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CFD Foundation

LearnCAx : Imparting CAx Education (Initiative by Centre for Computational Technologies) Pune : 411007, India Ph: +91 20 40098381

CCTechTM was founded in 2006 by alumni of IIT. www. our online training model helps participants learn complex technologies with ease at a time and place of their choice. the LearnCAx faculty team acts as mentor to participants and provides constant support by means of our unique learning management 1 Copyright © 2013 . Our trainers have exhaustive practical experience in a variety of industries. Bombay. the company strengthens the bridge between the industry and academia. by developing industry focused courses for Computer Aided Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics CAD & CFD. With a motto of providing quality education in the domain of computer aided technologies.learncax. In our online learning environment. CCTechTM executes open-ended industrial and research projects in association with educational institutes. Over 100 students have already been certified. power.LearnCAx CFD Foundation CFD foundation This is a two weeks course which covers the fundamentals of computational fluid dynamics and the concepts of the fluid dynamics. including aerospace. and their experience towards our quality of training is a testimony to the courses offered by L earnCAx. oil gas. Ltd). About LearnCAx LearnCAx is the online training division of CCTechTM (Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. nuclear and sustainable energy as well as commanding software usage and implementation knowledge. With core focus on research in Computer Aided Technologies. industry and research establishments to explore new horizons.

LearnCAx CFD Foundation Ideal For o Engineering Graduates and Post-Graduates (B. Chemical. Industrial Production. 2 Copyright © 2013 . The course assumes that you are well versed with the basics of Fluid mechanics and Mathematics at early engineering graduation level. / M. Bio-chemical and Bio-medical) o Third Year (Sem-II) or Final Year Engineering Students o Final Year B. Course Content The course will introduce you to the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and numerical methods.Tech / M.E / B. It is a theoretical course explaining the corner stones of CFD required to master the technique of CFD. register for this course today! Fundamentals o o o o o Introduction to CFD CFD Equation and Solutions CFD Equation and Solutions Finite Volume Method CFD Analysis-The Software Perspective www. If you are dealing with CFD analysis of a flow or thermal analysis for the first time and need a head start with your career in CFD domain.E. Tech in Aerospace. Mechanical.E Students who are aspiring for higher education abroad o Working Professionals in Design. Petro-chemical.learncax. Manufacturing and Service Industry Course Pre-requisites Course has no pre-requisites but participants having knowledge of fluid mechanics would get extra advantage.

Total duration of the course would be two weeks. Participants having no previous knowledge of CFD would find this as the proper first step into CFD domain. The completion of the course is subjected to the tests and final exam.learncax. www. At the end of each session there will be tests to be taken each week and a final exam at the end of the course. which are broken into small chunks.LearnCAx CFD Foundation Course Benefits Being a basic course. Successful certification of this course enables a participant with gained knowledge in understanding the basics of any type of flow/ heat transfer behavior. participants will be taught all the required fundamental concepts to analyze flow and heat transfer problems. One would be eligible for certification after successful completion of the 3 Copyright © 2013 . There will be approximately two to three hours of video content per week. usually between fifteen and twenty minutes each. Course Format The class consists of lecture videos.

M: +91-9604 26 1312 Email: info@learncax.CFD Simulation with ANSYS FLUENT 006 .CFD Modeling using ICEM CFD & CFX 013 . www.CFD Simulation of Rotating Machinery 004 . India Ph: +91 20 40098382.Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) Contact Us LearnCAx (Initiative by CCTech) 1 Akshay Residency. Aundh.Multiphase Flow Modeling using ANSYS Fluent 008 .learncax.Heat Transfer Modeling using Fluent 003 .CFD Modeling using Star CCM+ 011 .CFD Modeling using ICEM CFD & Fluent 012 .com 4 Copyright © 2013 www.CFD Meshing with ANSYS ICEM CFD 005 .CFD Simulation with ANSYS CFX 007 .Advanced CFD Simulation with ANSYS FLUENT 010 . All possible efforts are made to resolve every query and in special cases we also do conduct webex sessions to resolve the queries in time and facilitate your . Our Other Courses o o o o o o o o o o o o 002 .learncax. Pune: 411007.LearnCAx CFD Foundation Learning Support LearnCAx faculties mentor the participants and are available to answer the queries raised. 50 Anand CFD Meshing with ANSYS ICEM CFD 009 . LearnCAx faculty team has a background of research and training and has vast industrial experience in computational domain.