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"FATE OR FREE WILL". That Is The Question by Arlene Marcia Nimark, Tel:718-377-0482, Email:AMNimark@aol.

com [In this article Ill be referring to the hard aspects, planetary pictures, and antiscional placements used in the Uranian system. Ill also be using three types of Solar Arc: whole, half, and double. Note that N indicates natal; T transit, and P progressed positions.] On Sunday January 28, 2001, somewhere around 5:00 PM, I and two dear friends attempted to go out to dinner. Suddenly there was an accident. One minute my friend EM was on the third step from the bottom of the staircase, the next minute she was on the floor. Our other friend, in whose apartment building the accident had taken place, wanted to get her to the hospital immediately, but EM refused. She thought she had only pulled a muscle, and that all she needed to do was to see her chiropractor the next day and all would be well. So, we helped her upstairs, and she ended up spending the night at our mutual friends apartment. On Monday 1/29/2001, EM was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken femur, and late Tuesday, 1/30/2001, she had surgery and three pins were inserted to reconnect the neck to the head of the femur. Before I go into the planetary pictures, and the configurations that describe what was going on at the time, I must tell you that EM, aware of the transits affecting her natal chart, had postponed a regular check up appointment with her dentist for two weeks to avoid what she thought would be dental surgery. As you can see, sometimes its not so easy to exercise our free will to avoid negative aspects. EM was born June 27, 1939 at 10:10 AM, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 34S36, 58W37. I relocated her natal chart to New York City, since she has been living there for over 30 years. At the time of the accident her whole solar arc was 58.57, her half solar arc was 29.29 and the double solar arc was 117.54. Uranian astrologers erect their horoscopes using the Meridian house system. The Meridian is the most personal point in the chart, and this house system denotes the most intimate details about the individual. The importance of a planetary picture falling on an intermediate house cusp will be shown as this article unfolds. In the Meridian house system there are what might be seen as two Ascendants: the Meridian first house cusp, also known as the mundane Ascendant, and the regular Ascendant. The Asc. can fall anywhere between the 11th and 2nd Meridian houses. In the Western hemisphere it usually falls either in the 12th or 1st house of the chart. According to Wayne Boohers excellent interpretation, your Asc. is your family name, whereas the Meridian 1st house cusp is your first name.

After placing EMs chart and the transits at the time of her accident around the 90 degree dial, the first thing I noticed was that T Mars at 20 Scorpio 53 was 4 minutes away of her relocated Meridian 1st house cusp at 20 Leo 57. Her N Uranus is 20 Taurus 28, and transiting Uranus was 20 Aquarius 09. Transiting Uranus was forming a 135 aspect to her N Sun (the physical body). On top of all that, the PSun/NSun midpoint fell right on her N Mars at 4 Aquarius 34, hitting T Vulcanus by solar arc, and T Uranus by 1/2 solar arc: a sudden major physical accident. Mars/Uranus is the accident axis, her N Sun and T Uranus was also midpoint T Mars and T Admetos. According to "The Rules for Planetary Pictures", MA/AD = UR represent "To rip or tear something suddenly, fragments". With Admetos involved the damage resulted in temporary immovability. Luckily, she is not in a cast, and has no bandages, just a small incision where the pins had been inserted. T Neptune/P Sun = T Uranus, the incident happened so suddenly that EM was not aware as to what happened or how it happened. Her P Moon on the Cardinal axis at 14 AQ 58, was hitting by solar arc the formula for surgery: Mars+Uranus -Mercury, and by half solar arc her N Saturn. T Hades was 11 1/4 from 0 AR,(otherwise known as 0 degree Cardinal) the Cardinal Axis, and so was tied to her progressed MO. The progressed Moon moves 1 degree a month and approximately 15 minutes a week. This situation made her needy and dependent on others for a few weeks. Hades is related to hospitals and doctors, and it always holds a prominent position when surgery is performed. Transiting Sun, which indicates the day, was on the antiscia of EMs Uranus. The formula thus created was T Sun/N Uranus = Cardinals, P Moon: a sudden event occurring to a woman in public. If we look at T Sun/N Sun for the time of the accident, we can see that it was conjunct T Apollon, and her relocated Meridian 6th and 12th house cusps, indicating good luck pertaining to a scientific or medical situation. Her luck showed its face when one doctor wanted to replace the head of her femur, but the orthopedic surgeon her doctor had recommended, said that that kind of surgery was unnecessary. On the day of the accident T Neptune was hitting T SU/ N SU by whole solar arc, and EMs relocated 2nd and 8th Meridian house cusps by 1/2 solar arc: a day when an unplanned situation brings about unexpected financial expenses. Her nJU/relelocated Meridian 2nd 8th cusps=0 Cardnial and pMO, at the same time tPL+nSA=nJU what occurred that day would cost her money, as well as test her stamina, big time. There is a positive side to this story, on the day of the accident tJU, which was also the JU station direct, was 10 away from EMs relocated Ascendant at 1 Virgo 02, and both were at the midpoint of T SU and her relocated 5th 11th house cusps at 23 Sag. Gem.52 (Ceres/Cupido, Moon/Pluto). She was lucky to be with friends and not alone when the accident occurred. Plus, her friends continue to support and help her during her recovery.