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Language point: Predictions: 'will'

BBC Learning English The Flatmates

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Predictions: will When we want to talk about something that we think will happen or predict to happen in the future, we can use 'will' plus the infinitive (without 'to'). The short form of 'will' is 'll. In episode 88 of The Flatmates, when Tim's boss describes his plan, and says 'That'll take the heat off us', he is predicting the results of his plan. Tim responds by making a prediction of his own: 'So somebody else will end up being charged with a crime they didnt commit.' The negative form of 'will' is won't. Tim makes a prediction about the police: 'Yeah, but the police wont just take my word for it'

Adverbs with will: We can use adverbs with 'will'. In positive sentences, they usually go between 'will' and the verb. Tim's boss says 'it'll probably be you.' 'Tim will definitely be in trouble for this.' 'The police will never discover the truth.' In negative sentences, the adverb goes before 'won't'. 'This probably won't take long.' 'I definitely won't need any help.'

Other common expressions with will: I expect - 'The concert finishes at 9 o'clock. I expect I'll be home by 10.' I'm sure 'It's a beautiful day. I'm sure you won't need a coat. I think 'The report is nearly ready. I think it'll be finished by the end of the week.' I don't think 'I don't think you'll enjoy this film.' I wonder 'I wonder what she will do next?'

The Flatmates

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BBC Learning English The Flatmates

Vocabulary a tight spot a difficult situation that is hard to solve or get out of tampered with interfered with here, opened without permission take the heat off (here) take the police's attention away take my word for it believe me charged with formally accused of committing a crime

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