooing )& the Spirit of -od/--a patient/ protracted process. While the 5ind is itself in6isi)le/ it produces effects that are seen and felt. So the 5ork of the Spirit upon the soul 5ill re6eal itself in e6er& act of hi! 5ho has felt its sa6ing po5er. When the Spirit of -od takes possession of the heart/ it transfor!s the life. Sinful thoughts are put a5a&/ e6il deeds are renouncedA lo6e/ hu!ilit&/ and peace take the place of anger/ en6&/ and strife. <o& takes the place of sadness/ and the countenance reflects the light of hea6en. 3o one sees the hand that lifts the )urden/ or )eholds the light descend fro! the courts a)o6e. 1he )lessing co!es 5hen/ )& faith/ the soul surrenders itself to -od. . . . It is i!possi)le for finite !inds to co!prehend the 5ork of rede!ption. Its !&ster& e4ceeds hu!an kno5ledgeA &et he 5ho passes fro! death to life reali?es that it is a di6ine realit&. 1he )eginning of rede!ption 5e !a& kno5 here through a personal e4perience. Its results reach through the eternal ages.--%esire of Ages/ pp. 1*2/ 1*3.

E6idence of %i6ine Aid If &ou ha6e a sense of need in &our soul/ if &ou hunger and thirst after righteousness/ this is an e6idence that Christ has 5rought upon &our heart in order that e !a& )e sought unto to do for &ou/ through the endo5!ent of the ol& Spirit/ those things 5hich it is i!possi)le for &ou to do for &ourself.--1houghts fro! the (ount of ;lessing/ p. 3'.

Chap. !3 - 1he Ind5elling Christ

If 5e are rooted and grounded in lo6e/ 5e shall )e a)le to co!prehend 5ith all saints 5hat is the )readth/ and length/ and depth/ and heightA and to kno5 the lo6e of Christ/ 5hich passeth kno5ledge. $ precious possi)ilities and encourage!ent> In the hu!an heart cleansed fro! all !oral i!purit& d5ells the precious Sa6iour/ enno)ling/ sanctif&ing the 5hole nature/ and !aking the !an a te!ple for the ol& Spirit. . . . is 7esponse to $ur 0aith

We are a)iding in Christ )& a li6ing faith. e is a)iding in our hearts )& our indi6idual appropriating of faith. We ha6e the co!panionship of the di6ine presence/ and as 5e reali?e this presence our thoughts are )rought into capti6it& to <esus Christ. $ur spiritual e4ercises are in accordance 5ith the 6i6idness of our sense of this co!panionship. Enoch 5alked 5ith -od in this 5a&A and Christ is d5elling in our hearts )& faith 5hen 5e 5ill consider 5hat e is to us/ and 5hat a 5ork e has 5rought out for us in the plan of rede!ption. We shall )e !ost happ& in culti6ating a sense of this great gift of -od to our 5orld and to us personall&. 1hese thoughts ha6e a controlling po5er upon the 5hole character. I 5ant to i!press upon &our !ind that &ou !a& ha6e a di6ine co!panion 5ith &ou/ if &ou 5ill/ al5a&s. And 5hat agree!ent hath the te!ple of -od 5ith idolsD for &e are the te!ple of the li6ing -odA as -od hath said/ I 5ill d5ell in the!/ and 5alk in the!A and I 5ill )e their -od/ and the& shall )e (& people. (olded )& is :o6e As the !ind d5ells upon Christ/ the character is !olded after the di6ine si!ilitude. 1he thoughts are per6aded 5ith a sense of is goodness/ is lo6e. We conte!plate is character/ and thus e is in all our thoughts. is lo6e encloses us. If 5e ga?e e6en a !o!ent upon the sun in its !eridian glor&/ 5hen 5e turn a5a& our e&es the i!age of the sun 5ill appear in e6er&thing upon 5hich 5e look. 1hus it is 5hen 5e )ehold <esusA e6er&thing 5e look upon reflects is i!age/ the Sun of 7ighteousness. We cannot see an&thing else/ or talk of an&thing else. is i!age is i!printed upon the e&e of the soul/ and affects e6er& portion of our dail& life/ softening and su)duing our 5hole nature. ;& )eholding/ 5e are confor!ed to the di6ine si!ilitude/ e6en the likeness of Christ. 1o all 5ith 5ho! 5e associate 5e reflect the )right and cheerful )ea!s of is righteousness. We ha6e )eco!e transfor!ed in characterA for heart/ soul/ !ind/ are irradiated )& the reflection of i! 5ho lo6ed us and ga6e i!self for us. ere again there is the reali?ation of a personal/ li6ing influence d5elling in our hearts )& faith. When is 5ords of instruction ha6e )een recei6ed/ and ha6e taken possession of us/ <esus is to us an a)iding presence/ controlling our thoughts and ideas and actions. We are i!)ued 5ith the instruction of the greatest teacher the 5orld e6er kne5. A sense of hu!an accounta)ilit& and of hu!an influence/ gi6es character to our 6ie5s of life and of dail& duties. <esus Christ is e6er&thing to us/--the first/ the last/ the )est in e6er&thing. <esus Christ/ is Spirit/ is character/ colors e6er&thingA it is the 5arp and 5oof/ the 6er& te4ture of our entire )eing. 1he 5ords of Christ are spirit and life. We cannot/ then/ center our thoughts upon selfA it is no !ore 5e that li6e/ )ut Christ that li6eth in us/ and e is the hope of glor&. Self is dead/ )ut Christ is a li6ing Sa6iour. Continuing to look unto <esus/ 5e reflect is i!age to all around us. We cannot stop to consider our disappoint!ents/ or e6en to talk of the!A for a !ore pleasant picture attracts our sight/--the precious lo6e of <esus. e d5ells in us )& the 5ord of truth.--1esti!onies to (inisters/ pp. 3+*-3,..

1he Pearl of -reat Price We are to gi6e oursel6es to Christ/ to li6e a life of 5illing o)edience to all is reBuire!ents. All that 5e are/ all the talents and capa)ilities 5e possess/ are the :ord2s to )e consecrated to is ser6ice. When 5e thus gi6e oursel6es 5holl& to i!/ Christ/ 5ith all the treasures of hea6en/ gi6es i!self to us. We o)tain the pearl of great price.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. 11'.

Chap. !! - Self-$enial
<esus e!ptied i!self/ and in all that e did self did not appear. e su)ordinated all things to the 5ill of is 0ather. When is !ission on earth 5as a)out to close/ e could sa&/ I ha6e glorified 1hee on the earthC I ha6e finished the 5ork 5hich 1hou ga6est (e to do. And e )ids us/ :earn of (eA for I a! !eek and lo5l& in heart. If an& !an 5ill co!e after (e/ let hi! den& hi!selfA let self )e dethroned/ and no longer hold the supre!ac& of the soul. e 5ho )eholds Christ in is self-denial/ is lo5liness of heart/ 5ill )e constrained to sa&/ as did %aniel 5hen he )eheld $ne like the sons of !en/ (& co!eliness 5as turned in !e into corruption. . . . u!an nature is e6er struggling for e4pression/ read& for contestA )ut he 5ho learns of Christ is e!ptied of self/ of pride/ of lo6e of supre!ac&/ and there is silence in the soul. Self is &ielded to the disposal of the ol& Spirit. 1hen 5e are not an4ious to ha6e the highest place. We ha6e no a!)ition to cro5d and el)o5 oursel6es into noticeA )ut 5e feel that our highest place is at the feet of our Sa6iour. We look to <esus/ 5aiting for is hand to lead/ listening for is 6oice to guide. 1he apostle Paul had this e4perience/ and he said/ I a! crucified 5ith ChristC ne6ertheless I li6eA &et not I/ )ut Christ li6eth in !eA and the life 5hich I no5 li6e in the flesh/ I li6e )& the faith of the Son of -od/ 5ho lo6ed !e/ and ga6e i!self for !e. --1houghts fro! the (ount of ;lessing/ pp. 3./ 31.

Chap. !" - 1he Character that -od Appro6es

1he &outh need to )e instructed/ carefull& and pra&erfull&/ that the& !a& )uild their characters upon the a)iding foundation. 1he reason so !an& !ake grie6ous )lunders is that the& do not heed the teachings of e4perience. 1he counsel of parents and teachers is lost upon the!/ and the& &ield to the te!ptations of the ene!&. -od lo6es the &outh. e sees in the! great possi)ilities for good/ if the& 5ill reali?e their need of Christ/ and )uild upon the sure foundation. e also kno5s their trials. e kno5s that the& 5ill ha6e to )attle against the po5ers of darkness that stri6e to gain control of the hu!an !indA and e has opened the 5a& )& 5hich &oung !en and &oung 5o!en !a& )eco!e partakers of the di6ine nature. . . . Perse6ering Effort 7eBuired Character does not co!e )& chance. It is not deter!ined )& one out)urst of te!per/ one step in the 5rong direction. It is the repetition of the act that causes it to )eco!e ha)it/ and !olds the character either for good or for e6il. 7ight characters can )e for!ed onl& )& perse6ering/ untiring effort/ )& i!pro6ing e6er& intrusted talent and capa)ilit& to the glor& of -od. Instead of doing this/ !an& allo5 the!sel6es to drift

5here6er i!pulse or circu!stances !a& carr& the!. 1his is not )ecause the& are lacking in good !aterial/ )ut )ecause the& do not reali?e that in their &outh -od 5ants the! to do their 6er& )est. If the &outh toda& 5ould stand as %aniel stood/ the& !ust put to the stretch e6er& spiritual ner6e and !uscle. 1he :ord does not desire that the& shall re!ain no6ices. e 5ishes the! to reach the highest point of e4cellence. e desires the! to reach the 6er& highest round of the ladder/ that the& !a& step fro! it into the kingdo! of -od. Influence of Associates 1he &outh 5ho lea6e their ho!es/ and are no longer under the 5atch-care of their parents/ are to a large e4tent left to choose their o5n associates. 1he& should re!e!)er that the e&e of their ea6enl& 0ather is upon the!/ and that e sees their e6er& necessit&/ their e6er& te!ptation. 1here are al5a&s to )e found in schools so!e &outh 5ho/ )& their course of action/ re6eal that their !inds are cast in an inferior !old. 1hrough un5ise training in childhood/ the& ha6e de6eloped one-sided charactersA and as the& ha6e ad6anced in &ears these defects ha6e re!ained to !ar their e4perience. ;& precept and e4a!ple/ these souls lead astra& those 5ho are 5eak in !oral po5er. 1i!e is golden/ dear &outh. You !ust not i!peril &our souls )& so5ing 5ild oats. You cannot afford to )e careless in regard to the co!panions &ou choose. %5ell upon that 5hich is no)le in the characters of others/ and these traits 5ill )eco!e to &ou a !oral po5er in resisting the e6il and choosing the good. Set &our !ark high. Your parents and teachers/ 5ho lo6e and fear -od/ !a& follo5 &ou 5ith their pra&ers da& and night/ the& !a& entreat and 5arn &ouA )ut all this 5ill )e in 6ain if &ou choose reckless associates. If &ou see no real danger/ and think &ou can do right as 5ell as 5rong/ =ust as &ou choose/ &ou 5ill not discern that the lea6en of 5ickedness is insidiousl& tainting and corrupting &our !ind. Christ $ur $nl& ope Christ 5as afflicted/ insulted/ a)usedA on the right hand and on the left e 5as assailed )& te!ptation/ &et e sinned not/ )ut presented to -od a perfect o)edience that 5as entirel& satisfactor&. ;& this e re!o6ed fore6er e6er& se!)lance of e4cuse for diso)edience. e ca!e to sho5 !an ho5 to o)e&/ ho5 to keep all the co!!and!ents. e laid hold of di6ine po5er/ and this is the sinner2s onl& hope. e ga6e his life that !an !ight )e a partaker of the di6ine nature/ ha6ing escaped the corruption that is in the 5orld through lust. . . . -od has gi6en the &outh talents to i!pro6e for is glor&A )ut !an& appl& these gifts to unsanctified/ unhol& purposes. (an& ha6e a)ilities 5hich/ if culti6ated/ 5ould &ield a rich har6est of !ental/ !oral/ and ph&sical acBuire!ents. ;ut the& do not stop to consider. 1he& do not count the cost of their course of action. 1he& encourage a recklessness and foll& that 5ill not listen to counsel or reproof. 1his is a terri)le !istake. Young !en 5ould )e so)er-!inded if the& reali?ed that -od2s e&e is upon the!/ that angels of -od are 5atching the de6elop!ent of character/ and 5eighing !oral 5orth.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <ul& 2*/ 1+,,.

Chap. !& - A'iding Presence of Christ

1he religion of Christ !eans !ore than the forgi6eness of sinA it !eans taking a5a& our sins/ and filling the 6acuu! 5ith the graces of the ol& Spirit. It !eans di6ine illu!ination/ re=oicing in -od. It !eans a heart e!ptied of self/ and )lessed 5ith the a)iding presence of Christ. When Christ reigns in the soul there is purit&/ freedo! fro! sin. 1he glor&/ the fullness/ the co!pleteness of the gospel plan is fulfilled in the life. 1he acceptance of the Sa6iour )rings a glo5 of perfect peace/ perfect lo6e/ perfect assurance. 1he )eaut& and fragrance of the character of Christ/ re6ealed in the life/ testifies that -od has indeed sent is Son into the 5orld to )e its Sa6iour. . . . 1o is faithful follo5ers Christ has )een a dail& co!panion and fa!iliar friend. 1he& ha6e li6ed in close contact/ in constant co!!union 5ith -od. 8pon the! the glor& of the :ord has risen. In the! the light of the kno5ledge of the glor& of -od in the face of <esus Christ has )een reflected. 3o5 the& re=oice in the undi!!ed ra&s of the )rightness and glor& of the @ing in is !a=est&. 1he& are prepared for the co!!union of hea6enA for the& ha6e hea6en in their hearts.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons. pp. "1,-"21. 1rue education !eans !ore than taking a certain course of stud&. It is )road. It includes the har!onious de6elop!ent of all the ph&sical po5ers and the !ental faculties. It teaches the lo6e and fear of -od/ and is a preparation for the faithful discharge of life2s duties.-- Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. '". 1rue education is the preparation of the ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral po5ers for the perfor!ance of e6er& dut&A it is the training of )od&/ !ind/ and soul for di6ine ser6ice. 1his is the education that 5ill endure unto eternal life.-- Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. 33..

Chap. !( - Christian )ducation

1he hu!an !ind is suscepti)le of the highest culti6ation. A life de6oted to -od should not )e a life of ignorance. (an& speak against education )ecause <esus chose uneducated fisher!en to preach is gospel. 1he& assert that e sho5ed preference for the uneducated. (an& learned and honora)le !en )elie6ed is teaching. ad these fearlessl& o)e&ed the con6ictions of their consciences/ the& 5ould ha6e follo5ed i!. 1heir a)ilities 5ould ha6e )een accepted/ and e!plo&ed in the ser6ice of Christ/ had the& offered the!. ;ut the& had not !oral po5er/ in face of the fro5ning priests and =ealous rulers/ to confess Christ and 6enture their reputation in connection 5ith the hu!)le -alilean. e 5ho kne5 the hearts of all/ understood this. If the educated and no)le 5ould not do the 5ork the& 5ere Bualified to do/ Christ 5ould select !en 5ho 5ould )e o)edient and faithful in doing is 5ill. e chose hu!)le !en and connected the! 5ith i!self/ that e !ight educate the! to carr& for5ard the great 5ork on earth 5hen e should lea6e it. Christ the -reat Educator

Christ 5as the light of the 5orld. e 5as the fountain of all kno5ledge. e 5as a)le to Bualif& the unlearned fisher!en to recei6e the high co!!ission e 5ould gi6e the!. 1he lessons of truth gi6en these lo5l& !en 5ere of !ight& significance. 1he& 5ere to !o6e the 5orld. It see!ed )ut a si!ple thing for <esus to connect these hu!)le persons 5ith i!selfA )ut it 5as an e6ent producti6e of tre!endous results. 1heir 5ords and their 5orks 5ere to re6olutioni?e the 5orld. <esus did not despise education. 1he highest culture of the !ind/ if sanctified through the lo6e and the fear of -od/ recei6es is fullest appro6al. 1he hu!)le !en chosen )& Christ 5ere 5ith i! three &ears/ su)=ect to the refining influence of the (a=est& of hea6en. Christ 5as the greatest educator the 5orld e6er kne5. -od 5ill accept the &outh 5ith their talent and their 5ealth of affection/ If the& 5ill consecrate the!sel6es to hi!. 1he& !a& reach to the highest point of intellectual greatnessA and if )alanced )& religious principle the& can carr& for5ard the 5ork 5hich Christ ca!e fro! hea6en to acco!plish/ and in thus doing )e co-5orkers 5ith the (aster. 1he students at our College ha6e 6alua)le pri6ileges/ not onl& of o)taining a kno5ledge of the sciences/ )ut also of learning ho5 to culti6ate and practice 6irtues 5hich 5ill gi6e the! s&!!etrical characters. 1he& are -od2s responsi)le !oral agents. 1he talents of 5ealth/ station/ and intellect are gi6en of -od in trust to !an for his 5ise i!pro6e!ent. 1hese 6aried trusts e has distri)uted proportionatel& to the kno5n po5ers and capacities of is ser6ants/ to e6er& one his 5ork.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <une 21/ 1+**.

Chap. !* - 1rue )ducation

1rue education is the inculcation of those ideas that 5ill i!press the !ind and heart 5ith the kno5ledge of -od the Creator and <esus Christ the 7edee!er. Such an education 5ill rene5 the !ind and transfor! the character. It 5ill strengthen and fortif& the !ind against the decepti6e 5hisperings of the ad6ersar& of souls/ and ena)le us to understand the 6oice of -od. It 5ill fit the learned to )eco!e a co-5orker 5ith Christ. If our &outh gain this kno5ledge/ the& 5ill )e a)le to gain all the rest that is essentialA )ut if not/ all the kno5ledge the& !a& acBuire fro! the 5orld 5ill not place the! in the ranks of the :ord. 1he& !a& gather all the kno5ledge that )ooks can gi6e/ and &et )e ignorant of the first principles of that righteousness 5hich could gi6e the! a character appro6ed of -od. 1hose 5ho are seeking to acBuire kno5ledge in the schools of earth should re!e!)er that another school also clai!s the! as students/--the school of Christ. 0ro! this school the students are ne6er graduated. A!ong the pupils are )oth old and &oung. 1hose 5ho gi6e heed to the instructions of the di6ine 1eacher are constantl& gaining !ore 5isdo! and no)ilit& of soul/ and thus the& are prepared to enter that higher school/ 5here ad6ance!ent 5ill continue throughout eternit&.

Infinite Wisdo! sets )efore us the great lessons of life/--the lessons of dut& and happiness. 1hese are often hard to learn/ )ut 5ithout the! 5e can !ake no real progress. 1he& !a& cost us effort/ tears/ and e6en agon&A )ut 5e !ust not falter nor gro5 5ear&. It is in this 5orld/ a!id its trials and te!ptations/ that 5e are to gain a fitness for the societ& of the pure and hol& angels. 1hose 5ho )eco!e so a)sor)ed in less i!portant studies that the& cease to learn in the school of Christ/ are !eeting 5ith infinite loss. E6er& facult&/ e6er& attri)ute/ 5ith 5hich the Creator has endo5ed the children of !en is to )e e!plo&ed for is glor&A and in this e!plo&!ent is found its purest/ no)lest/ happiest e4ercise. 1he principles of hea6en should )e !ade para!ount in the life/ and e6er& ad6ance step taken in the acBuire!ent of kno5ledge or in the culture of the intellect should )e a step to5ard the assi!ilation of the hu!an to the di6ine.-0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. #"3/ #"".

1he Essential in Education 1he !ost essential education for our &outh toda& to gain/ and that 5hich 5ill fit the! for the higher grades of the school a)o6e/ is an education that 5ill teach the! ho5 to re6eal the 5ill of -od to the 5orld.--7e6ie5 and erald/ $cto)er 2"/ 1,.*.

1he ighest Education 1hose 5ho gi6e the!sel6es to learn the 5a& and 5ill of -od are recei6ing the highest education that it is possi)le for !ortals to recei6e. 1he& are )uilding their e4perience/ not on the sophistries of the 5orld/ )ut upon principles that are eternal. --Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. 3'.

Chap. !+ - 1he 3eed of Christian )ducation

-od reBuires the training of the !ental faculties. e designs that is ser6ants shall possess !ore intelligence and clearer discern!ent than the 5orldling/ and e is displeased 5ith those 5ho are too careless or too indolent to )eco!e efficient/ 5ellinfor!ed 5orkers. 1he :ord )ids us lo6e i! 5ith all the heart/ and 5ith all the soul/ and 5ith all the strength/ and 5ith all the !ind. 1his la&s upon us the o)ligation of de6eloping the intellect to its fullest capacit&/ that 5ith all the !ind 5e !a& kno5 and lo6e our Creator. If placed under the control of is Spirit/ the !ore thoroughl& the intellect is culti6ated the !ore effecti6el& it can )e used in the ser6ice of -od. 1he uneducated !an 5ho is consecrated to -od and 5ho longs to )less others can )e/ and is/ used )& the :ord in is ser6ice. ;ut those 5ho/ 5ith the sa!e spirit of consecration/ ha6e had the )enefit of a thorough education/ can do a !uch !ore e4tensi6e 5ork for Christ. 1he& stand on 6antage ground. 1raining for igher Ser6ice

1he :ord desires us to o)tain all the education possi)le/ 5ith the o)=ect in 6ie5 of i!parting our kno5ledge to others. 3one can kno5 5here or ho5 the& !a& )e called to la)or or to speak for -od. $ur ea6enl& 0ather alone sees 5hat e can !ake of !en. 1here are )efore us possi)ilities 5hich our fee)le faith does not discern. $ur !inds should )e so trained that if necessar& 5e can present the truths of is 5ord )efore the highest earthl& authorities in such a 5a& as to glorif& is na!e. We should not let slip e6en one opportunit& of Bualif&ing oursel6es intellectuall& to 5ork for -od. An All-7ound Education :et the &outh 5ho need an education set to 5ork 5ith a deter!ination to o)tain it. %o not 5ait for an openingA !ake one for &oursel6es. 1ake hold in an& s!all 5a& that presents itself. Practice econo!&. %o not spend &our !eans for the gratification of appetite or in pleasure-seeking. ;e deter!ined to )eco!e as useful and efficient as -od calls &ou to )e. ;e thorough and faithful in 5hate6er &ou undertake. Procure e6er& ad6antage 5ithin &our reach for strengthening the intellect. :et the stud& of )ooks )e co!)ined 5ith useful !anual la)or/ and )& faithful endea6or/ 5atchfulness/ and pra&er/ secure the 5isdo! that is fro! a)o6e. 1his 5ill gi6e &ou an all-round education. 1hus &ou !a& rise in character and gain an influence o6er other !inds/ ena)ling &ou to lead the! in the path of uprightness and holiness. 0ar !ore !ight )e acco!plished in the 5ork of self-education if 5e 5ere a5ake to our o5n opportunities and pri6ileges. 1rue education !eans !ore than the colleges can gi6e. While the stud& of the sciences is not to )e neglected/ there is a higher training to )e o)tained through a 6ital connection 5ith -od. :et e6er& student take his ;i)le/ and place hi!self in co!!union 5ith the great 1eacher. :et the !ind )e trained and disciplined to 5restle 5ith hard pro)le!s in the search for di6ine truth. @no5ledge and Self-discipline 1hose 5ho hunger for kno5ledge that the& !a& )less their fello5 !en 5ill the!sel6es recei6e )lessing fro! -od. 1hrough the stud& of is 5ord their !ental po5ers 5ill )e aroused to earnest acti6it&. 1here 5ill )e an e4pansion and de6elop!ent of the faculties/ and the !ind 5ill acBuire po5er and efficienc&. Self-discipline !ust )e practiced )& e6er& one 5ho 5ould )e a 5orker for -od. 1his 5ill acco!plish !ore than eloBuence or the !ost )rilliant talents. --Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ pp. 33"/ 33#.

(eeting E4pectations of Parents It is al5a&s )est and safe to do right )ecause it is right. Will &ou not no5 do so!e serious thinkingD 7ight thinking lies at the foundation of right action. (ake up &our !ind that &ou 5ill respond to the e4pectations &our parents ha6e of &ou/ that &ou 5ill !ake faithful efforts to e4cel/ that &ou 5ill see to it that the !one& e4pended for &ou has not )een !isapplied and !isused. a6e a deter!ined purpose to co-operate 5ith the efforts !ade )& parents and teachers/ and reach a high standard of kno5ledge and character. ;e deter!ined not to disappoint those 5ho lo6e &ou 5ell enough to trust

&ou. It is !anl& to do right/ and <esus 5ill help &ou to do right/ if &ou seek to do it )ecause it is right.-- 0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. 2"+.

Chap. ". - )ducation for )ternit%

<ohn 5ritesC I ha6e 5ritten unto &ou/ &oung !en/ )ecause &e are strong/ and the 5ord of -od a)ideth in &ou/ and &e ha6e o6erco!e the 5icked one. And Paul e4horts 1i!oth& to )id the &oung !en to )e so)er-!inded. Ele6ate &our soul to )e as 5as %aniel/ a lo&al/ steadfast ser6ant of the :ord of hosts. Ponder 5ell the path of &our feetA for &ou are standing on hol& ground/ and the angels of -od are a)out &ou. It is right that &ou should feel that &ou !ust cli!) to the highest round of the educational ladder. Philosoph& and histor& are i!portant studiesA )ut &our sacrifice of ti!e and !one& 5ill a6ail nothing if &ou do not use &our attain!ents for the honor of -od and the good of hu!anit&. 8nless the kno5ledge of science is a stepping-stone to the attain!ent of the highest purposes/ it is 5orthless. 1he education that does not furnish kno5ledge as enduring as eternit& is of no purpose. 8nless &ou keep hea6en and the future/ i!!ortal life )efore &ou/ &our attain!ents are of no per!anent 6alue. ;ut if <esus is &our teacher/ not si!pl& on one da& of the 5eek/ )ut e6er& da&/ e6er& hour/ &ou !a& ha6e is s!ile upon &ou in the pursuit of literar& acBuire!ents.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. 1,1/ 1,2.

Chap. "1 - A Practical 1raining

8seful !anual la)or is a part of the gospel plan. 1he great 1eacher/ enshrouded in the pillar of cloud/ ga6e directions to Israel that e6er& &outh should )e taught so!e line of useful e!plo&!ent. 1herefore it 5as the custo! of the <e5s/ the 5ealth& as 5ell as the poorer classes/ to teach their sons and daughters so!e useful trade/ so that/ should ad6erse circu!stances arise/ the& 5ould not )e dependent upon others/ )ut 5ould )e a)le to pro6ide for their o5n necessities. 1he& !ight )e instructed in literar& lines/ )ut the& !ust also )e trained to so!e craft. 1his 5as dee!ed an indispensa)le part of their education. S&!!etrical Education 3o5/ as in the da&s of Israel/ e6er& &outh should )e instructed in the duties of practical life. Each should acBuire a kno5ledge of so!e )ranch of !anual la)or )& 5hich/ if need )e/ he !a& o)tain a li6elihood. 1his is essential/ not onl& as a safeguard against the 6icissitudes of life/ )ut fro! its )earing upon ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral de6elop!ent. E6en if it 5ere certain that one 5ould ne6er need to resort to !anual la)or for support/ still he should )e taught to 5ork. Without ph&sical e4ercise no one can ha6e a sound constitution and 6igorous healthA and the discipline of 5ellregulated la)or is no less essential to the securing of a strong/ acti6e !ind and a no)le character. Students 5ho ha6e gained )ook kno5ledge 5ithout gaining a kno5ledge of practical 5ork cannot la& clai! to a s&!!etrical education. 1he energies that should ha6e )een de6oted to )usiness of 6arious lines ha6e )een neglected. Education does not consist

in using the )rain alone. Ph&sical e!plo&!ent is a part of the training essential for e6er& &outh. An i!portant phase of education is lacking if the student is not taught ho5 to engage in useful la)or. 1he healthful e4ercise of the 5hole )eing 5ill gi6e an education that is )road and co!prehensi6e. E6er& student should de6ote a portion of each da& to acti6e la)or. 1hus ha)its of industr& 5ill )e for!ed and a spirit of self-reliance encouraged/ 5hile the &outh 5ill )e shielded fro! !an& e6il and degrading practices that are so often the result of idleness. And this is all in keeping 5ith the pri!ar& o)=ect of educationA for in encouraging acti6it&/ diligence/ and purit&/ 5e are co!ing into har!on& 5ith the Creator. ;enefit of 8seful Work 1he greatest )enefit is not gained fro! e4ercise that is taken as pla& or e4ercise !erel&. 1here is so!e )enefit in )eing in the fresh air/ and also fro! the e4ercise of the !usclesA )ut let the sa!e a!ount of energ& )e gi6en to the perfor!ance of useful 5ork/ and the )enefit 5ill )e greater. A feeling of satisfaction 5ill )e reali?edA for such e4ercise carries 5ith it the sense of helpfulness and the appro6al of conscience for dut& 5ell done. Students should go forth fro! our schools 5ith educated efficienc&/ so that 5hen thro5n upon their o5n resources the& 5ill ha6e kno5ledge 5hich the& can use/ and 5hich is needful to success in life. %iligent stud& is essential/ so also is diligent hard 5ork. Pla& is not essential. %e6otion of the ph&sical po5ers to a!use!ent is not !ost fa6ora)le to a 5ell-)alanced !ind. If the ti!e e!plo&ed in ph&sical e4ercise 5hich/ step )& step leads on to e4cess/ 5ere used in 5orking in Christ2s lines/ the )lessing of -od 5ould rest upon the 5orker. 1he discipline for practical life that is gained )& ph&sical la)or co!)ined 5ith !ental ta4ation is s5eetened )& the reflection that it is Bualif&ing !ind and )od& )etter to perfor! the 5ork that -od designs !en to do. 1he !ore perfectl& the &outh understand ho5 to perfor! the duties of practical life/ the greater 5ill )e their en=o&!ent da& )& da& in )eing of use to others. 1he !ind educated to en=o& useful la)or )eco!es enlargedA through training and discipline it is fitted for usefulnessA for it has acBuired the kno5ledge essential to !ake its possessor a )lessing to others. I cannot find an instance in the life of Christ 5here e de6oted ti!e to pla& and a!use!ent. e 5as the great educator for the present and the future lifeA &et I ha6e not )een a)le to find one instance 5here e taught the disciples to engage in a!use!ent in order to gain ph&sical e4ercise. . . . :earn o5 to Cook ;oth &oung !en and 5o!en should )e taught ho5 to cook econo!icall&/ and to dispense 5ith e6er&thing in the line of flesh food. :et no encourage!ent )e gi6en to the preparation of dishes 5hich are co!posed in an& degree of flesh food/ for this is pointing to the darkness and ignorance of Eg&pt/ rather than to the purit& of health refor!.

Wo!en especiall& should learn ho5 to cook. What part of the education of a girl is so i!portant as thisD Whate6er !a& )e her circu!stances in life/ here is kno5ledge that she !a& put to practical use. . . . In the (ission 0ield Culture on all points of practical life 5ill !ake our &outh useful after the& lea6e the school to go to foreign countries. 1he& 5ill not then ha6e to depend upon the people to 5ho! the& go to cook and se5 for the!/ or to )uild their ha)itations. And the& 5ill )e !uch !ore influential if the& sho5 that the& can educate the ignorant ho5 to la)or 5ith the )est !ethods and to produce the )est results. A s!aller fund 5ill )e reBuired to sustain such !issionaries/ )ecause the& ha6e put to the 6er& )est use their ph&sical po5ers in useful/ practical la)or co!)ined 5ith their studies. 1his 5ill )e appreciated 5here !eans are difficult to o)tain. 1he& 5ill re6eal that !issionaries can )eco!e educators in teaching ho5 to la)or. And 5here6er the& !a& go/ all that the& ha6e gained in this line 5ill gi6e the! standing-roo!.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 3.*-31".

Chap. "2 - Student :o%alt%

1hose students 5ho profess to lo6e -od and o)e& the truth should possess that degree of self-control and strength of religious principle that 5ill ena)le the! to re!ain un!o6ed a!id te!ptations/ and to stand up for <esus in the college/ at their )oarding houses/ or 5here6er the& !a& )e. 7eligion is not to )e 5orn !erel& as a cloak in the house of -odA religious principles should characteri?e the entire life. Character and %eport!ent 1hose 5ho are drinking at the fountain of life 5ill not/ like the 5orldling/ !anifest a longing desire for change and pleasure. In their deport!ent and character 5ill )e seen the rest and peace and happiness that the& ha6e found in <esus )& dail& la&ing their perple4ities and )urdens at is feet. 1he& 5ill sho5 that in the path of o)edience and dut& there is content!ent and e6en =o&. Such ones 5ill e4ert an influence o6er their fello5 students 5hich 5ill tell upon the entire school. . . . $ne earnest/ conscientious/ faithful &oung !an in a school is an inesti!a)le treasure. Angels of hea6en look lo6ingl& upon hi!/ and in the ledger of hea6en is recorded e6er& 5ork of righteousness/ e6er& te!ptation resisted/ e6er& e6il o6erco!e. e is la&ing up a good foundation against the ti!e to co!e/ that he !a& la& hold on eternal life. 8pon Christian &outh depend in a great !easure the preser6ation and perpetuit& of the institutions 5hich -od has de6ised as a !eans )& 5hich to ad6ance is 5ork. 3e6er 5as there a period 5hen results so i!portant depended upon a generation of !en. 1hen ho5 i!portant that the &oung should )e Bualified for this great 5ork/ that -od !a& use the! as is instru!ents> 1heir (aker has clai!s upon the! 5hich are para!ount to all others. . . . 9alue of School %iscipline

1he 5ild/ reckless character of !an& of the &outh in this age of the 5orld is heartsickening. If the &outh could see that in co!pl&ing 5ith the la5s and regulations of our institutions the& are onl& doing that 5hich 5ill i!pro6e their standing in societ&/ ele6ate the character/ enno)le the !ind/ and increase their happiness/ the& 5ould not re)el against =ust rules and 5holeso!e reBuire!ents/ nor engage in creating suspicion and pre=udice against these institutions. With energ& and fidelit& our &outh should !eet the de!ands upon the!A and this 5ill )e a guarantee of success. Young !en 5ho ha6e ne6er !ade a success in the te!poral duties of life 5ill )e eBuall& unprepared to engage in the higher duties. A religious e4perience is gained onl& through conflict/ through disappoint!ent/ through se6ere discipline of self/ through earnest pra&er. 1he steps to hea6en !ust )e taken one at a ti!eA and e6er& ad6ance step gi6es strength for the ne4t.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp/ ,+-1...

Chap. "3 - Student #pportunities

Students/ co-operate 5ith &our teachers. As &ou do this/ &ou gi6e the! hope and courage. You are helping the!/ and at the sa!e ti!e &ou are helping &oursel6es to ad6ance. 7e!e!)er that it rests largel& 5ith &ou 5hether &our teachers stand on 6antage ground/ their 5ork an ackno5ledged success. In the highest sense &ou are to )e learners/ seeing -od )ehind the teacher/ and the teacher co-operating 5ith i!. Your opportunities for 5ork are fast passing. You ha6e no ti!e to spend in selfpleasing. $nl& as &ou stri6e earnestl& to succeed 5ill &ou gain true happiness. Precious are the opportunities offered &ou during the ti!e &ou spend in school. (ake &our student life as perfect as possi)le. You 5ill pass o6er the 5a& )ut once. And it rests 5ith &ou &ourself 5hether &our 5ork shall )e a success or a failure. As &ou succeed in gaining a kno5ledge of the ;i)le/ &ou are storing up treasures to i!part. elping $thers If &ou ha6e a fello5 student 5ho is )ack5ard/ e4plain to hi! the lesson that he does not understand. 1his 5ill aid &our o5n understanding. 8se si!ple 5ordsA state &our ideas in language that is clear and eas& to )e understood. ;& helping &our fello5 student/ &ou help &our teachers. And often one 5hose !ind is apparentl& stolid 5ill catch ideas !ore Buickl& fro! a fello5 student than fro! a teacher. 1his is the co-operation that Christ co!!ends. 1he great 1eacher stands )eside &ou/ helping &ou to help the one 5ho is )ack5ard. In &our school life &ou !a& ha6e opportunit& to tell the poor and ignorant of the 5onderful truths of -od2s 5ord. I!pro6e e6er& such opportunit&. 1he :ord 5ill )less e6er& !o!ent spent in this 5a&--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. */ pp. 2*#/ 2*'.

1horough (aster& of 0unda!entals

3e6er rest satisfied 5ith a lo5 standard. In attending school/ )e sure that &ou ha6e in 6ie5 a no)le/ hol& o)=ect. -o )ecause &ou desire to fit &oursel6es for ser6ice in so!e part of the :ord2s 6ine&ard. %o all that &ou can to attain this o)=ect. You can do !ore for &oursel6es than an& one can do for &ou. And if &ou do all that &ou can for &oursel6es/ 5hat a )urden &ou 5ill lift fro! the principal and the teachers> ;efore atte!pting to stud& the higher )ranches of literar& kno5ledge/ )e sure that &ou thoroughl& understand the si!ple rules of English gra!!ar/ and ha6e learned to read and 5rite and spell correctl&. . . . %o not spend ti!e in learning that 5hich 5ill )e of little use to &ou in &our after life. Instead of reaching out for a kno5ledge of the classics/ learn first to speak the English language correctl&. :earn ho5 to keep accounts. -ain a kno5ledge of those lines of stud& that 5ill help &ou to )e useful 5here6er &ou are.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 21+/ 21,.

Chap. "! - 1raining for Ser6ice

Considering the light that -od has gi6en/ it is !ar6elous that there are not scores of &oung !en and 5o!en inBuiring/ :ord/ 5hat 5ilt 1hou ha6e !e to doD It is a perilous !istake to i!agine that unless a &oung !an has decided to gi6e hi!self to the !inistr&/ no special effort is reBuired to fit hi! for the 5ork of -od. Whate6er !a& )e &our calling/ it is essential that &ou i!pro6e &our a)ilities )& diligent stud&. Young !en and 5o!en should )e urged to appreciate the hea6en-sent )lessings of opportunities to )eco!e 5ell-disciplined and intelligent. 1he& should take ad6antage of the schools that ha6e )een esta)lished for the purpose of i!parting the )est of kno5ledge. It is sinful to )e indolent and negligent in regard to o)taining an education. 1i!e is short/ and therefore/ )ecause the :ord is soon to co!e to close the scenes of earth2s histor&/ there is all the greater necessit& of i!pro6ing present opportunities and pri6ileges. Consecrate A)ilit& to -od Young !en and &oung 5o!en should place the!sel6es in our schools/ in the channel 5here kno5ledge and discipline !a& )e o)tained. 1he& should consecrate their a)ilit& to -od/ )eco!e diligent ;i)le students/ that the& !a& )e fortified against erroneous doctrine/ and not )e led a5a& )& the error of the 5ickedA for it is )& diligent searching of the ;i)le that 5e o)tain a kno5ledge of 5hat is truth. ;& the practice of the truth 5e alread& kno5/ increased light 5ill shine upon us fro! the hol& Scriptures. . . . 1hose 5ho are trul& consecrated to -od 5ill not enter the 5ork pro!pted )& the sa!e !oti6e 5hich leads !en to engage in 5orldl& )usiness/ !erel& for the sake of a li6elihood/ )ut the& 5ill enter the 5ork allo5ing no 5orldl& consideration to control the!/ reali?ing that the cause of -od is sacred. Preparation for 0uture Contingencies

1he 5orld is to )e 5arned/ and no soul should rest satisfied 5ith a superficial kno5ledge of truth. You kno5 not to 5hat responsi)ilit& &ou !a& )e called. You kno5 not 5here &ou !a& )e called upon to gi6e &our 5itness of truth. (an& 5ill ha6e to stand in the legislati6e courtsA so!e 5ill ha6e to stand )efore kings and )efore the learned of the earth/ to ans5er for their faith. 1hose 5ho ha6e onl& a superficial understanding of truth 5ill not )e a)le clearl& to e4pound the Scriptures/ and gi6e definite reasons for their faith. 1he& 5ill )eco!e confused/ and 5ill not )e 5ork!en that need not to )e asha!ed. :et no one i!agine that he has no need to stud& )ecause he is not to preach in the sacred desk. You kno5 not 5hat -od !a& reBuire of &ou. It is a la!enta)le fact that the ad6ance!ent of the cause is hindered )& the dearth of educated la)orers 5ho ha6e fitted the!sel6es for positions of trust. 1he :ord 5ill accept of thousands to la)or in is great har6est field/ )ut !an& ha6e failed to fit the!sel6es for the 5ork. ;ut e6er& one 5ho has espoused the cause of Christ/ 5ho has offered hi!self as a soldier in the :ord2s ar!&/ should place hi!self 5here he !a& ha6e faithful drill. 7eligion has !eant altogether too little to the professed follo5ers of ChristA for it is not the 5ill of -od that an& one should re!ain ignorant 5hen 5isdo! and kno5ledge ha6e )een placed 5ithin reach.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. 21'/ 21*.

;alanced )& 7ight Principles It is not true that )rilliant &oung !en al5a&s !ake the greatest success. o5 often !en of talent and education ha6e )een placed in positions of trust/ and ha6e pro6ed failures. 1heir glitter had the appearance of gold/ )ut 5hen it 5as tried it pro6ed to )e )ut tinsel and dross. 1he& !ade a failure of their 5ork through unfaithfulness. 1he& 5ere not industrious and perse6ering/ and did not go to the )otto! of things. 1he& 5ere not 5illing to )egin at the )otto! of the ladder/ and 5ith patient toil ascend round after round till the& reached the top. 1he& 5alked in the sparks Htheir )right flashes of thoughtI of their o5n kindling. 1he& did not depend on the 5isdo! 5hich -od alone can gi6e. 1heir failure 5as not )ecause the& did not ha6e a chance/ )ut )ecause the& 5ere not so)er-!inded. 1he& did not feel that their educational ad6antages 5ere of 6alue to the!/ and so did not ad6ance as the& !ight ha6e ad6anced in the kno5ledge of religion and science. 1heir !ind and character 5ere not )alanced )& high principles of right.-- 0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. 1,3.

Chap. "" - Aspiration for I pro6e ent

If each one reali?ed his accounta)ilit& to -od for his personal influence/ he 5ould in no case )e an idler/ )ut 5ould culti6ate his a)ilit& and train e6er& po5er that he !ight ser6e i! 5ho has purchased hi! 5ith is o5n )lood. 1he &outh especiall& should feel that the& !ust train their !inds/ and take e6er& opportunit& to )eco!e intelligent/ that the& !a& render accepta)le ser6ice to i! 5ho has gi6en is precious life for the!. And let no one !ake the !istake of regarding hi!self as so 5ell educated as to ha6e no !ore need of stud&ing )ooks or

nature. :et e6er& one i!pro6e e6er& opportunit& 5ith 5hich in the pro6idence of -od he is fa6ored/ to acBuire all that is possi)le in re6elation or science. We should learn to place the proper esti!ate on the po5ers that -od has gi6en us. If a &outh has to )egin at the lo5est round of the ladder/ he should not )e discouraged/ )ut )e deter!ined to cli!) round after round until he shall hear the 6oice of Christ sa&ing/ Child/ co!e up higher. Well done/ thou good and faithful ser6antC thou hast )een faithful o6er a fe5 things/ I 5ill !ake thee ruler o6er !an& thingsC enter thou into the =o& of th& :ord.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. 213.

Chap. "& - 1rue ,isdo

Young !en and &oung 5o!en !a& o)tain the highest earthl& education/ and &et !a& )e ignorant of the first principles that 5ould !ake the! su)=ects of the kingdo! of -od. u!an learning cannot Bualif& an& one for the hea6enl& kingdo!. 1he su)=ects of Christ2s kingdo! are not !ade thus )& for!s and cere!onies/ or )& long stud& of )ooks. 1his is life eternal/ that the& !ight kno5 1hee the onl& true -od/ and <esus Christ/ 5ho! 1hou hast sent. . . . 1he ;i)le and Science 1he $ld and the 3e5 1esta!ent Scriptures need to )e studied dail&. 1he kno5ledge of -od and the 5isdo! of -od co!e to the student 5ho is a constant learner of is 5a&s and 5orks. 1he ;i)le is to )e our light/ our educator. When the &outh learn to )elie6e that -od sends the de5/ the rain/ and the sunshine fro! hea6en/ causing 6egetation to flourishA 5hen the& reali?e that all )lessings co!e fro! i!/ and that thanksgi6ing and praise are due to i!/ the& 5ill )e led to ackno5ledge -od in all their 5a&s/ and discharge 5ith fidelit& their duties da& )& da&A -od 5ill )e in all their thoughts. . . . (an& &oung !en/ in talking a)out science/ are 5ise a)o6e that 5hich is 5rittenA the& seek to e4plain )& so!ething that !eets their finite co!prehension the 5a&s and 5ork of -odA )ut it is all a !isera)le failure. 1rue science and Inspiration are in perfect har!on&. 0alse science is so!ething independent of -od. It is pretentious ignorance. $ne of the greatest e6ils that has attended the Buest of kno5ledge/ the in6estigation of science/ is that those 5ho engage in these researches too often lose sight of the di6ine character of pure and unadulterated religion. 1he 5orldl&-5ise ha6e atte!pted to e4plain/ on scientific principles/ the influence of the Spirit of -od upon the heart. 1he least ad6ance in this direction 5ill lead the !ind into the !a?es of skepticis!. 1he religion of the ;i)le is si!pl& the !&ster& of godlinessA no hu!an !ind can full& understand it/ and it is utterl& inco!prehensi)le to the unregenerate heart. 1aught of -od 1he &outh 5ill not )eco!e 5eak-!inded or inefficient )& consecrating the!sel6es to the ser6ice of -od. 1o !an&/ education !eans a kno5ledge of )ooksA )ut the fear of the :ord is the )eginning of 5isdo!. 1he &oungest child 5ho lo6es and fears -od is greater in is sight than the !ost talented and learned !an 5ho neglects the !atter of

personal sal6ation. 1he &outh 5ho consecrate their hearts and li6es to -od are placing the!sel6es in connection 5ith the 0ountain of all 5isdo! and e4cellence. If the &outh 5ill )ut learn of the hea6enl& 1eacher/ as %aniel did/ the& 5ill kno5 for the!sel6es that the fear of the :ord is indeed the )eginning of 5isdo!. a6ing thus laid a sure foundation/ the& !a&/ like %aniel/ turn e6er& pri6ilege and opportunit& to the 6er& )est account/ and !a& rise to an& height in intellectual attain!ents. Consecrated to -od/ and ha6ing the protection of is grace and the Buickening influence of is ol& Spirit/ the& 5ill !anifest deeper intellectual po5er than the !ere 5orldling. 1o learn science through the interpretation that !en ha6e placed on it is to o)tain a false education. 1o learn of -od/ and of <esus Christ 5ho! e has sent/ is to learn the science of the ;i)le. 1he pure in heart see -od in e6er& pro6idence/ in e6er& phase of true education. 1he& recogni?e the first approach of the light that radiates fro! -od2s throne. Co!!unications fro! hea6en are !ade to those 5ho 5ill catch the first glea!s of spiritual kno5ledge. 1he students in our schools are to regard the kno5ledge of -od as a)o6e e6er&thing else. $nl& )& searching the Scriptures can this kno5ledge )e attained. 1he preaching of the cross is to the! that perish foolishnessA )ut unto us 5hich are sa6ed it is the po5er of -od. 0or it is 5ritten/ I 5ill destro& the 5isdo! of the 5ise/ and 5ill )ring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. . . . 1he foolishness of -od is 5iser than !enA and the 5eakness of -od is stronger than !en. . . . ;ut of i! are &e in Christ <esus/ 5ho of -od is !ade unto us 5isdo!/ and righteousness/ and sanctification/ and rede!ptionC that/ according as it is 5ritten/ e that glorieth/ let hi! glor& in the :ord. --1he Youth2s Instructor/ 3o6. 2"/ 1,.3.

Chap. "( - Set a High Standard

-od desires us to !ake use of e6er& opportunit& for securing a preparation for is 5ork. e e4pects us to put all our energies into its perfor!ance/ and to keep our hearts ali6e to its sacredness and its fearful responsi)ilities. (an& 5ho are Bualified to do e4cellent 5ork acco!plish little )ecause the& atte!pt little. 1housands pass through life as if the& had no great o)=ect for 5hich to li6e/ no high standard to reach. $ne reason of this is the lo5 esti!ate 5hich the& place upon the!sel6es. Christ paid an infinite price for us/ and according to the price paid e desires us to 6alue oursel6es. ;e not satisfied 5ith reaching a lo5 standard. We are not 5hat 5e !ight )e/ or 5hat it is -od2s 5ill that 5e should )e. -od has gi6en us reasoning po5ers/ not to re!ain inacti6e/ or to )e per6erted to earthl& and sordid pursuits/ )ut that the& !a& )e de6eloped to the ut!ost/ refined/ sanctified/ enno)led/ and used in ad6ancing the interests of is kingdo!. (aintain Personalit&

3one should consent to )e !ere !achines/ run )& another !an2s !ind. -od has gi6en us a)ilit& to think and to act/ and it is )& acting 5ith carefulness/ looking to i! for 5isdo!/ that &ou 5ill )eco!e capa)le of )earing )urdens. Stand in &our -od-gi6en personalit&. ;e no other person2s shado5. E4pect that the :ord 5ill 5ork in and )& and through &ou. 3e6er think that &ou ha6e learned enough/ and that &ou !a& no5 rela4 &our efforts. 1he culti6ated !ind is the !easure of the !an. Your education should continue during &our lifeti!eA e6er& da& &ou should )e learning/ and putting to practical use the kno5ledge gained. 7e!e!)er that in 5hate6er position &ou !a& ser6e/ &ou are re6ealing !oti6e/ de6eloping character. Whate6er &our 5ork/ do it 5ith e4actness/ 5ith diligenceA o6erco!e the inclination to seek an eas& task. Whole-hearted Ser6ice 1he sa!e spirit and principles that one )rings into the dail& la)or 5ill )e )rought into the 5hole life. 1hose 5ho desire a fi4ed a!ount to do and a fi4ed salar&/ and 5ho 5ish to pro6e an e4act fit 5ithout the trou)le of adaptation or training/ are not the ones 5ho! -od calls to 5ork in is cause. 1hose 5ho stud& ho5 to gi6e as little as possi)le of their ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral po5er are not the 5orkers upon 5ho! e can pour out a)undant )lessings. 1heir e4a!ple is contagious. Self-interest is the ruling !oti6e. 1hose 5ho need to )e 5atched/ and 5ho 5ork onl& as e6er& dut& is specified to the!/ are not the ones 5ho 5ill )e pronounced good and faithful. Workers are needed 5ho !anifest energ&/ integrit&/ diligence/ those 5ho are 5illing to do an&thing that needs to )e done. (an& )eco!e inefficient )& e6ading responsi)ilities for fear of failure. 1hus the& fail of gaining that education 5hich results fro! e4perience/ and 5hich reading and stud& and all the ad6antages other5ise gained cannot gi6e the!. (an can shape circu!stances/ )ut circu!stances should not )e allo5ed to shape the !an. We should sei?e upon circu!stances as instru!ents )& 5hich to 5ork. We are to !aster the!/ )ut should not per!it the! to !aster us. (en of po5er are those 5ho ha6e )een opposed/ )affled/ and th5arted. ;& calling their energies into action/ the o)stacles the& !eet pro6e to the! positi6e )lessings. 1he& gain self-reliance. Conflict and perple4it& call for the e4ercise of trust in -od/ and for that fir!ness 5hich de6elops po5er.-- (inistr& of ealing/ pp. ",+-#...

(aking the (ost of :ife While a good education is a great )enefit if co!)ined 5ith consecration in its possessor/ still those 5ho do not ha6e the pri6ilege of gaining high literar& attain!ents need not think the& cannot ad6ance in intellectual and spiritual life. If the& 5ill !ake the !ost of the kno5ledge the& ha6e/ if the& 5ill seek to gather so!ething to their store e6er& da&/ and 5ill o6erco!e all per6erseness of te!per through the studious culti6ation of Christlike traits of character/ -od 5ill open

channels of 5isdo! to the!/ and it !a& )e said of the! as it 5as said of old concerning the e)re5 children/ -od ga6e the! 5isdo! and understanding.-0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. 1,2/ 1,3. With such an ar!& of 5orkers as our &outh/ rightl& trained/ !ight furnish/ ho5 soon the !essage of a crucified/ risen/ and soon-co!ing Sa6iour !ight )e carried to the 5hole 5orld> o5 soon !ight the end co!e/--the end of suffering and sorro5 and sin> o5 soon/ in place of a possession here/ 5ith its )light of sin and pain/ our children !ight recei6e their inheritance 5here the righteous shall inherit the land/ and d5ell therein fore6erA 5here the inha)itant shall not sa&/ I a! sick/ and the 6oice of 5eeping shall )e no !ore heard.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. ###.

Chap. "* - 1he Youth Called to ;e :a'orers

1here are !an& Christian &outh that can do a good 5ork if the& 5ill learn lessons in the school of Christ fro! the great 1eacher. E6en though pastors/ e6angelists/ and teachers should neglect the seeking of the lost/ let not the children and &outh neglect to )e doers of the 5ord. . . . :et &oung !en/ and 5o!en/ and children go to 5ork in the na!e of <esus. :et the! unite together upon so!e plan and order of action. Cannot &ou for! a )and of 5orkers/ and ha6e set ti!es to pra& together and ask the :ord to gi6e &ou is grace/ and put forth united actionD You should consult 5ith !en 5ho lo6e and fear -od/ and 5ho ha6e e4perience in the 5ork/ that under the !o6ings of the Spirit of -od &ou !a& for! plans and de6elop !ethods )& 5hich &ou !a& 5ork in earnest and for certain results. 1he :ord 5ill help those 5ho 5ill use their -od-intrusted capa)ilities to is na!e2s glor&. Will our &oung !en and &oung 5o!en 5ho )elie6e the truth )eco!e li6ing !issionariesD. . . Work in 0aith As &ou la)or for others/ the di6ine po5er of the Spirit 5ill 5ork upon their soulsA for the& ha6e )een purchased )& the )lood of the onl&-)egotten Son of -od. We can )e successful in 5inning souls for 5ho! Christ has died onl& as 5e shall depend on the grace and po5er of -od to do the 5ork of con6incing and con6erting the heart. While &ou are presenting to the! the truth of -od/ un)elief and uncertaint& 5ill stri6e to hold the !indA )ut let the pledged 5ord of -od e4pel dou)t fro! &our hearts. 1ake -od at is 5ord/ and 5ork in faith. Satan 5ill co!e 5ith his suggestions to !ake &ou distrust the 5ord of &our hea6enl& 0atherA )ut consider/ Whatsoe6er is not of faith is sin. Press &our faith through the dark shado5 of Satan/ and lodge it upon the !erc& seat/ and let not one dou)t )e entertained. 1his is the onl& 5a& in 5hich &ou 5ill gain an e4perience/ and find the e6idence so essential for &our peace and confidence. As &our e4perience gro5s/ &ou 5ill ha6e increased ardor of soul and 5ar!er lo6e for the ser6ice of -od/ )ecause &ou ha6e oneness of purpose 5ith <esus Christ. Your s&!pathies are )egotten of the ol& Spirit. You 5ear the &oke 5ith Christ/ and are la)orers together 5ith -od.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August ,/ 1+,".

Call for 9olunteers 1he :ord calls for 6olunteers 5ho 5ill take their stand fir!l& on is side/ and 5ill pledge the!sel6es to unite 5ith <esus of 3a?areth in doing the 6er& 5ork that needs to )e done no5/ =ust no5.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. "++.

Chap. "+ - 7esponsi'ilit% for Soul ,inning

8pon the &outh there rest gra6e responsi)ilities. -od e4pects !uch fro! the &oung !en 5ho li6e in this generation of increased light and kno5ledge. e desires to use the! in dispelling the error and superstition that cloud the !inds of !an&. 1he& are to discipline the!sel6es )& gathering up e6er& =ot and tittle of kno5ledge and e4perience. -od holds the! responsi)le for the opportunities gi6en the!. 1he 5ork )efore the! is 5aiting for their earnest efforts/ that it !a& )e carried for5ard fro! point to point as the ti!e de!ands. If the &outh 5ill consecrate !ind and heart to the :ord2s ser6ice/ the& !a& reach a high standard of efficienc& and usefulness. 1his is the standard that the :ord e4pects the &outh to attain. 1o do less than this is to refuse to !ake the !ost of -od-gi6en opportunities. 1his 5ill )e looked upon as treason against -od/--a failure to 5ork for the good of hu!anit&. What are &ou doing/ dear &outh/ to !ake kno5n to others ho5 i!portant it is to take the 5ord of -od for a guide/ to keep the co!!and!ents of <eho6ahD Are &ou )& precept and e4a!ple declaring that it is onl& )& o)edience to the 5ord of -od that !en can )e sa6ed. If &ou 5ill do 5hat &ou can/ &ou 5ill )e a )lessing to others. As &ou la)or according to the )est of &our a)ilit&/ 5a&s and opportunities 5ill open )efore &ou to do !ore. --1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& 1/ 1,.*.

Chap. &. - ,itnessing for Christ

All 5ho are on the :ord2s side are to confess Christ. Ye are (& 5itnesses/ saith the :ord. 1he faith of the genuine )elie6er 5ill )e !ade !anifest in purit& and holiness of character. 0aith 5orks )& lo6e and purifies the soul/ and 5ith faith there 5ill )e corresponding o)edience/ a faithful doing of the 5ords of Christ. Christianit& is al5a&s intensel& practical/ adapting itself to all the circu!stances of actual life. Ye are (& 5itnesses. 1o 5ho!D--1o the 5orldA for &ou are to )ear a)out 5ith &ou a hol& influence. Christ is to a)ide in &our soul/ and &ou are to talk of i! and !ake !anifest the char!s of is character. $ur Con6ersation 1he fashiona)le religion of the ti!e has so !olded character that &outh 5ho !ake a profession of Christ scarcel& !ention is na!e to their associates. 1he& con6erse of !an& su)=ects/ )ut the precious plan of rede!ption is not !ade a the!e of con6ersation. Suppose that as practical Christians 5e should change this order of things/ and sho5 forth the praises of i! 5ho hath called us out of darkness into is !ar6elous light. If Christ is a)iding in the heart )& faith/ &ou cannot keep silent. If

&ou ha6e found <esus/ &ou 5ill )e a true !issionar&. You are to )e enthusiastic in this !atter/ and let those kno5 5ho do not appreciate <esus that &ou ha6e found i! precious to &our soul/ that e has put a ne5 song in &our !outh/ e6en praise to -od. (& &oung friends/ 5ill &ou )egin &our Christian life as those 5hose hearts are 5ar!ed 5ith the lo6e of <esusD You 5ill ne6er kno5 ho5 !uch good &ou !a& do )& speaking tenderl& sensi)le/ serious 5ords regarding their souls2 sal6ation to those 5ho do not clai! to )e children of -od. $n the other hand &ou !a& ne6er kno5 until the =udg!ent ho5 !an& opportunities to )e Christ2s 5itnesses &ou ha6e left uni!pro6ed. You !a& ne6er kno5 in this 5orld the !ischief &ou ha6e done to so!e soul )& &our little acts of fri6olit&/ &our cheap talk/ &our le6it&/ 5hich 5as 5holl& inconsistent 5ith &our hol& faith. Winning :o6ed $nes It is true/ &ou !a& feel a sort of an4iet& for the souls of those &ou lo6e. You !a& seek to open to the! the treasures of truth/ and in &our earnestness shed tears for their sal6ationA )ut 5hen &our 5ords see! to !ake )ut little i!pression/ and there is no apparent response to &our pra&ers/ &ou al!ost feel like casting reflection upon -od that &our la)ors )ear no fruit. You feel that &our dear ones ha6e special hardness of heart/ and that the& do not respond to &our efforts. ;ut ha6e &ou thought seriousl& that the fault !a& lie in &our o5n selfD a6e &ou thought that &ou are pulling do5n 5ith one hand that 5hich &ou are stri6ing to )uild up 5ith the otherD At ti!es &ou ha6e per!itted the Spirit of -od to ha6e a controlling po5er o6er &ou/ and at other ti!es &ou ha6e denied &our faith )& &our practice/ and ha6e destro&ed &our la)or for &our lo6ed onesA for &our efforts in their )ehalf ha6e )een !ade of none effect )& &our practice. Your te!per/ &our unspoken language/ &our !anners/ the repining state of &our !ind/ &our 5ant of Christian fragrance/ &our 5ant of spiritualit&/ the 6er& e4pression of &our countenance/ has 5itnessed against &ou. . . . 3e6er underrate the i!portance of little things. :ittle things suppl& the actual discipline of life. It is )& the! that the soul is trained that it !a& gro5 into the likeness of Christ/ or )ear the likeness of e6il. -od helps us to culti6ate ha)its of thought/ 5ord/ look/ and action that 5ill testif& to all a)out us that 5e ha6e )een 5ith <esus and learned of i!>--1he Youth2s Instructor/ (arch ,/ 1+,3.

Earnestness A life spent in acti6e 5ork for -od is a )lessed one. (ultitudes 5ho are 5asting their ti!e in trifles/ in idle regrets/ and in unprofita)le !ur!urings/ !ight ha6e altogether a different e4perience if the& 5ould appreciate the light -od has gi6en the!/ and let it shine upon othersA and !an& !ake life !isera)le )& their o5n selfishness and lo6e of ease. ;& a diligent acti6it&/ their li6es !ight )eco!e as )right ra&s of sunshine to guide those 5ho are in the dark road to death into the path5a& to hea6en. If the& take this course/ their o5n hearts 5ill )e filled 5ith peace and =o& in <esus Christ. --7e6ie5 and erald/ $cto)er 2#/ 1++1.

Chap. &1 - Personal ,ork

1he 5ork of Christ 5as largel& co!posed of personal inter6ie5s. e had a faithful regard for the one-soul audienceA and that one soul has carried to thousands the intelligence recei6ed. 1he !ost successful toilers are those 5ho 5ill cheerfull& 5ork to ser6e -od in s!all things. E6er& hu!an )eing is to 5ork 5ith his o5n indi6idual thread/ 5ea6e it into the fa)ric that co!poses the 5e)/ and co!plete the pattern. . . . Educate the &outh to help the &outhA and in seeking to do this 5ork each 5ill gain e4perience that 5ill Bualif& hi! to )eco!e a consecrated 5orker in a larger sphere. 1housands of hearts can )e reached in the !ost si!ple 5a&. 1he !ost intellectual/ those 5ho are looked upon and praised as the 5orld2s great and gifted !en and 5o!en/ are often refreshed )& the !ost hu!)le/ si!ple 5ords spoken )& one 5ho lo6es -od/ 5ho can speak of that lo6e as naturall& as 5orldlings can speak of those things 5hich their !inds conte!plate and feed upon. Words/ e6en if 5ell prepared and studied/ ha6e little influenceA )ut the true/ honest 5ork of a son or a daughter of -od in 5ords/ or in a ser6ice of little things/ done in natural si!plicit&/ 5ill un)olt the door/ 5hich has long )een locked/ to !an& souls.--7e6ie5 and erald/ (a& ,/ 1+,,.

Chap. &2 - Young People as Soul ,inners

Satan is a 6igilant foe/ intent upon his purpose of leading the &outh to a course of action entirel& contrar& to that 5hich -od 5ould appro6e. e 5ell kno5s that there is no other class that can do as !uch good as &oung !en and &oung 5o!en 5ho are consecrated to -od. 1he &outh/ if right/ could s5a& a !ight& influence. Preachers/ or la&!en ad6anced in &ears/ cannot ha6e one-half the influence upon the &oung that the &outh/ de6oted to -od/ can ha6e upon their associates. 1he& ought to feel that a responsi)ilit& rests upon the! to do all the& can to sa6e their fello5 !ortals/ e6en at a sacrifice of their pleasure and natural desires. 1i!e/ and e6en !eans/ if reBuired/ should )e consecrated to -od. All 5ho profess godliness should feel the danger of those 5ho are out of Christ. Soon their pro)ation 5ill close. 1hose 5ho !ight ha6e e4erted an influence to sa6e souls/ had the& stood in the counsel of -od/ &et failed to do their dut& through selfishness/ indolence/ or )ecause the& 5ere asha!ed of the cross of Christ/ 5ill not onl& lose their o5n souls/ )ut 5ill ha6e the )lood of poor sinners upon their gar!ents. Such 5ill )e reBuired to render an account for the good that the& could ha6e done had the& )een consecrated to -od/ )ut did not do )ecause of their unfaithfulness. 1hose 5ho ha6e reall& tasted the s5eets of redee!ing lo6e 5ill not/ cannot/ rest until all 5ith 5ho! the& associate are !ade acBuainted 5ith the plan of sal6ation. 1he &oung should inBuire/ :ord/ 5hat 5ilt 1hou ha6e !e to doD o5 can I honor and glorif& 1h& na!e upon the earthD Souls are perishing all around us/ and &et 5hat )urden do the &outh )ear to 5in souls to ChristD

Solicitude for $thers 1hose 5ho attend school could ha6e an influence for the Sa6iourA )ut 5ho na!e the na!e of ChristD and 5ho are seen pleading 5ith tender earnestness 5ith their co!panions to forsake the 5a&s of sin and choose the path of holinessD 1his is the course 5hich the )elie6ing &oung should take/ )ut the& do notA it is !ore congenial to their feelings to unite 5ith the sinner in sport and pleasure. 1he &oung ha6e a 5ide sphere of usefulness/ )ut the& see it not. $h that the& 5ould no5 e4ert their po5ers of !ind in seeking 5a&s to approach perishing sinners/ that the& !ight !ake kno5n to the! the path of holiness/ and )& pra&er and entreat& 5in e6en one soul to Christ> What a no)le enterpriseD $ne soul to praise -od through eternit&> $ne soul to en=o& happiness and e6erlasting life> $ne ge! in their cro5n to shine as a star fore6er and e6er> ;ut e6en !ore than one can )e )rought to turn fro! error to truth/ fro! sin to holiness. Sa&s the :ord )& the prophet/ And the& that turn !an& to righteousness shall shine as the stars fore6er and e6er. 1hen those 5ho engage 5ith Christ and angels in the 5ork of sa6ing perishing souls are richl& re5arded in the kingdo! of hea6en. I sa5 that !an& souls !ight )e sa6ed if the &oung 5ere 5here the& ought to )e/ de6oted to -od and to the truthA )ut the& generall& occup& a position 5here constant la)or !ust )e )esto5ed upon the! or the& 5ill )eco!e of the 5orld the!sel6es. 1he& are a source of constant an4iet& and heartache. 1ears flo5 on their account/ and agoni?ing pra&ers and 5rung fro! the hearts of parents in their )ehalf. Yet the& !o6e on/ reckless of the pain 5hich their course of action causes. 1he& plant thorns in the )reasts of those 5ho 5ould die to sa6e the!/ and ha6e the! )eco!e 5hat -od designed the& should/ through the !erits of the )lood of Christ. . . . A Work to %o Young !en and &oung 5o!en/ I sa5 that -od has a 5ork for &ou to doA take up &our cross and follo5 Christ/ or &ou are un5orth& of i!. While &ou re!ain in listless indifference/ ho5 can &ou tell 5hat is the 5ill of -od concerning &ouD and ho5 do &ou e4pect to )e sa6ed/ unless as faithful ser6ants &ou do &our :ord2s 5ill. 1hose 5ho possess eternal life 5ill all ha6e done 5ell. 1he @ing of glor& 5ill e4alt the! to is right hand/ 5hile e sa&s to the!/ Well done/ good and faithful ser6ants. o5 can &ou tell ho5 !an& souls &ou !ight sa6e fro! ruin/ if/ instead of stud&ing &our o5n pleasure/ &ou 5ere seeking 5hat 5ork &ou could do in the 6ine&ard of &our (asterD o5 !an& souls ha6e these gatherings for con6ersation and the practice of !usic )een the !eans of sa6ingD If &ou cannot point to one soul thus sa6ed/ turn/ oh> turn to a ne5 course of action. ;egin to pra& for souls/ co!e near to Christ/ close to is )leeding side. :et a !eek and Buiet spirit adorn &our li6es/ and let &our earnest/ )roken/ hu!)le petitions ascend to i! for 5isdo! that &ou !a& ha6e success in sa6ing not onl& &our o5n soul/ )ut the souls of others. Pra& !ore than &ou sing. %o &ou not stand in greater need of pra&er than of singingD Young !en and 5o!en/ -od calls upon &ou to 5ork/ 5ork for i!. (ake an entire change in &our course of action. You can do a 5ork that those 5ho !inister in 5ord

and doctrine cannot do. You can reach a class 5ho! the !inister cannot affect. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ pp. #11-#13.

Where to ;egin :et those 5ho desire to 5ork for -od )egin at ho!e/ in their o5n household/ in their o5n neigh)orhood/ a!ong their o5n friends. ere the& 5ill find a fa6ora)le !issionar& field. 1his ho!e !issionar& 5ork is a test/ re6ealing their a)ilit& or ina)ilit& for ser6ice in a 5ider field.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. '/ p. "2+.

1he (ost Successful Wa& In our 5ork/ indi6idual effort 5ill acco!plish !ore than can )e esti!ated. It is for the 5ant of this that souls are perishing. $ne soul is of infinite 6alueA Cal6ar& speaks its 5orth. $ne soul 5on to Christ 5ill )e instru!ental in 5inning others/ and there 5ill )e an e6er-increasing result of )lessing and sal6ation.---ospel Workers/ p. 1+".

Chap. &3 - Ser6ice in $ifferent :ines

-od calls for !inisters/ ;i)le 5orkers/ and can6assers. :et our &oung !en and &oung 5o!en go forth as can6assers/ e6angelists/ and ;i)le 5orkers/ in co!pan& 5ith la)orers of e4perience/ 5ho can sho5 the! ho5 to la)or successfull&. :et can6assers carr& our pu)lications fro! house to house. When opportunit& offers/ let the! speak of the truth for this ti!e to those 5ho! the& !eet/ and let the! sing and pra& 5ith the!. When in our 5ork for -od right !ethods are energeticall& follo5ed/ a har6est of souls 5ill )e gathered. 1here is roo! in the 5ork of -od for all 5ho are filled 5ith the spirit of self-sacrifice. -od is calling for !en and 5o!en 5ho are 5illing to den& self for the sake of others/ 5illing to consecrate all the& ha6e and are to is 5ork. (en are needed 5ho/ 5hen the& encounter difficulties/ 5ill !o6e steadil& on/ sa&ing/ We 5ill not fail or )eco!e discouraged. (en are needed 5ho 5ill strengthen and )uild up the 5ork that others are tr&ing to do.--7e6ie5 and erald/ April 2+/ 1,.".

-aining Efficienc& In this 5ork/ as in e6er& other/ skill is gained in the 5ork itself. It is )& training in the co!!on duties of life and in !inistr& to the need& and suffering that efficienc& is assured.--Education/ p. 2'+.

Chap. &! - 8nselfish Ser6ice

1hose 5ho/ so far as it is possi)le/ engage in the 5ork of doing good to others )& gi6ing practical de!onstration of their interest in the!/ are not onl& relie6ing the ills of hu!an life in helping the! )ear their )urdens/ )ut are at the sa!e ti!e contri)uting largel& to their o5n health of soul and )od&. %oing good is a 5ork that )enefits )oth

gi6er and recei6er. If &ou forget self in &our interest for others/ &ou gain a 6ictor& o6er &our infir!ities. 1he satisfaction &ou 5ill reali?e in doing good 5ill aid &ou greatl& in the reco6er& of the health& tone of the i!agination. 1he pleasure of doing good ani!ates the !ind and 6i)rates through the 5hole )od&. While the faces of )ene6olent !en are lighted up 5ith cheerfulness/ and their countenances e4press the !oral ele6ation of the !ind/ those of selfish/ sting& !en are de=ected/ cast do5n/ and gloo!&. 1heir !oral defects are seen in their countenances. Selfishness and self-lo6e sta!p their o5n i!age upon the out5ard !an. 1hat person 5ho is actuated )& true disinterested )ene6olence is a partaker of the di6ine nature/ ha6ing escaped the corruption that is in the 5orld through lustA 5hile the selfish and a6aricious ha6e cherished their selfishness until it has 5ithered their social s&!pathies/ and their countenances reflect the i!age of the fallen foe rather than that of purit& and holiness.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 2/ p. #3".

Chap. &" - 1he 7e5ard of $iligence

:et the &outh re!e!)er that the indolent forfeit the in6alua)le e4perience gained )& a faithful perfor!ance of the dail& duties of life. e 5ho is indolent and 5illingl& ignorant places in his path5a& that 5hich 5ill al5a&s )e an o)struction. e refuses the culture that co!es fro! honest toil. ;& failing to put forth a helping hand in )ehalf of hu!anit&/ he ro)s -od. is career is 6er& different fro! the career 5hich -od !arked out for hi!A for to despise useful e!plo&!ent encourages the lo5er tastes and effectuall& paral&?es the !ost useful energies of the )eing. 3ot a fe5/ )ut thousands/ of hu!an )eings e4ist onl& to consu!e the )enefits 5hich -od in is !erc& )esto5s on the!. 1he& forget to )ring the :ord gratitude offerings for the riches e has intrusted to the! in gi6ing the! the fruit of the earth. 1he& forget that -od desires the!/ )& trading 5isel& on the talents lent the!/ to )e producers as 5ell as consu!ers. If the& had a reali?ation of the 5ork the :ord desires the! to do as is helping hand/ the& 5ould not feel it a pri6ilege to shun all responsi)ilit& and )e 5aited on. 1he ;lessing of :a)or 7eal happiness is found onl& in )eing good and doing good. 1he purest/ highest en=o&!ent co!es to those 5ho faithfull& fulfill their appointed duties. 3o honest 5ork is degrading. It is igno)le sloth 5hich leads hu!an )eings to look do5n on the si!ple/ e6er&da& duties of life. 1he refusal to perfor! these duties causes a !ental and !oral deficienc& 5hich 5ill one da& )e keenl& felt. At so!e ti!e in the life of the slothful his defor!it& 5ill stand out clearl& defined. $6er his life-record is 5ritten the 5ords/ A consu!er/ )ut not a producer. 0ro! all the 6ocations of life/ useful spiritual lessons !a& )e learned. 1hose 5ho till the soil !a&/ as the& 5ork/ stud& the !eaning of the 5ords/ Ye are -od2s hus)andr&. In the hu!an heart the seeds of truth are to )e so5n/ that the life !a& )ear the )eautiful fruit of the Spirit. -od2s i!press on the !ind is to !old it into graceful

s&!!etr&. 1he crude energies/ )oth ph&sical and !ental/ are to )e trained for the (aster2s ser6ice. . . . 1o all Christ has gi6en the 5ork of !inistr&. e is the @ing of glor&/ &et e declared/ 1he Son of !an ca!e not to )e !inistered unto/ )ut to !inister. e is the (a=est& of hea6en/ &et e 5illingl& consented to co!e to this earth to do the 5ork laid upon i! )& is 0ather. e has enno)led la)or. 1hat e !ight set us an e4a!ple of industr&/ e 5orked 5ith is hands at the carpenter2s trade. 0ro! a 6er& earl& age/ e acted is part in sustaining the fa!il&. e reali?ed that e 5as a part of the fa!il& fir!/ and 5illingl& )ore is share of the )urdens. elping in the o!e Children and &outh should take pleasure in !aking lighter the cares of father and !other/ sho5ing an unselfish interest in the ho!e. As the& cheerfull& lift the )urdens that fall to their share/ the& are recei6ing a training 5hich 5ill fit the! for positions of trust and usefulness. Each &ear the& are to !ake stead& ad6ance!ent/ graduall& )ut surel& la&ing aside the ine4perience of )o&hood and girlhood for the e4perience of !anhood and 5o!anhood. In the faithful perfor!ance of the si!ple duties of the ho!e/ )o&s and girls la& the foundation for !ental/ !oral/ and spiritual e4cellence. 1he We) of %estin& 7e!e!)er/ dear &oung friends/ that each da&/ each hour/ each !o!ent/ &ou are 5ea6ing the 5e) of &our o5n destin&. Each ti!e the shuttle is thro5n/ there is dra5n into the 5e) a thread 5hich either !ars or )eautifies the pattern. If &ou are careless and indolent/ &ou spoil the life 5hich -od designed should )e )right and )eautiful. If &ou choose to follo5 &our o5n inclinations/ unchristlike ha)its 5ill )ind &ou 5ith )ands of steel. And as &ou 5alk a5a& fro! Christ/ &our e4a!ple 5ill )e follo5ed )& !an& 5ho/ )ecause of &our 5rong course/ 5ill ne6er en=o& the glories of hea6en. ;ut if &ou !ake )ra6e efforts to o6erco!e selfishness/ allo5ing no opportunit& to pass for helping those around &ou/ the light of &our e4a!ple 5ill guide others to the cross.-1he Youth2s Instructor/ %ece!)er #/ 1,.1.

Chap. && - 1he $ignit% of :a'or

It 5as -od2s purpose to alle6iate )& toil the e6il )rought into the 5orld )& !an2s diso)edience. ;& toil the te!ptations of Satan !ight )e !ade ineffectual/ and the tide of e6il sta&ed. And though attended 5ith an4iet&/ 5eariness/ and pain/ la)or is still a source of happiness and de6elop!ent/ and a safeguard against te!ptation. Its discipline places a check on self-indulgence/ and pro!otes industr&/ purit&/ and fir!ness. 1hus it )eco!es a part of -od2s great plan for our reco6er& fro! the fall. (anual :a)or 9ersus -a!es 1he pu)lic feeling is that !anual la)or is degrading/ &et !en !a& e4ert the!sel6es as !uch as the& choose at cricket/ )ase)all/ or in pugilistic contests/ 5ithout )eing regarded as degraded. Satan is delighted 5hen he sees hu!an )eings using their ph&sical and !ental po5ers in that 5hich does not educate/ 5hich is not useful/ 5hich

does not help the! to )e a )lessing to those 5ho need their help. While the &outh are )eco!ing e4pert in ga!es that are of no real 6alue to the!sel6es or to others/ Satan is pla&ing the ga!e of life for their souls. taking fro! the! the talents that -od has gi6en the!/ and placing in their stead his o5n e6il attri)utes. It is his effort to lead !en to ignore -od. e seeks to engross and a)sor) the !ind so co!pletel& that -od 5ill find no place in the thoughts. e does not 5ish people to ha6e a kno5ledge of their (aker/ and he is 5ell pleased if he can set in operation ga!es and theatrical perfor!ances that 5ill so confuse the senses of the &outh that -od and hea6en 5ill )e forgotten. $ne of the surest safeguards against e6il is useful occupation/ 5hile idleness is one of the greatest cursesA for 6ice/ cri!e/ and po6ert& follo5 in its 5ake. 1hose 5ho are al5a&s )us&/ 5ho go cheerfull& a)out their dail& tasks/ are the useful !e!)ers of societ&. In the faithful discharge of the 6arious duties that lie in their path5a&/ the& !ake their li6es a )lessing to the!sel6es and to others. %iligent la)or keeps the! fro! !an& of the snares of hi! 5ho finds so!e !ischief still for idle hands to do. A stagnant pool soon )eco!es offensi6eA )ut a flo5ing )rook spreads health and gladness o6er the land. 1he one is a s&!)ol of the idle/ the other of the industrious. . . . Christ2s E4a!ple 1he path of toil appointed to the d5ellers on earth !a& )e hard and 5eariso!e/ )ut it is honored )& the footprints of the 7edee!er/ and he is safe 5ho follo5s in this sacred 5a&. ;& precept and e4a!ple/ Christ has dignified useful la)or. 0ro! is earliest &ears e li6ed a life of toil. 1he greater part of is earthl& life 5as spent in patient 5ork in the carpenter2s shop at 3a?areth. In the gar) of a co!!on la)orer the :ord of life trod the streets of the little to5n in 5hich e li6ed/ going to and returning fro! is hu!)le toilA and !inistering angels attended i! as e 5alked side )& side 5ith peasants and la)orers/ unrecogni?ed and unhonored. . . . <udicious la)or is a healthful tonic for the hu!an race. It !akes the fee)le strong/ the poor rich/ the 5retched happ&. Satan lies in a!)ush/ read& to destro& those 5hose leisure gi6es hi! opportunit& to approach the! under so!e attracti6e disguise. e is ne6er !ore successful than 5hen he co!es to !en in their idle hours. 1he :esson of Contented Industr& A!ong the e6ils resulting fro! 5ealth/ one of the greatest is the fashiona)le idea that 5ork is degrading. 1he prophet E?ekiel declaresC ;ehold/ this 5as the iniBuit& of th& sister Sodo!/ pride/ fullness of )read/ and a)undance of idleness 5as in her and in her daughters/ neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and need&. E?e. 1'C",. ere are presented )efore us the terri)le results of idleness/ 5hich enfee)les the !ind/ de)ases the soul/ and per6erts the understanding/ !aking a curse of that 5hich 5as gi6en as a )lessing. It is the 5orking !an or 5o!an 5ho sees so!ething great and good in life/ and 5ho is 5illing to )ear its responsi)ilities 5ith faith and hope. 1he essential lesson of contented industr& in the necessar& duties of life/ is &et to )e learned )& !an& of Christ2s follo5ers. It reBuires !ore grace/ !ore stern discipline of

character/ to 5ork for -od in the capacit& of !echanic/ !erchant/ la5&er/ or far!er/ carr&ing the precepts of Christianit& into the ordinar& )usiness of life/ than to la)or as an ackno5ledged !issionar& in the open field. It reBuires a strong spiritual ner6e to )ring religion into the 5orkshop and the )usiness office/ sanctif&ing the details of e6er&da& life/ and ordering e6er& transaction according to the standard of -od2s 5ord. ;ut this is 5hat the :ord reBuires. 1he apostle Paul regarded idleness as a sin. e learned the trade of tent-!aking in its higher and lo5er )ranches/ and during his !inistr& he often 5orked at this trade to support hi!self and others. Paul did not regard as lost the ti!e thus spent. As he 5orked/ the apostle had access to a class of people 5ho! he could not other5ise ha6e reached. e sho5ed his associates that skill in the co!!on arts is a gift fro! -od. e taught that e6en in e6er&da& toil -od is to )e honored. is toil-hardened hands detracted nothing fro! the force of his pathetic appeals as a Christian !inister. -od designs that all shall )e 5orkers. 1he toiling )east of )urden ans5ers the purpose of its creation )etter than does the indolent !an. -od is a constant 5orker. 1he angels are 5orkersA the& are !inisters of -od to the children of !en. 1hose 5ho look for5ard to a hea6en of inacti6it& 5ill )e disappointedA for the econo!& of hea6en pro6ides no place for the gratification of indolence. ;ut to the 5ear& and hea6&-laden rest is pro!ised. It is the faithful ser6ant 5ho 5ill )e 5elco!ed fro! his la)ors to the =o& of his :ord. e 5ill la& off his ar!or 5ith re=oicing/ and 5ill forget the noise of )attle in the glorious rest prepared for those 5ho conBuer through the cross of Christ.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 2*"-2+..

Chap. &( - So5ing ;eside all ,aters

1he :ord is calling upon is people to take up different lines of !issionar& 5ork/ to so5 )eside all 5aters. We do )ut a s!all part of the 5ork that e desires us to do a!ong our neigh)ors and friends. ;& kindness to the poor/ the sick/ or the )erea6ed 5e !a& o)tain an influence o6er the!/ so that di6ine truth 5ill find access to their hearts. 3o such opportunit& for ser6ice should )e allo5ed to pass uni!pro6ed. It is the highest !issionar& 5ork that 5e can do. 1he presentation of the truth in lo6e and s&!path& fro! house to house is in har!on& 5ith the instruction of Christ to is disciples 5hen e sent the! out on their first !issionar& tour. 1he -ift of Song 1hose 5ho ha6e the gift of song are needed. Song is one of the !ost effecti6e !eans of i!pressing spiritual truth upon the heart. $ften )& the 5ords of sacred song the springs of penitence and faith ha6e )een unsealed. Church !e!)ers/ &oung and old/ should )e educated to go forth to proclai! this last !essage to the 5orld. If the& go in hu!ilit&/ angels of -od 5ill go 5ith the!/ teaching the! ho5 to lift up the 6oice in pra&er/ ho5 to raise the 6oice in song/ and ho5 to proclai! the gospel !essage for this ti!e. Young !en and 5o!en/ take up the 5ork to 5hich -od calls &ou. Christ 5ill teach &ou to use &our a)ilities to good purpose. As &ou recei6e the Buickening influence of

the ol& Spirit/ and seek to teach others/ &our !inds 5ill )e refreshed/ and &ou 5ill )e a)le to present 5ords that are ne5 and strangel& )eautiful to &our hearers. . . . (edical (issionar& Work 1he !edical !issionar& 5ork presents !an& opportunities for ser6ice. Inte!perance in eating and ignorance of nature2s la5s are causing !uch of the sickness that e4ists/ and are ro))ing -od of the glor& due i!. ;ecause of a failure to den& self/ !an& of -od2s people are una)le to reach the high standard of spiritualit& e sets )efore the!. 1each the people that it is )etter to kno5 ho5 to keep 5ell than to kno5 ho5 to cure disease. We should )e 5ise educators/ 5arning all against self-indulgence. As 5e see the 5retchedness/ defor!it&/ and disease that ha6e co!e into the 5orld as a result of ignorance/ ho5 can 5e refrain fro! doing our part to enlighten the ignorant and relie6e the sufferingD ;ecause the a6enues to the soul ha6e )een closed )& the t&rant Pre=udice/ !an& are ignorant of the principles of healthful li6ing. -ood ser6ice can )e done )& teaching the people ho5 to prepare healthful food. 1his line of 5ork is as essential as an& that can )e taken up. (ore cooking schools should )e esta)lished/ and so!e should la)or fro! house to house/ gi6ing instruction in the art of cooking 5holeso!e foods. (an&/ !an& 5ill )e rescued fro! ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral degenerac& through the influence of health refor!.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <une '/ 1,12.

Chap. &* - Man% :ines of ,ork

1he church is organi?ed for ser6ice/ and in a life of ser6ice to Christ connection 5ith the church is one of the first steps. :o&alt& to Christ de!ands the faithful perfor!ance of church duties. 1his is an i!portant part of one2s trainingA and in a church i!)ued 5ith the (aster2s life it 5ill lead directl& to effort for the 5orld 5ithout. 1here are !an& lines in 5hich the &outh can find opportunit& for helpful effort.--Education/ pp. 2'+/ 2',.

Each as is Place Each has his place in the eternal plan of hea6en. Each is to 5ork in co-operation 5ith Christ for the sal6ation of souls. 3ot !ore surel& is the place prepared for us in the hea6enl& !ansions than is the special place designated on earth 5here 5e are to 5ork for -od.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ pp. 32'/ 32*.

1he Sa))ath School Work 1he :ord calls for &oung !en and 5o!en to gird the!sel6es for lifelong/ earnest la)or in the Sa))ath-school 5ork. . . . 1he :ord 5ould ha6e teachers in the Sa))athschool 5ork 5ho can gi6e 5hole-hearted ser6ice/ 5ho 5ill increase their talent )& e4ercise/ and !ake i!pro6e!ent on 5hat has alread& )een attained.--1esti!onies on Sa))ath School Work/ p. #3.

;i)le Work 1he idea of holding ;i)le readings is a hea6en-)orn idea/ and opens the 5a& to put hundreds of &oung !en and 5o!en into the field to do an i!portant 5ork/ 5hich other5ise could not ha6e )een done. 1he ;i)le is unchained. It can )e carried to e6er& !an2s door/ and its truths !a& )e presented to e6er& !an2s conscience. 1here are !an& 5ho/ like the no)le ;ereans/ 5ill search the Scriptures dail& for the!sel6es/ 5hen the truth is presented/ to see 5hether or not these things are so. Christ has said/ Search the ScripturesA for in the! &e think &e ha6e eternal lifeC and the& are the& 5hich testif& of (e. <esus/ the 5orld2s 7edee!er/ )ids !en not onl& to read/ )ut to search the Scriptures. 1his is a great and i!portant 5ork/ and it is co!!itted to us/ and in doing this 5e shall )e greatl& )enefitedA for o)edience to Christ2s co!!and 5ill not go unre5arded. e 5ill cro5n 5ith especial tokens of is fa6or this act of lo&alt& in follo5ing the light re6ealed in is Word.--1esti!onies on Sa))ath-School Work/ pp. 2,/ 3..

Can6assing 1he :ord calls upon our &outh to la)or as can6assers and e6angelists/ to do house-tohouse 5ork in places that ha6e not &et heard the truth. e speaks to our &oung !en/ sa&ing/ Ye are not &our o5nA for &e are )ought 5ith a priceA therefore glorif& -od in &our )od&/ and in &our spirit/ 5hich are -od2s. 1hose 5ho 5ill go forth to the 5ork under -od2s direction 5ill )e 5onderfull& )lessed. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. +/ p. 22,.

$ne of the 6er& )est 5a&s in 5hich &oung !en can o)tain a fitness for the !inistr& is )& entering the can6assing field. :et the! go into to5ns and cities to can6ass for the )ooks 5hich contain the truth for this ti!e. In this 5ork the& 5ill find opportunit& to speak the 5ords of life/ and the seeds of truth the& so5 5ill spring up to )ear fruit. ;& !eeting the people and presenting to the! our pu)lications/ the& 5ill gain an e4perience that the& could not gain )& preaching. . . . All 5ho desire an opportunit& for true !inistr&/ and 5ho 5ill gi6e the!sel6es unreser6edl& to -od/ 5ill find in the can6assing 5ork opportunit& to speak upon !an& things pertaining to the future i!!ortal life.---ospel Worker/ p. ,'.

1eaching 1he 6er& )est talent that can )e secured is needed to educate and !ould the !inds of the &oung/ and to carr& on successfull& the !an& lines of 5ork that 5ill need to )e done )& the teacher in our church schools. . . . 1eachers are needed/ especiall& for the children/ 5ho are cal! and kind/ !anifesting for)earance and lo6e for the 6er& ones 5ho !ost need it. . . . $ur church schools need teachers 5ho ha6e high !oral BualitiesA those 5ho can )e trustedA those 5ho are sound in the faith/ and 5ho ha6e tact and patienceA those 5ho 5alk 5ith -od/ and

a)stain fro! the 6er& appearance of e6il.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. '/ pp. 2../ 2.1.

;usiness 1he :ord desires to ha6e in is ser6ice intelligent !en/ !en Bualified for 6arious lines of 5ork. 1here is need of )usiness !en 5ho 5ill 5ea6e the grand principles of truth into all their transactions. And their talents should )e perfected )& !ost thorough stud& and training. If !en in an& line of 5ork need to i!pro6e their opportunities to )eco!e 5ise and efficient/ it is those 5ho are using their a)ilit& in )uilding up the kingdo! of -od in our 5orld. $f %aniel 5e learn that in all his )usiness transactions/ 5hen su)=ected to the closest scrutin&/ not one fault or error could )e found. e 5as a sa!ple of 5hat e6er& )usiness !an !a& )e. is histor& sho5s 5hat !a& )e acco!plished )& one 5ho consecrates the strength of )rain and )one and !uscle/ of heart and life/ to the ser6ice of -od. --Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ pp. 3#./ 3#1.

(edical Work 1here is no !issionar& field !ore i!portant than that occupied )& the faithful/ -odfearing ph&sician. 1here is no field 5here a !an !a& acco!plish greater good/ or 5in !ore =e5els to shine in the cro5n of his re=oicing. e !a& carr& the grace of Christ/ as a s5eet perfu!e/ into all the sick-roo!s he entersA he !a& carr& the true healing )al! to the sin-sick soul. e can point the sick and d&ing to the :a!) of -od that taketh a5a& the sin of the 5orld. e should not listen to the suggestion that it is dangerous to speak of their eternal interests to those 5ho li6es are in peril/ lest it should !ake the! 5orseA for in nine cases out of ten the kno5ledge of a sinpardoning Sa6iour 5ould !ake the! )etter )oth in !ind and )od&. <esus can li!it the po5er of Satan. e is the ph&sician in 5ho! the sin-sick soul !a& trust to heal the !aladies of the )od& as 5ell as of the soul.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ pp. ""+/ "",.

In al!ost e6er& co!!unit& there are large nu!)ers 5ho do not listen to the preaching of -od2s 5ord or attend an& religious ser6ice. If the& are reached )& the gospel/ it !ust )e carried to their ho!es. $ften the relief of their ph&sical needs is the onl& a6enue )& 5hich the& can )e approached. (issionar& nurses 5ho care for the sick and relie6e the distress of the poor 5ill find !an& opportunities to pra& 5ith the!/ to read to the! fro! -od2s 5ord/ and to speak of the Sa6iour. 1he& can pra& 5ith and for the helpless ones 5ho ha6e not strength of 5ill to control the appetites that passion has degraded. 1he& can )ring a ra& of hope into the li6es of the defeated and disheartened. 1heir unselfish lo6e/ !anifested in acts of disinterested kindness/ 5ill !ake it easier for the suffering ones to )elie6e in the lo6e of Christ.--(inistr& of ealing/ pp. 1""/ 1"#. 1he (inistr& 1here !ust )e no )elittling of the gospel !inistr&. 3o enterprise should )e so conducted as to cause the !inistr& of the 5ord to )e looked upon as an inferior

!atter. It is not so. 1hose 5ho )elittle the !inistr& are )elittling Christ. 1he highest of all 5ork is !inistr& in its 6arious lines/ and it should )e kept )efore the &outh that there is no 5ork !ore )lessed of -od than that of the gospel !inister. :et not our &oung !en )e deterred fro! entering the !inistr&. 1here is danger that through glo5ing representations so!e 5ill )e dra5n a5a& fro! the path 5here -od )ids the! 5alk. So!e ha6e )een encouraged to take a course of stud& in !edical lines 5ho ought to )e preparing the!sel6es to enter the !inistr&. 1he :ord calls for !ore !inisters to la)or in is 6ine&ard. 1he 5ords 5ere spoken/ Strengthen the outpostsA ha6e faithful sentinels in e6er& part of the 5orld. -od calls for &ou/ &oung !en. e calls for 5hole ar!ies of &oung !en 5ho are large-hearted and large-!inded/ and 5ho ha6e a deep lo6e for Christ and the truth.-- 1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. '/ p. "11.

0oreign (ission Work Young !en are 5anted. -od calls the! to !issionar& fields. ;eing co!parati6el& free fro! care and responsi)ilities/ the& are !ore fa6ora)l& situated to engage in the 5ork than are those 5ho !ust pro6ide for the training and support of a large fa!il&. 0urther!ore/ &oung !en can !ore readil& adapt the!sel6es to ne5 cli!ates and ne5 societ&/ and can )etter endure incon6eniences and hardships. ;& tact and perse6erance/ the& can reach the people 5here the& are.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ p. 3,3.

Young !en should )e Bualif&ing the!sel6es )& )eco!ing fa!iliar 5ith other languages/ that -od !a& use the! as !ediu!s to co!!unicate is sa6ing truth to those of other nations. 1hese &oung !en !a& o)tain a kno5ledge of other languages e6en 5hile engaged in la)oring for sinners. If the& are econo!ical of their ti!e/ the& can )e i!pro6ing their !inds and Bualif&ing the!sel6es for !ore e4tended usefulness. If &oung 5o!en 5ho ha6e )orne )ut little responsi)ilit& 5ould de6ote the!sel6es to -od/ the& could Bualif& the!sel6es for usefulness )& stud&ing and )eco!ing fa!iliar 5ith other languages. 1he& could de6ote the!sel6es to the 5ork of translating.-- 1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ p. 2.".

Youthful Ser6ice Children can )e accepta)le !issionar& 5orkers in the ho!e and in the church. -od desires the! to )e taught that the& are in this 5orld for useful ser6ice/ not !erel& for pla&. In the ho!e the& can )e trained to do !issionar& 5ork that 5ill prepare the! for 5ider spheres of usefulness. Parents/ help &our children to fulfill -od2s purpose for the!.--7e6ie5 and erald/ %ece!)er +/ 1,1..

Chap. &+ - Accepta'le Ser6ice

In is infinite !erc& and lo6e -od has gi6en us light fro! is 5ord/ and Christ sa&s to us/ 0reel& &e ha6e recei6ed/ freel& gi6e. :et the light -od has gi6en &ou shine forth

to those in darkness. As &ou do this/ hea6enl& angels 5ill )e )eside &ou/ helping &ou 5in souls for Christ. . . . %ear &oung friends/ re!e!)er that it is not necessar& to )e an ordained !inister in order to ser6e the :ord. 1here are !an& 5a&s of 5orking for Christ. u!an hands !a& ne6er ha6e )een laid on &ou in ordination/ )ut -od can gi6e &ou fitness for is ser6ice. e can 5ork through &ou to the sa6ing of souls. If/ ha6ing learned in the school of Christ/ &ou are !eek and lo5l& in heart/ e 5ill gi6e &ou 5ords to speak for i!. . . . $ur 7elation to (istakes %o all in &our po5er to gain perfectionA )ut do not think that )ecause &ou !ake !istakes &ou are e4cluded fro! -od2s ser6ice. 1he :ord kno5s our fra!eA e re!e!)ers that 5e are dust. As &ou use faithfull& the talents -od has gi6en &ou/ &ou 5ill gain kno5ledge that 5ill !ake &ou dissatisfied 5ith self. You 5ill see the need of sifting a5a& har!ful ha)its/ lest )& a 5rong e4a!ple &ou in=ure others. Work diligentl&/ gi6ing to others the truth so precious to &ou. 1hen 5hen there are 6acancies to )e filled/ &ou 5ill hear the 5ords/ Co!e up higher. You !a& )e reluctant to respondA )ut !o6e for5ard in faith/ )ringing into -od2s 5ork a fresh/ honest ?eal. 1he secret of 5inning souls can )e learned onl& fro! the great 1eacher. As the de5 and the still sho5ers fall gentl& on the 5ithering plant/ so our 5ords are to fall gentl& and lo6ingl& on the souls 5e are seeking to 5in. We are not to 5ait till opportunities co!e to usA 5e are to seek for the!/ keeping the heart uplifted in pra&er that -od !a& help us to speak the right 5ord at the right ti!e. When an opportunit& presents itself/ let no e4cuse lead &ou to neglect itA for its i!pro6e!ent !a& !ean the sal6ation of a soul fro! death.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ 0e)ruar& '/ 1,.2.

1he ighest Work 1he 5ork a)o6e all 5ork/--the )usiness a)o6e all others 5hich should dra5 and engage the energies of the soul/--is the 5ork of sa6ing souls for 5ho! Christ has died. (ake this the !ain/ the i!portant 5ork of &our life. (ake it &our special life 5ork. Co-operate 5ith Christ in this grand and no)le 5ork/ and )eco!e ho!e and foreign !issionaries. ;e read& and efficient to 5ork at ho!e or in far-off cli!es for the sa6ing of souls. Work the 5orks of -od and de!onstrate &our faith in &our Sa6iour )& toiling for others. $ that &oung and old 5ere thoroughl& con6erted to -od/ and 5ould take up the dut& that lies ne4t the!/ and 5ork as the& ha6e opportunit&/ )eco!ing la)orers together 5ith -od>--1he Youth2s Instructor/ (a& "/ 1+,3.

Chap. (. - 0aithfulness in Ser6ice

1hose 5ho are unfaithful in the least of te!poral affairs 5ill )e unfaithful in responsi)ilities of greater i!portance. 1he& 5ill ro) -od/ and fail of !eeting the clai!s of the di6ine la5. 1he& 5ill not reali?e that their talents )elong to -od and should )e de6oted to is ser6ice. 1hose 5ho do nothing for their e!plo&ers e4cept

that 5hich is co!!anded the!/ 5hen the& kno5 that the prosperit& of the 5ork depends on so!e e4tra e4ertion on their part/ 5ill fail to )e accounted faithful ser6ants. 1here are !an& things not specified that 5ait to )e done/ that co!e directl& under the notice of the one e!plo&ed. :eaks and losses occur that !ight )e pre6ented if painstaking diligence and unselfish effort 5ere !anifested/ if the principles of lo6e en=oined upon us )& <esus 5ere carried out in the life of those 5ho profess is na!e. ;ut !an& are 5orking in the cause of -od 5ho are registered as e&e-ser6ants. 8nfaithfulness 7ecorded It is the !ost a)horrent for! of selfishness that leads the 5orker to neglect the i!pro6e!ent of ti!e/ the care of propert&/ )ecause he is not directl& under the e&e of the !aster. ;ut do such 5orkers i!agine that their neglects are not noticed/ their unfaithfulness not recordedD Could their e&es )e opened/ the& 5ould see that a Watcher looks on/ and all their carelessness is recorded in the )ooks of hea6en. 1hose 5ho are unfaithful to the 5ork of -od are lacking in principleA their !oti6es are not of a character to lead the! to choose the right under all circu!stances. 1he ser6ants of -od are to feel at all ti!es that the& are under the e&e of their e!plo&er. e 5ho 5atched the sacrilegious feast of ;elsha??ar is present in all our institutions/ in the counting-roo! of the !erchant/ in the pri6ate 5orkshopA and the )loodless hand is as surel& recording &our neglect as it recorded the a5ful =udg!ent of the )lasphe!ous king. ;elsha??ar2s conde!nation 5as 5ritten in 5ords of fire/ 1hou art 5eighed in the )alances/ and art found 5antingA and if &ou fail to fulfill &our -odgi6en o)ligations &our conde!nation 5ill )e the sa!e. 1rue (oti6es in Ser6ice 1here are !an& 5ho profess to )e Christians 5ho are not united 5ith Christ. 1heir dail& life/ their spirit/ testifies that Christ is not for!ed 5ithin/ the hope of glor&. 1he& cannot )e depended upon/ the& cannot )e trusted. 1he& are an4ious to reduce their ser6ice to the !ini!u! of effort/ and at the sa!e ti!e e4act the highest of 5ages. 1he na!e ser6ant applies to e6er& !anA for 5e are all ser6ants/ and it 5ill )e 5ell for us to see 5hat !old 5e are taking on. Is it the !old of unfaithfulness/ or of fidelit&D Is it the disposition generall& a!ong ser6ants to do as !uch as possi)leD Is it not rather the pre6alent fashion to slide through the 5ork as Buickl&/ as easil&/ as possi)le/ and o)tain the 5ages at as little cost to the!sel6es as the& canD 1he o)=ect is not to )e as thorough as possi)le )ut to get the re!uneration. 1hose 5ho profess to )e the ser6ants of Christ should not forget the in=unction of the apostle Paul/ Ser6ants/ o)e& in all things &our !asters according to the fleshA not 5ith e&eser6ice/ as !enpleasersA )ut in singleness of heart/ fearing -odC and 5hatsoe6er &e do/ do it heartil&/ as to the :ord/ and not unto !enA kno5ing that of the :ord &e shall recei6e the re5ard of the inheritanceC for &e ser6e the :ord Christ. 1hose 5ho enter the 5ork as e&e-ser6ants/ 5ill find that their 5ork cannot )ear the inspection of !en or of angels. 1he thing essential for successful 5ork is a kno5ledge of ChristA for this kno5ledge 5ill gi6e sound principles of right/ i!part a no)le/

unselfish spirit/ like that of our Sa6iour 5ho! 5e profess to ser6e. 0aithfulness/ econo!&/ care-taking/ thoroughness/ should characteri?e all our 5ork/ 5here6er 5e !a& )e/ 5hether in the kitchen/ in the 5orkshop/ in the office of pu)lication/ in the sanitariu!/ in the college/ or 5here6er 5e are stationed in the 6ine&ard of the :ord. e that is faithful in that 5hich is least is faithful also in !uchC and he that is un=ust in the least is un=ust also in !uch.--7e6ie5 and erald/ Septe!)er 22/ 1+,1. Since the !ind and the soul find e4pression through the )od&/ )oth !ental and spiritual 6igor are in great degree dependent upon ph&sical strength and acti6it&A 5hate6er pro!otes ph&sical health pro!otes the de6elop!ent of a strong !ind and a 5ell-)alanced character. Without health/ no one can as distinctl& understand or as co!pletel& fulfill his o)ligations to hi!self/ to his fello5-)eings/ or to his Creator. 1herefore the health should )e as faithfull& guarded as the character. A kno5ledge of ph&siolog& and h&giene should )e the )asis of all educational effort.--Education/ p. 1,#.

Chap. (1 - 1he Science of :i6ing

What can )e done to sta& the tide of disease and cri!e that is s5eeping our race do5n to ruin and to deathD As the great cause of the e6il is to )e found in the indulgence of appetite and passion/ so the first and great 5ork of refor! !ust )e to learn and practice the lessons of te!perance and self-control. 1o effect a per!anent change for the )etter in societ&/ the education of the !asses !ust )egin in earl& life. 1he ha)its for!ed in childhood and &outh/ the tastes acBuired/ the self-control gained/ the principles inculcated fro! the cradle/ are al!ost certain to deter!ine the future of the !an or 5o!an. 1he cri!e and corruption occasioned )& inte!perance and la4 !orals !ight )e pre6ented )& the proper training of the &outh. ealth and Self-Control $ne of the greatest aids in perfecting pure and no)le characters in the &oung/ strengthening the! to control appetite and refrain fro! de)asing e4cesses/ is sound ph&sical health. And/ on the other hand/ these 6er& ha)its of self-control are essential to the !aintenance of health. It is of the highest i!portance that !en and 5o!en )e instructed in the science of hu!an life/ and the )est !eans of preser6ing and acBuiring health. Especiall& is &outh the ti!e to la& up a stock of kno5ledge to )e put in dail& practice through life. Youth is the ti!e to esta)lish good ha)its/ to correct 5rong ones alread& contracted/ to gain and to hold the po5er of self-control/ and to la& the plan/ and accusto! one2s self to the practice/ of ordering all the acts of life 5ith reference to the 5ill of -od and the 5elfare of our fello5- creatures. . . . <esus did not ignore the clai!s of the )od&. e had respect for the ph&sical condition of !an/ and 5ent a)out healing the sick and restoring their faculties to those suffering fro! their loss. . . .

:ife a 1rust 1he &oung should )e sho5n that the& are not at li)ert& to do as the& please 5ith their li6es. 3o5 is their da& of trust/ and )& and )& 5ill co!e their da& of reckoning. -od 5ill not hold the! guiltless for treating lightl& is precious giftsA the 5orld2s 7edee!er has paid an infinite price for the!/ and their li6es and talents )elong to i!A and the& 5ill finall& )e =udged according to the faithful or unfaithful ste5ardship of the capital 5hich -od has intrusted to their care. 1he& should )e taught that the greater their endo5!ent of !eans and opportunities the !ore hea6il& does the responsi)ilit& of -od2s 5ork rest upon the!/ and the !ore are the& reBuired to do. If the &outh are thus )rought up to feel their responsi)ilit& to the Creator/ and the i!portant trust gi6en the! in their o5n li6es/ the& 5ill hesitate to plunge into the 6orte4 of dissipation and cri!e that s5allo5s up so !an& of the pro!ising &oung !en of our age.--7e6ie5 and erald/ %ece!)er 13/ 1++1.

Chap. (2 - Safeguarding the Health

ealth is a )lessing of 5hich fe5 appreciate the 6alueA &et upon it the efficienc& of our !ental and ph&sical po5ers largel& depends. $ur i!pulses and passions ha6e their seat in the )od&/ and it !ust )e kept in the )est condition ph&sicall& and under the !ost spiritual influences in order that our talents !a& )e put to the highest use. An&thing that lessens ph&sical strength enfee)les the !ind/ and !akes it less capa)le of discri!inating )et5een right and 5rong. 1he !isuse of our ph&sical po5ers shortens the ti!e in 5hich our li6es can )e used for the glor& of -od/ and it unfits us to acco!plish the 5ork -od has gi6en us to do. ;& allo5ing oursel6es to for! 5rong ha)its/ )& keeping late hours/ )& gratif&ing appetite at the e4pense of health/ 5e la& the foundation for fee)leness. . . . 1hose 5ho thus shorten their li6es and unfit the!sel6es for ser6ice )& disregarding nature2s la5s/ are guilt& of ro))er& to5ard -od. And the& are ro))ing their fello5 !en also. 1he opportunit& of )lessing others/ the 6er& 5ork for 5hich -od sent the! into the 5orld/ has )& their o5n course of action )een cut short. And the& ha6e unfitted the!sel6es to do e6en that 5hich in a )riefer period of ti!e the& !ight ha6e acco!plished. 1he :ord holds us guilt& 5hen )& our in=urious ha)its 5e thus depri6e the 5orld of good.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <une 2./ 1,12.

Chap. (3 - Sacredness of Health

Satan co!es to !an 5ith his te!ptations as an angel of light/ as he ca!e to Christ. e has )een 5orking to )ring !an into a condition of ph&sical and !oral 5eakness/ that he !a& o6erco!e hi! 5ith his te!ptations/ and then triu!ph o6er his ruin. And he has )een successful in te!pting !an to indulge appetite/ regardless of the result. e 5ell kno5s that it is i!possi)le for !an to discharge his o)ligations to -od and to his fello5-!en/ 5hile he i!pairs the faculties -od has gi6en hi!. 1he )rain is the capital of the )od&. If the percepti6e faculties )eco!e )enu!)ed through inte!perance of an& kind/ eternal things are not discerned. 7elation of ealth to Character ;uilding

-od gi6es no per!ission to !an to 6iolate the la5s of his )eing. ;ut !an/ through &ielding to Satan2s te!ptations to indulge inte!perance/ )rings the higher faculties into su)=ection to the ani!al appetites and passions. When these gain the ascendenc&/ !an/ 5ho 5as created a little lo5er than the angels/ 5ith faculties suscepti)le of the highest culti6ation/ surrenders to )e controlled )& Satan. And he gains eas& access to those 5ho are in )ondage to appetite. 1hrough inte!perance/ so!e sacrifice one-half/ and others t5o-thirds/ of their ph&sical/ !ental and !oral po5ers and )eco!e pla&things for the ene!&. 1hose 5ho 5ould ha6e clear !inds to discern Satan2s de6ices !ust ha6e their ph&sical appetites under the control of reason and conscience. 1he !oral and 6igorous action of the higher po5ers of the !ind are essential to the perfection of Christian character. And the strength or the 5eakness of the !ind has 6er& !uch to do 5ith our usefulness in this 5orld/ and 5ith our final sal6ation. 1he ignorance that has pre6ailed in regard to -od2s la5 in our ph&sical nature is deplora)le. Inte!perance of an& kind is a 6iolation of the la5s of our )eing. I!)ecilit& is pre6ailing to a fearful e4tent. Sin is !ade attracti6e )& the co6ering of light 5hich Satan thro5s o6er it/ and he is 5ell pleased 5hen he can hold the Christian 5orld in their dail& ha)its under the t&rann& of custo!/ like the heathen/ and allo5 appetite to go6ern the!. Inte!perance %egrading If !en and 5o!en of intelligence ha6e their !oral po5ers )enu!)ed through inte!perance of an& kind/ the& are/ in !an& of their ha)its/ ele6ated )ut little a)o6e the heathen. Satan is constantl& dra5ing the people fro! sa6ing light to custo! and fashion/ irrespecti6e of ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral health. 1he great ene!& kno5s that if appetite and passion predo!inate/ health of )od& and strength of intellect are sacrificed upon the altar of self-gratification/ and !an is )rought to speed& ruin. If enlightened intellect holds the reins/ controlling the ani!al propensities/ keeping the! in su)=ection to the !oral po5ers/ Satan 5ell kno5s that his po5er to o6erco!e 5ith his te!ptations is 6er& s!all. . . . A large share of the Christian 5orld ha6e no right to call the!sel6es Christians. 1heir ha)its/ their e4tra6agance/ and general treat!ent of their o5n )odies/ are in 6iolation of ph&sical la5 and contrar& to the ;i)le standard. 1he& are 5orking out for the!sel6es/ in their course of life/ ph&sical suffering/ !ental and !oral fee)leness.-7e6ie5 and erald/ Septe!)er +/ 1+*".

Self-(aster& a %ut& 1he )od& is to )e )rought into su)=ection. 1he higher po5ers of the )eing are to rule. 1he passions are to )e controlled )& the 5ill/ 5hich is itself to )e under the control of -od. 1he kingl& po5er of reason/ sanctified )& di6ine grace/ is to )ear s5a& in our li6es. 1he reBuire!ents of -od !ust )e )rought ho!e to the conscience. (en and 5o!en !ust )e a5akened to the dut& of self-!aster&/ the need of purit&/ freedo! fro! e6er& depra6ing appetite and defiling ha)it. 1he& need to )e i!pressed 5ith the fact that all

their po5ers of !ind and )od& are the gift of -od/ and are to )e preser6ed in the )est possi)le condition for is ser6ice.--(inistr& of ealing/ p. 13..

Chap. (! - A ;alanced )ducation

1he ti!e spent in ph&sical e4ercise is not lost. 1he student 5ho is constantl& poring o6er his )ooks/ 5hile he takes )ut little e4ercise in the open air/ does hi!self an in=ur&. A proportionate e4ercise of the 6arious organs and faculties of the )od& is essential to the )est 5ork of each. When the )rain is constantl& ta4ed/ 5hile the other organs are left inacti6e/ there is a loss of ph&sical and !ental strength. 1he ph&sical po5ers are ro))ed of their health& tone/ the !ind loses its freshness and 6igor/ and a !or)id e4cita)ilit& is the result. In order for !en and 5o!en to ha6e 5ell-)alanced !inds/ all the po5ers of the )eing should )e called into use and de6eloped. 1here are in this 5orld !an& 5ho are onesided )ecause onl& one set of faculties has )een culti6ated/ 5hile others are d5arfed fro! inaction. 1he education of !an& &outh is a failure. 1he& o6erstud&/ 5hile the& neglect that 5hich pertains to the practical life. 1hat the )alance of the !ind !a& )e !aintained/ a =udicious s&ste! of ph&sical 5ork should )e co!)ined 5ith !ental 5ork/ that there !a& )e a har!onious de6elop!ent of all the po5ers.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 2,#/ 2,'.

Chap. (" - )ducation #'tained at )4pense of Health

So!e students put the 5hole )eing into their studies/ and concentrate their !inds upon the o)=ect of o)taining an education. 1he& 5ork the )rain/ )ut allo5 the ph&sical po5ers to re!ain inacti6e. 1hus the )rain is o6er5orked/ and the !uscles )eco!e 5eak )ecause the& are not e4ercised. When these students are graduated/ it is e6ident that the& ha6e o)tained their education at the e4pense of life. 1he& ha6e studied da& and night/ &ear after &ear/ keeping their !inds continuall& upon the stretch/ 5hile the& ha6e failed to e4ercise their !uscles sufficientl&. . . . Young ladies freBuentl& gi6e the!sel6es up to stud&/ to the neglect of other )ranches of education e6en !ore essential for practical life than the stud& of )ooks. And after ha6ing o)tained their education/ the& are often in6alids for life. 1he& ha6e neglected their health )& re!aining too !uch indoors/ depri6ed of the pure air of hea6en and of the -od-gi6en sunlight. 1hese &oung 5o!en !ight ha6e co!e fro! school in health had the& co!)ined 5ith their studies household la)or and e4ercise in the open air. ealth is a great treasure. It is the richest possession that !ortals can ha6e. Wealth/ honor/ or learning is dearl& purchased if it )e at the loss of the 6igor of health. 3one of these attain!ents can secure happiness if health is 5anting.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 2+#/ 2+'.

Chap. (& - 1he Insignia of 3o'ilit%

%uring their three &ears of training/ %aniel and his associates !aintained their a)ste!ious ha)its/ their allegiance to -od/ and their constant dependence upon is

po5er. When the ti!e ca!e for their a)ilities and acBuire!ents to )e tested )& the king/ the& 5ere e4a!ined 5ith other candidates for the ser6ice of the kingdo!. ;ut a!ong the! all 5as found none like %aniel/ ananiah/ (ishael/ and A?ariah. 1heir keen apprehension/ their choice and e4act language/ their e4tensi6e kno5ledge/ testified to the uni!paired strength and 6igor of their !ental po5er. 1herefore the& stood )efore the king. And in all !atters of 5isdo! and understanding/ that the king inBuired of the!/ he found the! ten ti!es )etter than all the !agicians and astrologers that 5ere in all his real!. -od al5a&s honors the right. 1he !ost pro!ising &ouths fro! all the lands su)dued )& the great conBueror had )een gathered at ;a)&lon/ &et a!id the! all the e)re5 capti6es 5ere 5ithout a ri6al. 1he erect for!/ the fir!/ elastic step/ the fair countenance/ the undi!!ed senses/ the untainted )reath/--all these 5ere insignia of the no)ilit& 5ith 5hich nature honors those 5ho are o)edient to her la5s. Effect of Ph&sical a)its on the (ind 1he lesson here presented is one that 5e 5ould do 5ell to ponder. A strict co!pliance 5ith the ;i)le reBuire!ents 5ill )e a )lessing )oth to )od& and soul. 1he fruit of the Spirit is not onl& lo6e/ =o&/ and peace/ )ut te!perance also. We are en=oined not to defile our )odiesA for the& are the te!ples of the ol& Spirit. 1he e)re5 capti6es 5ere !en of like passions 5ith oursel6es. A!id the seducti6e influences of the lu4urious courts of ;a)&lon/ the& stood fir!. 1he &outh of toda& are surrounded 5ith allure!ents to self-indulgence. Especiall& in our large cities/ e6er& for! of sensual gratification is !ade eas& and in6iting. 1hose 5ho/ like %aniel/ refuse to defile the!sel6es/ 5ill reap the re5ard of te!perate ha)its. With their greater ph&sical sta!ina and increased po5er of endurance/ the& ha6e a )ank of deposit upon 5hich to dra5 in case of e!ergenc&. 7ight ph&sical ha)its pro!ote !ental superiorit&. Intellectual po5er/ ph&sical sta!ina/ and length of life depend upon i!!uta)le la5s. 3ature2s -od 5ill not interfere to preser6e !en fro! the conseBuences of 6iolating nature2s reBuire!ents. e 5ho stri6es for the !aster& !ust )e te!perate in all things. %aniel2s clearness of !ind and fir!ness of purpose/ his po5er in acBuiring kno5ledge and in resisting te!ptation/ 5ere due in a great degree to the plainness of his diet/ in connection 5ith his life of pra&er. Shaping $ur $5n %estin& 1here is !uch sterling in the adage/ E6er& !an is the architect of his o5n fortune. While parents are responsi)le for the sta!p of character/ as 5ell as for the education and training/ of their sons and daughters/ it is still true that our position and usefulness in the 5orld depend/ to a great degree/ upon our o5n course of action. %aniel and his co!panions en=o&ed the )enefits of correct training and education in earl& life/ )ut these ad6antages alone 5ould not ha6e !ade the! 5hat the& 5ere. 1he ti!e ca!e 5hen the& !ust act for the!sel6es/--5hen their future depended upon their o5n course. 1hen the& decided to )e true to the lessons gi6en the! in childhood. 1he fear of -od/ 5hich is the )eginning of 5isdo!/ 5as the foundation of their greatness.

1he histor& of %aniel and his &outhful co!panions has )een recorded on the pages of the inspired 5ord for the )enefit of the &outh of all succeeding ages. 1hrough the record of their fidelit& to the principles of te!perance/ -od is speaking toda& to &oung !en and &oung 5o!en/ )idding the! gather up the precious ra&s of light e has gi6en on the su)=ect of Christian te!perance/ and place the!sel6es in right relation to the la5s of health. 1e!perance 7ichl& 7e5arded 1here is no5 need of !en 5ho/ like %aniel/ 5ill do and dare. A pure heart and a strong/ fearless hand are 5anted in the 5orld toda&. -od designed that !an should )e constantl& i!pro6ing/ dail& reaching a higher point in the scale of e4cellence. e 5ill help us if 5e seek to help oursel6es. $ur hope of happiness in t5o 5orlds depends upon our i!pro6e!ent in one. At e6er& point 5e should )e guarded against the first approach to inte!perance. %ear &outh/ -od calls upon &ou to do a 5ork 5hich through is grace &ou can do. Present &our )odies a li6ing sacrifice/ hol&/ accepta)le unto -od/ 5hich is &our reasona)le ser6ice. Stand forth in &our -od-gi6en !anhood and 5o!anhood. Sho5 a purit& of tastes/ appetite/ and ha)its that )ears co!parison 5ith %aniel2s. -od 5ill re5ard &ou 5ith cal! ner6es/ a clear )rain/ an uni!paired =udg!ent/ keen perceptions. 1he &outh of toda& 5hose principles are fir! and un5a6ering 5ill )e )lessed 5ith health of )od&/ !ind/ and soul. --1he Youth2s Instructor/ <ul& ,/ 1,.3.

7eligion and ealth 1he fear of the :ord is the )eginning of 5isdo!. When !en of 5rong ha)its and sinful practices &ield to the po5er of di6ine truth/ the entrance of -od2s 5ord gi6es light and understanding to the si!ple. 1here is an application of truth to the heartA and !oral po5er/ 5hich see!ed to ha6e )een paral&?ed/ re6i6es. 1he recei6er is possessed of stronger/ clearer understanding than )efore. e has ri6eted his soul to the Eternal 7ock. ealth i!pro6es/ in the 6er& sense of his securit& in Christ. 1hus religion and the la5s of health go hand in hand.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. "/ pp. ##3/ ##". -od2s hol&/ educating Spirit is in is 5ord. A light/ a ne5 and precious light/ shines forth fro! e6er& page. 1ruth is there re6ealed/ and 5ords and sentences are !ade )right and appropriate for the occasion/ as the 6oice of -od speaking to the soul. 1he ol& Spirit lo6es to address the &outh/ and to disco6er to the! the treasures and )eauties of -od2s 5ord. 1he pro!ises spoken )& the great 1eacher 5ill capti6ate the senses and ani!ate the soul 5ith a spiritual po5er that is di6ine. 1here 5ill gro5 in the fruitful !ind a fa!iliarit& 5ith di6ine things that 5ill )e as a )arricade against te!ptation. --Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. 132.

Chap. (( - Pra%er #ur Stronghold

A!id the perils of these last da&s/ the onl& safet& of the &outh lies in e6er-increasing 5atchfulness and pra&er. 1he &outh 5ho finds his =o& in reading the 5ord of -od/ and in the hour of pra&er/ 5ill )e constantl& refreshed )& drafts fro! the fountain of life. e 5ill attain a height of !oral e4cellence and a )readth of thought of 5hich others cannot concei6e. Co!!union 5ith -od encourages good thoughts/ no)le aspirations/ clear perceptions of truth/ and loft& purposes of action. 1hose 5ho thus connect the!sel6es 5ith -od are ackno5ledged )& i! as is sons and daughters. 1he& are constantl& reaching higher and still higher/ o)taining clearer 6ie5s of -od and of eternit&/ until the :ord !akes the! channels of light and 5isdo! to the 5orld. o5 to Pra& ;ut pra&er is not understood as it should )e. $ur pra&ers are not to infor! -od of so!ething e does not kno5. 1he :ord is acBuainted 5ith the secrets of e6er& soul. $ur pra&ers need not )e long and loud. -od reads the hidden thoughts. We !a& pra& in secret/ and e 5ho sees in secret 5ill hear/ and 5ill re5ard us openl&. 1he pra&ers that are offered to -od to tell i! of all our 5retchedness/ 5hen 5e do not feel 5retched at all/ are the pra&ers of h&pocris&. It is the contrite pra&er that the :ord regards. 0or thus saith the high and loft& $ne that inha)iteth eternit&/ 5hose na!e is ol&A I d5ell in the high and hol& place/ and 5ith hi! also that is of a contrite and hu!)le spirit/ to re6i6e the spirit of the hu!)le/ and to re6i6e the heart of the contrite ones. Pra&er is not intended to 5ork an& change in -odA it )rings us into har!on& 5ith -od. It does not take the place of dut&. Pra&er offered e6er so often and e6er so earnestl& 5ill ne6er )e accepted )& -od in the place of our tithe. Pra&er 5ill not pa& our de)ts to -od. . . . Pra&er ;rings Po5er 1he strength acBuired in pra&er to -od 5ill prepare us for our dail& duties. 1he te!ptations to 5hich 5e are dail& e4posed !ake pra&er a necessit&. In order that 5e !a& )e kept )& the po5er of -od through faith/ the desires of the !ind should )e continuall& ascending in silent pra&er. When 5e are surrounded )& influences calculated to lead us a5a& fro! -od/ our petitions for help and strength !ust )e un5earied. 8nless this is so/ 5e shall ne6er )e successful in )reaking do5n pride and o6erco!ing the po5er of te!ptation to sinful indulgences 5hich keep us fro! the Sa6iour. 1he light of truth/ sanctif&ing the life/ 5ill disco6er to the recei6er the sinful passions of his heart 5hich are stri6ing for the !aster&/ and 5hich !ake it necessar& for hi! to stretch e6er& ner6e and e4ert all his po5ers to resist Satan that he !a& conBuer through the !erits of Christ.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 1+/ 1+,+.

Chap. (* - 1he Po5er of Pra%er

It 5as in the !ount 5ith -od that (oses )eheld the pattern of that 5onderful )uilding 5hich 5as to )e the a)iding-place of is glor&. It is in the !ount 5ith -od--the secret place of co!!union --that 5e are to conte!plate is glorious ideal for hu!anit&. 1hus 5e shall )e ena)led so to fashion our character-)uilding that to us !a& )e

fulfilled the pro!ise/ I 5ill d5ell in the!/ and 5alk in the!A and I 5ill )e their -od/ and the& shall )e (& people. While engaged in our dail& 5ork/ 5e should lift the soul to hea6en in pra&er. 1hese silent petitions rise like incense )efore the throne of graceA and the ene!& is )affled. 1he Christian 5hose heart is thus sta&ed upon -od cannot )e o6erco!e. 3o e6il arts can destro& his peace. All the pro!ises of -od2s 5ord/ all the po5er of di6ine grace/ all the resources of <eho6ah/ are pledged to secure his deli6erance. It 5as thus that Enoch 5alked 5ith -od. And -od 5as 5ith hi!/ a present help in e6er& ti!e of need. In 1ouch 5ith the Infinite Pra&er is the )reath of the soul. It is the secret of spiritual po5er. 3o other !eans of grace can )e su)stituted and the health of the soul )e preser6ed. Pra&er )rings the heart into i!!ediate contact 5ith the Wellspring of life/ and strengthens the sine5 and !uscle of the religious e4perience. 3eglect the e4ercise of pra&er/ or engage in pra&er spas!odicall&/ no5 and then/ as see!s con6enient/ and &ou lose &our hold on -od. 1he spiritual faculties lose their 6italit&/ the religious e4perience lacks health and 6igor. . . . It is a 5onderful thing that 5e can pra& effectuall&/ that un5orth&/ erring !ortals possess the po5er of offering their reBuests to -od. What higher po5er can !an desire than this/--to )e linked 5ith the infinite -odD 0ee)le/ sinful !an has the pri6ilege of speaking to his (aker. We !a& utter 5ords that reach the throne of the (onarch of the uni6erse. We !a& speak 5ith <esus as 5e 5alk )& the 5a&/ and e sa&s/ I a! at th& right hand. E6er& Sincere Pra&er Ans5ered We !a& co!!une 5ith -od in our heartsA 5e !a& 5alk in co!panionship 5ith Christ. When engaged in our dail& la)or/ 5e !a& )reathe out our heart2s desire/ inaudi)le to an& hu!an earA )ut that 5ord cannot die a5a& into silence/ nor can it )e lost. 3othing can dro5n the soul2s desire. It rises a)o6e the din of the street/ a)o6e the noise of !achiner&. It is -od to 5ho! 5e are speaking/ and our pra&er is heard. Ask/ thenA ask/ and &e shall recei6e. Ask for hu!ilit&/ 5isdo!/ courage/ increase of faith. 1o e6er& sincere pra&er an ans5er 5ill co!e. It !a& not co!e =ust as &ou desire/ or at the ti!e &ou look for itA )ut it 5ill co!e in the 5a& and at the ti!e that 5ill )est !eet &our need. 1he pra&ers &ou offer in loneliness/ in 5eariness/ in trial/ -od ans5ers/ not al5a&s according to &our e4pectations/ )ut al5a&s for &our good.--ospel Workers/ pp. 2#"-2#+.

Chap. (+ - #ur Attitude in Pra%er

;oth in pu)lic and in pri6ate 5orship/ it is our pri6ilege to )o5 on our knees )efore the :ord 5hen 5e offer our petitions to i!. <esus/ our e4a!ple/ kneeled do5n/ and pra&ed. $f is disciples it is recorded that the&/ too/ kneeled do5n/ and pra&ed. Paul declared/ I )o5 !& knees unto the 0ather of our :ord <esus Christ. In confessing

)efore -od the sins of Israel/ E?ra knelt. %aniel kneeled upon his knees three ti!es a da&/ and pra&ed/ and ga6e thanks )efore his -od. 1rue re6erence for -od is inspired )& a sense of is infinite greatness and a reali?ation of is presence. With this sense of the 8nseen/ e6er& heart should )e deepl& i!pressed. 1he hour and place of pra&er are sacred/ )ecause -od is thereA and as re6erence is !anifested in attitude and de!eanor/ the feeling that inspires it 5ill )e deepened. ol& and re6erend is is na!e/ the psal!ist declares. Angels/ 5hen the& speak that na!e/ 6eil their faces. With 5hat re6erence/ then/ should 5e/ 5ho are fallen and sinful/ take it upon our lips> Well 5ould it )e for old and &oung to ponder those 5ords of Scripture that sho5 ho5 the place !arked )& -od2s special presence should )e regarded. Put off th& shoes fro! off th& feet/ e co!!anded (oses at the )urning )ush/for the place 5hereon thou standest is hol& ground. <aco)/ after )eholding the 6ision of the angels/ e4clai!ed/ 1he :ord is in this placeA and I kne5 it not. . . . ---ospel Workers/ pp. 1*+/ 1*,.

Chap. *. - 0aith and Pra%er

1hrough faith in Christ/ e6er& deficienc& of character !a& )e supplied/ e6er& defile!ent cleansed/ e6er& fault corrected/ e6er& e4cellence de6eloped. Ye are co!plete in i!. Pra&er and faith are closel& allied/ and the& need to )e studied together. In the pra&er of faith there is a di6ine scienceA it is a science that e6er& one 5ho 5ould !ake his life 5ork a success !ust understand. Christ sa&s/ What things soe6er &e desire/ 5hen &e pra&/ )elie6e that &e recei6e the!/ and &e shall ha6e the!. e !akes it plain that our asking !ust )e according to -od2s 5illA 5e !ust ask for the things that e has pro!ised/ and 5hate6er 5e recei6e !ust )e used in doing is 5ill. 1he conditions !et/ the pro!ise is uneBui6ocal. 0or the pardon of sin/ for the ol& Spirit/ for a Christlike te!per/ for 5isdo! and strength to do is 5ork/ for an& gift e has pro!ised/ 5e !a& askA then 5e are to )elie6e that 5e recei6e/ and return thanks to -od that 5e ha6e recei6ed. We need look for no out5ard e6idence of the )lessing. 1he gift is in the pro!ise/ and 5e !a& go a)out our 5ork assured that 5hat -od has pro!ised e is a)le to perfor!/ and that the gift/ 5hich 5e alread& possess/ 5ill )e reali?ed 5hen 5e need it !ost.-Education/ pp. 2#*/ 2#+.

Chap. *1 - 1he 9alue of ;i'le Stud%

1he stud& of the ;i)le is superior to all other stud& in strengthening the intellect. What fields of thought the &outh !a& find to e4plore in the 5ord of -od> 1he !ind !a& go deeper and still deeper in its research/ gathering strength 5ith e6er& effort to co!prehend truthA and &et there is an infinit& )e&ond.

1hose 5ho profess to lo6e -od and re6erence sacred things/ and &et allo5 the !ind to co!e do5n to the superficial and unreal/ are placing the!sel6es on Satan2s ground/ and are doing his 5ork. If the &oung 5ould stud& the glorious 5orks of -od in nature/ and is !a=est& and po5er as re6ealed in is 5ord/ the& 5ould co!e fro! e6er& such e4ercise 5ith faculties Buickened and ele6ated. A 6igor 5ould )e recei6ed/ ha6ing no kin to arrogance. ;& a conte!plation of the !ar6els of di6ine po5er/ the !ind 5ill learn that hardest )ut !ost useful of all lessons/ that hu!an 5isdo!/ unless connected 5ith the Infinite and sanctified )& the grace of Christ/ is foolishness. 1he (ediatorial Work of Christ 1he 5ork of -od2s dear Son in undertaking to link the created 5ith the 8ncreated/ the finite 5ith the Infinite/ in is o5n di6ine person/ is a su)=ect that !a& 5ell e!plo& our thoughts for a lifeti!e. 1his 5ork of Christ 5as to confir! the )eings of other 5orlds in their innocenc& and lo&alt&/ as 5ell as to sa6e the lost and perishing of this 5orld. e opened a 5a& for the diso)edient to return to their allegiance to -od/ 5hile )& the sa!e act e placed a safeguard around those 5ho 5ere alread& pure/ that the& !ight not )eco!e polluted. While 5e re=oice that there are 5orlds 5hich ha6e ne6er fallen/ these 5orlds render praise and honor and glor& to <esus Christ for the plan of rede!ption to sa6e the fallen sons of Ada!/ as 5ell as to confir! the!sel6es in their position and character of purit&. 1he ar! that raised the hu!an fa!il& fro! the ruin 5hich Satan has )rought upon the race through his te!ptations/ is the ar! 5hich has preser6ed the inha)itants of other 5orlds fro! sin. E6er& 5orld throughout i!!ensit& engages the care and support of the 0ather and the SonA and this care is constantl& e4ercised for fallen hu!anit&. Christ is !ediating in )ehalf of !an/ and the order of unseen 5orlds also is preser6ed )& is !ediatorial 5ork. Are not these the!es of sufficient !agnitude and i!portance to engage our thoughts/ and call forth our gratitude and adoration to -odD Intellectual %e6elop!ent $pen the ;i)le to our &outh/ dra5 their attention to its hidden treasures/ teach the! to search for its =e5els of truth/ and the& 5ill gain a strength of intellect such as the stud& of all that philosoph& e!)races could not i!part. 1he grand su)=ects upon 5hich the ;i)le treats/ the dignified si!plicit& of it inspired utterances/ the ele6ated the!es 5hich it presents to the !ind/ the light/ sharp and clear/ fro! the throne of -od/ enlightening the understanding/ 5ill de6elop the po5ers of the !ind to an e4tent that can scarcel& )e co!prehended/ and ne6er full& e4plained. 1he ;i)le presents a )oundless field for the i!agination/ as !uch higher and !ore enno)ling in character than the superficial creations of the unsanctified intellect as the hea6ens are higher than the earth. 1he inspired histor& of our race is placed in the hands of e6er& indi6idual. All !a& no5 )egin their research. 1he& !a& )eco!e acBuainted 5ith our first parents as the& stood in Eden/ in hol& innocenc&/ en=o&ing co!!union 5ith -od and sinless angels. 1he& !a& trace the introduction of sin and its results upon the race/ and follo5/ step )& step/ do5n the track of sacred histor&/ as it records the diso)edience and i!penitence of !an and the =ust retri)ution for sin. 1he ighest Culture

1he reader !a& hold con6erse 5ith patriarchs and prophetsA he !a& !o6e through the !ost inspiring scenesA he !a& )ehold Christ/ 5ho 5as (onarch in hea6en/ eBual 5ith -od/ co!ing do5n to hu!anit&/ and 5orking out the plan of rede!ption/ )reaking off fro! !an the chains 5here5ith Satan had )ound hi!/ and !aking it possi)le for hi! to regain his godlike !anhood. Christ taking upon i!self hu!anit&/ and preser6ing the le6el of !an for thirt& &ears/ and then !aking is soul an offering for sin/ that !an !ight not )e left to perish/ is a su)=ect for the deepest thought and the !ost concentrated stud&. . . . :et the !ind grasp the stupendous truths of re6elation/ and it 5ill ne6er )e content to e!plo& its po5ers upon fri6olous the!esA it 5ill turn 5ith disgust fro! the trash& literature and idle a!use!ents that are de!orali?ing the &outh of toda&. 1hose 5ho ha6e co!!uned 5ith the poets and sages of the ;i)le/ and 5hose souls ha6e )een stirred )& the glorious deeds of the heroes of faith/ 5ill co!e fro! the rich fields of thought far !ore pure in heart and ele6ated in !ind than if the& had )een occupied in stud&ing the !ost cele)rated secular authors/ or in conte!plating and glorif&ing the e4ploits of the Pharaohs and erods and Caesars of the 5orld. 1he po5ers of the &outh are !ostl& dor!ant/ )ecause the& do not !ake the fear of -od the )eginning of 5isdo!. 1he :ord ga6e %aniel 5isdo! and kno5ledge/ )ecause he 5ould not )e influenced )& an& po5er that 5ould interfere 5ith his religious principles. 1he reason 5h& 5e ha6e so fe5 !en of !ind/ of sta)ilit& and solid 5orth/ is that the& think to find greatness 5hile disconnecting fro! ea6en. -od is not feared/ and lo6ed/ and honored/ )& the children of !en. 7eligion is not li6ed out/ as 5ell as professed. 1he :ord can do )ut little for !an/ )ecause he is so easil& e4alted/ is so read& to think hi!self of conseBuence. -od 5ould ha6e us enlarge our capa)ilities/ and a6ail oursel6es of e6er& pri6ilege to unfold/ to culti6ate/ to strengthen the understanding. (an 5as )orn for a higher/ no)ler life than that 5hich he de6elops. 1he period of our !ortal e4istence is preparator& to the life 5hich !easures 5ith the life of -od. 1he ;i)le the -reatest 1eacher What su)=ects are presented in the Sacred Scriptures for the !ind to d5ell upon> Where can )e found higher the!es for conte!plationD Where are the!es so intensel& interestingD In 5hat sense are all the researches of hu!an science co!para)le in su)li!it& and !&ster& 5ith the science of the ;i)leD Where is an&thing that 5ill so call out the strength of the intellect in deep and earnest thoughtD If 5e 5ill let it speak to us/ the ;i)le 5ill teach us 5hat nothing else can teach. ;ut alas> e6er&thing else is d5elt upon e4cept the 5ord of -od. Worthless literature/ fictitious stories/ are greedil& de6oured/ 5hile the ;i)le/ 5ith all its treasures of sacred truth/ lies neglected upon our ta)les. 1he Sacred Word/ if !ade the rule of life/ 5ill refine/ ele6ate/ and sanctif&. It is the 6oice of -od to !an. Will 5e heed itD 1he entrance of 1h& 5ords gi6eth lightA it gi6eth understanding unto the si!ple. Angels stand )eside the searcher of the Scriptures/ to i!press and illu!inate the !ind. 1he co!!and of Christ co!es to us 5ith the sa!e force toda& as 5hen addressed to the first disciples eighteen hundred &ears agoC Search the ScripturesA for in the! &e

think &e ha6e eternal lifeC and the& are the& 5hich testif& of (e.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <anuar& 11/ 1++1.

Chap. *2 - Search the Scriptures for Yourself

Young !en should search the Scriptures for the!sel6es. 1he& are not to feel that it is sufficient for those older in e4perience to find out the truthA that the &ounger ones can accept it fro! the! as authorit&. 1he <e5s perished as a nation )ecause the& 5ere dra5n fro! the truth of the ;i)le )& their rulers/ priests/ and elders. ad the& heeded the lessons of <esus/ and searched the Scriptures for the!sel6es/ the& 5ould not ha6e perished. . . . It is i!possi)le for an& !ind to co!prehend all the richness and greatness of e6en one pro!ise of -od. $ne catches the glor& of one point of 6ie5/ another the )eaut& and grace fro! another point/ and the soul is filled 5ith the hea6enl& light. If 5e sa5 all the glor&/ the spirit 5ould faint. ;ut 5e can )ear far greater re6elations fro! -od2s a)undant pro!ises than 5e no5 en=o&. It !akes !& heart sad to think ho5 5e lose sight of the fullness of )lessing designed for us. We content oursel6es 5ith !o!entar& flashes of spiritual illu!ination/ 5hen 5e !ight 5alk da& )& da& in the light of is presence.--1esti!onies to (inisters/ pp. 1.,/ 111.

Chap. *3 - Perse6ering )ffort in ;i'le Stud%

Search the ScripturesA for in the! &e think &e ha6e eternal life. 1o search !eans to look diligentl& for so!ething 5hich has )een lost. Search for the hidden treasures in -od2s 5ord. You cannot afford to )e 5ithout the!. Stud& the difficult passages/ co!paring 6erse 5ith 6erse/ and &ou 5ill find that scripture is the ke& 5hich unlocks scripture. 1hose 5ho pra&erfull& stud& the ;i)le go fro! each search 5iser than the& 5ere )efore. So!e of their difficulties ha6e )een sol6edA for the ol& Spirit has done the 5ork spoken of in the fourteenth chapter of <ohnC 1he Co!forter/ 5hich is the ol& -host/ 5ho! the 0ather 5ill send in (& na!e/ e shall teach &ou all things/ and )ring all things to &our re!e!)rance/ 5hatsoe6er I ha6e said unto &ou. 3othing 5orth ha6ing is o)tained 5ithout earnest/ perse6ering effort. In )usiness/ onl& those 5ho ha6e a 5ill to do see successful results. Without earnest toil 5e cannot e4pect to o)tain a kno5ledge of spiritual things. 1hose 5ho o)tain the =e5els of truth !ust dig for the! as a !iner digs for the precious ore hidden in the earth. 1hose 5ho 5ork indifferentl& and half-heartedl& 5ill ne6er succeed. Young and old should read the 5ord of -odA and not onl& should the& read it/ )ut the& should stud& it 5ith diligent earnestness/ pra&ing/ )elie6ing/ and searching. 1hus the& 5ill find the hidden treasureA for the :ord 5ill Buicken their understanding. $pen-(indedness In &our stud& of the 5ord/ la& at the door of in6estigation &our preconcei6ed opinions and &our hereditar& and culti6ated ideas. You 5ill ne6er reach the truth if &ou stud&

the Scriptures to 6indicate &our o5n ideas. :ea6e these at the door/ and 5ith a contrite heart go in to hear 5hat the :ord has to sa& to &ou. As the hu!)le seeker for truth sits at Christ2s feet/ and learns of i!/ the 5ord gi6es hi! understanding. 1o those 5ho are too 5ise in their o5n conceit to stud& the ;i)le/ Christ sa&s/ You !ust )eco!e !eek and lo5l& in heart if &ou desire to )eco!e 5ise unto sal6ation. %o not read the 5ord in the light of for!er opinionsA )ut/ 5ith a !ind free fro! pre=udice/ search it carefull& and pra&erfull&. If/ as &ou read/ con6iction co!es/ and &ou see that &our cherished opinions are not in har!on& 5ith the 5ord/ do not tr& to !ake the 5ord fit these opinions. (ake &our opinions fit the 5ord. %o not allo5 5hat &ou ha6e )elie6ed or practiced in the past to control &our understanding. $pen the e&es of &our !ind to )ehold 5ondrous things out of the la5. 0ind out 5hat is 5ritten/ and then plant &our feet on the eternal 7ock. 1he @no5ledge of -od2s Will $ur sal6ation depends upon our kno5ledge of -od2s 5ill as it is contained in is 5ord. 3e6er cease asking and searching for 1ruth. You need to kno5 &our dut&. You need to kno5 5hat &ou !ust do to )e sa6ed. And it is -od2s 5ill that &ou shall kno5 5hat e has said to &ou. ;ut &ou !ust e4ercise faith. As &ou search the Scriptures/ &ou !ust )elie6e that -od is/ and that e re5ards those 5ho diligentl& seek i!. $ search the ;i)le 5ith a heart hungr& for spiritual food> %ig into the 5ord as a !iner digs into the earth to find the 6eins of gold. %o not gi6e up &our search till &ou ha6e learned &our relation to -od and is 5ill concerning &ou.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <ul& 2"/ 1,.2.

7e6erence in ;i)le Stud& We should co!e 5ith re6erence to the stud& of the ;i)le/ feeling that 5e are in the presence of -od. All lightness and trifling should )e laid aside. While so!e portions of the Word are easil& understood/ the true !eaning of other parts is not so readil& discerned. 1here !ust )e patient stud& and !editation/ and earnest pra&er. E6er& student/ as he opens the Scriptures/ should ask for the enlighten!ent of the ol& SpiritA and the pro!ise is sure that it 5ill )e gi6en. 1he spirit in 5hich &ou co!e to the in6estigation of the Scriptures 5ill deter!ine the character of the assistant at &our side. Angels fro! the 5orld of light 5ill )e 5ith those 5ho in hu!ilit& of heart seek for di6ine guidance. ;ut if the ;i)le is opened 5ith irre6erence/ 5ith a feeling of self-sufficienc&/ if the heart is filled 5ith pre=udice/ Satan is )eside &ou/ and he 5ill set the plain state!ents of -od2s 5ord in a per6erted light.--1esti!onies to (inisters/ pp. 1.*-1.+.

Chap. *! - 1he 7e5ard of $iligent ;i'le Stud%

1he search for truth 5ill re5ard the seeker at e6er& turn/ and each disco6er& 5ill open up richer fields for his in6estigation. (en are changed in accordance 5ith 5hat the& conte!plate. If co!!onplace thoughts and affairs take up the attention/ the !an 5ill

)e co!!onplace. If he is too negligent to o)tain an&thing )ut a superficial understanding of -od2s truth/ he 5ill not recei6e the rich )lessings that -od 5ould )e pleased to )esto5 upon hi!. It is a la5 of the !ind/ that it 5ill narro5 or e4pand to the di!ensions of the things 5ith 5hich it )eco!es fa!iliar. 1he !ental po5ers 5ill surel& )eco!e contracted/ and 5ill lose their a)ilit& to grasp the deep !eanings of the 5ord of -od/ unless the& are put 6igorousl& and persistentl& to the task of searching for truth. 1he !ind 5ill enlarge/ if it is e!plo&ed in tracing out the relation of the su)=ects of the ;i)le/ co!paring scripture 5ith scripture/ and spiritual things 5ith spiritual. -o )elo5 the surfaceA the richest treasures of thought are 5aiting for the skillful and diligent student.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <ul& 1*/ 1+++.

1he ;i)le a -uide :et the student take the ;i)le as his guide/ and stand fir! for principle/ and he !a& aspire to an& height of attain!ent.--(inistr& of ealing/ p. "'#.

Chap. *" - 1he ;i'le as an )ducator

As an educator/ the ol& Scriptures are 5ithout a ri6al. 1he ;i)le is the !ost ancient and the !ost co!prehensi6e histor& that !en possess. It ca!e fresh fro! the 0ountain of eternal truthA and throughout the ages a di6ine hand has preser6ed its purit&. It lights up the far-distant past/ 5here hu!an research seeks in 6ain to penetrate. In -od2s 5ord onl& do 5e )ehold the po5er that laid the foundations of the earth/ and that stretched out the hea6ens. ere onl& do 5e find an authentic account of the origin of nations. ere onl& is gi6en a histor& of our race unsullied )& hu!an pride or pre=udice. 1he 9oice of the Eternal In the 5ord of -od the !ind finds su)=ects for the deepest thought/ the loftiest aspirations. ere 5e !a& hold co!!union 5ith patriarchs and prophets/ and listen to the 6oice of the Eternal as e speaks 5ith !en. ere 5e )ehold the (a=est& of hea6en as e hu!)led i!self to )eco!e our su)stitute and suret&/ to cope singlehanded 5ith the po5ers of darkness/ and to gain the 6ictor& in our )ehalf. A re6erent conte!plation of such the!es as these cannot fail to soften/ purif&/ and enno)le the heart/ and at the sa!e ti!e to inspire the !ind 5ith ne5 strength and 6igor. 1hose 5ho regard it as )ra6e and !anl& to treat the clai!s of -od 5ith indifference and conte!pt/ are there)& )etra&ing their o5n foll& and ignorance. While the& )oast their freedo! and independence/ the& are reall& in )ondage to sin and Satan. 1rue Philosoph& of :ife A clear conception of 5hat -od is/ and 5hat e reBuires us to )e/ 5ill lead to 5holeso!e hu!ilit&. e 5ho studies aright the sacred Word 5ill learn that hu!an intellect is not o!nipotent. e 5ill learn that 5ithout the help 5hich none )ut -od can gi6e/ hu!an strength and 5isdo! are )ut 5eakness and ignorance.

e 5ho is follo5ing the di6ine guidance has found the onl& true source of sa6ing grace and real happiness/ and has gained the po5er of i!parting happiness to all around hi!. 3o !an can reall& en=o& life 5ithout religion. :o6e to -od purifies and enno)les e6er& taste and desire/ intensifies e6er& affection/ and )rightens e6er& 5orth& pleasure. It ena)les !en to appreciate and en=o& all that is true/ and good/ and )eautiful. ;ut that 5hich a)o6e all other considerations should lead us to pri?e the ;i)le/ is that in it is re6ealed to !en the 5ill of -od. ere 5e learn the o)=ect of our creation/ and the !eans )& 5hich that o)=ect !a& )e attained. We learn ho5 to i!pro6e 5isel& the present life/ and ho5 to secure the future life. 3o other )ook can satisf& the Buestionings of the !ind or the cra6ings of the heart. ;& o)taining a kno5ledge of -od2s 5ord and gi6ing heed thereto/ !en !a& rise fro! the lo5est depths of degradation to )eco!e the sons of -od/ the associates of sinless angels.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. #2-#".

Chap. *& - 7e6erence

It is &our pri6ilege/ dear &oung friends/ to glorif& -od upon the earth. In order to do this/ &ou !ust direct &our !inds a5a& fro! things that are superficial/ fri6olous/ and uni!portant/ to those that are of eternal 5orth. We are li6ing in an age 5hen all should especiall& gi6e heed to the in=unction of the Sa6iour/ Watch and pra&/ that &e enter not into te!ptation. $ne of &our strong te!ptations is to irre6erence. -od is high and hol&A and to the hu!)le/ )elie6ing soul/ is house on earth/ the place 5here is people !eet for 5orship/ is as the gate of hea6en. 1he song of praise/ the 5ords spoken )& Christ2s !inisters/ are -od2s appointed agencies to prepare a people for the church a)o6e/ for that loftier 5orship into 5hich there can enter nothing that is i!pure/ unhol& . . . . Conduct in the ouse of -od 7e6erence is greatl& needed in the &outh of this age. I a! alar!ed as I see children and &outh of religious parents so heedless of the order and propriet& that should )e o)ser6ed in the house of -od. While -od2s ser6ants are presenting the 5ords of life to the people/ so!e 5ill )e reading/ others 5hispering and laughing. 1heir e&es are sinning )& di6erting the attention of those around the!. 1his ha)it/ if allo5ed to re!ain unchecked/ 5ill gro5 and influence others. Children and &outh should ne6er feel that it is so!ething to )e proud of to )e indifferent and careless in !eetings 5here -od is 5orshiped. -od sees e6er& irre6erent thought or action/ and it is registered in the )ooks of hea6en. e sa&s/ I kno5 th& 5orks. 3othing is hid fro! is all-searching e&e. If &ou ha6e for!ed in an& degree the ha)it of inattention and indifference in the house of -od/ e4ercise the po5ers &ou ha6e to correct it/ and sho5 that &ou ha6e self-respect. Practice re6erence until it )eco!es a part of &ourself. %o not ha6e so little re6erence for the house and 5orship of -od as to co!!unicate 5ith one another during the ser!on. If those 5ho co!!it this fault could see the

angels of -od looking upon the! and !arking their doings/ the& 5ould )e filled 5ith sha!e and a)horrence of the!sel6es. -od 5ants attenti6e hearers. It 5as 5hile !en slept/ that the ene!& so5ed tares. 3othing that is sacred/ nothing that pertains to the 5orship of -od/ should )e treated 5ith carelessness and indifference. When the 5ord of life is spoken/ &ou should re!e!)er that &ou are listening to the 6oice of -od through is delegated ser6ant. %o not lose these 5ords through inattentionA if heeded/ the& !a& keep &our feet fro! stra&ing into 5rong paths. 1rifling 7egarding 7eligious 1hings I a! sorr& to see that !an& &outh 5ho profess religion do not ha6e an& kno5ledge of a change of heart. 1here is no transfor!ation of character. 1he& do not reali?e that it is a sole!n thing to profess to )e a Christian. 1heir life is entirel& inconsistent 5ith a religious fra!e of !ind. If the& 5ere of that nu!)er 5ho are indeed the sons and daughters of -od/ the& 5ould not )e filled 5ith nonsense and pleasantr& and triflingA neither 5ould the foolish re!arks and conduct of others a5aken the sa!e in the!. A !ind that is intent upon ha6ing the pri?e/ upon securing hea6en/ 5ill re=ect 5ith fir!/ deter!ined purpose e6er& atte!pt at 5it and =est concerning religious things. 1here is great danger in indifference upon this su)=ectA no foll& is so su)tle as thoughtlessness and le6it&. $n e6er& hand 5e see &outh of a fri6olous character. All &oung people of this class should )e a6oidedA for the& are dangerous. If the& profess to )e Christians/ the& are the !ore to )e dreaded. 1heir !inds ha6e )een cast in an inferior !oldA and it 5ill )e far easier for the! to )ring &ou do5n to their le6el than for &ou to )ring the! up to ele6ated and enno)ling thoughts and a correct course of action. :et &our co!panions )e those 5ho o)ser6e decoru! in 5ords and deport!ent. In order to do &our )est in sho5ing forth the praises of -od/ &our associations !ust )e such as to keep in &our !inds the sacred distinct fro! the co!!on. If &ou 5ould ha6e )road 6ie5s/ no)le thoughts and aspirations/ choose associations that 5ill strengthen right principles. :et e6er& thought and the purpose of e6er& action )end to the securing of the future life/ 5ith eternal happiness.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ $cto)er +/ 1+,'.

Chap. *( - A ,ell--rounded Hope

o5 are &ou to kno5 that &ou are accepted of -odD Stud& is 5ord pra&erfull&. :a& it not aside for an& other )ook. 1his )ook con6inces of sin. It plainl& re6eals the 5a& of sal6ation. It )rings to 6ie5 a )right and glorious re5ard. It re6eals to &ou a co!plete Sa6iour/ and teaches &ou that through is )oundless !erc& alone can &ou e4pect sal6ation. %o not neglect secret pra&er/ for it is the soul of religion. With earnest/ fer6ent pra&er/ plead for purit& of soul. Plead as earnestl&/ as eagerl&/ as &ou 5ould for &our !ortal life/ 5ere it at stake. 7e!ain )efore -od until unuttera)le longings are )egotten 5ithin &ou for sal6ation/ and the s5eet e6idence is o)tained of pardoned sin.

1he hope of eternal life is not to )e recei6ed upon slight grounds. It is a su)=ect to )e settled )et5een -od and &our o5n soul/--settled for eternit&. A supposed hope/ and nothing !ore/ 5ill pro6e &our ruin. Since &ou are to stand or fall )& the 5ord of -od/ it is to that 5ord &ou !ust look for testi!on& in &our case. 1here &ou can see 5hat is reBuired of &ou to )eco!e a Christian. %o not la& off &our ar!or/ or lea6e the )attlefield until &ou ha6e o)tained the 6ictor&/ and triu!ph in &our 7edee!er. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ pp. 1'3/ 1'". Young !en and &oung 5o!en/ read the literature that 5ill gi6e &ou true kno5ledge/ and that 5ill )e a help to the entire fa!il&. Sa& fir!l&C I 5ill not spend precious !o!ents in reading that 5hich 5ill )e of no profit to !e/ and 5hich onl& unfits !e to )e of ser6ice to others. I 5ill de6ote !& ti!e and !& thoughts to acBuiring a fitness for -od2s ser6ice. I 5ill close !& e&es to fri6olous and sinful things. (& ears are the :ord2s/ and I 5ill not listen to the su)tle reasoning of the ene!&. (& 6oice shall not in an& 5a& )e su)=ect to a 5ill that is not under the influence of the Spirit of -od. (& )od& is the te!ple of the ol& Spirit/ and e6er& po5er of !& )eing shall )e consecrated to 5orth& pursuits.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. */ p. '".

Chap. ** - Choice of 7eading

Education is )ut a preparation of the ph&sical/ intellectual/ and spiritual po5ers for the )est perfor!ance of all the duties of life. 1he po5ers of endurance/ and the strength and acti6it& of the )rain/ are lessened or increased )& the 5a& in 5hich the& are e!plo&ed. 1he !ind should )e so disciplined that all its po5ers 5ill )e s&!!etricall& de6eloped. (an& &outh are eager for )ooks. 1he& desire to read e6er&thing that the& can o)tain. :et the! take heed 5hat the& read as 5ell as 5hat the& hear. I ha6e )een instructed that the& are in the greatest danger of )eing corrupted )& i!proper reading. Satan has a thousand 5a&s of unsettling the !inds of &outh. 1he& cannot safel& )e off guard for a !o!ent. 1he& !ust set a 5atch upon their !inds/ that the& !a& not )e allured )& the ene!&2s te!ptations. Influence of 8n5holeso!e 7eading Satan kno5s that to a great degree the !ind is affected )& that upon 5hich it feeds. e is seeking to lead )oth the &outh and those of !ature age to read stor&-)ooks/ tales/ and other literature. 1he readers of such literature )eco!e unfitted for the duties l&ing )efore the!. 1he& li6e an unreal life/ and ha6e no desire to search the Scriptures/ to feed upon the hea6enl& !anna. 1he !ind that needs strengthening is enfee)led/ and loses its po5er to stud& the great truths that relate to the !ission and 5ork of Christ/--truths that 5ould fortif& the !ind/ a5aken the i!agination/ and kindle a strong/ earnest desire to o6erco!e as Christ o6erca!e. Ene!ies to Spiritualit& Could a large share of the )ooks pu)lished )e consu!ed/ a plague 5ould )e sta&ed that is doing a fearful 5ork upon !ind and heart. :o6e stories/ fri6olous and e4citing tales/ and e6en that class of )ooks called religious no6els/--)ooks in 5hich the author

attaches to his stor& a !oral lesson/ --are a curse to the readers. 7eligious senti!ents !a& )e 5o6en all through a stor&-)ook/ )ut/ in !ost cases/ Satan is )ut clothed in angel-ro)es/ the !ore effecti6el& to decei6e and allure. 3one are so confir!ed in right principles/ none so secure fro! te!ptation/ that the& are safe in reading these stories. 1he readers of fiction are indulging an e6il that destro&s spiritualit&/ eclipsing the )eaut& of the sacred page. It creates an unhealth& e4cite!ent/ fe6ers the i!agination/ unfits the !ind for usefulness/ 5eans the soul fro! pra&er/ and disBualifies it for an& spiritual e4ercise. -od has endo5ed !an& of our &outh 5ith superior capa)ilitiesA )ut too often the& ha6e ener6ated their po5ers/ confused and enfee)led their !inds/ so that for &ears the& ha6e !ade no gro5th in grace or in a kno5ledge of the reasons of our faith/ )ecause of their un5ise choice of reading. 1hose 5ho are looking for the :ord soon to co!e/ looking for that 5ondrous change/ 5hen this corrupti)le shall put on incorruption/ should in this pro)ationar& ti!e )e standing upon a higher plane of action. (& dear &oung friends/ Buestion &our o5n e4perience as to the influence of e4citing stories. Can &ou/ after such reading/ open the ;i)le and read 5ith interest the 5ords of lifeD %o &ou not find the ;ook of -od uninterestingD 1he char! of that lo6e stor& is upon the !ind/ destro&ing its health& tone/ and !aking it i!possi)le for &ou to fi4 the attention upon the i!portant/ sole!n truths that concern &our eternal 5elfare. 7esolutel& discard all trash& reading. It 5ill not strengthen &our spiritualit&/ )ut 5ill introduce into the !ind senti!ents that per6ert the i!agination/ causing &ou to think less of <esus and to d5ell less upon is precious lessons. @eep the !ind free fro! e6er&thing that 5ould lead it in a 5rong direction. %o not encu!)er it 5ith trash& stories/ 5hich i!part no strength to the !ental po5ers. 1he thoughts are of the sa!e character as the food pro6ided for the !ind. 1he ;ook of ;ooks 1he nature of one2s religious e4perience is re6ealed )& the character of the )ooks one chooses to read in one2s leisure !o!ents. In order to ha6e a health& tone of !ind and sound religious principles/ the &outh !ust li6e in co!!union 5ith -od through is 5ord. Pointing out the 5a& of sal6ation through Christ/ the ;i)le is our guide to a higher/ )etter life. It contains the !ost interesting and the !ost instructi6e histor& and )iograph& that 5ere e6er 5ritten. 1hose 5hose i!agination has not )eco!e per6erted )& the reading of fiction 5ill find the ;i)le the !ost interesting of )ooks. 1he ;i)le is the )ook of )ooks. If &ou lo6e the 5ord of -od/ searching it as &ou ha6e opportunit&/ that &ou !a& co!e into possession of its rich treasures/ and )e thoroughl& furnished unto all good 5orks/ then &ou !a& )e assured that <esus is dra5ing &ou to i!self. ;ut to read the Scriptures in a casual 5a&/ 5ithout seeking to co!prehend Christ2s lesson that &ou !a& co!pl& 5ith is reBuire!ents/ is not enough. 1here are treasures in the 5ord of -od that can )e disco6ered onl& )& sinking the shaft deep into the !ine of truth.

1he carnal !ind re=ects the truthA )ut the soul that is con6erted undergoes a !ar6elous change. 1he )ook that )efore 5as unattracti6e )ecause it re6ealed truths 5hich testified against the sinner/ no5 )eco!es the food of the soul/ the =o& and consolation of the life. 1he Sun of righteousness illu!inates the sacred pages/ and the ol& Spirit speaks through the! to the soul. . . . :et all 5ho ha6e culti6ated a lo6e for light reading/ no5 turn their attention to the sure 5ord of prophec&. 1ake &our ;i)les/ and )egin to stud& 5ith fresh interest the sacred records of the $ld and 3e5 1esta!ents. 1he oftener and !ore diligentl& &ou stud& the ;i)le/ the !ore )eautiful 5ill it appear/ and the less relish &ou 5ill ha6e for light reading. ;ind this precious 6olu!e to &our hearts. It 5ill )e to &ou a friend and guide.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ $cto)er ,/ 1,.2.

Chap. *+ - )4a ple of the )phesians

When the Ephesians 5ere con6erted/ the& changed their ha)its and practices. 8nder the con6iction of the Spirit of -od/ the& acted 5ith pro!ptness/ and laid )are all the !&steries of their 5itchcraft. 1he& ca!e and confessed/ and sho5ed their deeds/ and their souls 5ere filled 5ith hol& indignation )ecause the& had gi6en such de6otion to !agic/ and had so highl& pri?ed the )ooks in 5hich the rules of Satan2s de6ising had laid do5n the !ethods 5here)& the& !ight practice 5itchcraft. 1he& 5ere deter!ined to turn fro! the ser6ice of the e6il one/ and the& )rought their costl& 6olu!es and pu)licl& )urned the!. 1hus the& !ade !anifest their sincerit& in turning to -od. . . . 1he )ooks the Ephesians co!!itted to the fla!es on their con6ersion to the gospel/ the& for!erl& delighted in/ and per!itted the! to rule their consciences and guide their !inds. 1he& !ight ha6e sold the!/ )ut )& so doing the e6il 5ould )e perpetuated. 1he& after5ard a)horred the satanic !&steries/ the !agical arts/ and regarded 5ith a6ersion the kno5ledge the& had o)tained fro! the!. I 5ould ask the &oung 5ho ha6e )een connected 5ith the truth/ a6e &ou )urned &our !agical )ooksD 1he (agic ;ooks of 1oda& We do not charge &ou 5ith the e6il that had )ound the Ephesians/ or clai! that &ou ha6e practiced !agic/ and dealt in the arts of sorcer& in the sa!e 5a& as the& had. We do not sa& that &ou ha6e follo5ed the !&steries of necro!anc&/ or held co!!union 5ith e6il spirits. ;ut are &ou not in co!!union 5ith the author of all e6il/ 5ith the de6iser of all these !&steries and hellish artsD %o &ou not listen to the suggestions of hi! 5ho is the god of this 5orld/ the prince of the po5er of the airD a6e &ou not su)!itted to his falsehoods/ and &ielded &oursel6es as his agents to 5ork that 5hich 5as in har!on& 5ith &our life )efore con6ersionD a6e &ou not gi6en &oursel6es up to )e Satan2s agents and/ in a )roader sense/ are &ou not holding intercourse 5ith fallen angels/ and learning lessons fro! the! in the art of decei6ing &our o5n souls and the souls of othersD What a)out the !agical )ooksD What ha6e &ou )een readingD o5 ha6e &ou )een e!plo&ing &our ti!eD a6e &ou )een seeking to stud& the sacred oracles in order that &ou !a& hear the 6oice of -od speaking to &ou out of is 5ordD 1he 5orld is

deluged 5ith )ooks 5hich so5 the seeds of skepticis!/ infidelit&/ and atheis!/ and to a larger or less degree &ou ha6e )een learning &our lessons fro! these )ooks/ and the& are !agical )ooks. 1he& put -od out of the !ind/ and separate the soul fro! the true Shepherd. (ind 8nfitted for Sole!n 1hought 1he 6olu!es &ou ha6e read ha6e )een de6ised )& the agents of Satan to )e5itch the !ind 5ith theories for!ed in the s&nagogue of Satan/ to sho5 &ou ho5 &ou !a& ser6e the e6il one 5ith satanic dignit&. o5 nu!erous are the )ooks of infidel tendencies/ 5hich are calculated to unsettle the !ind through specious dou)ts> Satan has )reathed his poisonous )reath upon the!/ and a deadl&/ spiritual !alaria affects the soul that reads the!. What a !ass of fictitious reading is there in the 5orld/ to fill the !ind 5ith fancies and follies/ thus creating a disrelish for the 5ords of truth and righteousness> 1he !ind is thus unfitted for sole!n thought/ for patient/ perse6ering in6estigation of the Scriptures/ 5hich is the guide )ook )& 5hich &ou are to )e directed to the paradise of -od. (uch is 5ritten in regard to gaining earthl& treasure/ as though the 5ealth of this 5orld 5ould )u& us a passport into hea6en. What 6olu!es of histor& ha6e )een 5ritten/ filled 5ith the daring/ presu!ptuous achie6e!ents of !en 5hose li6es do not thro5 one gli!!er of light upon the path5a& that leads to the )etter countr&> (isleading ;ooks o5 !an& )ooks are there concerning 5ar and )loodshed/ 5hich !islead the &outh> As the& read/ Satan stands at their side to inspire the! 5ith the spirit of the 5arrior of 5ho! the& read/ and their )lood )eco!es heated in their 6eins/ and the& are stirred up to do cruel actions. o5 nu!erous are i!!oral )ooks/ 5hich lead to unhol& desires/ and fire the passions of the heart/ and lead a5a& fro! all that is pure and hol&> You ha6e had &our !agical )ooks/ in 5hich the 6er& scenes and pictures 5ere inspired )& hi! 5ho 5as once an e4alted angel in the courts of hea6en.... ;reaking the Spell of Satan2s Sorcer& I 5ould ask/ Shall the !agical )ooks )e )urned upD In the s&nagogue of Satan there are places of attraction 5here licentiousness is fostered and indulgedA )ut the 5itness is there/ and an unseen 6isitant testifies to the deeds done in darkness. In the associations of the 6ain/ the proud/ the !irthful/ Satan presides/ and is the chief !o6er in scenes of ga&et&. e is there in disguise. Witchcraft is going on around us on e6er& hand/ and the 5orld and the church are under the influence of one 5ho 5ill lead the! to do things the& ne6er drea!ed of doing. Should the& )e infor!ed of the deeds the& 5ill perfor!/ the& 5ould )e as !uch astonished as 5as a?el 5hen the prophet told hi! of his future course. . . . E6er& !an/ 5o!an/ and child that is not under the control of the Spirit of -od is under the influence of Satan2s sorcer&/ and )& his 5ords and e4a!ple he 5ill lead

others a5a& fro! the path of truth. When the transfor!ing grace of Christ is upon the heart/ a righteous indignation 5ill take possession of the soul )ecause the sinner has so long neglected the great sal6ation that -od has pro6ided for hi!. e 5ill then surrender hi!self/ )od&/ soul/ and spirit/ to -od and 5ill 5ithdra5 fro! co!panionship 5ith Satan/ through the grace gi6en hi! of -od. e 5ill/ like the Ephesians/ denounce sorcer&/ and 5ill cut the last thread that )inds hi! to Satan. e 5ill lea6e the )anner of the prince of darkness/ and 5ill co!e under the )loodstained )anner of Prince E!!anuel. e 5ill )urn the !agical )ooks.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ 3o6e!)er 1'/ 1+,3.

Chap. +. - Proper Mental 0ood

What shall our children readD is a serious Buestion/ and de!ands a serious ans5er. I a! trou)led to see/ in Christian fa!ilies/ periodicals and ne5spapers containing continued stories that lea6e no i!press of good upon the !ind. I ha6e 5atched those 5hose taste for fiction has )een thus culti6ated. 1he& ha6e had the pri6ilege of listening to the truths of -od2s 5ord/ of )eco!ing acBuainted 5ith the reasons of our faithA )ut the& ha6e gro5n to !ature &ears destitute of true piet&. 1hese dear &outh need so !uch to put into their character )uilding the 6er& )est !aterial/--the lo6e and fear of -od and a kno5ledge of Christ. ;ut !an& ha6e not an intelligent understanding of the truth as it is in <esus. 1he !ind is feasted upon sensational stories. 1he& li6e in an unreal 5orld/ and are unfitted for the practical duties of life. 7esults of 7eading 0iction I ha6e o)ser6ed children allo5ed to co!e up in this 5a&. Whether at ho!e or a)road/ the& are either restless or drea!&/ and are una)le to con6erse/ sa6e upon the !ost co!!onplace su)=ects. 1he no)ler faculties/ those adapted to higher pursuits/ ha6e )een degraded to the conte!plation of tri6ial or 5orse than tri6ial su)=ects/ until their possessor has )eco!e satisfied 5ith such topics/ and scarcel& has po5er to reach an&thing higher. 7eligious thought and con6ersation has )eco!e distasteful. 1he !ental food for 5hich he has acBuired a relish is conta!inating in its effects/ and leads to i!pure and sensual thoughts. I ha6e felt sincere pit& for these souls as I ha6e considered ho5 !uch the& are losing )& neglecting opportunities to gain a kno5ledge of Christ/ in 5ho! our hopes of eternal life are centered. o5 !uch precious ti!e is 5asted/ in 5hich the& !ight )e stud&ing the Pattern of true goodness. I a! personall& acBuainted 5ith so!e 5ho ha6e lost the health& tone of the !ind through 5rong ha)its of reading. 1he& go through life 5ith a diseased i!agination/ !agnif&ing e6er& little grie6ance. 1hings 5hich a sound/ sensi)le !ind 5ould not notice/ )eco!e to the! unendura)le trials/ insur!ounta)le o)stacles. 1o the!/ life is in constant shado5. 1hose 5ho ha6e indulged the ha)it of racing through e4citing stories/ are crippling their !ental strength/ and disBualif&ing the!sel6es for 6igorous thought and research.

1here are !en and 5o!en no5 in the decline of life 5ho ha6e ne6er reco6ered fro! the effects of inte!perate reading. 1he ha)it/ for!ed in earl& &ears/ has gro5n 5ith their gro5th and strengthened 5ith their strengthA and their efforts to o6erco!e it/ though deter!ined/ ha6e )een onl& partiall& successful. (an& ha6e ne6er reco6ered their original 6igor of !ind. All atte!pts to )eco!e practical Christians end 5ith the desire. 1he& cannot )e trul& Christlike/ and continue to feed the !ind upon this class of literature. 3or is the ph&sical effect less disastrous. 1he ner6ous s&ste! is unnecessaril& ta4ed )& this passion for reading. In so!e cases &outh/ and e6en those of !ature age/ ha6e )een afflicted 5ith paral&sis fro! no other cause than e4cess in reading. 1he !ind 5as kept under constant e4cite!ent until the delicate !achiner& of the )rain )eca!e so 5eakened that it could not act/ and paral&sis 5as the result. (ental Ine)riates When an appetite for e4citing/ sensational stories is culti6ated/ the !oral taste )eco!es per6erted/ and the !ind is unsatisfied unless constantl& fed upon this trash&/ un5holeso!e food. I ha6e seen &oung ladies/ professed follo5ers of Christ/ 5ho 5ere reall& unhapp& unless the& had on hand so!e ne5 no6el or stor&-paper. 1he !ind cra6ed sti!ulation as the drunkard cra6es into4icating drink. 1hese &outh !anifested no spirit of de6otionA no hea6enl& light 5as shed upon their associates to lead the! to the fount of kno5ledge. 1he& had no deep/ religious e4perience. If this class of reading had not )een constantl& )efore the!/ there !ight ha6e )een so!e hope of their refor!ingA )ut the& cra6ed it/ and 5ould ha6e it. I a! pained to see &oung !en and 5o!en thus ruining their usefulness in this life/ and failing to o)tain an e4perience that 5ill prepare the! for an eternal life in hea6enl& societ&. We can find no !ore fit na!e for the! than !ental ine)riates. Inte!perate ha)its of reading e4ert a pernicious influence upon the )rain as surel& as does inte!perance in eating and drinking. 1he 7e!ed& 1he )est 5a& to pre6ent the gro5th of e6il is to preoccup& the soil. 1he greatest care and 5atchfulness is needed in culti6ating the !ind and so5ing therein the precious seeds of ;i)le truth. 1he :ord/ in is great !erc&/ has re6ealed to us in the Scriptures the rules of hol& li6ing. . . . e has inspired hol& !en to record/ for our )enefit/ instruction concerning the dangers that )eset the path/ and ho5 to escape the!. 1hose 5ho o)e& is in=unction to search the Scriptures 5ill not )e ignorant of these things. A!id the perils of the last da&s/ e6er& !e!)er of the church should understand the reasons of his hope and faith/--reasons 5hich are not difficult of co!prehension. 1here is enough to occup& the !ind/ if 5e 5ould gro5 in grace and in the kno5ledge of our :ord <esus Christ.-Christian 1e!perance and ;i)le &giene/ pp. 123-12'. H1+,..I

0irst Steps in Sin A long preparator& process/ unkno5n to the 5orld/ goes on in the heart )efore the Christian co!!its open sin. 1he !ind does not co!e do5n at once fro! purit& and holiness to depra6it&/ corruption/ and cri!e. It takes ti!e to degrade those for!ed in the i!age of -od to the )rutal or the satanic. ;& )eholding/ 5e )eco!e changed. ;& the indulgence of i!pure thoughts/ !an can so educate his !ind that sin 5hich he once loathed 5ill )eco!e pleasant to i!.--Patriarchs and Prophets/ p. "#,.

Chap. +1 - 1he ;i'le the Most Interesting ;ook

;oth old and &oung neglect the ;i)le. 1he& do not !ake it their stud&/ the rule of their life. Especiall& are the &oung guilt& of this neglect. (ost of the! find ti!e to read other )ooks/ )ut the )ook that points out the 5a& to eternal life is not dail& studied. Idle stories are attenti6el& read/ 5hile the ;i)le is neglected. 1his )ook is our guide to a higher/ holier life. 1he &outh 5ould pronounce it the !ost interesting )ook the& e6er read had not their i!agination )een per6erted )& the reading of fictitious stories. Youthful !inds fail to reach their no)lest de6elop!ent 5hen the& neglect the highest source of 5isdo!/ --the 5ord of -od. 1hat 5e are in -od2s 5orld/ in the presence of the CreatorA that 5e are !ade in is likenessA that e 5atches o6er us and lo6es us and cares for us/--these are 5onderful the!es for thought/ and lead the !ind into )road/ e4alted fields of !editation. e 5ho opens !ind and heart to the conte!plation of such the!es as these 5ill ne6er )e satisfied 5ith tri6ial/ sensational su)=ects. 1he i!portance of seeking a through kno5ledge of the Scriptures can hardl& )e esti!ated. -i6en )& inspiration of -od/ a)le to !ake us 5ise unto sal6ation/ rendering the !an of -od perfect/ throughl& furnished unto all good 5orks H2 1i!. 3C1#-1*I/ the ;i)le has the highest clai! to our re6erent attention. We should not )e satisfied 5ith a superficial kno5ledge/ )ut should seek to learn the full !eaning of the 5ords of truth/ to drink deep of the spirit of the ol& $racles.-- Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 13+/ 13,.

1he Portra&al of Sin ;ooks on sensational topics/ pu)lished and circulated as a !one&-!aking sche!e/ !ight )etter ne6er )e read )& the &outh. 1here is a satanic fascination in such )ooks. 1he heart-sickening recital of cri!es and atrocities has a )e5itching po5er upon !an&/ e4citing the! to see 5hat the& can do to )ring the!sel6es into notice/ e6en )& the 5ickedest deeds. 1he enor!ities/ the cruelties/ the licentious practices/ portra&ed in so!e of the strictl& historical 5ritings ha6e acted as lea6en on !an& !inds/ leading to the co!!ission of si!ilar acts. ;ooks that delineate the satanic practices of hu!an )eings are gi6ing pu)licit& to e6il. 1hese horri)le particulars need not )e li6ed o6er/ and no one 5ho )elie6es the truth for this ti!e should act a part in perpetuating the !e!or& of the!. When the intellect

is fed and sti!ulated )& this depra6ed food/ the thoughts )eco!e i!pure and sensual.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 133/ 13".

Chap. +2 - -uard ,ell the A6enues of the Soul

@eep th& heart 5ith all diligence/ is the counsel of the 5ise !anA for out of it are the issues of life. As !an thinketh in his heart/ so is he. 1he heart !ust )e rene5ed )& di6ine grace/ or it 5ill )e in 6ain to seek for purit& of life. e 5ho atte!pts to )uild up a no)le/ 6irtuous character independent of the grace of Christ/ is )uilding his house upon the shifting sand. In the fierce stor!s of te!ptation it 5ill surel& )e o6erthro5n. %a6id2s pra&er should )e the petition of e6er& soulC Create in !e a clean heart/ $ -odA and rene5 a right spirit 5ithin !e. And ha6ing )eco!e partakers of the hea6enl& gift/ 5e are to go on unto perfection/ )eing kept )& the po5er of -od/ through faith. Yet 5e ha6e a 5ork to do to resist te!ptation. 1hose 5ho 5ould not fall a pre& to Satan2s de6ices !ust guard 5ell the a6enues of the soulA the& !ust a6oid reading/ seeing/ or hearing that 5hich 5ill suggest i!pure thoughts. 1he !ind should not )e left to 5ander at rando! upon e6er& su)=ect that the ad6ersar& of souls !a& suggest. -ird up the loins of &our !ind/ sa&s the apostle Peter/ )e so)er/ . . . not fashioning &oursel6es according to the for!er lusts in &our ignoranceC )ut as e 5hich hath called &ou is hol&/ so )e &e hol& in all !anner of li6ing. Sa&s Paul/ Whatsoe6er things are true/ 5hatsoe6er things are honest/ 5hatsoe6er things are =ust/ 5hatsoe6er things are pure/ 5hatsoe6er things are lo6el&/ 5hatsoe6er things are of good reportA if there )e an& 6irtue/ and if there )e an& praise/ think on these things. 1his 5ill reBuire earnest pra&er and unceasing 5atchfulness. We !ust )e aided )& the a)iding influence of the ol& Spirit/ 5hich 5ill attract the !ind up5ard/ and ha)ituate it to d5ell on pure and hol& things. And 5e !ust gi6e diligent stud& to the 5ord of -od. Where5ithal shall a &oung !an cleanse his 5a&D ;& taking heed thereto according to 1h& 5ord. 1h& 5ord/ sa&s the Psal!ist/ ha6e I hid in !ine heart/ that I !ight not sin against 1hee.--Patriarchs and Prophets/ p. "'..

1he Chaff and the Wheat %ear &outh/ cease to read the !aga?ines containing stories. Put a5a& e6er& no6el. . . . We 5ould do 5ell to clear our houses of all the stor& !aga?ines and the pu)lications containing ridiculous pictures --representations originated )& satanic agencies. 1he &outh cannot afford to poison their !inds 5ith such things. What is the chaff to the 5heatD :et e6er& one 5ho clai!s to )e a follo5er of Christ read onl& that 5hich is true and of eternal 6alue. We !ust prepare oursel6es for !ost sole!n duties. A 5orld is to )e sa6ed. . . . In 6ie5 of the great 5ork to )e done/ ho5 can an& one afford to 5aste precious ti!e and -od-gi6en !eans in doing those things that are not for his )est good or for the glor& of -odD--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 1"/ 1,.'.

Chap. +3 - ;uilding Christian Character

1here are )ooks that are of 6ital i!portance that are not looked at )& our &oung people. 1he& are neglected )ecause the& are not so interesting to the! as so!e lighter reading. We should ad6ise the &oung to take hold of such reading !atter as reco!!ends itself for the upholding of Christian character. 1he !ost essential points of our faith should )e sta!ped upon the !e!or& of the &oung. 1he& ha6e had a gli!pse of these truths/ )ut not such an acBuaintance as 5ould lead the! to look upon their stud& 5ith fa6or. $ur &outh should read that 5hich 5ill ha6e a healthful/ sanctif&ing effect upon the !ind. 1his the& need in order to )e a)le to discern 5hat is true religion. 1here is !uch good reading that is not sanctif&ing. 3o5 is our ti!e and opportunit& to la)or for the &oung people. 1ell the! that 5e are no5 in a perilous crisis/ and 5e 5ant to kno5 ho5 to discern true godliness. $ur &oung people need to )e helped/ uplifted/ and encouraged/ )ut in the right !annerA not/ perhaps/ as the& 5ould desire it/ )ut in a 5a& that 5ill help the! to ha6e sanctified !inds. 1he& need good/ sanctif&ing religion !ore than an&thing else. I do not e4pect to li6e long. (& 5ork is nearl& done. 1ell our &oung people that I 5ant !& 5ords to encourage the! in that !anner of life that 5ill )e !ost attracti6e to the hea6enl& intelligences/ and that their influence upon others !a& )e !ost enno)ling. Selected Course of 7eading 7eco!!ended In the night season I 5as selecting and la&ing aside )ooks that are of no ad6antage to the &oung. We should select for the! )ooks that 5ill encourage the! to sincerit& of life/ and lead the! to the opening of the 5ord. 1his has )een presented to !e in the past/ and I thought I 5ould get it )efore &ou and !ake it secure. We cannot afford to gi6e to &oung people 6alueless reading. ;ooks that are a )lessing to !ind and soul are needed. 1hese things are too lightl& regardedA therefore our people should )eco!e acBuainted 5ith 5hat I a! sa&ing. I do not think I shall ha6e !ore 1esti!onies for our people. $ur !en of solid !inds kno5 5hat is good for the uplifting and up)uilding of the 5ork. ;ut 5ith the lo6e of -od in their hearts/ the& need to go deeper and deeper into the stud& of the things of -od. I a! 6er& an4ious that our &oung people shall ha6e the proper class of readingA then the old people 5ill get it also. We !ust keep our e&es on the religious attraction of the truth. We are to keep !ind and )rain open to the truths of -od2s 5ord. Satan co!es 5hen !en are una5are. We are not to )e satisfied )ecause the !essage of 5arning has )een once presented. We !ust present it again and again. We could )egin a course of reading so intensel& interesting that it 5ould attract and influence !an& !inds. If I a! spared for further la)or/ I should gladl& help to prepare )ooks for the &oung. 1here is a 5ork to )e done for the &oung )& 5hich their !inds 5ill )e i!pressed and !olded )& the sanctif&ing truth of -od. It is !& sincere 5ish for our &oung people that the& find the true !eaning of =ustification )& faith/ and the perfection of character

that 5ill prepare the! for eternal life. I do not e4pect to li6e long/ and I lea6e this !essage for the &oung/ that the ai! 5hich the& !ake shall not !iscarr&. I e4hort !& )rethren to encourage the &oung e6er to keep the preciousness and grace of -od highl& e4alted. Work and pra& constantl& for a sense of the preciousness of true religion. ;ring in the )lessedness and the attracti6eness of holiness and the grace of -od. I ha6e felt a )urden regarding this )ecause I kno5 it is neglected. I ha6e no assurance that !& life 5ill last long/ )ut I feel that I a! accepted of the :ord. e kno5s ho5 !uch I ha6e suffered as I ha6e 5itnessed the lo5 standards of li6ing adopted )& so-called Christians. I ha6e felt that it 5as i!perati6e that the truth should )e seen in !& life/ and that !& testi!on& should go to the people. I 5ant that &ou should do all &ou can to ha6e !& 5ritings placed in the hands of the people in foreign lands. 1ell the &oung that the& ha6e had !an& spiritual ad6antages. -od 5ants the! to !ake earnest efforts to get the truth )efore the people. I a! i!pressed that it is !& special dut& to sa& these things.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. #"*-#",.

Chap. +! - 1he )ffect of 0iction

(an& of the &outh sa&/ I ha6e no ti!e to stud& !& lesson. ;ut 5hat are the& doingD So!e are cro5ding in e6er& !o!ent to earn a fe5 cents !ore/ 5hen this ti!e pressed into 5ork/ if gi6en to the stud& of the ;i)le 5ould/ if the& practiced its lessons/ sa6e the! !ore than the a!ount gained )& o6er5ork. It 5ould sa6e !uch that is e4pended in needless orna!ents/ and preser6e 6igor of !ind to understand the !&ster& of godliness. 1he fear of the :ord is the )eginning of 5isdo!. ;ut these 6er& &outh 5ho profess to )e Christians gratif& the desires of the carnal heart in follo5ing their o5n inclinationsA and -od-gi6en/ pro)ationar& ti!e/ granted the! to )eco!e acBuainted 5ith the precious truths of the ;i)le/ is de6oted to the reading of fictitious tales. 1his ha)it once for!ed is difficult to o6erco!eA )ut it can )e done/ it !ust )e done )& all 5ho are candidates for the hea6enl& 5orld. 1hat !ind is ruined 5hich is allo5ed to )e a)sor)ed in stor&-reading. 1he i!agination )eco!es diseased/ senti!entalis! takes possession of the !ind/ and there is a 6ague unrest/ a strange appetite for un5holeso!e !ental food/ 5hich is constantl& un)alancing the !ind. 1housands are toda& in the insane as&lu! 5hose !inds )eca!e un)alanced )& no6el reading/ 5hich results in air-castle )uilding and lo6e-sick senti!entalis!. --1he Signs of the 1i!es/ 0e)ruar& 1./ 1++1.

Chap. +" - 1he ;enefits of Music

1he !elod& of praise is the at!osphere of hea6enA and 5hen hea6en co!es in touch 5ith the earth there is !usic and song/--thanksgi6ing/ and the 6oice of !elod&. A)o6e the ne5-created earth/ as it la&/ fair and un)le!ished/ under the s!ile of -od/ the !orning stars sang together/ and all the sons of -od shouted for =o&. So hu!an

hearts/ in s&!path& 5ith hea6en/ ha6e responded to -od2s goodness in notes of praise. (an& of the e6ents of hu!an histor& ha6e )een linked 5ith song. . . . (usic a Precious -ift 1he histor& of the songs of the ;i)le is full of suggestion as to the uses and )enefits of !usic and song. (usic is often per6erted to ser6e purposes of e6il/ and it thus )eco!es one of the !ost alluring agencies of te!ptation. ;ut/ rightl& e!plo&ed/ it is a precious gift of -od/ designed to uplift the thoughts to high and no)le the!es/ to inspire and ele6ate the soul. As the children of Israel/ =ourne&ing through the 5ilderness/ cheered their 5a& )& the !usic of sacred song/ so -od )ids is children toda& gladden their pilgri! life. 1here are fe5 !eans !ore effecti6e for fi4ing is 5ords in the !e!or& than repeating the! in song. And such song has 5onderful po5er. It has po5er to su)due rude and unculti6ated naturesA po5er to Buicken thought and to a5aken s&!path&/ to pro!ote har!on& of action/ and to )anish the gloo! and fore)oding that destro& courage and 5eaken effort. It is one of the !ost effecti6e !eans of i!pressing the heart 5ith spiritual truth. o5 often to the soul hard-pressed and read& to despair/ !e!or& recalls so!e 5ord of -od2s/--the long-forgotten )urden of a childhood song/--and te!ptations lose their po5er/ life takes on ne5 !eaning and ne5 purpose/ and courage and gladness are i!parted to other souls> 1he 6alue of song as a !eans of education should ne6er )e lost sight of. :et there )e singing in the ho!e/ of songs that are s5eet and pure/ and there 5ill )e fe5er 5ords of censure/ and !ore of cheerfulness and hope and =o&. :et there )e singing in the school/ and the pupils 5ill )e dra5n closer to -od/ to their teachers/ and to one another. As a part of religious ser6ice/ singing is as !uch an act of 5orship as is pra&er. Indeed/ !an& a song is pra&er. If the child is taught to reali?e this/ he 5ill think !ore of the !eaning of the 5ords he sings/ and 5ill )e !ore suscepti)le to their po5er. As our 7edee!er leads us to the threshold of the Infinite/ flushed 5ith the glor& of -od/ 5e !a& catch the the!es of praise and thanksgi6ing fro! the hea6enl& choir round a)out the throneA and as the echo of the angels2 song is a5akened in our earthl& ho!es/ hearts 5ill )e dra5n closer to the hea6enl& singers. ea6en2s co!!union )egins on earth. We learn here the ke&note of its praise.-- Education/ pp. 1'1-1'+.

Chap. +& - 8ses of Music

(usic 5as !ade to ser6e a hol& purpose/ to lift the thoughts to that 5hich is pure/ no)le/ and ele6ating/ and to a5aken in the soul de6otion and gratitude to -od. What a contrast )et5een the ancient custo! and the uses to 5hich !usic is no5 too often de6oted> o5 !an& e!plo& this gift to e4alt self/ instead of using it to glorif& -od> A lo6e for !usic leads the un5ar& to unite 5ith 5orldlo6ers in pleasure gatherings 5here -od has for)idden is children to go. 1hus that 5hich is a great )lessing/ 5hen

rightl& used/ )eco!es one of the !ost successful agencies )& 5hich Satan allures the !ind fro! dut& and fro! the conte!plation of eternal things. (usic for!s a part of -od2s 5orship in the courts a)o6e/ and 5e should endea6or/ in our songs of praise/ to approach as nearl& as possi)le to the har!on& of the hea6enl& choirs. 1he proper training of the 6oice is an i!portant feature in education/ and should not )e neglected.--Patriarchs and Prophets/ p. #,".

A 1alent of Influence 1here are those 5ho ha6e a special gift of song/ and there are ti!es 5hen a special !essage is )orne )& one singing alone or )& se6eral uniting in song. ;ut the singing is seldo! to )e done )& a fe5. 1he a)ilit& to sing is a talent of influence/ 5hich -od desires all to culti6ate and use to is na!e2s glor&.-- 1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. */ pp. 11#/ 11'. In 1une 5ith ea6enl& (usicians When hu!an )eings sing 5ith the spirit and the understanding/ hea6enl& !usicians take up the strain and =oin in the song of thanksgi6ing. e 5ho has )esto5ed upon us all the gifts that ena)le us to )e 5orkers together 5ith -od/ e4pects is ser6ants to culti6ate their 6oices/ so that the& can speak and sing in a 5a& that all can understand. It is not loud singing that is needed/ )ut clear intonation/ correct pronunciation/ and distinct utterance. :et all take ti!e to culti6ate the 6oice/ so that -od2s praise can )e sung in clear/ soft tones/ not 5ith harshness and shrillness that offend the ear. 1he a)ilit& to sing is the gift of -odA let it )e used to is glor&. In the !eetings held/ let a nu!)er )e chosen to take part in the song ser6ice. And let the singing )e acco!panied 5ith !usical instru!ents skilfull& handled. We are not to oppose the use of instru!ental !usic in our 5ork. 1his part of the ser6ice is to )e carefull& conductedA for it is the praise of -od in song. 1he singing is not al5a&s to )e done )& a fe5. As often as possi)le/ let the entire congregation =oin.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. ,/ pp. 1"3/ 1"".

-od -lorified )& Songs -od is glorified )& songs of praise fro! a pure heart filled 5ith lo6e and de6otion to i!.-- 1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol 1/ p. #.,.

Chap. +( - A ,rong 8se of Music

Angels are ho6ering around &onder d5elling. 1he &oung are there asse!)ledA there is the sound of 6ocal and instru!ental !usic. Christians are gathered there/ )ut 5hat is that &ou hearD It is a song/ a fri6olous ditt&/ fit for the dance hall. ;ehold/ the pure angels gather their light closer around the!/ and darkness en6elops those in that d5elling. 1he angels are !o6ing fro! the scene. Sadness is upon their countenances.

;ehold/ the& are 5eeping. 1his I sa5 repeated a nu!)er of ti!es all through the ranks of Sa))ath keepers/ and especiall& in JJJJJ. (usic has occupied the hours 5hich should ha6e )een de6oted to pra&er. (usic is the idol 5hich !an& professed Sa))athkeeping Christians 5orship. Satan has no o)=ection to !usic/ if he can !ake that a channel through 5hich to gain access to the !inds of the &outh. An&thing 5ill suit his purpose that 5ill di6ert the !ind fro! -od/ and engage the ti!e 5hich should )e de6oted to is ser6ice. e 5orks through the !eans 5hich 5ill e4ert the strongest influence to hold the largest nu!)ers in a pleasing infatuation/ 5hile the& are paral&?ed )& his po5er. When turned to good account/ !usic is a )lessing/ )ut it is often !ade one of Satan2s !ost attracti6e agencies to ensnare souls. When a)used/ it leads the unconsecrated to pride/ 6anit&/ and foll&. When allo5ed to take the place of de6otion and pra&er/ it is a terri)le curse. Young persons asse!)le to sing and/ although professed Christians/ freBuentl& dishonor -od and their faith )& their fri6olous con6ersation and their choice of !usic. Sacred !usic is not congenial to their taste. I 5as directed to the plain teachings of -od2s 5ord/ 5hich had )een passed )& unnoticed. In the =udg!ent all these 5ords of inspiration 5ill conde!n those 5ho ha6e not heeded the!.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ p. #.'.

(usic a Po5er for -ood (usic can )e !ade a great po5er for goodA &et 5e do not !ake the !ost of this )ranch of 5orship. 1he singing is generall& done fro! i!pulse or to !eet special cases/ and at other ti!es those 5ho sing are left to )lunder along/ and the !usic loses its proper effect upon the !inds of those present. (usic should ha6e )eaut&/ pathos/ and po5er. :et the 6oices )e lifted in songs of praise and de6otion. Call to &our aid/ if practica)le/ instru!ental !usic/ and let the glorious har!on& ascend to -od/ an accepta)le offering.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. "/ p. *1. o5e6er s!all &our talent/ -od has a place for it. 1hat one talent/ 5isel& used/ 5ill acco!plish its appointed 5ork. ;& faithfulness in little duties/ 5e are to 5ork on the plan of addition/ and -od 5ill 5ork for us on the plan of !ultiplication. 1hese littles 5ill )eco!e the !ost precious influences in is 5ork.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. 3'..

Chap. +* - :essons in )cono %

(uch !ight )e said to the &oung people regarding their pri6ilege to help the cause of -od )& learning lessons of econo!& and self-denial. (an& think that the& !ust indulge in this pleasure and that/ and in order to do this the& accusto! the!sel6es to li6e up to the full e4tent of their inco!e. -od 5ants us to do )etter in this respect. We sin against oursel6es 5hen 5e are satisfied 5ith enough to eat and drink and 5ear. -od has so!ething higher than this )efore us. When 5e are 5illing to put a5a& our selfish desires/ and gi6e the po5ers of heart and !ind to the 5ork of the cause of -od/ hea6enl& agencies 5ill co-operate 5ith us/ !aking us a )lessing to hu!anit&. Sa6ing for (issions

E6en though he !a& )e poor/ the &outh 5ho is industrious and econo!ical can sa6e a little for the cause of -od. When I 5as onl& t5el6e &ears old/ I kne5 5hat it 5as to econo!i?e. With !& sister I learned a trade/ and although 5e 5ould earn onl& t5ent&fi6e cents a da&/ fro! this su! 5e 5ere a)le to sa6e a little to gi6e to !issions. We sa6ed little )& little until 5e had thirt& dollars. 1hen 5hen the !essage of the :ord2s soon co!ing ca!e to us/ 5ith a call for !en and !eans/ 5e felt it a pri6ilege to hand o6er the thirt& dollars to father/ asking hi! to in6est it in tracts and pa!phlets to send the !essage to those 5ho 5ere in darkness. It is the dut& of all 5ho touch the 5ork of -od to learn econo!& in the use of ti!e and !one&. 1hose 5ho indulge in idleness re6eal that the& attach little i!portance to the glorious truths co!!itted to us. 1he& need to )e educated in ha)its of industr&/ and to learn to 5ork 5ith an e&e single to the glor& of -od. Self-%enial 1hose 5ho ha6e not good =udg!ent in the use of ti!e and !one&/ should ad6ise 5ith those 5ho ha6e had e4perience. With the !one& that 5e had earned at our trade/ !& sister and I pro6ided oursel6es 5ith clothes. We 5ould hand our !one& to !other/ sa&ing/ ;u&/ so that after 5e ha6e paid for our clothing/ there 5ill )e so!ething left to gi6e for !issionar& 5ork. And she 5ould do this/ thus encouraging in us a !issionar& spirit. 1he gi6ing that is the fruit of self-denial is a 5onderful help to the gi6er. It i!parts an education that ena)les us !ore full& to co!prehend the 5ork of i! 5ho 5ent a)out doing good/ relie6ing the suffering/ and suppl&ing the needs of the destitute. 1he Sa6iour li6ed not to please i!self. In is life there 5as not trace of selfishness. 1hough in a 5orld that e hi!self had created/ e clai!ed no part of it as is ho!e. 0o4es ha6e holes/ and the )irds of the air ha6e nests/ e saidA )ut the Son of !an hath not 5here to la& is head. Proper 8se of 1alents If 5e !ake the )est use of our talents/ the Spirit of -od 5ill continuall& lead us to greater efficienc&. 1o the !an 5ho had faithfull& traded 5ith his talents the :ord said/ Well done/ good and faithful ser6antA thou hast )een faithful o6er a fe5 things/ I 5ill !ake thee ruler o6er !an& thingsC enter thou into the =o& of th& :ord. 1he onetalented !an 5as also e4pected to do his )est. ad he traded 5ith his lord2s goods/ the :ord 5ould ha6e !ultiplied the talent. 1o e6er& !an -od has gi6en his 5ork/ according to his se6eral a)ilit&. -od has the !easure of our a)ilit&/ and kno5s =ust 5hat to la& upon us. $f the one 5ho is found faithful/ the co!!and is gi6en/ Intrust hi! 5ith greater responsi)ilit&. If he pro6es faithful to that trust/ the 5ord is gi6en again/ 1rust hi! 5ith still !ore. 1hus through the grace of Christ he gro5s to the full !easure of a !an in Christ <esus. a6e &ou onl& one talentD Put it out to the e4changers/ )& 5ise in6est!ent increasing it to t5o. %o 5ith &our !ight 5hat &our hands find to do. 8se &our talent so 5isel& that it 5ill fulfil its appointed !ission. It 5ill )e 5orth e6er&thing to &ou to hear the

5ords spoken to &ou at last. Well done. ;ut onl& to those 5ho ha6e done 5ell 5ill the Well done )e spoken. 3o 1i!e to :ose Young !en and 5o!en/ &ou ha6e no ti!e to lose. Seek earnestl& to )ring solid ti!)ers into &our character )uilding. We )eseech &ou for Christ2s sake to )e faithful. Seek to redee! the ti!e. Consecrate &oursel6es e6er& da& to the ser6ice of -od/ and &ou 5ill find that &ou do not need !an& holida&s to spend in idleness/ nor !uch !one& to spend in self-gratification. ea6en is 5atching for those 5ho are seeking to i!pro6e and to )eco!e !olded to the likeness of Christ. When the hu!an agent su)!its to Christ/ the ol& Spirit 5ill acco!plish a great 5ork for hi!. E6er& true/ self-sacrificing 5orker for -od is 5illing to spend and )e spent for the sake of others. Christ sa&s/ e that lo6eth his life shall lose itA and he that hateth his life in this 5orld shall keep it unto life eternal. ;& earnest/ thoughtful efforts to help 5here help is needed/ the true Christian sho5s his lo6e for -od and for his fello5 )eings. e !a& lose his life in ser6iceA )ut 5hen Christ co!es to gather is =e5els to i!self/ he 5ill find it again.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ Septe!)er 1./ 1,.*.

1he 7e5ard of Sacrifice 1he !eans used to )less others 5ill )ring returns. 7iches rightl& e!plo&ed 5ill acco!plish great good. Souls 5ill )e 5on to Christ. e 5ho follo5s Christ2s plan of life 5ill see in the courts of -od those for 5ho! he has la)ored and sacrificed on earth. -ratefull& 5ill the ranso!ed ones re!e!)er those 5ho ha6e )een instru!ental in their sal6ation. Precious 5ill hea6en )e to those 5ho ha6e )een faithful in the 5ork of sa6ing souls.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons. p. 3*3.

Chap. ++ - Spirit of Sacrifice

1he spirit of co6etousness/ of seeking for the highest position and the highest 5age/ is rife in the 5orld. 1he old-ti!e spirit of self-denial and self-sacrifice is too seldo! !et 5ith. ;ut this is the onl& spirit that can actuate a true follo5er of <esus. $ur di6ine (aster has gi6en us an e4a!ple of ho5 5e are to 5ork. And to those 5ho! e )ade/ 0ollo5 (e/ and I 5ill !ake &ou fishers of !en/ e offered no stated su! as a re5ard for their ser6ices. 1he& 5ere to share 5ith i! is self-denial and sacrifice. 1hose 5ho clai! to )e follo5ers of the (aster Worker/ and 5ho engage in is ser6ice as co-la)orers 5ith -od/ are to )ring into their 5ork the e4actitude and skill/ the tact and 5isdo!/ that the -od of perfection reBuired in the )uilding of the earthl& ta)ernacle. And no5/ as in that ti!e and as in the da&s of Christ2s earthl& !inistr&/ de6otion to -od and a spirit of sacrifice should )e regarded as the first reBuisites of accepta)le ser6ice. -od designs that not one thread of selfishness shall )e 5o6en into is 5ork.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <anuar& "/ 1,.'.

Signs of -race in the eart

u!ilit&/ self-denial/ )ene6olence/ and the pa&!ent of a faithful tithe/ these sho5 that the grace of -od is 5orking in the heart.--Counsels on ealth/ p. #,..

Chap. 1.. - 1he 1ithe

1he great 5ork 5hich <esus announced that e ca!e to do 5as intrusted to is follo5ers upon the earth. Christ/ as our head/ leads out in the great 5ork of sal6ation/ and )ids us follo5 is e4a!ple. e has gi6en us a 5orld-5ide !essage. 1his truth !ust )e e4tended to all nations/ tongues/ and people. Satan2s po5er 5as to )e contested/ and he 5as to )e o6erco!e )& Christ and also )& is follo5ers. An e4tensi6e 5ar 5as to )e !aintained against the po5ers of darkness. And in order to do this 5ork successfull&/ !eans 5ere reBuired. -od does not propose to send !eans direct fro! hea6en/ )ut e gi6es into the hands of is follo5ers talents of !eans to use for the 6er& purpose of sustaining this 5arfare. e has gi6en is people a plan for raising su!s sufficient to !ake the enterprise selfsustaining. -od2s plan in the tithing s&ste! is )eautiful in its si!plicit& and eBualit&. All !a& take hold of it in faith and courage/ for it is di6ine in its origin. In it are co!)ined si!plicit& and utilit&/ and it does not reBuire depth of learning to understand and e4ecute it. All !a& feel that the& can act a part in carr&ing for5ard the precious 5ork of sal6ation. E6er& !an/ 5o!an and &outh !a& )eco!e a treasurer for the :ord/ and !a& )e an agent to !eet the de!ands upon the treasur&. Sa&s the apostle/ :et e6er& one of &ou la& )& hi! in store/ as -od hath prospered hi!. -reat o)=ects are acco!plished )& this s&ste!. If one and all 5ould accept it/ each 5ould )e !ade a 6igilant and faithful treasurer for -odA and there 5ould )e no 5ant of !eans 5ith 5hich to carr& for5ard the great 5ork of sounding the last !essage of 5arning to the 5orld. 1he treasur& 5ill )e full if all adopt this s&ste!/ and the contri)utors 5ill not )e left the poorer. 1hrough e6er& in6est!ent !ade/ the& 5ill )eco!e !ore 5edded to the cause of present truth. 1he& 5ill )e la&ing up in store for the!sel6es a good foundation against the ti!e to co!e/ that the& !a& la& hold on eternal life. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ pp. 3++/ 3+,.

7ecognition of -od2s $5nership 1he consecration to -od of a tithe of all increase/ 5hether of the orchard and har6estfield/ the flocks and herds/ or the la)or of )rain or handA the de6otion of a second tithe for the relief of the poor and other )ene6olent uses/ tended to keep fresh )efore the people the truth of -od2s o5nership of all/ and of their opportunit& to )e channels of is )lessings. It 5as a training adapted to kill out all narro5ing selfishness/ and to culti6ate )readth and no)ilit& of character.--Education. p. "".

;elongs to -od 1he tithe . . . is the :ord2s. ere the sa!e for! of e4pression is e!plo&ed as in the la5 of the Sa))ath. 1he se6enth da& is the Sa))ath of the :ord th& -od. -od reser6ed to i!self a specified portion of !an2s ti!e and of his !eans/ and no !an could/

5ithout guilt/ appropriate either for his o5n interests.--Patriarchs and Prophets. pp. #2#/ #2'.

Chap. 1.1 - Honor the :ord ,ith 1h% Su'stance

o5 !uch o5est thou unto !& :ordD Shall 5e recei6e e6er& )lessing fro! the hand of -od/ and &et !ake no returns to i!/--not e6en in gi6ing i! our tithe/ the portion 5hich e has reser6ed unto i!selfD It has )eco!e custo!ar& to turn e6er&thing out of the true line of self-sacrifice into the path of self-pleasing. ;ut shall 5e continuall& recei6e is fa6ors 5ith indifference/ and !ake no response to is lo6eD Will &ou not/ dear &outh/ )eco!e !issionaries for -odD Will &ou/ as &ou ha6e ne6er done )efore/ learn the precious lesson of !aking gifts to the :ord )& putting into the treasur& of that 5hich e has freel& gi6en &ou to en=o&D Whate6er &ou ha6e recei6ed/ let a portion )e returned to the -i6er as a gratitude offering. A part should also )e put into the treasur& for the !issionar& 5ork to )e done )oth at ho!e and a)road. 1reasures in ea6en 1he cause of -od should lie 6er& near our hearts. 1he light of truth 5hich has )een a )lessing to one fa!il& 5ill/ if co!!unicated )& parents and children/ pro6e as great a )lessing to other fa!ilies also. ;ut 5hen -od2s )ounties/ so richl& and a)undantl& gi6en/ are 5ithheld fro! i!/ and selfishl& )esto5ed upon oursel6es/ -od2s curse/ in the place of is )lessing/ 5ill surel& )e e4periencedA for this the :ord has declared. -od2s clai! is to take the precedence of an& other clai!/ and !ust )e discharged first. 1hen the poor and the need& are to )e cared for. 1hese !ust not )e neglected/ at 5hate6er cost or sacrifice to oursel6es. 1hat there !a& )e !eat in (ine house. It is our dut& to )e te!perate in all things/ in eating/ in drinking/ and in dressing. $ur )uildings and the furnishing of our ho!es should )e carefull& considered 5ith the heart2s desire to render to -od is o5n/ not onl& in tithes/ )ut as far as possi)le in gifts and offerings also. 9er& !an& !ight )e la&ing up for the!sel6es treasures in hea6en/ )& keeping the :ord2s storehouse supplied 5ith the portion e clai!s as is o5n/ and 5ith gifts and offerings. 1hose 5ho are honestl& inBuiring 5hat -od reBuires of the! in regard to the propert& the& clai! as their o5n should search the $ld 1esta!ent Scriptures/ and see 5hat Christ/ the in6isi)le leader of Israel in their long 5ilderness =ourne&/ directed is people to do in this respect. We should indi6iduall& )e 5illing to )e put to an& incon6enience/ to )e )rought into an& straits/ rather than ro) -od of the portion that should co!e into is house. 1hose 5ho are ;i)le readers and ;i)le )elie6ers 5ill ha6e an intelligent kno5ledge of What saith the :ord in this !atter. Without E4cuse In that da& 5hen e6er& !an shall )e =udged according to the deeds done in the )od&/ e6er& e4cuse that selfishness !a& no5 !ake for 5ithholding the tithe/ the gifts and offerings/ fro! the :ord 5ill !elt a5a& as the de5 )efore the sun. If it 5ere not

fore6er too late/ ho5 glad 5ould !an& )e to go )ack and re)uild their characters> ;ut it 5ill )e too late then to change the record of those 5ho/ 5eekl&/ !onthl&/ and &earl&/ ha6e ro))ed -od. 1heir destin& 5ill )e fi4ed/ unaltera)l& fi4ed. . . . Selfishness is a deadl& e6il. Self-lo6e and careless indifference to the specific ter!s of agree!ent )et5een -od and !an/ the refusal to act as his faithful ste5ards/ ha6e )rought upon the! is curse/ =ust as e declared 5ould )e the case. 1hese souls ha6e separated the!sel6es fro! -odA )& precept and e4a!ple the& ha6e led others to disregard -od2s plain co!!and!ents/ and e could not )esto5 is )lessing upon the!. 1he 1ithe 1he :ord has specifiedC 1he tenth of all &our possessions is (ineA &our gifts and offerings are to )e )rought into the treasur&/ to )e used to ad6ance (& cause/ to send the li6ing preacher to open the Scriptures to those 5ho sit in darkness. 1hen 5ill an& one run the risk of 5ithholding fro! -od is o5n/ doing as did the unfaithful ser6ant 5ho hid is :ord2s !one& in the earthD Shall 5e/ as did this !an/ seek to =ustif& our unfaithfulness )& co!plaining of -od/ sa&ing/ :ord/ I kne5 1hee that 1hou art an hard !an/ reaping 5here 1hou hast not so5n/ and gathering 5here 1hou hast not stra5edC and I 5as afraid/ and 5ent and hid 1h& talent in the earthC lo/ there 1hou hast that is 1hineD Shall 5e not rather present our gratitude offerings to -odD--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 2'/ 1+,*.

Chap. 1.2 - Indi6idual 7esponsi'ilit%

$ur hea6enl& 0ather reBuires no !ore nor less than e has gi6en us a)ilit& to do. e la&s upon is ser6ants no )urdens that the& are not a)le to )ear. e kno5eth our fra!eA e re!e!)ereth that 5e are dust. All that e clai!s fro! us 5e through di6ine grace can render. 8nto 5ho!soe6er !uch is gi6en/ of hi! shall )e !uch reBuired. We shall indi6iduall& )e held responsi)le for doing one =ot less than 5e ha6e a)ilit& to do. 1he :ord !easures 5ith e4actness e6er& possi)ilit& for ser6ice. 1he unused capa)ilities are as !uch )rought into account as are those that are i!pro6ed. 0or all that 5e !ight )eco!e through the right use of our talents -od holds us responsi)le. We shall )e =udged according to 5hat 5e ought to ha6e done/ )ut did not acco!plish )ecause 5e did not use our po5ers to glorif& -od. E6en if 5e do not lose our souls/ 5e shall reali?e in eternit& the result of our unused talents. 0or all the kno5ledge and a)ilit& that 5e !ight ha6e gained and did not/ there 5ill )e an eternal loss. ;ut 5hen 5e gi6e oursel6es 5holl& to -od/ and in our 5ork follo5 is directions. e !akes i!self responsi)le for its acco!plish!ent. e 5ould not ha6e us con=ecture as to the success of our honest endea6ors. 3ot once should 5e e6en think of failure. We are to co-operate 5ith $ne 5ho kno5s no failure. We should not talk of our o5n 5eakness and ina)ilit&. 1his is a !anifest distrust of -od/ a denial of is 5ord. When 5e !ur!ur )ecause of our )urdens/ or refuse the

responsi)ilities e calls upon us to )ear/ 5e are 6irtuall& sa&ing that e is a hard !aster/ that e reBuires 5hat e has not gi6en us po5er to do.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ pp. 3'2/ 3'3.

9alue of (one& $ur !one& has not )een gi6en us that 5e !ight honor and glorif& oursel6es. As faithful ste5ards 5e are to use it for the honor and glor& of -od. So!e think that onl& a portion of their !eans is the :ord2s. When the& ha6e set apart a portion for religious and charita)le purposes/ the& regard the re!ainder as their o5n/ to )e used as the& see fit. ;ut in this the& !istake. All 5e possess is the :ord2s/ and 5e are accounta)le to i! for the use 5e !ake of it. In the use of e6er& penn& it 5ill )e seen 5hether 5e lo6e -od supre!el& and our neigh)or as oursel6es. (one& has great 6alue/ )ecause it can do great good. In the hands of -od2s children it is food for the hungr&/ drink for the thirst&/ and clothing for the naked. It is a defense for the oppressed/ and a !eans of help to the sick. ;ut !one& is of no !ore 6alue than sand/ onl& as it is put to use in pro6iding for the necessities of life/ in )lessing others/ and ad6ancing the cause of Christ.--Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ p. 3#1.

Chap. 1.3 - Holida% Presents

1he holida&s are approaching. In 6ie5 of this fact/ it 5ill )e 5ell to consider ho5 !uch !one& is e4pended &earl& in !aking presents to those 5ho ha6e no need of the!. 1he ha)its of custo! are so strong that to 5ithhold gifts fro! our friends on these occasions 5ould see! to us al!ost a neglect of the!. ;ut let us re!e!)er that our kind hea6enl& ;enefactor has clai!s upon us far superior to those of an& earthl& friends. Shall 5e not/ during the co!ing holida&s/ present our offerings to -odD E6en the children !a& participate in this 5ork. Clothing and other useful articles !a& )e gi6en to the 5orth& poor/ and thus a 5ork !a& )e done for the (aster. E6ils of Self-Indulgence :et us re!e!)er that Christ!as is cele)rated in co!!e!oration of the )irth of the 5orld2s 7edee!er. 1his da& is generall& spent in feasting and glutton&. :arge su!s of !one& are spent in needless self-indulgence. 1he appetite and sensual pleasures are indulged at the e4pense of ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral po5er. Yet this has )eco!e a ha)it. Pride/ fashion/ and gratification of the palate ha6e s5allo5ed up i!!ense su!s of !one& that ha6e reall& )enefited no one/ )ut ha6e encouraged a prodigalit& of !eans 5hich is displeasing to -od. 1hese da&s are spent in glorif&ing self rather than -od. ealth has )een sacrificed/ !one& 5orse than thro5n a5a&/ !an& ha6e lost their li6es )& o6ereating or through de!orali?ing dissipation/ and souls ha6e )een lost )& this !eans. -od 5ould )e glorified )& is children should the& en=o& a plain/ si!ple diet/ and use the !eans intrusted to the! in )ringing to is treasur& offerings/ s!all and great/ to )e used in sending the light of truth to souls that are in the darkness of error. 1he

hearts of the 5ido5 and fatherless !a& )e !ade to re=oice )ecause of gifts 5hich 5ill add to their co!fort and satisf& their hunger. -ifts to -od :et all 5ho profess to )elie6e the present truth calculate ho5 !uch the& spend &earl&/ and especiall& upon the recurrence of the annual holida&s/ for the gratification of selfish and unhol& desires/ ho5 !uch in the indulgence of appetite/ and ho5 !uch to co!pete 5ith others in unchristian displa&. Su! up the !eans thus spent all needlessl&/ and then esti!ate ho5 !uch !ight )e sa6ed as consecrated gifts to -od2s cause 5ithout in=ur& to soul or )od&. (ites and !ore li)eral gifts !a& )e )rought in/ according to the a)ilit& of the gi6er/ to aid in lifting de)ts fro! churches 5hich ha6e )een dedicated to -od. 1hen there are !issionaries to )e sent into ne5 fields/ and others to )e supported in their respecti6e fields of la)or. 1hese !issionaries ha6e to practice the strictest econo!&/ e6en den&ing the!sel6es the 6er& things &ou en=o& dail&/ and 5hich &ou consider the necessaries of life. 1he& en=o& fe5 lu4uries.--7e6ie5 and erald/ 3o6e!)er 21/ 1+*+.

Chap. 1.! - )cono % in $ress

-od2s people should practice strict econo!& in their outla& of !eans/ that the& !a& ha6e so!ething to )ring to i!/ sa&ing/ $f 1hine o5n ha6e 5e gi6en 1hee. 1hus the& are to offer -od thanksgi6ing for the )lessings recei6ed fro! i!. 1hus/ too/ the& are to la& up for the!sel6es treasure )eside the throne of -od. Worldlings spend upon dress large su!s of !one& that ought to )e used to feed and clothe those suffering fro! hunger and cold. (an& for 5ho! Christ ga6e is life ha6e )arel& sufficient of the cheapest/ !ost co!!on clothing/ 5hile others spend thousands of dollars in the efforts to satisf& the ne6er-ending de!ands of fashion. 1he :ord has charged is people to co!e out fro! the 5orld/ and )e separate. -a& or e4pensi6e clothing is not )eco!ing to those 5ho )elie6e that 5e are li6ing in the last da&s of pro)ation. I 5ill therefore/ the apostle Paul 5rites/ that !en pra& e6er&5here/ lifting up hol& hands/ 5ithout 5rath and dou)ting. In like !anner also/ that 5o!en adorn the!sel6es in !odest apparel/ 5ith sha!efacedness and so)riet&A not 5ith )roided hair/ or gold/ or pearls/ or costl& arra&A )ut H5hich )eco!eth 5o!en professing godlinessI 5ith good 5orks. E6en a!ong those 5ho profess to )e children of -od/ there are those 5ho spend !ore than is necessar& upon dress. We should dress neatl& and tastefull&/ )ut/ !& sisters/ 5hen &ou are )u&ing and !aking &our o5n and &our children2s clothing/ think of the 5ork in the :ord2s 6ine&ard that is still 5aiting to )e done. It is right to )u& good !aterial/ and ha6e it carefull& !ade. 1his is econo!&. ;ut rich tri!!ings are not needed/ and to indulge in the! is to spend for self-gratification !one& that should )e put into -od2s cause.

It is not &our dress that !akes &ou of 6alue in the :ord2s sight. It is the in5ard adorning/ the graces of the Spirit/ the kind 5ord/ the thoughtful consideration for others/ that -od 6alues. %o 5ithout the unnecessar& tri!!ings/ and la& aside for the ad6ance!ent of the cause of -od the !eans thus sa6ed. Self-%enial Pleasing to -od :earn the lesson of self-denial/ and teach it to &our children. All that can )e sa6ed )& self-denial is needed no5 in the 5ork to )e done. 1he suffering !ust )e relie6ed/ the naked clothed/ the hungr& fedA the truth for this ti!e !ust )e told to those 5ho kno5 it not. . . . We are Christ2s 5itnesses/ and 5e are not to allo5 5orldl& interests so to a)sor) our ti!e and attention that 5e pa& no heed to the things that -od has said !ust co!e first. 1here are higher interests at stake. Seek &e first the kingdo! of -od and is righteousness. Christ ga6e is all to the 5ork that e ca!e to do/ and is 5ord to us is/ If an& !an 5ill co!e after (e/ let hi! den& hi!self/ and take up his cross/ and follo5 (e. So shall &e )e (& disciples. Willingl& and cheerfull& Christ ga6e i!self to the carr&ing out of the 5ill of -od. e )eca!e o)edient unto death/ e6en the death of the cross. Shall 5e feel it a hardship to den& oursel6esD Shall 5e dra5 )ack fro! )eing partakers of is sufferingsD is death ought to stir e6er& fi)er of the )eing/ !aking us 5illing to consecrate to is 5ork all that 5e ha6e and are. As 5e think of 5hat e has done for us/ our hearts should )e filled 5ith lo6e. When those 5ho kno5 the truth practice the self-denial en=oined in -od2s 5ord/ the !essage 5ill go 5ith po5er. 1he :ord 5ill hear our pra&ers for the con6ersion of souls. -od2s people 5ill let their light shine forth/ and un)elie6ers/ seeing their good 5orks/ 5ill glorif& our hea6enl& 0ather. --7e6ie5 and erald/ %ece!)er 1/ 1,1..

1he :o6e of %ispla& 1he lo6e of displa& produces e4tra6agance/ and in !an& &oung people kills the aspiration for a no)ler life. Instead of seeking an education/ the& earl& engage in so!e occupation to earn !one& for indulging the passion for dress. And through this passion !an& a &oung girl is )eguiled to ruin.-- Education/ p. 2"*.

Puritan Plainness Puritan plainness and si!plicit& should !ark the d5ellings and apparel of all 5ho )elie6e the sole!n truths for this ti!e. All !eans needlessl& e4pended in dress or in the adorning of our houses is a 5aste of our :ord2s !one&. It is defrauding the cause of -od for the gratification of pride.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ p. 1+,.

Chap. 1." - Self -ratification

As I 6isit the ho!es of our people and our schools/ I see that all the a6aila)le space on ta)les/ 5hat-nots/ and !antelpieces is filled up 5ith photographs. $n the right hand

and on the left are seen the pictures of hu!an faces. -od desires this order of things to )e changed. Were Christ on earth/ e 5ould sa&/ 1ake these things hence. I ha6e )een instructed that these pictures are as so !an& idols/ taking up the ti!e and thought 5hich should )e sacredl& de6oted to -od. 1hese photographs cost !one&. Is it consistent for us/ kno5ing the 5ork that is to )e done at this ti!e/ to spend -od2s !one& in producing pictures of our o5n faces and the faces of our friendsD Should not e6er& dollar that 5e can spare )e used in the up)uilding of the cause of -odD 1hese pictures take !one& that should )e sacredl& de6oted to -od2s ser6iceA and the& di6ert the !ind fro! the truths of -od2s 5ord. A Species of Idolatr& 1his !aking and e4changing photographs is a species of idolatr&. Satan is doing all he can to eclipse hea6en fro! our 6ie5. :et us not help hi! )& !aking picture-idols. We need to reach a higher standard than these hu!an faces suggest. 1he :ord sa&s/ 1hou shalt ha6e no other gods )efore (e. 1hose 5ho clai! to )elie6e in Christ need to reali?e that the& are to reflect is i!age. It is is likeness that is to )e kept )efore the !ind. 1he 5ords that are spoken are to )e freighted 5ith hea6enl& inspiration. . . . 0irst 1hings 0irst 1hose 5ho ha6e taken part in the sole!n rite of )aptis! ha6e pledged the!sel6es to seek for those things 5hich are a)o6e/ 5here Christ sitteth on the right hand of -odA pledged the!sel6es to la)or earnestl& for the sal6ation of sinners. -od asks those 5ho take is na!e/ o5 are &ou using the po5ers that ha6e )een redee!ed )& the death of (& SonD Are &ou doing all in &our po5er to rise to a greater height in spiritual understandingD Are &ou ad=usting &our interests and actions in har!on& 5ith the !o!entous clai!s of eternit&D :et there )e a refor!ation a!ong the people of -od. Whether therefore &e eat/ or drink/ or 5hatsoe6er &e do/ do all to the glor& of -od. 1hose upon 5ho! the :ord has placed the )urden of is 5ork are struggling to proclai! the !essage/ that souls perishing in ignorance !a& )e 5arned. Can &ou not/ )& self-denial/ do so!ething to help the! in their 5orkD Arouse/ and sho5 )& &our unselfish ?eal and earnestness that &ou are con6erted. E6er& dollar is reBuired in the 5ork of sa6ing souls. 1he !one& in6ested )& the professed people of -od in getting pictures !ade of hu!an faces 5ould support se6eral !issionaries in the field. (an& s!all strea!s/ 5hen put together/ s5ell into a large ri6er. We e!)e??le our :ord2s goods 5hen 5e use for selfish pleasure the !eans 5hich should )e used to proclai! the last !essage of 5arning. If &ou spend the :ord2s !one& for self-gratification/ ho5 can &ou e4pect i! to continue to )esto5 is goods on &ouD o5 does the (aster regard those 5ho selfishl& in6est is !one& in photographsD 1hat 6er& !one& could ha6e )een used to purchase reading !atter to send to those in the darkness of ignorance. 1he truth that -od has gi6en us !ust )e heralded to the 5orld. We ha6e )een gi6en the pri6ilege of doing this 5ork. We are to so5 the seed of truth )eside all 5aters. 1he :ord calls upon us to practice self-denial and self-sacrifice. 1he gospel de!ands

entire consecration. 1he necessities of the cause de!and all that 5e can gi6e. $ur indulgence in photographs has )een a selfish gratification on our part/ 5hich )ears silent 5itness against us. ;& this indulgence a large a!ount of 5ood/ ha&/ and stu))le has )een )rought to the foundation/ to )e consu!ed )& the fires of the last da&. %ut& of Self-%enial After going fro! ho!e to ho!e/ and seeing the !an& photographs/ I 5as instructed to 5arn our people against this e6il. 1his !uch 5e can do for -od. We can put these picture-idols out of sight. 1he& ha6e no po5er for good/ )ut interpose )et5een -od and the soul. 1he& can do nothing to help in so5ing the seeds of truth. Christ calls upon those 5ho clai! to )e follo5ing i! to put on the 5hole ar!or of -od. $ur educational institutions need to feel the refor!ing po5er of the Spirit of -od. If the salt ha6e lost his sa6or/ 5here5ith shall it )e saltedD It is thenceforth good for nothing/ )ut to )e cast out/ and to )e trodden under foot of !en. 1hose 5ho are engaged as teachers in our schools and sanitariu!s should reach a high standard of consecration. And the students in these institutions/ 5ho are fitting the!sel6es to go forth as !issionaries/ should learn to practice self-denial. We are -od2s ste5ards/ and it is reBuired in ste5ards/ that a !an )e found faithful. 1he !one& that -od has intrusted to us is to )e carefull& hus)anded. We are to increase in efficienc& )& putting to the )est use the talents gi6en us/ that at -od2s co!ing 5e !a& return to i! is o5n 5ith usur&.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <une 13/ 1,.*.

7epeated 1aking of Pictures 1he &outh ha6e their hearts filled 5ith the lo6e of self. 1his is !anifested in their desire to see their faces daguerreot&ped )& the artistA and the& are not satisfied 5ith )eing once represented/ )ut sit again and again for their picture/ each ti!e hoping that the last 5ill e4cel all their pre6ious efforts/ and appear reall& !ore )eautiful than the original. 1heir :ord2s !one& is sBuandered in this 5a&/ and 5hat is gainedD-1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ p. #...

Chap. 1.& - )cono % and ;ene6olence

(an& despise econo!&/ confounding it 5ith stinginess and narro5ness. ;ut econo!& is consistent 5ith the )roadest li)eralit&. Indeed/ 5ithout econo!& there can )e no true li)eralit&. We are to sa6e that 5e !a& gi6e. 3o one can practice real )ene6olence 5ithout self-denial. $nl& )& a life of si!plicit&/ self-denial/ and close econo!& is it possi)le for us to acco!plish the 5ork appointed us as Christ2s representati6es. Pride and 5orldl& a!)ition !ust )e put out of our hearts. In all our 5ork/ the principle of unselfishness re6ealed in Christ2s life is to )e carried out. 8pon the 5alls of our ho!es/ the pictures/ the furnishings/ 5e are to read/

;ring the poor that are cast out to th& house. $n our 5ardro)es 5ere are to see 5ritten/ as 5ith the finger of -od/ Clothe the naked. In the dining-roo!/ on the ta)le laden 5ith a)undant food/ 5e should see traced/ Is it not to deal th& )read to the hungr&D $pen %oors of 8sefulness A thousand doors of usefulness are open )efore us. $ften 5e la!ent the scant& resources a6aila)le/ )ut 5ere Christians thoroughl& in earnest/ the& could !ultipl& the resources a thousandfold. It is selfishness/ self-indulgence/ that )ars the 5a& to our usefulness. o5 !uch !eans is e4pended for things that are !ere idols/ things that engross thought and ti!e and strength 5hich should )e put to a higher use> o5 !uch !one& is 5asted on e4pensi6e houses and furniture/ on selfish pleasures/ lu4urious and un5holeso!e food/ hurtful indulgences> o5 !uch is sBuandered on gifts that )enefit no one> 0or things that are needless/ often har!ful/ professed Christians are toda& spending !ore/ !an& ti!es !ore/ than the& spend in seeking to rescue souls fro! the te!pter. (an& 5ho profess to )e Christians spend so !uch on dress that the& ha6e nothing to spare for the needs of others. Costl& orna!ents and e4pensi6e clothing the& think the& !ust ha6e/ regardless of the needs of those 5ho can 5ith difficult& pro6ide the!sel6es 5ith e6en the plainest clothing. Sa6ing the 0rag!ents (& sisters/ if &ou 5ould )ring &our !anner of dressing into confor!it& 5ith the rules gi6en in the ;i)le/ &ou 5ould ha6e an a)undance 5ith 5hich to help &our poorer sisters. You 5ould ha6e not onl& !eans/ )ut ti!e. $ften this is !ost needed. 1here are !an& 5ho! &ou !ight help 5ith &our suggestions/ &our tact and skill. Sho5 the! ho5 to dress si!pl& and &et tastefull&. (an& a 5o!an re!ains a5a& fro! the house of -od )ecause her sha))&/ ill-fitting gar!ents are in such striking contrast to the dress of others. (an& a sensiti6e spirit cherishes a sense of )itter hu!iliation and in=ustice )ecause of this contrast. And )ecause of it !an& are led to dou)t the realit& of religion and to harden their hearts against the gospel. Christ )ids us/ -ather up the frag!ents that re!ain/ that nothing )e lost. While thousands are e6er& da& perishing fro! fa!ine/ )loodshed/ fire/ and plague/ it )eco!es e6er& lo6er of his kind to see that nothing is 5asted/ that nothing is needlessl& e4pended/ 5here)& he !ight )enefit a hu!an )eing. It is 5rong to 5aste our ti!e/ 5rong to 5aste our thoughts. We lose e6er& !o!ent that 5e de6ote to self-seeking. If e6er& !o!ent 5ere 6alued and rightl& e!plo&ed/ 5e should ha6e ti!e for e6er&thing that 5e need to do for oursel6es or for the 5orld. In the e4penditure of !one&/ in the use of ti!e/ strength/ opportunities/ let e6er& Christian look to -od for guidance. If an& of &ou lack 5isdo!/ let hi! ask of -od/ that gi6eth to all !en li)erall&/ and up)raideth notA and it shall )e gi6en hi!.-(inistr& of ealing/ pp. 2.'-2.+.

-uide to Econo!& It is not necessar& to specif& here ho5 econo!& !a& )e practiced in e6er& particular. 1hose 5hose hearts are full& surrendered to -od/ and 5ho take is 5ord as their guide/ 5ill kno5 ho5 to conduct the!sel6es in all the duties of life. 1he& 5ill learn of <esus/ 5ho is !eek and lo5l& of heartA and in culti6ating the !eekness of Christ the& 5ill close the door against innu!era)le te!ptations.-- 0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. 1#2. 1he restoration and uplifting of hu!anit& )egins in the ho!e. 1he 5ork of parents underlies e6er& other. Societ& is co!posed of fa!ilies/ and is 5hat the heads of fa!ilies !ake it. $ut of the heart are the issues of lifeC and the heart of the co!!unit&/ of the church/ and of the nation/ is the household. 1he 5ell-)eing of societ&/ the success of the church/ the prosperit& of the nation/ depend upon ho!e influences--(inistr& of ealing/ p. 3",.

Chap. 1.( - A Christian Household

:ike the patriarchs of old/ those 5ho profess to lo6e -od should erect an altar to the :ord 5here6er the& pitch their tent. If e6er there 5as a ti!e 5hen e6er& house should )e a house of pra&er/ it is no5. 0athers and !others should often lift up their hearts to -od in hu!)le supplication for the!sel6es and their children. :et the father/ as priest of the household/ la& upon the altar of -od the !orning and e6ening sacrifice/ 5hile the 5ife and children unite in pra&er and praise. In such a household/ <esus 5ill lo6e to tarr&. 0ro! e6er& Christian ho!e a hol& light should shine forth. :o6e should )e re6ealed in action. It should flo5 out in all ho!e intercourse/ sho5ing itself in thoughtful kindness/ in gentle/ unselfish courtes&. 1here are ho!es 5here this principle is carried out/--ho!es 5here -od is 5orshiped/ and truest lo6e reigns. 0ro! these ho!es/ !orning and e6ening pra&er ascends to -od as s5eet incense/ and is !ercies and )lessings descend upon the suppliants like the !orning de5. A 5ell-ordered Christian household is a po5erful argu!ent in fa6or of the realit& of the Christian religion/--an argu!ent that the infidel cannot gainsa&. All can see that there is an influence at 5ork in the fa!il& that affects the children/ and that the -od of A)raha! is 5ith the!.--Patriarchs and Prophets/ p. 1"".

Chap. 1.* - 0aithfulness in Ho e $uties

1he highest dut& that de6ol6es upon &outh is in their o5n ho!es/ )lessing father and !other/ )rothers and sisters/ )& affection and true interest. ere the& can sho5 selfdenial and self-forgetfulness in caring and doing for others. 3e6er 5ill 5o!an )e degraded )& this 5ork. It is the !ost sacred/ ele6ated office that she can fill. What an influence a sister !a& ha6e o6er )rothers> If she is right/ she !a& deter!ine the character of her )rothers. er pra&ers/ her gentleness/ and her affection !a& do !uch in a household.

(& sister/ these no)le Bualities can ne6er )e co!!unicated to other !inds unless the& first e4ist in &our o5n. 1hat content!ent of !ind/ that affection/ gentleness/ and sunniness of te!per 5hich 5ill reach e6er& heart/ 5ill reflect upon &ou 5hat &our heart gi6es forth to others. If Christ does not reign in the heart/ there 5ill )e discontent and !oral defor!it&. Selfishness 5ill reBuire of others that 5hich 5e are un5illing to gi6e the!. . . . It is not a great 5ork and great )attles alone 5hich tr& the soul and de!and courage. E6er&da& life )rings its perple4ities/ trials/ and discourage!ents. It is the hu!)le 5ork 5hich freBuentl& dra5s upon the patience and the fortitude. Self-reliance and resolution 5ill )e necessar& to !eet and conBuer all difficulties. Secure the :ord to stand 5ith &ou/ in e6er& place to )e &our consolation and co!fort. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ pp. +./+1.

Chap. 1.+ - Ho e 7eligion

o!e religion is greatl& needed/ and our 5ords in the ho!e should )e of a right character/ or our testi!onies in the church 5ill a!ount to nothing. 8nless &ou !anifest !eekness/ kindness/ and courtes& in &our ho!e/ &our religion 5ill )e in 6ain. If there 5ere !ore genuine ho!e religion/ there 5ould )e !ore po5er in the church. 8nkind Speech in the o!e What har! is 5rought in the fa!il& circle )& the utterance of i!patient 5ordsA for the i!patient utterance of one leads another to retort in the sa!e spirit and !anner. 1hen co!e 5ords of retaliation/ 5ords of self-=ustification/ and it is )& such 5ords that a hea6&/ galling &oke is !anufactured for &our neckA for all these )itter 5ords 5ill co!e )ack in a )aleful har6est to &our soul. 1hose 5ho indulge in such language 5ill e4perience sha!e/ loss of self-respect/ loss of self-confidence/ and 5ill ha6e )itter re!orse and regret that the& allo5ed the!sel6es to lose self-control and speak in this 5a&. o5 !uch )etter 5ould it )e if 5ords of this character 5ere ne6er spoken. o5 !uch )etter to ha6e the oil of grace in the heart/ to )e a)le to pass )& all pro6ocation/ and )ear all things 5ith Christlike !eekness and for)earance. If &ou fulfill the conditions of -od2s pro!ises/ the pro!ises 5ill )e fulfilled to &ou. If &our !ind is sta&ed upon -od/ &ou 5ill not go fro! a state of ecstas& to the 6alle& of despondenc& 5hen trial and te!ptation co!e upon &ou. You 5ill not talk dou)t and gloo! to others. Satan cannot read our thoughts/ )ut he can see our actions/ hear our 5ordsA and fro! his long kno5ledge of the hu!an fa!il&/ he can shape his te!ptations to take ad6antage of our 5eak points of character. And ho5 often do 5e let hi! into the secret of ho5 he !a& o)tain the 6ictor& o6er us. $h/ that 5e !ight control our 5ords and actions> o5 strong 5e 5ould )eco!e if our 5ords 5ere of such an order that 5e 5ould not )e asha!ed to !eet the record of the! in the da& of =udg!ent. o5

different 5ill the& appear in the da& of -od fro! 5hat the& see! 5hen 5e utter the!.--7e6ie5 and erald/ 0e)ruar& 2*/ 1,13.

1he o!e an $)=ect :esson 1he !ission of the ho!e e4tends )e&ond its o5n !e!)ers. 1he Christian ho!e is to )e an o)=ect lesson/ illustrating the e4cellence of the true principles of life. Such an illustration 5ill )e a po5er for good in the 5orld. 0ar !ore po5erful than an& ser!on that can )e preached is the influence of a true ho!e upon hu!an hearts and li6es. As the &outh go out fro! such a ho!e/ the lessons the& ha6e learned are i!parted. 3o)ler principles of life are introduced into other households/ and an uplifting influence 5orks in the co!!unit&. --(inistr& of ealing/ p. 3#2.

Chap. 11. - 1he Ho e a 1raining School

1he &outh 5ill not )eco!e 5eak-!inded or inefficient )& consecrating the!sel6es to the ser6ice of -od. 1he fear of the :ord is the )eginning of 5isdo!. 1he &oungest child that lo6es and fears -od is greater in is sight than the !ost talented and learned !an 5ho neglects the great sal6ation. 1he &outh 5ho consecrate their hearts and li6es to -od ha6e/ in so doing/ placed the!sel6es in connection 5ith the 0ountain of all 5isdo! and e4cellence. E6er&da& %uties If children 5ere taught to regard the hu!)le round of e6er&da& duties as the course !arked out for the! )& the :ord/ as a school in 5hich the& 5ere to )e trained to render faithful and efficient ser6ice/ ho5 !uch !ore pleasant and honora)le 5ould their 5ork appear. 1o perfor! e6er& dut& as unto the :ord/ thro5s a char! around the hu!)lest e!plo&!ent/ and links the 5orkers on earth 5ith the hol& )eings 5ho do -od2s 5ill in hea6en. And in our appointed place 5e should discharge our duties 5ith as !uch faithfulness as do the angels in their higher sphere. 1hose 5ho feel that the& are -od2s ser6ants 5ill )e !en 5ho can )e trusted an&5here. Citi?ens of hea6en 5ill !ake the )est citi?ens of earth. A correct 6ie5 of our dut& to -od leads to clear perceptions of our dut& to our fello5 !en. 1he (other2s 7e5ard When the =udg!ent shall sit/ and the )ooks shall )e openedA 5hen the 5ell done of the great <udge is pronounced/ and the cro5n of i!!ortal glor& is placed upon the )ro5 of the 6ictor/ !an& 5ill raise their cro5ns in sight of the asse!)led uni6erse and/ pointing to their !other/ sa&/ She !ade !e all I a! through the grace of -od. er instruction/ her pra&ers/ ha6e )een )lessed to !& eternal sal6ation. . . . Young !en should )e trained to stand fir! for the right a!id the pre6ailing iniBuit&/ to do all in their po5er to arrest the progress of 6ice/ and to pro!ote 6irtue/ purit&/ and true !anliness. 1he i!pressions !ade upon the !ind and character in earl& life

are deep and a)iding. In=udicious training or e6il associations 5ill often e4ert upon the &oung !ind an influence for e6il that all after-effort is po5erless to efface.--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ 3o6e!)er 3/ 1++1.

Possi)ilities of o!e 1raining It is )& the &outh and children of toda& that the future of societ& is to )e deter!ined/ and 5hat these &outh and children shall )e depends upon the ho!e. 1o the lack of right ho!e training !a& )e traced the larger share of the disease and !iser& and cri!e that curse hu!anit&. If the ho!e life 5ere pure and true/ if the children 5ho 5ent forth fro! its care 5ere prepared to !eet life2s responsi)ilities and dangers/ 5hat a change 5ould )e seen in the 5orld>--(inistr& of ealing/ p. 3#1.

Chap. 111 - 7espect and :o6e for Parents

1hose 5ho 5ould trul& follo5 Christ !ust let i! a)ide in the heart/ and enthrone i! there as supre!e. 1he& !ust represent is spirit and character in their ho!e life/ and sho5 courtes& and kindness to those 5ith 5ho! the& co!e in contact. 1here are !an& children 5ho profess to kno5 the truth/ 5ho do not render to their parents the honor and affection that are due to the!/ 5ho !anifest )ut little lo6e to father and !other/ and fail to honor the! in deferring to their 5ishes/ or in seeking to relie6e the! of an4iet&. (an& 5ho profess to )e Christians do not kno5 5hat it !eans to honor th& father and th& !other/ and conseBuentl& 5ill kno5 =ust as little 5hat it !eans/ that th& da&s !a& )e long upon the land 5hich the :ord th& -od gi6eth thee. $ur &outh profess to )e a!ong those 5ho keep the co!!and!ents of -od/ and &et !an& of the! neglect and )reak the fifth co!!and!entA and the rich )lessing pro!ised to those 5ho o)ser6e this precept/ and honor father and !other/ cannot )e fulfilled to the!. 8nless the& repent of their sin/ and refor! their practices and character through the grace of Christ/ the& 5ill ne6er enter into the ne5 earth/ upon 5hich the& !a& li6e eternall&. 1hose 5ho do not respect and lo6e their parents 5ill not respect and honor -od. 1hose 5ho fail to )ear the test/ 5ho fail to honor their -od-fearing parents/ fail to o)e& -od/ and therefore cannot e4pect to co!e into the land of pro!ise. A %estin& in $)edience 1he &outh are no5 deciding their o5n eternal destin&/ and I 5ould appeal to &ou to consider the co!!and!ent to 5hich -od has anne4ed such a pro!ise/ that th& da&s !a& )e long upon the land 5hich the :ord th& -od gi6eth thee. Children/ do &ou desire eternal lifeD 1hen respect and honor &our parents. . . . If &ou ha6e sinned in not rendering lo6e and o)edience to the!/ )egin no5 to redee! the past. You cannot afford to take an& other courseA for it !eans to &ou the loss of eternal life. 1he eart-searcher kno5s 5hat is &our attitude to5ard &our parentsA for e is 5eighing !oral character in the golden scales of the hea6enl& sanctuar&. $/

confess &our neglect of &our parents/ confess &our indifference to5ard the!/ and &our conte!pt of -od2s hol& co!!and!ent. . . . 1he hearts of &our parents ha6e )een dra5n out in tender s&!path& to5ard &ou/ and can &ou return their lo6e 5ith cold ingratitudeD 1he& lo6e &our souls/ the& 5ant &ou to )e sa6edA )ut ha6e &ou not often despised their counsel and done &our o5n 5ill/ &our o5n 5a&D a6e &ou not follo5ed &our o5n independent =udg!ent/ 5hen &ou kne5 that such a stu))orn course 5ould not !eet the appro6al of -odD (an& fathers and !others ha6e gone do5n )roken-hearted to the gra6e )ecause of the ingratitude/ the lack of respect/ sho5n the! )& their children.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <une 22/ 1+,3.

Chap. 112 - A ;lessing in the Ho e

1he :ord sa&s to the &oung/ (& son/ gi6e (e thine heart. 1he Sa6iour of the 5orld lo6es to ha6e children and &outh gi6e their hearts to i!. 1here !a& )e a large ar!& of children 5ho shall )e found faithful to -od/ )ecause the& 5alk in the light/ as Christ is in the light. 1he& 5ill lo6e the :ord <esus/ and it 5ill )e their delight to please i!. 1he& 5ill not )e i!patient if repro6edA )ut 5ill !ake glad the heart of father and !other )& their kindness/ their patience/ their 5illingness to do all the& can in helping to )ear the )urdens of dail& life. 1hrough childhood and &outh/ the& 5ill )e found faithful disciples of our :ord. Children and &outh/ in &our earliest &ears &ou !a& )e a )lessing in the ho!e. What a grief it is to see children of -od-fearing parents unrul& and diso)edient/ unthankful and self-5illed/ full of deter!ination to ha6e their o5n 5a&/ regardless of the incon6enience or sorro5 it causes their parents. Satan takes delight in ruling the hearts of children/ and if he is per!itted he 5ill inspire the! 5ith his o5n hateful spirit. $)edience to Parents Parents !a& do e6er&thing in their po5er to gi6e their children e6er& pri6ilege and instruction/ in order that the& !a& gi6e their hearts to -odA &et the children !a& refuse to 5alk in the light and/ )& their e6il course/ cast unfa6ora)le reflections upon their parents 5ho lo6e the!/ and 5hose hearts &earn after their sal6ation. It is Satan 5ho te!pts children to follo5 in a course of sin and diso)edienceA and then if he is per!itted he 5ill take the life of the children 5hile the& are &et in their sins/ in order to cut the! off fro! all hope of sal6ation/ and to pierce/ as 5ith a s5ord/ the hearts of the -od-fearing fathers and !others/ 5ho 5ill )e )o5ed do5n 5ith a sorro5 that ne6er can )e lifted/ )ecause of their children2s final i!penitence and re)ellion against -od. . . . Children and &outh/ I entreat &ou/ for Christ2s sake/ to 5alk in the light. Su)!it &our 5ill to the 5ill of -od. When sinners entice thee/ consent thou not. @eep the 5a& of the :ord/ for &ou 5ill ha6e no peace in transgression. ;& an e6il course &ou )ring discredit upon &our parents and dishonor upon the religion of Christ. 7e!e!)er that &our life is recorded in the )ooks of ea6en/ to )e opened )efore the asse!)led uni6erse. 1hink 5hat sha!e/ 5hat re!orse/ 5ould )e &ours/ should it )e &our

unhapp& lot to lose eternal life> 1urn &ou at (& reproofC )ehold/ I 5ill pour out (& Spirit unto &ou/ I 5ill !ake kno5n !& 5ords unto &ou. . . . 1hen shall the& call upon (e. . . . Whoso hearkeneth unto (e shall d5ell safel&/ and shall )e Buiet fro! fear of e6il. eed the instruction of Christ/ Walk 5hile &e ha6e the light/ lest darkness co!e upon &ou.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 1./ 1+,3.

Chap. 113 - ;uilding Character at Ho e

Satan te!pts children to )e reser6ed 5ith their parents/ and to choose as their confidants their &oung and ine4perienced co!panions/ such as cannot help the!/ )ut 5ill gi6e the! )ad ad6ice. . . . Children 5ould )e sa6ed fro! !an& e6ils if the& 5ould )e !ore fa!iliar 5ith their parents. Parents should encourage in their children a disposition to )e open and frank 5ith the!/ to co!e to the! 5ith their difficulties and/ 5hen the& are perple4ed as to 5hat course is right/ to la& the !atter =ust as the& 6ie5 it )efore the parents/ and ask their ad6ice. Who are so 5ell calculated to see and point out their dangers as godl& parentsD Who can understand the peculiar te!pera!ents of their o5n children as 5ell as the&D 1he !other 5ho has 5atched e6er& turn of !ind fro! infanc&/ and is thus acBuainted 5ith the natural disposition/ is )est prepared to counsel her children. Who can tell as 5ell 5hat traits of character to check and restrain as the !other/ aided )& the fatherD (aking Parents app& Children 5ho are Christians 5ill prefer the lo6e and appro)ation of their -od-fearing parents a)o6e e6er& earthl& )lessing. 1he& 5ill lo6e and honor their parents. It should )e one of the principal studies of their li6es ho5 to !ake their parents happ&. In this re)ellious age/ children 5ho ha6e not recei6ed right instruction and discipline ha6e )ut little sense of their o)ligations to their parents. It is often the case that the !ore their parents do for the! the !ore ungrateful the& are/ and the less the& respect the!. Children 5ho ha6e )een petted and 5aited upon al5a&s e4pect itA and if their e4pectations are not !et the& are disappointed and discouraged. 1his sa!e disposition 5ill )e seen through their 5hole li6esA the& 5ill )e helpless/ leaning upon others for aid/ e4pecting others to fa6or the! and &ield to the!. And if the& are opposed/ e6en after the& ha6e gro5n to !anhood and 5o!anhood/ the& think the!sel6es a)usedA and thus the& 5orr& their 5a& through the 5orld/ hardl& a)le to )ear their o5n 5eight/ often !ur!uring and fretting )ecause e6er&thing does not suit the!. . . . Children should feel that the& are inde)ted to their parents/ 5ho ha6e 5atched o6er the! in infanc& and nursed the! in sickness. 1he& should reali?e that their parents ha6e suffered !uch an4iet& on their account. Especiall& ha6e conscientious/ godl& parents felt the deepest interest that their children should take a right course. As the& ha6e seen faults in their children/ ho5 hea6& ha6e )een their hearts. If the children 5ho caused those hearts to ache could see the effect of their course/ the& 5ould certainl& relent. If the& could see their !other2s tears/ and hear her pra&ers to -od in their )ehalf/ if the& could listen to her suppressed and )roken sighs/ their hearts 5ould feel/ and the& 5ould speedil& confess their 5rongs and ask to )e forgi6en. . . .

Strength for the Conflict We are li6ing in an unfortunate age for children. A hea6& current is setting do5n5ard to perdition/ and !ore than childhood2s e4perience and strength is needed to press against this current/ and not )e )orne do5n )& it. 1he &outh generall& see! to )e Satan2s capti6es/ and he and his angels are leading the! to certain destruction. Satan and his hosts are 5arring against the go6ern!ent of -od/ and all 5ho ha6e a desire to &ield their hearts to i! and o)e& is reBuire!ents Satan 5ill tr& to perple4 and o6erco!e 5ith his te!ptations that the& !a& )eco!e discouraged and gi6e up the 5arfare. . . . ;& earnest pra&er and li6ing faith/ great 6ictories 5ill )e gained. So!e parents ha6e not reali?ed the responsi)ilities resting upon the!/ and ha6e neglected the religious education of their children. In the !orning the Christian2s first thoughts should )e upon -od. Worldl& la)or and self-interest should )e secondar&. Children should )e taught to respect and re6erence the hour of pra&er. ;efore lea6ing the house for la)or/ all the fa!il& should )e called together/ and the father/ or the !other in the father2s a)sence/ should plead fer6entl& 5ith -od to keep the! through the da&. . . . I!patience at 7estraint Sa))ath-keeping children !a& )eco!e i!patient of restraint/ and think their parents too strictA hard feelings !a& e6en arise in their hearts/ and discontented/ unhapp& thoughts !a& )e cherished )& the! against those 5ho are 5orking for their present and their future and eternal good. ;ut if life shall )e spared a fe5 &ears/ the& 5ill )less their parents for that strict care and faithful 5atchfulness o6er the! in their &ears of ine4perience. . . . Indi6idual 7esponsi)ilit& Children/ -od has seen fit to intrust &ou to the care of &our parents/ for the! to instruct and discipline/ and thus act their part in for!ing &our character for hea6en. And &et it rests 5ith &ou to sa& 5hether &ou 5ill de6elop a good Christian character )& !aking the )est of the ad6antages &ou ha6e had fro! godl&/ faithful/ pra&ing parents. 3ot5ithstanding all the an4iet& and faithfulness of parents in )ehalf of their children/ the& alone cannot sa6e the!. 1here is a 5ork for the children to do. E6er& child has an indi6idual case to attend to. ;elie6ing parents/ &ou ha6e a responsi)le 5ork )efore &ou/ to guide the footsteps of &our children/ e6en in their religious e4perience. When the& trul& lo6e -od/ the& 5ill )less and re6erence &ou for the care 5hich &ou ha6e !anifested for the!/ and for &our faithfulness in restraining their desires and su)duing their 5ills.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ pp. 3,1-".3.

Clothed 5ith Christ2s 7ighteousness When 5e are clothed 5ith the righteousness of Christ/ 5e shall ha6e no relish for sinA for Christ 5ill )e 5orking 5ith us. We !a& !ake !istakes/ )ut 5e 5ill hate the sin that caused the sufferings of the Son of -od.--7e6ie5 and erald/ (arch 1+/ 1+,..

Chap. 11! - Youth to ;ear 7esponsi'ilities

1hese &oung !en ha6e duties at ho!e 5hich the& o6erlook. 1he& ha6e not learned to take up the duties/ and )ear the ho!e responsi)ilities/ 5hich it is their dut& to )ear. 1he& ha6e a faithful/ practical !other/ 5ho has )orne !an& )urdens 5hich her children should not ha6e suffered her to )ear. In this the& ha6e failed to honor their !other. 1he& ha6e not shared the )urdens of their father as 5as their dut&/ and ha6e neglected to honor hi! as the& should. 1he& follo5 inclination rather than dut&. 1he& ha6e pursued a selfish course in their li6es/ in shunning )urdens and toil/ and ha6e failed to o)tain a 6alua)le e4perience 5hich the& cannot afford to )e depri6ed of if the& 5ould !ake life a success. 1he& ha6e not felt the i!portance of )eing faithful in little things/ nor ha6e the& felt under o)ligation to their parents to )e true/ thorough/ and faithful in the hu!)le/ lo5l& duties of life 5hich lie directl& in their path5a&. 1he& look a)o6e the co!!on )ranches of kno5ledge/ so 6er& necessar& for practical life. (aking o!e app& If these &oung !en 5ould )e a )lessing an&5here/ it should )e at ho!e. If the& &ield to inclination/ instead of )eing guided )& the cautious decision of so)er reason/ sound =udg!ent/ and enlightened conscience/ the& cannot )e a )lessing to societ& or to their father2s fa!il&/ and their prospects in this 5orld and in the )etter 5orld !a& )e endangered. (an& &outh recei6e the i!pression that their earl& life is not designed for care-taking/ )ut to )e frittered a5a& in idle sport/ in =esting/ in =oking/ and in foolish indulgences. While engaged in foll& and indulgences of the senses/ so!e think of nothing )ut the !o!entar& gratification connected 5ith it. 1heir desire for a!use!ent/ their lo6e for societ& and for chatting and laughing/ increases )& indulgence/ and the& lose all relish for the so)er realities of life/ and ho!e duties see! uninteresting. 1here is not enough change to !eet their !inds/ and the& )eco!e restless/ pee6ish/ and irrita)le. 1hese &oung !en should feel it a dut& to !ake ho!e happ& and cheerful. . . . A change fro! ph&sical la)or that has ta4ed the strength se6erel& !a& )e 6er& necessar& for a ti!e/ that the& !a& again engage in la)or/ putting forth e4ertion 5ith greater success. ;ut entire rest !a& not )e necessar&/ or e6en )e attended 5ith the )est results so far as their ph&sical strength is concerned. 1he& need not/ e6en 5hen 5ear& 5ith one kind of la)or/ trifle a5a& their precious !o!ents. 1he& !a& then seek to do so!ething not so e4hausting/ )ut 5hich 5ill )e a )lessing to their !other and sisters. In lightening their cares )& taking upon the!sel6es the roughest )urdens the& ha6e to )ear/ the& can find that a!use!ent 5hich springs fro! principle/ and 5hich 5ill &ield the! true happiness/ and their ti!e 5ill not )e spent in trifling or in selfish indulgence.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ pp. 221-223.

Chap. 11" - 1he Hour of ,orship

In arousing and strengthening a lo6e for ;i)le stud&/ !uch depends on the use of the hour of 5orship. 1he hours of !orning and e6ening 5orship should )e the s5eetest and !ost helpful of the da&. :et it )e understood that into these hours no trou)led/ unkind thoughts are to intrudeA that parents and children asse!)le to !eet 5ith <esus/ and to in6ite into the ho!e the presence of hol& angels. :et the ser6ices )e )rief and full of life/ adapted to the occasion/ and 6aried fro! ti!e to ti!e. :et all =oin in the ;i)le reading/ and learn and often repeat -od2s la5. It 5ill add to the interest of the children if the& are so!eti!es per!itted to select the reading. Euestion the! upon it/ and let the! ask Buestions. (ention an&thing that 5ill ser6e to illustrate its !eaning. When the ser6ice is not thus !ade too length&/ let the little ones take part in pra&er/ and let the! =oin in song/ if it )e )ut a single 6erse. 1o !ake such a ser6ice 5hat it should )e/ thought should )e gi6en to preparation. And parents should take ti!e dail& for ;i)le stud& 5ith their children. 3o dou)t it 5ill reBuire effort and planning and so!e sacrifice to acco!plish thisA )ut the effort 5ill )e richl& repaid.--Education/ p. 1+'.

Chap. 11& - 7eligious Hospitalit%

We 5ould )e !uch happier and !ore useful if our ho!e life and social intercourse 5ere go6erned )& the !eekness and si!plicit& of Christ. Instead of toiling for displa&/ to e4cite the ad!iration or the en6& of 6isitors/ 5e should endea6or to !ake all around us happ& )& our cheerfulness/ s&!path&/ and lo6e. :et 6isitors see that 5e are stri6ing to confor! to the 5ill of Christ. :et the! see in us/ e6en though our lot is hu!)le/ a spirit of content and gratitude. 1he 6er& at!osphere of a trul& Christian ho!e is that of peace and restfulness. Such an e4a!ple 5ill not )e 5ithout effect. . . . In our efforts for the co!fort and happiness of guests/ let us not o6erlook our o)ligations to -od. 1he hour of pra&er should not )e neglected for an& consideration. %o not talk and a!use &oursel6es till all are too 5ear& to en=o& the season of de6otion. 1o do this is to present to -od a la!e offering. At an earl& hour of the e6ening/ 5hen 5e can pra& unhurriedl& and understandingl&/ 5e should present our supplications/ and raise our 6oices in happ&/ grateful praise. :et all 5ho 6isit Christians see that the hour of pra&er is the !ost precious/ the !ost sacred/ and the happiest hour of the da&. 1hese seasons of de6otion e4ert a refining/ ele6ating influence upon all 5ho participate in the!. 1he& )ring a peace and rest grateful to the spirit.--7e6ie5 and erald/ 3o6e!)er 2,/ 1++*. A person2s character is =udged )& his st&le of dress. A refined taste/ a culti6ated !ind/ 5ill )e re6ealed in the choice of si!ple and appropriate attire. Chaste si!plicit& in dress/ 5hen united 5ith !odest& of de!eanor/ 5ill go far to5ard surrounding a &oung 5o!an 5ith that at!osphere of sacred reser6e 5hich 5ill )e to her a shield fro! a thousand perils. --Education/ p. 2"+.

Chap. 11( - )le ents in Character ;uilding

It is i!portant that children and &outh should )e trained to guard their 5ords and deedsA for their course of action causes sunshine or shado5/ not onl& in their o5n

ho!e/ )ut also 5ith all 5ith 5ho! the& co!e in contact. ;ut )efore the &outh can )e careful and thoughtful and refrain fro! e6er& appearance of e6il/ the& !ust ha6e that 5isdo! 5hich co!es fro! a)o6e/ and the strength 5hich <esus alone can i!part. . . . 1rue Adorn!ent (an& decei6e the!sel6es in thinking that good looks and a ga& attire 5ill gain for the! consideration in the 5orld. ;ut the char!s that consist onl& in the out5ard apparel are shallo5 and changea)leA no dependence can )e placed upon the!. 1he adorning 5ith Christ en=oins upon is follo5ers 5ill ne6er fade. e sa&sC Whose adorning let it not )e that out5ard adorning of plaiting the hair/ and of 5earing of gold/ or of putting on of apparelA )ut let it )e the hidden !an of the heart/ in that 5hich is not corrupti)le/ e6en the orna!ent of a !eek and Buiet spirit/ 5hich is in the sight of -od of great price. If half the ti!e spent )& the &outh in !aking the!sel6es attracti6e in out5ard appearances 5ere gi6en to soul-culture/ to the in5ard adorning/ 5hat a difference 5ould )e seen in their deport!ent/ 5ords/ and actions. 1hose 5ho are trul& seeking to follo5 Christ 5ill ha6e conscientious scruples in regard to the dress the& 5earA the& 5ill stri6e to !eet the reBuire!ents of this in=unction so plainl& gi6en )& the :ord. 1he !one& no5 e4pended in e4tra6agances in dress 5ill )e used for the ad6ance!ent of the cause of -od and in storing their !inds 5ith useful kno5ledge/ thus Bualif&ing the!sel6es for positions of trust. 1he& 5ill seek to !eet the e4pectations of <esus/ 5ho has )ought the! at an infinite price. %ear children and &outh/ <esus has done all in is po5er to gi6e &ou a ho!e in the !ansions that are prepared for the! that lo6e and ser6e i! here. e left is hea6enl& ho!e/ and ca!e to a 5orld !arred )& sin/--ca!e to a people 5ho did not appreciate i!/ 5ho did not lo6e is purit& and holiness/ 5ho slighted is teachings/ and finall& put i! to a !ost cruel death. -od so lo6ed the 5orld/ that e ga6e is onl&-)egotten Son/ that 5hosoe6er )elie6eth in i! should not perish/ )ut ha6e e6erlasting life. $ut5ard Appearance -od 5ants so!ething in return for this great sacrifice e has !ade in &our )ehalf. e 5ants &ou to )e Christians/ not in na!e alone/ )ut also in dress and con6ersation. e 5ould ha6e &ou )e content to dress in !odest apparel/ not in ruffles and feathers and unnecessar& tri!!ings. e 5ants &ou to !ake &our !anners attracti6e/ such as ea6en can appro6e. Will &ou disappoint his e4pectations/ dear &outhD 1he outside appearance is freBuentl& an inde4 to the !ind/ and 5e should )e careful 5hat signs 5e hang out for the 5orld to =udge of our faith. We 5ant &ou to follo5 <esus as dear children/ o)edient to is e4pressed 5ill in all things. We 5ant &ou to please &our 7edee!er )& seeking earnestl& that in5ard adorning. 1hus da& )& da&/ 5ith the help of <esus/ &ou !a& o6erco!e self. Pride and lo6e of displa& 5ill )e discarded fro! &our hearts and li6es. (eekness and lo6e of si!plicit& 5ill )e encouraged. 1hus the &outh !a& )eco!e an ar!& of faithful soldiers for Christ.

We are li6ing in perilous ti!es/ 5hen those 5ho profess to lo6e and o)e& -od den& i! in their dail& li6es. 0or !en shall )e lo6ers of their o5n sel6es/ co6etous/ )oasters/ proud/ )lasphe!ers/ diso)edient to parents/ unthankful/ unhol&/ 5ithout natural affection/ truce)reakers/ false accusers/ incontinent/ fierce/ despisers of those that are good/ traitors/ head&/ high-!inded/ lo6ers of pleasures !ore than lo6ers of -odA ha6ing a for! of godliness/ )ut den&ing the po5er thereof. -od does not 5ant &ou to )e found a!ong this class/ dear &outh. In is 5ord &ou !a& learn ho5 to shun these e6ils/ and in the end )e o6erco!ers. . . . And the& o6erca!e hi! )& the )lood of the :a!)/ and )& the 5ord of their testi!on&. 1hen the& that feared the :ord spake often one to anotherC and the :ord hearkened/ and heard it/ and a )ook of re!e!)rance 5as 5ritten )efore i! for the! that feared the :ord/ and that thought upon is na!e. Witnessing It is not enough for &ou to a6oid the appearance of e6ilA &ou !ust go farther than thisA &ou !ust learn to do 5ell. You !ust represent Christ to the 5orld. It !ust )e &our dail& stud& ho5 &ou can learn to 5ork the 5orks of -od. is follo5ers are to )e li6ing epistles/ kno5n and read of all !en. You can ne6er secure a good character )& !erel& 5ishing for it. It can )e gained onl& )& la)or. Your desires in this direction !ust )e e4pressed in earnest/ honest endea6or and patient toil. ;& taking ad6ance steps each da& up the ladder of progress/ &ou 5ill find at last at the top/--a conBueror/ &es/ !ore than a conBueror/ through i! 5ho has lo6ed &ou.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ 3o6e!)er #/ 1+,'.

7eligion <udged )& %ress %ear &outh/ a disposition in &ou to dress according to the fashion/ and to 5ear lace/ and gold/ and artificials for displa&/ 5ill not reco!!end to others &our religion or the truth that &ou profess. People of discern!ent 5ill look upon &our atte!pts to )eautif& the e4ternal as proof of 5eak !inds and proud hearts. Si!ple/ plain/ unpretending dress 5ill )e a reco!!endation to !& &outhful sisters. In no )etter 5a& can &ou let &our light shine to others than in &our si!plicit& of dress and deport!ent. You !a& sho5 to all that/ in co!parison 5ith eternal things/ &ou place a proper esti!ate upon the things of this life.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ p. 3*'.

Chap. 11* - $ress and Character

1he follo5ers of Christ are represented )& i! as the salt of the earth and the light of the 5orld. Without the sa6ing influence of Christians/ the 5orld 5ould perish in its o5n corruption. :ook upon the class of professed Christians descri)ed/ 5ho are careless in their dress and personA loose in their )usiness transactions/ as their dress representsA coarse/ uncourteous/ and rough in their !annersA lo5 in their con6ersationA at the sa!e ti!e regarding these !isera)le traits as !arks of true hu!ilit& and Christian life. 1hink &ou that if our Sa6iour 5ere upon earth e 5ould point to the! as )eing the salt of the earth and the light of the 5orldD--3o/ ne6er>

Christians are ele6ated in their con6ersationA and although the& )elie6e it to )e sin to condescend to foolish flatter&/ the& are courteous/ kind and )ene6olent. 1heir 5ords are those of sincerit& and truth. 1he& are faithful in their deal 5ith their )rethren and 5ith the 5orld. In their dress the& a6oid superfluit& and displa&A )ut their clothing 5ill )e neat/ not gaud&/ !odest/ and arranged upon the person 5ith order and taste. Especial care 5ill )e taken to dress in a !anner that 5ill sho5 a sacred regard for the hol& Sa))ath and the 5orship of -od. 1he line of de!arkation )et5een such a class and the 5orld 5ill )e too plain to )e !istaken. 1he influence of )elie6ers 5ould )e tenfold greater if !en and 5o!en 5ho accept the truth/ 5ho ha6e )een for!erl& careless and slack in their ha)its/ 5ould )e so ele6ated and sanctified through the truth as to o)ser6e ha)its of neatness/ order/ and good taste in their dress. $ur -od is a -od of order/ and e is not in an& degree pleased 5ith distraction/ 5ith filthiness/ or 5ith sin. 7elation to 0ashions Christians should not take pains to !ake the!sel6es ga?ing-stocks )& dressing differentl& fro! the 5orld. ;ut if/ in accordance 5ith their faith and dut& in respect to their dressing !odestl& and healthfull&/ the& find the!sel6es out of fashion/ the& should not change their dress in order to )e like the 5orld. ;ut the& should !anifest a no)le independence and !oral courage to )e right/ if all the 5orld differs fro! the!. If the 5orld introduces a !odest/ con6enient/ and healthful !ode of dress/ 5hich is in accordance 5ith the ;i)le/ it 5ill not change our relation to -od or to the 5orld to adopt such a st&le of dress. Christians should follo5 Christ/ and confor! their dress to -od2s 5ord. 1he& should shun e4tre!es. 1he& should hu!)l& pursue a straightfor5ard course/ irrespecti6e of applause or of censure/ and should cling to the right )ecause of its o5n !erits.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <anuar& 3./ 1,...

Chap. 11+ - Proper $ress

1he ;i)le teaches !odest& in dress. In like !anner also/ that 5o!en adorn the!sel6es in !odest apparel. 1 1i!. 2C,. 1his for)ids displa& in dress/ gaud& colors/ profuse orna!entation. An& de6ice designed to attract attention to the 5earer or to e4cite ad!iration is e4cluded fro! the !odest apparel 5hich -od2s 5ord en=oins. Econo!& in %ress $ur dress is to )e ine4pensi6e/--not 5ith gold/ or pearls/ or costl& arra&. (one& is a trust fro! -od. It is not ours to e4pend for the gratification of pride or a!)ition. In the hands of -od2s children it is food for the hungr& and clothing for the naked. It is a defense to the oppressed/ a !eans of health to the sick/ or preaching the gospel to the poor. You could )ring happiness to !an& hearts )& using 5isel& the !one& that is no5 spent for sho5. Consider the life of Christ. Stud& is character/ and )e partakers 5ith i! in is self-denial. In the professed Christian 5orld enough is e4pended for =e5els and needlessl& e4pensi6e dress to feed all the hungr& and to clothe the naked. 0ashion and displa&

a)sor) the !eans that !ight co!fort the poor and the suffering. 1he& ro) the 5orld of the gospel of the Sa6iour2s lo6e. . . . Eualit& and 1aste ;ut our clothing/ 5hile !odest and si!ple/ should )e of good Bualit&/ of )eco!ing colors/ and suited for ser6ice. It should )e chosen for dura)ilit& rather than displa&. It should pro6ide 5ar!th and proper protection. 1he 5ise 5o!an descri)ed in the Pro6er)s is not afraid of the sno5 for her householdC for all her household are clothed 5ith dou)le gar!ents. Pro6. 31C21/ !argin. ealth and Cleanliness $ur dress should )e cleanl&. 8ncleanliness in dress is unhealthful/ and thus defiling to the )od& and to the soul. Ye are the te!ple of -od. . . If an& !an defile the te!ple of -od/ hi! shall -od destro&. 1 Cor. 3C1'/ 1*. In all respects the dress should )e healthful. A)o6e all things/ -od desires us to )e in health H3 <ohn 2I--health of )od& and of soul. And 5e are to )e 5orkers together 5ith i! for the health of )oth soul and )od&. ;oth are pro!oted )& healthful dress. -race and 3atural ;eaut& It should ha6e the grace/ the )eaut&/ the appropriateness of natural si!plicit&. Christ has 5arned us against the pride of life/ )ut not against its grace and natural )eaut&. e pointed to the flo5ers of the field/ to the lil& unfolding in its purit&/ and said/ E6en Solo!on in all his glor& 5as not arra&ed like one of these. (att. 'C2,. 1hus )& the things of nature Christ illustrates the )eaut& that ea6en 6alues/ the !odest grace/ the si!plicit&/ the purit&/ the appropriateness/ that 5ould !ake our attire pleasing to i!.-- Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 3.2/ 3.3.

Chap. 12. - Influence of $ress

We do not discourage neatness in dress. Correct taste is not to )e despised nor conde!ned. $ur faith/ if carried out/ 5ill lead us to )e so plain in dress/ and ?ealous of good 5orks/ that 5e shall )e !arked as peculiar. ;ut 5hen 5e lose taste for order and neatness in dress/ 5e 6irtuall& lea6e the truthA for the truth ne6er degrades/ )ut ele6ates. When )elie6ers are neglectful of their dress/ and are coarse and rough in their !anners/ their influence hurts the truth. We are/ said the inspired apostle/ !ade a spectacle unto the 5orld/ and to angels/ and to !en. All hea6en is !arking the dail& influence that the professed follo5ers of Christ e4ert upon the 5orld. . . . Si!plicit& of dress 5ill !ake a sensi)le 5o!an appear to the )est ad6antage. We =udge of a person2s character )& the st&le of dress 5orn. A !odest/ godl& 5o!an 5ill dress !odestl&. A refined taste/ a culti6ated !ind/ 5ill )e re6ealed in the choice of a si!ple/ appropriate attire. 1he &oung 5o!en 5ho )reak a5a& fro! the sla6er& of fashion 5ill )e orna!ents to societ&. 1he one 5ho is si!ple and unpretending in her dress and in her !anners sho5s that she understands that a true 5o!an is

characteri?ed )& !oral 5orth. o5 char!ing/ ho5 interesting/ is si!plicit& in dress/ 5hich in co!eliness can )e co!pared 5ith the flo5ers of the field.--7e6ie5 and erald/ 3o6e!)er 1*/ 1,.".

Chap. 121 - Si plicit% in $ress

Whose adorning/ let it not )e that out5ard adorning of plaiting the hair/ and of 5earing of gold/ or of putting on of apparel/ )ut let it )e the hidden !an of the heart/ in that 5hich is not corrupti)le/ e6en the orna!ent of a !eek and Buiet spirit/ 5hich is in the sight of -od of great price. u!an reasoning has e6er sought to e6ade or set aside the si!ple/ direct instructions of the 5ord of -od. In e6er& age/ a !a=orit& of the professed follo5ers of Christ ha6e disregarded those precepts 5hich en=oin self-denial and hu!ilit&/ 5hich reBuire !odest& and si!plicit& of con6ersation/ deport!ent/ and apparel. 1he result has e6er )een the sa!e/ --departure fro! the teachings of the gospel leads to the adoption of the fashions/ custo!s/ and principles of the 5orld. 9ital godliness gi6es place to a dead for!alis!. 1he presence and po5er of -od/ 5ithdra5n fro! those 5orld-lo6ing circles/ are found 5ith a class of hu!)ler 5orshipers/ 5ho are 5illing to o)e& the teachings of the Sacred Word. 1hrough successi6e generations/ this course has )een pursued. $ne after another/ different deno!inations ha6e risen and/ &ielding their si!plicit&/ ha6e lost/ in a great !easure/ their earl& po5er. A Snare to -od2s People As 5e see the lo6e of fashion and displa& a!ong those 5ho profess to )elie6e present truth/ 5e sadl& ask/ Will the people of -od learn nothing fro! the histor& of the pastD 1here are fe5 5ho understand their o5n hearts. 1he 6ain and trifling lo6ers of fashion !a& clai! to )e follo5ers of ChristA )ut their dress and con6ersation sho5 5hat occupies the !ind and engages the affections. 1heir li6es )etra& their friendship for the 5orld/ and it clai!s the! as its o5n. o5 can one that has e6er tasted the lo6e of Christ )e satisfied 5ith the fri6olities of fashionD (& heart is pained to see those 5ho profess to )e follo5ers of the !eek and lo5l& Sa6iour/ so eagerl& seeking to confor! to the 5orld2s standard of dress. 3ot5ithstanding their profession of godliness/ the& can hardl& )e distinguished fro! the un)elie6er. 1he& do not en=o& a religious life. 1heir ti!e and !eans are de6oted to the one o)=ect of dressing for displa&. Pride and e4tra6agance in dress is a sin to 5hich 5o!an is especiall& prone. ence the in=unction of the apostle relates directl& to herC In like !anner/ also/ that 5o!en adorn the!sel6es in !odest apparel/ 5ith sha!efacedness and so)riet&A not 5ith )roided hair/ or gold/ or pearls/ or costl& arra&A )ut H5hich )eco!eth 5o!en professing godlinessI 5ith good 5orks. 7efor!ation 3eeded We see steadil& gaining ground in the church an e6il 5hich the 5ord of -od conde!ns. What is the dut& of those in authorit& in regard to this !atterD Will the

influence of the church )e 5hat it should )e/ 5hile !an& of its !e!)ers o)e& the dictates of fashion/ rather than the clearl& e4pressed 5ill of -odD o5 can 5e e4pect the presence and aid of the ol& Spirit 5hile 5e suffer these things to e4ist a!ong usD Can 5e re!ain silent 5hile the teachings of Christ are set aside )& is professed follo5ersD 1hese things )ring grief and perple4it& to those 5ho ha6e the o6ersight of the church of -od. Will not !& Christian sisters the!sel6es reflect candidl& and pra&erfull& upon this su)=ectD Will the& not seek to )e guided )& the 5ord of -odD 1he e4tra ti!e spent in the !aking up of apparel according to the fashions of the 5orld should )e de6oted to close searching of heart and the stud& of the Scriptures. 1he hours that are 5orse than 5asted in preparing unnecessar& adornings/ !ight )e !ade !ore 6alua)le than gold if spent in seeking to acBuire right principles and solid attain!ents. (& heart aches as I see &oung ladies professing to )e follo5ers of Christ 5ho are practicall& ignorant of is character and is 5ill. 1hese &outh ha6e )een satisfied to feed on husks. 1he glittering tinsel of the 5orld appears !ore 6alua)le to the! than the eternal riches. 1he !ental po5ers/ that !ight )e de6eloped )& thought and stud&/ are suffered to lie dor!ant/ and the affections are undisciplined/ )ecause the out5ard apparel is considered of !ore conseBuence than spiritual lo6eliness or !ental 6igor. 1he In5ard Adorning Will the follo5ers of Christ seek to o)tain the in5ard adorning/ the !eek and Buiet spirit 5hich -od pronounces of great price/ or 5ill the& sBuander the fe5 short hours of pro)ation in needless la)or for displa&D 1he :ord 5ould ha6e 5o!an seek constantl& to i!pro6e )oth in !ind and heart/ gaining intellectual and !oral strength that she !a& lead a useful and happ& life/--a )lessing to the 5orld and an honor to her Creator. I 5ould ask the &outh of toda& 5ho profess to )elie6e present truth/ 5herein the& den& self for the truth2s sake. When the& reall& desire an article of dress/ or so!e orna!ent or con6enience/ do the& la& the !atter )efore the :ord in pra&er to kno5 if is Spirit 5ould sanction this e4penditure of !eansD In the preparation of their clothing/ are the& careful not to dishonor their profession of faithD Can the& seek the :ord2s )lessing upon the ti!e thus e!plo&edD It is one thing to =oin the church/ and Buite another thing to )e united to Christ. 8nconsecrated/ 5orld-lo6ing professors of religion are one of the !ost serious causes of 5eakness in the church of Christ. In this age of the 5orld there is an unprecedented rage for pleasure. %issipation and reckless e4tra6agance e6er&5here pre6ail. 1he !ultitudes are eager for a!use!ent. 1he !ind )eco!es trifling and fri6olous/ )ecause it is not accusto!ed to !editation/ or disciplined to stud&. Ignorant senti!entalis! is current. -od reBuires that e6er& soul shall )e culti6ated/ refined/ ele6ated/ and enno)led. ;ut too often e6er& 6alua)le attain!ent is neglected for fashiona)le displa& and superficial pleasure. Wo!en per!it their souls to )e star6ed and d5arfed )& fashion/ and thus the& )eco!e a curse to societ&/ rather than a )lessing.--7e6ie5 and erald/ %ece!)er '/ 1++1.

Chap. 122 - Idolatr% of $ress

1he idolatr& of dress is a !oral disease. It !ust not )e taken o6er into the ne5 life. In !ost cases/ su)!ission to the gospel reBuire!ents 5ill de!and a decided change in the dress. 1here should )e no carelessness in dress. 0or Christ2s sake/ 5hose 5itnesses 5e are/ 5e should seek to !ake the )est of our appearance. In the ta)ernacle ser6ice/ -od specified e6er& detail concerning the gar!ents of those 5ho !inistered )efore i!. 1hus 5e are taught that e has a preference in regard to the dress of those 5ho ser6e i!. 9er& specific 5ere the directions gi6en in regard to Aaron2s ro)es/ for his dress 5as s&!)olic. So the dress of Christ2s follo5ers should )e s&!)olic. In all things 5e are to )e representati6es of i!. $ur appearance in e6er& respect should )e characteri?ed )& neatness/ !odest&/ and purit&. ;ut the 5ord of -od gi6es no sanction to the !aking of changes in apparel !erel& for the sake of fashion/--that 5e !a& appear like the 5orld. Christians are not to decorate the person 5ith costl& arra& or e4pensi6e orna!ents. 1he 5ords of Scripture in regard to dress should )e carefull& considered. We need to understand that 5hich the :ord of hea6en appreciates in e6en the dressing of the )od&. All 5ho are in earnest in seeking for the grace of Christ 5ill heed the precious 5ords of instruction inspired )& -od. E6en the st&le of the apparel 5ill e4press the truth of the gospel.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. '/ p. ,'.

Chap. 123 - 1rue Adorn ent

%e!orali?ing e4tra6agance pre6ails e6er&5here/ and souls are going to ruin )ecause of their lo6e of dress and displa&. 1he life of nine tenths of those 5ho are de6otees of fashion is a li6ing lie. %eception/ fraud/ is their dail& practiceA for the& 5ish to appear that 5hich the& are not. 3o)ilit& of soul/ gentleness/ generosit&/ are )artered a5a& to gratif& the lust after e6il things. 1housands sell their 6irtue that the& !a& ha6e !eans for follo5ing the fashions of the 5orld. Such !adness concerning the changing fashions of the 5orld should call forth an ar!& of refor!ers 5ho 5ould take their position for si!ple and plain attire. Satan is e6er in6enting fashions that cannot )e follo5ed e4cept through the sacrifice of !one&/ ti!e/ and health. 0ollo5ing the World a6ing )efore us the picture of the 5orld2s de!orali?ation upon the point of fashion/ ho5 dare professed Christians follo5 in the path of the 5orldlingD Shall 5e appear to sanction these de!orali?ing fashions )& adopting the!D (an& do adopt the fashions of the 5orld/ )ut it is )ecause Christ is not for!ed 5ithin the!/ the hope of glor&. :u4urious li6ing/ e4tra6agant dressing/ is carried to such an e4tent as to constitute one of the signs of the last da&s. Pride and 6anit& are !anifested e6er&5hereA )ut those 5ho are inclined to look into the !irror to ad!ire the!sel6es/ ha6e little inclination to look into the la5 of -od/ the great !oral !irror. 1his idolatr& of dress destro&s all that is hu!)le/ !eek/ and lo6el& in the character. It consu!es the precious hours that should )e de6oted to !editation/

to searching the heart/ to the pra&erful stud& of -od2s 5ord. In the 5ord of -od/ Inspiration has recorded lessons especiall& for our instruction. . . . %e6otion to dress takes fro! the !eans intrusted for 5orks of !erc& and )ene6olence/ and this e4tra6agant outla& is ro))er& to5ard -od. $ur !eans ha6e not )een gi6en to us for the gratification of pride and lo6e of displa&. We are to )e 5ise ste5ards/ and clothe the naked/ feed the hungr&/ and gi6e our !eans to ad6ance the cause of -od. If 5e 5ant adorn!ent/ the graces of !eekness/ hu!ilit&/ !odest&/ and prudence are suited to e6er& person/ in e6er& rank and condition of life. Shall 5e not take our stand as faithful sentinels/ and )& precept and e4a!ple fro5n do5n indulgence in the dissipation and e4tra6agance of this degenerate ageD Shall 5e not set a right e4a!ple to our &outh/ and 5hether 5e eat or drink/ or 5hatsoe6er 5e do/ do all to the glor& of -odD--7e6ie5 and erald/ %ece!)er 12/ 1,12. 1here is a distinction )et5een recreation and a!use!ent. 7ecreation/ 5hen true to its na!e/ re-creation/ tends to strengthen and )uild up. Calling us aside fro! our ordinar& cares and occupations/ it affords refresh!ent for !ind and )od&/ and thus ena)les us to return 5ith ne5 6igor to the earnest 5ork of life. A!use!ent/ on the other hand/ is sought for the sake of pleasure/ and is often carried to e4cessA it a)sor)s the energies that are reBuired for useful 5ork/ and thus pro6es a hindrance to life2s true success.-Education/ p. 2.*.

Chap. 12! - 1he 9alue of 7ecreation

Christians should )e the !ost cheerful and happ& people that li6e. 1he& !a& ha6e the consciousness that -od is their father and their e6erlasting friend. ;ut !an& professed Christians do not correctl& represent the Christian religion. 1he& appear gloo!&/ as if under a cloud. 1he& often speak of the great sacrifices the& ha6e !ade to )eco!e Christians. 1he& appeal to those 5ho ha6e not accepted Christ/ representing )& their o5n e4a!ple and con6ersation that the& !ust gi6e up e6er&thing 5hich 5ould !ake life pleasant and =o&ful. 1he& thro5 a pall of darkness o6er the )lessed Christian hope. 1he i!pression is gi6en that -od2s reBuire!ents are a )urden e6en to the 5illing soul/ and that e6er&thing that 5ould gi6e pleasure/ or that 5ould delight the taste/ !ust )e sacrificed. We do not hesitate to sa& that this class of professed Christians ha6e not the genuine article. -od is lo6e. Whoso d5elleth in -od/ d5elleth in lo6e. All 5ho ha6e indeed )eco!e acBuainted/ )& e4peri!ental kno5ledge/ 5ith the lo6e and tender co!passion of our ea6enl& 0ather 5ill i!part light and =o& 5here6er the& !a& )e. 1heir presence and influence 5ill )e to their associates as the fragrance of s5eet flo5ers/ )ecause the& are linked to -od and hea6en/ and the purit& and e4alted lo6eliness of hea6en are co!!unicated through the! to all that are )rought 5ithin their influence. 1his constitutes the! the light of the 5orld/ the salt of the earth. 1he& are indeed sa6ors of life unto life/ )ut not of death unto death. Christian 7ecreation

It is the pri6ilege and dut& of Christians to seek to refresh their spirits and in6igorate their )odies )& innocent recreation/ 5ith the purpose of using their ph&sical and !ental po5ers to the glor& of -od. $ur recreations should not )e scenes of senseless !irth/ taking the for! of the nonsensical. We can conduct the! in such a !anner as 5ill )enefit and ele6ate those 5ith 5ho! 5e associate/ and )etter Bualif& us and the! to !ore successfull& attend to the duties de6ol6ing upon us as Christians. We cannot )e e4cusa)le in the sight of -od if 5e engage in a!use!ents 5hich ha6e a tendenc& to unfit us for the faithful perfor!ance of the ordinar& duties of life/ and thus lessen our relish for the conte!plation of -od and hea6enl& things. 1he religion of Christ is cheering and ele6ating in its influence. It is a)o6e e6er&thing like foolish =esting and =oking/ 6ain and fri6olous chit-chat. In all our seasons of recreation 5e !a& gather fro! the %i6ine Source of strength fresh courage and po5er/ that 5e !a& the !ore successfull& ele6ate our li6es to purit&/ true goodness/ and holiness. :o6e of the ;eautiful E6en the great -od is a lo6er of the )eautiful. e has gi6en us un!istaka)le e6idence of this in the 5ork of is hands. e planted for our first parents a )eautiful garden in Eden. Statel& trees 5ere caused to gro5 out of the ground/ of e6er& description/ for usefulness and orna!ent. 1he )eautiful flo5ers 5ere for!ed/ of rare lo6eliness/ of e6er& tint and hue/ perfu!ing the air. 1he !err& songsters/ of 6aried plu!age/ caroled forth their =o&ous songs to the praise of their Creator. It 5as the design of -od that !an should find happiness in the e!plo&!ent of tending the things e had created/ and that his 5ants should )e !et 5ith the fruits of the trees of the garden. -od/ 5ho !ade the Eden ho!e of our first parents so surpassingl& lo6el&/ has also gi6en the no)le trees/ the )eautiful flo5ers/ and e6er&thing lo6el& in nature/ for our happiness. e has gi6en us these tokens of is lo6e that 5e !a& ha6e correct 6ie5s of is character. e has i!planted in the hearts of is children the lo6e of the )eautiful. ;ut )& !an& this lo6e has )een per6erted. 1he )enefits and )eauties 5hich -od has )esto5ed upon us ha6e )een 5orshiped/ 5hile the glorious -i6er has )een forgotten. 1his is stupid ingratitude. We should ackno5ledge the lo6e of -od to us in all is creati6e 5orks/ and our hearts should respond to these e6idences of is lo6e )& gi6ing i! the heart2s )est and holiest affections. 1he (aster Artist -od has surrounded us 5ith nature2s )eautiful scener& to attract and interest the !ind. It is is design that 5e should associate the glories of nature 5ith is character. If 5e faithfull& stud& the )ook of nature/ 5e shall find it a fruitful source for conte!plating the infinite lo6e and po5er of -od. (an& e4tol artistic skill 5hich 5ill produce lo6el& paintings upon can6as. All the po5ers of the )eing are )& !an& de6oted to art/ &et ho5 far short do these co!e of the natural. Art can ne6er attain to the perfection seen in nature. (an& professed Christians 5ill go into ecstacies o6er the painting of an e6ening sunset. 1he& 5orship

the skill of the artistA )ut the& pass )& 5ith indifference the actual glorious sunset 5hich it is their pri6ilege to look upon e6er& cloudless e6ening. Where does the artist o)tain his designD 0ro! nature. ;ut the great (aster Artist has painted upon hea6en2s shifting/ changing can6as the glories of the setting sun. e has tinted and gilded the hea6ens 5ith gold/ sil6er/ and cri!son/ as though the portals of high hea6en 5ere thro5n open/ that 5e !ight 6ie5 its glea!ings/ and our i!agination take hold of the glor& 5ithin. (an& turn carelessl& fro! this hea6enl& 5rought picture. 1he& fail to trace the infinite lo6e and po5er of -od in the surpassing )eauties seen in the hea6ens/ )ut are al!ost entranced as the& 6ie5 and 5orship the i!perfect paintings/ in i!itation of the (aster Artist--7e6ie5 and erald/ <ul& 2#/ 1+*1.

8nfitted to 7esist 1e!ptation %o not suppose that &ou can unite &ourself 5ith the a!use!ent-lo6ing/ the ga& and pleasure-lo6ing/ and at the sa!e ti!e resist te!ptation.--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ <une 2./ 1,...

Chap. 12" - 1he :o6e of ,orldl% Pleasure

It is an alar!ing fact that the lo6e of the 5orld predo!inates in the !inds of the &oung as a class. (an& conduct the!sel6es as if the precious hours of pro)ation/ 5hile !erc& lingers/ 5ere one grand holida&/ and the& 5ere placed in the 5orld !erel& for their o5n a!use!ent/ to )e gratified 5ith a continual round of e4cite!ent. 1he& find their pleasures in the 5orld/ and in the things of the 5orld/ and are strangers to the 0ather and the graces of is Spirit. (an& are reckless in their con6ersation. 1he& choose to forget that )& their 5ords the& are to )e =ustified or conde!ned. -od is dishonored )& the fri6olit& and the e!pt&/ 6ain talking and laughing that characteri?e the life of !an& of our &outh. . . . Satan !akes special efforts to lead the! to find happiness in 5orldl& a!use!ents/ and to =ustif& the!sel6es )& endea6oring to sho5 that these a!use!ents are har!less/ innocent/ and e6en i!portant for health. e presents the path of holiness as difficult/ 5hile the paths of 5orldl& pleasure are stre5n 5ith flo5ers. In false and flattering colors/ he arra&s the 5orld 5ith its pleasures )efore the &outh. ;ut the pleasures of earth 5ill soon co!e to an end/ and that 5hich is so5n !ust also )e reaped. Are personal attractions/ a)ilit&/ or talents too 6alua)le to de6ote to -od/ the author of our )eing/ i! 5ho 5atches o6er us e6er& !o!entD Are our Bualifications too precious to de6ote to -odD 1he Wa& of Wisdo! 1he &outh often urge that the& need so!ething to enli6en and di6ert the !ind. 1he Christian2s hope is =ust 5hat is needed. 7eligion 5ill pro6e to the )elie6er a co!forter/ a sure guide to the 0ountain of true happiness. 1he &oung should stud& the 5ord of -od/ gi6ing the!sel6es to !editation and pra&er. 1he& 5ill find that their

spare !o!ents cannot )e )etter e!plo&ed. Wisdo!2s 5a&s are 5a&s of pleasantness/ and all her paths are peace. Paul/ 5riting to 1itus/ e4horts the &outh to so)riet&C Young !en like5ise e4hort to )e so)er-!inded. In all things sho5ing th&self a pattern of good 5orksC in doctrine sho5ing uncorruptness/ gra6it&/ sincerit&/ sound speech that cannot )e conde!nedA that he that is of the contrar& part !a& )e asha!ed/ ha6ing no e6il thing to sa& of &ou. I entreat the &outh/ for their souls2 sake/ to heed the e4hortation of the apostle. All these gracious instructions/ 5arnings/ and reproofs 5ill )e either a sa6or of life unto life or of death unto death. 1he &oung are naturall& inclined to feel that not !uch responsi)ilit&/ caretaking/ or )urden-)earing is e4pected of the!. ;ut upon e6er& one rests the o)ligation to reach the ;i)le standard. 1he light that shines forth in pri6ileges and opportunities/ in the !inistr& of the 5ord/ in counsels/ 5arnings/ and reproofs/ 5ill perfect character/ or 5ill conde!n the careless. 1his light is to )e cherished )& the &oung as 5ell as )& those 5ho are older. Who 5ill no5 take their stand for -od/ deter!ined to gi6e is ser6ice the first place in their li6esD Who 5ill )e )urden-)earersD 7e!e!)er no5 th& Creator in the da&s of th& &outh. <esus desires the ser6ice of those 5ho ha6e the de5 of &outh upon the!. e 5ants the! to )e heirs of i!!ortalit&. 1he& !a& gro5 up into no)le !anhood and 5o!anhood/ not5ithstanding the !oral pollution that a)ounds/ that corrupts so !an& of the &outh at an earl& age. 1he& !a& )e free in ChristA the children of light/ not of darkness. -od calls upon e6er& &oung !an and &oung 5o!an to renounce e6er& e6il ha)it/ to )e diligent in )usiness/ fer6ent in spirit/ ser6ing the :ord. 1he& need not re!ain in indolence/ !aking no effort to o6erco!e 5rong ha)its or to i!pro6e the conduct. 1he sincerit& of their pra&ers 5ill )e pro6ed )& the 6igor of the effort the& !ake to o)e& -od2s co!!ands. At e6er& step the& !a& renounce e6il ha)its and associations/ )elie6ing that the :ord/ )& the po5er of is Spirit/ 5ill gi6e the! strength to o6erco!e. 0aithfulness in :ittle 1hings Indi6idual/ constant/ united efforts 5ill )e re5arded )& success. 1hose 5ho desire to do a great deal of good in our 5orld !ust )e 5illing to do it in -od2s 5a&/ )& doing little things. e 5ho 5ishes to reach the loftiest heights of achie6e!ent )& doing so!ething great and 5onderful/ 5ill fail of doing an&thing. Stead& progress in a good 5ork/ the freBuent repetition of one kind of faithful ser6ice/ is of !ore 6alue in -od2s sight than the doing of one great 5ork/ and 5ins for the &outh a good report/ gi6ing character to their efforts. . . . 1he &outh can do good in la)oring to sa6e souls. -od holds the! accounta)le for the use the& !ake of the talents intrusted to the!. :et those 5ho clai! to )e sons and daughters of -od ai! at a high standard. :et the! use e6er& facult& -od has gi6en the!.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& 1/ 1,.*.

8nsatisfied :ongings 1he continual cra6ing for pleasura)le a!use!ents re6eals the deep longings of the soul. ;ut those 5ho drink at this fountain of 5orldl& pleasure 5ill find their soulthirst still unsatisfied. 1he& are decei6edA the& !istake !irth for happinessA and 5hen the e4cite!ent ceases !an& sink do5n into the depths of despondenc& and despair. $ 5hat !adness/ 5hat foll&/ to forsake the 0ountain of li6ing 5aters for the )roken cisterns of 5orldl& pleasure>-- 0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. "22.

$pportunities for Witnessing If &ou trul& )elong to Christ/ &ou 5ill ha6e opportunities for 5itnessing for i!. You 5ill )e in6ited to attend places of a!use!ent/ and then it 5ill )e that &ou 5ill ha6e an opportunit& to testif& to &our :ord. If &ou are true to Christ then/ &ou 5ill not tr& to for! e4cuses for &our non-attendance/ )ut 5ill plainl& and !odestl& declare that &ou are a child of -od/ and &our principles 5ould not allo5 &ou to )e in a place/ e6en for one occasion/ 5here &ou could not in6ite the presence of &our :ord.-- 1he Youth2s Instructor/ (a& "/ 1+,3.

Chap. 12& - ,ords of Counsel

It is in the order of -od that the ph&sical as 5ell as the !ental po5ers shall )e trainedA )ut the character of the ph&sical e4ercise taken should )e in co!plete har!on& 5ith the lessons gi6en )& Christ to is disciples. 1hose lessons should )e e4e!plified in the li6es of Christians/ so that in all the education and self-training of teachers and students/ the hea6enl& agencies !a& not record of the! that the& are lo6ers of pleasures. 1his is the record no5 )eing !ade of a large nu!)er/ :o6ers of pleasures !ore than lo6ers of -od. 2 1i!. 3C". 1hus Satan and his angels are la&ing their snares for souls. 1he& are 5orking upon the !inds of teachers and students to induce the! to engage in e4ercises and a!use!ents 5hich )eco!e intensel& a)sor)ing/ and 5hich are of a character to strengthen the lo5er passions/ and to create appetites and passions that 5ill counteract the operations of the Spirit of -od upon hu!an hearts. All the teachers in a school need e4ercise/ a change of e!plo&!ent. -od has pointed out 5hat this should )e/--useful/ practical 5ork. ;ut !an& ha6e turned a5a& fro! -od2s plan to follo5 hu!an in6entions/ to the detri!ent of spiritual life. A!use!ents are doing !ore to counteract the 5orking of the ol& Spirit than an&thing else/ and the :ord is grie6ed. . . . ;e so)er/ )e 6igilantA )ecause &our ad6ersar& the de6il/ as a roaring lion/ 5alketh a)out/ seeking 5ho! he !a& de6our/ 1 Peter #C+. e is on the pla&ground/ 5atching &our a!use!ents/ and catching e6er& soul 5ho! he finds off guard/ so5ing his seeds in hu!an hearts/ and gaining control of hu!an !inds. e is present in e6er& e4ercise in the schoolroo!. 1hose students 5ho allo5 their !inds to )e deepl& e4cited o6er ga!es are not in the )est condition to recei6e the instruction/ the counsel/ the reproof/ !ost essential for the!.

Ph&sical e4ercise 5as !arked out )& the -od of 5isdo!. So!e hours each da& should )e de6oted to useful education in lines of 5ork that 5ill help the students in learning the duties of practical life/ 5hich are essential for all our &outh. 1here is need of e6er& one in e6er& school and in e6er& other institution )eing as 5as %aniel/ in such close connection 5ith the Source of all 5isdo! that he 5ill )e ena)led to reach the highest standard in e6er& line. 1he lo6e and fear of -od 5as )efore %anielA and conscious of his a!ena)ilit& to -od/ he trained all his po5ers to respond as far as possi)le to the lo6ing care of the great 1eacher. 1he four e)re5 children 5ould not allo5 selfish !oti6es and lo6e of a!use!ents to occup& the golden !o!ents of life. 1he& 5orked 5ith 5illing heart and read& !ind. 1his is no higher standard than e6er& Christian &outh !a& reach.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 2+1-2+".

Chap. 12( - $angerous A use ents for the Young

1he desire for e4cite!ent and pleasing entertain!ent is a te!ptation and a snare to -od2s people/ and especiall& to the &oung. Satan is constantl& preparing induce!ents to attract !inds fro! the sole!n 5ork of preparation for scenes =ust in the future. 1hrough the agenc& of 5orldlings he keeps up a continual e4cite!ent to induce the un5ar& to =oin in 5orldl& pleasures. 1here are sho5s/ lectures/ and an endless 6ariet& of entertain!ents that are calculated to lead to a lo6e of the 5orldA and through this union 5ith the 5orld faith is 5eakened. Satan is a perse6ering 5ork!an/ an artful/ deadl& foe. Whene6er an incautious 5ord is spoken/ 5hether in flatter& or to cause the &outh to look upon so!e sin 5ith less a)horrence/ he takes ad6antage of it/ and nourishes the e6il seed/ that it !a& take root and &ield a )ountiful har6est. e is in e6er& sense of the 5ord a decei6er/ a skilful char!er. e has !an& finel& 5o6en nets/ 5hich appear innocent/ )ut 5hich are skilfull& prepared to entangle the &oung and un5ar&. 1he natural !ind leans to5ard pleasure and self-gratification. It is Satan2s polic& to fill the !ind 5ith a desire for 5orldl& a!use!ent/ that there !a& )e no ti!e for the Buestion/ o5 is it 5ith !& soulD An 8nfortunate Age We are li6ing in an unfortunate age for the &oung. 1he pre6ailing influence in societ& is in fa6or of allo5ing the &outh to follo5 the natural turn of their o5n !inds. If their children are 6er& 5ild/ parents flatter the!sel6es that 5hen the& are older and reason for the!sel6es the& 5ill lea6e off their 5rong ha)its/ and )eco!e useful !en and 5o!en. What a !istake> 0or &ears the& per!it an ene!& to so5 the garden of the heart/ and suffer 5rong principles to gro5 and strengthen/ see!ing not to discern the hidden dangers and the fearful ending of the path that see!s to the! the 5a& of happiness. In !an& cases all the la)or after5ard )esto5ed upon these &outh 5ill a6ail nothing. 1he standard of piet& is lo5 a!ong professed Christians generall&/ and it is hard for the &oung to resist the 5orldl& influences that are encouraged )& !an& church!e!)ers. 1he !a=orit& of no!inal Christians/ 5hile the& profess to )e li6ing for

Christ/ are reall& li6ing for the 5orld. 1he& do not discern the e4cellence of hea6enl& things/ and therefore cannot trul& lo6e the!. (an& profess to )e Christians )ecause Christianit& is considered honora)le. 1he& do not discern that genuine Christianit& !eans cross-)earing/ and their religion has little influence to restrain the! fro! taking part in 5orldl& pleasures. So!e can enter the )allroo!/ and unite in all the a!use!ents 5hich it affords. $thers cannot go to such lengths as this/ &et the& can attend parties of pleasure/ picnics/ sho5s/ and other places or 5orldl& a!use!entA and the !ost discerning e&e 5ould fail to detect an& difference )et5een their appearance and that of un)elie6ers. In the present state of societ& it is no eas& task for parents to restrain their children/ and instruct the! according to the ;i)le rule of right. Children often )eco!e i!patient under restraint/ and 5ish to ha6e their o5n 5a& and to go and co!e as the& please. Especiall& fro! the age of ten to eighteen the& are inclined to feel that there can )e no har! in going to 5orldl& gatherings of &oung associates. ;ut the e4perienced Christian parents can see danger. 1he& are acBuainted 5ith the peculiar te!pera!ents of their children/ and kno5 the influence of these things upon their !indsA and fro! a desire for their sal6ation/ the& should keep the! )ack fro! these e4citing a!use!ents. When the children decide for the!sel6es to lea6e the pleasures of the 5orld and to )eco!e Christ2s disciples/ 5hat a )urden is lifted fro! the hearts of careful/ faithful parents> Yet e6en then the la)ors of the parents !ust not cease. 1hese &outh ha6e =ust co!!enced in earnest the 5arfare against sin/ and against the e6ils of the natural heart/ and the& need in a special sense the counsel and 5atch-care of their parents. A 1i!e of 1rial ;efore the Young Young Sa))ath-keepers 5ho ha6e &ielded to the influence of the 5orld/ 5ill ha6e to )e tested and pro6ed. 1he perils of the last da&s are upon us/ and a trial is )efore the &oung 5hich !an& ha6e not anticipated. 1he& 5ill )e )rought into distressing perple4it&/ and the genuineness of their faith 5ill )e pro6ed. 1he& profess to )e looking for the Son of !anA &et so!e of the! ha6e )een a !isera)le e4a!ple to un)elie6ers. 1he& ha6e not )een 5illing to gi6e up the 5orld/ )ut ha6e united 5ith the 5orld in attending picnics and other gatherings for pleasure/ flattering the!sel6es that the& 5ere engaging in innocent a!use!ent. Yet it is =ust such indulgences that separate the! fro! -od/ and !ake the! children of the 5orld. So!e are constantl& leaning to the 5orld. 1heir 6ie5s and feelings har!oni?e !uch )etter 5ith the spirit of the 5orld than 5ith that of Christ2s self-den&ing follo5ers. It is perfectl& natural that the& should prefer the co!pan& of those 5hose spirit 5ill )est agree 5ith their o5n. And such ha6e Buite too !uch influence a!ong -od2s people. 1he& take part 5ith the!/ and ha6e a na!e a!ong the!A )ut the& are a te4t for un)elie6ers/ and for the 5eak and unconsecrated ones in the church. In this refining ti!e these professors 5ill either )e 5holl& con6erted and sanctified )& o)edience to the truth/ or the& 5ill )e left 5ith the 5orld/ to recei6e their re5ard 5ith the 5orldling.

-od does not o5n the pleasure-seeker as is follo5er. 1hose onl& 5ho are selfden&ing/ and 5ho li6e li6es of so)riet&/ hu!ilit&/ and holiness/ are true follo5ers of <esus. And such cannot en=o& the fri6olous/ e!pt& con6ersation of the lo6er of the 5orld. Separation fro! the World 1he true follo5ers of Christ 5ill ha6e sacrifices to !ake. 1he& 5ill shun places of 5orldl& a!use!ent )ecause the& find no <esus there/--no influence 5hich 5ill !ake the! hea6enl& !inded and increase their gro5th in grace. $)edience to the 5ord of -od 5ill lead the! to co!e out fro! all these things/ and )e separate. ;& their fruits &e shall kno5 the! H(att. *C 2.I/ the Sa6iour declared. All the true follo5ers of Christ )ear fruit to is glor&. 1heir li6es testif& that a good 5ork has )een 5rought in the! )& the Spirit of -od/ and their fruit is unto holiness. 1heir li6es are ele6ated and pure. 7ight actions are the un!istaka)le fruit of true godliness/ and those 5ho )ear no fruit of this kind re6eal that the& ha6e no e4perience in the things of -od. 1he& are not in the 9ine. Said <esus/ A)ide in (e/ and I in &ou. As the )ranch cannot )ear fruit of itself/ e4cept it a)ide in the 6ineA no !ore can &e/ e4cept &e a)ide in (e. I a! the 6ine/ &e are the )ranchesC he that a)ideth in (e/ and I in hi!/ the sa!e )ringeth forth !uch fruitC for 5ithout (e &e can do nothing. <ohn 1#C"/ #. 1hose 5ho 5ould )e 5orshipers of the true -od !ust sacrifice e6er& idol. <esus said to the la5&er/ 1hou shalt lo6e the :ord th& -od 5ith all th& heart/ and 5ith all th& soul/ and 5ith all th& !ind. 1his is the first co!!and!ent. (att. 22C3*/ 3+. 1he first four precepts of the decalogue allo5 no separation of the affections fro! -od. 3or !ust an&thing share our supre!e delight in i!. We cannot ad6ance in Christian e4perience until 5e put a5a& e6er&thing that separates us fro! -od. 1he great ead of the church/ 5ho has chosen is people out of the 5orld/ reBuires the! to )e separate fro! the 5orld. e designs that the spirit of is co!!and!ents/ )& dra5ing is follo5ers to i!self/ shall separate the! fro! 5orldl& ele!ents. 1o lo6e -od and keep is co!!and!ents is far a5a& fro! lo6ing the 5orld2s pleasures and its friendship. 1here is no concord )et5een Christ and ;elial. Pro!ises to the Young 1he &outh 5ho follo5 Christ ha6e a 5arfare )efore the!A the& ha6e a dail& cross to )ear in co!ing out of the 5orld and i!itating the life of Christ. ;ut there are !an& precious pro!ises on record for those 5ho seek the Sa6iour earl&. Wisdo! calls to the sons of !en/ I lo6e the! that lo6e !eA and those that seek !e earl& shall find !e. Pro6. +C1*. Wherefore gird up the loins of &our !ind/ )e so)er/ and hope to the end for the grace that is to )e )rought unto &ou at the re6elation of <esus ChristA as o)edient children/ not fashioning &oursel6es according to the for!er lusts in &our ignoranceC )ut as e 5hich hath called &ou is hol&/ so )e &e hol& in all !anner of con6ersation. 1 Pet. 1C13-1#. 0or the grace of -od that )ringeth sal6ation hath appeared to all !en/ teaching us that/ den&ing ungodliness and 5orldl& lusts/ 5e should li6e so)erl&/ righteousl&/ and godl&/ in this present 5orldA looking for that )lessed hope/ and the

glorious appearing of the great -od and our Sa6iour <esus ChristA 5ho ga6e i!self for us/ that e !ight redee! us fro! all iniBuit&/ and purif& unto i!self a peculiar people/ ?ealous of good 5orks. 1itus 2C11-1".--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 32#-33..

Chap. 12* - )sta'lishing 7ight Principles in the Youth

1he &oung should )e controlled )& fir! principle/ that the& !a& rightl& i!pro6e the po5ers 5hich -od has gi6en the!. ;ut &outh follo5 i!pulse so !uch and so )lindl&/ 5ithout reference to principle/ that the& are constantl& in danger. Since the& cannot al5a&s ha6e the guidance and protection of parents and guardians/ the& need to )e trained to self-reliance and self-control. 1he& !ust )e taught to think and act fro! conscientious principle. 7ela4ation and A!use!ent 1hose 5ho are engaged in stud& should ha6e rela4ation. 1he !ind !ust not )e constantl& confined to close thought/ for the delicate !ental !achiner& )eco!es 5orn. 1he )od& as 5ell as the !ind !ust ha6e e4ercise. ;ut there is great need of te!perance in a!use!ents/ as in e6er& other pursuit. And the character of these a!use!ents should )e carefull& and thoroughl& considered. E6er& &outh should ask hi!self/ What influence 5ill these a!use!ents ha6e on ph&sical/ !ental/ and !oral healthD Will !& !ind )eco!e so infatuated as to forget -odD Shall I cease to ha6e is glor& )efore !eD Card-pla&ing should )e prohi)ited. 1he associations and tendencies are dangerous. . . . 1here is nothing in such a!use!ents )eneficial to soul or )od&. 1here is nothing to strengthen the intellect/ nothing to store it 5ith 6alua)le ideas for future use. 1he con6ersation is often upon tri6ial and degrading su)=ects. . . . E4pertness in handling cards often leads to a desire to put this kno5ledge and tact to so!e use for personal )enefit. A s!all su! is staked/ and then a larger/ until a thirst for ga!ing is acBuired/ 5hich leads to certain ruin. o5 !an& has this pernicious a!use!ent led to e6er& sinful practice/ to po6ert&/ to prison/ to !urder/ and to the gallo5s> And &et !an& parents do not see the terri)le gulf of ruin that is &a5ning for our &outh. A!ong the !ost dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater. Instead of )eing a school for !oralit& and 6irtue/ as is so often clai!ed/ it is the 6er& hot)ed of i!!oralit&. 9icious ha)its and sinful propensities are strengthened and confir!ed )& these entertain!ents. :o5 songs/ le5d gestures/ e4pressions/ and attitudes/ depra6e the i!agination and de)ase the !orals. E6er& &outh 5ho ha)ituall& attends such e4hi)itions 5ill )e corrupted in principle. 1here is no influence in our land !ore po5erful to poison the i!agination/ to destro& religious i!pressions/ and to )lunt the relish for tranBuil pleasures and so)er realities of life/ than theatrical a!use!ents.

1he lo6e for these scenes increases 5ith e6er& indulgence/ as the desire for into4icating drink strengthens 5ith its use. 1he onl& safe course is to shun the theater/ the circus/ and e6er& other Buestiona)le place of a!use!ent. 1here are !odes of recreation 5hich are highl& )eneficial to )oth )od& and !ind. An enlightened/ discri!inating !ind 5ill find a)undant !eans for entertain!ent and di6ersion/ fro! sources not onl& innocent/ )ut instructi6e. 7ecreation in the open air/ the conte!plation of the 5orks of -od in nature/ 5ill )e of the highest )enefit.-1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. "/ pp. '#1-'#3.

Pro6ide Innocent Pleasures Youth cannot )e !ade as sedate and gra6e as old age/ the child as so)er as the sire. While sinful a!use!ents are conde!ned/ as the& should )e/ let parents/ teachers/ and guardians of &outh pro6ide in their stead innocent pleasures/ 5hich 5ill not taint or corrupt the !orals. %o not )ind do5n the &oung to rigid rules and restraints that 5ill lead the! to feel the!sel6es oppressed/ and to )reak o6er and rush into paths of foll& and destruction. With a fir!/ kind/ considerate hand/ hold the lines of go6ern!ent/ guiding and controlling their !inds and purposes/ &et so gentl&/ so 5isel&/ so lo6ingl&/ that the& 5ill still kno5 that &ou ha6e their )est good in 6ie5.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. 33#.

7ecreation in (issionar& Work 1he hours so often spent in a!use!ent that refreshes neither )od& nor soul should )e spent in 6isiting the poor/ the sick/ and the suffering/ or in seeking to help so!e one 5ho is in need.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. '/ p. 2*'.

Chap. 12+ - 8nhol% Influences at ,ork

I entreat the students in our schools to )e so)er-!inded. 1he fri6olit& of the &oung is not pleasing to -od. 1heir sports and ga!es open the door to a flood of te!ptations. 1he& are in possession of -od2s hea6enl& endo5!ent in their intellectual faculties/ and the& should not allo5 their thoughts to )e cheap and lo5. A character for!ed in accordance 5ith the precepts of -od2s 5ord 5ill re6eal steadfast principles/ pure/ no)le aspirations. 1he ol& Spirit co-operates 5ith the po5ers of the hu!an !ind/ and high and hol& i!pulses are the sure result. . . . 1he lo5/ co!!on pleasure parties/ gatherings for eating and drinking/ singing and pla&ing on instru!ents of !usic/ are inspired )& a spirit that is fro! )eneath. 1he& are an o)lation unto Satan. . . . 1hose 5ho take the lead in these fri6olities )ring upon the cause a stain not easil& effaced. 1he& 5ound their o5n souls/ and 5ill carr& the scars through their lifeti!e. 1he e6il-doer !a& see his sins/ and repent/ and -od !a& pardon the transgressorA )ut the po5er of discern!ent 5hich ought e6er to )e kept keen and sensiti6e to

distinguish )et5een the sacred and the co!!on/ is in a great !easure destro&ed.-Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 3''-3'+.

Chap. 13. - <o% in 7eligion

1he future a)ode of the righteous/ and their e6erlasting re5ard/ are high and enno)ling the!es for the &oung to conte!plate. %5ell upon the !ar6elous plan of sal6ation/ the great sacrifice !ade )& the @ing of glor& that &ou !ight )e ele6ated through the !erits of is )lood/ and )& o)edience finall& )e e4alted to the throne of Christ. 1his su)=ect should engage the no)lest conte!plation of the !ind. 1o )e )rought into fa6or 5ith -od/--5hat a pri6ilege> . . . Young friends/ I sa5 that 5ith such e!plo&!ent and di6ersion as this/ &ou !ight )e happ&. ;ut the reason 5h& &ou are restless is/ &ou do not seek to the onl& true source for happiness. You are e6er tr&ing to find out of Christ the en=o&!ent 5hich is found onl& in i!. In i! are no disappointed hopes. Pra&er/--oh/ ho5 is this precious pri6ilege neglected> 1he reading of the 5ord of -od prepares the !ind for pra&er. $ne of the greatest reasons 5h& &ou ha6e so little disposition to dra5 nearer to -od )& pra&er is/ &ou ha6e unfitted &oursel6es for this sacred 5ork )& reading fascinating stories/ 5hich ha6e e4cited the i!agination and aroused unhol& passions. 1he 5ord of -od )eco!es distasteful/ the hour of pra&er is forgotten. Pra&er is the strength of the Christian. When alone/ he is not aloneA he feels the presence of $ne 5ho has said/ :o/ I a! 5ith &ou al5a&. 1he &oung 5ant =ust 5hat the& ha6e notA na!el&/ religion. 3othing can take the place of this. Profession alone is nothing. 3a!es are registered upon the church-)ooks upon earth/ )ut not in the )ook of life. I sa5 that there is not one in t5ent& of the &outh 5ho kno5s 5hat e4peri!ental religion is. 1he& ser6e the!sel6es/ and &et profess to )e ser6ants of ChristA )ut unless the spell 5hich is upon the! )e )roken/ the& 5ill soon reali?e that the portion of the transgressor is theirs. As for self-denial or sacrifice for the truth2s sake/ the& ha6e found an easier 5a& a)o6e it all. As for the earnest pleading 5ith tears and strong cries to -od for is pardoning grace/ and for strength fro! i! to resist the te!ptations of Satan/ the& ha6e found it unnecessar& to )e so earnest and ?ealousA the& can get along 5ell 5ithout it. Christ/ the @ing of glor&/ 5ent often alone to the !ountains and desert places to pour out is soul2s reBuest to is 0atherA )ut sinful !an/ in 5ho! is no strength/ thinks he can li6e 5ithout so !uch pra&er.-1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. I/ pages #.3-#.#.

1he E4a!ple of <esus <esus repro6ed self-indulgence in all its for!s/ &et e 5as social in is nature. e accepted the hospitalit& of all classes/ 6isiting the ho!es of the rich and the poor/ the learned and the ignorant/ and seeking to ele6ate their thoughts fro! Buestions of co!!onplace life to those things that are spiritual and eternal. e ga6e no license to dissipation/ and no shado5 of 5orldl& le6it& !arred is conductA &et he found pleasure in scenes of innocent happiness/ and )& is presence sanctioned the social gathering. --%esire of Ages/ pp. 1#./ 1#1.

Chap. 131 - Christian 7ecreation

While 5e are seeking to refresh our spirits and in6igorate our )odies/ 5e are reBuired of -od to use all our po5ers at all ti!es to the )est purpose. We can/ and should/ conduct our recreations in such a !anner that 5e shall )e )etter fitted for the !ore successful discharge of the duties de6ol6ing upon us/ and our influence 5ill )e !ore )eneficial upon those 5ith 5ho! 5e associate. We can return fro! such occasions to our ho!es i!pro6ed in !ind and refreshed in )od&/ and prepared to engage in the 5ork ane5 5ith )etter hope and )etter courage. . . We are here to )enefit hu!anit& and to )e a )lessing to societ&A and if 5e let our !inds run in that lo5 channel that !an& 5ho are seeking onl& 6anit& and foll& per!it their !inds to run in/ ho5 can 5e )e a )enefit to our race and generationD ho5 can 5e )e a )lessing to societ& around usD . . . Principles Contrasted ;et5een the associations of the follo5ers of Christ for Christian recreation and 5orldl& gatherings for pleasure and a!use!ent 5ill e4ist a !arked contrast. Instead of pra&er and the !entioning of Christ and sacred things/ 5ill )e heard fro! the lips of 5orldlings the sill& laugh and the trifling con6ersation. 1he idea is to ha6e a general high ti!e. 1heir a!use!ents co!!ence in foll& and end in 6anit&. $ur gatherings should )e so conducted/ and 5e should so conduct oursel6es/ that 5hen 5e return to our ho!es 5e can ha6e a conscience 6oid of offense to5ard -od and !anA a consciousness that 5e ha6e not 5ounded or in=ured in an& !anner those 5ith 5ho! 5e ha6e )een associated/ or had an in=urious influence o6er the!. 1he natural !ind leans to5ard pleasure and self-gratification. It is Satan2s polic& to !anufacture an a)undance of this. e seeks to fill the !inds of !en 5ith a desire for 5orldl& a!use!ent/ that the& !a& ha6e no ti!e to ask the!sel6es the Buestion/ o5 is it 5ith !& soulD 1he lo6e of pleasure is infectious. -i6en up to this/ the !ind hurries fro! one point to another/ e6er seeking for so!e a!use!ent. $)edience to the la5 of -od counteracts this inclination/ and )uilds )arriers against ungodliness.-Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 33'/ 33*.

Young !en should re!e!)er that the& are accounta)le for all the pri6ileges the& ha6e en=o&ed/ for the i!pro6e!ent of their ti!e/ and for the right use of their a)ilities. 1he& !a& inBuire/ Shall 5e ha6e no a!use!ent or recreationD Shall 5e 5ork/ 5ork/ 5ork/ 5ithout 6ariationD An& a!use!ent in 5hich &ou can engage asking the )lessing of -od upon it in faith/ 5ill not )e dangerous. ;ut an& a!use!ent 5hich disBualifies &ou for secret pra&er/ for de6otion at the altar of pra&er/ or for taking part in the pra&er !eeting/ is not safe/ )ut dangerous.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. 33*.

Chap. 132 - Social -atherings

-atherings for social intercourse are !ade in the highest degree profita)le and instructi6e 5hen those 5ho !eet together ha6e the lo6e of -od glo5ing in their heartsA 5hen the& !eet to e4change thoughts in regard to the 5ord of -od/ or to consider !ethods for ad6ancing is 5ork and doing good to their fello5 !en. When the ol& Spirit is regarded as a 5elco!e guest at these gatherings/ 5hen nothing is said or done to grie6e it a5a&/ -od is honored/ and those 5ho !eet together are refreshed and strengthened. ;ut there are social gatherings of a different character/ 5here pride of appearance/ hilarit&/ and trifling are too often seen. In their desire for a!use!ent/ those 5ho attend are in danger of forgetting -od/ and things take place that !ake the 5atching angels 5eep. 1he scene of pleasure )eco!es/ for the ti!e )eing/ their paradise. All gi6e the!sel6es up to hilarit& and !irth. 1he e&es sparkle/ the cheek is flushedA )ut conscience sleeps. :ack of Spiritualit& 7e6ealed Such enthusias! and inspiration ha6e not a hea6enl& origin. 1he& are entirel& of this earth. Sadl& the angels of hea6en look upon the forgetfulness of those for 5ho! Christ has done so !uch. When sickness and death co!e to those 5ho ha6e li6ed !erel& for self-pleasing/ too late the& find that the& ha6e no oil in their la!ps/ and that the& are utterl& unfit to close their life2s histor&. 1he tenor of the con6ersation carried on at !an& social gatherings re6eals 5hat the heart is set upon. 1he trifling talk/ the foolish 5itticis!s/ spoken onl& to create a laugh/ do not rightl& represent Christ. 1hose 5ho utter the! 5ould not )e 5illing to !eet a record of their 5ords. Wrong i!pressions are !ade upon the listeners/ and reproach is cast upon Christ. $ that the &outh 5ould guard 5ell their 5ords> for )& the! the& 5ill )e =ustified or )& the! conde!ned. 7e!e!)er that <esus is )eside &ou 5here6er &ou go/ noting &our actions and listening to &our 5ords. Would &ou )e asha!ed to hear is 6oice speaking to &ou/ and to kno5 that e hears &our con6ersationD . . . 1he once earnest Christian 5ho takes part in 5orldl& a!use!ents is on dangerous ground. e has left the region per6aded )& the 6ital at!osphere of hea6en/ and has plunged into an at!osphere of !ist and fogA for in !an& cases pleasure parties and gatherings for a!use!ent are a reproach to the religion of Christ. e 5ho !aintains his connection 5ith -od cannot in heart participate in the!. 1he 5ords he hears are not congenial to hi!A for the& are not the language of Canaan. 1he speakers do not gi6e e6idence that the& are !aking !elod& in their hearts to -od. Su)tle Influences 1hose 5ho are artificial in character and religious e4perience too readil& gather for pleasure and a!use!ent/ and their influence attracts others. So!eti!es &oung !en and 5o!en 5ho are tr&ing to )e ;i)le Christians are persuaded to =oin the part&. 8n5illing to )e thought singular/ and naturall& inclined to follo5 the e4a!ple of others/ the& place the!sel6es under the influence of those 5ho/ perhaps/ ha6e ne6er felt the di6ine touch on !ind or heart. ad the& pra&erfull& consulted the di6ine

standard/ to learn 5hat Christ has said in regard to the fruit to )e )orne on the Christian tree/ the& 5ould ha6e discerned that these entertain!ents 5ere reall& )anBuets prepared to keep souls fro! accepting the in6itation to the !arriage supper of the :a!). It so!eti!es happens that )& freBuenting places of a!use!ent/ &outh 5ho ha6e )een carefull& instructed in the 5a& of the :ord are carried a5a& )& the gla!our of hu!an influence/ and for! attach!ents for those 5hose education and training ha6e )een of a 5orldl& character. 1he& sell the!sel6es into lifelong )ondage )& uniting 5ith persons 5ho ha6e not the orna!ent of a Christlike spirit. 1hose 5ho trul& lo6e and ser6e -od 5ill fear to descend to the 5orld2s le6el )& choosing the societ& of those 5ho ha6e not enthroned Christ in their hearts. 1he& 5ill stand )oldl& for Christ/ e6en though their course !a& )e one of self-denial and self-sacrifice. 1he Antidote for 0ri6olit& Christ li6ed a life of toil and sacrifice for us/ and can 5e not den& oursel6es for i!D Are not the atone!ent e has !ade for us and the righteousness e 5aits to gi6e us the!es 5orth& of occup&ing our !indsD If the &outh 5ill dra5 fro! the storehouse of the ;i)le the treasures it contains/ if the& 5ill !editate on the pardon/ peace/ and e6erlasting righteousness that cro5n a life of self-denial/ the& 5ill ha6e no desire for Buestiona)le e4cite!ent of a!use!ent. Christ re=oices 5hen the thoughts of the &oung are occupied )& the grand and enno)ling the!es of sal6ation. e enters the hearts of all such as an a)iding guest/ filling the! 5ith =o& and peace. And the lo6e of Christ in the soul is as a 5ell of 5ater/ springing up into e6erlasting life. . . . 1hose 5ho possess this lo6e 5ill delight to talk of the things that -od has prepared for the! that lo6e i!. 1he eternal -od has dra5n the line of distinction )et5een the saint and the sinner/ )et5een con6erted and uncon6erted. 1he t5o classes do not )lend into each other i!percepti)l&/ like the colors of a rain)o5/ )ut are as distinct as !idda& and !idnight. -od2s people cannot 5ith safet& enter into inti!ate associations 5ith those 5ho kno5 the truth/ )ut do not practice it. 1he patriarch <aco)/ 5hen speaking of certain deeds of his sons/ 5hich he conte!plated 5ith horror/ e4clai!ed/ $ !& soul/ co!e not thou into their secretA unto their asse!)l& !ine honor/ )e not thou united. e felt that his o5n honor 5ould )e co!pro!ised if he associated 5ith sinners in their doings. e lifted the danger signal/ 5arning us to shun 5rong associations/ lest 5e )eco!e tainted 5ith e6il. And the ol& Spirit/ through the apostle Paul/ utters a si!ilar 5arning/ a6e no fello5ship 5ith the unfruitful 5orks of darkness/ )ut rather repro6e the!. --1he Youth2s Instructor/ 0e)ruar& "/ 1+,*. Accepta)le Social -atherings E6er& talent of influence is to )e sacredl& cherished and used for the purpose of gathering souls to Christ. Young !en and &oung 5o!en should not think that their sports/ their e6ening parties and !usical entertain!ents/ as usuall& conducted/ are accepta)le to Christ.

:ight has )een gi6en !e/ again and again/ that all our gatherings should )e characteri?ed )& a decided religious influence. If our &oung people 5ould asse!)le to read and understand the Scriptures/ asking/ What shall I do that I !a& ha6e eternal lifeD and then place the!sel6es unitedl& upon the side of truth/ the :ord <esus 5ould let is )lessing co!e into their hearts. $ that e6er& church-!e!)er/ e6er& 5orker in our institutions/ !ight reali?e that this life is a school in 5hich to prepare for e4a!ination )& the -od of hea6en/ 5ith regard to purit&/ cleanness of thought/ unselfishness of action> E6er& 5ord and act/ e6er& thought/ is recorded on the record )ooks of hea6en. . . . It is through the po5er and pre6alence of truth that 5e !ust )e sanctified/ and ele6ated to the true dignit& of the standard set forth in the 5ord. 1he 5a& of the :ord can )e learned onl& through !ost careful o)edience to is 5ord. Stud& the 5ord.-1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 1"/ 1,.'.

Chap. 133 - Ho5 to Spend Holida%s

7ecreation is needful to those 5ho are engaged in ph&sical la)or/ and is still !ore essential for those 5hose la)or is principall& !ental. It is not essential to our sal6ation/ nor for the glor& of -od/ to keep the !ind la)oring constantl& and e4cessi6el&/ e6en upon religious the!es. 1here are a!use!ents/ such as dancing/ card-pla&ing/ chess/ checkers/ etc./ 5hich 5e cannot appro6e/ )ecause ea6en conde!ns the!. 1hese a!use!ents open the door for great e6il. 1he& are not )eneficial in their tendenc&/ )ut ha6e an e4citing influence/ producing in so!e !inds a passion for those pla&s 5hich lead to ga!)ling and dissipation. All such pla&s should )e conde!ned )& Christians/ and so!ething perfectl& har!less should )e su)stituted in their place. I sa5 that our holida&s should not )e spent in patterning after the 5orld/ &et the& should not )e passed )& unnoticed/ for this 5ill )ring dissatisfaction to our children. $n these da&s 5hen there is danger that our children 5ill e4posed to e6il influences/ and )eco!e corrupted )& the pleasures and e4cite!ent of the 5orld/ let the parents stud& to get up so!ething to take the place of !ore dangerous a!use!ents. -i6e &our children to understand that &ou ha6e their good and happiness in 6ie5. :et se6eral fa!ilies li6ing in a cit& or 6illage unite and lea6e the occupations 5hich ha6e ta4ed the! ph&sicall& and !entall&/ and !ake an e4cursion into the countr&/ to the side of a fine lake or to a nice gro6e/ 5here the scener& of nature is )eautiful. 1he& should pro6ide the!sel6es 5ith plain/ h&gienic food/ the 6er& )est fruits and grains/ and spread their ta)le under the shade of so!e tree/ or under the canop& of hea6en. 1he ride/ the e4ercise/ and the scener& 5ill Buicken the appetite/ and the& can en=o& a repast 5hich kings !ight en6&. $n such occasions parents and children should feel free fro! care/ la)or/ and perple4it&. Parents should )eco!e children 5ith their children/ !aking e6er&thing as pleasant for the! as possi)le. :et the 5hole da& )e gi6en to recreation.

E4ercise in the open air/ for those 5hose e!plo&!ent has )een 5ithin doors and sedentar&/ 5ill )e )eneficial to health. All 5ho can/ should feel it a dut& to pursue this course. 3othing 5ill )e lost/ )ut !uch gained. 1he& can return to their occupations 5ith ne5 life and ne5 courage to engage in their la)or 5ith ?eal/ and the& are )etter prepared to resist disease.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 1/ pp. #1"/ #1#.

Christian Sources of Pleasure -od has pro6ided for e6er& one pleasure that !a& )e en=o&ed )& rich and poor alike/-the pleasure found in culti6ating pureness of thought and unselfishness of action/ the pleasure that co!es fro! speaking s&!pathi?ing 5ords and doing kindl& deeds. 0ro! those 5ho perfor! such ser6ice/ the light of Christ shines to )righten li6es darkened )& !an& sorro5s.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. IK/ page #*.

Chap. 13! - :iterar% Societies

It is often asked/ Are literar& societies a )enefit to our &outhD 1o ans5er this Buestion properl&/ 5e should consider not onl& the a6o5ed purpose of such societies/ )ut the influence 5hich the& ha6e actuall& e4erted/ as pro6ed )& e4perience. 1he i!pro6e!ent of the !ind is a dut& 5hich 5e o5e to oursel6es/ to societ&/ and to -od. ;ut 5e should ne6er de6ise !eans for the culti6ation of the intellect at the e4pense of the !oral and the spiritual. And it is onl& )& the har!onious de6elop!ent of )oth the !ental and the !oral faculties that the highest perfection of either can )e attained. Are these results secured )& literar& societies as the& are generall& conductedD :iterar& societies are al!ost uni6ersall& e4erting an influence contrar& to that 5hich the na!e indicates. As generall& conducted/ the& are an in=ur& to the &outhA for Satan co!es in to put his sta!p upon the e4ercises. All that !akes !en !anl& or 5o!en 5o!anl& is reflected fro! the character of Christ. 1he less 5e ha6e of Christ in such societies/ the less 5e ha6e of the ele6ating/ refining/ enno)ling ele!ent 5hich should pre6ail. When 5orldlings conduct these !eetings to !eet their 5ishes/ the spirit of Christ is e4cluded. 1he !ind is dra5n a5a& fro! serious reflection/ a5a& fro! -od/ a5a& fro! the real and su)stantial/ to the i!aginar& and the superficial. :iterar& societies--5ould that the na!e e4pressed their true character> What is the chaff to the 5heatD 1he purposes and o)=ects 5hich lead to the for!ation of literar& societies !a& )e goodA )ut unless 5isdo! fro! -od shall control these organi?ations/ the& 5ill )eco!e a positi6e e6il. 1he irreligious and unconsecrated in heart and life are usuall& ad!itted/ and are often placed in the !ost responsi)le positions. 7ules and regulations !a& )e adopted that are thought to )e sufficient to hold in check e6er& deleterious influenceA )ut Satan/ a shre5d general/ is at 5ork to !ould the societ& to suit his plans/ and in ti!e he too often succeeds. 1he great ad6ersar& finds read& access to those 5ho! he has controlled in the past/ and through the! he acco!plishes his purpose. 9arious entertain!ents are introduced to !ake the !eetings interesting and attracti6e for 5orldlings/ and thus the e4ercises of the so-called literar& societ& too often degenerate into de!orali?ing theatrical perfor!ances and cheap nonsense. All

these gratif& the carnal !ind/ 5hich is at en!it& 5ith -odA )ut the& do not strengthen the intellect nor confir! the !orals. 1he association of the -od-fearing 5ith the un)elie6ing in these societies does not !ake saints of sinners. When -od2s people 6oluntaril& unite 5ith the 5orldl& and the unconsecrated/ and gi6e the! the pre-e!inence/ the& 5ill )e led a5a& fro! i! )& the unsanctified influence under 5hich the& ha6e placed the!sel6es. 0or a short ti!e there !a& )e nothing seriousl& o)=ectiona)le/ )ut !inds that ha6e not )een )rought under the control of the Spirit of -od 5ill not take readil& to those things 5hich sa6or of truth and righteousness. If the& had had heretofore an& relish for spiritual things/ the& 5ould ha6e placed the!sel6es in the ranks of <esus Christ. 1he t5o classes are controlled )& different !asters/ and are opposites in their purposes/ hopes/ tastes/ and desires. 1he follo5ers of <esus en=o& so)er/ sensi)le/ enno)ling the!es/ 5hile those 5ho ha6e no lo6e for sacred things cannot take pleasure in these gatherings/ unless the superficial and unreal constitutes a pro!inent feature of the e4ercises. :ittle )& little the spiritual ele!ent is ruled out )& the irreligious/ and the effort to har!oni?e principles 5hich are antagonistic in their nature pro6es a decided failure. Efforts ha6e )een !ade to de6ise a plan for the esta)lish!ent of a literar& societ& 5hich shall pro6e a )enefit to all connected 5ith it/--a societ& in 5hich all the !e!)ers shall feel a !oral responsi)ilit& to !ake it 5hat it should )e/ and to a6oid the e6ils 5hich often !ake such associations dangerous to religious principles. Persons of discretion and good =udg!ent/ 5ho ha6e a li6ing connection 5ith hea6en/ 5ho 5ill see the e6il tendencies/ and/ not decei6ed )& Satan/ 5ill !o6e straight for5ard in the path of integrit&/ continuall& holding aloft the )anner of Christ--such ones are needed to control in these societies. Such an influence 5ill co!!and respect/ and !ake these gatherings a )lessing rather than a curse. If !en and 5o!en of !ature age 5ould unite 5ith the &outh to organi?e and conduct such a literar& societ&/ it !ight )eco!e )oth useful and interesting. ;ut 5hen such gatherings degenerate into occasions for fun and )oisterous !irth/ the& are an&thing )ut literar& or ele6ating. 1he& are de)asing to )oth !ind and !orals. ;i)le reading/ the critical e4a!ination of ;i)le su)=ects/ essa&s 5ritten upon topics 5hich 5ould i!pro6e the !ind and i!part kno5ledge/ the stud& of the prophecies or the precious lessons of Christ/-- these 5ill ha6e an influence to strengthen the !ental po5ers and increase spiritualit&. A fa!iliar acBuaintance 5ith the Scriptures sharpens the discerning po5ers/ and fortifies the soul against the attacks of Satan. 0e5 reali?e that it is a dut& to e4ercise control o6er the thoughts and i!aginations. It is difficult to keep the undisciplined !ind fi4ed upon profita)le su)=ects. ;ut if the thoughts are not properl& e!plo&ed/ religion cannot flourish in the soul. 1he !ind !ust )e preoccupied 5ith sacred and eternal things/ or it 5ill cherish trifling and superficial thoughts. ;oth the intellectual and the !oral po5ers !ust )e disciplined/ and the& 5ill strengthen and i!pro6e )& e4ercise. . . . 1he intellect/ as 5ell as the heart/ !ust )e consecrated to the ser6ice of -od. e has clai!s upon all there is of us. 1he follo5er of Christ should not indulge in an& gratification/ or engage in an& enterprise/ ho5e6er innocent or lauda)le it !a& appear/ 5hich an enlightened conscience tells hi! 5ould a)ate his ardor or lessen his

spiritualit&. E6er& Christian should la)or to press )ack the tide of e6il/ and sa6e our &outh fro! the influences that 5ould s5eep the! do5n to ruin. (a& -od help us to press our 5a& against the current.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. #"1-#"".

Chap. 13" - $ancing

1he true Christian 5ill not desire to enter an& place of a!use!ent or engage in an& di6ersion upon 5hich he cannot ask the )lessing of -od. e 5ill not )e found at the theater/ the )illiard hall/ or the )o5ling saloon. e 5ill not unite 5ith the ga& 5alt?ers/ or indulge in an& other )e5itching pleasure that 5ill )anish Christ fro! the !ind. 1o those 5ho plead for these di6ersions/ 5e ans5er/ We cannot indulge in the! in the na!e of <esus of 3a?areth. 1he )lessing of -od 5ould not )e in6oked upon the hour spent at the theater or in the dance. 3o Christian 5ould 5ish to !eet death in such a place. 3o one 5ould 5ish to )e found there 5hen Christ shall co!e. When 5e co!e to the final hour/ and stand face to face 5ith the record of our li6es/ shall 5e regret that 5e ha6e attended so fe5 parties of pleasureD that 5e ha6e participated in so fe5 scenes of thoughtless !irthD Shall 5e not/ rather/ )itterl& regret that so !an& precious hours ha6e )een 5asted in self-gratification/--so !an& opportunities neglected/ 5hich/ rightl& i!pro6ed/ 5ould ha6e secured for us i!!ortal treasuresD It has )eco!e custo!ar& for professors of religion to e4cuse al!ost an& pernicious indulgence to 5hich the heart is 5edded. ;& fa!iliarit& 5ith sin/ the& )eco!e )linded to its enor!it&. (an& 5ho clai! to )e children of -od gloss o6er sins 5hich is 5ord conde!ns/ )& linking so!e purpose of church charit& 5ith their godless carousals. 1hus the& )orro5 the li6er& of hea6en to ser6e the de6il in. Souls are decei6ed/ led astra&/ and lost to 6irtue and integrit& )& these fashiona)le dissipations. In the Path of %issipation In !an& religious fa!ilies/ dancing and card-pla&ing are !ade a parlor pasti!e. It is urged that these are Buiet/ ho!e a!use!ents/ 5hich !a& )e safel& en=o&ed under the parental e&e. ;ut a lo6e for these e4citing pleasures is thus culti6ated/ and that 5hich 5as considered har!less at ho!e 5ill not long )e regarded dangerous a)road. It is &et to )e ascertained that there is an& good to )e o)tained fro! these a!use!ents. 1he& do not gi6e 6igor to the )od& nor rest to the !ind. 1he& do not i!plant in the soul one 6irtuous or hol& senti!ent. $n the contrar&/ the& destro& all relish for serious thought and for religious ser6ices. It is true that there is a 5ide contrast )et5een the )etter class of select parties and the pro!iscuous and degraded asse!)lies of the lo5 dance house. Yet all are steps in the path of dissipation. 1he a!use!ent of dancing/ as conducted at the present da&/ is a school of depra6it&/ a fearful curse to societ&. If all in our great cities 5ho are &earl& ruined )& this !eans could )e )rought together/ 5hat histories of 5recked li6es 5ould )e re6ealed. o5 !an& 5ho no5 stand read& to apologi?e for this practice 5ould )e filled 5ith anguish

and a!a?e!ent at the result. o5 can professedl& Christian parents consent to place their children in the 5a& of te!ptation/ )& attending 5ith the! such scenes of festi6it&D o5 can &oung !en and &oung 5o!en )arter their souls for this infatuating pleasureD--7e6ie5 and erald/ 0e)ruar& 2+/ 1++2.

1he %anger of A!use!ents 1he lo6e of pleasure is one of the !ost dangerous/ )ecause it is one of the !ost su)tle/ of the !an& te!ptations that assail the children and &outh in the cities. olida&s are nu!erousA ga!es and horse racing dra5 thousands/ and the 5hirl of e4cite!ent and pleasure attracts the! a5a& fro! the so)er duties of life. (one& that should ha6e )een sa6ed for )etter uses--in !an& cases the scant& earnings of the poor--is frittered a5a& for a!use!ents.-- 0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. "22.

-uided )& Principle (an& are so fearful of pro6oking unfriendl& criticis! or !alicious gossip that the& dare not act fro! principle. 1he& dare not identif& the!sel6es 5ith those 5ho follo5 Christ full&. 1he& desire to confor! to 5orldl& custo!s and secure the appro)ation of 5orldlings. Christ ga6e i!self for us that e !ight redee! us fro! all iniBuit&/ and purif& unto i!self a peculiar people/ ?ealous of good 5orks.-7e6ie5 and erald/ 3o6e!)er 2,/ 1++*. It is through the social relations that Christianit& co!es in contact 5ith the 5orld. E6er& !an or 5o!an 5ho has recei6ed the di6ine illu!ination is to shed light on the dark path5a& of those 5ho are unacBuainted 5ith the )etter 5a&. Social po5er/ sanctified )& the Spirit of Christ/ !ust )e i!pro6ed in )ringing souls to the Sa6iour.-(inistr& of ealing/ p. ",'.

Chap. 13& - Social to Sa6e

1he e4a!ple of Christ in linking i!self 5ith the interests of hu!anit& should )e follo5ed )& all 5ho preach is 5ord/ and )& all 5ho ha6e recei6ed the gospel of is grace. We are not to renounce social co!!union. We should not seclude oursel6es fro! others. In order to reach all classes/ 5e !ust !eet the! 5here the& are. 1he& 5ill seldo! seek us of their o5n accord. 3ot alone fro! the pulpit are the hearts of !en touched )& di6ine truth. 1here is another field of la)or/ hu!)ler/ it !a& )e/ )ut full& as pro!ising. It is found in the ho!e of the lo5l&/ and in the !ansion of the greatA at the hospita)le )oard/ and in gatherings for innocent social en=o&!ent. As disciples of Christ 5e shall not !ingle 5ith the 5orld fro! a !ere lo6e of pleasure/ to unite 5ith the! in foll&. Such associations can result onl& in har!. We should ne6er gi6e sanction to sin )& our 5ords or our deeds/ our silence or our presence. Where6er 5e go/ 5e are to carr& <esus 5ith us/ and to re6eal to others the preciousness of our Sa6iour. ;ut those 5ho tr& to preser6e their religion )& hiding it 5ithin stone 5alls lose precious opportunities of doing good. 1hrough the social

relations/ Christianit& co!es in contact 5ith the 5orld. E6er& one 5ho has recei6ed the di6ine illu!ination is to )righten the path5a& of those 5ho kno5 not the :ight of life. We should all )eco!e 5itnesses for <esus. Social po5er/ sanctified )& the grace of Christ/ !ust )e i!pro6ed in 5inning souls to the Sa6iour. :et the 5orld see that 5e are not selfishl& a)sor)ed in our o5n interests/ )ut that 5e desire others to share our )lessings and pri6ileges. :et the! see that our religion does not !ake us uns&!pathetic or e4acting. :et all 5ho profess to ha6e found Christ !inister as e did for the )enefit of !en. We should ne6er gi6e to the 5orld the false i!pression that Christians are a gloo!&/ unhapp& people. If our e&es are fi4ed on <esus/ 5e shall see a co!passionate 7edee!er/ and shall catch light fro! is countenance. Where6er is spirit reigns/ there peace a)ides. And there 5ill )e =o& also/ for there is a cal!/ hol& trust in -od. Christ is pleased 5ith is follo5ers 5hen the& sho5 that/ though hu!an/ the& are partakers of the di6ine nature. 1he& are not statues/ )ut li6ing !en and 5o!en. 1heir hearts/ refreshed )& the de5s of di6ine grace/ open and e4pand to the Sun of 7ighteousness. 1he light that shines upon the! the& reflect upon others in 5orks that are lu!inous 5ith the lo6e of Christ.--%esire of Ages/ pp. 1#2/ 1#3.

Association Influences %estin& -od2s 5ord places great stress upon the influence of association/ e6en on !en and 5o!en. o5 !uch greater is its po5er on the de6eloping !ind and character of children and &outh> 1he co!pan& the& keep/ the principles the& adopt/ the ha)its the& for!/ 5ill decide the Buestion of their usefulness here/ and of their future destin&.-Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. 22..

Chap. 13( - Christian Socia'ilit% and Courtes%

Christian socia)ilit& is altogether too little culti6ated )& -od2s people. 1his )ranch of education should not )e neglected or lost sight of in our schools. Students should )e taught that the& are not independent ato!s/ )ut that each one is a thread 5hich is to unite 5ith other threads in co!posing a fa)ric. In no depart!ent can this instruction )e !ore effectuall& gi6en than in the school ho!e. ere students are dail& surrounded )& opportunities 5hich/ if i!pro6ed/ 5ill greatl& aid in de6eloping the social traits of their characters. It lies in their o5n po5er so to i!pro6e their ti!e and opportunities as to de6elop a character that 5ill !ake the! happ& and useful. 1hose 5ho shut the!sel6es up 5ithin the!sel6es/ 5ho are un5illing to )e dra5n upon to )less others )& friendl& associations/ lose !an& )lessingsA for )& !utual contact !inds recei6e polish and refine!entA )& social intercourse acBuaintances are for!ed and friendships contracted 5hich result in a unit& of heart and an at!osphere of lo6e 5hich is pleasing in the sight of hea6en.

Especiall& should those 5ho ha6e tasted the lo6e of Christ de6elop their social po5ers/ for in this 5a& the& !a& 5in souls to the Sa6iour. Christ should not )e hid a5a& in their hearts/ shut in as a co6eted treasure/ sacred and s5eet/ to )e en=o&ed solel& )& the!sel6esA nor should the lo6e of Christ )e !anifested to5ard those onl& 5ho please their fanc&. Students are to )e taught the Christlikeness of e4hi)iting a kindl& interest/ a social disposition/ to5ard those 5ho are in the greatest need/ e6en though these !a& not )e their o5n chosen co!panions. At all ti!es and in all places <esus !anifested a lo6ing interest in the hu!an fa!il&/ and shed a)out i! the light of a cheerful piet&. Students should )e taught to follo5 in is steps. 1he& should )e taught to !anifest Christian interest/ s&!path&/ and lo6e for their &outhful co!panions/ and endea6or to dra5 the! to <esusA Christ should )e in their hearts as a 5ell of 5ater springing up into e6erlasting life/ refreshing all 5ith 5ho! the& co!e in contact. It is this 5illing/ lo6ing !inistr& for others in ti!es of necessit& that is accounted precious 5ith -od. 1hus e6en 5hile attending school/ students !a&/ if true to their profession/ )e li6ing !issionaries for -od. All this 5ill take ti!eA )ut the ti!e thus e!plo&ed is profita)l& spent/ for in this 5a& the student is learning ho5 to present Christianit& to the 5orld. Christ did not refuse to !ingle 5ith others in friendl& intercourse. When in6ited to a feast )& Pharisee or pu)lican/ e accepted the in6itation. $n such occasions e6er& 5ord that e uttered 5as a sa6or of life unto life to is hearersA for e !ade the dinner hour an occasion of i!parting !an& precious lessons adapted to their needs. Christ thus taught is disciples ho5 to conduct the!sel6es 5hen in the co!pan& of those 5ho 5ere not religious as 5ell as of those 5ho 5ere.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. '/ pp. 1*2/ 1*3.

Chap. 13* - -uiding Principles

1he heart )elongs to <esus. e has paid an infinite price for the soulA and e intercedes )efore the 0ather as our (ediator/ pleading not as a petitioner/ )ut as conBueror 5ho 5ould clai! that 5hich is is o5n. e is a)le to sa6e to the utter!ost/ for e e6er li6es to !ake intercession for us. A &oung heart is a precious offering/ the !ost 6alua)le gift that can )e presented to -od. All that &ou are/ all the a)ilit& &ou possess/ co!es fro! -od a sacred trust/ to )e rendered )ack to i! again in a 5illing/ hol& offering. You cannot gi6e to -od an&thing that e has not first gi6en &ou. 1herefore 5hen the heart is gi6en to -od/ it is gi6ing to i! a gift 5hich he has purchased and is is o5n. 1here are !an& clai!ants to the ti!e/ the affections/ and the strength of &outh. Satan clai!s the &outh as his propert&/ and a 6ast nu!)er render to hi! all the a)ilit&/ all the talent/ the& possess. 1he 5orld clai!s the heartA )ut that heart )elongs to the $ne 5ho redee!ed it. If gi6en to the 5orld/ it 5ill )e filled 5ith care/ sorro5/ and disappointed hopesA it 5ill )eco!e i!pure and corrupted. It 5ould )e the 5orst kind of ro))er& to gi6e to the 5orld &our heart2s affections and ser6ice/ for the& )elong to -od. You cannot 5ith profit gi6e &our heart to pleasure-seeking.

1he ene!& of righteousness has e6er& kind of pleasure prepared for &outh in all conditions of lifeA and the& are not presented alone in cro5ded cities/ )ut in e6er& spot inha)ited )& hu!an )eings. Satan lo6es to secure the &outh in his ranks as soldiers. 1he arch fiend 5ell kno5s 5ith 5hat !aterial he has to dealA and he has displa&ed his infernal 5isdo! in de6ising custo!s and pleasures for the &outh 5hich 5ill separate their affections fro! <esus Christ. . . . 1he Prodigal 1he lesson of the prodigal is gi6en for the instruction of &outh. In his life of pleasure and sinful indulgence/ he e4pends his portion of the inheritance in riotous li6ing. e is friendless/ and in a strange countr&A clad in rags/ hungr&/ longing e6en for the refuse fed to the s5ine. is last hope is to return/ penitent and hu!)led/ to his father2s house/ 5here he is 5elco!ed/ forgi6en/ and taken )ack to a father2s heart. (an& &outh are doing as he did/ li6ing a careless/ pleasure-lo6ing/ spendthrift life/ forsaking the fountain of li6ing 5aters/ the fountain of true pleasure/ and he5ing out to the!sel6es )roken cisterns/ 5hich can hold no 5ater. -od2s -racious In6itation -od2s in6itation co!es to each &outh/ (& son/ gi6e (e thine heartA I 5ill keep it pureA I 5ill satisf& its longings 5ith true happiness. -od lo6es to !ake the &outh happ&/ and that is 5h& e 5ould ha6e the! gi6e their hearts into is keeping/ that all the -odgi6en faculties of the )eing !a& )e kept in a 6igorous/ healthful condition. 1he& are holding -od2s gift of life. e !akes the heart )eatA he gi6es strength to e6er& facult&. Pure en=o&!ent 5ill not de)ase one of -od2s gifts. We sin against our o5n )odies/ and sin against -od/ 5hen seeking pleasures 5hich separate our affections fro! -od. 1he &outh are to consider that the& are placed in the 5orld on trial/ to see 5hether the& ha6e characters that 5ill fit the! to li6e 5ith angels. When &our associates urge &ou into paths of 6ice and foll&/ and all around &ou are te!pting &ou to forget -od/ to destro& the capa)ilities -od has intrusted to &ou/ and to de)ase all that is no)le in &our nature/ resist the!. 7e!e!)er that &ou are the :ord2s propert&/ )ought 5ith a price/ the suffering and agon& of the Son of -od. . . . 1he :ord <esus clai!s &our ser6ice. e lo6es &ou. If &ou dou)t is lo6e/ look to Cal6ar&. 1he light reflected fro! the cross sho5s &ou the !agnitude of that lo6e 5hich no tongue can tell. e that keepeth (& co!!and!ents/ he it is that lo6eth (e. We are to )eco!e acBuainted )& diligent stud& 5ith the co!!and!ents of -odA and then sho5 that 5e are is o)edient sons and daughters. Surrounded )& -od2s (ercies 1he !ercies of -od surround &ou e6er& !o!entA and it 5ould )e profita)le for &ou to consider ho5 and 5hence &our )lessings co!e e6er& da&. :et the precious )lessings of -od a5aken gratitude in &ou. You cannot nu!)er the )lessings of -od/ the constant lo6ing-kindness e4pressed to &ou/ for the& are as nu!erous as the refreshing drops of rain. Clouds of !erc& are hanging o6er &ou/ and read& to drop upon &ou. If &ou 5ill appreciate the 6alua)le gift of sal6ation/ &ou 5ill )e sensi)le of dail&

refresh!ent/ of the protection and lo6e of <esusA &ou 5ill )e guided in the 5a& of peace. :ook upon the glorious things of -od in nature/ and let &our heart go out in gratitude to the -i6er. 1here is in nature2s )ook profita)le stud& for the !ind. ;e not thankless and reckless. $pen the e&es of &our understandingA see the )eautiful har!on& in the la5s of -od in nature/ and )e a5ed/ and re6erence &our Creator/ the supre!e 7uler of hea6en and earth. See hi!/ )& the e&e of faith/ )ending o6er &ou in lo6e/ sa&ing 5ith co!passion/ (& son/ !& daughter/ gi6e (e th& heart. (ake the surrender to <esus/ and then 5ith grateful hearts &ou can sa&/ I kno5 that !& 7edee!er li6eth. Your faith in <esus 5ill gi6e strength to e6er& purpose/ consistenc& to the character. All &our happiness/ peace/ =o&/ and success in this life are dependent upon genuine/ trusting faith in -od. 1his faith 5ill pro!pt true o)edience to the co!!and!ents of -od. Your kno5ledge and faith in -od is the strongest restraint fro! e6er& e6il practice/ and the !oti6e to all good. ;elie6e in <esus as one 5ho pardons &our sins/ one 5ho 5ants &ou to )e happ& in the !ansions e has gone to prepare for &ou. e 5ants &ou to li6e in is presenceA to ha6e eternal life and a cro5n of glor&.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& #/ 1++*.

Chap. 13+ - 1he Influence of Association

It is ine6ita)le that the &outh 5ill ha6e associates/ and the& 5ill necessaril& feel their influence. 1here are !&sterious links that )ind souls together/ so that the heart of one ans5ers to the heart of another. $ne catches the ideas/ the senti!ents/ the spirit/ of another. 1his association !a& )e a )lessing or a curse. 1he &outh !a& help and strengthen one another/ i!pro6ing in deport!ent/ in disposition/ in kno5ledgeA or/ )& per!itting the!sel6es to )eco!e careless and unfaithful/ the& !a& e4ert an influence that is de!orali?ing. 1he !atter of choosing associates is one 5hich students should learn to consider seriousl&. A!ong the &outh 5ho attend our schools there 5ill al5a&s )e found t5o classes/ those 5ho seek to please -od and to o)e& their teachers/ and those 5ho are filled 5ith a spirit of la5lessness. If the &outh go 5ith the !ultitude to do e6il/ their influence 5ill )e cast on the side of the ad6ersar& of soulsA the& 5ill !islead those 5ho ha6e not cherished principles of uns5er6ing fidelit&. It has )een trul& said/ Sho5 !e &our co!pan&/ and I 5ill sho5 &ou &our character. 1he &outh fail to reali?e ho5 sensi)l& )oth their character and their reputation are affected )& their choice of associates. $ne seeks the co!pan& of those 5hose tastes and ha)its and practices are congenial. e 5ho prefers the societ& of the ignorant and 6icious to that of the 5ise and good/ sho5s that this o5n character is defecti6e. is tastes and ha)its !a& at first )e altogether dissi!ilar to the tastes and ha)its of those 5hose co!pan& he seeksA )ut as he !ingles 5ith this class/ his thoughts and feelings changeA he sacrifices right principles/ and insensi)l& &et una6oida)l& sinks to the le6el of his co!panions. As a strea! al5a&s partakes of the propert& of the soil through 5hich it runs/ so the principles and ha)its of &outh in6aria)l& )eco!e tinctured 5ith the character of the co!pan& in 5hich the& !ingle. . . .

1he (easure of Strength Strength of character consists of t5o things/-- po5er of 5ill/ and po5er of selfcontrol. (an& &outh !istake strong/ uncontrolled passion for strength of characterA )ut the truth is that he 5ho is !astered )& his passions is a 5eak !an. 1he real greatness and no)ilit& of the !an is !easured )& his po5er to su)due his feelings/ not )& the po5er of his feelings to su)due hi!. 1he strongest !an is he/ 5ho/ 5hile sensiti6e to a)use/ 5ill &et restrain passion and forgi6e his ene!ies. -od has gi6en us intellectual and !oral po5erA )ut to a great e4tent e6er& one is the architect of his o5n character. E6er& da& the structure !ore nearl& approaches co!pletion. 1he 5ord of -od 5arns us to take heed ho5 5e )uild/ to see that our )uilding is founded upon the eternal rock. 1he ti!e is co!ing 5hen our 5ork 5ill stand re6ealed =ust as it is. 3o5 is the ti!e for all to culti6ate the po5ers that -od has gi6en the!/ that the& !a& for! characters for usefulness here and for a higher life hereafter. 0aith in Christ as a personal Sa6iour 5ill gi6e strength and solidit& to the character. 1hose 5ho ha6e genuine faith in Christ 5ill )e so)er-!inded/ re!e!)ering that -od2s e&e is upon the!/ that the <udge of all !en is 5eighing !oral 5orth/ that hea6enl& intelligences are 5atching to see 5hat !anner of character is )eing de6eloped. 1he reason that so gra6e !istakes are !ade )& the &outh is that the& do not learn fro! the e4perience of those 5ho ha6e li6ed longer than the& ha6e. Students cannot afford to pass off 5ith =est or ridicule the cautions and instruction of parents and teachers. 1he& should cherish e6er& lesson/ reali?ing at the sa!e ti!e their need of deeper teaching than an& hu!an )eing can gi6e. When Christ a)ides in the heart )& faith/ is Spirit )eco!es a po5er to purif& and 6i6if& the soul. 1he truth in the heart cannot fail of ha6ing a correcting influence upon the life. . . . :et those students 5ho are a5a& fro! their ho!es/ no longer under the direct influence of their parents/ re!e!)er that the e&e of their ea6enl& 0ather is upon the!. e lo6es the &outh. e kno5s their necessities/ e understands their te!ptations. e sees in the! great possi)ilities/ and is read& to help the! to reach the highest standard/ if the& 5ill reali?e their need and seek i! for help. Students/ night and da& the pra&ers of &our parents are rising to -od in &our )ehalfA da& )& da& their lo6ing interest follo5s &ou. :isten to their entreaties and 5arnings/ and deter!ine that )& e6er& !eans in &our po5er &ou 5ill lift &oursel6es a)o6e the e6il that surrounds &ou. You cannot discern ho5 insidiousl& the ene!& 5ill 5ork to corrupt &our !inds and ha)its/ and de6elop in &ou unsound principles. You !a& see no real danger in taking the first step in fri6olit& and pleasure-seeking/ and think that 5hen &ou desire to change &our course &ou 5ill )e a)le to do right as easil& as )efore &ou &ielded &oursel6es to do 5rong. ;ut this is a !istake. ;& the choice of e6il co!panions !an& ha6e )een led step )& step fro! the path of 6irtue into depths of diso)edience and dissipation to 5hich at one ti!e the& 5ould ha6e thought it i!possi)le for the! to sink.

1he student 5ho &ields to te!ptation 5eakens his influence for good/ and he 5ho )& a 5rong course of action )eco!es the agent of the ad6ersar& of souls/ !ust render to -od an account for the part he has acted in la&ing stu!)ling-)locks in the 5a& of others. Wh& should students link the!sel6es 5ith the great apostateD Wh& should the& )eco!e his agents to te!pt othersD 7ather/ 5h& should the& not stud& to help and encourage their fello5 students and their teachersD It is their pri6ilege to help their teachers )ear the )urdens and !eet the perple4ities that Satan 5ould !ake discouragingl& hea6& and tr&ing. 1he& !a& create an at!osphere that 5ill )e helpful/ e4hilarating. E6er& student !a& en=o& the consciousness that he has stood on Christ2s side/ sho5ing respect for order/ diligence/ and o)edience/ and refusing to lend one =ot of his a)ilit& or influence to the great ene!& of all that is good and uplifting. 1he student 5ho has a conscientious regard for truth and a true conception of dut& can do !uch to influence his fello5 students for Christ. 1he &outh 5ho are &oked up 5ith the Sa6iour 5ill not )e unrul&A the& 5ill not stud& their o5n selfish pleasure and gratification. ;ecause the& are one 5ith Christ in spirit/ the& 5ill )e one 5ith Christ in action. 1he older students in our schools should re!e!)er that it is in their po5er to !old the ha)its and practices of the &ounger studentsA and the& should seek to !ake the )est of e6er& opportunit&. :et these students deter!ine that the& 5ill not through their influence )etra& their co!panions into the hands of the ene!&. <esus 5ill )e the helper of all 5ho put their trust in i!. 1hose 5ho are connected 5ith Christ ha6e happiness at their co!!and. 1he& follo5 the path 5here their Sa6iour leads/ for is sake crucif&ing the flesh/ 5ith its affections and lusts. 1he& ha6e )uilt their hopes on Christ/ and the stor!s of earth are po5erless to s5eep the! fro! the sure foundation. 1rust5orth& and 0aithful It rests 5ith &ou/ &oung !en and 5o!en/ to decide 5hether &ou 5ill )eco!e trust5orth& and faithful/ read& and resolute to take &our stand for the right under all circu!stances. %o &ou desire to for! correct ha)itsD 1hen seek the co!pan& of those 5ho are sound in !orals/ and 5hose ai! tends to that 5hich is good. 1he precious hours of pro)ation are granted that &ou !a& re!o6e e6er& defect fro! &our character/ and this &ou should seek to do/ not onl& that &ou !a& o)tain the future life/ )ut that &ou !a& )e useful in this life. A good character is a capital of !ore 6alue than gold or sil6er. It is unaffected )& panics or failures/ and in that da& 5hen earthl& possessions shall )e s5ept a5a& it 5ill )ring rich returns. Integrit&/ fir!ness/ and perse6erance are Bualities that all should seek earnestl& to culti6ateA for the& clothe the possessor 5ith a po5er 5hich is irresisti)le/--a po5er 5hich !akes hi! strong to do good/ strong to resist e6il/ strong to )ear ad6ersit&. 1he lo6e of truth/ and a sense of the responsi)ilit& to glorif& -od/ are the !ost po5erful of all incenti6es to the i!pro6e!ent of the intellect. With this i!pulse to action the student cannot )e a trifler. e 5ill )e al5a&s in earnest. e 5ill stud& as under the e&e of -od/ kno5ing that all hea6en is enlisted in the 5ork of his education. e 5ill )eco!e no)le-!inded/ generous/ kind/ courteous/ Christlike/ efficient. eart and !ind 5ill 5ork in har!on& 5ith the 5ill of -od.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ pp. 22.-22'.

Chap. 1!. - Influence

1he life of Christ 5as an e6er-5idening/ shoreless influence/ an influence that )ound i! to -od and to 5hole hu!an fa!il&. 1hrough Christ/ -od has in6ested !an 5ith an influence that !akes it i!possi)le for hi! to li6e to hi!self. Indi6iduall& 5e are connected 5ith our fello5 !en/ a part of -od2s great 5hole/ and 5e stand under !utual o)ligations. 3o !an can )e independent of his fello5 !enA for the 5ell-)eing of each affects others. It is -od2s purpose that each shall feel hi!self necessar& to others2 5elfare/ and seek to pro!ote their happiness. E6er& soul is surrounded )& an at!osphere of its o5n/--an at!osphere/ it !a& )e/ charged 5ith the lifegi6ing po5er of faith/ courage/ and hope/ and s5eet 5ith the fragrance of lo6e. $r it !a& )e hea6& and chill 5ith the gloo! of discontent and selfishness/ or poisonous 5ith the deadl& taint of cherished sin. ;& the at!osphere surrounding us/ e6er& person 5ith 5ho! 5e co!e in contact is consciousl& or unconsciousl& affected. $ur 7esponsi)ilit& 1his is a responsi)ilit& fro! 5hich 5e cannot free oursel6es. $ur 5ords/ our acts/ our dress/ our deport!ent/ e6en the e4pression of the countenance/ has an influence. 8pon the i!pression thus !ade there hang results for good or e6il 5hich no !an can !easure. E6er& i!pulse thus i!parted is seed so5n 5hich 5ill produce its har6est. It is a link in the long chain of hu!an e6ents/ e4tending 5e kno5 not 5hither. If )& our e4a!ple 5e aid others in the de6elop!ent of good principles/ 5e gi6e the! po5er to do good. In their turn the& e4ert the sa!e influence upon others/ and the& upon still others. 1hus )& our unconscious influence thousands !a& )e )lessed. 1hro5 a pe))le into the lake/ and a 5a6e is for!edA and another and anotherA and as the& increase/ the circle 5idens/ until it reaches the 6er& shore. So 5ith our influence. ;e&ond our kno5ledge or control it tells upon others in )lessing or cursing. Character is po5er. 1he silent 5itness of a true/ unselfish/ godl& life carries an al!ost irresisti)le influence. ;& re6ealing in our o5n life the character of Christ/ 5e cooperate 5ith i! in the 5ork of sa6ing souls. It is onl& )& re6ealing in our life is character that 5e can co-operate 5ith i!. And the 5ider the sphere of our influence/ the !ore good 5e !a& do. When those 5ho profess to ser6e -od follo5 Christ2s e4a!ple/ practicing the principles of the la5 in their dail& lifeA 5hen e6er& act )ears 5itness that the& lo6e -od supre!el& and their neigh)or as the!sel6es/ then 5ill the church ha6e po5er to !o6e the 5orld.-Christ2s $)=ect :essons/ pp. 33,/ 3"..

Chap. 1!1 - 1he Choice of Co panions

We should choose the societ& !ost fa6ora)le to our spiritual ad6ance!ent/ and a6ail oursel6es of e6er& help 5ithin our reachA for Satan 5ill oppose !an& hindrances to !ake our progress to5ard hea6en as difficult as possi)le. We !a& )e placed in tr&ing positions/ for !an& cannot ha6e their surroundings 5hat the& 5ouldA )ut 5e should

not 6oluntaril& e4pose oursel6es to influences that are unfa6ora)le to the for!ation of Christian character. When dut& calls us to do this/ 5e should )e dou)l& 5atchful and pra&erful/ that/ through the grace of Christ/ 5e !a& stand uncorrupted. :ot chose Sodo! as a place of residence )ecause he looked !ore to the te!poral ad6antages he 5ould gain than to the !oral influences that 5ould surround hi!self and his fa!il&. What did he gain so far as the things of this 5orld are concernedD is possessions 5ere destro&ed/ part of his children perished in the destruction of that 5icked cit&/ his 5ife 5as turned to a pillar of salt )& the 5a&/ and he hi!self 5as sa6ed so as )& fire. 3or did the e6il results of his selfish choice end hereA )ut the !oral corruption of the place 5as so inter5o6en 5ith the character of his children that the& could not distinguish )et5een good and e6il/ sin and righteousness.--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ (a& 2,/ 1++".

Chap. 1!2 - 1he -olden 7ule

In &our association 5ith others/ put &ourself in their place. Enter into their feelings/ their difficulties/ their disappoint!ents/ their =o&s/ and their sorro5s. Identif& &ourself 5ith the!/ and then do to the! as/ 5ere &ou to e4change places 5ith the!/ &ou 5ould 5ish the! to deal 5ith &ou. 1his is the true rule of honest&. It is another e4pression of the la5/ 1hou shalt lo6e th& neigh)or as th&self. And it is the su)stance of the teaching of the prophets. It is a principle of hea6en/ and 5ill )e de6eloped in all 5ho are fitted for its hol& co!panionship. 1he golden rule is the principle of true courtes&/ and its truest illustration is seen in the life and character of <esus. $h/ 5hat ra&s of softness and )eaut& shone forth in the dail& life of our Sa6iour> What s5eetness flo5ed fro! is 6er& presence> 1he sa!e spirit 5ill )e re6ealed in is children. 1hose 5ith 5ho! Christ d5ells 5ill )e surrounded 5ith a di6ine at!osphere. 1heir 5hite ro)es of purit& 5ill )e fragrant 5ith perfu!e fro! the garden of the :ord. 1heir faces 5ill reflect light fro! is/ )rightening the path for stu!)ling and 5ear& feet. 3o !an 5ho has the true ideal of 5hat constitutes a perfect character 5ill fail to !anifest the s&!path& and tenderness of Christ. 1he influence of grace is to soften the heart/ to refine and purif& the feelings/ gi6ing a hea6en-)orn delicac& and sense of propriet&.-- 1houghts fro! the (ount of ;lessing/ pp. 1,2/ 1,3.

Chap. 1!3 - 1rue 7efine ent

1he :ord <esus de!ands our ackno5ledg!ent of the rights of e6er& !an. (en2s social rights and their rights as Christians are to )e taken into consideration. All are to )e treated 5ith refine!ent and delicac& as the sons and daughters of -od. Christianit& 5ill !ake a !an a gentle!an. Christ 5as courteous/ e6en to is persecutorsA and is true follo5ers 5ill !anifest the sa!e spirit. :ook at Paul 5hen )rought )efore rulers. is speech )efore Agrippa is an illustration of true courtes& as 5ell as persuasi6e eloBuence. 1he gospel does not encourage the for!al politeness current 5ith the 5orld/ )ut the courtes& that springs fro! real kindness of heart.

1he !ost careful culti6ation of the out5ard proprieties of life is not sufficient to shut out all fretfulness/ harsh =udg!ent/ and un)eco!ing speech. 1rue refine!ent 5ill ne6er )e re6ealed so long as self is considered as the supre!e o)=ect. :o6e !ust d5ell in the heart. A thoroughgoing Christian dra5s his !oti6es of action fro! his deep heart-lo6e for his (aster. 8p through the roots of his affection for Christ springs an unselfish interest in his )rethren. :o6e i!parts to its possessor grace/ propriet&/ and co!eliness of deport!ent. It illu!inates the countenance and su)dues the 6oiceA it refines and ele6ates the 5hole )eing.--(inistr& of ealing/ pp. "+,/ ",.. 1rue Courtes& 3eeded 1here is the greatest necessit& that !en and 5o!en 5ho ha6e a kno5ledge of the 5ill of -od should learn to )eco!e successful 5orkers in is cause. 1he& should )e persons of polish/ of understanding/ not ha6ing the decepti6e outside gloss and si!pering affectation of the 5orldling/ )ut that refine!ent and true courteousness 5hich sa6ors of hea6en/ and 5hich e6er& Christian 5ill ha6e if he is a partaker of the di6ine nature. 1he lack of true dignit& and Christian refine!ent in the ranks of Sa))ath-keepers is against us as a people/ and !akes the truth 5hich 5e profess unsa6or&. 1he 5ork of educating the !ind and !anners !a& )e carried for5ard to perfection. If those 5ho profess the truth do not no5 i!pro6e their pri6ileges and opportunities to gro5 up to the full stature of !en and 5o!en in Christ <esus/ the& 5ill )e no honor to the cause of truth/ no honor to Christ.-- 1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. "/ pp. 3#+/ 3#,.

Choice of Co!panions 1he &outh 5ho are in har!on& 5ith Christ 5ill choose co!panions 5ho 5ill help the! in right doing/ and 5ill shun societ& that gi6es no aid in the de6elop!ent of right principles and no)le purposes. In e6er& place are to )e found &outh 5hose !inds are cast in an inferior !ould. When )rought into association 5ith this class/ those 5ho ha6e placed the!sel6es 5ithout reser6e on the side of Christ 5ill stand fir!l& )& that 5hich reason and conscience tell the! is right.--Counsels to 1eachers/ Parents/ and Students/ p. 22'.

Chap. 1!! - 7e=ecting ,orldl% Associations

1he &outh should seriousl& consider 5hat shall )e their purpose and life 5ork/ and la& the foundation in such a 5a& that their ha)its shall )e free fro! taint of corruption. If the& 5ould stand in a position 5here the& shall influence others/ the& !ust )e selfreliant. 1he lil& on the lake strikes its roots do5n deep )eneath the surface of ru))ish and sli!e/ and through its porous ste! dra5s those properties that 5ill aid its de6elop!ent/ and )ring to light its spotless )losso! to repose in purit& on the )oso! of the lake. It refuses all that 5ould tarnish and !ar its spotless )eaut&. We !a& learn a lesson fro! the lil&/ and although surrounded 5ith influences that 5ould tend to corrupt the !orals and )ring ruin upon the soul/ 5e !a& refuse to )e corrupted/ and place oursel6es 5here e6il association shall not corrupt our hearts. Indi6iduall& the &outh should seek for association 5ith those 5ho are toiling up5ard

5ith unfaltering steps. 1he& should shun the societ& of those 5ho are a)sor)ing e6er& e6il influence/ 5ho are inacti6e and 5ithout earnest desire for attain!ent of a high standard of character/ 5ho cannot )e relied upon as persons 5ho 5ill )e true to principle. :et the &outh )e found in association 5ith those 5ho fear and lo6e -odA for these no)le/ fir! characters are represented )& the lil& that opens its pure )losso! on the )oso! of the lake. 1he& refuse to )e !oulded )& the influences that 5ould de!orali?e/ and gather to the!sel6es onl& that 5hich 5ill aid the de6elop!ent of a pure and no)le character. 1he& are seeking to )e confor!ed to the di6ine !odel.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ <anuar& #/ 1+,3.

$ur Words a Source of elp 1here is too little con6ersation a!ong Christians in regard to the precious chapters in their e4perience. 1he 5ork of -od is crippled and -od is dishonored )& the a)use of the talent of speech. <ealous&/ e6il-sur!ising/ and selfishness are cherished in the heart/ and the 5ords sho5 the in5ard corruption. E6il-thinking and e6il-speaking are indulged )& !an& 5ho na!e the na!e of Christ. 1hese seldo! !ake !ention of the goodness/ !erc&/ and lo6e of -od/ !anifested in gi6ing is Son for the 5orld. 1his e has done for us/ and should not our lo6e and gratitude de!and e4pressionD Should 5e not stri6e to !ake our 5ords a source of help and encourage!ent to one another in our Christian e4perienceD If 5e trul& lo6e Christ/ 5e shall glorif& i! )& our 5ords. 8n)elie6ers are often con6icted as the& listen to pure 5ords of praise and gratitude to -od.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <anuar& 2#/ 1+,+.

$ur Influence 1he 6er& e4a!ple and deport!ent as 5ell as the 5ords of the Christian should )e such as to a5aken in the sinner a desire to co!e to the 0ountain of life.--7e6ie5 and erald/ 3o6e!)er 2,/ 1++*.

Chap. 1!" - )4alted Con6ersation

1he )est educated in the sciences are not al5a&s the !ost effecti6e instru!ents for -od2s use. 1here are !an& 5ho find the!sel6es laid aside/ and those 5ho ha6e had fe5er ad6antages of o)taining kno5ledge of )ooks taking their places/ )ecause the latter ha6e a kno5ledge of practical things that is essential to the uses of e6er&da& lifeA 5hile those 5ho consider the!sel6es learned often cease to )e learners/ are selfsufficient/ and a)o6e )eing taught/ e6en )& <esus/ 5ho 5as the greatest teacher the 5orld e6er kne5. 1hose 5ho ha6e gro5n and e4panded/ 5hose reasoning faculties ha6e )een i!pro6ed )& deep searching of the Scriptures/ that the& !a& kno5 the 5ill of -od/ 5ill co!e into positions of usefulnessA for the 5ord of -od has had an entrance into their life and character. It !ust do its peculiar 5ork/ e6en to the piercing asunder of the =oints and !arro5/ and discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. -od2s 5ord is to )eco!e the nourish!ent )& 5hich the Christian !ust gro5 strong/ in spirit and in intellect/ that he !a& )attle for truth and righteousness.

1he 7eason for :o5 Standards Wh& is it that our &outh/ and e6en those of !aturer &ears/ are so easil& led into te!ptation and sinD--It is )ecause the 5ord of -od is not studied and !editated upon as it should )e. If it 5ere appreciated/ there 5ould )e an in5ard rectitude/ a strength of spirit/ that 5ould resist the te!ptations of Satan to do e6il. A fir!/ decided 5illpo5er is not )rought into the life and character/ )ecause the sacred instruction of -od is not !ade the stud& and the su)=ect of !editation. 1here is not the effort put forth that there should )e/ to associate the !ind 5ith pure/ hol& thoughts/ and to di6ert it fro! 5hat is i!pure and untrue. 1here is not the choosing of the )etter part/ the sitting at the feet of <esus/ as did (ar&/ to learn the !ost sacred lessons of the di6ine 1eacher/ that the& !a& )e laid up in the heart/ and practiced in the dail& life. (editation upon hol& things 5ill ele6ate and refine the !ind/ and 5ill de6elop Christian ladies and gentle!en. -od 5ill not accept one of us 5ho is )elittling his po5ers in lustful/ earthl& de)ase!ent/ )& thought/ or 5ord/ or action. ea6en is a pure and hol& place/ 5here none can enter unless the& are refined/ spirituali?ed/ cleansed/ and purified. 1here is a 5ork for us to do for oursel6es/ and 5e shall )e capa)le of doing it onl& )& dra5ing strength fro! <esus. We should !ake the ;i)le our stud& a)o6e e6er& other )ookA 5e should lo6e it/ and o)e& it as the 6oice of -od. We are to see and to understand is restrictions and reBuire!ents/ thou shalt/ and thou shalt not/ and reali?e the true !eaning of the 5ord of -od. 3eed of ea6enl&-(indedness When -od2s 5ord is !ade the !an of our counsel/ and 5e search the Scriptures for light/ angels of hea6en co!e near to i!press the !ind and enlighten the understanding/ so that it can trul& )e said/ 1he entrance of 1h& 5ords gi6eth lightA it gi6eth understanding unto the si!ple. It is no !ar6el that there is not !ore hea6enl&!indedness sho5n a!ong the &outh 5ho profess Christianit&/ 5hen there is so little attention gi6en to the 5ord of -od. 1he di6ine counsels are not heededA the ad!onitions are not o)e&edA grace and hea6enl& 5isdo! are not sought/ that past sins !a& )e a6oided and e6er& taint of corruption )e cleansed fro! the character. %a6id2s pra&er 5as/ (ake !e to understand the 5a& of 1h& preceptsA so shall I talk of 1h& 5onderful 5orks. If the !inds of our &outh/ as 5ell as those of !ore !ature age/ 5ere directed aright 5hen associated together/ their con6ersation 5ould )e upon e4alted the!es. When the !ind is pure/ and the thoughts ele6ated )& the truth of -od/ the 5ords 5ill )e of the sa!e character/ like apples of gold in pictures of sil6er. ;ut 5ith the present understanding/ 5ith the present practices/ 5ith the lo5 standard 5hich e6en professed Christians are content to reach/ the con6ersation is cheap and profitless. It is of the earth/ earth&/ and sa6ors not of the truth/ or of hea6en/ and does not co!e up e6en to the standard of the !ore cultured class of 5orldlings. A 9igorous Process of Sanctification When Christ and hea6en are the the!es of conte!plation/ the con6ersation 5ill gi6e e6idence of the fact. 1he speech 5ill )e seasoned 5ith grace/ and the speaker 5ill

sho5 that he has )een o)taining an education in the school of the di6ine 1eacher. Sa&s the psal!ist/ I ha6e chosen the 5a& of truthC 1h& =udg!ents ha6e I laid )efore !e/ e treasured the 5ord of -od. It found an entrance to his understanding/ not to )e disregarded/ )ut to )e practiced in his life. . . . %a& )& da&/ and hour )& hour/ there !ust )e a 6igorous process of self-denial and of sanctification going on 5ithinA and then the out5ard 5orks 5ill testif& that <esus is a)iding in the heart )& faith. Sanctification does not close the a6enues of the soul to kno5ledge/ )ut it co!es to e4pand the !ind/ and to inspire it to search for truth/ as for hidden treasureA and the kno5ledge of -od2s 5ill ad6ances the 5ork of sanctification. 1here is a hea6en/ and $/ ho5 earnestl& 5e should stri6e to reach it. I appeal to the students of our schools and colleges/ to )elie6e in <esus as &our Sa6iour. ;elie6e that e is read& to help &ou )& is grace/ 5hen &ou co!e to i! in sincerit&. You !ust fight the good fight of faith. You !ust )e 5restlers for the cro5n of life. Stri6e/ for the grasp of Satan is upon &ouA and if &ou do not 5rench &oursel6es fro! i!/ &ou 5ill )e palsied and ruined. 1he foe is on the right hand and on the left/ )efore &ou and )ehind &ouA and &ou !ust tra!ple hi! under &our feet. Stri6e/ for there is a cro5n to )e 5on. Stri6e/ for if &ou 5in not the cro5n/ &ou lose e6er&thing in this life and in the future life. Stri6e/ )ut let it )e in the strength of &our risen Sa6iour.--7e6ie5 and erald/ August 21/ 1+++. See also 0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. 12,-13*.

Chap. 1!& - So5ing ,ild #ats

A little ti!e spent in so5ing &our 5ild oats/ dear &oung friends/ 5ill produce a crop that 5ill e!)itter &our 5hole lifeA an hour of thoughtlessness --once &ielding to te!ptation--!a& turn the 5hole current of &our life in the 5rong direction. You can ha6e )ut one &outhA !ake that useful. When once &ou ha6e passed o6er the ground/ &ou can ne6er return to rectif& &our !istakes. e 5ho refuses to connect 5ith -od/ and puts hi!self in the 5a& of te!ptation/ 5ill surel& fall. -od is testing e6er& &outh. (an& ha6e e4cused their carelessness and irre6erence/ )ecause of the 5rong e4a!ple gi6en the! )& !ore e4perienced professors. ;ut this should not deter an& fro! right-doing. In the da& of final accounts &ou 5ill plead no such e4cuses as &ou plead no5. You 5ill )e =ustl& conde!ned/ )ecause &ou kne5 the 5a&/ )ut did not choose to 5alk in it. 1e!ptation Satan/ that arch-decei6er/ transfor!s hi!self into an angel of light/ and co!es to the &outh 5ith his specious te!ptations/ and succeeds in 5inning the!/ step )& step/ fro! the path of dut&. e is descri)ed as an accuser/ a decei6er/ a liar/ a tor!entor/ and a !urderer. e that co!!itteth sin is of the de6il. E6er& transgression )rings the soul into conde!nation/ and pro6okes the di6ine displeasure. 1he thoughts of the heart are discerned of -od. When i!pure thoughts are cherished/ the& need not )e e4pressed )& 5ord or act to consu!!ate the sin and )ring the soul into conde!nation. Its purit& is defiled/ and the te!pter has triu!phed.

E6er& !an is te!pted 5hen he is dra5n a5a& of his o5n lusts and enticed. e is turned a5a& fro! the course of 6irtue and real good )& follo5ing his o5n inclinations. If the &outh possessed !oral integrit&/ the strongest te!ptations !ight )e presented in 6ain. It is Satan2s act to te!pt &ou/ )ut &our o5n act to &ield. It is not in the po5er of all the host of Satan to force the te!pted to transgress. 1here is no e4cuse for sin. While so!e of the &outh are 5asting their po5ers in 6anit& and foll&/ others are disciplining their !inds/ storing up kno5ledge/ girding on the ar!or to engage in life2s 5arfare/ deter!ined to !ake it a success. ;ut the& cannot !ake life a success/ ho5e6er high the& !a& atte!pt to cli!)/ unless the& center their affections upon -od. If the& 5ill turn to the :ord 5ith all the heart/ re=ecting the flatteries of those 5ho 5ould in the slightest degree 5eaken their purpose to do right/ the& 5ill ha6e strength and confidence in -od. 9ain A!use!ent 3ot 1rue appiness 1hose 5ho lo6e societ& freBuentl& indulge this trait until it )eco!es an o6erruling passion. 1o dress/ to 6isit places of a!use!ent/ to laugh and chat upon su)=ects altogether lighter than 6anit&/ --this is the o)=ect of their li6es. 1he& cannot endure to read the ;i)le and conte!plate hea6enl& things. 1he& are !isera)le unless there is so!ething to e4cite. 1he& ha6e not 5ithin the! the po5er to )e happ&A )ut the& depend for happiness upon the co!pan& of other &outh as thoughtless and reckless as the!sel6es. 1he po5ers 5hich !ight )e turned to no)le purposes/ the& gi6e to foll&. . . . 1he &outh 5ho finds =o& and happiness in reading the 5ord of -od and in the hour of pra&er is constantl& refreshed )& draughts fro! the 0ountain of life. e 5ill attain a height of !oral e4cellence and a )readth of thought of 5hich others cannot concei6e. Co!!union 5ith -od encourages good thoughts/ no)le aspirations/ clear perceptions of truth/ and loft& purposes of action. 1hose 5ho thus connect their souls 5ith -od are ackno5ledged )& i! as is sons and daughters. 1he& are constantl& reaching higher and still higher/ o)taining clearer 6ie5s of -od and of eternit&/ until the :ord !akes the! channels of light and 5isdo! to the 5orld. . . . 1hose 5ho a)ide in <esus 5ill )e happ&/ cheerful/ and =o&ful in -od. A su)dued gentleness 5ill !ark the 6oice/ re6erence for spiritual and eternal things 5ill )e e4pressed in the actions/ and !usic/ =o&ful !usic/ 5ill echo fro! the lipsA for it is 5afted fro! the throne of -od. 1his is the !&ster& of godliness/ not easil& e4plained/ )ut none the less felt and en=o&ed. A stu))orn and re)ellious heart can close its doors to all the s5eet influences of the grace of -od/ and all the =o& in the ol& -hostA )ut the 5a&s of 5isdo! are 5a&s of pleasantness/ and all her paths are peace. 1he !ore closel& 5e are connected 5ith Christ/ the !ore 5ill our 5ords and actions sho5 the su)duing/ transfor!ing po5er of is grace.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. "/ pp. '22-'2'.

Chap. 1!( - Irreligious 9isitors

It is not safe for Christians to choose the societ& of those 5ho ha6e no connection 5ith -od/ and 5hose course is displeasing to i!. Yet ho5 !an& professed Christians 6enture upon the for)idden ground. (an& in6ite to their ho!es relati6es 5ho are 6ain/ trifling/ and ungodl&A and often the e4a!ple and influence of these irreligious 6isitors produce lasting i!pressions upon the !inds of the children in the household. 1he influence thus e4erted is si!ilar to that 5hich resulted fro! the association of the e)re5s 5ith the godless Canaanites. . . . (an& feel that the& !ust !ake so!e concessions to please their irreligious relati6es and friends. As it is not al5a&s eas& to dra5 the line/ one concession prepares the 5a& for another/ until those 5ho 5ere once true follo5ers of Christ are in life and character confor!ed to the custo!s of the 5orld. 1he connection 5ith -od is )roken. 1he& are Christians in na!e onl&. When the test hour co!es/ then their hope is seen to )e 5ithout foundation. 1he& ha6e sold the!sel6es and their children to the ene!&. 1he& ha6e dishonored -od/ and in the re6elation of is righteous =udg!ents/ the& 5ill reap 5hat the& ha6e so5n. Christ 5ill sa& to the!/ as e said to ancient Israel/ Ye ha6e not o)e&ed (& 6oice. Wh& ha6e &e done thisD--1he Signs of the 1i!es/ <une 2/ 1++1. 1he fa!il& tie is the closest/ the !ost tender and sacred/ of an& on earth. It 5as designed to )e a )lessing to !ankind. And it is a )lessing 5here6er the !arriage co6enant is entered into intelligentl&/ in the fear of -od/ and 5ith due consideration for its responsi)ilities.-(inistr& of ealing/ pp. 3#'/ 3#*.

Chap. 1!* - 1rue :o6e

:o6e is a precious gift/ 5hich 5e recei6e fro! <esus. Pure and hol& affection is not a feeling/ )ut a principle. 1hose 5ho are actuated )& true lo6e are neither unreasona)le nor )lind. 1aught )& the ol& Spirit/ the& lo6e -od supre!el&/ and their neigh)or as the!sel6es. :et those 5ho are conte!plating !arriage 5eigh e6er& senti!ent and 5atch e6er& de6elop!ent of character in the one 5ith 5ho! the& think to unite their life destin&. :et e6er& step to5ard a !arriage alliance )e characteri?ed )& !odest&/ si!plicit&/ sincerit&/ and an earnest purpose to please and honor -od. (arriage affects the after life )oth in this 5orld and in the 5orld to co!e. A sincere Christian 5ill !ake no plans that -od cannot appro6e. Seeking Counsel If &ou are )lessed 5ith -od-fearing parents/ seek counsel of the!. $pen to the! &our hopes and plans/ learn the lessons 5hich their life e4periences ha6e taught/ and &ou 5ill )e sa6ed !an& a heartache. A)o6e all/ !ake Christ &our counselor. Stud& is 5ord 5ith pra&er. 8nder such guidance let a &oung 5o!an accept as a life co!panion onl& one 5ho possesses pure/ !anl& traits of character/ one 5ho is diligent/ aspiring/ and honest/ one 5ho lo6es and fears -od. :et a &oung !an seek one to stand )& his side 5ho is

fitted to )ear her share of life2s )urdens/ one 5hose influence 5ill enno)le and refine hi!/ and 5ho 5ill !ake hi! happ& in her lo6e. A prudent 5ife is fro! the :ord. 1he heart of her hus)and doth safel& trust in her. . . . She 5ill do hi! good and not e6il all the da&s of her life. She openeth her !outh 5ith 5isdo!A and in her tongue is the la5 of kindness. She looketh 5ell to the 5a&s of her household/ and eateth not the )read of idleness. er children arise up/ and call her )lessedA her hus)and also/ and he praiseth her/ sa&ing/ (an& daughters ha6e done 6irtuousl&/ )ut thou e4cellest the! all. e 5ho gains such a 5ife/ findeth a good thing/ and o)taineth fa6or of the :ord.--(inistr& of ealing/ pp. 3#+/ 3#,. Choice of Co!panions -reat care should )e taken )& Christian &outh in the for!ation of friendships and in the choice of co!panions. 1ake heed/ lest 5hat &ou no5 think to )e pure gold turns out to )e )ase !etal. Worldl& associations tend to place o)structions in the 5a& of &our ser6ice to -od/ and !an& souls are ruined )& unhapp& unions/ either )usiness or !atri!onial/ 5ith those 5ho can ne6er ele6ate or enno)le. 3e6er should -od2s people 6enture upon for)idden ground. (arriage )et5een )elie6ers and un)elie6ers is for)idden )& -od. ;ut too often the uncon6erted heart follo5s its o5n desires/ and !arriages unsanctioned )& -od are for!ed.--0unda!entals of Christian Education/ p. #...

Chap. 1!+ - ,rong 0or s of Courtship

F07$( A PE7S$3A: 1ES1I($3Y.G 1he lack of fir!ness and self-denial in &our character is a serious dra5)ack in o)taining a genuine religious e4perience that 5ill not )e sliding sand. 0ir!ness and integrit& of purpose should )e culti6ated. 1hese Bualities are positi6el& necessar& to a successful Christian life. If &ou ha6e integrit& of soul &ou 5ill not )e s5a&ed fro! the right. 3o !oti6e 5ill )e sufficient to !o6e &ou fro! the straight line of dut&A &ou 5ill )e lo&al and true to -od. 1he pleadings of affection and lo6e/ the &earnings of friendship/ 5ill not !o6e &ou to turn aside fro! truth and dut&A &ou 5ill not sacrifice dut& to inclination. If &ou/ !& )rother/ are allured to unite &our life-interest 5ith a &oung/ ine4perienced girl/ 5ho is reall& deficient in education in the co!!on/ practical/ dail& duties of life/ &ou !ake a !istakeA )ut this deficienc& is s!all co!pared 5ith her ignorance in regard to her dut& to -od. She has not )een destitute of lightA she has had religious pri6ileges/ and &et she has not felt her 5retched sinfulness 5ithout Christ. Influence on 7eligious E4perience If/ in &our infatuation/ &ou can repeatedl& turn fro! the pra&er-!eeting/ 5here -od !eets 5ith is people/ in order to en=o& the societ& of one 5ho has no lo6e for -od/ and 5ho sees no attractions in the religious life/ ho5 can &ou e4pect -od to prosper such a unionD

;e not in haste. Earl& !arriages should not )e encouraged. If either &oung 5o!en or &oung !en ha6e no respect for the clai!s of -od/ if the& fail to heed the clai!s 5hich )ind the! to religion/ there 5ill )e danger that the& 5ill not properl& regard the clai!s of the hus)and or of the 5ife. 1he ha)it of freBuentl& )eing in the societ& of the one of &our choice/ and that/ too/ at the sacrifice of religious pri6ileges and of &our hours of pra&er/ is dangerousA &ou sustain a loss that &ou cannot afford. 1he ha)it of sitting up late at night is custo!ar&/ )ut it is not pleasing to -od/ e6en if &ou are )oth Christians. 1hese unti!el& hours in=ure health/ unfit the !ind for the ne4t da&2s duties/ and ha6e an appearance of e6il. (& )rother/ I hope &ou 5ill ha6e self-respect enough to shun this for! of courtship. If &ou ha6e an e&e single to the glor& of -od/ &ou 5ill !o6e 5ith deli)erate caution. You 5ill not suffer lo6esick senti!entalis! to so )lind &our 6ision that &ou cannot discern the high clai!s that -od has upon &ou as a Christian.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 3/ pp. ""/ "#.

Earl& (arriages Earl& !arriages are not )e encouraged. A relation so i!portant as !arriage and so far-reaching in its results should not )e entered upon hastil&/ 5ithout sufficient preparation/ and )efore the !ental and ph&sical po5ers are 5ell de6eloped.-- (inistr& of ealing/ p. 3#+.

Chap. 1". - )ngage ent ,ith 8n'elie6ers

%ear SisterC I ha6e learned of &our conte!plated !arriage 5ith one 5ho is not united 5ith &ou in religious faith/ and I fear that &ou ha6e not carefull& 5eighed this i!portant !atter. ;efore taking a step 5hich is to e4ert an influence upon all &our future life/ I urge &ou to gi6e the su)=ect careful and pra&erful deli)eration. Will this ne5 relationship pro6e a source of true happinessD Will it )e a help to &ou in the Christian lifeD Will it )e pleasing to -odD Will &our e4a!ple )e a safe one for others to follo5D 1ests of :o6e ;efore gi6ing her hand in !arriage/ e6er& 5o!an should inBuire 5hether he 5ith 5ho! she is a)out to unite her destin& is 5orth&. What has )een his past recordD Is his life pureD Is the lo6e 5hich he e4presses of a no)le/ ele6ated character/ or is it a !ere e!otional fondnessD as he the traits of character that 5ill !ake her happ&D Can she find true peace and =o& in his affectionD Will she )e allo5ed to preser6e her indi6idualit&/ or !ust her =udg!ent and conscience )e surrendered to the control of her hus)andD As a disciple of Christ/ she is not her o5nA she has )een )ought 5ith a price. Can she honor the Sa6iour2s clai!s as supre!eD Will )od& and soul/ thoughts and purposes/ )e preser6ed pure and hol&D 1hese Buestions ha6e a 6ital )earing upon the 5ell-)eing of e6er& 5o!an 5ho enters the !arriage relation. 7eligion is needed in the ho!e. $nl& this can pre6ent the grie6ous 5rongs 5hich so often e!)itter !arried life. $nl& 5here Christ reigns/ can there )e deep/ true/ unselfish lo6e. 1hen soul 5ill )e knit 5ith soul/ and the t5o li6es 5ill )lend in

har!on&. Angels of -od 5ill )e guests in the ho!e/ and their hol& 6igils 5ill hallo5 the !arriage cha!)er. %e)asing sensualit& 5ill )e )anished. 8p5ard to -od 5ill the thoughts )e directedA to i! 5ill the heart2s de6otion ascend. 7esults of %iso)edience 1he heart &earns for hu!an lo6e/ )ut this lo6e is not strong enough/ or pure enough/ or precious enough/ to suppl& the place of the lo6e of <esus. $nl& in her Sa6iour can the 5ife find 5isdo!/ strength/ and grace to !eet the cares/ responsi)ilities/ and sorro5s of life. She should !ake i! her strength and her guide. :et 5o!an gi6e herself to Christ )efore gi6ing herself to an& earthl& friend/ and enter into no relation 5hich shall conflict 5ith this. 1hose 5ho find true happiness !ust ha6e the )lessing of ea6en upon all that the& possess and all that the& do. It is diso)edience to -od that fills so !an& hearts and ho!es 5ith !iser&. (& sister/ unless &ou 5ould ha6e a ho!e 5here the shado5s are ne6er lifted/ do not unite &ourself 5ith one 5ho is an ene!& of -od. As one 5ho e4pects to !eet these 5ords in the =udg!ent/ I entreat &ou to ponder the step &ou conte!plate taking. Ask &ourself/ Will not an un)elie6ing hus)and lead !& thoughts a5a& fro! <esusD e is a lo6er of pleasure !ore than a lo6er of -odA 5ill he not lead !e to en=o& the things that he en=o&sD 1he path to eternal life is steep and rugged. 1ake no additional 5eights to retard &our progress. . . . I 5ould 5arn &ou of &our danger )efore it shall )e too late. You listen to s!ooth/ pleasant 5ords/ and are led to )elie6e that all 5ill )e 5ellA )ut &ou do not read the !oti6es that pro!pt these fair speeches. You cannot see the depths of 5ickedness hidden in the heart. You cannot look )ehind the scenes/ and discern the snares that Satan is la&ing for &our soul. e 5ould lead &ou to pursue such a course that he can o)tain eas& access/ to ai! his shafts of te!ptation against &ou. %o not gi6e hi! the least ad6antage. While -od !o6es upon the !inds of his ser6ants/ Satan 5orks through the children of diso)edience. 1here is no concord )et5een Christ and ;elial. 1he t5o cannot har!oni?e. 1o connect 5ith an un)elie6er is to place &ourself on Satan2s ground. You grie6e the Spirit of -od and forfeit is protection. Can &ou afford to ha6e such terri)le odds against &ou in fighting the )attle for e6erlasting lifeD A ;roken Engage!ent You !a& sa&/ ;ut I ha6e gi6en !& pro!ise/ and shall I no5 retract itD I ans5er/ If &ou ha6e !ade a pro!ise contrar& to the Scriptures/ )& all !eans retract it 5ithout dela&/ and in hu!ilit& )efore -od repent of the infatuation that led &ou to !ake so rash a pledge. 0ar )etter take )ack such a pro!ise/ in the fear of -od/ than keep it/ and there)& dishonor &our (aker. 7e!e!)er/ &ou ha6e a hea6en to gain/ an open path to perdition to shun. -od !eans 5hat e sa&s. When e prohi)ited our first parents fro! eating the fruit of the tree of kno5ledge/ their diso)edience opened the floodgates of 5oe to the 5hole 5orld. If 5e 5alk contrar& to -od/ e 5ill 5alk contrar& to us. $ur onl& safe course is to render o)edience to all is reBuire!ents/ at 5hate6er cost. All are founded in infinite lo6e and 5isdo!. --1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. #/ pp. 3'1-3'#.

(ature <udg!ent Essential 1he good of societ&/ as 5ell as the highest interest of the students/ de!ands that the& shall not atte!pt to select a life partner 5hile their o5n character is &et unde6eloped/ their =udg!ent i!!ature/ and 5hile the& are at the sa!e ti!e depri6ed of parental care and guidance. . . . 1hose 5ho are seeking to shield the &outh fro! te!ptation and to prepare the! for a life of usefulness are engaged in a good 5ork. We are glad to see in an& institution of learning a recognition of the i!portance of proper restraint and discipline for the &oung. (a& the efforts of all such instructors )e cro5ned 5ith success.-0unda!entals of Christian Education/ pp. '2/ '3.

Chap. 1"1 - 3eed of Counsel and -uidance

In these da&s of peril and corruption/ the &oung are e4posed to !an& trials and te!ptations. (an& are sailing in a dangerous har)or. 1he& need a pilotA )ut the& scorn to accept the !uch-needed help/ feeling that the& are co!petent to guide their o5n )ark/ and not reali?ing that it is a)out to strike a hidden rock that !a& cause the! to !ake ship5reck of faith and happiness. 1he& are infatuated 5ith the su)=ect of courtship and !arriage/ and their principal )urden is to ha6e their o5n 5a&. In this/ the !ost i!portant period of their li6es/ the& need an unerring counselor/ an infalli)le guide. 1his the& 5ill find in the 5ord of -od. 8nless the& are diligent students of that 5ord/ the& 5ill !ake gra6e !istakes/ 5hich 5ill !ar their happiness and that of others/ )oth for the present and the future life. 1here is a disposition 5ith !an& to )e i!petuous and headstrong. 1he& ha6e not heeded the 5ise counsel of the 5ord of -odA the& ha6e not )attled 5ith self/ and o)tained precious 6ictoriesA and their proud/ un)ending 5ill has dri6en the! fro! the path of dut& and o)edience. :ook )ack o6er &our past life/ &oung friends/ and faithfull& consider &our course in the light of -od2s 5ord. a6e &ou cherished that conscientious regard for &our o)ligations to &our parents that the ;i)le en=oinsD a6e &ou treated 5ith kindness and lo6e the !other 5ho has cared for &ou fro! infanc&D a6e &ou regarded her 5ishes/ or ha6e &ou )rought pain and sadness to her heart )& carr&ing out &our o5n desires and plansD as the truth &ou profess sanctified &our heart/ and softened and su)dued &our 5illD If not/ &ou ha6e close 5ork to do to !ake past 5rongs right. A Perfect -uide 1he ;i)le presents a perfect standard of character. 1his sacred )ook/ inspired )& -od/ and 5ritten )& hol& !en/ is a perfect guide under all circu!stances of life. It sets forth distinctl& the duties of )oth &oung and old. If !ade the guide of life/ its teachings 5ill lead the soul up5ard. It 5ill ele6ate the !ind/ i!pro6e the character/ and gi6e peace and =o& to the heart. ;ut !an& of the &oung ha6e chosen to )e their o5n counselor and guide/ and ha6e taken their cases in their o5n hands. Such need to stud& !ore closel& the teachings of the ;i)le. In its pages the& 5ill find re6ealed their dut& to their parents and to their )rethren in the faith. 1he fifth co!!and!ent reads/ onor th& father and th& !other/ that th& da&s !a& )e long upon the land 5hich the :ord th&

-od gi6eth thee. Again 5e read/ Children/ o)e& &our parents in the :ordA for this is right. $ne of the signs that 5e are li6ing in the last da&s is that children are diso)edient to parents/ unthankful/ unhol&. 1he 5ord of -od a)ounds in precepts and counsels en=oining respect for parents. It i!presses upon the &oung the sacred dut& of lo6ing and cherishing those 5ho ha6e guided the! through infanc& childhood/ and &outh/ up to !anhood and 5o!anhood/ and 5ho are no5 in a great degree dependent upon the! for peace and happiness. 1he ;i)le gi6es no uncertain sound on this su)=ectA ne6ertheless/ its teachings ha6e )een greatl& disregarded. 1he &oung ha6e !an& lessons to learn/ and the !ost i!portant one is to learn to kno5 the!sel6es. 1he& should ha6e correct ideas of their o)ligations and duties to their parents/ and should )e constantl& learning in the school of Christ to )e !eek and lo5l& of heart. While the& are to lo6e and honor their parents/ the& are also to respect the =udg!ent of !en of e4perience 5ith 5ho! the& are connected in the church. onora)le Conduct A &oung !an 5ho en=o&s the societ& and 5ins the friendship of a &oung lad& unkno5n to her parents/ does not act a no)le Christian part to5ard her or to5ard her parents. 1hrough secret co!!unications and !eetings he !a& gain an influence o6er her !indA )ut in so doing he fails to !anifest that no)ilit& and integrit& of soul 5hich e6er& child of -od 5ill possess. In order to acco!plish their ends/ the& act a part that is not frank and open and according to the ;i)le standard/ and pro6e the!sel6es untrue to those 5ho lo6e the! and tr& to )e faithful guardians o6er the!. (arriages contracted under such influences are not according to the 5ord of -od. e 5ho 5ould lead a daughter a5a& fro! dut&/ 5ho 5ould confuse her ideas of -od2s plain and positi6e co!!ands to o)e& and honor her parents/ is not one 5ho 5ould )e true to the !arriage o)ligations. 1he Buestion is asked/ Where5ithal shall a &oung !an cleanse his 5a&D and the ans5er is gi6en/ ;& taking heed thereto according to 1h& 5ord. 1he &oung !an 5ho !akes the ;i)le his guide/ need not !istake the path of dut& and of safet&. 1hat )lessed )ook 5ill teach hi! to preser6e his integrit& of character/ to )e truthful/ to practice no deception. 1hou shalt not steal/ 5as 5ritten )& the finger of -od upon the ta)les of stoneA &et ho5 !uch underhand stealing of affections is practiced and e4cused. A decepti6e courtship is !aintained/ pri6ate co!!unications are kept up/ until the affections of one 5ho is ine4perienced/ and kno5s not 5hereunto these things !a& gro5/ are in a !easure 5ithdra5n fro! her parents and placed upon hi! 5ho sho5s )& the 6er& course he pursues that he is un5orth& of her lo6e. 1he ;i)le conde!ns e6er& species of dishonest&/ and de!ands right-doing under all circu!stances. e 5ho !akes the ;i)le the guide of his &outh/ the light of his path/ 5ill o)e& its teachings in all things. e 5ill not transgress one =ot or tittle of the la5 in order to acco!plish an& o)=ect/ e6en if he has to !ake great sacrifices in conseBuence. If he )elie6es the ;i)le/ he kno5s that the )lessing of -od 5ill not rest upon hi! if he departs fro! the strict path of rectitude. Although he !a& appear for a ti!e to prosper/ he 5ill surel& reap the fruit of his doings.

1he curse of -od rests upon !an& of the ill-ti!ed/ inappropriate connections that are for!ed in this age of the 5orld. If the ;i)le left these Buestions in a 6ague uncertain light/ then the course that !an& &outh of toda& are pursuing in their attach!ents for one another 5ould )e !ore e4cusa)le. ;ut the reBuire!ents of the ;i)le are not half5a& in=unctionsA the& de!and perfect purit& of thought/ of 5ord/ and of deed. We are grateful to -od that is 5ord is a light to the feet/ and that none need !istake the path of dut&. 1he &oung should !ake it a )usiness to consult its pages and heed its counselsA for sad !istakes are al5a&s !ade in departing fro! its precepts. 3eed of Sound <udg!ent If there is an& su)=ect that should )e considered 5ith cal! reason and uni!passioned =udg!ent/ it is the su)=ect of !arriage. If e6er the ;i)le is needed as a counselor/ it is )efore taking a step that )inds persons together for life. ;ut the pre6ailing senti!ent is that in this !atter the feelings are to )e the guideA and in too !an& cases lo6e-sick senti!entalis! takes the hel! and guides to certain ruin. It is here that the &outh sho5 less intelligence than on an& other su)=ectA it is here that the& refuse to )e reasoned 5ith. 1he Buestion of !arriage see!s to ha6e a )e5itching po5er o6er the!. 1he& do not su)!it the!sel6es to -od. 1heir senses are enchained/ and the& !o6e for5ard in secreti6eness/ as if fearful that their plans 5ould )e interfered 5ith )& so!e one. 1he underhand 5a& in 5hich courtships and !arriages are carried on is the cause of a great a!ount of !iser&/ the full e4tent of 5hich is kno5n onl& to -od. $n this rock thousands ha6e !ade ship5reck of their souls. Professed Christians/ 5hose li6es are !arked 5ith integrit&/ and 5ho see! sensi)le upon e6er& other su)=ect/ !ake fearful !istakes here. 1he& !anifest a set/ deter!ined 5ill that reason cannot change. 1he& )eco!e so fascinated 5ith hu!an feelings and i!pulses that the& ha6e no desire to search the ;i)le and co!e into close relationship 5ith -od. Satan kno5s =ust 5hat ele!ents he has to deal 5ith/ and he displa&s his infernal 5isdo! in 6arious de6ices to entrap souls to their ruin. e 5atches e6er& step that is taken/ and !akes !an& suggestions/ and often these suggestions are follo5ed rather than the counsel of -od2s 5ord. 1his finel& 5o6en/ dangerous net is skillfull& prepared to entangle the &oung and un5ar&. It !a& often )e disguised under a co6ering of lightA )ut those 5ho )eco!e its 6icti!s pierce the!sel6es through 5ith !an& sorro5s. As the result/ 5e see 5recks of hu!anit& e6er&5here. Parents to ;e Consulted When 5ill our &outh )e 5iseD o5 long 5ill this kind of 5ork go onD Shall children consult onl& their o5n desires and inclinations/ irrespecti6e of the ad6ice and =udg!ent of their parentsD So!e see! ne6er to )esto5 a thought upon their parents2 5ishes or preferences/ nor to regard their !atured =udg!ent. Selfishness has closed the door of their hearts to filial affection. 1he !inds of the &oung need to )e aroused in regard to this !atter. 1he fifth co!!and!ent is the onl& co!!and!ent to 5hich is anne4ed a pro!iseA )ut it is held lightl&/ and is e6en positi6el& ignored )& the lo6er2s clai!. Slighting a !other2s lo6e/ dishonoring a father2s care/ are sins that stand registered against !an& &outh.

$ne of the greatest errors connected 5ith this su)=ect is that the &oung and ine4perienced !ust not ha6e their affections distur)ed/ that there !ust )e no interference in their lo6e e4perience. If there e6er 5as a su)=ect that needed to )e 6ie5ed fro! e6er& standpoint/ it is this. 1he aid of the e4perience of others/ and a cal!/ careful 5eighing of the !atter on )oth sides/ is positi6el& essential. It is a su)=ect that is treated altogether too lightl& )& the great !a=orit& of people. 1ake -od and &our -od-fearing parents into &our counsel/ &oung friends. Pra& o6er the !atter. Weigh e6er& senti!ent/ and 5atch e6er& de6elop!ent of character in the one 5ith 5ho! &ou think to link &our life destin&. 1he step &ou are a)out to take is one of the !ost i!portant in &our life/ and should not )e taken hastil&. While &ou !a& lo6e/ do not lo6e )lindl&. E4a!ine carefull& to see if &our !arried life 5ould )e happ&/ or inhar!onious and 5retched. :et the Buestions )e raised/ Will this union help !e hea6en5ardD 5ill it increase !& lo6e for -odD and 5ill it enlarge !& sphere of usefulness in this lifeD If these reflections present no dra5)ack/ then in the fear of -od !o6e for5ard. ;ut e6en if an engage!ent has )een entered into 5ithout a full understanding of the character of the one 5ith 5ho! &ou intend to unite/ do not think that the engage!ent !akes it a positi6e necessit& for &ou to take upon &ourself the !arriage 6o5/ and link &ourself for life to one 5ho! &ou cannot lo6e and respect. ;e 6er& careful ho5 &ou enter into conditional engage!entsA )ut )etter/ far )etter/ )reak the engage!ent )efore !arriage than separate after5ard/ as !an& do. 1reat!ent of (other an Inde4 1rue lo6e is a plant that needs culture. :et the 5o!an 5ho desires a peaceful/ happ& union/ 5ho 5ould escape future !iser& and sorro5/ inBuire )efore she &ields her affections/ as !& lo6er a !otherD What is the sta!p of her characterD %oes he recogni?e his o)ligations to herD Is he !indful of her 5ishes and happinessD If he does not respect and honor his !other/ 5ill he !anifest respect and lo6e/ kindness and attention/ to5ard his 5ifeD When the no6elt& of !arriage is o6er/ 5ill he lo6e !e stillD Will he )e patient 5ith !& !istakes/ or 5ill he )e critical/ o6er)earing/ and dictatorialD 1rue affection 5ill o6erlook !an& !istakesA lo6e 5ill not discern the!. I!pulse 3ot 7elia)le 1he &outh trust altogether too !uch to i!pulse. 1he& should not gi6e the!sel6es a5a& too easil&/ nor )e capti6ated too readil& )& the 5inning e4terior of the lo6er. Courtship/ as carried on in this age/ is a sche!e of deception and h&pocris&/ 5ith 5hich the ene!& of souls has far !ore to do than the :ord. -ood co!!on sense is needed here if an&5hereA )ut the fact is/ it has little to do in the !atter. If children 5ould )e !ore fa!iliar 5ith their parents/ if the& 5ould confide in the!/ and un)urden to the! their =o&s and sorro5s/ the& 5ould sa6e the!sel6es !an& a future heartache. When perple4ed to kno5 5hat course is right/ let the! la& the !atter =ust as the& 6ie5 it )efore their parents/ and ask ad6ice of the!. Who are so 5ell calculated to point out their dangers as godl& parentsD Who can understand their peculiar te!pera!ents so 5ell as the&D

Children 5ho are Christians 5ill estee! a)o6e e6er& earthl& )lessing the lo6e and appro)ation of their -od-fearing parents. 1he parents can s&!pathi?e 5ith the children/ and pra& for and 5ith the! that -od 5ill shield and guide the!. A)o6e e6er&thing else the& 5ill point the! to their ne6er-failing 0riend and Counselor/ 5ho 5ill )e touched 5ith the feeling of their infir!ities. e 5ho 5as te!pted in all points like as 5e are/ &et 5ithout sin/ kno5s ho5 to succor those 5ho are te!pted.--7e6ie5 and erald/ <anuar& 2'/ 1++'.

%i6ine :o6e In &our life union &our affections are to )e tri)utar& to each other2s happiness. Each is to !inister to the happiness of the other. 1his is the 5ill of -od concerning &ou. ;ut 5hile &ou are to )lend as one/ neither of &ou is to lose his or her indi6idualit& in the other. -od is the o5ner of &our indi6idualit&. . . . :i6ing for -od/ the soul sends forth to i! its )est and highest affections. Is the greatest outflo5 of &our lo6e to5ard i! 5ho died for &ouD If it is/ &our lo6e for each other 5ill )e after hea6en2s order.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. */ pp. "#/ "'.

Chap. 1"2 - Pre ature Marriage

;o&s and girls enter upon the !arriage relation 5ith unripe lo6e/ i!!ature =udg!ent/ 5ithout no)le/ ele6ated feelings/ and take upon the!sel6es the !arriage 6o5s/ 5holl& led )& their )o&ish/ girlish passions. . . . 1he %anger of Earl& Attach!ents Attach!ents for!ed in childhood ha6e often resulted in 6er& 5retched unions/ or in disgraceful separations. Earl& connections/ if for!ed 5ithout the consent of parents/ ha6e seldo! pro6ed happ&. 1he &oung affections should )e restrained until the period arri6es 5hen sufficient age and e4perience 5ill !ake it honora)le and safe to unfetter the!. 1hose 5ho 5ill not )e restrained 5ill )e in danger of dragging out an unhapp& e4istence. A &outh not out of his teens is a poor =udge of the fitness of a person as &oung as hi!self to )e his co!panion for life. After their =udg!ent has )eco!e !ore !atured/ the& 6ie5 the!sel6es )ound for life to each other/ and perhaps not at all calculated to !ake each other happ&. 1hen/ instead of !aking the )est of their lot/ recri!inations take place/ the )reach 5idens/ until there is settled indifference and neglect of each other. 1o the! there is nothing sacred in the 5ord ho!e. 1he 6er& at!osphere is poisoned )& unlo6ing 5ords and )itter reproaches.--A Sole!n Appeal/ pp. 11/ 12 HEditionC Signs Pu)lishing Co!pan& :i!itedI.

Chap. 1"3 - Marriages/ ,ise and 8n5ise

I!!ature !arriages are producti6e of a 6ast a!ount of the e6ils that e4ist toda&. 3either ph&sical health nor !ental 6igor is pro!oted )& a !arriage that is entered on too earl& in life. 8pon this su)=ect altogether too little reason is e4ercised. (an& &outh act fro! i!pulse. 1his step/ 5hich affects the! seriousl& for good or ill/ to )e a

lifelong )lessing or curse/ is too often taken hastil&/ under the i!pulse of senti!ent. (an& 5ill not listen to reason or instruction fro! a Christian point of 6ie5. . . . 1he 5orld is full of !iser& and sin toda& in conseBuence of ill-assorted !arriages. In !an& cases it takes onl& a fe5 !onths for hus)and and 5ife to reali?e that their dispositions can ne6er )lendA and the result is that discord pre6ails in the ho!e 5here onl& the lo6e and har!on& of hea6en should e4ist. ;& contention o6er tri6ial !atters/ a )itter spirit is culti6ated. $pen disagree!ents and )ickering )ring ine4pressi)le !iser& into the ho!e/ and dri6e asunder those 5ho should )e united in the )onds of lo6e. 1hus thousands ha6e sacrificed the!sel6es/ soul and )od&/ )& un5ise !arriages/ and ha6e gone do5n in the path of perdition. 8neBuall& Yoked It is a dangerous thing to for! a 5orldl& alliance. Satan 5ell kno5s that the hour 5hich 5itnesses the !arriages of !an& &oung !en and 5o!en closes the histor& of their religious e4perience and usefulness. 0or a ti!e the& !a& !ake an effort to li6e a Christian life/ )ut all their stri6ings are !ade against a stead& influence in the opposite direction. $nce the& felt it a pri6ilege to speak of their =o& and hopeA )ut soon the& )eco!e un5illing to !ake this a su)=ect of con6ersation/ kno5ing that the one 5ith 5ho! the& ha6e linked their destin& takes no interest in these things. 1hus Satan insidiousl& 5ea6es a)out the! a 5e) of skepticis!/ and faith in the precious truth dies out of the heart. It is Satan2s studied effort to secure the &outh in sinA for then he is sure of the !an. 1he ene!& of souls is filled 5ith intense hatred against e6er& endea6or to influence the &outh in the right direction. e hates e6er&thing that 5ill gi6e correct 6ie5s of -od and of Christ. is efforts are especiall& directed against those 5ho are placed in a position fa6ora)le for recei6ing light fro! hea6enA for he kno5s that an& !o6e!ent on their part to co!e into connection 5ith -od 5ill gi6e the! po5er to resist his te!ptations. As an angel of light he co!es to the &outh 5ith his specious de6ices/ and too often succeeds in 5inning the!/ step )& step/ fro! the path of dut&. Proper Association Young persons 5ho are thro5n into one another2s societ& !a& !ake their association a )lessing or a curse. 1he& !a& edif&/ strengthen/ and )less one another/ i!pro6ing in deport!ent/ in disposition/ in kno5ledgeA or/ )& per!itting the!sel6es to )eco!e careless and unfaithful/ the& !a& e4ert onl& a de!orali?ing influence.--1he Youth2s Instructor/ August 1./ 1+,,.

ast& (arriages Satan is constantl& )us& to hurr& ine4perienced &outh into a !arriage alliance. ;ut the less 5e glor& in the !arriages 5hich are no5 taking place/ the )etter. When the sacred nature and the clai!s of !arriage are understood/ it 5ill e6en no5 )e appro6ed of ea6en/ and the result 5ill )e happiness to )oth parties/ and -od 5ill )e glorified. . ..

1rue religion enno)les the !ind/ refines the taste/ sanctifies the =udg!ent/ and !akes its possessor partaker of the purit& and influences of ea6enA it )rings angels near/ and separates !ore and !ore fro! the spirit and influence of the 5orld.--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 2/ pp. 2#2/ 2#3.

Influenced to (arriage )& Satan Satan is )usil& engaged in influencing those 5ho are 5holl& unsuited to each other to unite their interests. e e4ults in this 5ork/ for )& it he can produce !ore !iser& and hopeless 5oe to the hu!an fa!il& than )& e4ercising his skill in an& other direction.-1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 2/ P. 2"+.

Chap. 1"! - Marr%ing and -i6ing in Marriage

-od has placed !en in the 5orld/ and it is their pri6ilege to eat/ to drink/ to trade/ to !arr&/ and to )e gi6en in !arriageA )ut it is safe to do these things onl& in the fear of -od. We should li6e in this 5orld 5ith reference to the eternal 5orld. 1he great cri!e in the !arriages of the da&s of 3oah 5as that the sons of -od for!ed alliances 5ith the daughters of !en. 1hose 5ho professed to ackno5ledge and re6ere -od associated 5ith those 5ho 5ere corrupt of heartA and 5ithout discri!ination the& !arried 5ho! the& 5ould. 1here are !an& in this da& 5ho ha6e no depth of religious e4perience/ 5ho 5ill do e4actl& the sa!e things as 5ere done in the da&s of 3oah. 1he& 5ill enter into !arriage 5ithout careful and pra&erful consideration. (an& take upon the!sel6es the sacred 6o5s as thoughtlessl& as the& 5ould enter into a )usiness transactionA true lo6e is not the !oti6e for the alliance. 8nhol& Infatuation 1he thought of !arriage see!s to ha6e a )e5itching po5er upon the !inds of !an& of the &outh. 15o persons )eco!e acBuaintedA the& are infatuated 5ith each other/ and their 5hole attention is a)sor)ed. 7eason is )linded/ and =udg!ent is o6erthro5n. 1he& 5ill not su)!it to an& ad6ice or control/ )ut insist on ha6ing their o5n 5a&/ regardless of conseBuence. :ike so!e epide!ic/ or contagion/ that !ust run its course/ is the infatuation that possesses the!A and there see!s to )e no such thing as putting a stop to it. Perhaps there are those around the! 5ho reali?e that/ should the parties interested )e united in !arriage/ it could onl& result in life-long unhappiness. ;ut entreaties and e4hortations are gi6en in 6ain. Perhaps/ )& such a union/ the usefulness of one 5ho! -od 5ould )less in is ser6ice 5ill )e crippled and destro&edA )ut reasoning and persuasion are alike unheeded. All that can )e said )& !en and 5o!en of e4perience pro6es ineffectualA it is po5erless to change the decision to 5hich their desires ha6e led the!. 1he& lose interest in the pra&er !eeting/ and in e6er&thing that pertains to religion. 1he& are 5holl& infatuated 5ith each other/ and the duties of life are neglected/ as if the& 5ere !atters of little concern. 3ight after night/ these &oung people )urn the !idnight oil

to talk 5ith each other/--in reference to su)=ects of serious and sole!n interestD--$ no. 7ather of fri6olous things that are of no i!portance. 9iolating the :a5s of ealth and (odest& Satan2s angels are keeping 5atch 5ith those 5ho de6ote a large share of the night to courting. Could the& ha6e their e&es opened/ the& 5ould see an angel !aking a record of their 5ords and acts. 1he la5s of health and !odest& are 6iolated. It 5ould )e !ore appropriate to let so!e of the hours of courtship )efore !arriage run through the !arried life. ;ut as a general thing/ !arriage ends all the de6otion !anifested during the da&s of courtship> 1hese hours of !idnight dissipation/ in this age of depra6it&/ freBuentl& lead to the ruin of )oth parties thus engaged. Satan e4ults/ and -od is dishonored 5hen !en and 5o!en dishonor the!sel6es. 1he good na!e of honor is sacrificed under the spell of this infatuation/ and the !arriage of such persons cannot )e sole!ni?ed under the appro6al of -od. 1he& are !arried )ecause passion !o6ed the!/ and 5hen the no6elt& of the affair is o6er/ the& 5ill )egin to reali?e 5hat the& ha6e done. In si4 !onths after the 6o5s are spoken/ their senti!ents to5ard each other ha6e undergone a change. Each has learned in !arried life !ore of the character of the co!panion chosen. Each disco6ers i!perfections that/ during the )lindness and foll& of their for!er association/ 5ere not apparent. 1he pro!ises at the altar do not )ind the! together. In conseBuence of hast& !arriages/ e6en a!ong the professed people of -od/ there are separations/ di6orces/ and great confusion in the church. %isregard for Counsel 1his kind of !arr&ing and gi6ing in !arriage is one of Satan2s special de6ices/ and he succeeds in his plans al!ost e6er& ti!e. I ha6e the !ost painful sense of helplessness 5hen parties co!e to !e for counsel upon this su)=ect. I !a& speak to the! the 5ords that -od 5ould ha6e !eA )ut the& freBuentl& Buestion e6er& point/ and plead the 5isdo! of carr&ing out their o5n purposesA and e6entuall& the& do so. 1he& see! to ha6e no po5er to o6erco!e their o5n 5ishes and inclinations/ and 5ill !arr& at all ha?ards. 1he& do not consider the !atter carefull& and pra&erfull&/ lea6ing the!sel6es in the hands of -od/ to )e guided and controlled )& is Spirit. 1he fear of -od does not see! to )e )efore their e&es. 1he& think the& understand the !atter full&/ 5ithout 5isdo! fro! -od or counsel fro! !an. When it is too late/ the& find that the& ha6e !ade a !istake/ and ha6e i!periled their happiness in this life and the sal6ation of their souls. 1he& 5ould not ad!it that an& one kne5 an&thing a)out the !atter )ut the!sel6es/ 5hen if counsel had )een recei6ed/ the& !ight ha6e sa6ed the!sel6es &ears of an4iet& and sorro5. ;ut ad6ice is onl& thro5n a5a& on those 5ho are deter!ined to ha6e their o5n 5a&. Passion carries such indi6iduals o6er e6er& )arrier that reason and =udg!ent can interpose. Characteristics of 1rue :o6e :o6e is a plant of hea6enl& origin. It is not unreasona)leA it is not )lind. It is pure and hol&. ;ut the passion of the natural heart is another thing altogether. While pure lo6e

5ill take -od into all its plans/ and 5ill )e in perfect har!on& 5ith the Spirit of -od/ passion 5ill )e headstrong/ rash/ unreasona)le/ defiant of all restraint/ and 5ill !ake the o)=ect of its choice an idol. In all the deport!ent of one 5ho possesses true lo6e/ the grace of -od 5ill )e sho5n. (odest&/ si!plicit&/ sincerit&/ !oralit&/ and religion 5ill characteri?e e6er& step to5ard an alliance in !arriage. 1hose 5ho are thus controlled 5ill not )e a)sor)ed in each other2s societ&/ at a loss of interest in the pra&er !eeting and the religious ser6ice. . . . Seeking %i6ine -uidance If !en and 5o!en are in the ha)it of pra&ing t5ice a da& )efore the& conte!plate !arriage/ the& should pra& four ti!es a da& 5hen such a step is anticipated. (arriage is so!ething that 5ill influence and affect &our life/ )oth in this 5orld and in the 5orld to co!e. A sincere Christian 5ill not ad6ance his plans in this direction 5ithout the kno5ledge that -od appro6es his course. e 5ill not 5ant to choose for hi!self/ )ut 5ill feel that -od !ust choose for hi!. We are not to please oursel6es/ for Christ pleased not i!self. I 5ould not )e understood to !ean that an&one is to !arr& one 5ho! he does not lo6e. 1his 5ould )e sin. ;ut fanc& and the e!otional nature !ust not )e allo5ed to lead on to ruin. -od reBuires the 5hole heart/ the supre!e affections. 1he !a=orit& of the !arriages of our ti!e/ and the 5a& in 5hich the& are conducted/ !ake the! one of the signs of the last da&s. (en and 5o!en are so persistent/ so headstrong/ that -od is left out of the Buestion. 7eligion is laid aside/ as if it had no part to act in this sole!n and i!portant !atter. ;ut unless those 5ho profess to )elie6e the truth are sanctified through it/ and e4alted in thought and character/ the& are not in as fa6ora)le a position )efore -od as the sinner 5ho has ne6er )een enlightened in regard to its clai!s.--7e6ie5 and erald/ Septe!)er 2#/ 1+++.

Chap. 1"" - 7esponsi'ilities of Marriage

(an& ha6e entered the !arriage relation 5ho ha6e not acBuired propert&/ and 5ho ha6e had no inheritance. 1he& did not possess ph&sical strength or !ental energ& to acBuire propert&. It has )een =ust such ones 5ho ha6e )een in haste to !arr&/ and 5ho ha6e taken upon the!sel6es responsi)ilities of 5hich the& had no =ust sense. 1he& did not possess no)le/ ele6ated feelings/ and had no =ust idea of the dut& of a hus)and and father/ and 5hat it 5ould cost the! to pro6ide for the 5ants of a fa!il&. And the& !anifested no !ore propriet& in the increase of their fa!ilies than that sho5n in their )usiness transactions. . . . 1he !arriage institution 5as designed of ea6en to )e a )lessing to !anA )ut/ in a general sense/ it has )een a)used in such a !anner as to !ake it a dreadful curse. (ost !en and 5o!en ha6e acted in entering the !arriage relation as though the onl& Buestion for the! to settle 5as 5hether the& lo6ed each other. ;ut the& should reali?e that a responsi)ilit& rests upon the! in the !arriage relation farther than this. 1he& should consider 5hether their offspring 5ill possess ph&sical health/ and !ental and !oral strength. ;ut fe5 ha6e !o6ed 5ith high !oti6es/ and 5ith ele6ated

considerations 5hich the& could not lightl& thro5 off-- that societ& had clai!s upon the!/ that the 5eight of their fa!il&2s influence 5ould tell in the up5ard or do5n5ard scale.--A Sole!n Appeal/ pp. '3/ '" HEditionC Signs Pu)lishing Co!pan& :i!itedI.

Chap. 1"& - -ood <udg ent and Self-Control in Marriage

1hose professing to )e Christians should not enter the !arriage relation until the !atter has )een carefull& and pra&erfull& considered fro! an ele6ated standpoint/ to see if -od can )e glorified )& the union. 1hen the& should dul& consider the result of e6er& pri6ilege of the !arriage relation/ and sanctified principle should )e the )asis of e6er& action. :ooking Ahead ;efore increasing their fa!il&/ the& should take into consideration 5hether -od 5ould )e glorified or dishonored )& their )ringing children into the 5orld. 1he& should seek to glorif& -od )& their union fro! the first/ and during e6er& &ear of their !arried life. 1he& should cal!l& consider 5hat pro6ision can )e !ade for their children. 1he& ha6e no right to )ring children into the 5orld to )e a )urden to others. a6e the& a )usiness that the& can rel& upon to sustain a fa!il&/ so that the& need not )eco!e a )urden to othersD If the& ha6e not/ the& co!!it a cri!e in )ringing children into the 5orld to suffer for 5ant of proper care/ food/ and clothing. 1he %o!ination of Passion In this fast/ corrupt age these things are not considered. :ustful passion )ears a5a&/ and 5ill not su)!it to control/ although fee)leness/ !iser&/ and death are the result of its reign. Wo!en are forced to a life of hardship/ pain/ and suffering/ )ecause of the uncontrolla)le passions of !en 5ho )ear the na!e of hus)and--!ore rightl& could the& )e called )rutes. (others drag out a !isera)le e4istence/ 5ith children in their ar!s nearl& all the ti!e/ !anaging e6er& 5a& to put )read into their !ouths and clothes upon their )acks. Such accu!ulated !iser& fills the 5orld. 1here is )ut little real/ genuine/ de6oted pure lo6e. 1his precious article is 6er& rare. Passion is ter!ed lo6e. (an& a 5o!an has had her fine and tender sensi)ilities outraged/ )ecause the !arriage relation allo5ed hi! 5ho! she called hus)and to )e )rutal in his treat!ent of her. is lo6e she found to )e of so )ase a Bualit& that she )eca!e disgusted. 3ecessit& of Self-Control 9er& !an& fa!ilies are li6ing in a !ost unhapp& state/ )ecause the hus)and and father allo5s the ani!al in his nature to predo!inate o6er the intellectual and !oral. 1he result is that a sense of languor and depression is freBuentl& felt/ )ut the cause is seldo! di6ined as )eing the result of their o5n i!proper course of action. We are under sole!n o)ligations to -od to keep the spirit pure and the )od& health&/ that 5e !a& )e a )enefit to hu!anit&/ and render to -od perfect ser6ice--1esti!onies for the Church/ 9ol. 2/ pp. 3+./ 3+1.

Chap. 1"( - 1he )4a ple of Isaac

3o one 5ho fears -od can 5ithout danger connect hi!self 5ith one 5ho fears i! not. Can t5o 5alk together/ e4cept the& )e agreedD 1he happiness and prosperit& of the !arriage relation depends upon the unit& of the partiesA )ut )et5een the )elie6er and the un)elie6er there is a radical difference of tastes/ inclinations/ and purposes. 1he& are ser6ing t5o !asters/ )et5een 5ho! there can )e no concord. o5e6er pure and correct one2s principles !a& )e/ the influence of an un)elie6ing co!panion 5ill ha6e a tendenc& to lead a5a& fro! -od. e 5ho has entered the !arriage relation 5hile uncon6erted is )& his con6ersion placed under stronger o)ligation to )e faithful to his co!panion/ ho5e6er 5idel& the& !a& differ in regard to religious faithA &et the clai!s of -od should )e placed a)o6e e6er& earthl& relationship/ e6en though trials and persecution !a& )e the result. With the spirit of lo6e and !eekness/ this fidelit& !a& ha6e an influence to 5in the un)elie6ing one. ;ut the !arriage of Christians 5ith the ungodl& is for)idden in the ;i)le. 1he :ord2s direction is ;e &e not uneBuall& &oked together 5ith un)elie6ers. Isaac 5as highl& honored )& -od/ in )eing !ade inheritor of the pro!ises through 5hich the 5orld 5as to )e )lessedA &et 5hen he 5as fort& &ears of age he su)!itted to his father2s =udg!ent in appointing his e4perienced/ -od-fearing ser6ant to choose a 5ife for hi!. And the result of that !arriage/ as presented in the Scriptures/ is a tender and )eautiful picture of do!estic happinessC Isaac )rought her unto his !other Sarah2s tent/ and took 7e)ekah/ and she )eca!e his 5ifeA and he lo6ed herC and Isaac 5as co!forted after his !other2s death. What a contrast )et5een the course of Isaac and that pursued )& the &outh of our ti!e/ e6en a!ong professed Christians> Young people too often feel that the )esto5al of their affections is a !atter in 5hich self alone should )e consulted/--a !atter that neither -od nor their parents should in an& 5ise control. :ong )efore the& ha6e reached !anhood or 5o!anhood/ the& think the!sel6es co!petent to !ake their o5n choice/ 5ithout the aid of their parents. A fe5 &ears of !arried life are usuall& sufficient to sho5 the! their error/ )ut often too late to pre6ent its )aleful results. 0or the sa!e lack of 5isdo! and self-control that dictated the hast& choice is per!itted to aggra6ate the e6il/ until the !arriage relation )eco!es a galling &oke. (an& ha6e thus 5recked their happiness in this life/ and their hope of the life to co!e. If there is an& su)=ect 5hich should )e carefull& considered/ and in 5hich the counsel of older and !ore e4perienced persons should )e sought/ it is the su)=ect of !arriageA if e6er the ;i)le 5as needed as a counselor/ if e6er di6ine guidance should )e sought in pra&er/ it is )efore taking a step that )inds persons together for life. Parents should ne6er lose sight of their o5n responsi)ilit& for the future happiness of their children. Isaac2s deference of his father2s =udg!ent 5as the result of the training that had taught hi! to lo6e a life of o)edience. While A)raha! reBuired his children to respect parental authorit&/ his dail& life testified that that authorit& 5as not a selfish or ar)itrar& control/ )ut 5as founded in lo6e/ and had their 5elfare and happiness in 6ie5.

0athers and !others should feel that a dut& de6ol6es upon the! to guide the affections of the &outh/ that the& !a& )e placed upon those 5ho 5ill )e suita)le co!panions. 1he& should feel it a dut&/ )& their o5n teaching and e4a!ple/ 5ith the assisting grace of -od/ to so !old the character of the children fro! their earliest &ears that the& 5ill )e pure and no)le/ and 5ill )e attracted to the good and true. :ike attracts likeA like appreciates like. :et the lo6e for truth and purit& and goodness )e earl& i!planted in the soul/ and the &outh 5ill seek the societ& of those 5ho possess these characteristics. . . . 1rue lo6e is a high and hol& principle/ altogether different in character fro! that lo6e 5hich is a5akened )& i!pulse/ and 5hich suddenl& dies 5hen se6erel& tested. It is )& faithfulness to dut& in the parental ho!e that the &outh are to prepare the!sel6es for ho!es of their o5n. :et the! here practice self-denial/ and !anifest kindness/ courtes&/ and Christian s&!path&. 1hus lo6e 5ill )e kept 5ar! in the heart/ and he 5ho goes out fro! such a household to stand at the head of a fa!il& of his o5n 5ill kno5 ho5 to pro!ote the happiness of her 5ho! he has chosen as a co!panion for life. (arriage/ instead of )eing the end of lo6e/ 5ill )e onl& its )eginning. --Patriarchs and Prophets/ pp. 1*"-1*'.