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Rivers of Karnataka There are seven river systems in Karnataka which with their tributaries, drain the state.

Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. . &. #.

River System Drainage Area 1000 Sq. km Percentage Godavari Krishna "auvery $orth %ennar 'outh %ennar %a(ar )est *(owin+ Rivers Total 4.41 113.29 34.2# &.94 4.3# 2.9# 24.2 190.50 2.31 9.4! 1#.99 3.&4 2.29 1. & 12.#3 100

Krishna River System , an -nter.'tate river in 'outhern -ndia. second (ar+est river in %eninsu(ar -ndia -t rises in the )estern Ghats at an a(titude of 133# m. near /ahaba(eshwar in /aharashtra 'tate. -t f(ows across the who(e width of the 0eninsu(a, from west to east, for a (en+th of about 1411 km, throu+h /aharashtra, Karnataka and 2ndhra %radesh.

The entire catchment area of Krishna basin is indicated be(ow. Sl. No. 1 2 3 Total "atchment Name o the area in !asin State Sq.kms /aharastra &9,42 Karnataka 113,2#1 2ndhra #&,2 2 0radesh #$5%$9&%

The 0rinci0a( tributaries of Krishna in Karnataka are Ghata0rabha, /a(a0rabha, 3hima and Tun+abhadra. 2(( these rivers e4ce0t the /a(a0rabha River havin+ their catchment area both in Karnataka and /aharashtra. Sl. Name o the No. tri'(tary 1 Ghata0rabha )rigin $ Altit(*e + ,ength Name o the state /aharashtra, Karnataka Karnataka





)estern 5iranyakeshi, +hats, !!4m, /arkandeya 2!3kms )estern 3enniha((a, Ghats, 5ireha((a, Tasnadi #92.4!m, 31&kms )estern Ghats, "ombined waters 94 m, !&1kmsof /u(a 6 /utha Ghod, $ira,'ina )estern +hats "ombined waters of at Tun+a 6 3hadra, Gan+amu(a, 7arada, 119!m, 5a+ari8vedavathy9 31kms

/aharashtra, Karnataka Karnataka 6 2ndhra %radesh

"a(very River System , an -nter.'tate river in 'outhern -ndia. -t is one of the ma:or rivers of the %eninsu(ar f(owin+ east and runnin+ into the 3ay of 3en+a(. The "auvery rises at Ta(akaveri on the 3rahma+iri Ran+e of 5i(( in the )estern Ghats, 0resent(y in the "oor+ district of the 'tate of Karnataka, at an e(evation of 1.341m. above mean sea (eve(. The catchment area of entire "auvery 3asin indicated be(ow. "atchment Name o the Sl.No. area in !asin State Sq.kms 1 Karnataka 34,2#3 2 Kera(a 2,!&& 3 Tami(nadu 43,!&! 4 Karaikka( 14! re+ion of %ondicherry Total %1$155 The 0rinci0a( tributaries of "auvery in Karnataka are the 5aran+i, the 5emavathy, the ;akshmanathirtha, the Kabini, the 'himsha, the 2rkavathi and the 'uvarnavathy. 2(( these rivers e4ce0t the Kabini River, 2rkavathy River and 'uvarnavathy River rise and f(ow fu((y in Karnataka.

Sl. Name o the No. tri'(tary

)rigin $ Altit(*e + ,ength

Name o the state


%ush0a+iri 5i((s of )estern Ghats 1,1&# metres 1 km



3a((arayana <ur+a in Karnataka )estern Ghats, 1,219 m, 24 km )estern Ghats in Karnataka, Kera(a, 2,141 m, 231 Kera(a 6 Tami( km $adu $asrur Ghat Ran+e, !! km. Karnataka 6 Tami( $adu )estern Ghats, 1,9 1 Karnataka m, 131 km. Tumkur district, 914 m, 221 km. $andidur+a 1,4!1m 1&1 km Karnataka


'uvarnavathy ;akshmanathirtha




Karnataka 6 Tami( $adu

.o*avari River System The river Godavari rises in the $asik district of /aharashtra about !1km from the shore of 2rabian 'ea, at an e(evation of 11&#m

-t f(ows for about 14& km in a +enera( south.easter(y direction, throu+h /aharashtra and 2ndhra %radesh. -t fa((s into the 3ay of 3en+a( above Ra:amundry. Sl. No. Name o the !asin State 1 2 3 4 & Total /aharashtra /adhya %radesh "hhattis+arh Karnataka 2ndhra %radesh =rissa "atchment area in Sq.kms. 1, 2,199 2&,1&! 39,1!# 4,41& #3,211 1#,# 2 /$1#$%1/

The 0rinci0a( tributaries of Godavari are the %ravara, the %urna, the /an:ra, the %ranahita, the -ndravathy and the 'abari. The brief descri0tion of /an:ra River, havin+ its 0artia( catchment area in the 'tate of Karnataka is +iven be(ow. Name o Sl. the No. tri'(tary 1 /an:ra )rigin $ Altit(*e 3a(a+hat ran+e of hi((s, !23m Name o the state /aharashtra, Karnataka 6 2ndhra %radesh

S('-tri'(taries Tirina,Karan:a, 5a(di,;endi 6 /annar

0est 1lo2ing River System3 The )estern Ghats 0rovides a main +eo+ra0hica( barrier in the 0ath of the 2rabian 'ea branch of the 'outhwest monsoon -t is res0onsib(e for the heavy rainfa(( over the western coasta( be(t.

The 'outhwest monsoon season 8>une to 'e0tember9 is the main( rainy season =ver 91 ? of annua( rainfa(( is in this 0eriod. The rivers in the )estern Ghats ori+inate at an e(evation ran+in+ from 411 meters to 1,&11 meters above the mean sea (eve(, c(ose to the )estern Ghats rid+e. The rivers +enera((y f(ow westward and meet the 2rabian 'ea after a short run varyin+ from 1 kms to 311 kms. The rivers are very stee0 in the u00er reaches and fair(y stee0 in the midd(e reaches. -t is on(y near the sea that they have re(ative(y f(at +radients and some sort of f(ood 0(ain. The (ist of west f(owin+ rivers, their im0ortant tributaries and the states throu+h which these are f(owin+ are +iven in the fo((owin+ tab(e. These free catchments are c(ose to the sea and are at (ower e(evation.

Sl. No. 1

Name o the tri'(tary /ahadayi@ /andavi

)rigin $ Altit(*e +S(',ength tri'(taries )estern Ghats, 3e(+aum dt &11m. !# kms. /aderi

Name o the state Karnataka, Goa


)estern Ghats, %andhari, Karnataka 3idi vi((a+e, &11 m, Tattiha((a and 1 3 kms. $a+i

Gan+ava((i 83edthi9

)estern Ghats south of <harwad #11m, 1 2 kms.


2+hanashini 8Tadri9 'haravathi

)estern Ghats . $ear 'irsi, 11m. !4 kms. )estren Ghats 5umacha in 'himo+a dt, #11 m. 122 kms. .




"hakra $adi

Aast of Kodachadri Ko((ur in 'himo+a dt, &11 m, 2 kms.


7arahi 85a(adi9

Kava(edur+a in the . 'himo+a dt, &11 meters, && kms 3e((arayana <ur+a Gundiaho(e, in the <akshin Kumaradara Kannad, 1,111 and meters, 113 kms 'hisiaho(e.




3ara0o(e 87a(a0attanam9

3rahama+iri Ghat Reserve *orest in "oor+ 911 m, 111 kms

Karnataka 6 Kera(a

-n addition to the above main river basins there are other inde0endent catchment in the )est *(owin+ River system.

a. 4n*e5en*ent catchment 'et2een Sharavathi an* "hakra Ko((ur River, Ghantiho(e, 7enkata0ur, 3aindurho(e, 'hankar+undi, Kumbarho(e and Bedamavinaho(e are the im0ortant streams in this reach. The entire catchment of the streams comin+ in this reach (ies in the state of Karnataka. b. 4n*e5en*ent catchment 'et2een 6arahi an* Netravathi river . The inde0endent catchment com0rises of streams name(y 'warna, 'eethanadhi, /u(ki river, %avan:e, $adisa(u, Gur0ur,Benneho(e and /adisa(ho(e. The entire catchment of the streams comin+ in this reach (ies in the state of Karnataka. c. 4n*e5en*ent catchment 'et2een Netravathy an* "han*ragiri 7Payas2ani8 The main streams drainin+ are "handra+iri 8 0ayaswani9 and 'hiriya river. The "handra+iri rises west of /ercara in "oor+ <istrict of Karnataka 'tate at an e(evation of about &11 /ts. %yayaswani River ori+inates from %atti Ghats reserve forest in "oor+ <istrict of Karnataka at an e(evation of 13 1 /ts. The two river :oins to+ether at /achi0ana about 1 kms u0stream of their out fa(( 0oint into 2rabian 'ea near Kasara+ud. -t drains catchment area of 141& 'C kms out of which !3& 'C kms (ies in Karnataka state and the ba(ance 0ortion in Kera(a state. North Pennar River System3 Sl. Name o the "atchment No. tri'(tary area in Sq.kms. S('-tri'(taries Name o the state

)rigin $ ,ength

Dttara &93# %inakini 8$orth %ennar River 9

$andi hi((s of Ko(ar, 9#km

>ayaman+a(i, Karnataka, Kumadavathy, 2ndhra "hitravathy and %radesh 0a0a+ni

So(th Pennar River System "atchment Sl. Name o the area in No. tri'(tary Sq.kms. 1 'outh %ennar 43#1



Name o the state Karnataka, Tami( $adu

$andi hi((s . of Ko(ar

Palar River System3 "atchment Sl. Name o the area in No. tri'(tary Sq.kms. 1 %a(ar 2!13



Name o the state Karnataka, 2ndhra %radesh Tami( $adu

Ta(a+avara . vi((a+e in Ko(ar, 911 m , 34! kms.