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Steps to create a Request for Quotation (RFQ) in Oracle Apps

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a formal request sent to the suppliers to find the pricing and other information for an item or items. Based on the information supplied, the supplier quotes a quotation against the RFQform. In general, RFQs are created efore purchasing an! item to actuall! "no# the price quotes from one or more suppliers. In Oracle $BS, RFQs can e auto created from an e%isting Purchase Requisition or can e a fresh RFQ. &et's auto create RFQ from an e%isting (urchase Requisition. ()ote* ! selecting Auto Create, the s!stem automaticall! fills the data in the form ased on the details pro+ided in the Purchase Requisition form. For a ne# RFQ, #e need to enter the data manuall!) )a+igate to Purchasing>> Requisitions>> Requisitions Summary to find a requisition num er.

Requisition ,eaders Summar!

I #ill auto create RFQ from an e%isting (urchase Requisition (here it is -./0/). )a+igate to Purchasing>> Auto Create (ress Clear utton and enter !our Requisition num er and clic" find

Find Requisition &ines

1our Requisition summar! is sho#n in the ne%t screen. 2hec" o% !ourRequisition line and in the select RFQ and clic"Automatic utton to Auto 2reate RFQ.

ocument !y"e,

Auto 2reate documents

It #ill na+igate to a ne# #indo#. ,ere the RFQ !y"e is Standard RFQ and clic" create utton

)e# 3ocument

In the ne%t #indo#, RFQ form is auto created from an e%isting Purchase requisition.

Auto 2reate RFQ

2lic" Su""liers utton and enter the details of the Su""liers to #hom !ou #ant to send this RFQ.

RFQ Suppliers

2lic" on !erms utton and add pa!ment terms and freight terms.

RFQ 4erms

2lic" Price #rea$s utton 4he Price #rea$s form is generall! used to enter pricing information for the RFQ and to negotiate5 argain #ith the suppliers ! as"ing a discount. 1ou can also pro+ide multiple price rea"s to recei+e a different quotation from the suppliers ! altering pa!ment terms, quantit! etc.

RFQ (rice Brea"do#ns

In the a o+e picture, the first line sho#s the actual quantit! is 670and the actual price is -0. In the second line, #e ha+e as"ed for a discount of 78 and the price has changed to 9.7. In the third line, #e ha+e increased the quantit! of items to /70 and as"ed for a -78 discount. )otice that the price is changed to :.7. 4his #a! the a o+e form is used for negotiation and price rea" up. 2lose the form. 2hange the status to Acti%e and sa+e the RFQ.


)o# the RFQ is Auto 2reated from an e%isting Purchase Requisition and no# #e need to send this form to the Su""liers #e selected in the a o+eRFQ form. Run the 2oncurrent Request called Printed RFQ Re"ort to print this RFQto send it to the suppliers