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HP Business Process Monitor software Data sheet HP Business Process Monitor software proactively measures the

HP Business Process Monitor software

Data sheet

HP Business Process Monitor software Data sheet

HP Business Process Monitor software proactively measures the end-user experience by executing controlled, repeatable transactions from multiple locations for end-user satisfaction and accelerates triage and resolution when problems occur.

Focus on desired results

In today's competitive environment, organizations must find new ways to improve operational efficiency while providing customer satisfaction. Managing IT for customer quality of experience (QoE) can be a challenge when you use the traditional systems-centric,

bottom-up approach to application management. The bottom-up approach is not scalable to handle ever- changing, distributed IT environments and challenges. To see an end-to-end business service, IT relies on having data for each component and setting a threshold or status check for everything that can go wrong. In essence, systems monitoring focuses on looking for what could go wrong instead of focusing on the desired results. Packaged applications, J2EE, .Net, web services, composite applications, service-oriented architectures (SOA) and outsourcing make this approach impossible to deploy and maintain.

HP takes a fundamentally different approach to managing IT, starting by focusing on the QoE that your IT organization is striving to deliver to the end user. By monitoring from the end user’s perspective, you can validate performance and availability across all tiers

Identify and solve problems quickly. HP Business Process Monitor lets you quickly identify problems, understand

Identify and solve problems quickly. HP Business Process Monitor lets you quickly identify problems, understand their impact and triage them.

identify problems, understand their impact and triage them. and infrastructure components, even if you don’t monitor
identify problems, understand their impact and triage them. and infrastructure components, even if you don’t monitor

and infrastructure components, even if you don’t monitor each individual component. You can focus on a small subset of things that must work to satisfy the end user instead of an endless list of things that could go wrong. Most importantly, effective end-user management allows you to put raw systems data into context to provide actionable information. Our top-down approach enables you to better identify, isolate and solve problems while making more effective business decisions.

HP Business Process Monitor software provides synthetic transactions—from multiple locations inside or outside your firewall—to identify availability and performance issues before they impact your customers. This lets you capture accurate, consistent and repeatable performance and availability metrics from multiple locations around the globe to create a system baseline. Using the baseline, HP Business Process Monitor identifies key variations and trends that help you plan capacity better and quantify the value of your IT investments or changes.


Q: How much overhead does business process monitoring add to an application? A: Business process monitoring has the same load as a single user. Q: Do I have to put agents on my servers or desktops to measure performance and availability? A: No. HP Business Process Monitor uses an agentless approach and collects performance and availability data from various points of presence. Q: I already use HP Real User Monitor software. Why do I need to simulate complex business processes for my applications? A: Today, both synthetic and passive monitors play a key role in providing a better understanding of user experience and behavior. Synthetic monitoring consistently simulates business transactions to provide a consistent measurement of performance, availability and content delivery even when real users are not active. This notifies IT of problems before real users are impacted. Passive monitoring provides critical insight into real-user experience and behavior. It provides the ability to capture error messages seen by the user and replay the steps leading to the problem. Q: How does HP Business Process Monitor measure performance from different locations? A: We recommend that customers deploy HP Business Process Monitor in the datacenter and in each location where users reside. For monitoring web-based applications outside the firewall, we recommend placing HP Business Process Monitor at various points of presence on the web.

Part of a complete solution When problems do arise, HP Business Process Monitor can isolate

Part of a complete solution

When problems do arise, HP Business Process Monitor can isolate problems by location, server, application, module and other factors, accelerating the identification and resolution of problems. It also integrates with HP diagnostics software, helping your IT support teams quickly drill down from a problematic transaction into the application tier.

HP Business Process Monitor is one component of HP end user management software, part of the HP Business Availability Center software suite. It helps you align your IT organization with your business priorities. HP end user management software stores monitors in the HP Universal CMDB software to accelerate the process of connecting end-user problems to root causes related to your IT infrastructure. You gain the ability to monitor the end user’s experience and ultimately bring a business perspective to IT, focused on the users you serve.

How HP Business Process Monitor works

HP Business Process Monitor executes scripts that the Virtual User Generator feature generates in production to create active transactions that simulate complex business processes against applications. It’s similar to having real users access the application. When users interact with applications, their actions involve a set of requests that traverse technology components such as firewalls, switches, load balancers, web servers, appli- cation servers, databases and mainframes. These requests generate a response, which HP Business Process Monitor first validates for accuracy. The monitor then captures

the response time and availability metrics. HP Business Process Monitor allows you to emulate even the most complex, multi-step transactions in almost any environment.

As many customers already use the Virtual User Generator to create load testing scripts for HP LoadRunner software or HP Performance Center software, the scripts already exist in your quality assurance (QA) team. This lets you save time and effort creating end-user monitors. If it is important enough to test in pre-production, it should be just as important to monitor a business process in production.

HP Business Process Monitor sends availability and performance data to the HP Business Availability Center console for reporting and real-time visibility. You manage HP Business Process Monitor from this console, including tasks such as setting alerts, setting service thresholds and managing scripts.

Get high ROI from HP Managed Software Solutions

If you choose an HP Managed Software Solutions implementation for lower TCO and faster return on investment (ROI), you can take advantage of our global presence, supporting several ISPs and in numerous locations. You can upload HP Business Process Monitor scripts to drive transactions from outside the firewall.

Support your enterprise environment

HP Business Process Monitor supports more than 50 protocols, applications and web technologies.

Key features and benefits

• Measures the end users experience using consistent,

repeatable end-user transactions from multiple locations

• Proactively finds availability and performance issues before customers do

• Reduces end-user outages by proactively managing performance and availability trends

• Accelerates time to resolution through integration with HP diagnostics

• Leverages industry-standard HP Performance Center and HP LoadRunner scripts

• Supports a large number of protocols, technologies and environments

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