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Hands off the fruits of Israeli Apartheid!

The Israeli agricultural produce exporters Mehadrin, Arava and HADIKLAIM profit from the sale of the fruits of Israeli apartheid and are often themselves directly involved in the colonization of Palestinian land and resources and the exploitation of Palestinian labour. These exporters sell agricultural products from the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, often with false labeling (country of origin: Israel). Since products from Israeli settlements are not exempted from customs duty in the European Union (European Court of Justice decision of 25.02.2010), these products are often mixed with products from Israel proper in order to profit from the customs duty reductions Israel enjoys in Europe We would like to point out that the marketing of products from the Occupied Territories is illegal under international law. The expulsion of the Palestinians from their land and water resources, the demolition of their homes and olive groves and the destruction of their livelihoods are not justified with the existence and security of Israel. They are a crime against international law and the rights of the Palestinian People. Exposing the complicity of these companies, building boycotts of their produce and pressuring wholesalers and retailers not to trade with them is an effective and vital means of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality. We are committed to a just peace in the Middle East and therefore protest against the ongoing, massive human rights violations committed by Israel against the Palestinians in its own territory, in the Occupied Territories and in Gaza. Violations of international law, the colonization of Palestine and the establishment of an apartheid system should not be rewarded. We therefore appeal to you to support boycotting products of the Mehadrin, Arava and HADIKLAIM companies and to stand up for the observance of human rights and for a just peace in the Middle East.



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