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The following is the answer (March 14, 2011) written by the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Transport

, Building and Urban Affairs, Enak Ferlemann, MP, to Inge Höger, MP of the party DIE LINKE (THE LEFT) in the German Bundestag. Dear Colleague, Thank you very much for your letter, dated 03.12.2010, in which you make reference to my response to your written question, 300/November, concerning the engagement of the Deutsche Bahn (DB - German Railroad) International GmbH in Israel and asked for information concerning how the German government intends to correct the DB International's behavior. I can inform you that on this issue, Minister Dr. Ramsauer, MP, is in contact with Dr. Grube, DB AG Board Chairman. The German Embassy in Tel Aviv has held talks on this question with the DB International GmbH. The German government has pointed out that for German foreign policy, the Israeli state railroad project traversing occupied territory, is problematic and potentially a violation of international law, touching on the issue of status. The German government's and EU's position, differentiating between the territory of the Israeli nation, on the one hand, and the territories occupied since 1967, on the other, was explained. The Federal Minister communicated the German government position in writing to DB AG Board Chairman, Dr. Grube. In the meantime the management of DB International has also confirmed in writing that, in regards to this politically very sensitive project, DB International would be engaged in no further activities, as a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn AG. In addition, DB International has used the occasion to reinforce the discretion of its foreignbased technical employees to be engaged, as a matter of basic principle, only in politically unobjectionable projects. I hope that this information will be of service to you. Yours truly, Enak Ferlemann, MP Parliamentary State Secretary in Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs

( / Translation: George Pumphrey)