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Sitapatr School Anuban Weekly Outline

Teacher: Ingrid Rothmann Class: EP 3 Toadstool Week: 11 Dates: 13/01/2014-17/01/2014

This week we are learnin :

Circle Ti!e "e#iew
This week we are going to review our full sentence topic. Vocabulary includes: full stop, comma, e clamation mark, !uestion mark. "e are also going to look at our different senses. Vocabulary includes: e#es, see, ears, hear, hands, feel, mouth, tongue, taste, nose, smell. "e are going to look at our Rain forest animals. Vocabulary includes: tiger, spider, mos!uito, $at, parrot, owl, elephant. Songs to practise: %own in the &ungle

Western food (1)

Acti#ity Ti!e

(re)arin *%r (rath%! 1

8lass: EP3 ?il#
+n lish

$%cabulary: hungr#, food, meal, $reakfast, lunch, dinner, sour, sweet, salt#, spic#, main course, dessert, salad, pi''a, sandwich, spaghetti, ham$urger, cheese$urger, cereal, taco, mashed potatoes, french fries, $acon and eggs, pancakes, saugages, ham. &entence structure: Question: ("hat is a "estern $reakfast)lunch)dinner*( Response: (+acon and eggs, cereal, sandwiches, spaghetti, pi''a, ect.( Question: ("hat do #ou put on a ham$urger)sandwich)taco*( Response: (,ou can put on ham, patt#, cheese, tamato sauce, cheese, ect.( Question: ("hat do #ou taste*( Response: (I taste a salt#)sour)spic#)sweet taste.( Acti#ities: "e are going to make apple trees with our fingers -finger paint.. "e are going to design our own sandwiches on paper -menu., then we are going to make the sandwiches for real. "e are going to talk a$out our sandwiches and sa# what we put on ours. "e are going to do a wordsearch with all the different food #ou can get. &%n s: "e are going to sing the (fast food( song. /vaila$le on ,ou Tu$e: https:))www.#outu$* v01a!cf2314 c5feature0#outu$e6gdata6pla#er "e are also going to sing (7ood rain$ow(. /vaila$le on ,ou Tu$e: https:))www.#outu$* v0849:!g;+<1I5feature0#outu$e6gdata6pla#er 'a!es: "e are going to pla# =fl# swat= and hit the correct flashcard with a fl# swatter. "e are also going to pla# =Team 1 and Team >= where the# have to tell me what is in a food item. The team that can la$le the most items win.

/aths "e are going to pla# (fastest $o# and girl( again. Please practise this and encourage #our child to do the Bath in English. Come students are still unsure with doing minus and a $it of practise can $e good.

&cience +ecause we had children=s da# in week 1D, we did not do the growing of the seeds. "e are, however, going to postpone this activit# until we are doing plant c#cles.

@rammar Thursda# there is no school, therefore, there is no @rammar this week. English "e are going to continue to learn the names of the food items. "e are also going to discuss the foodsA when we eat this, what is in it, how we prepare the food, ect. "e are going to sing and dance to the (fast food( song, availa$le on ,ou Tu$e at: https:))www.#outu$* v01a!cf2314 c5feature0#outu$e6gdat a6pla#er

This week we are going to do week 1D=s "e are also going to start doing lesson and learn the different things a$o&t addition math with larger num$ers over plants and animals. >D. :ow to calculate them on paper without a calculator.

(arent ,%ll%w -) / -se*ul Websites / .%!ew%rk:

%ear Parent. ,ou will receive more information a$out the sandwiches we are going to make. This will $e a com$ined activit# $etween Toadstool and ?il#. /lso practise English as much as possi$le as our Prathom 1 entrance e am is coming up. If #ou have an# !uestions please ask me.