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ETSI STC SMG2 Handover ad-Hoc 6 8 March 2000 Copenhagen, Den ar!

Tdoc 19/00 Revised Tdoc RPA000024

T"#$e% So(rce%

Targe# Id &or Handover #o 'MTS Er"c))on, + D")c())"on

*genda I#e % ,(rpo)e%

In order to facilitate a handover to UTRAN the source BSS must among other things identify to the target RNC the identity of the target cell for the handover for resource allocation in UTRAN. After having evaluated the measurement reports from the UE in S! mode and "ased on evaluation criteria# the BSS proposes an handover to a UTRAN "y sending a uni$ue identification of the target UTRAN cell in BSS!A% &andover Re$uired !essage to the core net'or(. T'o alternative solution e)ists# either the !SC or BSS may generate the target RNC id for routing purpose. These options have "een shortly discussed in S! *.

Discussion - Where should Target RNC id for routing be generated ?

+ne alternative is to allocate C I as target address 'ithin BSS# 'hich BSS sends to the !SC. The C I is used "y the net'or( to route to the target !SC. The target RNC id calculation is then made in the target U!TS !SC. The other alternative is to allocate target RNC id in BSS to route to the target RNC via the net'or(.

There are several reasons to allocate target C I in BSS instead of allocate target RNC id in BSS.

+ne important reason is that S! is structured in that 'ay that the BSS,s has no (no'ledge a"out other BSS identities. If RNC identities are allocated in BSS it 'ould unnecessary change the S! architecture.

-ith the solution to use the C I for routing purposes to the target net'or( a .soft/ connection "et'een S! and U!TS is achieved. If a reconfiguration of RNC,s is made in the U!TS net'or( only the translation ta"le in the U!TS !SC has to "e updated# if the C I is (ept unchanged. I.e. the configuration of the S! net'or( and U!TS net'or( is (ept more independent.

Today the current !SC implementations already supports routing analysis "ased on C I for target BSS calculation at inter BSC handover. Adding handling of RNC id in BSS 'ould imply handling of ne' data in BSS.
Discussion Transportation of Target Cell Info in Handover signalling
0or release 11 of &andover to U!TS the minimum re$uirements on 'hat to send in Target Cell Info to UTRAN is one single UTRAN target cell id. The container solution to transport transparent information "et'een S! and U!TS should "e applied for UTRAN and BSS specific information. Currently t'o containers are discussed the Source RNC to Target RNC container and the e)isting S! container to "e generated "y BSS. The concept could "e such that the Source to Target RNC shall "e used at Intersystem handover and +ld BSS to Ne' BSS at inter BSC handover . The Source RNC to Target RNC container is sent in BSS!A% &andover Re$uired message on the A2interface and in Relocation Re$uest on the Iu interface. The Target Cell Id to "e sent transparent is generated in the format defined in TS *3.456. 0or routing purposes in U!TS core net'or( the C I needs to "e mapped "y the BSS into the Cell Identifier list in the BSS!A% &andover Re$uired message. The Cell Identifier 7iscriminator encoded 'ith 5888 is used to indicate that it is a cell to "e used at S! to U!TS handover. The structure of the cell is defined in TS *3.485 9 chapter Service Area Identifier:. 0or routing purposes from S! to U!TS only one cell is allocted.