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I, William M. Windsor, the undersigned, hereby declare under penalty of perjury:

1. Judges and judicial personnel in the United States istrict !ourt for the "orthern istrict of #eorgia and the United States !ourt of $ppeals for the %le&enth !ircuit, la' enforcement personnel, and others ha&e conspired to obstruct justice and deny my due process rights under the !onstitution of #eorgia and the United States by intentionally and (no'ingly committing many crimes. )heir efforts are a &iolation of the *I!+ statute of the State of #eorgia, +.!.#.$. , 1-.1/.1 et se0.
1. I charge +rinda . %&ans, William S. uffey, )homas Woodro' )hrash, $my )otenberg, Julie %. !arnes, Ste&e !. Jones, )imothy !. 2atten, !larence !ooper, J. +'en 3orrester, Willis 2. 4unt, 4arold 5. Murphy, William !. +67elley, !harles $. 8annell, Mar&in 4. Shoob, *ichard W. Story, #. %rnest )id'ell, *obert 5. 9ining, 4orace ). Ward, Janet 3. 7ing, Susan S. !ole, $lan J. 2a&erman, #errilyn #. 2rill, !. !hristopher 4agy, 5inda ). Wal(er, Walter %. Johnson, %. !layton Scofield, *ussell #. 9ineyard, Joel 3. ubina, %d !arnes, *osemary 2ar(ett, 3ran( M. 4ull, James 5arry %dmondson, Stanley Marcus, William 4. 8ryor, #erald 2ard )joflat, Susan 4. 2lac(, !harles *. Wilson, James !. 4ill, 2e&erly 2. Martin, 8eter ). 3ay, 8hyllis $. 7ra&itch, *. 5anier $nderson, %mmett *ipley !o:, James ". 4atten, $nni&a Sanders, Joyce White, 2e&erly #utting, Margaret !allier, 2. #rutby, ouglas J. Mincher, Jessica 2irnbaum, 9ic(i 4anna, John 5ey, !hristopher 4uber, Sally ;uillian <ates, "eeli 2en. a&id, John $. 4orn, 8aul 4o'ard, Jr., "aomi 3udge, eputy Sheriff 2etts, eputy Sheriff %nglish, and Un(no'n oes => efendants?@. A. $ legal dictionary defines corrupt as >ha&ing an unla'ful or e&il moti&eB especially characteriCed by improper and usually unla'ful conduct intended to secure a benefit for oneself or another.? )his description properly defines efendants. /. )he actions of people 'ho are federal judges in 3ulton !ounty #eorgia and 'ho are employees of the courts and offices of the !ler( of the !ourt of both the "orthern istrict of #eorgia =>". .#a.?@ and the %le&enth !ircuit =>11th !ircuit?@ bring shame on the legal system. efendants ha&e conspired to &iolate the la' and my rights and the rights of others. D. efendants ha&e used their offices to commit crimes and to attempt to shield themsel&es and their fello' rac(eteers from indictment and impeachment. -. efendants commit a 'ide &ariety of crimes and 'rongdoing that are not acts that they are authoriCed to do in their jobs. )hey commit acts that are specifically and undeniably prohibited in their roles. E. efendants purporting to be judges commit the crimes of obstruction of justiceB ignore the factsB in&ent their o'n factsB ignore the 3ederal *ules of !i&il 8rocedure =>3*!8?@, the 5ocal *ules =>5.*.?@, and the 3ederal *ules of %&idence =>3*%?@B ignore the la'B ignore applicable case la'B cite erroneous case la'B commit perjury by ma(ing statements that they (no' to be false in their ordersB &iolate parties6 rights in any 'ay they canB deny access to the courtsB and trample the !onstitutional rights of litigants 'ithout a thought. )hey manipulate the judicial system to depri&e parties such as me of our legal and !onstitutional rights. )hey commit criminal acts 'ithout a thought. F. )he judicial system supports this dishonesty and illegality. )he >system? denies any form

of &alid recourse for an aggrie&ed citiCen. )he Judicial !ouncil and the !hief Judges of ". .#a. and the 11th !ircuit ignore &alid complaints and claims there is no proof 'hen there is plenty. $ggrie&ed citiCens ha&e no recourse. Since the Supreme !ourt isn6t really in the business of correcting errors by the lo'er courts, the ". .#a. and the 11th !ircuit combine to ha&e tyrannical po'er o&er citiCens of #eorgia. G. I am a efendant in !i&il $ction "o. 1:H-.!9.HE1/.+ % in the ". .#a =>MIS).1?@. %&ery statement of >fact? in the DH.paragraph &erified complaint is false as to me. Judge +rinda . %&ans ignored the undeniable proof and ruled against me 'hile personally committing many acts of rac(eteering. 1H. So.called judges of the 11th !ircuit issued many orders ruling against me in appeals related to MIS).1 and other ci&il actions 'hile personally committing a 'ide &ariety of acts of rac(eteering and corruption.

11. I am allegedly a efendant in a so.called !i&il $ction "o. 1:HG.!9.H1D/A.WS in the ". .#a =>2+#US $!)I+"?@. )he 3ederal *ules of !i&il 8rocedure =3*!8 *ule A and 3*!8 *ule /@ re0uire a petition and issuance and ser&ice of a summons to create a ci&il action, but there are neither in the 2+#US $!)I+". "one of this 'as done in this >matter.? )he !ourt oc(et includes no complaint and no summons. $ true and correct copy of the !ourt oc(et sho's this. I ha&e been >hijac(ed? and forced to be a part of a proceeding that is in&alid, yet the federal courts 'ill not do anything about it.
11. )here are many irregularities 'ith the 2+#US $!)I+". $cts of rac(eteering and 'rongdoing ha&e been committed personally by efendants %&ans, uffey, <ates, 4uber, 4atten, the +ffice of the !ler( of the !ourt of both the ". .#a and the 11th !ircuit as 'ell as many of the so.called judges 'ith the 11th !ircuit. 1A. )he 2+#US $!)I+" has been a (angaroo court filled 'ith the 'idest &ariety of rac(eteering. )he 2+#US $!)I+" has been orchestrated to conceal obstruction of justice and criminal &iolations by Judge %&ans and others. 1/. I ha&e had appro:imately I1,DHH,HHH.HH >stolen? from me in the guise of la'suits =MIS). 1 and the 2+#US $!)I+"@. 1D. I am a 8laintiff in !i&il $ction 1:HG.!9.H1H1E.WS =>MIS).1?@, and action in 'hich Judge uffey has ta(en the term 7angaroo !ourt to a 'hole ne' le&el. 1-. +bstruction of justice, perjury, subornation of perjury, and other acts of rac(eteering are already pro&en 'ith the contents of the doc(ets in MIS).1, the 2+#US $!)I+", MIS).1, and all related appeals, referenced and incorporated herein as if attached hereto. 1E. efendants &iolate the 5ocal !i&il *ules for the ". .#a and 11th !ircuit, the 3ederal *ules of !i&il 8rocedure =>3*!8?@, the 3ederal *ules of $ppellate 8rocedure =>3*$8?@, the !ode of Judicial !onduct =>!J!?@, and ci&il and criminal statutes routinely. 1F. Upon information and belief, the !ler(s of the !ourts of the ". .#a and 11th !ircuit and their staffs function according to many of the rules 'ith most clients represented by attorneys. 2ut the !ler(s of the !ourts of the ". .#a and 11th !ircuit and their staffs also operate a criminal enterprise personally from their legitimate federal offices in any matter pertaining to me and other pro se parties.

1G. )he judges of the 11th !ircuit ha&e been personally shielding Judge %&ans for years and ruling against me 'hen the facts and the la' meant that I should ha&e pre&ailed at the appellate court. 1H. )he personal criminal acts and improper acts of &arious efendants are mind boggling. )he proof is all in the record. 11. +n June 1-, 1H1H, efendant 4atten, or someone 'or(ing 'ith him, illegally issued a Writ of %:ecution in the 2+#US $!)I+". efendants 4atten, 5ey, and their staffs operate personally in regard to me and other designated pro se parties in an illegal, unethical, unbelie&able manner for the purpose of damaging me and others for the benefit of the rac(eteering enterprise. 11. efendants ha&e directed judicial employees to personally &iolate the la' and the rules for the purpose of damaging me and others. ocuments presented for filing ha&e disappeared. "otices of $ppeals ha&e ne&er been filed. I ha&e proof of all types of illegal acti&ities regarding the court doc(ets, ci&il actions presented for filing, documents presented for filing, changes to the doc(ets, bac(dating of doc(et entries, and more. I ha&e as proof of personal collusion bet'een the office of the cler( and ". .#a efendant judges. 1A. perjury. Judges uffey and %&ans are pathological liars 'ho personally ha&e committed massi&e

1/. efendants 4atten and 5ey simply ignore letters from me about their 'rongdoing and the 'rongdoing of their staffs. 1D. !hief Judges Julie !arnes and Joel ubina ignore criminal acts of the federal judges in $tlanta as has e&ery federal judge 'ho has considered undeniable judicial misconduct charges filed by me against Judge %&ans. 1-. I ha&e presented criminal charges against federal judges in 3ulton !ounty to the 3ulton !ounty istrict $ttorney, Mr. 4o'ard, and he did nothing and has aided the rac(eteering enterprise. I presented similar information to efendants <ates and 4uber, and they ignored the o&er'helming proof and ha&e aided the rac(eteering enterprise. 1E. +n May 11, 1H11, I 'as notified by a (no'n radio tal( sho' host that a federal prisoner 'as approached by the U.S. go&ernment 'ith a deal to infiltrate organiCations of people battling go&ernment corruption, and the assassination of Windsor 'as mentioned. Upon information and belief, efendants 'ould be in&ol&ed in this, if the report is correct. 1F. efendant Judge )hrash is a criminal 'ho commits rac(eteering crimes that he is not allo'ed to commit as a federal judge. 4e illegally uses the office of a federal judge to personally participate in the operation of the corrupt criminal enterprise operated by the federal courts in 3ulton !ounty, #eorgia. 1G. %&ery federal judge 'ho I ha&e had dealings 'ith in 3ulton !ounty #eorgia has pro&en to be corrupt. %&ery time a ne' so.called judge appears, he or she commit similar criminal acts. Upon information and belief, e&ery federal judge in 3ulton !ounty #eorgia is a participant in the rac(eteering enterprise, so I ha&e named them all.

AH. Since 1HH-, federal court employees in 3ulton !ounty, #eorgia ha&e conspired to damage me, and a number of criminal &iolations ha&e been committed. A1. efendants ha&e committed numerous &iolations of predicate acts as part of the pattern of rac(eteering acti&ity. efendants ha&e denied my !onstitutional rights so as to obstruct justice. efendants ha&e ignored the facts, ignored the la', cited erroneous case la', cited case la' that does not support the subject of the citation. +rders ha&e been issued that contained false statements and perjury. efendants acting as judges ha&e sanctioned and suborned perjury by the 8laintiffs in MIS).1 and their attorneys. )his has been done to obstruct justice. efendants ha&e denied my access to the courts to obstruct justice. efendants ubina and Julie !arnes ignored the 'rongdoing of efendant Judges %&ans and uffey to sanction obstruction of justice. )he 2+#US $!)I+" 'as manufactured to obstruct justice and damage me. ocuments and e&idence presented to efendants 4atten and 5ey6s offices ha&e intentionally disappeared J tampering 'ith e&idence. Upon information and belief, documents and e&idence ha&e been tampered 'ith. Upon information and belief, doc(et entries ha&e been entered and changed to obstruct justice. $ judgment and 'rit of e:ecution 'ere entered to obstruct justice and damage me. I ha&e been repeatedly denied subpoenas to obstruct justice. I ha&e been denied the ability to obtain testimony from others so as to obstruct justice. efendants 4atten and 5ey ha&e ignored communications from me so as to obstruct justice. I ha&e been denied copies of my court records so as to obstruct justice. $ &ariety of actions ha&e been ta(en by defendants to obstruct justice and shield efendants %&ans and uffey from potential indictment and impeachment. Judges ha&e committed perjury. ocuments ha&e been concealed to obstruct justice. 5a's and rules ha&e been &iolated to obstruct justice. +rders ha&e been issued to obstruct justice. 9alid motions ha&e been denied to obstruct justice. )he right to file motions has been denied to obstruct justice. I ha&e been denied the ability to ser&e as an agent for my 'ife pursuant to a po'er of attorney to obstruct justice. I ha&e been libeled to obstruct justice. Judges ha&e refused to recuse themsel&es to obstruct justice. efendant uffey falsely claimed documents 'ere not pro&ided to him so he could obstruct justice and damage me. Judges ha&e claimed my appeals ha&e been fri&olous to obstruct justice. Judges ha&e not properly handled &arious filings to obstruct justice. Judges ignore emergency motions to obstruct justice. )he appeals of my 'ife and myself ha&e not been processed promptly or at all to obstruct justice. efendant uffey issued an order to compel to obstruct justice and damage me. efendants ha&e failed to file ci&il actions presented by me for filing in order to obstruct justice. efendant 4atten6s staff has gi&en false information to me to obstruct justice. Judges ha&e issued &arious orders to obstruct justice. efendant Judges %&ans, uffey, )hrash, and )otenberg ha&e refused to honor case la' that established binding precedents on 'hat happens 'hen an appeal is filedB this has been done to obstruct justice. efendant 4atten andKor his staff ha&e ta(en money from my 'ife and me for ser&ices and ha&e failed to pro&ide the ser&ices. efendant uffey is accusing me of &iolating court orders, committing forgery, and committing the unauthoriCed practice of la' for the purpose of damaging me and to obstruct justice. It is possible that one or more of the efendants may be attempting to ha&e me (illed to obstruct justice. Someone has directed efendant 4atten and his staff and efendant 5ey and his staff to commit &arious acts that &iolate my rights and obstruct justice. efendants <ates, 4uber, 2en. a&id, and 4orn ha&e committed a &ariety of acts. A1. )he Lpattern of rac(eteering acti&ityL consisted of many incidents of rac(eteering acti&ity that ha&e the same or similar intents, results, accomplices, &ictims, and methods of commission and are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics. AA. )he acts of rac(eteering acti&ity committed by efendants ha&e the same or similar &ictims, including William M. Windsor, 2arbara #. Windsor, $lcatraC Media, 55!, and $lcatraC Media,

Inc. Upon information and belief, the acts of rac(eteering acti&ity ha&e affected others 'ho ha&e been parties to ci&il actions in the ". .#a. and the %le&enth !ircuit, including, upon information and belief, James Stegeman, Janet Mc onald, Jeff #oolsby, a&id <ang, 2renda 8eppers, Sonya 2ra:ton, 8at <ear'ood, !. Smith, and others. A/. )he acts of rac(eteering acti&ity committed by efendants are other'ise related by distinguishing characteristics including, but not limited to, the in&ol&ement of obstruction of justice. AD. )he rac(eteering acts are related. )he rac(eteering acts ha&e the same or similar purposes, results, participants, &ictims, andKor methods of commission and are other'ise interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated e&ents. A-. efendants6 acts of rac(eteering acti&ity in&ol&e a distinct threat of long.term rac(eteering acti&ity. )his acti&ity has continued for years, is ongoing at the present time, and 'ill continue into the future 'ith a threat of repetition unless halted by judicial inter&ention. AE. efendants 'ere a'are of the general e:istence and nature of the enterprise, that it e:tended beyond each person6s indi&idual role, and 'ith that a'areness participated in, aided, or furthered the enterprise6s acti&ities or had an o'nership interest in the enterprise. AF. enterprise. efendants ha&e participated in the operation andKor management of the affairs of an

AG. )he actions of efendants in engaging in the conspiracy are not part of functions legally performed by a judge or judicial employees, and thus are non.judicial. Judges do not ha&e immunity for criminal acts or non.judicial acts. /H. )he association of efendants constitutes an enterprise. )he enterprise is composed of groups of indi&iduals and entities associated in fact although not a legal entity. /1. /1. injuries. )he enterprise 'as established and maintained for the purpose of committing illegal acts. efendants6 &iolations of the #eorgia *I!+ $ct pro:imately ha&e caused me to suffer


+.!.#.$. 1-.1/.A pro&ides:

=-@ L%nterpriseL means any person, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, business trust, union chartered under the la's of this state, or other legal entityB or any unchartered union, association, or group of indi&iduals associated in fact although not a legal entityB and it includes illicit as 'ell as licit enterprises and go&ernmental as 'ell as other entities. //. $s e:plained abo&e, there is an >%nterprise.?

=See Chancey v. State. Jordan v. State. Cagle, A/G S.%.1d E1E, 1D- #a. /1D =1K1AKF-@.@ =See also United States v. Elliott, DE1 3.1d FFH =Dth !ir. 1GEF@.@ /D. +.!.#.$. 1-.1/.A also pro&ides:

=F@ L8attern of rac(eteering acti&ityL means engaging in at least t'o acts of rac(eteering acti&ity in furtherance of one or more incidents, schemes, or transactions that ha&e the same or similar intents, results, accomplices, &ictims, or methods of commission or other'ise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated incidents, pro&ided at least one of such acts occurred after July 1, 1GFH, and that the last of such acts occurred 'ithin four years, e:cluding any periods of imprisonment, after the commission of a prior act of rac(eteering acti&ity. /-. $s e:plained abo&e, there has been a >pattern of rac(eteering acti&ity? as re0uired under the *I!+ statute. =Emrich v. Winsor, /H1 S.%.1d E-, E- =#a. !t. $pp. 1GG1@.@ /E. )he >acti&ity engaged in by efendants consists of t'o or more predicate acts of rac(eteering acti&ityM.? )his is highlighted abo&e and is detailed in separate charges that ha&e been presented to you. /F. efendants (no'ingly de&ised or participated in a scheme to defraud me.

/G. )he acti&ity engaged in by efendants had the same or similar purposes, results, participants, &ictims, or methods of commission, or is other'ise interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated e&ents. DH. )he acts of rac(eteering acti&ity committed by efendants ha&e the same or similar methods of commission in that they in&ol&e the &arious aspects of committing fraud in legal matters, including obstruction of justice, perjury, false statements in orders, improper claims of la' and case la', and more. D1. )he acts of rac(eteering acti&ity committed by efendants ha&e the same or similar objecti&e: commit fraud upon the courts and upon my 'ife and me. D1. occurring. DA. )he last of such acts occurred 'ithin the last four years. In fact, such acts are still

+.!.#.$. 1-.1/.A also pro&ides:

=G@=$@ L*ac(eteering acti&ityL means to commit, to attempt to commit, or to solicit, coerce, or intimidate another person to commit any crime 'hich is chargeable by indictment under the follo'ing la's of this state: =:i&@ !ode Section 1-.1H.GA, relating to influencing 'itnessesB =:&@ $rticle / of !hapter 1H of this title and !ode Sections 1-.1H.1H, 1-.1H.1A, 1-.1H.G1, and 1-.1H.GD, relating to perjury and other falsificationsB =:&i@ !ode Section 1-.1H.G/, relating to tampering 'ith e&idenceB =::i:@ $ny conduct defined as Lrac(eteering acti&ityL under 1F U.S.!. Section 1G-1 =1@ =$@, =2@, =!@, and = @B =:::iii@ !ode Section 1-.1H.A1, relating to tampering 'ith 'itnesses, &ictims, or informantsB =:::i&@ !ode Section 1-.1H.GE, relating to intimidation of grand or petit juror or court officerB or

=2@ L*ac(eteering acti&ityL shall also mean any act or threat in&ol&ing murder, (idnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, theft, receipt of stolen property, bribery, e:tortion, obstruction of justice, dealing in narcotic or dangerous drugs, or dealing in securities 'hich is chargeable under the la's of the United States or any of the se&eral states and 'hich is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year. D/. I ha&e identified many acts of obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury, perjury, tampering 'ith e&idence, and more.


+.!.#.$. , 1-.1/./ pro&ides:

=a@ It is unla'ful for any person, through a pattern of rac(eteering acti&ity or proceeds deri&ed therefrom, to ac0uire or maintain, directly or indirectly, any interest in or control of any enterprise, real property, or personal property of any nature, including money. =b@ It is unla'ful for any person employed by or associated 'ith any enterprise to conduct or participate in, directly or indirectly, such enterprise through a pattern of rac(eteering acti&ity. =c@ It is unla'ful for any person to conspire or endea&or to &iolate any of the pro&isions of subsection =a@ or =b@ of this !ode section.

D-. I ha&e identified the &iolations of +.!.#.$. , 1-.1/./. =See Markowitz v. Wieland, 1/A #a. $pp. 1D1, 1D/ =1@ =DA1 S%1d EHD@ =1HHH@.@ DE.
+.!.#.$. , 1-.1/.F pro&ides:

"ot'ithstanding any other pro&ision of la', a criminal or ci&il action or proceeding under this chapter may be commenced up until fi&e years after the conduct in &iolation of a pro&ision of this chapter terminates or the cause of action accrues. DF. occurring. )here is no issue 'ith limitations as #eorgia *I!+ is fi&e years. In fact, crimes are still

DG. My injuries flo'ed from the predicate acts. =See, e.g., Infocure, 1HHD U.S. ist. 5%NIS /-E/D, at O-E.@ -H. I ha&e been injured as the result of more than t'o predicate acts.

=See State eorgia et al. v. Shearson !ehman" Court of #$$eals of eorgia, AE1 S.%.1d 1E-, 1FF #a. $pp. 11H =HEK11KFF@.@ >)he re0uisite predicate acts for a sho'ing of a Lpattern of rac(eteering acti&ityL under +!#$ , 1-.1/.A =1@ and , 1-.1/.A =A@ are also set forth in detail in the complaint. )he complaint further alleges that these offenses 'ere not committed as an occasional practice, but 'ere a part of a systematic and ongoing pattern o&er a number of years concealed by a scheme of subterfuge and intimidation. )he complaint also charges the defendants 'ith criminally operating $nee'a(ee for pecuniary gain by fraud and misrepresentation, con&ersion of funds pro&ided by the patients and the ac0uisition of real estate 'ith the proceeds. M )his complaint alleges precisely the conduct prohibited by the #eorgia statute and the trial court acted in accordance 'ith legislati&e intent by

denying appellantPs motion for judgment on the pleadings or for summary judgment.? =!arson v. Smith et al., AG1 S.%.1d -F-, 1G/ #a. $pp. -GFb =HAKHDKGH@.@

-1. )he predicate acts are related and in&ol&e a distinct threat of long.term rac(eteering acti&ity. =See %elletier v. &weifel, G11 3.1d 1/-D, 1D1A =11th !ircuit 1GG1@.@ -1. Some of the efendants are guilty of a substanti&e *I!+ offense by aiding and abetting under 1F U.S.!. , 1. $s there is an alleged conspiracy to commit the *I!+ offense, a efendant need not personally commit all the elements of the offenseB some or all of the elements may be committed by a co. conspirator.
-A. $fter documents and 'itnesses are subpoenaed, I 'ill ha&e much more e&idence. I ha&e contacted former employees of the federal courts in $tlanta 'ho 'ill testify about the corruption. I ha&e been contacted by many &ictims of these same people in 3ulton !ounty 'ho 'ould li(e to testify. -/. etailed proof of this 'rongdoing is a&ailable in copies of the documents presented for filing, co&er letters listing the documents, proof of receipt by the +ffice of the !ler( of the !ourt, doc(et print.outs sho'ing the documents 'ere not doc(eted, affida&its from the couriers 'ho deli&ered the documents and obtained signed deli&ery receipt, and my affida&it. $ separate $ffida&it is a&ailable 'ith more detail, and rele&ant documents are on ! .*+M. FURTHER SAITH AFFIANT NOT. In accordance 'ith 1F U.S.!. , 1E/-, I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct based upon my personal (no'ledge. %:ecuted this 1Fth day of $ugust 1H11.