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Author M C Raj takes readers on a breathtaking journey to PlanetB2

New novel explores some of todays most pressing issues India Renowned Indian writer M C Raj returns to the world of literature with PlanetB2 (published by Partridge India ! Blending fa"t with fi"tion# reality with the spe"ulati$e# Raj%s si&th no$el is all at on"e a breathta'ing interplanetary ad$enture# an e&a(ination of the ra(ifi"ations of the in"essant hu(an "on)uest of nature and a loo' into a world teetering on the "usp of either progress or de$astation! *he epony(ous PlanetB2 is a newfound world with its own life for(s! *he +(eri"ans want to o""upy PlanetB2 at on"e a plan spearheaded by ,- President Rustler! *he figurehead has a(bitiously e&pressed his intent to o""upy and +(eri"ani.e PlanetB2 and (ore a(bitiously de"lared his plans to destroy it if he does not get his way! -oon it be"o(es apparent that failure is the only "ertain out"o(e of President Rustler%s (issions! /ut of disillusion(ent and desperation# he turns his ire toward his opponents! *his is only the beginning of a series of e$ents that will not only pit the world%s superpowers against ea"h other but threaten the $ery fate of hu(an'ind! Raj# the e$o"ati$e and gifted narrator# guides readers on a journey through "landestine politi"al (eetings# spa"e (issions# war0ra$aged "ities and finally to his no$el%s stunning "on"lusion! Brilliantly or"hestrated and deftly plotted# PlanetB2 is spe"ulati$e fi"tion at its finest! PlanetB2 By M C Raj 1ard"o$er 2 3 & 4in 2 552 pages 2 I-B6 7849542498:;3 -oft"o$er 2 3 & 4in 2 552 pages 2 I-B6 7849542498:34 e0boo' 2 552 pages 2 I-B6 7849542498:59 +$ailable at +(a.on and Barnes < 6oble About the Author M C Raj is a well0'nown writer in India with (ore than 97 published boo's! 1e writes on philosophy# psy"hology# spirituality and politi"s! 1e is a fre)uent international tra$eler gi$ing le"tures in different uni$ersities and "onferen"es! 1e is a reputed so"ial and politi"al "a(paigner who "o(bines a rare intelle"tualis( with his a"ti$is(! 1e is an international opinion leader on (any issues and leads a powerful =alit Mo$e(ent in >a(ata'a! 1a$ing done fi$e resear"hes in ?er(any# 6orway# 6epal# the 6etherlands and 6ew @ealand# he has initiated a (ajor national "a(paign for ele"toral refor(s in India 'nown as CARI! 1e has brought together indigenous "o((unities in ten "ountries in a histori" Birst Round *able of the Corld Parlia(ent of Indigenous Peoples! 1e has also started Boosha'thi >endra# the first e$er =alit +shra( in India! 1e is prag(ati"ally in$ol$ed in global war(ing (itigation endea$ors!

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